Dear Wife,

Hi sweetie…Not sure where to begin but I am struggling a little bit here. I am really lonely and I know you are too. It is so hard being apart just now and I am not sure how to bridge the gap. I have also been ridiculously horny the past few days – not sure why but I sure am. I’m kinda all over the place with fantasies in my head. Furious masturbation seems to help a little but only a little… In an inappropriate way I think I feel compelled to share my thoughts and fantasies with you. In part to shock you (which turns me on a bit) and in part as some sort of forced openness that seems to turn me even more.

This morning my fantasy was pretty vivid, and frankly wild even for me. I’d jacked hard late last night and so it my cock was still tender and sensitive but after a few tentative moments this fantasy i was pumping fast and furious with a tight grip – the friction heating up and really hurt but as you will see that played right into my head space – a lovely mix of friction pain and erotic pleasure. I did come although it took some time to squeeze out an orgasm and I was sweaty and panting by the end. Licking a finger on the left hand I was finger fucking my ass with my left hand and masturbating with the right, all the time envisioning you watching me as if I was performing all this for you. Ultimately I sprayed cum all over my chest and I did run my finger through my come and fed myself a little in the aftermath, as is my practice of late. Hell of a session. The following was the inspiration and this might shock you a little bit… you have been warned.

Another couple joins us, we found them on Craigslist or something, and you and the other woman are getting us guys hard, taking turns sucking each of us off. It turns me on to no end to envision you slurping on some other guys cock. Twisting your head to watch his wife doing the same to me with a twinge of jealousy and worry in your eye. I know you are thinking that you wouldn’t be into it, and the idea of you tentatively going along and then slowly getting into it, getting hot and wet yourself and watching your inhibitions slip away turns me on significantly.

Knowing that it is a fantasy of mine to suck another man’s cock you beckon me over to his cock. Not really knowing where this would all lead. Together we kiss and lick his hard cock. Then you are feeding me his cock, whispering cock sucking tips into my ear. The other woman returns to the hotel room bed with a strap-on and the hard head of a small plastic dildo slippery with lube is pressed against my anus. Initially she taps and bounces it gently against my anus. Then in a half inch slides in and then out. In again and out, now an inch in, then two. My ass relaxes and with a pop of pain the head of the dildo forces past my sphincter and the 6 inch dildo borrows into my ass.

Then I envisioned myself on my hands and knees with you whispering in my ear as the other woman pushes me forward via my ass onto her husband’s hard cock – inching his cock further down my throat. Then he jabs forward until I am pressed back against the dildo. You begin to synchronize them, such that they both thrusting at the same time. Then you are egging them on, “that’s right fuck’m and then nearly out and now in…” until I am taking all of both the real and false cock. As their passion increases, my back arches to soften the compression of these two athletic folks as they both thrust towards one another, me in the middle the receptacle for their passion. Nearly a conduit for their kink they begin to fuck each other through me. Leaning forward they kiss roughly as the intensity of the strokes increases. He envisions his 7″ cock sinking into her, but it is my throat he is fucking and she is dominating him through my ass with a 6″ dildo.

She comes and reminds you that you’d be up for one too. Pulling my head over from the cock and into your lap you guide my face into your cunt. You lie down on the bed and I begin to eat you out as the other lines up behind to take turns fucking my ass. Giggling as they coach each other on angles and rhythms for fucking someone in the ass.”I really like it when you firmly push your cock towards my belly button” she says, “I just love the tight grip on my cock,” he grunts.

“OK now you should really fuck him, go ahead and satisfy yourself with this guy’s ass.” She says to her husband. Then he goes to work on my ass, asking me if I want it all…” Yes, come on, sink it all the way in…” I rasp out. You notice that I begin to push my hips back to meet his thrusts. You are both scared and enthralled at the thought of your husband being such a slut for his first ass fucking. You knew I loved the strap on occasionally and I’d admitted to you that I liked to fuck a dildo when you were gone, but you never envisioned me as some stereotypical gay boys pleading for a fucking.

“Do you like his cock in your ass my dear?” you ask. “Uh huh I do. Yes… I…. Do….” I pant, “I want more.. I want it harder…” hearing this, he leans forward and grabbing my hair, yanks my head back and asks me if I really do want it harder. “How hard?, tell me” he asks.

“Yes, yes I do” I begin to plead, and then I go on to direct him to hammer my ass with his cock, fuck me in and out until he is sweating with exertion, beg him to slide out until the tip is barely in my ass and then slide forward until his balls slap against the ass checks I am holding open for him to increase his total penetration – slowly at first he complies and then swept up in his own needs and desires he works his cock from tip to base using my ass for his pleasure. His care for others devolves and he seeks his own pleasure by pounding as hard as he can in and out of my ass, driving my hips down to the bed surface. the lube frustrates his need for friction and he compensates with hard hammer like strokes.

Now wrapped up in the moment and enthralled with my own depravity I taunt him further, “is it really all in… can you sink you cock in a little deeper… harder, really fuck me now… come on show me you can actually fuck hard… “

The moment dissolves into you and the other woman watching rough and sweaty man sex while fingering each other to mutual orgasms. Another guy, a stranger just a little while ago, is vigorously thrusting his cock into your husband. You aren’t surprise I am enjoying myself but you are surprised that my enjoyment is so clearly ties to his vigor in fucking me. As you witness an act bordering on anal rape your husband’s joy seems to increase. The man groans as he approaches orgasm and I slip forward, spin around, roll onto my back, and dangle my head over the end of the bed. You tingle with shock as you here me gasp out between pants “ass to mouth.. fuck my face until you come.”

You watch as my arms reach up to grip his ass checks and pull him inward on each thrust. The vigor of the fucking only moments ago of your husband’s ass is now replicated into his mouth and down my throat. You watch my throat swell with the plunging of his long cock, knowing that I’ve always wanted to do just this to your face, mouth , and throat. he is nominally gentle to start but then he smirks at my slutiness, “fuck it” he says. I am clearly his cock whore now, and as the veins in his arms and legs bulge with the flexing of all his muscles as he roughly, almost brutally, fucks my face and throat. My gagging and choking is muffled by the occlusion of my mouth and airway with his cock and this obviously turns him on even more. The aphrodisiac of his power over me sweeps through him and he begins to quake and jerk and a large quantity of semen ejects form his cock into my mouth, down my throat, bubbling out between my lips and his cock.

Everyone has come but me and while the three of you sit lazily in chairs I kneel in the middle of the room, lean back, and jack off for the three of you. Our new friends toss the dildo to me and I jab it in and out of my ass as I roughly grasp my own cock and slide my fist up and down.

You all taunt me to fuck myself deeper and harder with the dildo which only encourages me more. Another larger dildo comes out of the toy bag and without hesitation I lube it up and as you all cheer me on to “take it all, one thrust, come on” – I plunge the 10″ black dildo into my ass. Bug eyed and screaming I force it into my ass awash in pain and pleasure and finally begin spurting come and collapse exhausted. THE END – and I came liek crazy dreaming about all this.

So now you know. I still don’t think I am “Gay” with a capital G and all, but I am pretty sure I am very bisexual inclined. I can’t imagine not having tender sex with you and really loving anyone else, but I also can’t hold back anymore. Now I see handsome guys on the the street and I wonder what it’d be like to kneel before them and suck them off until they cum in my mouth. I want to at least try being a cock slut and getting ass fucked by anther man intent of pleasuring himself via my tight ass. The idea of a group of gay muscle men riding a train on my ass is pretty appealing, might just be a fantasy but maybe… all to say I guess this means I am bisexual. I hope we can figure this all out.

I love you – your out to you anyway bisexual husband

P.S. – Can I place a Craiglsit ad? In casual encounters, MW4MW Bi-Curious Hubby needs to see wife harden up another man who then gets a deep throat by me and then can fuck me in my ass.

Jess’s flesh tingled. The breeze caught the back of her knees as a reminder of how much bare flesh she was choosing to expose today. She flexed her warm toes in her suede boots, enjoying the feel of Kane’s bold, hot cock inching it’s way further towards the warmth between her legs. Around them, at the public event, people were watching the beautiful sailing boats competing on the water.

In the half an hour or so since the first spectators had arrived. a small crowd was now gathered. Jess and Kane had chosen a vantage point close to the sandstone ridge and protected from the water by railing. It was the cold, painted metal of the handrail that Jess gripped now. She tried not to wriggle, shuffle or cry out in anticipation. Jess feigned avid interest in the water sport, leaning forward as the wind picked up and the tension increased. It would be a few hours yet before it would be clear who the winner might be.

Behind her, Kane pushed into her. His cock head stretching her soft, wet walls until he was sliding home gently and deeply. Jess shuddered. He stopped, buried balls deep with his thickness inside her. Jess held her breath, deliciously, provocatively impaled. Their love play was apparently unnoticed.

Thankfully, Kane’s grey greatcoat hid their activities and they were aided by Jess’s choice of a tight, short skirt with her windbreaker. Her pussy was now reaping the benefits of a surge of morning creativity. In anticipation of her date, Jess had shaved and at the last minute, taken off her knickers. It was windy, though not blowing a gale and the sensation of nature on her intimate flesh made her frisky, flushed and keen for cock. After some coy rubbing and kissing, at the start of the day, Jess had whispered her request and it was the one he was carrying out now.

Kane was different to Jess’s normal taste in fuck-puppets but so far, their new acquaintance was progressing. Certainly today, his smart, casual, upper-middle-class attire was serving them well. Kane moved between her legs, he held her hips firmly and rocked on his heels. The action was slight but it filled Jess’s imagination with carnal longing. She wanted more. Kane lent in, kissing the back of her ear. She bit her lip.

“Shall we go somewhere else?”

Impaled on his pleasure-pole, publicly, Jess was in a world of exquisite sensation. She struggled to respond.

“I want you to fuck me.” Came her soft reply.

Kane’s brown eyes lit with a responding carnal fire. He turned her towards him and slid his warm, spicy tongue into her mouth, licking the salt from her lips, left there by the wind. His cock twitched, still inside her but not buried as deep as before. Jess ached for more length.

“AhhhA” She said softly into his mouth.

Almost inaudibly, Kane growled. He let her go, making a show of buttoning his coat, adjusting his scarf and waiting for her.

They wove their way through the crowd of sailing enthusiasts and headed up the dunes toward the club house. Once they reached the building Kane pulled her to him. He ran his warm hands up the inside of her windbreaker, pawing at her plump breasts through her ti-shirt and her bra. Jess felt her nipples harden, both from the cold and from his brazen touch.

“You’re so hot.”

He planted a heated kiss on her neck. Jess slipped a cold hand inside his jacket, pleased to find his hard dick still protruding from his trousers.

“I want this.”

She licked her lips. A dark lust shone in Kane’s eyes and Jess reveled in the power she held over him. Her slender hand encompassed his cock. She began slowly to stroke him. After a moment, she withdrew and raised her palm to her mouth, coating it in saliva. She took hold of him once more and Kane closed his eyes.

“Your Land rover?” Jess suggested shakily.

Kane’s eyes snapped open.

“God no.”

He kissed her mouth and moved her hand aside, replacing his cock with some difficulty within the confines of his pants. Kane tore them from their secluded alcove, her hand firmly tucked in his.

Just before a kiosk filled with yet more people, they came upon a door. Kane tried the handle, it opened and Kane tugged her into the building. They legged it up a flight of stairs like teenagers, locking the door behind them. Jess caught her breath. They found themselves in a large, carpeted room with sweeping views of the coastline.

Jess hoped the glass was tinted and she hesitated but only momentarily before striding to the middle of the room and beginning to undress. For a few moments Kane didn’t notice her. He gaped, facing the sea, preoccupied with the view. When he turned back to the room’s interior once more, Jess once was completely nude, her clothes piled mischievously at her feet.

Kane’s gaze swept over her exposed body. Her creamy skin looked surreal in the ambient light from the window. Her full figure so much like a sculptor’s dream. Under his scrutiny, moisture pooled at the cleft of her thighs and her dark pink nipples budded. Jess steadied herself, calming her racing heart as she waited to see what her lover might do.

He took off his jacket.

Kane walked around her as though she were in an art exhibition, admiring her form and lazily sweeping his appreciative gaze from her ankles to the roots of her hair. Already flushed from her brief taste of cock, Jess pressed her breasts together. She licked two fingers and a thumb and stroked her own nipple. In the same action she pressed her thighs together, enjoying the swollen feel of her sex and her pussy, ripened with juice. She flicked her long, chestnut hair and dove two bold fingers into her snatch. Kane took off his shirt, unbuttoning the practical cotton of his business shirt to reveal a muscular chest and a fine spray of dark chest hair. Jess motioned she wanted to close the distance between them but he shook his head.

“Not yet.” He said softly. “I’m enjoying the show.”

Jess’s practiced fingers drew her juices deliciously towards her clitoris, coating the sensitive nub. The clubroom faded as she stroked and brought herself closer to orgasm.


She opened her eyes, pleased to note how Kane’s cock strained at the fabric of his trousers. She strode barefoot over to the nearby wall and braced one hand against it. The other, she used to continue stimulating her sensitive center. She cast a glance over her shoulder. Kane had taken his cock out, proud and rock hard. He painted a picture of the ultimate voyeur.

“Rock out with your cock out.” She said softly, her eyes dancing. Their eyes locked and Kane’s lips gave way to a wry grin.

“Please, please fuck me.” Her tone was husky.

His grin faded, and a familiar fire flashed in his eyes. Kane strode towards her. Jess lifted her hips and leaned forward in a deliciously provocative offer. His gaze zeroed in on his prize. Jess reacted quickly. Before he could reach her, she stepped away from the wall, meeting him and pulling his willing face down to hers in a feverish kiss.

When she broke away they were breathing hard. Kane registered bewilderment and he ran a hand through this dark, already disheveled locks. Jess happily wrapped her hand around his cock and sank to her knees. She very gently licked him all over, taking so long she began to feel his shaking hands as they applied pressure to the back of her head, encouraging her to do more. She knew he wanted her to take more of him into her mouth and relieve the exquisite, escalating pressure.

Finally, Jess slid most of his warm shaft into her mouth. She slurped and released, bobbed once again and this time deep-throated him.

“OH GOD!” Kane bit out and in another situation, Jess might have smiled in triumph.

Greedily, she licked his balls with the flat of her tongue and pressed his cock back into her hot mouth. Jess kept one hand on his shaft, the other on his buttocks, willing him to cry out again. His impressive toy was so hard Jess began to wonder just how much more teasing he could take. She stopped and stood up, kissing him on the lips, continuing to slide a cheeky hand up and down his taut, velvet flesh.

Kane eagerly turned his attentions to her ripe breasts, cupping them lovingly as he ran his tongue around the sensitive flesh. Jess shut her eyes, nearly losing her footing. Kane popped her nipple into his mouth. Her pussy responded by growing ever lusher, keening to be filled. Jess couldn’t help herself. She slid her hand between her legs.

“I love you’re creamy skin.” He said, naked now, except for his socks.

“Do you like my hips?”


“And this?”

She sought his hand, forming it into a small spade with two fingers jutting forward. Jess placed his warm, bent hand on her peach, willing him to thrust his digits into her. She was all but delirious with need, her only thought to burst the growing, aching, unbearable pressure. His slid two fingers inside and she shifted her pelvis towards his touch.


“You like that?”

He thrust in again. Jess couldn’t speak.

“How would you like me to fuck you?” His voice was low.

The woman before him was more ready than he had ever seen her. Her cheeks were flushed and her delectable lips were swollen. Lust cast a shadow in her eyes, allowing a glimpse of the aching need that coursed through her prone body. He kissed her soundly, stroking her inner softness as he positioned her at the wall. Kane removed his fingers and thrust his eager cock into her, bending one of her legs at the knee.

Amazed that a man’s entry could feel so good, Jess said nothing. She panted. He clenched his buttocks, released and for a second time, stroked inside his lover.

“OooooOhhh” The world spun. Everything felt delicious, fat and full.

“Shhhh.” Kane bit out, very close to her ear.

He kissed her mouth forcefully, his hot tongue twining with hers as his cock thrust into her depths again and again. Jess held her mouth open, eager for caresses but unable to focus her thoughts properly. Daylight disappeared momentarily. All that remained was the sound of her own breathing, his panting gasps and the feeling of his wonderful cock, stretching her.

Their kisses grew messy and wet. The flesh of Kane’s abdomen contacted her clitoris from time to time, eliciting fireworks. At last, Jess’s pussy quivered and quaked as she came. Feeling her release, Kane slowed his pace. He eased himself from her and turned her. Jess’s palms connected with the wall. Kane shifted, gradually feeding his large cock into her once more, this time stretching her anus and filling her arse with deliciously, dirty intent. Jess felt her sex tingle. Memories of their brief outdoor encounter fueled her response.

“Oh. YES.” She hissed.

His massive slug began to slide in and out of her, gradually increasing in pace. Soon, Jess was pushing back as he drove forward. She licked her fingers and reached down to stroke her clit as he continued. Kane slapped her rump. She jumped, clenching from the pain, impaled on his cock. It was the final straw for Kane’s tenuous control and he unloaded a generous dollop of spunk into her back passage, sending her once more over the edge.

Gradually euphoria subsided and Kane withdrew, turning his pliant lover so they faced one another. A light sheen of sweat covered them both. Jess collapsed against his solid frame; sweaty, sticky, spent.

“Oh, that was good.” She mumbled into his shoulder.

“You’re so hot.”

Kane kissed the top of her head through her hair.

“We should get out of here.”

“I just need a minute.”

He let her go and Jess sank to the floor. Jess ran a hand through her hair, pulling her aching limbs into sitting position as Kane ferreted for his clothes. Leaning back on her hands, exhausted, Jess grinned. She looked delectable, her skin flushed from exertion and her pert breasts pointing skyward. Kane smiled too.

All in all, Jess considered it wasn’t a bad day at the races.

“C’mon let’s go and find out who’s winning.”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Since my first Hayley story was so well-received last time, I thought I’d write another one down since I had the idea floating around in my head. Please comment if you enjoy and feel free to check out my other stories and comment on them as well.

The show had long since been over, the band having spent the last several hours partying in the changing room with crew and opening acts, taking turns showering downstairs, or signing autographs at the pre-scheduled meet & greet held in the green room after the encore for a lucky few who had purchased tickets early enough. But now it was finally over, and Hayley Williams, Paramore’s flame-headed sex symbol status front-woman and unofficial emo queen, could finally get some rest. Shouldering her backpack, Hayley braced herself for the bitter cold that awaited her in snowy Cleveland behind the venue where her band’s tour bus was parked. All the fans that had been intrepid enough to wait around in the cold, she had already signed autographs for, so there would be nobody to stop and make her suffer the bitter sub-zero wind chill before hopping on the bus and into her warm bunk where she already knew she was not going to be getting very much sleep. The next day, Hayley had to get up to spend a day with a couple who had won a contest on Paramore’s website titled, “A Day With Hayley.” Taylor and Jeremy would be busy recording instrumentals for a new single the band was recording that day, so Hayley had to play all three roles in Paramore tomorrow for the lucky couple. But when she finally met them in the lobby of the hotel the next morning, she had not been prepared to meet Brian and Aurora, a couple who would change her life.

Hayley had never considered going to her own fans for sexual gratification the way most other guys did on the road. That was never really Hayley’s lifestyle, being a proper little southern belle growing up Christian in Franklin, Tennessee, but that didn’t mean Hayley didn’t get aroused like every other person did out on the road, especially on the long headlining tours she had grown accustomed to. It was different when she had a boyfriend, but those days were behind her and the fiery little singer was flying solo once again, her infamous relationship with Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory succumbing to woes all relationships do on the road after so many years. The lonely nights made it so hard to concentrate sometimes, and being packed in like sardines in those bunks, sleeping six inches way from her band members made it especially difficult to rub herself to orgasm whenever she just couldn’t take it anymore. The only orgasms Hayley was ever able to experience on the road were when she ran back to jump in her bunk while the guys had just finished sound-check and wanted to hang out inside the clubs. Nobody wanted back on that bus after spending entire days on it sometimes. But Hayley didn’t mind stepping back on board if it meant she would be alone for more than a half hour. Sure, there were plenty of cute boys on the road who she could simply own sexually if she had chosen to take a boy-toy (or two) while out on the road, but Hayley always steered clear of giving into such sinful thoughts and behavior and had thus far remained chaste on the road. But that all changed when she met Aurora and Brian that next morning.

