The adult theater had several small theater rooms. I chose the one marked four. I opened the door and walked into the dimly lit room. Instantly my eyes noticed a commotion on one of the couches.

As my eyes began to focus, I stopped dead in my tracks. My mind began racing. Was that a small, white pony on the couch? Did the pony have a golden, flowing mane? A short white tail? WTF?

After a more few seconds, I realized that the ‘white pony’ was a very large, white female on all fours, on a couch. Her head was bobbing up and down on a fat cock, while a man was standing behind her energetically moving his hips back and forth.

As my eyes continued to focus, I could see that the large female was quite attractive, I guessed she was about 30 years old, had shoulder length blonde hair, pert breasts, and a fairly large, round ass. No, she wasn’t a husker, just big. She must have been at least 6′ tall and around 180 pounds.

Curious, I decided had to get a better look. I walked up to the man who was fucking her from behind. As I approached him, I noticed several men sitting on couches and chairs watching the action. Only a couple of men were fisting their cocks.

When the man fucking her noticed me, he smiled, and asked me if wanted to fuck her ass. I looked down and saw his cock moving in and out of her greased, pink asshole. Before I could respond, the man told me: he was her husband, he brought her here once a month, she liked to be gangbanged, and she liked to do it in public.

Then to my surprise he slapped her right buttock smartly (leaving a red mark), withdrew his stiff cock, and strongly encouraged me fuck her ass. Not known for turning down a nice looking, firm, ample ass, I pulled out my semi-erect cock.

There was no time for any foreplay. I simply placed my cock between her greased butt cheeks and slide it up and down. When it was rock hard, I slowly pushed my plump cockhead against her sphincter. It gave way quickly.

When her big, white ass began to swallow my thickening cock, she stopped sucking cock long enough to turn around and look at me for an instant. She had blue eyes and a pleasant looking face. Her (other) cheeks were ruddy in color.

As I began to thrust into her, I heard little moans. Motivated, I held her broad shoulders to keep her from moving and began to fuck her harder. The sound of my groin slapping her buttocks was music to my ears.

(Her husband stood by me the whole time. He also would intermittently slap her bouncing buttocks with his hand and then finger fuck her pussy.)

Occasionally, I would stop, grab the base of my cock, and slowly twist it around in her rectum. I wanted to ‘punish’ her ass – make it grateful to have her hubby’s cock lovingly stuffing it. I fucked her liked this for about 10 minutes before cumming hard in her ass.

After I pulled my wet cock out of her soupy ass, I continued to stand there. I looked around while her gaping asshole slowly closed. I saw the man she was sucking pull his cock out of her mouth. He jacked it for a moment before painting her face with his cum.

The audience of men continued to sit and watch. No one else wanted to have sex with her. That was okay by me because I wanted more of her.

Somewhat awkwardly, I crawled underneath her to get to her pussy. The good wife quickly sensed what I wanted to do and willingly straddled my face.

Perhaps to encourage my oral thoughts even more, she pulled her head down to my cock and began daintily licking any remaining cum and her ass juice off it. I reciprocated by smooching and licking her very wet and sticky clit and pussy.

My sperm had dribbled out of her asshole onto her pussy, clit, and upper thighs. I unhesitatingly swallowed our combined juices.

As her body began to stir, I reached up and pushed two of my fingers into her rectum. Feeling the thin membrane between her rectum and pussy reenergized my cock.

Soon, my finger fucking and enthusiastic licking evoked loud moans out of the big, blonde wife. Within minutes, she gasped and began bucking wildly against my fingers. Her abdomen smashed into my face as her orgasm reached a crescendo.

Almost immediately afterwards, I saw two very large black men walked into the room. I crooked my head and watched upside down, as the two black men extended their hands to the husband. Their hands were twice the size as mine.

Not wanting to be the odd man out, I was thinking of extracting myself from underneath the wife; however, when she went back to working my cock with her mouth, I stayed put.

Soon, one black guy walked to her front. The other walked up behind her and unzipped. His semi-erect cock was at least 1-2 inches larger than mine and it was coke bottle thick.

Black cock in-hand, he guided it to her pink pussy. His large cockhead pushed her pussy lips wide open as he entered her a couple of inches. He paused a moment before slowly forcing his shaft into her pussy, until his balls rested just above my forehead. The wife moaned out loud. Her clit, now in my mouth, became erect, again.

As the black man began to fuck her, I was thinking I would not want to be on the receiving end of a fuck from this man. He through his whole body into fucking her. I was sure she would feel that fuck for several days, but right now, her pussy loved it.

As his pace quickened, his large balls began bouncing off my forehead and my tongue would occasionally contact his thrusting shaft as I licked her clit. He either did not mind or did not notice. Who would with a pussy tightly wrapped around your cock?

It didn’t take long for the big man to start making pre-orgasmic grunts the way he was slamming her pussy. With his hands on her hips, he began deeply pushing into her and pulling her pussy up and down his long, fat shaft. Her pussy was stretched so wide that I could easily see her pussy lips sliding in and out with the motion of his cock.

She came first, though, groaning loudly. Her pussy juices practically waterfalled onto my face. Then I saw his balls begin contracting as his engorged cock began to spew sperm into her pussy. Sperm ran down the base of his shaft as he continued to plunge in and out of her.

After he had completed cumming, he held steady for a moment, probably savoring their convulsing uterus. When he pulled out of her, long, thin strings of cum hung from his cock to her pussy. I caught some of them on my tongue.

My movement caused the black man to look down and at me. When he saw me licking my lips, he pushed his still swollen cock into my mouth. I greedily sucked his cock clean before he walked away. I savored the juices.

Wanting more, I cranked my neck up so I could suck-up the thick globs of his cum that dribbled from her hanging labia lips. I kept eating his sweet salty cum mixed with her sweet pussy juice, until I saw her abdomen tremor, again.

I had completely forgotten about the second black man, until I felt his knee come to rest on the couch. I immediately looked up. He was stroking a massive cock. It was super thick and, although hard, it was pointing towards the carpet. I thought, ‘how can a woman accommodate this monster into her belly!’

The second black man began to rub his bulbous cockhead up and down her slit, just inches away from my face. When he was ready, I saw for the second time a huge cock head spread her pussy lips to gain entry.

Any remaining cum juice form the first black man squeezed out as the second black man pushed his cock inside her. Apparently, this close-up was too much for me. I felt my cock begin to swell. The wife noticed, too, and sucked it into her mouth quickly, swallowing it to the base. I raised my hips to assist as much as possible. I knew I was going to cum. I closed my eyes and saw stars as my sperm jetted out.

After I had shot a couple of loads down her throat, she pulled her mouth back on my cock and jacked me. She made sure my second orgasm was complete.

Meanwhile, the second black man couldn’t keep his cock in her. It kept slipping out and pushing to the side of her inner thigh. I guess the wife and I were being too rowdy. Anyway, she reached around, grabbed my hand, and placed it on his cock, so that l could guide it into her pussy.

I was amazed at how large it felt in my hand. I held five inches of hard cock after I just slid four inches of it into her pussy!

Despite her pussy being stretched to the max, the wife started fucking him like crazy – back and forth and up and down. When her pussy tired, she ground her pelvis into him. Her haunches were very strong.

When she finally stopped grinding, the black man really started to fuck her. His fat cock became a blur in and out of her pussy. He was not going to last long, either.

In no time, his balls began to flex repeatedly as they emptied into the wife’s pussy. It seemed to take him a couple of minutes before he finally stopped thrusting.

Her pussy must have awash with sperm. When he pulled his huge black cock out, I heard a loud, wet suction sound. I looked up to see his fresh cum bubbling and trickling out of her pussy. Lustfully, I drove my tongue into her pussy, licking and sucking the sperm out of it.

My face was now completely wet with black sperm and white pussy juice as I untangled myself from underneath her. I walked up to her and we kissed. We tasted each other’s smeared faces.

The husband wanted to fuck her ass, but she declined his advances and got dressed. The show was over. I left before the couple did. The white pony was something else.

Inspired on viewing the classic erotic film Emanuel, again after a ten year period.


Emanuel was essentially a newly-wed, having married Karl Gehringer only a week before moving to the outskirts of Los Angeles a little over a month ago. She quickly learned that she was reasonably good at tennis, well at Karl’s club anyway. She was nineteen and virtually everyone else at the club was in their thirties, or older. Her youth gave her an advantage especially in the longer sets.

She played twice weekly with the ambition of improving her game by the fall. She didn’t flirt with any of the men she encountered at the club. After all she had her man; and while Karl was her first lover as far as she was concerned, sex with Karl was more than interesting, it was compelling.

And so, when Karl was forced into leaving her at home while he flew to Hamburg, Germany to work out the details of a promising merger of his business with that of the largest auto manufacturer in Germany, Emanuel threw herself into tennis on a daily basis.


Emanuel parked her Jaguar in the country club’s parking lot rather than have the valet park it for her. She considered it her car, and didn’t want just anyone handling it.

Emanuel walked into the women’s locker room and looked for an open locker. She found an empty one between two women who changed into street clothing without exposing any naughty parts.

Emanuel opened her locker and began removing her outer garments. Another, older woman stood across from her, slowly undressing but her eyes remained on Emanuel.

As the woman removed her bra, she began a conversation with the younger Emanuel.

“I hear you’re quite the tennis player. It’s Mrs. Gehringer, isn’t it?”

Stepping out of her dress, Emanuel said, “Yes, but its Emanuel, please, not Mrs. Gehringer.”

“Emanuel… what a lovely name,” the woman turned toward Emanuel, presenting her with a full view of her generous breasts.

Non-plussed, Emanuel plucked her bra strap and dropped the bra into her hand then turned to the other woman; they were nipple to nipple with only inches separating them.

“I don’t believe we’ve met, Emanuel said softly. “Haven, Mrs. Muriel Haven,” the woman replied. “My husband…”

“Is the noted heart surgeon,” Emanuel said, finishing Muriel’s sentence for her.

“Yes… you seem to be in excellent condition, Emanuel. Do you work out with anyone here at the club?”

“Only if you count my tennis playing,” Emanuel replied.

“Oh, you’re that Emanuel,” Muriel said coolly.

Emanuel gave Muriel a puzzled look, and the older woman was forced to explain herself.

“I only meant that I have heard of your abilities in tennis. Why you’re already considered the best woman player to come along in years.”

Emanuel picked a sports bra out of her gym bag and donned it. Muriel tugged her shorts off and stood there wearing only a lace embroidered thong. Emanuel turned away to pull on a tennis skirt and then a tennis top. For all practical purposes, other than her sneakers, she was ready to play.

Muriel peeled the thong off and tossed it into the bottom of her locker as five other women stopped several feet from them and without any particular ceremony, began removing leotards and sports bras then chatted with one another like magpies in their under things and less. As they continued talking, they dressed and filmy, wired brassieres, satin panties, and thongs were much in evidence. The ladies presumably were headed out on the town after taking their leave of the country Club.

Most of the women were well endowed in the mammary area; and more than a few were candidates for breast reduction surgery. Nipple jewelry proved to be quite popular among them and downstairs, Brazilians outnumbered the bushes while several labia rings winked and twinkled here and there.

The women ranged in age from late twenties to late fifties, but most of them appeared to be in their thirties. Regardless of their ages, most of the women were in good shape, with only one or two needing to do some more work on their bellies and thighs.

Emanuel, having experienced how surreptitiously men check up women, was surprised to notice the women openly gazing at each other, appraising each other’s bodies without embarrassment. Muriel, on the other hand, now stood nude, with one foot up on a stool, rubbing a lotion onto her leg while still watching Emanuel out of the corner of her eye. It occurred to Emanuel that Muriel was the type woman who would much rather spend an hour prancing around the locker room stark naked, than actually doing any kind of exercise.

Emanuel couldn’t help but hear bits and pieces of the women’s conversation, which seemed to be about husbands and boyfriends, and sex, sex, sex. She overhead one pretty, petite redhead recounting that she had taken home one of the girls from purchasing the night before, as a mid-week treat for her husband. Apparently the buyer was happy to have dinner and quite a bit more.

The woman the redhead was talking to, who apparently had just met her, giggled and said, “You should invite me over for dinner sometime!”

Suddenly, Muriel called out to the women, “Where’s Felicia?”

The redhead laughed and nonchalantly replied, “She won’t be here today. The boss is boning her for lunch.”

Embarrassed, Emanuel said, “It was nice meeting you, Muriel, perhaps we can play a set or two someday.”

“Doubles, perhaps. With a couple of those handsome tennis pros the club keeps handy,” Muriel shot back, and then smiled knowingly.

“Yes, I’d like that,” Emanuel responded as she picked up her tennis kit and closed her locker.

“Join me for a drink later?” Muriel asked, as Emanuel turned and started walking away.

Emanuel looked back over her shoulder and said, “If the match doesn’t take overly long, I’d love too.”

Still nude, Muriel sat down on the stool and wrapped up in Emanuel’s beauty, just managed to catch herself a split second before she actually touched herself. Even so, she clearly heard the redhead’s scornful laugh and knew it was directed at her.

Muriel dressed, and never once glanced in the direction of the other women until ready to leave the locker room. “Give my regards to Jim, will you Brenda?” she said, and as she walked past them drew satisfaction from hearing two of the other women laughing; and one saying, “She’s got a lot of nerve, doesn’t she?”

Brenda laughed and said, “She knows him quite well; for that matter I’m very close to her husband too.”


The tennis pro Emanuel was playing with was a thirty something, single guy named Jon. He had played and lost at Wimbledon several years before and was considered to be a very good player and an even better teacher.

They had been paired up by the club’s match organizer to represent the club in a county mixed doubles knock out tournament.

Jon was tall, well built, funny and witty and always seemed to have a tan. Nearly all the women, Emanuel included, thought him a potentially great lover, but at the dances and parties he always had a cracking looking, sophisticated woman on his arm, who, he reputedly told others, “Was just a friend, nothing serious.”

Although he flirted quite outrageously with most of the women, Emanuel had not heard of him bedding anyone at the Club.

They went one on one for a set before their opponents arrived, and polished them off, love and love in just over half an hour. They had a quick drink with their opponents before Jon stood up and readied to leave.

Emanuel felt a certain attraction to him, but tried to put it out of her mind. Her husband Karl had taught her many things sexual on their two-week long honeymoon. And watching Jon roam the court had caused a certain stirring in her loins. Jon had noticed her watching him and since he had already bedded a number of wives belonging to the club, he assumed Emanuel was about to join the group.

To make it simple for her he whispered, “I’m in number 304, if you have need of me.” And then he left her sitting there.

Emanuel had another drink, although less potent than the previous one, and then said goodbye to her gracious opponents and made her way into the women’s dressing room and sat down in front of her locker. She was alone in the locker room. A minute later she stood nude and was carefully tucking her sweaty garments into a small duffle bag.

As she closed the locker and prepared to take her much needed shower, Muriel entered the locker room and strode toward Emanuel.

“Hello again,” she said.

“Hi, how did your exercise session go?” Emanuel inquired, noting that Muriel appeared not to have broken a sweat since she’d left the locker room.

“It went well enough. I happened by the tennis courts and saw you make short work of last year’s champion.”

“That was more Jon’s doing than mine,” Emanuel laughed, and reached into her locker for a towel.

“Mind if I join you, I really need a shower myself,” Muriel chirped.

“Not at all,” Emanuel replied.

“May I ask how long you’ve had those nipple piercings?” Muriel said.

Emanuel laughed and said, “I felt really daring on my honeymoon, and my husband took me to this charming Jamaican gentleman.” She turned her body so that Muriel could examine them up close, and the older woman did so, although she resisted the temptation to reach out and touch them.

“I’m actually quite fond of them,” Emanuel said, examining Muriel’s breasts without the woman being aware, or perhaps not caring that she was doing so. Emanuel thought Muriel’s breasts far more pendulous than her own; no doubt a product of having children who were now approaching their teens.

“It must have hurt something awful having that needle go through them.”

“Hardly felt a thing. The piercer applied a lotion to them just before inserting the needle that acted as a…” she stood there groping for the right word, but couldn’t find it.

Muriel rescued her, saying, “Numbed the nipples?”

“Yes, exactly. I knew the word but couldn’t get it out, thank you, Muriel.”

“You remembered my name, I appreciate that,” Muriel said with a knowing smile.

“I’m not completely daft, Muriel.”

“Of course not, I’m sorry if it seemed that way to you. It was a simple moment when something you knew wouldn’t come to mind. Everyone has moments like that. I do, and on a daily basis.”

“Well I can say the piercings make me feel sexy and kind of slutty all the time.”

“All the time?”Muriel said, and touched Emanuel’s shoulder. It was the first time she had actually touched Emanuel, who shivered slightly at the touch.

Emanuel waited for Muriel to strip and dig a towel out of her locker along with a bottle of shampoo then they walked side-by-side to the women’s shower.

Emanuel giggled when she saw they had the shower to themselves.

Muriel couldn’t believe her good fortune in finding Emanuel a willing accomplice in what promised to be a wonderful sexual relationship. She looked over at the younger woman and ran her hand lightly up her arm, recalling her reaction to the first time she had touched her.

True to form, Emanuel shivered, this time visibly. Muriel also took note of the girl’s hardened nipples, and said, “They stand out so proudly. Your husband must love playing with them.”

Emanuel took a nipple in each hand and squeezed them. “It makes them hard for the longest time. I find that if I do it before going out I attract the most indecent stares from men and women alike.”

Muriel noticed her nipples harden and stand out clearly… she smiled and said, “And you relish all the attention, Emanuel?”

“Oh, yes. It’s very… stimulating.”

Emanuel felt Muriel’s hand on her breast. They looked at each other for a long moment, the palm of Muriel’s hand rubbed against the stiffened nipple, and then with a seemingly mutual agreement, they moved closer… closer until their parted lips met in a sweet sultry kiss. When it broke Emanuel looked around as if concerned that someone had seen them.

Muriel cooed, “Relax sweetheart… you aren’t in Iowa anymore; no one here cares what we do.”

Emanuel’s head was swimming… she was supposed to be seducing Muriel and yet Muriel was the more aggressive one.

Muriel leaned over and kissed Emanuel’s lips once more… this time with a lot of tongue play by both of them. When it broke Emanuel realized Muriel’s hand was resting on her mons as if debating whether or not to slip inside the silky wetness an inch or so away.

“I love your lips… and tongue,” Muriel said hoarsely.

“Oh God Muriel, I’ve wanted to kiss you like that since I saw you so gorgeously naked in the locker room.”

Muriel moved her hand just enough to allow a finger to tease Emanuel’s clit. Emanuel spread her legs to give her lover all the room she could possibly use.

Muriel expertly pinched the clit and Emanuel groaned… Muriel smiled as Emanuel’s hand cupped Muriel’s full breast and tweaked the nipple. Muriel gasped with pleasure.

“This is wonderful, Muriel, but I really have to shower and run.”

“But why, we’re alone and just getting started?”

“I didn’t know we would hit it off like this… I have an appointment with the tennis pro, Jon something.”

“Jon Vexell?”

“Yes, that’s his name,” Emanuel said as she released Muriel’s turgid nipple.

“I know him quite well,” Muriel said before her tongue snaked out to lick Emanuel’s earlobe.

Emanuel laughed and gently pushed Muriel away.

“Then you’ll understand why I don’t want to miss the appointment.”

“Let me come with you, Jon won’t mind.”

“Really, he won’t mind?” Emanuel said, sounding somewhat pessimistic about Muriel’s comment.

“I can guarantee it.” Muriel said with a lewd smile.

“Then it’s all right with me,” and holding hands they returned to the locker room, dressed and made their way to the tennis pro’s small, adobe ranch style home.

“He has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” Muriel told Emanuel as they approached Jon’s place. “And be warned, he’s a tit man, but likes rough sex.” “How rough?”

“It varies, but he won’t leave any long lasting marks. You might leave his bed with a few bruises though.”

“I can handle that,” Emanuel said, but quivered inwardly at the thought of rough sex. It was something she and Karl had discussed, but hadn’t had time to get around too.

Jon opened the door and showed no surprise at seeing Muriel accompanying Emanuel.

Ignoring Muriel, he jabbed a finger in Emanuel’s face and growled, “I saw you!”

Confused, Emanuel glanced at Muriel for help in deciphering his true meaning. But Muriel offered no help whatsoever. Thinking, in for a penny, in for a pound, Emanuel took the plunge and entered Jon’s home; walked over to a chair on the left side of the living room and stepped out of her heels while making a mental inventory of what she was wearing that might be damaged.

“He likes rough sex,” Muriel’s words, rang in her ears. She nodded to herself. Karl told me to be open to all things regarding sex. How rough could it be?

To her surprise, Emanuel found herself confronting Jon with: “Um, who did you see me with?” she was trying to keep her voice casual, but already feeling the sweet worm of fear as it began its inexorable ascent from her tailbone to the top of her spine.

“Don’t play the coy princess with me,” Jon spat out, “I saw how that prick, Dexter Middleton was eating you up, and you loved every minute of it.”

Emanuel struggled to remember which of the other players or onlookers he was referring to, but it really didn’t matter who it was. In Jon’s eyes she was guilty.

Muriel chose that moment to chime in with: “Oh, she didn’t think you’d notice. I heard her say, ‘fuck, he’s hot. I’d do him in the bushes if I could.”

“That’s not…”

“Shut the fuck up!” Jon snarled and grabbed Emanuel by the back of her neck. Seconds later his cruel, warm fingers were digging into the sides of her throat. “I thought you were a horny newlywed looking for some cock while hubby’s away. But you’re nothing but a fucking whore, looking to get laid at every opportunity.”

Emanuel had trouble accepting what was happening to her. Her instincts told her to remain silent; to learn why he was being so cruel. He knew she wanted to get laid, and she was more than willing to fuck him — why then was he accusing her of being unfaithful to him when she had willingly come to his home to fuck him?

Then it occurred to her that his very words had sent the blood rushing between her legs and made her labia swell. So this is part of what rough sex is about, she thought.

Muriel jumped in again with: “You should have seen the hard on Middleton was sporting when he got up from the bleachers. Oh, you have no idea how it made my mouth water.”

“Muriel, why are you lying about me?”

“Shut up, Muriel,” Jon said, and shoved the older woman so hard she fell to the floor and remained there, panting.

Turning to Emanuel, he barked, “Show me your tits.”

Emanuel’s hand automatically went to her face, and before she could do or say anything he slapped her across the face, bringing tears to her eyes.

“Emanuel…” Muriel began, but made no attempt to get up.

“Shut up, I give the orders here,” Jon said, and then turned back to Emanuel. “When I tell you to do something you do it, understand?”

“Yes sir,” she said weakly, as she rubbed her cheek.

“Good. Now get those tits out. I want to inspect them.”

Emanuel quickly slipped her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to her waist. Being braless, her breasts were exposed sufficiently to satisfy Jon’s demand. He motioned her closer, and she shuffled forward until she stood inches from his glaring eyes.

Cupping her breasts, she offered them to him. He surprised her by caressing the sides, tops and undersides, but avoided the nipples. He glanced over at Muriel and seemed satisfied that she had removed herself from him and his prey.

Muriel took the look to mean that she was free to move to a chair and observe. She took a seat on the far side of the room, her eyes never leaving Emanuel.

Still using tender caresses, he worked his way to Emanuel’s still very tender nips and gently played with them, pay special attention to the golden barbells that passed through them.

Surprised again, this time by his gentle actions, Emanuel found she was highly aroused and breathing faster than she had while playing tennis. Images of his reputed huge cock danced in her head.

She risked a peek across the room at Muriel, hoping to garner a clue as to what might come next. But Jon caught her looking, and with no warning, pulled roughly on the nipple jewelry in her left breast. She reacted instinctively by pulling back and worsening the pain.

Just as the pain in her nipple began to subside, he smacked her across both breasts compounding the pain.

She stifled a sob then lost control and sobbed aloud, which brought another slap.

Emanuel didn’t bother to object when he started removing her piercings’. Jon explained his reasoning. “I can’t suck properly with metal in my mouth.” Then he leaned over, took an empty nipple into his mouth and simultaneously slid a hand under her dress, running a finger all the way inside her well moistened cunt.

His powerful suction on the nipple caused Emanuel’s knees to buckle, and she would have fallen had he not held her up with his free hand. “Lean on me,” he said tersely. She leaned into the shoulder opposite the hand that was fingering her cunt and sighed contentedly. He continued fingering her until her cunt began making a sloshing sound. That made him laugh, and withdrawing his finger, he held it under her nose.

“Smell it!”

Emanuel sniffed it until he pulled it away. He beckoned Muriel over to them and said, “You want her… clean my finger of her stench.”

Muriel said nothing, but quickly absorbed the finger into her mouth and tasted Emanuel’s juices for the first time. She would have sucked the finger until the skin wore away leaving nothing but bone, but Jon yanked it from her mouth, laughed and told her to sit back down.

Emanuel found the courage to speak up, and said softly, “Please, fuck me like the bitch in heat that I am.”

Jon snarled at her audacity to speak without being asked, and slapped her across each of her breasts several times. But by this point, Emanuel was into the pain and humiliation aspects of her seduction and merely pushed her breasts out for addition punishment.

He acted as this were normal and twisted each nipple in turn, allowing her just enough time to groan with the sudden terrific slice of pain each twist wrought before switching nipples.

As he twisted the left nipple for the fourth time, he glanced over at Muriel and said, “Do you two come as a pair, Muriel?”

“Yes and no, Jon; I’m second in line for Emanuel’s charms. Have your way with her. I’ll gladly take seconds.”

“And you’re available as well, right?”

“Yes, I am; especially for you, Jon.”

He laughed, and said, “Well, you can clean her when I’m done with her.” Turning to Emanuel, he said, “And you, bitch, you’ll do anything I want, won’t you?” Emanuel glanced at Muriel for help in responding to his question. This time Muriel helped her by nodding, and Emanuel slowly sighed then answered with a low, “Yes, I will, Jon.”

“You know it’s going to be mean and nasty, but you want it rough don’t you?”

“Oh, yes I do,” she emphatically.

“You’re piercings are on the coffee table. Take a minute and put them back in.” That said, he walked over to Muriel and instructed her to suck his cock while Emanuel replaced the piercings in her nipples.

Emanuel’s eyes danced from her nipples to the cock in Muriel’s mouth. She was amazed at its size. Karl was seven inches, he’d bragged about his length, but Jon’s had to be several inches longer and it was most assuredly thicker. It will probably hurt, but it won’t kill me. Muriel’s had it and loved it. I’ve gone this far, I can finish. Karl will enjoy hearing me tell him about today when he returns. In this, Emanuel was positive, because her new husband had counseled her on having as many affairs as she felt she needed in his absences; she had only to tell him of them on his return.

Jon waited while Emanuel finished restoring the piercings to each breast, and then plucked his erection from Muriel’s taut lips and strode back to Emanuel.

“Hands and knees!”

She dropped down on all fours and waited. Jon moved behind her, knelt down and reached around to her front, found the piercings and yanked them viciously.

OH, GOD!” Emanuel screamed, losing control for the first time.

Grabbing a handful of her hair, he yanked her to her feet. “You’re not ready yet.

She tried to ignore the sharp pain running through her skull, but moaned despite herself.

“Muriel, get your skinny ass over here!”

Emanuel’s muscles tensed in apprehension. Her cunt ached as it throbbed, waiting. She tucked her arms beneath her breasts and clasped her hands together knowing she would instinctively try to shield her ass if she didn’t; and a few angry red welts were better than a broken finger. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the slender instrument with which he would spank her.

Muriel scurried over to him and waited for further instruction.

“Smack her cunt a few times. Make sure it hurts.” Muriel didn’t hesitate, and swung her hand in a wide arc landing dead center on Emanuel’s cunt.


“Keep going,” he barked.

Muriel began a continuous series of sharp slaps centered on Emanuel’s rapidly swelling labia. Although the young girl shuddered with each blow, she managed to remain silent until Jon waved Muriel away and waved the thin stalk of cane so that it snapped just above Emanuel’s derriere.

“I’ll be using a cane on you, Emanuel. It leaves a welt that will continue smarting for about a week. I can tell you it will be at least two weeks before you’re able to withstand another… treatment. To do so earlier will result in scarring, and you’re too beautiful to have a scarred ass, don’t you agree?”

“I… I bow to your knowledge, and thank you for the advice, Jon.”

She heard the faint whistle of the cane as he brought it to bear on her buttocks with a loud, “Thwack!”

The first blow felt like a kiss of white-hot barbed wire. A large red welt popped up immediately. At first, Emanuel was shocked, and then the pain bloomed like fireworks in a dark sky. It seemed an eternity between the impact and her ability to scream in response.

After the third blow of the cane her mind, her entire universe was awash with pain. Emanuel was unable to determine where the succeeding blows landed, or how many there were. The only thoughts she was capable of were of dread in that the following blow will tear her apart, and the exquisite blanket of stillness that slides over her after she screams.

As Jon continued whipping Emanuel, the welts seemed to merge into one huge hunk of raw meat. During the course of the whipping Emanuel begged for mercy three or four times, of course her pleas were ignored. When he finally stopped, her ass was bleeding profusely. Very slowly, Emanuel’s body went limp. Her cramped fingers relaxed, and eventually she stopped screaming; then huge gulping sobs took over.

“You took that very well, Emanuel, my sweet,” Jon told her, and she loved him for saying it.

“Get me some ice,” Jon told Muriel, who ran to the refrigerator, scooped a handful of ice into a paper napkin she found on the counter and ran back to him.

Taking one cube at a time, Jon lightly applied it to her wounds until it melted, and then he found another ice cube and did the same thing until it too melted.

The ice in and of itself did nothing to heal her wounds, but they did allay some of the pain and for that Emanuel was grateful.

“Get that bloody ass into the shower,” he barked, and Emanuel, assisted by Muriel, limped into the bathroom and entered the shower as quickly as possible only to find that Jon had followed her and was soon urinating on her already damaged ass.

“Normally, I’d have you open your mouth for this, but I’m wondering if the piss adds to the pain. Does it?”

Emanuel nodded, because in fact, it did. The acid in his urine quickly raised the threshold of her pain twofold. A mewling sound came from her throat.

“What?” he asked, curious as to what she might have to say.

She tried again, and he understood her to say, “Hurts.”

“Does it hurt?”

She nodded, unable to speak because of the pain. Behind him she saw Muriel standing in the doorway, an expression of intense sadness on her face.

Poor Muriel, she thought, she probably feels worse than I do.

Then Jon turned the shower on and the sudden jolt of the hot water forced a scream from her lungs.

“Too hot?” he asked calmly.

She could only nod her head rapidly.

He made an adjustment then proceeded to undress. He tested the water, found it to his liking and joined her in the shower.

“It’s time to fuck, Emanuel, hope you’re ready for Big Ben.” Before she could react, he spun her around and forced her down onto her hands and knees again, quickly thrusting his huge cock into her bruised and swollen pussy.

For a split second, Emanuel thought her pussy numbed by the whipping. But as his cock rammed brutally into her deepest corner, she knew what it was like to be raped. Then her masochistic side kicked in and she began fucking back at his raping penis. Every thrust brought a unique flow of pain and pleasure.

She shuddered as her climax neared, only to whimper sadly as he yanked his penis from her sopping cunt in time to deny her the ultimate pleasure she was seeking.


“Shut the fuck up!” he yelled. Then Emanuel felt his cock forcing its way into her ravaged ass.


“What is it with you? First you’re begging for it, next thing you’re begging me not too. I’ll make your decisions for you. I’m fucking you up the ass. You don’t have to play in the tennis tourney until next week. You can rest up after I finish with you. Muriel, get the ointment from the cabinet next to you and grease her up.”

As Muriel lubed her rectum, Emanuel thought back to the few times her husband had taken her anally. It had hurt each and every time, and Karl was nowhere near as big as Jon. He would tear her apart. A moment later she remembered how badly he had whipped her back there and what level of pain awaited her when he drove his spear into her. She began to whimper and then cry.

Muriel had her hand in her mouth. She was crying too, but did nothing to prevent his raping her ass.

The violation of her ass went surprisingly well as far as Emanuel was concerned. Muriel had done a good job of lubricating her anus. Jon took no precautions in entering her, roughly shoveling his cock in as far as it would go then waiting until her muscles relaxed enough to shove it further. He stopped driving into her when he saw that he had about seven inches embedded in her anus. Then he began a methodical, almost rhythmical fuck.

Soon he was panting and puffing and was obviously going to cum, and while Emanuel was getting into it, she wasn’t as far gone as he was.

Jon let loose a scream, starling Emanuel, and then he began slapping her rump with both hands. The bastard had cum without waiting for her and was punishing her because of his own ineffectiveness. The resulting pain was all but intolerable.

When he pulled out, she was a quivering mass of hurting, horny flesh, desperate to end the pain and even more desperate to get off.

But before she could do or say anything, he grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved her face down to his crotch. “Clean that shit off of my cock, you useless cunt!”

As hot as she was, it still was not an appealing proposition. But Emanuel realized it was an order and not a proposition; and took his flaccid penis, although still quite formidable in size, and brought her mouth to bear on the disgusting task of removing her own fecal matter from his shit flecked prick.

It was the first thing that Emanuel had done that hadn’t turned her on. Jon kept a painful grip on her hair the whole time; and when he was satisfied; he threw her to the shower floor and turned the water on again.

