extra-marital affair

This is a continuation from the first part of the story where Varun and me began our weekend rendezvous at his place with a wild and raunchy round of fucking. Do read the first part if you haven’t yet, as this one takes off from there. We hadn’t been together for over 2 weeks, and were really craving for sex; which explains why we just went berserk with each other. Now that we were both sated, it was time for some fun. Read on …


It must have been around noon when I woke up from the little shut-eye. Varun was still in his reverie, and was completely still, his breathing very steady. I was sitting in his lap, with my legs dangling over the side of the sofa, and my hand around his neck. One of his hands was on my back, while the other was on my thigh. Of course, we were both stark naked. Any movement from me would have woken him up, so, I tried to remain still for a while. But, I just couldn’t resist it after a couple of minutes and started giving him light kisses on the part of his chest and shoulder, where I was snuggling. He did stir a bit, but, was still asleep. I wanted to get up now, as I was feeling thirsty and a bit cold due to the direct blast of the AC on my naked body. Besides, I needed to use the washroom, as my pussy and inner thighs were all sticky.

I lifted myself a bit, and licked the tip of his nose, and then very lightly bit it. He woke up with a start. And, though normally he’d get a bit annoyed at me biting his nose, this time he smiled. He brought both his palms up to cup my face, and smooched me. It was a slow long kiss, not the frenzied kind from an hour or so earlier. After a couple of minutes, I broke the kiss and tried getting up. Varun didn’t want me to, and he tried to hold me back.

Me : Jaan, I have to use the washroom.

He : Baby, what’s the hurry?

Me : I’m feeling cold, and I wanna pee!

He : Hmm … okay. I don’t feel like getting up yet.

Me : So, don’t. I’ll be right back.

He : Don’t be too long, sweetie.

Me : Yes love.

With that, I took support of his muscular shoulder and got up. He was sitting sprawled on the sofa, naked, and his dick was in a semi-erect state. I ruffled his hair once I got up, and in return, he caressed my ass-cheek. I bent down and gave him a peck on his cheek, and started walking in the direction of the bathroom. I could feel him looking at my backside. I know that he simply loves looking at my naked body, and doesn’t miss any chance to ogle at it, just like a teenager. I turned around to catch him looking, and gave him a smile. He winked in return. I blew a kiss to him, and walked away, smiling to myself. I thought to myself how much I love this man, and moreover, love the fact that he really lusts after me!

I did my thing, washed up and started the water in the Jacuzzi. Must tell you about this unique Jacuzzi. It’s at the far end of the huge bathroom, large enough to accommodate 4 people. But, the best part is that it is has a full length glass front (one-way, of course), facing the sea. Imagine, enjoying the warmth of the water and the refreshing streams of water jets, cuddling up with your lover, while watching the ocean in front of you! Ooh la la! The good life!

I picked up two bathrobes, neatly hung in the dry area of the bathroom. One was mine, a fluffy baby pink one — a short, sleeveless number. It is quite a sexy revealing thing, just long enough to barely cover my hips; has largish arm-holes revealing the sides of my breasts; and even the neckline is wide and deep, showing more of my cleavage than concealing it. Another was Varun’s, a light blue one, more typical looking. I wore mine, tying the wrap-around sash, and wore the matching baby pink furry slip-ons. I then, slipped my feet into his slip-ons, so that I could give them to him. I stopped by the full length mirror, finger-brushed my hair, and tied them into a loose bun. I splashed water on my face, washed it and wiped it. Next stop, kitchen. I’d originally wanted to drink some water, but, suddenly changed my mind. I opened the fridge and pulled out 2 cans of Heinekens, and started walking back towards the living room. I was humming my (correction, our) favourite love song — “Groovy kind of love” … I was in a happy state of mind!

Varun hadn’t moved at all, and was in the same position as I’d left him. He started whistling the song along with me when he heard me approach. I gently threw his bathrobe on his lap, handed him his beer can, and gave him my most charming smile. He, in turn, gave me his right hand, signalling that he wanted to get up. He got up, and put on his bathrobe, whistling the song along. The first thing I did was hug him tight, and gave him a light kiss on his lips. He touched the chilled beer can in his hand on my open arm, and rolled it along my arm.

Me : Oooh, Jaan! It’s cold!

He : But it’s fun, isn’t it?

Me : Yeah, sure!

Saying that, I touched my beer can on his bum, sliding it up and under his bathrobe.

He : Oye! You naughty girl!

Me : It’s fun, darling! (winking)

We both burst out laughing, and again kissed. Then, almost simultaneously, we both popped open our beer cans and clinked them together saying “Cheers”, both taking a swig.

