Eden’s Garden

Elizabeth started awake, lost in the kind of drowsy confusion that can totally unsettle anyone. She was completely disoriented and slightly dizzy, and she was completely unaware of her surroundings. The only thing of which she was certain was the chill that alone clothed her and the ripe fragrance of fruit that surrounded her.

As her eyes struggled to focus and find her bearings, she heard male voices that seemed to be coming toward her. She instinctively curled up and wrapped her arms around her knees unconsciously hiding her nakedness. She struggled to recollect where she was and why.

Honored Master spoke to those with him, “Stand her up and let me see what kind of female we have found this time.” Three men dressed only in a slight loincloth, lifted her gently, but firmly. There was one on each side of her holding her arms outstretched while the third parted her feet. Her long golden waves hung down over her shoulders behind her. Quickly, a fourth male approached and carefully smoothed a fragrant, spicy oil over Elizabeth’s back, over her round buttocks, even along the deep crevice between her cheeks and down her shapely thighs and calves. He stood in front of her and applied the same fragrant oil to her shoulders, down across her full, round breasts, twisting her nipples firmly to make them rise, and across her female belly to the hairy triangle that pointed to her center. When he ran his oiled finger along her bottom slit between her parted thighs slowly, she shivered, and Honored Master smiled. The oil smelled of jasmine and cinnamon, and it was lavishly applied to every feminine inch of her.

Honored Master barked some instructions softly, and the four groomers regrouped and knelt behind him. He walked around her slowly, examining her most thoroughly for several minutes, then nodded to the others, and they rose and led her down a long hallway.

They turned a corner and walked out into a rich, fertile garden where Elizabeth was stunned by what she saw. In fact, she had a difficult time trying to process all that her eyes saw. It seemed so unreal, and yet there was a strange, raw beauty about the garden. Big, plush fruit trees, dripping with fruits of red, orange, and yellow filled this enclosed space, but interspersed throughout these trees, Elizabeth was stunned to see other females, all naked, and posed like lovely, living erotic statues.

Suddenly they stopped. To her right, was an exquisitely painted wooden horse surrounded by mature rhododendrons with luscious deep pink blossoms. The fancy steed appeared very like those one might see on an old-fashioned merry-go-round. This horse was decorated with beautifully inlaid golden reins, and brightly colored tassels adorned its graceful shape. Elizabeth’s hands were quickly and efficiently tied, and three male assistants moved as a team to suspend her from an overhanging hook. What she had not noticed were the large twin leather phallic devices protruding from the back of this decorative wooden stud. With her wrists hooked overhead, her thighs were parted to their fullest extent and she was skillfully lowered onto the thick, lubricated phalluses. Her feet were then secured on either side to poles that formed a frame around her nude image. Lovely heavy gold tassels were attached to her nipples by biting, self-piercing clips. For some reason, she instinctively knew to be quiet, though it was a struggle to remain so. He nodded with some approval at the image before He walked away, leaving Elizabeth to ride this lovely, but intrusive steed as part of his exotic garden.

Moments later, Honored Master stood in front of her again with a company of dignitaries, merchants and suitors. These were foreigners, for their language was blurred to her understanding. Honored Master touched the horse’s head, and its rocking intensity increased, driving the phalluses into her exposed and defenseless openings for the pleasure of those in observance. They did, in fact, seem pleased as their conversation continued, and they moved off to another part of the luxurious garden leaving her to her delicious torment.

As Elizabeth struggled, she discovered no success. She could not prevent the rough invasion of her hot, moist openings any more than she could control the continuous motion of the wooden steed beneath her. The rhythm of the wooden beast was merciless and ongoing, and she blushed her embarrassment at being so thoroughly naked. Her body was thoroughly unveiled in ways she had never imagined and every movement betrayed her inbred erotic passion. By the rising color in her cheeks and the growing panic in her eyes, Honored Master chuckled softly, good-naturedly acknowledging her utter helplessness and innate slavery. As she rode the beast, her breasts rocked rhythmically, and the heavy tassels danced and swung from her purple nipples. Tingles shot all the way through her body to the very center of her soul. She had no control over the ruthless penetration of her openings or the rising fire in her belly. Honored Master stood and conversed casually with the lofty visitors in front of her, though she could not understand the conversation. Occasionally, He would point to her, or stroke her inner thigh as he chatted. Her imagination was nearly as stimulated as her visibly ravished body. She found herself approaching, but unwilling to obtain the much needed release. She could hear the moans and sighs of others throughout the peculiar garden, but she struggled to maintain her composure. She realized once again, that she was just a toy in bondage to Honored Master.

