facial come-shots

“You’re hot for me?” Camilla asked with a shudder.

“Why shouldn’t I be?” Ms. Callahan asked. “You are sooooo easy on the eye. Yes, I conform to the radical feminist stereotype: I am a lesbian. Come on, you, off with your clothes, if you and Candice want to graduate.”

This was a first for Camilla: not wanting to show someone her naked body. Normally she loved to see the thrill in people’s eyes as she revealed the delicious candy she had hidden under her bra and panties…if she was displaying herself to people she liked. But Camilla hated Ms. Callahan, for the sour teacher resembled Camilla’s mother both in body and in personality, always berating the girl and interfering. Camilla felt almost as though she was about to be sexually abused.

Camilla’s shorts fell to the floor, and Callahan ogled her student’s pubic hair, deliberately as if she were a lecherous old man. “You have the cutest little pubic hair,” Callahan grunted.

Camilla, with her lip quivering, looked away to the wall as she pulled up her shirt, for she didn’t want to see Callahan’s face as she bared her breasts. For once, she didn’t shake them when the shirt came off.

“Oh, Camilla,” Callahan moaned in awe at the flawless bosom in front of her. “They’re sensational.” Tears started running down Camilla’s cheeks as she kicked off her shoes. “I knew you were beautiful, but I never imagined a girl could be this lovely. Turn around, baby; let me see the rest of you.”

Fully-nude Camilla turned around so Callahan could see her buttocks. “Oh, yeah,” Callahan growled in the voice of a lustful male viewer of pornography. “Baby got back!” Camilla shivered and shrieked when Callahan caressed her buttocks, where her anal cleft spread out to her horizontal gluteal crease. “Bend over, cupcake: let’s see what goodies you have down there.”

Audibly sobbing, Camilla opened her legs in a Lambda shape and bent over so Callahan could see her anus and vulva. For the first time in her life, Camilla felt sexually humiliated. How awful it was that this sow of a woman, a self-styled feminist, was objectifying her!

Eyeing Camilla’s anus for the first time, Callahan mocked, “Wow, so that’s what you poop through.” The lecherous English and drama teacher chuckled to herself. “And what a pretty pussy you have.” Callahan then stroked Camilla’s vulva. Looking back at Callahan upside-down from between her wide-open legs, Camilla could only frown, her tears dripping on and off her eyebrows. “OK, sweetie, get up and on the desk and spread ‘em.” Callahan spanked the girl’s behind as she straightened up and crawled on the desk. Camilla got on her back and spread her legs. Callahan bent over and brought her face closer to Camilla’s vulva. “You see, Camilla, the way you now feel is how women do when they are forced to have sex with men they don’t like: degraded,” Callahan explained before giving Camilla’s clitoris a few licks. “That’s why you shouldn’t be a tramp; it encourages the potential rapist in all men.” Callahan licked Camilla a few more times and said, “You slut it up for the men you like, but one day the men–and women like me–that you don’t like will force themselves on you.” After a few more licks, Callahan added, “and sometimes the man you tempt rapes other women, the respectable ones.” She sucked and licked Camilla’s clitoris some more, then said, “Are you enjoying this? You should: I’m Harriet Callahan the horniest clit-ma’am.” She continued licking.

Something surprising was happening to Camilla: she was actually starting to enjoy the oral sex! Once again, a woman’s sensitivity was proved best for performing cunnilingus. Camilla started sighing and squealing with pleasure; another first that day–’Dirty Harriet’ was making Camilla feel good! Encouraged and moaning herself, the teacher licked, sucked, kissed, and gently nibbled with more enthusiasm now. Thus absorbed in her virtual devouring of Camilla’s genitals, Callahan didn’t notice her unlikely lover turn on a digital camera set to take video of Callahan going down on her. Stopping to take licks between each phrase, Callahan said, “Men…can’t give women pleasure…the way a woman can…Men have sex…only for…their own pleasure…” Callahan never looked up from Camilla’s vulva, so Camilla could freely record Callahan’s face and voice, as well as the rest of the room so it would be visually evident to the first-time viewer that the sex was happening in their school.

“Oh, Ms. Callahan,” Camilla moaned very articulately for the camera. “Ms. Callahan!” Camilla was approaching orgasm.