“Hey guys!” Hayley said as she introduced herself to the obviously nervous fans while a number of her in-house photographers took their pictures and recorded the whole meeting to later be documented on the band’s website.

Brian was a cute, lanky, emo boy with a mop of messy black hair that fell just over his piercing blue eyes, his girlfriend Aurora an attractive gal with short-cropped, vibrantly dyed, electric blue hair. She was a cute girl with full lips and a naval piercing. She had better defined feminine features than Hayley (a bigger bust, nicer curves, probably a nicer butt too, Hayley thought). They spent the day around town, seeing the sights and eating the local food while Hayley noticed the young, amorous couple’s hands constantly all over each other’s bodies. It may have made Hayley uncomfortable on any other day, but Hayley hadn’t masturbated once on this entire tour and was feeling especially jealous of the young fans’ relationship, something that Hayley no longer had. Why not let them have their fun, she thought to herself? It wasn’t like she hadn’t been the same way with her past two rockstar boyfriends out in public before. Finally, after dinner and a chariot ride around the park laughing about shared memories from past shows, the awkward threesome sharing with the other side experiences from the other side of the stage with one another, the night came to its inevitable conclusion in front of the couple’s hotel that Fueld By Ramen (Paramore’s label) put them up in. A few goodbyes captured on camera and the photographers finally left. Then, as Hayley said her own goodbyes and posed for one last personal picture with them, she reached into her pocket for her phone to call one of the guys to come pick her up.

“You heading back to the bus?” Aurora asked on her way out.

“Yeah. Going back to the bus and getting some sleep,” Hayley responded.

“No after party or anything?” Aurora asked.

“Not for me, I have to get some rest before tomorrow. Gotta be in Detroit tomorrow night, and I don’t mind a bus all to myself sometimes,” Hayley said, smiling to herself knowing that Aurora and Bobby would never know why.

“Where are the guys? Aurora asked, referencing Jeremy and Taylor.

“They decided to go party, but not me. I’m lame like that sometimes,” Hayley said with a coy smile.

“I’m sure your lifestyle must be exhausting, and you’ve already given us more than we could have ever hoped or dream for, but I was wondering… if we could buy you a drink or something to eat beforehand. I’m trying to sing. Don’t worry I’m not trying to pass you off a demo or anything. I was just hoping I could pick your brain about it for a few.”

Hayley looked at Aurora, moved by her honesty and the confidence the girl had to even approach her. She looked back at her phone and checked the time. She could stay out for a few more minutes, she thought. The guys wouldn’t be back until very late and hopefully she would be long since asleep when they did. Plus, there was something about this couple that Hayley was drawn to, like some sort of chemistry or sensual magnetism. She loved seeing them paw at each other and whisper forbidden nothings into one another’s ear when they thought she wasn’t paying attention. At one point, when they had been eating dinner, Hayley turned and could have sworn that she saw Brian making eyes with her. She smiled at him warmly, but when she “dropped” her silverware later and bent down to pick it up, she had caught him staring down her halter-top on the way up. He knew he was busted and his cheeks flushed red when she shot him a playful smile. He seemed rather quiet the rest of the night, which made Hayley chuckle inside that she could embarrass someone still so.

“You know what? Sure. I can’t stay out too late though,” Hayley said.

“I won’t take up too much of your time, I promise!” Aurora exclaimed.

Later in the evening, the three of them caught up in the back of a popular nightclub attached to the hotel where they sipped on virgin margaritas. Hayley didn’t drink because she was a vocalist and Aurora did not want to be drinking if the rockstar wasn’t and Brian wasn’t going to want to drink alone. After a few minutes of small talk, Hayley finally decided to get down to business.

“So how did you two meet anyway?” Hayley asked.

“Funny you should ask. Actually, it was at one of your shows on the Final Riot Tour. We started talking in line and he asked me out that night to hang out with his friend. We started dating a few days later and just… have been dating ever since,” Aurora explained. “That’s so sweet!” Hayley exclaimed.

“We were both sorry to hear about you and Chad. I know it must be so tough to go through a breakup out on the road, especially when it’s a public thing, you know?” Brian started. “You deserve someone, but take your time just being you and doing the whole Parmore thing. You’ll find someone special again,” he finished, turning to Aurora and planting a kiss right on her cheek, the kind of kiss that made butterflies flutter in her stomach. The way he held Aurora, kissed her, played with her hair, put his hand in her lap, it all made Hayley want to be touched and played with the same way, for someone to whisper naughty nothings into her ear when only a few could see and fill in the blanks with their own filthy imaginations. Hayley crossed her legs and realized very quickly that her body was not going to let this go unchallenged. Whether she had to get her own room for the night, or just an hour, Hayley was going to need to touch herself later tonight when nobody was looking so she could just come already. She wondered if Brian was going to make Aurora come tonight, or her him. The thought sent Hayley’s imagination down a dark, x-rated path she had to pull back from to remember what had just been said to her so she knew how to respond quick enough without either Brian or Aurora becoming suspicious.

Hayley smiled.

“Thanks, I appreciate it. And yes, it can be difficult sometimes…” she admitted.

“Well, truth be told, I didn’t ask you here to pick your brain about singing, or for bragging rights tomorrow on the forum, much fun as that may be,” Aurora admitted nervously.

“You didn’t?” Hayley asked, wholly confused.

“No, I don’t mean to freak you out, but I was hoping I could just ask you something straight up and see if you might be interested. You seem like the kind of girl who could keep an open mind about this sort of thing, so I thought what the hell, right? And since you’re single, well… when in Rome” Aurora stammered nervously.

Hayley was immediately intrigued by the conversation’s sudden unexpected turn, but made slightly nervous too. What did her recent singledom have to do with the question Aurora seemed too embarrassed to ask her. She looked to Brian who blushed again the same way he had when she had caught him staring down her shirt into what little cleavage she could show off.

“Oh boy,” was all Hayley could manage.

“I know, so here it goes… my boyfriend and I have been dating for several years now and I wanted to do something really special for him for our anniversary, which just so happens to be tonight. Anyway, he has this huge crush on you.”

Hayley blushed. “Oh boy, Brian. How can I compete with this cutie pie here, huh?” Hayley tried to articulate quick enough.

“Ha! Anyway, we’ve always teased one another about the thought of, well… seducing you whenever we’re getting really into it, and I thought it would be really special to see if I could actually interest you in having a threesome with him and me. I mean, I know you’re Christian and from the south and all, but still… you’re a rockstar and I thought, maybe you’d like to live like one for just one night. Just this one night, you know?”

Hayley just stared at Aurora in amazement. Her and Brian were practically shaking in their seats before her right now. Was she supposed to throw her drink in both of their faces now and storm off? Maybe she was supposed to, and on any other night she may have done just that, but for some reason she only fell in love with the couple’s uninvited honesty and open invitation into their sex lives. Well, at least Aurora was getting fucked properly, Hayley thought, which was more than could be said for her she knew.

“Wow! You’re pretty direct! Hayley exclaimed.

“I’m sorry if I offended you, and I understand if you want to leave,” Aurora said. “Ha, believe me, you haven’t offended me, but I am a bit taken aback. Your boyfriend likes me that much? Look at you! How can you not be enough!” Hayley said.

“Wow, thank you! That’s a huge compliment, but you’re the girl from Paramore. I’ll never be able to be that to this guy. Hell, I even dressed up like you a few times, cut and died my hair and everything.”

“Oh, wow that’s so crazy,” Hayley said, her mind rushing to the thought of her being the inspiration for the blue-haired cutie before her to seduce her boyfriend. “So, you make Aurora here dress up as me sometimes, Brian?” Hayley teased him playfully, loving the way he squirmed in his seat nervously while blushing.

“Well…” he stammered.

“Least I know why you were looking down my shirt earlier!” Hayley said. “Aside from the obvious reasons, of course…” Hayley added while Aurora seemed surprised and playfully hit her boyfriend in the arm, looking to him in disbelief of his behavior.

“Brian!” she exclaimed.

“It’s okay. I don’t mind. My guy fans have dirty minds. I’ve known that for a while,” Hayley said somewhat playfully, sipping on her drink again and making eyes with Brian who shrunk away from her gaze, a fact that made her smile widen. Was she actually considering this, she wondered?

“He idolizes you and I want to give him something special,” Aurora added.

“And you thought you’d just ask a stranger to have sex with you and your boyfriend?” Hayley asked honestly enough.

“I know. It’s crazy.”

“It seriously wouldn’t bother you to watch your boyfriend have sex with another girl?” Hayley asked, generally curious about this kind of mindset. She could never have been so open with her past lovers, but she wasn’t in love with Brian here. He was just another cute emo boy who jacked off thinking about her.

“No, it actually kind of turns me on to think about being humiliated a little like that… especially if it was you. That really gets me wet,” Aurora blurted out.

“I’ll say! But you said threesome. Are you into girls enough that you would participate?” Hayley had to ask.

“I’m not a lesbian, but I have to admit, I am pretty attracted to you and the thought of being with a girl is kind of exciting to me especially if my boyfriend is going to be watching. It also gets me hot knowing I’ll be pleasing a girl who just had my man here…”

“We wouldn’t ask unless we had every intention of taking care of you first before us and making sure you were comfortable with the whole thing and wanted you to feel absolutely beautiful and amazing with the whole thing,” Brian blurted out somewhat poetically.

“You’re lucky to have a girl as considerate and adventuresome as Aurora, Brian! But I’m not the kind of girl who does this kind of thing. I appreciate your honesty and courage, but I can’t just have sex with two people I don’t know. I’m sorry, guys, really… but thank you actually. I mean it. Thank you,” Hayley said. “If you really want to be adventurous, you know there’s a topless picture of me online, right?” she asked, already sure of the couple’s answer.

“When I first saw it, I printed it out and masturbated all over it,” Brian admitted.

“Well feel free to keep using it for that,” Hayley said, feeling her own cheeks flushing the same color as her fire engine red hair. “It is kind of hot that you two know what my boobs look like,” Hayley said openly, not believing the words as they left her mouth.

“Oh my gosh, Hayley, you have the cutest little nipples!” Brian admitted.

“Thank you,” Hayley said bashfully.

“Brian, stop it! You’re making her blush!” Aurora said seriously.

“It’s all right, Aurora, but really… I just can’t. I’m sorry you two…” Hayley said, feeling somewhat guilty enough, like she had to turn down a boy to the prom, a feeling she didn’t actually ever feel since she had quit school early due to the band and bullying at school, eventually finishing her high school career out on the road while at Warped Tour. Still, plenty of her old girlfriends had explained the feeling well enough to her for Hayley to get the idea that this felt just like that.

“It’s okay, I understand,” Aurora said, obviously unable to contain her defeat and frustration. When the couple finally excused themselves and apologized profusely, Hayley found her eyes wandering to the girl’s incredibly well formed bubble-butt as it bounced up and down above her upper thighs while she walked away. Hayley turned back down to the number in her phone, Aurora’s, and considered the solicitation that had just been made to her. They had exchanged numbers at the beginning of the day in case they needed to contact each other during an accidental separation. When was the last time she had a good fuck, she wondered? Not since her ex-boyfriend and that was pushing six months at this point. She was practically celibate now. Still, Hayley shrugged. She had to get back to the bus and take a much-needed cold shower.

Later that night

– Hayley finally made it to the bus, which was thankfully empty, and peeled off her clothes and underwear, and jumped right into the shower.

She lost herself to the alleviation of the hot water rushing through her hair and down her body. She grabbed her body wash and began to massage a gentle lather all over her naked body, slowly over her small breasts and fully erect nipples, down her sides, and over her little nub. She thought about Aurora and her boyfriend. She thought about what she might look like dressed as her, and what her boyfriend might do to her if given the chance. If it was one thing she certainly didn’t get enough of on the road, it was a good mindless fuck. Hayley began to slowly rub her clit and placed her opposite hand against the shower door for support as the pleasure building up inside her body caused her to feel light-headed and light on her toes.

What was getting into her, she wondered? She had to reach orgasm, something she didn’t do nearly enough she decided, but she did not want to waste it. Not this one. She needed to fuck badly. Finally, Hayley stepped out of her shower, naked and dripping wet, and grabbed her cell phone out of her pants crumpled on the floor before the shower. She opened her phone and landed on Aurora’s number and sent a text message to her.

HAYLEY: Hey, is this Aurora?

A few moments went by. The cool air outside the shower caused Hayley’s nipples to keep rock hard. Either that or she really was that horny. She felt gooseflesh spread all over her small breasts too. Finally, the sound of her phone receiving a text message danced through the air, like literal music to her ears.

AURORA: Yeah, who’s this?

Hayley typed her response.

HAYLEY: Its Hayley, the girl you tried to have a threesome with!

Hayley waited for Aurora’s response again.

AURORA: OMG! Hey! I’m sorry if I bothered you that much

HAYLEY: You didn’t, do you mind if I come over?

An excruciating long beat of silence. Hayley felt her own juices flowing between her legs, her impending orgasm building deep behind her g-spot and pressing hard against her pelvic bone. When Hayley came, it was always long and hard, and the circumstance surrounding this one would be especially exciting, she thought. Finally, Aurora responded.

AURORA: Yes, of course! Brian is still here, is that okay?

HAYLEY: Sure, but make sure he sees this.

Hayley took the phone in her hand and switched it to camera mode and aimed it at the shower mirror, which displayed her milky white, silky smooth, dripping wet and completely clean-shaven naked form. She aimed the camera at the reflection and took a fully nude candid of herself staring at the camera with sultry bedroom eyes. Satisfied, she uploaded the image to her photos and sent it to Aurora as a photo message with the caption “DON’T LET ANYONE SEE THIS! If you are as nice as you seem then I know I can trust you.” No more twitter accidents with her ta-tas, Hayley had promised, but she just couldn’t resist this sin. And with that, Hayley was getting changed already, not wanting to be a scrub and show up in the same outfit as she had left in. She felt her body aching for attention, wondering how excited Brian would be when he saw his crush completely nude in a photo taken for his eyes only.

AURORA: OMG! OMG! I WON’T! Come over RIGHT NOW! P.S. Damn, you have an amazing body! Brian, “I can’t believe Hayley’s pussy is shaved! That’s so fucking hot on her!”

Hayley smiled and found her keys.

“Hey,” Aurora said as she met Hayley at her hotel doorway an hour later, feeling somewhat like a hooker coming over after being called on a hotline.

Hayley smiled and looked over at a clearly overtly excited and disheveled Brian standing above Aurora who couldn’t keep his eyes off of her body.

“Come on in,” Aurora gestured.

Hayley followed the loving couple inside. They ate cheese and crackers and drank soda in the kitchen while making small talk. Hayley was half-interviewing them, trying to get a feeling for the people she was about to share an incredibly special sexual experience with.

“I think it’s sweet you two can be so open with each other. I can tell you two are very much in love,” Haylay said.

Aurora and Brian shared a look and smiled at each other.

“We are,” Brian said. “Very much.”

Hayley finally set down her glass and looked deep into Brian’s eyes.

“So, how did you like my picture?”

“So much I think I’m going to be able to use that whenever I want to imagine you and I going at it, you know? Don’t worry, you can trust us with it,” Brian stated.

“I’m glad. So, this is really your show, so I guess the reason I wanted to come over was to say that I was a little curious to at least hear you guys out on what sort of things you guys had in store for me. I’m certainly curious to know how I play into your fantasies,” Hayley said amused, leaning on the counter to the couple before her.

“Of course! Well, it would all be whatever you were comfortable with,” Brian stumbled.

“Well, I guess I’m not entirely sure what that is,” Hayley said. “I’m a very impressionable young girl. I could be talked into quite a few situations including ones that involved other women,” Hayley toyed.

“Well, I’d like to have sex with you!” Brian exclaimed.

Hayley chuckled. “Yeah, I got that, but what exactly do you want to do with me?”

Brian looked over to Aurora who smiled and nodded. He turned back to Hayley and continued. “I’d want to get you naked and just stare at you from every angle. I’d want to see your butt too and kiss you all over and eat you out and I’d want to fuck you from behind too.”

Hayley crossed her legs, her pussy already flooding with excitement.

“Sounds pretty hot. I haven’t been tagged from behind since Warped Tour. I bet you’re pretty hard right now, aren’t you?”

Brian smiled bashfully.


“And would you want to watch me and your girlfriend do things together?” she asked.

Brian nodded as Hayley walked over to him and grabbed the huge bulge bursting beneath his jeans at his crotch. Aurora shifted on her feet as she watched the nubile rockstar continue to grab her boyfriend. Hayley then leaned in and whispered into Brian’s ear.

“You want us to maybe kiss each other?” she whispered.

“Oh yes…” he breathed.

Hayley started to rub Brian’s bulge up and down.

“And maybe get naked and kiss each other’s bodies?” Hayley went on.

Brian moaned, obviously attempting to stay in control of his own orgasm. Hayley felt his erection constrained painfully beneath his jeans and belt.

“Yes… and eat each other out… God your hands on me… feel so good…” he admitted, reaching out and nervously putting a hand on her shoulder.

Hayley smirked.

“Then why don’t you get naked right now?” Hayley asked.

“You want me to get naked, right here, right now?” he asked her.

“Yeah, baby, show her that big cock you fuck her with when I dress up like her,” Aurora said, seemingly mesmerized by Hayley fondling her boyfriend, her hand already down her pants. Hayley decided it was time to give in to carnal pleasure too.

“Well, may I kiss you first?” Brian asked.

“Sure,” Hayley said.

Brian pulled in Hayley for a deep and passionate kiss that she melted into. He was a gentle kisser, but a little overly excited. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, which she felt obligated to reciprocate a little at first, though after a few seconds she did not mind. Soon, she was melting into the sensation of Brian’s tongue dancing in and out of her mouth. Brian himself seemed in heaven, as he no doubt tasted the strawberry balm on his crush’s lips, Hayley thought. He took her face in his hands and pulled her lower back toward him, pressing her body against his. He then pressed his groin against her crotch. Hayley shuddered ever so slightly when she felt the bulge in Brian’s jeans press between her legs. After a few minutes, Brian pulled away.

Hayley was left, eyes closed, wanting so much more.

Finally, she opened her eyes and saw Brian staring back at her, Aurora still slowly rubbing herself beneath her jeans. She turned back to Brian.

“Wow, you’re a great kisser!” she exclaimed.

“You too!” Brian stated excitedly.

“Why don’t we all head into the bedroom?” Hayley said.

“Aurora, why don’t you continue rubbing yourself right there on the chair?” Hayley asked.

Aurora did as she was told and sat down on the chair next to the couch. She unbuckled her belt, unfastened her button, and unzipped her jeans. Hayley and Brian looked over and watched her slip her pants and underwear down just far enough to reveal the neatly trimmed landing strip of pubic hair protecting her aching little nub. Hayley blushed as she caught Aurora’s eyes when she slipped her hand back between her legs and started to rub. Hayley then turned back to Brian, a huge tent pitched in his jeans that she grabbed again. Brian nearly feinted, which Hayley noticed.

“Here, lie down,” Hayley gestured as she lead Brian to the bed.

Hayley then unfastened Brian’s belt.

“I want to humiliate your girlfriend now,” Hayley admitted, turning and staring into Aurora’s eyes, Aurora moaning out in response to Hayley’s words.

“I might not last that long the first time,” Brian admitted nervously.

Hayley smiled devilishly.

“That’s okay, cum whenever you need to. We’ll focus on me second,” Hayley said.

“Of course. I’m going to make you cum so fucking hard,” Brian moaned as Hayley unbuttoned Brian’s jeans and unzipped his zipper ever so slowly. Then, the little flame-headed emo rockstar reached inside of her fan’s pants, inside of his briefs, and pulled out his throbbing, aching erection dripping with pre-cum at the tip. It rocketed up to attention with such force that Hayley nearly cried out from surprise. It was a meaty cock, larger than her ex-boyfriends’ by a long shot. She could feel it pulsating in her firm grip, a few veins running up the shaft that pulsated in her grip. The engorged head was already a mess with slimy pre-cum smeared all over. Hayley grabbed Brian’s cock and gave it a firm squeeze and then looked back into Brian’s eyes. He was already moaning out, fighting his impending orgasm. Hayley loved the sight of this meaty thing in her hands, playing with her boyfriends’ penises always her favorite form of foreplay. Hayley turned and saw Aurora masturbating to her hand around her boyfriend’s cock and smiled.

“Does this turn you on, Aurora, me grabbing your boyfriend’s stiff, aching cock?” Hayley asked, honestly intrigued by the young girl’s desire to watch.

