I trembled as I heard Sylvia’s dramatic flurried entrance, finishing of with the front door slamming shut. That sound of a door being closed was terrifying to me because I knew it would be a very long time before it was ever opened again.

‘Where is he?’ I heard Sylvia’s familiar voice bark. Then with a flourish she rushed into the room. On seeing me completely immobilised, she clapped her hands excitedly and laughed, taunting: ‘Well, well it’s my little smother-slave.’ She towered over my helpless form, glaring with an evil jubilation.

‘He’s good to suffocate, isn’t he?’ Demetria smirked, her gloved hands smoothing across my petrified face.

‘He’s perfect, isn’t he,’ Sylvia purred. ‘That’s why I chose him.’

Survival dictated I struggled with my confines, but I knew it was useless. They had me exactly where they wanted me.

‘You’ve been a very bad smother-slave,’ Sylvia mockingly chided. ‘You ran away from your mistress. What do you have to say for yourself?’

I couldn’t answer because of the duct tape, which is precisely how these females liked it. They could chat to you, torment you, play with you and there was no way in the world you could talk back or call for help.

Staring down at me with delight gleaming in her eyes, Sylvia flung off her coat to reveal the curvaceous Amazonian figure I knew so well. She was wearing her favourite smother torture costume; tight black satin blouse – revealing her ample bosom – and, adhered to her curves, were tan skin-tight soft kidskin leather breeches, laced up at the sides. Black leather knee-length boots completed her ‘goddess smothering’ outfit, as she liked to call it. She looked intimidatingly wicked. I was petrified.

Demetria was already slipping out of her uniform and was down to her stockings and suspenders. As I fearfully surveyed the two gloating women arrogantly standing above me. I’m not ashamed to say there were whimpering sounds coming from my nostrils.

Sylvia grinned at the transfixed policewoman. ‘Thank you so much, Demetria, for finding my smother slave. You have no idea how much I missed him. And one favour deserves another. You told me you’d like to try your hand at extreme smother torture, so I’ll show you what I like doing to him for a while and then I’ll leave him with you afterwards.’

‘It will be an honour for me to be shown by such a noteworthy smother queen as yourself,’ Demetria smilingly replied, sitting down to watch.

Sylvia turned to get into her usual first smothering position, kneeling on the table, straddling my chest, her back to me. It seemed to happen in slow motion as she clambered over me, a smirk on her beautiful face. I tried for all my worth to turn my head away from her bottom hovering just above my face. It was firm and big, well muscled, and the kidskin leather moulded her buttocks like a glove. Again I tried with all my might to break free from my bonds, but all I could do was helplessly stare at the protruding buttocks wavering millimetres from my upturned face.

‘He looks like he knows you quite well, Sylvia,’ Demetria dryly chortled, noting the look of terror shrouding my countenance.

‘I think he knows my ass better than most,’ Sylvia laughed, teasing my nose by rubbing it along the crease between the rounded orbs. A faint gasp came from her lips as she felt the vibrations of my quickening nostril breath. She savoured my terror, exciting herself with anticipation.

And then she sat down, and her overpowering bottom cut me off from the rest of the world. My nose, now squashed between her buttocks, had been my only form of breathing before. Now there was nothing I could do to catch any breath at all.

‘Mmmmmmmmhhhhhhh….’ she went, wiggling her mighty backside so my nose rubbed against her rim. ‘Oh yes, you know what I like, don’t you?’

My face was being crushed by her bottom and my nose was becoming sore at all the rubbing. I could hear Demetria’s breathing increasing too as she watched my smother torturer enjoying herself at my expense.

Soon my oxygen supply began to rapidly deplete and my struggling increased. And so did Sylvia’s stimulation. She continued sitting there for a long time until I thought she’d never get off. But she is an expert in the art of smothering and after all this time knows my limitations extremely well. Her bottom rose, almost begrudgingly, ever so slightly and I managed to snatch in a bit of air. Then she sat back down full weight and remained seated, marvelling at my discomfort.

‘Did you really think you could get away from your Smother Goddess?’ Sylvia asked me.

