Danni and Lorna were exhausted; Lorna had been helping Danni move into her new house, it was a new build, four bedroom detached, with extensive walled gardens for extra security and privacy; the rooms were spacious and the master bedroom had an en-suite bath and shower room.

“Finally we’ve unpacked the last box,” Danni said, flopping down on the sofa smiling.

“Right where’s the takeaway menu? I’m starving,” Lorna asked.

“I don’t know if I’ve got one, I’ve only been here a couple of days.”

“Well if I can find my bag, there’s one in there, I brought it with me as I thought that may be the case,” Lorna laughed.

“I’m not having a kebab, I fancy a pizza I think,” her friend said not really knowing what she fancied to eat.

“Danni you never know what you want.” Lorna smiled.

Going over to the sofa Lorna sat down next to Danni and gave her the menu…

“I know what I would love, but I don’t think it’s on that menu,” Danni giggled.

“Food first and then I might let you have a sweet dessert!” her friend replied winking.

Danni started to tickle her friend make her giggle, before planting a loving kiss on her lips, she really was beginning to fall in love with her.

“Well I want to be different and have my dessert first,” Danni said cheekily; and she disappeared up the stairs to play in her new power shower; she did wonder however if her friend would follow…

Danni undressed and put her clothes into the laundry basket, she went through to the en-suite and switched on the shower; she was so glad that she decided to have the larger cubicle as it meant that they can shower together; just as she was about to step in…

“Danni I’ve ordered the food, they said it would be about an hour.”

“I hadn’t chosen what I wanted, but okay I guess I can live with a surprise; anyway come here I want you.” Danni shouted.

Lorna walked into the bathroom to find Danni in the shower lathering her tits…

“Erm very nice; do you mind if I watch from here?” she smiled.

“No not at all, I hope you enjoy the show,” her friend said grabbing her vibrating rabbit shaped dildo from the shelve and began the show; thrusting the rabbit up her soaking pussy slowly at first and then harder making sure that the rabbit’s ears stroked her ever hardening love gem; with her free hand she caressed her tits and squeezed her nipples, slowly cupping them to her own mouth so that she could chew her own nips that now resembled ripened raspberries…

“Fuck you’re hot,” Lorna said stepping into the shower and turning off the water jets; not able to resist joining in, “let me do that for you,” she said getting hold of the dildo and slowly gliding it in and out whilst licking her friends love bud, flicking at it with her tongue….

“That feels fuckin fab,” Danni said lustfully, she could sense her orgasm building inside her; her body started to tingle and flutter…

“AHH FUCK PLEASE DON’T STOP…PLEASE PLEASE…” she screamed blissfully.

Lorna pushed the cock up higher knowing that she could get Danni to squirt her sweet love juice, Lorna loved the taste of her friends sweet nectar…

“NO…NO…NO…PLEASE NO…YES… YES… YES…OHHHH FUCK… I’M COMIN…YES…YES,” Danni wailed, her body almost buckled from the shattering orgasm that ripped through her body, her legs like jelly; she looked down to watch Lorna lapping up her love juice trying not to spill a drop…

Lorna slowly kissed her way up Danni’s body, reaching her voluptuous tits gently suckled on her ever hard nips making her friend mewl joyously, continuing up her neckline nuzzling and flicking Danni’s earlobes with her tongue, whilst all the time rubbing her thumb over her friend’s bud making her orgasm over and over…

Stepping out of the shower after yet another orgasm, Danni groaned wantonly “God you’re fucking good!”

“Why thank you Ms. Cox; now let’s try out your new bed?” Lorna said smiling and gently pulling Danni towards the bedroom.

Slowly following Lorna into the bedroom; Danni pulled her back, smiling at her she kissed her friend and told her, “It’s not my bed it’s ours, I bought the king size so that we would have more room to have fun in comfort!”

Reaching the bed they both fell onto it; pawing at each other’s bodies with animalistic passion; they both knew that they were falling for each other in a big way, Lorna climbed on top of her friend; cupping her own tits and twisting her nipples she mewed softly…

“Lorna let me lick you!” Danni almost begged.