“Very much so, yes, Hayley… please don’t stop…” Aurora admitted.

“So, what all did you do to that girl over there when she was me?” Hayley asked as she began slowly stroking Brian’s massive cock in her frail little hand.

“Uh, are you sure you want to know?”

“I do!” Hayley exclaimed, giving Brian another firm squeeze, which caused him to moan out.

“Well, we fooled around a little, but I made her give me head,” he admitted with some trepidation.

“Wow you made her, huh?” Hayley asked.

“Uh, yeah…”

“You don’t think I’d give a good looking guy like you the sloppiest blowjob of your life voluntarily?” Hayley teased, slowly rubbing her hand up and down the shaft as she met eyes with Aurora again, now kicking herself out of her pants and underwear. She soon freed herself and spread her legs out, revealing to Hayley her aching lips and glistening slit. Aurora focused most of her attention on her clit it seemed, constantly rubbing and teasing it with one hand while she reached under her shirt and bra to massage her naked breasts with the other. Hayley focused on the young girl’s privates, taking the time to appreciate the beauty and unique look of Aurora’s pussy. She found herself strangely attracted to not just Aurora, but to the female form in a light she had never seen it in. A naked woman had never made her feel so nervous, so flushed, or so vulnerable. The sight of her slightly embarrassed Hayley at first, but she couldn’t not look, captivated by the sight of another girl spreading herself so wide. It wasn’t nearly as hot to Hayley as the thick cock in her hand, or any thick cock would ever be to her, especially cocks that got hard just to the thought of her, but something about Aurora’s pussy drove her wild, a childhood curiosity suddenly brought to light in the form of a newfound desire to experiment with the young woman watching her. Aurora blushed as Hayley continued, but Brian finally caught her staring.

“She has the most beautiful pussy, doesn’t she?” he said.

“You’ll like mine more, I promise,” she whispered in her ear, keeping eyes on Aurora who moaned in response to such humiliation.

“I can’t wait to see it in full bloom…” he moaned.

“If you’re good, you’ll see it anyway you want to see it…” Hayley teased him.

“Have you ever given head before?” Brian asked.

“Brian!” Aurora exclaimed. “You can’t just ask a girl that!”

Hayley giggled.

“Says the girl half naked and masturbating in front of me,” Hayley teased.

Aurora smiled, exhaled, and returned to her own pleasure. Hayley turned back to Brian.

“And it’s fine. Yes, I have. I had a boyfriend for a while, but we broke up. I’m no stranger to pleasing a guy with my mouth. I love giving my guys blowjays whenever they need a little relief. I know how relieving it can be to cum when you really just need to fucking explode with your lover helping you… or watching,” Hayley admitted, winking to Aurora.

Brian arched his head back as Hayley grabbed him even harder.

“I guess I just liked the idea of being forceful was all,” Brian admitted.

“I bet it was fun,” Hayley stated. “What else did you do to that girl over there when she was me?”

Brian moaned out as Hayley started to rub him faster and faster.

“Okay! Slow down, slow down I’ll tell you. I ate her out and we fucked like crazy. I even stuck it in her ass!”

Hayley’s eyes went wide.

“Wow, I’ve never had anal sex before. How was I?” she asked, intrigued.

“Amazing! You took it all the way in.”

“How many inches?” she asked.

“Eight and three quarters,” Aurora admitted happily enough.

“In my butt? Wow, I doubt my body could even handle that!” Hayley exclaimed. “I doubt I could fit this thing in my pussy let alone my ass. You have no idea how tight my pussy is, Brian. Even Chad said it hurt the first couple of times we had sex,” Hayley said, recalling how sore the inside of her pussy had been for a couple of days after their first fuck. It wasn’t until a week later she let him back inside of her, only to experience the same discomfort after. But Hayley had to force herself to let her boyfriend break her in so that sex would become instantly enjoyable for her whenever she wanted to come as hard as she made Chad come.

“It wasn’t easy, that’s for… oh wow… that’s for sure…” Aurora admitted, seemingly recalling the sensation of having the meaty cock in Hayley’s hand buried deep inside of her ass.

“I’d like to see you when I cum!” Brian exclaimed, instantly fumbling to put his hands inside of her shirt.

A devilish smile formed on Hayley’s face.

“Would you?”

Brian nodded.

Hayley released Brian, almost to his relief. She stood up and peeled off her top slowly, revealing her lacy black bra beneath, the one she picked out just to show off to these two polyamorous lovebirds. She then unbuckled her belt and slipped it from around her waist and tossed it at Brian. She then unfastened her button and slowly unzipped her jeans, the sound of the zipper unzipping loud as a jackhammer echoing through the large living room to Brian she imagined. When Brian saw the color of Hayley’s lacy, matching underwear beneath, he started to grab himself. Hayley let out a slight whimper beneath her breath when she saw Brian grab his thick cock and give it a firm squeeze.

“Do you masturbate a lot to me, Brian?” she asked.

“Yes I wanted to jack off to that photo so badly, but…” he managed.

“You wanted to have me instead? The real thing?” Hayley teased.

“Yes… God yes…”

Hayley smiled, reached around her back, and unhooked her bra. She slowly pulled it away from her chest, her breasts were very small, with tiny dark brown nipples standing at attention. They were creamy white and completely flawless. Brian squeezed himself even harder. Hayley just watched him and then traced her fingers around her areolas and over her erect nipples.

“Jesus Hayley, look at those little itty bitty titties! That tit pic doesn’t do those things justice! Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually really seeing them in real life,” Brian said, stroking himself all the harder and faster for his rockstar lover standing topless before him.

“They are itty bitty titties, aren’t they?” Hayley said, looking down at her breasts. “I love them. They’re the perfect little shape and size for a girl my size,” Hayley said. “But wait ’til you see my naked ass. It’s my favorite part of my body, hands down.” Hayley added, before reaching down to hook her fingers into the bands of her panties and slowly slip them off her hips, revealing her nearly bald vulva but for the small, closely trimmed wisp of hair just above her actual pussy to both Brian and Aurora. She then stepped out of them and tossed them to Brian.

“Go ahead,” she said playfully.

Brian smiled and then smelled her panties. He kept taking in her scent, which Chad had described to her as forbidden, musky, and a little sweet. Brian’s eyes immediately fell to Hayley’s nearly clean-shaven pussy.

“Oh my God!” he said. “Look at that little stash, Hayley! I thought for sure you were clean shaven for sure!” he said, taking in her scent on her panties again. “And I always imagined you smelled sweet, but not like this… it’s so musky and pungent.”

“Sorry to disappoint, but I like to keep just a tiny little bit down there. Just the size of a nickel really, a little tiny little thing… I really like it… running my hands over it…” Hayley admitted freely, bending down and running her fingers through the patch.

“May I eat your pussy?” Brian asked.

“Only if you can share,” Hayley said.

Brian looked to Aurora who exchanged a concerned look with Hayley.

“It’s okay,” Hayley said through a nervous smile of her own as she sat back down on the couch next to Brian who got up, sat beneath Hayley on his knees. Hayley kept her legs shut tightly, hiding her unique flower for the time being. Aurora, bottomless, joined Brian, and nervously sat before Hayley with him, her heart racing at the sight of the amorous couple kneeling, exposed and both partially naked. “I’ve never let a girl do this to me…” Hayley admitted nervously, suddenly wondering if she had let things go too far at this point. “Why don’t you guys kiss a little bit and show me how much you’re in love…” she added.

And the two kissed passionately, sloppily, hungrily, Brian’s hands all over Aurora’s exposed breasts and puffy little pink nipples, falling between her legs and slipping between her legs, his fingers plunging into her privates and driving Aurora crazy. She went for her boyfriend’s cock and started to stroke it, a sight that Hayley had to open her legs for. When they turned, Brian and Aurora both nearly had a heart attack. Hayley knew she had a tight pussy, her lips tight, her labia hidden beneath.

“You like it more than your girlfriend’s?” Hayley asked, not believing she did.

“I hate to have to pick, but if I did have to… yours is a little tighter looking…” Brian admitted to Hayley who turned to Aurora whose cheeks flushed. “Hayley… your pussy is absolutely beautiful. You’re such a beautiful woman,” Brian added, staring right into it, a fact that made Hayley’s tummy turn in knots.

“Does that bother you that your boyfriend worships me, Aurora? That he likes this pussy better than yours?” Hayley asked, honestly wanting to know.

“No… I’m glad you didn’t disappoint him. I want him to be happy tonight,” she said, turning to Brian. “This is it, big guy,” Aurora said.

“Hey, you two. I’m feeling a little vulnerable right now. I think you two should get naked. Undress each other for me. I think that’d be hot,” Hayley said.

Aurora smiled and reached over and pulled her lover’s shirt up and over his head, revealing his skinny abdomen to Hayley. Elizabeth started to kiss Brian as she reached down and grabbed his throbbing penis, Brian moaning into Aurora’s kiss as she unfastened his jeans and slipped them off him. Next came his briefs. Hayley started to rub herself at the sight and then looked to Aurora.

Aurora smiled as Brian pulled her shirt up, over her head and lifted her bra off her C-cup breasts with medium sized, gauged, pink nipples that he immediately started to lick and suck all over. He slowly bit each of Aurora’s nipples, causing her to moan out each time. And then Brian ripped her top and bra off so hard and fast, Aurora was almost alarmed. They kissed passionately again and then both looked up to Hayley.

And then she smiled. Brian looked to Aurora as if for permission.

“Go ahead,” was all Aurora said.

Brian then spread Hayley’s lips far apart, revealing her hot pink pussy hiding beneath. He peeled her labia open and started to lick the inside of her womanhood. Hayley arched her back, having forgotten the extreme pleasures of a man’s tongue inside of her womanhood. Brian was a man on a mission, determined to lap up all of Hayley’s nectar, it seemed, and literally drink from her pussy. Hayley felt his tongue all over her lips and inside her, which sent tiny explosions running through her groin. Quickly she found her hands teasing her clit while Brian went to town consuming her. By the time he pulled away, his mouth and nose were covered in her shimmering juices, the sight of him covered like that a bit embarrassing to Hayley. She hadn’t realized she had gotten that wet.

“Wow, you smell and taste amazing, Hayley!” Brian exclaimed.

“Thank you,” was all she could manage.

Brian took Hayley’s swollen lips and spread them apart again, revealing her hot pink to him. Her vulva was swollen and aching for attention. Then, Brian started to finger her. When his fingers pushed halfway inside of Hayley, she cried out in response, and Brian immediately had to apply more pressure to push past her walls in order to gain maximum penetration. Hayley cried out again when she felt not one, but two pair of lips on her pussy. She looked up to see Brian and Aurora both eating her now. Aurora looked up at her and smiled, she reached up and dragged her hand all over her naval while Brian continued to finger her. Occasionally, Brian and Aurora stopped to sloppily make out with each other, their shared kiss tainted in Hayley’s musky juices.

“How do you like eating pussy?” Brian asked of his girlfriend.

“It’s… different. She taste really sweet. I’m just not used to girls…” she admitted. “Am I not pleasing you?” she asked timidly.

“You just need to get deeper in her, here, like this,” Brian said, pushing her face into Hayley’s wet pussy, burying her nose and lips into her slit, Hayley screaming out in response. “Now start using your tongue in her like that,” he said. Hayley just looked down and watched the whole thing happen between her legs while masturbating and wondered if this was all real, or if she could do this with all of her fans in every city. She could have as many lovers as there were nights or even more lovers than there were nights if she so desired to take many.

Hayley watched a girl eat her pussy, the first girl who had ever eaten her pussy. She wasn’t skilled perhaps, but knew her way around down there, paying special attention to her clit while Brian continued to penetrate her with his fingers and tongue. Then, Hayley felt Brian rub the mess of her wet pussy all over her tight asshole.

“That feels amazing,” Hayley said shuddering.

“Yeah?” Brian asked.


Brian smiled and then slipped a finger into her tight sphincter. He turned over and saw his girlfriend, face covered in another woman, tongue deep inside his rockstar crush’s juices. Hayley felt her own orgasm building and building as the loving couple continued to work her aching pussy. Soon, she was grabbing Aurora and Brian by their hair and pulling them deeper inside her hole. Hayley’s orgasm built against her clit and inside her pussy. Brian’s fingers inside her ass pushed to forbidden depths that caused the orgasm building against her g-spot to build greater than she had ever known before. Then, suddenly, when Brian slipped his fingers in both her pussy and ass, while Aurora was licking her, she cried out and exploded into orgasm and started spraying the cute couple in a shower of her juices. Aurora tried to duck away from it, but Hayley held her head tightly in place as her cum continued to flood out of her like water rushing from a broken dam and spray out. The relief of her orgasm exploding through her body, of her toes going number and her womanhood draining caused Hayley’s whole body to flood with ecstasy. Her body went rigid, her back stiff, and for a brief moment Hayley was in Heaven as she painted Aurora’s face in the orgasm that she helped bring her to.

“Sweetie, open your mouth! That’s her cum!”

Aurora somewhat reluctantly opened her mouth, and Hayley played along trying to aim properly for it, occasionally splashing Aurora in the nose and eyes with her juices.

Hayley felt pure ecstasy and nothing else.

Then she came one more time, the explosion rippling from her g-spot through her groin and back again over her already sensitive g-spot.

And then Hayley came again.

Brian was quick to lap up the flowing juices rushing out of her when the stream died down and Hayley’s screams finally died down. Then, Brian turned to Aurora, holding an open mouth full of Hayley’s cum.

“Sweetie, let me see that… oh my God… is that all of Hayley’s cum in your mouth there?” he asked, obviously incredibly turned on by the sight of it. She nodded. Even Hayley couldn’t believe it, feeling somewhat ashamed of where she found herself after her head came back down from the clouds she was in. Immediately, Hayley felt like a whore and ashamed of herself for sinning so much and so fast like this. She felt like a deviant, but it turned her on even still.

“I want that cum in my mouth, honey,” Brian said.

Aurora stood up and grabbed Brian by the head and offered Hayley’s cum to him. Hayley watched Brian open his mouth and Aurora spit a mouthful of her orgasm down into her boyfriend’s mouth, Brian swallowing it all gladly. Aurora and Brian made out sloppily as Hayley slowly recovered.

Brian got up and literally lifted Hayley, unable to stand on her own two feet, up into the air. He looked at her, eyes glassed over, and kissed her deeply. She smelled herself, the bite of her own musky cum filling up her nostrils and driving her insane. She loved being kissed like that, while her orgasm was still all over her lover’s mouth. Maybe that was where she got her curiosity for girls, she wondered, all those years of tasting her own flower on her lover’s kisses. Brian then looked back at her after pulling away, a determined look in his eyes that almost frightened Hayley.

“I need you to suck me off.”

Hayley found herself on her knees in front of a throbbing cock covered in slimy pre-cum. Aurora got up and crawled next to Brian and started to masturbate to the sight of Hayley on her knees before her boyfriend. Hayley was still catching her breath when Brian grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged the tip of his cock all over her face, smearing her face in his pre-cum. Hayley reveled in the feeling of letting her inner cum-slut surface. Then, without warning, Hayley grabbed Brian and plunged it into her mouth. She started to blow him like it was the last blowjob she was going to give. She bobbed up and down on it, kneeling up so as to take it deeper into her throat. She dragged her hands through Brian’s pubic region and all over his naval, occasionally dragging her nails back down on him. Then, Hayley looked up at Brian who watched her suck him as if in a trance. She winked at him.

Brian grabbed Hayley’s head and pushed it so far down that his cock rammed into the back of her throat, just above her tonsils. She started to gag, but finally he released her. When Brian released her, Hayley pulled herself off him and looked up at him.

“Easy there, partner. I promise I’ll get you off.”

“Will you sing to me?” he asked.

Hayley looked confused.


“One of your songs… while you blow me?”

Hayley then realized this was exactly how his fantasy went down. She smiled.


Hayley looked into his eyes and started to serenade him with “Misery Business” while Brian occasionally interrupted her by slipping his cock into her mouth. Still, she was able to hum the harmony even with a mouthful of cock. He pulled out just as Hayley managed to sing, “But when I thought he was mine, she caught him by the mouth,” just before Brian slipped his cock back into her wanting mouth. Brian let her sing the chorus, which Hayley wanted to direct to Aurora. “Whoa, it was never my intention to brag, but I got him where I want him now. Whoa, it was never my intention to brag, to steal it all away from you now!” Hayley playing the role of cuckcake to Aurora’s cuckquean, winking at her as Brian shoved his manhood back into her mouth, which she happily sucked on.

They continued this dance until he saw Brian whisper something into his masturbating girlfriend’s ear that really got her going. A second later, Aurora stood up and kneeled next to Hayley. She took her face in her hands and drew her in for a deep and sloppy kiss. Hayley was immediately stung by the scent of her own privates stained on Aurora’s face. Never before having kissed a girl, Hayley drew Aurora in and the two quickly began groping while Brian began masturbating in front of them. She couldn’t see, but she could hear the sound and it really got her going even more than making out and being molested by a naked girl.

Brian reached out and grabbed Hayley mid-kiss and slammed her mouth back on his cock. Hayley began to suck him again, and then decided to get really dirty. “Fuck my throat,” she said.

“Are you sure?” Brian asked, grabbing a fistful of Hayley’s hair, showing her who was boss right then.

“Yes! It’s not the best thing for my voice, but I don’t care. I’ll just tell everyone that I’m getting a cold if my voice sounds raspy tomorrow…” Hayley said.

“You want me to fuck your throat that hard?” Brian asked.

“Just fucking do it,” Hayley demanded. “Make me a whore.”

Brian smiled and then slammed her mouth back onto his cock. The sound of his erection slamming into the back of her throat and hitting her tonsils sounded awful, and a couple of times Aurora told him to go easier on her. But Brian didn’t care, he had Hayley’s throat and he was determined to use it as he saw fit. Hayley reveled in the feeling of having a cock slam against her tonsils over and over, pushing past her gag reflex each time. The sounds were guttural and awful. It had been a while since she had let anyone use her mouth like her pussy before because of what it did to her vocal chords and voice, but it really got her going when she heard such abuse. Then, Brian held her head in place, her nose buried in his neatly trimmed hair, her eyes watering over. She gagged around the nine inches of cock stuck in her throat making it difficult for her to breath. When she tried to push off of Brian, he held her in place and caused her eyes to water over and run into her mascara, which ran down her cheeks. Finally, Brian release Hayley and she broke out into a coughing fit, thick strands of pre-cum and saliva stretching away from his cock to her lips.

“Finish me off, you little emo slut!” Brian exclaimed.

Hayley didn’t mind the name-calling. In fact, it caused her to just go crazy. Brian released her and let Hayley take control again. Hayley started to suck Brian’s dick as if engaged in some sort of blowjob contest. It was the sloppiest blowjob she had ever given and being watched only got her off further. After a little while, she started to fondle, cup, and gently massage his balls before bending down and taking each one into her mouth to suck on.

“I love having my balls sucked like that. Do you like sucking dick, Hayley?” Brian asked. Hayley finally came up for air.

“You’re quite the little dirty talker, aren’t you?”

“Sorry…” he said.

“That’s okay. I kind of like it. And for the record, I love swallowing dick. I’m a little whore when it comes to giving head it seems. I love dragging cocks all over my face.”

Hayley dove back onto Brian’s cock as Aurora could only watch on in awe.

“Is this what you like watching, Aurora?” Hayley teased when she came back up. “Your man’s cock in another girl’s mouth?”

“Yes, especially your mouth, Hayley…” Aurora said, still masturbating.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” Brian moaned. Hayley came up again, another thick strand of pre-cum connecting her mouth to Brian’s cock. Her face was covered in glistening pre-cum.

“Where did you cum when you did this to your girlfriend?”

“On her… her…” Brian breathed, seemingly embarrassed about the answer, a fact that only made Hayley want to hear it all the more.

“My what?” asked Hayley. “Tell me, Brian…”

“Your… face!” he moaned, stroking his soaking cock over her face.

“You gave me a facial?” Hayley asked, intrigued.

“Seriously, Hayley,” Brian began, dragging his fingertips across the line of her face and down her cheeks. “Your face is absolutely breathtaking. Your porcelain skin, those beautiful sultry eyes, this red hair, and that cute little gap in your front teeth there,” he finished, reaching out and touching the gap in her teeth.

“You trying to butter me up for a nice facial?” Hayley asked.

“I feel like unloading this load of cum anywhere else on you, or even in you, would be a waste. That face is a little masterpiece that I’d love to unload on,” he said.

