The dildo in me had grown again but being up on heels did not show. My arse was on show and tits sticking out as heels do this but I could do nothing about that. We got to the car and Susan went to start it. The car would not start!

She tried again and again. Susan said I will phone for some help but I had to get back so Susan said catch the bus and I will meet you at the house. I looked at her and said I can’t catch a bus like this. These heels, jeans and of course tight tee shirt, I look like I have come out of a porn movie.

Ok she said wait here, I think it will take about an hour before anyone gets here. I knew I couldn’t wait so I had to catch the bus. I thought once I am on the bus I can sit off to one side so it won’t be too bad.

I waited at the bus stop and tried to hide but it was very hard and when the bus I arrived I was very relieved. I got on and went up the back out of the way, the walk to the back of the bus must have been some sight as we didn’t move until I got to my seat.

I sat down and I noticed my tee shirt sticking out. The dildo had less room to hide so came out and you could see the shape from the top of my pussy to just under my tits. You could see it was the shape of a dildo. I had nothing with me to cover up so I had to stand in the aisle. The dildo shape did disappear but of course I am on a nearly empty bus standing in the aisle looking as if I was looking for business in the 5 inch heels.

I was embarrassed, humiliated and this was turning me on. My nipples were getting big and proud. People were staring at me so when I got to my stop I got off as quickly as I could. I stood on the pavement and realised I got off one stop short. I now had to walk nearly a mile in these heels.

What a sight I must have made. Sexy arse, high heels, tight tee shirt and of course my legs looking i like pins as they were separated by the great big things inside of me.

I had to take my time as the shoes pinched. My arse swayed and got lots of horns from passing cars.

One did slow and eventually stop and I kept my head looking forward and did not look. After a few minutes I did and saw it was Susan, she had got the car started and was going to my place.

I grabbed the door and jumped in and was very relieved. Susan it seems had been following me for awhile.

The moment I sat in the car seat the dildo shape appeared. Susan reached across and gave it a squeeze and moaned. All of these things happening to me today had turned me into a hot horny young lady and my composure was being ebbed away.

Susan had started me off when she squeezed the dildo and now I couldn’t keep my hands off it. I pushed and pulled, squeezed my pussy muscles. My clit was on fire. My nipples were rock hard, a fact that Susan had noticed as she quickly gave my right one a vicious twist. This sent me over the edge. I started to cum, I have been building all morning and now all composure was gone. I rubbed between my legs, grabbing the latex clit hood and pulled it off to rub my clit.

By the time we got to my house one hand was on my clit, the other pulling my sore nipple and I was squeezing my pussy muscles. I laid my head back in the car seat and orgasamed. My hair was a mess and all over my face.

I was lost in my own little world; I didn’t want to move as I played with myself. Susan jumped into back seat out of sight and put her hands around the front seat to mine so she could rub her hands up and down the dildo, pushing and squeezing it. I climaxed again. Susan was getting more vicious, her hands where they were caressing were now more demanding. Grabbing my breasts, pinching my nipples. Much more in control of me.

I was now a wreck and just lay there. I was cuming regularly because of Susan’s manipulations and couldn’t move.

After awhile I noticed Susan had stopped. I looked at her and she explained it looked like I needed that and just tried to help to push me over the edge.

What she did was push me over the edge and I was starting to think I don’t want to be without my plugs if I can climax like I have over the last few days. The dildo and buttplug were becoming addictive.

I dragged myself slowly out of the car into my house. The sponge inside of me was now up into my colon by about 10 inches and it felt nearly 2 inches thick. The dildo was well defined through my stomach and I really hoped the solvent will turn up soon.

I checked my emails and there was one from Toyland. (One that Susan had doctored) and it stated that once the strip was off you will need to remove the dildo and buttplug with care. To help you we are sending a device that will hold you steady while they are removed.

I wondered what they meant and they went on to explain it was body shaped and as you will need to be protected from the grip, there will be one for you. I had no idea what they meant. They also requested that I measure myself and update the attached spreadsheet with the figures. The device they are sending me will need to fit exactly.

Susan looked at me and said, go and have a shower and do you mind if I check your clothes for something to hide the dildo being seen through my stomach? I said yes you can and I walked to the bathroom rubbing my stomach and nipple. It seems I am now constantly touching myself and turning myself on and didn’t realise I am doing it.

When I finished in the bathroom Susan said she had some good news, the solvent will arrive tomorrow but as she was busy could I pick it up? I said I would and Susan said it’s addressed to me so just show some ID.

Having dried I looked at the clothes laid out by Susan. All seemed normal except for the corset. Somehow she had found where I kept it. I looked at it and asked are you sure? Susan said do you want everyone to see you have a monster dildo in you pussy or do you want to walk round in 5 inch heels all day? Of course I didn’t so I put it on. Once on Susan came up to have a look and said it can be tighter and started to pull the cords.

By the time she had finished I could hardly breath, my figure was very sexy, my stomach was flat and slim, my breasts were being held high and out. My waist was pulled in very tight and the fluid around the dildo was being pushed down from the part in my womb into my pussy, my pussy squeezed and the fluid could go one place and that was into my backside.

This had the effect of pushing more sponge into my colon; I tried to squeeze my anal muscles to expand the buttplug but not sure if it worked as being constantly stretched meant I didn’t know if anything moved. The buttplug must be closer to 4 inches now but there was nothing I could do.

I put on my jeans and tee shirt and I did look hot. With the extra pressure, walking around was a horny experience. The friction of the pressure against the dildo and buttplug were like I was fucking myself in small movements. My clit now filled the latex hood and was like a little cock. All this was getting me hot again.

Susan and I chatted about the email and wondered what they meant by extraction device and the measurements. After my protein drink Susan said let’s make a start on them. It took far longer than I thought, 4 hours! Being measured from thigh to neck. Also we had to take photographs.

When we finished I thanked Susan for helping me and I really hope the solvent turns up tomorrow. The pictures were uploaded and sent to Toyland, along with the measurements. The Dildo Panties that Susan borrowed were now back in my drawer as Susan said she did this to show she wasn’t being judgemental and that was the reason for putting them on. She went on to say it wasn’t something for her but had no problem letting and helping me have fun.

When Susan got home she opened up the email that was meant for Toyland and added in some extra detail. First thing she did was alter the measurement by just a fraction around the bust area so that the corset webbing would be just a bit tighter. By being tighter the corset would restrict a little of the blood that is pumped in, this will cause Mary’s tits to swell a little and make them look a little artificial.

The other reason was the webbing would go right under the skin and will take months to extract. She wanted Mary to look like a porn star with massive holes and gravity defying tits.

Susan smiled and sent the email. She also asked Toyland what they wanted out of the project as it was abandoned some time ago. They replied and said there were a few advances they want to make but the first one is the face. Advances have been made facial expression is now possible.

They have clients that want to look like their former/younger selves and be fucked by their partners to stop them straying. Apparently Toyland can take a photograph of the lady when she was younger and model a head, from this the micro technology ties into the facial muscle to allow movement and it was this they need help on.

Susan thought about this and smiled; she would send a picture of Mary when she was 14 year old. Toyland said they can do the same for the male doll to look like their partner so Susan sent them a photograph of Mary’s father.

The revenge was getting sweeter and it won’t be long that Mary will look like a young girl being fucked by her dad and she won’t realise it. By the time Susan has her way will be having her pussy and anal passage reamed someone that looks like her Father.

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