Sandra’s parents, Jim and Sally, were in town for the week and were joining the two of us for dinner. They hadn’t seen Sandra and me since the wedding, so they felt overdue for a visit. Of course, in the four months since the wedding, a lot had changed about their young daughter. It was going to be an interesting night as they learned about those changes.

As much as I was responsible for these changes, Sandra was just as responsible. Or rather, her innate, base human needs were responsible. I had simply helped her unlock them. It had actually been much easier than I anticipated and she had ended up a very willing participant. It was due to her role in these changes that I decided to take a more hands-off approach during dinner.

I spent the afternoon grocery shopping and picking out some nice bottles of wine. I was planning on making some steak and asparagus, just to keep it simple. Turns out it’s somewhat hard to cook now that Sandra is her new self. Besides, who doesn’t like a good steak?

I made my way home, threw some olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary on the steaks, fired up the stove and oven and got to work. The sizzle of the steaks cooking was loud enough to drown out sounds from other parts of the house, which was helpful. I put the steaks in the over to finish them off, added the asparagus and opened a couple bottles of wine.

The doorbell rang shortly thereafter and I walked over to the door to let Jim and Sally in. They greeted me with huge smiles.

“Derrick! So great to see you! It’s been too long!” Sally gave me a big hug. Jim reached out to shake my hand.

“Son, I’m happy we could make it. I was beginning to wonder if you’d stolen our Sandra away for good!”

I chuckled, “No, no, I wouldn’t dream of it. We kept meaning to make the trip down, but it’s been crazy since the wedding. Please, come in. Dinner is almost ready.”

My in-laws walked in and set down their jackets and purse. I walked back to the kitchen to check on the steaks. Jim followed me in, closed his eyes and took a whiff.

“Smells great! I can’t wait to eat; I’m starving.” He walked into the dining room and said, “So where’s Sandra? She wasting her time getting ready for her boring old parents?”

I grinned, “Yeah, you could say that. She’ll be down in a few. Why don’t you two take a seat and I’ll grab you some wine.”

Sally joined Jim in the dining room and they approached the table. As they did, they both paused at the seat right in the middle. They looked down, cocking their heads, uncertain what it was. As they continued to stare, Sally began to get a bit flush in the cheeks.

“Umm, what is this, Derrick?”

I glanced over my shoulder and said, “Oh, it’s Sandra’s. She can explain it to you when she comes down. It’s just a piece of furniture.

Of course, it was NOT just a piece of furniture. Rather than a chair, there was a stool, on top of which was a device that looked like a bit like a saddle. On top of the saddle was a rubber protrusion, about seven inches long and five inches around, tapered off at the top. In front, there was a small patch of rubber that was textured, with a bunch of small bead-like structures. Hanging from a little hook was what looked like a control pad with dials. In other words, it was a sybian.

There was no way they would know that, although it seemed Sally had some idea what it was for. Shaking her head in slight confusion, she finally made her way to her seat. Jim took his seat, too, and I dropped off the glasses of wine.

I took the steaks out and plated them with the asparagus. I brought the four plates over and set them on the table, including one in front of Sandra’s “seat.” I then proceeded to cut up the steak and vegetable into bite-size pieces. Jim looked at me quizzically.

“Well now that’s funny. Such a doting husband, cutting up her food for her! But I must say, that is odd for such a nice piece of meat.”

I smiled at the last line. “Yes, it truly is a nice piece of meat.”

I then took my seat, picked up a small bell and rang it. “Sandra should be right down, now.”

Jim and Sally were now totally confused and exchanged glances that said they knew something was up. I dug into my steak, waiting for the show to begin.

Soon we heard footsteps coming down the stairs, rather slowly. Once they reached the bottom, they continued through the foyer, into the kitchen and finally into the dining room.

To say Jim and Sally were stunned would be an understatement.

Standing in front of them was their 23 year old daughter, her dark brown hair falling in curls down her shoulders and over her chest, ending just above her very exposed breasts. It wasn’t that she wasn’t wearing anything; on the contrary, she had on a quarter-cup bra, which covered only the underside of her breasts, pushing them up perfectly, yet leaving her very pink and very erect nipples to point out proudly towards her mother and father.

The face framed by those curls was in heavy makeup, something you would see at a nightclub or popular lounge. There was a light sheen of sweat and you could tell she was slightly out of breath. Her eyes were somewhat cast downward, even though the rest of her body language exuded confidence.