Moving up so that her pussy was directly over Danni’s face; her friend slowly began to lick at her love button whilst pushing two fingers up her soaking wet twat slowly at first then harder, her sweet juice splashing onto Danni’s face into her mouth, “Fucking hell you taste so good!”… Teasing at her love bud with her teeth, licking and flicking with her tongue…

“OH DANNI…DON’T STOP PLEASE…I’M COMING,” Lorna screamed ecstatically, her body starting to tense as the force of the orgasm tore through her…Danni begin to fuck her pussy with her tongue; drinking all the sweet juice that she could, desperately trying not to spill any…

Lorna fell back onto the bed, her body spent from the explosive orgasm. Her friend gently kissed her whilst caressing her tits…

“Lorna I have something to ask you.” Danni whispered.

“What is it my darling?”

Just then the doorbell rang; they both guessed it was the takeaway delivery…

“Oh fuck great timing!” Lorna mumbled…neither of us are dressed…”What the fuck? Danni what are you doing?” she shouted to her friend as she went out of the bedroom door completely naked…

Grabbing her purse and opening the door, without looking who was there she asked…

“How much do I owe you?”

The male voice answered, “Erm well it depends what you’d like me to do for you!”

Looking up Danni was horrified to find not the delivery driver, but her next door neighbour whom she met briefly earlier on in the day; trying her best to hide herself…

“Oh I’m so sorry; I thought you were the takeaway guy,” Danni apologised.

“What a treat he would have had!” her neighbour said cheekily; looking Danni up and down and liking what he saw.

Danni grabbed a dust sheet from behind the front door…

“How can I help you Phil?” Danni asked her visitor who was definitely not as embarrassed as she was.

“Well Sammi and I thought you might like a drink and some food after your move, so we put this hamper together for you.”

“Oh thanks very much, it’s much appreciated; I could do with a drink.” Danni said smiling.

“I forgot to say, Sammi told me to invite you to the BBQ we are having tomorrow afternoon/evening…nothing to fancy just a few friends and please bring your partner.” He added not really giving Danni any opportunity to accept or decline…

Closing the door and dropping the dust sheet from her naked body, she went through to the kitchen and placed the hamper down on the table…”Lorna, Lorna come see what we have?” she shouted up the rear staircase hoping that her friend could hear…

Little did she know that her friend had fallen asleep and had enveloped herself in the red satin sheets that dressed the four poster bed; she walked up the staircase to find her friend lying there with a contented look on her face; softly shaking her Danni said quietly…

“Darling, we’ve had a special delivery…come and see what’s in the hamper.”

Waking but not quite finding her bearings in the new room…”Where am I?” she asked.

“You’re in our new bed, in our new house,” Danni whispered before gently kissing her. “Now do you remember?”

“Hamper, what hamper? Who gave us a hamper?” she asked in a confused tone.

“Look just come down stairs, I’ll be in the kitchen and hurry before I grab all the good stuff!!” she laughed.

Making her way out of the door and down the stairs, this time after pulling on her robe Danni was closely followed by her lover…

“Oi wait for me, let’s look together,” she shouted excitedly, catching up to her friend…

Reaching the kitchen Lorna looked on as Danni removed the packages from the large hamper; inside were a bottle of both red and white wine, a cheese board complete with cheeses and crackers, fresh fruit, an Indian curry for two with rice and naan breads, after dinner mints and a small bottle of bourbon…

“Wow that was so kind of them,” Danni said smiling.

“So kind of who; where’s the takeaway?” her friend asked.

“Oh dear don’t you ever listen; when the doorbell rang it was our neighbour Phil, he brought the hamper round it’s a gift off the two of them; the takeaway hasn’t arrived yet.” Danni explained trying not to laugh out loud.

She carried on telling Lorna that they had been invited to the BBQ the following afternoon at the neighbour’s house; and how she was so embarrassed after answering the door to Phil totally naked…Lorna giggled and asked what his wife’s name was…

“It’s Sammi…she seems really nice,” Danni answered enthusiastically.

“Got the hot’s for her have you?” her lover said snatching her robe open.

“No I’m just saying,” Danni said lustfully.