“Maybe it’s just the perfect canvas in which to paint your masterpiece on!” Hayley said playfully.

“I think it would absolutely radiate on your face,” Brian said as Hayley reached up and started to massage his balls again while Aurora just sat back and watched while rubbing herself.

“What? Your cum? Oh I have no doubt it would. How do you think I have such clear skin?” Hayley teased.

“You’ve had cum on your face before?” Brian said excitedly.

“Just because I’m the queen of emo doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten what it means to be emo. Us emo girls have a certain, shall I say, reputation to uphold…ahem…”

“Emo girls look so hot with cum on their face. More than any other girls,” Brian admitted. “It’s why I started hitting on Aurora here. I knew she’d let me come on her face when she finally sucked my cock and mark her as my territory.”

“You really want to cover this famous face in cum don’t you?”

“More than anything.”

“Call me a slut!” Hayley exclaimed.

“You are a slut! Look at you, sucking my cock!”

“You really want to cover this emo slut’s face, don’t you?”

“Yes!” Brian exclaimed.

“Hmm, then I guess I better let you. It’s what us emo girls are known for isn’t it? Taking big loads of hot, sticky cum all over our faces after we’ve just finished sucking a big juicy cock right?”

“I can’t believe I’m going to cover your face in my cum!”

Hayley started to jack Brian off as fast as she could. Brian then positioned himself over her and aimed the head of his penis right at Hayley’s face.

“Go ahead, paint my face with your sperm. Give this girl the emo facial of her dreams. Cover her in your sperm and put her in her place. Mark her as your territory right in front of that girlfriend of yours. Show her that you own me sexually and that only I can make you come as hard as I know you’re about to,” Hayley playfully toyed while looking up into his eyes and begging him for his cum.

Hayley turned to Aurora.

“Look at me sweetie. Look at what you’ll never be able to do.”

“Here it comes!” Brian exclaimed

Brian finally exploded sending a thick jet of hot sperm rocketing into her eye and sealing it shut instantly, his thick, white, hot cream congealing into her lashes. It stung instantly, semen trapped behind her eyelid and washing over her eyes now. But before she could focus on the discomfort, another jet launched out of his cock and landed in one long jet across her forehead, hair, streaking down over her nose, and finally finishing across her cheek. Hayley flinched away, but Brian held her head in place as he shot his next thick jet straight up the bridge of her nose and into the corner of her eye. Another three jets splattered right across her cheeks and splashed across her ear. Brian shot another thick jet right onto Hayley’s nose, the thick globule of cream too heavy to sit on it and slowly sliding off the tip and stretching off of it like a thick icicle. Another thick helping of Brian’s semen fell across Hayley’s lips, which oozed down all over her chin. Aurora just watched on, incredulous, Hayley knowing that she had never seen Brian come this much or this hard. Hayley turned back and smiled up at Brian as he continued to whitewash her face. The next couple of jets splattered across Hayley’s forehead and mixed with the original jets, already dripping down her face. Brian started to cry out as he sent his last jets flying over her nose, continuing to paint his masterpiece onto the flame-headed emo queen slut of rock. The marvelous way in which his cum popped on her face and radiated on her skin gave Hayley’s facial a particular eloquence that most porn stars could never hope to achieve. She looked classy wearing all of that cream, like it simply belonged on her face. Brian shook off his remaining jets across Hayley’s small breasts and collapsed back onto the couch, drained completely.

Hayley froze, in shock from the action she had just let happen to her.

“Wow…” was all she could say.

“Yeah,” Brian managed.

“You look like an iced cinnamon roll, Hayley… Jesus….” he said.

“Brian… I’ve never seen you do that… Hayley, are you all right?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” she admitted, but actually she wasn’t so sure. “But I feel like there’s a gallon of cum on my face,” she added.

“Think of all those little sperm swimming around in that cum on your face right now, Hayley. Millions of them are swimming around your face right now, all of that potential life sliding down your face and marking you as my little girl,” he breathed.

“I am. Wow… I’ve never heard a facial so poetically described Brian. I think I’m going to need a minute to just enjoy this,” Hayley said. “All of this cum on my face.”

“That’s seriously more cum than I’ve ever seen Brian shoot before,” Aurora admitted. “I guess he really likes you!”

“How do I look?” Hayley asked.

“Incredible,” Brian admitted.

“I feel like you just marked me.”

Brian grabbed his phone and then showed it to Hayley.

“You seriously look like a little strawberry toaster strudle.”

Hayley laughed.

“Now that’s a compliment I’m sure I’ve never gotten!” she admitted, finally opening her one unmarked eye and looking up in enough time to see a thick helping of cream slide off her brow and dangle in front of her brow. She could feel it hanging off her chin, dangling off her nose, and cascading down her skin everywhere Bobby had shot. There was some sliding down her chest toward her pussy, Hayley hoping it reached its target and slid over her own cum still dripping from between her legs and onto the carpet of their hotel room floor.

“Do you feel kind of slutty looking like that?” Brian asked.

“A little…”

“I don’t mean to press my luck, but…”

“Yes! Take my picture covered in your cum. Get some good ones,” Hayley insisted.

“You’re my little prize.”

Brian smiled and stood up, his cock going limp before Hayley’s eyes. His balls looked to be much less swollen than they had been before, Hayley imagining that she had probably drained their entire contents onto her face just a few moments ago. Still, she couldn’t take her eyes off the meaty thing, still dripping with cum. She felt the cool semen running down all over her face, thick and cool, now spilling over every one of her features. It was coating her skin like warm icing sliding over a freshly baked pastry, which only made Hayley more excited. Brian started to snap off photo after photo of her messy facial. Hayley gave the camera a number of sultry gazes and even spread her legs and labia apart for a few especially nasty candids she prayed did not get leaked on Twitter. These photos would be far harder to explain, and much more embarrassing than simply letting her fanbase see what her nipples looked like. Then, much to Hayley’s delight, Brian slipped his cock back in Hayley’s mouth and took a photo of her sucking his cock, face covered in his warm seed. Then, Hayley decided to really shock Brian and do something she had only ever done for Chad before. She started to slowly open her mouth and let some of Brian’s semen leak into her mouth, most of it spilling down from her top lip to her bottom though. Hayley then started to slowly blow little bubbles with his sperm.

“You ever see a girl blow bubbles with cum, Brian?” she asked seductively.

“No! Never! My God! Look at that… and that strand on your nose too!”

Hayley started to blow at it, causing it blow around off her nose. Finally, she took her tongue out and started to toy with it, rolling it around on her tongue and moving it back and forth until the strand caught on her bottom lip which made her giggle like a little school girl. Still, Brian snapped off more candids of her sultry cum-play.

“I think I’m going to need a towel or a few tissues…” Hayley said.

“Or you could leave it on your face like a proper little cum-slut,” Brian suggested. “Besides, I don’t want you to waste all of that cum. It’s got lots of nutrients that every young girl needs in her diet,” he said playfully.

“Next you’ll tell me it’ll make my boobs grow if I swallow it!” Hayley retorted smiling coyly.

“I wouldn’t mind running this test over a trial period of a few months. We could measure your boobs daily and check the data at the end of the experiment!” he replied.

“The amount of Chad’s cum that I swallowed… I’d have double D’s by now… minimum,” Hayley came back, looking down at her naked, cum-streaked breasts. “But still…” Hayley scooped a thick globule of sperm from her cheek into her mouth and swallowed it down with an audible gulp. “Yumm!” she said. “That doesn’t mean I’m not willing to keep trying.”

Brian smiled and then unexpectedly climbed on top of her and shoved his whole cock, already stiffening again, deep into her wet pussy. Hayley cried out, frightened by Brian’s ability to rejuvenate so quickly (and that he was able to penetrate her without warning). Hayley looked deep into his eyes. He was staring back at her, her cum-soaked face looking vulnerably back at him.

“Look at how beautiful I made you. I didn’t think it was possible to improve on perfection,” Brian said honestly, admiring his handiwork streaked all over her.

Brian then began to thrust in and out of Hayley who started to moan out in ecstasy as she felt him reach depths she hadn’t felt since Chad. Brian looked over at Aurora who smiled nervously and crawled over to Hayley. She leaned down and began kissing her. Brian’s cum smeared all over Aurora’s lips and face as she really started to get into it. Soon, they were making out, their tongues literally coated in Brian’s seed. Then Aurora did the unexpected.

My cock had just taken a proverbial beating when Ellie’d rode me like a bucking horse in front of her sister about five minutes back, but when she told me she was going to make it her bitch, it definitely twitched when she said, ‘bitch.’

Still, I felt a bit guilty for getting swindled into taking a second consecutive sky-ride with Rachel, but without Ellie. She fooled us all, but judging from Ellie’s facial expressions as she watched us float away, she may not have shared the same point of view. I gave my best shoulder shrug with my arm and head out the window, hoping it communicated, “I did not mean for this to happen, nor was I a participant in the planning process and I hope to see you soon” that I meant it to. I wasn’t terribly confident.

I turned my attention back inside the car as we leveled out and my eyes found my girlfriend’s sister in her birthday suit, one leg swung open, the other propped up on her foot, which was resting on the seat with her. It was a sight, to be sure. My cock twitched again, stronger this time.

“Hello.” Was all I could manage to say.

“What, exactly, do you think you’re doing, mister?” Rachel asked as I surveyed her body up and down. It was hot, and the car was only cooled by the breeze that went through the windows. There wasn’t much of a breeze, so she had a sheen across her entire body, and sweat was starting to bead up and roll down her untanned tits, her toned abs, her wide open legs, across her completely waxed pussy.

“I, umm, don’t really know.” I told her.

“Alright, well here’s what is going to happen. I’m going to get my way. I always get my way and you know this. So does my sister.” I nodded along, agreeing that all of this was true. “Now, we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way. I don’t much mind either way, but we only have limited time on this ride, so I’m going to make you a deal.” She said.

“A deal?” I asked, confused.

“Yes, Monty, a deal. You don’t resist, and agree to do this the easy way and in exchange I will tell my sister you put up a BIG fight, protesting most of the time and that I just got to cop a feel while you fended me off. How’s that sound?” She asked. It was a good offer. And she was right, things that my girlfriend and her sister did not want to happen were, in fact, going to happen. Why not enjoy it?

“Fine. Deal.” I said.

“Well?” She asked, tapping her toe.

“What? Oh, yeah.” I realized I wasn’t holding up my end of the bargain. I took off my shirt, then my shorts and underwear in one motion. I was nearly hard again, and despite also being stark naked, sweat was starting to pour off me as well. I grabbed my cock and started to jerk myself to her naked body.

“Oh, hell no. You don’t get all the fun again. Hands off!” She shooed my hands away with hers and dropped to her knees in front of me, taking me fully in her mouth right away. She bobbed up and down, I rested my hand on the back of her head and guided her pace. She kept at it for a little while longer, then popped her head up with an audible popping sound.

“It’s probably better if you keep your hands off altogether, that way you can claim some kind of innocence in this and still be convincing. You’re a terrible liar.” She was mostly right, I was a pretty bad liar.

“Just like at the club.” I said, and sat on my hands. She slapped me across the face for that.

“I’m no stripper! I’m hotter than they are and you can have me!” She said, then climbed on top of me to straddle me and position the head of my cock at her opening. She used her hand to brush it back and forth across her lips and worked herself up. She was hot and very wet from watching us and playing with herself. She dropped down, and like with her mouth took me in all at once. I felt her flex her pussy as she landed, tensing up then slowly releasing. I moaned, she gasped.

“Holy….shit.” She uttered after she recovered from her immediate orgasm. “You’re, uh, bigger than what I’m used to.” She said.

“Just relax and get used to it until that initial shock passes.” I told her. She slapped me again.

“You don’t tell me what to do. I’m the one in control, I’m the one that gets to use my hands and it’s my pussy you’re inside of. My rules.” She said.

“Didn’t you have a concern with time?” I asked her, smirking. Once again, she slapped me.

“No talking back.” She told me.

“Ah, you know, if you keep doing that I’m going to start responding in kind.” I said, and she was taken aback. “I don’t slap, but I do spank. Hard.” I said as I thrust up into her. She lost her breath before she could come back at me.

She started to work me, slowly at first, but building up in pace.

“God…you…feel….so….good!” She yelled in between bounces. The car was rocking pretty steadily, and I could tell it must have been making the entire line bounce. Rachel must have had the same thought, because she slowed down her fucking, looked in my eyes and began to play with her tits, rolling one nipple between her thumb and forefinger, her stare intensifying when she pinched down.

I leaned forward and grabbed onto her hand with my teeth and pulled it off her tit, then I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked gently, my teeth coming to rest on her nipple. The anticipation of a bite is often more stimulating than the bite itself, so I just rolled her nipple back and forth across my front teeth. She breathed more heavily, taking her full right tit in her hand and squeezing. She was trembling, then shuddering as she bounced up and down on my cock. I could feel her tightening up as she neared orgasm and wanted to push her, so I bit down on her nipple. Enough for shock value, but not too hard. She cried out, grabbed both tits and grinded against me as she came.

“Turn around.” I told her, “I want to watch your ass as you ride me.” She slowly cracked open her eyes and smiled as if she’d just woken up. I expected a protest, but she was compliant. She stood up, turned around, bent over to steady herself on the opposing bench seat and lowered herself onto me again.

“I might need a second to recover before I go again.” She said, almost pleading.

“You’re the one that said we’re short on time. But, I’ll busy myself while you get your composure back.” I told her, and started to play with her ass cheeks.

“Hey, no hands.” She said, and I ignored her.

“No, I don’t think so. You’re in no position to resist or to slap me.” I said. Again, no resistance. She was enjoying herself. I was about to do the same. I pulled each her legs up on either side of me so she straddled my lap. I wet my thumb in my mouth, building up a thick layer of spit and went straight to her clean little asshole with it and started to play, rubbing lightly in little circles.

“What…you…oh…” Was all she could manage as I rubbed my thumb around her asshole. She started to play with herself, rubbing her clit and I reached up and grabbed one hand, then the other and held them together with one hand while I continued to work her ass with my other hand. She leaned forward more and more until I was supporting most of her weight by holding on to her wrists. I took my hand away from her ass long enough to guide my cock to her pussy, then “encouraged” her down onto me. She accepted my cock more easily this time, all at once with a small gasp at the end. I spit down into her ass crack and resumed rubbing her asshole with my thumb.

“Ohhhh…ley fuck!” She said, shaking with an impending orgasm. The car rocked in response to all the motion, I was sure she was audible well outside the car but I didn’t care. I just pushed my thumb further and further into her ass as her orgasm built up stronger and stronger. I worked my thumb in and out of her ass in opposite time with my cock in her pussy, ramping up in pace. She used her legs to push up and thrust down onto me, slamming into me even harder.

“Where do you want me to come?” I asked her.

“Come all on my ass, I want your hot come all over my ass!” She yelled, adding, “But not yet!” I let go of her hands, she pushed herself up for support and then used my now free hand to drop down and spank her still pink ass.

“Soon?” I asked. She reached back, grabbed my neck and pulled herself back to me and whispered in my ear, “Sooner, if you keep that up.” I pushed her back down to expose her ass, then spanked her again on her left cheek at the same time as thrusting my thumb into her ass. Her pussy tensed up and I felt myself getting very close. I spanked her again, she cried out, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and I began spanking her at each yes, a little harder each time.

I spanked her one more time and she stopped saying yes, she stopped bouncing and just shook, her pussy tightened around my cock. I slowly withdrew my thumb from her ass and just held her there. Again she leaned back and whispered in a soft, raspy voice like warm whiskey and said, “Come for me, now.” It was all I needed. I pushed her down once again, pulled my cock from her pussy just in time for my cock to explode all over her ass. It was like I hadn’t come in months, it just kept going and going.

She reached back and rubbed the come into her ass, forming a full sheen across her ass cheeks, rubbing it into her asshole, lightly fingering her ass as both of our orgasms trailed off.

“Too bad you don’t have your phone, eh? You could take a picture of that for your spank bank.

“Trust me.” I told her, “I won’t be forgetting this any time soon. Now get up and get dressed, I don’t think your trick will work again. We also have to see if we can find your sister without the aid of phones. If she even wants to be found.”

“Oh, she will.” Rachel said with a devilish grin. She cleaned herself off again with my boxers, and slipped her dainty clothes back on.

She was right, too, as we neared the end of the ride we could see both Ellie and guy waiting for us, not looking terribly happy. But also not as mad as we thought they’d be. Rachel seemed to notice it, too”

“What do you suppose they’ve been up to?” Rachel asked.

“I guess we’re about to find out.” I answered as the door opened for us to finally exit the sexiest ride at the fair.

We arrived home mid-afternoon the following day, which gave us time to hit the gym before Dad got home. When he did he did a double-take. Mom had been working out in baggy tee-shirts and shorts. Now she was wearing black tights and a purple top with a spaghetti strap. She was reveling in the new bod.

Dad ventured a compliment. “You look nice honey.”

“Thank you dear. Randy and I worked very hard to create the new me.”

She turned to me. “What do you think?”

“Well Mom, you’re some hot.”

“Thank you stud.” She ran her hand down my chest. “You’re mighty fine yourself,”

Mom, limited for the evening to a liquid diet, made smoothies. We drank them by the pool while Dad ate in front of the television. When we were done we returned to the house. Mom flipped off the television and sat on the couch. I sat beside her. She slid her leg over so it touched mine.

“Dear, I’m having breast augmentation surgery tomorrow.”

Dad looked stunned and started to say something, but Mom talked over him. “Don’t worry, you don’t need to take time off from work. It’s an out-patient procedure and Randy,” placing her hand on my thigh, “will take me.”

Dad got in his point in. “Don’t you think you should have asked?”

Mom’s eyes bore in on him, but her voice was calm, almost disdainful. “Why should I dear. I’ve busted my ass getting back in shape. You’ve provided no support and shown no interest. I ran it by the one person in the family who has been with me every step of the way.” Her hand, which had laid on top of my thigh, drifted to the inside and she slowly, but openly, stroked the skin with a fingernail.

My turn. “Mom and I talked about it and I think she’s gonna look great. Not that she doesn’t look great now.”

“Thank you. I hope you like your new-version Mama.” She kissed me on the cheek, her lips lingering a beat longer than normal.

Mom turned back to Dad. “I put in on the VISA. You’ll get the bill next month.”

Dad said, “Well, when you have surgery I think you should tell me.”

Mom’s face turned red. She walked over to Dad and stood, looming over him. She spoke carefully and deliberately, her anger barely controlled. “I will do with my body whatever I want, with whomever I want. Do you understand?”

Dad broke her gaze, at this point seeming to hope she would just go away. Mom didn’t move, her eyes on him, demanding an answer. He looked back at her, trying to break her stare. “Well. It’s just….” Mom took a step towards him. He looked down. “Yes dear, I understand.”

Mom turned the television back on and looked at me. “Honey, rub my neck.” I moved to the end of the couch; she sat between my legs. I worked on her neck and shoulders. Mom slid a hand between us and found the outline of my hardening penis. She used a finger or two to trace its outline and rub its underside.

“I’m not making you uncomfortable, am I?” she asked.

“You’re nothing I can’t handle.”

“We’ll see about that.”

A few minutes later Mom stood and announced she needed a good night’s sleep prior to the surgery. She took my hand in hers and said, “Why don’t you tuck your Mom in.”

“Dad. I’ll be busy with the sexy lady. Get the dishes.”

He didn’t respond.

“I didn’t hear you.”

His voice faltered. “Of course.”

Mom held my hand as we walked upstairs.

As soon as we turned down the hallway she pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard. Flaunting her new sexuality in front of Dad was a turn-on. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down, grabbing hold of my rock hard penis. She took, in turn, each testicle into her mouth, lovingly holding them on her tongue while gently sucking. After she released them she licked my cock from base to tip and then took it’s head and several inches of the staff into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. Finally, looking at me, she spit it out.

“I’ve been wondering what this bad boy tastes like.”

She stood, grabbed my erection and pulled it, and me, to the bedroom. There she pushed me back onto the bed, stripped, and reached for the bottle of lubricant, spraying some on her breasts and kneading it into her skin with her hands. She slid down my legs and leaned forward, trapping my cock between her tits.

“This is the last time you get to tittie-fuck this version of your mother.”