“She’s yours for a while,” he said sarcastically to Muriel, who moved to help Emanuel to her feet. She located a wash cloth and gave it to Emanuel along with a bar of soap and the young girl cleaned herself then stepped out of the shower, accepting the towel Muriel was holding for her.

Emanuel watched Muriel strip as she dried herself off. Then she blinked and the next thing Emanuel knew she was in Muriel’s arms and they were kissing.

Until that moment, Emanuel had thought she knew about kissing; knew how to kiss and knew what a good kiss was all about. But Muriel quickly demonstrated that the younger woman knew next to nothing about it.

Muriel’s kiss conveyed adventure, excitement, confidence and passion. They were kissing with mouths wide open, tongues deep in the other’s throat and lips grinding and squirming together. They sucked on each other’s lips, first the top then the bottom; and when Muriel began nibbling on Emanuel’s tongue, Emanuel came for the first time that evening. It was a fantastic orgasm; especially so because Jon had artfully kept her from coming during all the sadistic treatment he had subjected her too.

Moments later Emanuel was kissing Muriel back with all the verve, energy, eagerness and passion that Muriel had demonstrated in kissing her.

Ending the kiss, Emanuel cried out, “Please don’t keep me waiting any longer, Muriel!”

Muriel obliged her, sealing her mouth over the other’s cunt and sucking voraciously on her. Emanuel’s fingers and hand gripped her head and hair as she cried out “OH, MY GOD, THAT’S GOOD!”

Having desired the younger woman since laying eyes on her, Muriel didn’t need the encouragement, but decided to give her lover the full treatment before Jon returned with his renewed erection.

She went from intense sucking to languid lapping, pausing occasionally to tease and titillate Emanuel’s clitoris. Emanuel’s thighs closed around Muriel’s head as she began a more urgent tonguing of Emanuel’s cunt.

“GET ME OFF! PLEASE GET ME OFF!” Emanuel moaned.

But Muriel ignored her pleas and concentrated on making this act a memorable one for both of them. She pulled back her tongue and gave a long lap upwards as her talented tongue rasped across Emanuel’s swollen clit. She sensed Emanuel closing in on her orgasm; instinctively knew the longer she kept her on this edge the more intense her feeling would be.

Emanuel was now thrusting her crotch into Muriel’s face; pulling her into her mound. Muriel’s nose was embedded in her bush and her jaw rammed tight against her pussy.


Not wanting to hold her off any longer, Muriel sought to push her over the edge by lapping at her clit; heard her scream as the orgasm smashed into her, and wallowed in the ensuing flood of juices that quickly covered Muriel’s tongue.

Muriel continued lapping away at her, swallowing the excess fluid to keep from choking; alternating between Emanuel’s pussy and clit as Emanuel thrashed wildly, desperate to explode because of the over-stimulation she’d been subjected too.

Wanting to heighten the experience even more, Muriel sank her fingernails into the red welts Jon had left on her ass and drew fresh rivulets of blood from the wounds. The rush of pain did add greatly to the over-all flood of sensation in every nerve ending coursing through Emanuel’s body, and she came again and again before collapsing on the floor and passing out with her thighs still twitching and clamped firmly around Muriel’s face.

Using great care, Muriel extracted herself from Emanuel’s grip. She licked her lips, savoring the taste and texture of Emanuel’s juices. Slowly she pushed herself up and stood between Emanuel’s spread legs. Emanuel’s arms shot out toward her like a baby seeking its mother. She wrapped her arms around Muriel’s hips and pulled close. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around Emanuel’s trembling shoulders to comfort her.

Tears of joy coursed down Emanuel’s cheeks. Muriel guided her mouth to a nipple, and Emanuel sucked contentedly as both women recovered from the emotional and sensual experience.

Then both women heard a slight cough. Muriel raised her head and saw Jon sitting in a chair with knowing smile on his face, looking directly at her.

Emanuel sensed his presence too, and she turned her head and saw his legs open wide; saw his blood-swollen member jutting out, proud and erect like a soldier on parade. I don’t know if I can stand any more of his treatment, she thought.

Still her eyes never left his magnificent cock, now rock hard and resting against his flat stomach. Her body was tired and very sore, but she was thinking how nice he would feel inside her, if only he would be gentle.

Jon beckoned to her with his index finger. Emanuel summoned the energy to crawl over to him. He didn’t move, he just sat there looking at her. She used his knees to pull herself to a kneeling position, reached out to caress his manhood, felt the power and strength in it when he made it jump in her hand.

Emanuel ran her fingers lightly over the head and then down the long shaft. She took his balls in one hand and caressed them. She made a cooing sound then leaned in and planted a light kiss on the crown.

“Suck me off,” he said with no evidence of threat in his tone. She opened her mouth and took him in. Muriel began to finger herself as she looked on, knowing from past experience what would be occurring shortly.

The first few inches of his lengthy cock slid in easily until it hit the back of her throat. Emanuel raised her eyes to look at him, and saw him smiling down at her. She wondered briefly what she looked like with him half-buried in her mouth. I saw myself with a huge lollipop once, perhaps that’s how I appear to him; perhaps I look ridiculous.

She held his stare as she drove her mouth over his cock, taking it completely down her throat until she felt his hair tickle her nose.

I’m so glad Karl spent the time to teach me how to deep throat a man, she thought, and recalled Sam, the Jamaican gentleman who had convinced her she could deep throat any man.

Jon’s longer than Sam, she recalled, but once you understand how to repress the gagging impulse, it’s easy.

She held him deep in her throat as long as she could then slid him slowly out and took a quick breath. She ran her tongue around the head, and then down and back up the shaft. Taking it from her mouth for a moment, she examined it carefully, gave him an admiring smile, and then let him sink back down her gullet before daring to look back up at him.

His cock twitched and she realized he was close to giving her throat a bath. Taking him from her mouth, but pumping him up and down, she quietly suggested that he might want to fuck her.

“Good idea, slut, but maybe later. Your friend is still horny as you can see.” He pointed over at Muriel who had several fingers jammed in her pussy, and one from her other hand fingering her ass.

“Muriel, you carpet munching whore, get down on the floor. Let the little cunt eat you out while I take a video of you.”

Both women quickly moved into position. Muriel’s large breasts hung downward, one descending to Emanuel’s mouth, for her to suck a nipple. Gently, their hands found each other’s tender, moistened pussies.

Jon sat on the floor beside them, smiling as he watched them through the viewfinder. Soon, Muriel moved down between Emanuel’s legs and began to eat her pussy in earnest.

Jon watched and recorded the women for posterity and possible future profit as Muriel’s obviously talented pussy eating skills absolutely drove Emanuel crazy. Grinning inanely, he videoed her first orgasm, then another. He leaned forward and kissed Emanuel, making it last through her next orgasm. Then he retrieved the camera and filmed Emanuel’s soft thighs alternately flopping open and closed as she intermittently squeezed Muriel’s head while being eaten.

Finally Emanuel moaned, “Oh God, stop.”

Muriel rolled away, her left hand blindly reached between Jon’s legs and found his hanging cock. Stroking it with quick fast strokes she cooed, “I’m ready for you, if you’re ready for me.”

Emanuel retrieved the camcorder and licked her lips as Jon slammed his appendage into the older woman. Aware of being filmed, he carefully orchestrated the fuck so that it went from its initial frantic pace to one that remained slow and steady. They also moved through positions, missionary, sideways, doggy and then finished with Muriel’s legs wrapped around his neck. Emanuel was using one hand to hold the camera, the other to masturbate. Jon finished by coming on Muriel’s face and neck, then staggered away from her and took the camera back from Emanuel while shooing her back to the still panting Muriel.

Emanuel swung a leg over Muriel, settling her steaming pussy on the other’s face. The over-heated Muriel was soon making incredibly hungry, wet, slurping sounds on the younger woman’s cunt.

Jon moved closer, recording both women’s facial expressions as their cunnilingus continued. Eventually, Muriel changed positions, leaving Emanuel on her hands and knees in front of Muriel’s wide-open legs. Emanuel spread the other’s labia wide and mashed her face into Muriel’s cunt, sucking so voraciously that her tits were jiggling crazily.

Muriel came, but Emanuel kept at her, not letting up one iota.

Muriel came again.

Jon ran his hand down Emanuel’s back, feeling the sexual energy rippling through her body. He was hard and ready again, and tapped Emanuel on the shoulder twice to get her attention.

“Let me fuck you, now,” he said gruffly. “Muriel’s cum enough.”

Emanuel looked at him through lust-filled eyes. She snorted and started to get up. “No, stay like that,” he said and mounted her from behind.

Author Notes:

The Perspectives Series was created as a study of how our perception of people and events is largely influenced by our point of view. As you read the distinct stories of these characters, and become more invested in their lives, your perception of them and their situations will likely change.

There are four novels in this collection, with the first volume being split into two distinct parts:

Volume One: Jess (Part One, Part Two)

Volume Two: Martin

Volume Three: Jill

Volume Four: Teresa

Together, these stories are about the intertwined journey of several ordinary people as they struggle through relationships, personal revelations, conflict, and unplanned life events. The characters are purely fictional, but familiar, nonetheless.

This was my first attempt at writing some years ago. My writing style has evolved somewhat since, as I’ve established a distinct style and cadence. Rather than rewriting these volumes, I’ve decided to just dust them off and release them as they were written. It’s not my best work, but the stories are interesting enough, I think.

Categorizing these stories for Literotica has been difficult because they span everything from mild BDSM, to Exhibitionism/Voyeur; from Anal, to Erotic Couplings, and Romance. I’ve tried to place each story appropriately, as best I could. In addition, these volumes do not have to be read in any particular order, nor is it necessary to read all of them. They are standalone novels/novellas.

Perspectives Series: Jess – Part One is best described as very mild, amateur, BDSM. It is the story of how a young couple experiments with power exchange, and mild bondage to discover themselves, and develop a once-in-a-lifetime relationship. It is a love story.

Warning: Bondage, D/s play, anal, exhibitionism, swapping, brief F/F.

As always, I hope you enjoy these tales. Feel free to comment, and/or send feedback. And, thanks for all your support!



“My name is Jessica. Most people call me Jessie.”

“Jessie, it’s nice to meet you.”

“I’m a little nervous; I’ve never done this before. I’m not even sure why I’m here or what I want to get out of this. What…er, or where do we start?”

“Why don’t you just start with what brought you here.”

“Um, hmmmm, what brought me here? I know this sounds crazy, but I’m not sure. I mean, I didn’t mean I’m crazy. You know, crazy like different.”

“I understand what you mean. Just take a deep breath, sit back, and relax. Would you like some tea? I’m going to have some.”

“That sounds good, actually.”

“Are you from around here, Jessie?”

“No, I’m originally from the Dallas area. I moved here about 5 years ago.”

“Really? Where about in Dallas?”

“Oh, I lived all over the place. I lived in Carrollton, off Greenville Avenue, and then on Skillman for awhile. I lived with a girlfriend out in Scurry for about 4 months. That was way out in the country. Then I moved to Mesquite for about a year or so. I last lived in the Flower Mound/Lewisville area. So, all over, really.”

“My college roommate lives in Plano and my brother lives in Cleburne, outside of Fort Worth.”

“I’ve been through Cleburne. Nice town. Have you been there?”

“No, I haven’t. Our family functions are usually at our parent’s house.”

“Well, I assume you’ve been to Plano, then…right?”

“Oh, yeah. Right after college I visited Tina a lot. I considered moving there.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“I don’t know. I met someone here that I really liked, and decided to get married and stay.”

“That’s nice…”

“You look sad. Have you recently become separated from a loved one?”

“Yeah. Separated…really separated…miles apart, in fact. This isn’t going to be easy for me to talk about. I’ve been having a hard time getting through the days without crying. Last Saturday I didn’t even get out of bed. That’s why I called your office on Monday. I think I may be depressed.”

“Have you ever felt this way before?”

“No. Never, in fact.”

“So, you haven’t seen any other doctors for depression?”


“Are you presently taking any medications — either for depression or for any other reason?”

“I’m on birth control, but that’s it.”

“Any illicit drug use?”

“No. Not since High School, anyway.”

“Is your fear of depression why you called this office?”

“Yes, mostly.”

“Before we get too far along, I want to be sure you understand my focus. What I’m getting at is, there are dozens of therapists in town that work with depression, specifically. Although I can certainly work with you and refer you if necessary, my specialty is sex therapy. It’s perfectly fine either way; I just want to be sure we are clear as to what I do, so there aren’t any misunderstandings. Are there other reasons for your wanting to talk to me?”

“Um…I, uh…yes.”

“OK. There’s no rush to jump to it. You’d be surprised how many people set up appointments and then freak out when they find out that they aren’t talking to a Psychiatrist who can prescribe Prozac.”

“Oh, no…I don’t want to be on Prozac if I can help it.”

“OK, well, back to depression…When you’re lying in bed, how far down do your thoughts go? For example, do you think you’ll find someone else? Do you blame yourself? Do you think about ending your own life? Where do your thoughts generally go when you are having your worst day?”

“I blame myself for a lot of things. I don’t know…like that there is something wrong with me. I have some problems. I don’t ever think of committing suicide or anything like that, but I really can’t see myself with anyone else the rest of my life. These thoughts make me the saddest.”

“Those thoughts would make most people sad. You’re a young, attractive woman. What makes you think you won’t find another partner?”

“I’ve sort of learned some things about myself that I don’t understand, and I’m trying to get a grip on that. I also have some control issues, I think. And that makes it difficult for me to find the right guy.”

“What kind of issues?”

“Well, I have absolutely NO desire to control other people and the absolute need to control everything about me. So, if you do something that affects my environment, it will bother me. I’m so extreme about it, and this is what is affecting me. On the other hand, I fantasize about giving over that control to someone else, and when I have in the past, the experience is life-changing. It’s sort of this dichotomy. I don’t know how to allow myself to give up this one need in order to achieve what I know is a better thing for me.”

“I’m not following you.”

“It’s hard to explain because I don’t understand it, myself. So…I’ve never been married and I’ve had a lot of relationships. They all start out great, you know. Awkward first date, second and third go better. The sex is good at first because it’s new, and you are totally anticipating it before it happens. But then it becomes stale real fast. Not just the sex, but the whole thing. Something goes very wrong for me, even though there is no one thing I can point to that is bad. You know what I mean? He’s a perfect gentleman, he says and does all the right things but something is missing. He doesn’t challenge me in any way. He doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. I can go through this ritual with my eyes closed. Until recently, I thought every relationship was going to be this way.

“I think now that I was really looking for someone to take charge, and no one was willing to. At least not anyone I was dating. It’s so easy to look right past the things that are most important and focus on the things that don’t really matter. I used to think that stability, honesty, loyalty and stuff like that were important when really it was something more primal. Now I think we can boil this whole thing down to something way simpler. And it’s funny; I can totally spot other submissives when I see them. It’s not one thing, or a combination of specific behaviors, but more of a total look about them. But every one I have met is suppressing their tendency and it makes me sad.

“I don’t know if I am sadder for them or for me. They have no idea what type of life is possible. I know. I guess what I’m getting at is that I need help trying to give up control. Do you think you can help me with that?”

“I’m not sure. Control is tricky. It’s an illusion, really.”

“Control is tricky, yeah, so I’ve heard.”

“Maybe this isn’t about control at all. You’ve given me a lot to digest. I want to key in on the label you’ve tagged yourself with, submissive in relation to control. You seem to relate the two concepts.”


“In these fantasies you’re referring to — what control is taken from you in them? Is it your ability to move, speak, see, make decisions…help me understand what you don’t control?”

“Ummm, well…decisions, I guess. I am not able to decide what happens to me next. Usually what I want to happen, happens; but I have to wait for it. Most of the time, it’s that teasing that really sends me into a frenzy.”

“So these are mostly sexual fantasies?”

“Starting out, they are, but then they evolve into an entire lifestyle.”

“I want to explore that more later…let’s get back to control. In your fantasy, the end result is the same…you get what you want, right?”

“Well, yeah. It’s my fantasy, so in the end, I get what I want.”

“And you have no role in that, whatsoever?”

“No, well, yes…I guess so. What do you mean?”

“Aren’t you at least somewhat responsible for manipulating the situation so that the end result is pleasing to you?”


“So, in effect, you are actually controlling what happens to you, right? I mean, you probably very meticulously choose the characters in your fantasy…maybe faceless strangers, or someone you’ve seen in a magazine, and they do to you exactly what you want them to, while you maintain the illusion of having no control.”

“This line of reasoning is great when we talk about fantasies, but what about real life?”

“Living out fantasies, you mean?”

“What if I were to tell you that I’ve lived this life, and it was better than any fantasy I had ever had?”

“I would say: Good for you, then what’s the problem?”

“He’s gone. And now I don’t know how to get that feeling back, how to allow myself to be challenged again.”

“Maybe you should tell me more about him. What is his name, for starters?”

“Simon. His name is Simon.”

Chapter One

I first met Simon at a grocery store of all places. It was a very unlikely place to start for us. I stand barely over 5 feet tall, and I couldn’t reach the artichoke hearts on the top shelf. This brand was apparently popular this particular week, and there were only a few left on the back of the shelf. It’s one of the few times that being vertically-challenged will bother me. My back was to him as he reached over me and grabbed the jar I was trying so laboriously to reach.

He was a tall man, obviously; around 6 feet tall, with dirty blonde, wavy hair. He was athletically built and attractive, but not the sort you would find on the cover of a magazine. His most striking feature was his grayish-colored eyes. They weren’t quite blue, but not hazel, either. They had a kindness about them.

I think I spoke first, feeling a little sheepish, and then thankful that he was there to rescue me. I stammered something barely audible, and tried to be a little amusing. I don’t remember exactly what I said, probably something like, I was afraid my arm was going to stretch longer than the other one. It was a silly thing to say, but I was instantly attracted to this stranger, and so I was instantly nervous.

A tiny smirk curled the corners of his mouth in response to my attempt at humor. He held the artichokes in his hand, rolling the jar in his palm, not surrendering them immediately.

“What are you willing to give me for this item?”

The question was simple, I suppose, but shockingly flirtatious in a way, so I played along.

“My immediate answer is $1.89. I didn’t come prepared to negotiate.”

To this, he laughed out loud and placed the jar in my shopping cart. As quickly as he walked up, he strolled away. I stood there for a moment, not sure how to interpret this exchange. I’m pretty analytical so I could spend hours just mulling over a simple exchange like this one.

I thought that would be the last of my chance encounter with this stranger, but in the checkout line, he showed up again, standing behind me. Without a word, he reached into my cart, and pulled out a can of black olives. He quickly disappeared down to aisle 4 and returned with a different brand, placing it back into my cart.

“This one is better. Try it.”

“Thanks. I will.”

“I want to see you again, so I need your phone number.”

I didn’t even notice that he didn’t ask, he just matter-of-fact told me. Without much hesitation, I blurted it out.

That was pretty out-of-character for me, because I don’t usually accept dates with men I don’t know. There’s just too much to risk. Most of the time, I meet guys through mutual friendships. That time was different; something strange was beginning to come over me. I didn’t know what it was at the time. I do now.

“My name is Simon, by the way. It is nice meeting you. I will call you tomorrow.”

Chapter 2

I didn’t think he would call. These things may happen to extremely attractive women, but they never happen to me. And especially not on a Tuesday at the grocery store.

I couldn’t stop thinking about our exchange. How strange was it, that I just gave him my phone number like that? What is it about him that affected me right away?

In my mind, he went from being mildly attractive to the most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on. I couldn’t begin to understand what had happened. I finally gave up on the mental twenty-questions I was playing with myself because he wasn’t going to call, anyway.

He did call, nonetheless…on Wednesday just as he said he would. Our conversation was longer that time, but not terribly personal. I found out he was a Structural Engineer at a Design/Build firm in mid-town. I had no idea what he actually did, but I suspected he gave me the information so I could check it out for accuracy, and so I did. That gave me some comfort that I wasn’t going out with some unemployed serial killer.

We made plans for dinner on Friday. Rather than meeting at the restaurant, he insisted on coming by my apartment and picking me up. That isn’t a usual practice for me. I preferred to play it safe and drive my own vehicle. His voice, or the way he assumed control, just gave me the courage to waylay my fears. In fact, he never even mentioned where we were going. I was going on a lot of faith.

He arrived promptly at 7. He didn’t come inside, but waited on the landing for me. After I locked the door, he reached past me and checked it to make sure it was closed all the way. I remember thinking that was such a caring gesture. Without hesitation, he wrapped both arms around me, gave me a kiss on the left cheek and a huge, lingering hug. It was one of those very comforting hugs you receive from old friends. It made me feel instantly at ease. Then he escorted me to his Volvo S40 by placing his hand on the small of my back and opening the car door for me.

Once inside, he checked my seatbelt. Not by asking me if it was on, but by sliding his hand toward my hip and pulling gently on the straps near the buckle.

All of his attentiveness was beginning to act like a drug on me. I couldn’t recall the last time someone actually spent that much time focusing on me. In fact, I’m not sure any man ever has.

The conversation in the car was of nothing about work or anything trivial. He began by talking about a local event of recent media attention, delving into it with an understanding that I couldn’t fathom. His observations of the morning news accounts were positively insightful. I felt inadequate as a conversationalist, and this was an area that I liked to pride myself in.

I wasn’t just becoming aware of my own inadequacies; I was also beginning to realize that this was no ordinary man. Most men wouldn’t notice if you changed your hair color to purple, but Simon paid attention.

At every turn in the road, I could feel myself searching both sides of the street trying to guess which place we might be going to. I know he noticed it, in fact, I think he noticed everything. He began to grin every time he turned, and I wondered if he wasn’t going the long way around just to keep me guessing. He never told me where we were going and I never asked.

We arrived at a place I’d never been before. It was called Bluestem. I had never heard of it. The choices were limited and a bit confusing to me. After examining the menu for some time, Simon leaned toward me.

“I suggest the Striploin. It is exceptional.”

I agreed to his suggestion and with that, he relieved me of my menu. He ordered for both of us, choosing an appetizer, a salad, and a delightful Cabernet that was perfect. That three course meal plus dessert was going to take us hours to complete. I wasn’t expecting that type of commitment on the first date. This was very risky for him to commit to so much time on a first outing, I thought.

I’ve dated a few times, or maybe a few hundred times, but who’s counting, and so I am quite skilled at steering the conversation on the first date to all about him. It has been my experience that the more men talk about themselves, the better my chances for a second date. And I so wanted a second date with Simon.

But he was mastering this conversation, and it was about me: my work, my habits, my friends, family, pets, interests. It was exhausting, and by the end of the night, I knew almost nothing about him. How did that happen? I wondered.

He walked me up to my door and swiftly kissed me on the cheek. There wasn’t any nervous waiting to negotiate the good-night terms, as I put it. Simple and quick. He waited while I unlocked my door, and insisted on waiting there until I had completed a full safety check of my apartment.

His last words to me were, “I will call you tomorrow morning.”

Chapter 3

Tomorrow came, and he called at 10:30am. I thought that was pretty early after a first date, but I wasn’t complaining. It was Saturday, and he confessed that he already had plans to go to a party at a friend’s house. I thought that would be the end of it, but then he said the most surprising thing.

“I’ll pick you up at 8. This will be an excellent chance for you to meet some of my friends.”

I was dying at the chance to find out more about this mystery gem I had stumbled on. I was sure to uncover some deep, dark secret that would ruin it for me, but it was better to find out then than later.

I’m not sure where the rest of the day went. It was a blur. I labored over what to wear and finally settled on a wrap-around blouse and skirt. I had to go out and buy the skirt. I barely ate anything all day. I was practically in a trance at the nail salon that I popped-in unexpectedly.

Simon was prompt in arrival again, and the same ritual was followed as the night before. The charm was still working for me, and I had to admit I was really starting to like the guy.

The party was a fair size by most standards. There were probably fifty people there, mingling about the living area of a very beautiful home in fashionable Mission Hills. There was a vast age range, of around 25 to 55. Mostly upper-middle class business people and artistic-types, mixed with an occasional workout junkie. Lots of couples, or dating singles, I wasn’t sure.

Simon introduced me to several people, and when I was comfortably talking with a couple of ladies, he excused himself to join a group of guys across the room. I noticed him watching me dutifully through the crowd and it made me feel very secure.

The ladies, however, had very little information. I pumped them for tidbits about Simon; who he dates, what he’s like. They told me that he is a monogamous dater, meaning he only dates one woman at a time. That seemed promising. Other than that, the details were very vague. They said neither he, nor his previous dates, discussed their relationship openly, and so they had very little idea of why he hasn’t settled down or what kind of lover he might be. I sensed that one of the girls, Teresa, was holding something back, but I couldn’t be sure. Her manner was aloof, in general, so it was difficult to tell.

My disappointment in the lack of information must have shown because Simon was by my side again. This time he escorted me across the room where we could talk privately. He leaned in and whispered in my ear.

“So what have you learned about me so far?”

I giggled a little nervously from embarrassment, and just as I was about to open my mouth to say something, he pressed his lips to mine in what would be the deepest, most passionate kiss. His tongue was probing inside my mouth boldly and intrusively. His left arm supported my back while his right hand rested on my neck, holding my face to his. My knees literally failed me, and the sensation throughout my entire body was electrifying. I completely forgot there was a party going on around us. This was the kind of kiss one expects during extremely passionate lovemaking. It wasn’t the usual kiss.

He pulled away slowly, remaining a few inches from my face and gazed into my eyes for what seemed like a very long time. He didn’t say a word; he just looked into my eyes. I could feel my breath quicken. If he would have stared one minute more, I don’t know what I would’ve done. The lack of food, the wine, and the kiss, were a little more than I had bargained for, and I thought I might just faint right then and there.

But just then, he stopped and sat me down on the loveseat behind us. He placed his arm around me and settled me into that comfortable spot in the crook of his arm.

“I guess I should start by telling you more about myself.”

He talked very freely about his past relationships, his friends, family and interests. I listened intently, waiting to uncover some big secret, or inconsistency in his story, or some personality flaw. His most recent girlfriend was Sarah. It sounded like they just weren’t a good match — no big drama or anything. If he held anything back, it wasn’t obvious. He had such an open way about him that it would be difficult not to trust him. I was relieved that there weren’t any big skeletons in his closet. Oddly, I found myself wanting to please him.

Chapter 4

Just as on previous dates, Simon walked me to the door and waited until he knew I was safe. He kissed me again, this time on the lips, but I was disappointed that it was not the same deep kiss as back at the party. I was so aroused after he left, and my first impulse was to go get my vibrator, but something stopped me. The anticipation, while almost painful, was also very exciting, and I wanted to hold onto it for him. I hoped he wouldn’t wait long.

Sunday morning he called again, right at 10:30am and told me he would pick me up around noon. He instructed me to wear a casual dress. Where are we going?

At first I thought it was presumptuous of him to think I had nothing going on, but I didn’t want to argue, and besides, if I would’ve had plans, I would have canceled them. As I was getting ready for our date, I could feel my labia swelling and I wondered if he would notice my attentive nipples. He seemed to notice everything. I was already imagining what it would feel like for him to be inside me and I hadn’t known him a week, yet. But I couldn’t even think about it for very long without becoming so aroused I could hardly walk. I have to try and put that out of my mind for now.

I put on one of my favorite sundresses, coupled with a light sweater. The dress is a very flattering design with a floral print, and I’ve always thought it made me look especially feminine. I’ve been sort of a tomboy my whole life and have always preferred a comfortable pair of blue jeans and tee shirt, to dresses. But this guy made me feel very much like a girl, and so dressing up on this occasion felt more like my pleasure to do so, than fulfilling a request.

He took me to the Botanical Gardens where we spread a blanket and ate a light picnic lunch — mostly fruit. It wasn’t anything very fancy, but the thoughtfulness and romantic nature of it was working on me. I had a hard time hiding the fact that I was aroused, and I’m sure he noticed. Our conversations were becoming easier and less rehearsed, as they sometimes feel on dates. We had a lot in common in our thoughts and views, and I could really feel us becoming friends.

The day was beautiful and warm, and many people were about, strolling the grounds, anxious to be out of doors after the long winter. The nearest walkway was about 20 yards away from our blanket. This sidewalk connected the main house and restaurant with a nice walkway through the blooming azaleas. Most people didn’t give us much notice. There were other picnickers, and so many more interesting things to look at in the gardens surrounding the lawns.

It seemed that we had a lot more in common than we knew. We discovered that we both had lived in Dallas. We didn’t know any of the same people, but we could relate to late nights and early mornings in Deep Ellum, favorite restaurants along lower Greenville Avenue and of course, Campisi’s. We share a love for Texans that you can only have if you’ve lived there. I found myself talking about my desire to move back there and raise a family, before I even realized what implications that might have on our relationship. He didn’t react much to my confession, but I sensed that he shared the same vision.

Our conversation broke long enough for us to breathe deeply the aroma, and feel the sun on our faces. I remember letting my head tilt back to face the sun with my eyes closed, and then without provocation or warning, I felt a touch on my breast. It startled me a bit and made me feel a little uncomfortable. After all, we were in public. I was propped on my elbows so my immediate reaction of brushing it away was not possible. I looked quickly around to the passers-by but no one seemed to notice. His hand lingered there as my eyes shot toward his. He caressed for just another moment while looking directly at me and then he withdrew his hand. My nipples were now very noticeably at attention. I thought I would feel embarrassed, but instead I was more aroused than ever. True, it made me feel uncomfortable, but that was somehow fueling my arousal.

We left shortly after that. On the way home, he produced a gift from the backseat of the car. I hadn’t noticed it there before. It was a plain box in a department store bag. He asked me to open it later.

I was again disappointed to receive the standard kiss on the lips on my doorstep. I knew there was a lot more passion there and so I couldn’t imagine why he was holding back. The suspense was positively sublime. Once again, I decided to harness that energy I felt inside rather than giving in. It was a little easier with my diversion — a present. I eagerly opened it to find a simple white blouse. It’s the kind of wardrobe staple every woman should have. I couldn’t imagine the significance.

Simon called me at work the next day. I was relieved. The work day was heading from bad to worse, and I desperately needed a diversion. I swear he could hear it in my voice. We seemed to have that kind of connection. His words were very reassuring, he told me not to worry; that I wouldn’t have to make a single decision after work. There was just something so calming about his words.

He instructed me to put on that new blouse he bought for me along with the skirt I wore on our first date. I had to think about it for a moment; I barely remembered what I wore. It was a blue skirt that came just above my knee. Nothing very fancy, I thought. He had one last instruction…I wasn’t allowed to wear any undergarments: no bra, no camisole, no panties or hosiery. I think I held my breath as I agreed to do so over the phone. This is going to be the night, I can feel it. It wouldn’t be a moment too soon, either. I didn’t know how much more delicious suspense I could take.

I raced home after work and put on the clothes he requested. The material in the blouse was sheerer than I had planned and it was possible in brighter light to see my areolas through the blouse. I wanted to disobey his wishes and go put something on underneath, but I was afraid the evening wouldn’t turn out as I had planned. If I don’t get laid soon, I might start slaying small animals in the street — I swear. I felt that sexually tense.

I obeyed his wishes and wore exactly what he told me to wear, while I secretly wished for a dark restaurant.

This time upon arrival, Simon entered my apartment. His smile lit up his entire face as he told me how beautiful I looked, and how sexy. He leaned in and very sensuously kissed me. His probing tongue was almost more than I could handle, and the throbbing between my thighs was painful. He quickly retreated though and told me that we had to hurry because we had reservations. Reservations?! That meant one immutable truth — a crowd! My nervousness managed to grow as he expertly maneuvered the vehicle through traffic, toward God knows where. Please, please, please let it be a dark restaurant.

I would not get my wish. The Oak Room was a very lively, bright restaurant. We were seated at a booth, but rather than sitting next to me, as he had done on our previous dine-out occasion, he sat across from me. I suspect it was to get a better view of my erect nipples through that sheer white blouse. He quickly ordered wine for both of us and the warm liquid had a welcome, relaxing affect on me. He also ordered my food for me without asking. This was becoming a ritual that I enjoyed — no decisions after a long day of endless decisions at work.

We were just having our normal conversation before our food arrived, until he leaned forward and lowered his voice.

“You really look beautiful tonight. Unfasten another button for me, won’t you?”

Now I just knew he could tell this was making me uncomfortable, and he could also see, quite obviously through the blouse, that it was exciting me. I unbuttoned as he wished. This forced me to sit back. The gap in the opening would surely render my breasts completely exposed if I slumped even slightly forward, so in order to maintain my last bit of dignity, I pressed my shoulders to the back of the seat. He was pleased at my new posture and never stopped smiling throughout the rest of dinner. Every time someone took a second glance, I noticed immediately and my self-conscious response seemed to make Simon’s smile widen.

Back at home, Simon entered my apartment and performed the security inspection, himself. We had purchased a bottle of wine on the way home, and I was in the kitchen opening it when he had finished his inspection. He stood close behind me and began massaging my neck and shoulders. He was extremely skilled at it, and I thought I must remember to ask him where he learned to massage so well. But not now…I don’t want to ruin the mood.

His hands ran down my arms and the movement pulled apart the blouse enough to expose my breasts. He slid his hands forward and finished unbuttoning the blouse as he continued pressing his body against my back. The blouse fell off my shoulders but remained wedged between our bodies, hanging on only by the sleeves.

