This is my very first story :3 if it’s well liked I will continue if not I’ll do something else. This fits into a few categories (nonhuman, sci fi, horror, gay, and bisexual) There isn’t much sex in the start but I will get there. If anyone has suggestions I will be glad for them ^_^. Icy

*Note I did the editing myself sorry if anything is off

*Another note, most of my chars are the same in most stories but this one is just a random story and normally Virgil and Thistle are best friends from birth… so this is an exception

*Random note if anyone has heard the song Wicked Games by H.I.M. that how I hear Virgil and Thistle seems to be Stone Sour


“It’s cold” I muttered to myself. “Why did I get myself into this in the first place?” I paced back and forth in an attempt to keep warm. I looked to the door and sighed, it wasn’t going to open for me anytime soon. Yet, even though I knew this I still walked over there and tried to open it, locked like the last hundred times I tried. I sighed and went on pacing in a circle. Suddenly the door opened, I stopped in my tracks and stared at the door

“Prisoner, you got a cell mate” He kicked a young man with green hair so dark it was almost black onto the floor and threw a small bag of food to me. “Luck this one’s a strange one.” He said sneering.

“Who is he?” I asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” He said and slammed the door. I walked over to the man and squatted down next to him. I prodded him, he stirred but didn’t wake. I walked over to the pile of straw that was my bed and opened the bag; there are two small pieces of bread, two things of water, and a small hunk of cheese. I took out one of the bread hunks it was long stale but it would help, I took a bite, it’s as dry as I thought it was, but it will have to do it thought to myself. The man was still out cold; I finished off my hunk of bread and took a swig of water. I heard the man sigh and grumble something as he shifted around. He slowly sat up mumbling nonsense, he looked around, clearly dazed, he looked at me and made a face that was of confusion.

“Who are you?” he mumbled

“I could ask you the same thing” I said, he had a deepish almost raspy voice.

“I’m Thistle, who are you?” He asked standing up, “and where am I?” He mumbled looking around.

“I’m Virgil, and this is a jail cell” I said.

“What town is it?” He asked.

“Can’t remember I was knocked out when they brought me here like you” I said thinking back to six months ago when I was put in here. “So what’d you do to get here?” I asked

“Eh, a guy was messing with a few girls, no one would help the girls cause the guy was big, he threatened the girls and it pissed me off so I fought the guy and won, someone there, most likely his buddy, said I pulled a knife, didn’t though,” he said getting a mad look on his face “I think the guy deserved more but there where to many people around.”

I sighed “I can’t remember why I’m here I was hit hard over the head and that’s

all I remember” I said “And the guards wouldn’t tell me.”

He nodded and looked around “so where do I sleep?” He asked

“Just pile some of the straw on the ground and use it as a bed, that’s what I did.” I said.

He sighed “Thanks, I guess we’re cell mates now, huh?” He said, “Well

I guess we’ll get to know each other well.”

“Ya” I said looking at him feeling my hunger rise, he wouldn’t last long, for me food wasn’t much use, it just took the edge off, I needed blood and soon, the good thing about being what I was is that I can live without blood for up to about 8 or 9 months, I was almost on what should be my 7th month and I was getting irritated.

My mother was a vampire of a high blood line that are as immune to the sun as humans are, sadly she died trying to give birth to my twin brother whom was born dead. My father, a powerful demon called a death dealer, blames me and my brother for her death and refused to father me so I was raised by his father, my grandfather of the demon line Jett, and my great grandfather of my mother’s side Vincent Sulker (who is the master vampire). Sadly I never managed to finish my training, making me vulnerable to flashes of incredible rage and lust, that both of them have mastered, being only 22 I haven’t had nearly as much time as Vincent. Given he is somewhere around 3500 years old I look like a dot to him, even to Jett who is a good 2500 years old at the very least. I sat down I could feel the hunger building, I knew it was a matter of hours maybe minutes, hell it could even be seconds at this rate. Sitting there I had my hands on my head squeezing it, I could feel him looking at me. I felt my fangs elongate, I grew angry at his staring for no reason, I knew I shouldn’t be upset and that I was enraged for no reason but that’s how it started. This was why I was here.

“Calm down,” he said, I can tell he’s against the wall, I feel my nails grow black and lengthen to about the length of my fingers, my body was quivering uncontrollably, my ears grew and tapered off to a point, my eyes went from silver to a strange reversed look where the pupils are white, the iris is grey, and the whites of the eye are black (referred to as the eyes of death), I snarl as my black wings and tail ripped free, my body screamed to attack him, looking up I saw he was nervous but not terrified as others always are.