“Erm right…I think you want her pussy?” Lorna said pulling her friend closer and kissing her passionately, probing into her mouth with her tongue…

Clearing a space on the table she slowly pushed Danni back onto the table; lying her down and lifting her legs over her own shoulders, she began to push two fingers into Danni’s dripping wet pussy making her groan blissfully; Lorna grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl and peeled it; she looked impishly at her lover, who had a look of horror on her face…

“No please don’t do what I think you are going too,” Danni begged.

“Well tell me quickly do you want Sammi’s pussy?”

“No no I don’t honestly,” she said smiling.

“You my darling are fibbing, so your punishment is a fruit fuck!” Lorna laughed.

Rubbing her thumb on Danni’s bud it wasn’t long before she was panting and groaning; she slowly started to fuck her lover with the banana, her pussy juicier than ever, gliding it in and out; Lorna dropped to her knees and began to lick her tongue over her friends bud…

“AHHH FUCK YES…LICK IT PLEASE…DON’T STOP…” Danni screamed in ecstasy.

Licking her bud and the folds of her pussy, Lorna could taste the banana mixing with the sweetness of her lover’s juice…

“Push it out my darling, push it out.” Lorna whispered to her lover.

Whilst panting and groaning ecstatically, Danni pushed out the banana which was followed by a torrent of sweet love nectar, which Lorna caught in a cup; Danni mewled as the orgasm raged through her, leaving her body limp on the table…

“Fucking hell that felt fantastic!” Danni whispered.

“Now tell me the truth; Do you want Sammi’s pussy?” her friend asked laughing.

“No I really don’t; you are the only one for me.” Danni said before planting a kiss on her lover’s lips.

Lorna slowly helped her friend off the table and they went to sit in the lounge; snuggling up on the sofa they decided to listen to some music and relax; whilst every now and then they had a passionate kiss…

“What was it you wanted to ask me earlier sweetheart?” Lorna asked before going through to the kitchen to get some wine.

“Oh it was, well I’ve been meaning to ask you for an age, but…” her friend said nervously.

“Well ask me then, ya daft bat,” Lorna laughed.

“Well I was hoping that you would move in here with me…as my lover,” her friend replied shyly.

Lorna sat down next to Danni looked at her and said…

“I thought you’d never ask!” before kissing her with wanton passion…

Just then the doorbell rang again…

“It might be Phil back for another look,” Lorna joked.

“Not funny, anyway you’re going this time.” Danni retaliated with a smile.

Opening the door Lorna studied what was in front of her; there was a petite blonde long haired young lady about mid to late twenties, around five feet three inches, with bright blue eyes, wearing a black playsuit and black strappy sandals, she had a slim figure but sizeable tits…

“Hi my name is Sammi, I live next door, is Danni at home?” she asked.

“Oh right, please to meet you, I’m Lorna, Danni’s partner, please come in she’s in the lounge.”

“Danni you have a visitor darling,” Lorna said trying not to smirk.

“Hi Danni, can I do anything to help?” Sammi said in her soft voice.

“Well to be honest we are not really doing much now, but would you like to stay for a drink?” Danni asked.

“Yes that would be lovely, thank you,” she answered.

“I’ll get the drinks darling; you sit and entertain our guest!” Lorna said heading for the kitchen.

Danni and Sammi chatted away whilst Lorna got them all a drink; walking back into the lounge with the drinks she noticed that Sammi was being very flirty with Danni; this intrigued her and she began to plot a way to try and get them all in the same room…the bedroom…

“There you go Sammi, hope you enjoy it.” Lorna said passing the ditzy visitor her drink.

“Bottoms up!” Sammi toasted. “Erm this tastes lovely, what is it?”

“That my dear is a Lorna special cocktail, its Danni’s family recipe, so I can’t tell you all of the ingredients but it does have bourbon, wine and a little something extra.” Lorna answered with a beaming smile.

“Please bring some tomorrow, I’m sure it will go down very well,” Sammi said innocently.

“I will if I remember,” Lorna smiled.

