Hey all and welcome to the adventures of me, Zoe. Before I begin I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a 19 year old college student that is in love. The first love being my boyfriend Tim. The second being sex. Yes, I love sex, in all its sweaty, sticky glory. Before I met Tim I guess you could say I was kind of a church mouse. I didn’t smoke, drink, swear, disobey my parents, etc. Tim changed all that. He opened my eyes to the world that night we first slept together. Now we’ve been dating for a year and I couldn’t be happier.

Not a day goes by where I’m not at Tim’s apartment. Some of the time he isn’t even home, in which I just hang out by myself or with his roommate Eric. I don’t mind it when the guys are gone as it gives me a chance to clean. Let me tell ya, cleaning up after two 22 year old college guys is a job in of itself. In fact, I really only go home to get new clothes or when I feel like getting scolded by my dad. Their apartment isn’t much, just a dingy two bedroom two bath that desperately needed to be updated, but the nice thing about it is that it’s close to the university.

So on to the story.

It was a Wednesday night and I had just screwed up cooking dinner. This was nothing new and at least Tim gave me points for effort. Resorting to plan B I called and ordered us a pizza. While waiting I sat on the couch and watched Tim play video games, bored but content. When he finally took a break to smoke I followed him onto the balcony. We each lit a cigarette and he sat in his rusty metal chair next to a cardboard box that held the ashtray. I leaned onto the railing and looked down at the passersby. I liked being on the second floor as we got some good views of the surroundings.

“I’m bored,” I said blowing smoke into the air and turning to face Tim.

“So,” he replied. “What do you want to do about it?”

“I don’t know,” I said whining.

“You could get me a beer,” he replied smiling at me.

“Oh how could I resist that smile,” I joked then put out my cigarette and headed into the kitchen. I honestly couldn’t resist him. Tim is very pleasing on the eyes: short blonde hair, tall, skinny but still toned, and deep blue eyes.

I guess I have good timing as the doorbell rang when I was in the kitchen. I answered it and sure enough it was the pizza delivery man.

“Just a sec,” I said and turned to find Tim’s wallet. Scrambling around I managed to find it. Of course it was in his pants from yesterday that were crumpled up next to the television. I don’t think Tim ever put anything away where it was supposed to go.

I returned to pay the man when I fumbled and dropped Tim’s wallet on the ground by his feet. When I leaned down to get it I could feel the man eyeing my chest. I smiled, feeling reassured about my looks as he stared at the cleavage my C cups breasts provide.

“Here ya go,” I said standing up and handing him the money.

“Thank you,” he said enthusiastically and left.

I set the pizza down on the table and walked back to the balcony to give Tim his beer.

“Here sweetie,” I said handing the beer to him.

“What’s with the grin?” He asked.

“Oh nothing,” I replied. I paused for a moment then said, “I know what we could do.”

“Eat dinner?” Tim chuckled.

“No,” I said as I moved and straddled myself over him. Sitting in his lap I leaned in and kissed him softly on the cheek. I kept kissing him as I said, “You could fuck me. Right here, right now.”

“What? On the balcony?” Tim laughed.

I pulled away and sat straight up. I ran my hands over his chest and replied, “Yes. Right here.

“I don’t think so Zoe,” Tim said nervously. I could tell he was thinking about it but wouldn’t budge.

“Oh come on,” I pouted. “You could show all those people passing by how to really fuck a girl.”

Tim sat there silent, staring at me.

“Okay,” I said cheerfully. “How about I suck you off?”

“What’s with you,” he said lifting me off of him and standing up. “Why do you want to do it out here where everybody can see us?”

“I don’t know,” I said crossing my arms. “It would be something new, something you haven’t done, and it would be exciting. You know, us knowing they could be watching us.”

Without saying anything Tim walked back into the apartment. I quickly followed, trying to slap his butt as he moved into the kitchen.

“Damn someone’s horny,” Tim said and finally stopped next to the kitchen table.

“I can’t help it,” I said leaning into him. The pizza guy staring at my chest got me going, but I wasn’t going to tell him that. “I need it. I want it,” I said. I moved my hands down his chest to his crotch. I could feel him grow within his jeans. “C’mon baby,” I said seductively. “Give me that cock.”

“Well what can I say to that,” Tim replied.

I knew Tim liked it when I talked dirty, and it was a turn on for me as well. I didn’t need anymore motivation as my hands unzipped his jeans. I grabbed a hold of them and his boxers and, as I knelt down, I pulled them with me. I helped him step out of them before looking up and seeing my prize, free from its cage.

Tim leaned against the table as I went to work. I eagerly grabbed his hardened shaft by the base and held it in front of me. I ran my tongue up and down the length of it, stopping breifly so I could flick my tongue at the head. I looked up at his eyes as I teased him. I was so turned on, knowing he was watching me pleasure him. I loved the control I had over him as I played with his cock. It was like a toy. My toy. I engulfed him into my mouth and proceeded to suck as hard as I could. His cock hit the back of my throat as I took him in and out. The saliva built within my mouth but I didn’t want to stop. I let it seep out of me as I continued my work.

Tim ran his hands through my long and curly auburn hair. He gently grasped it as his hands carressed the back of my head. I wanted him to be more forceful and fuck my mouth like he does my pussy. Instead he leaned down and grabbed my arms, pulling me up.

I breathed heavily as I caught my breath. Wiping the drool from my chin I looked at him and said, “Why stop?”

“Cause I want to fuck you before I explode,” he replied.

Smiling up at him I said, “I think I can live with that.”

Suddenly he grabbed my hips and picked my skinny body up and draped me over his shoulders. I gasped and, slapping his ass I said, “Giddy up.” He carried me into the bedroom and flung me onto the bed. After regaining my composure I watched as he turned on the television and pressed play on the dvd player.

I sat up and lifted my tee shirt over my head as the sounds of sex poured from the television speakers. Tim turned me on to pornography. Before I thought it was degrading to women and only perverts watched it, but now I love it. I fantasize about what it must be like to be those women. Sometimes I pretend that it’s really other people in the room having sex right next to us.

I undid my bra and tossed it aside as I looked on at the television, watching two women share a man’s cock between their mouths. I know this was Tim’s favorite. Tim threw off his shirt and jumped on the bed. Quickly he was at my neck, kissing it before moving to my chest. I continued to watch the screen as Tim ran his tongue along my breasts. His hands roamed along my body, unable to find a home. I moaned out when I felt his teeth clench down on my nipple. Tim knew I liked a little pain with my pleasure.

I couldn’t wait for him any longer and grabbed my jeans. After unclasping them I quickly pulled them down. Tim finished pulling them off of me and didn’t waste time before taking off my thong. His hand finally found its way to my sopping pussy. I gasped as his fingers probed in and out of me. I loved this feeling of being ravaged, knowing he desperately wanted me.

“Fuck me,” I said impatiently.

He pulled his hands from me and leaned up saying, “Aren’t we in a hurry.”

I laughed at myself for being so impatient. I sat up and grabbed the hand that was probing inside me. Slowly I stuck one finger in, then another. I don’t know what was better, tasting myself on him or knowing how much it turned him on. Either way I finished cleaning his fingers then said, “My pussy tastes like it needs to be fucked by something much bigger than your finger.”

“Will this do?” He said kneeling with his back straight up, pointing his marvelous cock at me.

“For now,” I giggled lightly then got on my hands and knees facing the television.

Tim knelt behind me and grabbed my hips. After getting into position he slapped my ass, causing me to moan. His hand spanked me again, a little harder this time, and again I moaned out.

“You like that don’t you,” he said as he continued to spank me, alternating cheek to cheek.

“Oh ya,” I said as I watched the women on the screen massage each other as the man fucked them.

One final slap came down before I felt his cock at the tip of my pussy. I moaned as he slowly sank himself into me. Every muscle clenched against him as he fully buried himself. Once in, he began rocking back and forth, pulling my hips towards him. I bounced back and forth in sheer bliss as he fucked me.

“God yes,” I moaned out dropping my head into the sheets.

The sounds of our bodies slapping against each other combined with the moaning from the television was sending me over the edge. All I could think about was this wonderful sensation. His cock was hitting every right spot. His hand gripped my hips like he was clinging for his life. I moaned into the sheets, louder and louder as he pummeled me. For a moment we seemed in unison with people on the screen. Our combined moaning and grunting was overwhelming. I closed my eyes and let the sounds guide me to an orgasm.

The sounds of my screams must have tipped off Tim as he pulled out of me. I didn’t want him to stop. I needed that cock inside me, one way or another. I quickly spun around and saw Tim’s sweaty body panting. I grabbed his cock and verociously sunk my mouth around it. I thoroughly cleaned it of my juices before lifting my head up. I stroked his shaft and looked at him. Panting I said, “You’re not giving up on me now are ya?”

Tim didn’t say a word as he grabbed my shoulders and spun me back around. I returned to my place on all fours and waited impatiently for his cock to return and fill the void it left.

“I want to try something new,” Tim breathed out.

“Oh ya,” I said getting excited, wondering what he had in mind.

Tim squirmed himself into position. I could feel the head of his cock press against my asshole. That was the obvious clue of what he was about to do. I guess I should of known when I looked at the screen and saw the man buried balls deep into the blonde’s ass.

“Don’t clench,” Tim said as his cock pressed against me.

I couldn’t help it. I was scared of having him in there but at the same time was excited. This was something new for the both of us. I knew Tim hadn’t done this with another girl and that turned me on, knowing I would be his first like he was for me. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth as his cock slowly penetrated my ass. At first I felt like I was imploding, but as I relaxed and allowed him in the feeling started to subside. I opened my eyes, realizing the fear was worse than the act. I watched the girls scream out in pleasure on the screen as Tim made his way deeper and deeper inside me. The pain started to combine with pleasure and before I knew it my body was pushing back against him.

“Oh my god that’s amazing,” Tim moaned out.

“Good baby,” I replied panting. “My body is for your pleasure.”

“Oh ya it is,” Tim continued to grunt. “God damn,” he said as our boddies got into a rythm.

I couldn’t think about anything other than that large cock invading my ass. I moaned as my hips were pulled repeatatly towards him. I concentrated on that cock splitting me open, and the pleasure it brought to Tim.

“Fuck ya,” Tim said breaking my concentration. “Just like them.”

He must have meant the people on the screen. I looked up to see the girls on their knees, waiting for the guy to cum on them. If that’s what Tim wants then I won’t deny him.

Tim sped up his pace as our bodies rocked back and forth. I went from feeling overly stuffed to feeling empty as he pulled himself out of me. He grabbed my body and awkwardly rolled me onto my back. My head bounced as it landed just off edge of the bed. I leaned up only to see Tim’s balls in front of me. I quickly sucked on one, then the other as Tim mounted himself over my chest. I was in an awkward position and couldn’t really move when Tim grabbed the back of my head, holding it in place. Quickly he shoved his cock passed my lips and into my mouth. The taste of bitterness quickly filled me as he rammed himself back and forth into me.

“Fuck my mouth like my pussy,” I thought to myself. Isn’t that what I was thinking earlier? I got my wish as Tim continued to jab at the back of my throat. I couldn’t suck, couldn’t lick, nothing. Just take his cock in and try not to gag.

It didn’t take long before Tim pulled out. I opened my eyes to see him jerking off, with his cock pointing directly at me. His grunting became loud and he closed his eyes. A second later a stream of his seed shot out and hit me on the bridge of my nose. In reaction I closed my eyes. I held tight as I felt a second wave hit my lips.

Feeling it was safe I opened my eyes to see Tim squeezing any last drop of his semen onto my chest. Thoroughly spent he collapsed back onto the bed. I wiped him sperm from my lips and wiped it onto my breast before getting up.

I couldn’t think straight. I awkwardly rolled over and off the bed. My body couldn’t stop shaking. My ass, pussy, and mouth all ached. My muscles felt worn. I felt sweaty and sticky. All I could think was how great that was. My mind was trapped there as I headed out of the room.

I grabbed a cigarette from the table and walked onto the balcony. I lit it up and breathed in. That’s when reality came back to me. The cold brisk air snapped my mind back and I looked out, seeing the people walk the streets. That’s when I realized I was not only completely naked, but covered in Tim’s seed that seeped down my face and body.

For a second I was in shock, paralyzed, and frozen in place. That’s when two college guys pointed up at me and yelled, “Hell ya!” I let out a smile and stood still as one reached for his phone and snapped a picture. Feeling cold I put out the cigarette and walked back inside.

I walked back into the bedroom to find Tim composing himself. He didn’t say anything as he started getting dressed.

“Have fun?” I asked.

“Just a bit,” he laughed.

I sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the television. My body ached but yet still yearned for more. I knew Tim was spent though. I watched on as a new scene unfolded. Two girls, a blonde and a brunette, were making out on their bed while a guy watched on.

“I wonder what it’s like?” I said.

“Wonder what what’s like? Tim responded.

“To kiss a girl.”

I swear Tim froze in place when I said that. A devilish grin swept accross his face. I didn’t say another word on the matter and leaned back, watching the scene unfold.

That story is for another time.

“I believe you ordered entertainment, Sir.”

You open your front door to find me draped against the doorframe in a black trench-coat. I look up at you coyly with eyes lined heavily in black, my lips glossy, parted, and whore-red. I step through the doorway and trace my hot pink nails, a stark contrast to my black lace fingerless gloves, down the side of your cheek. My eyes look intently into yours as I graze your lips lightly with my thumb. I smile, then cast my eyes down. I turn from you and slip my jacket off, letting it fall to the floor, revealing matching hot pink bra and panties, black fish-net thigh high stockings and peep-toe, black, lace-up booties with sky-heel stiletto heels.

You watch me as I walk slowly, deliberately overextending my step to emphasize the curve of my hips. I run my hands through my long, loosely curled hair, shaking it over my shoulders, giving you a pronounced view of my tiny waist and perfectly round ass.

I turn around when I reach the front of your couch. I tilt my head and bring my forefinger to my mouth and watch you come to stand in-front of me. You’re so close I can feel your body heat and smell your intoxicating cologne. I have never been so hot for a client, and my pussy immediately dampens as I take in your presence. “Tonight is all about you, Sir.” I run my hands up your chest and through your hair, bringing you down close to me. “Sit, relax. I’m here to please you.” You lower yourself onto the couch, your face now level with, and only inches from, my wet cunt. You must be able to smell my arousal, but I somehow keep myself from straddling you. “In fact, your pleasure is my one…and only…concern tonight.” You hear me explain. You imagine ripping my panties off of me, picking me up right there and driving your cock deep inside me. How I’d scream in pleasure and ride your cock hard. You know I want it…and you decide to make me work for it.

You recline back on the couch and get comfortable, “I ordered you here to dance.” You pick up a remote and press a few buttons, music blares through the speakers around the room, “…so dance, slut.”

“Yes, sir.” I turn around and walk to the center of the room, swaying my hips to the beat, and playing with my hair as if it were your hands entwined in it. I rock my ass and hips for you, running my hands all over my body. My pussy drips, imagining you touching my breasts, my ass, your rough fingers entering me. I work down to the floor then straighten my legs, bringing my ass up high in the air and giving you an unadulterated view of my soaking wet panties, then I arch my back, my long hair whipping backward, and I slowly rise. You watch me grind my body hard, as if I had you there. As if I wanted you to feel every inch of my body on yours. I roll my hips and lower myself to the floor again, this time getting on all fours and spreading my legs to fuck the floor before starting to slowly, exaggeratingly, crawl to you on hands and knees. You’ve taken your cock out of your pants and have begun stroking it. It’s huge, stiff, and deliciously wet with your pre-cum.

“You want my cock, bitch?” you challenge me, looking down at me on my knees before you.

“Yes…” I whisper. “I want your cock…I need it.” I run my hands up your thighs and wet my lips, I can’t keep my eyes off of it. My pussy is so hot and wet, I yearn to be filled. My trance is broken by you roughly grabbing a fistful of my hair and wrenching my head to the side. I gasp and close my eyes, my nails immediately digging into your legs.

“Yeah? Tell me about it. Fucking beg for it, slut.” You give a strong yank for good measure, stand up abruptly, and tilt my head back. You smack your cock on the side of my face quickly, your pre-cum wetting my jaw just out of reach of my longing mouth. I’m stunned, in pain, and incredibly turned on. I let out a stuttered moan and open my eyes to take in the man using me, degrading me so blatantly.

“Please…please let me taste it. Let me just turn my head, take you in my mouth. Let me make you feel good.” You rub the head of your cock over my cheek, spreading the drops of your pre-cum into a thin glaze. “Oh fuck…please…mmm” I close my eyes again and revel in it. “I want to run my tongue up your cock. Taste those delicious drops. Feel your cock hit the back of my throat. Please…let me take you in my warm, wet mouth. I need it.”

“Of course you do, bitch.” Smack, smack. “What the fuck else are you good for?” You pull my head back by my hair and position the head of your cock to rest on my bottom lip. I reach out my tongue and circle your head. I close my lips around it, massaging the bottom of your head while I suck at you in pulses. Your cock just barely in my mouth, I moan in ecstasy. I try to take you deeper, but your firm grip on my hair reminds me I don’t have that option. I whimper in disappointment and look up at you. “You’re fucking pitiful.” you smirk. “Whining. You will take what is given to you and you will fucking love it. Maybe if you’re a good girl I’ll reward you.”

I cast my eyes down. I want to please you so badly. I shake my head the infinitesimal amount that I can, your cock gliding around the edges of my lips. I move my hands to one side so you can watch me slip my middle finger up my palm and peel my gloves off slowly. I slide my panties to the side and slip one and then two fingers deep inside my dripping wet cunt, coating them well with my juices, then bring my hand up and start to jack you from your base while I suck you off.

“That’s it bitch. Milk my cock.” You bring your other hand up and grab another fistful of my hair. You allow me the pleasure of a couple more delicious inches in my mouth. I can taste my pussy juice on your cock as I work you. I suck and lick, loving every second, twisting my wrist as I jack you, making sure every inch of you is getting the attention you deserve. I look up at you with my mouth full of your cock. You moan and start to aggressively fuck my mouth, your cock hitting the back of my throat. “Yeah. Yeah, bitch. Take that cock. Take it down your throat.” you demand. I gasp between thrusts, and try to relax. I extend my tongue, eagerly offering you my throat to fuck. You take it, and ram your cock ever harder into my mouth, down my throat…once, twice, and again…then you hold it there, your hands roughly pushing you deep. I gag. I can’t breathe. I can’t move. You snicker and pull out. I gasp for air.

“You love it, you dirty…fucking…cunt.”

