extra marital

Author’s comment – if you can’t hack stories of women enjoying themselves then don’t bother reading further.


It was many months ago that I gave readers a confession of my dark and terrible secrets. I felt so much better once I saw it all in the open on Literotica. Having confessed to what I had been thinking and doing and I expected it would help me to move on.

Since then my life has continued to change for better and for worse. My life is still full of things that are wonderful and exciting, yet terrible and frightening. I am still trapped between what I should do and what I need to do.

You see, no matter what you might think of my behaviour, secretly having sex with men other than my husband allowed me to feel more freedom than I had had for a long time. I don’t care whether that is selfish or not. I know I am not ready to give up that freedom.

I still love my husband and my children very much. My family is my pride and joy. I would not want them to ever find out what I have been up to. Of course I don’t want them to get hurt by anything I do. But that should not force me to always sacrifice myself. My happiness is even more important to me nowadays.

It is true that sometimes I still feel a deep shame at the slutty, wicked things I have done and allowed to be done to me. That is why some of the negative comments to my first report were so hurtful.

You should understand that as a woman of my age I have powerful needs when it comes to sex. My loving husband cannot or will not satisfy those needs. He is not even aware of them. ‘Hobby sex’ where my husband rolls on and rolls off is a duty I am happy to perform but it does not excite me or leave me fulfilled.

So when I confessed the details in that first story, I knew that deep down I wasn’t ready to stop. When I thought it all over I knew that I would keep looking for sexual excitement outside my marriage.

And because some of you gave me positive comments, I finally decided that I would write down some more of the details about the sex I have been having.

Mind you, when it comes to sex there wasn’t much to write about for a while. My first report closed with the hope that everything would get easier once young Robert made himself busy at university. Things did get easier in one way because, as I had predicted, his demands for sex with me started to fall away. I found out that he was seeing at least one woman his own age and that seemed best for everyone.

Then again, as I said in my first report to you all, I knew I wasn’t ready to give up someone with such a wonderful body, who had such a beautiful penis and who desired me so much. More importantly, by the time Rob was back at uni, I had confronted a terrible truth.

Once there was a time when I couldn’t bear to think of myself as an adulterer or a cheater. I told myself I’d acted foolishly with Michael and Robert. As I saw less and less of Rob, however, I faced up to the realisation that I was comfortable with myself and who I am. The truth about me is is that I am a married woman who needs to have sex with other men.

To help myself try to put Rob behind me I bought a new vibrator – a much bigger one. After all the thrill and discovery of extra-marital sex I was feeling adventurous. Also I was very curious about how big was ‘big enough’ for me. The new vibrator is even bigger than Rob or his father so I only use it every now and then because its hard to insert it in my vagina. I keep it well hidden away. But once in a while I want to be filled up. Then my big boy comes out for fun times.

Thanks to my toys, and my wicked thoughts, masturbation was more powerful than ever and for a time it did help me. Yet there was no denying how rewarding and fulfilling I found it to have sex outside my marriage.

My desire for a new man grew stronger over the following weeks. But I was at a loss about what I would do next. How to find a man such as I was dreaming of? I couldn’t go out dating and I don’t trust those websites. I went back to watching men in the street and at work. You already know that I was looking at big, hunky men with strong, powerful bodies. My only thoughts were of athletic, muscled bodies and the way I would feel as they overpowered me. I fantasised about those bodies as I used my wonderful buzzing toys.

It took some time and I was forced to be patient. Then, finally, I had some more wonderful luck. A few months passed when I was at a function along with some people from the club where I work. One of my colleagues introduced me to a male friend of hers. His name is Doug. Straight away I liked him and he seemed to like me.

After my experience with Michael I was ready to do some flirting of my own this time. I have a new confidence these days and, besides, I have discovered that flirting is easy to do with men. Doug and I spoke on the phone a couple of times and he emailed me at work. He asked me about ‘getting together’ and there was no hesitation from me. I never thought about my husband in all of this except that I would need to find a way to have fun with Doug and keep my secrets at the same time.