“Calm down, I’ll give you blood but you can’t kill me ok?” He said. “Come here but no jumping at me or I’m gonna have to knock you out ok?”

I could feel my mind being forced back by both the beast within me I fought with them trying to take back control. I lunged, the demon won and the vampire took over.


He lunged at me, I could tell he was fighting the vampire in him. Vlad had that same look once after a fight with a mass of bandits and my father quenched his thirst using the blood of the fairy to heal himself as Vlad fed. Virgil looked a lot like him, I thought even as he lunged at me. I’m glad I had trained with Vlad’s only live child Ace, it was said Vlad had a girl but she died a year after I was born I never met her, not that I would remember her if I had. Leaping back I grabbed his neck, feeling the snarl I suppress a shudder. He’s deep in a rage it has to have been sometime since he’s feed, I thought, crap this could be bad.

“Stop, I don’t want to have to hurt you.” I said pushing him away. He looks up, baring his teeth, gasping I realize he’s long gone. The sound of his snarl wormed its way into my mind, gasping I back away, Vlad had never snarled or looked like that, this guy wasn’t all vampire, he’s something else, even in the dim light I could see his tail whipped back and forth the arrow tip scratching into the wall with each swing. Jumping back as he lunged forward I hit the wall and cry out, this isn’t good, I drop to the ground when he jumped at me again, looking up from the floor he looks down at me and drops onto me, I feel all my resolve not to scream fail as I shriek uncontrollably in terror, we wrestle on the floor, me for my life and him for my blood. After what feels like forever he is on top of me, pinning me.

There’s no other choice I let my fairy/elven blood show, my ears go to look like Virgil’s only longer, glassy wings sprout from my back, they’re curved and pointed in my terror though normally they’re like dragonfly wings, my teeth sharpen and lengthen, they’re shorter than his but still to long for a human, my nails sharpen but stay the same length. Thrashing back and forth is likely the only reason I’m still alive, I think to myself as I continue thrashing. My thoughts go to my seeds left in the lining of my pants (which was all they left me with) Virgil’s arms and legs, pulling him up in the air I crawl out from under him as fast as I can, panting I look up at him, he was past mad, he was furious. As he struggled against the vines I slump against the wall, panting.

“Geez you’re not a vampire are you? You’re somethin’ else.” I say looking at him. With a gesture of my hand a small vine grows and grabs hold of Virgil, another gesture and it moves him into something of a standing position. He thrashes, or tries to, against the plant. Walking up to him I let my magic float to my hands, a touch to his forehead causes him to pass out. I lower him to the ground and stand over him and squat down by his head. Picking up his clawed hands I make a small cut on my wrist and put it over his mouth, gasping when he bit down unconsciously, my other hand ready to knock him back out if he were to wake. After he feeds enough to make me a bit dizzy from healing myself and feeding him I stop and lay down letting the vines hold him down as I slept.


“What..where… how….why am I tied…unnnn” I mumbled as I tried to sit up finding myself being held by a plant, licking my lips I taste dried blood and moaned at the taste of it. Turning my head after hearing movement next to me I see Thistle lying next to me curled up snoring softly, I realized he had wings like those of a dragonfly as well as long ears. He moaned gently and stirred in his sleep, I sighed.

“Thistle, Thistle! Wake up!” I say loudly and moaned when he just stirred and curled up tighter. I turned on my side, surprised at the give of the weeds, in an attempt to sit up I realized that it would let me be comfortable but not let me up. You’ve gotta be kidding me, I thought.

“Wake up!” I shout getting annoyed.

“Gah, what? Virgil? Oh, sorry, you were rabid, vamped out or something.” He said looking over at me, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“Should I even ask what you are? And how are you even alive? No one ever lives through my lusts.”

“I’m half fairy and half elf, and as for the being alive I know another vampire, I trained with him, and a few other people.” He said as he moved his hand causing the plant to let me go. “And if you’re a vampire how come you didn’t just fight your way out? You’re strong enough, from what I can tell.”

“I can’t something in the walls or maybe something they carry seems to eat away at my powers” I said not mentioning the demon half of me. Both of us freeze as we hear footsteps

“Shift back; we’re both dead if they see us.” I hissed as I shifted back, pointing to the plant, “And get rid of that thing.”

“Ya, sorry.” He said as he shifted back, looking at the door. Just after he fixed the plant the door opened.

“What the hell what that screaming last night?” One of the ever so slightly nicer guards said.

“We had a disagreement,” I said as I looked over at Thistle, he nodded.

