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Previously in The Dermott Clinic, Part I:

Laura and her two youngest daughters – Cora and Emily – began their semi-annual physicals at the Dermott Women’s Clinic. For Laura, this is something that she’s experienced dozens of times over the previous few decades; although she’s been lax in maintaining a proper schedule for the past few years. For her two daughters, this is their first experience undergoing a full physical for an adult female. Laura was assigned the buxom and bubbly Nurse Melissa and the two felt an instant connection. Conversely, Cora and Emily were assigned the sadistic [and anally inept] Nurse Lana and are not enjoying their first physical anywhere near as much as their mother.

Is it love at first site for Melissa and Laura, will they just fuck, or will nurse/patient professionalism win out? Will Lana be punished for her heavy-handedness or get put through remedial anal training for her rectal ineptitude? Let’s find out together…

The Dermott Clinic, Part II

“Alright, Cora, you just sit here comfortably and rest up for a few minutes while I get Emily situated on one of our ADVerS,” Lana said as she unlocked the wheels of Emily’s Multi-purpose Gynecological Chair and started to push the cute brunette’s younger redheaded sister out of the examination room. Not that there was any chance that the tightly bound and distinctly uncomfortable Cora would get much rest in her current position on her own MGC. “I’ll be back soon enough to fetch you for your own evaluation.”

As the equally well bound Emily neared the glass door that let into the hall, she began to get a little nervous. “‘Nurse’ Lana, shouldn’t I get covered up with a sheet or something?

“I’m still naked!” she added after a few heartbeats.

The sadistic, blonde nurse only smiled to herself at her young patient’s naivety. “Of course you’re still naked, silly! All patients here at the Dermott Women’s Clinic remain naked from the start of their procedures until the end. Messing around with sheets or hospital gowns would be a waste of time. Don’t you think?”

“I guess so,” Emily answered.

“Oh, that reminds me! Patients must be gagged when outside of their examination rooms. Have you been taught to deep-throat yet?”

“A little, but I’m not very good at it yet.”

“Well, we’ll just go with a standard ball gag then,” said Lana, with just a trace of disappointment as she walked over to the counter to fetch a hermetically-sealed rubber ball gag. Undoubtedly, a medium gag would have silenced the cute eighteen year old well enough, but the blonde nurse selected a large gag just for the hell of it. Stepping back over to the restrained teenager, she commanded, “Open wide please.”

It took some effort on Lana’s part, as well as some pain-filled whining from Emily, but the slightly too large mass of rubber eventually managed to seat itself behind the youngsters teeth. There was no way Emily would be able to dislodge it without the use of her hands – which were unhelpfully securely restrained behind her head. Regardless, the mean-spirited nurse lifted the girl’s head to buckle the gag’s straps in place – much tighter than necessary, of course.

Emily closed her eyes and tried to adjust to the unfamiliar pain. Her jaw felt like it was on the verge of dislocating. Her mother never gagged her during training and only rarely for punishment. In fact, Laura taught all her daughters to vocalize their suffering as much as possible in response to whatever stimulation was visited upon their bodies. They were encouraged to cry out in pain, weep openly, beg for mercy – that would never come – and, lastly, to scream out in ecstasy once their bodies finally surrendered to the agonizing sensations and achieved mind-blowing orgasms.

Emily was getting tired of the pain Lana seemed to enjoy inflicting on her and her sister. When were the orgasms supposed to start? She hoped soon.

“We’re also supposed to transport our patients flat. The MGCs are more stable that way; lower center of mass and all,” commented Lana as she dropped Emily backwards from a forty five degree semi-sitting position to one that was level with the floor.

Satisfied that her young charge was properly secured for transport, Lana started the MGC in motion once again. As the exam room’s door opened automatically and the petite eighteen year old was swung out into the hallway. She was still bound as she had been when her examination started: Legs pulled backwards and apart so that her knees were in line with her chest; her lower legs sticking out at a ninety degree angle from her body; Emily’s arms pulled over the top of her head and backwards. The multiple straps were strategically placed so as not to interfere with here wide open lower holes, abdomen, or naked breasts.

Emily was appalled! Now she was to be pushed down a hallway full of nurses and other patients with her sore and gaping asshole leading the way! In her current position, she couldn’t even see where they were going unless she strained her neck to look down between her sweaty 32B tits and widely separated legs. She almost died of embarrassment when they passed the first nurse heading in the opposite direction. Emily was positive that the attractive honey blonde nurse was staring right at her wet pussy and up her dilated anus!

And the breeze! That cool breeze shooting right up her butt was finally removing the last of the heat from her previous scalding hot enema. It was also hardening her pink nipples noticeably.

“I think someone is enjoying her trip a little too much,” joked Lana as she reached down to tweak Emily’s right nipple. Just for good measure, she pulled the pink nub away from Emily’s chest – hard – only to let go. She enjoyed the sight of the teenager’s firm breasts jiggle as the nipple snapped back to its proper position. “I think the other one is jealous, don’t you?”

Emily didn’t answer as her left nipple was subjected to an identical tweaking.

“I asked you a question, young lady,” Lana said sternly. Her pretty face scoured up into a frown as her hand returned to her charge’s right nipple.

“Unngh!” Emily replied and then gasped as her nipple was yanked even harder away from her body. The sounds weren’t much, but they were all she could make past the rubber sphere filling her mouth to over-capacity.

“I thought it might be,” smirked the sadistic nurse before she repeated the tit-stretching nipple pull with Emily’s other hard little nub. Once she’d allowed it to snap back again, she decided she’d had her fun and left her charge in peace as she pushed the MGC slowly down the hall. That, and the nurse’s station was just up ahead; she didn’t want to get caught being unnecessarily rough with her patients again.

Emily was glad when the bitch of a nurse finally left her poor nipples in peace. If Cora or her mother were the ones abusing her firm little titties like that, her pussy would have been positively boiling over with juices; but she loved them. Emily finally decided she hated Lana. There wasn’t much that the blonde could do to Emily that would turn the young woman on. Of course, Cora was probably going to get devoured during their normal after-school playtime that afternoon. Despite hating Lana and the physical as a whole, Emily could not deny that she was still highly aroused by the constant attention being paid to so many of her erogenous zones.

Her neck quickly tired of trying to keep her head up so she could see where she was being pushed. Finally, she allowed it to come back down to rest on the MGCs small built-in pillow. Turning her head to the side as they passed a glass door to an examination room, her breath caught. She had known that anyone passing by could see right in to the exam rooms, but that did not prepare her for actually being able to become a voyeur herself.

The first room Emily looked into contained a thirty something raven haired beauty with a decent sized rack securely bound to an MGC in a similar manner. Her face was contorted in either agony or ecstasy; Emily was unsure of which. A smallish blonde nurse – whose packed-full rectum was clearly visible to Emily through her uniform’s cutout – was working on inserting – or possibly fucking – a substantial dilation plug up her patient’s stretched ass.

The next room she passed contained a young, mousey, brunette woman – about the same age as herself – with smallish tits bound to yet another MGC. An older woman – probably her mother, based on the facial similarity – was standing behind her and rolling her nipples around harshly while a redheaded nurse squatted at the MGC’s foot with most of her forearm buried up the teenager’s backside. The nurse and mother were obviously in a discussion of some sorts.

Emily’s breath caught again at the third exam room she looked into. Inside was her mother; just as severely bound as Emily and Cora were. Her impressively gaping anus was held wide open by a large speculum as a voluptuous brunette nurse fed a fiber-optic camera up into the cavernous, fleshly hole. Emily had a brief glance at the nurse’s large rectal plug and wet pussy lips through the cutout in her nurse’s uniform. She couldn’t be certain, but it almost looked as if her mother was smiling and enjoying herself. How could that be? Emily asked herself.

At least mom is getting the same treatment we are, Emily consoled to herself. Hopefully, it’ll be a long time before she brings us back here!

The next room was a little different. It had the words, ‘Break Room’ stenciled on the glass door. As they quickly passed, Emily could see three nurses inside. One was lying on a low ottoman and running a sizeable dildo in and out of her well trained ass while watching what looked like a live feed from one of the clinic’s many examination rooms. Another nurse was sitting in an overstuffed chair with the look of someone in the throes of a good orgasm. A third nurse knelt in front of her. While Emily couldn’t see what the third nurse was doing past the woman’s wide hips and plug-less, gaping asshole, the fact that the nurse’s hands and arms were nowhere to be seen gave her a pretty good idea.

The rest of the exam rooms were pretty much more of the same. Almost every room was occupied by one or two harshly restrained female patients and a rectally plugged nurse. Inevitably, some kind of anally themed treatment was in progress: Enemas, speculums, dilation plugs, and even a few instances of fisting.

Emily had mixed emotions as Lana pushed her through the door to the ADVerS room and out of the hallway at last. If she was actually assigned to a nurse she liked, she could see herself really enjoying the doctor’s office. As it was, Emily was just ready to go home.


The knock on the examination room’s glass door interrupted the giggling of Melissa and Laura as they enjoyed each other’s company; or, more accurately, Melissa enjoying playing with Laura’s beautiful butt and asshole, and Laura enjoying her bottom being played with.

“Are you ready for us yet, Nurse Melissa?” came a question from the half open door. Standing outside was a very cute nurse of Japanese descent.

“We sure are, Nurse Mai,” responded the bubbly brunette nurse as she quickly put her serious, professional nurse mask back on. “Please come in.”

Mai nodded and momentarily went back into the hall. She returned a second later pulling a normal looking office chair on casters with the extraordinarily dumb, yet extraordinarily busty, Georgina mounted on top of it. The shapely Asian nurse used her butt to push open the glass door all the way open and pulled the brunette receptionist into the exam room after her. This gave Laura the chance to admire the obviously sizeable plug that was locked into the young nurse’s nether hole. She was beginning to see the appeal of the new nurse uniform’s backside cutouts.

Laura’s left eyebrow rose slightly as Georgina was rolled into the examination room. Her legs were firmly strapped to the underside of her office chair. Laura could clearly see the small padlocks dangling down from the young woman’s ankle cuffs. It was likely that the dim-witted receptionist was confined to her chair until whoever maintained the keys deemed it was necessary for her to actually get up.

When the new nurse had positioned the receptionist in the center of the room and turned around, Laura was not surprised to see her Certified Capacity button announced her achievement of 87%. Beyond Nurse Mai’s obvious talent for anal dilation, the pretty young women had a very petite figure with perky 32Bs, long dark hair, and large expressive eyes. All in all, Laura approved. Although she managed to catch herself before licking her lips.

“Hi’ya again!” Georgina announced happily to Laura as she was turned around in her chair. “Ya wanted ta see what a girl’s butt looks like when it’s been fully stretched?” she asked in her annoying southern drawl.

“Yes. I was told that you’re one of the few people around here that have actually reached 100%,” Laura responded with curiosity.

“The youngest!” Georgina said proudly. “Only Dr. Veronica and two of the senior nurses have reached 100%. Although, most of the nurses are getting pretty close,” she added to acknowledge Melissa’s 90% and Mai’s 87%.

“Dr. Veronica – herself – is at 100%?” Laura asked with surprise.

“She sure is,” Mai responded. “Dr Veronica likes to lead her nurses by example,” the Japanese nurse said with respect. “It’s a mantra she said she picked up in finishing school when she was a teenager.”

Laura already knew that Veronica Dermott was an alumna of St. Patty Parker’s Academy. She didn’t want to get into how close she’d been to Veronica in the past or that her future daughter-in-law was the school’s current head mistress, so she simply answered, “Ah. That makes sense then. They tell me you spent quite a bit of time over in Spain to achieve your maximum capacity,” Laura continued.

“We actually call it our Certified Capacity, hun,” Georgina corrected. “We all have a maximum capacity.”

“True enough,” Laura replied with an eye roll.

“Why don’t you show her your video right quick,” Mai interrupted in an attempt to keep her bound charge on topic.

“Oh!, yeah! I normally start wit’ that. Don’t I?” giggled the blonde bombshell. Her massive 36FF breasts threatened to pop out of her tight, low cup top as she did so. Retrieving her tablet from her lap, Georgina tapped a few commands into the screen and passed the device to Mai, who walked over to the securely bound redhead to give the woman a better view.

“This’s me in ma final week at Rosa Culo Paraíso – that’s in south eastern Spain. It’s a beautiful resort right on the Mediterranean Sea. I’m a hoping ta get back there again this summer for a few weeks ta relax a little. This job is so stressful, ya know. They have this…”

“Ahem. Georgina? The video?” prompted Mai.

“Oh, yeah! I normally start wit’ that. Don’t I?” giggled the well endowed receptionist again. “Where was I?” she asked after a few seconds.

“Your final week…” Mai said slowly.

“Yes. This is me on one of their stretching chairs, just before I achieved my Certified Capacity,” Georgina said as Mai pressed the start button on the tablet.

The receptionist’s recorded cries of anguish came thundering out of the speakers, capturing Laura’s attention. The young woman was lying back, restrained to a table, with her legs splayed out in a full splits and bound in that position. Her massive breasts were flattened out against her chest and heaved in time with her blubbering. The blonde’s bald, beat-red, and obviously gushing cunt was spread so wide that it gaped slightly. Despite herself, Laura couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight of her nakedness.

Seated between Georgina’s legs and off to the right, a beautiful Spanish woman in a black latex nurse’s uniform worked a control panel. This board was obviously controlling the massive cone shaped dilator dildo that was pressing itself deeper and deeper into the bound girl’s straining asshole. The dildo looked to be attached to a pneumatic driver. Laura had read about such stretching tables in an article in one of her fashion magazines a few months ago. They were evidently very common in European stretching clinics.

“Just a few more fractions of an inch, Georgina,” came a melodious, but thickly accented Spanish voice from the tablet Mai was holding. “You’re almost there!”

Laura found herself holding her breath as she watched the gigantic latex dong creep farther inside Georgina’s grotesquely dilated anal opening.

“Almost there! You’re doing it! You’re doing it!” cried the Spanish nurse. A mere second later, the pneumatic piston leapt forward a few inches as Georgina’s sphincter at long last lost its final battle and the painfully wide dildo sunk into its new home inch by torturous inch.

The on screen version of Georgina screeched in agony.

“Congratulations, Georgina! I now officially certify you: 100% dilated.” announced the nurse happily. “The diameter of your anal sphincter is now seven and three eights inches.

Laura doubted the crying, spasming woman tied to the stretching table even heard the announcement.