She pushed her breasts together and I started humping her boobs. My cock retreated between the mounds until its head was barely visible and then thrust back out. Each time it speared forward Mom tried to lick it, usually successfully. The friction was heaven and I felt the cum churning in my balls. I relished the pleasure in my groin and loved watching my dick splitting Mom’s tits while her tongue flicked its head.

Mom then crawfished down my body, said “This should not be problem for my liquid only diet,” and took my meat into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down half-a-dozen times while jacking off the base of my cock. She then licked hard and slow from the base to the head and gently nibbled the tip. The contrast between the firm pressure when she licked the shaft and the gentle treatment of the head drove up the pressure in my balls, which only increased when she opened her mouth and again swallowed my dick. I felt it bump the back of my mouth and she had almost the entire thing between her lips when she clamped down hard, sucking at full strength, pulling her head teasingly up the length of my tool while her lips formed a tight seal around the trunk. Her soft murmurs let me know how much she was digging this oral treat. I placed my hands on her shoulders, squeezing gently.

How could Dad have let this sexual Valkyrie go to sleep?

“Suck me, suck me, fuckin’ yeah, oooohhhhh, ooohhh.”

Mom started to rapidly bob her head up and down, pressing her tongue hard against it as it charged in and out of her mouth, while continuing to jerk me off in time with the movement of her mouth.

“Eat my big fat cock, you horny Mom slut. Drink my jism, swallow your own son’s cum. You ready to be my personal fuck-toy, to turn yourself into a big titted fuck-toy for your boy. You ready for all the cock you can handle?.”

Mom grunted her assent.

I was getting close. My penis was awash with sensations; my mind thrilling at the perverted scene before me: my cock embedded in my mother’s face. My balls tightened, I felt the cum rushing up my shaft, and I exploded in her mouth. Mom held on tight, swallowing every drop.

Mom raised herself on her knees and moved forward until she straddled my thigh. She started sliding her sex up and down, humping my leg.

“You up to keeping that promise stud, to give me all the cock I can handle? Are you really ready for a full time fuck-mate, someone willing to be your personal slut? Is that what you want from your Mom?”

Her copious flow was proving all the lubrication needed.

“Take my tits in your hands stud. Play with them hard, hurt my nipples.”

I squeezed her breasts, twisting the nipples until she winced in pain.

Mom stopped talking, but she kept grinding her pussy against my leg. I pushed hard against her. I could tell she was close: her eyes were shut, her mouth slightly open, her head pulled back. Her breathing was becoming more and more ragged.

“AHHH, ohhhhhhh, yeah, oh baby, cumming…….”

I caught each nipple between my thumb and index fingers and squeezed hard.


How could Dad not have heard that?

She slumped on to my chest. Both are bodies were covered by sweat and the smell of sex filled the room. Eventually she rolled off of me and we held each other and drifted off to sleep.

* * * *

Mom’s surgery went without a hitch. She proudly displayed her new breasts when we got home. They were big, fat, beautiful, and firm. They were also bruised and sore; there would be no playing with them for a few days. That night we downloaded a movie. Dad watched it with us. Mom, still groggy from the anesthesia, cuddled in my arms, her new tits pressed against me. She thanked me for being such a sweet boy and taking such good care of her. She expressed her appreciation by stroking my body and kissing me in ways not motherly.

Over the next few days Mom delighted in both displaying her new boobs and pushing Dad around. The first night while I swam laps in the pool, she came downstairs wearing a black lacy baby doll which covered only a portion of her breasts. The outline of her nipples was clearly visible. She talked to Dad for a few minutes – she told me he was essentially dumbstruck – and then went outside to sit by the pool while I finished swimming. She then led me back though the house and up the stairs.

The next day she called Dad on his way home and told him to pick up some sun block. He arrived home to find the two of us by the pool, Mom wearing sunglasses, a bikini top that barely covered her nipples, and a thong. While he stood there Mom did my back, and then I hers, my hands roaming freely over her butt and the sides of her fat breasts. Dad walked away; he did not want to accept what he was seeing.

The next night she showered and then appeared wearing only one of my tee-shirts, which clung to her damp body. When I entered the living room, wearing a towel around my wet bathing suit, Mom said to Dad, “Honey, don’t we have quite the young hunk living in the house.” She put her hands on my upper chest. “Nice pecs, and,” running her hands slowly down my chest, “quite the hard flat stomach.” She slapped my butt, a firm thunk filling the room. “Nice ass. Randy, what ladies are you entertaining now that Patricia’s left town?”

“Mom, a gentleman never tells.”

“You headed for the shower?” she asked.


“I going to talk to your Dad for a few minutes. Give me a good night kiss.”

She placed a hand on my hip, her thumb inches from my hardening cock, which was happily obscured by the towel. She brought her lips to my mouth and kissed me, a kiss that lasted far longer than it should. It was all I could do to stop myself from ramming my tongue into her mouth.

I stopped at the top of the stairs.

“Your big-titted wife has a horny pussy tonight. Your dick ready to fuck it.”

She bent forward, exposing her bra-less tits, and licked Dad from his chin up the side of his face.

“Dear,” he said, “it’s late and I’ve had a lot to drink.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do all the work. All you have to do is get hard.”

Her hand was on his groin, working his thing. She yanked his belt out and pulled down his pants, rasing her tee shirt to expose her shaven pussy. When she moved I could see his groin; it was at full mast. Whatever genes I had inherited from him were unrelated to the size of my member; his was neither particularly long nor particularly wide. She half-pushed him to the floor and then straddled him, rubbing the head of his penis in her strong fingers as she aimed it for her pussy.

Then, in a muffled voice, he said, “Oh God,” and came. A few drops of cum burped out of his cock, dripping into her hand. He immediately asked her to let go, complaining that his penis was highly sensitive after an orgasm.

She stood up. “I guess I’ll have to bring myself off again tonight.” She let the tee-shit fall past her exposed pussy. “I’ll have your son tuck me in.”

She headed up the steps. I was waiting. “Ready to eat my cunt, stud?” We headed for the bed, where I did. I was then the recipient of one of her spectacular blow jobs.

* * * *

Although Mom’s tits were sore and off-limits, at least twice a day our hands and mouths found their way to the other’s groin. We got more and more blatant. In Dad’s plain view we cuddled and kissed and I held Mom in ways sons don’t hold mothers: standing behind her, my erection pressed into her ass, my arms wrapped around her grazing the underside of her massive tits. We paraded around the house in the tiniest of bathing suits. Dad, hunkered down in his chair, was desperate not to know what was going on around him.

On Friday morning Mom announced that she and I were going to a burlesque show in the city that evening.

Dad seemed a bit flabbergasted, “But I’m leaving tomorrow morning.”

Mom peered at him, “Surely you don’t need help packing?”

“I thought the family should be together tonight.”

“It’s Friday night. You’ll be asleep in your chair by 9:00 P.M. I want to have some fun and watching you fall asleep is not my definition of fun. The show starts at 10:00. There will be plenty of time for family activities.”

* * * *

That evening I was still upstairs when I received a text from Mom, who was dressing in the master bedroom.


A porch wrapped around the front of the house, including the master bedroom. You could always find a slit in the blinds to check out the action. When I did I instantly hardened: Mom was wearing arguably the skimpiest, tightest dress ever made. It was green and short; it reached over the curve of her ass, almost. I would study it all evening and I wasn’t quite sure it didn’t expose the downward slope of her rump. It had one loose-fitting sleeve; the other side was sleeveless, showing off Mom’s muscular arm. She had on a wide blue ring which matched her shoes, a pair of sunglasses, and dangling earrings ending in large loops. All this was complemented by blue pumps with a one inch platform and six inch heels.

They were in the middle of an argument.

“So what it is dear, do I look like a slut or a whore?”

Dad was trying to explain. “You’re making a spectacle of yourself.”

“I didn’t build this,” gesturing to her body, “to sit home and darn your socks. I plan to go out and be noticed. You think I look like a slut? How about this? We send your son out for the evening and you fuck the slut out of me. You can have me anyway you want. You can tie me to the bed, spank me, fuck me up the ass, or we can stay in the good old missionary position, whatever you want. But you fuck me so long and so hard and so good that there is no slut left in me. You fuck my slutty body until there’s only a good girl left.”

Dad interrupted, “Don’t talk like that.”

Mom advanced on my retreating father. “Don’t talk like a horny slut! Than fuck me so hard that I won’t feel like a horny slut.” She lifted her dress, displaying a thong. “Fuck this hot slut’s pussy so she won’t feel like talking like that.”

“Stop it.”

“I know, you want me to beg. Then I will. Please husband, please fuck my slutty pussy, please. Please fuck the whore out of me.”

Dad, instead of throwing her on the bed, looked overwhelmed. He was entirely flustered. “What will your son say when he sees you like that.”

“I guess we’ll have to ask him.”

That was my cue. I knocked on the bedroom door.

“Come in.”

I walked in, eyeballed Mom head-to-toe, and said, “Damn, you look good. No one’s going to pay attention to the show.”

“Thank you son, your Dad can’t seem to decide if I look more like a whore or a slut. What do you think?’

“Do I have to choose?”


Mom walked towards me and stopped only when her breasts lightly touched my chest. She straightened out my shirt and collar and pushed some of my hair back in place.

“I certainly couldn’t afford you if you were a prostitute, so I’ll have to go with slut.”

“Done,” Mom replied, “tonight I’m your slut.”

Mom turned to face Dad, standing by my side. She slipped her hand around my waist. I ran a hand down her back, landing on her ass. While Dad could not see my hand, the movement of my arm left little doubt as to where it was.

“It seems your knows how to treat a slut. We’ll be back late. Don’t wait up. We’ll say good-bye tomorrow.”

With that, holding hands, we left the room. Dad muttered a desultory okay.

* * * *

Mom was as big a hit at the show as anyone on stage. The producer offered her a part in the production and when she refused, made sure she had his card. Acceding to the audience’s cheers, she danced with the cast at the end of the show, her tits bouncing in her tiny outfit. She spent the ride home sucking my cock, nursing me along so I didn’t come until we pulled into the garage. We left a trail of clothes on the way to the upstairs bedroom.

“Those tits ready?” I asked.

She squeezed them a few times. “Yes, still a little sore, but fuck yes.”

I tried not to be rough, but I explored them with the enthusiasm of a hungry infant, covering their entire surface with an assortment of kisses and licks. Then I tried long licks; she liked it best when I started at the bottom and traveled about, finally making my way to her areolas and finishing with an extra-firm swipe of her erect red nipples. Her nipples had lost none of their sensitivity. I sucked them into my mouth, coating them with my spit.

Mom loved it. “Do you like Mommy’s big fat slut titties? Mommy got them for you baby; Mommy got fat titties for her baby boy. Do they make your thick dick hard? Did you like the way people stared at them tonight? Were they as nice as those of the ladies in the show? Suck my tits baby, lick ‘em, feels so good, feels so good.”

I soon had her panting and moved down her hard flat belly in a series of kisses and nips, headed for her cunt, whose odor was mixing with her perfume and our sweat. As I ran my tongue hard across her clit, I slipped a finger into her anus. There I found the butt plug.

“Oh,” feigning ignorance, she said, “I forgot. Before I danced with the cast I had one of the girls slip it in. While I was gyrating on stage it was moving around inside, it felt so fucking good. Take it out.”

I removed it, laid it aside, and grabbed the lubricant. I coated my middle finger and inserted it into her backside. She was incredibly tight.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh baby, feels so good, fuck Mommy with your finger.”

She pulled my head to her cunt while I fingerfucked her ass. The power of her grip on the back of my head was striking. After a few minutes I used two fingers to stimulate and further lubricate her asshole. I also gave her pussy a thorough tongue lashing; I remembered how quickly I had come the first time I had ass-fucked her. If I had any hope of bringing her off this time she would need to be close to the edge before I started.

I slid my fingers into her butt as deep as they would go and brought them back to massage just inside her anus, where she was the most sensitive. Mom was approaching the edge; pussy juice was flowing, she was humping my face, and her groans echoed in the room. Her asshole was also convulsing, clamping down so hard on my fingers that I found it difficult to move.

She let me know she was ready: “God that feels good. Where’s the lubricant?”

I handed it to her. She stood, coated my cock, stood and leaned against the bed frame’


I applied a last dollop of lubricant to her asshole and fitted the head of my dick against her anus. Slowly increasing my force in a series of short jabs, her sphincter’s resistance gradually faded until I popped inside. She immediately clamped down, squeezing the head of cock. I held it there, allowing her time to adjust. I reached around her to her clitoris, but my hand met hers.

“Let me baby, more experienced. Hurts, so good, so good. My tits, hold my tits. Feels so good son.”

I took her breasts into my hands as she frigged her clitoris. Soon her comments devolved into an unintelligible series of whimpering moans while I entered her, an inch or two at a time until I was all the way in, After allowing her a moment to adjust, began fucking her in long steady strokes. When I got to the point where only the head of my cock was in her I stopped to let Mom work it with her ass muscles.

I was right to get Mom worked up before I entered her. It was a struggle not to dump my load. She had been on the edge when we started. It wouldn’t take much more to bring her off.

Author’s Note: Recently my wife shared a fantasy of hers involving a seductive meeting with a supposed stranger in Italy. Both of us decided to write our own version; this one is hers. Mine is posted in the “Anal” section under the title “In Italia.” While mine is playful and sexual, hers is heartfelt and romantic. Hopefully one will appeal to you, if not both. Enjoy!


As I walk through the ripe fall air, I take a moment to enjoy the breathtaking scenery: the hazy twinkle of street lights, the reflection of the moonlight on the streets still wet from the afternoon shower, the busy yet casual atmosphere of the night. There are people walking in every direction, all with a carefree attitude and an intoxicating feeling of relaxation. I drink it all in as I walk the few short blocks to the cafe in the plaza. I know I look amazing in my new clothes and stiletto heels, perfect makeup and a fresh haircut. I enjoy the stares and comments from the locals as I walk down the busy sidewalk. As I get closer to the plaza, I remind myself to take a deep breath and prepare myself for the night ahead.

I arrive at the cafe a little ahead of schedule, and I quickly survey the area until I find what I am searching for. I walk to an empty table near two Italian men who are young, attractive, and dressed like they are ready for a night out on the town–exactly what I hoped to find. They notice me immediately and brazenly survey my body from head to toe, clearly not trying to hid their interest. I politely ignore their boldness and take my seat, deliberately crossing my legs to allow the slit on my dress open to my upper thigh. I order a gin and tonic from the waiter and take out a cigarette from my purse. Immediately one of the Italians jumps up from his chair and lights the cigarette, saying something in Italian. I am not sure exactly what he said, but I can guess that it was a compliment or inappropriate–probably both.

After my drink arrives the other Italian begins speaking to me in English with his sexy Italian accent. They soon realize, however, that I am not interested in polite conversation and they offer to buy me another drink. I decline and continue to appear disinterested in them. Soon they become annoyed, discovering that they have been wasting their time on me, and ask me who I am waiting for.

At that moment, I see you enter the plaza. You are too far away for me to see your face, but I can tell it is you by your sexy gait and sleek appearance. You, too, draw glances from women as you walk by; who could blame them? I quickly avert my eyes and continue sipping my cocktail and staring into the city night. I can feel your presence as you near my table, and by the time I look up, you are staring back at me.

You keep walking past my table, sitting at the one next to mine, but still facing me. You also order a gin & tonic from the waiter, and light a cigarette. From the corner of my eye, I see you sigh deeply, lean back in your chair, and take a deep breath of the fragrant night air. You are also preparing yourself for the evening ahead, and my anticipation begins to build. I feel a slight dampness in my lacy panties as I re-cross my legs. I briefly close my eyes to attempt to control my rising arousal, and as soon as I open them I see you staring openly at me.

I am taken aback at first. Though I have seen you stare at me like this a thousand times before, somehow this feels new and exciting. You nod your head as if to say, “Good evening,” and go back to your cocktail.

At this point my head is spinning, a little from the gin, but mostly from the intense attraction I have for you. I continue staring at you, not caring if you notice or not.

A sudden breeze carries my cocktail napkin off my table and it lands near your chair. You bend down to retrieve it and return it to me, in the process asking if you could join me at my table with an understood hand gesture. After a slight hesitation I invite you to sit with me.

At this point the two Italian men are clearly annoyed with me, and leave mid-drink to prey upon other women, mumbling something in Italian as they walk past our table.

You offer to buy me another drink, a glass of wine this time, and introduce yourself as Aleksander. I tell you my name–Veronica–and we proceed to chat back and forth about the night, what brings us to Italy, our favorite places to visit here, and so on. It is a mock conversation of building acquaintanceship, play-acting on an elevated level.

A violinist begins playing in the plaza near the fountain. The beautiful melody floats through the air and you offer your hand to me, inviting me to dance. I blush, take another sip of wine, and lay my fingers in yours. Instantly you whisk me out my chair onto my feet. It is only now that you can fully appreciate my stunning silhouette beneath the form-fitting dress. You are momentarily speechless, holding me as your eyes wander down my lithe body, but you quickly recover and begin twirling me around and around.

You are a graceful and exquisite dancer, and I marvel at the way you can hold me so delicately yet at the same time lead me in the waltz with such masculine strength and power. As we dance, I run my hand up and down your muscular bicep and tricep, longing to see you without your shirt and jacket. I can tell that you notice my musing as a smirk appears on your face.

Suddenly you move your hand low on my back and tower your upper body over mine, leaning me into dip until your face is just centimeters from mine. I close my eyes in anticipation, but instead you bring me back up, taking my breath away. We both stand, staring at each other, panting slightly from the exertion and the building physical attraction.

You settle the bill for both of us, and we share the same thoughts as you take my small hand in yours and lead me back to our hotel. Along the way, you stop at a street vendor to buy me a small bouquet of peonies, and we take a quick picture together with the city lights behind us.

Finally we arrive at the hotel and step into the elevator, still holding hands. The moment the door closes we turn to each other and begin kissing passionately, groping each other and gasping for breath. The elevator dings as we reach our floor, and we both quickly go back to holding hands, smoothing our clothing and hair before stepping off the elevator.

As you open the door to our room I slip my hand around your waist and firmly squeeze your already rock-hard cock through your trousers. I hear you inhale sharply as the door handle turns, and you grab me and pull me into the room , a devilish grin on your face. You pick me up with one swoop of your arm and lightly toss me onto the king-size bed.

Walking past the bed, you go over to the window and fling open the curtains, allowing the glow of the city to infiltrate our room. The soft glow illuminates your silhouette as you remove your jacket and begin unbuttoning your shirt. I walk on my knees to the edge of the bed to help you undress. I reach inside your half-unbuttoned shirt to feel your firm chest and rippled abdominal muscles.

I unbutton it completely and reach for your belt buckle. Before I am able to unfasten it, however, you grab each of my wrists and throw me backwards on the bed, falling on top of me. You roughly kiss my face and neck, stopping just above my cleavage. I inhale sharply and enjoy your scent; I have always loved the way your skin smells, and it always manages to turn me on.

I start giggling as your scruff tickles the soft crevices of my neck. In response you grab me in a bear hug and roll over so that now I am on top of you. I sit upright, legs straddling your naked chest, and begin to unzip my silk dress. I remove the straps on each side, revealing my shoulders, the fabric held in place only by my hands. I slowly lower them to expose my bare breasts beneath the silk. My nipples harden as I my hands run down the front of my chest. I can see in your eyes that you want me completely now and I prepare myself for your desire–for I want you, too.

Your stomach muscles ripple and flex as you bring yourself upright so we are face to face. You kiss me deeply, then give your full attention to my nipples, flicking them lightly with your tongue. You continue to circle them and nibble lightly, alternating between each breast. I lean back and relax, enjoying every second of your touch.

Your hands press firmly on my buttcheeks and lift me up as you stand. I hang onto your thick neck and continue nibbling on your earlobes, not caring where you are taking me. I feel you bend over and gently lay me on the chaise lounge, cradling my head until I am lying down comfortably.

I lay there, mesmerized, as you unzip and remove your trousers, then your boxer briefs, allowing your cock much-needed freedom. I motion for you to come to me and you straddle my chest, inching your way up until my mouth is within reach of your exquisite manhood.

I tentatively lick the underside of your penis, waiting for your reaction. You push it closer to me and I begin to take it in my mouth, swirling my tongue and lubricating your entire shaft. My hands caress your balls and buttocks as I suck your cock while your hands squeeze and fondle my breasts.