The three of them sat chatting about the neighbourhood mostly, at one point Sammi had asked the two friends if they knew Greg and Andy as they were a gay couple, the two friends looked at each other, laughed and said that they didn’t know them; Lorna studied Sammi all the time she was there, her facial features were soft and her hair looked naturally blonde, but mostly she studied her tits trying to work out if they were fake; she even steered the conversation towards plastic surgery so that she could get the answer, and they were real…

“Well ladies I must be going, thank you so much for the drink and I’ll see you both tomorrow,” Sammi announced.

“Okay then, we will see you tomorrow Sammi,” Danni said seeing their guest out of the door…

When she returned to the lounge Lorna was sat on the sofa with a daft look on her face…

“What’s the matter with you?” Danni asked.

“How ditzy is she?” Lorna laughed.

“Oh don’t be mean, I think she’s really nice,” her friend said.

“I bet I can guess which part of her is really nice too, ya sexy little minx,” Lorna said playfully, before tickling and kissing her lover.

The two lovers gave up on the takeaway and decided to have an early night instead; once they had finished their drinks they headed up to bed…

“I’m just going for a quick shower, fancy joining me Sexy Ass?” Lorna asked.

“Hell yes! Thought you’d never ask,” her lover said before kissing her softly.

Once in the shower they began soaping each other’s bodies, softly caressing their tits and pussy’s, Lorna noticed that her lovers pussy was extremely wet…

“You naughty girl…you do want her pussy…I knew you did!” Lorna teased.

“Okay then I do want her but for both of us, I’m sure she fancies me.”

“Well if you’re that sure, then go for it; let’s see if we can have some fun with her, I quite fancy a bit of that myself ditzy or not she’s very cute.”

“Yeah but I don’t want to appear stupid,” Danni replied.

That night in bed amongst other things they hatched the plan on how to get Sammi over to their place and hopefully have some fun…Danni had trouble getting to sleep as the suspense of it all was too much; she didn’t want to have to wait too long before she got to play with Sammi; so she had to be quite direct just like Lorna was in Ibiza with Lucia…

It was the day of the BBQ and the two friends had slept in until eleven o’clock in the morning both not really wanting to leave the other’s arms; Danni turned to face Lorna and kissed her tenderly whilst cupping her tits and gently squeezing her nipples…

“Let’s make love, just one more time before we consider getting out of bed?” she whispered softly.

“Mmm that sounds like a great idea darling,” Lorna said kissing her lovingly…

Danni slowly moved her hand down to her lovers thighs gently smoothing her hand inwards, parting her legs; she slowly reached her fleshpot and began gently rubbing her hardening bud, Lorna’s ecstatic groans sounding blissful as another orgasm built inside her; they slowly entwined their legs together and began to massage their buds gently at first, their pussy’s now soaking wet and almost ready to release a torrent of sweet juices…

“HARDER…HARDER…PLEASE…PLEASE,” Lorna begged wantonly…

Danni straddled her lover lifting her leg in the air and held on to her foot; she began to grind their buds harder, Lorna’s groans louder and more lustful; beads of sweat trickling down her face; Danni’s climax not far from the edge, her ecstatic wail’s louder than before, she began to suck on her lover’s toes licking her feet; sending them both to the point of no return; the air in the room filled with the smell and the sound of wanton desire; their bodies engulfed with explosive orgasms their juices flowing like a mountain stream…

The two lovers lay enveloped on the bed their whole bodies spent from the sexual excitement; they kissed both smiling lovingly at each other…

“Wow…that was fucking amazing…thank you my darling!” Lorna said softly.

“No need to thank me…but I agree it truly was intense!” Danni replied smiling; getting out of bed.

“Do we have to get up now?”

“Yes we do…we have to get ready for the BBQ remember; I’m going for a shower.” Danni said heading for the bathroom.

“Oh yes…you can’t keep the lovely Sammi waiting can you?” Lorna teased.

“Piss off…or I won’t share her,” her lover replied laughing…

Danni stepped into the shower and her thoughts went back to when the two of them got back from Ibiza; they had been inseparable they do everything together; a wry smile came over her face and hopefully they are about to do Sammi together and she couldn’t wait…

Lorna stepped into the shower with her lover…

“Erm let me guess who you’ve been thinking about, you naughty girl?” she asked gently smacking her lovers ass cheeks.