“I’m so proud of you,” continued the nurse as she backed the dildo out of the blown-out hole it had been stretching. The nurse turned in her seat and quickly swapped out the smooth, cone-shaped dilator with a realistically veined, cyclopsian dildo that looked to be a consistent thickness down its entire length. She immediately returned to the control panel and began advancing the menacing looking girl-sodomizer back into the gaping abyss between Georgina’s stretched out legs. “You know the drill, Georgina,” explained the Spanish nurse as the width of the massive dong began violating the bound woman’s rectum. “Now that you have achieved a new maximum size, we’ll start retention training immediately. I’ll set your new seven and three eights inch wide toy to a medium fucking speed for the next hour or so and then I’ll be back to check on your progress. As normal, feel free to cum as much as you want; it’ll help you relax,” the darkly tanned nurse said helpfully.

Georgina only gurgled incoherently as the massive faux-dick began picking up speed and ramming her destroyed anus into oblivion.

The nurse stood up from her seat and treated the camera, and Laura, to an amazing up-the-anus shot of her own fully dilated nether hole – which was held wide open by a pair of gaper panties – and quickly exited the camera’s recording angle. Georgina was left in the center of the video, wailing as her newly stretched rectum was ram-fucked with the impossibly large dildo.

And then Mai pressed the pause button and pulled the tablet away. “It goes on like that for another hour or so, but you get the idea,” she added as she returned the device to its owner. Georgina’s eyes were closed as if she was reminiscing in a fond memory.

“Well, what do you think of that?” asked Melissa.

“I’m speechless,” responded Laura honestly. “Seven and three eights inches of rubber up the butt? All I have to say is, ‘OUCH’!”

“It ain’t that bad once you get used to it,” remarked Georgina with a grin.

“How long did it take you to get used to having something that big up your ass constantly?” asked Laura.

“I d’likely know,” she responded sheepishly. “It’s been over a year and I’m still not used ta it yet. I d’know if I’ll ever be truly ‘used ta it’,” she added.

“I see,” Laura replied. She had serious reservations.

“Are you ready to see seven and three eights inches in the flesh, so to speak?” asked Mai as she squatted down behind Georgian’s chair to unlock the padlocks holding the receptionist in place – grunting in discomfort as she did so.

“I guess so,” said Laura with trepidation.

One, then two stocking clad feet were freed and touched the floor. “Can you give me a hand, Melissa?” asked Mai as she stood up.

“Sure thing, Mai,” replied the brunette nurse, stepping over to Georgina’s side. The two nurses then began pulling upwards to help the massively titted receptionist off of her chair. The upwards force caused the sitting woman’s breasts to pull up slightly and Laura was treated to a peak of areola tops as she began to rise.

Inch by inch, Georgina came free of her chair. Inch by inch, the seven and three eights inch plug that violated her dilapidated rectum came into view. Laura had to gasp as its true size was slowly revealed. Seeing that massive slab of latex on a video was one thing; seeing it exit from a normal – albeit dumb – human being’s asshole was something else entirely!

“Oh, my…” commented Laura in awe.

Finally, all twenty four inches of rectal stretching latex were withdrawn and Georgina was able to stand on her own two feet at last.

“Impressive? Yes?” she asked as she rubbed her butt cheeks with her hands.

“Turn around and show Mrs. Wilder your hole now,” commanded Mai.

Obediently, Georgina spun around and bent over at the waist. Laura gasped again at the almost six inch wide gape that looked back at her; and Georgina wasn’t even spreading her cheeks for effect. That was just the normal diameter of her atrophied sphincter!

“Oh, my…” Laura repeated. Her gaze went back and forth from the flesh pink round hole between the blonde’s cheeks and the intimidating, nub laden dildo mounted on the chair. They were both equally impressive.

“And if you’ll notice,” Mai said breaking Laura’s concentration, “this thing is driven by the chair’s casters,” she added. The cute Japanese nurse rolled the chair back and forth to make the nubby dildo spin in place. “Georgina gets quite the thrill as she pulls herself around the office; or if she gets pushed,” she said smiling.

“Oh, my…” Laura said for a third time. She was truly speechless; and that didn’t happen very often for the normally chatty forty six year old cougar.

“Alright, girls,” Melissa said at last. “Mrs. Wilder needs to get on with her physical. Thank you for the demonstration.

“You’re welcome,” Mai and Georgina said in unison.

“Now what about you? Still interested?” asked Melissa as Mai helped the blonde bombshell back onto her dildo and office chair.

“Maybe,” considered Laura, regaining her power of speech at last. “How much is the test?”

“Oh, don’t worry about the cost. Your insurance covers it as part of your preventative medicine package. After all, it’s cheaper to do the calculation than it is to fix you up if you go way past what’s safe.”

“Good point,” Laura agreed. “Okay, you sold me. Sign me up!”

“Excellent!” Melissa exclaimed as she tapped a few more commands into her medical tablet. “I’ll wheel you over to X-Ray after we’ve finished with your dilation evaluation and capacity enemas. The MRI will be covered as part of your checkup and most of the rest of the necessary data should already be in your medical files. You should have the results before you leave today.”

“Ya won’t be sorry ya did,” added Georgina as Mai locked her ankles to the chair once more.

“Amazing what technology can do for us, isn’t it?” Laura reminisced.

“It is, isn’t it,” Melissa confirmed.

“We’ll be taking off then,” confirmed Mai as she began pushing Georgina out the door.

“Thanks again,” Melissa said, watching the pair exit the exam room.

As the door closed, Laura heard Georgina ask, “Can we take the long way back, please?”

“Of course,” answered the cute, raven haired nurse as they moved out of view. “But it can’t be too long; I’m due in the ADVerS room in a few minutes for my morning shift.”

“That girl,” Melissa remarked rhetorically. “If ever there was a true anal masochist, it’s her!

“Anyways, so I’ll make a bet with you, beautiful,” the busty brunette said, turning her full attention back to Laura at last. “If your Certified Capacity is over seven inches I win. If it’s under, you win. Deal?” she said laughing.

“Deal.” Laura laughed too. “Wait, what do you get if you win?” Laura asked.


“And if I win?”

Melissa smiled knowingly; she did this for a living after all. “Oh, honey…

“You’re not going to!” said the nurse confidently. She was looking forward to her free meal; and the pleasurable activates that would likely follow.


Cora was just as speechless as her younger sister had been after her trip through the clinic’s hallways. Well, the large ball gag strapped behind her teeth kept her speechless, but Cora was awestruck none the less.

Their mother had raised them to be proper young women and treat their anal training with a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ attitude anywhere outside of the home; or someplace where you couldn’t hide it if you wanted to. Like a locker room. After all, just because everyone knew that every woman you were likely to meet most likely had a heavy slab of latex stretching their nether hole was no reason to be crass about it!

Such rampant displays of anal shenanigans in semi-public were something Cora had never experienced. Sure, things could get pretty out-of-hand in a locker room full of giggling eighteen and nineteen year olds after gym class; or in the locker rooms after the girls’ basketball team had won State earlier this year; or even in the locker rooms at their mother’s gym when it got a little too crowded. Come to think about it, women’s locker rooms were certainly no place for a prude; that was for certain! Scores of naked and half naked women – some anally plugged, others widely gaping – trying to hold polite conversations with each other as they changed into or out of their workout clothes.

But this clinic was on a-whole-nother level entirely! Cora had never been to Europe, but she imagined it couldn’t get much more blatantly exhibitionist over there; although, she did love playing the voyeur. Hopefully, one of these days, she’d get the chance to find out first hand!

Her reverie was interrupted as ‘Nurse’ Lana wheeled her into the ADVerS room at last.

“Welcome to the Anal Dilation Verification System Room,” proclaimed the blonde sadist happily. Glancing down to her tightly bound charge, “Let’s get you all set up right next to your sister. She’s got quite the head start on you.”

Cora lifted her head up to look around the fairly large chamber. She had entered from the single door in one of the room’s corners. All four walls had half a dozen stations built into them; almost all of which were occupied by a naked woman restrained to a Multi-purpose Geological Chair. The few stations that were empty looked to be in the process of being cleaned to get them ready for their next patients. The entire room was filled with the sounds of gagged women grunting and crying in what was either horrendous pain or rapturous pleasure; Cora couldn’t quite make out the difference.

“Cora Wilder for a standard Dilation Verification procedure,” announced Lana to the head nurse as she and Cora approached the room’s central control pavilion. “Station 14 should be reserved for her; right next to Emily Wilder in Station 13.”

“Let’s see,” said the stern looking older nurse. She had long, dark hair, an athletic build, medium sized breasts, and wore an aura of authority that said, ‘I don’t have time for any of your shit today!’

Glancing at the nurse’s nametag, Cora saw her name and title was, Senior Nurse Jocelyn. Next to her name tag was a button similar to ‘Nurse’ Lana’s button advertising the Certified Capacity program. Unlike ‘Nurse’ Lana’s unimpressive 69% though, Senior Nurse Jocelyn button proclaimed a full 100%! It even had a large pink star sticker next to the number.

“Ah, I see her scheduled,” the imposing looking dark haired nurse said at last. “Go ahead and sign her in and get her hooked up.

“Wait a minute. Did you sign in Emily Wilder earlier? I found her procedure reservation but I’m not seeing her actually signed in.”

Lana stuttered for a second before answering. “Sorry, I must have forgotten. I really am in quite a hurry. Can you sign them both in for me while I get her hooked up?” asked the suddenly very subdued nurse as she turned to push Cora away from the control pavilion and steer her to the waiting station.

“No.” It was a single word that stopped the blonde nurse in her tracks. “What kind of place do you think this is? An amusement park? We have to keep extensive records for the insurance companies. Now get over here and put your thumb on the pad to sign in your patients. It’ll only take you half a damn second.”

Lana looked like she wanted to argue, but finally said nothing. She brought up the forms on the pavilion’s monitors and signed in both her patients. Quickly, she turned to go about her duties.

“Just hold one second, Nurse Lana,” said the head nurse authoritatively. “You’re flagged. You missed your own, regularly scheduled, bi-weekly Dilation Verification procedure last night. Is that why you were avoiding signing in your patients? Just how long did you expect to get away with this charade?” demanded Nurse Jocelyn.

Lana only looked at her feet in dismay. “Can I make it up tonight?” she asked after a few seconds.

“I’m afraid not. Looking through your records, this is your fourth offense this year. I’m afraid this is unacceptable.” Turning in her seat to the pretty crew cut blonde nurse next to her, “Nurse Mandy, please take Nurse Lana to an empty exam room. Get her strapped onto a MGC, cleaned out and back here for an extended procedure.

“And you, Nurse Lana, I’m writing you up this time. I’m also setting your ADVerS to Punishment Mode today.

“Nurse Mai,” Jocelyn called over her shoulder to a Japanese nurse in her late twenties, who was looking on with a grin.

“Yes ma’am?”

“Please take over for Nurse Lana for the Wilder girls. Stations 13 and 14.”

“Yes ma’am!” snapped Nurse Mai as she moved over to Cora’s restrained body and got her MGC back in motion. “Good morning… Cora,” said Mai politely, as she glanced at her tablet as all the necessary data was dumped into its local memory. “I’m Nurse Mai, but you can just call me Mai. Well, you can call me Mai when that gag comes out,” she added with a grin. “Anyway, it looks like you’re going in for a standard Dilation Verification procedure, is that correct?”

Cora nodded confirmation at this new nurse.

“No need to be scared,” consoled the cute Japanese woman. “It only hurts for a little while. Just think of it as an automated way to insert a maximum capacity dildo up your bottom. I’m sure you and your sister have had lots of practice doing that with your mother, right?”

Cora tried to smile behind her oversized ball gag and nodded again.

“Alright, first, let’s get you vertical,” said Nurse Mai as they approached Station 14. Cora felt the MGC jerk momentarily before she found herself sitting straight up; and staring directly at her younger sister, Emily.

The youngest Wilder was strapped vertically to her MGC identically to her older sister, Cora. The device was backed up against the wall where it had been securely mounted by numerous connection points to ensure that it was sturdy and couldn’t move. Cora allowed her eyes to start at her beautiful sister’s red hair and pretty face; a face that was currently contorted in the throes of obvious multiple-orgasms. Emily’s eyes were half rolled back as snot and drool ran out of her nose and mouth to splatter onto her naked and heaving tits. The young redhead was making cute gurgling noises past her gag.

Moving her gaze downward, Cora wished she could lick her lips as she watched the drool and snot run down Emily’s perfect 32B breasts to drip off her rock hard nipples or collect along the underside of the small, creamy orbs. Just below those heaving bosoms, Cora could see the unmistakable outline of something working its way through the deepest depths of Emily’s rectal tract. The obviously very large object was causing the cute eighteen year old’s toned belly to budge outward obscenely as it made its way from her anal opening, through the first few feet of her colon, and up under her rib cage. God only knew where the foreign object finally stopped!

Emily stopped to admire the enticing view of her sister’s distended belly before completing her visual inspection. Emily’s legs – just like Cora’s own – were still widely spread and pulled upwards so that their knees were at the level or their torsos. The effect was to make Emily’s succulent pussy almost gape open as what looked like gallons of precious cunt juice leaked from the moist red hole. Cora wanted to protest! Such delicious juices should be making their way into her stomach, not down the conveniently located drain below her orgasming sister!

That just wasn’t right!

Finally, Cora’s gaze fell on the rubber hose coming out of Emily’s catheterized piss hole and the sizable, smooth latex shaft that was slowly, but unstoppably, being pushed and pulled through the straining sphincter of her lovely young sister. Cora wasn’t certain on exactly what Emily’s maximum capacity was, but she was darn sure this monster was getting pretty damn close!

“Well, what do you think?” asked Mai at last as she stood next to Cora to admire the pretty little redhead. “Let me introduce you to the Anal Dilation Verification System, Model 3700, produced by Anal by Design. While it looks like your standard fucking machine, it’s actually quite advanced. Sensors throughout the shaft measure sphincter tension and colonic stretching; and it adjusts its size accordingly. Numerous safety features and fail-safes are built in to ensure that a girl’s bottom is not stretched any farther than it’s already been trained to do. Of course, that’s in Verification Mode. A ride in Punishment Mode – like Lana will soon be experiencing – is considerably more… errr… intense,” commented Mai as she shivered slightly.

“The shaft is self lubricating and made of ultra-slick, smooth latex, so it won’t damage your insides; we leave that up to your mother and sister!” Mai said with a wink. “I would ask if you had any questions before we begin, but that would be kind of silly now wouldn’t it?

“So let’s get your MGC locked in and we can begin with a medium sized catheter for your urethra; or would you like something bigger? Personally, I prefer something in the range of extra large with nubs or small ridges on it,” Mai asked hopefully.

