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Author’s Note: This story takes longer to develop, and therefore the erotic features appear later. If looking for something quick, I do not recommend this.


I barreled through the metal double doors into the Research and Development building and ran down the hall. I had my white lab coat draped over one arm with a couple file folders in that hand while I was desperately trying not to spill my coffee in the other as I plowed through the last door, the door to my laboratory.

“Shit.” My head went down and I immediately threw away my coffee and then wiped the burning liquid from my hand on the convenient napkin known as my pants. “Sorry I’m late everyone.” Being that I’m 45 minutes late for an 8:00 am start time, I now wonder why the snooze buttons exist on alarm clocks. I looked up and saw only 6 of my 25 volunteers still here and those were students of mine trying to either suck up, hope to increase their grades as I offered extra credit, or, as I believe is the case with senior Shelly Sheridan, to annoy the crap out of me for giving her a B+ on the last test, hurting her chances of receiving an A in my class and directly impacting her precious 4.0.

Shelly immediately started up. “Being a professor of psychology, you should have a better grasp of time. But I suppose that’s why you’re at a mid-level college rather than having your own practice somewhere.” She just oozed an angered sarcasm.

“Thanks for the insight Shelly.” I composed myself while I put on my lab coat, more to hide the coffee stain than anything else. “We might as well get started. I need each of you to fill out a waiver form while I explain why we are all here.”

“Blah, blah, blah.” Shelly mocked. “We’re here because the university thinks you’re some sort of whiz kid at 29 years old and you want us to be guinea pigs for some experimental memory drug. And because you couldn’t get enough volunteers for your whack job experiment, you gave lower grades to students like me to ensure we’d come and get the grade we deserved in the first place. Is that about right?”

The other students were looking at me to see if this normally docile nerdy brunette with glasses was going to push me over the edge. “Shelly, you don’t have to be here, but if you can hold your tongue, the pill I have for you is an all natural memory enhancer.” I began to sound like an infomercial. “You take it, sleep for an hour to let the vitamins and herbs take effect and all you have to do is read something once, and you’ll remember. If you had this a week ago, you would’ve deserved A on the last test.” I held up the little green pills and with a smile, I glared at Shelly. She shut up. “All right, everyone sign the forms?” I grabbed a paper from each student. “Great, everything appears in order.”

“Professor Carter?” Eve, a flighty red-haired senior, who I have no idea why she signed up for this as she has decent enough grades raised her hand in the air.

“You don’t have to raise your hand Eve. Now what is it?”

“Sorry, um, this can’t hurt us, can it?” Eve was biting her lower lip.

“No, as I said, this is all natural. Nothing even remotely harmful went into this.”

“Professor?” I turned my head to the two sophomore boys here; John and Lucas, twins who have long black hair and are pretty much stoners.

“Yes, boys?” I really didn’t care what Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum had to say. How did these two pass their first year? I wonder if their parents have incriminating photos of the Dean. <3

“Now with this extra credit, we’re going to pass your class, right?” Lucas spoke, but both of their mouths hung open in anticipation.

“Yes, gentlemen.” I use that term very loosely. “With the extra credit you receive today, you will pass. Barely, but it’s still passing.”

John and Lucas high fived each other. “All right!”

“Ethan, sir?” Kennedy another one of my seniors who has auburn hair and my resident klutz – really she trips and knocks over everything – called out. I’m amazed she has the coordination to play softball.

“Professor Carter please, and what would you like to know Kennedy?” I have to remind her to not call me by my first name every day. I’ve never gave her a reason to, but she does anyway.

“Okay, um, how long will this last?” She began twirling a pen in her hair.

“Well, once you take the pill, it should knock you out quickly. Once I notice all of you are sleeping, I’ll set the alarm for an hour. Afterward, I will have a document for you to read followed by quick round of answering of questions about what you read. The whole process should take about two and a half hours, depending on how fast you read.” I put the waivers in an envelope and glanced over at the students one final time. I noticed everyone had a question but a shy freshman girl named Lydia, a platinum blonde who really kept to herself. “Any other questions?”

Everyone replied with some sort of “no”, with Lydia just shaking her head slightly. “Okay, let us begin. The chairs you’re in lean back like a recliner, so get comfy and take your pill. If you need water, there is one located on the right side of your seat in the cup holder. I’ll wake you up in an hour. Sweet dreams everyone.”

Each person took a pill, laid back in their chairs, and rapidly dozed off. I set the alarm clock for an hour and passed out a boring dissertation paper a former student of mine wrote. I had pulled one randomly and had copied it. I opened another file folder and started to grade papers I had my freshman class do on Sigmund Freud. As I read a few, I became grateful that none of these students were English majors. I started to succumb to slumber.

Four Hours Later…

“Professor? Professor Carter? We gotta get going dude.”

“What time is it?” I groggily raised my head and stretched out my left arm, which was uncomfortably laying on something, and I wiped away some drool I accumulated with the other.

“About 1 o’clock man,” John informed me.

“C’mon John, we better hurry if we’re going to make our appointment with our dealer, I mean, um, tutor,” Lucas added.

I looked at the clock and noticed my arm had been lying on that damn snooze button. “Wait boys, did you read the packet I put on your tables?”

“Yeah, we did,” John started.

“That was some boring shit,” Lucas continued.

“What can you tell me about it?” I pressed.

“Wait, did you want us to read all of it? Because we only got through about a half a page,” John said and Lucas nodded in agreement.

“That’s fine. Can you tell me what you remember about it?” I was on the edge of my seat, eager with anticipation. I don’t know what the paper was about and I didn’t want to know. I didn’t want to influence the student’s answers with leading questions. If my calculations were correct, they should be able to quote verbatim what they read.

“Uh, something about love and seeing, I think,” Lucas responded.

“No, it was about having a love of construction sites,” John interrupted. “We didn’t think we were going to be tested on it. Can we look at it again, like an open book test?”

I failed. “No, that’s alright. You two can go now and you still get your extra credit,” I sighed. “See you in class Monday.”

“What? We still have to go?” Lucas looked more disappointed than I am.

“Yes boys, the semester isn’t over for another week. You still have to attend class.” I began to rub my temples, wishing for nothing more than peace and quiet.

“Aw man,” The two said in unison as they left.

I took a deep breath. Best get the girls up. I can’t wait to hear Shelly go off about my time management again. “Ladies,” I said in a loud voice. “Time to wake up. Rise and Shine.”

The four of them began to stir and stretch and then finally focus on me. I gave them a beaming smile and tried to be as upbeat and chipper as possible as I delivered the bad news. “Things ran long today, so I am sorry to inform you that it’s a little after one in the afternoon. If any of you need to leave, you’re free to go and thank you for participating. But if you have the time to read the pages in front of you, I would appreciate it,” I asked with hope, assuming none would stay.

The four all seemed to look around, smile at me, and started reading. “Of course, being so late, you don’t have to read all of it.” All four of their heads jerked forward, eyes on me. “Just read the first two pages and we’ll go from there.” Their heads went back down to complete the task assigned.

It didn’t matter. I already knew the outcome. The formula was designed so anyone could recall information. I was actually counting on my two stoners to be the ideal candidates. They would’ve been perfect. I could parade them up to the board of trustees and say “Look what I can do with this.” I would point at the boys and they would start rattling off Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief history of Time’.. “Ta-da!” The board would clap, give me handshakes, and most importantly, give me more grant money to continue my research. Life would’ve been good. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

As I watched them, they all seem to be periodically looking up at me, smiling. I would make eye contact and reciprocate the act. I know it’s kind of warm in here, but I thought the girls would blush at this and smile wider before their heads went back down. Even Shelly did this, which I suppose is better than listening to her incessant bitching. Suddenly, all four girls were staring at me. It was eerie. All at once their heads lifted and they gazed intently at me, smiling. I swear I could hear the twilight zone theme off in the distance.

“All done reading?”

In unison, they all responded, “Yes.”

I gave a chuckle and all their smiles got bigger. “Then flip your papers over.” I then pointed. “All right Shelly, let’s start with you. What did you read?” I wanted to get her done and out of here before she went bat shit crazy. Again. Shelly seemed excited she was selected, while the other three appeared almost dejected.

Without hesitation, she spoke, “Love at first sight is a myth that is true. Whether you believe it is caused by endorphins, oxytocin, or the chocolate theory of love, it doesn’t matter. Love can happen immediately. It can be a smile, a slight laugh, or just someone’s appearance that can make you gravitate to them. And when you find that someone, your heart warms at the sight of that person and your brain can’t stop thinking about them. You yearn for their touch and the sound of their voice. All answers are found in that person as you complete each other. If you find a love like that, don’t ever let it go.”