I could just see the side of her face above her right buttock. She smirked down at me suffocating beneath her mightiness, an eyebrow arching arrogantly.

My ears were pounding and all my muscles screamed in torment. Her backside lifted slightly to allow a measured amount of air. Demetria was panting quite loudly now and I could hear her fidgeting in her seat. I guessed she must have been masturbating.

After a long time of continual face sitting torture Sylvia rose from my face, the weight shifting off completely. I greedily snorted in fresh air, relieved at the lack of pressure on my face. I supposed this would be my only respite until Demetria took over. It only took me seconds to realise Sylvia hadn’t finished with me yet and she was turning round to facesit me again.

This time she was facing me, and as I looked up I could see the gleeful look in her velvet almond-shaped eyes. Then she slowly lowered herself and I knew my face would once again be obliterated by her overpowering crutch and bottom.

Her overbearing weight sank down, crushing my face, my sore nose pressing hard into her crutch. I could feel the suede had already become damp from her enjoyment. I looked imploringly from between her strong thighs into her widened eyes. Her beautiful, cruel face grinned back down at me, savouring my plight. She loved suffocating me like this. It was her biggest turn-on.

I felt like sobbing but was unable. I knew she was going to continue for ages, until such a time the torture was unbearable. Then she’d do it to me even more. Demetria gasped in the background, obviously reaching an orgasm.

I was being used solely for their pleasure. I was just a toy to be sat on and smothered and there wasn’t a thing in the world I could do to stop them.

‘You’re not going to get away from me again,’ Sylivia breathed, wallowing in my suffering. ‘Not ever again.’

Tears welled in my eyes and the last thing I saw before the darkness tugged at my mind was her eyes trying hard to keep looking into mine, then they went back into her lids and her crutch became damper and she gasped too. Then the only sounds I could hear were the two of them climaxing as I slowly slipped into hell. A place I knew I would visit often while I was their slave.

The girls experience at the hotel had been less than acceptable. For starters the card key that was suppose to open the doors, didn’t work. Secondly the on-shift manager had been less then pleasant during check in, and to add insult to injury, the ice machine they planned on filling the cooler up with, was broke.

“Why don’t we just call downstairs and order something to eat, I don’t feel like going out tonight” Nicole suggested.

Jamie responded, “Well if the food is like the service, then just imagine how much time they’re gonna spend preparing it. We’re better off eating cat food, ain’t that right snickers?” Jamie said to her kitty who was too busy grooming to pay them any mind. Both girls began to laugh.

“Are you foo-king kiddin me, the wifi is down again”, Nicole let out a irritated moan.

“Oh no we’re getting some kind of a refund, we paid extra for that” Jamie asserted. “I’m calling down right now!” Jamie phoned the help desk and was greeted by a distinct voice.

“Welcome to the help desk, My name is Mars, how may I assist you today?” Jamie felt a slight tingle in her pubic area. The deep voice was vibrating more than just her eardrum.

“Uhh we’re having a problem with our wifi connection, do you think you could bring us up a network cable.”

“Sure thing ma’am, your in room 396 correct?”

“Yep that’s the room.”

“Ok I’ll be right up”, click.

“Girl what was that all about” Nicole questioned.

“That help desk guy sounded so sexy, I told him to bring up his cable” Jamie said smiling at Nicole. “Since you don’t feel like going out, lets have a little inside fun tonight.”

Both girls giggled and quickly put on their sexiest lace-trim cheeky panties with matching garter slips. Snickers watched from the window-sill as the girls made their transformations from casual girls into sexy goddesses in record time. Jamie’s satin garter slip was black and red while Nicole’s silk slip was pink and black. Both girls seemed to complimented each other naturally. Jamie’s personality was slightly more aggressive than Nicole’s and she liked to be pleased. Nicole’s on the other hand was one of submission and pleasure from giving.

They heard a light knock on the door. Tap.. Tap. “Cumming in a minute hun”, Jamie said as she did a her final look over in the bathroom mirror, running her fingers thru her bang. She slowly opened the door of the suite and was in awe by the young black stud that stood in the doorway. Built like a football player, Jamie’s mind began running wild with offensive strategies to kickoff her little game. “The laptop is over here” she said walking seductively in the direction of the bedroom.