Maybe you won’t be shocked to hear it took just over a week before I was fucking another man for the third time. It didn’t bother me because I knew both Doug and I had needs to fulfill. In fact, I was thrilled and relieved to have found myself another lover to explore and to enjoy as my secret passion.

I was hungry to discover how Doug’s body felt against mine, somehow knowing the sex would be good. I knew that he liked my body. He even he told me as much. I am in my early 40s and I have always kept myself in shape. I have C-cup breasts and my butt and my legs are still looking good. Of course men say nice things to every woman they want to bed. Since that was my plan too I was happy to hear Doug’s praise.

On top of that I have to say that the attraction was mutual. Doug is not as big and muscly as Michael or Rob. But he is taut and trim and fit and his body excited me every time I thought about him. It still does. I love my husband but a body like Doug’s is more what I need.

Before all this had begun, I had never thought much about a man and his penis – how big it might be. But my first ‘other’ man, Michael, was so much bigger than I was used to and it was just so exciting to see it and touch it and feel it. Young Rob was probably even bigger and he really filled my vagina, making me feel wonderful. Some readers will think me shallow for caring about such things. But I can have an ordinary penis at home. Now I suppose I tend to judge a man by the size of his penis, at least as I imagine it. I could only accept a man as a lover if his penis measured up to my needs.

So of course I was very happy when I discovered that Doug also has a lovely penis. Doug’s is not the biggest but it is a good size and I do enjoy his thickness. It always feels good in my hand, my mouth or my vagina. When he is fucking with me, using his penis inside my vagina, he is so skilled and amazing that I cannot get enough. He has plenty of stamina, too, and sometimes I have to beg him to let me rest.

I have to tell you that Doug’s is the first uncircumcised penis I have ever really seen. I love that part of him. Its wonderful to have him in my mouth and use my tongue to feel the ridge of his helmet, hidden underneath his foreskin. Then I use my hand to slowly draw his skin down and reveal the head of his penis. He loves having me run my teeth around the bottom of his fat helmet. Doug has taught me all about how best to please him with my mouth. I have been a willing student. I feel a little like a slut to be like that but of course nowadays I realise that its the real woman that I am.

Of course when I have sex with Doug I suck his penis and sometimes let him cum in my mouth. I did that for him the second time we had sex. I managed to get him to stay on the bed while I sucked and stroked his thick shaft. He tried to ‘warn’ me several times that he was about to cum but that just made me more determined. It was like a personal mission to make him unload in my mouth. I wanted to feel less like a wife and more like a real woman. There was so much semen that time – it leaked from my mouth and went over my hands and his penis. There was no way I could swallow it all. It felt so erotic and so ‘wild’ and I went home later imagining I could still smell him on my skin.

Doug really enjoys my boobs and he likes to suck on them and fondle them for ages. Doug also likes to bite my nipples. While squeezing my breasts, he gently bites my nipples and holds them between his teeth. Then he flicks his tongue over the tips. It feels glorious. Little electric shocks fire through my body and straight into my vagina.

Before my affair with Michael that I never realised how much men like my boobs. My three lovers so far all have loved my boobs. Since meeting Doug, on special occasions I have started to dress to show off more of my cleavage. My husband has not noticed. But I know other men have and I enjoy that very much.

The other thing that has changed is that I have started removing some hair from my vagina. Most women in porn do it but I wanted to try because Doug shaves his balls. It looks so sexy and its fantastic to be able to run my tongue over his smooth skin. The first time I shaved myself it was an experiment, carefully removing more and more hair to leave my labia exposed. Then I trimmed the remaining hair so it didn’t look so obvious. My husband definitely has noticed that change and he says he likes it. I have discovered it feels absolutely wonderful when Doug is using his mouth on me. It makes everything feel so intense. I regret that I didn’t start shaving earlier.

Doug mostly lives alone as his two kids spend a lot of time at their mother’s house. So from the start we had a place where we could meet discreetly. And a place where we could have energetic sex. Because it is convenient we have sex a lot. Sometimes we sneak over there when no-one knows. But there are other times when I have to make an excuse for not being home and that means I have to lie to my husband. I usually say I am going to a friend’s place or a meeting at work or an extra class. At first it was hard to tell those extra lies. After a time it became just as easy as having a man in my marital bed when the family is absent.

