Do one or two casual encounters with a same sex partner qualify one to be considered bisexual? What if the encounter was during a threesome, foursome or moresome? How many same sex experiences does it take before you are classed as Bi? Must you actively seek out and engage in sex with a same-sex partner to be considered Bi, although you would normally prefer the opposite sex? These are questions I have asked myself ever since my first same-sex encounter.

Often sex, to a man or woman, can become a form of temporary insanity. Your mind and inhibitions can be swept away by the frenzied heat of the encounter. An overarching need to release sexual energy can allow you to perpetrate, succumb to and experience acts that you would not normally consider; opening the door to a journey of exploration and experimentation to satisfy your curiosity or a deeper need.

I believe that we are, by our very nature, bisexual. As children, we experiment by comparing genitals, sometimes touching each other, playing sexual games (who can pee the farthest) or other explorations of our sexual curiosity. Because male genitals are so exposed and therefore mores easily stimulated, boys tend to fixate on them more so than girls do with theirs. Girls, on the other hand, hug and kiss each other and hold hands growing up, not necessarily sexually goal oriented. I believe this is quite natural and an integral part of growing, learning and maturing as human beings. Society teaches us, as we grow, what it considers wrong, taboo, or deviant. The trouble (or blessing) with society is that what’s normal changes from year to year and from nation to nation. I could be considered a deviant to the norm or pervert because I have often pushed against that envelope. Although, watch day time television and even those boundaries becomes questionable today.

Several years ago I was living with a liberated woman who allowed, encouraged and joined me in expressing and exploring my sexuality. Actually, I think she rather enjoyed our ‘sexcapades’ and I was overjoyed at the time to be with someone who did. Together, we fantasized, photographed each other, watched x-rated videos, used toys, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and even shared sex with others, you get the idea. We could spend hours, many times the whole day or a weekend, playing and making love to each other. Together we thoroughly enjoyed the “high” we got from our long, sometimes spiritual lovemaking sessions.

One day we decided to act on a fantasy that we had discussed many times. Robert was a mutual friend who we thought may be interested in joining us, so we invited him up for the weekend. We understood that he was bisexual and decided that he should be a good match for us. I thought maybe I was ready to give Michelle the experience of a two-man threesome. We both had indulged in two woman threesomes before and I felt comfortable enough with myself and our relationship to share in that particular fantasy for Michelle. For the next week I thought of nothing but the upcoming weekend, with more than a little excitement and apprehension. After all it isn’t everyday you share your girlfriend with another man. Finally the day arrived.

The smoky smell of cedar filed the house as the fireplace crackled and popped, warming the room to a comfortable temperature. We laughed, chatted, drank wine and shared some pot while relaxing. To further break the ice I put on an X-rated video and we watched, laughed and commented on the action before us. As we sat there, I began to fondle Michelle’s breasts making her nipples hard and erect. She loved that. She was, at times, able to orgasm just from extended nipple stimulation. We decided to play a little strip poker to “innocently” get our clothes off. It didn’t take long and the three of us were mostly naked. Not surprisingly, idea of massage came up and we all agreed that it would be fun. If that wasn’t an ice breaker, I don’t know what is!

Michelle brought us some massage oil and asked Robert if he would help her massage me. He was more than willing to oblige. I lay on my stomach as they began massaging my body. Michelle worked on my neck and back as Robert started at my feet. Her pussy was inches from my face. I could feel the heat from her and was exalted by her pleasing fragrance. It was very provocative having two people busy touching your naked body. I was in heaven it felt so good.

Eventually, Robert reached my butt and began kneading and stroking it, allowing his fingers to slip between my ass cheeks and along my inner thighs, just teasing me, sparking those familiar feelings in my crotch. After a few minutes they rolled me over and continued their efforts on my front. I was totally exposed and Robert said he liked looking at me, my cock was now tumescent from the relaxation and their attention. I reached up and pulled Michelle to my mouth and let my tongue search her slit. Almost at once I felt Robert’s hands on my cock and balls massaging them with smooth firm strokes. At first, I flinched from the male contact. Even so, moments later I was rock hard and further surprised by the sensation when his mouth envelop me. It was a warm and not unfamiliar feeling, no different from what I often experience with women. In response, I plunged my tongue deep within Michelle’s hot sex, licking and teasing her as she rubbed herself against my mouth. It felt good having my cock sucked as I nibbled and teased her. “This is just like going 69″, I thought to myself, although knowing a man was giving me this pleasure was a confusing mental turn on. “Should I be enjoying this so much, I wasn’t sure?” Those societal pressures and teachings were trying their best to inhibit me.

