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Déjà Vu, Part I

Just down the hall inside the Wilder home’s large central bathroom, Laura was admiring herself in the mirror that took up one entire wall of the huge room. For forty-six, she looked amazing and not a day over what twenty-nine would have looked like just fifty years before; a testament to modern genome anti-aging treatments. She had another decade to look forward to before she could expect her magnificent breasts to start showing significant signs of sagging; despite their amazing 34FF cup size.

The bathroom itself was pretty average for modern upper middle class suburban construction. The spacious room was designed to accommodate several people simultaneously. The wall Laura was standing at consisted of nothing but an expansive wall to wall and ceiling to floor mirror that helped to give the impression that the room was even larger than it actually was. Against another wall there were three pairs of commodes and bidets; each separated by less than a foot. This close positioning allowed the persons occupying adjacent fixtures to ‘assist’ each other as necessary. Each bidet also came equipped with the necessary faucets to attach enema equipment of various types and purposes.

Across from the plumbing fixtures was the bathing area. This was separated from the main bathroom by a glass wall to trap heat and steam for the comfort of the bathers. The bathing area contained three large detachable shower heads. Sunk into the floor and extending out into the middle of the area was a large whirlpool tub big enough for four people comfortably; six people if the occupants didn’t mind being crowded.

The last wall of the bathroom contained one long counter with four recessed extra large sinks and matching oval mirrors. Under the counter were cabinets containing all manner of things: personal hygiene items, towels, robes, enema equipment, medications, hair and beauty products, and even a few light bondage items like hand cuffs, ball gags and general purpose leather and rubber straps. The enema equipment included your standard fair of plugs, bags, injectors, lubricant, hoses, speculums, wands, etc. It was nothing out of the ordinary for a modern family and almost everything could be picked up in the pharmacy department of a local supermarket.

Bringing her attention back to the sexy woman staring out from the mirror in front of her, Laura tested the perkiness of her reflection’s boobs by cupping them with her hands and pushing them up before allowing them to drop a few times. She nodding in satisfaction to herself at the pleasing swell of top boob and cleavage this created. Reaching behind her shoulders, she found the zipper to her expensively tailored dress at the base of her neck and began unzipping the back slowly. As the garment lost its tautness, her ample chest began to reveal itself gradually to her lust filled eyes. She watched with anticipation as the zipper reached the bottom of its track at the small of her back and all that was holding the soft fabric to her fantastic breasts were the dress’s sleeves; and as she brought her shoulders forward, even those gave way to gravity’s irresistible calling. Her breath caught as the dress finally slipped away and her proud tits swung free of their confinement for the first time since that morning. Instinctively, her hands wandered up to those two lovely orbs to caress and fondle them as she watched her reflection’s response intently.

Laura was interrupted by the pleasant sounds that had suddenly started drifting down the hall and into her private sanctuary. It was obvious to the mother of five that her two youngest daughters were most likely being sodomized by her oldest daughter with what she assumed were Amanda’s pair of expert fists. God only knew how many lucky women had been reduced to quivering orgasmed-out wrecks with their butts on the receiving end of Amanda’s large – for a woman – and very strong hands. Certainly a lot more than Laura knew about; and she knew about quite a few. Laura could personally attest to the skill and determination of her oldest protégé’s skills with her fists. After all, she had taught Amanda everything she knew on the subject of deep anal penetration of a woman’s posterior using nothing but the only suitable tools for the task evolution had given women.

Laura’s fingernails slid down the inside of her breasts as her mind peered inward and she reminisced on times past. Goosebumps rose across her skin in response to the gentle touch and her nipples hardened instantly.

The act of fisting had always been a favorite of Amanda’s; both giving and receiving. At least twice a week – while Amanda was still in college – during her nightly training sessions, they would take turns fisting each other’s ever-expanding assholes till the other exploded in orgasm after orgasm. Some of Laura’s most cherished memories of her oldest daughter were while admiring the look of total concentration on her young face – as viewed from between Laura’s widely spread legs – as the younger woman drove her fist as hard and as fast as possible into her mother’s anus again and again and again. Amanda’s favorite technique was to make a fist and pull completely out before punching straight back into her mother’s always well dilated hole.