“No no I haven’t…honestly!” Danni protested smiling.

Danni quickly showered and stepped out closely followed by her rampant lover; who chased her all around the bedroom before they both fell on the bed; Danni fell face first and started giggling…

“We are like two school kids.” Danni laughed.

“I know…good isn’t it…now pout that lovely ass…you’re getting a spanking!” her lover insisted.

“But I haven’t done anything wrong,” Danni protested.

“I will be the judge of that…now pout it!” Lorna requested lustfully…

Danni did as she was asked a somewhat very willing partner; she kneeled on all fours and pouted her chunky ass ready for the playful punishment; her lover started to spank her ass with slow sensual strokes of the new flogger they had ordered online; it was a satin and leather mix, a bright pink satin bound handle with soft leather tassels making up the whip, perfect for love games…

“Please don’t hurt me Miss?” Danni begged playfully.

“I won’t…you just do as I tell you; now open your legs slightly so that I can check to see if your pussy is wet from your filthy thoughts,” Lorna said teasingly…

Opening her legs slightly Lorna gently slapped her lover’s pussy lips with the flogger; her lover’s groans heavenly to listen too…

“Erm, we are very wet aren’t we?” Miss said dipping two fingers into Danni’s honey pot.

“Yes Miss…I like the flogger Miss,” she replied enjoying the role play.

“Oh do you…Well in that case you can have ten strokes of it…” Miss said before giving her lover her punishment…

Neil, as usual, was feeling guilty about the enjoyment that this domination was creating within him and he tried feebly to resist, both physically and verbally. “Where are you taking me, and what are you going to do to me?” he asked while trying to shrug her hand off his arm.

Alena marched him out of the living room and down a curved elegant staircase to a walkout basement. Same view of the city carpet of lights, only framed with shrubs and trees of the back yard. She did not answer him.

“Nice view,” he said, again trying to engage her, but he was beginning to learn that once she had a sexual mission, she was focused and intent upon receiving satisfaction from whatever kinks she desired.

“Enjoy it while it lasts deary,” she finally responded, “You’re not going to be seeing any more of it.”

With that statement she grabbed a remote control off an ottoman and pressed a sequence of buttons. To Neil’s astonishment, the entire wall opposite the city view parted and slid into receiving recesses to reveal a room like no other that he had ever seen. He had seen pictures and videos of BDSM rooms on the internet, but not one like this. There was everything imaginable in it, suspension devices, cages, barred cells, walls hung with various whips, paddles and floggers, tables similar to the one where he received his beating last week, queening chairs, plus numerous other pieces of paraphernalia that he hadn’t a clue about. To his left the wall and floor was bare concrete with embedded attachment rings, a true dungeon setting, he thought; straight ahead was an area where the floor was covered with what appeared to be a layer of thick rubber matting, the ceiling a jungle of hanging chains. To his right the floor was carpeted and the area tastefully made to be a cozy bedroom with a king size bed, night tables, lamps, heavy curtains on the walls, and even a fully equipped en suite bathroom. The only incongruous items were the ubiquitous attachment sites for chains or whatever else she desired.

“Oh my God! This is unbelievable! Where did you get all this stuff? Jesus!” he exclaimed.

Alena guided him inside and pressed another button sequence on the remote to close the wall. He looked behind him and noted that the sliding wall was thickly padded, sound-proofed. She stood in front of the bed with her hands on her hips smiling like the Cheshire cat and said, “Come over here.” He did so.

“This is for you,” she whispered as she reached out and placed a steel collar with numerous D-rings around his neck. Again, the click of a lock. The collar was heavy, Neil noted, but not uncomfortable, although cold.

“Turn around,” she demanded.

Her efficiency in administering her confinement devices was concise. The lock was removed from his cuffs behind his back and then each wrist was locked to a D-ring on each side of his collar, so that his hands were helplessly extended behind his ears.

Admiring her work, Alena said, “There you go. Now just relax. I’m going to shower and change before I put you under.”

“Under? Under what? Wait…please say you’re not going to drug me,” he said with alarm.

“Don’t be silly. You’re going under my spell and into sub-space; that’s all. You are my slave.” She tossed her head, laughed and disappeared into the bathroom, leaving him to explore.