Below, she had on a garter belt and stockings, though it was quickly obvious she was wearing no panties. Her vagina and pubic area was completely shaven, with more than a light sheen of sweat covering the skin. In fact, as she stood there, Derrick saw a drop of her juices dangling between her pussy lips and connecting to her right thigh. Below that, there was a trail of juices that had run down her leg. Her arousal was not only visible, but Derrick could smell her musky womanhood as well.

And of course, she was standing in 4-inch heels, adding definition to her calves and forcing her ass to stick out an extra inch or two.

As Sandra walked into the room, she greeted her parents in a slightly husky voice, “Hi Mom, Dad. Glad you two could make it.”

Jim stammered, looking at Sally, me, Sandra, and back to Sally. You could tell he didn’t want to look at his daughter in this way, but it was also hard for him not to.

“What, what…what the hell is this? Sandra! Why the hell are you naked?”

Sandra looked down again, almost ashamed, and replied, “Dad, don’t worry. It’s ok. I don’t really like wearing many clothes anymore. Not unless they show off my body.”

Jim opened his mouth to speak again, but went silent as Sandra approached her seat. He was rendered speechless as his lithe, young, naked daughter walked in front of the device and bent over. Her tits spilled even further out of her bra, hanging freely below her. She spread her legs apart and reached between them with her right arm, grabbing the protrusion by its base and aiming it towards her body.

Jim and Sally both just sat there, mouths agape as their daughter proceeded to squat down over the seat, placing what was now obviously a dildo at the entrance to her pussy. She inserted the head and ever so slowly began to push her body back against it.

As the first bit of the rubber penis entered her, she let out a low moan, closing her eyes, lifting her head up and opening her mouth. She continued her descent down until about half of the dildo was inside her.

“Fuck, that’s good. I feel so stretched. I’m glad I stayed away from the monsters earlier today.”

Sally choked out, “Mmmmmonsters?”

Sandra opened her eyes. “Why yes, mother. My monster cock toys. If I had played with those today, this wouldn’t feel so fucking good.”

She closed her eyes once more, lifted herself about one inch off of the dildo and then lowered herself again, this time taking all but the last inch.

“Unngggggghh!” She was starting to pant. “Fuck! I love how it gets wider at the bottom! It feels like I’m going to tear my pussy apart.”

Jim was shifting in his chair uncomfortably; with what I’m certain was the biggest hard-on of his life. Sally couldn’t take her eyes off her daughter’s stretched vagina.

I kept eating. I didn’t want the steak to get cold.

Sandra lifted up once more, letting almost all of the fake dick slide out of her. Under the light, the rubber material was glistening with her lubrication. She then pushed back with one sudden movement and took the entire thing all at once.

“Gaaaaawd! Oh fuck! Yes. So big. So big.” She just panted for a few seconds, then looked over to me with lust in her eyes. “Fucker, it feels so good. It’s pressing right up against my butt plug. I can feel them touching each other through my body. Oh God…”

Her parents had no idea that her ass was filled with a fairly substantial butt plug, but then again, she hadn’t exactly shared that with them.

She reached down to the control pad and turned a couple of dials on. Suddenly there was a low hum in the room as well as the sound of a gear grinding.

I asked my wife, “Are you ready to eat?” She nodded silently.

Jim stood up. Finally realizing what he was witnessing, he appeared to have had enough. “What?!?! This is ridiculous! She can’t eat like this! Honey, what on Earth are you doing? I still don’t understand why you’re naked and why you’re sitting on that, that, THING with some sort of “butt plug” in you as well. What the hell is going on here?”

Sandra looked ashamed again, though that only seemed to fuel her arousal. “Daddy, sit down. It’s fine. This is how I eat now. I’ve never felt more alive in my life, so can you please just sit down and eat with us?”

Jim looked on in astonishment, unable to believe what he was seeing. Sally, still surprised at what her daughter had just put inside herself, patted Jim on the arm. “Jim, this is no doubt unusual and perverted, but she is still our daughter. Let’s let her eat however she wants and we’ll talk about this after.”

Jim just shook his head. I stood up and approached Sandra, reaching into my pockets. I pulled out a pair of handcuffs and pulled her arms behind her. I locked the cuffs so she was unable to use her hands. Jim’s eye’s widened even further.