He : To a great weekend!

Me : To a rocking time together.

He : Babe, let’s go out to the balcony for a smoke.

Me : Sure. Here, hold my beer and take your slip-ons. I’ll go get the ciggies. Where did you keep them?

He : Dunno. In my trouser pocket, I think.

I walked towards the foyer, where our clothes were all lying in a heap. I picked them all up, bunched them together, and put them on the sideboard, and picked out his trouser. I found the pack of Marlboro Lights and the lighter in one of the pockets. Varun was already waiting for me at the balcony door, smiling at me. I smiled back at him, and blew him a kiss. I knew he was looking at my cleavage and the movement of my breasts while I was walking. So, just to tease him, I brought my hand across them so as to hide them. He smiled and turned away, going out into the balcony. I followed him to the balcony railing, and the cool sea breeze hit me. I put my hand around his waist and snuggled up to him, sideways. He put his right arm around me, and hugged me closer, and kissed me on my forehead. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, enjoying the cool breeze, silent. He brought my beer can to my mouth, and I took a swig from it. I put 2 cigarettes in my mouth, and lit them. I put one cigarette in his mouth, and put away the pack and lighter in his bathrobe pocket. I then took my beer can from his hand, so that one of his hands would get freed up to smoke. We stood there, bent over the railing, smoking and swigging beer alternately, looking out into the sea, not saying anything to each other. I was engrossed looking at the sea, dreamily observing the waves cascading. Varun was looking at me – admiring my beauty, I hope – most of the times, with a smile on his face. We stubbed our cigarettes in the ash tray kept nearby, and clinked each other’s beer cans, signalling a “Bottoms Up”. We locked our arms into each others’ and swigged down the remaining beer in our cans, finishing almost together, and putting them away.

He : So, baby, what next? What are we gonna do today?

Me : Dunno. Haven’t thought of anything specific as such. Let’s see.

He : Are you tired? You wanna rest?

Me : No way! I’m getting to be with you after this long. I don’t wanna waste time resting. I wanna get tired. And get you tired! I can rest later.

He : Hahaha! That’s my girl! So, tell me, my master … what can this slave do for you!

Me : Hmm … for starters, you can lift me and take me to the jacuzzi. Let’s cuddle up in the hot water, and plan.

He : That shouldn’t be difficult …

And, he lifted me effortlessly off the ground with both his arms. I automatically locked my arms around his neck, and gave him a peck on his cheek. And, off we went inside the house, towards the bathroom. My bathrobe had fallen open from below the sash, and my inner thighs were visible. My pussy was peeking from right where the bathrobe had fallen open. As we entered the living room, I could feel a gush of the cold air-conditioned air on my pussy, and that made me shiver a bit. Varun noticed that, and purposely brushed his bottom hand in a way that my bathrobe rode up further, exposing my pussy completely. He had a mischievous grin on his face, and I pulled the hair on the back of his head mildly in response. He walked straight into the bathroom, and I signalled to him to put me on the granite platform next to the wash basin. With my bathrobe having ridden up already, when he put me on the platform, my bare buttocks came in contact with the cold granite, and an “Ooooh” escaped me. I pulled his face closer to me and gave him a kiss. The combined smells and flavours of the Heinekens and Marlboros that we’d had, made the kiss even more intoxicating. It was a wet, slobbery kiss, with a lot of saliva exchanged! I didn’t realise when he untied the sash on my bathrobe, till it fell open at the middle, exposing my tummy and the cleavage between my boobies. He tried to open it further, when I stopped him. He looked at me, questioningly.

Me : What’s the hurry, my lover?

He : Huh?

Me : Go get us more beers!

He : Okay. Anything else?

Me : Yes. Leave your bathrobe with me!

He : Aaha! Here goes …

In a flash, he was naked again, as he handed me his bathrobe, which I just let drop down on the floor.

He : Now, isn’t it unfair that you have yours still on?

Me : Righto!

And, I slid mine open and let it fall behind me on the platform. Immediately, he cupped my boobs in his palms, and started squeezing them. I slapped his hands away, in a mock admonishing manner, and with my eyes, signalled to him to go get the beers. I admired his muscular body as he walked away from me, and with a deep sigh, jumped off the platform. The tub was filled by now to its optimum level, and I started the water jets. I went over to the edge of the tub and bent down to feel whether the water was the right temperature, when I felt the chilled beer cans on both my bums. I got a start, exclaiming “Ouch!”, and almost tipped over into the tub. I could hear Varun guffawing behind me, and after regaining my balance, I turned around and gave him a mock angry look. He was still laughing. He looked very much like a gleeful child.