He continued massaging my neck, my shoulders, arms and back. I realized that there were open curtains in front of me, and I sensed that increased the pleasure for him. My apartment was on the second floor and I didn’t know any of my neighbors, but the mental picture of how this would look from a voyeur’s standpoint was intriguing to me. I was quickly reminded that I wasn’t wearing panties by the wetness beginning to run down my thighs. Oh, God! Could I be that wet?

His hands found their way to my hard nipples and he alternated from caressing to tweaking them. My breathing was shallow and bated. I started to tremble and I couldn’t tell if it was because I was nervous or about to cum. I wanted him so badly I could cry. He ran his hand over mine and had to pry it off the edge of the counter. As he rubbed my knuckles with his thumb, he led my hand to the glass of wine in front of me. I had a hard time swallowing that sip of wine. My throat was so constricted and dry. The break helped me to gain some composure and he started talking. This time it was like before — it was about ordinary stuff: the events of the day, his friend’s new house, new tires for the S40. He turned me to face him and then he leaned back against the refrigerator a couple of feet away. I forgot that my blouse was still hanging on by the cuffs, and that I was completely exposed from the waist, up. It was the most natural thing in the world, but not sexual at all. This is heading in the wrong direction!

I tried to step closer to him, to press my naked upper body against him, but he patiently guided me back to the counter. He was neither pushing me away, nor was he pulling me near. I was so confused.

The last thing he said to me before exiting was very memorable, though.

“Thank you for your patience. I need you to hold on for just one more day, can you do that for me?”

He took my face into his hands and looked into my eyes. I knew exactly what he meant. Shit!

Chapter 5

Exactly as requested, I behaved myself and did not relieve the pressure building up inside of me. The tenseness caused me to snap at two of the Account Reps in the office for being complete idiots. I couldn’t begin to explain my emotional roller coaster.

Simon called to let me know that he would be bringing dinner over with him. I was delighted to hear we would be dining-in because I had been having improper thoughts about him all day. On the other hand, this is really going to be the night, isn’t it? Suddenly I felt very light-headed.

He arrived early, around 6:45pm with Thai takeout. The butterflies in my stomach prevented me from eating very much. After he finished his plate, he leaned forward and kissed me gently, but expertly. His kisses were perfect — gentle but commanding in a way that made me weak. As he was gathering the empty containers and plates, he asked me to go into my bedroom and wait for him. More accurately, he instructed me to do so.

I sat down on my bed and my mind started racing. Should I undress or stay dressed, turn off the lamp, keep it on, lie down, sit up? I wanted to get it right but I was so nervous or anxious…or something. He appeared in the doorway a moment later.

“I was hoping you hadn’t started undressing without me.”


“I want you to slowly take off your clothing.”

I immediately felt uncomfortable and vulnerable, but I never once considered not complying. In fact, I was getting even more aroused by his tone.

When I leaned down to remove my shoes, he disappeared for a moment into my closet. He produced a scarf that had been hanging on a belt rack. Simon never took his eyes off of me while I undressed.

Soon I was completely naked and feeling a little unsure of myself, sitting on the edge of my bed. He walked up to me, parting my knees with his legs and cupped my face in his hands. Ever so gently, he began kissing my lips, each cheek, my eyelids, and forehead. He then moved to my earlobes and neck. My eyes closed and I relaxed back onto the bed. I had anticipated and fantasized about being with him, it felt like I was dreaming.

Every inch of my skin was super-sensitive to his touch. I was starting to tremble slightly with anticipation. I know that if I purposefully tried to breathe that shallow again, there is no way I could stay conscious; there were times when I think I stopped breathing, entirely.

Simon lifted my arms above my head and ran his hands up my arms toward my wrists. He gently caressed my hands and wrists and then slipped one end of the scarf over my left hand first and then my right. In moments, my upper limbs were bound together. He moved me fully onto the bed so my legs were no longer dangling off the side, and then he stepped back for a moment as if to contemplate his work of art.

He leaned in and gently pressed his hands on my inner thighs until my legs parted. Running his hands down toward my knees, he pulled my thighs even farther apart and upward so that my knees were bent. I was now completely exposed and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was very pleased.

Again, he stepped back to admire the view.

“You have never looked so beautiful, Jess. You really are stunning! Don’t move.”

He reached into his pocket and produced his cell phone. He drew it closer to my sex and I finally realized what he was going to do. He was taking a picture of me: a close-up of my wet, exposed flesh.

I’ve never allowed anyone to take photographs of me naked and I wanted to protest, but I couldn’t speak. In fact, I could hardly breathe. The anticipation of this moment had brought me so close to orgasm. I just knew the next time he touched me, it would all be over for me.

He pocketed the cell phone and leaned down until I could feel his warm breath caressing my gaping slit. His tongue was like an electric shock when it finally touched me. First, he slowly circled my swollen clit and then he brushed by it, playfully. One moment his tongue was soft and warm, and the next, it was hard and forceful. Those beautiful gray eyes looked into mine while he continued to work my clit with his tongue and lips. At last, he wrapped his lips completely around it and I could feel the sensation rushing through my body, down my spine and right out between my legs. My back arched and then my entire body began to spasm. It was the most powerful orgasm of my life.

He rolled me onto my side, rubbing my back and caressing my thighs and buttocks. It was only then that I noticed that he was still completely dressed. I sat up, and with my bound wrists, I began to unbuckle his belt. He grabbed my hands and laid me back onto the bed, wrists overhead. I couldn’t help it, I began pleading.

“Please, PLEASE…I’ll do anything you ask.”

“Anything?” He asked.

“Oh, I swear…ANYTHING!”

I couldn’t believe this was coming from my mouth. For a moment it was like I was outside my body looking back at a figure I didn’t recognize. It sounded somewhat like my voice, but these words weren’t ones I had used ever in my life.

He froze and looked into my eyes. With a very earnest expression, he stared at me for what seemed like a lifetime. The piercing intensity of his gaze made me tremble, and I knew he considered what I said very seriously.

His whisper cut through the silence like a razor.

“We’ll see about that.”

Chapter 6

I was disappointed when Simon told me that he had a client dinner Wednesday evening and wouldn’t be able to see me. He had left me in such a vulnerable state the night before. His last words before climbing out of bed sent chills down my spine.

For the first time I began to think about where the relationship was going. I mean, this wasn’t the usual dating situation for me, and I was just starting to realize I wasn’t in control….at all. I couldn’t imagine what was next. The thoughts that raced through my mind scared the hell out of me one second, and then in the next, they aroused me. I couldn’t remember ever feeling so alive.

Colors seemed more brilliant, my lunchtime deli sandwich that I’d been ordering for the past two years somehow tasted better. Everyone in the office was friendlier. I had a whole different perspective about everything. It felt like someone just gave me 20/20 vision after being near-sighted for a very long time.

My apartment felt very empty that evening and I was lonely — not just alone, but really lonely. I didn’t know what to do with myself and so I spent a long time just sitting and staring at the television thinking about Simon.

During commercials I would shut my eyes to more clearly conjure up an image of his face. I could feel his stare stripping me down until I felt completely exposed to him. In this most vulnerable state, was where I kept daring myself to go. It was as close to addiction as I’d ever been. So absolutely consumed by the thought of surrendering to him, I could think of little else.

When my phone rang late Wednesday night, I jumped up to get it. I was hungry for his voice and I longed to see him. I could tell from his tone that he was exhausted.


~Hey, sweetie, how are you?

“I’m OK. How are you?”

~It was a long day for me. Did you miss me?

“More than I can express.” I had to confess.

~I’ve missed you, too. Tomorrow I have to work late, but I’ll be over around 9 to tuck you into bed.

“Uh, OK.”

~Do you have other plans?

“NO, not at all. Tomorrow night will be perfect.”

~OK. I’ll see you then.

It wasn’t perfect. It was a disaster, but I was afraid he was going to change his mind if I complained about it. After all, it isn’t like he can just change his whole work life just so he can spend all his time with me.

My mind kept wandering at work; I couldn’t think of anything except him all day long. Nine O’clock couldn’t come quick enough for me.

The wait was worth the greeting. He let himself in the front door, ran up to me and picked me up into his arms. We kissed, and hugged, and laughed, and talked. Like old friends getting together for the first time in years. Could that much have happened in one day? I was giddy with excitement, and all the crazy fears I had in my head were gone. What is a normal relationship anyway?

Simon left that night with nothing more than a long, goodnight kiss at the door. The sexual break was good for me because it gave me some evidence of what I wanted to believe: this wasn’t just a casual fling.

The weekend was approaching and that meant no work, no distractions, nothing but Simon. How I longed to be lost in his world.

Chapter 7

Thank God it’s Friday. My cell phone alerted me to a text message. It was from Simon. He didn’t usually text me but I was excited nonetheless to hear from him. The text read: White blouse, short skirt of your choice, heels, and nothing else. 7 pm.

Game on. I could feel the dull throbbing between my thighs again. His instructions had such an effect on me. Just then, unexpectedly, my phone rang.

“I was just thinking about you”, I teased.

~I’m looking at a picture of you right now.

I’d almost forgotten about the picture — he only had one of me. I felt my cheeks begin to flush as I pictured him staring at my pussy on his laptop in his office. Full-blown, blushing red and wet, right there on a flat screen in corporate mid-town. I could picture his piercing eyes and the growing hard-on in his pants.

~I can’t wait to see you tonight, baby. Don’t forget.

Long after I hung up the phone I could still hear his husky voice. I don’t know where the next two hours went, but at around 3, I just gave up and went home. I couldn’t stand the agony in the office. At least at home I could pace back and forth, clean the house, and run laps around the coffee table — something to relieve the tension. In my office I just felt like a caged animal.

At 7pm, Simon walked in. He looked particularly handsome in a navy blue button-down and blue jeans. His kiss was passionate, and it was obvious that he missed me during the day as much as I missed him. His hand immediately slipped into my blouse and cupped my breast. I gasped. Not so much because it was shocking or unexpected, but because it was just so familiar and felt so right…and because I nearly came.

We went back to Bluestem for dinner. It felt good to go somewhere both familiar and particularly ours. This was, after all, the site of our first date, and exactly one week later. It seemed odd to me that it had only been one week. It felt like a month, or a year.

I was strangely comfortable wearing my white blouse with no bra. I didn’t think much about it, even when I took notice of the stares. Simon sat close beside me and ordered the same food lineup for both of us as before. He never seemed to take his eyes off me and when he slipped his hand into my blouse at the table, I didn’t seem to notice at first. Our waiter, Jim returned with our wine and coughed nervously when Simon failed to remove his hand from my blouse, and continued to caress me in front of him. I couldn’t make eye contact with Jim, I was just too embarrassed. I tried to cover Simon’s hand with my arm but this made Simon even more determined. His hand was in plain sight of anyone passing by. My heart was about to beat out of my chest. I felt hot all over.

Simon withdrew his hand from my blouse. As quickly as it began, it was over. Our food soon arrived and we continued normally, except that I felt a sense of urgency. The embarrassment really intensified my arousal, and I couldn’t eat my meal fast enough.

Just before entering the apartment, I felt almost panicked. Should I try to undress him again? Should I undress myself? My head was spinning.

“Just relax, baby. I’ll take care of everything.”

I couldn’t imagine how he could tell what I was feeling. Or maybe he just got lucky. Either way, his soothing words were instantly comforting and I could feel myself relax at the thought of him taking charge.

Simon sat down on the sofa and smiled a little wicked grin.

“What?” I asked.

“I want you to do something for me.”

“Well, you’ve never been shy before…out with it…what do you want?” I asked playfully.

“I want you to dance for me.”

“Dance? Are you kidding me?”

He stopped smiling. “No.”


I could feel myself get tense. Clearly I didn’t understand the request because I wasn’t dancing there long before he said, “Strip off your clothes.”

I had to bite my lip to keep from giggling. I think the nervousness was getting the better of me. He wasn’t amused and when all my clothes were lying on the floor, he pulled me onto his lap and began vigorously massaging my breasts. Simon had never been even the least bit aggressive with me, and it started to make me feel uncomfortable.

“Unbutton my jeans…Now pull out my cock.”

This was the first time I’d actually seen him exposed. It was nice. Not too huge, not too small. It was more slender and long than bulky and wide. And it was hard, and erect. He watched me examine it with my eyes. He then placed his hand on my neck like he had several times before when he kissed me, but this time he directed my face to his lap. I began licking and kissing his head but that wasn’t what he wanted. He held his hard dick with one hand toward my mouth, and grabbed my hair with his other hand. He then more forcefully applied pressure, until his cock was sinking deep into my mouth, and down my throat. I found it difficult not to gag.

He pulled me back away by my hair and tilted my face upward until we were looking directly at one another. His stern gaze told me what I needed to know. Don’t question, and always take him seriously, or there will be consequences.

He released my hair and smiled. I read his suggestion and began sliding my hands up and down his hard shaft. I attacked the head of his cock with my mouth and tongue as if I was starving and this was the only food available. I was whipping myself into a frenzy of stroking and sucking; I hardly noticed when Simon laid his head back on the sofa and began to moan. His hips were moving with the motion, and it was obvious he was close to exploding.

He came partly in my mouth, and partly on my cheek and chin. I wore his cum proudly, as I felt completely victorious, and very near to orgasm, myself. I wiped my chin clean with my finger — scooping all the cum inside my mouth. I continued my housekeeping by licking every drop from the head of his penis, and sucking every remnant from my own fingers. Simon watched me intently as though inspecting my work, and this made me try even harder.

He assisted me onto my feet and caressed my knees lovingly, first with his hands and then with his kisses. I began to tremble with anticipation. He was so close to my extremely wet pussy. My scent must’ve been strong from where he was sitting and the wetness obvious as even my thighs were soaked. I wanted so much for him to please me again, and I couldn’t have been more obvious about it.

He gently placed his hands on my waist and stood up. He was still partly stiff but not hard like before. He moved his hands to my shoulders, rubbing them and caressing my neck. All the while, he was looking into my eyes in quiet deliberation. His hands began to apply pressure onto my shoulders, queuing me to kneel. I did so swiftly and obediently. He touched my inner thighs with his feet, and in doing so, I spread my knees as far apart as I could get them. Touching my upper arms with gentle pressure guided them to rest behind my back with my wrists crossing behind me. My head tilted back to look at him.

It was at this moment that it happened. I let all the stresses of the outside world go. Nothing mattered outside of that room, and there was no reason to be afraid or ashamed of anything, anymore. My mind was free of doubt and guilt; I can only describe the feeling as being intensely, utterly and unconditionally at peace. I was completely surrendering to him.

As he watched me in silence, he must’ve understood my transformation. His dick began to grow harder, and his breathing was heavy. His mouth must’ve gone dry as I could see him struggling to swallow while his chest heaved. I’d never seen him quite like that and the sight was almost more than I could bear. He became more intensely aroused as he gazed down at me in silence.

My mind cleared, and I didn’t wonder what was next or question or even hope. I just waited there. I only wanted to please him. To return this gift of completeness he had given me.

Simon lifted me to my feet and held me close to him. He stroked my hair for a moment, and gently kissed my forehead. This is just the beginning.

Chapter 8

Simon and I walked into the bedroom as though we were completing some ritualistic act. It felt a lot like we were walking down the aisle toward an altar with sincere reverence. Simon finished undressing and exhibited a half-smile when he noticed my scarf on top of my nightstand. It was a reminder to me of a very wonderful night in that very room. He snatched it up, and before he could say anything, I just instinctively placed my arms above my head. He tied me to the bed this time and ran his hands down to my chest. He first dragged every finger across my hard nipples, and then flicked them with his tongue: Back and forth, rotating between them.

He then sat back and began stroking his hard-on while he stared at my moist, hard nipples. He was engorged, and I wanted to take him into my mouth. I’m not usually that anxious to give head but something had changed in me and I wanted to just please him in whatever way he wanted. I feared that he might just finish the job himself and leave me there in agonizing pain but he didn’t.

He slid between my legs on the bed. The suspense was killing me, and I wanted to just move my hips to force him inside me, but the restraints stopped me. His wicked little grin gave him away. It was apparent that he was enjoying the teasing even more than I was.

“Please?” I whispered in a barely-audible, husky voice.

“I didn’t hear you”, he teased.


He chuckled for a couple of moments. “Please what?”

I’m actually pretty comfortable using somewhat lewd language. Maybe it’s because I’d grown up and worked around men my entire life. My girlfriends would go as far as to call me vulgar. But it’s an entirely different story when the situation is intimate. I’d always had a little problem talking dirty in bed.

I squirmed a bit before answering.

“Please make love to me.”

His quizzical expression made me instantly realize that I had chosen the wrong words.

“Make love to you? Are you sure that’s what you want? I think you want something a bit different.”

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

“Fuck me.”

“You forgot to say the magic word.”

“I’m sorry. Please fuck me?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, yes, I’m sure. Please, pleasefuck me!”

In one swift motion, he slid inside me. It wasn’t difficult to do — I was incredibly wet and very ready to receive him. I gasped, and with his next thrust, began my journey to an orgasm. He only pumped a couple more times and I was there. He wasn’t finished, however, and continued to drive harder and faster. His eyes never left mine, and his constant stare made me feel very vulnerable. I didn’t think it would be possible, but I came a second time before he finally came.

My arms were aching from the overhead position but I didn’t care. I laid there breathing hard, spent and exhausted. Simon released me from the bed but left the scarf tied around my left wrist.

That was the first night that Simon slept over.

Waking up in the morning in his arms was heavenly, and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I secretly hoped he would tie me up and keep me here in his safe, secret world all day.

I wasn’t awake long when I realized that nature was calling — right on time as usual. I began to slip out of the sheets when his hand grabbed my wrist and squeezed it, holding me in place.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m just running to the bathroom, babe.”

His grip remained tight but he didn’t say anything, he just laid there with his eyes closed like he was asleep.

“May I please go to the bathroom?”

With that, he let go of my wrist.

At work, and in my personal life, I am the boss. I’ve always been a natural leader and my strong-willed, sharp business sense coupled with my quick wit has always rendered me in positions of influence. I make a thousand decisions daily, and direct the business that affects multi-million-dollar deals.

So, where is this coming from? How can it be acceptable for me to have to ask to use my own bathroom? It wasn’t only acceptable that he demanded that of me, I would have been disappointed if he hadn’t.

There were so many questions, and no answers. It was just too complicated to think about that early in the morning, on a Saturday.

When I returned, Simon was lying on his back, awake. I snuggled in next to him, under his arm, and began kissing his neck. He didn’t move and made no indication that this was pleasing to him. In fact, he seemed to not notice — he was deep in thought, staring at the ceiling. In past relationships, this is where I would turn on the female wiles and pout. I didn’t dare do that with Simon.

He finally rolled onto his side and looked me directly in the eyes. He just stared at me for a long time. At first, I feared he was upset about my oversight earlier. Surely he would give a rookie a break; this was all so new to me. But then I realized that wasn’t it at all. His stare had an amazing way of bringing me back to our special place — one not connected with reality for me.

He began stroking my face, and his gentleness sent a warmth through my body. I felt like I had the night before on the floor, completely at his mercy. He smiled and looking into my eyes, he gently whispered, “I know.”

I can’t describe the vulnerability I felt, the absolute intimacy we shared. I can only guess that’s why I said what I did.

“Do you know that I would do anything for you?”

With a quiet confidence, he answered simply, “Yes.”

My wish was going to come true. Simon once again tethered me to the bed. The excitement was beginning to build inside me, when he got up out of bed and went to the bathroom. I waited and listened. Several moments later, the shower started running.

Twenty minutes later, the bathroom door opened and Simon was dressed, wearing all of his clothes. He must’ve taken them in there with him without my noticing. I was confused and a little shocked. What is happening?

“I’ve got to run a couple of errands, but I’ll bring you breakfast first. Would you like a bagel?”


He pecked me on the cheek and left the apartment swiftly. I was left stunned at what just happened. At first the silence was deafening, and then I started to relax and allow my senses to absorb the surroundings.

It’s amazing how much you hear when you are lying perfectly still. The wind outside was blowing gently; I could hear the glass of the window shake slightly as it gusted past. Barely audible was the sound of a television or a radio — I couldn’t tell which. The birds chirped outside, several different tunes, but I couldn’t identify the species. What is that squeaking noise? Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak…sounds like a ceiling fan, maybe. Must be from the downstairs apartment. Silence…squeak, squeak, squeak…silence, squeak, silence…what could that be? I pondered it for probably 5 minutes before I figured out that it must be a hamster or a gerbil on one of those wheels. Do gerbils still exist? How many years since I’ve seen a gerbil? Do the people downstairs really own a rodent? I closed my eyes and let my mind wander. Unfortunately, it sauntered right down Office Avenue. I was replaying in my mind a conference call I had on Friday when I was yanked back to my bedroom by the sound of a click at the front door. For a brief moment, I felt terrified. What if it isn’t Simon? I held my breath.

A moment later, Simon popped his head in the door to show me it was him and hold up a bag from the store. I released my breath. I could hear him in the kitchen. I wish I would’ve had a chance to clean better. I could hear him rifling through the drawers. I finally came to the conclusion that if that was going to be the one thing that humiliated me most that day, then that would be a real feat.

Simon assisted me in eating breakfast while tied-up. I assumed he would untie me and that would be the end of the game, but I was wrong. Dead wrong.

It was kind of fun and romantic eating bagels in bed together. Simon began to talk about how he needed to go to his house and get a few things, run by the store, and get the oil changed in the Volvo. I became aware that there was no we in his list of errands, only I. I started to feel a little panicky inside. I’ve never had a very good poker face, and so I know my widening eyes were a clear sign of my disapproval of this plan.

He read my face perfectly. With a very smug expression on his face, he leaned close to my ear and spoke.

“You said you would do anything for me.”

I held my breath for a moment. It’s true, I did say that but I meant anything, you-know, sexual. And I said it in the heat of passion and um…I don’t know… I was running out of excuses in my head. It didn’t matter, because he wasn’t looking for a response. He left before I could form the objection.

I looked at the bedside clock. It read 10:30.

I laid there and thought about work for awhile, and then I tried to figure out what was on the neighbor’s television. It was no use, the sound was too faint. I decided to play a game to occupy my mind: Name species of birds starting with “A” all the way to “Z”. Albatross, Bluebird, Canary, Dodo, Egret, Finch, Goldfinch…or is that the same as Finch? Um, OK…goose, hummingbird, I, what begins with I? I can’t think of anything. Oh, this is ridiculous.

The sounds of the birds were amusing for a little while, then they began to annoy me…and would that STUPID rodent please SHUT UP and GO TO SLEEP?! I became aware of the dull throbbing in my lower back. I don’t think you’re supposed to lie like this all day long. How long has it been…11:03….SHIT! Only 30 minutes.

I decided that I needed to do something about my back, so I rolled over onto my side. Ah, that feels much better.

I suddenly woke up when I nearly pulled a muscle trying to put my arm by my side. Roll over…clock…1:14pm. I started to whine to myself. Click-click…the door. His car must’ve been what woke me. I was giddy with excitement. I couldn’t wait to see him…Simon, Simon, Simon…please be Simon. Not only did I have to go to the bathroom, but I was thirsty, and aching, and I hated to admit it, but lonely without him.

He appeared in the doorway, smiling. My entire face lit up and I struggled to free myself. He laughed out loud and then jumped into bed playfully. He quickly untied me. I started to jump up to the restroom but quickly remembered to ask his permission first. He naturally allowed me to go, and I returned to a completely nude Simon on my bed.

“Oh, this is a nice surprise!” I gushed.

I stood there waiting for his instruction. I didn’t want to do anything wrong.

“Come here beside me and lay on the bed, face down.”

I obeyed. He began rubbing my back and upper arms and shoulders. I really needed the attention. My muscles didn’t like being tied up like that.

Occasionally, I could feel his semi-hard penis rubbing against my back and buttocks and I started to get turned-on. He produced some oil and continued massaging my back very slowly and deliberately. I could feel his dick growing harder, and I started to breathe heavier, as I always do when becoming aroused. His massages started going lower to my buttocks and upper thighs. He parted my legs and teased my pussy with his fingers to let me know that he could. I started to moan and thrust my hips a little into the sheets. I could feel the swelling begin, followed by the wetness.

Just to make sure, he ran his fingers down my buttocks and slid them into my pussy. They glided very easily in and out.

“Does that feel good?”

“Yes.” I whispered.

“Yes, what?”

I knew I had one chance to overcome my silly discomfort and get this right.

“Yes, your fingers feel good inside my pussy.”

“Mmmm, nice!”

I started bucking harder. I really wanted more, and I was hoping he would ask. He withdrew his fingers and I held my breath. I felt a cold sensation of liquid being poured onto my buttocks — more oil. He massaged both sides of my ass and then pulled my cheeks apart to expose my hole. I could feel the oil running down to the opening.

This has always been off limits. I had managed to remain a virgin back there and I really liked it that way. I lay very still, hoping he would move on. Instead, he began massaging the sensitive ring with his fingers. I instantly tensed-up, and I could feel my body start to break into a cold sweat. I didn’t know what to do, my breathing started to quicken, and my pulse was racing.

Simon rolled me onto my back. His cock was rock hard. It was obvious what it would take to please him, and this was his way of showing me what I needed to be prepared to do. What anything might mean. He was teaching me.

He entered my pussy swiftly and fucked me hard, thrusting faster and faster. He was so deep inside, I started to squeal. He pulled out and turned me onto my hands and knees and entered from behind. His intensity built and my entire body started to tremble, almost uncontrollably. He made a deep animal-like noise when he came, and withdrew almost immediately afterward. I hadn’t even caught my breath when he spoke.

“Go take a shower and get dressed, babe. I brought us some lunch and I’m sure you are ready to get out of here, aren’t you?”

I couldn’t even respond.

Chapter 9

The rest of that day was pretty normal, really. We ate lunch, ran to the grocery store, talked about dinner, the weather, the houses we passed, all kinds of random stuff like that. If you would have passed us on the street, you would have sworn that we were a married couple. I felt so at ease with him. I could tell him anything about me, say anything at all, and he would embrace it without judgment.

Before retiring to the safe haven of my apartment, we walked through the complex and down the street, around the block and back. It felt good to get out for awhile. Spring was just starting to settle in and I was so tired of winter. The weatherman was promising cooler weather for the rest of the week though, and so we thought we’d better get out while it was nice.

I liked the feeling of walking into the apartment with him. I could get used to this. We got into a little water fight in the kitchen after I accidentally splashed him with the condensation from a glass of ice. That ended in him body-slamming me onto the sofa. After recovering from the laughter, Simon leaned in to kiss me. His kisses were gentle at first, but then began to build in intensity. He slipped his hands under my shirt and slid my top over my head. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. It was customary for me to go braless on the weekends.

Simon proceeded to take off my jeans. I wasn’t wearing any panties, either. This was not customary for me, but was something I did to please him. I looked in his eyes for approval. He smiled and pressed his body against mine.

“I like that. I would like that all the time from now on.”

I just nodded.

We laid there for a long time, kissing and talking. He remained fully dressed and I, undressed. Finally it was time to eat dinner. Simon got up, walked into the kitchen and started pulling out the groceries we bought, poured us some wine, and started making dinner. It wasn’t the romantic scene you picture of a gourmet cook, whipping up a recipe from scratch or anything like that. He put the frozen lasagna in the oven and mixed the salad while I sat on the sofa, completely nude.

“Is there anything I can do to help you, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Nope. All under control.”

We ate dinner at the dining table. It felt strange sitting at a dining table with no clothes on. Simon seemed in a particularly good mood and smiled throughout dinner. By the time we walked into the bedroom to go to sleep, I was starting to feel comfortable being nude. I didn’t usually wander about the place without clothes, so that was pretty much my first exposure to feeling comfortable in my own skin.

That evening, and well into the morning, Simon made love to me. It was the first time for us. It seemed the more I began to understand myself, and the more I loved myself, the more I felt for Simon. I don’t know how it was connected, but it was.

Sunday is a depressing day because it is the day before Monday. That meant that Simon would go back to his world, and to work, and so would I. I wanted to be a good companion, but I felt weepy and sad. Simon didn’t ask me what was wrong; he didn’t have to. He didn’t put up with it for very long, either. I’d say I got to sulk for about 5 minutes in bed in the morning. He wasn’t angry or displeased exactly. He didn’t act put-out, he just matter-of-factly began training.

Simon instructed me to roll over on my stomach, and then told me to get on my elbows and knees. He had me scoot up toward the headboard and then tied me to it. He left the bedroom and I could hear him rummaging through the kitchen drawers. He appeared with an extension cord and the cord for the electric griddle. Each knee was tethered to the side board with one of those cords. The cords weren’t very long and so my knees were spread wide apart.

Simon stood there for a few minutes looking at me from behind. He massaged my rump firmly and for a moment I thought he might spank it. He didn’t do anything or say anything. He left the bedroom and I could hear him turn on the television. He changed the stations until he settled on a soccer game.

I stayed in that position for several hours, I think. I don’t know how long soccer games are, and I couldn’t see the clock, so I have no real idea. I could hear Simon’s heavy, steady breathing at some point, and so I know he napped for some of it.

I was pretty irritated at first. I was already in a bad mood and my situation wasn’t helping at all. I screamed loudly in my head, cussing under my breath, and grinding my teeth. I tried to pull the headboard enough to bang it against the wall, but I couldn’t. I think you could describe what was happening as a temper tantrum. I continued that for awhile, and then I started to feel sorry for myself and began whining in my head. I wanted to whimper out loud, and I almost let one out, but thought the better of it. This went on for over an hour at least.

It is incredibly tiring to carry on like that. I don’t know how long it took, but eventually I just gave in. I quit feeling mad, sad, sorry, and sulky. I cleared my mind of all the bad thoughts, and I began to imagine what I looked like from behind. Every sensitive opening was in plain view. I closed my eyes and visualized Simon’s face the night before, when he rolled me over after pouring oil on me and massaging my anal opening. He was so hard, and his eyes were piercing. And then after that, he felt so big inside me…

I was starting to get excited, really excited. My pussy began to throb and my clit must’ve been enormous. I started to move my hips by arching and rounding my back. I was hoping to stimulate myself enough to gain some relief from my new uncomfortable situation. I was completely engrossed in what I was doing when I thought I heard something. I couldn’t see the door from my position. I stopped and held my breath for a moment. Something had changed…no tvand no heavy breathing, either. Oh shit, is he behind me right now, watching?

I froze, and my breathing became shallow so I could listen intently for clues. The seconds felt like hours.

The suspense was shattered with the broken silence.

“I see you’ve changed your attitude.”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak a word.

I could just picture him leaning against the door jam with his arms crossed, staring at my ass. I didn’t even feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. I was highly aroused and once again, willing to do just about anything.

He stood there for a while longer before approaching. My breathing quickened and my hips involuntarily started moving again. I wanted him to touch me, even though I was sure it would make me instantly cum. I craned my head to the right, he was barely in view. He looked me directly in the eye. It was that stare, again. I couldn’t look away — it fueled my excitement to that point of no return: where you have to finish or you might hurt someone.

Without taking his eyes off mine, he began to slip off his socks. He very slowly removed his jeans and jockeys. I didn’t want to sever my gaze, but it broke when he slipped his shirt over his head. I took the opportunity to catch a glimpse of his erection. It proudly stood outward, and the sight of it was just enough to make the wetness from my pussy run down my thigh. He began stroking his proud cock while I looked on, running his hands expertly up and down the length of his shaft, pinching harder as he approached the head. His strokes quickened. He approached me in time to come on my neck and cheek. The sight was overwhelming and I thought I would come just then, but I didn’t. Shit! Shit! SHIT!

I had to give myself a little pep talk. I closed my eyes and started talking to myself. Stay calm. Relax. RELAX! I was brought back to reality by a touch on the thigh. Simon had taken notice of my wet thighs. He was caressing the wetness with his finger. He leaned toward me and slid his wet finger into my mouth. I sucked and licked his finger like it was his dick. I wanted him badly. He let out a small chuckle and removed his finger from my mouth.

He then slid his finger inside me again, pulling it out and rubbing the wetness on my clit. He applied pressure on the head of my clit and wiggled it slightly, producing the feeling of a vibrator. I began to moan. He watched me thoughtfully.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes, very much.” I managed to get out between heavy breaths.

“What about this?”

He shifted his fingers back a little and moved them back and forth and together like scissors, squeezing my clit between them.

I let out a cry, “GOD YES!”

He slowed his movement, slipped his fingers inside again, pulling out more of my juices and spreading them around my clit. He then slid one finger inside with one remaining on my clit. He began to wiggle the inside finger so that he was rubbing right against that wonderful spot. The movement was enough to allow his other finger to massage my clit. My reaction to this move wasn’t as powerful as the others. It felt amazing but not like the last one.

He once again returned to the direct clitoris stimulation.

“Tell me when you are just about to come.” He ordered.

It didn’t take long.

“Oh, God, baby…here I come, I’m coming…” I gasped in a breathless tone. The feeling was so powerful; I screamed out and nearly broke the headboard from the force of my body spasm.

I lay there bowing, looking more like I was worshipping the headboard than anything else. I felt him untie my knees and my wrists but I hardly moved. I allowed my butt to fall to my ankles, resting my stomach on the bed. I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I felt panicked for a moment. I was afraid Simon had left. He hadn’t left; he was sitting next to me in bed, reading a book. Without looking up from his book, he stroked my hair.

“It’s getting late, baby. You slept for some time.”

“Oh, no! I wasted the day with you, didn’t I? I was so stupid. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not necessary to be sorry.”

I looked up at him and he glanced over at me. I was thankful for his guidance and his patience with me. I will never waste time again.