“Yes…sir…I love it.” I stammer, breathing deeply. I do love it. I am unbelievably aroused being used so selfishly…being the tool which allows you this depraved pleasure. You shouldn’t treat a woman like this…and I fucking love it. I crave to be your little fuck toy. I want more. I reach up and place my hands on your abdomen, look up at you and beg, “Please…fuck me. Fuck my cunt. It’s so wet for you. Have I been a good girl? How can I please you? Use me. I want to feel your cock in me.”

“You’re wet for me, slut?”


“Yes, what, slut?”

“Yes, sir. I’m wet for you. Please fuck me. Please. I want you to slam your hard cock…deep…into my hot, wet pussy.”

“Did I say I give a fuck what you want?” You grab my wrists firmly and pull me up to my feet. “Bend over the arm of the couch. Now.” you demand. I quickly move to the side of the couch and bend over, placing my tight round ass in-front of your stiff cock, giving you full access to whatever you desire, “Lets see how wet you are for me.” You rip my panties off of me, and I gasp at the rush of cool air. I’ve been dripping wet since I arrived, and it’s amazing to finally be stripped and spread for you. “Oh yeah, you’re fucking soaked you filthy slut.” You shove two fingers inside me.

“Oh, thank you, sir.” It feels amazing to finally be filled, I moan and begin to rock my hips, the arm of the couch stimulating my throbbing clit.

“Fucking whore. You like fucking my fingers? You need to fuck something don’t you.”

“Yes, sir. I am such a whore. I need to fuck.” You pull your fingers out, and I gasp in frustration.

“Such a fucking slut.” You run the head of your cock along my glistening pussy slit, “You come over here dressed in nothing put panties, dance for a complete stranger and get your fucking cunt all sopping wet. Look at you, bent over, begging to be fucked, you look like a fucking whore.”

Your cock parts my pussy lips over and over; I’m aching to be filled, to be fucked hard. “Yes…please…fuck me.” I whine. Nothing else seems to matter to me now. You begin to trace your head up from my pussy slit to my asshole, covering it with my juices, “Oh, fuck. Please. I need it. I need to feel your cock in me.” I plead. I inch back toward you.

“I don’t give a shit about what you need. You’re just here because you’re wet and apparently ever so willing, whore. And my cock needs to fuck.” You grab my hair again and slam your cock deep inside my cunt in one thrust. I cry out. God, you’re fucking huge, and so, so hard. You fuck me forcefully in solid thrusts. I grip the couch as you pull my hair back so firmly it forces my back to arch. Every thrust you make into my tight, hot pussy makes me scream. Your cock fills me fully. The pleasure of being fucked is immediate and incredible…almost surreal. I drink in the feeling of your beautiful cock ravaging me, your delicious grasp on my hair. I think about how my body must look, my arched back pushing my ass towards you and my tits, cupped in pink lace, pushed out, the look of absolute ecstasy on my face as you use me.

You abruptly stop thrusting and push your hips forward hard, letting go of my hair and pulling my hips back onto your cock. I gasp, never thinking a cock could be so deep inside of me, my mouth hangs open relishing the force. Leaving one hand firm on my hip as you pulse into my depths, you reach around and slide your hand into my bra, roughly fondling my breast and pinching my nipple. My pussy automatically tightens around you, and I immediately feel my orgasm skyrocket to a dangerously close level. You watch me convulse, trying pace myself. You smirk, digging in even deeper and lean forward to growl in my ear, “You’re making an awful lot of noise, bitch. Shut the fuck up. And don’t you dare cum until I say you can.”

“Yes…sssir.” I manage. You feel so good it’s beyond belief. Before I register your actions, you force me fully down over the couch, my head forced into the cushion, my ass high and conveniently ever so open to you. “Fuck!” I cry out.

“Don’t you fucking move.” You say through clenched teeth and unfasten my bra, tearing it off of me, so I’m left in just my thigh-highs and heels. You straighten up. “Yeah, bitch, much better.” You smack my ass hard and palm it while slowly sliding in and out of my dripping wet cunt, “Yes…this definitely suits you, fucking whore.” You say almost detached from the situation. You wet your thumb and begin to circle my asshole with it. “You like your ass fucked? You seemed to like the thought earlier. Fuck…you look so good, bitch. Who the fuck cares what you like.” You press your thumb fully into my ass. I moan and rock my hips. “Yeah…that’s what I thought. Dirty little whores love their asses fucked. You like me in both your holes, cunt?”

“Yes…it feels amazing, sir.” I whimper.

“Beg me for it; beg me like a good little bitch.”

“Please fuck my ass. I know I’m a dirty slut. I can’t help it. I want to feel your hard cock in my ass. Please…” I plead with you.

“Such a fucking whore.” You fuck my ass with your thumb in opposing thrusts to your stiff cock in my cunt. You pull out, your cock soaked in my pussy juice, and push just your head inside my ass. “You want it?”

“Yes! Yes, I want it. Please fuck me. Please put your cock all the way up my ass.” You pulse in and out of me, just the head of your glistening cock entering and then leaving my ass. “Please! Oh my god, don’t tease me. I need you fully inside me…please…” you snicker again, and impale my ass with your full, thick shaft and fuck me hard. I cry out, and it hurts…it hurts so fucking good. You fucking hammer me, your carnal instincts taking over. I scream and writhe with every thrust. You pull my hair brutally; use it to drag my head around like a rag doll. You spank my ass hard, repeatedly, and I fucking scream. God, do I scream…the control and power turning you on even more.

“Fuck, bitch…yeah? You fucking want it. You fucking want my cock hard up your tight little ass? You’re such a fucking whore. Fucking…slutty…ass…cunt.” You grab my hips and drive my ass mercilessly onto your cock. I plunge my fingers into my dripping wet pussy and then start to feverishly work my clit. “Yeah…work that cunt for me baby…are you going to cum? Cum with my cock up your ass? Fucking slut.”

“Yes…sssssir…oh my god…please…I need to cum. Please…let me cum.” My fingers dive into my pussy, fucking my hole, rubbing my clit, I’m fucking drenched in my juices. Soaked from being treated like I should…a complete and utter whore. “Please…please sir…may I cum?” I plead.

“Alright, bitch. Cum. Cum now. Cum with my cock up your ass. Fucking slut. You look like such a fucking whore with my cock in your ass. You like that? Fucking cunt. Cum now. NOW bitch.” I tighten my asshole around your cock and furiously rub my clit. Within seconds you’re standing still, your hands on my hips, watching me fuck your cock with my ass…my orgasm washing over me, screaming in pleasure. “Feel good? Feel good cumming with my cock in your ass? Dirty fucking whore.” you sneer. My climax begins to subside, and I collapse over the couch. I take a sharp breath as you pull out of me quickly, the absence of your cock shocking my now stretched wide asshole.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” You grab me by the hair, drag me around and throw me on the couch. You pin my wrists in your hands above my head and drive your cock into my wet cunt. You pound into me fast and hard, with all of your weight. I’m humiliated taking your cock from my ass to my pussy…it’s so dirty…but I can’t help but allow it for you. I turn my head aside, to not look at you, ashamed, and just take it. I know what I’m here for…I have no right to refuse.

“Don’t you fucking look away. I want to you see what I’m doing to you. Fucking whore.” You growl in my ear. I turn my head back and you stare into my eyes as you pound me. The intensity of your eyes on mine is commanding. You thrust into me with that powerful gaze a few times before bending down and running your tongue up my neck ravenously. Shivers run up my spine, my nipples harden. I arch into you, close my eyes, and moan in pleasure, “That’s right baby…fuck my cock.” you whisper into my ear. I wrap my legs around your ass and ride you, rotating my hips, feeling you deep inside me.

“You want my cum deep in your pretty pink pussy?”

“I want it wherever would please you, sir.”

“That’s a good girl…” at last you sound pleased with me. Your incredible cock deep in my cunt, and finally, your approval of me, bring forth my second orgasm all too quickly.

“Please sir…I need to come again…you fuck me so good, sir….please…please let me cum…” I beg you.

“Heh.” you smirk, “Not yet, bitch.”

“Please…please sir…fuck…your cock feels so good. I need to cum. Please may I cum? Oh my god, I need it. Please. Please!” I plead. You pull out of me, and again I gasp at your cock’s abrupt absence from my longing body. “No…please…” I whine.

“Get on your knees and finger your cunt.” you command, stroking your cock fast. I obey and immediately kneel in-front of you, fucking myself hard with my fingers. “Cum.” you demand simply. I rub my clit watching you stoke your beautiful cock. My climax comes on fast and I close my eyes, my juices soaking my fingers, and I bounce up and down on my knees. You grasp my hair again and your cock hits the back of my throat. I suck your cock hard, the moaning of my orgasm vibrating on your sensitive head. I revel in all my juices, so dirty, and I don’t care. Your cock is amazing, and I want your cum. “Suck it. Suck my fucking cock, bitch. Yeah…make me cum. Make me fucking cum. Fucking suck my cock with all your pussy juice on it. You like my cock in your mouth after it’s been in your ass, bitch? Huh? Fucking whore.” You fuck my mouth and shoot your load, the first blast delivered down my throat. You pull out of my mouth and let the rest of it coat my face, allowing me the pleasure of the last few drops on my tongue. It’s fucking incredible.

“Thank you, sir…” I say between sighs of pleasure, “…thank you for your precious cum…thank you for – ” you cut me off.

“You’ve served your purpose, cunt.” You grab me by the hair and drag me, crawling, naked but for my fishnets and heels, to your front door. You yank my hair back to admire the cum dripping down my face and snicker. “Now get the fuck out.” You shove me out the door, toss out my trenchcoat, and close the door.

This is the continuation of the true story of the corruption of the young Asian submissive June.

I woke up the following morning thinking about the night before with June, the memory of the fear on her face and the simple submission to my whims and wants was a good memory. I wondered if I would see her again.

Starting another working day, sitting in the office in Singapore, I kept having flash-backs to the memory of the night before and this kept a smile on my face as the day progressed.

Around 2pm in the afternoon, my phone beeped with a txt – it was June. I smiled as I opened it and read the following “Yenny just told my whole university class that I slept with a strange “gweilo” last night – I am so embarrassed”.

I quickly responded: “Well now that they all know, get the maximum benefit and come over tonight for some further submissive education J”.

June txt back – “I will be there at 8pm”.

With a smile on my face, I knew I had a night of fun and exploitation ahead of me. I started to contemplate what I should plan for my young June and considered how far to push her this time.

I finished the work day and headed back to my apartment, having a quick meal of fried spicy beef and rice at the local market on the way home. Singapore food is good and I knew I wanted to the energy for tonight.

Sitting in my apartment waiting for June, I finalised my plans for the night. I had my camera charged and sat back, drank a Tiger Beer and waited for my play-thing to arrive.

June arrived on time, looking very nervous and excited at the same time. I pulled her into the apartment and ordered her to strip naked. She pulled off her clothes while I slowly undressed watching her, I led her into the bedroom and told her that tonight we were going to play a game.

I lay back on the bed and told her she had 15 minutes in which she needed to make me cum, using only her mouth; if she failed in this task, then she would need to climb onto me and arse fuck herself on my cock non-stop until she made me cum, if she failed to do this, then she would be going to experience her first golden shower and failure would mean she would be drinking my piss.

To say the expression on her face was fearful was an understatement; she just looked at me with a mixture of fear and disgust. June started to utter, “But I don’t want to….” When I cut her off and showed her my watch and stated, “The clock is ticking”

June quickly started sucking and licking my cock, she reached up and started to use her hands on my hard cock and I loudly stated, “Only your mouth, no hands”. Her eyes looked into mine as she started to bob and bounce her mouth up and down on my cock, stopping now and then to lick the shaft and my balls.

I had to admit that this girl was an excellent cock sucker and things were feeling good, but I started this game to have her further submit and cumming would ruin this.

I started calling out time intervals…5 minutes gone, 10 minutes gone and she started to look more concerned and sucked harder. At about 13 minutes I could sense she was running out of energy and she was slowing down, I knew then that the next phase was going to be fun.

At 15 minutes I looking at her and let her continue to suck for a little longer and then told her to get her tight arse onto my cock. June slowly moved up to straddle me and then said, “I have never had sex onto top before, I only ever have had sex in the missionary position” . I just laughed at the thought that this was her first time she was going to be on-top and she would be doing anal…

After I passed her some lube which she coated my cock, she slowly lowered her arse onto my cock and I watched her face as my cock slowly slid into her arse. June then started to slowly move up and down and her arse felt so warm and tight.

As she continued to slowly bounce on my cock, I thought to myself that if she keeps going at this slow pace, I will never cum and smiled at the thought. After 5 minutes June was going even slower and I realised this girl just did not have the fitness to fuck in this position for a long time.

I looked at her and said, “If you do not make me cum, or stop fucking your arse onto my cock, get ready to drink my piss”, this spurred her on more and she bounced a bit harder and quicker for a couple of minutes and slowed again.

“I can’t keep going…can I stop please?” pleaded June.

I responded, “Sure..it is time for you to drink my piss.”

I looked at her and ordered her into the bathroom and onto her knees, which she did immediately. I was again surprised at how quickly she followed orders, even ones I could tell she hated.

I followed her, grabbing my camera as I walked into the bathroom.

She was kneeling in the shower stall, I moved towards her and thought that it was a good thing I had that Tiger Beer, as I had a fairly full bladder and I wanted to see how she would handle it.

I turned on the camera on movie mode and positioned it on the sink to capture the action.

I held my cock and pointed at her…”Open your mouth.” She complied.

It took me a few seconds to get ready to piss, she kept looking up at me and then I could feel the flow starting, I aimed right for her mouth and let it stream out, the first gush of piss went straight into her mouth and she choked and spluttered, I ordered her to open her mouth again and continued to piss into her mouth as some of the piss dribbled out of her mouth and onto her tits.

I continued, moving my aim up to her forehead and sprayed all over her face.

I finished off in her mouth and pushed my soft cock into her mouth to finish.

I looked down at her, she was blinking and looking very dazed and confused. I told her to shower and returned to the bedroom.

Now I just wanted to fuck her and have some more fun, she came out of the bathroom wet but clean, I pushed her onto the bed and climbed onto the bed behind her, pulling her into doggy position I slide my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her.

She was moaning and pushing her body back while I continued to pound her pussy, I pulled my right arm back and spanked her as hard as I could on her arse cheek, once, twice and then a third time. I then gave her three more on the left cheek. I was now looking down at a nice red arse, I randomly spank and slapped her arse more as I continued to fuck her.

I started to feel the surge of my body as I prepared to cum, I rolled her onto her back and straddled her chest with my knees. June automatically started sucking my cock and I prepared to give her a large cum bath.

Eventually I could not hold back any longer and I shot a massive spurt of cum onto her face, followed by a number of smaller shots. She was covered in it and looking well used.

I lowered my cock back into her mouth and she cleaned me off, I climbed off her and grabbed the camera and got some nice photos of her cum-covered face.

I sat back and felt contented with the session, I asked June if she liked being spanked during sex and if she enjoyed the pain, and she just nodded and smiled widely.

“June, come back to me again and I will really teach you about pain and pleasure, way past some small spanks and slaps, now go and get showered and cleaned up.”

When she had finished showering and dressed, I led her to the door and promised next time we would really explore some pain and pleasure. June smiled and headed slowly to the door, she was really turning into a kinky slut.

So I have just GOT to tell you about a series of events and encounters I’ve been through. I am still a bit in disbelief about them myself; seriously from time to time I have to pinch myself just to make sure I am not dreaming half the time. Go ahead laugh it up but I have never had quite the times I’ve had over the past few weeks with this girl.

Ok so a ‘lil bit of a back-story, I met this girl on my lunch break, she was in line in front of me at the local sub shop. From behind she was pretty damned easy on the eyes: about 5′ 5″ or so, medium length brunette hair and hips for days!! Yeah she was a little thicker that what TV and media shows as being “drop dead gorgeous” but me, I like a woman that has a little curvature, makes it just that much better to me. And this girl, oh man she had those curves in spades!

Here I was now standing in this line that just wasn’t moving staring at this girls ass, and trying to get a view of the front of her, when some jackass in the back of the line starts mouthing off and trying to push the line forward. Yeah im sure you all know what happened from there. I ended up getting pushed right up into her backside, partial hard-on and all.

“I’m so sorry Miss”, I said doing my best to hide my embarrassment that here I am pressed up against her with a rapidly growing “semi”.

“It’s OK”, she replied with a sly smile “Not much that can be done about it with some prick pushing from behind”

Oh my god what a beautiful face to go with everything else, full lips, soft green eyes, and what a smile.

“Yeah, um you don’t say,” I managed to croak as she wiggled her hips for a moment smiling at me the whole time.

“Carissa,” she said offering her hand up over her shoulder “pleased to meat you”

“Jon” I replied, as I took the hand and got an eyeful of some of the most voluminous cleavage I’ve seen, making the aforementioned “semi” now a full fledged hard-on

“I can tell the pleasure is yours as well”

My only reply was a sheepish grin and an innocent shrug of my shoulders. I mean hell here I was caught with my dick pressed up against this beautiful curvy woman and she knew it was because of her.

We passed the next 10 minutes idly chatting about our jobs and lives (she worked as an administrative assistant for an architecture firm across from the sub shop, was in between relationships, oh and did I mention she was STACKED!!!) as the line slowly snaked its way towards the counter. By the time we reached the counter we were flirting and laughing back and forth pretty well.

As she placed her order and I placed mine I thought, Well that was fun, wish I could see this lady outside of this, oh well ill probably never run into her again but its been fun. Little did I know how wrong I would turn out to be.

Carissa waved goodbye after paying for her sandwich and walking out of the shop, I looked at the cashier and noted his eyes trailing her ass as she walked away and couldn’t suppress a quick laugh of camaraderie in that aspect.

“I can’t blame ya kid” I laughed as he turned red getting caught, “I was staring the whole time we were in line together, how much for the sandwich?”

“Umm she paid for yours sir” the kid said with a confused look on his face. “She also said to give you this,” as he handed me a note written on a napkin.

“I’m out at 5:00, 10 minutes wasn’t enough for you im sure. I’ll be in the restaurant across the street until 6, at the bar. If you want to finish what we started at lunch come find me”

Well the rest of my day was pretty much a daze. Every time something came across my desk or a call came in all I was thinking about was that ass and those breasts. Listen im a boob guy, tried and true, and honestly what she was showing was damn worth it and would keep anyone distracted from their work. Im out at 5:30 and that couldn’t come fast enough.

Well I ended up having to stay later than I wanted (left the office at 5:45), but thank god the restaurant was only 10 minutes away from the office. I made it to the restaurant and was walking in the front door just as she was leaving.

“Well, well, well. Looks like you made it after all,” she said with a bit of a sardonic laugh. “I was wondering if that little punk gave you my note”

“Oh he most certainly did,” I laughed trying so hard not to stare down her neckline. “I was just held up at the office longer than I wanted to be. I swear I was praying to anyone who would listen you were still going to be here!”

