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It sometimes bothers me how people can be so judgmental of other people, often without really knowing anything about the topic.

Anal sex tends to be high on that list… from all the stories online, not to mention everything you see on TV, you think that it would be a little bit more acceptable… instead, no, no one wants to talk about it (except on literotica of course) and no one wants to admit that they do it. At least, no one where I live. Now, I understand that in my state it’s against the law (actually, anything but the missionary position is against the law) but that doesn’t stop people from smoking pot or underage drinking! In fact, it rather encourages it… you’d think that everyone would be having anal sex! Instead, most people are going “Ew, that’s gross!” Or “That’s an OUT hole not an IN hole.”. Actually, it’s a hole… just a hole… there are no in holes there are no out holes. All holes do all things. Of course, most people got the “in” hole “out” hole thing from that great movie “In and Out” about the gay teacher… but I digress. The logic that the stellar intellectual student in that movie gave is flawed.

Think about it.

Our mouths… we take in food so that’s an “in” hole right? Wrong… we also throw up, so then it’s also an out hole. So is it only an out hole in that particular circumstance? Well yes, but why can’t particular circumstances cover other holes too? That’s what I want to know.

A vagina. A vagina is an “in” hole right? Cuz that’s where a penis is SUPPOSED to go (although many people find a mouth to be just as an appropriate in hole even though they don’t find the anus to be, but go figure.). Well, you try to tell a pregnant woman in labor that it’s an in hole, I want to see how far she’ll be able to kick you. Trust me, that baby is definitely coming OUT and until the past century that was the only way for it to get out. Definitely NOT exclusively an “in” hole… you see what I mean?

So then we get to anus’. An anus is an ‘out’ hole right? That’s where the poo comes out of, so why would we want to touch that dirty dirty hole?

Well, let me start by pointing out that men only have one hole from which both pee and semen come from, and most of them who would refuse to lodge their love-stick into the hershey highway, just loooooove getting blow jobs. They want women to lick and suck on the heads of their penis’, even stick their tongues in the little hole from which issues… their pee! Yes, us ladies must have their dirty holes in our mouths, but they won’t put their dick anywhere ‘unclean’. Anal sex does not require a tongue down there – in fact my own man won’t put his tongue down there (no matter how much I beg) but at least when I want it I can get it in the backdoor. He’s not a total hypocrite. In contrast, oral sex is pretty impossible without involving a tongue, even when it’s a man receiving.

Now, obviously it’s not all the men’s fault (for once =), there are quite a number of women out there who refuse to let a dick anywhere near their precious hiney hole for various reasons. It’ll hurt… it’s dirty… why can’t we just do it the normal way…

Well, as for normal, just what IS normal anyway? With all the sexual fantasies, fetishes, and acts that are possible who decides what is normal? Normal is changing with society, and society lately seems to be accepting anal play as a lot more normal… but only as a group. As individuals, we’re still hearing “I don’t want to do it.”

As Charlotte so charmingly said on Sex in the City, “I don’t want to be the up-the-butt girl! No one marries the up-the-butt girl!”

Well, I’m engaged and I’m definitely an up the butt girl. But I think that what she’s saying, and what women fear when they say it’s ‘not normal’, is that she’ll be branded as being unlady-like and sluttish. Newsflash: if it’s something you’ve never done before then you’re obviously NOT the up-the-butt girl… and not only that, but who says men want a lady in bed? Most of the talk I hear lately is that they “want a lady in the street and a freak in the bed”. And if you’re already married, then what are you afraid of? Oh no, he’s going to divorce me cuz I let him into my ass? Riiiiight…. Actually I would think that a man would see that as quite a treat that you’re finally willing to open yourself up to what he wants (assuming that anal sex IS what he wants of course.).

Dirtiness, that’s what enemas are for. And no one is requiring you to suck on it afterwards… some people do enjoy that but again, no one HAS to.

And it’s gonna hurt? Oh yeah, cuz losing your virginity was a real walk in the park. First time just feels soooooooooo good. Only in stories girls, only in stories. Anal sex is just like regular sex, it gets easier and less painful the more you do it. In fact, it gets downright pleasant. It is absolutely possible to have an anal orgasm, and not only that, but you can put your favorite vibrator into your pussy while getting it in the butt and you give him a thrill ride too!

Now, I’m not saying that everyone must go out and try it. I just wish that people wouldn’t try to make up excuses why not to when they’re just afraid or being close-minded. I wish that they would consider it.

And I especially wish that I wouldn’t get THOSE looks from people when I tell them that I am a full-on up-the-butt girl. Hey it’s not for everyone, in fact, my man wouldn’t do it at all if it wasn’t for me. But you won’t know until you try….

And if you haven’t tried, then you don’t know.

Anal sex. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

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