He really got into it, sucking me into his mouth, pulling on my prick with his lips, applying just the right amount of pressure and suction. He took me deep in his throat without the slightest hesitation. I was surprised by this because I am not a small man. I lay there with my eyes closed moving my hips to meet his advancing mouth. It seemed the natural thing to do.

Michelle quietly moved away and watched as Robert continued to devour me. She sat smiling, playing with herself, one leg draped over the arm of our overstuffed chair.

I looked down to see my stiff cock disappear repeatedly in his bearded face until at times my entire length down his throat. I must admit that few women could have done a better job. Intimate knowledge of a man’s equipment and knowing what feels good is certainly most helpful.

Suddenly, I was overcome with the need to have Michelle closer, to legitimize what was happening. A feeling overtook me that I was enjoying this ‘a little too much’ and for a minute I was afraid of my own sexuality. I reached my hand out to her, eyes asking. Understanding, she came over and began sharing my cock with Robert, the two of them taking turns sucking on it. Playfully, they would shake my prick at each other or rub it against the others lips. I felt better having Michelle there. It reinforced my need to remain attached to my hetero side and not feel that I was somehow being totally seduced into homosexuality.

There combined activity was quickly taking me to orgasm. To slow my rapid ascent, I suggested that we give Michelle attention. I laid her down and positioned myself between her legs to savor her wetness. And boy was she wet! Robert sucked and fondled her breasts as I concentrated on her pussy. It felt natural that I was between her legs doing what I normally do in a sexual situation. I was totally into the uninhibited sex we were all having. I found myself reaching out to take Robert’s tumescent cock in my hand, pulling and massaging it until it became long and hard. (I think this is where the temporary insanity began to take hold). I told him to “fuck Michelle as I watched” so I changed places with him. When he was in position, I guided his prick to her wet and eager sex and rubbed the head of it against her until he was glistening with her juices and then encouraged him to push forward into her. I was so fucking hot! My breath was coming in short gasps and my face felt flush and hot. Michelle lay back with her hips elevated, enjoying Robert’s cock in her. Robert fucked her for a short while but I think he was more interested in me. Even though he had had relationships with women in the past, he had now given in to a more decidedly gay lifestyle. He pulled out of her and we decided to take a break to smoke a joint and cool down. If that was possible.

I was still hot and wanted to continue our play so I started up again with Michelle. Did I mention, she loved to have her tits sucked? Kneeling before her as she sat on the couch, I buried my face in her breasts sucking each nipple in turn as Robert looked on. He watched us for a time before reaching between my legs, pulling my cock back, laying on his back and taking it in his mouth once more. It grew hard instantly. Soon we were all spread out on the floor once again, this time in a triangle. Each of us was manipulating the other. By now I was fevered to the point that I was ready for anything (that ‘heat of the moment’ thing), so I started touching Robert again. This time I ventured to pull his cock to my mouth. It felt soft and so very smooth against my lips and tongue. I took him into my mouth and pulled on it with my hand and lips but he remained spongy soft, only half erect. “What am I doing wrong?” I thought. I was doing essentially the same thing he had been doing to me. He didn’t seem to care about an orgasm. He was happy enough as it was. Even so, it was insanely exciting to actually be doing this and it stimulated something deep inside me. A feeling of complete surrender to what I was doing. No shame just animal lust, a letting go.

On the other hand, I was as hard as steel and Michelle didn’t let it go unused. She climbed onto me and lowered herself over my swollen member, slowly taking all of me in. She threw her head back and began to rhythmically ride me, grinding her pubic bone against mine. Having her fuck me while I sucked Robert’s dick was outrageously stimulating. I found myself matching her stroke for stroke with his cock, wanting him to be as excited and hard as I was. Michelle, was simply ready to explode into her own orgasm. With one final gasp she stiffened, moaning loudly and buried me deep within her. I could feel her contractions around my cock as she experienced those lovely waves of orgasm.

We continued to alternately, rest and play our sex games throughout the evening. Robert was still going after my cock whenever the opportunity was there for him. I don’t think he ever climaxed at least not with an ejaculation. I thought it strange given the fact that I and Michelle had multiple orgasms during that time. To this day I don’t know why he didn’t but he assured us that he enjoyed himself with our group play and was looking forward to it again. After hours of our stop and go sex and coming several times each, Michelle and I retired to the bedroom and quickly fell into a satisfying sleep.