After you are sufficiently wet and aroused, your body slides downwards until you are kneeling at the end of the lounge. I spread my legs wide in anticipation, and you do not disappoint. I feel our firm tongue tease the end of my clit, then soften to lick the entirety of my pussy. I have always loved the way you lick me and tonight is no exception. You respond to my every breath and movement, like you are perfectly in tune with my body and its needs. As I start to get close I push your head away, your signal that I am primed and ready to be fucked. You scoop me up in your arms once more, but this time you walk to the balcony of our suite.

The cool breeze flows across my face and chills my dripping-wet pussy. You set me down on my feet and embrace me from behind, warming my shivering naked body with yours. We walk to the railing and take in the view of the city. your strong arms hold me tightly against your body and I nestle into you until I feel the warmth of your cock between my legs. I turn my head back to kiss you as you guide yourself into me, filling me completely. Our kiss is interrupted by my gasping and moaning pleasure, and soon you are softly biting the back of my neck instead as you rhythmically pump your cock inside me.

I grip the railing tightly for support and bend over to improve your angle for deeper penetration. I turn my head around again to watch your face as you fuck me from behind. Your eyes are closed as if deep in thought, though your face is completely relaxed and blissful. I am still in awe of my ability to make you feel this way, even after our many years of marriage.

I turn back around to concentrate on my own orgasm as I feel your balls tighten and hear your breathing grow more sporadic. I reach down between my legs and press on the tip of my clit, pushing me over the edge into orgasm. You thrust into me one last time as we both reach our climax and continue our movements in unison, moaning and panting with complete satisfaction.

You lean forward to kiss the top of my head and sweetly express your love for me. I slowly turn around, your cock slipping free as I face you, still feeling light-headed from the orgasm. I wrap my arms around your waist and look up at you. You smile your charming smile and wipe away the single tear welling in the corner of my eye. Knowing me, you are flattered and once more whisk me off my feet, carrying me to our bed. We are both exhausted, fulfilled, and absolutely in love.

As my friends and I prepare for one of our many summer parties I log into Facebook to review the guest list.

“Let’s see, who’s going to be in attendance. Any possible victims? Hmmm. No, no, oh yes, no, no chance in hell, no, no, who is that?!, definitely, no, no, hell to the fuck the no, no, maybe. Okay, not too bad, two books and a possible. That’s a good start. Now to check with the fellas.”

I pull out my cell phone and hit the group chat with the guys. A quick review of my prospects and there are no conflicts or causes for concern, perfect! Time to shower, shave, get dressed, and get right! (That means, begin to consume alcohol for those of you not in the know.)

Soon nine o’clock rolls around and guests start arriving. It’s a celebration of being young, care free, and more importantly, trying to get laid. For every guy that enters the party, my friend Reed screams out “SHOTS!!” invoking the spirit of one, Pit Bull. And for every girl that enters the party, my friend Reed also screams out “SHOTS!!” Needless to say, Reed enjoys taking shots.

The guests continue to pile in and by 11 o’clock all three of my targets have arrived and are well on their way to inebriation along with myself. Shortly thereafter I see my first opportunity. Sheila is built on a slender 5’6″ frame with small C cups that fit her perfectly. Wit her shapely ass and toned stomach and legs, anyone could easily mistake her for a member of a track team. We’ve been making eye contact for the past hour and with a few drinks in me I get a little bold and give her ass a healthy squeeze as I go in for a hug.

“Really Travis??” Sheila slyly remarks with her eyes squinted at me.

“What?! I haven’t seen you in a while. Two friends can’t hug and let each other know that they miss one another’s company?” I replied with a smirk on my face.

“Oh, so you miss my company so much that you don’t text me though, right?”

“You sound crazy, absurd even. I text you, but you always respond with short answers so I thought you didn’t want to talk. I’m not going to hound you if that’s what you want.”

“I don’t need anyone to hound me, but you can talk to me besides when you want something.”

“And what might it be that I want?” I reply with a smile.

“Don’t start. I wouldn’t want any of your little girlfriends in here to start looking at me funny.”

“Well if I was concerned with what my ‘little girlfriends’ (air quotes were included) were thinking, would I be over here talking to you?”

“Mmm hmm, whatever Travis.”

As she walks away I can tell I still have her interest peaked. I take a quick glance around the room to make sure no one is looking. The coast is clear and I flick my tongue out at Sheila in a slow, lewd display to let her know exactly what I am thinking. She smiles but shakes her head at me as if to say, “You’re so bad.” Sheila and I fooled around back in college for a little while but never had sex. I’ve always loved eating pussy, but Sheila’s pussy made it that much more enjoyable. It has that well designed look as if it were carved from a fruit with a razor blade. It was so inviting and delicious and all I can think about right now is getting my mouth on it, immediately. And then, preparation met opportunity as Sheila looked me dead in the eye but spoke to the room and said, “I have to go to the bathroom.”

Sheila climbs the steps never breaking eye contact with me on the way up. You don’t have to tell me twice! As soon as I hear the bathroom door close, I leave the crowded confines of the main floor and try to inconspicuously make my way quickly up the steps. Within seconds I am at the bathroom door and I listen for any signs of life on the other side. I hear running water and knock on the door.

“Someone is in here”, I hear Sheila’s voice from the other side.

I open the door, quickly step in and shut and lock the door behind me. There is no romance with Sheila and me and I like that. When we get together it’s not to make love. We want to cum, and we want to cum now.

“Wow, that didn’t take long at all.” Sheila says with a smile.

“Did you expect it to? Get over here.”

I tug at Sheila’s pants unbuttoning them violently and quickly pull the zipper down. I hook two thumbs in at each side and pull her jeans and panties in unison to her ankles in one swift movement. With each motion, soft O’s escape Sheila’s lips as she anticipates what’s coming next. I don’t even bother to pull her pants down over her shoes to free her legs. I push Sheila back onto her ass on the sink counter and dive in face first.

“OH TRAVIS! FUCK! Oh my God I’ve missed your tongue!”

I pull my mouth off of Sheila’s pussy momentarily, “Trust me, I’ve missed tasting your pussy. Fuck you taste fantastic!”

“Mmm, yes, right there keep going!”

Sheila’s pussy is not only shaped like a well carved fruit but it tastes like one too. I immediately start working on her clit, flicking my tongue the length of her pussy but making sure to send two flicks her way at the top of her pussy. I press my face further into her thighs which have now come down behind my head making an inescapable prison with her thighs to each side and her scrunched up jeans behind my head. Pushing further in I slowly drag my tongue up and own the full length of her pussy being sure to leave as much saliva as I can behind to make things extra wet. I suck up the mix of saliva and her now dripping pussy making a loud vulgar sound that could easily be heard from two rooms away. With the mix of juices in my mouth I move to Sheila’s clit drawing circles around it with my tongue. The fluids in my mouth produce a loud sloshing sound as my tongue races circles around her clit and her thighs begin to shake uncontrollably.

“GOD DAMN!! Holy shit, that feels so fucking good Travis! Damn, you’re going to make me cum! Eat that pussy, keep eating my pussy just like that!!”

Feeling inspired I am about to pick up the pace when there is a knock at the door.

“Come on now, people have to use the bathroom!” a female voice yells from the other side.

I go to respond and all the wetness in my mouth spills out onto Sheila’s pussy and I let out a muffled and barely audible, “You the un donsterrrs!”

Looking at the mess I made, I once again loudly slurp up the juicy mix from Sheila’s pussy inspiring a very loud moan which Sheila poorly attempted to muffle with her hand.

I hear a second knock and this time a male voice says, “Hey, people have to use the bathroom out here, let’s go!”

I ignore the knocking and the voices and eagerly begin working on Sheila’s pussy. I’m in the zone and I want to feel her pussy pulsing on my lips and tongue. I take two handfuls of her ass, pull her in close to me and concentrate on her clit pressing down just enough that she can feel my now frantic tongue going to town and begging for her orgasm.

“YESSS TRAVIS! OH FUCK THAT IS IT RIGHT THERE!! KEEP GOING, DON’T STOP, DON’T YOU FUCKING STOP!!” Sheila acknowledges my hard work by grabbing me by ears and grinding her pussy onto my frenzied mouth. Her bucking hips, my firm grip on her ass, and my face covered in her pussy juices, I am in my moment and my reward soon follows.

“I’M CUUUMMMINNNG!!! OOOOOOOOH YESSSS!!! OOOOOOOOOH!! UGH! UGH! OH MY! Whew… WOW.” Sheila’s eyes meet mine as I look up at her with a smile on my face. After a few well placed kisses on her pussy to show my appreciation, I lift Sheila’s legs up and escape my pussy prison.

I turn on the sink and Sheila cleans up first and exits the bathroom quickly. I follow behind shortly thereafter only to find a crowd of people outside the bathroom door staring at me. Some are upset, others are clapping, and yet still others are astonished that anyone would be so bold. Reed is among the first to approach me. With a huge smile on his face, all he says is, “You motorboatin’ son of a bitch!” and laughs hysterically.

Well, that’s a good start to the evening. One down, two to go.

Author’s note 1: This piece is a sequel to an earlier story, “Desperate Measures: The Baller.” If you have not read the aforementioned “Desperate Measures: The Baller,” then it may be a good idea to read that one first. All of the background information on the characters and the circumstances of their interactions are established in the earlier submission. This story picks up the day after the events in the previous piece.

Author’s note 2: This story is a Romance, but it contains elements of NonConsensual/Reluctance, Exhibitionist/Voyeur, and Anal sex. The sexual content is pervasive and explicit. Anyone who finds these subjects offensive or who prefers sex in the background would be better off clicking back to the index and finding another story to read.

* * * *”That’s what I do? I perform for you?”

“You perform for yourself. I’m merely the director, placing you in roles you have always wanted to play, but never had the opportunity.”

“You’re so full of shit, Sr. de la Cruz. You have me in a compromising position, and you are taking advantage of the situation. If it wasn’t me, it would be somebody else. Men like you use women for your own pleasure, then cast them aside when you are through with them. The bigger your advantage, the more humiliating the treatment. You have me at a tremendous disadvantage, so the exploitation is enormous. You can stop pretending that any part of this is for my benefit. It’s all about you. I know it and you know it and now you know I know it. Now let’s do this so I can get to work.”

“As you wish.” Sergio was taken aback by Yesenia’s abrupt change of tone. “On that counter is a tube of lotion. Please bring it to me.”

Sergio unfastened the belt and opened his robe. His cock was pointing toward the ceiling at full erection.

Yesenia walked over to the kitchen area, located the lotion, and returned to the sofa. She handed the tube to Sergio.

“You do it, this time.”

Sergio placed the lotion in her hand and then motioned for Yesenia to turn around. She turned her back to Sergio, spread her feet, and squeezed the lotion onto her fingers.

“Are you going to fuck me in the ass again?”

“Of course. I’m going to fuck you in the ass every day until I am paid the twelve thousand dollars that Russell owes me, or you decide you no longer need my car.”

“You just proved my point.”

“Maybe. But you are about to prove mine, as well.”

“We’ll see.”

Yesenia applied a generous amount of lotion to the crack of her ass, and then spent a few seconds more rubbing it into her asshole. She sat on Sergio’s lap, reached behind her back for his cock, and applied the lotion to the head and shaft. She looked up at the clock, then lifted her ass from his thighs, placed the head against her anus, and lowered her weight onto his lap. She felt pressure on her sphincter, and then a sharp pain as the tip forced her open. She closed her eyes, willed the tension from her body, and resumed lowering her torso onto his lap. After another ten seconds of painful stretching, she felt the head pop through her tightest opening. She paused for a second, took a deep breath, and then resumed lowering her ass onto Sergio’s erect, throbbing cock. She ignored the pain and forced inch after inch of thick shaft up her ass.

Yesenia paused with half of Sergio’s solid cock impaling her bowels. She reached between her legs, grasped the remaining half, and realized that her ordeal was just beginning. She felt as though the invading shaft were going to cleave her in two, or send her to the emergency room so she could be stitched back together. Despite the searing pain, Yesenia forced a smile to her face. She did not want Sergio to know that she was in distress.

“Is this what you want?” she asked, gasping for breath. “Do you want to shove your fat cock up my tight little ass?”

“Yes,” Sergio whispered into her ear. “So tight. Your ass is so tight.”

“Do you want to fuck my tight little ass with your big, hard dick?”

Si, corazon, si.”

Using her arms for leverage, Yesenia lifted her ass until just the tip of Sergio’s cock was wedged inside her anus. She clenched her teeth and held that position until the burning in her arms exceeded the burning in her asshole. When she could hold herself up no longer, she started a gradual descent that ended with her butt cheeks resting on Sergio’s lap and his entire cock buried in her ass. A satisfied smile crept across her face when she realized that she had taken all of his cock, and that she had accomplished the feat through her own efforts. She didn’t understand how or why, but the pain and humiliation of taking a dick up her ass out of necessity caused a wave of arousal to flash across her body.

“Do you like that?” Yesenia groaned. “Does it feel good burying your dick in my tight little ass?”

“It’s incredible,” Sergio moaned. “So good. Your ass feels so good.”

Sergio reached up and pinched both of her nipples. Yesenia felt a tingling travel across her body, connecting her nipples, her asshole, and her cunt. She reached between her legs and touched her clit, which amplified the tingling that she was already experiencing.

The bedroom door opened and a hotel maid in a yellow uniform stepped through carrying a load of linens in her bare arms. Her long hair was dyed plum and tied up in a bun. She had mocha-colored skin, dark brown eyes, and appeared to be in her mid-thirties.

“I am finish the bedroom. I start the bathroom and then…” The maid saw Yesenia and gasped. “Oh my! I am sorry, I didn’t know you had a visitor. I come back and finish the suite later. I’m so sorry, sir, please forgive me.”

Sergio slipped his hands to Yesenia’s waist and held her in place. Yesenia’s face flushed as she struggled to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands.

“Do not go,” Sergio addressed the maid. “I need my room cleaned now.”

“Sergio!” Yesenia moaned. “What are you doing?”

“Sir, I cannot,” the maid answered while hiding her face behind the linens. “I must leave and come back when your guest is gone.”

“What is your name?” Sergio asked.

“Maribel,” she answered.

“Maribel, I insist. Do you see that table next to the door?” Sergio pointed toward a small lamp table near the entrance.

“Yes,” the maid answered, peeking from behind the linens.

“There are two hundred-dollar bills on that table. They are yours if the room is done in the next twenty minutes.”

“Let her go, papi,” Yesenia cooed. “She can clean the room when I’m gone.”

Senor, I must go. It is hotel rule.”

“Three hundred dollars.”

“I cannot. I lose my job.”

“Four hundred.”

“Sir, please, I will do next room and return to finish.”

“Sergio, can’t you see that you’re embarrassing her?”

“Five hundred.”

“I– “

“Five hundred dollars if you finish my room in the next twenty minutes. Otherwise, I will report my dissatisfaction to the management.”

The maid paused and looked at Sergio.

“Just clean your room?”

“That’s all. Just do your job.”

“Nothing else?”

“Not a thing.”

“And you no report me to the manager?”

“I promise. Now stop wasting time. You have three seconds to decide.”

The maid stepped toward the door, and then stopped again.


“I do it.”

“Thank you.”

The maid left the room with the bundle of dirty linens, and returned a second later with a vacuum sweeper. She plugged the cord into the wall nearest the door, switched it on, and started sweeping. She tried to avoid looking at Sergio and Yesenia, but Sergio caught her peeking and grinned. The maid ducked her head and focused her gaze on the floor.

Sergio grasped Yesenia’s hips and lifted her ass off his crotch. He held her with just the tip of his cock embedded in her asshole, then lowered her onto his thighs. He repeated this process three more times, then pinched Yesenia’s nipples between his fingers.

“Mmmmmmm! Yes!” she moaned. “Mmmmmmmm!”

The maid worked a path that took her along the perimeter of the room. Starting in the farthest corner, she swept along the outer edge of the room, behind the sofa, and then along the wall to the right. She stopped twice to plug the cord into a different outlet, but continued sweeping at a furious pace. Her furtive glances at Sergio and Yesenia were becoming longer and more frequent.

The vacuum sweeper drowned out the music as well as Yesenia’s cries of pleasure, but the maid could not help stealing glances at the couple engaged in perverse acts mere feet away from where she worked. Yesenia opened her eyes and saw the maid staring while she bounced her ass up and down on Sergio’s cock. She felt a fresh wave of shame as she realized that she was given a choice, and yet she accepted the violation of her ass and the public humiliation that accompanied it. At that moment, she wouldn’t consider making any other choice.

Yesenia looked up and saw the maid standing just a few feet from her. She ducked her head and moaned as her first orgasm raced from her crotch and exploded in her brain. The maid was pushing the vacuum sweeper back and forth across the floor in the same rhythm as Yesenia’s ass rising up and down on Sergio’s cock. Yesenia felt her face flush once again, and then noticed that the maid’s face was also flushed. No longer looking away, the maid’s look displayed a mixture of fascination, disgust, and a hint of longing.

Sergio continued guiding Yesenia up and down on his cock. He no longer needed to hold onto her hips and lift her–she was producing the movement on her own accord. His face was starting to perspire as he fought to withhold his orgasm. The friction of Yesenia’s tight asshole on his throbbing cock was becoming more than he could resist. Sergio buried his face in the back of Yesenia’s neck and bit into her flesh, hoping to distract himself with a new sensation.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Yes!” Yesenia moaned. “Mmmmm. Fuck me. Fuck my ass with that big cock.”

The maid switched off the vacuum, wound up the cord, and wheeled it out of the room. She returned a minute later with an armful of cleaning supplies.

“Maribel,” Sergio called.

“Yes, Senor?” the maid answered.

“Come here please.”

The maid set her supplies in the bathroom and then approached Sergio. She stopped ten feet from the sofa. Yesenia bowed her head but continued rising up and down on Sergio’s cock.

“Is something wrong, Senor? I no finished yet.”

“No, Maribel, there is nothing wrong. Do you see that tube of lotion on the table?” Sergio pointed at the coffee table situated between the Maribel and the sofa.


“Hand that to me, please.”

The maid walked around the table, picked up the tube, and handed it to Sergio. Sergio grabbed her hand as she pulled it away.

Senor?” the maid asked in a trembling voice.

Sergio turned her wrist so that her palm was facing upward. He squeezed a few ounces of lotion into her hand, and then released her.

“I need more lotion.”


“Right here.”

Sergio lifted Yesenia off his lap, exposing his entire crotch to the maid. He grabbed her wrist and pulled it toward his cock. She offered tepid resistance for a second, but then relented and allowed Sergio to guide her hand to his rigid shaft. She closed her hand around his rod, then slid her palm up and down until his cock was coated in the thick fluid.

“Thank you,” Sergio whispered. “You can go now, unless you would rather stay.”

Maribel didn’t say anything. She took a step toward the door, then knelt on the floor next to the table as Yesenia slid down Sergio’s shaft. Maribel was transfixed by the sight of Sergio’s thick cock and Yesenia’s moist, fragrant pussy. Sergio reached for Yesenia’s nipple with one hand and her clit with the other. He strummed a tune with both hands, sending another surge of electricity across her skin.

“Ohhhhh! Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck me!”

Sergio curled his arms under Yesenia’s thighs and then stood up with his cock still buried in her butt. He held her in both arms and thrust in and out of her ass. His newly slickened cock glided in and out of her tightest orifice with little friction. She squeezed his shaft as it thrust in and out, ripping one orgasm after another from her depths.

“Mmmmm! Oh! Yes! Yes! Oh! God! Yes! Yes! I’m…cumming!”

Segio felt his own orgasm rising within his body. His balls tightened and his thighs contracted. He held Yesenia in his arms, her body curled into a ball while is cock penetrated her asshole over and over. He forgot about the maid, forgot where he was, forgot that it was still morning and he was on the top floor of a luxury hotel. All he knew was that his body was on fire and he was about to erupt in the biggest orgasm of his entire life.

Sergio’s balls contracted, and a load of semen shot up his shaft. Fireworks exploded in his brain as the cum splattered inside Yesenia’s bowels. He pumped jets of fluid up her ass–two, three, four, five times before he started to slow. Cum ran out of her asshole and splattered on the carpet.

Maribel stared–open mouthed–stunned by the power and the raw beauty of what she had just witnessed. The fact that she earned five hundred dollars as a result of doing nothing more than watching two guests engage in primal sex was more than her mind could process. She remained seated on the floor, too stunned to move.

* * * *”What if I don’t want to stay here?”

“That’s up to you. Just promise me you won’t ever go back to that apartment you shared with Russell.”

“That’s for me to decide.”