Amanda had needed constant pointers and tips as to the best way to get an arm as deeply into a woman’s rectum as possible. Depths well past the elbow were common place and expected. If Amanda was having an off night and not pushing deep enough into her frustrated mother to get her to cum nice and hard the way she needed to, a refresher course was always given by her father. Dave was determined to make sure his oldest daughter knew how to deeply and properly fist fuck a woman’s ass. Amanda’s punishment would fit the crime. She was forced to sit on her mother’s face and watch on enviously as her father pounded his fist into her mother’s gaping asshole, all the way up to his elbow, for at least ten or fifteen minutes.

Laura would apologize fervently for her failure – as a teacher and as a mother – to her oldest daughter during these prolonged refresher courses. Either by greedily feasting on the sloppy young anus above her face or by pulling her daughter’s hips backwards slightly to dig her tongue into her daughter’s gushing cunt and freeing up the younger woman’s asshole for a shallow anal fisting to help console her during her punishment time. Amanda always thanked her mother by cumming all over her face at least two or three times.

Naturally, a fisting of this caliber always caused Laura to cum quite a few times herself. After all, this was one of the ways she and Dave played together when they were alone anyways. Of course, they had many other fun games that were common for married couples to engage in as well; almost all of which usually left Laura’s poor and battered sphincter remarkably sore the next day.

“There! Now that you’ve seen how to do it properly,” Dave would always say as he wiped sweat from his brow, “Do it again! And deeper this time!” After he’d finished giving his wife enough bicep motivated anal orgasms, it was usually very easy for Amanda to get her arm in just as deeply as her father; what with the smaller tools she had to work with. Dave had very big and powerful arms and hands. Laura had always loved being fisted by Dave. It was one of the reasons she fell in love with him in the first place.

Of course, Amanda always came faster and harder than even Laura did when it was time to change positions and Laura took charge of her daughter’s anal pleasure using the exact same technique. Forcing orgasm after orgasm out of her daughter’s delicate rectum as she punched her fist into the gaping chasm between her Amanda’s butt cheeks. This gave her enough time to recover from her own anal orgasms. Soon enough, it would be time to switch places and Laura could be a bottom once again. Amanda did need a lot of practice after all.

This weekly training regime had remained fairly consistent until the young woman turned twenty-two and Laura introduced her to double anal fisting for her birthday. After that, the frequency of anal fisting during their daily sessions became closer to three times a week. Amanda soon became an expert at sinking both fists up her mother’s protesting back portal until she felt the older woman’s sphincter trying to swallow her elbows. At that point she’d alternate driving her arms in and out of her mother’s poor ass – elbow to wrist and back again – as forcefully as she could. Laura had never been able to take more than ten minutes of such a brutal attack on even her well trained ass before the sensations became far more painful than pleasant. Dave, who was very aware of Laura’s limits, never allowed Amanda to stop until at least twenty minutes had passed during each session; no matter how tired or exhausted his straining daughter might become. Laura never experienced such mind blowing orgasms as she’d always had towards the end of the twenty minute mark. Amanda had always given her mother a few good minutes extra; just to prove she could, and Laura was proud for her daughter’s extra determination in her lessons.

Of course, after Laura recovered, it would be Amanda’s turn to lay back and spread her cheeks so her mother could sink her arms into the sloppy hole that years of dedicated and strenuous training had transformed her once tight anus into. Amanda would always confide in her mother, as they cuddled afterwards in their mutual post-orgasm afterglow, that the double fisting usually became almost unbearable after only a few short minutes. She would then thank Laura with deep and passionate kisses for always going the fully allotted twenty minutes before stopping because her orgasms towards the end were amazing.

Like mother like daughter.