I raised my hand. “Stop for a minute please.” I scrambled to find my copy of the paper and started reading. It was verbatim. Every sentence, every word, every letter was exact. Shelly even reflected appropriately each punctuation mark. I laughed out loud and the girls seemed happy that I was happy. “Let’s try someone else.” I pointed at the blonde. Hell, I couldn’t even remember their names for the moment. She was precise as well. I switched students after every paragraph. I then switched after every sentence followed by every couple of words. I just kept pointing at them randomly. It worked. My pill worked. They were all getting into it as my euphoria grew.

I pointed at Eve again. She stopped after just one word. Her excitement quickly evaporated to a near panic. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” She was squirming in her seat as if there was a Bunsen burner under it. Her eyes began peering around the room, searching. “It’s alright. Don’t be nervous.” I smiled and that seemed to quell her tension. I looked the other three over. “Does anybody know the next sentence?” The panic Eve just felt spread over to the others like wildfire as they glanced at each other. “How about just the next word?” The girl’s uneasiness became worse. “Anyone?”

Eve, Lydia, and Kennedy were now staring at Shelly and she knew it. “Professor Ethan Carter, no one knows the next word. You said to only read two pages. Please don’t be mad.” They all hung their heads.

I looked down and sure enough Eve had said the last word on page two. All four of them stopped right there in the middle of the sentence. That was odd. Normally a person completes a sentence before stopping. I shook my head and laughed. The uneasiness in the room dissipated. I gathered my things. Any sense of abnormality I was feeling was vanquished by my giddiness. It worked. It actually worked.

“Ladies, I want to thank you for your efforts today. You were invaluable. I’m sorry it took so long, but it was appreciated. Thanks again and you’re free to go.” Their smiles returned as I left.

Normally I wait until my class, or in this case focus group left before I did, but I was eager to get home and log my data on my computer. You just can’t blast the radio in the labs. I found the other professors get pissed off at me when I do saying it’s too distracting and inappropriate in the workplace. I was in high spirits as I briskly walked the four blocks to my home.

I went inside and rushed to my computer. I opened my media player and searched my playlists to find the perfect melodies to match my mood. A-ha, this one. As I went to select my swinging jazz playlist, there was a light knock at the door. So light, I waited to hear it again to verify I actually had. There it was again. I got up irritated. I really didn’t want to be bothered by some girl selling cookies.

“I’m sorry, I don’t,” I opened the door, “want to buy any… Oh, hi girls. What brings you here?” The four girls from my experiment were standing before me with Shelly in front.

Shelly glanced back at the other three and they all gave a head motion, urging her to ask whatever it is they wanted. “Sorry to bother you Professor Ethan Carter, but we were wondering where we should go?” Shelly asked timidly.

“What do you mean Shelly? The experiment is over, you all did well and you’re free to go.”

“Free to go where?” Shelly pleaded.

“Huh?” I was perplexed.

Shelly stamped her foot on my porch. “Free to go where?” She raised her voice to a demanding, frustrated tone and then much softer added, “I’m sorry, please don’t be mad at me for that.”

“Let me get this straight. You girls want me to tell you where to go?”

All four looked straight at me, smiled, and nodded emphatically the affirmative.

“I don’t know. Go hang out in your dorms, study in the library, or its a perfect day to go to the beach. Why not go there?”

All four of their faces brightened with that last one and they all turned to leave my porch, satisfied. I shook my head as I shut my door and returned to my computer hoping like hell I can get back to the joy I was feeling moments ago before that unusual encounter. I went to click the first song when another knock hit my door. I opened the door and the four girls were back again with Shelly still in front.

“Shelly, I’m quite busy right now,” I said, as irritated as possible.

“We really are sorry for bothering you,” Shelly shyly responded. All four of them looked on the verge of tears. “But we need to know where those places are at.”

Something was wrong. “Why don’t you four come in and get comfortable and I’ll get some sodas?” I went into the kitchen and grabbed four beverages and a bag of chips. When I returned to the living room, Eve, Kennedy, and Lydia were on the couch and Shelly was on the loveseat. I set everything on the coffee table and sat in my computer chair. “Ladies, what do you remember?”

Shelly answered. “That’s easy. We remember you waking us up. We remember that paper you had us read. We remember all your instructions. And we remember following you here.”

That explains how they know where I live. “Nothing else at all? Nothing prior to me waking you up?” I’m now worried.

“Nothing else Professor Ethan Carter,” Shelly replied.

“And how do you know my name Shelly?”

“You’re lab coat had a name tag on it.”

“Oh, I see. And what about them?” I gestured to the three on the couch. “Why are you the only one answering my questions?”

“They feel I’m the leader of our group because you named me.”

“Wait, they don’t know their names?” I was exasperated.

“You haven’t given them one. Why should they know it?” Shelly said it so simply with purity, as if I should’ve known better.

Oh shit. I offered them a smile, but it was just for show. “You’re Eve, you’re Kennedy, and you’re Lydia.” You would think they just won the lottery. They were giggling and overwhelmed with excitement. Shelly moved over to them and they all embraced. I ordered pizza. When I was done, I looked over the quartet. All had beaming smiles and were crying tears of joy. What did I get myself into?

I had to think. “Shelly, a person is going to come to the door. I want you to give him this and they’ll give you pizza. Tell him he’s all set. I’m going to use the restroom.” I set the money on the coffee table and took a step toward the hall.

“No problem Professor Ethan Carter.”

“Oh, and one more thing, and this goes for all of you.” I had the group’s full attention. “Please, just call me Ethan.”

All of them said some sort of yes as I headed down the hall. I locked the door and sat on the toilet. I didn’t have to go; I just needed to be alone to concentrate. I started to rub my temples. Okay, possible solutions. The concoction, and I say concoction because no vitamin or mineral should have caused this, could wear off. Maybe if it runs through their systems or maybe they just need to sleep it off. What if it’s permanent? No, don’t think that way. I need their student files. Maybe knowledge of the past will bring back their memories like an amnesia patient. Anything else? Oh yeah, the twins. They didn’t seem affected at all. Why? Okay, I now know what I’m going to do. First, have them all switch to water, a couple of glasses each. I’ll let them sleep here tonight and I’ll examine them in the morning. Hopefully they’ll be back and I’ll just be fired for having a slumber party with a bunch of co-eds. If not, I’ll get my teachers aide to cover my Monday classes, locate the twins and then see about getting their files so I can have a session with the girls that evening. One of those has to work.

I came out of the bathroom to find the four of them in a semi circle at the front door with Shelly arguing, loudly. “Listen, Ethan didn’t say anything about boxes. He said you were bringing pizzas.”

“But ma’am, the pizzas are in the boxes.” The stunned delivery boy was desperately trying to plead his case.

“I’m not ma’am, I’m Shelly. Ethan told me so. Now give me pizzas, not cardboard!” She spoke with defiance while the other three girls forcefully nodded in agreement behind her.

Shit. I ran down the hall. “It’s okay Shelly, we want the boxes too.”

The four girls in unison looked at me, smiled, and then turned back to the frightened delivery boy.

Shelly snapped the boxes with a huff. “You’re lucky Ethan said it’s okay.” She gave him a hard glare and slammed the door in his face. She turned back to the other girls with a proud expression. “Pizza’s here!”

“Yay!” The other three shouted as they jumped and clapped with what could be called borderline hysteria.

I rubbed my temples. I learned that when I give instruction, I’m going to have to be as detailed as possible and outline all possible scenarios until I get their collective minds back.

Shelly set the two larges on the table and the quartet dug into the boxes in a flash. I wasn’t hungry, but I tried to eat something. I now had to babysit four girls with zero common sense and the collective IQ’s of an amoeba. I’m going to need my energy. I wish I was able to drink my morning coffee.

I felt someone staring at me. I glanced up and saw it was Shelly with a curious look on her face. “What’s on your mind Shelly?” I asked as politely as possible. It was then I noticed that when one of them was speaking, as Eve was currently talking about her happiness, they all concentrated on that person. No infighting. They didn’t argue or try to talk over each other. When I spoke, I ruled over all of them. Even though Eve wasn’t done talking, as soon as I said one word, she stopped to listen to me. Strange indeed.

Shelly responded, “I was curious if you realized how happy we were? How happy you made us?”

I didn’t like the word “made” in that question, albeit somewhat true. “What did I do?” Please don’t tell me you enjoy not having any memories.