I was excused to go clean my face and use the facilities. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know the answer to my next question.

“Are you staying?”

“I thought I might. This wouldn’t be a good time to be apart. I’ll stop by my house in the morning to dress for work and pick up a few items.”

I squealed and hugged him, nearly knocking his book from his hands. I wasn’t sure what he meant about being apart, but I didn’t care. All that mattered was that he was staying.

Chapter 10

We began to develop our own unique routine.

Every day I came home from work and undressed. If there was an outfit on the bed waiting for me, I put it on (no undergarments.) If there wasn’t an outfit on the bed, I remained nude. I never knew our plans, nor did I care. I was becoming used to taking things in stride, and taking my lead from him.

Simon usually called me after lunch to see what I had eaten and then he decided on dinner. I became devoted to his every desire in a way that I didn’t understand. He never outlined specific rules, but I became aware of what pleased him and made certain not to stray from that routine.

For example, I wouldn’t cross my legs or put my legs together while sitting. My thighs would remain parted at all times. In the apartment, if I was dressed, I would hike up my skirt before I sat down. I almost never wore pants or jeans at night, any longer. My collection of short and mid-length skirts had grown. I’m not sure if this was as much about a specific preference of his, or about the general sense of feeling feminine. And the more feminine I felt, the more sexually aroused I seemed to be. It was like we fit perfectly into these roles and the reaction to it was instinctual, in a way. I can’t describe it.

If at any time, he wished to touch me on any part of my body, I did not impede his advances. This wasn’t terribly difficult as long as we were in the apartment. I got in trouble a lot at first for flinching in restaurants and bars while he slipped his hand up my skirt to finger me at the table.

Eventually, I cared very little of what people thought of me or of us. There was something wonderfully liberating about that. Over the next few months my self-confidence grew healthily.

The two parts of my life were still very separate. My work life had begun to thrive. I was promoted from a district position to one supporting the entire region. I regularly received large bonuses and performance awards, and eventually I knew I would be ready to buy a house. But I wasn’t ready to shake-up our terrific situation.

Simon and I had stayed together nearly every night since we met. We had our own particular routine and our own very special, very intimate relationship. We usually chose to stay at my place because it was smaller. His house had 3 bedrooms, around 2,500 square feet, I think. It wasn’t huge by most standards but it was too big for us.

One day, Simon called the house (my apartment) to let me know he was detained at work. I was in the shower so the answering machine got it. At the end of the message, he said, “I’ll be home as soon as I can. I love you, baby.”

As I replayed the message, I sat there trying to examine my feelings.

He had never actually said those words to me. Sitting there, it dawned on me…I’d known he loved me all along. And I’d loved him from that first week I knew him. I know he knows that.

It also dawned on me all the times I’d said things I wasn’t ready to say. Even times when I was sincere about what I said, but the meaning to someone else was entirely different. I started laughing at how little we invested in those three simple words — so much so, that he would leave them on an answering machine.

I erased the message.

Chapter 11

Those first six months were blissful. Each night was a new experience in intimacy for me. A couple of events stand out in my memory as being significant.

Around the third week of May, Simon’s best friend, Martin had a house-warming party. He moved into his new home just before I met Simon. Martin and Simon had grown up together in a suburb of New Jersey but they both went to college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. The decision to go there instead of in Newark was largely Martin’s, and it had a lot to do with the late night re-runs of Dallas on cable.

In truth, Simon agreed to it because he wanted to get out of New Jersey and experience life elsewhere. He grew to love Dallas for the friendly people and gorgeous coeds, but by the end of his senior year, he was ready to move on again. This time it would be Simon who chose the destination.

Simon’s degree was in Civil Engineering while Martin’s specialty was Electrical Engineering. Civil Engineers were heavily sought after, and so it was no surprise when Simon was approached by a Kansas City firm before graduating from SMU. Martin wasn’t as fortunate, and remained in Dallas for another 2 months before moving into Simon’s house in Lenexa, KS, a suburb of Kansas City. Simon changed jobs and had since worked at three different firms around KC.

Martin took a completely different route and secured a position as a loan officer. He was very good at it, according to Simon. So good, in fact, that he started his own mortgage brokerage firm. His financial success was apparent.

He had moved out of Simon’s house some years back and bought his own home in Overland Park, very near Simon’s. He just sold that house and bought a small mansion in a Northland subdivision. The home had been for sale for over a year and was about to be repossessed by the bank when Martin picked it up for a mere $932,000. The home would be worth over $1.5 million dollars.

Martin’s wealth didn’t seem to bother Simon at all. The way Simon spoke of Martin, I felt he pitied him more than he envied him.

Simon described the home to me on the way to the party. He had helped Martin and Teresa get settled. The most stunning feature of the home was the outdoor private patio area. It featured a heated, zero horizon pool, outdoor oven and grill, fireplace, built-in flat screen TV, and large planters of flowers and trees lining the massive wall that surrounded it. The house sat on a hill, so this area was completely hidden from the street and from the neighbor’s view. According to Martin, the patio area had been featured in Architectural Digest a few years earlier, when it was first constructed.

I wondered at why Martin had decided on a party in May when it was still too chilly for swimming. The real nature of the party and the guests attending gave me my answer.

It took us nearly 30 minutes to get to Martin’s home. We were greeted at the door by Teresa. I had met Teresa on my second date with Simon. She was the one who told me that Simon was a monogamous dater. I hadn’t heard that term before, I remembered, but I recall that it made me very hopeful.

Teresa was striking. She had long, dark brown hair and green eyes. She stood maybe around 5’7 or so, but it was hard to really know because she always wore heels. Her body was fantastic, with long, slender limbs and a delicate, elongated neck. She seemed to float when she walked, and I found myself casting several coveting glances her direction as she mingled throughout the crowd. I wasn’t attracted to her, exactly, but more attracted to the overall feminine look she had.

Although Teresa was the live-in girlfriend to Simon’s best friend, she wasn’t as friendly as you would expect. She had a distant way about her and you got the clear impression that she was just going through the motions with Martin. One time, after Teresa had walked past us, Simon started to say something to me in my ear but stopped. I wondered what was on his mind, but I didn’t ask.

There was one other couple there that I recognized from the earlier party. Actually, I recognized her but not him. Jill was lively, and by far the friendliest of Simon’s friends. She made me laugh out loud and I could just talk to her for hours. She had reddish hair and the personality to match. I felt instantly at ease with her. I wasn’t sure how Simon and Martin knew her, exactly.

Simon stayed by my side the entire evening. He whispered to me that most of these people were business associates of Martin’s and that a couple of the introductions that evening were crucial to Martin’s future ventures. At one point, I spied Martin talking with a couple of gentlemen away from the rest of the crowd. I have been involved in enough business deals to recognize one when I see it. From what I could observe, it was going well — both parties were engrossed in conversation and Martin began to stand taller, indicating he was pleased with the progress. You learn to read body language like that when you work in sales.

After two hours, the party had thinned significantly and Martin’s would-be-business-partners were gone. Martin turned his attention to Simon and I, and we walked through the house on an official tour. Simon hadn’t seen the house all put-together, and that was my first visit.

We were in the basement while the remaining guests were in the kitchen, upstairs. Martin’s cell phone rang and upon reading the caller ID, he excused himself to answer it. I suspected it was regarding the recent business proposition he was working on. Simon slid behind me with his arms around my upper body so we could look in the same direction at the same time. We were talking about the layout of the room, what we would do differently. Very casually, as Simon was accustomed to doing, he slid his hand into my blouse and onto my breast and began fondling it. He kept talking about the room and surveying it, and when we pivoted around to look back toward the bar area, Martin was staring at us. He kept talking on the phone and he didn’t look surprised or phased, he almost seemed to be looking through us.

The gesture started out as being very non-sexual, but intimate. When I became aware that Martin could see what Simon was doing, it changed for me. This made me feel uncomfortable, and discomfort had become synonymous with arousal for me. Martin continued talking on the phone but quit pacing around, and instead, remained fixed on our position.

Simon could sense my arousal and so he played along. He lifted my skirt with his left hand and started stimulating my clit while fixing his gaze on Martin. I also had a fixed gaze on Martin and the sight of him watching me was titillating. Simon had become even more skilled at bringing me to orgasm by that time. As I had become more comfortable talking about how I felt and what I liked, Simon was learning, too. As I recall, Simon and I hadn’t had sex that week, and so it was very easy for him to expertly lead me to orgasm. I came violently while looking directly into Martin’s eyes.

Martin was still on the phone and Simon didn’t say a word. He pointed my shoulders squarely at the door to the bathroom and lifted my skirt to pat me on my bare bottom. I trotted off to the restroom.

When I emerged from the room, Martin was off the phone and was engaged in conversation with Simon. I couldn’t make-out exactly what they were saying until I got a little closer. They were talking about Martin’s business deal. From what I could tell, they were well into the conversation.

As I stood there with them, my mind began to wander. What is going through Simon’s mind? Is this his way of saying to Martin, ‘you may have all this, but you don’t have Jess’? Does he derive pleasure from his best friend seeing him please his girlfriend? Is this the first time he’s done that? Oooooh, the last question was almost just too much to think about. They did go to college together, and I bet there were some wild nights.

I finally just decided that the truth is this: We may never know what goes on in someone else’s mind. Even in the head of someone so close to us.

Martin continued the tour and acted like the whole thing never happened. By the time we got upstairs, I just started laughing incredulously to myself and then partly out loud.

A few more people had left and there was only one other couple remaining, saying their goodbyes to Teresa at the door as we topped the staircase.

The four of us walked into the living room and sat down. It was the first time I got a good look at it. The entire party had congregated in the living room, making it impossible to get a good look at the place. Martin settled into an oversized chair and spread his legs for Teresa to sit in front of him. Martin and Simon carried the conversation, talking mostly about business. Martin’s hand rested easily on Teresa’s inner thigh and I thought I noticed him moving his hand up her skirt a few times. He fondled the pendant on her necklace, but I couldn’t see what it was from where I was sitting. Teresa only spoke when spoken to.

On the way home, Simon and I talked about Martin and Teresa, the party, and the business deal. If all went well, Martin would be investing in a shoe company of sorts. It didn’t sound like a good deal to me but it wasn’t my money, and I didn’t really know much about it, nor did I care. Simon’s manner of discussing Martin and Teresa was very detached, like they were distant acquaintances and not close friends. He never really said that he didn’t like Teresa, but I got that impression. Or more accurately, I got the impression that he didn’t respect Teresa.

The second significant event in our lives those first few months was more personal for me. Simon and I spent a lot of time becoming more intimate. Part of that intimacy included feeling completely open to his touch. I had already proven, I felt, that I was comfortable around both strangers and friends (Martin, anyway). But my boundary was with parts of my body. I was still very nervous about anal sex of any kind.

At first, I wanted to dismiss this as just one of those fantasies all guys have that they’ve picked up from porn flicks. I didn’t think it was that important to Simon, and eventually I came to know that the act, itself wasn’t. What was important to Simon was my commitment to complete intimacy with him. Simon felt that as long as I had boundaries, so our relationship would have boundaries. I truly didn’t want that, but I needed help and guidance in that area.

So I did what any intelligent adult would do. I searched the internet. Google produced a list of good anal sex resources and I learned great tips. Lubrication was the big key to success and you just can’t have too much. Starting out yourself with one finger, and then two, was another tip. There were health tips, cleanliness advice, toy recommendations, the list was endless. Many of the women reported having the most powerful orgasms of their life during anal sex. This was of particular interest to me, as I had not imagined this might actually be enjoyable for me. The possibility of pain was first and foremost on my mind. I felt I was ready to do something to try.

Simon and I talked about it. I told him what I had learned and that I really, really wanted to share that with him, give myself to him in that way, but I was afraid. At that point, I was at least willing to think about it some more, and to keep talking to him about it; fully realizing that it might take me a long time to get over my own prejudices. My lack of commitment to the idea was not pleasing to Simon, but I think he looked at it as another opportunity to guide me in the right direction. I think it really disturbed him how much I was upsetting myself over it.

“I’m in no hurry — I can wait as long as it takes for you. But I have to tell you that you’re not going to solve this by intellectualizing it. You can’t think your way through a major step like this, you have to ease into it, feel it.”

His words were absolutely true and he said them very matter-of-factly, as if I should just be able to perform this simple task.

Finally he said, “You know everything you need to know.”

I thought about those words for a long time, ‘I know everything I need to know.’ What do I know about this? What one thing has to exist for this to work? Is it desire? Willingness? Relaxation? I wasn’t sure.

It was perplexing me. I was having trouble coming up with answers on my own. Simon pulled through for me, as usual.

One Saturday afternoon, Simon brought a gym bag into the bedroom and placed it on the floor. He bent me over the footboard of the bed and tied me to the posts. He tied my ankles to the legs of the footboard. Then he began unpacking the gym bag so I could see the contents. There were three separate brands of lubricants, an anal plug, an anal vibrator, a douche, and a string of balls in varying sizes. My eyes widened as he placed each item on the bed for me to see. Lastly, he produced a blindfold and placed it over my eyes.

My heart began to race. What is he planning for me? He first touched me on my back and I flinched. I guess I was so tense that it startled me. I could hear him leave the room.

About five minutes later, Simon returned. He touched me on the same spot on my back and I didn’t flinch that time. He started rubbing my back, and as his hands approached my buttocks, I began to tense. He immediately withdrew and left the room.

Another 5 minutes passed, and he started with the same spot on my back, working his way to my buttocks and massaging them. Each time I tensed up in any way, he left the room. He gradually worked his way up to administering lubricant to my behind and by the time he got to massaging my well-lubricated hole, I was more aroused than frightened.

He took off the blindfold and released my wrists and ankles. He had used none of the tools on the bed except the lubricant.

“Do you know what it is, now? The thing that you already know.”

I knew it immediately. Trust. That was it. I just needed to trust him.

“Trust?! Trust is all I need to know?”

I looked to him for approval of my epiphany. His smile lit up his whole face as he leaned in to kiss me.

Knowing the answer was the easy part. Next I had to feel it.

Chapter 12

When something is hanging over your head as needing to be done, you can think of little else until you complete the task. I think I had become obsessed with this one thing. Simon and I talked about it a lot and the more we talked, the more comfortable I began to feel. I think Simon wanted the whole act to be over with, mainly to stop my obsessing. He never grew impatient in any way, but I sensed that he felt a bit guilty about how it was affecting me.

One evening during the week, Simon and I were in bed in what started out as a pretty ordinary lovemaking session. I was stroking Simon’s cock, licking and sucking the head of his beautiful erection, when he leaned back to pull the drawer of the nightstand open to fetch some lubricant, and an anal plug. He generously applied lubricant to the end of the plug and then to his own ass. He handed me the plug and guided my hand to inserting it into him. His cock grew harder than I had ever seen it. I started pumping the plug in and out, while I took most of his engorged dick into my mouth. He came instantly, letting out a cry. I withdrew the plug while he lay there trying to recover. He was totally spent. I’d never seen him quite like that before.

It was a turning point for me. I was lying there, unsatisfied, and suddenly wishing he had done that to me.

A few days later, we were in bed again and much like before, while I was giving him head, he leaned back and produced the same two items. This time, before he could get the gel out of the tube, I spoke.

“May I please be allowed to experience that this time?”

Part of me couldn’t believe my ears, and the other part was hoping he would accommodate.

Instead of lubricating the tip of the anal plug, Simon lubricated his finger. He pulled me up onto his chest and tipped me forward so I was on my hands and knees, dangling over his face. He began licking my pussy. He was so skilled at it. At the same time, he began massaging my anal opening. I was getting very close to coming. Just before I started what I call my final approach, Simon inserted his finger into my ass. It felt wonderful, and I spread my legs wider apart to indicate my delight. He added a second finger and continued probing until I shuddered in orgasm.

He repeated this many times over the next several weeks, alternating his fingers with the plug. I became increasingly more comfortable with it until I started actually leaving the lubricant out on top of the nightstand to speed things up. My orgasms were growing in intensity each time and I was becoming highly motivated to advance to the next step.

I felt like this man had been plenty patient with me, and now all I wanted to do was please him. I wanted to make the words I spoke a couple of months earlier be true — I would do anything for this man. I wanted to give this gift to him. I wanted…

I received special instructions one morning in a note on the kitchen counter: Use the douche in the drawer this morning before work. Your outfit for tonight is on the sofa.

That was confusing. The first instruction clearly indicated that he intended for that night to be the night. The second indicated we were going out. I started thinking about eating a large dinner and what that might mean, and how much time that would take. I was doing it again…thinking through everything instead of just trusting him. I decided to let all the questions go, and just relax into the anticipation of the evening with an open mind.

Simon arrived early but I was already dressed and ready to go. I was particularly amorous and was acting a bit like a cat in heat toward him, rubbing myself against his chest and kissing his neck. He chuckled at my advances.

The exchange between us slowly began to change its tone as Simon unbuttoned my blouse. He slid the blouse down my arms and left it there so that it bound my limbs toward my back. I arched my back to proudly display my hard nipples. He ran his fingers across them and leaned down and took each one into his mouth. He then stood upright again and pressed down on my shoulders until I was kneeling. He started to make a motion to unbutton his pants but then stopped.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t move.”

He went out the front door and I could hear his car door open and shut. He returned with a box. It looked like a jewelry box; the kind that might hold a watch or something like that. I watched intently as he placed it on the coffee table. I then returned my eyes to his, allowing my head to drop backward.

Simon then unfastened his pants and removed them, along with his underwear, socks and shoes. He stood there nude from the waist, down. His penis was immensely engorged with blood. It was red, hard and huge. I wondered how long he had been like that; how many times he had thought about our upcoming evening together. The day had been a blur to me. I could think of little else.

He leaned forward, allowing me to take his cock into my mouth. My lips slid down and up his shaft a few times, and then he stepped backward, withdrawing it from me entirely. Simon reached down and cupped his hand under my chin to raise me to my feet. He picked up his pants and carefully laid them on the nearby barstool. He then unbuttoned my cuffs and removed my blouse, shaking it out a bit and then hanging it on another barstool with much care. He did the same with his shirt and my skirt. His actions were very deliberate, as though he had planned each one with precision.

We were standing nude in the living room. Simon guided my arms around his neck and drew me closer, carefully positioning his erect penis upward between us. He gazed down at me, running his fingers through my hair, caressing my neck. I stroked his hair lovingly, paying close attention to every wavy curl as my fingers explored. I could feel it washing over me — that incredible feeling of complete abandon. My body relaxed and my breathing became deeper. My lips instinctively parted and my head fell backward.

Simon’s lips mouthed something but no sound followed. I thought he mouthed the word, beautiful. He started to breathe deeper as he kissed me passionately. His lips were pressed hard against mine, and his sense of urgency was so primal. He slowed himself down and kissed me gently and lovingly on my lips, cheeks, neck, ears, and forehead. He would do this for a few minutes and then change back into a frenzied, hard and forceful kiss. His excitement was fueling my arousal. Each time he probed my mouth with his tongue, I began grinding my hips and rubbing my body against his. My inner thighs had become soaking wet.

Simon finally stopped and took my hand in his. He led me into the bedroom. I stood next to the bed while he pulled the bedspread, blanket and sheets all the way down to the foot of the bed and laid one pillow at an angle at the corner of the bed. He patted the pillow, signaling me to lie down.

I lied on my back and he joined me, pressing his body against mine. The anticipation was incredible. Simon turned to me and whispered.

“Tell me what you’re thinking and feeling right now.”

I took a moment to think about it.

“I’m excited or nervous, I can’t tell which. I’m wetter than I’ve ever been in my life.”

With that, he slid his hand down between my legs. He smiled, withdrew his hand, and then looked at me, wanting more.

“I don’t know how to describe this feeling. I feel completely open, vulnerable, but not frightened. I’m, I don’t know, warm inside like I’m completely safe — almost like I used to feel when I was in my mother’s arms as a child.” I thought for a few seconds before continuing.

“I have this need inside me to please you. I want to give myself to you completely. Does that make sense?”

Simon had this look on his face that was both incredulous, and a little sad. He wanted to understand. Or maybe he wanted to feel what I was feeling. I wasn’t sure. He stared at me a long time in silence while his breathing began to deepen. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his chest rising and falling. His intensity was building again and he shut his eyes for a moment and let out a groan. Whatever he was thinking, it was about to drive him to orgasm with me following close behind.

He positioned himself over me and I spread my legs. He slid very easily into me and slowly rocked in and out, gliding freely, but deliberately inside me. He came very shortly and remained inside me, laying there. He continued to move his hips slightly to maintain a rhythm. I could feel him grow softer, but I was amazed that he never really got completely soft. I felt so close to him, the intimacy we shared was so overwhelming for me. I had never experienced anything like that before.

I really wanted to do something special for him. I wanted to share something of myself that I had not shared with anyone else. I finally blurted out what was on my mind.

“I want to open myself completely to you. Please take me from behind.”

I was having difficulty forming the right words to communicate that I wanted him to fuck me in the ass. The words sounded so vulgar in my head, and the act meant so much more to me. I looked him in the eye for guidance on whether or not to try to more directly express what I wanted to give him. I could feel him grow harder inside me when I spoke, and he pressed his lips to mine to stop me from speaking another word.

Simon slid out of me and I instantly regretted him doing so. I hated the empty feeling. He rolled me onto my side so that my back was against him, and held me close, cupping my breast in his hand. He kissed my neck, and the throbbing in my pussy was unbearable. I was trembling with anticipation. He slid his hand down between my butt cheeks and massaged my anal opening. At one point, he reached for the gel lubricant and I felt his fingers sliding into my ass. I groaned and arched my back. I wanted him so badly. My head and upper body slid across the bed so that my buttocks were in a better position for him to penetrate me. He didn’t. I was seriously considering begging. The teasing was driving me insane.

He pulled his pillow out from under his head and swiftly placed it in front of my stomach. He rolled me onto my stomach over the pillow. This placed my hind in an elevated position and just about sent me into an orgasm.

Simon positioned himself behind me. He started rubbing the head of his cock on my hole, in little circles. My hips began to move slightly and my back arched to further present myself to him. He began to slide inside, very slowly. It felt like a fraction of an inch at a time. My heart was pounding out of my chest; my entire body broke into a sweat. He slid further, and I could feel my muscles tighten to push him out. This enabled him to slide even easier until he was completely inside me. The throbbing in my pussy was violent; I was so close to orgasm. Simon could feel it, too. He slowly glided in and out a couple more times and I couldn’t stand it any longer. I could feel the sensation coming from somewhere near my stomach, traveling down toward my pussy. My clit felt like it was exploding. The orgasm was violent.

That’s all it took for Simon. He pumped twice very hard, and then unloaded every drop of his cum into me. He yelled out as he did so, and then nearly collapsed onto my back, resting his head between my shoulder blades. I could feel his entire body shaking. The experience was as intense for him as it was for me.

He slid out of me and just let his whole body lay on mine. When our breathing returned to normal, Simon whispered in my ear.

“I have a present for you.”

After we cleaned up and got the bed back in order, Simon brought in the box he had placed on the coffee table.

“This is for you. It is symbolic of our bond, and I hope you’ll wear it always.”

I opened the box to find a necklace. It was an elegant silver chain with a pendant. The pendant was a key, and the head of the key was a diamond. It was very unique.

Holding it up, I said, “Oh, baby…it’s beautiful.”

Simon took it from my hands and ceremoniously placed it around my neck. The key rested high on my neck. It would remain in plain view regardless of my outfit, I decided. I fondled it with my fingers.

“I had it custom-made. You won’t find another exactly like it. I hope that it always reminds you of the special connection we share, and of my commitment to you.”

Simon and I had never talked about commitment, exactly…At least not in the traditional sense. We talked about the future some. I wasn’t seeing anyone else and I knew he wasn’t seeing anyone else, either. It was obvious that we were deeply in love, even though we never said it. I had never felt more committed to anyone in my life.

Chapter 13

Our relationship remained very intimate for awhile, but then it began to fall into a more non-sexual, rote pattern. The more mundane side of routine. Routine is very comfortable because you always know what to expect. I like routine, but I began to yearn for the excitement I used to feel when I felt uncomfortable. Simon knew it without asking.

Spring was back upon us, marking our one-year anniversary. I don’t know if it was the season or the milestone that began to stir our restlessness.

Martin invited us over for dinner one Friday night in early June. It was only the second time for me to step into his home. Simon and I had dined with Martin on a couple of occasions at a restaurant, Teresa conspicuously missing, but always having a good excuse. Simon also met Martin many times for happy hour without me.

Teresa’s welcome was uncharacteristically friendly when she greeted me at the door. In fact, she warmly embraced me, and then kissed me on the lips. I do have girlfriends with whom I have kissed in this manner. I have the kind of personality that seems to just draw that behavior. I wouldn’t have noticed, except that my first impression of Teresa was one of distant-politeness.

When she retreated from the hug, I noticed her necklace. It was a key very similar to mine, but with an emerald instead of a diamond. I stared at it, speechless. I was confused and looked around to Simon for answers. With my eyes, I asked him, what does this mean? I didn’t dare ask aloud. Teresa’s voice brought my eyes back to her.

“Hey, are you thirsty…how ’bout some wine?”

I could tell Teresa had started drinking before we arrived, but that wasn’t what I was thinking about at that moment. My mind was racing. My necklace meant something very personal to me, and it was not something I shared with Teresa. It couldn’t be a coincidence. I mean, how many women wear keys around their necks?

I tried to hide my shock and just reciprocate Teresa’s enthusiasm for drinking and socializing. I don’t know what it is about me, but I always try to make everyone feel comfortable no matter how I might be feeling, myself.

They opened a bottle of wine, and I found myself drinking faster than usual. I do that when I’m trying to either settle my nerves or stop my mind from racing.

When Martin and Teresa went into the kitchen for the final preparation, Simon turned to me and began to speak quietly and quickly.

“In many ways, the meaning is similar. Teresa is submissive to Martin. What it means to them personally may be slightly different. It has no bearing on our commitment. Think of it like an engagement ring. The meaning is private even though the symbolism is universal.”

He slipped his hand up my skirt and stroked my thighs gently. “Now be a good girl for me and don’t ask any more questions.”

His tone was blatantly condescending and this served as a warning that if I didn’t let it go, there would be consequences that most likely would leave me exposed to his friends.

Teresa and Martin returned with platters in hand and we rose from the living room to sit at the dining room table. Teresa had cooked the meal and it was wonderful. She and I cleared the table, but she wouldn’t allow me to assist her with the dishes. “I’ll do them tomorrow”, she said. “We need to get back to the guys.”

We moved out onto the patio after dinner. The patio lighting danced on the pool water with every ripple, inviting us to join in. The evening was warm enough for a dip, but Simon and I didn’t bring our suits. I guess that was bad planning on our part. Another bottle of wine later and it was Teresa who made the first move. In hind sight, it was most likely Martin who prompted her to do so, of course.

She stood up and walked over to me, and offered me her hand so I could stand. I did so.

“Let’s go sit on the edge of the pool and dangle our legs in the water.”

I followed her lead, still holding her hand. We walked around the edge until we were facing the guys and then chose a spot and sat down. The pool was heated and felt great. We were far enough away from the men to give them some privacy in conversation. If they talked low enough, we couldn’t hear what they were saying. They took advantage of it, and I have no idea what exchange was going on between them. Simon’s body language betrayed him a bit, and I could tell that he was not comfortable at times with what Martin was saying to him.

Teresa cupped the pool water in her hands and released it over her thighs so that her legs were completely wet. She repeated the procedure on my thighs. The wine had made me a bit giddy and I started to giggle a little when the water tickled my legs. Teresa started giggling, too and before you knew it, we were leaning against each other laughing…at nothing.

The guys stopped talking and watched our display. Some things are just so girl-like I can’t imagine guys could relate in any way to it. We silenced our laughter when we noticed them staring. At least, we tried to. It’s like in church, when you get a funny thought in your head but you’re not supposed to laugh. The harder you try not to, the more you can’t control your laughter. We were busting out again in a couple of seconds. Teresa buried her head on my shoulder to muffle her laughter and I did the same on her shoulder. Finally, we began to gain a little composure.

Teresa whispered in my ear, “Let’s go swimming. Do you want to?”

“You mean skinny-dip?”

“Yeah, why not?!”

I couldn’t think of a reason. The wine pretty much took care of any inhibition I might have felt. Teresa certainly didn’t have a problem with it because she didn’t waste any time taking off her top to expose her breasts. The night air made her nipples stand erect and I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful they were.

My gaze shifted to Simon’s who was looking directly at me. I began to unbutton my blouse slowly while watching him. I wanted to make sure he was perfectly okay with what I was doing. He nodded at me to indicate his permission, and I finished removing my blouse by sliding it over my head. Teresa removed her skirt by unzipping it and pulling it over her head, and I followed suit with mine. We slipped off the edge of the pool and into the warm water. It caressed my skin all over and I was enjoying it, immensely. Teresa started to play, first by taunting me with splashes, and then by going under water and brushing past me. It was impossible to see her under the water and the anticipation of her bumping into me made me giggle even more. Then she would pop-up next to me blowing bubbles on the way up. The sensation was terrific.

We settled down and sat on the stair so that our breasts were just beneath the surface. Teresa made the first move by sliding her hand over to my waist and up to my breast. I looked at her. Her eyes were mischievous. I joined in her naughty game and started tweaking her nipple with my fingers. We did all of this under the supervision of the guys, not really knowing if they could see what we were doing or not.

It felt good to be a little naughty. I didn’t know what Simon might think of it, and so I felt like I was breaking the rules. That feeling started to make me feel uncomfortable, in the aroused sort of way. Oh, how I’ve missed this feeling! It wasn’t like I didn’t have orgasms regularly with Simon; it was just that they weren’t predicated on that first time kind of feeling.

Teresa slid off the step and turned toward me so that we could fully massage each other’s breasts. She rubbed her chest against mine and I spread my thighs so she could stand between them and get closer. I couldn’t help but to ask Simon’s permission with my eyes. It was just the natural thing for me to do, and completely subconscious. He once again nodded his approval and rotated his chair slightly so he didn’t have to twist his head to continue watching.

I really started to get into it when I saw this. Anything that pleased Simon turned me on, tremendously.

It was my turn to make the next move. I twirled Teresa around so her back was to me and then pulled us both up onto the higher step. Her beautiful breasts were now in full view of the men. I kissed her neck while running my fingers over her erect nipples. Every few seconds or so I would look up at Simon. His expression was that of amusement mostly, but I did catch him shifting in his seat and repositioning his jeans. I assumed this was because he was growing harder and needed to readjust himself.

Teresa was enjoying the attention; she closed her eyes and arched her back. She started moaning and squirming about. Her enthusiasm was great for my confidence. I slid my hand down in the water and found her perfectly clean-shaven pussy. She spread her legs farther apart, allowing me to slide my finger between her lips and play with her clit. It was hard and swollen. Her moans grew more intense and she lay back onto me until my back was pressing hard against the edge of the pool.

Simon fixated his gaze on me, I noticed. He seemed intent on watching my expression rather than on what Teresa was doing. Martin was sitting on the other side of the patio table, so I couldn’t see his face very clearly. I did notice that he leaned in to say something to Simon a couple of times.

The cool night air was beginning to make both Teresa and I shiver. Our hot little exchange was going to have to end very soon as we both couldn’t take the cold air on our wet bodies. Simon walked over to us with towels in hand. Our shaking was apparent even from across the pool.

Teresa excused herself to go inside to the restroom, and Martin followed her into the house. Simon rubbed my arms to warm me and assisted in drying me off, especially my thighs and legs. I enjoyed the attention from him; it always made me feel cared-for.

“Baby, go get your clothes on so we can get inside out of the cool air.”

I ran around the pool and slipped on my clothes. I picked up Teresa’s top and skirt and brought them with me.

Once inside, I excused myself to visit the ladies room. Down the hallway, there was one room on the right side before the restroom. It was Martin’s office, and it had double French doors that had been closed every time I’d passed them. I wouldn’t have taken any notice of the room except that the doors were open this time and so my eyes drew into the room. Around the side of the desk were Martin and Teresa. Still nude, she was bent over the desk and he was fucking her from behind. Martin was in a perfect position to look me directly in the eye and didn’t slow a single beat when he saw me pause. Ordinarily, I would’ve continued walking but I sensed that this show was for my benefit, so I simply stopped and continued watching.

I wasn’t positive which entry point he was using, but I suspect it was Teresa’s anal opening by her body position. Her hair was hanging down the side of her face so she couldn’t see me, and I had no idea if she knew I was standing there watching. My presence was enough for Martin to come. He took two very hard strokes, ramming his hips into Teresa with alarming force while making animal noises and growling, ‘yes, Yes, YES!

I noticed that Teresa did not share in his delight. She remained quiet and still, and it was plainly obvious that she did not have an orgasm. This wasn’t the same girl who was about to orgasm in the pool just 10 minutes earlier.

I quietly slipped into the bathroom, gently shutting the door. I didn’t want Teresa to know what I had just witnessed. She may notice that someone is in the restroom when she comes out of the office, but she won’t know how much I saw. I just didn’t want her to know, I don’t know why.

Back in the living room, Simon and I curled up together in an oversized chair. Martin was fixing himself a drink by the time I returned. About 20 minutes later, Teresa returned, wearing a long shirt that could be a dress, or a swimsuit cover-up. She sat next to Martin but there was not much affection between them. I studied her expression and manner carefully to try to read what she was thinking. I don’t think she knew I watched her get fucked in the office. I do think she was either embarrassed about the pool scene or was somehow afraid to get too friendly again. The distant Teresa was definitely back.

