Mike Harris, the handsome, new History teacher in the local high school, was nervous, even scared. He had good reason to be; the young woman who was wearing a mini skirt and no bra and who had just walked into his small office had a reputation for coming on to men and getting them in trouble if they didn’t do what she wanted.

“What can I do for you, Monica,” he asked.

“I want you to eat my cunt and fuck me. Right now.”

Mike was startled, both at the demand and at the crude language. “You don’t mean that.”

“Yes, I do mean it and if you don’t do what I say, you’ll be in a world of shit.”

“Even if I wanted to, I can’t have sex with a student. I could get into all kinds of trouble.”

“Why? I turned 18 last month.”

“Even so, you’re still a student. I could get fired and even arrested if I so much as laid a hand on you. Now get out of my office.”

“You WILL get fired and arrested if you don’t eat my cunt and fuck me. Do you know what happened to Mr. Swenson last semester?”

Mike knew what had happened. The same student who was now in his office had claimed Johnnie Swenson tried to rape her. She even showed police her torn blouse to prove it. A few of the female teachers said it was probably true but most of the faculty were sure Monica was lying. Because so many of the faculty would have testified that Johnnie, a devoted family man, would never have done such a thing, the district attorney decided not to prosecute. Even so, to avoid scandal, Johnnie was fired and forced to leave the state to look for another job.

“They didn’t believe you then and they wouldn’t believe you now.”

“Yes they would. You’re single and you’re new and I would do a better job of telling them this time. You’d be up the river for twenty years.”

Mike realized there was a good chance she was right. Like Monica said, he was single and he was new in the school. Besides that, there was a drunken incident during his college days. The woman had declined to press charges and the case had been dropped, luckily for him. Her original complaint was still on his record, though, and could be used as evidence against him and would become public knowledge.

“There isn’t room in this office and, besides, people might come in.”

Monica hadn’t actually expected to use the office anyhow for the very reasons the teacher had given but she considered it a victory for her and a concession for him. “You might be right but you have privacy in your apartment and plenty of room. School is over for the day and we can go there now in your car”

“I have papers to correct.”

“Fuck the papers. And fuck me too, after you eat my cunt.”

Mike considered himself trapped. “There is an upside, though,” he told himself. “She’s not bad looking and I am horny. Besides that, in my apartment it might not be as much against the rules and we might get away with it.”

“Let me put these things away first.”

Monica smiled to herself. She was going to get her way and get it on with the most handsome teacher in school. “Hurry up. I don’t have all day,” she ordered Mike.

Walking out to his car, Monica stayed close enough that she could catch up if he tried to ditch her but far enough away that nobody would know they were together. When he unlocked his car with the remote control, she stepped quickly to the passenger side and let herself in. Mike got in the driver’s door and looked at her sitting in the seat waiting for him.

“Would you mind crouching down out of sight? I don’t want anybody seeing you here with me.” That was reasonable to Monica so she pushed the passenger bucket seat all the way back and got onto the floor.

As Mike drove to his apartment, traffic was light and he glanced down at Monica. She had pulled her skirt up and one of her hands was moving inside her panties, obviously fingering her pussy. Although he still had enormous misgivings about sex with a student, the erotic sight of the young woman playing with herself increased his own desire and he was actually starting to halfway look forward to it.

Monica smiled at the handsome teacher who was under her control and reached up to squeeze his knee. She was looking forward to some hot sex this time and many more times in the future, whenever she wanted it, if he knew what was good for him.

Still concerned about being seen with a student, Mike stopped his car in front of his apartment building and looked around to see if anybody was there who might recognize them. Seeing nobody, he detached his residence keys from the rest of the chain and instructed Monica. “This is the key to the front door and this is the key to my apartment, number 21, on the second floor, first one on the left after you go up the stairs. I’ll park in my space and ring the front doorbell for you to let me in. Okay?”

“Gotcha. Don’t worry; I want to keep this secret too.” Monica didn’t want to ruin a good thing by letting her parents or any other teachers know about this but she expected to tell her friends about it. She might even share the handsome teacher with them later but this first time he would be all hers.