“Now you just wait a minute here. I won’t let you degrade my daughter like this.” He started to walk over to me, when Sandra spoke up.

“Daddy, he isn’t degrading me. He has freed me. I want all of this. I want a cock inside me as often as possible. I want my body exposed. I want it punished. I want to be humiliated. I was the entire world to watch me cum again and again and again.”

She looked up at me. “Finish the preparation, please.”

I grinned at Jim, who was slinking back to his chair, finally settling into it. I took out two metal clamps and attached each one to Sandra’s protruding nipples.

“Aaaaahh. Ahhhh. Ouch. Ouch. Oooh. God. Uggghhhh.”

Finally, I connected the two by a chain and added a small weight to the center of the chain, which pulled her nipples down and inside. As she moaned, the weight swayed back and forth, making her pain even greater.

I went back to my seat and resumed my meal. Sandra, confined by the handcuffs, leaned forward to grab a bite of steak with her mouth. She had to lift up a bit, causing the rotating dildo to slide out an inch or so. Her movement also put more of the weight on the chain, tugging at her nipples.

She sat back down and moaned, chewing on her dinner. She was grinding her hips very slowly, making sure the small beads in front of her were making contact with her clit.

She was the picture of unadulterated lust and she was loving it. With each bite, she’d enjoy the feeling of being penetrated once more, not to mention the stress on her tits. One bite after another, she’d move up and down, back and forth. Her moans were getting louder and she was beginning to pant quite heavily.

Meanwhile, her parents were trying to eat, though it was hard for them to focus. They had taken only a few bites, though both glasses of wine were empty.

About five minutes into the meal, Sandra took a pause from eating. She was looking downward, focused. She was really grinding her hips against the sybian now and the base flaps of the dildo and pad were making smacking sounds due to how wet she’d gotten them.

She suddenly stopped grinding and lifted her head up. Her eyes were still closed, but her back was arched and it appeared that she was trying to push down even further on that thick cock.

Finally, she spoke. Pleading, begging. “Mom, Dad. Please watch me come. Please watch your sluttly, cock-hungry daughter come. Watch this chain swing from my tits, pulling my nipples out further each time. Watch my pussy cum all over this machine. Watch my face contort in ecstasy as it twirls around inside of me. Please, Mommy. Daddy. Watch. Me. Cum.”

And then she came.

Sandra threw her head back and let out a very deep, long, moan. It slowly grew in volume and intensity. Only her short breaths interrupted the sound of that moan. As it rose in pitch, it started to sound more like a scream.

Her back was as arched as she could make it, her tits jutting out proudly from her chest, the chain swinging wildly. Her scream became louder and finally reached a climax. She shouted out, “OH. GOD. YES! IT FEELS SO FCKING GOOD!” Her hips started thrusting back and forth in little short bursts, and each time her clit made contact with the little beads up front, she’d squeal.

Meanwhile, as she was coming, fluid was pouring out around the dildo, sopping the sybian, the stool and the floor. It was almost like she had a hose inside of her that was draining water out of her pussy.

Jim and Sally just sat there silently, watching their daughter come like a little slut. Both of their faces were red and flushed. Sally seemed to be breathing a little harder and Jim was doing everything he could not to reach down and touch himself through his pants.

I finished up my steak and poured another glass of wine.

When Sandra finally calmed down, she slumped forward, her head and her tits swaying back and forth. Her breathing had slowed, though she was still laboring a bit.

I knew she needed a minute, so I decided to fill in the in-laws with what had taken place in the months since the wedding.

“Jim, Sally, I know you’re surprised by what you’ve just seen, but trust me, this is all done of her free will. Prior to the wedding, the sex had always been great, but it wasn’t until the honeymoon that we realized her potential. We didn’t leave the hotel room much, other than to go to a local sex shop and buy new toys and clothes. We explored our sexuality for those two weeks and in the process unleashed the sexual beast that is your daughter. I must say, I was a bit surprised.”

Jim looked at me with doubt on his face. “You mean you brainwashed her. You turned her into a whore. You did something to my sweet daughter that has turned her into…into…this! I can’t begin to believe she wanted any part of this!”