Thankfully, Simon was ready to go, and so we said our goodbyes. Martin didn’t say a word about the little show.

In the car, I was just about to tell Simon about Martin and Teresa when Simon unbuckled my seatbelt. He placed his right hand on my neck behind my head and pulled my head toward his lap. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He was erect and I picked up his very clear sign. I began licking and sucking, taking him into my mouth. I don’t know how he managed to continue driving when he came. I felt the car slow way down. We were on a side street near my apartment and there weren’t many other vehicles on the road. I swallowed dutifully and tucked his semi-hard penis back into his jeans and partially zipped them up. I returned to my seat and Simon reminded me to put my seat belt on. He wasn’t so concerned about my safety 15 minutes ago.

The sex that night was fantastic. Simon was positively on fire. We did just about everything, including what had become my very favorite; anal penetration. We didn’t do that as often because Simon couldn’t last as long. Simon came twice in bed, and that was after he came in the car.

Lying in bed in the dark before falling asleep was the first chance we had gotten to talk.

Simon began, “If things had been different, how far would you have gone with Teresa?”

“That depends on you. How far would you have wanted me to go?”

“I’m not sure. Are you attracted to her?”

“Um, sort of, I guess. No, that’s not true…I wouldn’t say I’m attracted to her. If you want me to be with her while you watch, I will do it for you.”

Simon didn’t reply.

“OH, I almost forgot…when I went to the bathroom, Martin was fucking Teresa in his office with the door open.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. Let me guess, she wasn’t enjoying it much.”

“You got that right. I couldn’t see her face but she didn’t move or make a sound.”

“Some things never change. Martin first started dating Teresa when he was living in my house in Lenexa. He used to forget to shut the door all the time. He is a bit of a voyeur, himself and he also gets off to people watching. Teresa allows it.

“She isn’t anything like you. She is a willing participant in Martin’s life because he has money. Martin is a little rough with women. He doesn’t respect them, in general.”

“So tell me about the key necklace.” I had to ask.

“There isn’t anything to tell. It is, for me, exactly what I described…a symbol of my commitment to you. What it means to Martin, or anyone else, doesn’t really matter. I knew that if I ever found a true submissive, I would ask her to wear a key around her neck. It’s a symbol, that’s all.”

I laid there in silence, pondering what he had said. I knew he wasn’t telling me everything, but I also sensed that it didn’t matter.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the word, submissive. I had never considered myself submissive. The word just didn’t fit with my personality. I didn’t like the label, and I hated the images it conjured up in my mind. But I was also becoming aware of this different side of me. Simon had been guiding me toward understanding things about myself that I hadn’t dared to even recognize. It seemed that ever since I’d met Simon and he awoke these feelings in me, I’d been walking around with a permanent clitoral hard-on.

The only explanation that I could think of, was that I must be more comfortable being that way. I can’t complain about how much stress it has taken off of me not making any decisions after work. I’ve certainly adapted to our lifestyle pretty well, and I do love my little lessons. I suppose I just need to get over the label.

“How did you know I was this way?”

He paused for thought before he spoke.

“It was a lot of little things that you did. I knew for sure at our picnic, when you allowed me to touch your breast in public.”

“Oh, I remember that. I had no idea what was happening to me. I’ve never been in a relationship like this before, have you?”

“I’ve never been with anyone like you, Jess. I am so overwhelmed by your ability to lose yourself in our lovemaking, and how you just commit fully to me. It’s just…I don’t know, beautiful.”

He whispered the last sentence and I could tell he was about to fall asleep. My mind was working overtime. I’d just discovered I was submissive and this was an idea I had to get used to. I realized that even though he seemed to accept me, understand me, and to read my thoughts at times, he wasn’t capable of feeling what I was feeling. I thought about this for a long time, until I finally drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 14

Over the next several days, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was clearly uncomfortable with the word, submissive. I felt I had come to accept our lifestyle and embrace it before Simon labeled me the way he did. Simon could tell something wasn’t quite right.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“About what?”

I wasn’t positive I knew what he was talking about. I mean, it really was disturbing to be with someone who was that in tune with your every emotion.

“About what has been bothering you these past few days.” He said, flatly.

I thought about it for a few minutes. I didn’t know where to start, or how to approach the subject.

“I’m kinda in real, um, unfamiliar territory here. This…our relationship is very different. I feel different, and act different, than in past relationships.”

“In what way?” Simon was genuinely curious and interested in hearing what I had to say.

“Well, I…uh…we have done some things that I never thought I’d do, and I’ve sort of changed in some ways. And that’s okay. I’m not upset about that, and I wouldn’t change a thing…I just am struggling with this whole idea of being submissive.”

“What part of being submissive? Is it the lifestyle or the label?”

“It has to be the word because I adore our life together. I can’t get certain images out of my mind when I hear that word.”

“I know what you’re talking about. Like someone who is a masochist. You’re not masochistic, Jess and I’m not sadistic.” Simon started chuckling to himself. “Well, maybe a little.”

I didn’t see the humor, and the more serious I was about it, the more Simon started to laugh.

“I can buy whips and wear black leather outfits if you want.”

“Stop it, Simon! I’m serious.”

“Okay, okay…I’ll quit. You know, you worry about the silliest things. When I called you submissive the other day it was to indicate that you are more comfortable when I take charge and lead. And when you really let go and submit…” He used hand gestures to visually represent quotation marks. “…you are so at peace with yourself. That is someone who is a true submissive. If you can’t handle the word, then use another word for it. Clearly you haven’t spent much time in church.”

Simon and I had managed to avoid the topic of religion. I don’t know how. We talked about everything under the sun.

“What does the church have to do with this?”

“Try and read the bible without noticing that the women in there are all submissive. Try to get through one sermon without hearing the underlying message that the good wife should submit to her husband. Even wedding vows are slanted in that way. Haven’t you noticed that?”

I thought about it for a few seconds.

“Huh! I guess you’re right. Is there something you’re not telling me about yourself? Do you sneak off to church and I don’t know about it?”

“No. I was raised Catholic and attended church as a kid, but that’s not why I’m the way I am, really. I happen to be turned on by femininity. You know, girls who look and act like girls. It’s hard to be feminine without being somewhat submissive. I don’t know when it became so popular for ladies to dress like men, but it’s a real turn-off for me.”

I smiled as my mind began to wander to our first dates. I wondered if I hadn’t worn a skirt on that first date, would Simon have bothered to call me the next day.

“I do have a lot more skirts in my closet now.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No. As a matter of fact, I do feel sexier when I’m wearing a skirt or a dress.”

“See what I mean?” Simon grinned.

He pulled me close to him and kissed me on the neck and earlobe. I put my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair.

“Yeah, but you made me like this.”

I could feel Simon’s body stiffen as I spoke those words. His mood seemed to change but he didn’t say anything. I looked into his eyes; He remained silent. I tried to figure out what was bothering him. Either he didn’t agree with my assessment or he didn’t want to take that responsibility. I couldn’t tell.

“What’s wrong, Simon?”


That was it. Our conversation ended quickly. Simon pulled away from me and changed the subject to dinner.

Later that night, I thought about it for a long time. I had this feeling that he was pulling away just a little. In all my past love affairs, this sign always seemed to indicate that we were about to break-up or get engaged. Simon never mentioned marriage, even though we talked about being committed to each other. But there had been plenty of perfect opportunities for him to pop the question. And he never did.

I started to think that maybe we had become too close for his comfort level. I tried to recall how much he had told me about the length of his past relationships. I couldn’t remember him telling me how long he dated Sarah, or his girlfriend in college. There were others, but those were the two longest, I thought.

I couldn’t help but worry that he might be feeling the need to get out or to flee. I didn’t have any evidence that he was thinking about it, so I was able to reassure myself that I was just reacting to the blahs. You know, that time in the relationship when you are just going through the motions.

Chapter 15

Although summer was upon us, it felt like it was taking forever to arrive and get settled. We had a warm spell early on, and then back to cooler temperatures. The winters were getting longer every year, it seemed for me. I found myself checking the weather in Dallas a lot. When Simon suggested a beach trip in celebration of my upcoming birthday, I didn’t even hesitate to respond. I couldn’t pack quick enough.

He had received an e-mail notification about a last-minute great deal at a Riviera Maya resort called Desire. It was a couples-only resort, which is a little different than an adults-only resort. I likened it to Hedonism II, but was quickly corrected. It was, however, a clothing-optional resort.

Any nervousness I felt over the fact that I may be strolling down a beach of nude people didn’t faze me compared with my need to get to a warmer climate. Besides, I had only 10 days to think about it before our plane left. I went to my gym and started reserving tanning times for the next week so my skin wouldn’t just burn and fall off the first day.

The time flew by as I was constantly busy shopping for clothing and making last-minute arrangements at work. The trip was a much needed vacation.

I honestly don’t know what it is about a vacation that just seems to free-up your mind. Is it being in another country? Is it the sun and sand? Maybe it’s just being away from work. I don’t know the answer for sure, but I do know that the feeling is very real.

We practically ran to our room and changed into our swimsuits. There was only maybe three hours of sunlight left when we arrived, and we didn’t want to waste a minute. True to the brochures, clothing was optional. Some couples were completely clothed, some women were topless, and some couples were completely nude. My nude beach etiquette was probably a little out of line as I did stare a little too long at the nude ones, I’m sure.

We settled into a couple of lounge chairs and Simon pulled out the sunscreen. It was afternoon, but the sun was still very strong and we didn’t want to chance getting burned our first time out. Simon, being the ever-attentive mate he was, started rubbing lotion on my back and arms. He reached around my sides and massaged lotion onto my stomach. Then he very matter-of-factly untied my top, pulling it away in one motion. The feeling of air and daylight hitting my breasts was indescribable. If it were acceptable, I would walk around like this all the time. I honestly don’t know how guys can stand to wear shirts half the time when they don’t have to.

Simon paused to get another handful of lotion and I took that opportunity to spin around and lay down on my lounge chair. I couldn’t resist the chance to proudly present my attentive nipples to anyone watching, but especially to Simon’s waiting hands. As he moved his hands over my breasts, my nipples grew even harder and the sight of them standing erect in the sunshine aroused me immensely. I arched my back and looked wickedly into Simon’s eyes, smiling.

He just chuckled and shook his head.

“You’re taking to this a lot faster than I thought you would.”

“I know…I shouldn’t have had those Bloody Marys on the plane.”

“No, no…no regrets allowed here.”

The drinks helped me to quickly get over what would be my first big hurdle — being topless in public. I could see by Simon’s expression, that he wasn’t going to be happy until he found my limit and pushed it. This was the same game he played with me when we first started dating, and I remember that I walked around in a constant state of arousal because of it. I don’t know if it was the teasing involved, or the danger in getting caught, discovered, or seen, but it was definitely a game I liked to participate in.

Simon continued to tweak my nipples while grinning and looking at me. He didn’t lean down to kiss me; this might block someone’s view of his hands on my breasts. I didn’t shy away from his challenge and even moaned and arched my back to add to the show. It was my own little impish way of challenging him to go farther, and Simon didn’t back down from the challenge. In fact, it was almost scary how much it drove him to go farther; I knew that when I pushed him like that, I was playing with fire.

His expression changed. Something within him seemed to switch from playful, to serious, in one heartbeat. My body must’ve instinctively sensed the danger, because my heart started racing. Other physiological changes began to take shape as well for me. The instantaneous electrical pulse straight to my clit, in response to his body language, was a reaction I couldn’t begin to comprehend.

Simon ran his hands down my sides and pulled my swimsuit bottom down to my ankles. I began to wiggle my ankles out of them but he stopped me. There was something far naughtier-looking about clothes being half-off, than being all the way off your body, and tucked away purposefully. He slid my feet toward me so that my knees were bent. He sat there staring at me for a moment, and then got up and sat in his own lounger. He never took his eyes off my legs, as if he was daring me to straighten them.

Now I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable. I imagined what I looked like to others, and as the thought came to my mind, my eyes began darting around. I had forgotten briefly that we were in public. Suddenly, I was completely aware that I was nude, with my swimsuit bottoms wrapped around my ankles like a bad little girl. Meanwhile, Simon was sitting next to me completely covered, in control and smiling. He had won in so many ways.

Not only did he manage to find my limit so quickly, he also managed to get me to feel the uncontrollable urge to submit to him completely. I don’t pretend to understand how it happened, but I do know that it was more stimulating than any single act of lovemaking, or foreplay, I’d ever experienced. My erect nipples were a dead giveaway to Simon, and no amount of acting could cover-up what was happening inside me.

Simon finished slathering his own body, and then rotated his chair so that he was facing me directly. He lathered up his hands one last time and slipped his palm between my legs to make sure that my sex was covered. He let out a small chuckle when his finger dipped slightly into my opening, where he could feel that I was soaking wet. I stayed in that position, despite the onlookers and the waiter.

Simon kept his suit on, but I could tell he was hard the entire day. Occasionally, he would stroke himself through his trunks absent-mindedly while glancing at my pussy lips. I just grew wetter and wetter, watching him. We really needed this vacation.

The sun set much quicker than expected, and it reminded us just how hungry we both were. Simon reached down to my swimsuit bottoms and pulled them up over me. He sat down next to me on my lounger and kissed me hard. I had sobered up from the flight and from my little escapade, and now I was more thoughtful about my actions. My response to his hard kiss was responsive, but not overly wanton. I wanted him like never before, but I knew he was going to make me wait. That much I gathered from our past experiences.

Simon showered, and then I showered. When I came out, my clothes were laid out on the bed for me. Simon was missing, but I just continued to get ready and dressed. The skirt was a wrap-around mini and the top was a halter variety, light green and very sheer. After the beach, this was hardly embarrassing. I was just finishing up my hair when Simon returned, drinks in hand. We touched glasses and toasted to “our coming adventures”, as Simon put it.

Dinner was interesting. It was our first experience at the buffet so we sampled a lot of different food. We met another couple visiting from North Carolina and made small talk about their flight troubles and the weather, etc. Their names were Mike and Carly. Carly was short for Caroline. She adopted the nickname to avoid the obvious jokes about living in North Carolina.

They were roughly our age, maybe a little younger, and they were married. This was their third day in Mexico, so they had a lot to share about the tours, the service, the food, etc. They were an unusually attractive pair, I thought. He was bald with blue eyes, and she was blonde with blue eyes. They were particularly open and friendly and we hit it off with them immediately.

We retired onto the outside deck near the bar and continued drinking and talking until the wee hours of the morning. I didn’t even remember that we vowed to meet them on the beach at noon until Simon reminded me around 11 the next day.

When we arrived on the beach, both Carly and Mike were nude and sunbathing. Mike was face down, but sat up to greet us as we approached. Carly didn’t hesitate to hug me. The feeling of her pert little mounds against my chest was really very different than Teresa’s had been that night a few weeks before. That feels like a dream to me now.

Simon dropped his trunks as though he’d done it a thousand times. Nothing seemed to shake his confidence. It laid the groundwork for me to do the same. I was leaning over to lay out my towel when Simon leaned toward me and pulled my bottoms down. I looked at him knowingly as I stepped out of them. He then untied my top and tucked both pieces in our bag. I pretty quickly lay down on my lounger. For those few moments, I was painfully aware of being on complete display for our new friends. It was Simon’s little way of reminding me who was in charge.

Throughout the day, we ordered drinks and talked. I became completely unaware of being nude sitting there. Carly and I got up to go for a dip to cool off, and only then was I reminded of our lack of clothing. The air would hit the areas of my body that had been relatively sheltered, and I became aware of their exposure. The cool water felt wonderful as it brushed past my body. Simon and Mike joined us in the ocean. I couldn’t help but watch Mike as he approached. I would’ve averted my eyes sooner if I had thought about it more clearly. Simon could most definitely see what my eyes were fixated on.

I didn’t want to give Simon the wrong idea. I just hadn’t seen another man’s privates in quite a long time. I kept telling myself that I was just curious and that was all.

In the water, Simon stood behind me, and Mike behind Carly. Simon wasn’t shy about where his hands wandered on my body, and I noticed that Mike had no boundaries with Carly, either. They seemed to enjoy watching the other one tweak their mate’s nipples and run their hands between their legs. Neither Carly, nor I, were ashamed to show our arousal.

It was late afternoon and most of the sunbathers had retired for dinner. We walked up to the semi-private cabanas that were now empty, and lay down on the padded double loungers there. Mike and Carly were on one lounger, Carly’s back to Mike as he propped himself up on one elbow. We assumed the same position so that we were facing them. At first we just resumed conversation, but that didn’t last long.

Mike more or less changed the mood by pulling his wife’s leg over his leg, spreading her thighs to allow his fingers to probe her pussy. He then spread her lips exposing her clit for us to see. Carly started moaning and grinding her hips. The show was extremely sensual and I could feel my juices starting to flow as I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I could feel Simon grow harder against my back and I couldn’t help but to arch my back and rub my ass against it.

Mike continued to work on Carly’s clit, and judging from her sounds, she was very close to orgasm. The sounds she made were enough to drive me crazy. Apparently, Simon felt the same way because in one motion Simon positioned his extremely hard dick underneath me and slid up into my wet pussy. My cries joined with Carly’s in perfect harmony. Mike followed Simon’s move and fucked his wife furiously until they both came.

The next few minutes that followed should have been the most uncomfortable, but Carly spoke first.

“Now that’s what I call afternoon delight, don’t ya think?!”

“Amazing!” I found myself saying.

We laid there for awhile talking very openly and bluntly about how fantastic the sex had been. Our suits were still damp from our swim and so we opted to just wrap our towels around us for the walk back to the room. Mike and Carly were only one building over from us, so we arranged for them to stop by and knock on our door to go to dinner.

In the room alone, Simon started the conversation.

“So what do you think of Mike?”

“What do you mean? How?”

“Well, I noticed you looking at his cock when we were joining you for a swim. Do you want him?”

I hardly let him finish before I blurted out, “No! I don’t want him. I was just curious, and you know, it was something new to look at, but I want you, Simon.”

He laughed out loud and it was obvious that my reasoning wasn’t working on Simon. It didn’t help that Mike’s dick happened to be spectacular.

“I don’t mean, in place of me.”

He started to speak again but stopped and let that statement just hang in the air for a few moments.

I was beginning to realize what he was talking about. Simon allowed me to sit and think about it for a few minutes before he spoke.

“I would like to watch Mike fuck you.”

His directness was almost alarming, and it seemed to suck the air from my lungs for a moment. The fact of the matter was, I wanted to fuck Mike. From the moment he began playing with Carly on the lounger, I started wishing I were her. But the guilt I felt inside made me feel very conflicted.

Simon stepped in again, this time he took my face into his hands and kissed me gently on the lips. He ran his hands down my body and up again, caressing my skin lovingly. Then he leaned in and whispered in my ear.

“I know how you feel about me, Jess. Let go of all the other crap you’re feeling right now. I’m not asking you to do this.”

With that, the decision wasn’t mine, anymore, and the pressure was off of me. My clit started to throb with great force and I suddenly felt very weak. Simon’s wish became my only desire, and I could think of little else while dressing for dinner.

Simon chose an outfit even more provocative than the night before for me to wear. I felt very sexy in my high heels and sheer, tight dress. I piled my hair up on my head and paid special attention to my make-up. When I walked out of the restroom for Simon’s inspection, he proudly smiled.

“You look gorgeous, baby!”

The suspense while waiting for them to arrive at our bungalow was torture for me. How is this going to unfold? What is Carly going to do? Will Simon fuck Carly? I didn’t ask him that. I didn’t know how far his fantasy went, and I didn’t know exactly how to bring it up with Simon; they were due to arrive any second.

The knock on the door finally came and Carly came bounding into our room to take a look around. I don’t know where she gets the energy, I swear. Mike leaned in and gave me a lingering kiss on the cheek. In reality, it was probably a normal kiss but it seemed to linger to me, as I took in his smell and feel. Carly pointed out the differences in the room styles quickly, and then proclaimed that she was both hungry, and could use a drink. We walked to the buffet, and dinner commenced.

Our conversation was more frank and open than before. Carly didn’t hesitate to share with us a cute little story about Mike’s last faux pas in bed, and Mike wasn’t at all embarrassed by it. It was really cute how comfortable they were with each other and with us. My eyes started surveying Mike’s appearance.

He was wearing a white shirt and khaki pants. His hairy, tan chest looked particularly inviting beneath the white linen and I closed my eyes for a brief second imagining what it might feel like against my face. Simon casually and inconspicuously directed my hand across his crotch so I could feel that he was growing harder. I kept my legs together with all my might so as not to allow any of my free-flowing juices to escape to the back of my dress.

It was still very unclear to me just how the whole thing was going to play out, but Simon didn’t seem at all disturbed or worried about it. I began to wonder if he had it already planned, but I couldn’t imagine how.

We got up from dinner and fetched one more round of drinks. We then began walking away from the lights and the people. When we reached the end of the walkway, with only sand ahead of us, I paused to remove my heels. It was Mike who came to my rescue, running his hands down my bare legs and lifting my feet up to remove my shoes. Simon released me so that I had to balance myself on Mike’s shoulders. Carly was a few paces ahead and squealed when she saw a land crab scurry to his hole in the sand. Simon ran up to her and they both started laughing and running toward the water to try to catch one.

Mike and I were alone as he removed my second shoe. My heart rate quickened. He stood up slowly and looked me in the eyes. His right hand ran down my back and onto my ass. He squeezed gently, caressing my bottom for a few moments while looking in my eyes. My lips parted and I let out a tiny cooing noise. Mike smiled and took my hand in his as we stepped onto the sandy beach. He continued to hold my heels in his left hand as we walked toward Simon and Carly.

I felt a little uncomfortable as we approached. They were sitting on the step by the cabanas we occupied earlier. Carly is a lot like me in that when she senses someone is uncomfortable, she tries her hardest to make them feel at ease.

“Just so you know, Jessie, Mike always starts by holding hands. Don’t let him fool you; he’ll be up your skirt in no time.”

I acted shocked at the prospect, dropped his hand and coyly said, “Is that true? Are you trying to seduce me?”

Carly giggled at my display, and this just fueled Mike’s reaction.

“I’m not trying to do anything.” Mike said with a sly grin on his face.

He then dropped my shoes, took my hand again, and spun me around so he was behind me with his arms around me.

“If I were going to seduce you, I might do something like this.”

With that, he slipped his hand into my dress and cupped my breast. I exhaled audibly. The combined feel of a strange hand, coupled with Simon’s obvious hard-on was so arousing. Mike was growing harder, too and he began to rub his cock against my butt. I arched my back and Mike took that as a cue to lift my dress. His fingers were now spreading my pussy lips like he had done earlier on Carly. He wasn’t as skilled as Simon at working my clit, but the fact that this was someone different, added to my arousal greatly.

We worked our way into the partially closed cabana and Carly slid in behind Mike, reaching around his sides. She unbuckled and unzipped his pants and ran them, and his underwear, down to his ankles, helping him step out of them completely. I could feel his hard cock against my bare ass. He was slightly thicker than Simon and not quite as long, but his head was magnificently large.

Carly knelt down in front of me and ran her tongue between my pussy lips to my clit. I can only imagine how swollen it must’ve been. She flicked it with her tongue and then sucked on it until my hips started thrusting toward her face. I was just beginning my orgasm when Mike slid inside me from behind. The sensation of that large head penetrating me at that moment, sent me into a very powerful orgasm. Carly stood up and stepped back as Mike lay me down on the mattress and began to really pound hard into me. I was so completely lost in the moment I nearly forgot to check on Simon. When I finally pulled myself up onto my elbows and looked over, he was about to come into his hand. His orgasm was violent, I could tell by his piercing eyes, and the fact that he had to lay down immediately afterward to regain the blood flow to his brain.

Mike lasted another second after Simon, his last couple of thrusts caused me to yell out in ecstasy. His cock was rock hard and felt so thick inside me.

Carly was the only one who didn’t benefit much from the exchange, and I suddenly felt bad for her. I reached out for her hand and when Mike withdrew, she came and lay down with me. She leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips and then whispered in my ear.

“Did you like that?”

I nodded and smiled. Carly pulled me closer and wrapped her arms around me. The only thing I could feel from her was genuine caring and loving. There was no jealousy or regret. I only needed one more affirmation that this was okay.

Simon finally sat up and brushed himself off. Mike was dressed, and I had pulled my dress back down so we were all pretty much pulled together. Simon walked over to Carly and I, and stroked my hair. He bent down and kissed me on the forehead.

We stayed out a little while longer and then retired to our separate bungalows. Once alone with Simon, I could feel the guilt. I didn’t want to admit it, but it was there. I started off for the shower right away but Simon stopped me.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to jump in the shower.”

“Hmmm…you don’t usually go straight to the shower. Do you have something to hide? Have you been with another man?” Simon began.

I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. Either he was playing a little game with me, or he had completely lost his mind. I froze for a moment and then sheepishly replied, “Um, no.”

Simon walked up to me and grabbed my arm abruptly.

“Spread your legs.” He commanded.

Then he reached down and slid his fingers up my wet pussy. He brought his fingers up to his face and said, “I smell another man’s cum.”

He took his wet fingers and ran them across my lips a couple of times and then applied pressure to force my mouth open so he could slide them in.

“Can you taste it?”

I nodded. Strangely, I could feel myself becoming aroused again. My breath quickened and I could feel my body begin to tremble.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you?!”

I nodded and cast my eyes to the ground.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“I’ve been a naughty girl,” I said, weakly.

“Lift up your dress and bend over that bed. Spread your legs.”

I obeyed swiftly.

Simon walked up behind me and started massaging my butt cheeks vigorously then he pulled his hand back and spanked me hard. I yelped and started to stand up, but he just shoved my head back down toward the mattress and whacked me again. The stinging sensation was like no spanking I remembered from my youth. I’d never had this done to me as an adult, and I certainly never imagined that it would add to my stimulation.

“I bet you like being filled with cum, don’t you, you bad girl?”

I nodded again, too afraid to say the wrong thing.

Simon leaned over to the nightstand. I didn’t look up to see what he retrieved but it was obvious in the next second that it was lubricant.

“Spread your butt cheeks.”

I reached around my back and pulled my cheeks apart.

“Wider.” He commanded.

I obliged, and then felt the cold liquid directly on my hole. My clit was throbbing by that time, and Simon could surely see my outer lips pulsating in my near-orgasmic state.

He unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. His cock was enormous, hard and red. He pressed his thumb against my anus just for a brief moment and then slid his rock hard dick into place.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard in the ass, and then fill you up, so you’ll have two men’s cum seeping from your holes. That’s what bad girls like, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I barely managed to say between breaths.

My body started to shake. Simon had never really entered me there when he was that engorged. We always prefaced our sessions with other sex first, so he was a little softer during penetration. This is either going to be the most painful lesson, or the most pleasurable experience ever.

Simon started to put pressure on my anal opening and the feeling was incredible. I started my orgasm as his head passed my sphincter muscle, and by the time he was buried inside me, I was screaming out loud in full orgasmic pleasure. His orgasm was forceful and his last thrust while he came, slammed me onto the bed. I nearly passed-out. I could feel my cheeks flush and the room went gray. I’m fairly certain my heart was about to pound out of my chest. For a moment, I seriously thought I might require medical assistance.

Simon withdrew, and I could feel wetness seeping from both openings. I lay there, not thinking about anything. My mind was blank.

Simon spoke first. “Are you alright, baby?”

I nodded, but didn’t trust myself to speak.

Simon curled up behind me and began stroking my hair while he talked.

“Today you’ve given so much of yourself to me. I don’t understand how you can do it, how you can be that unselfish and loving. You’re amazing, Jess.

“I wish I could describe how beautiful you looked with Mike inside you. It was so incredible! I had one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had. Only to be topped by this one. I just can’t get enough of you.”

It took a few minutes for his words to take effect. His tone had changed so drastically. He spoke freely, and he sounded so completely happy. What just happened? It’s like I gave my penance, and now I don’t feel guilty anymore.

I felt more dedicated to giving myself to that man than ever before. How did he do that?

We talked until we fell asleep. We talked about the day, and how happy we were, and how perfect everything was between us.

The next day was sad because it was the day Mike and Carly were leaving. They had an afternoon flight so we ate breakfast together but the mood was very different. I hated to see our new friends go so soon. I was going to miss Carly immensely.

Simon and Mike shook hands and exchanged phone numbers, then they hugged. Carly hugged me and held me for a long time. We just swayed there for a few minutes. If we would’ve had one more night together, I think there would have been a few more firsts for me.

The rest of the vacation was both relaxing and rejuvenating. Our sex life had just received a huge boost, as our trust in one another deepened greatly. I felt like nothing could come between us.

Chapter 16

Vacation has a way of shielding you from work stress while you desperately struggle to catch-up. My wonderful memories of our trip kept me warm those first few days back in the office. Our second day back from Mexico marked my actual 32nd birthday. We pretty much celebrated my birthday the whole time we were in Mexico, so I insisted that Simon not make a big deal out of it. Anyway, there isn’t anything special about 32.

Simon didn’t get any breaks at all from work after we got back. His work was becoming more intrusive on our time, as his company was coming to rely on him more in the office. We weren’t even back from Mexico one week when Simon received notice that he was needed in Dubai for two weeks to meet with some Project Engineers.

I was shocked because Simon had not traveled without me since we met, and this would be our first time apart. I could understand that this opportunity to work on engineering marvels was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for him, but my heart ached at the thought of being without him for that long. I didn’t have very much time to think about it. Simon was on a flight a mere 6 days later.

Our trip was still fresh in my mind and this just made me miss him that much more. At first, I found myself wandering around the apartment nude, just as I would if he were there. I would lie on the bed with my eyes closed and run my hands up and down my body, caressing my nipples then sliding my hand between my legs. I would start by cupping my pussy in my hand, lightly caressing my outer lips. Then I would penetrate my outer lips and sink my fingers inside.

I fantasized about being at our resort. I could see Simon’s face when he came on the beach while watching Mike fuck me. I leaned over to the bedside table and fetched my rabbit vibrator. I slipped it inside me while allowing the vibrating ears to rest on my clit. As I relaxed into the images in my mind, I started to orgasm. When the spasms were over, and the after-shock in my clit settled down, I felt empty. Not alone, exactly. Just no feeling at all.

I tried to concentrate intently on work, but the nights were difficult. I finally asked my friend, Lisa if she wanted to go out for happy hour or dinner on Friday. She and I had been to lunch several times, but didn’t go out much at night since I’d been seeing Simon.

When Friday finally arrived, we met at Kona Grill at around 5:15. The place was buzzing with activity. I hadn’t realized how popular it had become in the last year. Our first couple of drinks went down fast. It was obvious I really needed the diversion. I don’t know how many drinks I had had, or how long we had been there, when I spotted Martin across the room. The place was packed, and I had to crane my neck to see who he was with. I was expecting to see him with business associates, so I was immensely surprised to spy a red-headed woman leaning in and passionately kissing him on the lips. When she pulled her face away, I could see that it was Jill.

I froze, and I guess I didn’t believe my eyes, because I continued staring, waiting for some other explanation. His next kiss involved his tongue; I could see it probing her mouth. I was absolutely certain that this was not an accidental, drunk kiss. They were intimately involved.

I wished I could call Simon right then. I couldn’t wait to tell him, but I would have to wait an entire week longer before I would have the chance. I tried to think back to Martin’s parties to search my memory for any signs that this was going on then, but I couldn’t think clearly. The alcohol was definitely having its effect on me.

I suddenly had a strong urge to leave the bar. I didn’t want to get caught by either Martin or Jill. Lisa had managed to switch to water at some point in the evening, and so she was designated the driver. I was thankful, because it got me out of the apartment, and my empty bed, for one entire night.

The next morning I woke up on Lisa’s sofa. My head was thick and throbbing, with a mild burning sensation coming from somewhere in my brain. I needed more sleep but my aching head wouldn’t let me go there. When I was able to focus on the coffee table a few feet away, I noticed ibuprofen and a bottle of water sitting there. God bless Lisa. I took 3 pills, drank most of the water, and lay back down.

My mind began to wander back to Jill and Martin. I remembered that Jill was escorted by different men the times I had seen her at Martin’s, and at other parties we attended. I never saw her at an event that Martin wasn’t at, but that could just have been a coincidence. I couldn’t remember seeing them together much. They talked, of course but nothing out of the ordinary.

I knew there was no way of figuring this out without Simon. I had something really interesting to ponder with him now. Sort of a little mystery to uncover.

I tried to figure out how I felt about it. I wasn’t a big fan of Teresa. She had her moments, but all in all, she wasn’t very easy to like. I also wasn’t sure how much I liked Martin. He was Simon’s best friend and so I tolerated him, but he was self-centered, and borderline arrogant at times. On the other hand, I really liked Jill. I couldn’t begin to understand why she would pick Martin to have a relationship with. The thought of them together started to make me feel a little nauseous. Thankfully, sleep found me.

I stayed on that sofa until Saturday evening. Lisa drove me to my car and I drove home from there. I was surprised to find a message on my machine from Simon.

~Hey, baby. How are you doing? I don’t even know what time it is there. I hope you’re doing okay and that you miss me. I miss you….