“Oh, really, Now were you praying for me not to leave, or for these not to?” she laughed while she cradled one arm under those magnificent breasts lifting them up and deepening the cleavage.

“Ummm … both, or rather all 3″

“Oh well at least you are forward enough to admit it. Lets get back inside for a bit then” she tittered, grabbing my arm and pulling me close as we walked back into the bar area.

We ordered a few appetizers and cocktails once we were seated back at the bar. And the conversation began seemingly innocent enough, but as a few rounds passed became much more risqué as we both upped the ante on the flirtation.

Right about the 4th round or so Carissa had gotten up to use the women’s room and when she returned she had quite the devilish smirk going on. Now being a bit tipsy myself I thought nothing too much of it, until she reached over to grab one of my pot-stickers, that is when I realized she had removed her bra!

Now here I am almost choking as I can see straight down that beautiful creamy curving expanse of skin, right to the start of what I surmise can only be some of the largest, but so gorgeously pale pink areoles I have run into. At this moment all that exists are those twin expanses of beauty, hell I even chalked up the tightening of my pants to that view. That is until the tightening began to be caressing.

“I can tell this view is as good to you as the rear view huh,” she whispered into my ears, the manipulations or her palm and fingers alternating between soft and slow and hard and just below the painful threshold. “What say we remove ourselves to somewhere that can be taken care of,” punctuated by one last tug on my now painfully erect dick.

“Pay the tab and let’s go and take care of that” she said making sure to move in such a way as to show a full view of one of her large raspberry sized nipples.

I quickly got the bartender’s attention grabbed the check (not even seeing what the total was but I know I dropped a hundred down sure that was enough plus tip) and followed Carissa out the door.

Once out front she caught me up in one hell of a passionate kiss, soft and yielding but with just enough force behind it to show you what you a re in for , if ya know what I mean.

“Im going to do something I don’t really ever do, but you have me feeling like it’s a great idea right now,” she purred into my ear after breaking the kiss.

As I attempted to inquire what that was she quietly shushed me by placing her fingers across my lips, and shaking her head. Grasping my hands she led me to the park across from the restaurant. Past the open green and deeper into the light foliage and undergrowth she brought us each step heightening the anticipation of what was going to happen next.

After she found a suitable (well I can only imagine what it was to her) spot she released my hands and turned around placing her hands on my chest. Then she slowly dragged them towards my waist applying soft pressure the entire way down.

By now I was far too gone to stop anything from happening and reached forward to cup one of those tantalizing orbs through her low cut shirt. Using my palm to caress the under swell while the ball of my thumb played lightly over her brazenly erect nipples, feeling the warm and arousing weight of her breast filling my hands, overflowing around my palms and the soft yet subtle resistance of all that flesh adding to the persistent pressure in my groin.

A soft whimper escaped her lips as she rolled her head back eyes closed, enjoying the attention being paid to her amazing breasts. A few moments passed in this way until she removed my hands from her front and smiling quite devilishly she removed that only barrier between me and those luscious globes. As the shirt raised over the slight swell of her tummy, and revealed the half moon shapes slowly but surely I could feel myself almost cumming just from the sight! Here they were and I swear they must have been at MINIMUM a triple D if not a high F! Absolutely breathtaking is all I can say, each globe had to be nearly 12 inches in diameter (think just larger than a cantaloupe here) with areolas that were at least half the front area! And the nipples, oh sweet lord, they each looked about the size of a ripe raspberry and were just paler than a peach.

Immediately I knew I had to taste of those tips, leaning in I grasped one perfect nipple between my lips while supporting the weight of that breast in my hands, flicking my tongue across the subtle ridges and bumps of the outlying areola while still paying attention to those wonderful nubs at the tips. Moans of passionate excitement were escaping her lips letting me know my ministrations were well received. Not wanting the other to feel left out I switched my attention to the other twin beauty, while still rolling and caressing the previously suckled nipple between thumb and forefinger, occasionally pulling lightly just to keep the sensations going.

Apparently my technique was well received as she pushed my head away from her breast, pulled me to her face and kissed me passionately. As she broke the kiss one hand travelled down my midsection to my belt which she deftly unbuckled, quickly followed by unbuttoning and unzipping my pants.

As her hand plunged into my pants grasping my swollen cock she breathed into my ear “Now let me show you how you made me feel”

With that she slid to her knees between my legs and started to lick and kiss around the head, slow long licks along the venous underside and lingering kisses around the glans. As she would lick down her hand would caress in an upward motion and vice versa. She kept at it like this for a few minutes before surprising me by licking all the way from the base to the tip, and then swallowing my shaft in one fell swoop!!! Now im not the biggest guy out there (id say about average length of just under 6″ with a decent girth), but wow to have a woman just take it all in like that… pure ecstasy!!

She stayed down there for a few glorious seconds, my quivering shaft lodged nicely in the back of her warm and inviting throat.

“Oh my god,” she gasped as she released her hold on my member and came up for air. “I haven’t done that in forever” She continued stroking the length of my shaft slowly all the way from the base up to the head and wrapping her slickened hand around the head before beginning the down stroke.

I felt the tell tale stirrings as I felt my self nearing release. “If you continue in that manner, you are going to be in a sticky situation” I quipped trying to keep control for as long as I could.

“Well this will make it that much stickier then” she said as she slid closer holding one breast in either hand, and wrapped them around my saliva slickened cock. As she squeezed them together around my shaft and started to slowly slide them up and down trapped between the most fuckable pair of tits ever.

Oh my god, oh my god, was all that was going through my mind as this absolute beauty tittyfucked me here in the twilight at the park. I let slip small moans of absolute pleasure as her tongue flicked across my swollen purple head each time she revealed it on the down thrust of her breasts. The sight of that as my swollen cock was nestled in that cleavage was getting to be too much as I felt my balls start to tighten up and my head swell up even more.

“Oh shit! Im gonna cum!” I managed to gasp out.

No sooner did those words pass my lips then Carissa released me from between her breasts and grasped me by the base of my almost ready to explode shaft. Pointing it towards her inviting lips and flicking her tongue around the underside of the shaft and head she said, “I want to be covered, I want to taste it and feel it all over me! Can you do that for me? Will you cover me in that cum?”

With that type of talk I could hold back no longer, as she began a slow jerking of my cock I released one of the most momentous blasts I have released in my life. The first shot hit her with a loud splat right across the side of the nose, reaching from the side of her nostril up to her hairline. She guided the next rope across her lips and the other side of her cheek. The third and fourth she took in her open mouth, most of it making it in the remainder leaving streaks across her chin and dripping onto her cleavage. The final few spurts she rubbed against her cheeks and neck thoroughly coating her from the eye line down.

As I regained my breath and saw her there looking for all the world like a wanton pornstar released on the world I couldn’t help but remain partially erect watching as she let the sticky ropes of cum slide down her cheeks and chin, catching some of the pools with her tongue and letting others coalesce in her ample cleavage.

“So I see you are still ready” she said putting her shirt back on but leaving small traces of myself on her face. “Back to my place for continued treatment and turnabout?”

Well of course, I did….

We arrived at her apartment after a blur of a half an hour drive, the whole time filled with glances of pure animalistic hunger and laughter and levity over the whole situation. Me laughing because, well here I am just some guy who can’t believe his sheer dumb luck at having this type of encounter, and her cracking jokes about the feeling of drying cum and wet panties.

As we made her way through the front door of her building, I swear I saw quite the lewd smile on the older woman we passed on the way in. “That’s Mrs. Alster, she lives on the 1st floor, I think she used to be a ‘dancer’ if you catch my drift” she giggled as we walked up the 2 flights of stairs to her apartment.

The 30 seconds it took for Carissa to fumble around for her keys and unlock the door felt like an eternity, as all I could think about was getting her inside and naked. It was sheer willpower alone that kept me from taking her right there in the hallway, and I swear she knew it too from the way she kept “missing” the lock with the key.

“I hope you have better aim than I do,” she teased as she finally got the key in the lock and opened the door.

Walking in right behind her, I pulled the door closed with one arm as I reached for her with the other. No sooner did the door click shut than my mouth found hers, both of us passionately devouring each other through the kiss. Pulling her tighter to me as my hands roamed freely down her back to cup her ample rear curves as well, lifting her slightly into the kiss more.

Reluctantly she broke the embrace sliding backwards deeper into the apartment itself. Crooking her finger towards me and beckoning me to follow. Stepping towards her I noted the open layout of what I can assume was her living room, nice overstuffed armchair and matching couch, TV on one wall, and what I can only assume was modern art prints on the other. My eyes came back to her to see her lifting her shirt off, releasing her breasts to my view again. Immediately I knew I had to take her here and now, and we would not be making it any further into the apartment just yet.

In the two steps it took me to reach her, I knew that first I had to return the favor she did for me in the park. Cupping one of her breasts and rolling my finger across her nipple as I gently nibbled on her neck I led her towards the armchair. As her legs bumped up against it I steadied her with my arm in the small of her back sliding my fingers into her waistband as well. Moving from nibbling her neck, I planted soft kisses across her collarbone and down the center of her chest occasionally licking to heighten the sensation. As I licked around the raised ripple of the areola just grazing her nipples, she moaned slightly and started to push out her hips towards me. Wrapping my lip fully around her nipple after teasing let out a much deeper intake of breath letting me know I was doing something right.

As I moved from one breast and nipple and kissing and licking my way to the other I ran my free hand up the inside of her thigh, gently applying pressure as I rose higher. Feeling the heat emanating from the joining of her thighs I knew she must be as hot as I was. I slowly started to unbutton her tight fitting jeans as my hand in the small of her back crept lower and I found out she wasn’t wearing any panties either!

The surprise of that must have showed as she giggled and moaned, “I took those off in the bar as well, they are in my purse, maybe if you’re a ‘good boy’ ill let you see them on me later”

Well that just renewed my fire for her, as I had now fully unbuttoned her jeans. Hooking both thumbs onto the waist of them, I pulled them down off her hips and over that amazingly firm but plump ass. As the material cleared her thighs and went lower down her legs I was greeted by the lovely sight of her (I assume) freshly shaven cleft. Her lips were plump from excitement and glistening with sheen of wetness. The musky smell of her mons was more than I could take. I moved her into a reclining position on the armchair and started licking her thighs, slowly tracing my name with my tongue moving oh so slowly towards that dewy treasure.

After a few more moments of teasing her and feeling her writhe and push her cleft closer to my questing mouth, I knew I had to feast on her. Starting by planting kisses all across her moist outer lips, first up one side moving towards her button but always, always, just passing over it and down the other side and reversing the pattern. Kisses gave way after a few moments to long licks along the inner edges of her lips with a stab of the tongue into the opening just to keep her guessing.

Finally feeling her tremble and moan, I knew she couldn’t take any more teasing. I placed my tongue at the bottom of her slit and licked slowly but deeply all the way to her fully erect clit. As my tongue made its way across that sensitive nerve bundle I decided on a whim to wrap my lips around it and suckle it as I had done to her nipples. From the way her legs clamped down on my head and the shriek of pleasure she let out I knew I was onto a good idea here. I released her button and licked back through her folds just to keep her guessing as to what would come next. I pulled her hips out a little further to allow for easier access, and went back to work.

With the new angle I had I returned to licking around her clit in alternating circles punctuated by moments of suckling it as well. Smiling devilishly as I looked up at the ecstasy on Carissa’s face I knew I had to bring her over the edge soon or she may pass out. So as I went back to licking on her button I slowly brought my right hand up towards where my lips and tongue were working. Alternating between licking and sucking allowed me to be able to wet my fingers. One of which I slowly started to insert into her as I pulled her clit into my lips and swirled my tongue around it. The sensation of not only that but my finger sliding inside of her and caressing the pleasure center just inside was too much for her to take.

“OH MY GOD!!!! DON’T STOP!!! IM CUMMING!!!” she shrieked. And I swear the entire building heard that.

Pushing my luck further than I am wont to do I removed my questing finger from the warm confines of her now pulsating pussy and on pure whimsy started to trace it around the outer edge of her rear entrance. Her sharp intake of breath almost made me stop until I realized she was pushing back into the pressure from my finger. Emboldened by this I continued to lick her overflowing pussy while moving from just rubbing my finger around the rim of her ass to slowly inserting it into her ass. As the tip of my finger entered past the edge and deeper into her ass she moaned and pushed her hips out to match the pressure coaxing me wordlessly to go further and push that finger deeper.

It had taken me a long while to build up enough courage to make a trip to Camp Black Bear. I had read about the all male campground long before, but being an in-the-closet bisexual at the time, I had pretty much avoided any of the traditional gay bars or meeting places. However, I had read on another website that they were having their yearly July Motorcycle Camp out Weekend and I’ve always been turned on by bikes and leather; whether men or women. I decide to take the plunge and reserve a tent campsite.

I decided I wanted to get there a little early before the place got crowded to relax and have a beer or two; just to try and calm my nerves. I packed up my pup tent, a couple changes of clothes, sleeping bag, toiletries, a box of condoms and bottle of lube, and decided to head down wearing jeans and T-shirt. Unfortunately, I ride an old Ironhead chopper and there isn’t much room for packing a lot of supplies and with my tent, backpack, and bedroll strapped behind me I wasn’t going to fit my cooler.

It took me a couple hours to ride down and I arrived about 2:00 in the afternoon. The camp is set back in the woods a ways for privacy and there is a closed gate outside with a small sign saying Camp Blackbear. In a little shack beside the gate there was an older gentleman that asked me if I was there for the Rally; I thought it was pretty obvious and jokingly told him so. He laughed and explained that sometimes people will show up to camp and have no idea what the place is; they just saw a campground on their smartphone and needed a place for their motor home and tent. He directed me down the lane and told me to check in at the lodge where I could also pay for the weekend.

The gravel lane was about two hundred yards and ended in a large open field with the lodge, pool, and shop on the left. On the right I could see the RV camping. Along the edge of the open area I could see the various smaller tent camping areas. I went inside the lodge and was greeted by an another attractive older man with a salt and pepper beard. He was pleasant and we chatted while he checked me in. He asked if this was my first time and if was meeting anyone; I told him it was and that I wasn’t. Then he asked if I would like a specific campsite or he could put me close to some of the regulars that lived in the trailers most of the summer. I was a little nervous, but said that would be fine. He told me where I could park my bike more permanently and how I could get to my site. He also explained a little about each building and where I could shower and cleanup if I needed.

I moved my bike and unloaded my gear. Luckily it wasn’t much and I could carry it in one trip. I was pleasantly surprised when I found my campsite. It was inside the woods enough to be private, but bordered with a few of the trailers which were just outside of the tree line. There were several tent sites surrounding one central fire ring. One of the sites already had a large tent set up, but no one was around. A few chairs were around the fire ring and a large cooler. I decided to go ahead and get my tent up quickly before I started to explore.

I was about half finished with my tent when a couple guys came back carrying a tackle box and a few fishing poles. Both were decent looking guys, one a bigger bearish man in his 50′s with a dark beard and a couple streaks of gray. The other was a younger guy, maybe early 30′s, with a tall/skinny frame and was clean shaven. Both were wearing shorts and a T-shirt with flip flops. I could see the younger one had several tattoos on his legs and arms. We said hello and made our introductions. James, the older one, offered to help me finish my tent and I accepted. The younger man, Paul, grabbed a beer from the cooler and set down in a chair to relax.

As we worked we chatted a bit about the camp and I found out that he and Paul had been together for several years and try to go to Blackbear at least twice a year. They always request the same campsite as they were pretty good friends with a couple that parked their trailer nearby. He told me that during the day most guys just relax, swim, fish, and hangout. “The real fun begins at night at the parties, but some us like to have an appetizer first!” he said while smiling.

When we finished finished James and I went over and sat down around the fire ring with Paul. James offered me a beer and I gladly accepted; it was close to 90′s and I was still pretty nervous. I hadn’t seen anything overtly sexual since I’ve been there; it pretty much just looked like a campground minus women and children. We sat and talked for awhile and had a few beers. Paul said that he was going to head to the pool for a swim and wanted to know if I wanted to go. It sounded like a good idea and I asked James if he was going. He said he was going to go say hello to a couple friends and that he would catch up with us later.

I grabbed my shaving bag and my swimming trunks and started walking with Paul towards the pool area. Paul looked over and raised an eyebrow which I took to mean, “why are you bringing the shaving kit?” I smiled and said that I had been riding all day and I needed a shower so I wouldn’t dirty up the pool. He said it was a good idea.

We went inside the pool house where the restrooms and showers were. There were a couple lockers, but it didn’t look like anyone used them. It was just then that I realized Paul hadn’t brought any swimwear. My heart starting beating a little faster, but I tried to ignore it when he shimmied out of his shirt and shorts. It’s then out of the corner of my eye that I noticed his package. He was cut and nicely hung with a cockring going through the head. I also noticed his nipples were pierced. He caught me looking and stood up straight so I could get a better look.

“What do you think?” he asked. I looked him up and down. I told him he had a very nice body; still a little embarrassed to mention his great cock. “Okay, now I want a look” and he walked up to grab the bottom of my shirt. It took me by surprise, but I didn’t resist when he pulled the shirt over my head. I’m a pretty stocky 6’2″ with fairly nice chest and a little tummy. No model by any means, but guys and girls usually like my chest and arms; it goes well with my dark goatee and short hair. “Nice!” is all he said. Then he looked down at my jeans expectantly.

I had to sit down to take my riding boots off and he just stared expectantly with a smile on his face. “Aren’t you and James an item?” I asked as I took the second boot off. He explained that he and James were in an open relationship and they play both together and separate. I stood up and was hesitant to undo my belt and jeans. “Oh come on!” he said jokingly. I undid the buckle and unbuttoned my Levi’s and turned around while I pulled them down. I could feel him still staring at me. “Skivvies too!” he said. I pulled them down and turned around, blushing a little bit with both excitement and embarrassment.

He was taking me all in while slowly stroking his semi-erect cock. It looked even better slightly swollen. My cock is pretty average and I had a pretty decent chub at this point. “That’s a good looking cock, can’t wait to see it fully hard!” he said. I smiled and said, “thanks, but it sure isn’t in the same league as yours!” He just laughed and said that he liked normal sized the best, because the big ones hurt too much. “Let’s get you in the shower, then.”

He led me to the shower room and turned on the water on a couple of the six shower heads. I had grabbed the soap from my kit before following and when I stepped under the head he grabbed it from me. “Here, let me help you with that.” He stepped behind me and started to lather up my back which felt amazing. He massaged as he washed my back, moving to my shoulders, and finally down my arms.