Mars followed behind like a dog on a leash, he was hooked. His eyes went down to her slightly visible white cheeks covered only by a sexy satin slip. Her hips overflowed and bounced against the smooth soft fabric. When he reached the bed he saw yet another vixen, dressed in expressive lingerie.

“Uh so are you enjoying your stay with us so far?” Mars asked, trying to maintain a level of professionalism.

“Ha” Jamie said. “The guy working before you wasn’t nice, but you got it right, you seem like you enjoy going the extra mile to pleeease the customer” Jamie implied. Mars was aroused off of her wordplay alone. This one is sexy and demanding he thought to himself.

“Yes I pride myself in doing a good job”, he responded in a flirty manner.

“Well, I got a job for you after you stick that cable in” Jamie asserted. She pushed him on the bed with Nicole.

Jamie climbed on-top of Mars face, slid her Vicki’s to the side and began spreading her ass cheeks wide and demanded he stick his wet tongue inside. “I know you want my little pink asshole, I want to feel your little hot tongue deep inside it” Jamie blurted out. “Thats right, clean my ass like a good little sex slave” she said as he began licking her little circular asshole. He repeated this licking motion for about three and a half minutes until Jamie abruptly said “Now I’m gonna ride your face” in a matter-of-factingly tone. Pulling her Vicki’s down to her ankles, she began grinding her pussy on his mouth. Mars could barely think with that tight juice pussy opening and closing his lips.

“Uh can I…” he was abruptly ended when Jamie covered up his mouth with her moist white pussy. “Lick my clit for a while and then I’ll think about listening to what you have to say”, Jamie said in a bossy demanding voice. This made Mars cock swell up like a freshly grilled Johnson Sausage with the cheese inside.

Just at that moment Nicole joined in on the action, chiming in, “Maybe I’ll suck on his balls, let’s see how well he can think then.” She opened her wet inviting mouth and began sucking hard on Mars balls like a vacuum cleaner attachment, which instantly put him in a speechless Ecstasy. Her tongue twirled in-between both balls, at a steady and rapid pace.

Here he was in a hotel suite, yielded completely useless, being used as a pleasure toy for two sexy women-goddesses. His logical and rational facilities were temporarily shut down. His ability to think and form coherent thoughts was also suspended. The only thing he could do was feel the building energy of a powerful oncoming orgasm.

Nicole released his soaked scrotum from her sloppy wet mouth and began fingering her twat and jerking his dick at the same time. “Ohhh daddy, I want this big black cock inside me right now” she said lustfully, her Spanish accent adding character to the words. She stood Mars fat juicy cock straight up in the air and sat her tasty hungry pussy over his dark meat. “OOOhh” she let out, “My poossy liiikes that papi”. Nicole’s gorgeous pussy was a tight fit.

Jamie rode his face like she was on a ninja motorcycle, leaning forward and bouncing her ivory butt up and down. She began slapping Nicole’s big mocha ass. “Thats right work that fat black dick girl, show him what that pussy hittin for.” They both began to giggle as they felt Mars tensing up. “I want that cum deep in my throat” Jamie said. She got off his face and waited as Nicole pulled her suction cup pussy off of Mars throbbing meat.

Jamie threw her wet mouth over Mars dick just as soon as Nicole’s pussy left it. Jamie slid it deep down her throat, right past the tonsils and began shaking her neck rapidly while gargling. She came up for air for a second and demanded more feel up her hot little throat. She swooped back down and didn’t let up until she felt the tensing sensation. She grabbed his testicles and began playing with them, whirling them around like Chinese stress balls. Mars felt a powerful energy raising up and was unable to control it. He exploded deep into Jamie’s throat and she clamped down even harder her lips now touching the beginning of the shaft.

After catching every last drop in her mouth, she crawled across the bed to Nicole and shared her prize. They both blew cum-bubbles with the sperm while Mars laid there drained but attentive.

“Thank you for your services Mars, we’ll be sure to call you if we need anything else” Jamie said after swallowing her half of the load.


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