The rest of the message was filled with flight details and airport transportation arrangements. I had begged him to allow me to drive him to the airport and pick him up. I was so mad that I had missed his call. I left the apartment for one night and blew my chance to talk to him. Regret just seemed to weigh heavy on top of my hangover.

I could hardly drive fast enough to the airport the following Friday. Simon’s flight was delayed by 50 minutes and the wait felt like the longest of my life. He hardly looked liked himself when he walked through the door. Obviously tired, he looked much older in his face, and I immediately noticed that he was even darker tan than when he left. His hair seemed lighter blonde, too. He bent over to hug me and I thought he wouldn’t let go. We stood there for a long time, embracing. When he pulled away, he appeared to have been crying a bit.

This seemed a little out of character for Simon, but I passed it off as him being tired. We collected his bags and headed for the car. Our conversation was centered on his flights, the customs procedures, and things of that nature. In my excitement, I forgot all about Martin and Jill.

Simon slept for nearly two straight days. He was dehydrated and extremely tired from being in the magnified sun of Dubai. I waited on him hand-and-foot and hardly left his side, while making sure that I remained nude for his viewing pleasure. My efforts paid off. The next couple of days I called in sick to work and we just stayed in bed. The Simon I knew and loved soon returned, and it appeared as though our routine would pick up where it had left off.

Finally I remembered to mention my night out with Lisa.

“OH! I can’t believe I forgot to tell you this….while you were out of town, Lisa and I went out to Kona Grill and I saw Martin there with Jill. I mean, with Jill. I think they might be seeing each other.”

Simon replied in an even tone. “They are.”

“What?! Are he and Teresa broken up?”

“Not exactly.”

“Well, does Teresa know about Jill?”

“Uh, yes…I mean, probably she does. He’s been seeing Jill off and on for over two years.”

“What’s going on?”

“Martin’s relationship with Jill, and with Teresa, is a little complicated. I’m not sure I understand it. Teresa doesn’t care that Martin sees Jill as long as Teresa can continue to live in the house and spend Martin’s money. I even think that Martin is probably in love with Jill, but he doesn’t know it.”

“Are you kidding me? That’s bizarre! Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I don’t know. Because it’s too hard to explain, maybe. They do all kinds of things that are a little out there, if you know what I mean.”

“Like, what?”

“I don’t want to go into it right now. It’s just bizarre.”

Simon was usually so open about things to me but it was obvious that he didn’t want to talk about this. I wanted to press him, but I didn’t. He waited a couple of minutes and then out of the blue he matter-of-factly said, “I have to go back to Dubai next week.”

I was too stunned to respond. I just let the words hang in the air while I held my breath. It was clear to me at that point, that the conversation about Martin was just too meaningless for Simon to focus on with another trip on his mind.

While I sat there in silence, Simon walked over to his laptop case and produced an itinerary. The flight times were the same as before. He was going to be gone for three and a half weeks this time. My heart sank. Then I noticed something very odd. The date the reservations were made was June 17th. That was before we left for Mexico.

My mind began to race with all sorts of questions. How long has he known about these trips? How many more are planned? Why didn’t he tell me before? What is this all about?

A tear began to roll down my right cheek. Somehow my conscious mind was unwilling to completely accept what my brain was already processing. I felt numb throughout my entire body. I wanted to say something, but I struggled with the words. Simon waited patiently for me to speak.

“I don’t know what to say. These reservations were made over a month ago.”

Simon nodded weakly, “Yes, they were. I didn’t know how to tell you before our vacation.”

“Are there more flights to Dubai scheduled after this one?” I tried not to sound accusatory but it was difficult, given the fact that I beginning to feel a little betrayed.

“None right now.” He started to say more but stopped. I waited for him to continue for a few quiet moments, but he didn’t.

You could feel the wedge inching between us. It was awful. I felt hurt; he didn’t know how to fix it. Our safe little world had been breached. To me it felt like our perfect relationship had just hit its first real pothole. Maybe our relationship was never perfect to begin with, by most people’s standards. Our lifestyle was a little out of the ordinary, but it made both of us immensely happy. Hell, more than that. I was more active, productive, and successful in nearly every aspect of my life. It was all connected to this part of me that Simon had helped to bring out.

I wanted to get into a fight about it; to protest, somehow. I wanted to scream and cry out loud. That’s how I would have reacted before I met Simon. I would have poured all my energy into complaining about something that was out of my control. And when it was all over, nothing would be different. The end result would be the same…Simon would be leaving in a few short days.

I took a deep breath and just sat back. I couldn’t pretend that I wasn’t concerned about the fact that he didn’t tell me, and I wouldn’t be able to mask my worrying about where this might be heading. I was hoping Simon would find some way to help me through the pain I was feeling.

“Are you okay, Jess?”

“Oh, I think I’m mostly just upset because I’m going to miss you, that’s all.” I lied.

Simon paused for a few seconds. He knew I was lying but he chose to ignore it.

“I need to go over to Martin’s house today and take care of some business.”

What business?! “Okay. When will you be back?”

“I’ll meet you back here around 6 or so.”

With that, Simon kissed me quickly and was out the door. It was possibly the most awkward exchange we’d ever had. Truth be told, I needed the time alone.

I sat on the floor with my head on the coffee table, bawling. It was that kind of crying that makes you wretch like you are about to throw-up. My thoughts were completely irrational: How did I get myself into this? Why am I so doomed to relationship failure? I blamed our Mexico escapades on his pulling away, even though the travel plans were made before we even met Mike and Carly. That was latent guilt trying to stake claim.

When I finally stopped sobbing, my thoughts became a little more rational. What kind of business did he have to take care of with Martin? Something more is going on that he isn’t telling me about. I debated about whether or not to ask him when he returned. The truth could be worse than what I know now, and I just don’t want to feel any worse than I already do.

The next few days before Simon’s departure, we spent working through the minutia of daily life. I barely held onto my sanity. Even though Simon did most of the work, our routine was placed on hold so he could handle the mundane tasks of stopping mail service, handling bills, etc. Our relationship had become what most people would call normal. We didn’t have sex. Neither of us felt like it. Simon was different in other ways, too. He wasn’t the take control man I fell in love with. He forced me to make decisions around the apartment. On our last full day together I tested him by jumping out of bed in the morning to go to the restroom; he didn’t say a word. I started to feel very sad and depressed.

I cried a lot that Thursday when he left. I wallowed in complete self-pity. After that day, I changed back into the way I was before I met Simon. I wore pants to work, shorts and jeans at home, and at night. I ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted; sometimes skipping meals, altogether. My interactions at work were less disciplined, and some of my office relationships were beginning to suffer. I don’t think I noticed all that at the time.

Three and a half weeks was a long time apart. It was plenty of time to become clinically depressed, however, and plenty of time to screw-up nearly everything Simon loved about me.

Simon caught a cab to the apartment and arrived while I was at work. He wanted to surprise me, so he didn’t call. It ended up being Simon who was surprised. The apartment was a mess. I’d managed to keep up with the kitchen and bathroom, but the entire place was cluttered. Then there was the undeniable expression on his face when he saw me walk through the door.

I had gained a few pounds and lost my tan. My nails weren’t done and my clothes were frumpy. I was happy to see him, and I hugged him and kissed him immediately, but in that time apart, I had lost my sex drive completely. I missed Simon very much, but not in that way. He sensed the change immediately.

We didn’t talk about it right away. We ate dinner, watched some television, and then we talked about his work, how challenging it was, and how exciting it was to work with talented people. I didn’t feel like talking about my work situation, so Simon carried the conversation. In some ways it was difficult to listen to what he was saying. Finally, when we were about to undress for bed, Simon changed the topic.

“Can you take next week off, Jess?”

“I think so. Why?”

My question seemed to bother him. I don’t know if it was because he thought I was questioning him, or because I didn’t sound anxious to spend time with him. Time apart had created a wedge between us that was undeniable.

Simon’s face turned more serious and I could tell he was thinking hard about what to say or do next. He started breathing heavier and my heart rate quickened in response to his non-verbal cues. I very sheepishly began to undress. I had been sleeping in a t-shirt and panties since his departure, but I knew any indication toward that attire would not be acceptable. When I finished undressing, I quickly jumped under the covers. I was uncomfortable because I felt naked.

Simon hadn’t made a move toward undressing for bed. He stood bedside and continued to ponder while he watched my display. After I was safely under the covers, he walked into the closet and returned with a scarf in his hand. His actions were swift and deliberate. He yanked the covers down to the foot of the bed, leaving me completely exposed. Next, he climbed onto the bed, still fully dressed. Holding each end of the scarf and pulling it tightly, he forced it into my mouth like a gag and quickly tied the ends behind my head. It happened so fast, I didn’t have time to think or to react. I was shocked. He grabbed both my wrists with his hands and then placed both wrists in his right hand behind my neck. My knees instinctively bent and I squirmed to my side to protect my body from harm. His free hand deliberately slid between my now exposed butt cheeks and I straightened my legs back up and pressed my back and butt against the bed. With wide eyes and a heart pounding out of my chest, I froze. I could feel my body begin to tremble a little. Simon didn’t move. He held me in place while my mind began to process what was happening.

I looked into his eyes and I could see that he was no longer working out what he was going to do. He knew exactly what he wanted to do, and now he was just waiting to execute. His calm control started to have its effect on me. I could feel myself letting go of my need to control the situation. When I began to show less resistance, Simon rewarded me by stroking my face and pulling the strands of hair away from my eyes. Without breaking eye contact, his hand trailed down to my breast. He firmly massaged my right breast until my nipple grew hard and then he very abruptly tweaked it. I let out a tiny cry through my gag as my body twitched. His manner was distinctly serious rather than playful and as much as I trusted this man, I was a little fearful.

His hand ran down my stomach and to the outer lips of my pussy. My legs were clamped together. Simon’s lips pursed a bit and his expression turned flat. This was enough for me to part my legs swiftly. I knew he could force them apart if he wanted to; he didn’t have to prove that. He neither looked pleased nor displeased at my motion. He cupped my pussy in his hand and vigorously massaged it. He didn’t part my lips and expertly stimulate my clit as he had done so many times before. He wasn’t trying to please me. Instead, he forcefully penetrated my vagina with two fingers and began violently fucking me with his hand. I cried out as much as I could through the scarf, and I tried to free my hands to stop him, but he placed all his weight on top of me and held me in place. Then he held his hand still and wiggled his fingers right against my g-spot. At first I thought I would urinate right on him, and then I started to come despite myself. I shut my eyes and gritted my teeth.

On the one hand, I was mad he was doing that to me, and on the other hand, I really wanted to orgasm. I started to pump my pelvis to finish, but he swiftly withdrew his fingers. I began to whimper, begging him with my eyes to continue. Simon started to half-heartedly laugh at me in a very demeaning way. He leaned in close to my face and spoke in a low tone.

“I am going to let go of your wrists and untie your gag. You are not to utter a word unless spoken to, and you’re not going to move your hands or legs. Is that clear?”

I nodded.

Simon released me as promised, and the only thing keeping me in place was obedience. He relaxed his stare, daring me to disobey. I lay perfectly still. Simon undressed and stood there watching me. I could feel my nipples grow harder and my pussy get wetter. For the first time in weeks, I was becoming aroused. Simon noticed, and his arousal was evident. He stroked his hard dick while staring at me. My chest started to rise and fall rapidly with my quickening breath. I was whipping myself into a frenzy of desire.

Simon moved across the bed and positioned himself between my legs. He teased me mercilessly by running the tip of his cock up and down my wet lips, nearly penetrating a couple of times. He was in complete control and in no hurry, whatsoever. If I even made the slightest attempt to take matters into my own hands, he sat back on his heels and started stroking himself. He clearly indicated that he didn’t need my wet pussy to get off. I, however, needed him.

“Why should I fuck you?” He asked plainly.

I swallowed hard. “Um, because I’m so wet and hot. My pussy is throbbing. I want you more than anything right now. Please, Simon. Don’t make me beg. Please fuck me. Please.”

Simon didn’t move. He grinned slightly and continued stroking his dick.

“I’ve noticed you’ve changed a few things in my absence. I don’t like it.”

“I’m sorry…” Simon cut me off with a slap to my inner thigh.

“I didn’t tell you to speak, and I didn’t ask you a question.”

His words were stern but his tone was even. There was no emotion indicating he was angry. The slap didn’t hurt me; it was the sound of it that abruptly quieted me.

“Do you like yourself better in men’s clothing, living like a slob, and not caring for yourself at all?”

I shook my head, a little afraid to speak. Tears started to well up in my eyes. He was right. I hated myself that way.

“I don’t want to have to go through this, Jess. You are going to have to make up your mind to do some things for you, not me. I’m not always around.”

The tears fell backward onto my wrists and to the bed. I hadn’t just let him down, I had let myself down.

Simon leaned over me and kissed me gently on the lips. He started with little pecks and then he parted my lips with his tongue and more passionately began kissing me. I felt my whole body relax. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him. How much I will always love him.

He pulled me up and over his body as he lay on his back. My arms were free and I grabbed his neck and completely lost myself in kissing. My legs were spread and straddling him. Simon reached down and positioned his cock and then pulled me down onto him. My vagina must’ve shrunk slightly because he felt much larger than before.

Simon let out a groan at the feel of my tight, wet pussy. His pleasure sent me into a wild frenzy. I sat up and lifted my knees so my feet were on the bed and I could control the motion up and down. As active as our sex life was, we had never done it like that before. It felt terrific at first. I could change where he rubbed against me with my body position. But I didn’t like being on top, being in control. I stopped moving and looked into Simon’s eyes. He knew exactly what was going on.

Simon sat up while I held onto his neck. He lifted me up and over onto my back and then thrust his hips hard into mine. I could feel his balls smack up against my ass at first, but then he grew harder and they drew up. He thrust deep inside me and the sensation came over me swiftly and violently. We came at very nearly the same time. I was maybe two strokes ahead of him.

I hooked my ankles around his back and clung to him tightly. Something inside my head was telling me that he was going away. And I didn’t want to let him go.

Chapter 17

It wasn’t terribly difficult to fall right back into our life together, especially with no work interruptions. However, Simon had higher expectations of my commitments to him than before. Even the smallest infractions were treated with severe punishment. I tried harder each day to stay out of trouble and finally, by the end of the week, I could get through an entire day without being cast to my knees. My abandon to his will was complete, and once again, I found myself walking around constantly aroused, content and completely free of stress.

I was on the floor about to pick up the newspaper one day when I heard his footsteps approaching from the bedroom. I sat back on my haunches, spread my knees and tilted my head back with my eyes shut. He walked up to me and touched my cheek. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. His head tilted slightly and he stared at me. This time he spoke.

“I can never understand you. I can predict what you will do, but I can’t feel it. It makes me sad in a way.”

His voice trailed off and his mind went elsewhere as his gaze drifted to the empty space above my head.

I turned my head and kissed his hand, still resting on my cheek. His eyes darted back to mine. He smiled and gently placed his hand beneath my chin. I rose to my feet and he then wrapped his arms around me and lovingly kissed me on my forehead.

I had sensed his emotional turmoil many times when he viewed me in that position. He had not fully expressed it to me verbally until that moment. Unlike Simon, I never knew what he was going to do most of the time. He constantly kept me guessing and a little off-center. His attention to my every detail made me feel so special. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I can’t relate at all to wanting to be in control.

Simon interrupted our hugging. “Are you up for a ride?”

We headed out across town toward Lenexa, and so I figured we were headed to his house. The turn into his subdivision confirmed it. From down the street I could see it in his yard. It was a For Sale sign. The Volvo came to a stop directly in front of the house where I also noticed the Sold sign across the top. I began sobbing in my hands. He didn’t have to say a word. When I finally looked up, I noticed that Simon was also in tears.

I checked in to this little ski resort ‒ it’s a golf resort meant for the summer really, but a short drive from the ski hill, the best in Ontario (which isn’t saying much) so they are obviously trying to attract some ski business, although nobody seems to know about them yet. The place is a hotel with a little timeshare section added on, the whole place brand new, still under construction really, and almost deserted in the winter mid-week off season.

So I go down to check out the laundry setup ‒ the room is down a floor at the end of the hallway, and I need to check the setup, as skiing uses up a lot of laundry. I go into the room and see a respectable row of machines for such a small place, and a woman pouring detergent into one.

Now, this is the first person I’ve seen at all in the hallways. I ask her about the machines, and she explains that although they are set up with coin boxes, they are all free, and she explains how to work them.

She is wearing a ski suit, matching jacket and snow pants in two tone light blues. I suddenly flash on why she is wearing the outdoor suit in the warm laundry room. I’ve done the same stunt myself ‒ you only bring just enough clothes to ski in, a couple of changes. Sometimes I’ve worn my jacket because I’m washing all my T shirts as well as underwear and socks. She is probably doing the same. I’ll bet she is even washing her bra and all her panties.

She is also very friendly and helpful. I’ll bet she is alone, and looking for some company, with a single room to herself and an otherwise empty bed. Nice looking blond, a little younger than me, a good match. Also in great shape, athletic body, no doubt because of the skiing.

“That’s a really nice ski jacket you have on. May I look at it?”

“Er, well, sure…”

She is still being friendly, obviously hoping to strike up a conversation, and so agrees without thinking.

I use the excuse to approach her and, to her surprise I reach for her zipper.

She freezes, but does not stop me at first. I note this, and continue to keep up a patter as I slowly lower the zipper down her front. “This looks great. I’ll bet it’s a good material. Does it have a nice lining, too?”

At this point, we both know that I know that she’s not wearing anything underneath, and that I now know she knows this, and that I’m continuing to open it, and we also both realize that she’s not stopping me, and that we both know that she’s not going to stop me.

She’s sub; or at least adventurous enough to go along for now. I go with it. “You’re filling it out very nicely.” I slide my hand inside and over her naked tit. “Very soft, very smooth, very warm.”

I cup her and caress her, and then grasp her bare nipple between my thumb and finger, and start to firmly squeeze it. She moans, loudly.

I open her jacket widely, exposing both of her tits completely, and start to fondle both of them openly, squeezing and stroking her breasts and nipples. I lean over and take one tit in my mouth, sucking and licking it; and then do the same to the other. “Delicious, too!” Obviously we aren’t talking about the jacket any more, although not saying anything to deny it.

After we are both getting obviously hot, I slide a hand down the front of her pants, asking about them, I get to her clit without resistance, and after playing with that for a few seconds, I slip a finger inside.

“Nice. Also very soft and warm.” By now she is leaning back against the machine with her eyes shut, letting me have my way with her.

Holding my hand to the back of her head, I embrace her and we start to kiss passionately. Meanwhile I work her fly open so I can get at her easily, and am starting to seriously masturbate her. I notice her machine going, and I get an evil idea.

She is way past the point of reason, on her way to her first orgasm, and the place is deserted.

“You know, it’s a shame not to wash these with the rest. Why don’t we pop them into the machine with the rest of your stuff, and you can just hang out in my room while they wash.” I didn’t actually expect her to answer such a stupid suggestion, but I wanted to see how far I could push her, how amenable she was to control and how open she was to sexual humiliation, one of my favourites.

She sort of mumbled her agreement without really seeming to understand what I was saying and continued to react to my ministrations to her clit and cunt. I peeled her jacket off, which wasn’t hard because it was mostly off already. Then I slid her pants off, which was fine with her because she was getting desperate to cum, and probably to fuck as well. Then I threw them both into the water in the already operating machine, and so they were gone.

She just stood there nude, moaning louder if anything. I embraced her again and we resumed kissing, while I continued to caress and stroke her juicy cunt, her clit, and her breasts and nipples with my fingers and tongue.

“Come along now, mustn’t dally.” I reminded her that we had to retire to my room to wait for her clothes to wash and dry. This took persuasion and reassurance this time, but she finally stood while I inserted three fingers well up inside her cunt, and then started to pull her along with me out the door and into the hallway.

She was in a sexual high, totally excited, totally freaked out and aroused to be walking naked along the empty hallway, being pulled along by her cunt. I pulled her down the length of the hallway like this, as though she was on a leash.

We got on the little hydraulic elevator, went up one floor to my room, kitty-corner and down just a couple of rooms and stopped in front of my door, all without being seen by anyone. I confess I spent a little bit longer than necessary searching my pockets for my room card while she was standing there naked and nervous. But no more than a couple or five minutes or so. And it took a bit longer because I was still taking time to kiss her on and off, and masturbating her the whole time. Almost her fault, really.

It turns out that she really was a sub, although I don’t know if she knew how much she enjoyed it. The rest of the night we played Dom-Sub games. After that wild beginning, she was willing to go along with everything and anything. I went to my car and got some soft nylon rope and tied her up a couple of ways, then I started slow and soft and worked my way up to spanking her ass and tits and cunt harder and harder. I hog-tied her on the bed to fuck her, and later I tied her hands and feet and pushed her against the window with her breasts flattened against the glass while I fucked her from behind. I don’t think anyone would have seen her clearly other than in outline, because while I fucked her ass she was lit from behind with the curtains open at night, but I guess we will never know.

She begged me to fuck her hard, and to use her and abuse her and make her my slave for the night. She also turned out to be a very dirty girl. After I fucked her in her ass she grabbed my cock and sucked it clean; soon after that I said I had to piss so she took my cock in her mouth again and begged me to use her to piss in. I fucked her in her cunt and ass, and she took great delight in licking my cock clean each time.

It took a lot of work, but I managed to work a fist into each of her cunt and ass, both firsts for her she said, and one of my favourites. She even wanted to lick my ass, which she did with gusto, fucking me as deep as she could go with her tongue, licking all around and even sucking to see what she could get out and eat. A very dirty girl!

We had a really wonderful, memorable night. Although as crazy as we got, it was hard to recapture the wild adrenaline of that first few minutes, and her willingness to be stripped and pulled along naked by her cunt in public by a complete stranger.

My name is Lars Bach. I’m forty-six years old and for over two months I been fuckin a pussy that I had to wait twenty years to get, but it was worth the wait. That pussy belongs to Kirsten Jensen who works on my ship. She’s two years older than me and married to a good friend of mine Stein Jensen. I tried to fuck her when she was young, but she wouldn’t fuck till she started taking hormones and got real horny in her late forties.

I’ve been working on cruise ships since I finished college and I’m second in command of a really nice ship on the Seabourn line. I cruise for three months and spend the next three months with my wife Gro at our home in Bergen.

Kirsten is also fuckin a young stud – a twenty-four year old Lieutenant and lately she’s been fuckin some of his buddies too. She kept that pussy real private for twenty years but now it looks like she’s taking it public.

She’s having a lot of fun with these young studs but she got scared when they started talking about wanting to watch a black guy do her. She asked for my help and I’m helping her along with a new girlfriend of mine, Joan.

I met Joan on the last cruise. She’s fifty-five years old but she’s still a damn good fuck, and when I shared her with a black steward Roger, she liked it. She likes to do black on white as much as I like to watch it, so Joan’s helping Kirsten learn about black guys. Joan was having so much fun she didn’t get off in Miami. She stayed on for this cruise.

When we turned around in Miami five days ago, we picked up a real bitch that happens to be CFO of our company. The Captain is scared to death of her and he ordered me to take care of her. She was sixty-five years old and horny! It turned out she needed a man and I got the job because the Captain told me I had to keep her happy no matter what it took. What it took was my dick!

Her name is Sheila Nunn so naturally she got the nickname of “the Nun” but she does not act like a nun. She likes to flash her anatomy in front of strangers. She’s an exhibitionist! She flashed a fat cigar smoker several times on deck after midnight and yesterday she had a great time on the nude beaches of Saint Martin and she was horny as hell last night.

I’m laying here in bed in the crew’s quarters with a piss hard on. It’s 0600 hours and Kirsten should sneak into my room any minute. I’ve been fuckin Kirsten in the ass to loosen her up so she won’t scream and bleed when Roger, our black porter from Barbados, does her for the young studs to watch. The bitch is crazy about those young dicks and she’ll let Roger butt-fuck her if they tell her to.

My door eases open and Kirsten enters quickly. Smiling at me, she strips and crawls in bed. She snuggles up to me and I kiss her. I have known her since we were children together in Bergen and she is like a sister to me except, of course, I fuck her regularly now.

“I can’t wait to hear about the Nun on the nude beaches,” Kirsten said with a chuckle.

“She wouldn’t strip in the bright sunlight,” I said. “I didn’t think she would. We sat there, sipping wine, and she told me how she did the nude beach scene when she was young. She looked at the peckers and I looked at the tits. It was fun, but pretty much what I had expected.”

I could not bring myself to tell Kirsten what had actually happened. I just couldn’t expose the Nun to that kind of ridicule. Sex in an exhibitionist cave! It was hard for me to believe it really happened. I was starting to care about her after she told me about the sad life she had led.

Exhibitionism — the need to expose her naked body – was like a sickness that had damaged her life. It might be funny to some people but I couldn’t bring myself to laugh at it any more after the Nun told me her life story — her very sad life story! I didn’t want Kirsten to laugh at her.

“I had expected something more,” said Kirsten. “Okay, Lars, stretch me out.”

She got in position and I did her doggie. Her asshole was loosening up a lot now and she was learning to relax with a dick up her ass. I figured she would be ready for Roger to do her in a couple of days.

I met the Nun for a long leisurely brunch served by Roger on her veranda. She was still in her robe. I asked what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to spend the afternoon on her veranda as we had done the day before yesterday. I called Roger and had him set up the wine and cheeses she preferred. It was going to be a long, leisurely afternoon.

We sat in the shade sipping white wine and watching the bright blue ocean rush by. I was a little bit afraid to talk about what we had done on Saint Martin — it was, for me at least, quite embarrassing. It was the Nun who began the conversation.

“Remember what you said to me sitting on the beach?” She asked.

I had said a lot of things and I wasn’t sure what she was talking about.

“What was that?” I asked.

“You said that I had a talented mouth,” she chuckled. “Those were your exact words — a talented mouth.”

I remembered saying that. The first time the Nun had sucked me off was in the cave and she did me deep throat — something I had never expected this dignified gray haired lady to do. It was a complete surprise.

“Well,” I said, “I didn’t expect you to take me that deep.”

She chuckled again. “You’re wondering how a sixty-five year old lady learned to do that aren’t you?”

“Well, yeah I guess I am,” I said.

She smiled and said, “I’m good at fellatio. Dozens of men have told me that. Why am I so good? The reason is simple — for most women fellatio is not a turn on — they just do it to please a man. I do it to please MYSELF. Public fellatio is a very big turn on for me — very stimulating. In my mind I see the people who are watching me show myself on my knees, naked, humiliating myself publicly and my body is flooded with sexual pleasure. An exhibitionist’s dream!”

“I’m inundated with shame and embarrassment. People are laughing and joking about my pendulous breasts swinging back and forth. I spread my thighs wide so they can look at my big vulva with my heavy, thick, labia hanging down out of my open vagina and dropping down low and getting wet from sexual excitement. It’s especially humiliating if I’m fellating a teenage boy and I hear them joke about me wanting him to last longer when I spread my legs for him back in the cave.”

“They can tell that I play with my genitals a great deal, and sometimes I hear them talking in French about me playing with myself and stretching out my vagina with oversized sex toys. As I hear them joke about my big, wet vagina, waves of passion sweep over me, driving me to take that big hard penis deeper and deeper. That’s why I look for guys that are … well … you know … that are extra large.”

“When I fellate a man in front of an audience in that exhibitionist cave, as I work I keep turning on more and more and thrusting my head harder and harder to drive that rigid organ deeper and deeper until it hits the back of my throat. I have no gag reflex at all. I derive such enormous pleasure from public fellatio that I simply don’t gag when a big hard penis goes all the way to the back of my throat.”

“So you couldn’t do it here on the veranda now?”

She began laughing almost hysterically. “You bastard! Are you asking me to fellate you here on the veranda?”

I laughed with her. “No, I’m just asking for information.”

“I couldn’t do it here. I’d gag. But Caryl would do it for you,” the Nun said laughing. “She’d get down on her knees buck-naked in bright sunlight and fellate you right here on this veranda, if you wanted her to. Caryl always acts like a whore.”

Caryl was the Nun’s friend that I had fucked several weeks ago who had talked about her “enjoyable experience at sea” during a cruise on my ship. She was the reason the Nun had decided to take this cruise. Caryl and the Nun exchanged names of “safe” guys to fuck.

“Does Caryl know about your … well … your exhibitionism?” I asked.

“No she doesn’t. She knows I like to meet SAFE men for sex, just like she does. But she doesn’t know about the pleasure I get from showing my body. And the men I meet for sex usually don’t know much about my position with Seabourn Cruise Line. As far as they know I’m just a horny old broad who likes to … likes to …”

“Who likes to fuck,” I said.

“Yes Lars and if I spend much more time with you I’m going to start talking dirty like you do,” she laughed.

“Well, darling why don’t you try it now?” I asked.

She laughed again. “Okay, I’ll try. As far as they know I’m just a horny old broad who likes to fuck!”

And then she blushed. The Nun blushed bright red.

“I blushed didn’t I?” She said. “After the things I’ve DONE it’s a surprise that something I SAY could make me blush!”

The afternoon was pleasant and relaxing. It was clear that the Nun’s experience on Saint Martin had fulfilled a need that had been growing in her for several months. She repeated what she had said yesterday that the intense emotional experience of that cave would allow her to control her exhibitionist desires for a long time — perhaps two or three months.

It was difficult for me to imagine her going to that cave every few months for over ten years. Jesus! How many men has she sucked off? I should say men and BOYS because I think that most of the cocks she sucked were attached to those teenage kids I’d seen hanging around that cave waiting for some horny old bitch who was willing to give a blowjob to get her pussy serviced.

She’d said she had put “dozens” of spots on those walls and I guessed that over ten years the number was close to fifty! Jesus! Fifty deep throat blowjobs — most of ‘em for teenage kids who enjoyed watching a beat-up old bitch on her knees with her big floppy tits shaking like water filled balloons as she sucked him off. But that was the only way the Nun could satisfy the demon that possessed her soul.

Kirsten had asked me to meet Joan in the bar and when I left the Nun to change for dinner I headed for the bar. It was important she said. Joan was waiting for me when I got there. I couldn’t believe what she planned to do. She wanted to hire Roger as their “pool guy” at their home in Palm Beach during the three months he had off. She asked me how to tell her husband.

“You’re asking him to hire a live-in black man to fuck his wife in his own home?” I asked in shock.

“Well,” Joan said, “I hire him to fuck me now with hubby’s money and hubby knows he’s black.”

“That’s different,” I said. “Roger will be living in your husband’s home with hubby paying him a salary to fuck you. No way is your loving husband gonna do that!”

“He said he loved me and I could fuck any man I wanted,” she said.

“I wouldn’t even ask him,” I said.

“I’m gonna do it. I’m going back to my room right now and ask him. You wait here. I’ll be back.”

With that she got up and left. I signaled the waiter for another Knob Creek. I had an hour before I picked up the Nun for dinner. I had not finished that second drink before a sad looking Joan entered the bar and rejoined me at the table.

“You were right,” she said. “He said I could fuck Roger anywhere I wanted except in HIS house. He was not gonna pay a guy to live in his house and fuck his wife on a daily basis. He said people would find out about it. Then he reminded me of the scandal.”

“Scandal?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Joan said. “Palm Beach is like a small town and everybody knows everybody else’s business. This couple a half mile south of us on the beach – she was fucking her boyfriend in the afternoon a couple of times a week while hubby was playing golf. She was a good-looking trophy wife half her husband’s age. Hubby got suspicious — I don’t know why – and hired a private dick.” “

“Did hubby catch her in flagrante delicto?” I asked.

“In what?” Joan asked.

“That’s Latin for getting caught fucking,” I said, laughing.

“That’s exactly how she got caught. Hubby and the detective walked in on her doing her boyfriend cowboy in the guest bedroom. Got a video. The judge viewed it several times looking for “penetration” which is legal talk that has big implications for something or other. Anyway she didn’t get much in the divorce. The judge wanted to keep the video for further study.”

“I’ll bet he did,” I said laughing. “So that’s the end of Roger?”

“Oh no,” said Joan. “Hubby says I can fly him up and put him in a motel in West Palm any time I want to and then “go shopping” in the afternoon as much as I want to. I just can’t fuck him in our house while hubby is trying to read the newspaper.”

“You have a remarkable husband,” I said.

“Yeah,” Joan said. “And he’s flying back from Barbados — business that can’t wait – so I’ll have a week by myself in that big Owner’s Suite.”

I picked up the Nun for dinner and we did Italian, then danced, and strolled on the deck in moonlight. She was very relaxed. The change in her personality since her experiences on Saint Martin was amazing. This had been a pattern all her life. A slow build-up of sexual tension over several months, followed by extreme exhibitionist behavior that gave her a release of that tension and a couple of months of normality.

Sex was better for her also — more relaxed and casual, less driven. But we were still fucking a lot.

Kirsten woke me up the next morning crawling in bed naked. She was excited

“Roger’s gonna do my asshole this afternoon — real gentle. You think I can take it?”

“You can if you relax and bear down like Joan has told you to do,” I said.

“You wanna watch him do me?” Kirsten asked. “Joan’s gonna be there.”

“Yeah I’d like to watch,” I said. “Tell Roger to call me with the room number.”

Kirsten giggled. She was looking forward to this. She saw it as a sexual performance that would give her more control over guys — the same way Joan used it.

“Do me rough,” Kirsten said. “This is the last time I’m gonna need it from you and I’ll bet you’ll be glad to get back to my regular hole. And so will I! I want to cum with my pussy grabbing hold of something besides empty air.”