Cora shook her head, ‘no’ as her MGC was loved into position.

“To each her own, I guess,” said the petite beauty. She picked up a small sound and lubricated it so she could start stretching Cora’s pee-hole with it. She’d noted earlier – as she’d scanned Cora’s file – that this was the young woman’s first visit to the Dermott Clinic. Mai didn’t want to hurt or frighten the teenager.


“Alright, let’s get you over to the ADVerS so we can get this physical back on track,” Melissa said. “As it is, we’re almost half an hour behind schedule and I’m going to have to find another nurse to cover my next appointment. Although, I was able to convince you to get your Certified Capacity check done, so my punishment for going over the allotted time span shouldn’t be as severe as it could be.”

“I’m sorry if I got you in trouble, Melissa,” Laura said sadly. “I didn’t know that a physical running over was bad for you.”

“Don’t worry about it, Laura. It happens to all the nurses at least a few times a week,” she said as she rummaged through the exam room’s shelves. “Now, you know the drill, cock or ball?” she asked holding up a gag in each hand.

“Cock gag, of course,” Laura replied to Melissa’s question.

“Yeah, I guess it was a silly question,” the leather-clad nurse said as she laid the ball gag aside and brought the inch and a half thick, twelve inch long phallus to her patient’s open and waiting mouth. “I prefer these to ball gags myself,” she continued as she fed the length of the dildo gag into Laura’s throat; effectively silencing any further speech for the moment. Just as she’d expected, the hot, restrained cougar took every inch into her throat with barely a hint of gag reflex.

Melissa’s own mother had considered gagging during deep throat the sign of an amateur. Thankfully, mommy dearest had ensured that each of her three daughters had mastered the distinguished, age-old art of fellatio before their senior years of college. Obviously, Laura’s mother – or possibly her husband – had felt the same way. She made a mental note to ask about which one was the case during their date.

“Ready to go?” she asked rhetorically as she unlocked the MGC’s wheels and rolled Laura out into the hallway. Despite herself, she always found the sensation of the wind rushing up her gaping asshole as she was pushed, butt-first, down the hallway disconcerting. A proper woman’s ass just shouldn’t be left open and empty like that for all the world to see.

Although she’d been wheeled around this clinic many times while gagged and bound to an MGC, the humiliation of it all still gnawed at her soul. She realized that most of the women who would see her were professional medical personnel – who saw literally hundreds of bound and gagged females rolling through their halls every day – but that did little to quiet the burning desire to cover herself and save what little was left of her virtue. For sure, that was one of the main reasons why her hands and arms were securely bound over and behind her head. These busy people had little time to deal with one woman’s overdeveloped sense of modesty.

As they approached the main nurse’s station, Laura noticed Veronica – Doctor Dermott, that is – standing amidst six or seven nurses, lecturing the group about something obviously important; as each nurse was tapping in notes into her tablet. At least half of them had their backs towards Laura’s oncoming MGC giving the bound woman an excellent view of their fully plugged bottoms through the cutouts of their uniforms.

Sweet, Lord! Laura thought appreciatively as she admired the nurses’ latex filled backsides, which were clearly on display to anyone standing behind them. I didn’t realize until now that possessing a big, firm ass was a requirement to become a nurse here! Of course, the high heels, garters and stocking each woman wore undoubtedly accented their womanly assets.

As they approached the group, Veronica recognized the large breasted woman who was tightly bound to one of her MGCs coming her way. “Laura? Laura Wilder! Holy shit, girl! You’re looking amazing! Have you been having a lot of great sex lately, because it shows,” she said happily as she stepped up to the MGC which Melissa was bringing to a stop at the obvious desire of her boss.

“You don’t need to answer that,” Veronica said playfully as she came to Laura’s side and nonchalantly slipped two fingers into the reclining woman’s hot, and very wet, pussy. Her thumb immediately found an aroused clit and the digits quickly began to massage Laura’s cunt and love button expertly; as the dozen or so anally-plugged nurses occupying the station looked on with interest.

Laura could only try and smile up at her friend as she moaned through the cock gag filling her throat. Those latex dicks really did a good job at silencing a girl, she thought.

“Laura is one of my oldest friends,” Veronica told Melissa, “Although it’s been far too long since she’s darkened my door. What’s it been? Eighteen months? Twenty? That’s too long to go between checkups, young lady,” she said as she pressed down on Laura’s clit extra hard.

All Laura could do was melt under the skillful manipulation of her already horny pussy.

“Our husbands used to play golf together regularly; usually for the bar tab, but occasionally for something… a little more valuable,” she continued.

Veronica and Laura had actually only caddied for their husbands on their golf games maybe half a dozen times. Naturally, each time the wager was the same: Instead of their usual just-for-fun prize of a hundred dollar bill – which never even covered the bar bill afterwards – the prize was the other’s wife as a fuck toy for the evening. To date, they were tied with each husband having had won three times.

Veronica and Laura had often confided in each other that they were glad their husbands shared the same deep-rooted concern and appreciation for their wife’s – and their friend’s wife’s – anal well-being. The two women had had almost as much fun going through the other’s toy collection picking out interesting items that they didn’t own themselves as they did getting a chance to use those toys on each other.


“Really?” Melissa said, glancing down at her bound patient with a new-found respect. “I imagine that was a lot of fun!”

Not really, Laura answered silently. She’d always found the game boring in the extreme. Although anything can be at least a little interesting with the right wager.

“Oh, yes! Very much so!” Veronica said pleasantly. “Oh, you meant the actual golfing? No, not so much.

“Anyways, it’s great to see you again, Laura, and you’d better start taking better care of yourself by scheduling regular checkups. We recommend at least two or three a year, if you remember.”

Remembering that she still had two fingers and a thumb playfully working away at her friend’s honey pot, she commented, “Oh!” as let them slide out of the well lubricated hole. She started to bring the dripping fingers up to her own mouth to clean off and reminisce about good old times when she noticed the look of longing on Melissa’s face.

Smiling broadly, Veronica offered her nectar soaked digits up to Melissa’s mouth; which the lovely brunette nurse eagerly opened to lick clean her boss’s fingers.

Melissa closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as the tangy flavor of her patient’s juices filled her mouth again. As she did so, she squeezed her legs tightly together to increase the pressure on her plugged and dilated rectum. She just hoped she wasn’t making too much of a scene in front of her coworkers. Although, to be honest, she really didn’t care that much.

“Now you be sure to take extra-special care of Mrs. Wilder, Nurse Melissa,” Veronica commanded as she pulled her now clean fingers out of the busty nurse’s still sucking mouth. “If you don’t, I’ll be sure to hear of it and you’ll find yourself mounted on one of my ADVerS; set to punishment mode instead of normal mode, if you catch my meaning!”

“Yes, Dr. Dermott!” Melissa answered obediently and shivered slightly. While she considered herself to be a properly submissive anal slut – just like her mother had taught her to be – she’d been mounted on one of the ADVerS set to punishment mode during her orientation at the clinic – exactly as every single nurse working at the Dermott Clinic had – and had not enjoyed the experience.

“Good! Not that I would expect anything but the best out of my nurses at all times, but I have to look out for my friends; you understand.” Veronica added rhetorically as she smiled maternally at the younger woman.

“Yes, Dr. Dermott.” Melissa repeated, “Of course.”

“Oh! And I hope you’ve noticed in Mrs. Wilder’s medical file that she enjoys heavy duty nipple clamps while being anally dilated; the spiked punishment kind that you prefer, if memory serves,” Veronica smiled mischievously as her gaze drifted down to the impressive swell of Melissa’s large bosom in her tight nurse’s uniform. Like quite a few nurses in her employ, Melissa was a true masochist when it came to her tender nipples. It was a trait that Veronica looked for in potential new hires.

“I did, Dr. Dermott,” Melissa replied as she shivered slightly under the predatory stare her boss was giving her hefty tits. The mere thought of nipple torment had caused her large nubs to instantly harden and their outlines were now clearly visible against her white blouse.

Laura made a mental note of the revelation about her nurse’s perverse tastes. Perhaps this information will come in handy later, she thought to herself. After all, Laura did have a very respectable collection of tools designed for extreme nipple torment at home; Dave had usually given her a new piece of painful tit-jewelry on their anniversary.

“Carry on then, Nurse Melissa,” the good doctor said as she turned back to her gathered nurses and began instructing again.

A few seconds later, as Melissa was again pushing the naked and severely bound Laura down the hallway, she bent down as said to her gagged patient, “Don’t worry about a thing, Laura. I was planning on taking extra-special care of you even before I found out you’re a personal friend of my boss; and that’s not going to change!”

The two women smiled at each other in understanding.

Rounding the final corner before reaching the Dilation Chamber – and the waiting ranks of ADVerS – Melissa had to suddenly plant her feet and throw all her weight backwards to bring Laura, and her MGC, to an abrupt halt; an action that caused her to cry out in sharp pain as her anal ring attempted to pucker around the unyielding mass of black latex locked deeply and securely inside the nurse’s rectal cavity.

“Fuck me!” Melissa announced in irritation as she rubbed her now sore ass.

Nurse Lisa, who was pushing a medical supply cart, and Nurse Missy, who was moving an MGC – with a gagged, tightly bound, and orgasmed-out looking brunette in her mid forties, who was sporting a truly massive gaping asshole – coming out of the Dilation Chamber, had collided. Boxes and packages of miscellaneous medical paraphernalia where strewn all about the hallway; blocking everyone’s path.

“Crap, wait here Mrs. Wilder,” Melissa said as she locked the wheels on the restrained woman’s MGC. Then, with a swiftness than showed how much experience the younger woman had with moving around in a tight skirt, high heels and thick anal invader, Melissa moved to help the two other nurses pick up all the supplies that had been littered across the hallway floor.

For a few seconds, Laura contended herself with watching the three nurses – especially the lovely Melissa – bend over again and again to pick up the spilled medical paraphernalia. She was enjoying the flashes of thick latex splitting toned ass cheeks and the invariably wet pussies underneath them – intermingled with constant grunts and groans as those same plugs were uncomfortably moved around inside of their confining rectums – when her peripheral vision picked up motion inside the examination room her MGC was parked next to.

Glancing over her shoulder, Laura was treated to the charming sight of a nurse with curly brunette hair bent over at the waist with her latex filled rump on full display for anyone walking by the room. The white corseted nurse was viciously double fisting a well-toned, small breasted blond woman’s ass – who looked to be her mid-thirties – up past her elbows. The fistee was bound to an MGC in the exact same matter as Laura herself – or, for that matter, all the patients here at the clinic were – and was either screaming in unbearable pain or exquisite ecstasy; most likely both. It was hard to tell the difference through the examination room’s sound proof glass door. Spell-bound, Laura watched the expert display of anal fisting before her and tried to think back to the last time she’d been on the receiving end of a ravishment like that.

Far too long, she quickly determined.

Melissa pick up the last of the spilled boxes and stood to place it back on the cart with an exaggerated grunt of discomfort. She’d intentionally made sure to bend fully over at the waist, with her latex filled nether hole pointed directly at Laura, and made sure to grunt extra hard every time; in order to give the attractive cougar as good a show as she could. When she turned around and saw that Laura wasn’t even looking at her, she was more than a little disappointed.

After being gratefully thanked for her assistance by the frazzled Lisa and an equally annoyed Missy, Melissa moved back over to her tightly bound charge. As she came closer, she followed Laura’s stare into the room where another of her fellow nurses – Natalie, she assumed by the shape of the woman’s firm butt and the curly hairstyle – was giving her patient a serious good behavior treat. Natalie was the best fister on staff at the Dermott Clinic, so Melissa knew the petite blond bound to the MGC was getting a professional, grade A treatment.

Natalie occasionally gave after hours double-fisting workshops to the nurses at the clinic; Melissa herself had attended every one. Natalie’s workshops usually started with her demonstrating fisting techniques on her fellow nurses and ended with everyone pairing off to practice. Having experienced a dozen or so of her fellow nurse’s skills first hand – or double handed, as the case may be – Melissa had to admit that the nurses, as a group, were getting much better.

While Melissa had learned the art of double fisting well enough from her mother during her initial training – as any proper young lady should – she had to admit that Natalie definitely had mad-skills; having mastered techniques far in advance of most women’s abilities. She’d discussed Natalie’s gift with her after one such session. Evidently her mother was a devoted fan of the act and had acquired an unrivaled expertise over the years. She had then passed her experience on to her daughters; through long hours of rigorous practice.

Melissa smiled broadly at the look of longing on Laura’s face.

“Ready to go, Laura?” she asked, breaking the woman’s concentration. As she unlocked the wheels of the MGC, she bent over the reclining woman – allowing her long, curly hair to brush back and forth across the Laura’s rock hard nipples – and softly asked, “Do you like what you see in there?” She then stared into the room with Laura for a few seconds for added effect.

Laura only garbled an answer behind the penis gag lodged in her throat, which Melissa took to be a simple, “Yes.”

“Well, since we here at the Dermott Clinic don’t give out candy to our good patients – it’s bad for the teeth, don’t you know – we prefer to reward good behavior through other means,” she said, motioning towards the scene in the examination room again; as Natalie continued to violate the bound blonde’s rectum with the majority of both arms. The motion also caused her hair to tickle Laura’s painfully erect nubs even more.

“Would this be something you’d be interested in?” ask asked, already knowing the likely answer.

Laura’s more powerful garble was clearly a ,”YES!” this time.

“Well, good; because you’ve been a model patient so far. I’m really looking forward to rewarding you for your good behavior by having that taunt ass ring of yours wrapped around both of my biceps; at the same time.

“Does that sound like a reward that’s better than some stupid candy?”

Laura nodded her head up and down emphatically.

“Remember what we talked about with that extra-special care? Well that’s just part of it!

“So it’s settled then,” Melissa said standing back up and pushing the MGC back into motion. “Now let’s get you past your dilation verification and through the rest of your checkup.

“And if you’ve still been a great patient, we can get on to that reward!”

As Melissa rolled Laura down the hallway once again – gaping anus leading the way – Laura found herself looking forward to more than just a nice ride on the clinic’s ADVerS fucking machines. Her pussy was literally drooling with excitement; a flow that had nowhere to go but to drip down into Laura’s large, cavernous asshole.

As she was pushed through the door and into the large room, Laura made a quick visual inspection of the two dozen or so women in the room. Numerous patients were mounted on ADVerS, several nurses were monitoring sensor readout, while a few other nurses were idly chatting in corners as they waited for their charge’s dilation verification to complete. Laura was even surprised to see one ADVerS occupied by a fit looking blonde nurse. It only took a second before she recognized the blonde as the nurse she’d run into in the hallway.