“Men are so selfish…,” Callahan continued, alternating licks with phrases. “They humiliate women…coming on girls’ faces…they love doing…that to women: disgusting!…” Just then, Camilla sprayed her orgasm all over Callahan’s face. (Camilla loved doing…that to Callahan.)

“What the f…!” Callahan yelled in disgust, getting up quickly as Camilla safely hid her camera in her purse. Callahan frantically grabbed some Kleenex from the box on the desk to wipe her face clean. Camilla fought back her laughter, saying, “Sorry, ma’am. I’m a gusher.”

After removing the worst of the mess, Callahan stormed out of the office in extreme embarrassment, leaving the door wide open. Camilla remained lying naked, spread-eagle on the desk, laughing loudly and uncontrollably for several minutes. “Everything that goes around, comes around,” she said, and laughed some more. Then Candice and Mr. Pierce came in the room, surprised yet aroused to see Camilla lying as she was. Camilla merrily said, “Hi guys. Let’s fuck.”


That night in their apartment, Camilla and Candice were waiting for Mr. Leroy to arrive. Candice would leave soon after to go to her boyfriend’s apartment, but Camilla wanted her to be with them briefly when Leroy arrived.

“Remember to open my butt-cheeks when you grab my ass,” Camilla, naked as always, told Candice. “I want him to see my asshole. He likes it.”

“Why do you indulge guys like that?” Candice asked as she tickled Camilla’s clitoris.

“‘Cause it pleases them,” Camilla sighed.

“Why is ‘pleasing men’ so important to you? What about pleasing yourself?” Hearing the doorbell, Candice went to open the door.

“Pleasing men is pleasing myself. By turning men on, I build a tower from the flaccid. It’s the art of sexual architecture.”

“I see,” Candice laughed as she opened the door. “Hi Mr. Leroy. Come on in.” He walked in, nervous to know Candice knew about him and Camilla. “Don’t worry, sir; I won’t tell anyone.” Candice went behind Camilla, put her arms around her, and started fondling her breasts. “You’re gonna have soooo much fun with this body, sir.” Camilla turned around so Candice could open her buttocks and expose her anus to Leroy, who was practically drooling at the lesbian pageant before his mesmerized eyes. The girls pecked each other on the lips a few times, and after letting Candice tickle her clitoris, Camilla walked over to the door to close it. She saw Dr. Singh opening his door across the hall, and she casually walked into the hallway to let him look at and briefly fondle her naked body. In ‘Marilyn’s’ breathy voice, she promised she’d make some time to see Singh again soon. As they were talking, that other neighbour with his door ajar, the man in the room opposite Singh’s and next to Camilla’s, was ogling her body and Singh’s roving hands.

Camilla said good night to Singh, smiled at the other neighbour, and went back into her apartment. As Candice walked to the door with her purse, she said, “Mr. Leroy, have fun with her, but be gentle, okay? Don’t hurt her or anything.”

“Of course,” he said, and Candice left, closing the door behind her.

Dinner would be ready in a few minutes, so as they waited, Camilla posed erotically for Leroy, who sat on the sofa. Camilla bent over, her legs wide open in a Lambda, and happily exposed her anus and vulva for him. Looking back at him upside-down from between her legs, she could only smile. He just enjoyed the show.

Dinner was then ready, and they sat and ate.

“You got 100 on your oral test,” he said.

“Hooray!” Camilla cheered and giggled in the voice of ‘Dolly’. They continued eating and chatting about various things about school, her always in the persona of ditzy ‘Dolly’, with her high-pitched voice. When they finished dinner and put the plates in the kitchen sink, Camilla felt a rumbling in her bowels. “Oh, no!” she squeaked. “I have to go poo-poo!” She wiggled her behind in a dance.

“Can I watch?” he asked.

“But it’s so icky-smelling,” she said with a ‘confused’ look as they went in the bathroom.

“Not if you do it, goddess, I’m sure,” he insisted as she sat on the toilet.