I did her rough and she took it like a trooper. I think she’s gonna be okay with Roger’s thick dick if he is gentle putting it in. It will be the entry that is the problem.

Roger called me while I was having lunch with the Nun. He gave me the number of the room he had set up to do Kirsten.

“A problem?” The Nun asked.

“Not really,” I said. “I have a chore to do this afternoon that will take an hour or so.”

“I’ll be on the veranda, watching the ocean,” said the Nun.

We finished our lunch and I headed off to the room Roger had set up. Kirsten and Joan were there with Roger when I arrived. Joan had poured a double shot of vodka for Kirsten.

“It will help you relax,” Joan said. “Okay Kirsten, you and Roger get naked.”

After Kirsten stripped, Joan handed her a pair of spike heels.

“Put these on baby,” she said. “That’s the way the guys want to see you — buck-naked, bent over with your tits hanging down and jiggling, balancing on your spikes, while you take a big black one right up your ass.”

“You don’t have to scream and beg him to stop this time, but you will when the studs are watching. They’ll be laughing at you when they think that big cock is stretching you out, but when you pretend to turn on and beg for it they’re gonna be jacking off big time. It’s fun to turn ‘em on so much that they jack off like high school kids!”

“Play with her tits, Roger. We gotta get you nice and hard.”

Joan dropped to her knees, skinned back Roger’s heavy foreskin, and started working on the head of his cock with her tongue. Roger was squeezing Kirsten’s tits. He had always enjoyed playing with her body. His thick organ filled out nicely and Joan lathered him up with a layer of Vaseline.

“Okay baby, spread your legs a little and bend over,” Joan said. “Keep your knees straight — it makes your legs look better. He’s gonna do you standing up. That’s the way most studs like to watch a bitch take it. Now relax and bear down when he shoves it in — bear down like you’re having a baby.”

Roger was very gentle. He put the head of that thick penis on her anus and gradually increased the pressure. I had to admire his control. The head of his cock eased through her anal sphincter very slowly and I could tell Kirsten was bearing down hard.

I saw that cock slowly slip in deeper and deeper until Kirsten had the whole thing up her ass. Damn! Me butt-fuckin her and her using that oversized vibrator had really stretched her out. She was taking it! She was taking the whole damn thing!

“That’s a good girl Kirsten,” Joan said. “Okay Roger, fuck her easy but make sure she’s taking all of it. I want your whole cock all the way up her ass.”

Kirsten was in no pain at all and for several minutes Roger fucked her gently — shoving that huge cock all the way in and then pulling it slowly back out except for the bulbous head of his dick.

“How are you doing Kirsten?” Joan asked.

“I’m comfortable. He’s big and he’s filling me up but it doesn’t hurt,” Kirsten said.

“How are you doing Roger?” Joan asked.

“I’m okay Miss Joan,” he answered. “Damn this is a tight asshole. It’s as tight as you make yours when you clamp down on my dick. It feels real good. I’m really gonna enjoy this fuck. This is better than most pussy.”

“Okay Roger,” Joan said. “Fuck her just like you’d fuck a bitch to entertain some young studs.”

“Kirsten,” Joan said, “I want you to struggle like you’re trying to get away. You’re gonna be begging and screaming when the studs watch but you don’t need to do that now — just try to break free of Roger’s grip.”

“And Roger,” Joan said, “get a firm hold on her. I want it to look like she’s fighting to get away and you’re holding her and raping her. I want it to look exactly like rape — a brutal rape.”

Roger reached around and took Kirsten’s tits in one hand and gripped her tightly around the waist with the other. He began to play with her body as he fucked her harder, gradually building up the power of his thrusts. Kirsten was struggling helplessly in his grip. He was banging her really hard now, holding her body so she couldn’t escape the pounding he was giving her.

Their bodies made a slapping sound as they came together. Roger’s heavy, low-hanging testicles were swinging back and forth and slapping her in the pussy with every stroke. I’d seen him do more than one menopausal broad up the ass and this was the real thing. He was holding her so tightly that escape was impossible and she was struggling, helplessly. It was very convincing.

After several minutes, Kirsten began to grunt each time she took him deep — grunt like a slut – but she was not in any pain. She looked over at me and winked as their bodies slammed together. I saw a smile on her face — just like when she first sucked Roger off – Kirsten was in control and she enjoyed that feeling.

“Way to go Kirsten,” Joan said laughing. “Now stop struggling and work with him — pump your ass for him. This is where you’re gonna start begging him to do it harder.”

“Okay Roger fuck her hard! She’s your bitch now. All yours! Have your fun with her!”

I looked at Roger’s face. His eyes were clinched tight and he was sweating. His hands were squeezing her tits. He was enjoying this fuck just like he enjoyed fucking Joan in the ass. Kirsten’s asshole must be nice and tight to give him this much pleasure. Kirsten pumped her ass and acted like she was enjoying it now.

It took only a few minutes until he groaned, his huge testicles lifted up high in his scrotum, and he started to pump his load deep in Kirsten’s rectum.

When he’d finished her off, he pulled his semen-dripping cock out of her. Kirsten stayed bent over and turned her ass toward me and I watched Roger’s thick, creamy cum ooze out of her asshole and run slowly down toward her pussy. It was only then that I realized I had a throbbing erection!

“Look at this Kirsten,” Joan said, laughing, as she grabbed the bulging cock in my pants.

“It always turns guys on to watch a black guy butt-fuck a white woman. Even your loving Lars enjoyed watching you take that thick one. If you had pretended it was hurting you, he’d probably have cum in his pants!”

Shit! I thought, remembering how I’d turned on several days ago when Kirsten had pretended I hurt her. Why the hell are guys like that? We just are, I guess. Kirsten is gonna be just like Joan — understanding what turns guys on, using that knowledge to get fucked, and then laughing about what bastards guys really are.

I went back to the Nun’s suite. I was so horny from watching Kirsten get butt-fucked that I took the Nun to bed and fucked her twice, with the memory in my head of Roger’s thick creamy cum dripping out of Kirsten’s asshole. The Nun might be a gray haired old bitch with floppy tits, but when she lathered up that pussy with estrogen cream is was soft and wet and very user-friendly.

We enjoyed the afternoon drinking white wine and watching the ocean pass us by. The Nun was sad because she had to fly back to Miami from Barbados, before the cruise was over — like Joan’s hubby she had business that couldn’t wait.

We docked in Barbados early the next morning and two fancy limousines were waiting for two very important people. I watched the Nun’s limo load her luggage. We had said goodbye in her suite earlier. She asked me not to be there when she went ashore. The other limo was for Joan’s hubby. Joan kissed him a fond farewell.

I wondered what it would feel like to leave your wife on a ship where she was fucking a well-hung black steward on a daily basis. Poor bastard! I guess I would never know how it felt to be impotent and still love your wife enough to let her fuck other guys. He was a willing cuckold, but I was sure he didn’t enjoy it the way some cuckolds do.

I had a full morning of work because Commander Ward provided a neat list of all the things he had left undone. He had assumed my duties by the Captain’s order so I could devote my full attentions being at the Nun’s service and servicing her had indeed been a full time job.

On my way to lunch I saw Roger.

“Good morning Roger,” I said.

“Good morning Cap’n.”

“You have plans for tonight, I hear,” I said.

“Yes sir,” he said with a smile. “I’m gonna do Miss Kirsten for four young studs to watch and she’s gonna scream and squirm just like Miss Joan taught her. Then she’s gonna pretend she likes it and beg for more. And when the studs get turned on they’re gonna fuck Miss Joan and Miss Kirsten — most of the night I’ll bet. Those guys are young and strong and horny as hell.”

“They’re gonna pay you?”

“Yes sir. My usual $400 to do a bitch for studs to watch.”

“That’s a pretty good fee for one butt-fuck,” I said.

“Yes sir, but I been doing a lot of butt-fuckin free getting Miss Kirsten ready for when they watch her bend over and take it.”

“Is she ready?”

“She’s ready Cap’n. You saw me butt-fuck her yesterday. She took it real well. I’m gonna do her again this afternoon, a little rougher when I shove it in, to make sure her asshole is nice and loose for tonight. I been doin a lot of butt fuckin on those ladies. Of course they’re both real tight and I always cum,” he said with a chuckle.

“Well, you do your part,” I said smiling. “Don’t let the studs know it’s all an act. They want to think you’re hurting a bitch when you stretch her out.”

“I’ll do my part, Cap’n,” he said.

As Roger and I were talking a very attractive young redhead, arm in arm with a gentleman, walked by us. As they passed us, she giggled and gave Roger a big smile.

“Good morning Roger,” she said with more giggles. “I’m looking forward to seeing you this afternoon.”

“Yes mam, Miss Trish,” Roger replied. “I’ll be there.”

The gentleman, I presumed he was her husband, seemed very embarrassed. He avoided eye contact with me and nodded briefly to Roger and then he looked down at the deck — embarrassed and ashamed.

I put the situation together immediately — a cuckold and his wife. We had at least one cuck on almost every cruise and Roger, as the best looking black man on board, was often the choice to service the wife. He made more money, fucking passengers, than the cruise line paid him in salary. Most of the gals he did were horny old broads, but a few were young, attractive wives of cuckolds.

“One of your satisfied customers Roger?” I said with a chuckle.

“Yes sir,” said Roger. “I been doing her for him to watch every afternoon since the cruise started. She’s very satisfied and so is her husband. They’re in one of the big expensive suites forward and she rolls the dice for him in the casino. He says she brings him good luck.”

“What is he paying you to do her?” I asked.

“My usual $300,” said Roger, “plus $100 if I bring her off.”

“And you always bring her off?”

“Yes sir. Always. I do her missionary and it only takes a few minutes with her a-gruntin and a-goanin while she pumps her ass real hard. She makes a hell of a lot of noise. But she’s got a beautiful young body and she likes it played with. So before I fuck her I play with her body while her hubby plays with his dick. She giggles and laughs the whole time, but she gets real serious when she fucks. Closes her eyes tight and works up a sweat pumping.”

“While we’re fuckin, her hubby sits on a stool at the foot of the bed looking up between her legs and jacking off. He gets close enough to smell it. He says he likes to hear the wet, squishy sounds a happy pussy makes when it’s getting what it needs.”

“Does he eat that happy pussy when you’re finished with it Roger?”

“Yes sir, he does,” said Roger. “His face is between her legs the minute I pull my dick out. Hubby chows down and enjoys a happy meal while I’m getting dressed. She giggles and smiles and winks at me while hubby is having his lunch. She waves goodbye when I leave — with him still down there sucking out that creamy juice.

“You like red heads Roger?”

“Yes sir. Her beaver is real hairy and just as red as the hair on her head. That’s the first red haired pussy I ever fucked. Let me ask you something Cap’n. Are red headed women hornier than blonds?”

“I don’t know, Roger, I never gave it much thought. Why do you ask?”

“Because that’s the horniest white woman I ever fucked. She asked about me doing her twice a day. Maybe it was just talk but it sure turned on her husband. He got a big hard on when his wife told me how much she enjoyed fucking me and asked me to fuck her more often.”

“Why don’t you do her twice?”

“I got other … how do you say it sir … other responsibilities – Miss Kirsten and Miss Joan. You want to do her?” Roger asked.

“What’s her name and how old is she?” I said with a laugh.

“Her name is Trish Faulkner. She said she’s twenty-four and her husband is thirty-something,” Roger replied.

“That’s a little young for me,” I said.

“It’s real good pussy Cap’n — young and tight. And her body is real nice,” Roger said shaking his head and smiling.

Then he added with a sly chuckle, “And I know you’re not gonna be busy tonight.”

Roger was right. The Nun was gone and the other two women I was enjoying on this cruise were busy with young studs half their age. Why not? And besides, I hadn’t fucked a twenty-four year old since … since … well, since I was twenty-four!

“All right Roger you persuaded me, but I don’t want her husband to watch. Tell her I’ll meet her in the bar tonight after dinner,” I said.

“Yes sir,” Roger said with a big smile. “It’s quality pussy, Cap’n. You won’t be disappointed, sir.”

Roger walked off toward the stern and I stood at the rail looking out at the port of Barbados and remembering my adventures with the Nun. Several minutes later, looking astern, I saw Roger talking to Trish and her husband.

Trish was nodding her head and giggling. Her husband was listening to what Roger was saying. Then he turned and looked directly at me and then he dropped his head and stared at the deck.

Jesus, I thought, that poor helpless bastard! Here’s this black steward telling his wife that the officer a few feet away wants to fuck her. And his wife is nodding her head and saying that she wants to fuck. Shit! No wonder that poor, humiliated cuckold is staring at the deck.

Oh my God, they’re leaving Roger and walking toward me! She’s walking this way smiling and giggling and holding out her hand.

“Good morning Captain Bach,” she said. “I’m Trish Faulkner and this is my husband Brian. Roger tells me you’d like to buy me a drink and take me dancing this evening and show me … well, you know … show me a little … shall we say … hospitality.”

“Call me Lars,” I said.

Brian said nothing, put out his hand, and I shook it. He had a weak handshake — no surprise. In my head I was trying to figure out what made this poor cuckold husband tick. That was gonna be hard since I didn’t know what made ANY cuckold tick!

“Brian likes the casino, so he’ll be there all evening — at least till midnight. Right Brian?” She said and looked at Brian who was staring at the deck.

Brian said nothing.

Trish repeated in a strong voice, “In the casino until midnight! Right Brian?”

This time Brian looked up, stared briefly at my face, then turned to his wife and said, very weakly, “Of course dear. Till midnight.” Then he looked back at the deck.

Jesus I thought, she just told her voyeur-cuckold husband that she was gonna fuck this officer that she had just met and hubby was not gonna get to watch. She would be fucking until midnight and hubby would have to stay in the casino. And the poor bastard just says, “Of course dear.”

Then she rubbed salt in his wound.

“I usually roll the dice for my husband in the casino,” she said brightly. “He says it brings him luck. But it looks like I’m the one who’s gonna get lucky tonight!”

Then she giggled, punched her husband with her elbow, and said, “Doesn’t it Dear?”

Her husband looked up from the deck, nodded and said, softly, “Yes Dear.”

Jesus! The poor bastard! It was like she was kicking him in the balls for the fun of it. Humiliating him right in front of the guy he knew she was gonna fuck. But she wasn’t finished with him yet.

“You don’t mind if I get lucky tonight, do you dear?” She said in a sweet voice with another giggle.

Her husband said nothing and kept staring at the deck.

“Do you dear?” She said in a firmer, louder voice with no giggle.

Hubby mumbled something, still staring at the deck.

“I didn’t hear you darling. Speak up!” Trish said in a voice like a mother to a misbehaving child.

Her poor husband looked up from the deck and stammered, “I … I don’t mind if you get … get … lucky tonight … dear.”

“Then thank the Captain for offering me his hospitality.”

It was a command, not a request. The bitch had hubby by the balls and she was squeezing hard — making him thank the guy who was gonna be fuckin his wife.

He looked at me with the expression of a thoroughly defeated and humiliated man and spoke in a very soft voice.

“Thank you Captain. Thank you for … for … taking care … of … of my wife.”

Trish gave a satisfied smile and turning to me she asked, “How should I dress?”

“I won’t be in uniform. I’ll dress very casual,” I replied.

“Do you have any preferences for what you want me to wear?” She asked, with a coy expression and a giggle.

Her husband having been properly disciplined she was giggling again. Well, play her game, I thought. Kick hubby in the balls! Maybe he likes it.

“I like spikes, the taller the better. I like miniskirts, the shorter the better. I like cleavage, the more the better. And I HATE pantyhose!” I answered.

I could see her husband tremble. It was the tremble of sexual arousal. Any cuck would delight in watching a stud take that outfit off his wife’s body as he stripped her down to fuck her. I realized that Trish was talking to her husband this way to increase his arousal. She was teasing him in front of a man she was going to fuck and it was turning him on.

Trish giggled and nudged her hubby with her elbow. “You can watch me put those things on honey, before you go to the casino.”

And then with another giggle she rubbed more salt into his wound.

“Of course,” she said with a coy smile, “I won’t be wearing that outfit when you get back.”

I looked again at her husband who was staring at the deck. His wife had just told him that he could watch her don a sexy outfit but the officer standing next to him was gonna take it off of her as he stripped her down before he fucked her. I looked at his crotch — the poor bastard had a bulging erection! Thinking about me fucking his wife had turned him on!

Trish looked down very obviously at her husband’s crotch and then smiled at me and winked. Clearly she knew how to do what he needed. She put her hand gently on his arm.

“I’ll be in the lounge, darling,” she said sweetly. “It looks like you need to go back to our room for a few minutes to … well … to take care of yourself.”

Then she looked at me, giggled, and winked again.

“Lars,” she said, “will you join me in the lounge for some coffee, while my husband does … well … while he goes back to our room and does what he needs to do?”

Then she laughed loudly as her husband walked away, humiliated by his own sexual arousal, which she was openly joking about with a man he knew she was going to fuck. I had no doubt that hubby was going back to their room to masturbate and his wife was laughing at him because she had gotten him so aroused he had to do it.

“It’s fun to tease him,” Trish said to me as we headed for the lounge. “He gets so turned on he simply loses control.”

After coffee I headed for the bridge. I had to resume my regular duties since the Nun had left the ship. I was sure Commander Wade was immensely relieved that I would be working again.

I walked into the bar at 2000 hours and found Trish sitting at a corner table, smiling at me as her eyes followed me the whole way. She had a drink in front of her.

“It’s good to get that uniform off,” I said, sighing with relief.

“You looked so handsome in it,” she said and giggled.

I surveyed her outfit. Spikes as requested — at least four inches. Cleavage as requested — a lot. Miniskirt as requested — most of each firm young thigh was showing. The clip of her garter belt to her hose was barely, but tantalizingly, visible on her left inner thigh. She showed the merchandise to perfection — and it was quality merchandise.

She was watching my eyes look her over and when I got to her tits she bent over just a little, but enough to show me a rim of nipple on each breast peeking out of her bra. Her breasts were large and firm — quite a change from the floppy tits of the mature women I was accustomed to. Her waist was narrow and her hips luscious. But what caught my eye every time I looked at her was that flaming red hair.

I undressed her in my mind and the red beaver was the thing that I wanted to see the most. Twenty-four years old! And this morning I had said a fond goodbye to a sixty-five year old woman with gray hair in her beaver. The life of a sailor was sometimes — not always — but sometimes very exciting.

I signaled the waiter who recognized me and nodded his head.

“Tell me about yourself,” she said.

I gave her the short version of my life story and she nodded with interest, as I told her how I had joined Seabourn shortly after it was founded in Norway in 1987. What had been a giggling bimbo asked several perceptive questions as she learned more about me.

“So neither you nor your wife have any … well … expectations for the three months you are apart?” She asked. It was a very unusual question for a bimbo.

“We simply don’t talk about it. I have no idea whether she gets laid or not and she probably thinks that I get laid if the need arises,” I said simply.

She nodded and looked over at the usual collection of well-dressed blonds nursing their drinks at the bar. Then she chuckled.

“There seems to be ample opportunity to satisfy any need that might arise during your long months at sea,” she said.

“Ample and always eager, but they’re not twenty-four years old,” I replied, with a chuckle. “It’s my turn. Tell me about yourself.”

I was starting to think that the bimbo appearance was just that — an appearance. This gal was young, but certainly no bimbo.

“Well,” she said, “where do I start? High school in a tiny suburb of Boston, that you never heard of, and then to Smith where I got my BS from the Picker program.”

My brain almost exploded! Smith was a top women’s college and Picker was one of the top engineering programs for women in the United States — famous around the world for the women who trained there.

“Engineering?” I asked weakly, with the sound of disbelief in my voice.

“Oh you’ve heard of Picker!” Trish said smiling. “That’s right, of course, you must have done engineering in Norway to get you naval commission. Where did you do it? Let’s see, you grew up in Bergen. Did you go to Trondheim?”

Shit! I was thinking I was about to fuck a sexy, young, giggling bimbo and suddenly I find an engineer who figured out where I went to engineering school by knowing where I grew up. And she’s married to a voyeur cuckold and she’s fucking a big black steward! Jesus I need to know more about this gal. What the hell gives?

I was almost stuttering, “Yes at … at Trondheim. But how did you get from Picker to … to … well to …”

“Let me finish that for you,” she said with a chuckle, “to being married to a rich cuckold and fucking a big black guy for the cuckold’s entertainment. That’s what you really want to ask isn’t it?”

“Well,” I said haltingly, “how … how did you get to where you are?”

Trish smiled, then, turned somber, and asked, “When a man drops to the bottom, if it’s not drugs or booze it has to be …”

She paused and I answered, “A woman!”

“And,” she continued, “When a woman drops to the bottom, if it’s not drugs or booze it has to be …”

“A man,” I said. “So it was a man?”

“Not just any man,” she said. “It was a man much too painful for me to think about, a man I’m working very hard to forget, and a man I choose not to talk about. Make up the worst story you can imagine and mine is even worse.”

She paused and sipped her drink, looking off into space, sadly.

Then she continued brightly, “So I decided to get away from everyone I knew for a while and make a little money in the bargain. I decided to forget who I was and wanted to be for three or four years. So a year and a half ago I married Brian Faulkner — no relation, by the way to … well that doesn’t matter.”

Then she laughed and said, “Brian Faulkner! I’m the fourth wife. I’ll last three years tops. I will leave him like the others with three million dollars — guaranteed by the pre-nup if I stay with him for three years. That works out to a million a year if you can still do your math.”

“And every once in a while, rarely,” she continued, “I meet a man like you and enjoy a brief vacation from my present life.”

I just sat there numb. Not knowing what to say. My expression must have conveyed something to her.

She quickly said, “But don’t worry. I still want to fuck! Actually I need to get fucked every now and then without that perverted little son of a bitch staring up between my legs. Get me another drink, please.”

I signaled the waiter and drinks appeared almost instantaneously. Seabourn was famous for its service.

She sat silently for a minute and then asked softly, “I can be the bimbo or I can be me. Which do you prefer?”

“Does it affect the way you fuck?” I asked.

She laughed loud and long. “I’m always a bimbo when I fuck!”

“Then,” I said, laughing with her, “be yourself when we’re alone and a bimbo in front of witnesses and of course in bed. I kinda like the bimbo — you do it very well. But tell me Trish, who is this guy and how the hell did you meet him?”

“His mother went to Smith and she is a big donor — goes to all the events. His father is filthy rich — made his money in paper. I don’t know how the hell you get rich in paper unless you print money on it. His older brother is VP and will take over the company. And Brian? Well Brian has an ‘identity problem’ and needs to ‘find himself.’ So he travels around the world looking for himself and gets married to one gal after another. I’m his fourth.”

“How did you meet him?” I asked.

“His third wife was my classmate at Smith. She told me about him right after … after … well that’s not important. Anyway I was looking to get away from it all and her divorce was being finalized so she sent me to her lawyer to do the pre-nup and then introduced us.”

“Before you married him did you talk about what you would do?”

“Of course. We have a deal. When we travel I fuck guys so he can watch. And I can fuck any guy I want to without him watching if I tell him the details later, while he masturbates.”

“So you just travel?” I asked.

“Oh no. We take cruises and vacations around the world but we spend a few months at home in between. He never fools around at home. Only on vacations with guys like Roger and waiters, and bartenders – those kinds of guys. He approaches guys he thinks are studs and offers to pay them to fuck me so he can watch. After this cruise we’ll go home for a couple of months.”

“And you fuck all these guys?” I asked.

“Of course. That’s the deal we have.” Trish said. “That’s why I’m getting the three million dollars when we divorce.”

“So you’re kinda like a high priced hooker?” I asked laughing.

Trish laughed. “Close but no cigar, because the guy that pays the money doesn’t get to spread my legs — he just gets to watch other guys spread ‘em.”

“Do you fuck your hubby?” I asked.

“I try, that’s part of our deal, but he’s got a problem. Premature ejaculation,” Trish said with a chuckle. “He gets it up — he’s got a nice sized dick actually — but when he starts to put it in, his juice just squirts out on my beaver and he gets soft.”

“But he masturbates a lot — six or eight times a day,” she said. “He wants me to talk to him about sex while he masturbates. It’s easy to turn him on and it’s fun to watch him pound that thing. Sometimes I make him do it two or three times one right after another.”

“You saw him get a hard on when I talked about sex this morning. He went back to the room and masturbated. He masturbates when we’re at home and he can’t hire a guy to fuck me.”

“Is he gay?” I asked.

“Oh no. He’s just a chronic masturbator who can’t keep it up with a woman. I keep him stimulated by letting him watch.”

“Jesus!” I said. “Do you enjoy fucking guys for him to watch?”

“You mean do I have an orgasm?”

“Well yes,” I said, remembering Roger’s description of how horny she was and how hard she pumped her ass to cum.

“No. I don’t cum, but I’m pretty good at pretending. Having an orgasm is not part of my deal with hubby, but I figure he likes to watch me cum so I try to be convincing. And besides, it makes the guy fuckin me cum faster and most guys can’t tell the difference anyway.”

I remembered Joan saying the same thing. Kirsten thought that was funny. Then I wondered if any gal had ever fooled me. Probably.

The waiter had been watching our glasses and bringing us drinks and we were on out third. I figured it was time to dance.

I took her down one deck to the dance floor. Watching her walk was really something — the way her hips moved and the way those spikes showed off her legs. I couldn’t wait to get her naked.

She saw me looking at her and said, very seriously, “You don’t have to undress me here, Lars. I’m gonna do that for you later.”

Then she threw her head back and roared with laughter. I had to join her.

She smiled and said, “Your eyes just told me how nice I look. Thank you. I wanted to look nice for you.”

After our drinks arrived I took her onto the dance floor. She molded herself to my body as we danced and put her pussy on my thigh like all gals do when they want to fuck. She was horny!

She whispered tenderly in my ear, “Thank you baby. I’m so glad you wanted to fuck me. A new guy is always nice and it’s nice to fuck with nobody watching. I’m very grateful to you for wanting me and I’ll try to be as good as I can be for you – just tell me what you like. I’ll do it.”

This was going to be a very good evening!

“Walk me around the deck,” she said. “There is a beautiful moon tonight.”

We walked the deck hand in hand like young lovers, except she was the one who was young. The moon was indeed beautiful and the sea calm and the sea breeze balmy. Cliché — but beautiful. We stopped to kiss from time to time and I played with her ass. It was tight and firm — not soft and flabby like the usual menopausal ass I was accustomed to.

After a complete circle of the ship, she led me to her luxury suite and poured me a glass of white wine. We went out onto the veranda and sipped our wine looking at the sea.

“You’re the first regular guy I’ve fucked in four months,” she said. “I’m out of practice doing normal stuff. Tell me what you want.”

“Normal? Maybe it’s not normal but I want to sit on the couch,” I said, “and sip my wine and watch you slowly strip down naked for me. I like soft music. I want you to tease me a bit before your bra comes off.”

She chuckled. “I can do that,” she said.

“You talk about being out of practice,” I said. “Trish, I haven’t seen tits younger than a half century for a long, long time. Remember that when you show ‘em to me.”

Trish laughed a loud and happy laugh.

“I love that! I have to hold up the reputation of my whole generation,” she said.

We walked back into the suite and I poured more wine. Trish walked over to the light switches.

“How do you want the lights?” Trish asked.

“It’s your body. You set them the way you think will show it off best,” I said.

As I said it I thought of the Nun who knew exactly how she wanted to light her naked body. Trish adjusted the lights. Not full bright but a hell of a lot more light than the Nun would have wanted. There was not gonna be any doubt about what I was looking at with this broad!

She danced slowly to the music, rhythmically, with only an occasional subtle bump as she thrust that pussy forward. She opened the buttons on her blouse slowly and then it came off as she turned her back to me, dropping it casually on the floor.

When she turned to face me I saw her bra straining to contain a pair of full, firm tits that showed her nipple rims every time she bent over — even a little. My hard on had long ago started to throb.

As she danced I had an ugly thought. How the hell do you squirm out of a tight miniskirt and still look sexy? Could she do that?

As if answering my question, she reached down and lifted her miniskirt up folding it just above the level where her garters fastened to her hose. It made the contrast between the tops of her hose and the naked white skin of her thighs sexy as hell. She danced a while that way.

Then another lift and fold and I saw more pale thigh and a hint — just a hint — of beaver hair on her inner thighs. It was gonna be a hairy beaver. Thank the good Lord. The kind of beaver I love to eat! My dick throbbed harder. More sexy dancing and then another fold and this time I saw her bikini panties with the hint of a red triangle showing through.

Finally, she unhooked something at her waist and unzipped something else and then the whole folded miniskirt just slipped down her legs to the floor and she stepped out of it. Jesus! I didn’t think it was possible to get that tight thing off without squirming.

I was staring at white bikini panties with a red triangle showing through and just a tiny point of red hair growing on her belly above the top of her panties and a little red hair below her panties on each inner thigh. My face was gonna be in that beaver as quick as I could get it there.

She danced in bra, panties, garter belt, hose and spikes for what seemed an eternity. I cursed myself for asking her to strip slowly. I wanted to see it all now. My balls were starting to ache!

She began to fiddle with her bra and I forgot that pussy as I thought what those tits were gonna look like when she let them loose. I hadn’t seen tits like these for two decades at least!

She unhooked her bra! But Damn! She didn’t take it off. She just danced holding it together and teasing me. Jesus! My balls hurt worse!

Finally she dropped that bra and lifted her arms in the air and locked her hands behind her head in that posture that all women instinctively know makes their tits look their best. And they did! They were the firmest, most beautiful tits I had seen in years — milky white with very pink nipples – and their whiteness was accentuated by the bronze suntan of her body.

She dropped her arms and kept dancing and I saw tits jiggle like I had only dreamed about playing with my dick in bed. Then she bumped her ass and I looked again at that red beaver that was escaping her panties above and below.

She turned her back to me and hooked her thumbs in her panties. Slowly and gently she pulled them down revealing an ass that if not perfect was so close I could not tell the difference.

She bent over and my eyes were frozen to that perfect ass. I could see between her shapely thighs the delicate lips of her pussy pressed tightly together with the red hair of her beaver growing between her pussy and her asshole — that was the resting place where my chin was gonna spend a good deal of time tonight.

Suddenly her panties were on the floor. I hadn’t seen them drop because my eyes had been focused on her pussy. She turned to face me and stood erect in a pose that showed off her naked body to perfection — nakedness emphasized by the milky white skin, protected from the sun by a tiny bikini. Her spike heels, hose, and garter belt made her look more naked than naked!

She smiled and asked, “Do you like me?”

I was off the couch in microseconds and on the floor on my knees with my hands holding her soft buttocks and my face buried in that thick red haired beaver! Then, cupping her buttocks, I moved my hands up her body to her waist and moved my mouth up her belly, then past her tits kissing both nipples along the way, till I got to her lips, where I planted a hot wet kiss with our tongues entangled.

As our kiss was finishing, she whispered, “I think that’s a yes.”

I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom of this large luxury suite – she was as light as a feather. I lay her gently on the bed.

“Get these things off me,” she said snapping her thumbs in her garter belt. “Guys think they’re sexy, but I’d rather be starkers.”

It was fun to grant her request. There was no way that I was not gonna eat that pussy as fast as possible. Spreading her legs I began tickling her with my tongue. This gal must use her vibrator a lot and I wanted to find out where she held it when she masturbated. I suspected she had done a lot of that, given the lifestyle she described to me.

I tongued her clit lightly on both sides avoiding the head of her clit, which was sensitive in some gals. Then I held each inner pussy lip between my lips and tickled it with my tongue working down to the chinrest and back up the other lip to her clit. These were delicate young lips — not the thick, drooping, meaty lips that hung down from Kirsten’s and Joan’s big loose pussies.

Then I forced my tongue between those delicate lips into her vagina and moved up from bottom to top and softly tickled the head of her clit. Her reaction was immediate. She moaned and lifted her hips. I began to work on the head of her clit gently with my tongue and she moaned again and began to hump softly. This was it! Her favorite spot to masturbate — but she was gonna enjoy my soft, warm tongue a hell of a lot more than any cold plastic vibrator.

I tried several routines, working up one side of her clit and then down the other always starting and stopping on the head of her clit. The humping of her hips became gradually harder as did her moaning as she moved closer and closer to orgasm. I cushioned my teeth with my upper lip and pressed down firmly on the shaft of her rock hard clit to give her something to rub against.

She began humping firmly against my lip moving the full length of her clit, her moans turning into grunts as she humped. Then her pussy seemed to simply explode as she screamed with her orgasm. I thrust two fingers deep into her vagina and her contracting muscles grabbed them firmly and tightly as her contractions gave her those ecstatic feelings of pleasure.

I began to tongue her clit during her orgasm until after a very long orgasm she suddenly cried out.

“Oh no! Stop! That’s too much.”

And then I stopped tickling her clit and moved my body up in the bed beside her and embraced her and kissed her neck as she laid panting and recovering. She rested almost five minutes with me holding her and kissing her neck. Then, as if waking from sleep, she turned to me, whispering.

“Thank you. That’s the first orgasm that I haven’t given to myself in almost a year. If my husband knew how to do that, he wouldn’t need a dick!”

Then she laughed.

I got up and got some wine for us and we sipped it, lying side by side in bed. Suddenly, I had a horrible thought! Kirsten always laughed at me because I could only cum twice each night. What if Trish wanted more than that? Jesus! She was only twenty-four. She was gonna want more than two fucks. I gotta pace myself. I gotta eat more pussy. What happens to that pussy if I keep tonguing it after she cums?