“When that idiot delivery boy showed up, he said something that really pleased us and it’s because of you.”

Oh shit. Mental note: handle every knock on the door personally. “What did he say?” I gulped, fearing this answer.

“He asked us if this was the Carter residence. Since your last name is Carter, we said yes.”

Simple enough. “And that made you happy how?”

“If this is the Carter residence and since we’re all here, that means we’re all Carter’s. Kennedy Carter, Lydia Carter, Eve Carter, and Shelly Carter. We’re a family. We’re all sisters and you’re the one, like the story you had us read. You laughed, you smiled, and you certainly are attractive. The story said if you find a love like that, don’t ever let it go. That makes you our husband.”

Shelly said it with such satisfaction, I was touched. I still choked on my pizza, but I was touched. The four looked so pleased, I didn’t rebuke the statement. If I did, I knew I would have four crying girls to contend with or four pissed off girls to contend with, or worse, four pissed off crying girls. Why bother? Hopefully tomorrow all would be well.

After pizza, we watched a movie on television, a romantic comedy. Not my selection. A few minutes in, my back was really starting to hurt from being in that damn computer chair all afternoon. I felt it coming for a while now and did my best to ignore it, until now. I finally asked Shelly if she minded if I sat in the space on the loveseat next to her. Well, that made her day. Her smile was the picture of exuberance. She slid over as far as she could to make sure I had plenty of space to be comfortable. Within a minute of me sitting, however, that space vanished. Shelly was completely cuddled with me. Her arm wrapped in mine with her head on my shoulder. This was what I was afraid of.

Thirty minutes of this and Shelly got up to use the restroom. As soon as she reached the hall, I wanted to put my legs up on my side. That should create enough separation. Shelly went down the hall and I went to reposition my legs and was immediately stopped by Kennedy. She took Shelly’s place and cuddled up next to me. I was worried Shelly was going to explode when she reentered the room and I was going to have to call the police. Then I would be in for some serious cuddling with a man named Bubba. I heard her footsteps coming up the hall. I tensed. I had nothing to fear as she just sat where Kennedy was. I exhaled deeply. Thank goodness for no infighting amongst the “sisters”. Like clockwork, every thirty minutes there was a different girl by my side, the last being Eve. After the last transition, I had to ask.

“When did you girls plan this?” I whispered.

Eve lifted her head from its resting spot on my shoulder and looked up at me with those glittering emerald green eyes and smiled. She was beautiful. Our eyes locked for a moment before she rested her head lovingly back on my shoulder. I looked up and realized the other three girls had noticed. The amber eyes of Kennedy, the sapphire blues of Lydia, and Shelly’s sultry browns were staring with curiosity. I smiled and nodded at them and returned my attention to watching the movie. This was definitely planned. Oh well, just got to make it through the night.

We watched another romantic comedy – again, not my pick. In their defense, I never asked for the remote, being distracted. First by trying to figure out what in my formula failed followed shortly by trying to keep my libido in check while having a young co-ed draped all over me. This movie starred Julia Roberts, and really, how many of those has she made. The girls kept switching places until it was finally over. It was getting late and it had been a long day.

“All right ladies, I think it’s time to say goodnight. Sorry, my bed isn’t that big. So why don’t two of you sleep in there, one take the couch, and the other curl up on the loveseat. I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“We couldn’t possibly kick our husband out of his bed,” Kennedy said and the others immediately agreed.

I countered, “Now, now, what kind of husband would I be if I made one of my wives sleep on the floor?” I knew I was sleeping on the floor. No way was I going to sleep with a student, let alone one in this state of mind, or lack thereof. “So how you decide who sleeps where is up to you. I’ll get some extra blankets.”

I took two steps and was tackled. All four found a spot on my face to kiss while all eight of their arms desperately tried to embrace any part of my body they could grasp.

“Ladies. Ladies.” My voice was muffled. “Ladies!” I exclaimed. The quartet finally relented their assault. “What was that for?”

Lydia was the first to chime in. “That was the first time you referred to us as your wives.”

“Yeah, you deserved a reward,” Shelly added.

“If not a reward, then at least a goodnight kiss,” Eve whispered and then kissed me again, followed rapidly by the rest of them.

“Stop. Please stop,” I begged.

They pulled back again. “No.” All four spoke in unison and began to dive back toward my face.

“Wait. What if I give each of you a goodnight kiss?” At this point, I was not above bribing them. “Will you let me go to sleep then?”

They looked amongst themselves, seemingly asking each other through telepathy, and then back at me. I thought their heads were going to fall off at the speed they were shaking their heads yes. It must have been the idea that I was going to initiate the kiss that they loved.

I got up slowly, cautiously, trying to get my bearings back from being mauled by four lionesses on the prowl. “Let me go get the blankets and I’ll kiss you when I get back.” I went into my bedroom to change into a t-shirt and a fresh pair of boxers. As I reached the closet in the hall that held all my extra linens, I could hear them whispering to each other. I wonder what they’re up to now. I filled my arms with every available sheet and blanket I owned, but being a bachelor, it wasn’t much. I dropped it all when I entered the living room. “Why are all of you naked?” I shouted in surprise.

They all briefly laughed at my disposition before Kennedy spoke, “We didn’t want to wear the clothes we wore all day to bed. Since we don’t have any other attire, this is what we decided.” They all giggled.

“Do our bare bodies bother our handsome husband?” Lydia asked. They all began biting their lower lip waiting for my response.

How do I respond to that? Say yes and they get upset and I’m back to the scenario of four pissed off crying girls or say no and have a college professor’s house full of naked students running around in it. The university would just love to hear about this. What the fuck?

“No, your bodies are exquisite.” Relief fell upon the quartet. If I’m going to be fired anyway, I might as well have a great view. “I need to go to bed now, okay ladies.”

“Yeah, we’re tired too, but we’re waiting for our goodnight kiss from the man we love,” Shelly said as she provocatively sauntered in my direction.

Oh shit, I forgot about that. My God, they are so nude. Okay, four kisses and I can sleep. Four kisses and I can sleep. Four kisses and I can sleep. It became my mantra. I took a deep breath. Yes, I can do this without molesting one of them. I quickly pecked Shelly on the lips. “Goodnight Shelly.”

“That wasn’t proper for a wife that was more like a kiss you give your grandmother.” Shelly pouted and then wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me softly and sensually while grinding herself into me. After a couple of tries, she finally broke through the barrier my lips were making. Her tongue snaked in and did a dance. Shelly then released me and gave me a seductive smile. “Goodnight husband.” She then walked past me, presumably to the bedroom.

Kennedy was on me in a heartbeat, giving no time for me to digest what transpired. Her kiss was hard and passionate. She was definitely the aggressor as her tongue seemed to find my tonsils. Her hands went to my ass and pulled me into her. I could feel the heat coming from between her legs and my hands, acting on their own volition slowly made their way to her hips.

When she let go, Eve jumped in my arms, almost knocking me down as I caught her. Her legs engulfed my waist and if I didn’t have my boxers on, I would have easily entered her. She landed the jump perfectly. She was a ball of energy as her kiss wasn’t just a kiss. It was a myriad of kisses and little nips all over my neck and lips, each bringing its own sexual intensity. When she was done, she slid to her knees and placed one more kiss lovingly on my covered cock as well.

Lastly was Lydia. I knew her to be shy, but all molds of who they were seemingly shattered since, let’s say one o’clock this afternoon. She spoke to me more tonight than she has all semester. However, it did appear she was reverting back to her former self. I was hopeful that this was a good sign and thankful for the reprieve her shyness was affording me as she timidly stepped in front of me.

I lifted her chin. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I looked at her questioningly. “We don’t have to…”

Lydia put her finger to my lips. “Please kiss me. Properly.”

I lowered my lips to hers. I kissed her slowly until her mouth opened slightly. My tongue went in and explored briefly before caressing and gliding over her taste buds. It entwined with hers and a bolt of electricity seemed to course through our veins. My hands actively rubbed the sides of her lithe body. We didn’t need to gyrate against each other; we just stood and enjoyed our moment of heaven. Lydia let me kiss her. Shelly might have, but I was still in shock. All my inhibitions were gone with this blonde beauty in my arms. I began guiding her slowly backward toward the couch. I was going to make love to her. When my legs bumped up against it, my eyes peeled open and I suddenly realized who I was kissing, my student. Oh shit. I snapped back to my senses. I pulled back and broke the kiss. Her mouth was still moving, almost pleading with me to continue, not wanting the sensation to disappear.