“Oh, that’s so sweet,” she said with a grin, as if he’d complimented her eyes. First she urinated with her legs open for him to see. She looked up at him innocently, as if there were nothing at all embarrassing about someone watching her pee. This was easy for her; she was used to it. When the faeces came out, however, she–staying in character as ‘Dolly’–fought hard to hide her embarrassment and nervousness at first, naturally assuming he’d grimace at the odour. But the coprophiliac obviously liked the smell! He clearly also liked the plopping sound as well as the sound of her breaking wind. For Leroy, the experience of her flawless, peach-coloured, curvaceous nude body sitting on the toilet, her round buttocks caressing the seat, juxtaposed with the crude odours and sounds of nature, was extremely arousing. On the other hand, this was the most bizarre sexual experience Camilla had had yet! Still, always in her ‘Dolly’ persona, she kept the innocent, unabashed look on her face as she looked up at him, lips pursed and eyes wide open, soon perfectly confident that Leroy was loving every second of her defecation. When she finished, he asked if he could wipe her clean. “OK,” ‘Dolly’ intoned in a singsong voice, as if she were simply letting him get a chair for her. She got on all fours on the floor in front of the still-unflushed toilet. He got some toilet paper as she pushed her behind out so he could see her muddy anus. She looked back at him, always in her ‘Dolly’ face as he carefully and thoroughly wiped the brown off her anus. “Why do you like that?” she asked, as if he were a boy playing with an unusual toy. “Poo is so icky.”

“Not if it’s your poo,” he insisted. “I wanna worship you, lovely sex-goddess Camilla, all of you, even your dirtiest parts. If I can’t appreciate your lowest aspects, I won’t be worthy of your loftiest ones.”

“You are so sweet, sir,” she said, grinning from ear to ear. “Now I’ve got to be really clean. I need an enema.” She got her aluminum enema nozzle from the medicine cabinet while he looked adoringly at her droppings in the toilet water. As she got the nozzle ready, she tried to hide her sneers at his paraphilia. When the nozzle was ready, she handed it to him and asked, “Can you put it in?”

“With pleasure,” he said, and put the nozzle in her anus; then she squatted over the toilet. She stroked his crotch: he had quite an impressive erection, long and thick, and his excitement was all because of her faeces! The liquid went in: she felt cramping, a powerful peristalsis, extreme urgency and a complete and speedy evacuation of all the brown that was left in her lower intestinal tract; she moaned with pleasure–she loved that sensation. He had his strange paraphilia; she had hers.

She went in the shower and briefly washed the urine off her vulva; she also soaped up her anus so it would have a nice, fresh smell. She rinsed, got out and dried herself off, and he finally flushed the toilet. She sprayed the bathroom with air freshener, then they went into the bedroom. She got on the bed on all fours with her legs spread wide open and her behind pushed out so he could see her vulva and her wide-open anus–clean as a whistle, inside and out. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his fully-erect penis. “Let me show you another use for the anus,” he said.

“Stuff only goes out of it, though, not in,” ‘Dolly’ said ‘naively’, with pursed lips.

“Let me show you ‘going in it’,” he said, pressing his knob against her anus.

“OK,” ‘Dolly’ said as though she were merely trying a new kind of tea. Only willing to go so far with pretending to be the ingenue who’s never had anal sex before, she reached for some anal lube in her bedside table drawer. She gave it to him, he lubed his phallus and her rectum, and slowly slid inside.

“Oooh,” she squealed in near whistle register as he went all the way in. He was so long, it seemed to her as if he were almost touching her stomach; this was also the widest her anus had been stretched open. She kept squealing each time he went out and back in, her eyes widening in ‘surprise’ at the ‘novel’ sensation, though the only novelty for her was his massive size. He saw her ‘surprised Dolly’ face in the mirror on the wall over the head of the bed. He knew the obviously intelligent girl was just pretending to be ditzy, but he loved it all the same; she, the consummate actress, knew how to be any man’s fantasy.

“Oh, that’s…so tight,” he grunted. “How does…it feel…for you?”

“Like a great…big poop…coming back…in after…I poo-poo,” she sighed, though of course his huge phallus didn’t feel that way at all: she just said that to please him. And he was pleasing her: his phallus rubbed against the anal wall that was next to her vaginal wall; it was like indirect vaginal sex with a well-endowed man. As he kept on digging inside her, she noticed a small hole just between the mirror and the head of the bed. Inside the hole was a hidden camera, like those Mr. Pierce had installed in the girls’ shower room. The voyeuristic next-door neighbour was filming their sex. Let him enjoy himself, Camilla thought.