Me : Vee, will you stop behaving like a teenager?!

He : Hahaha! What did I do? Hahaha!

I burst out laughing myself, and just then, the chilled beer cans were now touching my tits!

Me : Youuuu!!! Give me those!

And, I snatched them from his hands. Next, he did something that I wasn’t prepared for. He quickly lifted me off the ground, and literally dumped me into the tub. Before I knew, I splashed into the tub, my arms flailing, with beer cans in both my hands, falling on my bum. The shock of it all didn’t let me react for a bit, while Varun was laughing his guts out. The warm water coming in contact with my body, and the water jets hitting me in different places, diverted my attention. Varun bent down and took away the beer cans from my hands, and put them at the edge of the tub. He was still laughing, and I joined him in. I put my hand out, waving him to come on and join me in the tub.

He : Hold on. I’ll get a smoke. You want?

Me : Hmm … Yeah.

He : Okay Baby.

Me : Just get the pack here.

He : Righto!

Me : And, you meano! Wait till you get here. I’ll punish you! (faking anger)

He : Oh No Nix! Please don’t punish me … Please! (mockingly)

Me : You just watch!

I went and sat on one of the seats in the tub, my favourite spot, overlooking the sea in side-view. The water jets were already starting to have a soothing effect on me by now. I took the hand towel kept on the ledge and wiped my wet hands, and reached out for the beer cans. In the meantime, Varun started the exhaust system, lit 2 cigarettes, and walked into the tub. He waded in the water to come towards me and gave me his hand. I slapped it away, and gestured to him to stay away from me. I pointed to the seat on the opposite side of the tub, and with my eyes, ordered him to sit there. With an amused look on his face, he complied. He settled down in the tub with an “Aaah”. I handed him his beer can, and asked for my cigarette. We popped open our cans, clinked them and took a swig. The only difference was, I didn’t say “Cheers” this time! Varun looked a bit perplexed.

I’d decided to tease him for a while, as a punishment for throwing me into the tub. So, I was purposely looking away from him, towards the sea, swigging my beer and smoking my ciggie quietly. I was enjoying the water jets softly caressing various parts of my lower body which was submerged in the tub. There was no activity from Varun for a while, so, I looked at him from the corner of my eye, to find him looking at me with a faked ‘lost puppy’ look on his face. I smiled to myself, and decided to tease him a bit more. I stubbed the ciggie, put the beer can away, and slowly lowered myself into the tub such that my boobs were half submerged. Then, closing my eyes, I held my boobs up in my hands, and started fondling and squeezing them. I could hear Varun sigh in lust. Just then, I felt Varun’s foot sliding slowly up my leg. I slapped it away quickly, only to find his other foot sliding up my other leg!

The tickling caused by his foot on my leg was now arousing me, and I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I heard myself moan in response. That encouraged Varun, and within a moment, he had moved off his seat and into the middle of the tub, right in front of me. He now started caressing my legs with his hands, gradually moving to my calves and then onto my thighs. He was kneading the flesh of my inner thighs, and my pussy was getting heated now. I could feel extreme arousal due to all that was happening to me — the warm water, the streaming jets, and Varun’s hands. All my fake pretence was gone, and I was now moaning. He moved one hand from my thigh onto my stomach, fingering my navel for a while and then moving it up to the underside of my breast. Then, when he suddenly grabbed my boob and squeezed it hard, I couldn’t help but let out a scream of pleasure. He now started squeezing both my boobs wildly, and I lost all control. I just lay still, enjoying what he was doing to me. Our eyes were locked on each other, oozing lust. Varun then started tweaking my already rock-hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger, again making me scream. My pussy was on fire now, and as a reflex action, my hand reached down and my fingers started rubbing my clit.

Me : Unnhhhh … Aaahhhh

He : Like it, baby?

Me : Mmmmm … Yessss … Ohhhh Fuck!

He : Really?

Me : Yesss … Looove it baby … Unnnhhhh

He : Not angry anymore?

Me : Hmmmmph … Noooo … Harder … Harder … Ooooohhhh

Now, I was already in a frenzy, my fingers flying on my pussy, while Varun was mauling my nipples and breasts.

He : Baby, you don’t have to finger yourself, when I’m here

Me : Hmmmm … So, you do it … NOOWWW!!!