From the first time I was with Doug I forgot all about those thoughts and worries. The intense pleasure of being taken by a man I am not married to was enough to do that. I know that some of you think I will burn in hell for that.

Everything we do as far as sex goes is very pleasurable and very fulfilling. This report is sort of a continuation of my ‘confession’. But I promised you more details of the actual sex. As it happens, Doug and I had sex one afternoon last week and I am going to tell you all about what we did.

I went to his house after I left early from my job at the sports club. As soon as I was inside we went straight to the bedroom and we both took our clothes off as fast as we could. It was straight into bed and already I was excited by feeling his hard body and his growing erection that was pressing into me. Doug put his strong arms around me and pulled me close. There was a passion I don’t get at home. And the power of his body was the best turn-on I could have had.

As we kissed I moved down and took his penis in my hand. I cannot describe how it feels to be a woman of my age who can just grab a penis that she is not married too. I know that with my hands I can pleasure a man but, truly, when I am stroking a penis I am thinking only of how terrific it feels for me and how excited it makes me.

Very soon Doug was sucking on my breasts and my nipples. He sometimes likes to bite me inside my cleavage and he did that this time, sending more of those electric shocks shooting into my vagina. When he went back to pleasuring my nipples, biting and licking them, I actually felt like I could orgasm from him doing that.

I was so turned on that day and I think somehow Doug must have sensed it. ‘Let me eat your wonderful cunt,’ he mumbled with a mouth full of nipple. I moaned my consent to him and even spread my legs a little. I am no longer shy about letting a lover see that I am aroused or that I want certain pleasures.

Doug moved his body around and I spread wider for him, desperate to feel his hot mouth on my vagina. He gently pulled my labia apart and I felt him run the tip of his tongue right along my slit. I made a loud noise right then and I think my juices actually gushed to meet his tongue. He did it again and this time ended up with his tongue right inside my entrance. I knew I was going to orgasm very quickly and I willed Doug to do whatever he could to get me there.

In that position Doug’s penis was close to my hand. I quickly grabbed his shaft and held it firmly. It was fabulous to have him in my hand but I didn’t bother trying to stroke him. How could I concentrate on his penis when his mouth was doing its magic on my vagina?

He pressed his tongue into my entrance and licked me again and again. He was using his tongue like a little penis and for once size didn’t matter. I could feel him pressing his tongue against the inside of my vagina and lapping up all the juices I was producing for him.

Then he went to my clitoris and I just burst out with a loud cry. I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm that quickly but the feeling of his tongue flicking on my little button was too much for me. When Doug wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked me into his mouth I just came again. I was helpless, carried away by my own lust and Doug’s wonderful oral skills. I was in a kind of rapture as I willingly surrendered my body and mind to him.

Doug even seemed to know when my clit had had enough. Just as I was starting to tire he quickly darted his tongue back into my entrance. I reacted so violently that he had to actually push my legs apart so he could continue his efforts. I was losing control and tried to stay limp as Doug quickly slid his tongue in and out of my entrance. Perhaps it was only one orgasm – one long, continuous orgasm.

As soon as he felt I could take no more, Doug grabbed a condom and positioned himself between my legs. I was breathless and still not able to speak. I just lay there and watched him get ready to fill me with his penis. This was not a duty such as I perform at home. I was aching for Doug and for his penis.

Doug did not waste time and with his first stroke his penis was deep inside me. My eyes flew wide open at how good that felt. I hadn’t thought I was so horny. I grabbed at his hard arms and his shoulders and back. This is what I want from my lover – a hard, muscled physique that feels like it wants to overpower me.

I pulled Doug close as he started to slowly thrust deeper into me. His penis felt as if it fit me just right. I was just gasping each time he moved inside me. I wanted more so I wrapped my legs around his waist – something that Doug taught me. It felt very erotic, as if I could stop him from leaving until he had satisfied me. Doug started to go a little faster and a little harder. He is a considerate lover, for sure, but I can feel his strength even when he is fucking me slowly and that always pushes me past the point of no return. I was cumming for him, over and over in wave after wave.