So who’s taking care of Emily and Cora, Laura wondered momentarily. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than she located her two youngest daughter’s side-by-side on a pair of ADVerS’s. Both young women looked to be totally out of it as their tender anuses were expanded to their maximum capacity by the emotionless machines that she herself would soon be mounted onto.

Of course, neither Cora nor Emily noticed as their mother was wheeled into the ADVerS chamber and parked next to them; they were both too far gone in orgasmic bliss of their shared anal masochism. They took no interest in watching their mother being hooked up to an ADVerS. Neither young woman’s groans of ecstasy were disrupted as their mother began to moan in pain as the machine picked up its pace. The pair’s own cries of orgasm were uninterrupted as their mother’s uncomfortable groans turned into painful cries, and then into gag-silenced screams of orgasm as the remorseless machine ravaged the older woman’s well trained rectum.


Emily’s ADVerS chimed its completion notification and the pistoning expansion dildo that had been ravishing the adorable teenager’s nether hold for almost half an hour slowed to a mere one revolution a second.

Nurse Mai groaned in frustration. While her two charges were undergoing their stretching procedures, she and Nurse Melissa had been idle chatting. As they talked, the brunette nurse’s hand had wandered under Mai’s skirt and had been idly fucking her coworker with a studded three quarter inch wide, four inch long urethra dildo. All Mai needed was maybe two more minutes and she could have joined the teenage pair in orgasm. Although, Head Nurse Jocelyn had been eying the pair suspiciously for the past few minutes; and it was never a good idea to orgasm on the job in front of your boss. So, reluctantly, Mai grabbed Melissa’s hand and pushed the small dildo fully inside her body and snapped the toy’s base onto the purpose built hard-points of her dildo strap. She sighed in aggravation as she smoothed out her short nurse’s skirt and turned her attention to the binging ADVerS; her own needs would have to wait for her lunch break.

“Maybe later,” Mai commented to the other nurse, after she’d collected herself.

“Hopefully,” answered Melissa. “I never understood how some women got off on urethra dilation, and watching you orgasm from that is fun to watch!”

“I keep offering to help you get started,” countered Mai hopefully.

Melissa giggled softly. “I’ve told you before: I’m strictly an old fashioned girl. I prefer it in the ass like my mother taught me.”

“Well, so do I,” said Mai, “but I like to keep my options open.”

“Maybe someday,” Melissa answered dismissively.

“Have it your way,” Mai said as she turned to dismount Emily from the ADVerS. She briefly double checked Cora’s rapidly pistoning ADVerS; it looked like it still had five minutes or so before the machine would deem the young brunette, ‘stretched to maximum’.

“I’m going to take Emily back to the room. Can you watch Cora while I’m gone?”

“Of course,” said Melissa.

“Thanks. Dr. Veronica should be ready for them in ten minutes or so. I need to get them back and cleaned up a little before she can finish their physicals.”

“Hurry back,” called Melissa and Mai pushed a delirious Emily out the door and down the hall.


“Hello again, Laura,” said Dr. Veronica Dermott opening the exam room’s door and letting herself in. “It looks like you’re all ready for me then,” she continued as she brought up the busty redhead’s chart and started reviewing it.

“Yes, Doctor,” Melissa confirmed. “I made sure everything was uploaded to the server a few minutes ago.”

Veronica nodded and began going over Laura’s data. After a minute or so of reading up on the highlights, Veronica commented offhandedly, “I’m only seeing minimal rectal tearing and abrasions on your MRI. Are you anally penetrated with maximum capacity punishment dildos very often?”

“Not very often, Doctor. My oldest daughter, Amanda did a few nights ago, but other than that, not very often at all.”

“Well that’s good for your colonic health, but not very good for your overall wellbeing; and a woman’s rectum heals a lot faster than her emotions do. You still have two or three daughters at home, correct?”

“Three, Doctor.”

“Well, I’m sure one of your daughters would be up to the task of making sure their mother’s bottom is properly cared for. I would prescribe at least one regular anal session a week with a maximum capacity punishment dildo with a medium grit or rougher; or perhaps something with rough nubs or bristles.”

“I don’t think that would be a problem, Doctor,” Laura confirmed.

“Good. I recommend my staff have two regularly scheduled sessions a week, just so their wellbeing is maintained. Unless they’re in a relationship, or have daughters who are old enough, they’re normally conducted here at the clinic. So that is an option if you’d like to go that route.”

“I don’t think that would be necessary, Doctor,” Laura responded after thinking about it for a few seconds.

“Are you sure, Laura?” questioned Melissa hopefully. “I have my punishment sessions scheduled through the clinic every Tuesday morning and Friday evening and they’re very… strenuous. They’re quite effective actually. I’m usually on Cloud 9 for hours afterwards.”

Laura smiled at the mental image of the lovely Melissa screaming in orgasm as a maximum capacity, heavy grit punishment dildo sawed in and out of her raw ass. She almost agreed to schedule a weekly session or two as long as Melissa was the administering nurse, but decided against it. Hell! If all went well with the buxom brunette, Laura could very well end up getting all her punishment ass fuckings for free!

“We’ll see how everything goes in my personal life before I need to start seeking the clinic’s help for that,” she said finally, adding a sidelong wink to the grinning Melissa when Veronica was again reading her charts.

“Fair enough,” the doctor responded. “Just let us know. We’re here for the needs of our patients.”

A few more minutes past before Doctor Dermott spoke again. “Ah. I see you had a Certified Capacity check done. It looks like you have quite a ways to go,” she said looking at the tightly restrained forty six year old redhead. “Would you be surprised to know that you could be expanded to seven and an eighth inches without fear of any physical harm?”

Melissa did a quick pumping action with her arm and whispered, “Nailed it!”

Laura gasped in surprise. “Doctor! That can’t be right! Dave worked for years to open me up as wide as possible, and I was only able to fit in six and five eights inch wide plugs. Even those were agonizingly painful! Seven and an eighth inches? That’s a-whole-nother half inch!”

“Actually, that’s about ‘a-whole-nother’ full inch,” the busty blonde doctor said sternly. “According to your ADVerS results, your maximum dilation is currently only a little over six inches wide. What happened, Laura? You used to be one of my best patients. I had not expected you to lose a full half inch of dilation in a little over a year’s time,” asked Veronica, and then cursed herself for her insensitivity. Of course! Dave! His death probably hurt Laura a lot more than anything that man had ever done to his loving wife’s battered ass. “I’m sorry, Laura,” Veronica said quickly in a much softer voice. “You don’t have to answer that; I know.”

Laura only nodded as all the surprise and levity drained out of her face.

“I could refer you to a psychiatrist if you’d like to talk to someone about it,” Veronica suggested helpfully.

Melissa was a little confused, but decided now was not the time to start asking questions.

“I’m fine, Doctor,” Laura managed after a few seconds. “Amanda’s come back to live with us for a few months to help me out. I should be okay.”

“That’s good news then!” Veronica said happily. “A woman of her drive and accomplishments should get your butt back on the fast track to 100% dilation in no time!

“Now, let’s get to the manual portion of the examination, shall we?” asked the doctor as she pulled up a short stool and sat between Laura’s widely separated legs. She grunted in discomfort as her weight came down on what was most likely a very large slab of latex up her fully dilated rectum. After a second, she turned and questioned, “Nurse Melissa?”

“Oh, right! Sorry, Doctor,” said the momentarily off balance nurse. Quickly, she stepped up beside the sitting doctor.

Veronica reached behind her employee and pulled out a pair of latex gloves from the woman’s rectal dispenser. “Thank you, Nurse. Please stimulate the patient’s breasts while I examine her anus and vagina.”

“Yes, Doctor,” said Melissa happily. She did not need to be told twice to play with her sexy patient’s naughty bits. Stepping quickly behind the bound cougar, she reached down and found two rock-hard nipples begging to be pinched and pulled. Melissa smiled as soft purrs escaped Laura’s lips as her nipples were mauled.

“I see you still have sensitive nipples, Laura,” Doctor Veronica commented as she lubricated her hands, “And do you still like them bitten and twisted during anal intercourse?”

“Yes, Doctor. Very much,” Laura replied.

Melissa made a mental note to herself. Bite Laura’s nipples at every opportunity.

“Good. Good,” Veronica commented as she began squeezing Laura’s engorged clit with one hand and stuck two, then three, then four fingers up the bound patient’s soaking wet cunt. “Your clitoris is still nice and firm, and your vagina still produces ample fluid when you’re aroused – especially for a woman of your age. Do you orgasm vaginally very often?” the doctor asked as she hooked her thumb inside her palm and slowly sank her entire hand up to the wrist inside the warm, slimy confines of Laura’s hot pussy.

“Occasionally, Doctor,” Laura gasped. The combination of rough nipple play and pussy fisting was getting her riled up again.

Doctor Veronica pumped her fist inside of Laura’s slit a few times while feeling around the insides of the tight hole; paying particular attention to the woman’s cervix for any abnormalities. “Are you being anally stimulated during your vaginal orgasms?” she asked as she began twisting and turning her fist a hundred and eighty degrees to check the firmness of Laura’s vaginal walls.

Laura cried out in pleasure before she could answer, “Of course, Doctor! What kind of a woman do you take me for?” she said, deliberately not mentioning that that was the reason Amanda had anally punished her only a few short days ago.

“I don’t mean to be offensive, Laura. I’m a doctor and I need to ask the uncomfortable questions,” she said as began to withdraw her closed fist from Laura’s spasming cunt, only to quickly reinsert her hand back into the wet hole almost immediately. She had to check the vaginal elasticity. This process was repeated several times. Laura’s pussy made wet popping sounds every time Veronica’s fist was yanked out only to make squishing noises as the hand was unceremoniously reinserted. All the while, Veronica’s thumb continued to rub over Laura’s hard clit.

Laura groaned and threw her head back in bliss.

Satisfied that her patient’s bald cunt was strong and healthy, Veronica finally removed her hand completely. “Your vagina is in excellent health, Laura. Now I just need to check your anus and we’ll be all done with you for today,” continued the doctor as her pussy juice soaked hand left Laura’s top hole, dropped a few inches, and was quickly inserted up the bottom hole. Laura’s nether hole was still gaping to almost five inches in diameter. Veronica’s arm didn’t even touch the sides until she was halfway up her forearm.

Laura moaned, “God, yes!”

“And how often do you orgasm anally?” Veronica asked, continuing with her normal questioning. Her one hand continued to mash down on Laura’s clit with its thumb while her other hand worked its way farther and farther up the busty redhead’s rectal tract.

“Daily, Doctor!”

“And how many times a day do you experience an anal orgasm?” probed Veronica as she repositioned herself on her stool to better get her elbow past Laura’s dilated sphincter. “Multiple orgasms only count as one,” she clarified.

Laura did her best to gyrate her hips to assist in the deep penetration of her wide open ass. She was moaning and carrying on loudly enough that she barely heard the doctor’s question. Finally, after thinking about it for several seconds, she answered, “Maybe six to ten times a day. It depends on the day,” she finally managed to get out.

All the while, Melissa continued to grind her lovely patient’s nipples into angry red pulp.

“That’s pretty healthy for a woman your age. And how many of these anal orgasms are brought on by your own masturbation and how many are from penetration with a partner?” Veronica asked as her fingers began feeling all over the insides of Laura’s spacious colon. Her hand was so deep that she could feel the woman’s lungs fill with air when she breathed in hard.

“Most are from masturbation, I guess,” Laura replied after thinking about it. “My butt sees a bit of action from my daughters, my secretary, and occasionally my boss, but most of the time I have to take matters into my own hands.”

“Well, I would certainly maintain your current frequency of anal masturbation sessions. Personally, I try to get in at least half a dozen a day to keep the stress levels down, but you need to get more penetration into your life from a partner,” added Veronica as she steadily worked her second arm up Laura’s fully dilated rectum. “And the sessions you do have with partners, are those mostly fisting or dildo penetrations?”

Laura was almost too far gone from her approaching orgasm to respond. Veronica had to repeat herself before Laura answered at last. “Mostly fisting, I guess.”

“I figured as much,” Veronica said as she tested the flexibility of Laura’s sphincter by sliding one arm into the bound patient’s lose ass from elbow to wrist while her other arm was withdrawing. Laura’s taut sphincter, while red and obviously very sore, was being pushed into her body and pulled away just as a healthy ring of muscle should. “Believe me, I realize how good a nice long fisting session can feel, but you get more stretching out of dildo penetration. I recommend turning some of your nightly masturbation sessions into bonding time with your daughters. You could even combine this with capacity training and the punishment sessions I was talking about earlier.

“I just came from examining Cora and Emily. While Cora’s dilation is right on track for a girl her age, Emily is way behind. I recommend the two of you have nightly stretching sessions to get both of your anal dilations back to where they’re supposed to be. Does that make sense?” Veronica asked as she pumped both of her forearms in and out of Laura’s spasming rectum in tandem. Laura’s entire colonic tract felt nice and healthy.

“Laura?” Veronica questioned when the mother of five didn’t respond. “Laura, do you hear me?” she asked again without breaking the stride of her fists and forearms as they pounded in and out of Laura’s loose rectum.

Laura was lost in the world of flashing lights and colors as her orgasm grew nearer and nearer. When it finally reached her, she screamed out in ecstasy. Her abused sphincter clamped down onto Veronica’s forearms hard.

“Excellent responsiveness, Laura,” Veronica commented to the orgasming woman – knowing full well that only Melissa could actually hear her. Glancing at her tablet, Veronica noted the time. “Make a note, Nurse Melissa. From first anal penetration to orgasm: one minute, seventeen seconds. I’d call her anal health excellent,” Doctor Dermott announced as she at last stopped the pounding of Laura’s butt and slowly withdrew her arms.

Melissa stopped mauling Laura’s nipples at last to tap the reading into her tablet. She also keyed in Doctor Veronica’s last few instructions since Laura had been too out of it to hear them. Although, the full transcript and surveillance video would be emailed to Laura as a matter of protocol, sometimes patients just wanted to get the annotated version. “Would you like me to schedule Laura for any anal therapy or counseling sessions, Doctor?” Melissa asked when she was done.

“I don’t think that will be necessary at this point, Melissa,” said Veronica. Having extracted her hands and arms from the severely restrained redhead’s still quivering anus, the doctor stood up – grunting slightly as her anal ring tried in vain to contract against the huge wedge of latex holding it widely apart – and went over to the exam room’s sink to wash up in preparation for her next patient. “But set her up for another checkup in two months. If I don’t see any marked improvement at that time, we’ll start considering anal therapy with an emphasis on Advanced Expansion Training.”