Laura’s mind returned to the present as she stood in her family’s spacious bathroom. Not to her surprise, she discovered that while she’d been far away in the past, her fingers in the present had found the hard nipples atop her glorious breasts. Her fingers and thumbs had obviously been very busy pinching and rolling her sensitive nubs; she could tell by the angry red coloration they were developing from the absent minded abuse. The pleasant dull and painful ache she was feeling from the tips of her tits confirmed it. Now that she was conscious of her mischievous hands transgressions against her defenseless breasts, she really allowed the tenderized nubs to have it as she dug her index fingers and thumbs deep into the base of each areola and squeezed as hard as she could. Her knees went weak with the pain in her mammaries and her pussy started to melt. Amanda slowly tilted her head from side to side and relished in the warm sensations flooding into her needy cunt as she began to roll her flattened nipples brutally without releasing any pressure.

God, she was such a pain slut when it came to her nipples. She’d been very surprised when most of her daughters hadn’t grown to share in that trait. Thankfully, her youngest, Emily, showed just as much of an appreciation in painful nipple play as her mother did. It was one of their shared interested in which they bonded over. They could spend hours chatting over the pros and cons of each piece of Laura’s expansive nipple clamp collection; trying them on as they went.

Speaking of clamps, her fingers were starting to tire but her poor breasts were just getting into the pain being inflicted on them; and she needed her hands free anyway. Moving over to the bathroom counter, she regretfully released her angry red nipples and was briefly rewarded with a fresh flash of pain as blood returned to the crushed tips.

“Let’s see,” Laura mumbled to herself as she opened the small jewelry cabinet on the counter which contained most of her favorite nipple clamps. “Nope. Nope. Not strong enough. Nope. I never liked the color of these against my nipples; why do I still keep this pair?” she continued shifting though her collection. “Not these. Huh, I wonder where this one’s mate got to… Nope. Not that pair, those actually draw blood and I’m not feeling like that flavor of pain tonight. Nope… Ah! Here we go. A nice strong pair of bar clamps with constriction screws, perfect!”

Laura’s nipples were already hard to the point of bursting; perfect for clamp application. Seating the first clamp at the base of her right nipple, she began to turn the screws which brought the two bars steadily together. She felt the bite as the unyielding bars started squeezing yielding nipple flesh; she kept screwing down. She knew she had the right amount of tension when she doubled over briefly in pain. Standing up, she gazed at herself in the mirror and was pleased to see misting at the corner of her eyes. “Perfect,” she said as she reached for the second clamp. A minute later and a wincing and softly sniffing Laura admired her crushed nipples in the mirror. “Perfect,” she repeated as she allowed her fingers to dip down to her completely drenched snatch.

Only allowing two fingers of her right hand to enter her gooey cunt, she stroked them in and out a few times before extracting them and bringing them to her lips. The scent and taste was intoxicating as her mouth closed around the fingers and began sucking gently. She returned to the mirror-wall to admire herself as she transferred more and more sweet pussy juice from her overflowing slit to her greedy mouth. She always loved the taste of herself the best after a long day at work.

The image that greeted Laura in the mirror was breathtakingly hot. Her dress had concealed a full boned deep imperial purple leather corset that she wore to flatten and smooth her already muscular stomach. The corset actually had no breast cups at all which allowed her huge rack to sway incitingly from side to side – nipple clamps catching the reflection of the overhead recessed lighting – as her hands moved from her pussy to her mouth and back again. The deep purple of the hard and constricting garment contrasted provocatively with the pale white of her milky breasts and the dark red of her flowing hair. Below the bottom edge of the expensive lingerie appeared her sopping wet pussy; still being penetrated by two of her questing fingers. Her shaved bare front hole was in turn framed by the black silk stockings and black satin garters holding them up. Peaking out just below her wet pussy lips could be seen just a shadow of a large black mass. She was a serious piece of fuck meat if she’s ever seen one; and she had seen many, many of them! Too bad Dave wasn’t here to take her. She needed to be taken. And hard!