After a few more minutes of anal probing, Leroy was close to orgasm. He pulled his penis out of her anus and asked her to turn around. She quickly did, and he gently brought her head down to his phallus. He pushed the tip against her mouth, and ‘Dolly’ compliantly opened her mouth to take in his erection. She tickled his scrotum and looked up to his eyes as she sucked on his phallus, intermittently deep-throating it. She made sure their positions on the bed were such that the neighbour could clearly see what they were doing. As she looked up into his eyes, her eyes asked him if her mouth was pleasing him, and how she could please his phallus more. Her lips and tongue expertly slid up and down his member, her tongue tickling and her lips caressing. Her fingers tapped his testicles, and her fingernails gently scratched his scrotum.

“I’m gonna come,” he groaned.

Pretending not to hear him or know what was happening, she asked, “Hmm?” after suddenly letting his phallus out of her mouth, but keeping it aimed at her face as she stroked it. He immediately inundated her face with his come.

“Aaah!” she screamed and giggled each time a splash of come splattered on her face, as if she were a little girl laughing as a friend squirted her face with a squirt-gun. “My face is all gooey!” ‘Dolly’ giggled some more.

“Beautiful,” Leroy said as he looked at her dripping wet face.

Everything that goes around, comes around.

At Luvlee’s on Thursday night, Akemi–squeezing naked Camilla’s buttocks–tearfully begged her to return her love. Gently holding Akemi’s cheeks in her hands, Camilla said, “Sweetie, it wouldn’t work between us. I’m a polygamist: I’d cheat on you every day and night.”

“Please,” Akemi sobbed. “You can learn to love me.”

“Baby,” Camilla said softly. “I’m doing you a favour by being honest with you. If I said I loved you, I’d be lying. Sorry.”

“Please don’t reject me,” Akemi cried. “I love you so much; I love you ever since I first saw you. When we make love in private room, was so beautiful.”

“Sweetie,” Camilla said. “You’ll find someone else. Someone better than me.”

“No one better than y–” Akemi began, but Candice interrupted her by kissing Camilla hard on the lips. Candice was determined not to let anyone take Camilla away from her. Akemi left the strip joint, bawling.

“Candice,” Camilla said. “I wanted to break it to her gently.”

“She’ll get over you,” Candice said as she put her arms around Camilla’s neck. “Excited about going to Toronto?”

“Of course,” Camilla said. “The next four weeks of summer school are gonna feel like an eternity, but knowing I’m gonna be with my daddy next month will make it worth the wait. So you’re coming with me?”

“Absolutely. I’m not letting you out of my sight. With your dad near you, you won’t need so many men, will you?”

“Oh, I dunno. I’m still gonna wanna fuck a lot. Daddy won’t slow that down. It’s not like I’ll be fucking him, you know.”

Frowning with an undying jealousy, Candice said, “I gotta get ready. I’ll be doing my floorshow soon.” She left Camilla. Camilla walked towards the stage, thinking about poor Akemi: she really didn’t want to break that sweet girl’s heart, but there was no other way.

As Camilla approached the stage, she noticed a new stripper doing her last song–a pretty, petite Asian girl dancing to a slow Taiwanese pop song. Naked, the girl’s breasts were so small, she was virtually flat-chested; she also had a captivatingly lovely face, with mesmerizingly expressive eyes. Her eyes expressed shyness and fear from being seen naked in a strip joint for the first time, fear that the men wouldn’t like her not-so-endowed body. The vulnerability in her eyes made Camilla think all the more of the pain Akemi’s eyes had just shown. Camilla was touched by this new Asian stripper, aroused by her; she wanted her.

The girl timidly sat on the floor of the stage and spread her legs before three men at the tip rail. Camilla recognized one of the men as no less than the mayor of Vancouver; she correctly believed the second man to be one of the plainclothes policemen who’d seen her naked at the park when she displayed herself as Bob took pictures; she didn’t know who the third man was (he was the chief of police). From the looks on the men’s faces, they clearly thought the Asian girl was as exciting as Camilla did. Just like Calina’s, the Asian girl’s pussy was hairy. She then turned around and got on all fours to show the men her ass. She spread her legs open, assuming only her vulva would be showing, but because she was skinny, her buttocks were wide open, and the men could clearly see her pretty black asshole. She hadn’t intended to show it, and would have been frightened to know that those men were fantasizing about fucking that tight hole; still, looking back at them and thinking they were enjoying merely the sight of her pussy, she smiled at them, happy to know that her body was pleasing them.