He : Move up, and give me room

I quickly slid up and perched myself on the edge of the tub, water dripping from all over. I parted my legs wide enough for Varun to move in between them. My pussy was now fully exposed to him, almost beckoning him to it. And, he didn’t wait any longer. He dove right in, and the first contact of his tongue on my pussy lips, made me scream loud. He then started kissing my nether lips, nibbling them, while his finger found my clit, and started rubbing it. My hands automatically moved to cup my breasts. My nipples were smarting with all the hard squeezing he’d just subjected them to. I started caressing them, while he was still kissing and licking my outer lips and rubbing my clit. Then, he spread my outer lips, and started dipping his tongue deeper into my pussy. I’d lost all sense of time and place by now. After a while he came up for air, and my hand went to his head, trying to push it back down. This time, he started flicking his tongue on my clit, and dipped a finger inside my cunt. Then, he added another finger, and he curved them to start rubbing my g-spot.

Me : Ooooohhhhh Jaaan … Aaaaahhhh

He : Like it baby?

Me : Looove it … You’ll fucking kill me … Unnnhhhh … Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

This is when he started circling my clit with his tongue, and increased the speed of his fingers sliding in and out of my cunt. I was now gripping the steel handle above the tub with both my hands, and screaming away in pleasure. My hips were automatically getting lifted up in response to the finger fucking I was getting. Varun was kneeling into me, his body hunched, still inside the tub. Just when I felt my orgasm starting to build, I felt his little finger starting to poke at my asshole.

Me : Ohhhh Fuckkk Yessss … Finger me in both my holes … Ummmmm … I’m gonna cum soon … Oooooooohhhh!!!

His little finger went into my asshole upto the first knuckle now, making me scream. He held it there, while rifling his fingers really fast into my pussy, and started chewing my clit. That was it! My orgasm hit me like a bullet train. My entire body started convulsing, my thighs tightly clamping his head inbetween, and my hips in the air. I don’t know how long I must have been in that position, my whole body vibrating and me moaning incoherently. When my orgasm subsided, my bums landed back on the edge of the tub, and my thighs fell apart, and I felt all energy leave me. When I opened my eyes, I saw Varun sitting up in the middle of the tub, smiling it me.

Me : (smiling back at him) Jaan … you’re so good!

He : Fucking good?

Me : (laughing) Too fucking good!!! You’re an artist!

He : It’s you babe … when the subject is so good, the artist always looks good.

Me : You know Jaan, you don’t have to flatter me anymore

He : Ok now … come down here and kiss me!

I slid back down into the tub, and went to the middle and climbed onto his lap. I took a firm grip on the hair at the back of his head, and kissed him hard. He put his hands on my back, and pulled me into him, kissing back with equal vigour. Our tongues met and were involved in a frenzied tackle. The fingernails of my other hand were digging into the flesh of his back. The intensity of the kiss lessened after a while, and it became a slow sensuous smooch. I was the first to break it, moving my wet lips all over his face, ears, and down his neck and over his shoulder blade. He started nibbling my earlobe. After a while, both of us became still, enjoying the streaming jets of water.

We moved to side of the tub, now cuddling up in each others’ arms, relaxing under the effect of the jacuzzi. Varun lit up a cigarette and we retrieved our beer cans that we’d put away. We sat there, looking out at the sea, in silence, sipping our beers and sharing a smoke. I was feeling absolutely blissful. What a start to the weekend! I was replaying in my head all the erotic antics we’d been upto since morning. That’s when it struck me that while he’d pleasured me so much, he’s yet to get his release. And, immediately, I decided to take things in my hand. But, I wanted it to be a slow tease.

I glanced at his cock, and noticed that it was semi erect, resting on his thigh as his legs were close together. My left thigh was flush with his right, as I was snuggling into his right side. I slowly turned towards him, and moved my leg across and over my own left leg as well as his right leg. And, I moved my right hand over his six pack abs, caressing. Automatically, my hand started moving downwards towards his cock, and I just glided my hand over it a couple of times. He was in his reverie, head thrown back, enjoying his smoke. I bent my head slightly and started nibbling and licking around his nipple, while lightly grazing his dick once in a while. He moaned softly a couple of times when I did this. Then, I gripped his dick very softly in my palm and lifted it, simultaneously sucking his nipple a bit harder. I felt his hand at the back of my head, applying a bit of pressure on it, signalling it should stay there and I should continue what I was doing. Now, I started stroking his stiffening cock very slowly. It was responding to my handiwork quite quickly, and getting harder. I continued the nipple sucking and dick stroking for a while, and he started moaning and grunting along. Now, I snaked my left hand from the middle of our bodies, and held his schlong in it, and dipped my right hand lower to cup his balls. Varun shuddered at this, and grunted loudly.

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