Despite herself, Melissa winced internally. AET was amongst the most painful and extreme regimes offered by most anal therapy companies. For her final medical certifications to become a registered nurse, she was required to attend three sessions as a patient; her butt cheeks clenched around her massive plug in painful remembrance.

“Yes, Doctor,” she replied simply as she tapped the Veronica’s medical advice into Laura’s record and scheduled her beautiful patient for a 9:00 AM appointment the month after next. “Anything else you’d like me to pass along before you go?”

“Nope; but do page me when she’s dressed and ready to go. I’d like to walk her out and catch up for a few minutes.”

“Will do, Doctor,” the busty brunette nurse said as she put her tablet away. “I just have to give her a nice reward for being such a good patient today. It’ll be another twenty minutes or so,” she added as she sat down on the stool Doctor Veronica had just vacated. Melissa began to pump lubricant into her hands to prepare for a vigorous fisting session.

As the nurse began to spread the viscous fluid down her forearms, Veronica smiled and stepped up behind the sitting brunette. “I’m glad to hear that Mrs. Wilder was such a model patient today,” remarked Veronica as she placed her hands on top of Melissa’s shoulders before dipping her hands down the front of her employee’s chest and into the cups of the nurse’s uniform she wore. Quickly finding the woman’s erect nubs with her finger’s Veronica began to slowly but firmly massage them.

Melissa only groaned and pressed her head backwards against the substantial cleavage of her boss’s breasts.

Veronica leaned down to wisher into Melissa’s ear. “You’ll find that Mrs. Wilder orgasms hardest from deep, brutal fistings; so don’t be gentle on the poor woman,” she commented, increasing the pressure on the younger woman’s nipples. “Just give her a similar treatment to what you’ve learned in Natalie’s workshops and you can’t go wrong!”

With that, Veronica gave her nurse’s nipples one final squeeze before removing her hands, straightening up her clothes and exiting the room. Melissa watched her go over her shoulder before returning her attention to the bound cougar in front of her. Laura had regained most of her senses from her single strong orgasm at the hands and arms of Doctor Veronica. The redhead’s eyes were still slightly unfocused at the climax’s aftershocks though.

“I figured you liked it rough after I saw you drooling with envy while watching Natalie ply her skill,” commented Melissa as she penetrated Laura’s back hole easily with both of her slick hands at last. “You’ll be pleased to know that that’s one thing that we both have in common,” she added truthfully.

Between her gasps and sighs as the cute nurse worked her arms farther up her sensitive rectum, Laura managed to get out, “I hope I can return the favor sometime!”

“Oh believe you me, after watching you having all these orgasms while I’ve had to be the professional nurse for your entire examination, you have a lot of favors to return!” Melissa said half playfully as her forearms continued to bury themselves into the depths of her restrained patient’s cavernous ass.

Laura only groaned and closed her eyes in ecstasy.

“Now, just to bank a few more orgasms for me to cash out later, you just sit back and enjoy,” she said as her arms bottomed out at last.

Leaning forward, she brought her mouth gently towards the folds of pink skin that were mere inches from her sweet face. As her tongue made contact with Laura’s slippery front hole at last. Laura jumped at the sudden contact and groaned like a lioness in heat. Had she been able to move more than an inch, she would have gyrated her horny pussy all over the pretty nurse’s face.

“You taste just as good as I’d had hoped you would!” commented Melissa before returning to the delicious cunt. Since there was no longer any point in taking it slow, Melissa put every trick and technique her mother and older sisters had taught her about the art of cunnilingus to good use. As the busty brunette nurse greedily devoured the tangy smorgasbord before her, Laura’s pent-up cravings from the constant flirting with Melissa over the course of her checkup got the better of her: she lasted barely ten seconds before the first world-altering orgasm crashed over her.

Satisfied that Laura was now relaxed and ready to experience some first-rate anal orgasms, Melissa’s arms began to pump in and out of the widely dilated sphincter between the beautiful redhead’s spread butt cheeks. The room filled with soft, wet smacking and sucking noises as Melissa found her rhythm. Orgasmic cries of lust soon joined them.


Half an hour later, Dr. Veronica and a still shaking Laura were slowly walking down the clinic’s hallway chatting and catching up; and pausing to glance into an occasional examination room when something interesting was going on inside.

“Are you sure Emily actually needs anal therapy, Veronica?” asked Laura.

“I think it would be good for her,” confirmed the impressively busty doctor. “A few months with a professional anal therapist would do her tight little sphincter wonders.”

“Oh, God! I’m a failure as a mother, aren’t I?” asked Laura seriously.

“Laura! Don’t talk like that!” commanded Veronica. “You raised three beautiful and proper women and have two more teenagers to go before you’re finished. I just think you need a little time to focus on yourself. Let me worry about Emily’s dilation for a little bit; I know some really good therapists I can schedule her with.”

“You’re right. Since Dave has been gone… I just haven’t been myself.”

“You’ll get back on the horse.

“And if my eyes weren’t deceiving me, I’m pretty sure I saw some definite chemistry between you and my brunette nurse,” Veronica said with a knowing grin.

“We did… hit it off quite nicely,” Laura admitted.

“She’s a beautiful woman, Laura; inside and out,” the older woman said. “I think you two would make a great couple.”

“Well, let’s not put the cart before the horse! Don’t try and marry me off when we haven’t even been on a first date yet!” laughed Laura.

“Perish the thought!” laughed Veronica right back.

“Would you like to say hi to Mark before you leave? I’m sure that husband of mine is around here somewhere,” Veronica said as she queried her tablet.

“I’d love to! I haven’t seen him since he beat Dave with that six under par and he won me for the entire weekend. My ass was sore for days afterwards!” commented Laura as she absentmindedly reached back to rub her shapely ass.

“You were sore?” asked Veronica in a mockingly shocked tone. “He wanted to concentrate on you and I spent the entire weekend locked in a punishment box under the bed. I had to listen to your screams of orgasm and cries for mercy all weekend. I did notice the latter were never met with any kindness; I think you just egged him on.”

“You’re probably right.”

“And he was so horny after he gave you back to Dave that he hauled me out of my box and ravaged me for half the night. I had to call in sick with ‘Rectal Fever’ for the next two days!”

“Oh, you poor baby…”

“Yeah, it was a fun weekend,” Veronica confirmed. “We need to do that again.”

“We do. Wait till I get in a relationship though, otherwise it’ll be just you and me being reamed by Mark over and over again.”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing, really,” answered Laura. “It’s just the more the merrier.”

“Here we are,” commented Veronica as they stopped at another examination room. “Mark will be thrilled to see you. He’s always loved how flexible your ass is!” she added as she opened the door and led her old friend inside.

Mark Dermott looked up from his tablet with an annoyed look at the unanticipated interruption before he recognized the two women who were approaching him. His face softened instantly.

“Laura! How long has it been?” he said standing up and rushing over to the redhead. Mark was an ogre of a man. He stood at nearly six feet six inches and was built like a pro-wrestler; he’d been an avid lifter since high school. His hands were huge and his hairy forearms were the size of most men’s biceps. “How have you been?” he asked as he bent down to give Laura a deep kiss.

As their tongues played with each other, Mark reached around Laura’s pert backside, grabbed the base of the large plug her knew would be there, and stood up straight; lifting Laura’s weight with ease. Even though Laura knew that it was coming, she still gasped audibly as most of her weight was transferred from her feet to her now straining anal ring.

“Good, good,” she managed to get out at last. “Yourself?” she added as his meat-hook of a hand twisted her daily plug this way and that with contemptuous ease. She had to groan again under the strain.

“I’ve been great! The other Dr. Dermott takes good care of me.”

“I try,” said Veronica as she stepped up to giant of a husband, “But you can just get into so much trouble, even with my guidance,” she added with a smile.

Mark reached down to grab his wife by the plug too, and quickly hauled her off her feet as well. Despite being manhandled in this manner daily, Veronica still grunted in discomfort as her gigantic daily plug slammed into the base of her lungs with a familiar force. Mark kissed his wife deeply to shut her up. The trio held each other tenderly like this for a few moments and exchanged small talk. Mark alternated kissing the woman who was moaning or grunting the loudest as his hands twisted their anal plugs deeper into their abused rectums.

Finally, Mark let the women down. “We really need to get together again, Laura,” Mark said at last.

Disclaimer: The following is a work of pure sexual fantasy and is intended for adult audiences ONLY. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading NOW and go tell your parent and/or guardian that you need stricter internet supervision. Any physical resemblance to a real person that any fictional character herein may bear is probably intentional and is meant as a compliment. Furthermore, all fictional characters in the following fantasy are professionals and good at what they do. So please, don’t try this at home; if such things were even physically possible. If you still insist on trying this at home, please send all pictures and feedback about the experience to myself via the CONTACT tab on my profile. If I can’t stop you I can at least make sure you’re doing it right. Consider yourself disclaimed.

The Dermott Clinic, Part I

“G’mornin’! I’m Georgiana, and welcome to the Dermott Women’s Clinic. Do y’all have an appointment?” asked the bubbly brunette receptionist with the deep southern drawl at the front desk of the clinic.

“Good morning, and yes we do. Wilder: Laura, Cora and Emily,” replied Laura. “We have 9:00 AM appointments for full physicals.”

The perky twenty-something receptionist chewed her lower lip in deep concentration as she navigated the software running on her monitor for a few seconds; deeper concentration than the simple task should have demanded. Obviously, clicking on a few buttons and greeting patients was stretching her simple mental capacity to its limits. Laura was certain that the young woman was in her present position more as eye candy than a productive member of the clinic’s nursing staff. Her first impression of the young receptionist was only strengthened as she gazed down across the desk into the deep cleavage of the massive breasts that threatened to pop out of her tight, low-cut nurse’s uniform. Laura was certain that if the woman moved too quickly, they just might. Despite her annoyance at having to deal with perceptibly stupid people, the affect of the bubbly young woman wasn’t lost on her. Quick mental images of what she’d like to do to the buxom brunette if she had the chance flashed through her mind.

“Ah yes! Here ya are. If I could just get y’alls thumb prints on the scanner, I’ll check y’all into the computer here, and ya can have a seat,” the empty-headed receptionist said cheerfully; her bulging breasts bouncing around deliciously as she motioned towards the scan pad located in front of her on the desk. The motion itself was way more jerky than it had any right to be; with mouth watering results.

Laura tore her gaze from the woman’s dancing mammaries to look Georgiana in the eyes once again. “Ah… Yes… Girls, she needs your thumb prints,” she said in slight embarrassment as she scanned herself in first.

Georgina only smiled more brightly. It was as if the phrase, ‘My face is up here, pervert’ had never once in her life occurred to her to say.

It probably hadn’t.

“Thank y’all kindly,” Georgina said as she turned every precious IQ point at her disposal to the monitor in front of her and tapped the keyboard a few times. Once again, Laura took the opportunity to gaze longingly down the woman’s cleavage.

Hey, Laura thought to herself, if you got it, flaunt it, I guess.

“Alrighty,” she announced proudly after a few seconds. “It found all y’alls records and yur checked in. If y’all could have a seat, a nurse will call ya back in a few minutes.”

“Thank you,” Laura responded and turned towards the room’s rows of comfortable chairs; thankful that she didn’t have to listen to that bimbo’s annoying accent anymore. Perhaps a nice big ball gag would do her wonders for her conversational skills…

Come now Laura! Get your mind out of the gutter! she admonished herself firmly. You don’t have to get your panties wet over every big-boobed bimbo you run across; if you actually wore panties that is.

“Just your type, right mom?” inquired Emily with a smile on her face as the three Wilders found a trio of adjacent seats in the half full waiting room.

“I think she’s every woman’s type,” Laura replied quietly. “Just as long as she doesn’t say too much that is.”

“She’s certainly my type,” Cora agreed as she glanced over her shoulder to watch Georgiana greet the next pair of women that were coming into the clinic with equal enthusiasm and air-headed devotion. “She can say whatever she wants!”

“You can do better, honey,” Laura told her daughter. “I’m sure she’s dynamite in the sack, but what would you two talk about when you’re not having sex?”

“With a body like that, I don’t think there would be much time we wouldn’t be having sex; so I don’t see the problem,” Cora countered skillfully.

“She has a point, mom,” Emily agreed as her gaze followed her sister’s to watch the receptionist’s tits bounce around as she went about her entry-level job.

Ah… To be young and dumb again, Laura thought. She didn’t say anything further, in order to allow her two youngest daughters to peel the receptionist’s tight clothes off with their eyes and mind-fuck the sexy brunette senseless.

As Laura was observing the lust-filled expressions on the faces of her two teenagers, her phone beeped softly. The notification was immediately followed by a slightly painful stretching sensation as the Dilation Master XXL that Amanda had buckled into her mother’s spacious bottom that morning sensed that Laura was no longer in motion. The ingenious device was one of a new line of ‘smart’ plugs being marketed by Anal by Design at the Women’s Health and Wellness Expo. The model Laura wore today was one of the toys that her eldest daughter had brought home last night in her little bag of goodies.

The Dilation Master XXL was designed to remain at a pre-programmed diameter to match that of a woman’s normal daily plug; it would stay at this size as the wearer went about her day. This was the plug’s Retention mode. However, as soon as she stopped moving – like, say: sitting at her desk, attending a management meeting, or waiting in a clinic’s waiting room – the smart plug would sense the lack of movement and automatically start expanding itself into its Expanded mode. Of course, there were many safety features built into the device: It wouldn’t expand while the wearer was driving; that could be dangerous. There were also built-in pressure sensors to ensure that, when enlarging occurred, the plug would not grow to dimensions that could physically damage the wearer. The plug’s control app on Laura’s phone also had an override button that would force the plug to contract to its normal Retention size. Optionally, this last feature could be disabled provided that at least one phone the plug was registered to keep this safety feature enabled.

The plug’s Expanded size could either be pre-programmed at the same time the Retention size was, or an optional Maximized mode was available. This setting would utilize the data recorded from the plug’s pressure sensors to keep up a grueling outwards pressure on the enclosing rectum without regard to how large the plug actually got. This optional setting was what Amanda had set Laura’s Dilation Master to after it had been safely locked in place.

Her phone beeped yet again when the plug’s expansion halted several seconds later. Laura groaned softly from the intense discomfort in her nether hole as she checked her phone.

Dilation Master XXL Control Dashboard

Laura’s Plug:

Mode: Maximized

Dilation: 5.91″

Duration: 0:00:06


- You have been dilated past 5 7/8″ today! Congratulations!