It felt so good and relaxing that I had to put my hands against the walls to brace myself. I was enjoying myself and moaning slightly, all the embarrassment gone, when he pressed up against me. I could feel his rigid cock up against my crack as he wrapped his arms around me to lather my chest. I tensed up again slightly with apprehension, but he leaned closely and lightly bit my ear. “Relax,” he grumbled through clenched teeth. My cock was fully erect at this point, pointing straight out.

Paul continued to wash and massage my body, down my chest and stomach until he was close to my groin. He told me to turn around and I complied as I was floating in a haze at this point. He began to wash me again, this time getting on his knees and starting with my calves while working his way up to my thighs. My cock and balls were aching to be touched, but I was content to let him work his magic. My penis was only a few inches from his face and he was ignoring it; concentrating on using his hands to work my legs. Again, when he was close to my groin he told me to turn around. I wanted to say no, but I listened to him once again.

I put my hands against the shower wall again while he began to lather my ass cheeks. It felt great while he massaged my ass the same way he did the rest of my body. Even though I was anticipating it, I gasped when he slid his hand inside my crack. His hand went up and down my crack washing as he went. After a minute or so, I noticed he was slowly concentrating around my asshole. Washing with whole hand at first and then starting to make slow circles with fingers.

I leaned forward against the wall and stuck out my ass slightly to give him better access. He whispered, “I knew you wanted fucked. . .” and I could hear the smile on his face. He pressed a finger against my whole and the soap suds allowed it pass with only a little resistance. I gasp escaped my lips and I closed my eyes while continuing to lean against the well. Paul started moving his finger in and out at a slow pace, getting me ready. He pulled his finger out completely, only to replace it with two! He finger fucked me for several minutes, telling me quietly that he was going to enjoy fucking my ass and that he knew from the beginning that I was a bottom slut.

That’s when I head another man say, “yeah finger his ass!” It wasn’t loud, but it wasn’t hidden either. I opened my eyes and looked to the side to see a man I hadn’t seen before. He was a larger man, maybe 6’0″ and 300 lbs. He had a very hairy body, beard, and was completely naked standing just inside the shower. He was stroking what looked like a shorter, but slightly thick cock. I was shocked and stood up quickly.

Paul was able to keep his fingers inside of me when I reacted. With his other hand he grabbed the back of my neck and squeezed slightly; guiding me back against the wall. He leaned down and told me, “this is James and I’s friend Kris; he’s a whole lot of fun. I’m going to enjoy watching him fuck you sweet ass!” I looked over my shoulder in mild shock and all I got was a sadistic smile in return. I started to straighten up again, but Paul applied more pressure to my neck.

I would’ve overpowered Paul easily if I wanted to, but deep down I knew this was what I had come to Camp Blackbear for in the first place. I was by far too turned on now to resist. I leaned down further and exposed my ass even more. Paul responded by now forcing three fingers in my ass! It hurt, but also felt like heaven.

Paul asked Kris if he was ready for some ass and pulled his fingers out. I looked over my shoulder at Kris and said, “I have some condoms in my shaving hit out there.” He just smiled and walked behind me. I started to protest, but Paul moved to my side and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “we fuck pussies raw to turn bitches into real men.” Words caught in my throat; I had never been fucked without a condom. I didn’t know what to say or do.

Kris grabbed me by the left hip to pull me closer while he positioned his cock head up against my loosened hole with his other. He pushed slowly, but firmly into my ass. It was wider than I first thought and the only lubrication I had was the soapy suds. The combination of wide cock and soap burned immensely. It only took him a few seconds to be completely buried inside me. He stated pumping me slowly while holding both of my hips. I was trying to concentrate on the pleasure, but the burning was terrible. “It burns!” I squeaked. All I got was a chuckle from Kris.

Kris continued to fuck me slowly while I bit my lip and closed my eyes. Even though I didn’t want him to cum in my ass, I was wishing he would finish soon. I was not enjoying myself at all. The I felt a hand on my cock. It was Paul on his knees again, washing my cock and balls.

He splashed water over my genitals to rinse them off. He grabbed my cock at the base and pumped me a few times. Then he expertly took my cock in his mouth and preceded to suck me vigorously. The pain evaporated from my ass. I didn’t even feel it burn when Kris pulled out to apply more soap to his dick. I was moaning loudly with my head hanging down to watch Paul suck my cock like a pro and enjoy it.

My moaning started Kris pumping harder and faster; Paul was now sucking in rhythm with Kris’s stokes while jerking himself off quickly. I couldn’t hold any longer, my dick exploded in his mouth. At the same time my ass clenched which produced a groan from Kris; two more pumps in my tightened hole and Kris let loose in my abused ass. I could feel each pump and it felt wonderful.

Paul stood up beside me and pulled me by the hair towards his cock. “Open your mouth bitch!’ he ordered. I willingly complied and was disappointed when he didn’t shove his dick inside. Instead he just continued to beat off vigorously. Kris still had his cock buried in me and held my hips while I waited patiently with my mouth open for Paul’s load. It didn’t take long. He exploded on my face and even managed to get a squirt in my mouth. It was bitter salty heaven.

Kris slapped my ass hard and then pulled out quickly; it hurt slightly and the feeling of emptiness was terrible. I heard him splash out of the shower. I stood up and looked at Paul in the face. “You’re a mess,” he said. I started to get under the shower again, but he put a hand on my chest and said no. I looked at him confused as he reached over and turned the water off.

Get on your knees, he ordered. I was hoping that he was going to have me suck the last few drops of cum out of his cock, but what happened next horrified and excited me. Paul took a step back and squeezed his hard to shoot a stream of piss all over my face. He was still hard and the stream had quite a bit of force to it. I had never had this happen before and it shocked me. I wanted to move away or scream, but at the same time I knew that I also wanted to have him finish. After a few seconds he ordered me to open my mouth. I can’t imagine why I did, but it was like my body was on autopilot. I opened wide while Paul aimed his stream and finished into my waiting mouth.

I gagged. I coughed. I nearly vomited. What have I just done? That was disgusting. I was a little shell shocked at this point and didn’t notice when Kris came back into the shower.

I was already on my knees when Kris told me to put my ass in the air. I leaned forward with my chest on the shower floor and my still loose ass in the air. I was expecting Kris to fuck me again and was surprised when I felt a stream of piss hit me right in the ass. It was a strange, almost vibrating, sensation as it splashed against my asshole. He moved the stream around to splash up and down my crack and around on my ass cheeks. He finally finished his long piss on the back of my balls. “Just marking our territory son. We’re all going to have fun with you this weekend,” he said.

Paul reached down and help pull me to my feet. I was shaking a little at this point; now cold and feeling abused and confused. He smiled and looked me straight in the eyes, “You ready for that swim now?”

This is the rest of my fantasy. Kisses – Lucy


With all the constant action finally I was feeling a little exhausted when the guys decided it was time to take a break. I think Master might have said something but I never heard it. My mouth was aching and my pussy was a little raw and by then all I could do was let them shove their cocks in and thrust into me. My body was feeling amazing after all that fucking but I could feel I was close to my limit of what I could accept from them all.

So I let a couple of them carry me to a soft leather chair and Master put his coat over me. I got a big hug and a cuddle from Master but he didn’t say much. I could feel his love and the look in his eyes was so amazing that it made everything totally worthwhile for me. Someone gave me a drink and I slowly sipped on it as I recovered from all the work it was taking to be the party slut. I was relieved that they wanted to let me have a little break because somehow I sensed it wasn’t the end of the party. Only one of the guys had shot his jizz.

Master stayed with me for ages and he held me and stroked my hair and told me several times that he loved me. I told him the same back though really I was happy to lie still in peace for a while and just feel his arms around me. I am his submissive and it is the most important thing that I get to serve him and honour him but still I guess I am a woman too and the need for love and affection are still strong in me.

Actually the party did not stop when they put me on that chair. I still don’t know if Master had planned it but after a while Tash got busy and she was taking a turn giving pleasure to the guys. It was kind of funny watching someone so bossy who then was all submissive and going on her knees to suck guys off. I could tell Tash was experienced at it and the guys were enjoying it very much. She sure had a lot of enthusiasm for those cocks and I didn’t even care if they shot off into her mouth instead of mine. Tash looked so sexy with those black leather boots and now I know I that I would obey a woman too if it was the right person.

Even Master gave Tash his cock and I watched from the lounge chair while he pumped in and out of her mouth. Of course Master never asked what I thought but I knew it was part of the price I pay as his submissive. Actually that was the very first time I have ever seen Master get sucked off by another woman and I got really excited by seeing how big and hard Tash made him.

Then one of the guys said he wanted to fuck Tash and I was really excited by that as well. So I got a shock when Tash looked over at me and loudly said that ‘first I want my turn with the dirty bitch.’ I have never been called something like that by a woman and Tash sounded a little angry with me which made me afraid of her. Tash took a big swig from a drink and by the time she had crossed the room I was sitting up straight waiting for her.

She was beautiful and she had those big black boots and as she stood with her hands on hips I saw a thick, black bush just like mine when I don’t shave.

‘Come on bitch. Get down here,’ She was pointing at the carpet. I was not willing to argue so I went down on my knees like a good little slut.

I love it when I can put myself in a lower position than men. Of course that always means my Master and there are some other men who make me feel that way. I have never felt like being in a lower position than another woman but Tash was sounding nasty and bossy and somehow that made it seem so natural for me. I just wanted to please Tash and so I was very happy to submit to her. Later on I realised that Master had been training me to learn how to be totally submissive and to behave the right way so I could follow orders from someone like Tash as well.

Tash pulled up one of the leather meeting chairs and sat in it, slouched down and with her legs hanging out wide over the arms. I could see all of her pussy and even her butt hole and I knew just exactly what was going to happen to me next.

I don’t know how I could get my head around everything that night. I had never even expected a sex party that night or that Master would make me serve all those men but I had sucked and fucked them all. After all that I was on my knees as a humble slut for a woman I had never met before. I just know in my mind I was happy and excited to be degraded and used like that and made to serve everyone.

Tash ordered me to ‘come closer.’ She pointed at her wet pussy lips and told me to ‘put your face in here.’

I knew what Tash wanted and I almost froze. I have never done that to another woman before and I really didn’t know if I could. I have thought a lot about the feeling of another woman putting her mouth on me but because I am a submissive it turned out my first time I had to put my mouth on a woman. In the end I didn’t freeze because I liked Tash and because Master wanted me to lick her pussy. I just knew that he would because most men want to see girls doing that.

Tash smelled good as I got closer and I could see her wetness on her bush. I was intimidated by Tash and her pussy because she had much more experience than me. I stuck my tongue out and started licked her, starting in the middle of her hairy pussy and sliding my tongue up to her clit. Oh my god that felt great to lick such soft, wet flesh and she tasted just fine. Naturally I have tasted my own pussy juices, especially on Master’s cock, so I wasn’t turned off at all and in fact I liked her taste. So I did it again and this time I think I even heard Tash moan. Next time I pressed deeper and actually had my tongue between her pussy lips and her juices were even stronger.

‘Come here and help her,’ I heard Tash order someone. ‘Push her face right in there.’ I am pretty sure it was her submissive Chinese man. A hand pushed against the back of my head and shoved my face right into that hot wet pussy. I was shocked but I didn’t stop licking her even though I didn’t have any idea of what to do. I just tried to please Tash as much as I could and lick her all over her pussy.

The best part was her pussy entrance and licked I her there a lot and sometimes I pushed past her big bush of pussy hair so I could get my tongue inside her. That made her moan louder so I guessed what I was doing was working. I was so unprepared for licking a woman’s pussy that night but down deep I had wanted to try it for such a long time. I really loved that I was forced to do it for Tash.

Tash took a couple of cocks in her mouth while I was licking her and seeing that made me so wet and horny to experience the same for myself. But she kept me working on her pussy for a long time and I know she came at least twice while I did my best to lick her clit and to fuck her hot hole with my tongue. It was hard to do much more since my face was shoved hard into her soft, wet pussy but I did manage to lick her clit a few times which seemed to make her moan even louder.

After a long time Tash must have had enough of me. ‘Now I want a cock,’ she ordered and at last the hand on my head released the pressure and I was free again. I looked at Tash to try to thank her but already she was reaching for one of the guys’ hard cocks to pull him to her pussy. So I went back to the lounge with Master with a woman’s pussy juice all over my face while the guys took turns kneeling in front of Tash and shoving their cocks into her tight little hole.

That was my first ever time to watch a woman get fucked for real and I watched closely because I was imagining how I looked when they were all using me. I couldn’t see very much but I watched her face and I knew each time a new cock pressed right deep inside her pussy. It was the same feeling I had when they placed me on the board table and fucked me in turns. I knew how special it was to have the guys all use my mouth and my pussy.

I am not sure if Tash actually came on their cocks but she made sure she got everyone at least twice. Even Master took his turn and fucked Tash’s hairy pussy. I did feel a little strange about that but I am sure Master fucks other women anyway and I would never be able to say ‘no’ to him. His cock was so big and hard for her and it was very sexy to see his butt moving as he pumped himself into another woman. I wondered if Tash felt the same as me that its right and proper for a woman to be a cockslut.

Pretty soon the guys didn’t want to wait for a turn to fuck so two of them decided to use me and they split up from the group. I got the stranger and the little Chinese guy who had their big cocks pointing at me. No-one even asked me if it was OK and I didn’t want them to because I was happy to be a whore who didn’t need that respect. I knew the reason I was there was to be used and abused for their pleasure.

They pushed me over the arm of the lounge and just started humping like a doggy one after the other. The guys were still really eager and were pounding me pretty hard and my boobs were bouncing around underneath me and that felt really good. Being fucked then was the hardest part of the night though because it felt great but my pussy was sore. I felt a sort of competition with Tash, though, and I didn’t want to say ‘stop’ before she did.

Somewhere in the middle I think a couple of them switched over and I think by then I was being fucked by Master’s friend and by Mr Handsome. They felt so good in my pussy even though there was no way I could cum again. I was just a hole for them and their cocks and I was totally out of control and at the mercy of those guys. I was so tired and sore by then but I got what I wanted by being in the lowest position a woman could ever be in front of men.

I really have no idea how many of the guys fucked me or how many times I got each cock in my pussy. It was more non-stop fucking and violation of my pussy and it was getting so tough on me but I just had to take it all and let them use me how they liked.

A few times I got slapped on my butt cheeks and I didn’t even care since by then I had totally surrendered myself to them. Letting a man slap me on the butt is like an ultimate degrading act for me but whatever they wanted from me and my body was fine because I was too tired to think.

I know that Master took a turn fucking me for a while because I heard his voice and I could just feel it was his cock sliding into my abused pussy and that was better because I strongly felt my love for him.

I really couldn’t take any more and was about to ask Master for mercy when I heard someone say they needed to cum ‘desperately.’ The guys had waited all night and I was amazed they could do that. I guessed that my work was done and that the reason Tash was invited was so she could finish them all off.

So I was a little shocked when I heard Tash giving the guys orders. ‘Remember to give her all your cum you fucks,’ she ordered sternly. ‘The deal is she gets everything tonight.’ So it was my job after all to receive the jizz from all those guys. No matter how tired I felt it was such an honour and the one thing I had wanted most of all that night. I was suddenly feeling a little stronger and energetic.

I was made to sit on a boardroom chair which was good because I knew they weren’t going to use my pussy any more. At least my mouth had recovered a little and I knew I would swallow all their cum if that’s what they wanted.

Tash came close to me then and whispered loudly to me.

‘Are you going to be a cum slut for them all?’

I could only nod in reply.

‘Do you want their cum you dirty bitch?’ Oh yes, yes I did want it so much.

‘Yes, yes,’ I replied quickly. ‘I want all their jizz. I want them all to shoot their jizz for me.’ I wanted to beg them for it because I was afraid I might miss out.

Tash must have had the same thought because I clearly heard her tell the men to ‘fill the bitch with cock juice.’ That made me feel dirty and low and really it made me excited enough that I wanted all the guys to blast their cum all over me.

Mr Handsome was first and he stood in front of me with his beautiful cock looking ready to explode. Straight away his cock pushed past my lips but this time I was surprised that he filled my mouth roughly. Then he grabbed my head just like Master had done earlier and before I could react he was holding me and shoving his cock into my mouth and going deep and fast. I just had to hang on to the chair and try to use my lips and my tongue as if it was a normal blowjob.

Of course it wasn’t a normal blowjob at all and Mr Handsome was rough and going fast like he was using my mouth like a pussy at the end of a fucking session. It was a little scary all of a sudden and was not comfortable for me at all. Even the way he held my head in his strong hands was almost too much for me. It was just like I was being abused and used by the guys and if it wasn’t for Master being there I would have been really scared and humiliated.

There was a switch and the next guy shoved himself inside my mouth and he grabbed my head as well, pulling my hair as he slammed into my mouth. I even found it hard to breathe and he went faster and way too deep and a couple of times I coughed and choked before he stopped and let the Chinese guy have his place. That was a bit easier because the Chinese guy was a little smaller but he still slammed in hard and deep and he even hurt me a little when his cock almost went into my throat.

Suddenly I realised that they were fucking my face. I know some men would expect it in that sort of party but it was my first time ever so I hadn’t thought I would be abused like that. I was filled with pride and I was so excited suddenly I wasn’t tired at all. My first facefucking. Even Master had never really used me like that but he knew from my porn habits I had imagined this being done to me many, many times. Like I say, I don’t think there is any better way for a woman to be used or to serve her men than to accept their cocks into her mouth and especially if she gets their jizz as her final reward.

They all did it to me that night, they all fucked my face. Even Master did it after he let the others take my mouth and use me like that. When Master took his turn abusing my mouth I stopped being scared and started to really enjoy myself. A proper facefucking and so many cocks to give it to me.

I stared to really enjoy myself because they just held me tight and thrust while my drool ran down over my chin and onto my boobs. A lot of times I did have to cough and choke because they were so rough but no-one showed me much care. That was certainly the most abuse my mouth has ever taken but I was not bothered at all and I just tried to keep myself relaxed and use my lips to give them all some extra pleasure. Of course the best part was when Master took his turn again and fucked my mouth without mercy.

Taking a proper facefucking made me feel like a porn star and I even surprised myself at how much I could take as they all took a turn to pleasure themselves brutally in my mouth.

The guys all enjoyed themselves and pretty soon they decided it was time for everyone to shoot their jizz. That was the biggest thrill because I was going to get my dream of being a cumslut and I started getting excited at how much jizz they would dump onto my face. I was ready to receive it all and I wanted to finish the night like a dirty cumslut.

The stranger was the first guy to cum but he chose to fill my mouth. I didn’t mind when he pulled my head way down onto his cock till I started to choke but I was little afraid I might suffocate. He had a strong grip on me and I knew there was no escape and all his sperm was going to go straight into my throat and down to my belly. I was so ready and so excited for it.