Instructions were followed and, after Monica had let him in the building, Mike walked up the stairs and opened his door. After locking it behind himself, including the deadbolt, and tossing his coat and tie on a chair, he went into the bedroom of the tiny apartment. The bed hadn’t been made since changing the sheets three days ago but he didn’t think Monica would care, if she even noticed. She didn’t care; all the blankets had been pulled onto the floor and she was lying naked on the sheet, a pillow under her head, waiting for him to join her.

“Okay, Mike. All ready to give your new girl friend a good time?” Considering what they were doing, or were about to do, he ignored the familiarity.

“Have you got a nice kiss for me?” she asked. When he knelt beside her and moved his face toward hers, she turned away. “Not there. Here,” as she put her hands under her large breasts, offering them to him. Mike kissed both of them and had to admit they were nicer than some he had lusted for.

“Now lick my nipples,” was Monica’s next demand as she lay back to enjoy the way she was going to make Mike service her.

“That feels gooood,” she murmured, after he had licked her nipple a few strokes. “But I’ve got two for you to lick.”

Monica was really enjoying herself and Mike had decided he might as well take whatever pleasure he could get because he was committed to doing what Monica wanted. Despite his apprehension, it hadn’t been too bad yet and he could feel his cock growing stiff. When her next demand was for him to take her breasts into his mouth and suck on them, he had no problem obeying and even continued licking her nipples while his mouth was filled with her soft flesh.

She was cooing from the pleasure she was getting and could feel her pussy starting to lubricate. “Can you smell my cunt?” she asked. I hope you like the way it smells and I hope you like the way it tastes because it’s time for you to start eating me out.

Mike did like the way her pussy smelled and he expected to like the way it tasted too. He had eaten a few pussies in his life and had always enjoyed it. Still remaining next to Monica, he turned and shifted his knees so he was facing the foot of the bed. When he bent forward, she raised her legs and he wrapped his arms around them, bringing his face to just inches from where she wanted him.

Monica had planned this caper for several weeks and had studied her target’s schedule before deciding this would be the best day. That morning she had shaved her pussy to make it more sensitive to the tongue that she intended would be licking her. Mike was not aware of her planning but he was aware of her smooth pussy and found it appealing. Starting above her clit, he licked all around her tight slit, including the insides of her thighs and her crotch. Although the sensation was a pleasant one, Monica became impatient to have his tongue on her clit and pussy lips, which were already swollen from her desire.

“That feels nice but it’s my cunt that needs licking. Now get to it.” She thought about making him lick her ass too but decided to do that next time. Mike had actually been trying to pleasure his blackmailer by taking a long time and making it last but after she chided him, he started tonguing one of her smooth outer lips.

“That’s better. Keep licking me there.” Since things were going the way she wanted Monica decided to undress her slave, starting with his shirt, and reached out to begin with the buttons. When she was done with them, she pulled on it and Mike reached his arms back, one at a time, to let her remove it and drop it on the floor. While the rest of the undressing was going on, he licked both her outer lips, surprising himself at how good her smooth pussy tasted and felt and how he was actually having fun in spite of his predicament.

Mike had taken off his shoes before getting onto the bed with her and Monica removed his socks. Next she unfastened his belt and pants and unzipped his fly. After she pulled his pants down over his ass, Mike raised his knees so she could pull them all the way off, one leg at a time. That left just his jockey shorts but before removing them, Monica reached around to the front to feel his cock. It was erect and she was elated to find it was long and thick. After her happy discovery, his shorts followed the same route as his pants had and ended up on the same pile on the floor.

“That big tool is going to feel great in my cunt,” she told herself, while fondling the ass in front of her. “And he’s got a nice, tight butt too.”

Besides admiring the teacher’s cock and ass, Monica was very much enjoying what his tongue was doing for her. Mike’s fingers had pried open her slit and he was licking the swollen inner lips, sending pleasure rippling through her body. As his tongue stroked across her clit hood, Monica started fucking into his face and more juices trickled out of her pussy and down her crotch. “That feels good Mike,” she told him. “Keep eating my cunt and I’ll tell you when I’m ready to cum to cum. Don’t forget to lick up my juices too.”