Even though the tightly closed corset shaped her already hot figure to the point of spontaneous libido combustibility, she actually wore it for a very functional purpose. Without the strong boned corset, her abdomen would have bulged outward obscenely with the shape of the gigantic five and a half inch diameter, eighteen inch long plug that she’d inserted before leaving for work that morning. The same toy was still deeply packed into her straining rectum.

She’d decided to wear a dilator plug this morning instead of a normal butt plug. The chief benefit of a dilator plug over a more traditional butt plug was that it had no neck for her painfully distended anus to find temporary relief by closing itself around. The only part of the plug’s shape that deviated from the thick cylindrical tool was the large circular flange at its base. This ensured that the plug was not accidentally swallowed whole by the very ass that it was supposed to be training. The design allowed for the maximum strain to be placed on the entire length and depth of her expertly trained rectal track; from the tortured sphincter between her tones ass cheeks to the deepest darkest depths of her large intestines somewhere around the base of her ribcage.

As Laura’s thoughts dwelled on the huge plug invading her body, her hips began to slowly gyrate. She allowed herself the pleasure of forcing a third finger into her dark front hole. She gasped and sucked her fingers harder as she considered the advantages to the toy her body was hiding in plain sight.

Another aspect to a dilator plug was that since there was no neck for her battered ring of rectal muscle to grip onto, she had to wear a dildo strap to ensure the toy didn’t simply fall out of her ass when she stood up. While the thought was humorous, she would simply die of embarrassment should something like that ever happen in public; let alone in her conservative workplace. The dildo strap securing the huge latex rectal violator inside Laura was actually designed into her purpose built corset. It started as two pieces of tough leather from the left and right side of her pelvic bone in the front. These passed on either side of her dripping pussy to join up into a single strip of leather just past her moist hole. This allowed Laura’s empty front fuck port to be used freely and without the need for her to undress. It also permitted her to urinate when nature frequently called. Her young secretary Tanya had verified the first feature worked as the designer intended over lunch – to Laura’s screaming and writhing pleasure – and the greatly reduced space in her torso for urine storage in her bladder had ensured the nonstop trips to the ladies’ room throughout the day.

Laura paused in her excited fingering to reposition the straps she’d been considering to allow her easier access, before continuing to stroke her fingers in and out of her steaming gash. Her mind continued to wander onwards as she considered the finer points of her lingerie’s engineering.

After merging back into a single strand of leather, the dildo strap continued upwards through a metal tab in the base of the massive plug to guarantee that removal was impossible. It was finally secured to a buckle at the base of her spine. This same buckle also secured the constricting laces of the corset itself. Having the same buckle serve two different and necessary functions allowed a single small lock to be placed into it so that, without the key, removal of the corset and plug were virtually impossible. Laura had placed just such a lock in position before smoothing out her dress and leaving that morning. The key still rested where she left it: next to her and Dave’s wedding rings on the counter next to the sink.

She didn’t really need a lock to ensure the horrible plug remained where it was; she had more than enough willpower to leave it in place. Laura just liked the comfortingly submissive feeling of having the decision to remove it out of her hands. The fact that Dave had always locked her daily plugs deep inside her bowels before they left for work was something she deeply missed. While it was true that during today’s workday she was just as powerless to end her bottom’s persistent torment as she was when Dave was alive, it just somehow wasn’t the same. Just making the key’s unavailable for a time was no substitute for having someone else in possession of those keys. Someone who may or may not use those keys until they were damn good and ready. Someone whose sadism was just as well developed as Laura’s own masochism…

The only real downside to a dilator plug over a traditional plug was that… well… there honestly wasn’t one as far as Laura was concerned.

Laura’s hips were now gyrating in time to the fingers pounding into her dripping pussy. She was relishing the exquisite sensations coming out of her rectum as the movement of her hips was causing the colossal dong buried between them to shift around inside her compressed torso. Laura paused briefly to add a yet another finger to the three that were already fucking her greedy twat. She bit her lip lightly and groaned as the fourth digit slipped into the welcoming hole to join its fellows. Not wanting to give herself a moment’s respite, the four fingers resumed their punishing rhythm into her compressed womanhood.