Tash came close again and asked me ‘are you ready to take all their filthy cum?’ Oh my god I was almost desperate for it by then.

‘Hnnnh… hnnnh…’ was all I could say with my face stuffed full of meat.

‘You want to be a dirty cumslut and a cum dump for them?’

‘Hnnnh hnnnh…’

The stranger’s cock felt enormous in my mouth and I think it was even throbbing a little so I knew he was really close to giving me his jizz. After a minute the stranger made a lot of noise and I knew I was going to get my big reward. I know I even moaned out loud and I wasn’t even acting. He pressed deeper into my mouth and I felt like I was really going to be a dump for his jizz. I actually felt his cock when he exploded and I had to swallow him as fast as I could so I didn’t choke on his jizz. That was an amazing feeling and I think he shot quite a big load into my throat but he was so far into my mouth it was hard to tell.

I felt his cock twitch as each load of jizz shot out into my throat. He shot about six or seven times and I welcomed every one of them as his balls totally emptied into my throat. I got a little taste of his thick jizz as it slid down my throat and I did the proper thing and I swallowed it all down.

That was such a great moment I’ll never forget since I had just let another man I’d never met empty his balls into my throat. I don’t really know how I let myself be put so low but I was so glad Master at last could see how much I belonged there. It was so amazing to feel so lowly and so degraded that all I wanted was to receive more of their jizz over and over again.

The stranger swore aloud and then I heard him tell me that I was ‘an amazing cock slut’. As he slipped his thick cock out of my mouth I was still swallowing the last of his yummy jizz but I remembered to say a quiet ‘thank you’ to him and I really meant it.

Master’s other friend was next, the one I’d met on the business trip. I knew he was going to shoot onto my face when he grabbed my hair tight and yanked my head back. I got even more excited right then because I love swallowing jizz but a submissive slut like me needs to wear it on her skin.

I watched him wanking his cock with fast, strong movements of his hand. I love watching a guy do that with his cock. Of course I wanted to receive all his juice on my face and I was overcome with the thrill of what was being done. I’ve hardly ever asked a man to shoot on me but I just heard myself say ‘please cover my face with your jizz’. It showed everyone I was fully degraded but I was just thinking of how good it would feel to wear his jizz on my skin.

‘You want my cum do you?’

‘Please. Please give it to me all over my face.’

I saw the first shot come out fast and hard and I felt it slap into the skin of my cheek. I think what I felt at that time is elation. I know that really that one blast of jizz made me a dirty slut but the feeling of his jizz on my skin was what I had waited for all night. That first blast came out so hard there were even some little splashes of his jizz across my face and into my hair. I stayed completely still and hoped for more and more. I was a target for his cum and I was smiling as I felt the heat of his jizz spray on to me.

A shot landed on my forehead and my hair and there were more blasts in my eye and on my nose and my cheeks. Someone said aloud that ‘now she looks like a fucking cumslut’ and of course I smiled harder when he said that. I felt shame and pride to be labelled a cumslut like that.

This guy had a lot of jizz to give and he managed to cover most of my face and then he saved the last drops to put right into my mouth on my tongue. I was a low submissive and a cumslut and right then I could not have wanted to be anywhere else. As the friend let go of my hair I made sure to say a polite ‘thank you’ to him as well. He had given me the wonderful gift of coating my face with his jizz and I wanted him to know I was grateful to be so beneath him. ‘I love taking your jizz on my face,’ I muttered to him.

Mr Handsome was next and he didn’t touch me. He didn’t want my mouth either and he didn’t pull my hair. So I got to watch him stroke his beautiful cock only a couple of inches from my face as some of the others murmured encouraging words to him. They all wanted to see him shoot on me and cover my face with jizz. ‘Give her another load,’ someone said. Someone else said ‘she looks so great covered in cock juice’ and I knew that was really true.

All characters are eighteen years of age or older. Please comment and let me know what you think of the story. Thanks for reading!


Jason sat at the hotel bar and ordered a drink, not sure how many he would have before going home. Work had been tedious and long that day, and he wanted to delay going to his house. He dreaded having to explain to his wife why he missed dinner time. He sat with his first drink, considering making it the first of many, knowing he had money for a bus ride home.

He ran his hand through his dark hair, sighed, and took a drink. As he did, murmurs started throughout the bar, mostly coming from the tables behind him. Wanting to know what the commotion was about, he turned to check the entrance way.

Entering the room was a woman. This woman wasn’t ordinary. This woman wasn’t regular. This woman wasn’t domestic. The woman who entered the room was a vision of exotic perfection.

Jason’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped as the raven haired beauty walked in. He didn’t think voluptuous was a sufficient enough adjective to describe the vexing vixen, and he struggled to comprehend the crazy curves she possessed.

Clad in a skin tight black dress, the exaggerated hourglass on the gorgeous girl boggled Jason’s mind. Her legs were long and toned, leading up to a round bubble butt. Her rear end stuck out behind her radically, and her dress barely covered the ass lobes. Her curves came in at her thin waist, but expanded again at her terribly terrific chest.

The two outrageously large breasts the woman supported were impossible and impeccable. The volume and magnitude of her boobs could not be over stated, as they were more substantial than Jason thought breasts ever could be. The symmetrical roundness and perky lift they maintained was unbelievable, especially when Jason noticed she was missing a particular undergarment.

The outline of her perfectly shaped nipples strained the thin material of her dress, evidence of her lack of bra. Jason and everyone in the hotel bar could basically see her naked chest. Jason guessed bras may not exist for tits as huge as hers. He knew there certainly couldn’t be enough letters in the alphabet to accommodate this woman’s cup size.

Upon her face were high cheek bones, lovely full ruby lips, and a small nose. Jason wandered on her bewitchingly beautiful green eyes, seemingly an endless deep of emerald. Her stunning skin was tan all over, wrapping her body in sexy smooth sheen. The girl was smiling, showing off her straight, white teeth as she moved.

With a mesmerizing sway, the woman headed to the bar. Her curves stretched, bounced, glided, and danced; all eyes in the room were on her confident stride. Some women sitting at the tables sounded a quiet noise of disgust as they watched her absurd body advance.

The fantastic female pulled out a seat next to Jason, and sat down. She rested her gratuitous chest watermelons on the bar, displaying her deep cleavage cavern proudly. The titanic tits sat unabashedly, their immensity shamelessly in view. The woman seemed to pay no attention to the stares she was getting, surely from dealing with a lifetime of such behavior from others. Jason could not stop himself from gazing at the enormous chest entities beside him.

“If I don’t set my tits on the bar, I wouldn’t be able to reach my drink,” the lovely creature said to him, knowing Jason’s thoughts.

Jason floundered as he was caught off guard, not expecting the blatant openness about her body.

“Th-Tha-That’s not what I was thinking about,” he lied poorly.

“Oh please, I can’t go anywhere without everyone in the room staring at me. It’s okay. You can relax. It doesn’t bother me,” the woman smirked, knowing she had caught him in a lie.

“Okay,” Jason sheepishly responded, still uncomfortable.

He gulped down his drink nervously and motioned to the bartender for another. The man behind the bar poured a drink, but his eyes were focused on the huge rack to his left, rather than the glass. Jason had to stop him before the glass overflowed.

“Do you have a name, breast-gazer?” the woman asked with a playful tone.

“Jason,” Jason responded, his face red as he stared at his drink.

“Why are you sitting alone?” she continued, sounding interested.

“Don’t want to go home yet,” he answered, trying not to look at her gorgeousness.

The woman nodded as if she understood and motioned to the bar tender. She asked for a drink as the man behind the bar promptly glued his eyes to the rack sitting on it. He asked her to repeat herself and eventually got her what she wanted. Jason and the mystery girl sat in silence for a moment, before she turned to him.

“I’m surprised a handsome man such as you has reasons to drink alone,” she said, her stunning eyes flashing at him.

Jason didn’t say a word. He didn’t know if she was making fun of him or not. He just sat in silence as tension built around the two. He awkwardly asked for another drink and quickly downed it.

Time passed as he kept drinking, but he kept silent. He could feel her eyes burning a hole through him. They maintained the quiet facade for fifteen minutes, pretending not to glance at the other every few seconds. Jason tried to distract himself by watching the small TV in the corner. It did not work.

Jason repeated his drink process a few more times, until he felt properly lubricated. He felt so daring in fact; he thought he should ask one thing before he left.

“Can I ask kind of a personal question?” Jason tested, tipping his toe in the water.

“Go ahead,” the beautiful woman allowed.

“How did your…how did your chest grow so big?” he asked, his face turning red immediately.

The gorgeous girl flashed her brightly white teeth in a pretty smile. She gently extended her arm and rested a hand on Jason’s wrist lightly. She leaned towards him, granting a view of her gratuitous cleavage. Her answer was whispered as if it were a secret.

“I wished really, really hard,” she said with a wink.

Jason gave a small laugh and took a drink, leaving his glass empty. He motioned for another.

“So what occasion brings you to the bar, alone, today?” he inquired, feeling easy around her.

“I graduated today,” she beamed proudly.

“Congratulations. What college?” he questioned, putting the glass to his lips.

A perplexed look crossed her pretty face, and her brow furrowed. This was the first time she looked anything other than in control and perfectly poised. After looking at Jason with confusion for a moment, she responded.

“I graduated from high school today,” she corrected.

Jason’s mind exploded as he heard the words, and dropped his glass onto the bar. It hit the bar loudly, spilling the remainder of his drink. The bartender grabbed a towel and started to clean up, then poured another drink in a new glass. Jason could not hide his look of utter shock.

“You graduated high school today?” he asked, flabbergasted.

“Yeah, I’m only eighteen. Why do you think I ordered soda?” she revealed, lifting her glass as if the fact were obvious the whole time.

Jason had no idea how an eighteen year old could have such an amazing body. There certainly was no woman who could compare to this barely legal girl. Jason recovered as best as possible from the shattering news, but he was obviously shaken.

“After graduation, most of my friends went to a party. I came here,” the girl eased back into conversation.

“Why is that?” Jason quietly asked.

“My family is pretty wealthy and my future is set. I don’t really need to have a career. Since I don’t need to bother with college, I figured I should head out immediately and find a man to start a life with. That’s why I sat next to you,” she informed, her lips curling at the sides.

Jason’s eyes widened when he realized the girl was hitting on him aggressively. His mind raced with dirty thoughts for a split second, and shook them away. He was happily married.

“Uh, sorry, I’m married,” he said pointing to his wedding ring.

A small purr emanated from the young girl’s throat and her sultry eyes gazed at him. She lowered her stare and softly bit her lower lip.

“I know,” she darkly agreed.

Jason panicked. He scrambled for his wallet and pulled out all the money he had. Without counting, he left all the bills on the bar and got up. His head dizzy for a moment, a side effect of his drinks, he made his way to the hotel exit in long strides. He stopped when a lovely hand grabbed him from behind.

The girl from the bar tugged at him and was leading him where she wished. Feeling too fuzzy to pull away, he reluctantly followed her. They passed the hotel lobby and went down a hall way. Everything was happening too fast, and Jason just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

“Do you like having sex with your wife?” the woman leading him asked out of the blue.

“What?” he groggily managed.

“Answer the question,” she pushed.

“I don’t know. Sure,” he answered, paying no mind to the privacy of his sex life.

“Stop lying to me,” she sternly said, still pulling him down a path only she knew.

After one turn, the beautiful vision that was the eighteen year old stopped at a door in the hallway. She opened her clutch purse and pulled out a card key, still holding on to Jason with her other hand.

The girl flipped her raven hair and her pretty green eyes flashed back at Jason.

“I bet she makes you wear a condom,” she predicted with a look of disgust.

Jason nodded in the affirmative, feeling like he shouldn’t have betrayed the information.

“This is too fucking easy,” the girl smirked.

After running the card key through, the enchanting dream girl opened her hotel room door. Jason was pulled into the dim room before he had the chance to protest emptily. The door closed behind him and his body was instantly warm.

Jason’s body was pressed against an impossible female figure. The temptress held him against her, pressing her more than impressive chest between them. The chest pillows were incredibly pliable and mashed into his body. She must have been holding him incredibly tight; her breasts would have gotten in the way of him being so close to her form.

The girl turned her body against him and pushed her plump rear end onto his package. The two cheeks, thinly veiled by her dress fabric, caressed his bulge as she rolled her hips into him. Jason couldn’t hold back, and his erection grew fully in his pants.

“Oh, you like my ample ass? I love how far it sticks out behind me. Don’t you?” she toyed, feeling his growth between her lobes.

“I should go now,” Jason said as he pulled away to leave.

Jason’s momentum was used against him as his new companion swung him around and pushed him on the nearby bed.

In one swift motion, the eighteen year old goddess pulled off her thin, tightly-clad, black dress. Jason perceived the heavenly reveal in slow motion.

The dress rose over her first major curve, teasing her hips as her clean snatch appeared. The smooth slit was pink and perfect, looking invitingly warm. Jason’s mind raced as he lusted for it.

The fabric released its hold of her full ass lobes, and the cheeks rippled slightly as they bounced free. Jason could see clearly that the sides of her ass cheeks were visible from her front. She was gifted with a truly spectacular rear end.

More flesh appeared as the dress went up, revealing her tight body. Her tummy was lean and fit, with a perfectly small navel. Her toned stomach was sexier than any supermodel’s that Jason had seen.

Only a small portion of her mid-section could be seen due to the eclipsing effect of the teenager’s prized asset. Jason inhaled as his eyes were treated.

The dress pulled up and over the two absolutely obscene teenaged tits, finally displayed in all their glory. The funbags looked heavy and full, but were as perky as a teenager’s breasts should be. Her Hershey kiss shaped nipples were a light rosy shade, and her areolas were round as a circle. The outrageous rack stretched out for more than two feet in front of her, and Jason thought that was a conservative estimate.

The most perfect breasts to ever exist were in front of Jason, and they were more beautiful than anything he ever imagined.

Before Jason could react and recover from his rough landing, the seductress was upon him, tearing off his collared shirt. When his muscled top-half was exposed, she tore his belt away and started unbuttoning his slacks.

“Are you real? Does that body really exist?” Jason asked, actually questioning his sanity.

His questions were left unanswered as he was relieved of his boxers and pants, letting free his manhood. The girl’s sultry demeanor was interrupted when his member flopped into the open. Her eyes stared blankly and her jaw dropped.

“…What!?” she exclaimed in surprise.

Jason craned his neck to see what caused her declaration. He saw her staring at his cock, seemingly confused. Her brow rose and her expression was that of shock and awe.

“Is this your dick?” she questioned in disbelief.

Jason only nodded in response.

“This is the fucking longest dick I have ever seen. It’s more than a god damn foot long! How the fuck did you get a penis so enormous?” she honestly asked, eyeing the tool.

Jason could feel his already hard member become more rigid at her amazement.

“This is the most absurd cock I have ever seen. I didn’t know dicks got so big. This thing is fatter than my forearm!” she examined, amazed at Jason’s penile girth.

The impressed girl took the mighty mast in her hand and stroked it a few times. Jason flinched as she touched him, pings of pleasure covering his genitals. The girl flipped her hair and lowered her face down to the large log. Jason’s engorged head was near her lips, and he could feel her breath. She flashed her pretty green eyes up at him and smiled.

The eighteen year old pushed her ruby lips past his head, inviting the member into her warm mouth. Jason gasped as her descent on his shaft brought more of him into her wet oral cavity. She wetly swallowed the impressive dick, until it hit the back of her throat. Right as Jason thought she could fit it in no further; she shoved her lips past the last inches and formed a seal at his base.

“How the fuck can you get my entire dick in your mouth?!” Jason excitedly asked, loving the tight seal she had on him.

The teenager answered by sucking his cock, creating a tight suction. Her eyes became red and welled with tears as his throbbing head scratched the back of her throat. Her skill was unmatched, and she was going to prove it.

The young slut slipped up the colonnade with blurring speed, and plummeted back down, engulfing the prick quickly.

“OH GOD!” Jason elatedly sounded.

The teenager he met less than an hour ago was giving him a blow job better than he ever could have imagined. She coated the cock with her saliva, making it slippery and wet. She teased the underside of the shaft with her tongue as she stuffed it in and out of her mouth. She moved up and down the dick with furious intent, sucking intensely. The head punched the back of her throat as she worked, causing her gags to send vibrations of pleasure through the mast.

Jason felt as if he couldn’t feel better, and his partner swooped under his cock. She gripped the shaft and jerked it while her mouth made its way to a big, round testicle. She sucked on the heavy orb and teased it with her tongue, savoring the salty flavor. She moved her efforts to the next ball, sucking more intensely.

“I’ve never had my balls sucked! You are incredible,” Jason complimented, basking in the pleasure of having his nut sack polished.

The nameless girl continued her blow job, licking and sucking appropriately. She periodically would return to Jason’s ball sack to treat him with a tongue bath. His ecstasy was immense, and he could not hold back forever.

Before he mentioned he was close to finishing, the teenager pulled away from his throbbing member. She straightened her back and sat her gorgeously grotesque globes on his thighs. The chesticles were warm, and she inched them closer to Jason’s cock.

Jason gasped as the funbags encased his entire penis, wrapping him in warm perfection.

“Oh my fucking god. OH FUCK!” he shouted as the girl started bouncing her titties slowly.

“Do you love it? Do you love having that fat dick stuck between my giant knockers?” the titty-fucking girl asked.

“It feels so damn good!” Jason answered as her softness surrounded his prick.

“Your wife can’t titty-fuck you, can she?” Jason’s partner asked, moving up and down his member.

“No! Her chest is so fucking small! She has no tits!” Jason complained.

Jason’s partner pressed her tits together firmly and juggled them around his nearly bursting cock. The soft and bountiful flesh drowned his entire dick, imprisoning him her monster mammaries. She felt every throb and every jolt sent through the turgid dick as she bounced the big breasts violently. The slut wanted nothing more than to bring her man to orgasm with her insane titties.

Her nipples blurred as the speed of her titty juggle increased, racing toward the end of Jason’s limit. She kneaded her orbs upward, desperately trying to coax the semen from his penis. It wouldn’t be long before she succeeded.

Jason felt pressure building down below, and his muscles began to lock. His cum was boiling in his balls, begging for release. His already diamond-hard dick stiffened, a warning of his impending climax.

“Are you going to cum, baby? Are you going to blow a massive load for me? Are you going to reward me with a truly huge fountain of jizz? That would make me so hot,” the newly graduated girl devilishly smiled.

“I am! I can’t hold my load back! Your tits feel too fucking awesome!” Jason shouted as her breast cage brought him to his pinnacle.

Jason’s broad head popped out from underneath the cavernous cleavage, swollen to the breaking point. The young woman he met less than an hour ago vigorously rubbed her breast velvet around his shaft. The unbelievable texture coaxed Jason’s jizz.

