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If there were one thing she could say with any certainty, it’s that young Jennifer was beauty for the ages. At the fresh age of 18, she looked the perfect youthful temptress, with her wild red curls, her voluptuous, pouty lips, slender as a model frame and tits the size of watermelons. She measured them at 36F, but she would often wear bras a size or two too small just to tease the men she encounters. While she is such a beauty, Jennifer has one fault in her sexual life, and it was a severe lack thereof. She never had reservations about sex; hell, she was as curious as any teenager, but her looks kept anyone she knew from mustering the courage to approach her. She found herself eyeing up even the nerdiest of her classmates in horny frustration.

Then one day, Jennifer went on a walk in the woods. She packed a knapsack to carry her lunch and went on her way. She always enjoyed hiking in the woods, all to herself, able to enjoy the peace without any distractions or thought of the life outside those trees. She had been walking for a good hour, approaching the crest of a ravine, so she stopped for her lunch. Sitting on a stump near the edge, she munched happily on her sandwich, while still hosting ideas of a carnal nature in the back of her mind.

Suddenly, a little head popped up from edge of the ravine. It had large green eyes, almost human in appearance, but the body they came from was certainly of inhuman nature. The creature nearly looked as though it were made of a burlap sack, sewn together, while leaving an opening for a mouth. He jumped up to cliffs edge, his mighty twenty-four inches of stature posed before the young woman. She looked at him curiously and reached out. He quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet, and walked clear off the edge.

Or so it looked, but what appeared to be the party of two falling off a cliff into a ravine was actually a particular reversal of gravity. They flipped from walking upright facing one direction to being upside facing the other in a moment, walking into what appeared to be the shadow of the edge, but what was really an earthen door.

Then Jennifer passed out. She woke, rubbing her aching head, cursing the nightmare she had just had. Then Jennifer opened her eyes. Surrounding her were dozens of creatures, things that looked like monsters out of your nightmares, and they were all staring at Jennifer. She saw the Burlap Man who had taken her by the hand, so she jumped up and yelled to him, but was instantly distracted by the sudden tear of the dress she wore. Unaware of her clothing until this point, she took stock of what she was wearing; a long, green, flowing gown embraced her slender curves, however, she had accidentally ripped a large portion the skirt, revealing her white stockings and a healthy portion of her right thigh. Also, the dress evidently had been intended for someone of much smaller “stature”, as her massive tits were pressed tit within the corset. She was pleased that at least this overly-tight corset didn’t hurt to breathe in.

A gong rang suddenly, struck by an ogre-looking beasts, and the volley of monsters began to descend upon Jennifer. While brutal in their clear intentions of her, they backed off, allowing a single beast to step forward. She stood in the middle of a very tight circle, no more than five feet wide, from creature to creature as the designated one spoke to her.

“Chosen for your clear sexual appeal,” spoke the creature, a seemingly-possessed teddy bear, “and for your lasting virginity, we have decided to make you an honorary monster-fucker!” He beamed. Jennifer didn’t know what to say. She wanted sex, but not with monsters as such, but when the gong was struck again, she had no time to reckon with the issue, as the teddy bear leapt into her arms, and began fondling her titties. She fell back onto her ass, landing back-first into some sort of tentacled monster. It oozed an aromatic scent, calming her anxiety slightly, allowing her to be a lot more receptive to the teddy bear unsheathing a mighty cock from his cottony self. She was astonished when the little toy jammed his 12 inch cock into her mouth. Standing on her shelf of a bosom, he rammed his cock in and out of her mouth, not going so far as to choke her, but certainly deeper than she had expected her mouth to allow. The tentacled beast behind her soon had its appendages coiling about her wrists and ankles, lifting her into an upright position; the bear held on tight to her hair, still pounding at her mouth.

Shocked that the remainder of the monsters had not yet approached as she stood in the midst of them, a greater shock came as her complete willingness to allow this toy to abuse her mouth as such. On her right wrist she felt a loosening grip of the tentacle, so she yanked free; one might expect her to have attempted any sort of feeble escape, but with her free hand, she began jerking the teddy bear’s dick at the base. The teddy pulled his dick out, and she began to jerk his massive cock, holding her mouth open as a target in case he would come at that moment.