I never really knew I was capable of multiple orgasms like that, not until I had gone to bed with Michael. Or maybe it was really Robert who showed me what my body can do. I suppose it is part of my sexual peak and I am so grateful I discovered it while I still have it.

Doug likes to fuck me in that position for an incredible amount of time and often I find myself getting worn out by him. Still he finds a way to get more from me even when I feel like I have nothing left to give. This time, his penis still deep inside my vagina, I watched Doug change position. He lifted himself above me and brought his knees up close to my bottom. When his penis is inside me like that it presses against an especially sensitive spot. It is a great sex position when you have a big penis available.

He took my right hand and placed it over my mound, close to where his penis was splitting my labia. ‘Rub your clit for me gorgeous,’ he said softly. I just did as I was asked. When I am having sex with Doug I always give him whatever he wishes. Touching myself for him is easy now as I no longer get self-conscious about performing sexually. Hell, I let young Rob use a vibrator on me. So I did what Doug asked and used one finger to gently press and squeeze my clitoris as he watched.

Now he took my breasts in his hands and started to squeeze just the way I like. He was going to make me climax again. I swear he actually counts my orgasms as a kind of scorecard. Once he started pulsing his hips, moving just enough for his penis to cause some friction inside my vagina, I felt my whole body start to boil. Of course I treated my clit just the way I like it. Knowing I was being watched, having my breasts squeezed and my tunnel stimulated, sensing Doug’s lust for me, of course I came again just as he wanted. My back arched and my eyes flew wide open once more. Two more wonderful orgasms hammered through me until I just knew I had no more to give. I think my vagina had even stopped gushing at that point as I had no more moisture to give him.

Finally I was done and Doug was prepared to leave me be. He pulled out and lay next to me, holding me as the last of my orgasms twitched through my body. I knew his penis was still big and hard. I just had to try to get my breath back. Doug kissed me and nuzzled at my breasts. I always enjoy what he does to my boobs and it really helped me to come down from all those powerful orgasms. He held me and we kissed and I stroked his arms and his shoulders. I was still horny but I needed a little more rest.

Doug couldn’t wait, however. As I said, his cock was still hard and he hadn’t had his release yet. When he started biting and sucking on my nipples I forgot about recovery and found my body responding to him all over again. I don’t know why I felt so horny that day but when Doug wanted to touch me and pleasure me I found that I was ready for more.

He had his mouth on my breasts and was doing his magic as my nipples stiffened under his tongue and my breathing increased again. When he reached between my legs and started to stroke my vagina I just went limp in his arms, signally I was his for the taking. I no longer cared if I had felt sated. Now all I wanted was for Doug to bring me off again.

Of course I started to be vocal about how I was feeling. I wanted to ask Doug for more but I was feeling so good that all I had were moans. At last one finger slipped inside the opening to my vagina and I gasped and arched my back to meet him. Doug got the message that time and quickly he licked two of his fingers before he was stroking my opening and pushing deep inside me. I held his hard body close to mine as Doug really started to pleasure me, his fingers moving faster and deeper inside me.

Between my nipples and my vagina I knew I was close to another climax. There was one more thing I needed though. These days I don’t always wait for a man to guess what to do. I whispered to Doug to let me roll over. Straight away he made room for me and I knew he understood what I meant. You see, there was one time when I decided to ‘let slip’ to Doug that I enjoy having my anus licked. It didn’t shock him at all and, in fact, Doug seemed quite interested in doing that to me. Since then he has licked me there quite a few times when we are in the mood.

On my knees with my shoulders on the bed, I knew I was wide open to give Doug access to me. His fingers went straight back inside my vagina. With me positioned like that he could reach deeper and when he curled his fingers he touched the perfect spot inside me. I moaned for Doug and felt him start to use his fingers so skillfully inside my vagina.