“I’M CUMMING!” he bellowed.

The girl whose name Jason did not know smiled, just in time to catch the first long and thick rope of cum fired from the turgid tool. The forceful jet splattered across her lower face, coating it in pearly fluid.

Jason’s second shot was bigger than the first, and cannoned on to his partner’s forehead and face. His first two shots covered her face completely, and he was nowhere near done.

Pulling it from her tit cage, Jason’s new slut jerked his cock as he spurted out streams of spunk on the shelf-like rack in front of him. His waves of semen coated each tit, pumps of juice firing at each great globe. Splashes of his seed painted the sexy young girl, a true masterpiece once finished. The girl kept grinning the whole time she was covered.

Jason collapsed on the bed when he was spent, the best orgasm of his life taking the wind from him.

“I’ve never seen so much cum! You messed me up, hunk. Look at me. I’m drenched in your spunk. That was a juggernaut jugger-nut. You baptized me in cum,” the nameless girl delightedly observed.

Jason looked at the girl he had blanketed with ejaculate. His white sperm dripped from her face to her chest, a beautiful waterfall of cum. His eyes widened as he watched the unbelievable show that began.

The girl scraped the viscous cum from her breasts with her hands, and licked her fingers clean of the sperm. She licked her lips, getting another mouthful of thick spunk. Her fingers ran down her face, cleaning it of cum after several swipes, and she swallowed all of the delicious love juice she collected.

Jason was amazed with the enthusiasm the young woman drank his cum with. She sensually indulged in his seed, loving the taste and texture. Her show took time due to the volume of jism coating her, but eventually she was clean. Her skin was left with a slight glisten.

“That is the tastiest jizz ever. You should be proud of what those heavy balls produce,” the newly clean woman divulged.

The naked woman suddenly hopped onto Jason, straddling him. Her thighs were warm on his lap, and the bottom of her big butt rested on him. She traced the muscles on his abdomen with her fingers, and slowly descended to his southern region.

The fingers circled and teased around his genitals, but never touched Jason’s most sensitive spot. He groaned as he longed for her touch, and his flaccid member began to rise. Smiling victoriously, the young woman slapped the hardening dick to her clit.

“Oh fuck, I can’t believe this cock is going to fit inside me. Maybe it won’t. Maybe you will break my itty bitty cunt with your tree trunk tool,” she suggested as shocks of pleasure shot through her.

Jason had grown to full mast, his erection throbbing for his partner’s warm snatch. The turgid shaft was broad and threatening, and the young woman became wet at its sight.

Jason could feel his temples pounding as he burst with anticipation. The teenaged girl lifted herself, and placed Jason’s head at the opening of her hot slit. Jason could feel the warm wetness at the tip of his penis, right before his sex life changed forever.

The balloon breasted, bubble butted, eighteen year old slut lowered her pussy onto Jason’s massive meat.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, OW, OW, OW, FUCKING OW!” the young woman shrieked as she forced his thick head inside of her.


Despite the pussy-stretching colonnade punishing her twat, the girl continued her descent on Jason’s enormous erection. Her pretty face contorted in agony as she sheathed more of his sword inside her, the feeling of being full overwhelming. His tip began pushing against her cervix, but she was determined to fit all of him in.

“THIS COCK IS A GODDAMN THIRD LEG!” she lamented, giving her hips a final push.

The warm cunt pressed down and enveloped the last inches of the mighty member. Jason’s prick was fully encased in the warm walls, which were stuck to his cock so tightly. He groaned in pleasure when she took all of him inside her, never before being so deep in a woman.

The girl on top of Jason took several heavy breaths, as if she were about to do heavy lifting. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing, causing pleasant looking ripples to shake her tits. When she was prepared, the impossible girl initiated the impossible fuck.

The teenage girl rolled her hips for the first time, slowly working Jason’s cock. The young temptress clenched her teeth as the humongous dick punished her cervix, loving the mix of pleasure and pain it caused. She slowly worked up to a rhythm, steadily riding the beast with which she was stuffed.

“How do cocks get this big? Your schlong is the longest and thickest I have ever seen or heard of,” she honestly wondered, cracking a gleeful smile.

“I can’t stop myself from being huge when you come at me flashing your fucking gargantuan jiggling tits and your sinfully young cunt. I can’t keep my massive cock down when you grind your big bubble butt against me,” he answered as she rode him.

“Your dick is bulging uncontrollably. It is bursting. I can feel every vein pulsing on your cock. I bet you haven’t fucked your wife in so long,” she guessed, grinding her hips down on him.

“She can’t take my dick. She says it hurts. It is too much for her,” Jason illuminated.

Hearing she was riding a penis that was too big for Jason’s wife to handle made the nameless girl hornier. She coated his shaft in wetness as she brought her steady gyrating to a faster pace.

“Oh god. You poor thing. What a dumb bitch. She has been gifted with being able to fuck the biggest fucking fuck-log, and she can’t even take it. Your dick does hurt. It hurts so good. No wonder you wanted to fuck me so badly,” the bouncing girl noted.

“Your pussy is so damn narrow. I have never had a slit grip my dick like this,” Jason complimented.

“I can take this brobdingnagian beater. I love your tool. I only want this one,” Jason’s lover said, assuring her superiority over his wife.

The nameless girl was a blur as she worked on top of Jason. Her flabbergastingly hefty knockers collided with her pretty face as she sprung up and down. The two funbags’ elasticity and dynamism waved to and fro, rebounding wonderfully and fluidly. She looked down at Jason and saw him admiring her outlandish orbs. The girl grabbed Jason’s hands and pressed them to her jumbo juggs.

Jason gasped as her supple and plentiful flesh was put beneath his fingers, her hard nipples grazing his palms. His hands clamped on the beautiful breasts, and his fingers dug into the seemingly endless fleshy tissue. The wonderful feeling under his fingertips encouraged Jason to roughen his groping, and he mashed the tits together.

“It’s so fucking stupid. It’s so goddamn dumb. Who the fuck has titties like these? My rack is so ridiculously round. My chest lobes are so ludicrously large. My hooters are so hilariously huge. Do you know of anyone who has tits so fucking huge it’s hilarious? So fucking colossal it’s comical?” she bragged, her self-praise making her hotter.

“I don’t know anyone who has funbags like yours! They are the fucking best big boobs!” Jason confessed, kneading the breast-shelf roughly.

“That’s the thing, baby. My tits aren’t just big. They are fucking tremendously, troublesomely titanic. They are mammothly, monstrously massive. These chest pumpkins are gigantically, gargantuanly gross. My baps are wonderfully, whoppingly whale-sized. It must be a fucking medical condition. And I will never get treatment,” the slut informed with superiority, her fucking intensifying.

Jason didn’t understand. He didn’t understand how a woman could naturally grow breasts so crazily mountainous. He couldn’t understand how and eighteen year old girl could possess such preposterously proportioned mammaries. He couldn’t understand how a slut could have genes that let her boobs mature so astronomically astoundingly.

Jason didn’t care how it was possible. All he cared about was the excessively enormous udders he was palming were his to do with as he pleased.

Grabbing the undersides of the heavy hangers, Jason leaned upwards. He craned his neck toward the girl’s left chesticle, and pushed her pink nipple past his lips.

“Suck that giant tit, baby,” Jason’s lover approved as pings of pleasure shot up from her breast.

Jason sucked on her nipple ravenously as he gripped both baps. His tongued circled around her areola and flicked her teat. Jason knew his work was good when he heard enraptured female cries, and moved to the right nipple.

“I love how you suck on my titties,” she praised as Jason worked his mouth.

Jason bent his knees and shifted his weight. Remaining inside the young woman and firmly stuck to her breast, he pushed her on to her back and took the dominant position. The buxom beauty laughed out loud with her legs in the air, knowing he had surrendered completely to her. He wanted all of her he could take. Jason pushed his pelvis forward, shoving his massive member deeply against her cervix.

“That’s it, my married man. Fuck my pretty pink pussy. Punch my pussy with your unforgiving fuck-stick. You wanted it since you first saw me,” she said, enjoying being used.

Jason drove into the teenaged crevice with extreme fervor. The warm snatch coated his shaft in wetness as he slipped in and out of her. His partner took extra pleasure from feeling his large, clean nut sack slap against her asshole as he pummeled his schlong into her. Her weighty whoppers continued to wallop her face as they wildly recoiled.

The recent high school graduate felt her pleasure bubbling inside her, boiling closer and closer to the limit. Warmth spread to her extremities and signals of bliss shot through her as the strange, older man spread her crevice with his pole. The young slut knew her body well, and knew her hot and married man was bringing her close to orgasm.

“Oh hunk?” she sweetly called, biting her finger tenderly.

“Yeah?” he responded, still driving deeply into his lover.

“I really think you should cum inside me,” she suggested in a playfully innocent tone.

“I don’t know..,” he hesitated, still pounding into the tight cunt.

“You should. You should cum inside me now,” she pressured, slowly wrapping one leg around him, then the other.

“You could get pregnant,” he protested, thrusting harder.

“Fuck yeah I could. I could get so fucking pregnant. I want you to make it happen. I want you to impregnate me. Go ahead, knock me up,” she grinned evilly.

“I just met you an hour ago..,” he still resisted while his gallop sped up.

“That makes it better. That’s why you have to do it. It will feel so good to cum inside me with your married schlong. I promise you have never felt anything like it before. Cumming inside a fat-tittied, eighteen year old slut while you betray your wife will blow your mind. Impregnating a sexy seductress you met an hour ago while your wife waits at home is so hot. You had no idea I existed an hour ago, and now you are about to impregnate me. I know you think you shouldn’t. I know you think it isn’t fair to your wife. But you need to do it. You need to bury your seed in my fertile belly. You need to,” she insisted.

“You’re only eighteen,” he tried to argue, ramming the young cunt faster.

“I have more money than I will ever need. Our family will be secure forever. All you have to do is fuck your creamy cum into my teenaged body,” she assured with a daring smile.

“I don’t know you..,” he still tried to protest, fucking his lover like a bucking bronco.

“I promise if you do it, I will tell you who I am. Make me pregnant and I will tell you,” she offered.

“You promise?” he said, his resolve breaking.

“Absolutely. Do it stud. Make me mother your children. Father my kids. Fuck your babies into me,” she encouraged with a wicked smile.

“I want to. I want to cum inside you,” he admitted, her warm walls hugging him more snugly.

“I know. I know you do. My cunt is just too tight. No one could blame you. Not even your pathetic wife. Now, go on. It’s okay. Bust a nut so far up my tummy I feel your babies kick tomorrow,” the temptress suggested, sounding like a command.

“What the fuck? Who says things like that? Who says things like that to a married man? It makes me so fucking horny and I didn’t even know it could. An hour ago I had no idea knocking you up could get me so fucking worked up. I admit it. I want to knock you up. I don’t know who the fuck you are, and I want to cum inside your eighteen year old, unprotected cunt. I’m gonna do it,” Jason said, his body tensing.

“Of course you are! All you know is that my snatch is tighter and warmer than your wife’s. My face is prettier and sexier than hers. My body is curvier and tighter than hers. My tits are bigger and better than hers. My ass is plumper, bubblier, and rounder than hers. That is enough reason to give me all of your seed. Fertilize me, baby. Breed me. Make me barefoot and pregnant,” the nameless slut lectured, her hips grinding ravenously.

“I’m gonna blow my load inside you!” Jason warned, his cum boiling in his balls.

“Soak my womb in baby batter! Drench my insides with spunk! Coat my cunt in seed! Make my tight and taught tummy incredibly fat with babies! Make my planet-sized udders swell with milk! MAKE ME FUCKING PREGNANT!” the enraptured girl screamed, tipping over the edge.

“TAKE ALL OF MY CUM, YOU FERTILE SLUT!” Jason yelled, his first orgasm contraction beginning.

Jason’s cock cannoned his first rope of jizz into his lover, splattering against her cervix. The woman shouted as she felt his jizz hit her insides, and squeezed his torso in between her thighs. The succeeding pumps of cum barreled into the fertile slut like a rushing river, a powerful torrent of life-giving seed. Jason could feel his balls contracting up and down as he fired his shots of thick, molasses-like cum, certainly making the most intense orgasm he ever reached.

Jason’s young lover exploded in euphoria over his erection, orgasming harder than she ever had. His sticky cum powerfully projected into her, which made her orgasm intensify. The feeling of his warm jism firing against her womb made her mind race in passion. She felt every wet glob that spurted inside of her, loving all of her man’s ball bisque.

It seemed like minutes passed before the two climbed down from their ultimate bliss. Jason collapsed onto his lover’s pillowy bosom, resting on their soft texture.

“I’m so proud of you,” the seductress encouraged, “Was I right? Did your married cock cum harder than ever before?”

“Yes,” Jason breathed, “you were so fucking right.”

“Of course I was,” she victoriously laughed.

“You said you would tell me who you are,” Jason remembered, still resting on her giant boobs.

“You know who I am, stud,” she answered.

Jason looked at her, perplexed. He didn’t remember her telling him a name. He knew he had a few to drink, but couldn’t recall her saying her name.

“Who are you?” he asked.

The teenaged slut Jason had just impregnated leaned up on her elbows slowly. She ran her fingers through his hair and looked him directly in the eyes.

“I’m your breeding slut, Jason,” she tenderly revealed, gazing at him warmly.

“I thought you were going to tell me your name,” Jason said in dissatisfaction.

“Don’t sound so disappointed. You wanted to know who I am. I am your breeding slut. Anytime you want to drain your balls? I’ll be there. Anytime you need to fuck humongous titties? I’ll be there. Anytime you want to knock up a strange, young slut? I’ll provide you with one if I’m already pregnant. If you fuck me like you just did whenever I need it, I will give you everything you want. I am your breeding slut. That is who I am to you. That is much more than just knowing my name,” she honestly told him, softly placing her hand on his cheek.

“This is the first time you actually sound sweet,” Jason smirked.

With a popping sound, Jason’s breeding slut removed herself from his waning prick. She turned on the bed and got on all fours. Her plump and round bubble butt displayed marvelously as Jason gazed at her rear end.

“Would a sweet sounding girl say ‘Plow your married dick in my ass until you pack it with jizz?’” she teasingly questioned.

The incredibly nasty command made Jason instantly rigid, and he placed his member right at the tiny back door entrance.

“Not yet,” the girl informed, “put your tongue on it.”

She parted her magnificent ass cheeks to reveal her small asshole. It beckoned to Jason and he lowered his face in between the firm butt portions. With nervous excitement, he stretched out his tongue towards the tiny orifice. His dick pulsed as his tongue found his partner’s tasty hole.

“Oh my! Oh fuck! A married man is licking my young asshole! It feels so good!” the bent over girl exclaimed.

Jason had never tasted an ass before, but this one must have been the most delicious. He lapped at the tight hole, circling and flicking his tongue.

As she was being licked, the teenager squealed in pleasure. She flexed her preposterous posterior, gripping Jason’s face between her cheeks. Jason found it hard to breathe as his face was imprisoned, but he continued to tongue the delectable butthole. Feeling the need to have her back door stuffed, she released her ass-hold on her lover.

“Shove that cock up my butt! Gut me with that schlong!” the cock hungry slut yelled.

Jason swiftly came up from her buttocks, and pressed his bulging cock head to the small opening. He grabbed his partner by the hips, and allowed her one last split second of ass vacancy.

Jason shoved his thick trunk forward and pulled the slut onto him simultaneously.

Instantly, the girl’s eyes opened wide, her nostrils flared, and her mouth gaped open. The following silence seemed to hang in the air forever. Then the hotel room filled with a roar.

“WAAAAAHHHHHHH!” the teenager uncontrollably and deafeningly wailed.

As his lover screamed, Jason’s dick was enveloped by an impossibly tight sleeve, which squeezed so intensely it was almost painful. The ass he forced himself inside had reluctantly parted, and the instantaneous agony had overwhelmed his partner, causing her to holler at the top of her lungs.

“FWAAAAAAUUUCK!” she mindlessly howled, feeling her asshole stretch to the limit.

Jason had buried the entirety of his huge cock, tip to base, inside the bubble bum in less than a second, and it was taking its toll on the receiver. His pulsing head was reaching deeply into the girl’s bowels, farther than anything should ever go up that way. The young butt hugged him tighter than anything he had ever experienced, and he couldn’t help himself.

Jason pulled his shaft from the butt-sheath until his head was visible, making sure not to leave completely. He could hear breaths of thankful exhaling coming from his partner, but he pummeled back up her chute.

“GAAAAHHHHHH!” she screamed, her asshole parting too quickly for the second time.

Jason again felt his cock wrapped in her warm walls, and flexed his cock inside her. Her body tensed as she felt him pulse, and he gave her another thrust.

“OUUUUUUUCCCCHH!” she loudly cried as she was butt fucked.

Jason withdrew from her small hole, and pushed back in roughly, his thrusting unforgiving and ravenous. As he fucked, the girl screamed, shouted, and wailed, his thick and long member rearranging her insides. The girl’s muscles were locked as her asshole was assaulted.

A secret and taboo pleasure was building under the immense agony the girl was suffering. She continued to shout and roar, but a smile curled around her lips. She began to back into Jason and match his rhythm, aiding his successful attempt to destroy her asshole. Her simultaneous delight and torment caused her to cry out confusing and conflicting shouts.


Jason kept up his powerful pummeling, thrusting into the rear end with his lance. The bubble butt bounced wildly as he drove into it. Jason grew harder as he watched the firm ass fluidly spring around. The receiver of his more than sizeable manhood kept yelling as she was punished, a strange ecstasy coming close to fruition inside her.


Jason fucked her harder than he ever had before, the moment of his release soon to come. His partner’s breasts waved to a fro below her, and she felt her toes curling. Her orgasm was near.

“I’M GOING TO CUM AS YOU FUCK MY HUGE BUTT! HERE I CUM!” the slut admitted loudly.

She screamed at the top her lungs as amazing bliss exploded in her southern region, the feeling of euphoria bubbling all over her body. She reached down and rubbed her clit as she came. Her ass involuntarily increased its iron-like hold on Jason’s turgid penis. Jason couldn’t hold his load any longer.

“OH FUCK! TAKE MY JIZZ IN YOUR ASS YOU YOUNG SLUT!” Jason ordered, his orgasm hitting him.


Jason shouted as his penis tightened and his balls contracted. His first rope blasted into the anal cavity, soaking it with white jism. He fired another shot of voluminous sperm, which threatened to push his cock out of the comfy ass sleeve. Jason forced his dick to stay in the warm depths, and continued to cannon cum into the taboo orifice. When he was finished, he stayed inside the bum, and the two collapsed on the bed.

Dear Readers,

This is a continuation of Danielle Meets a Guy Online, which I had considered concluded. However, I have received many requests to continue it, and I was all too happy to oblige.