“Good night Lydia.” I broke her trance. “I hope that was proper enough for you.”

Lydia nodded and tried to speak. Her words were mumbled but I did make out the word perfect before she scampered down the hall. I turned around and I realized I was alone. Thank my lucky stars. I put a blanket and a pillow on each couch and all remaining linens on the floor with top cover being a sheet. I wanted to try and make my bed as comfortable as possible, knowing full well there was nothing preventing my back from being as stiff as a two by four come morning. I went into the kitchen and grabbed some ice cubes and stuffed them down my boxers.

“Ah, cold,” I gasped aloud as the chill had the desired affect I needed.

“You know as wives we would’ve taken care of that for you.” The seductive voice startled me as I jumped a little and dropped the melting ice cubes to the floor. I turned and saw Shelly leaning against the doorjamb, playing the part of the enticing temptress to perfection.

“Not tonight. I really need to sleep.” I bent down to pick up what was left of the ice cubes.

“Have it your way, just know we are here to take care of your every need,” Shelly emphasized the word every.

“I appreciate that.” I gave a smile and she turned to leave. “Hey Shelly?”

She spun around slowly, flaunting her body to me. “Yes my love?”

“Just out of curiosity, how did sleeping arrangements get determined?” If I figure how their minds operate, I might be able to outsmart their future collusions.

“Oh that was easy. The girls with the biggest breast sizes get to sleep in the same room as you. Goodnight.”

I was paralyzed for at least a minute before I meekly responded, “Goodnight.” She was already gone, but I said it anyway as my mind was catching up with reality after the unexpected confession. One night. Just one night and it will all be over. I went into the living room to see Shelly on the couch and Lydia with her small stature curled up perfectly on the loveseat. I flipped off the light switch and tucked them in. They appeared so peaceful. I lay down wearily on my makeshift bed. It was a truly long day. Annie better be right. The sun better come out tomorrow. If not, one thing is for sure: without knowing where they live, I’m going to have to buy them some clothes. Specifically pajamas. Not sure how long my resolve will last if their prancing around in the buff demanding “proper” kisses. I already feel ashamed for almost taking advantage of Lydia. That really was close.

I opened my eyes to the darkness. I woke up from a true fantasy of a dream to a real live nightmare. Both involved four naked women cuddling with me. There was a head on each of my shoulders with their arms wrapped around mine. There were two more heads on my stomach with their arms wrapped around my legs. I could feel the warmth of flesh against my body as I hear the sounds of their rhythmic breathing. I was trapped as their collective weights pin each of my limbs. This is worse (or better?) than a straight jacket. I suppose most guys would dream about this, hell I was, but the reality is I’m going to be fired, I’m going to hell, and if I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be forced to shit my pants. Just living the dream. I have to make this right.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of breakfast. There’s a conversation between two girls in the distance. My eyes fluttered open and I was immediately alarmed as two sets of eyes were staring at me, mere inches from my head. “Good morning Eve, Kennedy.”

“Good morning our husband,” Eve stated. “Sleep well?”

“Not bad,” I said as I rotated my hips and cracked my back.

They both took a turn kissing me.

“Is our man up yet?” Shelly called from the kitchen. “Because breakfast is ready.”

I sighed. All this means their memories aren’t back yet. “Okay ladies, what smells so good?”

The five of us convened at my small dining room table. The omelets were good but the view was extremely delectable. They weren’t nude, but the four were sitting around in only their underwear. Very revealing, very sheer underwear. I have to do something about their wardrobe.

“So, who made the omelets?”

Lydia shyly raised her hand.

“It’s very good Lydia.” Her grin went ear to ear at the compliment. I don’t have any cookbooks so this must be from her prior life. “So does your cooking only extend to eggs?”

“No, I can cook lots of stuff.” Lydia’s excitement grew tenfold.

“Really? Who taught you how?” I prayed she knew the answer.

Lydia bit her lower lip and looked at the others for help, unsure of how to respond. “I…I…I don’t know.” She put her head in her hands.

If I didn’t know better, the look she had gave me the impression she was hiding something. I went to her and immersed her small frame in my arms. “It’s alright. It’s not important.” I needed to keep the status quo. Still didn’t want any crying girls. Besides, I was happy she remembered something. Time to change the subject. “Anyways, I have a great day planned. First we’re going to go to the mall and get you four some clothes. Afterwards, I’m going to take you all out to a nice dinner.”

A loud screech filled the room. “Shopping and dinner? You really know how to treat your wives,” Eve said exuberantly.

I took them to a mall an hour away. Someone would probably recognize us at the one ten minutes from campus. We strolled in arm in arm in arm in arm in arm, with me in the middle. I was the envy of every male in the building and I received disgusted looks from every woman we passed. My girls still kept switching out who was closest to me every thirty minutes. We went to all the big retail stores and we were at the mall all day as it took them forever to pick out their couple outfits a piece I promised. The only time they were out of my sight was when they went to the changing rooms, and they had to do that together. I didn’t want another incident like what happened with Shelly and the poor delivery guy. He’s still probably confused about what occurred. And why did they have to go to the changing rooms together? Really, all four together? Why? They make me nervous as to what they could be scheming when they are alone together.

Inevitably, the question came. We were on our seventh department store and the older sales clerk was looking at us quizzically as we stood in line. As the line dissolved, the girls had moved over to a nearby jewelry counter. The cashier was ringing up $1500 worth of merchandise and couldn’t help herself. “I’m sorry, I have to ask, how do you know those four to spend this much money on them?”

“You mean one guy and four girls?” I stall.

“It seems kind of unusual.”


Shelly loudly cut me off. “We’re all married! One husband, four wives.” She turned my head and kissed me deeply. “I’m going back over to my sisters.”

I shook my head and handed my credit card over.

“You should be ashamed of yourself and what you are doing to those girls,” The elder woman admonished.

“It’s not like that.”

“Oh, so you’re just using them, playing with their emotions.”

She wants to belittle me without knowledge of the situation. “Ladies.” The quartet rushed over and gazed at me expectantly. “This woman feels I’m using you.” I’m not sure what I want to accomplish by calling them over, but if we are all going to be verbally attacked, they should at least be aware.

“Oh no Miss, we’re using him,” Kennedy replied.

That was surprisingly mild.

“Yeah, we’re using him for this.” Eve grabbed my manhood.

The exasperated look on her face was priceless.

That’s my girls. “Have a nice day,” I said as I slid my credit card back into my wallet and grabbed the bags. Not that I condoned having my students draped over me, not now, not ever, but damn that senile old hag.

It was going on 8 pm and we were all famished. I had made reservations for 9 pm at a high end restaurant in the area. Being consumed by work, it’s been a long time since I took a girl out, let alone four. I figured I might as well splurge tonight since I’ll be fired in the next couple of days. I spent all day in my white button down shirt and black slacks. The girls changed their attire in the last changing room. They looked spectacular.

The four wore matching dresses with heels. The dresses had spaghetti straps over the shoulders, the fabric tight to the body with the length stopping just short of the knee. Shelly’s was black, giving her the traditional little black dress look. Eve wore red and gave her the appearance of a scaled down Jessica Rabbit. Kennedy’s was yellow and she reminded me of a sunflower. Lydia wore white, and with her blonde hair, I mistook her for an angel. They were classy, not slutty, and for the first time in this unusual situation I felt something other than a need to fix something or protect them from, well life. No, right now I felt honored to have these beauties in my arms.

The hostess sat us and I tried opening the conversation about hobbies I knew the girls had, which was pretty much Kennedy was in softball, Lydia’s cooking, and Shelly wanting to be valedictorian. Shelly dismissed it, saying she didn’t know what that was. Lydia opened up but it just made us hungrier. Kennedy, however, really got into it, though she could only talk about the baseball games she watched on this morning’s sports highlight show. I may be completely enthralled in my work, but I do like sports so it was nice to be at dinner and not have to talk psychology with a board of trustee’s member. Soon our waitress appeared.

“Professor Carter.” It was spoken as both a question and a statement. I turned my head to our waitress, a curly haired brunette named Britney Stillman who also happened to be a former student of mine. She did not look pleased.

“Britney, hi, how are you doing?” I tried to sound upbeat.

“How am I doing?” She repeated in a huff. “I’m a fucking waitress thanks to you.” She was not being subtle.

“Excuse me?” I was utterly stumped.

“Do you have any clue what I majored in?” Britney had her hands on her hips and her foot was tapping with an angry cadence.

“Psychology. I remember you had good enough grades to be my lab assistant your senior year.”