Amanda’s Plug:

Mode: Retention

Dilation: 5.5″

Duration: 2:07:21

Damn! Amanda thought as she did some mental arithmetic. 5.91 inches is a little over five and seven eighths inches! This thing might have me at six inches in diameter by the time I get home tonight.

Shit! I’ve only been at five and seven eighths inches as my maximum capacity for a day and a half now and I’m already getting wider? I guess my butt’s remembering how wide it used to expand when Dave was still around.

As her Laura’s phone attested to, Amanda had joined her mother earlier that day by inserting one of the Dilation Masters she’d brought home up her own bubble butt. Both of them had registered each other’s plugs with their phones so that they could monitor the other’s progress throughout the day. Laura had to admit that it was fun knowing how wide-open her daughter was stretched at this very moment. She assumed since Amanda’s plug was in Retention mode that she was up and moving around the Expo; chances were, the busy woman wouldn’t have very many opportunities to experience the plug’s Expanded mode today. Honestly, a normal dilation plug would have probably worked just as well for Amanda while she worked Anal by Design’s booth at the Women’s Expo. Although, the novelty of having an expensive digital toy up both their butts was fun!

Laura closed her eyes and breathed deeper to accustom herself to the interesting sensation of being stretched past her previous maximum; it was a sensation she imagined she’d be feeling a lot over the coming weeks. When she opened them again, she felt she had the pain in her butt under mental control.

The Wilder matriarch began to look around to give herself a chance to take stock of the familiar waiting room. Not much had changed since the last time she’d been here for a checkup a year and a half or so ago. Some of the posters, handouts and advertisements had changed, but the art on the walls and the overall décor hadn’t.

She picked up one of the folding handouts on the end table next to her. This one had an image of two identical looking young women in their late twenties holding hands on the front cover. The title read ‘Do You Need a Corset?’. Laura looked again at the two women, who were identically dressed in light sundresses. Sure enough, the outline of a large anal violator lodged in her backside was clearly visible on the abdomen of the one on the right. Laura opened the pamphlet to glance at the pictures and read some of the text; mostly to pass the time until her name was called.

On the left panel, both women were turned around and holding the other’s sun dress up so that the bases of the pair’s impaling daily plugs were clearly visible. The pamphlet went on to describe that the twin sisters had worn a matching pair of five inch wide, eighteen inch long plugs to go out shopping for shoes that morning. One had worn a corset and the other hadn’t. In pictures and text, the handout went on to describe the benefits of harsh corseting in concealing the larger plugs that were the fashion these days. The right panel even had a step-by-step walkthrough on how to properly insert a five inch plug into a corseted woman. Laura’s eye’s lingered on the picture of the corseted sister’s fleshy pink and wide open asshole just before her smiling sister filled it with the black latex plug. There was a local lingerie company’s name at the bottom of the pamphlet along with a web address and a phone number.

Well, duh! Laura thought to herself as she put the bi-fold back on the table. Tell me something I don’t know!

Picking up the next one, she scanned its front. The image was an old-school, green line-only technical-like schematic of what appeared to be a woman’s intestinal tract filled with a large fuzzy mass that she assumed to be a plug. This one was titled, ‘Certified Capacity™ developed by Anal Dynamics Inc.’ Flipping it open, Laura scanned the informational document about using advanced mathematical modeling and proprietary algorithms to determine the maximum size of dildo that could be physically inserted.

Interesting, she thought. Although I’m sure Dave has already had me open to the largest size my body can physically take. I don’t need some geeky engineer telling me that I’ve already reached my maximum; I can feel it quite well enough when I get there, thank you very much!

“Ever thought about having yourself checked out for that?” said a voice to the side. Laura looked up from her reading to note an attractive blonde woman sitting on the other side of the end table from her. She looked to be about the same age as Laura, but not quite as stacked in the curves department; although she made up for it by obviously being a workout junkie.

“Pardon?” Laura answered at the unexpected small talk.

“The Certified Capacity,” said the other woman, holding up the same pamphlet Laura was flipping through. “My husband and I have been seeing advertisements for it lately and I was asking if you’d ever considered it. I’m Sandy, by the way. Please to meet you,” she continued holding out her hand.

“Laura,” she answered, shaking the offered hand, “and no, I haven’t,” she said, putting the handout back on the end table.

“I’m certain I am too, but Mark – my husband – wanted me to come in and have the screening done anyway. I think he just wants the validation that he’s doing a good job with my wellbeing, to be honest,” Sandy said, continuing the [mostly] one-sided conversation.

Laura was slightly taken aback by the other woman’s forwardness to a complete stranger. Discussions of such personal information were best left to the family, close friends, and the medical community.

She was about to politely attempt to back herself out of the idle chitchat when a pleasant soprano announcement came: “Wilder? Laura Wilder?”

Saved by the proverbial bell, Laura thought. She looked up and saw a pretty brunette nurse with a medical tablet standing in the half open door leading to the clinic’s back area. Laura raised her hand to gain attention, made eye contact to let the nurse know she had heard her name called, gathered up her purse, and bid her two youngest daughters – who were still trying their best not to be too obvious while gawking at the bubbly receptionist – a quick goodbye. Smiling apologetically at Sandy, she got up and made her way towards the waiting nurse.

As she did so, her Dilation Master XXL sensed that she was in motion again and obediently shrank back to its Retention mode; a healthy five and three quarter inches wide. Laura heard the notification sound from her phone in her purse as it did so.

“Good luck in there,” she heard Sandy comment as she walked away.

“You too,” she answered; glad to be away from her.

As she approached the thirty-something nurse, she allowed her eyes to assess the attractive woman. She wore the same white, skin-tight, ultra-low cut uniform that Georgiana wore, although she didn’t fill out the bust area quite as spectacularly. Not to say she was flat chested. Hardly! Laura’s expert eyes estimated that her impressive bosom was very close to her own; somewhere in the 34FF or 36EE range. While Laura considered herself blessed in the tits department, some women – like the astonishingly dumb yet equally over-endowed Georgiana – hand her beat hands down.

Just below her assigned nurse’s womanly gifts, the uniform had a built-in, white, patent-leather corset that compressed and shaped her waist perfectly, while at the same time uplifted and pressed her breasts together to produce a glorious amount of cleavage. The corset, combined with the garment’s low cut front, shaped the nurse’s breasts into mouthwatering, fleshy orbs high on her chest and allowed just the hint of bottom boob to display as the cleavage separated just before the blouse finally came together. Laura had to resist the urge to bury her face in the pretty woman’s chest and motorboat to her heart’s content.

Moving down from there, her wide, shapely hips filled out and complimented her voluptuous figure beautifully. Just below them, the uniform’s tight skirt finally ended a few inches above her knees to reveal white stocking encased legs which ended in five or six inch white, patent-leather high heeled shoes that matched the corset perfectly.

The end result was that Laura couldn’t decide if the woman looked more like an incredibly sexy, yet professional, nurse or a leather-clad seraphim come down from on high. In actuality, it didn’t really matter; the woman was a knockout! Though, while Laura didn’t recognize this particular nurse, she was glad that the uniforms hadn’t changed since her last visit; she’d always been fond of them. She actually had her own nursing uniform somewhere back in her closet at home; she’d bought it for Dave as an anniversary present a decade or so ago as he’d liked the uniforms just as much as she did.

“Good morning, Mrs. Wilder,” the angelic beauty said extending her free hand to Laura, “I’m Nurse Melissa and I’ll be your assigned nurse for this morning’s procedure.” The wide smile and bright gray eyes that went along with the greeting sold Laura on her mental image of this Melissa as a heavenly being.

“Hello, Nurse Melissa,” Laura replied taking the woman’s soft hand in her own and shaking it firmly. “And please, call me Laura.”

“It would be a pleasure, Laura. First names are so much better than all that normal formality, don’t you think?”

“I couldn’t agree more, Melissa!”

“Now if you’ll follow me to the examination room,” she said as she stepped back to open the door completely for Laura to enter. Laura smiled back and stepped through the portal to follow the enchanting, leather-clad nurse and almost ran into a young, blond nurse on her way out.

“Hey!” the blonde in a matching uniform said in surprise.

Although the uniform was where the similarities ended between the two nurses. While Melissa was tall and curvaceous, this new nurse was on the short side and obviously very muscular. Laura’s nurse had breasts almost the size of her own, while Blondie had much smaller, but still respectable, D cups; by Laura’s expert estimation. Most importantly, Melissa had a beautiful, warm, friendly face, the other nurse’s was attractive – undoubtedly – yet cold and detached.

“My fault entirely,” Laura replied. “I just couldn’t take my eyes off of your delightful coworker, Melissa, over there,” she said with a quick wink towards the giggling brunette. Laura couldn’t help herself but join her nurse in a soft chuckle.

“You mean Nurse Melissa, ma’am,” the blond said sternly, sucking all levity out of the situation. “Apology accepted. Please be mindful to watch where you’re going; there’s a lot of sensitive equipment around here!” she added and turned back towards the door to continue her mission.

Subdued slightly in their schoolgirl-esque giggling, Laura and Melissa turned to head towards the waiting examination room. As they began walking down the hall, Laura quietly inquired, “What’s up her butt?”

“Whatever it is, it’s nowhere big enough, I can assure you,” Melissa said equally as quietly, but still smiling. “Don’t worry. That’s just ‘Nurse’ Lana; she treats everyone that way. All business, that one!”

“Ah… So you’re saying she just needs a proper fucking then?” Laura asked with a mischievous smile.

“Don’t we all?” Melissa questioned back with her own roguish grin, and then started giggling again.

Laura found her nurse’s laughter quite endearing. “Yes. Yes, I believe we all do,” she answered, giggling herself.

“Cora and Emily Wilder?” came an announcement from behind her. Laura turned her head to get a better, quick glance at this ‘Nurse’ Lana – who would evidently be performing the physicals on her daughters – and did a double take at what she saw. Stopping abruptly in her tracks, she snapped her head back around to Melissa – who had continued to walk a few paces before noticing that Laura had quit walking next to her- to look at the brunette nurse from this new angle.

While, from the front, the nurses’ uniforms looked identical to the ones they’d been wearing for years here at the Dermott Clinic, the backs had a slight, but significant, modification. The tight skirt now had a circular cutout that went from mid-buttock to mid thigh to reveal the white garters extending from the base of their corsets to the tops of their lacey, white stockings; and the bases of the sizable, black latex plugs buckled securely in place deep within their rectums by their white leather plug-straps and tiny, stainless steel padlocks.

The ebony colored plugs were the only non-white element of their entire ensemble; which made the contrast all that much more profound.

“Oh my! That’s new!” was all Laura could get out past her astonishment at the nurses’ scandalous outfits.

“Oh. The cutouts?” Melissa said looking over her shoulder at the swell of her full bottom. “Yeah, they’re relatively new here. The Dermott’s decided to update our dress code about a year ago to keep pace with the newest trends in the medical community,” she said matter-of-factly. “The idea is that we’re all adults and medical professionals here, so we should be the last people to be ashamed of our anal training. Kind of a ‘Lead by Example’ mentality.

“Actually, these modifications are based on a popular Italian design that’s getting pretty common over in Europe. That being said, it took quite a while to get used to being on full display like this,” she added with slight embarrassment. “This dress may be borderline passé in Rome or Paris or Milan, but it could get a girl arrested for indecency here in the States. Needless to say, we don’t wear these out in public!” she added emphatically.

“My goodness,” Laura finally said as she rediscovered her ability to walk once again – her momentary concern about the sternness of the nurse assigned to her daughters forgotten by the shock of the new nursing uniforms – and started following Melissa down the hall; eye’s welded to the nurse’s well shaped bottom and the base of the obviously large plug locked inside it as they walked. “Am I getting that old and out-dated?” she asked the younger woman.

“No. Of course not!” Melissa said as she glanced backwards to run her own eyes up and down Laura’s body appraisingly. Her patient filled out every curve of her deep blue business skirt suit like it was a comfortable second skin. The slightly older woman moved with a cat-like grace that made walking around on six inch spiked heels look almost trivial; and the way the redheaded cougar’s hips swayed as she walked… Melissa licked her lips in complete approval.

“You look splendid! It’s just that culture changes slowly; especially here in America. You have to remember: we’re all basically descendants of immigrant pilgrims who were so uptight and religiously conservative that the British – of all people – kicked them out,” she said with a smile. “Give us a generation or two and we’ll catch up to those hoity-toity Europeans.

“Of course, God only knows what they’ll be up to in another thirty or forty years!” she added as both women again giggled softly.

“No kidding! A conservative little black dress in Paris will probably consist of nothing but an enormous butt plug, nipple clamps and a few feet of dental floss!” Laura said as she laughed.

“Now that would be interesting to wear!” Melissa said as she mentally pictured the beautiful woman before her in the described outfit. The thought made her bald, and not very well hidden, pussy moisten noticeably.

“Ah, here we are: Room 34B,” the pretty brunette nurse said as she directed Laura into the examination room. “If you’d please disrobe, we can get started with a few cleansing enemas,” Melissa said as she ushered Laura into the room and closed the soundproof glass door.

“Would you like me to help you undress?” she asked hopefully.

“That would be lovely, Melissa,” Laura answered wholeheartedly as her fingers began working the buttons to her form-fitting business suit’s jacket.

Melissa’s smile broadened and she crossed the room to the undressing older woman and kneeled down to unzip the tight, deep blue skirt that matched the suit’s jacket. Despite her familiarity with the position, she couldn’t help but grunt softly as the massive plug locked into her nether hole repositioned itself inside her body and smashed into the base of her lungs.

“Problems, Melissa?” Laura asked – knowing full well what had elicited the quiet grunt – as her jacket came off and she began working on her white silk blouse.

“No, ma’am,” Melissa replied unzipping Laura’s skirt. With a quickness that she hoped didn’t give away her desire to get the other woman naked, the skirt came down and she had her first glance at the base of the anal violator buried deep within her charge’s well-toned bottom. As the latex base came into full view while she slid the skirt down Laura’s muscular legs, she puckered her lips as its true size registered. This woman’s anal wellbeing was well taken care of.

Melissa wondered who her patient’s current keeper was; Laura’s medical records indicated that she was a widow. Yup, I’ll be needing our extra-large equipment this morning, Melissa commented to herself with cool, professional consideration. Good! I was hoping that would be the case! She was about to unbuckle the massive latex plug from its hiding place before she noticed the small padlock on Laura’s dildo strap’s buckle.

“Um… Laura, I hope you have the key for this.” Not that it really mattered all that much; there were lock cutters in the drawer for just such occasions. Forgetting the key to a locked dildo strap was a daily occurrence here. It was an honest and innocent mistake a lot of women made.