I set this up so that you do not need to read the original story (although I suggest it). You can jump in at this chapter and figure it out.

As always, feedback is appreciated. If there is something you would like Russell to put Danielle through, please email me or leave a comment at the end. All fetishes and perversions will be considered, though no guarantee they will make the final cut.



On the car ride back to the fraternity, Danielle leaned against Russell’s ribcage, his arm around her in what she interpreted to be a genuinely caring manner. Her lower back was stinging from the tattoo, her asshole and pussy felt raw, and her mind was spinning with everything that had occurred that night. And yet, in his arms, she felt secure.

She knew that, although his actions were the catalyst for her being sold, gangbanged, pierced and tattooed, none of this was ever his intention. And the fact that he showed up like an action hero with his frat boys to save her confirmed, theoretically, that he cared for her. Sure, he had put her through the ringer, had blackmailed her into what was supposed to be a week of servitude to the frat. And yes, he was clearly turned on by the site of her with other men and the girls of the house. But there was a tenderness to his fucking, something she held onto through this entire ordeal that gave her hope.

If only she could get him to admit it, she knew they could be happy together. She steadied her nerves, not wanting her voice to quiver as she asked him.

“Russell, thank you for rescuing me,” she started, but his finger came to her lips, insisting on silence.

“Shhhhhh,” he hushed her up. “You do not need to thank me. Of course I was going to rescue you. I am responsible for you.”

‘Responsible’ seemed an odd word, Danielle thought. At this point, though, she would take what she could get, and ‘responsible’ at least implied some level of commitment.

“You will need a couple days to recuperate,” he said. “You can stay in your room, undisturbed by me or anyone else, until you are back to full strength. I can tell those guys really did a number on you.”

As he said this, his hand slipped under her towel and caressed her body over all the cane marks that had been inflicted on her.

“Those guys took things too far,” he said.

Danielle felt the warmth of his hand assuage her stinging flesh, and allowed herself to drift into unconsciousness at his touch.


When Danielle awoke the following morning, she was back in her pristine, white room. Compared to the hell she had just been through, she now felt like a princess, rescued by her proverbial knight in shining armor. She immediately set to rationalizing her feelings or him. Yes, he was a chauvinist, and yes, he and the rest of the frat had forced her to compromise her morals and sexual boundaries. But, in the instances she had been with Russell, he had brought her to multiple orgasms.

She thought back to the night they met, when he answered her dating profile online. The way he dominated her, cocksure and omnipotent. He made sure she came first, and then brought her to two more orgasms before he came. It was glorious, even as she recalled the camera flash disrupting her enjoyment at the time. She had gone online to find a real man, and she had found one in him.

If only she could get a definitive answer from him, if he could make his feeling for her clear, she could put her mind at rest, one way or the other.

Then she started thinking about something her mother had sad a long time ago. ‘Most people think the opposite of love is hate,’ she had said, trying to help Danielle through her mixed feelings towards a boy in high school. ‘But that is not the case. The opposite of love is apathy: the complete absence of caring. Both love and hate are the result of a deep, emotional connection.’

This was profound advice at the time, and it stuck with Danielle to this moment. She could at least conclude that what she was experiencing towards Russell was the opposite of apathy. Not love, perhaps, but at least an infatuation.

Through her mental self-persuasion of her feelings for Russell, at some point Danielle slightly spread her legs and started stroking her dampening slit. She had not made a conscious decision to start masturbating, but once she realized she had started, she was even more convinced that she felt something for Russell.

Just as she started to get into it, Russell opened the door and poked his head inside.

“Hey, Danielle,” he said with an almost fatherly tone. “I brought you some coffee.”

He entered, not asking permission, and set the coffee down on the nightstand beside her bed. Then, smelling her sex, sniffed the air demonstratively and cocked his head.

“Did I interrupt something?” he asked with a smile.

Danielle blushed, but improvised, seeing a chance to get some answers. “Well, its not an interruption if you are invited to partake,” she said, starting to slide the sheets off the top of her naked body. She was sure she was too tempting to pass on.

But Russell passed, nonetheless. Grabbing her arm to keep her covered, he explained.

“Danielle, not right now. The marks from last nights caning are still fading on your skin. I would not feel right about fucking you like this.”

Undeterred, Danielle insisted. “At least let me service you with my tongue, master,” she implored coquettishly. But Russell was stoic.

“Sweetheart,” he said, causing her heart to flutter. “Maybe someday you can thank me with your tongue, but right now it is not your best skill.”

Danielle was stunned. How could he so bluntly deny a girl as cute as her offering him a blow job? Especially in so insulting a fashion.

“Look,” he tried to explain as she covered herself in the sheets again. “If you want to make it up to me, you will have the opportunity shortly. I am trying to be gentlemanly and let you recover from last night.”

Danielle turned her head away from him, that being her only way to fend off tears. But he put his fingers on her chin and turned her back to him.

“I promise, you and I will be spending a lot of quality time together. Just give it a couple days.”

“OK,” Danielle said, turning away again. He took his cue and walked out of the room.

Through their entire interaction Danielle’s fingertips had been dancing on her clit. Only after his slight of her oral skills did she lose momentum, but she quickly reacquired it once he left. She closed her eyes and thrust her hips off the mattress in a glorious climax.


In the late morning, Danielle decided a bubble bath would be a nice way to pass the time and easy her bruises. She tempered the water and added the bubbles, lit a couple candles and sunk in deep. The water poured out of the faucet and sloshed around her prime body.

When the water covered her breasts, she leaned forward and turned off the water, and a tranquil silence came over the bathroom. Unfortunately, her tranquility did not last long.

In the adjacent suite, through the wall of her shower, she could hear a conversation. The unmistakeable voices of Russell and Jenna.

“That was a really brave thing you did last night,” Jenna was saying. “You never know what those guys could have been packing. Guns, knives, clubs…”

“We didn’t really have much of a choice,” Russell responded. “We couldn’t let Andrea get away with that shit. She went rogue, and Danielle almost lost her freedom because of it. Can you imagine if she had went with that sleaze bag to Japan?”

“I know. But, Russell, even if you felt obliged, it was incredibly noble. And…I know Danielle cannot thank you the way you would like. May I express gratitude in her place?”

From there, Danielle could only make out muffled grunts and moans, but she had no doubt what was going on. Enraged that her friend and confidant would make a move on Russell, she quickly jumped out of the tub and wrapped herself in a towel.

She tiptoed down the hall and cracked the door to Jenna’s room and confirmed her suspicion. She wanted to burst in and blow their cover, not that their screams were in any way subtle, but her pussy betrayed her. Russell was fucking Jenna from behind, his fist wrapped up in her hair pulling her head back. It looked as though it should have been painful, but Jenna had a lustful smile on her face. Her eyes rolled back in her head as Russell started spanking her. She bucked wildly against him, like an untamed bronco, and Russell did all he could to keep her in place.

Danielle’s rage subsided into envy. All she wanted was to experience the pure, sexual elation of which Jenna was currently in the throws. She wanted Russell’s perfect cock thrusting into her. She wanted him to pull her hair and spank her ass. She wanted him to pull out and deposit his sticky load on her bare back, as he currently was doing to Jenna. She wanted it all.

She scampered back to her room and got back into the tub, hoping she was not seen. She resolved to win Russell one way or another.


The following morning began much the same way, with Russell bringing Danielle a cup of hot coffee to help wake her up. This time, though, he wanted to talk.

“Let’s see how those bruises are healing up,” he said, slowly pulling the sheets away from her.

Danielle raised her arms above her head, doing her best to seductively display her entire body to him. She looked at him with longing eyes as he traced his fingertips over her calves. With the faintest gesture, he guided her legs apart and slid up past her knees to her thighs. Danielle spread her legs wider, offering Russell a full view of everything he could possibly ask to see.

Russell momentarily obliged her, slipping his finger into her slit and measuring its warmth and moisture. He knew he could get her to do anything for him.

“Enjoying ourselves, are we?” he asked.

Danielle simply bit her lip and nodded.

“Turn over,” he said.

Danielle rolled onto her stomach, allowing Russell to continue his inspection. He retraced her legs, from her ankles to the crux of her knees. Danielle started to get goosebumps all over her body as he deftly taunted her erogenous zones. As he approached her ass, he introduced his left hand and spread her apart.

With his right thumb he tested her asshole’s tautness. He pushed against it, gently at first, and then, finding significant resistance, pushed a little harder. Danielle’s calves instinctively shot off the mattress and rose back towards her thighs as the intrusion caused her to tense up. She gasped at the mix of excitement and potential pain. Russell was pleased with his findings.

“It seems like this has bounced back to its original tightness,” he said, releasing her. “But it didn’t seem like you would mind too much to have something in there again.”

He flipped onto her back and continued to survey her landscape. Two fingertips touched against the bottom of her ribcage, which he followed up towards her sternum. He brought those fingers to the top of her right breast, and then lowered his palm onto her rock-hard nipple. He gave her a light squeeze, moving her flesh around so he could examine the full circumference of her perky tit.

“Mmmmmm,” Danielle could not help but emit a tempting groan of ecstasy, her arms still above her head in full compliance.

After repeating this move with her left breast, Russell continued his dialog.

“I must say, you have healed up much better than I anticipated after only two days. How do you feel, Danielle?”

Danielle quickly racked her mind for a sexy response. “I fell….ready to pay my gratitude,” she said.

“I was hoping you would say that,” he said. Danielle expected him to whip out his cock and fuck her silly, but he instead explained further.

“So, I feel like we might owe each other a little bit. Yes, I rescued you, but you would never have been in that position if I had not brought you into this world in the first place.”

“That’s OK, Russell,” Danielle pleaded. “That experience was horrible, but I do not blame you. We both know it was Andrea. The truth is I have never cum harder than when I was with you. And I really want to experience that again and again.”

“That’s good, my pet,” he said, causing Danielle’s pussy to almost instantly overflow. “So I have a proposition for you. As a means of apologizing, I am going to take you on vacation, just you and me. Summer break is coming up, and I want to take you to Miami for awhile. Have you ever been?”

Danielle shook her head, not fully understanding yet. “Why Miami?”

“Because it is the perfect town for what I have in mind for us. Crazy parties, lots of alcohol being thrown around, people wearing as little as possible on the beach to show off their bodies. People are free to get uninhibited.”

“But Russell, I am willing to be uninhibited for you right here. Right now!”

“Danielle, you don’t fully understand. As you can probably tell, I like to push the envelope sexually. I don’t believe in monogamy, and take great pleasure in voyeurism.”

“So you want me to display myself for you in public?” Danielle asked.

“That, yes, and much more. You are to be my slut. My slave. You will let me fuck you whenever I want, wherever I want. And you will also fuck, suck or submit to anyone else, if it pleases me. Man or woman.”

“Well, haven’t I been doing that here?”

“Yes, but I sense that, while you have certainly cum many times this week, you are still nervous about being exposed here. You see these people around campus, and they could spread the word of your activities here. Andrea threatened to tell your parents, for Christ’s sake. This threat prevented you from truly embracing your inner submissive, am I correct?”

Danielle had not considered it, but he was probably right. This explained why she came so much despite the constant threat of exposure. Her body was betraying her mind, and her mind was too reasonable to allow herself to enjoy it fully.

“I think you are right,” she said.

“I know I am right,” Russell responded. “That is why we are going to Miami. Similar atmosphere, party every night, but nobody knows you. I can take you to a bar and arrange for you to blow some stranger in an alley, and you will love doing it. In exchange for you enabling my fetish, my cock be an instrument of pleasure exclusively for you. This does not mean that only I will fuck you, but it does mean that only you will fuck me. If you want to be my favorite, my special little personal slut, you will agree to this.

Also,” he continued, “If you do this for me, I will pay to have that trashy tattoo removed.”

Though she had been leaning yes the entire time, Danielle was still one the fence until this last line. Plus, if doing this meant that she would be the alpha female in Russell’s pack, it was a very intriguing offer.

“I’m still not sure,” she said.

“Well, how about a little convincing?”

Russell knelt on the bed and put his hands on her knees. He pushed them up to her chest and spread them wide as his head dipped down towards her beautiful shaved cunt. He smelled her with an exaggerated intake of air through his nostrils, taking in her scent and heightening her anticipation. Then, with a slow protrusion of his tongue, he began to dip in and out of her juicy box.

“Aaaahhhhhhh,” Danielle moaned involuntarily. Russell extracted that reaction with just a few flicks of his tongue, and he knew he would not have to spend much time going down on her. He moved his head slightly north and bit her inner thigh, just enough to elicit a short yelp from his whore.

He shifted up the bed so that he was kneeling before her spread pussy lips and pushed her knees up towards her shoulders. The only way Danielle could accommodate this position was to rotate her hips off the bed. She looked down her body, between her tits, sloped to the side of her chest, and saw the smooth tip of Russell’s cock head nuzzle against her warm entrance.

Still pinning her knees to her shoulders, Russell adjusted his stance so that he was lined up with her gaping hole and started to push into her.

To Danielle, it was as though his cock was made specifically for her. His head was just large enough to require pressure to get inside, but not so big that it caused pain. His length was was just right, too, filling her as much as she could ask for, but not so large that he pounded against her cervix.

But it was more than the cock itself, it was the technique. This position he had put her in allowed him to slide all the way into her on the first stroke. The perfect angle for her pleasure. He was like King Arthur with Excalibur: an expert cocksman wielding the perfect weapon.

As he accelerated his tempo, Danielle became more persuaded by his travel plans. And though she was currently on cloud nine, she was nervous about what would happen when this cock, perfect for her pussy, would inevitably be used to fuck her ass. But as she considered the pain that might cause, she only became more excited.

She wiggled her hips as best as her immobile position would allow, and Russell increased his velocity to ‘power fuck.’

“Oh. Oh. OH. My. Godddd!!!” Danielle screamed, not caring who in the frat might hear her.

Russell grunted like an animal as he thrust balls deep into her and began to shower her insides with seed. This, in turn, brought Danielle to climax. Her legs bucked wildly against against the hands pinning them to her chest. As she started to squirt, it caught Russell off guard, and he released her knees.

Danielle’s legs flopped down on either side of Russell as the last of her juices projected from around his impaling cock. He collapsed on top of her, feeling her sweat, her heat, her lungs rapidly inflating and deflating.

Danielle felt this omnipotent alpha male on top of her, pressing perfectly against her post-coital glow, and thought of only one thing to say.

“I’m in.”


The first thing Danielle noticed about Miami was the heat. When she stepped out of the terminal and into the summer air for the first time, it hit her like a ton of bricks. She had dressed appropriately, with daisy dukes and spaghetti strap tank top, but in the short distance from the terminal to the rental car she was already soaked through.

Russell guided her to the Red Mustang convertible he had chosen and opened the passenger door for her. But as she started to step inside, he grabbed her arm.

“Uh uh…not yet,” he said. “I have something for you.”

He dropped his bag in the back seat and opened it up, pulling out a light green string bikini.

“This is your uniform for the duration of our trip. We have a condo on the boardwalk, so you will blend in just fine. If we ever go somewhere that requires more clothing, I will alter your uniform. But you can plan on wearing this or less from now on. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Russell,” she said, taking the flimsy material from him.

“Good. So what are you waiting for, slut?”

“You want me to put it on here?” Danielle expressed sincere shock.

“Sweetie, if you are expressing hesitation about changing clothes in a parking lot, we might as well turn around and head back now.” His eyes were stern, and Danielle knew he was right. She would have to go through a whole lot worse than this in the coming days.

She stepped between the Mustang and the car adjacent, looked around for any passersby, and quickly stepped out of her shorts. Her thong was soaked through from the humidity, and the sight of it peeling away from her ass provided Russell great stimulation. They fell to the ground with a thud, and Danielle stepped out of them, too.


Trying not to make a sound, I approached my wife by her side. Her left hand was still clutching her breast, kneading it roughly, stopping only occasionally to pinch her hard nipple, never opening her eyes. I just stood above them and watched for a few more seconds, then in one synchronized motion put my hand over hers and kissed her gently on the lips. I never closed my eyes, instead wanting to savor her reaction when she opened her eyes to see her husband—without protest—joining in on her guilty pleasures with another man.

I don’t know precisely what response I expected, but Monica smiled softly then slowly opened her eyes, as if she’d been anticipating this moment. She looked directly into my eyes with a growing smile on her face, then reached up, grabbed the back of my neck, and pulled my slightly nervous and shaking mouth to hers. She tenderly slipped her tongue between my quivering lips and kissed me sensually. When our wet tongues met, it was an amazing sensation, as if I could feel her burning passion for this moment combined with her everlasting love for me.

Never lifting my mouth, I slipped my hand around her head and grabbed her hair, to reassure her that I was in control, and groped her right tit with my other hand. This one had been ignored for long enough, I thought. The nipple was hard, not as hard as the other, but the tiny hairs were sticking up and goosebumps were popping up all over. I didn’t know if this was because it was cold, nervous, excited, or anxious with infinite anticipation!

I wasn’t watching what Bryce was doing, but her neck bucked forward, grinding her face even harder into mine, and she moaned loudly. He must have really hit the magic spot!

I left her mouth and kissed her several times on the cheek before finding her long, smooth neck. It was very warm and pink, one of those parts of her body I knew so well, one that always showed lascivious signs of desire whenever she was in heat.

Without prodding, she lifted her head back and away, giving me full access to her succulent neck. I bit it gently, then kissed her several times, my lips just barely touching her skin. Then I bit her harder, holding my teeth in place for a second her two, sending an apparent shockwave through her body. She gasped, then held her breath as I licked the same spot with my tongue flat against her skin, my new teeth marks fading away quickly. Opening my mouth wide, I sucked her skin in hard, very hard. She pulled her head back more but didn’t protest.

“God you taste good,” Bryce said.

I just smiled to myself, feeling almost conceited because I was the only man who’d ever tasted her delicious pussy before, a little jealous that it wasn’t me with her cunt in my mouth on this occasion, but very proud that I was now sharing her with such an admiring man who could not get enough. Monica had always remarked that she thought most men got extremely jealous when good-looking guys lusted after their wives, and she didn’t seem to believe me when I tried to convince her that when a hot guy stares at your wife like that, that just makes you confident and proud, knowing that she picked YOU and nobody else.

Bryce pulled his head off for a moment before lowering himself for the first time directly onto her vaginal opening, his tongue gently parting her labia. He dabbed at it several times before licking her pussy in a long stroke.

“Oh…..God….” she stuttered out loud as she grabbed the back of my head with both hands. I continued sucking hard on her neck while Bryce started licking her pussy rhythmically now. Feeling like she needed some relief from her now-sore neck, I lifted my head, pulled her face toward mine, and kissed her gently on the lips.