Considering his semi-nude state, he was glad the room was warm. He saw the remote in front of him on the bed and he leaned over trying to grasp it. Realizing that he wouldn’t be able to see the buttons with his hands behind his head he gave up that idea. Turning, he tried to find the crack in the sliding wall where it came together. There was none that he could see. He kicked it, and it seemed as solid as a regular wall. Must be on rails, he thought.

His eyes explored the area now with more detail, and he focused on the large barred cell just to his right. It was similar to a regular jail cell, even with a toilet in one corner. The floor was concrete and there was no bed. Desolate and bleak, especially if one was inside staring outward at the luxury of Alena’s “bedroom”, he thought. His eyes focused next on the numerous chains hanging from the ceiling. Actually, he noticed after some study, they hung from pulleys which were in tandem with pulleys on the walls, motorized pulleys. Yikes, he thought, as his mouth started to go dry.

Both excited and afraid, he realized Alena had the will and the means to do anything she wanted with him this weekend. He wished he was able to pour some wine from the open bottle on the night table, but his hands were useless. He sat on the bed, listening to the shower stop in the bathroom. If he could have twiddled his thumbs, he would have. Then he became curious about a wall hung with masks and hoods. As he inspected them, he realized the masks were the realistic rubber or silicone ones, very thick, with openings for the eyes and mouth, and small holes for the nose. They were “smooth-skinned” and clearly meant to be female. They stared at him, vacant and dead.

The leather hoods had great variations in thickness, padding and severity of confinement. The most severe of them was very thickly padded, had no holes except a half-inch grommet at the mouth, and was outfitted with straps to pull the hood even tighter after the laces were tied off. The laces themselves could be covered with a zippered flap which could be locked closed, so removal by the victim was impossible. It would be severe and extreme sensory deprivation.

“That one has your name on it,” Alena said as she came out of the bathroom entirely nude except for thigh-high leather stiletto boots. She wielded the all too familiar flogger.

“No way. You’re not getting that thing on me.”

“Really? When I want to, I will. You have no idea what you’re dealing with here, do you?” She strode toward him like a tigress to a kill.

“Wait,” Neil said, “Okay, I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I’m sorry Goddess.”

She struck him on the back with the flogger then, causing him to yelp. “Don’t worry; I won’t touch your bruised ass this weekend. Too much damage there. But there are so many other places, so many other ways, to make you cry.”

She was in full fantasy mode now, he realized, and that could only mean he was to be a sex object for her delight. He had a faint hope that it might be for his delight too, but he was in no position to demand it. It would be given if she chose.

Deep in his subconscious however, he understood that this is what he wanted, anything she administered is what he needed. It was food for his hungry psyche. He bowed his head, avoiding eye contact, and said with absolute sincerity, “I understand Goddess.”

Pleased with him, she told him to lie down on her bed face up. He waited, breathless, as she slid onto the bed beside him.

“Make me cum slave,” she whispered, as she positioned herself over his mouth, facing his feet. Remotely Neil was glad she had showered because her anus was directly in front of his nose as he started to stimulate her vagina and clitoris with his tongue. She was holding his penis now and bending forward, at the same time crushing herself on his face. Trying to please her, he worked her gently but furiously as she took him into her mouth.

The rising crescendo of the evening caught up to him then and he lost control, immediately filling her mouth with his fluids. She milked him dry as much as possible in consideration of the hurry she was in. Her mouth was full as she lifted herself off him and turned around to face him, un-swallowed cum contained within. Her look made Neil nervous, and then she plunged at his mouth, kissing him deeply and spitting all his juices inside him. She pulled back and squeezed his mouth shut with her hand and shouted, “YOU swallow it bitch! Don’t EVER do that again! Is that clear? Jesus, I hate that! You bitch!”

The consistency and salty taste almost made him sick, but he swallowed and briefly gagged. He was afraid of her now, and knew he would pay a much higher price than swallowing his own cum. He lay there as she went to the bathroom to gargle something in her mouth. He wished he could do the same.

She returned, saying, “Jesus, who do you think you are, cumming in my mouth? Did I say you could cum in my mouth? Did I?”