Performing oral sex on another man was a real turn on for me. I guess because I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end or maybe it was my own latent homosexual/bi side. Regardless of the reason, I wanted to experience just what I did and I’m glad I did, under the circumstances that I did. Michelle had been delighted watching, as Robert and I engaged each other, especially when I was going down on him. I don’t think she really expected me to go through with it. Part of doing it was for her pleasure because I know from our pillow talk and shared fantasies that it made her hot to watch me with another man. Although I took great pleasure from our encounter, it taught me that I really did prefer women as sex partners and I found that I was no longer confused about my own sexuality. I would repeat the experience if conditions were right and that little “insane” person in me came out again, but I wouldn’t seek out other men unless it was for a threesome or ‘moresome’.

We did get together again while vacationing in Mexico, but that’s another story.

The light shown brilliant in the darkness, illuminating the surrounding forest. It danced through the pine branches as a light breeze pushed them to and fro. “What a strange color,” Jeff thought as he moved carefully toward the pulsating bluish-white specter. The trees were keeping him from getting a good look at what was creating the light and the forest floor made it hard to move quietly as he picked his way forward. There was no other sound except for the rush of water from the stream in which he had spent the day fishing and was now camped beside.

Jeff had backpacked in several miles to this remote place so that he would not have to share the stream or himself with anyone. Over the past few weeks work had been unusually hectic and the stress had been getting to him. All Jeff wanted was to get as far away from people and the rigors of civilization as he could. The weekend had only begun and now he would have to pack up and move on to escape the long reach of humanity. “Damn, he thought. All I wanted was a little peace and quiet away from everyone and now I’ve got neighbors.”

Against the bright light he could make out shadows of figures moving about but he could not tell whether they were men or women. Suddenly he found himself bathed in a green glow that paralyzed him where he stood. Try as he might his limbs would not respond. Frozen, a terrible anxiety welled up inside him giving him the feeling that his head was spinning, his body was going numb and that he was going to pass out. He closed his eyes and willed the feeling to go away and slowly the spinning subsided and he started to come back.

He open his eyes and was startled to find himself face to face with a creature the likes of which he had never seen before. The little figure eyed him up and down through large ebony eyes, much too large for it’s head he thought. Jeff struggled with this overwhelming fear and his ever present sense of curiosity. He wanted to run but was totally immobilized by that strange green glow. He tried to call out but his voice was as useless as his legs. Two of the creatures appeared at either side of him. Their small, elongated hands grasp his arms as he seemed to float in the air toward the blue-white spinning light. “This has got to be a dream…that’s it, like when your feet are stuck in mud and you want to run but can’t,” he thought. But try as he might Jeff could not make himself wake up. This was no dream.

Ahead lay a small bell-shaped craft hovering inches above a small clearing. They were guiding him directly toward it. The overwhelming fear returned and he felt he had to get away. He couldn’t let them get him in the craft. Inside himself he struggled hard to move his arms and legs but nothing happened. His body remained frozen, unable to move, yet his mind was alert and racing. “OK, he thought, if I can’t run or fight I’ll just cooperate and take in everything I can. Sooner or later they’ll turn their backs and I’ll have my chance to escape.”

Up close the little craft was a metallic color much like dull aluminum. It had no visible markings and appeared to be made of one unbroken piece of metal about 20 or 25 feet in diameter. There were no seams, rivets, doors or windows only the powerful blue-white light pulsing at the bottom that illuminated the forest floor all around in a ghostly light.

As if by magic an opening appeared in the side of the ship where moments before there was no hint of a door of any kind. He was guided through the opening into what looked like a small hallway, the green glow disappeared and he felt control of his body once again. The creatures motioned for him to sit down on a small ledge type seat that folded out of the wall, leaving him there, they continued on. He turned to make a break for the door but there was no door, no opening, nothing but a solid wall with what looked like three dimensional hieroglyphics within a triangle. Different shaped hieroglyphics were visible seemingly at random the length of the short hallway. He reached out and touched the wall where the door had been, expecting it to feel like cool metal. To his surprise it was warm and had a texture not unlike the feel of human skin. “Creepy,” he thought as he jerked back his hand.