I started to reply, but Sandra, who had rejoined the conversation, interjected. “Daddy, you can believe what you want to, but this is who I am now. I never had any idea this was in me, but now that it’s been let loose, it can’ t be bottled up again. Something awakened in me during the honeymoon and now all I can think about is being filled with cock or having my body stimulated in some way.”

She turned to her mother. “Mom, it truly is wonderful. I feel like my body is on fire all the time. Even now, sitting here naked, in front of you two, impaled on a large rubber cock, having just come, it humiliates me and shames me. But that shame just turns me on more. To have my own parents see what a slut I am, there’s no way to describe it.”

A little grin crossed her face. “You should try it sometime.”

Sally stammered. “Oh heavens no! I could never…I mean, I would never…I just….” She looked at her husband, who was now shocked at his own wife’s hesitation. She finally found her resolve. “No! I would never degrade myself this way! It’s just not right!”

She stood up and looked at her husband. “Jim, I think we should go. I’ve had enough for one night.” As Jim stood, Sally looked at me. “Thank you for dinner, but I cannot thank you for what you’ve done. We need to talk about this further, you know. But only when Sandra can dress decently and not behave in such a way.”

Sandra stood up and said, “But Mom, you’re going to miss dessert.” As she stood, there was a loud plop when the dildo fell out of her sopping pussy. She moved to the side of the sybian and bent over, with her ass facing me. She lowered her head down and took the dildo into her mouth, savoring her own cum. Once she had taken the entire thing, I got out of my chair and moved behind her.

Jim and Sally had started to say they didn’t want dessert, but were once again captivated by the show their daughter was putting on. So they just stood there, dumbfounded.

I reached over to Sandra’s ass and grabbed the base of the butt plug. I started to pull it out, which caused Sandra to moan around the cock in her mouth. As I pulled, her anus began to stretch open, though there was plenty of resistance to keep the object inside.

Applying more pressure, the large, rounded plug began to appear, stretching her even wider. I looked over at Jim and Sally and said, “You really should see this. Your daughter has quite the ass.”

They shot me a quick look of disgust, temporarily shaken from their revere. The plug finally slid out of her ass and I set it down on the table. I then proceeded to undo my belt, unbutton my pants and pull down my zipper. I released my cock from the confines of my pants and moved closer behind Sandra.

Jim’s eyes went wide again. “No….no….you can’t……”

I smiled as I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her rectum, grabbed her hips and pushed forward.

Sandra’s moan was audible as my cock entered her. Thanks to the butt plug and all of her natural lubrication, I slid in to the hilt on the first stroke. Not wasting any time, I started to pump away violently. I knew how she liked it and I didn’t give a damn if her parents were uncomfortable.

I started smacking her ass as I pounded my tiny wife. Jim half fell back into his seat. Sally remained motionless as the sound of my hips smacking into their daughter’s ass filled the room.

I normally have very good control, but the scene that had unfolded before me had left me very aroused and dripping precum. I knew that given the current situation (me fucking my slutty wife in front of her parents), I wasn’t going to last long.

I grabbed Sandra’s hips even tighter and really gave it my full effort. I was grunting as I thrusted, breaking a sweat and feeling my balls getting ready to dump their load. Sandra was also grunting, but mostly because she was enjoying the feeling of my throbbing dick penetrating her ass over and over again.

Finally, with one last powerful thrust, I emptied myself into my wife’s ass. Spurt after spurt shot deep into her colon, filling her. It was hot and it was a lot.

Sandra, feeling load upon load enter into her, came once more, though not as forcefully as before.

Once I was sure that every drop of my cum was inside of her, I pulled my cock out of her ass and stood there waiting. Sandra pulled her mouth off of the dildo and grabbed a dessert plate from the table with her mouth. She placed the plate on the floor and turned around to face me. She slowly squatted over the plate, lowering herself until my manhood was in front of her face.

Realizing what was about to happen, Jim stood up again and walked around the table. “Baby, no! You can’t put that in your mouth! It was just in your…in your….it was in your butt!”

She gave her father a quick smile and said, “I know, Daddy. Isn’t it awful? I’m such a slut that I’m willing to suck my own filth off of my husband’s dick. Well, anyone’s dick, really. Even yours, Daddy, if you want me too”

Jim turned bright red as his jaw dropped and it might have been my imagination, but I could have sworn I saw his cock twitch in his pants at the mention of his daughter letting him fuck her in the ass.

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