“Yeah, psychology, I switched majors from mathematics after I fell in love my freshman year. I took every course you offered and worked really hard so you’d notice me. Then I heard you were one of the ethical and moral professor’s that didn’t date students. That made me love you more. I became your lab assistant, flirted incessantly, and hoped. I threw myself at you but you never tried. Didn’t look my way once. And so I graduated with a degree in psychology. Do you know how few psychologist practices there are around here? Answer, very few. And now I see you out with girls. What is she like twelve?” She pointed at Lydia. “Was I that undesirable? Did I need three other girls for you to accept me?”

My eyes went wide, my mouth hung open, and my tongue was tied as this young woman bared her soul to me.

Eve answered for me, “Actually, all four of us were born yesterday at one in the afternoon. That makes all of us about 32 hours old and I’ll have the chicken marsala, that sounds yummy.”

“Honestly,” Shelly then started.

I immediately thought oh shit.

Shelly continued, “We’re sisters and all five us are a part of the Carter family.” She spoke maturely and how she phrased her words, it was accurate to their beliefs but vague enough to be interpreted differently. It was an unexpected description. Nothing about them being my wives. It was exactly what the situation called for.

Britney was now blushing. “Family?” She mumbled almost incoherently.

I hated lying, but this opening gave me an opportunity to diffuse this ticking time bomb. “Yeah, our parents were unable to have kids so they adopted. We’re celebrating that day, which was yesterday. Essentially our birthdays.”

“Hello, I’m George, the dining room manager, is everything alright over here?” An older gentleman came to the table.

“Of course sir,” I answered. “This fine young lady you have employed here is doing an outstanding job.” I felt complimenting her was the least I could do after her tirade.

“Sir, do mind if I trade tables with Mary?” Britney was barely audible as she asked her boss.

He looked at her and could see she was shaken up. “Go ahead,” He whispered and then to me in a more happy tone, “Sir, unfortunately I have to steal Britney away for a few minutes. Instead of you waiting, I’ll send Mary over to take care of you.”

Dinner was excellent, as we all ordered something different. The girls took turns feeding me some of their entrees. I filled up on more of their dinners than my own. And the chicken marsala was yummy. While we were waiting for our shared dessert, I needed to use the restroom. On my way, I saw Britney punching in an order.

“Hello Britney.”

“Professor, I’m so sorry.” The poor woman was on the verge of tears at just the sight of me again.

“No, its fine, really. I had no idea you felt that way. I’m so wrapped up in my work, I never… I apologize that it worked out this way for you.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“Did you enjoy psychology?” I inquired. “Is it still something you’d want to do?”

“I did, but it’s a tough field to get into. I didn’t realize how difficult it was.” Britney really sounded crestfallen. “Listen Professor, I’ve made my choices and I’ve accepted the results.”

“Well, I do have an opening in my lab I was going to offer you, but if you’re happy here…” I let my voice tail off at the end as I took a halfhearted step away.

“No, no, I’ll take it.” Britney almost jumped in excitement as she reached for my arm.

“It doesn’t pay great, and if you live out here, I’m not sure it would be worth the hour drive, but it will get your foot in the door and allow you to develop contacts. As for everything else you’ve said, well, I don’t mix work with anything, meaning students or employees, so before you say yes, can you handle that?”

“Yes, I can. Thank you so much Professor.” Britney gave me a hug.

“All right, all right,” I pulled her away. “Can you come in tomorrow? I’m not doing much in the lab, but can you come down and to fill out paperwork? It wouldn’t take long but I need it before you start.”

“I can be there at one. Will that work for you Professor?”

“Sure, I can squeeze you in at one, but please be prompt. I have quite a bit to accomplish tomorrow.” More than I want anyone to know.

“1:00 at your lab. I’ll be there Professor.” Britney’s smile was ear to ear.

“And one last thing, colleagues call me Ethan. I’m not your professor anymore.” I shook her hand. “Welcome aboard.”

“Thanks again Prof… I mean Ethan.” She blushed a little at calling me by my first name.

As I walked away to head to the restroom, I heard Britney squeal with delight over her new prospects, causing me to chuckle lightly. When I came out, I saw Britney talking to the girls. Oh shit. They were all smiles and giggles, but I knew that could change at any second. I walked briskly in their direction, wanting to cover the distance as quick as possible without running in a five star restaurant.

“Ladies.” I announced my presence, half expecting Britney to deck me. “What’s going on?”

“I was apologizing to them personally for my outburst earlier.” Britney turned and put her hand in mine, shaking it again. “Thanks again and I’ll see you tomorrow.” She waved goodbye to my students, wives, sisters, vixens, temptations of the flesh, hell I can’t keep track anymore and went to another table.

“So ladies, what was that all about?” I took my seat.

“Nothing,” Kennedy responded. “Just as she said.”

“You must have really felt bad to offer her a job,” Lydia added.

“No, well, yeah but that’s not why I hired her. I offered her a job because I really do have an opening and it helps I already know her capabilities. Hell, I taught her so I know she’s good.”

When our dessert arrived, I returned the favor and fed them. It was really romantic in the candlelight ambiance of the restaurant.

On the way home, Shelly sat in front and the other three were sleeping on each other’s shoulders in the backseat as I had an easy listening station lightly filling the air.

“Just thought you would like to know,” Shelly broke the radio silence, “That all of us had a great time with a great guy today. It was like a dream.”

“Dream?” I inquired. In amnesia victims, dreams could be a bridge to actual memories. I was hopeful.

“Oh no.” Shelly playfully slapped my arm. “You’re my husband, not my shrink. Don’t go over analyzing my compliment to you.”

“Sorry, kneejerk reaction.” I laughed and then glanced in the backseat hoping I didn’t wake any of the sleeping beauties.

“Did you enjoy yourself today Darling?”

“Amazingly, yes. Didn’t think the mall would be as enjoyable as it was. I suppose it was the company I was with rather than the place. But at dinner and right now, that’s what is truly fun. It’s been a long time since I was able to have a normal conversation with someone, and I have four. To build a connection between each other. You guys are all really great, each with your own personalities and quirks.” Shelly smiled at my admission. “Speaking of conversation, you surprised the hell out of me today.”

“Who me?” Shelly put her hand to her chest. “How?”

“With Britney. She was upset and you calmed her down. If you answered like you did with the clerk at the department store, she would’ve went off the deep end. You really considered her feelings. I appreciated that. It was different from how you’ve been acting and it made me hopeful. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Shelly paused. “I know you’re concerned about our memories before yesterday. I can tell by some of your questions to us. What if whatever it is you have planned fails? Do you think you could be happy living with us?”

“Shelly, listen.” I looked at her as much as I could without losing track of the interstate. “I’m going to do everything I can to fix this. I have a few ideas left. Don’t worry about it.” I’m taking it as a positive sign she is at least aware there is a problem. Can’t fix a problem if the person isn’t willing to accept there is one.

“But could you be happy? You know, the five of us together under one roof living as husband and wives, taking care of each other until death do us part. Could you really, truly be happy and love us like that? I would really like to know.” Shelly began nervously twiddling her thumbs.

“Truthfully Shelly, yes. I know I could. Today was good and allowed me to feel this way. Seeing the four of your personalities come out and how I was incorporated into the mix, I truly enjoyed myself when I finally buried my worry.” Shelly smiled and placed her hand on my thigh, rubbing it softly. “However, I would be concerned about income because if that happens, I’ll most likely be fired in a heartbeat and you heard what Britney said about the psychiatry job market.”

“We can help.” Shelly reassured. “We can get jobs. The five of us can do it as long as we stay together.”

“We’ll see. I’ll figure out where we stand after tomorrow. Tomorrow may very well decide our future.”

“Please just keep in mind that we’re happy, together, with you. If it doesn’t work, don’t beat yourself up over it. What would you do to spend the rest of your life with the one you love?” Shelly yawned. “You going to be all right if I go to sleep until we get home?”

“Yeah, goodnight.”

Shelly leaned over and kissed my cheek and then rested her head on my shoulder. I brushed away a stray tendril of hair from her innocent face. “Thns,” She mumbled.

When we arrived home, everyone piled out of the car. Everyone except Lydia. After a few minutes of prodding, I thought it best just to take her in myself. I picked her up, kicked the door shut and made my way into the house. I almost dropped her when I entered the living room. Shelly, Kennedy, and Eve were all in their pajamas. Of course not the brand new ones I just bought, no they chose to wear the same pajamas they wore last night. Damn jezebel’s. Each of them was smoothing out the blankets on the floor, which had grown in size. “Aren’t those the blankets from the bedroom?”