Jeff felt eyes on him as he turned to see another of the creatures ambling toward him with its hand extended. Somehow Jeff was not afraid. It was as if the creature was talking to him, calming his fears although it did not speak or make any sound. The little person took his hand and led him into a larger room that must have been the center of the ship. There was a round table or control panel of sorts in the middle of the room with two smaller creatures busy at the controls. They didn’t bother to look up as the little gray humanoid led Jeff past them, into yet another room.

This room was also round and small, only about 9 feet in diameter but at least he could actually stand up straight unlike the rest of the ship where he had to stoop to keep from bumping his head. In the center was a round padded structure that looked like a large ottoman or perhaps a bed for one of the creatures. The rest of the room was totally bare of any other objects and appeared to be made of the same creepy flesh-like material. The alien motioned for him to sit on the ottoman and left, only to return immediately with an associate. They began to undress him against his protests. Jeff was amazed at the strength these “little people” possessed, although they seemed to be very gentle with him. When he began to struggle they simply stopped, waited for him to calm down, and then began again. They repeated this until he finally realized that resistance was futile and succumbed to their efforts. When they had finished undressing him, they took his clothes, leaving him completely nude and sitting on the ottoman. The door closed behind them in the blink of an eye leaving only a bare wall were the door had been. Jeff was now feeling embarrassed and a little more than afraid of what may come. He had heard the stories of abductions where people were experimented on or just simply disappeared never to be seen again. His mind reeled at the thought of being probed, poked or otherwise dissected by these aliens.

Suddenly, there was a hissing sound of escaping gas filling the room and he noticed a strange sickly sweet odor that made him nauseous. He felt like throwing up but somehow managed to keep his stomach contents down. Jeff lay back on the ottoman feeling dizzy as the odor quickly dissipated. After what seemed like a few minutes the door opened and a different form appeared. This was definitely a female. She was completely naked and looked much more human than the others, with long straight hair, very thin and white as snow. Her skin too was very pale and completely blemish-free. The girl shared the strange eyes of the others, black like obsidian, although hers were much smaller and more almond-shaped. Her body was slender and well proportioned, taller than the others. She had normal looking breasts although they were small, reminding him of a developing 12 or 13 year old girl. Jeff stood as she came up to him. Pressing her body to his, she made cooing noises and ran her thin, almost non-existent lips across his chest. He was at once excited and fearful. Her small, thin hand grasped his penis pulling on it with a delicate touch. He could feel his juices stirring as he halfheartedly attempted to push her away. She pulled herself closer and increased the urgency of her touch, as he uncontrollably began to rise and stiffen. The girl looked at it with her large dark eyes, again making that cooing sound as he soon overfilled both of her petite hands. Looking at her up close he could tell she was older than she first appeared.

Jeff was well-endowed, over eight inches long and rather thick when erect. He wondered how she could ever manage his size, being that she was only about 4 1/2 feet tall, thin and small-boned as she was. “Stop thinking like that Jeff, he chided himself. You’re not going to have sex with her!”

She moved down his stomach with little kisses to his growing shaft as he acquiesced to the pleasure and slowly reclined back onto the bed. The creature ran her thin lips up and down the sides of his hardness as she continued to stroke him with her hands and eyes. Those eyes! Like black pools they were seductive and hypnotic. She nuzzled and fondled his testicles driving him to take charge. If sex is what she wanted he was going to give it to her, he didn’t care if the others were watching or not. It had been several weeks since he had been with anyone and he was, after all, a young, healthy and horny male.

With a quick, practiced move he scooped the girl up and laid her on the bed, her legs spread, revealing a beautifully shaped very human pussy with downy soft hair of the same pearly-white color as her head. The girl’s clit was peeking from between her pouting lips, pink and shining with her wetness. Jeff hesitated for a moment as he remembered where he was and thought of the strangeness of this whole encounter. Was he being watched? Probably. Was he doing the right thing with her? He didn’t know. But, he was a man who hadn’t been laid in over two weeks so pent-up desire and hormones prevailed. Jeff was a very attentive lover. He was always concerned with the woman’s orgasm as much as his own. He intuitively knew “to get good sex you have to give it”. He started by running his tongue up her neck and around and under her chin, first one side and then the other. Moving on he lowered his attention to those sweet pink nipples. Following the curves of her breasts with his lips he circled each one until he enveloped the erect nipple, tickling it with the tip of his tongue. She was breathing faster now and those nipples were like hard little berries ready to burst. Her neck and face were becoming flush with the excitement. The rosy color now in her cheeks made her look like a porcelain doll.