“Oh! Of course. It’s in my purse. If you could be kind enough to fetch it for me?” Laura asked politely as she finished unbuttoning her blouse and shrugged it off her shoulder to reveal the strong, red velvet, boned corset underneath. The expensively constructed lingerie incorporated full cups to support and display her beautiful 34FF rack to maximum effect.

It would actually have been easier for Laura herself to retrieve the key, but she loved hearing the pretty brunette grunting in discomfort as her plug shifted around.

“Of course!” Melissa replied happily as she stood up to fetch her patient’s purse; managing to come within inches of the swell of Laura’s, mostly hidden, tit meat in the process. As she did so, the wide rectal dilator fastened deep within her bowels went about rearranging her internal organs as it repositioned itself. Laura was not disappointed at the soft sound of pleasure mixed with pain that escaped Melissa’s lips; exactly at breast level!

* * *

“Nurse Lana, what’s your button all about?” Cora asked as she watched the physically powerful blonde nurse strap her sister down to a gynecological chair identical to her own.

“Oh this thing? It’s for some ridiculous promotion we have to wear for one of our suppliers,” she responded.

The button read:

Hi, I’m Nurse [ Lana ]

Ask me about my Certified Capacity.

I’m [ 69% ] there!

Certified Capacity™ developed by Anal Dynamics Inc.

“It says we’re supposed to ask you about your ‘Certified Capacity’. So may we ask, Nurse Lana?” Emily inquired, following her sister’s lead.

“No. No, you may not,” Lana snapped.

She was actually pretty embarrassed about her paltry sixty nine percent achievement and didn’t like to talk about it; it was the lowest of any nurse working at the clinic. In actuality, she wouldn’t even be that far along if it weren’t for the numerous anal workshops the Dermotts insisted their nursing staff attended after hours. Lana wasn’t particularly interested in her own anal training; she merely endured as little of it as she could in order to keep her position here at the Dermott Clinic secure. Lana didn’t come from what polite society considered a ‘proper’ upbringing. Her mother had always been too busy whoring it up to teach her daughters much of anything; and she didn’t even know who her father was. The fact that a woman who didn’t like anal penetration at all worked for a clinic specializing in the anal wellbeing of women throughout the community was one of Lana’s life’s great ironies.

“Lana…” began Emily again, but was interrupted by a sharp slap to the underside of her naked right breast.


“Please, Emily,” the blonde said disapprovingly, “I’ve asked you before: Call me ‘Nurse’ Lana. Professionalism has to be maintained here!” she added, glaring down at the buck naked, and tightly bound, eighteen year-old.

Emily stared up at the blonde nurse in surprise. Their mother never mentioned anything about spanking being involved during a checkup; butt, breast, or any other kind.

“‘Nurse’ Lana, do all the patients get restrained like this,” questioned Emily carefully as the heavy-handed nurse finished tightly securing the thick band of leather across the top of her chest; securing her to the adjustable gynecological chair. Having only recently become of age, and having never received a proper checkup, Emily was naturally curious about the procedures employed by the clinic.

“Of course, Emily,” Lana replied reassuringly as she collected the eighteen year-old’s wrists to buckle them into the waiting cuffs just above and behind the bound girl’s head. Emily had to bend her elbows about ninety degrees and stretch slightly for Lana to securely bind her arms out of the way.

“We don’t treat anyone of our patients any more special than the next one,” the cool and collected young nurse continued as she went about checking and retightening this strap and that.

“How long do we stay in these chairs, ‘Nurse’ Lana?” Cora asked curiously from her identically bound position in her own chair on the other side of the dual patient examination room. Both chairs where at a forty five degree offset from the other; pointing directly at the soundproof glass door – which also meant directly out into the well-etravelled hallway.

“How long? Well, you’ll be secured to your MGCs for the remainder of your physicals; which should take about an hour or two; depending on how much work we need to do with you,” Lana said helpfully as she stood back, wiped the thin layer of sweat from her brow, and admired her handiwork.

The perspiration annoyed her. Lana knew why the clinic’s ambient air temperature was kept fairly warm: For the comfort of their naked and restrained clientele. Not that she approved in the slightest! Tightly bound women were in no position to complain about anything; anything at all. Cooler air would have made for much stiffer nipples on her patients; which in turn would have made for much more effective tit slaps when they inevitably misbehaved. No, Lana did not understand the Dermott Clinic’s owners’ – Doctors Nick and Veronica – insistence on the comfort of their patients. Surely, the comfort of their dedicated staff was of far greater importance!

Resuming her inspection: Each naked girl was secured to one of the clinic’s standard MGC units: Multi-purpose Gynecological Chair. In addition to their secured arms and upper chest straps, lower straps were firmly buckled below the girls’ breasts, leaving the abdominal region free of anything that would only get in the way of the myriad procedures available here at the Dermott Women’s Clinic. Cora and Emily’s legs were bent ninety degrees at the knee and securely bound to the chair’s adjustable legs; these were already positioned so that the girls’ legs were pulled up and apart and their knees were almost six inches on either side of their toned stomachs.

The chairs were currently inclined at a comfortable forty-five degrees. This was the best angle to initially secure a female to them; as well as conduct the cleansing enemas that were always the first step in any procedure conducted by the clinic. The seat portions of the device were actually mounted on a pivot with a nearly one hundred and eighty degree range of motion. The patient could be positioned anywhere from head up ass down, to ass up head down, depending on the requirements of the procedure that needed to be applied.

The positioning of the MGC spread all of a woman’s lower holes open for examination while the restraints permitted rigorous procedures to be performed without the [unnecessary] help of the patient. While the extreme spreading was primarily intended to provide unrestricted access to the anal region, both Emily and Cora’s pussies were also pulled wide enough open to display the pink, wet folds of their inner flesh; their arousal clearly visible in the room’s bright light.

While there were many companies producing MGCs these days, the Dermott Clinic had secured a contract a few years ago with a smaller, locally owned company called Anal by Design to replace all of their aging MGCs – as well as their numerous attachments and optional equipment – with newer, top-of-the-line models. Lana was happy with the decision by the Dermotts to go with Anal by Design because she actually knew the co-owner, Amanda Wilder, from college. Humiliating, degrading and basically doing everything in her power to increase the woman’s pain and suffering had been one of the highlights of her college career.

Wait! Amanda Wilder? Wilder! Cora and Emily… Wilder? thought Lana as she quickly scanned her two charges’ records on her medical tablet; the significance of their last name dawning on her at last. Holy shit! What are the odds of that! she said to herself as a fresh, evil smile grew across her face. Sure enough, the family field on their medical records read: Cora and Emily Wilder. Siblings: Naomi, Mary, and… Amanda! Lana knew there was a reason she’d gotten up this morning!

“So it says here that you’re the kid sisters of Amanda Wilder. Is that correct?” Lana asked finally glancing up from her tablet.

“Yeah,” Cora after a second.

“Why?” asked Emily.

Lana only laughed softly. “Wow. Talk about coincidence! I went to college with Amanda years ago! We were actually really good friends, even though I was in the medical track and she was in engineering,” she lied. “We even had a few classes together and partied about every other weekend.”

(Translation: We never spoke outside of the one medical trial that we both participated in, and I really loved taking advantage of her. Now I need you two to trust me completely so that I can do the same to her kid sisters!)

“Really?” both girls said in unison, their curiosity peaked. “I really don’t remember Amanda being that much of a party girl,” Emily finished.

“Oh, she was,” Lana said, weaving her lie expertly. “Those engineering-type people are pretty uptight most of the time, but get a few drinks in them and wow! They’re a hoot!” And by that I mean boring, Lana reminded herself.

“Nursing students however… well… we’re a naturally sociable group. It’s no wonder the engineers wanted to party with us,” she said as her mind relived a few of the more… interesting… moments of her college career.

“You don’t need to tell your mother or sister about that though. We wouldn’t want to get your big sister in trouble, now would we,” she added smiling as best she could at the two young women. She could feel them warming up to her. Excellent…

“We actually had most of our fun during a class for a clinical trial for Formula 24 that the campus was running. I was her assigned nursing student. I think we both got college credit out of it; or something like that.”

“She never told us about that,” Cora said, obviously wanting Lana to explain what a clinical trial consists of.

“No she didn’t,” Emily added, working in concert with her sister to try and pry some more details on a heretofore unknown chapter of their big sister’s college days out of their nurse.

“Well, it basically starts off with a machine called an Anal Agitator,” Lana said as she began explaining the only truthful part of her college experience. As she did so, she reached behind herself to pull out a pair of latex gloves from the dispenser built into her butt plug.

While she began pulling the gloves on, Emily stopped her in mid sentence. “Okay, wait a second, La… ‘Nurse’ Lana. Where did the gloves come from?” she asked.

Lana stopped her reminiscing in annoyance. “It’s not nice to interrupt people!” she said as she delivered three sharp slaps to the underside of each of Emily’s perky tits. Emily yipped slightly as the first blow fell, and then rode out the remaining impacts in silence.

Despite herself, Emily was too much like her mother not to enjoy the rough treatment of her breasts; unexpected as it was.

For Lana’s part, she couldn’t wait until Cora started screwing up. The much larger breasts the elder sister sported were just begging for harsh punishment!

As she finished her impromptu corporal reprimand of the younger sister, she realized that these two girls were new and didn’t know about some of her uniform’s more interesting features. “The gloves you were asking about? Well, all the nurses’ plugs have a latex glove dispenser built into them. That way we’re never far from them when they’re needed,” she explained. To emphasize her point, she turned around and bent over to give the two young women an unobstructed view of her painfully plugged ass and her perpetually moist vaginal lips, which were fully exposed just underneath. Two fingers of the next glove protruded from the hole in the base of her sizeable plug; ready for dispensing.

“You should be proud,” she went on as she stood back up and turned around – a small grunt escaping her lips as she did so. “Your sister’s company designed them; along with the MGCs you’re strapped to right now.”

“Really?” asked the girls in unison.

“Oh yes. Her company designed a lot of the equipment you’ll soon be experiencing here at the clinic,” Lana continued. “You should really compliment her on her creativity and ingenuity!” she said sincerely. Lana had no problem giving praise where praise was due.

“Now hush up so I can tell my story and get your dilation disks installed for your first set of enemas.”

Dilation disks were basically inch thick plates of latex with a groove along the edge and holes in the center. The groove was for a woman’s sphincter to rest in and the holes were for inlet and outlet enema hoses to be attached to. As was standard practice, each of the eighteen year-olds were soon fitted with a disk equal to the size of the daily plug they had entered the clinic with: Three and a quarter inches for Emily and four and a quarter inches for Cora.

As Lana went on to describe, in vivid details, how their big sister had been anally pulverized by the Agitators every week, Cora and Emily listened with great interest. She only had to embellish Amanda’s enjoyment a little to keep them spell-bound. They were so caught up in the story that the only sounds they made were the occasional moan or groan as Lana inserted the thick disks into their anuses and then worked the long inlet hoses deep into the girls’ rectal tracts for their high colonic enemas.

* * *

“Pretty cool addition to our uniform, huh?” Melissa asked as she stood up and turned around to put her latex gloves on.

While Laura had found her nurse’s plug to be an interesting storage space for office supplies, she’d already discussed their design with Amanda a few years ago while they were being developed. The plugs themselves were actually hollowed out along their entire length. The inner walls of the plugs were reinforced by a harder plastic to make up for the lack of a solid core of latex. The mouths of the plugs were threaded so that any number of ‘covers’ could be screwed in. The base model was a simple lid to secure items inside the rectal cavity. Amanda’s initial idea was to incorporate the plugs into swimwear so that women would have a secure place to store their valuables while at the beach. The design with a lockable lid came next; so that the valuables stored inside the woman’s body were even more secure.

From there, Amanda had conceived many variations on this basic theme: purse, toiletry container, small suitcase, wine cooler, soda can dispenser, massage oil dispenser… by now, Anal by Design had hundreds of options available to their customers, all stemming from the same basic design. As such, a latex glove dispenser was less of a novelty to Laura than it probably should have been to someone who had never actually seen the model before.

“Yes, they are,” she answered. “What won’t they think of next?” Laura had been more interested in trying to judge the diameter of the plug sealed within her new friend’s rectum but had been distracted by the sight of the nurse’s cleanly shaven, and visibly dripping, pussy lips. Laura unconsciously licked her own lips with curiosity as she wondered how the pretty brunette tasted; probably not as good as Emily; but then again, nobody did.

Pulling up and taking a seat on a nearby stool at last, Melissa grimaced as her full weight came to rest on the plug embedded deeply in her rectum. She used her weight to pull the stool closer to her patient, situating herself between Laura’s widely spread legs and holes. Laura smiled down at her pleasantly.

Pumping some pre-warmed lubricating gel onto her latex-clad hands from the MGC’s dispenser, Melissa admired the widely gaping hole leading into the depths of Laura’s abdomen. With the lubricant evenly distributed up to her wrists, she wasted no time in sinking both hands up Laura’s backside. Laura groaned in pleasure at the intrusion into her previously empty hole. While not technically a part of the procedure, Melissa just had to put something up Laura’s amazing asshole. She made sure the impromptu fisting was a quick one as she breathed deeply from the older woman’s growing musk of arousal. Not that Laura would ever complain about her breach of protocol.

Trying to regain some of her professional composure, Melissa said, “I’m just lubing you up a little so I can install your dilation ring.” Regretfully, she removed her hands from the stretchy chasm and began massaging the lubricant into the rectal sphincter like she was supposed to. This was accomplished by taking the ring of loose muscle between fingers and thumbs and rubbing firmly in circular motions all around its perimeter. She allowed this process to last a little longer than it was supposed to, but Laura seemed to be enjoying it; the older woman’s cruelly restrained hips where moving in small circles around her working fingers.

This first stage complete, Melissa picked up the selected five and three quarter inch dilation ring and began to press it home passed Laura’s recently massaged sphincter. Despite the obvious training that asshole had undergone in the past, getting any disk this size secured into a woman’s bottom took skill and patience.

Looking down between her restrained and widely spread legs, past her equally spread and now clearly leaking cunt, Laura watched the brunette nurse as she secured the wide dilation disk into her well stretched sphincter. The bound redhead was enjoying the sight of her brunette nurse’s large tits being pressed together and kneaded delectably by her biceps as she worked. It was then that she noticed the button pinned to the front of the nurse’s lapel. It read:

Hi, I’m Nurse [ Melissa ]

Ask me about my Certified Capacity.

I’m [ 90% ] there!

Certified Capacity™ developed by Anal Dynamics Inc.