“Does that feel good,” I asked, our faces extremely close, lips almost touching. “Do you like how his tongue feels on your pussy?”

“Oh, God yes,” she said in a loud whisper, staring desperately into my eyes.

Bryce moaned then pressed his tongue more firmly into her pussy lips, squeezing the bottom of her thighs with both hands.

I moved down and kissed her heavy breast, lifting its weight in my hand. I licked her nipple several times and drew circles around her areola with my tongue before sucking the nipple into my open mouth, flicking it back and forth with my tongue. This had always been my favorite way to suck on her tits. Releasing her melon, I grabbed the other one, pulling it toward my mouth. Then after poking her nipple into her skin several times with my tongue and feeling it pop back out each time, I again sucked her tit into my mouth, this time biting down gently on her nipple.

It struck me at this moment that each of her massive breasts was larger than both tits of most women combined! Damn, was I a lucky man.

“Oh,” she said in a barely audible high pitch.

After several minutes of Bryce’s pussy-licking rhythm, he returned his mouth to her clit and began kissing and licking it again. He brought his hand up, resting it on her pussy at first, then slowly moved his index finger up and down between her labia: up and down, up and down, wetting his finger a little more with her juices with each pass.

He slid the finger in, slowly, just up to his knuckle, causing her breathing to become staggered again. After pulling it nearly all the way back out, he inserted it again, repeating this several more times before finally inserting his finger all the way in. Bryce raised his head from her clit to watch her face as he squeezed a second finger into her passion cave, this time more slowly than before, again only up to the knuckles. His rhythm got a little faster before settling down to a steady in-and-out cadence, still not going past the knuckles.

I stopped sucking on her melons momentarily to watch this wonderful finger-action. I had always thoroughly enjoyed fingering my wife; it turned us both on so much! Our encounter in the café bathroom earlier that day was incredible! But watching another man do it in front of me was indescribable! And Monica was in complete bliss.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, then pulled gently on my belt and asked—almost in a begging tone—through uncontrolled breathing, “take it out?” I didn’t think I hesitated too long, but she apparently thought otherwise and repeated more vehemently but still in a quiet voice, “take it out…please…now.”

I unbuckled my pants and belt and lowered my zipper. I didn’t even have time to pull out my penis before she stuck her hand in my briefs and grabbed it, pulling it toward her mouth. I had been horny and hard for at least 20 minutes by then, so it was no surprise to see pre-cum dripping off the end of my cock. Monica had always loved the salty taste of my semen and typically licked off the pre-cum, meticulously, before swallowing my dick. But she clearly had no intention of such minutiae that night!

She lifted her head closer to me and wrapped her lips tightly around the head of my rod, licking the end of it inside her mouth several times before taking about half of it past her teeth. Because I was so long, she usually only sucked on about half of it. I could feel the end of my cock colliding with the back of her mouth as she bobbed her head back-and-forth, trying to match Bryce’s fingering rhythm. Her hand holding the base of my cock, she continued to suck vigorously as I threw my head back with closed eyes, in pure delight. I let out an involuntary moan when I heard her do the same.

“Oh damn,” she blurted out with my shaft still in her mouth. “Oh God. Deeper. Deeper,” she pleaded with Bryce.

He complied and pushed two fingers in as far as they could go. He moaned loudly and began sucking and licking her clit feverishly, gradually increasing the speed of his fingers.

Her breathing became very erratic and she repeated in a hushed tone, “Oh…oh…oh…h,” perfectly synchronized with the blowjob she was giving and the finger-fuck she was receiving.

I reached down and cupped one of those enormous, succulent breasts, pinching her nipple painfully between my fingers.

She moaned loudly, still not releasing my cock from her mouth, and I could feel my first orgasm of the night building steadily. She moaned again, this time raising her hips a little, then back down. She repeated this a few times, trying to force Bryce’s fingers even deeper into her. Monica undoubtedly wanted a thick dick shoved deep into her love nest more than anything in the world at that moment, but my new young friend’s fingers would have to suffice for now. I watched her stomach contract as she tightened her abs, and I knew what was coming. This excited me even more and I felt like I was about to cum at any second! Her hips began shaking, and Bryce buried his mouth into her clit, his fingers still dancing deep in her pussy. “Oh yes,” she moaned around my cock. “Oh God,” she said loudly as she started pulling her head off of my tool.

I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her back on, holding her steady as cum erupted into her mouth, the first jet hitting the back of her throat. “Shit,” I yelled out.

Her hips bucked straight up into Bryce’s face but he didn’t release his mouth’s grip on her clit. His fingers were getting soaked in her cum as he continued smashing them into her cunt.

Halfway through my own orgasm I released her head and she pulled off, laying her head back on the bed. Another jet of cum shot out and landed on her chin as I grabbed my cock, trying to pump out the remaining drops. One last stream landed between her breasts and I stood there, paralyzed, watching her hips bucking up and down a few more times before settling down.

Her powerful orgasm had left her face, neck, and chest red with satisfaction. She finally opened her eyes and looked around, as if confused, trying to comprehend what just happened. She reached up and wiped the bit of cum off her chin. “Holy shit,” she said in a stunned voice. “Is this yours”, she asked, looking bemused at my spent penis.

I snickered and just said, “yea.”

She grinned sheepishly before licking it off her fingers. “Holy shit,” she said as she looked down at Bryce who had finally removed his fingers and mouth from her and was smiling at her. “Wow,” she said, sounding exhausted and fulfilled, but craving more.


Bryce’s attention returned to gently licking her soaked pussy in very long, slow strokes. Monica motioned for me to come closer, and as I did, she took my shrinking cock in her hand and put it back in her mouth. Since I had just climaxed only a minute earlier, it had softened a little. But this didn’t seem to bother her as she cleaned off my remaining man juice.

I was surprised to feel my cock starting to harden again as I watched Bryce pleasure her, and I noticed some of my cum was still on her chest. “You want me to get you a towel for that?”

“Yea,” she responded tentatively after she pulled her mouth off my cock. She paused for a few seconds then changed her mind with a grin we hadn’t seen from her yet that night. “No, wait. Bryce, darling, I still haven’t seen that big cock of yours. Get up here where I can see it,” she said, motioning toward her chest.

This request seemed to energize him, and he bolted upright and removed his jeans. This was the first time I saw his shaft and it was impressive enough for a younger man. It was very pink and very hard, not quite as long as mine, probably only 6 inches or so, but it was almost as wide. The skin was quite smooth except for a bulging blue vein along the side. Although erect for several minutes, he didn’t seem to be oozing any pre-cum. Bryce climbed on the bed, straddling her chest, his man-meat standing at full attention, pointing directly toward Monica’s face, just a few inches away. You could tell from the look on his face he was preparing himself for some first-class fellatio.

Her eyes got big as she let go of my cock and grabbed his. She lifted her head and kissed the tip before licking up and down the front, then the sides. She wrapped her lips tightly around the head, and they both moaned in unison as she sucked the head a few seconds, making those delicious smacking sounds that excite most men. “Have you ever titty-fucked a woman,” she asked him.

“No, I’ve only seen that in movies. Always wanted to though.”

“Move down a little bit,” she commanded him as she held her boobs apart for him.

Bryce moved lower, just below her tits, his hairy balls tickling her tummy. His dick was still wet from her sucking, so I figured it wouldn’t take much lubrication, which we usually used when we did it this way.

Monica wiped my leftover cum into her chest, then rubbed some up and down his shaft, stroking it a few times with her fingers wrapped all the way around. She pushed it against the center of her chest, then squeezed it between her soft breasts.

Just the tip of the head of his man-root was poking out of the top of her cleavage. He starting pumping in and out slowly as she held her tits together tightly, but his experience showed as his dick kept slipping out.

“Wow, a real titty-fuck virgin,” I thought to myself, grinning. “A few more times like this and he’ll get the hang of it,” I imagined.

He repositioned himself, leaning over farther, then went back to banging her ample bosom. He got a good rhythm going and didn’t pop out anymore, so she squeezed her tits even tighter, holding his cock down against her semen-smeared chest.

Monica closed her eyes and laid her head back, smiling slightly. She reached down and grabbed my cock in her left hand and started stroking me slowly, never opening her eyes. Since I had just blown my load, I knew I wasn’t going to climax again any time soon, but my cock still grew rock-hard again in her soft grasp.

Bryce closed his eyes and leaned his head back, continuing to fuck her tits at a steady pace. I could hear the tell-tale “squish, squish” of a well-lubricated rack-ramming.

His breathing got more hurried and he mumbled, “wow, what a PERFECT set of jugs,” under his breath. He moaned again shortly, then his breathing stopped completely. All you could hear was his member sliding in and out of this slippery tunnel. A few seconds later, he grunted, then yelled out, “Oh!”

The squishing sound became more pronounced as his cum shot out between her tits. His hips bucked forward just as a HUGE squirt of jizz hit Monica in the neck, leaving a creamy river from her chin down through her valley. He spasmed a couple more times before opening his eyes, looking straight ahead, then sitting up again.

She let go of her breasts, releasing his now-diminutive cock to dangle over the milky pond he had left for her. It was still dribbling out of the end of his softening serpent and was starting to trickle down both sides of her chest and stomach. I couldn’t believe how much man-seed he had released!

“Wow!” Monica sat up and surveyed the situation. “Umm, I think I need another shower,” she said with a giggle and huge smile on her face that she wasn’t even trying to suppress.

I buckled back up and retrieved a towel from the bathroom for my little slut of a lady. Even in our most erotic moments, she had always looked and performed like a graceful swan and devoted wife, but to see her so delighted to be covered in cum from two different men unveiled a raunchiness like I never knew was buried in her!

She held the towel tightly against her chest, grabbed her clothes from the bed and floor, and strolled titillatingly toward the bathroom door, her salient pear-shaped ass demanding our full attention. Well aware that we were gawking at her, she paused and looked over her shoulder, glanced down at her own tush, bent over just slightly—protruding it even more—then tantalizingly looked back up at us, winked, and disappeared behind the closing door.

The bathroom door clicked shut just as I heard a knock on the front door.

Chapter 6 coming soon…

Sunday we took a long drive down through the Southerntier. I had selected a white bodysuit for her to wear along with a short wrap skirt that was easily removed (and was rarely on). The bodysuit molded itself to her contours quite nicely displaying her shape well and doing very little to conceal the form of her nipples. The legs were high cut and the snugness of the fit between her legs produced a very nice cameltoe.

At one point in our travels, I stopped the car and had her get out, then drove ahead for a ways, having instructed her to walk to where I parked. Several cars passed by as she strutted along the side of the road.

She might as well have been wearing nothing but paint and it was intoxicatingly sexy.

Eventually we found a quiet place to pull off, hiked up a low hill and both stripped naked to fuck in the wide open at the crest. She got on all fours and I entered her from behind. This time I managed to hold my own for quite some time as I pounded in and out of her juicy quim but as soon as she spasmed and whimpered, I was ready to explode. I managed to hold on long enough to get my dick out of her pussy and into her mouth before the white stuff gushed out. She swallowed and said “Thank you.” We walked back to the car with her naked and drove for quite a ways before I suggested she get dressed again.

That week we went to the beach every day at lunchtime and each time I had another tiny thong for her to wear. On Tuesday evening I took her to a place on West Avenue where a foxy little blonde pierced her nipples. It was really quite surprising how quickly she did it and how little fuss was involved. After being fitted with a pair of little barbell shaped “retainers”, C checked herself out in a tall mirror. She had worn a gauzy broomstick dress which got removed during the procedure, so was standing there in nothing but a pair of silky red panties. There were a half dozen other people in the shop and she made certain that everyone got a good glimpse. What a true little exhibitionist she had developed into.

Friday we skipped the beach but I had a package delivered to her at lunchtime with the usual instructions about wearing it that evening and told her that I’d be picking her up around ten. When I arrived, she was wearing the sexy black teddy along with heels and had done her hair up. I wanted to take her right then and there, but I’d made other plans for the evening. “Grab a skirt to wear with that.” I instructed. She disappeared then returned with a short purple number that I’d not seen before. I smiled approvingly so she slipped it on and zipped it up.

Driving south and then eastward, we headed through the burbs and into a more rural area with pockets of new subdivisions popping up. Turning down one of these roads, we soon came to a cul-de-sac and pulled into the driveway of a simple two story colonial. A few lights were on in the house.

‘Take the skirt off now.”

C unzipped the side and slid it down her thighs and off her feet. I opened the car door, walked around and opened her side. She stepped out into the moonlight wearing only the teddy and heels looking glamorous and oh so desirable. Clickiety clicketty we walked to the front door and rang the bell. As we waited for an answer she whispered “Will I get to fuck you tonight or will I be servicing someone else again?” I just smiled and said “We’ll see. Maybe you won’t get fucked at all tonight.” She gave me a big pout.

The door was opened by a svelte blonde of almost identical height and build as C. Her hair was very short and she was wearing a red silk minirobe with dragons embroidered all over in black and gold.

“Come in,” her eyes roaming all over C “I’m Abby. You look scrumptious my dear.” We introduced ourselves and Abby showed us through to the back room den where C met Michael, a middle aged professional type of medium build who was balding but obviously quite fit in his shorts and T. He and I had known each other for quite some time and had shared a number of women, including Abby on a couple occasions. Michael immediately gave C a kiss and hug, then stood with his arm around her waist as he asked whether we’d had any trouble finding the place. He kissed her again and copped a feel of her scantily clad asscheeks before offering us drinks.

Michael mixed and Abby delivered, first mine and then C’s. She hovered next to C and while Michael and I discussed a recent business triumph of his that had been in the paper, they chatted about shoes and C’s teddy, hair salons, and other girls stuff. Abby asked what scent C was wearing and when C said “Fendi” she leaned right in to touch her nose to C’s neck, ever so slightly pressing her body against C’s. It was ever so brief, but after, Abby hovered even closer to C than she had been.

Before long, we had all finished our first round of drinks and Michael prepared another long island for each of the girls and martinis for he and I. As he handed Abby hers, he kissed her and fondled a breast through the silk robe, then reached down and loosened the sash which held it closed. This allowed him the opportunity to slip a hand inside for more direct contact with her tit. He left her with the robe dangling tantalizingly open, revealing the center of her chest but not her nipples. It also clearly exhibited that she was wearing sheer red panties.

Abby knew I was looking at her and decided to give me what I really wanted right then, a clear view of her sweet C-cups. To my delight, the robe came off. It turned out that the panties were sheer front and back, barely a wisp on her. She played coy and used C as a shield so that Michael and I couldn’t see, in the process again pressing her now nearly naked body against the back of C.

C giggled at the silliness and played along acting as the human shield. We all laughed and Abby reached around the front of C to offer her a sip of her drink saying something about a four fisted drinker. After disengaging herself she stood in front of C raising her now half empty martini glass and offered a toast “To tits!”

and we all laughed some more before she tossed the rest of the drink back. C decided to follow suit and the two of them eyed us expecting similar behavior. Michael and I looked at each other, rolled our eyes and each took another sip of our nearly full glasses. Its a lot easier to toss back a long island than martini.

Abby at that point sidled over to C and again pressed herself against C’s back, but this time not to hide. Her hands wandered around C’s waist, down her thighs and back upward, cupping her black satin clad breasts for a moment. C looked at me with a somewhat surprised expression, but the effects of the alcohol and Abby’s forthright sensuality were gaining the upper hand. Abby’s hands were on C’s shoulders, sliding the straps of the teddy down, down her arms, revealing C’s recently pierced breasts with the little dumbells firmly in place. Continuing to peel the teddy downward she spun C around so they were facing one another tits rubbing. When she could peal it no further because of reach, she sank to a squat and peeled it all the way to the floor, holding it while C stepped out of it.

Running her hands along C’s calves, up her thighs, and then cupping her asscheeks, Abby’s face wound up right at C’s crotch level. She studied the slit there intently, then gently placed a kiss right above it. C’s mouth was part open as she watched Abby stick her tongue out and explore the top of the slit where she could reach before prying C’s legs apart enough that she gain access to the entirety of her sex.

All that Michael and I could see was Abby’s face firmly planted at C’s crotch, the expression on C’s face, and the way in which her chest heaved as Abby lapped at her, firmly holding C’s asscheeks all the while. Little by little C’s look of astonishment gave way to one of complete bliss. Abby spread C’s legs wider and inserted first one and then a second finger into her pussy as she continued to lap at her clit. C’s hands alternated between holding Abby’s head and fondling her own breasts before she locked both hands behind her neck as she shuddered and bucked to a spectacular climax.

Her knees seemed wobbly. Abby rose and embraced her, mashing their bodies together and locked their lips together. C just wrapped her arms around Abby and held her tightly.

Abby loosened her grip and steered them both toward a sofa where she sat down, pulled her panties off and spread her legs wide to display her now glistening cunt which sported a mere wisp of pale brown fur. C removed her shoes, took a deep breath and knelt between Abby’s legs. Gently she kissed the wet labia that beckoned to her, then licked them, kissed them some more and explored a little with her fingertips. One finger entered Abby, at first just s bit, then more and more. She removed it and tasted Abby’s inner juices. Finally, she planted her face firmly between Abby’s legs and began attending to her love button.

Michael and I watched entranced as C experienced sex with another woman for the very first time. Abby smiled in deep contentment and licked her lips. Her hands guided C’s head, stroking her hair. She offered encouragement with comments like “Yes baby, yes” and groans and moans.

C’s ass was poised up in the air with her swollen clam proudly on display and absolutely dripping wet. I stripped and positioned myself behind her, aiming my cuntdrill at it and then jammed it in. Straddling her I began a slow rhythmic fucking, trying not to be too forceful that it would disturb or distract her from the attention she was giving Abby’s twat. Michael stripped too and positioned himself so that he could facefuck Abby at the same time. We went on and on and on like that, everyone enjoying the sensations and sights.

Abby came first. She suddenly released her jawclamp on Michael’s member and let out a gurgling little scream of pure pleasure. C’s head popped up and Abby’s thighs clamped shut with C’s head resting on her knees. She held herself and squirmed in her own private little ecstasy with her eyes shut tight. It was too much for C and she bucked wildly coming a second time. I pulled out and reached C’s face just in time to join Michael as we both emptied the contents of our balls all over it.

We all collapsed for a bit before Abby took a look at C and said “Cmon honey, lets get you cleaned up.” But rather than head her for the bathroom, she proceeded to kiss and lick every last drop of manjuice from her face, being certain to share some of it with C via deep prolonged kisses. When the girls were done polishing off all the semen, the four of us shared a shower then climbed into their king sized bed where during the middle of the night Michael had a turn with C and I with Abby, fucking them both doggystyle while they faced each other and sucked face. This time we painted Abby’s face and let C do the cleanup detail.

We climbed back in the car at dawn, C wrapped in a blanket and caught a beautiful sunrise.

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