I was tense and impatient for what was to come next. I felt Doug’s warm breath on my skin and then the tip of his tongue touched my anus. It was soft and such an exquisite sensation. I don’t know why I ever had the idea of a man licking me there but it has been a revelation in terms of my sexual pleasures. That time I even tried to push my hips back a little to make sure Doug’s tongue would reach my little back hole.

The tip of his tongue moved across my little opening and I gasped aloud. Somehow, this day the sensations were more intense than usual. Doug licked some more, moving up and down in time with the sawing of his fingers inside my vagina. Oh my, that was all I needed!

Moments later I started having a very large climax. I know I was making some very unladylike sounds, more like an animal as I grabbed and tore at the bedsheets. Doug was sensational, reading my body so well and pressing his tongue against my anus as he made sure his fingers were touching the most sensitive spots inside my vagina. The softness of his tongue on my most intimate place went so well with the rougher thrusting of his fingers. My body exploded with all those wonderful sensations and the most amazing climax just took hold of me. All I could do was pant and try to ask Doug not to stop, ever.

Then all of a sudden he did stop and I felt him move his position. My whole brain was on fire at that moment. Doug still had the condom on his rock hard penis and, holding me in place, he moved in behind me. I was still on my hands and knees and of course I knew that Doug wanted to penetrate me that way. I wanted that so badly right then.

I cried out as his hard penis pressed through my opening. It was like some kind of release. That was strange since all Doug had done so far was cause orgasm after orgasm to surge from my body. I think we were both feeling especially horny that day because, thankfully, Doug just thrust himself into me and filled me up. There was no time for words or even thinking. I wanted to cum for him so badly and I wanted him to shoot all his load as deep into me as he could.

Doug started fucking me and straight away I was exploding in ecstasy. He did take me roughly and I was happy to let him. I have become used to a man fucking me from behind and losing his control. Its a delightful experience if I am to be honest. It is something I’ve not experienced with hubby for a long time. I am thankful for the pleasures of sin I have found and for being a married woman who can let other men ravage her body.

Maybe I was a little out of my mind. I was so terribly horny and Doug’s tongue on my anus had only stoked my fires even higher. Now there was his big hard penis ramming into me and I knew his orgasm was approaching fast.

I was tearing at the sheets again as my orgasm consumed me. I just wanted to swallow his whole penis as Doug took his pleasure from my body. I tell you it does make me feel like a real woman again. I never mind giving a man the chance to fuck me like that because it is such a wonderful thing to experience his reactions and know it is my body that is responsible.

There was no better place in the world for me to be at that time and I erupted in another orgasm just as I heard Doug call out and felt the unmistakeable sensations of a man having his own orgasm. I never feel their semen shooting into me but the way a man holds himself, the way his thrusting changes subtly, all tell me when he is unloading inside my body. Doug pushed himself deep and hard into me and I knew he was using my vaginal walls to get every bit of pleasure he could. I did my best to reward him by squeezing my muscles to give him some extra stimulation.

Finally we were both done and we collapsed on the bed. My vagina was throbbing and my heart was pounding. Doug sounded out of breath too. I saw that the condom was looking very full as well. We just lay there next to one another until we found the energy to hold and cuddle one another. There was silence for a long time between us. I think Doug has a sort of romantic streak in him. As for me, I was glad for the silence because I had no idea what to say after such a wonderful coupling.

We did talk a bit later on and I was glad to allow my vagina some rest after everything Doug had done to me. Of course we had more sex before our time was over. Neither of us could resist and we gave oral pleasure to each other before Doug pulled on another condom and got into position to fuck me. He didn’t ask me and he didn’t need to.

This time I stayed in the missionary position and I let Doug plunge his stiff penis into my body. He went slow and I really enjoyed the intimacy and the sensations of every part of his penis slowly rubbing inside my vagina. All my men feel different inside my vagina and it is all part of the excitement of having sex outside my marriage.

I even held my boobs for Doug so he could lick and suck my nipples as he slowly worked his penis inside me. It felt so wonderful and even though I didn’t have an orgasm right then I still felt so delicious that I would not have asked for him to do anything more. Doug so obviously wanted to consume my body and I enjoyed his lust that day and the slow way he made me heat up.