After what seemed like several hours, she was lifted off of the intimate wooden horse, and while her bottom was thoroughly open, two of the barely clothed subservient males slid under her and used their tongues and fingers to further tantalize and use Elizabeth’s vagina and anus. She could no longer restrain herself and screamed out her passionate release while Honored Master stood knowingly by watching with His honored guests. He smiled as she squirmed and shivered her feminine release in front of Him repeatedly, and for a brief moment, their eyes met. Time and time again she shivered and squirmed in helpless climax as these two tongues dove in and out of her dripping openings, licking and sucking her spiced juices. Their fingers teased and tempted her, tugged at her tasseled nipples and squeezed her sumptuous breasts that dangled and jiggled so deliciously as an additional feast for Honored Master’s pleasure.

For two hours she was thus studied and tormented, then she was once again mounted onto the wooden horse to rest. Thus secured, Elizabeth slid into a tortured slumber, as the rocking wooden horse continued to open and use her luscious holes.

In the morning, Honored Master called her before Him in the throne room. She was brought before him amidst his court of exalted Dandies and made to stop before each row for observation as Honored Master watched. He watched with pride as these nobles stroked their erect cocks in approval and envy of his most recent acquisition. She was made to kneel before him, her hands secured behind her back and her knees pushed wide apart. The room erupted in cheers as He beneficently allowed her to reverently kiss his revealed, erect penis. He then called in her three groomers and instructed them to prepare her. Each groomer quickly thrust his own ready penis into one of her three openings, as Honored Master’s court quieted to witness the taking and breaking of this girl. Honored Master watched Elizabeth’s preparation as two unclothed, but sweetly tasseled females adoringly removed His ornate robe and oiled his large, muscular body. After several minutes, Honored Master laid himself on the thickly fur-covered floor. Two muscle-bound male groomers lifted Elizabeth and carefully held her as Honored Master drew her tight anus onto his throbbing penis while the third groomer thrust his own thick cock into her open mouth. Noises of sexual arousal filled the huge room. The groomers continued to lift her off of His huge penis and drop her back down … up and down … up and down, as she took more and more of Him deep into her virgin anus. Her legs were held as far apart as possible and her body trembled with the mixture of pain and passion that broadcast her helpless surrender. Honored Master’s hands grabbed her breasts roughly as He thrust mercilessly into her. The throne room walls opened at His signal, and thousands of townsfolk entered to partake of the entertainment offered for their amusement. Several naked, tasseled females accompanied the noble visitors and eagerly served their pleasure as the Men watched Honored Master use His newest possession well. Honored Master deftly pulled the tassels from Elizabeth’s tortured nipples, and she cried out and arched against His penetrating hardness, riding Him exquisitely. All three groomers then released her and permitted her to ride Honored Master according to her natural inclination.

“Finally!” Honored Master cried out. “Finally a female who is hot enough to take all of me, and to suck from me my very male essence with the heat of her own body! She is my prized treasure!”

Indeed, Honored Master did revere Elizabeth after the custom of His people. The first day of each month, Elizabeth was paraded through the streets of the town ornately groomed and decorated, though utterly nude. She was lead by a long, golden leash attached to a slim gold chain that circled her waist along the narrow streets from Honored Master’s enormous castle to the decorated platform prepared for her in the town center. There, Elizabeth was made available to every male willing to offer his own servitude to Honored Master for one day. Her three groomers prepared her, oiled her, and combed and braided ribbons through her beautiful golden hair. Heavy gold tassels were traditionally attached through her erotically pierced nipples and additionally, to her swollen, ripe clitoris. A lush, golden tail hung from her phallus-filled anus to reserve it for Honored Master’s use alone. Curious and grateful townspeople lined the streets and cheered to see Honored Master’s new prize.

In the Town Center, she was suspended from a crude but sturdy A-frame so that her toes just barely touched the ground. Of course, they seldom touched the ground because of the great numbers of men filling her responsive vagina with their eager masculine hardness and seed. The men of the small town lined up en masse to demonstrate their appreciation to Honored Master for His kindness and generosity to them and to pay him honored tribute by receiving His valued gift. The groomers were kept busy cleaning her furry mound of the milky gift of obeisance offered by each grateful male.

Elizabeth appreciated the outrageous generosity of Honored Master, who understood her deepest needs even better than she did, and she served Him with increasing pride, passion, and abandon. Her talent for pleasure only increased as she warmed under Honored Master’s affectionate attention and His creative and frequent public displays.

Word of her incredible talent for pleasure spread far and near throughout Eden’s Garden, and Honored Master sought new and vibrant ways to exhibit her increasing skills and acknowledge His highly favored female. She honored Him with her innate feminine lust and eagerness to please without question, and Honored Master grew in status and reputation throughout the land. Elizabeth was plucked, painted and lavishly decorated everyday, and never again was she hidden beneath clothing or behind walls of privacy. Never again did she wish to recall the sedate, unnatural life she once knew because now she lived as a much used favorite toy in bondage to her Honored Master.

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