“Honey,” Kennedy began. “You are aware how we slept last night, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, on me.”

“So are you really going to make us pretend to sleep on the bed and couches before we do it again?” Eve shot back.

“Lydia, I think you could wake up now and get in your pajamas like the rest of us,” Shelly interrupted.

Lydia’s eyes flew open and head popped up. “Thanks for carrying me.” She gave me a quick kiss on the lips before slithering from my grasp.

They planned this too. I really have to get privy to their conversations. “All right, I surrender. You four win, again.” I shook my head. “But please understand I have a big day tomorrow and I really need to sleep. I’ll be right back; I’m going to go change.”

“What, our husband doesn’t want to wear the matching pajamas the rest of the family is wearing?” Lydia said as she stripped down.

“No, I’m afraid I wouldn’t sleep very much if I did that.” I started walking down the hall.

“Sleep is overrated!” I heard Eve shout after me.

When I returned, each girl sat on one of the four corners of the pile of blankets, waiting. The middle was left vacant, awaiting my occupancy. I lay down and did my best to get comfortable. “Okay, I’m ready.” They scampered swiftly into the same positions as last night. No blanket needed with the body heat we generated.

Maybe I was getting used to this after only one night, I mean what guy couldn’t get used to lying in bed with four naked girls draped over him, but I began drifting off to sleep fairly quickly. Then I felt it. A light brushing over my crotch. Probably one of them getting comfortable. I relaxed my eyes. There it is again. Enough time elapsed to allow me to disregard it again. But a third happened shortly thereafter. My, someone was being brazen.

“Ladies,” I said it as a warning.

All of them giggled in response. Great, it was all four of them. Not what I needed as I was already hard — with all this nubile flesh in front of me, who could blame me?- and this was just making it increasingly difficult to sleep.

Suddenly there was a pair of lips on mine. Based on yesterday’s experience, it was Kennedy as it was hard and passionate. I kissed her back, hoping all she wanted was a “proper” goodnight kiss. Then I felt her arm move and in the moonlight I saw she give a thumbs up signal. All at once, three pairs of hands mauled my lower half. I couldn’t move as each were still holding down a limb of mine each. I’m afraid I’ll have to give my boxers a funeral. No way had they survived. I stopped kissing back, but Kennedy would not let up and my screams of disproval were muffled at best. I must say my cock certainly enjoyed the attention. They caressed. They stroked. They played with my balls. All at the same time. They were building me up slowly. Playing the teasing game of “where are our hands going to lightly touch you next?” Whoever was on my right arm had spun around. Repositioning herself for whatever the rest of their plan entailed. After several attempts of pulling, pushing, and twisting, my right arm was almost free. One more wiggle…OH DEAR GOD. Three tongues. Two devoted to the shaft and one split time between my balls and the sensitive underside. I suddenly forgot about escape. At one point, two of the girls lips were touching, kissing even with my pole in between as they slid up and down and the other dutifully toying with my balls. I wasn’t going to last much longer. I drove my tongue into Kennedy and tried to wildly buck my hips. Kennedy snapped her fingers and all pressure was removed from my arms and legs. I had to hold on to something and Kennedy was closest. My arms engulfed her and I pressed her body to mine as Shelly, Eve, and Lydia’s tongues did their dance on my shaft. My body seized, my toes curled, and my head shifted back, breaking the kiss. I erupted with a loud groan. After the torture of the past couple days, it seemed never ending. I heard slurping sounds and could picture the girls lapping up my seed as if they were playing their own version of hungry, hungry hippos.

When my eyes refocused, Kennedy was still mere inches from my face, smiling like the Cheshire cat. “Shelly said you were worried about tomorrow, so we thought we would release some of the pressure, I mean stress. You can sleep now.”

The quartet went back their cuddle spots, trapping me once again. I didn’t care. I was still in my cloud of euphoria as I was beginning to nod off again when Kennedy broke the silence.

“Damn, that was one hell of a kiss.”

“You should’ve had what we had,” Eve countered.

“Best dessert ever,” Shelly added.

All four girls giggled. A content smile crossed my face. If it ends like this, do I really want to know what they are colluding to do?

I woke up to the sound of the annoying alarm clock. Only this time someone else was kind enough to hit the snooze button. I didn’t even have to do that anymore. As my senses were coming to life, I realized I was having a dream last night. And no, it wasn’t three girls giving me the best blowjob ever while another sucked on my face. That regrettably happened. No, it was a dream in which I failed. I failed to get their memories back. We grew old together and lived collectively, peacefully, and happily. Suddenly the thought of not going to the campus today, not trying to fix my fuck up definitely had merit. No, no, no, no, no. How could I live with myself if I let that happen? I’m already going to hell after last night. Do I need a guilty conscience before I get there? They wouldn’t even be with me if it wasn’t for an accident. An accident in which they fixated on me as a husband figure. I have to locate the twins.

I pried myself away from an entanglement of body parts. I look down, and though the quartet scattered on the blankets wasn’t moving, they still seem to be trying to entice me to reconnect with the pile. With much willpower, I kept my integrity and got in the shower. My moral compass still points north, right? After the last two nights, especially last night, I was no longer sure. I was trapped. I couldn’t move. What else could I have done? I can’t very well kick them out. I will fix this. And I’m certain I will miss them when they are gone. I let the hot water soak my body and let the water carry my worries down the drain. I needed to prepare for what may be the longest day of my life. After getting dressed, I took one step out of my bathroom and the house appeared to be alive. Kennedy had the morning sports highlight show on, Eve decided to do a load of laundry, and Lydia, with the help of Shelly was making something that just by the smell of it was making my mouth drool.

I made a quick phone call to my teacher’s aide. “I’ll see you later, ladies. I have a busy day today so I should be back pretty late.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Shelly came from the kitchen. “First breakfast and then we’ll all get dressed and go.”

“Shelly, I really have a mountain of work to accomplish today. You know what I’m doing today,” I lowered my voice to where only she could hear me. I didn’t want the other girls to know in case they fought with me about it.

Shelly smiled.

“Not on an empty stomach,” Lydia chimed in. “Please don’t tell me I made French toast for nothing.”

They won again. They always win. “I yield, but I hope you ladies don’t mind hanging out at the library all day.”

“Sounds like fun,” Eve entered. “We like to read.”

I dropped the girls off at the library, gave them some money for lunch, and then went to my 10 o’clock sophomore psych class. I arrived at 10:03, but since the twins were always at least ten minutes late, I was early.

At 10:12, I heard Lucas laughing. “That was some good shit yesterday.”

“Hell yeah,” John agreed. “Just think, in a week we’ll be done and we can spend the whole summer just getting…”

“Morning boys.” I walked up to them.

“Wassup Teach? Is there a problem or something?” Lucas asked.

“No problem boys. I have a proposition for you.”

“Um, Professor, we don’t do that,” John intervened.

“Do what?” After just one sentence from each with these two and I’m already confused.

“Proposition. We only do drugs. We’re not hookers or anything,” John answered and Lucas nodded in agreement. “Besides we’re brothers, not gay.”

I rubbed my temples. This was going to be the longest conversation of my life. “No, what I mean is I have a deal for you.”

“Oh,” Lucas drew out the word. “We’re glad that’s what you meant. We thought you wanted our studly bodies.”

I ignored the comment. “Boys, I want you to tell me everything you ate, inhaled, and injected yourself with on Friday and Saturday morning and you don’t have to come to class today. No strings attached. How does that sound?”

They looked at each other and they both shrugged their shoulders. Lucas started, “Well Friday, I know we did some coke.”

“No bro that was Thursday. Friday was the meth.”

“No, Saturday morning was the meth.”

“Once again you’ve got it all wrong. Saturday morning was the vicodin.” John clarified.

“Nope. Yesterday was the vicodin. And I know Saturday night was the shrooms.” Lucas answered.

“What are you smoking?” John inquired.

“Same as you!” Lucas laughed. “But seriously, I know we dropped acid somewhere in there. Do you remember when that was?”

This was getting comical. I can’t believe these two remember anything. “What, no marijuana?” I asked with more than a hint of sarcasm.

“Does that count?” Lucas countered.

“Cause we do that.” John actually started counting with his fingers and then gave up. “Like all the time.” They both laughed.

“Thanks boys. You’ve been a big help.” I just walked away rubbing my temples.

“Wait, Professor,” One of them called out and I don’t care enough to turn back to find out which. “Do we still have to class?”