Thoughts of Dave flooded into the moaning and writhing woman in the mirror. The handsomeness. The intelligence. The strong body. The huge cock. The sadistic use of her body. God! She needed to get laid! And not just by her pretty secretary, Tanya. True, sex with the hot, mousey brunette was satisfying. Her endless sea green eyes, perky 34B cup breasts and an ass you could bounce a quarter off never ceased to get Laura’s juices flowing. But unlike Laura herself, and most of her daughters, Tanya was a pure bottom. Like their mother, Cora and Amanda could dominate almost as happily as they could submit. If push came to shove though, all three of them were happiest as bottoms: on their backs, ankles touching their ears, hands spreading their butt cheeks wide, and their back holes packed painfully full.

Emily was considerably less dominant, but as evidenced by the vicious pounding she had given her poor sister Cora’s back door a few minutes ago, she had it in her to be a determined top. Naomi was less dominant still, but had a viciously sadistic streak in her that surfaced occasionally, as confirmed by her unanticipated rape of her mother’s rectum earlier that very morning. In a girl as masochistic as she was, incidents like that were going to get her into some serious trouble with the wrong top someday; but she’d probably enjoy the fallout anyway. Okay. So she’ll be alright.

Mary, on the other hand, was just as much a pure bottom as Tanya. The very idea of them strapping on a nice thick dildo and plowing it into another woman’s ass never occurred to them; and why should it? Their proper place in life was to be bent over a strong piece of furniture while being on the receiving end of something stiff, pointy and thick. Luckily for them, pure masochistic bottoms were well received in today’s dating pool.

Actually, any willing female bottom was a welcomed addition to the dating pool. And all female bottoms were willing!

Laura giggled at her own little pun. Bottoms… Butts…

Playing with a bottom’s bottom was actually how Laura’s lunch break ended. After Tanya had eaten her boss out to a few screaming orgasms, and as soon as Laura had recovered, she had been thrown over her boss’s desk and had her skirt pulled up over her tight posterior. Situating herself comfortably, Tanya had reached back to pull her butt cheeks wide apart. Laura was amazed as always at her underling’s back hole and how it was just as empty and seemingly permanently dilated. That amazing gape had no business being on such a lithe twenty-two year old’s body! The spacious cavern was nearly the dimensions of Laura’s own; and she’d been having her back hole trained for longer than Tanya had been alive!

Like most single young women, Tanya still lived with her parents. Society didn’t trust them to properly take care of their own special needs without strict and frequent guidance from their mothers after all. And although Tanya came from a very conservative and proper family, their idea on the proper treatment of a young woman’s nether hole different from the cultural norm. Her mother and father had immigrated to the United States from Hungary when she was a young girl and had brought their home country’s customs with them. Unlike American women who normally packed their butts full of latex during the workday, it was far more common in Europe for women to just let their assholes gape open. Of course, to ensure a sizable gape was maintained throughout the day, excruciatingly large dilator plugs were commonly worn all night long. And of course, having an appropriate refresher over lunch helped as well.

When the eastern European girl had first been employed as Laura’s secretary, she’d shyly approached her boss on the morning of her fourth day of employment with a hand written note from her mother. It was in broken English and addressed to Laura:

Wilderné Laura,

Tanya come home every day with anus so small. It hurt her much when father put Tanya bed at night with largest plug in butt. You help Tanya keep ass big and loose, yes please? Tanya good girl. Today Tanya bring you favorite toy.

Kovacsné Bianca

P.S. Tanya have good tongue for pussy. Bianca teach all daughters herself.

By the time Laura finished reading the short note she was beat red with embarrassment for her employee. Europeans certainly were considerably less shy about these things than Americans were! They always had been a few decades ahead culturally. If she’d ever had to take a similar note to her own boss, she may very well of died of public disgrace where she’d stood!

