I have been brought here. How and by whom I don’t know, or maybe it just doesn’t matter. But I have been brought here, blindfolded and in the dark, led through the cold, through a door, somewhere, into a rush of heat. My skin prickles at the change in temperature. The hand that is clamped firmly around my wrist pulls me onward. Then lets go.

A hand in the small of my back pushes me into open space. Off balance, I fall forward onto the floor, hands flailing ungracefully for a moment to break my fall. It’s soft, at least, carpeted, but I’m painfully conscious of my face pressed into the floor and my legs splayed behind me, and whoever it is that brought me in is – presumably – still there. I hear movement, but in front of me. Confused, I lift my head to try and place the sound, and feel a hand suddenly push my face back into the floor. More movement, behind me, and suddenly I feel a hand running up the inside of my thigh, rough against my clothes, and warm. Before I even realise I’m doing it I lift my hips and almost imperceptibly spread my legs, wanting the hand to move higher, but it pulls away. The hand on my head – this has to be two different people – moves away and grabs my wrists, pinning my arms above my head. I pull back, testing him. Nothing. Immobile. I start to wriggle forward, to gain more room, but yelp as someone grabs my ankles and pulls me straight. Another pair of hands – so there are three, then – slips around my waist and pulls my trousers to my ankles. Some sort of panic starts to rise in me; I can feel my heart pounding. This wasn’t the deal. What was the deal? I pull against the hands again, meaning it this time. One foot comes free, but seconds of triumph are gone as my leg is suddenly trapped and pinned again, but further apart – I’m on my front with my legs spread wide open, with fuck knows how many people. This is not ok. And yet… I’m horrified to realise that it’s making me wet.

I hear someone laugh behind me. Two hands start to run smoothly up my legs, pushing them gently further apart. I whimper. The hands slow as they reach the top of my thighs, squeezing my soft skin and pushing against my feet held in place. I freeze as he gets closer to my cunt, I can feel the heat of him and desperately want him to… OH. I gasp as one thumb runs slowly down over the length of my lips and brushes against my clit. He does it again, pushing harder, and his thumb slides over my slick wetness. I whimper and push back against his hand, wriggling myself closer. Suddenly the hand is gone. A sharp smack against my cunt instead. ‘Fuck’ I exhale with shock, or disappointment.

‘Shut up’ says a voice near my head, a hand tangles in my hair and pulls my head sharply backwards. I feel someone kneel over my arms, my mouth is forced open as he pushes the head of his cock past my lips. I suck, hard, swirling my tongue over it, but he pushes deeper. My hair is pulled harder, my mouth is filled as his cock forces itself further. As he hits the back of my throat, I convulse, and I feel a finger slip inside my cunt at the exact same moment. I clench around it. My eyes are watering; I don’t know if I want this or not, but I don’t want it to stop. I push back against the fingers in my slick, swollen cunt, wanting deeper, more, struggling to breathe around the cock filling my throat and thrusting back and forth.

I feel hot hands on me again, pulling me upwards, grabbing roughly at me, pulling at my flesh. I am on my knees, mouth filled, eyes watering, with a hand between my legs; I spread my legs wider, needy, wanting. The hand between my legs is pulled away. I half-mumble complaint around the cock deep in my mouth, until I feel another nudging against my cunt. I whine and try to spread wider still; someone laughs behind me. He teases me, rubbing his cock against me, wet with my juices; I shiver, and suddenly he pushes my shoulders forward and thrusts deeply into me. I cry out, feeling the cock in my mouth slip from me and slide wetly against my cheek. It returns, my hair pulled back again, harder this time, as both men slide into me at once. They slip into the same rhythm, each thrust pinning me in place, my hair falling around my face, hands gripping my hips, the thick scent of sex everywhere, gasping for breath. I feel them both swelling as they fuck me, lengthening, filling me deeper. My cunt swells in response, and almost without warning I am about to come, with every stroke I am closer, and it ripples out across my body, shimmering like a heat haze across my skin as I stiffen and cry out and clutch at the body nearest to my hands.

I want to collapse, I want to pause, but instead I am pulled back, and down; before I can catch my breath my mouth is filled, a different cock this time, my nose against his skin. There is a man between my thighs, I have been pulled down onto him, and I grind my hips wetly against him, driving his cock deeper. Still panting, I reach up to the man filling my mouth and cling to his warm thighs. A hand between my shoulderblades pushes me forwards, horizontal, and a finger starts rubbing around my ass. I whimper and wriggle, wanting more, now, needing to be filled in every possible way. Then suddenly the stretch of a slick cock pushing slowly into my ass; I freeze, the sensation overwhelming. I can only moan, the tiniest movement enough to send stars across my vision. As he pushes deeper into me, I can feel the two of them pressing against each other through the wall of my cunt; a twitch from one is enough to set the other off. I begin to push back, wanting all of it. Constantly wanting. He finally pushes all the way into me, I am moaning with every breath I take now, I have lost track of what anything means, and the cock in my mouth begins to thrust again. The three, slowly, begin to push into me over and over; I feel hands all over me, pulling my hips down, spreading my ass cheeks, twisting my nipples, tangling in my hair, holding my shoulders still. Every touch on every part of my body feels as if there must be sparks coming off me; I feel like I could power the universe with this energy and I am aching, needing to come again, needing to feel them really fuck me.

Faster now, I feel all three thrusting in and out of me, harder, deeper, filling me; suddenly my mouth is emptied and I hear grunts above me; I keep my mouth wide open and am rewarded with hot bursts of cum on my tongue, my lips, dripping down my cheek. The two fucking me redouble their efforts; I feel the cock in my ass begin to swell, fucking me harder, I can’t tell the difference any more between hurting and not but I know he is stretching me wider and wider with every thrust. His hands grip sweatily against me as I feel him buck into me and fill me with cum; the man beneath me cries out and he too is close; in that tiny space inside me it’s enough to push him over the edge. He drives into me, pulling me down onto him, in a fury his cock pushes against my g-spot and I feel him twitch and swell and fill me with cum at the exact moment my cunt convulses around him needily, I am screaming, and I ride the waves of my orgasm as I feel cum dripping from my ass, my cunt, my cheeks, full and used and hot to the touch…

I collapse onto him, a heap of panting bodies, twitching as the last moments of orgasm still wash over me. I can feel cum drying on my skin, warm hands all over me, stretching my aching muscles and holding me firm. I feel their skin hot against mine, their pulses calming as mine begins to return to normal. Possibly soon they might even take this blindfold off me…

September 2018
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