“I’m not,” I shouted back.

I can’t believe I’m giving those two extra credit to pass. All those drugs. Something interacted with my pill. Hell, with all that crap in their system, it makes sense my pill did nothing for them. Their last remaining brain cells must have immunity to anything healthy. Thank God those two aren’t stuck with me too. My sanity would be corroded. Back to the problem at hand. I can’t very well give all those drugs to the girls. They’d end up dead or addicted. Time to search some files.

I arrived at the administration office and I was immediately greeted warmly by Ruth, a middle age woman whose hair is a mixture of black and white.

“Good morning Professor Carter. What brings you here?”

“Morning, I just need to get a hold of some students who were a part of my focus group Saturday,” I sat down at the computer for teachers.

“Oh, how did that go? I ran into President Richards earlier and he couldn’t wait to get your report.” There was a genuine level of excitement in her voice.

Mental note: avoid President Richards. “Still crunching the numbers. I’ll know more after a follow-up with a couple students.” I accessed the database for Lydia Carrington, Evelyn Johnson, Shelly Sheridan, and Kennedy Williamson and printed. Lydia lived in the dorms; I was shocked to see the other three shared a townhouse together.

I went to the townhouse first as it was across town. I talked to the manager, but he wouldn’t let me in. I decided to head to the address to just to peer in the windows. At this point, any information would be useful.

“They’re not home and don’t even think about breaking in. I have my shotgun pointed at your back.” It was definitely an older woman’s voice.

I put my hands up slowly, very slowly. “I’m not a robber. I’m Professor Carter, from their university.”

“Got I.D.?”

“I have my license and my laboratory I.D. card.”

“Show me.”

I turned around and saw an elderly woman, at least in her late eighties with a shock of thinning white hair. I pulled out my wallet and handed her the identification cards.

“Shit,” She stated. “You are who you say you are. Now I can’t kill you.” She lowered the gun. “Anyways, I’m their neighbor, Mrs. White. I live right across the street. So why are you here? Which one did you knock up? Oh wait, let me guess. It was the slut, Eve.”

“No, I didn’t…”

“It was the nerd, really? I suppose I can see Shelly going for a teacher.”

“I didn’t…”

“No shit? You turned that dyke, Kennedy. Good for you. With all that softball that girl played, I thought she was a lost cause.”

“No, I didn’t have sex with any of them.” Somewhat true. I didn’t, they gave me oral. “I’m here because they were involved in a research experiment of mine.”

“Oh, now I see. You killed them but you realized you left some incriminating evidence behind and you wanted to get it back. I saw that on a Perry Mason episode.”

I rubbed my temples. “No, they’re not dead.”

“I have some aspirin if you got a headache.”

“Mrs. White, maybe you can help me. You seem to know a lot about the girls. Could you tell me what you know about them?”

“Of course, why didn’t you say so? They didn’t do much together, always going their separate ways until about three months ago. That’s when they seemed to spend every chance they could get sitting around their kitchen table. Even brought another girl over quite frequently. At first I thought it was drugs or a prostitution ring, but threw out that idea as all they ever did was talk and write notes down around that kitchen table. They didn’t even play bridge even though they had the perfect number for it. Can you believe that?”

We talked for a short while longer as she told me everything she knew of the girls who had lived there for two years. I wrote down notes and tried to ignore her straight forward rudeness.

“Thanks Mrs. White. I need to get back to campus. I have a class soon.” I stood to leave.

“Now wait a minute, are you sure that’s all you want to know? I can tell you about the “cross dresser” Mr. Phillips or the “loony” Miss Dunlap who is trying to train her pet ferret to use the toilet.”

Apparently Mrs. White had nicknames for all her neighbors and the dirt to go with it. And she was proud of it too. “No thanks, I need to go. Thanks again.”

“Later, lecher.”

Great, now I have a nickname too. I went to the dormitory next. I gave a few nervous hellos to students who recognized me. It’s not often, if ever, a professor visits the dorms. Room 302. I knocked half hoping someone would answer quickly to get me out of this hallway, half hoping no one would so I didn’t have to explain why I was here.

“Can I help you?” A young woman with brown hair with red highlights opened the door.

“Hello, I’m Professor Carter. Is this Lydia Carrington’s room?”

“Yes it is, but she’s not here.”

“Well actually, I was hoping to talk to you. Can I come in for a minute?”

“I suppose.” She moved to the side to let me in. She went to her bed and sat with her legs crossed holding a stuffed monkey.

As I sat down on a computer chair, she began, “So you’re the Professor.”

“I’m sorry, you are?”


“And what did you mean by that?”

“She mentioned you. Is she doing okay?” Pricilla sounded only mildly concerned for a roommate I know she hasn’t seen since at least Saturday morning.

“Yeah, she’s fine.”

“She said she would be.” She had a half smile on her face.

“She said she’d be fine?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah. I was worried over um… oh, the experiment. She said she was going to be in an experiment.” Priscilla got up. “I got to get to class Professor. I was on my way out when you knocked.”

“Priscilla, is there something you’re not telling me?”

Priscilla’s eyes focused on everything but me. “No, it’s not my place…” She stopped and shook her head. “No, I’m telling you everything. I swear.”

“Okay.” I said disbelievingly. “Why don’t you tell me what you do know about your roommate? Likes, dislikes, dreams for the future, favorite music, that sort of thing.”

I didn’t get much. Just the basic information. Lydia was apparently shy with her roommate as well. It didn’t help that Pricilla was being cryptic and I had to decipher truth from bullshit. I did find it odd that she had to go to class but then stayed and talked to me for another twenty minutes. I glanced at my watch, 1:15. Damn, I’m late. I have to get to my lab and I’m ten minutes away. Britney said she’d be there at one. I need her paperwork but more importantly I need to go over all the data on the composition of the memory enhancer. If I could determine the cause, I can calculate the solution.

I arrived at my lab at 1:27. “Sorry I’m late Britney, I had a hell of a… Britney!”

I ran over to Britney as she had her head down on my desk. I took her pulse. Normal. She was sleeping. Then I saw it. She had a vial of green pills just next to her left hand and a paper I wrote on how safe the memory enhancer was and how effective it could be still grasped in her right hand.

“Britney, wake up.” I shook her lightly, then violently.

Her eyes fluttered open and a smile adorned her face. “Hi.”

“What’s your name?” I demanded and stared at her intently.

“Britney Stillman. Don’t you remember, you told me to come here to fill out paperwork today?” She looked at me as if I were totally nuts.

“Thank God.” I took a deep breath. “You didn’t take any of those pills, did you?”

“No. I saw them and the paper and assumed this is what you’re working on, so I figured I’d get acclimated with the project while I waited.” Britney peered at me suspiciously. “Are you going to be okay?”

“I wasn’t for a moment there.” I rubbed my temples. “All right, here is the paperwork I need you to fill out and yes, that pile of papers is your homework. I need you to be familiar with that by tomorrow. We start at 8 am. We work Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and any other day I need. We work more in the summer, which starts next week. Any questions?”

“No sir.”

Britney filled out paperwork while I poured over every small variable in my concoction. Smoke probably was coming from my pencil. I was going at it hard.

“Sorry to bother you sir, but I’m done.” Britney’s tone suggested she was afraid she was interrupting me.

I didn’t even look up. “Just leave them in my basket and don’t forget your homework. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks again.” Britney grabbed the stack of papers and left.

“Damn it!” I yelled to no one. My conclusions are the same as they were three weeks ago. It was safe and it should work. Well, work without erasing one’s memory. Time to crunch the numbers again.

All too soon, it was eight in the evening. Time for the library to close and the janitors to do their business here. The four of them were waiting, sitting on the concrete steps outside of the library.

“Good evening ladies, are you ready to head home?”

They all ran and hugged me. “We missed you!” The four of them shouted at me.

“Did you have a nice day?”

“Absolutely,” Kennedy answered.

“Well then, let’s go home.” We piled into the car, which was fine for me two days ago but now seems confined. We pulled up to the house and they started to get out.

“Aren’t you coming?” Shelly inquired.

“You girls go ahead and get inside. I just want to go over some of my notes. You can start dinner if you want, but afterward the five of us need to talk.”

“Whatever you say.” Shelly’s voice was full of sympathy as she reached over and embraced me. “Remember, we’re a family. If you need anything, even just to talk, we’re here for you.” She let go and followed the others into the house.

I went over the files and all my notes. I wanted to get my thoughts in order and determine the best way to handle showing them their former lives. This was my last resort. I must’ve been in the car longer than expected, as a light tapping on my window startled me from my thoughts. It was Eve and she looked distressed.