Later Doug got too worked up and I felt him start to thrust a little faster. I wrapped my legs around him and soon I, too, could feel my climax approaching. I was content to receive him like that I just lay there and to be the object of his desire and his pleasure. So I let Doug fuck me as my body responded to his penis and the idea my lover was going to shoot his seed inside me once again. I had one more, very pleasant orgasm just as Doug erupted inside me. I just lay there under him, taking in all the sensations and the whole experience. This is the sort of thing I live for nowadays, the essence of my secret life.

Almost two hours of great sex Doug had left my body glowing and my mind feeling strangely refreshed. Despite what some of you think of me, these liaisons with a man I am not married to are very satisfying for me. It is a wonderful experience to have these times when I can forget about my ‘real’ life and instead behave like a woman, a person with sexual needs.

As I drove home in my little car, I fought to push those thoughts from my mind. I needed to focus on my home life and I had to be ready in case I was quizzed about my day or about my ‘meeting.’

After some routine household duties I was taking a shower when my husband came into the bathroom. We had some very nice time together in there. We’ve been married almost twenty years and I have never been shy in front of him. My husband may not notice me the way other men do but I enjoy it when he still wants to fondle my bare breasts or pat me on my bottom.

This evening he was obviously feeling very amorous and, naturally, I was enjoying having him pay me extra attention. Our teenage children had gone out so we went to bed knowing we could do whatever we wanted.

The trouble was that I quickly realised I had a fear about having sex with my husband that night. My vagina was still a little tender after my time with Doug. Yet here was my loving husband with an erect penis and thoughts only of me. I was thrilled but somehow I got stuck on the idea that if we had sex my husband would discover I had been with another man. My fear wasn’t rational but it was real.

We cuddled and fondled each other for a long time, laughing and talking loudly about things in our life. I happily wrapped one hand around his penis and soon guided his mouth to my breasts. He stayed there for a long time, sucking and licking at my boobs. My husband is not an expert at pleasuring my breasts but it still felt good to me. With one hand he was stroking my vagina, my entrance that had already taken by another man that afternoon. My husband’s touch was very pleasant but I knew he wanted to have sex with me.

Fortunately I had a ready-made solution to my dilemma. Sleeping with other men has taught me to become more active at performing oral sex. In fact, here I am, a woman in her early forties and I give oral to men more often than I have ever done. As I said to you last time, my husband has shared some of the benefits.

With my husband, it is true that giving a blowjob helps to lessen the guilt of what I am doing with those other men. But I do love my husband and in a way I like the fact I can give him a little share of the rewards I am enjoying. It feels great to give him a special pleasure like that. My husband has noticed he’s been getting extra blowjobs and how could he not? He asked me about it some time ago and I just told him that it makes me feel young. It was only a ‘sort of’ lie. He laughed but I know he is very happy with this change.

So I had him lie flat and I moved down the bed between his legs. Cupping his ball sack in one hand I licked up and down his shaft for ages, making him moan until I could see the first drop of his semen at the tip. I have read that most women enjoy that sight and I am no different.

I shifted position and drew his penis into my mouth. Nowadays I can take most of my husband into my mouth, thanks to the extra practice I have been getting. I was doing my best work for him, slowly stroking with one hand while I sucked and licked with my mouth. I was also still fondling his balls. He was moaning continuously and that made me more motivated. Once he got to the stage of moving his hips, though, I slowed a little. For my husband I was happy to take my time and make it last.

I did not stop making love to him with my mouth until my jaw started to get tired and sore. I stopped and got on my knees, still stroking his shaft.

‘I think I am ready for you to cum now darling.’

‘Oh hell Wendy. Are you sure you don’t some fun as well?’

‘This is fun. I love doing this. Let me finish for you.’

Hubby gave me no argument. I went back into position and straight away I was sucking and rubbing his penis. Like most women, I guess I am a natural at pleasing a man this way. It took only a couple more minutes before his hips really started to move underneath me.