This had begun Laura and Tanya’s mid-day fuck sessions. The horny little secretary did what bottoms do best with remarkable ease and grace. And Laura had plowed the petite woman with a five inch thick, fifteen inch long veined faux-cock for half an hour before the lunch hour ended. Tanya was reduced to a quivering, whimpering, orgasmed-out mess; and one thoroughly satisfied girl. After she’d collected her wits about herself, she washed off the thick tool that had mercilessly raped her tight bottom and then returned it to its proper place in Laura’s desk drawer to be used tomorrow; right next to Laura’s own five and a quarter inch dildo that she frequently used to relieve stress during breaks. Work could be such a pain in her ass sometimes; or was it that the pain in her ass made work bearable. Something like that, Laura was sure.

After that, Tanya returned to her desk in the outer office to resume her normal secretarial duties. Laura loved watching her young secretary leave her office. Tanya always made it a point to allow her skirt to ride up far enough to offer Laura an unobstructed view of the totally ruined and wide open hole between her taut ass cheeks; a hole that would never again know what it was like to be closed. Despite being raised with a distinct European culture, at least that part of her upbringing made her every bit the All-American Girl.

Mind returning once again to the present, Laura found herself seriously hot now. The forty-six year old mother of five was standing slightly bowlegged to grant herself as much access to her pussy as she could. She was sinking her entire hand up to her thumb into her drenched and burning cunt, causing her clamped tits to bounce up and down on her heaving chest with each impact. This was all her front hole could take actually. With the constricting presence of the corset and the giant latex monster up her backside, there was simply no more room in her torso for her to squeeze her entire hand into her dripping pussy; she’d tried and failed on multiple occasions before. The only reason she could actually get all four fingers inside herself as deep as they were was because she was only wearing a five and a half inch thick plug. If Dave were around to select her daily butt stretcher, she might have been able to get two in fingers; max. Thankfully, Dave, with his far superior strength, could always manage to get his large cock balls deep into her vacant but restricted cunt regardless of the plug size in her back hole. It was always a tight fit; but that was the point!

Laura paused briefly in her incessant cunt pounding to bring her fingers up to her gasping mouth to suck off some of the slick liquid that now permeated her hand and fingers. She’d much rather be sucking the girl cum of one of her daughters from those digits, but instead contented herself with her own musty quim juice. Fingers now mostly cleaned off, and not having any alternative at this exact moment, Laura returned the four fingers of her hand she actually could force into herself to her melting slit and continued to allow her mind to wander.


Amanda was just finishing up with making sure her two kid sisters were comfortable before leaving to join her mother in the communal bathroom. After an elbow deep examination of the two eighteen year old rectums, she was indeed impressed with how thoroughly Emily and Cora had managed to wreck each other’s poor back holes. In her expert opinion, both holes were out of commission for the rest of the night. Veteran anal bottoms like Amanda or Laura – not to mention Mary, who could put her mother and older sister to shame – could take a dry pounding like that and be ready to go in an hour or so, but their shit-holes had undergone years of abuse to achieve that level of resilience. And even with the marvels of modern medicine, dildo-burned flesh only regenerated so fast.

Amanda had been careful to apply a liberal coating of Anal Soothing Formula 24, or F-24 for short – “Guaranteed to heal non-emergency anal trauma in 24 hours or your money back!” – to the depths of both girls’ raw and distended bottoms. She was very impressed with the effectiveness of the product and recommended it to all her customers; clients and distributors alike. The combination of the F-24 application and her kid sisters, and the method her little sisters had used on each other to require that application, reminded her of why she was a little biased towards F-24. After all, there were numerous competitors on the market today. But Amanda had actually participated in the final FDA medical trials for the product during her junior year at college; for credit for her humanities elective, not for actual money. Why pay guinea pigs to test your product when you can get them to pay YOU at the normal astronomical price of college tuition?