“Ya, sure, don’t do it again you got some of the crazies riled up” He said looking us both over from the door, I could smell fear, he knew something was wrong about us, I felt my fangs descend.

Don’t you dare! Was my thought directed at my darker sides, the vampire sulked and the demon hissed and snarled. “What kind of crazies?” I asked keeping my fangs hidden as best I could. He ignored me. Shutting the door as he left, we could hear the lock scrape into its place. I groaned, I hated this place so much.

“You ok?” Thistle asked, looking slightly concerned.

“Yes, I just hate this place so fucking much, it’s amazing I haven’t gone insane. Hell, maybe I have and just don’t know it yet.” I groaned as I slid down the wall. “Wonder if the crazies he was talking about are like us, or if their just insane.”

“I don’t know the only power I feel is yours.” He said. Looking at him I couldn’t shake the feeling he was attempting to flirt with me, you’ve been alone way to long and you’re just imagining things, I thought to myself.

I sighed “It’s getting late I think, I don’t even know anymore, but I’m going to sleep.” He nodded lying down in a corner. Wonder what time it is, I thought to myself as i lay down. It wasn’t long before I was asleep.

It’s very easy for me to wake during the night, so when Thistle started moving around it was no surprise to me that I woke up. “Unh? Thistle are you awake?” I whispered gently looking over my shoulder to him.

“Ya, I can’t fall asleep I’m freezing, it didn’t bother me last time because I was so tired, but it’s getting to me now.” He said uncurling and looking over at me.

“Ehhh… I guess you could sleep over here, the cold never bothers me but I guess it would you.” I said half hoping he wouldn’t take up the offer.

“Ya, sure. Thanks.” He said getting up and walking over to me, inside I cursed myself. I stiffened up when he cuddled against my back. I could tell it wasn’t long before he was out cold, it wasn’t long before I followed his example.

—–Thistle’s dream——

I stood in a forest; it was beautiful, the tall trees, bright flowers, rich plant life. Looking down I realize I’m naked, eh who cares, was my thought. Walking around I see a clearing ahead, on a rock is Virgil. The first thing I notice is that he is as naked as I and lying on his stomach asleep. I groaned softly, he looked so good in the light, I had only gotten a good look at him when the guard. His shoulder length black hair was splayed out, he was thin borderline underweight, but I could see the lean muscle under his skin. He opened his eyes and look over at me, the lust in his eyes was evident. I shuddered in excitement when his gaze fell to my cock.

He gestured for me to go over to him, as I walked to him he turned on his side revealing a large, hard dick. I groaned and wondered if it was that big outside of this dream. I sat on the slab of rock he lay on.

“Lay down,” he said his rich voice echoing in my head, god I loved his voice. He stroked my cheek as I lay next to him, it felt like we had been together for our whole lives. He leaned in and kissed me, it felt like i was struck by lightning, this may only be a dream but I’ll be damned if wasn’t the best kiss I’ve ever had. I felt his hand slide into my hair and grab it keeping me close while his other hand roamed my body. I groaned into his ravenous mouth as his lips devoured mine. His hand found my ass and he groped it, I felt his other hand untangle it’s self from my hair and slide down to meet his other. With one hand he played with my ass and the other he teased my asshole. I moaned as I ground against him.

“Please,” I begged not sure what I was begging for “Oh god more.” I panted as he grounded against me.

“More what? This?” He said as he suckled at the base of my throat, “or this?” He said chuckling as he wrapped his hand around my cock, stroking me off.

“Oh god, yes that, please more,” I moaned babbling from the white hot bliss I felt. He chuckled in my ear, not knowing his voice sent me deeper into the bliss. I somewhat felt him sucking my earlobe and moaned. “God I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.” I said licking his shoulder.

“Lay on your back I wanna taste your cock.” He said moaning. I let out a low groan as I lay on my back propping myself on my elbows looking at him as he crawled between my legs. Teasing me he licked my thighs and the skin of my groin avoiding my solid, now throbbing, erection. Grabbing his hair I tried to push him on my dick, tried to get relief for the near agony I felt.

“Fuck!” I shouted as he took my whole cock in one motion down his throat. I nearly came from the vicious pleasure as he moaned on me while I was buried to the hilt in his mouth. One of his hands fondled my balls while the other absently rubbed my thigh. “Stop, I wanna taste you,” I said panting as I tried to sit up but he ignored me bobbing his head on my cock faster.

“Next time you can taste me,” he said gently licking the underside of my length and the head of it. I moaned feeling the waves of bliss starting to overcome every thought…

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