‘Oh my god Wendy. You are so amazing.’

It needed only a few more strokes and he was unloading in my mouth. It truly was exciting and wonderful to feel him climax like that. When bringing him off with my mouth its like I can feel his passion even better than having him inside my vagina. My husband might be nearing middle age but he can still shoot with force. The first jolt is always strong and then the rest of his load oozes out and fills my mouth. That night I swallowed him down just as I always do. I am proud to say that I do it for all the men in my life. I really enjoy that they all feel and taste so different.

My husband and I did some more cuddling and kissing after that and he even played with my breasts some more. It was a pleasurable way to end my day. Eventually both kids arrived home and finally we got to sleep.

However that is not really the end of my story, of my confession to you all. There is something else more shocking for me to reveal.

I know that the haters who read these stories will already be writing terrible comments about me. On the other hand, some of you dear readers have patiently read to this point, hopefully enjoying learning about my experiences. For you people, the kind ones, I can tell you that my story is not over.

You see, I already told you how difficult I found it to give up young Robert. It is a terrible thing I am about to tell you but I have long forgotten about the idea of asking for forgiveness.

The truth, my other secret, is that I am still letting Rob fuck me when he wants.

It is not as regular as it was before. We had not had sex for over a month when one day I saw a voicemail on my phone from Robert. I guessed straight away what it was about. Once more I felt a little like a slut who is expected to be available for a ‘booty call’. The honest truth is that I didn’t care about that. I had missed that young, athletic body terribly and I was ready to agree to meet Rob as soon as we could.

I don’t think Robert realises, even now, how irresistible he is with his muscles and his amazing penis. As a young man he just revels in the idea he is getting sex at all and never questions why I still say ‘yes’ to him. Its true he is using me sexually. I don’t care, I am thrilled by the idea of a hunky young man who wants me in that way. I am always happy to drool over his body and worship his penis.

Last Saturday I had a few hours at home alone and these days Rob knows my routine pretty well. He sent me a text in the morning asking if he could ‘see me’. I smiled at that and decided to make him wait a little. But you know that it wasn’t too long before I sent him a reply saying I would be alone for a little while after three o’clock that day.

When he arrived there was barely a hello before Rob grabbed at me and started kissing and fondling me. I think he was feeling extra turned on that day. Perhaps his female friend at uni had not been giving him any satisfaction.

He was almost tearing my clothes off so I quickly stripped for him and tried to remove his clothes as well. We were still in the loungeroom but fortunately the curtains were drawn. I grabbed his penis, thinking some extra stimulation might slow him down. I gripped and stroked him, feeling the strength and size of his member. I remembered right then how much I had missed that penis. None of that, however, slowed Rob down at all.

The young man was just going at my breasts, pawing and mauling them. If you asked me I would say that I don’t enjoy rough sex. So you might think it odd that I didn’t ask Rob to stop his attack on me. I didn’t even ask him to slow down. He was going to take me as he wanted. He was going to be rough. He was going to slam into me and use me as a release for his urges. I could not have been happier. He made feel alive, desired, sexy, a true woman.

I let him pull me to the floor and quickly his mouth was on my vagina. I am pleased to have taught him some sexual manners. That day Rob did his best on me but he was so inflamed with lust that I just had to hang on for the ride. In fact I was very close to cumming in his mouth but then Rob left me, moving up to give me his penis. Another time I might have complained or sent him back to give me more. But when I saw Rob’s big penis coming towards my face I forgot all of that. It was a magnificent sight. He is just so big, sometimes I think the biggest I have enjoyed. Rob has an athletic, muscly body but when he is erect his penis looks so strong and powerful.

All I could do was open my mouth and let him past my lips. He is so big that I can only fit a part of him in my mouth. I used my tongue as best I could as he gently pressed himself inside. I knew what was coming so I did my best to make him all wet and slick. That way he would slide easily into my vagina.

Rob asked me if I would turn over, lie on the loungechair. He wanted me doggy style and I don’t need to tell you that I complied without a murmur. The truth is my vagina was on fire, knowing he was about to punish me with his swollen penis. So I rolled over and presented my bottom to him, letting him see me wet and ready for him. Yes, that is how I think these days when I am having sex with other men. It excites me to think like that and I know it excites them when I act like that.

