face sitting

Part 5

Final day.

Major Watson cringed as Vavaski strutted into the cell. Her pupils were dilated and her eyes were wild with anticipation. The gleeful look on her attractive-but-hard face scared him even more.

‘Get on the table,’ she ordered, grinning as she unshackled him from the chains.

Obediently, he did as he was bidden and subserviently clambered onto the torture table. Almost impatiently she peeled herself out of the rubber cat-suit, which had been her interrogation uniform for the last few years. It felt good to be naked in the smother chamber for the first time. Then she strapped him down so he could not move a muscle, but just leaving his head free. It was more enjoyable for her when she would be able feel his face futilely trying to escape.

‘I have enjoyed torturing you, Major,’ she smirked, mounting the stirrups. Her large, muscular, naked and protruding bottom loomed ominously millimetres from his turned-away face. ‘Now I am going to do it to you, err…’ she chortled. ‘…bareback. Isn’t that what you English say?’

‘P…l…e…a…s…e…’ he pleaded. ‘I’ve given you everything you’re wanted.’

‘You’ve given me more than that,’ she grinned. ‘You’ve given me more pleasure than I’ve had for a very long time, Major.’ She held his head, forcing him to look directly at her oppressive backside. Cruelly, she smilingly caressed his nose with her buttock’s crease. ‘Now I want to try your face out for size properly.’


Her bottom slowly sank down on to his subjugated face, squashing down on him with all her weight.

‘You have only seen my backside in latex throughout our, how shall I say, our little get together…’ she threw out a short laugh. ‘Now you shall have the privilege of seeing my bottom naked for the rest of your life.’

She was loving doing this to the man she’d spent the last week breaking him down into what had now become her face seat.

‘Incidentally, ‘she smiled down at his suffocating eyes. ‘You’ve see more of my bottom in the last six days even more than you have ever seen your own wife’s.’ She was revelling in his torment. ‘And I suppose it is my duty, and great pleasure I must say, to inform you that you will never see her again.’

His face desperately tried to wriggle away from her tortuous bottom. The feeling was nice for her, it sort of tickled in a way but was even nicer than that. It was kind of sexual but in a way she’d never experienced before. She could get used to this.

‘It is also my duty to inform you, Major…’ Her bottom fought with his face in a totally unmatched fight. ‘That any prisoner has ever left this cell alive.’ It felt so good to be doing this to him. It was completely unprofessional and she’d never done anything, nor indeed felt anything, like this before. But it was delicious.

‘Aaaahhhhhhhhhh…’ he went as she momentarily raised her bottom sufficiently for his lungs to be able to suck in much needed air.

She sat back down immediately, realising that it was a sexual feeling after all and although she’d never felt it before it was very probably going to be much nicer than sex. In fact she had an inkling it was going to be the most gorgeous feeling she’d ever experienced.

His mouth was being dominatingly covered by her now-dampened vagina, while his nose ingressed into her anus.

‘Do you have any idea how pleasurable this is?’ she smirked down at his bulging eyes. ‘And I have my orders to carry out.’

It was lovely tormenting him like this, she mused, wriggling her backside to increase the sensations. She could get used to this, it was almost like a drug. Then one second she’d been enjoying the feeling seeing his tormented and badly reddened face and of sitting on his face and smothering him, and the next second it came suddenly, caught her off-guard. It was like something out of this world, almost as if no human should be allowed to experience this amount of ecstasy.

‘Eeerrrrrrrrrrrrhhh…’ she went involuntarily, throwing back her head. Her eyes disappeared back into the lids and her whole body was taken over by tidal waves of delightful sensations. Wave after wave of pleasure washed through every nerve-end, every corner of her body. She wasn’t here she was somewhere else. It was like a place known as Heaven. Each wave made her groan, ‘Mmhhhhhhhhh.’

In the next few hours she experienced four more climaxes until she reached a point where she wanted to continue but realised she was too tired to go on for much longer.

‘Aaaahhhhhhhhhh…’ his lungs went. It was the longest he’d been allowed to breathe for the last three and a half hours. Her bottom remained poised, just hovering above his gasping face.

‘Major,’ she smiled. ‘I have orders to execute you.’

He was more concerned with catching his much deprived breath but on hearing that became even more fearful.

‘However…’ she face grinned from ear to ear at the sight of his defeated and panting face beneath her, ‘…I have a proposition for you.’

‘W…h…a…t…,’ he gasped, ‘d…o…y…o…u…m…e…a…n…?’

‘I can either sit on your face and suffocate you until you are dead,’ she smirked. ‘Or…’ Tormentingly, she wiggled her bottom into his frightened face.

‘O…r…? he stammered.

‘Or I can let you live,’ she smiled. ‘But there’s a catch.’

‘W…h…a…t..?’ he stuttered.

‘If I let you live you have to be my slave,’ she breathed, becoming excited again.

‘Y…o…u…r…s…l…a…v…e..?’ he went, looking terrified.

‘You have to do whatever I want,’ she chuckled, forcing his face into her bottom and sitting on it.

‘If you don’t do what I want then I’ll execute you anyway,’ she happily continued. ‘But the choice is yours whether you live or die.’

His lungs were fit to burst. There was nothing he could do.

‘When I let you breathe I want you to kiss my backside if you want to live,’ she laughed. ‘Or you will die if you don’t. The choice of the prize, like they say in your quiz shows, is yours.’

She was becoming aroused again and reluctantly raised her bottom, and even as he gasped and choked down air, his lips met with her fleshy bottom cheeks in an act of utter and total defeat.

‘That feels nice,’ she admitted. ‘Keep doing it.’

For the following twenty minutes she made him perform analingus and achieved an even stronger orgasm than before.

She reflected on the situation as she dressed and chained him back on the cold, hard ground. She had made the right choice, she thought. And so had he. It had been worth taking a risk. She’d get the sergeant to organise helping to smuggle him back to her apartment. She’d allow the sergeant to execute her next prisoner as payment.

As she looked down at her handsome slave she knew that now she was going to have the loveliest time of her life. And she was more contented than she’d been for a very long time.

The end

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