“No Goddess. But you put it in your mouth and I thought…” he pleaded.

“Never assume anything with me. Never! Is that clear?”

“Yes Goddess,” he meekly answered. The silence that followed was thick, and he thought maybe he had crossed a defining line. “Maybe I should go home,” he said.

“What? You are naïve, aren’t you? You’re in bondage, in MY dungeon. You have no say in anything, get it? You’re here for the weekend and I am going to train you to be respectful. Is that clear?”

“But I thought…” he stopped and then corrected, “Yes Goddess.”

“Good. Now finish what you pathetically started.”

Within minutes, she was writhing on top of his face, her full weight on him, cutting off all air supply as she came again and again. His consciousness was beginning to fade and his body started to buck under, her resulting in his release. He gasped as she lifted herself off and marched to the wall of hoods, selecting the one he had been most afraid of, and bringing it back to the bed.

“Obviously, you need some breath training. Sit up,” she commanded, and then in forgetfulness she said, “Oh, wait, I forgot something.” She threw the hood on his corseted waist and went to a dresser drawer, pulling out a device he was unsure of. It looked like a gag of some sort, but it had wings on it and it was hollow with an eight inch tube sticking out of the end. Another smaller tube also extended outward with a squeeze bulb on it.

“I just love this thing. It silences my victims so perfectly. Put this in your mouth. It’s a butterfly gag.”

The gag tube was inserted, followed by its attached rubber bladder which went between his teeth and cheeks. He closed his mouth over it and found he could breathe easily through the tube which dangled down to his chest. The strap was pulled around to the back of his head and buckled. Not bad, he thought. No pain.

Then she brought the leather hood to his face and threaded the breathing tube through the half-inch breathing hole in the hood. The bulb was removed from the smaller tube and it also was threaded through the hood hole. Replacing the bulb and with everything in place, the hood was pulled back over his face and all light was gone.

He felt the bed move as Alena repositioned herself to lace up the hood. Tighter and tighter, he started to panic, but could do nothing with his hands hanging uselessly at the side of his head. He felt a final tightening tug and then the tie-off and she stopped. He was just trying to mumble something when suddenly the bladder between his cheeks inflated, as well as the tube that was over his tongue. All he could muster was a panicked guttural noise originating somewhere in his chest. His breath came in quick gasps as he imagined he was running out of air; the breathing tube was so narrow. He scratched frantically at the hood as she positioned the flap over the laces and zipped it tight, locking it in place. All he could hear was his own breathing, and his heart beat became louder and louder as she tightened up the straps over his eyes and ears and locked them shut.

In the distance, or at least some place outside his present existence he heard, “Sleep tight. Rest for tomorrow.”

He scrambled his fingers over the leather hood, feeling all the locks. She watched him in amusement. This was such an evil device, one which had broken greater men than he. If that gag had not been inserted, he would be talking to himself and his demons within half an hour. With the gag, he would imagine he was talking. He would imagine a lot of things, none of which were part of his reality right now. This was sensory deprivation at its finest. He was gone now. She and she alone, would create and manipulate his reality. She would caress him; she would isolate him; she would flog him, she would give him orgasms. And she would be swept up in the power of it, a prolonged orgy of orgasmic delight for the weekend…and longer if she chose. He might be the same at the end; he might not, but right now she didn’t care.

She grabbed his sightless, soundless hooded head between her hands and stared at the bumps over his eye sockets which blocked all light and said, “Remember, I AM a psychopath.” He didn’t hear, of course, but what he said or heard didn’t matter now anyway. Her loins almost gushed with desire as she pulled him up off the bed and placed him in the barred cell for the night. He stood there, uncertain as to what he should or could do, completely isolated from his environment.

Alena went to her bed, reached into her night table drawer and pulled out her favorite vibrator, placing it on the bed. She watched Neil inch around in his cell trying to figure out what was happening and where he was. As she bent over to remove her boots, juices squeezed out of her. She laid herself out, staring at her prey while orgasmic.

In the distance she heard faint moaning and whining, eventually morphing into attempted formation of words and sentences. It had started.

She fell asleep.

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