The juices being produced by the young woman were very much to Mike’s liking as he leaned forward to lick them off her crotch. He was also enjoying the way her pussy was fucking up into his face, but he hoped she wouldn’t be too demanding.

Monica did not expect to get too demanding, at least not that day, as long as he gave her a good enough time. That’s what he was doing with his tongue moving down one inner lip from her clit down to where it ended below her pink hole. As he licked, Monica could feel the pleasure radiating from where his tongue was and where it had been, and she could feel it increasing as his mouth moved downward. She moaned and urged him to keep eating her cunt.

He did as he was told, his tongue slowly trailing down the other pussy lip all the way to the end again, stopping there for her fresh juices. Monica smiled when she felt his tongue sluicing up the fluid. The sensation was pleasant but even better was the knowledge that she was training him to do as she wanted. She expected to have her pussy eaten regularly, at least for the rest of the school year.

She continued moaning, almost whimpering, and fucking even stronger into Mike’s face as his tongue slowly caressed the inner edge of her inner pussy lip. “Put your tongue in there, Mike,” she ordered, as his tongue once again reached her hole.

“Ahhhhh, yeah, that’s what I like. Now wiggle it around in there. Ooooh, yeah,” she responded to his tongue caressing inside her wet, pink hole.

Monica knew she was on the verge of cumming. “Lick my clit, Mike. I wanna cum. Yeah, like that,” she told him when she felt his tongue laving her sweetest of sweet spots.

“Now suck it,” she demanded. “Yeah, yeah, keep sucking it like that. I’m gonna cum, Mike. Keep sucking my clit.”

The pleasure that had been mounting in Monica’s body exploded as she started cumming. One hand grabbed Mike’s ass and the other gripped the sheet. Her legs squeezed his head while her ass bounced up and down on the mattress, ramming her pussy into Mike’s face. “Yes! Yes! I’m cumming!” she exclaimed, unnecessarily.

He knew she was cumming and Mike followed orders. His mouth stayed clamped on Monica’s clit and he sucked for as long as she was cumming. When she climaxed, a sharp pain assailed his buttock from her fingernails digging in; his head was squeezed extra hard and she jammed her pussy into his face. After her orgasm, Monica relaxed her muscles, releasing the grip of her legs and her hand. Mike stayed where he was, wondering what she would want next.

“That was good, Mike. You ate my cunt just fine. Now, lick up all my juices; you know you want them.”

After her pussy had been licked clean, Monica issued further orders. “Okay, Mike. Now you get to have some fun. Go get a condom so we can fuck.”

When he returned with the condom in its foil wrap, Monica was sitting on the side of the bed. “Lie down on your back, Mike. I get to be on top.”

After rolling on the condom, Monica straddled the teacher’s legs, still holding his stiff cock in her hand. “You got a really nice tool here, Mike. I’m gonna really enjoy this.”

Moving forward slightly, she rose up to crouch over his pubic area, and slowly lowered herself until she felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. There, she moved back and forth to cover it in the juices that were dripping out of her onto everything below. When she thought it was well lubricated, she lowered herself enough to let the head of his cock into her pussy. As it wedged through her tight opening, a jolt of pleasure rocketed through her body.

“Mmmm, that feels good, Mike. I hope you can make me cum again.”

Slowly, Monica lowered herself, enveloping the first few inches of his cock until she stopped, paused briefly to relish the way her pussy felt as it was being filled, and raised herself until only the head was still imbedded. After another pause, she lowered herself again, this time taking more of Mike’s erect cock into her pussy. Over and over, Monica, murmuring her delight, stroked with her pussy, pleasure radiating out from where his cock was burrowing into her, until it was completely inside and she was sitting on his pubic area, smiling down on him.

“That feels really good, Mike. Your tool is big and hard, just what I like in my cunt. I’m gonna have a really good time with it. Just you lay there and let me do the work. Don’t worry, you’ll have fun too.”