The class schedule itself was pretty unusual compared with all her previous classes. It was a solid twenty-seven hour commitment once per week. Six girls were in each class and the class ran five days a week for a total of thirty girls per semester. She’d heard one of the faculty members mention that there’d been fifty campuses nationwide running the same program. That was a total of fifteen-hundred college-aged girls per semester; and the final trials had run for four semesters. So the cross section of the female population was actually very thorough as far as these things went.

If the schedule was unique, the curriculum of the class was very different from Amanda’s otherwise normal college experiences. She even had to have parental permission just to sign up. All the girls in the class were informed by their guidance counselors before they even committed to the class that it was a medical trial and so would cover topics that they may not be comfortable discussing outside the home or their family physician’s offices. Even being forwarded, Amanda had been scandalized during the class’s first meeting.

F-24 classes were held in the nursing technology building and started at 8:00 AM every Thursday morning and ran until 11:00 AM on Friday; just in time for Amanda to get to her differential equations class at 11:30. They were told the first day of class that it was a requirement for each girl to sleep with her maximum capacity dilator plug for at least eight hours prior to beginning of class; so that consistently accurate data could be gathered. Amanda’s mother always helped her insert that painfully large plug the night before. As soon as class began, all six girls were quickly changed out of their street clothes and into skimpy, open backed hospital gowns. A female nursing student would then take each girl into a private bathroom and administer a series of high colonic enemas; to make sure that the rectal walls were fecal free to prevent infection, and – more importantly – contamination of the data. Finally, each girl was catheterized for the duration. This was to prevent unintentional accidents as well as the need for bathroom breaks during class.

Next they would be led into a small room with six specially designed pieces of equipment which the nursing students nicknamed agitator chairs. Each girl was assigned the same chair every week. Mounted on the seat of each chair was a mean looking latex monster which the nurses called agitator plugs; to match the nickname of the agitator chairs. The plugs were covered from top to bottom with rough, sandpaper-like texture. Usually at this stage of the FDA trial, a good portion of her fellow guinea pigs would start to cry softly and have second thoughts; not that second thoughts made any difference at that point.

After the nurses lubed each plug with a quick-drying lubricant, all six girls were impaled on the twenty to twenty-four inches of a rectal destroying juggernaut. The depth of the impalement depended on each girl’s torso size but was intended to intrude to just under the lungs to make sure the entire length of the rectum was tested. The width of the horrible plugs were just shy of each girl’s individual maximum capacities. Lower legs were then pulled back and secured while arms and torsos where belted down, ensuring that the plugs had an unmolested path into the deepest recesses of the six half-naked co-des – and that there was no escape.

With a quick double check of the system’s readout, the green light was given by the head nursing student and the hour-long agitation phase of the trial began. The agitator plug’s movement was similar to that of a washing machine: Powerful, jerky circles and shallow up and down strokes not more than an inch at a time. The fast drying lube would be absorbed into the tortured rectal walls of Amanda and her fellow guinea pigs within minutes, leaving nothing to get in between their rear holes and the diabolical plugs ravaging them from the insides. The affect was that the entire length of the physically fuckable rectum was torn into by a giant grinding stone designed to inflict maximum non-permanent damage to the tender anal membranes of the tightly bound females.

The screams of pain usually started almost immediately. But unlike the normal punishment fucks they’d all enjoyed since they’d come of age, there was no traditional fucking motion involved here. The result was that it took significantly longer for the six impaled coeds to start reaching orgasm stage than it would otherwise. Although all the subjects were always well into their continuous orgasms by fifteen minutes in; not that the orgasms cut the hour-long agitation phase short by any means!

By the end of the phase, all six girls were limp, weeping, drooling messes. As the agitation plugs were halted, each girl was un-bucked and released; not that any of them were in any condition to go anywhere. A line of wheelchairs were brought in. Mounted on the seat of each of the chairs was another huge plug; this one referred to as an applicator. In contrast to the agitators, these plugs were smooth and porous – and sized to be equal to each girl’s maximum capacity. Those over-sized applicators were designed to administer a healthy coating of F-24 to the entire length of the rectum and to cover every inch of flesh that the agitator plugs had just ravaged in the cooling salve.