“Of course, of course.” Sergio stroked his chin. “Who is Racquel?”

“Racquel? Do you mean Racquel Perez?”

Sergio pulled a slip of paper out of his shirt pocket, looked down at it, then put it back where he found it.

“Yes, Racquel Perez.”

“Rocky’s a friend of mine on the sixth floor. I watch her kids whenever she has to work a double shift.”

“I guess someone else was watching them this morning. She was in your bed when my men arrived at the apartment. There were no kids in sight.”

Yesenia’s eyes blazed.

“That backstabbing, man-stealing, leg-spreading slut! It sure didn’t take her long to move in and take my place. Just wait until I get my hands on her weave. I’ll wrap those extensions around her neck and choke a bitch.”

“Let it go.”

“What? You don’t know…”

“Yesenia–just let it go. Why would you want to go back there and deal with those people?”

“I have to. I can’t just walk away and let her move in on my man.”

“Is that truly the way you feel? Do you want to fight over Russell?”

“Yes! No! I mean–I don’t know. Not really. But I have to do something. My reputation…”

“It’s over in that neighborhood. You lost all of that when you were on your knees sucking my cock in front of that crowd. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. It would be futile for you to go back there and grovel. The best thing you can do for yourself is start over and never look back.”

“That’s…my home. I have to go back.”

“You can do better. This is your chance. You just have to decide what you want.”

“I know you’re right. I get that. But knowing it and doing it aren’t the same.”

“Look, we can discuss this later. Right now, we need to get dressed so we can go to dinner. We have reservations in an hour and a half.”

“Um…where are my clothes? I hope I have something to wear.”

“Try looking in that box in the corner. I think that’s the one Jamal said was the lightest.”

“This one?”

“Yes. You look beautiful, by the way. Very sexy.”

“Thank you. Not too bad for someone who was beaten like a pinata just over twelve hours ago, right?

“You’re gorgeous, Yesenia.”

* * * *

{A good friend of mine asked me to write his story. There is very little actual sex in this one, think of it as foreplay : ) }


“I’d tear that ass up.” “I’d break my cock off in that.” Even though I cringe when I hear guys say that about her I know how they are feeling.

Men know what I mean. There’s always someone who will stir that in us. Someone that makes you just want to do all that and more. For me, that woman is Krystal. It doesn’t happen that often. I have to admit there’s quite a number of women I’d like to have some amazing sex with, however, for that particular reaction, there’s been a choice few, in my experience.

The funny part for me is, Krystal is the kind of woman that makes me feel guilty for wanting it. You see, to me, Krystal is the perfect woman. If you were designing the perfect woman, she’s got all the parts. She’s got the face of an angel, but in an approachable way. She’s the nicest young woman, polite, friendly, chipper, with a “golly gee, me?” attitude towards flirting and attraction. Her skin looks so soft, so silky smooth, like it is begging to be touched, caressed. She has beautiful tits, firm and perky, with a cleavage that leaves me drooling. She is short, which I like, and she has a wonderful body, curvy in all the right places and with a small, tight waist. Her ass is round, with just enough extra meat on it to make guys say things, again, like, “I’d tear that ass up.”

Funny thing is, I’m not really an ass man. I love women’s asses, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I’ve always felt that the whole “anal” fixation is overrated. To me, if a woman gives her ass up now and again, that’s enough. To me, it’s just the thought of it that’s most of the excitement. It feels great, sure, but so does a pussy. The fact that a woman is excited enough about you to let you fuck her ass is what is hot to me. She doesn’t need to do it all the time. That’s what made the whole thought of Krystal and her amazing behind weird for me. I wanted her ass so badly, yet, I’m neither an ass man, nor would I ever consider her to be into that.

This all makes me a dirty old man. You see, I’m in my late 40′s, Krystal is not yet 25. She works as a waitress in a place I frequent. It’s one of those places that just seem to hire only sexy, cleavage gifted women. The other women really play the game. You know how that goes, the “I’ll show you my fabulous cleavage all night and you tip me far more than you should,” game.

Krystal doesn’t really do it. She dresses the part but with her natural looking innocence and girl next door appeal she doesn’t play that game. In fact, she often refuses the obscene tip or finds ways out of it, as is her nature. It’s as if she knows that by accepting that sort of thing, she’s encouraging the next step, which would be the, “hey, you wanna go out?” or the “let’s have sex” thing.

All of that is why this story is surprising still, to me at least. My name is Devin and I’d have been the last person to think there’d be a chance of anything between us.

I’m not saying I’m not a bad “catch,” though. Even though I’m older, I am athletic, a former marathon runner and have kept up my physique. I still play sports, softball, golf, basketball, whenever I can. I probably look ten years younger than I am, at least from the responses that I get. I still have a full head of hair. I’m a professional, I’m responsible, trustworthy and loyal to a fault. I’m generous with what I have. I’ve had a couple very long term relationships with wonderful and beautiful women. And, despite my age I remain interested in sex and have a very kinky side. In fact, with my exes I’ve experienced threesomes, sharing, BDSM and some Ds. Despite all that, you still had an upper 40s guy lusting after a perfect 24 year old with no apparent interest. So, did I end up fucking this beautiful creature, and if so, how the fuck did it happen? Here’s my tale.

The women that work at this bar, and most women in general, see me as this nice guy. I am nice, exceedingly nice, it seems. I treat them well, I compliment them often and as I’ve mentioned, tip generously. The problem with nice, as I’ve discovered, for women it also means safe, boring. Women say they want nice guys but they really don’t. They want guys who are nice, when it suits them, but really, they want men to be men, even as frustrating as we can be, at times. So, the irony was, the nicer I was to women, the less attractive I became to them.

It was a Friday night, a few weeks ago. I was at the bar. Krystal was working. She was wearing a low cut top, as per usual, along with some nice black short shorts. Again, she had me drooling. She just looked so fucking soft, so incredible. I was ordering wine and I even had a couple hits of dope in the parking lot with a friend. I smoke weed probably once every year or two, not usually a big fan. This time though, I was pretty buzzed. The problem with alcohol, as most people know, is that it loosens one’s inhibitions. I really tried to make sure I didn’t come across as a typical drunken lustful idiot and do something stupid like tell her I love her.

She was, as usual, pleasant, cheerful, but aloof. It’s her way of keeping a distance without totally losing out on the profitability of the tipping. Many times, her and one of her waitress friends will hang out at the bar for a drink or two (most often provided by leering and hopeful suitors such as myself) when they are off work. This time she was with one of her other waitress friends, Alena, who was waiting for Krystal so they could go out somewhere and “party.” Alena is one of those waitresses who know how to play the game. She’s got an incredible set of tits and has no problem showing them off. She flirts back, she encourages the attention, and accepts gifts unabashedly. I’d asked her out before, somehow though, it never seemed to happen. One advantage for me this night though was, Alena has no problem asking her bar friends to accompany them when they go somewhere else. This was the case on this night. I joined a small group that would go to another bar and hang out.

The other bar turned out to be a karaoke bar. We were drinking, talking, laughing, having a good time when most of the others went outside to smoke as it’s illegal to smoke in bars here now. Krystal isn’t a heavy smoker, she stayed inside. She had changed from her cleavage baring top and the sexy short shorts to a pink “hello kitty” top and jeans. She looked so adorable. She was a goddess, dressed like a teenager. She had no idea how sexy she was, even though I’m not into the teenager/cheerleader thing. Just the juxtaposition of her innocent outfit and her smoldering hotness had me shaking my head.

I sat down next to her and for the next twenty minutes or so listened to her go on about how jerky men are and how young men have continuously mistreated her and misunderstood her. I’m pretty good with people, it’s actually my job. I felt she didn’t really want anything other than a sounding board. I think she really expected me to take the “man” side so she could reject me as well. Instead, I just listened, nodded now and again, and compassionately stroked her ego.

She turned to me, ” you know, I think this is the longest conversation I’ve had with a man in my life who didn’t try to turn it into talking about him somehow.”

I laughed, “you obviously hang around the wrong kind of men.”

She looked at me earnestly, and with a nod said, “I certainly do.”

“Why do you think that is?” I asked, turning it on her.

“I don’t know,” she slurred. “I like nice guys,” she said uncertainly, “or, at least I should…it’s just that, the guys I tend to find attractive are just so….so…”

“So, what?” I asked, now with increasing interest.

I could see her start to blush. She has such beautiful, milky white skin that it spread across her face like wildfire.

“I dunno…” she stammered, her tongue starting to loosen, “they are just so fucking hot.”

“Physically they are hot?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” she said, her face still red but her eyes were now more focused, intense. “But I don’t mean that’s what makes them hot,” she said with increased excitement. “God, I shouldn’t be telling you all this,” she giggled.

“Why is that?” I wondered. “Do I look like a priest or something?”

She laughed. “Kind of, I don’t know, it’s hard to explain, you are just so….so, nice.”

“Nice,” I said, rubbing my chin overly dramatically. “Yeah, I can see how that would be a problem.”

She giggled again. “I just mean I’m telling you some personal stuff and you just…I don’t know….are too nice to hear it?” She said, questioning herself.

I said, “tell you what, you finish what you were saying about men, then I’ll tell you something about me that might shock you, or even change your opinion of me, deal?” I said, taking a flyer. I just sensed something, an opening, perhaps.

The whole time I’m just sitting there thinking, “she’s gorgeous, you have to be kidding yourself.” Still though, as I’ve said before, I’d been spoiled in my lifetime with experiences with some beautiful women.

She nodded. “Ok, so, the men that I’ve been attracted to and been with since high school are hot, well, attractive to me not just because of their bodies. There’s something about their jerky, cocky, arrogant natures that turns me on. I know I shouldn’t but it’s like they are trying to make me try to change them, so I do. For awhile they are getting what they want and for awhile it seems like I’m successful at making them nicer. Well, at least making them treat me nicer. But, as has happened each time, in the end they tend to go back to being who they are, self absorbed pretty boys who are just looking for their next score, their next hookup.

“So they are getting what they want?” I asked knowingly, I just wanted to hear her say it. “What is that exactly?”

She giggled, “pussy,” she said, her eyes avoiding mine, as her face reddened again.

“Bingo,” I laughed to myself. “So what is it you get, or, better yet, what is it you want?” I asked.

“I don’t really know,” she shrugged, somewhat defeated by the revelation. “Being with them sometimes is so exciting, I get caught up in it. But, after while those differences just bring us down.”

“I get it,” I said. “You want someone who you can be excited about but still have the comfort of having someone who you can trust, count on, and even love you. You’d be glad to give it up for that.

“Yessss,” she hissed, “Too bad that person doesn’t exist!”

I refrained the temptation of jumping up and down in front of her, screaming, “me! me! me!”

Then she remembered. “Hey, you are supposed to tell me something about yourself that would surprise me! Don’t tell me you are like a mass murderer or something,” she chuckled.

“No,” I laughed. “I meant I’d tell you something personal, like sexual, like you kind of have. I think you and everyone else at that bar, misjudge me.”

“How so?” she asked with interest.

“You guys see me as this nice guy.”

“Well, yeah, we do, cuz you are!”

“True, I am nice. But, to you, nice means boring. Nice means, “thank you for the compliments and the tips but I can’t see me ever thinking of you as a man, in that way.”

She looked at me with seriousness. “I guess that’s true. No, it’s totally true, you’re right, that’s how we see you.”

Brutal honesty can be harsh, but it can also lead to higher truth. I was at the precipice.

“Do you know that I’ve done things, sexual things, in my life that you’ll probably never get a chance to do, or even dare to do?”

“Like what?” She asked, her interest was now piqued.

“I had more sex and in varied ways by age 35 than you’ll probably have in a lifetime,” I said, while thinking of exactly what or how much to tell her.

She didn’t appear moved by that statement at all.

“Ok, I actually am kinky. The things I used to do with my exes….” I said with a wink.

She rolled her eyes. “Everyone says that,” she chuckled. “What does that mean to you? Do you like to dress up in women’s underwear or like to wear diapers or something gross?”

I knew she was baiting me. She was trying to get me to reveal myself to her. I sensed it was just another way for her to reject me. She wanted to hear something she’d find distasteful so she could shut it down for good. She was looking at me intently, waiting for me to hang myself. I think I surprised both of us with what I said next.

I laughed. “Not exactly. More like some good, old fashioned hair pulling, holding you down and giving you what you need, kind of thing. The biggest sex organ is the brain. It’s all about the mental stimulation. If your brain is turned on, then you are turned on. There are so many ways to stroke the brain. Yes, I’m nice. But I also like to make dirty little sluts do all those things they long to do but need someone to make them. My ex wife and I were like that, we had the excitement we craved, yet we also had the love and the trust of knowing we would have the relationship when the sex was over.”

“Oh gawd,” she drawled in her buzzed state. “You mean like bondage and spanking, stuff like that? I’ve seen stuff like that on the internet.”

I cringed a bit. “Too much? Yeah, that was the risk,” I said.

I heard the rest of the group coming back. “Nice chat,” I said as I gave her a knowing wink. I figured I’d just laid all my cards out on the table and a big gust of wind came and blew it all away. Everyone went back to drinking, singing, laughing. I caught Krystal’s eye now and again but we never were alone again.

A week went by. Krystal seemed like she was avoiding me when I’d show up at the bar. At best she seemed indifferent. But, maybe that was just me viewing it that way, I had no real way of knowing. The next Friday night, as luck would have it, I ended up in another small group and headed out to another bar for some more fun. At first Krystal wasn’t going to join us. I was disappointed, but I figured it was because of me.

I didn’t get a chance to be alone with her while she and her friends drank themselves silly. I saw her eyeing me several times. I wondered what she was thinking. I figured it wasn’t good, whatever it was.

Being the responsible one, having a job and all and having to work early the next day I bid everyone farewell. Krystal barely acknowledged me as I walked out. I figured she’d now just see me as that creepy old man. I was in my car and pulling out of the lot when I saw her outside, scanning for me. I pulled up next to her and rolled down the window.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

She got in the passenger side. She was pretty well lit by now, she was unsteady on her feet.

“Are you serious about what you said?” She said unsteadily.

“About what?” I wondered. “You mean about my past?” she nodded.

“Of course I am, if I’m anything, I am truthful. You should know that by now. I am truthful, I’m responsible, I’m nice, and yes, I’m even kinky.”

She said, “Wow, when you told me that stuff I was like, oh my god. But, I have to admit….” she paused.

I had to help her. “You have to admit that that’s what you meant when you said you like men treating you like that.”

“Yesss,” she said bashfully, her face down and hidden from me.

“But, you just can’t deal with the other shit that goes along with someone like that?”

“Uh huh,” she said in a playful pout.

“Well,” I said hopefully for the first time, “you’ll just have to trust that there are people out there like that. Someone that will treat you as you need to be treated, both sexually, and emotionally, outside of the sex.”

She was nodding nervously. I could see her biting her lip. I knew what she was going to ask but it was as if I was frozen. I wanted to hear her say it, I’d dreamed about it. I’d waited so long for it.

“Do you think you could….you know…show me?” She said softly, barely above a whisper.

“You want me to show you what I’ve learned?” I asked with a commanding tone. “What do you want me to show you?” I was making her say it.

“You know…” she whined softly. “…how to treat women…like that.”

I was toying with her now. “Like what?”

“You know…” she said again, almost begging.

“Do you want me to treat you like the dirty little slut you are, use you in ways you’ve only imagined, then treat you like the absolute goddess you are the rest of the time?”

“Oh god,” She whined softly. “That sounds so fucking hot.”

“Krystal!” I said sharply. “Nice, sweet, Krystal…words like that coming out of your sweet mouth,” I said sarcastically, in jest.

“I know, right? Both of us, look at us, we’re both viewed as too nice and here we are discussing…this.”

I laughed. “It’s not as uncommon as you think, baby.”

Her face changed again. “So? What does this mean? Does this mean you’ll do it? I don’t even know what it means for me,” she said, still uncertain with it all. It was a big moment for her.

“Krystal, listen to me,” I said as I guided her chin towards me so we could look eye to eye. It was the first time I got to touch her like that. Her skin was as soft as I could’ve ever imagined. “First, I’d never mistreat you a day in your life. Anything we’d do, we’d do because we’d both enjoy it. I think the world of you. I’d never hurt you and I’d treat you better than anyone has, that I can promise you.”

“Ok,” she said with a sniff, there were tears in her eyes. I could see this was all overwhelming her. “I do believe that,” she said. “So what does this mean for us then? Should I just come home with you?”

I thought, “Wow!” That was really quick.

Ok, maybe I am the nicest guy in the world, or maybe I’m a complete idiot but, this just wasn’t right. She was totally wasted. As much as I wanted her, as much as I’ve always wanted her, I couldn’t have her, not like this. I was giving up the opportunity to have her. I was rolling the dice that like this, I may have her once, only to be followed by regret. It was a risk I had to take. My whole point to her was that I was different, not like other guys. I had to man up and prove it.

I still had her face in my hands. “Krystal, honey. Not tonight. Not like this.”

She formed a drunken pout on her lips, her beautiful, succulent lips, those lips I’ve dreamed about for months now. She started to protest but I stopped her.

“Look, you are drunk, if we were in a relationship and we already had that trust then, ok, we could go have some fun. But now, like this? I’d feel lower than a rapist if I took advantage of you in this state.”

“You wouldn’t be!” She started to argue.

I cut her off, I leaned in quickly and kissed her. I kissed her hard, deep, fully. She responded in kind. I pulled away after enjoying her like that for too short a time.

“Trust me,” I urged. “Tomorrow, when you sober up, well, after your hangover, then sober up, if you still feel the same way, we can talk about things. I want you to want to do it on your own, not influenced by tequila.”

“Gawd, you really are a nice guy,” she said, somewhat dejectedly. “I can’t think of one guy I’ve ever been with or who has hit on me that wouldn’t take me home and fuck the hell out of me.”

I shuddered even as she was saying those words. “I know,” I thought, “I must be fucking crazy.” Still, if I waited and she still wanted it when she was clear headed, it would be magic. On the other hand, if she woke up the next day after this talk and regretted everything about it then I’d have missed out on the opportunity to make love to this beautiful creature. I gambled. I told her to go back inside and think about things. We exchanged phone numbers.

She was pouting. Her beautiful face was so inviting, so fucking cute. She nearly melted me. “I’ve been thinking about this stuff for a week now,” she whined softly. “I’m so fucking worked up right now I just can’t stand it. Can’t we do something?” she whined playfully.

I knew she meant she wanted to give me a blowjob, her hand was now on my lap, she was touching my cock through my jeans. As crazy as it seems I knew I should say no. I saw what would happen. I already knew we shouldn’t fuck, given her drunken state. Then, if she gave me a drunken blowjob, I’d be no better than any of her other men that just used her before. I’d just be added to the list of guys who had gotten pleasure from her without giving it back. I just felt that’s the way she’d look at it tomorrow. I wanted more than that. Still, we were both horny, I saw a chance to get her mind involved, even if our bodies weren’t going to be.

“Well, maybe there is something we can do, short of having sex,” I said thoughtfully. “In fact, this might just be a chance for you to see how things might happen in the future, if you feel the same way tomorrow.”

“Ok?” She said anxiously.

“Are you wet?” I grinned.

“God, yes,” she hissed softly.

“Show me, lift your skirt,” I said firmly.

I wasn’t even really expecting her to do it. Up to this point I still kept expecting it all to blow up in my face.

She looked around and smirked at me. Quickly, she pulled her skirt up over her panties. They were yellow, with little red lace around the edges. Again, just too fucking cute for words. Her eyes were closed. I think she was expecting me to check her wetness. If I’d done so there’d have been no stopping it from happening so I thought of something else. There was a little game I could play to introduce her to what could be in store for her.

“Nice,” I whispered to her. She opened her eyes and turned to me. She pulled her skirt back down when she realized I wasn’t going to touch her yet. Again, her lip stuck out in a pout.

“Krystal,” I said firmly. “Would you do something for me?”

“I want to,” she whined. “I really do.”

“Good, because here’s what I want you to do tonight. I’m leaving, as I said. I want you so badly it hurts. However, I want you when I know you are clear thinking. I want you when I know you want it too. But, for tonight, I have a game for us to play, even if we don’t do anything else.”

“Oh god,” she moaned softly. “What is it, what do you want me to do?”

I saw nothing but willingness in her eyes.

“Take off your panties,” I whispered in her ear, my breath teasing her as I did so.