“She’s ready!” An anonymous loud voice boomed, and the tentacles released. Jennifer fell to her knees, and the teddy bear jumped off her tits as the hoards approached, with countless hands stroking her body. A skinny, tall elf, horrid in his features drew a claw from his index finger and ran it along the seam of her corset, causing it to burst, releasing her huge breasts to the monsters. More hands and heads went for her breasts, pulling, nibbling, licking. She watched at that elf put his mouth over her left nipple and began to blow. Curious as to what was happening, she watched as he seemingly inflated her breasts – bigger and bigger they grew, until they rested on her waists, not inches from her panty line. A chorus of cheers emerged from the crowd, and she fall backwards under the weight. As she lay upon the cold ground, what seemed to be a solid rock slab lifted from the ground. As she lay atop this alter, now four feet from the ground, the monsters paused, seemingly taking in this visage of a topless nubile, breasts larger than mankind had ever witnessed by natural means. This was it for Jennifer; they can’t tease her like that then just stand and gape.

“So who’s gonna fuck me?!” She yelled, to approving grunts and growls. On cue, a dick six inches thick, and as many inches long owned by a fat, terribly ugly, grey orc was crammed into her mouth, thrusting with eager abandon. She felt the furry teddy bear jump atop her tits again, disappearing between the cleavage, only his head showing above the flesh. She felt him thrusting and assumed he was attempting to fuck her tits. At some point, she figured that something must have ripped her thong off, as the tip of some unknown monsters dick was pressing against her pussy lips.

“Be careful, I’m a virg-” she tried to say in between cocks crammed into her mouth. This time, however, it was a quivering tentacle of the one who had hoisted her into the air before. Laughter emerged at her comment, and she felt the mystery monster thrust an impossibly long penis into her. Having been told by friends that the first time would hurt, she was shocked in feeling only extreme pleasure at the member being crammed into her previously unexplored territory. Moans of pleasure came from her sealed mouth, the tentacle ravaging her mouth with careful thrusts. It pulled out for a moment, giving her a chance to look over her body. What could only be described as the walking dead was drilling her, face rotten from what could only have been months of decomposition, it’s throbbing member within her felt stronger than any living mans’, with a look of horrid pleasure across its face. She could see the teddy bear still between her tits, face twisted in pleasure as he began to cum over her. At first she wondered it his load was firm within that massive cleavage, only to be surprised by a sudden spray from the depths of her tits, splattering across her face. She licked her lips, enjoying the taste of his spunk, as the teddy bear was quickly replaced by hands grabbing at her voluptuous tit-flesh.

A new cock quickly filled her mouth, however, although all she could see of its owner was the green flesh surrounding his crotch. Hands reached for hers, each wrapping her fingers over a cock. She thought to herself “Well! I’ve never had a cock before, and now I’ve got four at once!” only to be corrected by the sudden thrust of a new dick between her tits again. The monster in her mouth reached his breaking point, evidently, as he began to come in her mouth. Trying to swallow all she could, what must have been a gallon of cum was shot into her mouth, dripping out as he sprayed the remainder over her face and hair. The zombie inside her pussy pulled out suddenly, spraying his load over her torso and tits, the gnome who had been fucking her tits jumping out the way, also cumming over her teenage body.

What seemed like hours passed, all sorts of monsters taking their turn at fucking and getting sucked off by this willing beauty. As the last beast shot his load over her face from a particular vigorous sucking on her part, the monsters stepped away, leaving Jennifer covered from head to toe in a thick layer of come, not an inch spared over her sexy body. She sat up to look where her participants had disappeared to, only to find that she lay in her own bed at home. Still covered in spunk, she knew this could be no dream as she licked it from her lips, trying to drink in as much of the goo as she could, only to spot a the teddy bear sitting in a chair facing her bed. Silent and unmoving, she regarded him, only to find her bosom shrinking back to the original size. She cried out “No!” in shock, having enjoyed the treatment of the monsters with regards to her rack, lifting the inadequate (in comparison) cleavage and shaking it side to side, spraying come over her bed and bedroom. Suddenly, a voice piped up out of no where, which she recognized as the teddy bear, despite him still being unmoving.

“Don’t worry, babe; a monster-fucker is a lifelong career!” She looked at the bear as this was said, despite the words not escaping that physical body, although she could swear a tent was bulging in his crotch.

“What’s the matter, hon?” yelled up her mother, evidently awake and mulling about the house they shared when she had exclaimed her sadness over losing the bosom the elf had given her.

“Nothing, Mom!” She yelled back down. She stood up and walked to her private bathroom, dripping cum all over her hardwood floor,her remaining tits jiggling with each step, only turning back to blow a kiss to the now smirking teddy bear.

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