Camilla, too, was licking her lips at the girl’s tiny beauty, and fantasizing about licking both holes. Still naked, Camilla started fingering her clitoris. Calina, wearing red underwear and matching high heels, came up beside Camilla and gently stroked her behind. “Isn’t she hot?” Calina asked in her sexy Russian accent.

“Yeah,” Camilla said. “Who is she?” Camilla kissed Calina on the cheek and put her arm around her waist.

“The boss’s daughter,” Calina said. “Got job when I did.” She put her hand on Camilla’s tit.

“Yeah, so you’re a lap-dancer now, eh? How do you like it so far?” Camilla put her hand down the front of Calina’s panties and fingered her already wet vulva.

“Love it. Sit on cocks, make me so horny. When we all eat each other onstage?”

“Soon,” Camilla said. “Candice will do her floorshow next, and we can go on when she’s naked for her third song. You see how that girl doesn’t just show her pussy, but also her asshole? You should do that, too, Calina. Lots of men fantasize about anal sex; I could see those three men at the tip rail thinking about fucking that new girl’s ass when she was crawling around on all fours.” She pulled Calina’s panties down and fondled her buttocks.

“You think the men will like my hairy pussy?” Calina asked in sighs. “I worry they won’t.”

“Sure they will. Lots of men like naturally hairy girls. Those guys like the hairy Asian girl, don’t they?” Camilla brushed her hand through Calina’s copious pubic hair.

“Yes, but maybe other men don’t.” Calina fingered Camilla’s pussy. A number of the customers were watching the girls feeling each other up.

“Look, Calina. If you’re worried, do a test. Show off your hairy bush with pride tonight, and see how many guys like it; then shave it or trim it tomorrow, and see how the guys react to it then. Whichever version they like better, let that be the way you show yourself.” Camilla opened Calina’s buttocks and fingered her asshole.

“OK, I take your advice.”

The Asian girl finished her song, got off the stage, and went with the mayor into a private room. Then Candice went up onstage in heavy make-up, a black evening gown, and matching high heels. All the customers cheered for her. Camilla and Calina came closer to the stage to watch her. Candice smiled at them as she began dancing to her first song, Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’.

Suddenly, Camilla felt someone’s hands covering her eyes. She turned around and saw Mr. Gray behind her. “Oh, hi sir!” she said with an ear-to-ear grin. She put her hands on his shoulders, and he put his hands on her hips. With a squeal of delight, Camilla jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. Looking lewdly in his eyes, she gyrated her hips as if she were being fucked by him. Calina, still with her panties pulled down, watched them, breathing heavily and fingering her clitoris. The customers’ attention was divided between watching Candice and watching Camilla and Calina.

“How are you?” Mr. Gray asked, looking down at Camilla and admiring her nudity.

“Great, now that you’re here, sir,” she said with a lascivious grin. “Want some lap-dances? Then you can take me home with you and fuck me if you want.”

“I’d love to, but I don’t think my wife will approve,” he said. “Remember what happened to Mr. Finch yesterday.” Camilla’s smile changed into a pout. “On the other hand, with the private rooms here, do you think we could get away with screwing here? You seem to have a vacancy between your legs.”

“Yep,” Camilla said with a giggle. “But if you put your thing in my pussy, I’ll scream, and people will hear. Putting it in my bum, or in my mouth, is better. I moan more softly then.” She giggled lewdly again.

“I’d like that,” he said, “but I had my hard-on set on your pussy.”

“Well,” Camilla said, looking at Calina and realizing that she wanted in on the fun, “if I’m eating out Calina here while we fuck, that could muffle out my screams. Hey Calina, you wanna?”

“Oh, yeah,” Calina said, practically drooling. “We eat Candice later.”

Still with her arms tightly around Gray’s neck, Camilla unwrapped her legs and pushed them against his groin as he slowly let her slide down to the floor. Her mouth agape, and always looking into his eyes to know how she was making him feel, she enjoyed the feeling of his erection poking out against her legs as she went down to the floor. Calina left her panties down as she, Camilla, and Gray went over to a private room. Candice frowned to see them go.