One after another, each guinea pig was lifted off her impaling agitator plug and gently re-impaled onto the slightly larger applicator plug. This caused more moans of pain from the owner’s of the torn and raw bottoms being stretched farther than they wanted to. Once comfortably seated the applicators would begin injecting the F-24 and then begin the slow in and out fucking motion that sped up and slowed down based on the speed of the wheel chairs’ movement. The six co-eds would then be cleaned up and wheeled around the nursing building – or campus as a whole if the weather was nice – for at least an hour to ensure a proper application of F-24; an hour of being constantly fucked by a maximum capacity plug up a sore and tortured butt.

Amanda had pleaded with her normally assigned attendant nurse, Lana, not to go outside the first time she suggested it. The cute bubble blond in the tight nursing uniform had ignored her pleas and told her that the sun would do her good as she wheeled her captive charge out through the double doors into the light. Amanda had always tried not to cry from the pain and humiliation of being wheeled around in public and exchanging pleasantries to her friends all the while having her destroyed nether hole being continuously reamed by a huge dildo that was at her maximum dilation size. And the thin hospital gown did nothing to conceal her rock hard nipples; a testament to how aroused she really was at the extreme abuse that pushed the limits of her ability to handle such abuse.

It never escaped Amanda’s notice that by the end of her wheelchair ride, Lana’s own nipples would be just as hard as her own. They’d never seen each other outside of F-24 classes, but Amanda had a strong suspicion that they’d have gotten along very well if they’d been in the same circle of friends.

The only thing that made the experience bearable week after week was that the applicator plugs were so smooth and the Formal 24 had a strong pain reducing agent built into the chemical formula. Personally, Amanda would normally be so thoroughly orgasmed out after the agitator fucking that she usually only had two or three more orgasms by the massive smooth applicators.

After their hour long wheelchair tours, the six girls were put into a single room with six beds for observation for the next twenty-three hours; these beds were arranged in a circle with all the heads pointing inwards. Each girl was laid face down onto her bed, with the applicator plug still deeply embedded into her broken nether hole. They all normally slept for a few hours after their initial ordeal, but afterwards they spent the remaining time in class chatting and gossiping like all young twenty-something girls do as if nothing was wrong. They tried to ignore the nurses as they came in every few hours to extract the plugs to check how their holes were healing before applying more F-24 and reinserting the latex dilators and leaving.

But the medicine worked as advertised. By the end of class the next day, rectal tracts would be healed and ready for more action, if still a little bit sore. Unless you were the unlucky girl as the control guinea pig. She was only given a placebo salve, not F-24, and it would be days of normal healing before her butt would be in any condition for heavy play time. Needless to say, there was always a really pissed off boyfriend or girlfriend after class!

And because of her personal experience, Amanda knew that Cora and Emily would be perfectly fine after a good night’s sleep and a few more applications of F-24. She was looking forward to reapplying the cool lotion in a few hours before the pair went to sleep. It would probably be the only additional action their sore butts got tonight.

“Now be sure that the inside and outside of each of your sphincters get well coated,” Amanda instructed her two young sisters. “I got the deep parts of your silly worn-out holes myself, but the really sore part is the actual butt hole; that part of your bottom really got rubbed raw,” she continued.

Amanda had placed the two teenagers on their sides in a traditional vaginal 69. Both girls had been more than eager to return to their favorite pussies. She’d then made sure that each girl had lubricated the other’s bottom with ample amounts F-24 before inserting their hands into the other’s sore backside. That had not been something either of them had been eager to do. The endorphins had receded to a level that both eighteen year olds now knew how sore they actually were, and they’d just as soon leave their butts alone for now. But of course, that wasn’t going to happen. They needed time to heal before playing any serious anal games, but they needed to administer their medicine effectively in the meantime.

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