Monica placed her hands on his chest to support most of her weight and started to rise slowly, lifting herself off his cock until just the tip was still inside her. There she paused again and lowered herself until his cock was again all the way inside. Although her pussy was tight and Mike’s cock was the biggest to ever enter there, Monica was lubricating so heavily that she was able to accommodate every inch, and she loved what those inches were doing for her.

Over and over, she raised and lowered herself, cooing, then moaning from the waves of pleasure that coursed through her body every time she jammed her pussy down on the big cock. Monica was leaning forward so it would have minimum contact with her clit until she was ready to cum. Mike lay on his back; in spite of himself, he really liked the feel of her wet pussy and the sight of her large breasts bouncing up and down in front of him.

“I really love your cock, Mike. Now start fucking up into me.”

Matching the speed of her strokes, he started fucking up into Monica’s pussy.

“Oooo, yeah, like that. That feels really good, Mike. I’m having a great time; I hope you are too.”

He was, and he could actually feel his climax start building, but he was apprehensive about what would happen next. If he gave Monica a good enough time, she might not blow the whistle. At the same time, she might want more, next week or next month or whenever she felt like it. Still, he had to admit, it was some of the best pussy in his experience, especially since he was so horny. I might as well have as much fun with this girl as I can, he decided, because she is in charge and I will have to do whatever she wants.

What Monica wanted just then was to keep fucking herself on the long, thick shaft that was doing such a great job of crowding her pussy. With her hands on Mike’s chest supporting most of her weight, she continued flexing her legs and moving up and down, ecstatic over what his cock was doing for her. She continued for a long time, moaning and writhing on top of the teacher, her pleasure mounting from every stroke until she knew it had reached its peak and it was time for her to cum.

“I’m ready to cum, Mike. Start fucking me faster.”

Monica reached back and put her hands on Mike’s legs so she could lean back, moving her pussy forward get full contact with his cock on her clit. With the adjustment made, she stroked herself faster on his cock.

“Faster, Mike. Fuck me faster.”

He complied, driving his cock up to meet the pussy that was enveloping it. As Monica’s clit scraped against the top of his cock, he knew his own climax was near. He hoped he could hold off until she had cum.

Monica was ecstatic as her body thrashed on top of Mike, her pussy getting the best workout it had ever gotten. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard, she demanded.

A few strokes later, “Yes! Yes!” She cried out. “Yes! I’m cumming. Keep fucking me.”

Her movements became even wilder as she continued fucking herself on the big cock that felt so good. Mike put his hands on Monica’s thighs to steady her and kept thrusting that big cock into her pussy until, with a great jerk of her body, she orgasmed. Greatly relieved, he let himself go and, with a great rush of pleasure, he also climaxed, his semen spurting into his condom. She sprawled on top of him; he wrapped his arms around her and they lay quietly together for a few minutes.

About the time Mike’s softened cock had slipped out of her wet pussy, Monica was ready to get off the bed. As she stumbled to her feet, she smiled at her new pet.

“That was fun Mike. I like the way you ate my pussy and the way we fucked. Now that you know what I like, maybe you can do it even better the next time.”

“What do you mean ‘next time?” There won’t be a next time.”

“Oh, yes, there will, if you know what’s good for you, and a lot more times, as many as I want. Otherwise, I’ll tell everybody how you made me come over here and have sex with me, threatening to flunk me if I didn’t. Speaking of that, I am now an “A” student in your class.”

“Nobody will believe you.”

“Oh, yes, they will, after I describe your apartment and the tattoo on hour hip.”

Mike realized he was hooked. Even if nobody believed he had blackmailed her, the fact that he had sex with a student, and she could prove it, would get him fired, maybe arrested, and unemployable forever. He would have to do what Monica said.

She felt quite proud of herself. “I should have known better,” she told herself, “than to try to make Swenson into my pet, even though he was pretty hot. Mike is a lot better, especially since there’s no wife to get in the way.” Monica was thinking of the hot sex she would be getting from her new pet teacher, and thinking about sharing him with her friends, maybe even with Nicki, who had a strapon and liked to use it on her boy friends’ butts. The rest of the year, and for as long as she wanted after that, would be really fun for her, fucking Mike and watching other girls fucking him.

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