When the three lovers went into a room, Gray got on his knees while Camilla lay on the floor with her legs wide open. Calina swayed her hips from left to right as she undid her brassiere and slowly took it off. Gray pulled her panties off, and she kicked off her high heels. Then she sat on Camilla’s face. Gray was impressed with the Russian-Canadian’s large breasts, her coffee-coloured complexion, and her hourglass curves. He undid his pants and pulled out his almost fully-erect penis; he aimed it at Camilla’s ever-moist pussy as she eagerly licked Calina’s cunt, the hairs of which tickled her face.

“Oh, Camilla,” Calina sighed. “You have electric tongue. Oh!

He slowly slid his now fully-erect cock inside Camilla’s dripping wet pussy: she orgasmed all over the floor, and her high-pitched squeals, it seemed, were successfully muffled by Calina’s snatch. The lovers figured they were safe from suspicion from anyone outside the room; Camilla knew the bouncers wouldn’t tell anyone what they were seeing on their cameras. Rick and Don would be too busy enjoying the show on their monitors.


Indeed, the bouncers were enjoying the show.

“Man, that Slav with the hairy pussy’s a horny bitch,” Don said.

“You got that right,” Rick said. “She has a great body, too. She just needs to shave her bush, and she’ll be perfect. I’ll bet that pubic hair is where Jimmy Hoffa went missing.” They laughed.

Then the door suddenly opened. Mrs. Chen, the new boss ever since the death of her husband, came in. The men’s smiles immediately turned upside-down.

“What those girls doing?” she said angrily as she watched the monitors. “This a strip joint, not whore house.”

“Well, as long as the cops don’t know,” Don said, “we’re safe. And remember, Camilla’s responsible for so much of our good business.”

“She’ll be responsible for us out of business!” Mrs. Chen snapped. “The mayor is here; so is chief of police. Hope he don’t come up here, see what we see!”


Camilla’s fingers were now in Calina’s soaking wet vagina, rubbing against her G-spot. As Gray continued probing deep inside Camilla’s pussy (which had just gushed its second orgasm), he ogled Calina’s large breasts.

“Calina,” he asked in pants. “May I touch them?”

“Oh, yes,” she sighed. “I happily let you feel.”

He cupped them in his hungry hands and gently squeezed them; they felt so soft, so smooth, so perfect! She thrilled to the sensitivity of his caressing hands.

Camilla kissed and licked Calina’s beautiful asshole; like her pussy, it was immaculate–no foul odour or taste. Camilla also licked around Calina’s anal cleft, her tongue tickling the small wisps of hair surrounding Calina’s anus.

“Oh, Camilla,” Calina moaned. “My butt loves your tongue.”

Watching Camilla’s large breasts shaking as he fucked her, Gray moved his right hand down to fondle her left breast, keeping his left hand on Calina’s right breast.

“You girls,” he grunted, “are the queens…of soft.”

“You, sir,” Camilla answered in shaking groans, “are the king…of hard. Oh, my God!” Her next orgasm was imminent.

Indeed, the tip of Gray’s rock-hard cock kept pushing firm kisses against Camilla’s euphoric A-spot; she orgasmed a third time, and there was a huge puddle of her come all over the floor. Camilla’s long finger gently poked against Calina’s A-spot, and she was approaching orgasm herself.

“Oh!” Calina screamed. “I come soon!”

Camilla moved her head away from Calina’s asshole and started sucking on her hard clitoris. This, combined with Gray’s continuous pinching of Calina’s right nipple, made her come her first spray all over Camilla’s eyes. Camilla quickly moved her head up with her mouth open to receive the rest of Calina’s cooze; she fingered Calina’s clit to maximize her excitement and make her come more copiously. It worked, and Camilla received five explosions of plentiful come in her gluttonous mouth.


The mayor and chief of police, knowing of Camilla’s notoriety, were anxious to find proof of it. The only proof they had was from the plainclothes cop, who told them about Camilla’s nude posing in the park with Bob.

Candice finished her floorshow, and walked off the stage. The mayor, having returned from the lap-dance he’d got from the new Asian stripper, asked Candice to come over.

“Do you want a lap-dance, Your Worship?” she asked him.

“Yes, in a minute,” he said. “Where’s Camilla? I hear she’s quite the girl to see. If we could have her with you, that would be great.”