Slowly he lowered his head to her crotch, kissing her soft, lily-white thighs and velvety mound with a gentleness he had developed from experience. She moaned, rocking her hips to meet his searching mouth. She tasted sweet and had a faint cinnamon odor almost like walking by a Cinnabon pastry shop. Sweeter than any human girl he had been with, her taste and fragrance drew him in. He lapped at her juices that came with increasing volume, sucking and tonguing her clit until it stood out from her like a small hooded penis. Jeff reveled in her response to him. He inserted a finger in her tight, wet opening as he continued to gently suck her little ‘penis’. He could feel her vaginal muscles flex around his finger as she sighed softly. With two fingers in her now she began writhing on the bed, reaching for his cock that he teasingly kept just out of reach. Suddenly she arched her back and with a shrill cry plunged herself onto his probing fingers. He held his mouth to her tightly as she came, his tongue still pressing against her throbbing erection. “Well at least some things don’t change…wherever you’re from,” Jeff thought.

Jeff’s face was wet with her sweet juices as he mounted her, his thick manhood poised over her wet, beckoning pussy. Small thin fingers grasped his shaft as she rubbed the broad, smooth head over her slippery lips, up and down through her slit, lubricating it for his entry into her. He gently pressed against her opening letting it slowly expand to accommodate his girth. Her small hands directing his pace. He could feel her opening stretch as his throbbing member slid slowly past her swollen lips into the enveloping warmth inside. For a moment he lay there feeling her around him, squeezing him rhythmically, before he continued to fill her with his length. To his surprise she took his swollen manhood without the hint of distress. He gradually worked his entire length into her stopping now and then to let her adapt to his size.

Her dark eyes, now with that smokey bedroom look, gazed unblinking at his face as he began his slow and easy thrusting. She felt tight around the length of him, the feeling was so wonderful he didn’t know how long he could hold back his own orgasm. After several minutes the girl again began to moan and squirm beneath him, her head began to thrash back and forth. He stopped, thinking that he may be hurting her but she pulled him deeper with her delicate hands gripping his ass, her legs tightly wrapped around his waist. She seized the moment as her second orgasm neared, meeting Jeff strokes for stroke, those large dark eyes staring into his and bucking wildly. His engorged cock was completely buried in her as she cried out in pleasure, once again flooding his crotch with her orgasm.

They lay together quietly for a few minutes as she regained her composure before Jeff slowly pulled out and turned her over on her hands and knees, cradling her around the waist with one strong arm. He slipped into her from behind, watching as his manhood disappeared between her ass cheeks. He spread her cheeks apart to get a better view of his cock plunging in and out of her. Her lips were stretched tightly over his hot meat and their combined juices ran from her with each stroke. He was getting close to coming now as he gripped her waist with both hands, pulling her onto his pounding sex. She was barely touching the bed as he fucked himself with her, lost in the exhilaration of the moment. His balls were boiling as he felt the start of his orgasm. Up from his depths came a torrent of heat and release. With a loud groan, he convulsed within her, pulsing out jet after jet of the white, hot fluid, filling her insides as he slowed his pace to match the contractions of his orgasm. His body shook as she continued to milk him with her pussy for long minutes until they both collapsed onto the bed, spent.

After a few minutes she rose moved slowly, gracefully toward the door, turning to face Jeff she patted her stomach, smiled broadly and pointed to the sky. With one last gesture of pleasure she was gone. Jeff sat there stunned by the revelation of what had just taken place. “So was this an experiment” he thought, “and did I just father a….a… Star Child? UNBELIEVABLE!”

One of the small gray creature returned with his clothes and he dressed quickly with his head spinning from the encounter. The next thing Jeff recalled was standing at the wall where earlier the invisible door had closed behind him. He was flanked by two of the small gray aliens.

Jeff awoke shivering and cold laying next to his sleeping bag. “Damn, I don’t remember falling asleep here.” The fire was out and the moon shined high in the sky. Shaking from the cold, he scrambled into his sleeping bag and slept late into the morning.

It was just over three months before Jeff began to have vivid memories of his encounter and then he couldn’t be sure if it wasn’t just a dream. Although he remembered waking up embarrassed that morning in the woods with the crotch of his pants soaked and the faint smell of cinnamon. He thought at the time, “that he must have been one hell of a wet dream.”

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