In a flash I felt him against my opening. You know Rob doesn’t use condoms with me and this day was no exception. He was going to flood me when he was done and I found myself panting as I thought about that.

With just a couple of strokes he was inside me and I marvelled at that familiar feeling of being split apart as young Rob thrust into me. His penis is so big it is like it touches every part of my vagina. I moaned softly as Rob started thrusting into me from behind. It felt so wonderful to have him inside me. His fucking was energetic but not frenzied. I tried to feel every bit of him as he moved inside my vagina. Several times I felt him bang into my cervix, a kind of dull pain that turned me on even more. This wasn’t sex, it was being fucked. But there were no complaints from me.

I held on to the chair as I felt Rob start to thrust longer and harder. His lust was getting the better of him. I knew he wouldn’t wait for me but that was no matter because I only needed a few more moments. As Rob got close his penis felt even larger than before. It was making my entire body heat up. I felt his hands grip my hips and I felt the power of his muscles. I thought about being pinned under his muscular body as he started to really thrust into me and then suddenly I was exploding for him. I suppose I had been missing Rob a lot because I came so easily and quickly. My 40-something body was completely helpless as Rob worked his magic. I came all over that fantastic young penis as my lover announced that he, too, was cumming and then grunted over and over as he emptied himself inside me.

Almost as quickly as it had begun our little sex episode was over. Let me assure you that it had not been at all disappointing. In fact I felt so wonderful. I was panting and my vagina was soaked. My sex was stretched and full of semen. I had given myself to a young man as if I were some kind of animal. Again, no complaints from me.

Rob was still in something of a hurry. He pulled out quickly and straight away I could feel his big load starting to slip out of my entrance. It seemed the other young woman had been denying my Robert. I had to run to grab a towel before there was a mess on the carpet. Despite my reverie I was still careful not to be discovered.

Rob lay next to me, both of us still recovering from our frenzied activity. We talked, as well, but I stayed away from sex and girlfriends. The whole time I was rubbing his penis, massaging his juices and mine into his skin before licking my hands clean. We did have a little more time to spend than I had let on to Robert. But I was enjoying his passion for me and his loss of control as his youthful urges took hold of his male brain.

The other thing about his youth is that within twenty minutes Rob got hard in my hand again. This time I was going to get a few more of my own pleasures. So I gently guided him up to me so that I could suck his penis more comfortably. Rob’s penis is too big for my mouth and that adds to the feeling of him being so powerful. I could still taste both of us on his skin. He let me take him in my mouth and slowly thrust his hips so that I could lie still next to him. It was a little like having him fuck my mouth with his big hard penis.

Soon Rob was eager to enter my vagina again. I was delighted, let me tell you. So I lay back for him, lifting my knees and parting my legs to give him a proper aim at me. This time he went slower. He even teased me a little, placing only the head of his penis inside my opening as if he wanted me to say ‘please let me have more.’

In fact I did say that. I know it makes me sound like a slut. But it was a simple pleasure to give him. And it was the truth. I cried out when Rob lowered his big, athletic body onto mine and drove himself into me.

When he was fully inside me I started pulling at Rob, bringing him close so I could feel his strong arms and his powerful chest. I never get quite the same feelings from anyone except Rob and these were the urges that had led me astray in the first place. I was in my family home being fucked by a young man around half my age. All I cared about was feeling his big muscles and his bulk and the amazing sensation of his penis as it slid inside my vagina.

This time Rob lasted longer which was great for me as I stroked my hands over his muscles, down his back to his lovely bottom. The feeling of his weight, his big body, on top of me, trapping me, only added to my excitement. Rob thrust into me like a man that had been denied sex for too long. His pumping, long and strong, reminded me I was a booty call, his little ‘fix’ for a period of abstinence. It was such an erotic thought right then. Rob was making me feel so amazing and so turned on. I wanted him to climax, to get the pleasure he wanted so much.

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