Greatly desiring to be in a private room with Camilla, but not wanting the mayor to know of Camilla’s current excesses with Gray and Calina, she lied and said, “Sorry, I don’t know where she is right now.”

“OK, thanks anyway,” he said. “If I find her and you’re available, we’ll all have lap-dances together, OK?”

“Sure,” she said, and walked away. The next stripper to go onstage was a petite Latina girl. Though the men found her quite appealing too, they resolved to look for Camilla. They got up, left the tip rail, and walked around the bar; as they looked around, they saw a beautiful thin black girl in white lace underwear. She asked the plainclothes cop if he wanted a lap-dance; he accepted, and went with her into a private room. Again, the other two men found her attractive, but remained focused on finding Camilla.

Not seeing Camilla anywhere in the main area of the bar, they chanced upon the room where the bouncers were.


“I’m gonna come,” Gray groaned.

“Please, sir,” Camilla asked. “Not in my pussy. On my face instead?”

“OK,” he said, and pulled his cock out. Camilla sat up, and, still with Calina’s come all over her face, began to jerk him off.

Calina licked the come off of Camilla’s pussy, and got a cloth and some Kleenex out of her purse to try to clean up as much of the come off the floor as she could. As she continued licking Camilla’s cunt, she said, “Oh! So tasty!” Camilla came on her face. Calina sat up as she continued cleaning the floor, and with her come-soaked face level with Camilla’s, she said, “We’re twins now.” The girls laughed.

Gray blew his load, splashing his first ejaculation in Camilla’s right eye. Calina, wanting a facial, moved her head nearer to his cock. He splashed his second gushing on Calina’s nose. She screamed with pleasure. Aiming his cock back at Camilla, he sprayed on her left cheek. Camilla giggled. Pointing back at Calina, he shot his fourth and fifth spewings on her lips and chin. The girls continued giggling.

He stared in awe at their come-drenched faces. Their come all intermixing as it dripped down their faces, he found it difficult to determine where his came ended and the girls’ began. All the same, it was a glorious sight.


Thinking it was just another private room, the mayor and chief of police barged into the bouncers’ room just as Gray could be seen on one of the monitors putting his cock back in his pants and zipping them up.

“Which girl’s Camilla?” the chief of police asked, looking at the screens for all the private rooms.

“H-her,” Mrs. Chen said, nervously pointing at the come-soaked blonde.

“Well,” said the smiling mayor. “I think we’ve seen all we need to see.” The mayor and chief of police left the room. Mrs. Chen, Rick, and Don just shuddered.


The girls and Gray left the private room to the sound of applause from the customers immediately outside; every sigh and squeal was heard. Calina and Camilla took a bow and giggled. Then Candice came over to them.

“You guys had better hide,” she said. “The mayor and chief of police were looking for you, Camilla. If they know what you were doing, you may get busted.”

Gray said goodnight and rushed out of the bar. Camilla and Calina quickly went into the bathroom to hide and wash their faces. Camilla got on the toilet and peed, trying to stay calm and hope she wouldn’t get in trouble.

The mayor and chief of police came back into the main area of the bar. “Did you find Camilla?” the mayor asked Candice.

“No, Your Worship,” she lied. “Sorry.”

“Oh, that’s OK,” he said. “We’re gonna have to leave now, anyway. We’ll be back tomorrow night for those lap-dances, OK?”

“OK, sure,” she said nervously. The men left the bar with the plainclothes cop. I hope you guys are corrupt enough to let us do our thing, Candice thought.

Calina came out of the bathroom slowly, looking around for danger.

“It’s okay,” Candice told her. “They’re gone.”

“Oh, good,” Calina said. “Now I get ready for my floorshow.” She walked over to the DJ to tell him what music to play.

Camilla opened the washroom door slightly to see if everything was OK. “Don’t worry, Camil,” Candice said. “They’re gone.”

“Whew,” Camilla said, and came out. Immediately after that, she saw Dr. Singh. “Oh, hi Ravinder. Do you have my test results?”

“Yes, I do,” he said. They walked over to a table and sat down together, away from the other people. He whispered, “You don’t have any STDs.”

“Oh, good!” she said. “But what about those little black egg-shaped things I told you about? Are they in my blood and pee?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so,” he said.

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