I saw her look at me with hesitation. “Take off your panties and then go back inside for the rest of the night. I want you to know what it feels like to be in public like that, so dangerously close to being exposed. Your skirt will cover you, but you’ll always be thinking of how you are sitting. If you are dancing, you’ll think of how you are moving. I want that. I want you to know what that feels like, and how you willingly gave up your panties to me.”

“Damnnnn,” she moaned.

I wasn’t expecting anything, really. It was all based on hope. She looked at me questioningly once more before shifting herself in the front seat. I saw her reach under her skirt with both hands and roll her panties down her legs. She kicked them off with her feet. She’d done it. Her panties were in a bunch on the floor. I could smell her, it was intoxicating.

“Give them to me,” I urged.

She was blushing when she handed them to me, balled up in her hand. I resisted the temptation to run them under my nose in front of her. I didn’t want to freak her out, even though it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world to want to do. Instead, I unfolded them and I hooked them over my rear view mirror. I saw her face turn even redder when she realized that anyone would be able to see them.

“Now, go back inside and enjoy yourself,” I smiled. “Text me if you want,” I urged. “That is, if you remember any of this.”

“Oh, I’ll remember,” she said with a shy smile.

I watched her beautiful ass as she walked away from me. In that moment, instant panic filled me that I’d missed my one perfect chance. I knew I’d done the right thing, though, as difficult as it was. It was also at that moment I also realized, “fuck, I really must love her,” I laughed to myself. I got to enjoy the scent of her excitement all the way home. I was about to get in bed when I got a text from her.

“I’m thinking about you.” It said. “Sitting here without my panties, you evil man! I swear all the guys here must know it.”

I couldn’t help but smile. She was no doubt even more wasted than before. I had to fight off the regret as well as the urge to get back into my car and go after her. I texted her back.

“Have you been dancing yet? I’d like that, to know you have to be careful how you move.”

“Not yet, you want me to? I will,” she wrote back. “A guy I dated before has been asking me to.”

“Yes, I’d love that,” I admitted to her. “Did you have sex with him before?”

“Yes,” she answered concisely. “I’d love to hear your voice again,” she wrote. I immediately called her. The background noise told me that the group was even drunker than before. I could hear everyone carrying on.

I asked her about her ex. “Was he any good?”

She must’ve walked outside, it got quieter in the background.

“He’s one of those guys I talked about. Very hot but very vain,” she said. “It’s why I dumped him.”

“I see,” I replied. I liked her willingness to reveal herself to me. “If you need to avoid him to avoid complications, go ahead.”

“Naw, he’s ok, like I said, I dumped him and I think the same night he was screwing a friend of mine. He’s already trying to touch me up. He has stroked my back, mostly to see if I’m wearing a bra, I think,” she slurred. I realized how much I loved hearing her voice, even in its drunken state.

“Wow, what a creep,” I said.

“Yeah,” she said softly. “But like I said before, his forwardness and arrogant confidence is what attracted me in the first place.”

“So you are still attracted?” I asked.

“Oh, of course,” she said openly, the alcohol loosening her lips. “But I’d never date him again.”

That relieved me somehow. “Ok, so find someone to dance with,” I urged. I really did want her to have fun. I especially wanted to hear about how she felt doing it without her panties, of course.

“Ok, I will,” she said cheerfully. “Do you want me to tease him or something?”

“Well, yes,” I said. “Though, you really have to be careful teasing, dressed as you are. It doesn’t have to be him, you know.”

“Naw, I think he’s perfect for teasing,” she said with a giggle. “What should I do?”

“You know the games we talked about? The ones I used to play with my exes? This is like some of them,” I answered.

“Really?” She asked with excitement in her voice. “I told you I’m worked up,” she said with some urgency. “Tell me what you are thinking,” she begged.

“Ok, you are in a bar, with no panties, some guy is pestering you to dance. I’m sure you are afraid of dancing, for fear you might be exposed, right?”

“Yessss,” she moaned. I could tell she was turned on at the same time.

“So, go ahead and dance, flirt as much as you feel comfortable with. So he is handsy? Would he be the kind of guy who will try to get his hands on you, maybe on or under your skirt?”

“Oh god, yes. I told you, he’s totally that kind of guy. It’s kind of why I was attracted to him in the first place. Though, like I said, he’s also the kind of guy who can’t keep his hands off any other woman, too.”

I had to chuckle at that. How jerks keep getting wonderful, beautiful women always amazes me.

“Well, dance, flirt, enjoy yourself,” I said. My intention was to play up the excitement in the possible exhibition. My previous exes got off on being publicly displayed, this was just a baby step for her.

“What if he, you know, tries anything?” She said in her alcohol induced haze.

“Hey, just have some fun,” I urged. “I just like the thought of you without your panties, having to let someone dance with you, knowing what they might be able to get a peek of.”

“Wow,” she groaned. “He likes to try to feel me up when we dance, at least he always did before.”

I had kind of figured that. I really liked the thought. Of course though, I wanted her badly myself. I wondered how far to try and push this, our first little game.

“So do it, dance with him,” I said. “I obviously hope you don’t fuck him,” I said, making it sound like a joke, even though it wasn’t. “Everyone else is still there, right, to protect you, to drive you home?”

“Yes, Alena and the gang are still here, I’ll be fine. I don’t want to fuck him, either. It was hard enough to get him to stop bugging me after the last time. Alena keeps telling me to hook up with him, she wants me to dance with him too. I think she’s hoping something will happen. I think she has secretly lusted after him. I think she wants to live that vicariously through me.”

I laughed. “Probably, the things hot guys get away with,” I said, shaking my head.

I definitely didn’t want anyone hooking up with her but in my head I knew that this was always going to be a possibility until or unless we had something together. I figured I’d find out tonight whether or not she wanted the same old thing, or if she wanted something special.

“Ok,” she hissed with excitement. “I’ll do it. You naughty man, I’m practically dripping here.”

“Nice,” I said with satisfaction. “I told you how powerful the mind is, see how excited you are and you haven’t even done anything yet?”

“I know, you are right,” she squealed. “I’d totally digging this. Do you want me to call you later?” She asked.

“I’ll be asleep,” I said. “But, you know what I’d like? Why don’t you text me, or email me. Tell me what happens, what you felt like, what you were thinking, I’d like that.”

“Me too,” she giggled. “I really like this.”

“I do too, Krystal. You don’t know how much. I hope you feel the same tomorrow.”

“K,” she said quickly. “He’s coming, I gotta go.” She hung up.

“Wow,” was all I could think of. This was all happening so fast.

I vaguely remember hearing my phone buzz softly a few times in the night but I didn’t fully awaken. When I got up in the morning I checked the phone. There were some texts. One was from just after I’d hung up with her.

“I’m doing it!” She wrote. “I danced a few songs with him, fast ones. I stopped when a slow song came on. He’s already been grabbing my hand and trying to twirl me around. I’ve had to hold onto the edge of my skirt!”

Another text was from about 15 minutes later. “Oh my god,” she had texted. “Alena made me slow dance with him. Did you put her up to it?” she asked in writing. “Cuz the minute he held me his hand was on my ass. I knew he could feel that it was bare under there, I just know it.”

A third text was from a few minutes later. “I’m so fucking horny,” she wrote. “We’ve been dancing, he figured it out,” she wrote.

I knew what she meant, he’d figured out she didn’t have panties on. My mind was racing. There was one text left.

“God, I don’t know what to do,” she’d written. “I’m so worked up….I wish I knew what you wanted. I’d do it, I really would, no matter what it is. He’s been touching me….my pussy I mean. He’s been playing with me. Maybe I should give him a blowjob. Gotta go, talk to you soon. Krystal.”

That was it. I remember waves of thoughts and emotions crashing over me that day at work. I tried to text her twice, then called her once and left a message. She didn’t answer. I began to suspect what I’d figured, that once she was more clear headed the innocent, sweet Krystal would return and regain control. I wanted to kick myself for missing perhaps my only chance with her, though deep inside I knew I didn’t want her that way, that I’d always feel guilty if we’d done something then she had remorse about it later. Doing the right thing often hurts, I’ve found. I forgot about the email address I’d given her until near the end of my workday. I opened it. She’d left me an email. It was still from the night before, it had a time stamp of 3:20am.

“I just got home. Alena dropped me off so you don’t have to worry, I didn’t drive. Tonight was….well, different lol. I can’t believe I did all that. I had fun, though. I’m still totally wasted, I hope this is making sense. I did what you wanted. I danced with Tim for about an hour. I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. Even though I hate him I wanted to jump his bones right there on the dance floor. He figured it out early that I didn’t have panties on. Once he did, his fingers never left my pussy. I kept pushing his hands away but he kept on doing it. He had me in a corner and with his long arm he reached behind me and slid his fingers into me from behind like that, in my pussy I mean. I managed to get free of his grasp but I was so worked up, and he saw I wasn’t walking away so he kept doing it. I was so drunk I hoped no one noticed but I can’t imagine how no one saw that. He had my skirt up over my ass in back more than once. Mostly we were in a group and he had me faced towards the group but still, I mean, come on!”

I couldn’t believe this was Krystal, my sweet, innocent Krystal. I knew that’s not who she really was though, which is why I pushed any of this in the first place. I knew there was a tiger in there somewhere.

She continued, “I was so wet it was embarrassing. He was all smug like it was him who made me that way! It wasn’t . He finally pushed me down the hall towards the bathrooms and tried to finger fuck me good right there. Somehow I managed to keep him from penetrating me again, though he did rub my pussy enough to drive me crazy. I did something for you, though, right there. When he finally pulled his hand out I licked myself off of him. I imagined it was you.”

“Fuck,” I groaned. The image was just so vivid.

She finished her email with, “He was begging for a blowjob, it was funny. I’d gotten off but I was still and am still worked up. I almost did it. I almost sucked him right there and pretended it was you! You should’ve let me do it for you, I wanted to so much! Instead, I left him like that. I left him for all the times he left me unsatisfied. He just called me a fucking whore and left! You were right about guys like him, they are all about themselves. I’m glad now that I didn’t let him go further. He would’ve fucked me in an instant. You, on the other hand, refused to fuck me because I was drunk. You certainly are different from him, I’ll give you that. Hope I won’t regret telling you any of this later! Krystal.”

I was too. I smiled. She hadn’t fucked him. I was glad, even though I had no rights over her, I was still glad. I texted her a few times during the next week. She responded politely, but without mentioning or asking about what might be next. I had to give her time. She was either going to regret getting me involved in any way and show that remorse I feared, or, she had to process how she was going to let it proceed.

I saw her on Friday night. She was working. She seemed to have a special glow about her. There is always something special about her but tonight she seemed even more beautiful, if that was even possible. Her face lit up when she saw me. I may have even seen a little bit of a blush. She was busy, too busy to chat, though I kept ordering coffee and water just to be near her. I had no clue what her reaction would be to me bringing up what has happened. I knew, though, that it needed to be her that broached the subject. I needed to accept whatever it was she decided.

Finally she plopped down in the chair beside me and took a break. After some agonizingly lame chit chat about how busy it was and the weather she finally opened up.

“So, last week…crazy, huh?” She said as if she was trying feel me out.

I smiled. I wanted to contain my excitement. I didn’t want to come on too strong like every other guy she has dealt with would. “Yeah, if by crazy you mean awesome,” I joked.

She smiled shyly. “I can’t believe I did that. I’m not like that at all, usually.”

“But it is a part of you, Krystal,” I said softly. “It is obviously something you enjoy.”

“It is,” she hissed softly, “but to do what I did and tell you about it after basically begging you to take me home…I feel so ashamed of myself.”

“Wow,” I said. “Ashamed of what? You got a little drunk, you had a little bit of fun teasing a guy, you told a friend about it and then you went home. Why is that so bad?”

“I know,” she said softly. “I guess the part I’m ashamed of is that I really liked it.” Her face reddened. She got up abruptly and said she had to go back to work. “Are you staying?” She asked me. “Or, are you disgusted with me? You haven’t said a word about what you think.”

I’m no fool. I told her I’d stay and would be willing to tell her everything I thought, after work. She grinned hopefully. She tormented me another couple of hours as I had to watch her walk back and forth as guys ogled her perfection. I wondered how this was all happening, I even questioned if it was or if it was just part of my fevered imagination.

She sat down at the bar after her shift. I bought her a drink. We talked and laughed and chit chatted our time away. Before we could get down to serious discussion the bar was closing. I sighed, another opportunity lost. I thought I was saying goodbye so I told her, “Krystal, I just want you to know that I would never be disgusted with you. Everything I know of you, everything I can see, hear, feel, tells me you are everything that I love in woman. I’m sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.” Apparently, alcohol had loosened my lips as well.

Her eyes widened in mock shock. “Love? You said love,” she giggled teasingly. “How could I be uncomfortable with someone thinking I’m perfect?”

“You are perfect, in every wonderful way,” I mused softly.

“We’ll see,” she said. “Do you want to continue this discussion, how about your car?”

I agreed in a snap. I turned on the car and let the heat envelope us.

“So what can we talk about?” I smiled.

“You know,” she urged. “We’ve put it off for far too long. It’s like you are teasing me with it. You’ve made me stew in my own juices for a week now,” she said before realizing the double entendre.

My eyes shot open wide. “Um, yeah,” I said with hesitation. “I’ve been thinking about that all week.”

“You have?” She said, almost in a delighted squeal.

“Krystal, I’m a guy. No matter if I am a bit different than most of the guys you hang around, I’m still a guy. I think about you…about that…all the time.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” she murmured softly. “I was wondering if you even wanted me, that way.”

“Fuckkkk,” I said. “I can’t stop thinking about it, wanting it. I’ve known I’ve wanted you from the first time I ever saw your angelic face.”

“So sweet,” she cooed. “Certainly I’m not all that.”

“You are all that, that’s why I had to leave you last week. If I couldn’t have you, the real you, in a way we both wanted, then I didn’t deserve you at all.”

“So where does that leave us now?” She asked imploringly. “Do we start dating? Do you want to be a couple? How is this going to work? You are old enough to be my father, I have been thinking about it, though. I mean, you mentioned your “dark side” and that intrigued me, obviously it is something I’ve desired but haven’t explored. But, your age, my age…” She said, as she tried to find the words.

“Look, why don’t we just enjoy each other for who we are. We both like each other as people, that’s obvious. I think we both trust each other as much as two relative strangers can. I have a kinky side which seems to interest you and you have a desire to learn about them. Why don’t we just enjoy each other’s company, explore each other, and see where that leads?” I said, throwing it out there.

“So you don’t mind if we don’t, you know, date? That it is ok that we aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend?”

I smiled. “I can accept that, for now. Why don’t we see where it leads, who knows where that may be.”

Ho Ho Ho!

My eyes snapped open and I stretched widely in my bed. Smiling at the cocoon of warmth surrounding me, all I wanted was to stay there forever. Scratching my winter stubble, my hand ran through my dark, curly hair. A picture-esq moment. Then an icy pit filled my stomach.

Ho Ho Ho!

Slapping my seasonal Santa alarm clock, my feet swung about as my forest green eyes found the blaring red time. NO. Padded feet slid across the cold, wooden floor as clothes flew on. Dressed warmly and backpack secure, I sped down the stairs and out the door to a brisk December morning.

I started to run, my breath billowing in front of me like a screaming train, feet pounding the concrete. It was the last day of finals and I was already ten minutes late. This exam in accounting was the key to staying in school. Being so busy supporting myself through school with three jobs had kept my grades low, but this sophomore year had been particularly rough. My accounting teacher, Mr. Kringle, was especially hard on me. If I didn’t pass this last class I’d lose my scholarship and have to drop out of school

Reaching the lifeless exterior of the Business Administration building I took the stairs two at a time, almost crashing into another student on the way up. Down the hall, the sound of my flight echoed off the sparsely decorated walls as I slid to a stop. Peeking through the window to the classroom I saw the final had already started. Twenty-five minutes late. Entering as quietly as I could, Kringle’s eyes snapped to my sulking form. Pursing his lips, he shook his balding head. Struggling to stand up with his heavy belly, he chose to slide the exam over the desk to me.

I mouthed thank you and quickly took a seat. Looking up, I saw my friend Emily smile sadly at me. The test was long and difficult. There was no way to finish it in time. And I didn’t. The time ran out and all the students filed out. Dejected, my half-finished test was placed on Kringle’s desk. Turning, I walked to the door.

“I did some looking into your school records, Adam.” I stopped. “As your professor I care about these things, and I know anything less then a B on this final will get you kicked out of school, a school you worked very hard to get into.”

My eyes met his and he smiled warmly. It gave me no happiness.

“I would propose something, since it is the Christmas season after all.” His hands rested on his stomach. “If you agree, you are fully committed. Now close the door.”

The icy pit returned.

“What do I have to do?” I asked.

“What do I have to do, SIR.” His smile disappeared. “Close the door.”

I went and closed the door. “Lock it.” I did so, then came back to stand before Mr. Kringle.

“Since it’s December, and it’s only twelve days until Christmas, I will give you twelve school tasks to complete. If you do that, you get an A and get to stay in school. If you can’t complete any task, I will both fail you and tell the dean that you were caught cheating. You’ll never get into any school again.”

I felt trapped, but I knew I had to do this. Kringle was a tenured professor who the students loved. My word against his on anything would be the end of me.

“Still aren’t talkative? That’s fine, you won’t need to do much of that. Take off your clothes.”

My eyes closed. I knew this was coming. Hands shaking, I just reacted. My coat unzipped, shirt came off and the belt was unbuckled. A whistle made me pause. Kringle was staring at my body, absorbing every detail.

“You work out, don’t you, Adam?” At 5’10 and 160 pounds, I had kept in shape ever since coming to college after years of soccer and football. I nodded. “Continue, then.” My pants hit the floor. Then my boxers. I stood completely naked in front of my professor. Goosebumps raised on my skin. Kringle heavily rose from his chair, walking around me. The slight breeze from his movement gently teased my hanging cock. Suddenly his hand slapped my ass — hard. I jumped.

“On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, one naked student.” The click of a camera sounded behind me and I spun about. He had taken a picture of me with his phone.

“More security, you understand, to make sure you do what I want. Task one is complete. Now onto task two. You are to walk to the Dean’s office and delivery this letter. Completely naked.” He held it up in front of me. The Dean’s office was down the hall.

“The dean? Are you insane! I’ll g-” I stuttered. An arm wrapped around my neck and Kringle’s hand found my ass again. SLAP. And again. SLAP.

“You do not talk to me like that, SLAVE. You are mine”. I nodded, ass stinging. Taking the note in my hand I went to the door.

“You are to say nothing, just knock and hand the secretary the letter. Then return. I’ll be calling him in five minutes”

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and peered out into the thankfully empty hallway. My bare feet walked along the cold floor. It was much colder out here. Heart pounding in my chest, I approached the Dean’s office. The door had an ominous black sheen. I felt so exposed. What would I say to the Dean? What was I doing out here? Voices in the hallway behind me caused me to jump. Practically running to the door and threw it open and ran inside — right into the Dean. On impact he stumbled back.

“SWEET BABY JESUS” he yelled as he fell. “Why in the world are you naked? Who are you?”

I tried covering my privates and held the letter out without a word. He snatched the letter and motioned for me to go into his office. Knowing there was no other choice, I followed. There was no secretary.

He sat in his leather chair and opened the letter, one eye on me. Looking around the room, I looked everywhere but him. My hands stayed firmly over my crotch. A giant bookshelf took up an entire wall, a window looking out over the campus on the next, and a huge red curtain covered the other. The Dean scanned the paper for a moment longer then put it down. Opening his drawer he pulled out something and pointed at his desk with the other hand.

“Bend over and put your hands on the desk”. I slowly did so. He came around behind me and my world went dark as a blindfold plunged everything into darkness. My breath caught. My heartbeat was pounding in my ears.

An object pushed at my tight, virgin asshole and I gasped in shock. Nothing had ever been put in there. Past girlfriends had wanted to try, but I’d never done it.

“On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: 2 pieces of bondage.” The Dean sung softly. Cold liquid dripped against my tight hold. The object entered my ass. Slick lube covered it, sending it easily inside me. “Clench” he muttered. I squeezed my butt, holding the dildo inside. Two hands caressed my body. Cold metal

Why is this happening? I screamed in my head. Then two more hands found my body. I froze. I heard Kringle laugh and I knew.

“On the third day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: 3 cocks ready to be pleased.” He muttered as my mouth was opened by yet another pair of hands. A wide cock slipped into my mouth without warning, almost causing me to gag.

This was the worst Christmas ever…

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