Certified Capacity? Laura thought. That’s what I was reading about in the lobby. Deciding to bite on the hook of shameless advertising, she asked: “So you’re ninety percent there, huh?”

“Hmm?” the distracted woman asked initially. Then, looking down at her swelling chest and remembering her button, “Oh! Yes: ninety percent,” she said proudly. Then, “Damn it!” as she accidently pushed the dilation disk all the way through Laura’s sphincter and into her colon, causing the bound woman to jump at the unexpected penetration of her bottom hole. “Sorry about that, these things are tricky.” It was an easy task to turn the disk sideways, extract it, and try again.

“But yes, my maximum capacity is now ninety percent of my Certified Capacity,” Melissa said as she again started to concentrate on the task at hand.

“Which means what in inches?”

“Umm… Oh, sorry. I’m distracted. Six inches is my current maximum dilation; six and three quarters is my Certified diameter. Have you ever had your Certified Capacity tested?”

“Six and three quarters? Wow, honey! That’s pretty big!” Laura said in amazement as she took a second look at the nurse’s figure. She couldn’t quite imagine something so massive being shoved up the pretty brunette’s backside without a hospital visit to follow immediate afterwards. “And no I haven’t. I’ve read a little bit about it though.”

“Well, it’s fairly new. You can read all about the science behind it online, but they basically take elasticity measurements, age, family history, body type, x-rays, MRIs, and a few other data, feed it all into a program developed by the tech wienies over at Anal Dynamics, and bam! The maximum size you can be dilated to before risking serious injury.

“Got it!” proclaimed Melissa suddenly as the thick dilation disk seated itself correctly inside Laura’s stretched anus. Laura jumped slightly as she was once again stretched to the size of today’s daily plug. She had to admit that the sensation of having just her asshole widely expanded while the rest of her rectum was basically empty was odd; but then again it always was when the nurses at the Dermott Clinic preformed the necessary high colonic cleansing enemas.

“And you’d be surprised at the calculated diameters the Certified Capacity program come up with, Laura. Someone with your beautiful bottom and stretchy sphincter? Why, I’d honestly be shocked if it calculated anything less than seven whole inches!”

“Seven inches! Melissa, don’t toy with me. That’s huge!” Laura commented seriously. For all her late-husband’s efforts to ensure his loving wife was properly cared for and experienced a deep fulfillment in their relationship – which translated into ever-increasing, and increasingly painful, anal penetrations – Laura hadn’t really come all that close to a seven inch dilation. To hear the possibility that her anal opening could be stretched to that extreme sounded preposterous!

“Well, we’re a registered Anal Dynamics partner. We can schedule you in for a screening as part of your physical, if you’d like,” the brunette nurse said with a twinkle in her eye. “Personally, I’m really interested in finding out what science says we can fit up inside you,” she added as she caressed the bound redhead’s bottom around the perimeter of the installed dilation disk.

“I don’t know,” said the busty, reclining woman. “Is it really all that accurate?”

“It has a great track record so far,” Melissa said encouragingly. “You’ve met out perky receptionist, Georgiana, right?”

“She’s hard to miss,” Laura replied dryly.

“Well, she’s one of the youngest women in the country to have reached her Certified Capacity,” Melissa stated proudly. “Of course, the rich little tart spent almost eighteen months in a Spanish anal expansion clinic on the Mediterranean to accomplish it, but it’s still impressive none the less. Would you like a demonstration?”

“A demonstration? What’s involved in that?” Laura inquired skeptically

“Well, since she spent so much effort expanding herself, she prefers to be kept dilated to the maximum at all times. That’s one of the reasons she’s just a receptionist – well, that and she’s as dumb as a box of rocks – instead of a nurse. Being a nurse means being on your feet all the time. With the sizes we’re talking about, that just isn’t possible.”

“You’re telling me that the blonde bombshell manning your front desk is mounted on some kind of maximum – “Certified” – capacity dildo? Oh, this I have to see!”

“I’ll arrange it!” Melissa said as she tapped a request into her tablet.

* * *

Lana had just finished describing how much fun she had had wheeling their oldest sister around campus with a maximum capacity dilation dildo working copious amounts of F-24 into her tenderized anal cavity. She found it particularly arousing that she’d now had the pleasure of playing with three of the Wilder girls’ defenseless butts. Who knows, she thought; if karma keeps up like this, I may get through the whole family! But playtime was over – it was time to get back to the serious work.

“I’m sure you’ve had high colonic enemas before at home, girls,” Lana went on as she finished feeding the thin, thirty six inch inlet tube deep into Emily’s squirming backside, “But here at the Dermott Clinic, we believe in very high colonic enemas to clean our patients out .”

Cora had already been hooked up to the plumbing before Lana had started on Emily. Now with both young women ready to go, the sadistic nurse stepped back and brought up the MGCs’ controls on her medical tablet. She knew, coming from the same mother as the legendary Amanda Wilder, that the two youngest Wilders could probably take a bit higher pressure than a normal cleansing enema called for. Bringing up the MGC’s enema attachment’s settings screen on the tablet, she keyed in the supervisor’s override code – that she wasn’t supposed to have – and unlocked the higher pressure levels. Whistling a happy tune, Lana set the enema pressure for thirty percent over the allowed maximum, adjusted the temperature to its highest safe level, and pressed the Execute button. She then stood back to watch the show as the girls’ abdomens began to fill with water.

“I realize this is your first time for a checkup here at the Dermott Clinic, so I’ve selected a medium pressure level for your cleansing enemas. I wouldn’t want you two to feel too uncomfortable on your first visit; we want you to come back to us, after all,” Lana said with an evil smirk.

“Thanks, ‘Nurse’ Lana,” Cora said sincerely as she felt the rising pressure in her guts as the water continued to flow in, but not out.

“You’re welcome. If you’d like, I can set it up in the system so that you come to me on each of your visits in the future. Since I have such a long history with your sister, I’ll be sure to take excellent care of you two.”

“That would be great,” Cora said as the pressure slowly built up.

“Excellent! I just need your thumb prints on the request forms,” Lana said as she moved behind the MGCs to collect her new assigned playthings’ agreements; sealing their fates for their futures at the Dermott Clinic.

“Now just sit back and relax and let the enemas clean you out.”

Cora and Emily were still getting used to the odd sensations of water filling their colons from depths that almost reached their small intestines, when they started to notice the unexpected heat that was creeping into their guts. They soon discovered first hand that Lana had set the temperature of the flow to almost scalding.

“Could you turn the temperature down a little bit, Lana?” Cora asked as she squirmed in futility at her bonds; trying to escape the water that was rushing into her colon. “I think you have it a little bit too hot.”

Lana smiled happily as she stepped over to the black haired beauty, who was helplessly bound and defenseless, only to deliver half a dozen hard, open-handed slaps to the underside of the girl’s round, young 34Ds; three to each breast. She kept the spacing of her strikes far enough apart to give herself ample time to admire the athletic beauty’s boobs as they rippled and danced under the solid impacts.

Cora cried out in surprise as the blows landed.

“That’s ‘Nurse’ Lana, my pretty little patient!” she scolded firmly. “I swear! Did your mother not teach you any respect for authority figures?” she added, shaking her head sadly as she idly played with Cora’s now very stiff nipples.

“And of course the water is a little warm! Whoever heard of a cold enema doing any good for anybody?”

“I’m sorry, ‘Nurse’ Lana!” Cora said quickly, fearing more slaps to her tender breasts. “But please, ‘Nurse’ Lana, just turn the temperature down a tiny bit?”

“Nonsense, girl! I’d be remiss in my duties if I did that,” the sadistic blonde said, giving Cora’s nipples a good, final pinch. “Now be good little patients and let the enemas clean out those dirty asses yours. I’m beginning to wonder if either one of you has ever received a proper enema in your entire lives.”

Properly mollified, the youngest Wilder sisters sat silently as their bellies filled with hot water. Lana walked round and round the pair observing the readings on her medical tablet and watching the two teenage stomachs begin to bloat noticeably.

It took less than a minute for the preset pressure to be achieved and the outlet ports begin to empty the slightly dirty water out of the bound young women. However, the inlet ports continued to pump water in at the same rate that water was being allowed to exit, so the pressure was maintained at a constant level. The heat from the scalding enemas was causing the pair to turn red and begin perspiring all over their bodies as their internal temperatures began to spike.

Cora first, followed quickly by Emily, began to moan quietly at the intense flushing. The corner of Lana’s lips twitched with pleasure at the two eighteen year-olds’ suffering.

Laying her tablet aside, the toned nurse stepped between the suffering girls and placed a hand on each of their sweaty tits. Her fingers found their hard nipples and began rolling them harshly between index finger and thumb. This only amplified the moans escaping the two severely bound young women as the new and painful sensations emanating from their boiling colons mixed with the familiar pain being inflicted on their nipples; pain their bodies knew how to process. Lana wasn’t surprised at all to see both women’s hips begin to gyrate slowly despite their blistering, high-pressure enemas.

“See? I think you’re both starting to enjoy yourselves,” Lana said as her hands moved to the other two neglected nipples to continue administering her agonizing areola manipulation.

“How… How long does this last?” asked Emily, and immediately braced herself as she realized, too late, that she forgot to properly address the strict nurse.

A dozen, slow, firm slaps rained down on Emily’s and then Cora’s exposed and defenseless tits. Lana took her time delivering each blow; ensuring her aim was perfectly placed.

“How many times do I have to remind you both?” the blonde nurse asked in exasperation as her blows fell. She took her time and reveled in the sight of the firm, teenage tits jiggling from the powerful impacts. “It’s ‘Nurse’ Lana! From now one, if one of you forgets, both of you suffer the consequences! And it was only scheduled for fifteen minutes, but I think you’ve earned yourselves an extra five.”

Cora looked like she was about to protest, but stopped herself short.

“Did you have something to say, young lady?” Lana asked sternly as she resumed the firm rolling of the girls’ tender nubs.

“No, ‘Nurse’ Lana!” Cora said quickly.

“I didn’t think so,” the certified bitch said as she concentrated on playing with the girls’ stinging tits.

God! Emily thought to herself. I think I hate going to the doctor’s office!

* * *

“Well, that was just lovely,” Laura said as the last of the lukewarm water drained from her squeaky clean colon. “I’ve always found the high colonics given here to be a bit uncomfortable, but I really enjoyed yours!”

“Why thank you!” beamed Melissa. “I’ve had a lot of practice over the years; if you hadn’t noticed,” said the flirty nurse as she curtsied slightly and motioned with her hands at the white nurse’s uniform she had virtually painted onto her curvy body.

“Oh! You’re a nurse!” Laura said equally as flirtatiously. “I hadn’t discerned that,” she added and started to giggle.

“Well, if you’d stop staring at my rack long enough to notice my whole outfit, you might have made the connection before now!” Melissa said, joining the older woman in her musical laughter.

“But I like your tits,” Laura said defensibly. “They’re gorgeous and all but popping out of your dress. What’s not to like?”

“Yours are pretty stunning too,” Melissa responded as she gently pinched the closest nipple of the severely bound redhead.

Laura’s breath sucked in quickly at the soft touch; her back arching to give the nurse better access; not that she achieved much as restrained to the MGC as she was. “If you’re going to do that, baby, do it right,” Laura demanded in her best ‘smoldering temptress’ voice.

“Oh! I’m sorry, ma’am. Is this more to your liking, ma’am?” Melissa asked as she reached over and took both hard nipples in her fingers and rolled them around cruelly.

“That’s better,” the reclining cougar cooed as she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations coming from her favorite pain points.

Melissa swore she could visibly see her patient’s already well lubricated pussy grow wetter still. She made a mental note of the apparent way that Laura liked her nipples treated; information like that could come in handy down the road.

“Ahem,” coughed the sweet brunette nurse. Reluctantly, she released the large, pink nubs from her grasp and tried to interject a shred of professionalism back into the room; an attempt which failed utterly. “Let’s get that disk out of you so we can move on to the next phase,” she said as she crouched down and started removing hoses; grunting audibly as she did so.

“More problems?” asked Laura playfully in response to the soft sound of discomfort.

“No, it’s just,” Melissa started to answer, before she realized she was being toyed with. Playfully, she swatted the widely spread woman on the inner thigh; inches from the dripping cunt that was at her eye level.

Laura jumped slightly at the swat; replying, “Hey!” and smiling.

Having gotten her point across, Melissa returned her attention to extracting the five and three quarter inch dilation disk from her patient’s relaxed anal ring; a process much easier than installing it in the first place. With a soft, wet sucking noise, the disk came free of the reclining woman’s asshole; leaving an impressive gaping portal, some five inches across, leading deep into the recesses her wet, pink innards. Melissa could see almost a foot into her new friend’s lightly tanned body before the folds of flesh obstructed her view.

Placing the used latex disk aside for later cleaning, Melissa picked up her next implement of rectal maintenance from the nearby counter: a huge, stainless steel speculum with four expanding blades. Squirting lubricant onto her free hand, she spread the viscous liquid evenly along the length of each blade before lining up the imposing looking tool with Laura’s still widely gaping nether hole.

Laura’s breath sucked in quickly as Melissa began pressing the cold metal of the extra large anal speculum’s expansion blades into her widespread and pre-dilated ass. Emily was right – she thought, remembering her daughter’s earlier comment from last night – there really is no other reason than pure, unadulterated sadism that nurses don’t warm these things up before shoving them into some poor woman’s backside – ice cold!

The bound woman’s reaction wasn’t lost on Melissa as she pushed even more unyielding steel into Laura’s loose rectal chute. “Sorry about that,” she said as she expertly twisted and turned the twenty inch long anal expander around the bends and past the corners of her patient’s well-stretched colon. “I honestly don’t know why we don’t warm these things up first. I guess it’s just a medieval tradition that we in the medical community feel is worth continuing.” Actually, she added silently to herself, that basically sums up the situation pretty accurately.

“Well it’s a tradition that I think is long overdue for extinction!” Laura said and gasped again as the pretty nurse worked the tips of the speculum blades past a particularly difficult spot deep within her guts.

Melissa could feel her stunning patient tensing slightly at the cold touch of the speculum’s blades. Not wanting her charge to feel uncomfortable, she let go of the half inserted tool with her lubricated hand and brought it up to begin massaging Laura’s protruding clitoris. The extra encouragement wasn’t totally necessary, and she actually rarely did it; except for in the occasional instances where her patient was freaking out or something. Melissa just wanted to ensure Laura was as relaxed as possible around her. As the bound and gaping woman’s tension quickly melted away – and Melissa hear a soft sigh of contentedness escape Laura’s lips – she knew she’d succeeded.

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