“Lydia made alfredo, are you coming in husband?”

I smiled to calm her. “Of course, I’m finished in here.” I grabbed my papers and got out. I walked into the house with Eve clinging to my arms. Shelly must have told them what I wanted to talk to them about.

We ate dinner in an atmosphere of nervous anticipation. It was good, and if this worked, I would definitely miss Lydia’s cooking. I gathered them in the living room, instructing them to have a seat.

I stood in the center of the room. “First, let me preface this by saying this weekend has been one of the best for me, ever. All of you are wonderful in your own way and I feel privileged we spent it together. With that said, I want to introduce the four of you to four truly remarkable and unique people in their own right.”

I handed Kennedy her file. “Miss Kennedy Williamson. Kennedy here was a four year starting third baseman for the softball team. She was All-State her senior year and she is currently on the verge of graduating with a degree in psychology. Proud daughter of Jacob and Cheryl, who according to them was always a good kid and into every sport there is.” Kennedy stared at it while I handed Eve her file.

“Miss Evelyn Johnson, also graduating in a week with a degree in psychology and according to Mrs. White, a neighbor, loved to go dancing at clubs every weekend, up until about three months ago. Proud daughter of Jack and Melissa who said you were a great fun loving girl with a lot of spirit.”

“Next is Miss Lydia Carrington.” I handed Lydia her file. “A first year economics major and a shy girl who her own roommate, Pricilla, didn’t have much to say except you are fond of classical music and apparently have a vast porcelain doll collection back home. The shyness made sense after I spoke to Martha Tate, your maid from home who told me you were home schooled by tutors as your parents travel often for business. Miss Tate asked me to have you call her if I saw you. She says you two normally talk every Sunday and she’s a little worried that she didn’t hear from you yesterday. I told her you were okay and I’ll give you the message.”

“And finally, there’s Miss Shelly Sheridan.” I went to hand Shelly her file.

Shelly stood and slapped it to the floor. “I’m not Shelly Sheridan, I’m Shelly Carter!”

I wasn’t expecting this reaction from her. She’s the one who I hinted to about what I was doing today. I wrapped my arms around her. “Shelly, please. Just hear me out.” My voice was full of sympathy. This has to be hard for them to hear. “I’m trying to help.”

Shelly broke the embrace. “Trying to help who? You? Don’t you love your wives?” She began to cry. “Why must you change us? I told you we’re happy. Aren’t we girls?”

Kennedy, Lydia, and Eve all emphatically said some form of yes.

“See we’re happy,” Shelly continued. “We’re happy with you. Please don’t do this. The only complaint we have is you need a bigger bed, but if let us stay, we don’t care. We’d sleep outside if you made us.” The quartet all gave a small chuckle to the joke. “Please be happy with us.”

“Girls, I am happy with you. More than happy, ecstatic even. With all of you. Like I said, I had the greatest weekend of my life and it was because of the four of you. But if I don’t try. If I can’t fix what I did. I… I… I…”

This time Shelly hugged me. “There’s nothing to fix. There’s nothing to cure. There’s nothing to feel guilty about. We’re happy. We love you.” We were joined by the other three in one big group hug with me at the center.

“So what you’re saying is that you four don’t want to hear me out. You aren’t the slightest bit interested in your past, family members who love you, or friends that will miss you?”

“As long as we have you,” Kennedy insisted.

“And this.” Eve grabbed my crotch. “And you better start letting us use it or we’ll just take it.”

“Okay. Okay.” I lightly swatted Eve’s hand. “Not tonight.”

Eve pouted her lips.

“What about you Lydia? How do you feel?”

“I’m happy here. Besides, according to this, my family left and stuck me with the maid. I’m sure she’s great and all, but we’re a family here.”

“All right. I just ask for one more night to wrap my head around this proposal. Besides, tomorrow I have to go over a slew of numbers and pray I don’t have to go back to formula.”

“I’ll tell you what.” Shelly smiled. “We’ll go watch a movie in your bedroom and you can go to sleep now. It’ll give you some time to think and we’ll just cuddle up to you later.” She paused. “Unless you really want us to sleep outside, but I must warn you, we’ll be naked out there too.”

We all laughed.

“That would make the neighbors jealous that I have new life size lawn statues.” I received four playful slaps for that remark. “I suppose we can all manage to share in here then.”

I got dressed for bed and after a quick kiss, well okay a not so quick kiss for each of them, I laid down as they disappeared down the hall and into my old bedroom. After an hour, I still wasn’t asleep. Was I actually considering it? The four of them and me, together? It really was a great weekend and I was growing quite fond of the quartet. We would have to move, not just because of a professor living with four former students would be scandalous, but a one bedroom house for five people has been proven, cramped. Moving isn’t a big concern. Angry parents, however, is a completely different story. Especially if they find out they are all “married” to me. Seeing that as the only dilemma, maybe I should keep everyone’s happiness in mind. Another plus for not getting their memories back is I would still have a job. No complaints filed. No problem. Then my only worry would be getting the enhancer perfected. Britney should be a big help.

I couldn’t wait. I got up to inform the girls of my decision. If this is what they absolutely want, I will accept it gladly, and cherish every moment we spend together for eternity. I was full of energy, light as a feather as I made my way down the hall. I always knew I’d find a woman to spend the rest of my life with, and now I have four. I placed my hand on the knob and froze. They were talking. My enthusiasm grew as I was finally going to be able to hear one of their playful schemes. What did they have in store for me tonight when they come to cuddle? I’ll listen, but I’ll still act surprised or play the victim.

“I can’t believe he called our families,” Eve stated, still shocked.

“I know. It just proves he really cares for us and we made the right choice,” Kennedy replied.

“None of you are even feeling a little remorse?” Lydia’s was voice was barely above a whisper.

“Don’t tell me you are,” Shelly was appalled.

“Well a little, yeah.” Lydia paused. “Oh c’mon guys, his pill works and we have him thinking it erases memories. Not to mention we basically took over his life.”

“Lydia, you can’t back out on us now,” Shelly was adamant. “If we knew you were going to get cold feet, we wouldn’t have agreed to let you in on our plan when you eavesdropped on us in the cafeteria. You begged us and we felt sorry for you because we were in that same situation.”

“Don’t you love him?” Eve spoke in a light tone, softening the mood.

“Of course I do. He’s kind, helpful, sweet, and considerate: he’s a great guy. I just feel a little guilty, that’s all.”

“Lydia, we’ve been through this,” Kennedy said in a consoling manner. “We all fell in love with him. We all want to be with him. If we competed with each other, none of us would win. This is the only way.”

“He’d never go for a student of his,” Eve continued. “Look what happened to that Britney chick. Do you want to end up like her? A bitter waitress who can’t be with the one she loves?”

“And think about what she said about the psychiatric field,” Shelly argued. “We all switched majors to psychology, well, all of us except Kennedy, but she was undecided. But she also chose psychology for the same reason we switched, Ethan. And you were going to do the same. After four years and you graduate, then what? You’ll be all alone and…”

“We need you Lydia,” Kennedy interrupted. “We are so close to our goal. Look at what we accomplished. We’re living with him. We need just a little more time so we can ensure he falls in love with us. Then we’ll tell him the truth.”

“And besides, you’re the only one that can cook,” Eve chuckled.

The three others started giggling.

“You know,” Lydia halted the laughter. “I didn’t say I wanted to leave. I’m still grateful you let me in on your plot. I only said I was feeling a little guilty for deceiving the one I, we love.”

I didn’t know what to do. Right after I convinced myself, not an easy thing to do I might add, I find out it is all a ruse, a scam, a ploy, a hoax, a farce, a trick, a con, or in other words, a lie. Unbeknownst to even myself, I slumped with a thud against the wall and slid to the floor. I didn’t even realize I had. I was in a daze. Suddenly I was surrounded by four naked co-eds.

“Ethan,” Lydia was deeply concerned. “Are you all right?”

Still in shock, my eyes seemed glazed over as I only saw four blurs in front of me.

Shelly instantly took charge. “Let’s get him to the living room and our make shift bed. It’s time for plan B.”

The three other girls dragged me down the hall and laid me on the pile of blankets. Shelly barked instructions. Eve, you take his right arm, Kennedy his left, and Lydia, you get both of his legs. Shelly straddled me. I finally snapped back to reality as my mind as assessed the gravity of what was transpiring. I was in a similar position before, the past two nights in fact. I was trapped.

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