I rolled on my side and caressed her body gently. Those tits were something to behold. I played with them sucking her nipples. I rubbed that flat belly and that delicious butt and ran my fingers through that thick red beaver. This was firm young flesh of a kind I had not played with in decades. As I moved my mouth to her belly and started to work my way down she tried to pull me back.

“Oh no darling it’s your turn to cum. Fuck me, please,” she said.

“I’ll do that when I get this pussy in proper shape,” I said jokingly, and moved down and started work on her clit.

She made one more half-hearted protest and then I felt her hips start to hump and she began to moan softly. It was faster this time. I knew where her sensitive spots were and which techniques she liked and it seemed only three or four minutes before she was again contracting firmly on my fingers and moaning in ecstasy. I kept working on her and as before she began to plead with me to stop.

Well, nothing ventured nothing gained, I thought. I wrapped my arms around her struggling hips and continued to work on her most sensitive spot. I had to hold her hips in position with my shoulders separating her struggling thighs because she kept trying to escape.

The exquisite sensation must have been driving her mad but after almost a minute of squirming without escaping my tongue she suddenly began to pump her ass and moan even louder than before.

Her third orgasm came very fast and it was almost explosive. She screamed so loud that I was afraid someone would alert security. Her pussy clamped down on my fingers harder than before. This was her third orgasm of the night! The bitch was multi-orgasmic! I had read about it but in over a quarter century of fucking I had never encountered it.

It was a long and powerful orgasm and when she finished I quickly moved between her legs, shoved my dick into that dripping pussy and started to fuck her. Her whole body was trembling.

“That’s the way I want this pussy. It’s ready for me now,” I said harshly. “Pump your ass baby!

She was tight! I knew Roger had been pounding this tight little pussy on a daily basis with his thick tool but he hadn’t stretched her out yet. I fucked her steadily except this pussy was so tight that I felt my balls lift up long before I thought they should. It must have been her young body.

After I ejaculated I lay on top of her resting. I was so turned on fucking her that I didn’t even know if she had an orgasm as I fucked her. She was breathing as heavily as I was.

She looked up at me as I lay between her legs.

Shaking her head in wonder, she said, “Four orgasms! Never in my life has a guy given me four orgasms in half an hour. If you weren’t married I’d divorce my husband and give up my three million dollars and follow you around like a bitch in heat.”

I lay there thinking four! Well, she must have cum while I fucked her. But I still had a lot of work to do. And I still had to pace myself.


My alarm went off at 0530 hours. I had slept about four hours. That little red headed bitch had almost used me up but I left her sleeping and satisfied. It took eating a lot of pussy to make that happen. Kirsten slipped through my door and joined me in bed.

“How was your night with Roger?” I asked.

Kirsten was bubbling like she always was when something she had planned went perfectly.

“It went exactly as Joan and I planned,” she said. “We used Joan’s suite and it was like a regular party until Roger got there.”

“Then the guys wanted to watch Roger do me, so Roger and I got naked. Then he butt-fucked me just like he did when you watched. I was screaming and begging him to stop. I was fighting to escape. It looked just like he was raping me. And the guys were laughing at me — just like Joan said they would. The bastards thought it was funny that I was getting raped and having so much pain as my asshole got stretched out.”

“But then everything got real quiet when I stopped struggling and started pumping my ass. All four guys had their dicks in their hands right away. When I started begging Roger to fuck me harder those guys started jacking off — I mean all four of them were jacking off together like little boys while they stared at Roger and me.”

“Roger pounded me hard and I was real tight the way he likes an asshole to be. Ryan was watching me getting butt-fucked, playing with his balls with one hand and jacking off with the other, and his mouth was open and he was panting. He couldn’t stop staring at Roger’s dick as I took that thick thing up my ass. When I felt Roger start to pump his load into me, I faked a big orgasm.”

“My God! I couldn’t believe it. Ryan pumped a load of cum up on his belly just as I faked my orgasm. One of the other guys had already cum and a third one pumped his load when I turned, still balancing on my spikes, and showed him Roger’s cum dripping out of my asshole.”

I chuckled, “That’s what Joan said was gonna happen. Guy’s are like that.”

Kirsten said it after me, “Guys are like that. They’re such proud bastards that it’s fun making ‘em play with their balls and jack off like high school boys.”

Then we both laughed.

“Then what?” I asked.

“Roger left and Joan and me fucked all four studs. Each of us took a lot of loads. I lost count. Joan said to me later when I talked about Ryan pumping cum up on his belly, ‘What a waste of semen, but it made him a much better fuck.’ And she was right — those guys were really turned on.”

I got a bonus. Her asshole didn’t need any more stretching so I did her regular and it felt really good for a change. Of course her pussy was getting a lot looser, more like Joan’s. She’d been doing a lot of fucking on this cruise and her pussy was starting to feel more like public pussy — big and loose.

I was back to regular duties now that the Nun had left and I needed to be on the bridge early. I hit the shower right after Kirsten left.

After graduating from College, my first job in NYC was as P.A to a Vice President of a well-known company. I held the job for two years before getting married and moving to the UK. This happened about a year into the job. I had met my future husband Cliff about 6 months prior in NYC but his work permit had expired and he had returned to England. I had started sending Cliff topless and naked pics on my cellphone to keep him interested.

This particular morning I was in my boss’s office while I thought he was at the monthly Friday morning board meeting. I was posing on his desk, first topless and then naked except for my boots, taking pics of my reflection in the mirror at the other end of his office to send to Cliff. I was supposed to be preparing a presentation for my boss and I’d got the door locked and the internal blinds shut.

I was quite turned on, wondering if the workers in the block opposite (our building was on 5th ave a block from the Empire State building) could see me. I was on the desk on my hands and knees with my ass raised high in the air, pointing at the window and mirror when I heard someone try the door. Seconds later the key turned and my boss caught me trying to get my panties on over my heeled boots. He came close to firing me on the spot but ended up calling the H.R Vice President who happened to be his buddy, telling him to meet him in his office immediately.

My boss made me stay naked and when Jeff, the HR guy turned up he told me to explain what I’d been doing. I explained about the pictures for Cliff. They took my phone from me, sent the pictures to their own cellphones and then told me to show them what I’d been doing. I asked what he meant and he told me to show them some of my poses.

I got in one of the poses which was on my phone, so there I was, naked and frankly very turned on, back arched, breasts thrust out, nipples erect, legs spread, pussy lips moist and swollen, clit hard and on display, ass pointing at the mirror, hands on my ass cheeks spreading them apart. My boss asked me what I thought he should do, reaching out to pinch my nipples whilst he spoke. As he did so, Jeff slid his finger into my pussy. I replied that they should punish me but not fire me. He asked how they should do that and as he asked, he removed his finger from my cunt and slid it into my ass. I said they would have to take me in hand but again asked not to be fired.

With that, I felt the Jeff’s cock, nuzzling against my pussy lips, lubricating his head with my wetness. I pushed back on his cock and was rewarded with the feeling of a thick, rock hard cock penetrating me deeply. My boss got his cock out and he told me to suck it. I bent forwards so I could take him in my mouth, taking all of his eight inches straight down my throat, this allowed the HR guy to penetrate me even more deeply, he thrust in and out of me extremely quickly, pushing my bosses cock even deeper down my throat and forcing me to grip his butt cheeks so I could remain upright. He quickly came in my cunt which alarmed me as I wasn’t on birth control at the time and my boss moved round to my rear. He slid his cock into my cunt and gave me a few strokes before withdrawing it and forcing it into my ass, saying he didn’t like sloppy seconds. After a few minutes he unloaded in my ass. He told me to get dressed and meet him in the boardroom at 6.00pm.

When I entered the boardroom there were 4 of the 6 V.P’s and the C.F.O sat around the table. They told me to close the blinds and turn on the projector. To my horror, all of the phone pics I’d taken were then displayed on the projector screen as a slide-show from my boss’s laptop. I got told to get up on the boardroom table and strip but to leave my boots on. I was reluctant and hesitant but realised I had no choice.

I climbed onto the boardroom table and stood in the center. I removed my suit jacket first and then my skirt. As I unbuttoned my blouse I felt my nipples hardening and my pussy start to tingle. Stood above all those middle aged suits in just my bra, panties and boots made me feel quite empowered. As I unclasped my bra and finally shimmied out of my panties I knew I had their complete attention.

Once undressed they told me get on all fours and crawl up and down the length of the table, as I did so they all reached out to feel my breasts and ass as I made my way past each of them. I was then instructed to get back in the middle of the table and lie on my back. They told me to spread my legs and to play with myself in front of them. I could see behind me my image on the projector screen. I was nervous but very turned on and I came very vocally after only a few minutes.

When I’d brought myself off, they told me to sit on the edge of the table in front of each guy in turn where each guy felt my tits before making me lift and spread my legs so they could each finger my cunt and asshole, I was still a bit sticky from the morning. After they’d each done this, they made me dismount from the table and bend forward over the back of a chair. They each took turns to spank my ass hard, two or three swats each. My pussy was dripping wet, it was the first time I’d been properly spanked and I was surprised to find I enjoyed it. After the spanking, Jeff asked if I still wanted to keep my job. I nodded to confirm I did, he then told me that to keep my job, and I had to agree to a new dress code for work, which meant I was only allowed to wear loose skirts, stockings, definitely no panties, heels, button down shirts and half cup brassieres that left my nipples exposed. Finally, I had to agree to service each V.P on request, granting use of my mouth, ass or cunt as demanded, effective immediately. No sooner had I agreed to this than I felt fingers penetrate my ass and lube being applied. Each one of them fucked my ass that evening, as they did so I was able to watch myself on the projector screen at the other end of the table, bent over the back of a boardroom chair being taken from behind.

The next week I had to administer blow jobs (executive relief as they called it) to most of them on a daily basis during the day and got fucked every evening after work by at least one of them. In the following weeks I got taken in the boardroom by all of them on two other occasions, they always spanked me hard before fucking me and on numerous occasions I was summoned to one of their offices during the day and made to close the blinds, lock the door, strip and service them, they mainly made me blow them or fucked my ass, the stuff their wives wouldn’t do. One of them used to make me display myself and play with myself in front of one of his clients. They both jerked themselves off over my face and I had to walk across the main office to clean up in the bathroom with cum in my hair. My boss bought me a selection of butt plugs, anal beads, nipple and clit clamps and bring them in to work. Most Fridays he made me insert the plug and put the clamps on then get dressed and go out on errands for him.

My boss and Jeff lived fairly close to each other on the upper west side. Most Friday evenings, when finally allowed to remove the large butt plug (my boss used to increase the size as the day progressed) they would both use my ass in the office. On several occasions I was made to travel home by taxi with the two of them. They used to make me bare my breasts whilst sitting in the cab and suck their cocks, fingering my cunt as I did so, usually making me cum too. I used to feel a mixture of humiliation, lust and power as I could see the cab driver staring at my bare breasts in the rear view mirror as I went about my duties. We were frequently honked at by other drivers too.

A few times they made me straddle them and ride their cocks either facing them or with my back to them. If they made me do this I could always see the driver watching in his rear view mirror and we frequently were hooted at by other drivers. On one occasion they made sure my ass was well lubed and I had my biggest butt plug in before we left. We went to a bar nearby, after a few cocktails we were collected by the company limo. Once inside the limo they made me undress totally, passing my clothes up front to the limo driver for safekeeping. After removing the plug they made me sit on Jeff with my back to him, as I did so he impaled my ass on his cock and made me spread my legs wide. The limo driver could see my swollen dripping cunt, exposed erect clit and my long, rock hard pink nipples on my bare jiggling breasts, as Jeff forcibly bounced me up and down on his engorged cock. My boss then produced a rabbit vibe which he thrust into my gaping wet pussy, giving it to me to thrust in and out and against my clit whilst he pinched, twisted and sucked on my nipples. This sent me over the edge and I erupted into a howling orgasm, as I did so my ass spasmed on Jeff’s cock, milking his cum out of him as he thrust deeply into me. Immediately I was lifted off Jeff and lowered onto my boss who resumed the punishment Jeff had been giving my ass, this time though I was bouncing myself up and down on his shaft and Jeff was fucking me mercilessly with the vibe. Soon I was in one seemingly continuous orgasm, my ass contracting around my boss’s hard member.

The limo driver had to go further up Central Park West and then drive back down rather than pull over. My boss eventually shot his load deep inside me just as we passed the end of his street for the second time. Jeff and my boss got out of the limo to meet their wives at a restaurant a couple of blocks further on. As a tip for the driver they told me to stay naked in the limo whilst he drove me to my apartment in Brooklyn. Once on my own in the limo the driver told me to spread my legs, insert the plug in my ass and fuck myself with the rabbit vibe all the way back to Brooklyn. He said if I wanted my clothes back I had to make myself cum for him before we got back.

When we arrived outside my apartment building he pulled over, turned round and took photos of me on his cellphone, telling me how he wanted me to pose for him, I could tell he was jerking himself too. He then passed me my coat back and told me to slip it on but to leave it unbuttoned, to get out and come to the driver’s door to get the rest of my clothes. He was still jerking himself off. When I got to the open door he told me to bend down and take him in my mouth. As I did so he shot his first load over my face before I could get him into my mouth, he shot the rest into my mouth and down my throat, holding me roughly by my hair with one hand as he forced himself deeper down my throat making me gag, fingering my cunt and mauling my breasts with the other. As his orgasm subsided I sucked his softening cock dry and licked him clean as I came on his hand due to him finger fucking me so roughly. He handed me my clothes, closed his door and drove off.

This is a “prequel” to my story “College Girls,” (http://www.literotica.com/s/college-girls-2) posted on this site some time ago. The two young men in that tale, Dan and Tom, were juniors in college. This narrative begins near the end of their sophomore year. It isn’t necessary to read one to understand the other. Just like “College Girls,” this has no redeeming social value.

* * * * * * * * * *

The college I went to was in a small, backward town. There were six churches and one bar. Almost every night, that bar was packed with college kids, most of whom were too young to be there. It helped that the bar owner was the town sheriff’s brother.

We were at our usual table – me and my drinking buddies, Tom and Jack. We were talking about what we would do over the summer after our sophomore year of college.

“C’mon, guys, it’ll be great,” I said. “We watch racing on TV. We like to party. The cars are awesome. Imagine forty cars roaring past you on the back straight and then belching flames when they downshift for the hairpin turn! There’s crazy amounts of hot pussy. Everybody gets stupid drunk, and the lucky ones fuck their brains out all night. Can you get the tent, Tom?”

“The tent’s no problem,” Tom said as he re-filled our mugs. “Even if it’s just a camping trip, I’m in.”

I said, “We’ll drive up Friday, party all night, maybe sleep a little, maybe not, drink breakfast, and go to the track. There’s racing on Saturday and Sunday, and we go home Monday. We’re not paying for grandstand seats. There are plenty of places on hills and on the edge of the woods where you can watch, and thousands of people partying and smokin’ hot chicks everywhere.”

“Yeah, with their boyfriends,” Jack said. “I can go to the mall if I want to see that.”

“Wrong, oh serious one,” I said. “When I was there two years ago, there were girls all over the place flashing their tits and running from one party to the next. I even saw some chick riding a guy in the grass right next to the dirt road everyone walks on, in the middle of the afternoon. At night, there were all kinds of girls getting naked and hooking up with guys.”

“How much pussy did you get?” Tom asked.

“Um…, well…, none. But I wasn’t trying. Hell, I was only eighteen then.”

“Why would it be different this time?” Jack smirked.

“This girl I hung out with in high school called me this afternoon. She’s a friend-with-benefits,” I said.

“Probably ugly,” Tom said.

I ignored him. “She wants to get together and party some time this summer. She has three girlfriends she hangs with in college, and they’re all single. She wondered if I had any buddies that we could plan some crazy weekend with.”

“Desperate, or just pathetic, if she fucked you,” Jack said, downing a few swallows of his beer. “I bet her friends are real gems, too.”

“Check it out. She sent me this.” I handed my phone to Tom.

“Holy shit! Nice tits on the Asian chick! Which one is yours?” Tom exclaimed.

“Give me that!” Jack said, grabbing the phone. He started to grin when he saw the picture of Tina and her friends posing topless in skinny jeans.

I said, “The girl with the light brown hair standing cheek-to-cheek with the Asian hottie is Tina. She’s the one I went to school with. I don’t know the others.”

“I’d like to know all of them, in the Biblical sense. You please me, young Daniel. I am definitely doing this if you can get them to come,” Jack said.

“How did she talk her friends into stripping and sending your their picture?” Tom asked, licking his lips.

“Tina’s a marketing major. I guess she’s a pretty good salesperson.”

“I’m buying,” Jack said.

“Tina and her friends are excited about the racing, the camping. and the partying. I said I’d call tomorrow and tell her if I’m bringing you guys.”

“How big is the tent?” Jack asked.

Tom smiled. “Six-man army surplus. It’s nice. Great party tent, but a little tight sleeping seven.”

“Are you kidding?” I exclaimed. “With four girls, we can each have one snuggled on both sides of us. That sounds all right to me.”

“How are the girl’s getting there?” Tom asked.

“Tina’s borrowing a van – plenty of room for four girls and their junk. Tina’s a big partier. She says they all are. They’ll bring whatever refreshments they want.”

“Cut to the chase,” Jack said. “Will I get laid?”

“Let me put it this way. When we were in high school, Tina wasn’t a girl you took home to Mom, especially if you weren’t sure you could trust Dad,” I replied. “Now she says her new friends have corrupted her. They’re naked in the next picture.”

Jack touched the button and got a very evil smile on his face. “I just decided I’m into butt-sex. Check out the ass on the blond, Tom.”

“And the Asian chick shaves! Let’s do this,” Tom said, raising his mug in a toast.

The big weekend finally came. I drove to Tom’s house and loaded up his stuff. Then we went to Jack’s place and got him. We looked like we were packed for a month-long safari with all our junk tied on the roof and the trunk, but that was so we would have room inside the car for beer.

I was the only one who was comfortable. I talked the guys out of putting a case of beer on the floor on my side, since I was driving. Tom sat in front with his feet up on two cases. We had beer on the floor on one side and food on the other in the back, so Jack lay across my tiny back seat, a sleeping bag for a pillow and two cases of beer under his legs.

When we pulled into the gas station near the campground, I heard a familiar voice.

“Dan? Dan! That IS your car under all that stuff!”

Tina was jogging across the parking lot toward me. When she doesn’t wear a bra, that’s a very pretty sight.

“God, it’s good to see you!” Tina squealed.

She jumped onto me, wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my ass. When she broke our kiss, I put her down and said, “We’re going to have some fun this weekend, baby.”

“Let’s get to the campsite. I’ll show you fun,” Tina said with a naughty smile.

“We’re all sharing one tent, you know,” I said.

“My friends won’t mind. Oh, that reminds me. Miyoko couldn’t come. You know, the Japanese girl who lived across the hall from me?”

“Oh, that sucks.”

“Don’t worry, I found a substitute,” Tina said. “There’s still four girls and three guys, so you boys should all have fun. My roommate, Haley, brought her little sister, Sonja. You’ll like her.”

She turned to the van and yelled, “Girls, come and meet our camping partners.”

A blond, a brunette, and a ginger got out of Tina’s van. I could hear a low whistle coming from one of my boys in the car. No wonder. All three girls were as hot as Tina.

“Tom, Jack,” I said. “Get your asses out of the car and greet our tent-mates.” Tom hopped out, but he had to help Jack crawl out of the back, because his feet had fallen asleep.

“Boys, I’m Tina, and this is my roommate Haley,” Tina said, putting her arm around the waist of the luscious-looking blond. “This is her sister, Sonja,” she said, indicating the equally luscious-looking ginger-haired girl, “and that’s Marcy,” pointing at the leggy brunette.

Damn. If these chicks were as wild as Tina, we were going to have a very good time. “I’m Dan, this is my buddy Tom, and the crippled one over there is Jack.”

“Fuck you, Dan, you try riding side-saddle for five hours in the back of your little shitwagon, with two cases of beer for a footrest. I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same,” Jack grumbled.

“Dan, how could you do that to him?” Tina exclaimed.

“Someone was going to suffer in my back seat, and I figured Jack wouldn’t piss and moan the whole time like Tom would, so I put Jack back there. He’ll be OK. He never smiles anyway,” I said.

Tina frowned for a moment. Suddenly, her facial expression changed. Uh oh. Tina just had a very naughty thought.

“You poor boy,” she said, slinking over to Jack. That strutting-her-stuff walk is why you can’t take her home to meet your parents.

“I bet my friends can make you forget all about your aches and pains,” she said to Jack.

“Give me the keys,” Haley said. “I’ll bring the van over here.”

“How far to the campground?” Marcy asked while we waited.

“About half an hour to the gate, if we don’t wind up in a long line,” I answered.

Tina smirked at her friends. “Can you girls make Jack feel better in that time?”

“I’ll do my part,” Marcy said, unbuttoning her shirt almost down to her navel.

“You know, I’m pretty stiff myself from riding with my feet on the dashboard,” Tom complained.

“I’m sure someone can take away that stiffness by the time we get to the campground. Why don’t you ride with us?” Tina asked.

Sonja said, “I’ll go with you, Dan. We can learn a little about each other. Can you move the beer into the back seat so I have room to get comfortable?”

While I made room for Sonja, the rest of the gang folded seats and moved stuff in the van. Tom glanced over at me and gave me a goofy grin and a thumbs-up. Then Marcy pushed him into the van, where Haley knelt, topless. Marcy turned toward us, opened her shirt the rest of the way, and pinched her nipples. Then she climbed into the van and shut the door. Tina yelled out the window, “We’ll follow you.”

“Let’s go,” Sonja said, settling into my passenger’s seat.

I quickly got in my car and pulled onto the road leading to the campground. Tina was right behind me.

“How far do we have to go?” Sonja asked.

“If traffic is like it was the last time, about half an hour. The people I met up here said, if you don’t get to that gas station by six pm, you’re gonna be stuck in a traffic jam that makes it a three-hour wait to get through the gates. By that time, the best campsites are gone.”

Sonja turned in her seat, tucking her legs under her and leaning a hand on the console, allowing me a nice view of her upper chest. “Do you know where you want to camp?”

“Same place I did last time. There were cool people all around. We all wandered from tent to tent, and there was a huge campfire at one guy’s site. A bunch of people I talked to said they’d been coming here for years, and swore they’d never miss one of these weekends. It got pretty crazy, but no one got really stupid. We all just had a great fuckin’ time.”

“Will I get in trouble for drinking? I’m only eighteen,” Sonja said.

“There’s security in case there’s a fight or drama, or if someone gets sick or hurt, but they leave the partying alone. Hell, I saw one security guy getting a blowjob from some girl. He must have been over fifty, and she looked like she might have still been in high school,” I said.

“Does anyone get naked outside?” Sonja asked.

“Well, yeah. Someone got the idea of having a wet t-shirt contest, so they put two pick-up trucks back to back with their tailgates open. That made a platform big enough for eight girls to dance and get ice water thrown on them. There were a bunch of people naked before I finally crashed around five in the morning,” I said.

“I love being nude. You know a fantasy of mine?” Sonja asked. “I’d like to walk around nude in public in broad daylight. I think it would be cool to have sex in public, too. Maybe I could do that this weekend.”

“You could, I guess. I’d watch that,” I laughed.

“Oh,” Sonja said, an exaggerated pout on her face. “I thought maybe you’d want to join in.”

“I might get talked into it,” I said.

“I’ll give you a preview,” Sonja said. In a moment, her shirt was on the floor. Her breasts were nice and firm-looking, creamy-skinned, with erect pink nipples.

Sonja’s face lit up. “Hey, wanna know another fantasy of mine?”

“What’s that?” I was having some fantasies of my own.

“Giving road head to a cute guy I just met.” She fished a hair tie out of the pocket of her jeans and swept her full ginger mane into a quick pony-tail. Then she lay across the console and opened my pants, pulling my swelling cock out and stroking it gently. “Pay attention to your driving. I’m not ready to die yet. How much farther to the campground?” she asked.

“Oh God, about fifteen minutes,” I gasped.

“In fourteen minutes, you’re going to cum in my mouth,” Sonja said, lightly licking the head of my cock and stroking the shaft with her hand.

You have to understand something here. I’m twenty years old, which means I’m always horny. Now that my sophomore year in college was over, I was back to living in my parent’s basement. My social life had been limited for the last month, so when Sonja started bobbing up and down hard on me, fluttering her tongue on that little bundle of nerves at the base of my helmet on the out-stroke, I knew this was going to be over way too soon. I felt my thigh muscles tighten.

She felt it too. “Didn’t you like that?” she asked.

“I liked it almost too much. We’re only about halfway to the gate,” I said.

“Now I know how I’m going to finish you,” Sonja murmured, before taking half my manhoond into her mouth. She slowly bobbed up and down on me, sometimes angling her head so I would scrape the roof of her mouth, sometimes pulling off so she could rub my cock on her face, alternating between licking softly and sucking hard. In short, Tina, good as she is, should take some lessons.

I managed to drive pretty smoothly, but after a while, I began humping up at her face. I couldn’t help it. I was almost ready to cum.

“How close are we to the gate?” Sonja asked, looking up at my red face.

“Maybe eight minutes.”

She sucked me hard again, and resumed jacking me with her hand.

“I’m not gonna last much longer,” I warned her.

“Yes you will,” she chuckled, grasping me firmly at the base of my shaft, squeezing until we both knew my cum would have to simmer for a while longer. Then she lightly bathed my entire cock with her tongue, just licking and teasing. I was sweating freely by now, the intense pleasure making me tremble.

When we made the last turn before the gate, there were only a few cars sitting in line. “We’re a couple of minutes from the gate,” I said.

“Okay.” She opened her jeans and thrust her hand inside. “I’m gonna drink you down.” She took me all the way to the base again and then started bobbing her head up and down rapidly. This new fast pace, along with the moans and aroma coming from her, forced me to start thrusting my hips again. I was glad I had to bring the car to a stop then.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum,” I hissed. Sonja pulled mostly off of me and grabbed my shaft, jacking me furiously, sucking hard on my head, while fluttering her tongue rapidly on the bundle of nerves she had found before. I came buckets. Sonja was squirming, her one hand vigorously fucking herself, moaning as she worked to swallow all my spunk.

We managed to make ourselves presentable before we got to the guy at the gate. I handed over our tickets, and he gave me a camping permit to hang on my mirror. “I need to put wristbands on you,” he said.

Sonja leaned across me, her head out my window, and held the hand she had been rubbing herself with out to the guy. He started to put her wristband on and then hesitated, inhaling deeply. A slight smile played across his face as he finished trimming the excess plastic. “Thank you, miss,” he said forcing his gaze from the erect nipples showing through her shirt up to her face.

“You’re cute,” Sonja said.

There’s no way the guy didn’t smell my cum on her breath.

After he put my wristband on, he smiled at us and said, “You kids have a real good time.”

I could see Tina’s van behind us in line, so I led the way to the area where I wanted to camp. When we parked, Tina came over to me and said, “We need to get the tent set up right now.”

“OK, we’ll get to work on it, but let’s unload our stuff and get organized.”

“No, right now,” Tina said. “I had to listen to the four of them back there the whole way here, and I didn’t see Sonja’s head from the time she took off her top until we were almost at the gate. I need you to help me now!”

“Guys, let’s get the tent set up. We’ll unload the rest of the shit later,” I yelled.

Jack and Tom were still hammering on the rear tent stakes when Tina dragged me inside and started tearing clothing off both of us. She was naked, kneeling in front of me, with my jeans and shorts bunched around my ankles, when Sonja poked her head into the tent. She smiled at me and left. In a moment, she returned with Haley and Marcy. They were carrying sleeping bags, which they quickly unrolled and spread into a big pallet on the tent floor. Then they all began shedding their clothes.

Sonja pulled back the tent flap and stood there, nude, calling out, “Hey, Tom, Jack, I think Dan needs a little help with some things in here.”

In moments, everyone was naked. I lay on my back, and Tina knelt between my knees to continue working on me.

Haley flopped down next to me, grabbing my hand and rubbing it on one of her large, firm tits. Sonja got on her hands and knees at Haley’s feet, lowered her face toward her sister’s clean-shaven pussy, and said, “Someone needs to fuck my ass.”

Tom was on his back with Marcy squatting over him. They looked pretty pre-occupied.

Jack spit in his hand, and rubbed his cock. “Yeah, I am into butt sex,” he muttered as he positioned himself behind the pale ginger’s sweet-looking ass. “Sonja, I’m going to lube us up with your pussy juice.”

“Good. I’m horny as hell,” Sonja said, pausing from tongue-fucking her older sister.

Tina, it seemed, may have already had some lessons from Sonja. I thought it would take a while for me to feel like I wanted to cum, but Tina’s talent and enthusiasm were pretty amazing. I was having more and more trouble resisting the urge to explode all over the back of her throat. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth?” I groaned.

“Not this time,” Tina said, lifting off me. “But I want to cum in yours. Don’t worry, baby, I was driving, so I’m still clean inside. Do this for me, and then I want you to fuck the hell out of me.”

She got up and straddled my face. Her pussy was just as pretty as I remembered it, clean shaven, except for a small, close-cropped triangle of rich brown hair. The lips were glistening with her moisture, and her clit protruded, proud and needy. I knew how much she liked to get off on my tongue, and I loved to taste her. Besides, she always showed me her appreciation when I was done.

Tina had been squirming and moaning for a while, occasionally crying out with a small orgasm when I nibbled on her clit or inserted another finger, but all those mini-cums really did for her was get her more aroused. I hoped that when she finally came for real it would be intense. It was my thumb in her ass that finally got her off right.

When she stopped screaming, I heard a man’s voice outside calling, “Miss, are you okay? If you don’t answer me, I’m coming in.”

Haley had her legs wrapped around Sonja’s head, the blond sister’s one hand wrapped in her younger sister’s ginger mane and the other hand stuffed in her own mouth to muffle her noises. Jack was busy getting off in the redhead’s squirming ass with a few fingers buried in her sex. Marcy was lying on top of Tom, spunk running from her pussy, plunging her tongue into his mouth. It didn’t look like any of them was going to speak up.

“She’s fine,” I called to the guy outside.

“I wanted to hear it from her,” he said, unzipping the tent door. “Oh! Oh shit! Hey guys, I didn’t mean to screw up your party. I’m not used to hearing that much moaning and screaming before dark around here. Which of you girls was so loud?”

Haley said, “I think it was her,” pointing to Tina, who was now lying on my chest, panting for air.

“Damn. Nice job, man,” the guy said, looking at me. “Hey, yeah, well, um, I’m sorry I interrupted you guys. Come over to my camp when you’re done. I just tapped my first keg. I’m in the orange tent over there. My name’s Andy. See ya later, and, uh, sorry.” He backed out of the tent and zipped the flap. I could hear him laughing as he walked away.

Marcy rolled off Tom, and Tina crawled off me and worked her way between Tom and me, putting her head on my chest, grabbing Tom’s hand, and planting it on her ass.

The hand fondling me wasn’t Tina’s. Haley said, “When you’re done with him, Tina, may I have a ride?”

“Girlfriend, I told you, Dan and I were never exclusive. We’re friends, and we like to fuck, but we have other ‘friends,’ too.” Tina replied.

“I hope we can all be ‘friends’ this weekend,” Jack said.

“That’s why I came along,” Sonja said. “Haley told me there would be three guys, I have three holes, so I said, ‘Why not?’ Which reminds me, I still haven’t gotten to know Tom at all, and I haven’t had my pussy eaten or properly fucked. And, come to think of it, Dan hasn’t gotten fucked yet either.”

“My little sister hasn’t figured out yet that sometimes it’s not cool to be a total slut. Sometimes you have to pretend to be a little innocent,” Haley observed.

“You seemed real innocent when you were naked, talking to that guy with your sister’s head in your crotch,” Marcy giggled. “He’s big enough to break us in half, and he looked downright scary with his shaved head. Was he security, Dan?”

“No,” I laughed. “I remember him from last time. He had a huge campfire, an orange tent and a big pick-up truck. The whole bed was a huge insulated box full of ice and beer.”

“Speaking of beer, I think we should finish unloading our junk and setting up our camp. Then we should probably wash up before we start making dinner,” Jack said.

Marcy got to her feet and started looking for her clothes. “I’ll set up the little tent I brought so we have a place to store clothes and stuff. We can keep all the coolers in the van so no one gets into the food and drinks.”

“OK, everybody up and at ‘em,” Tom said, following Marcy’s example.

“You guys go ahead,” Tina replied. “Dan and I have some unfinished business. Namely, his cock in my pussy. Now, the sooner you guys get out of here, the sooner we can be done and can come out and help.” She pushed Haley’s hand away from my raging cock and motioned for me to get on top of her. “I haven’t had you inside me since Spring Break,” she murmured, grabbing me and pointing me toward her still-wet sex.

I was vaguely aware of the others getting dressed and leaving as I pushed my way into Tina for the first time in months. Yes, just as hot and tight as I remembered. She gasped when I hit bottom. Then she said, “I missed this. You always fill me so well.”

“We are a good fit, aren’t we,” I said, pulling out partway and then pushing into her again.

She wrapped her legs around mine, and grabbed my shoulders so she could kiss me. Our tongues wrestled for awhile, and when we broke for air, Tina said, “I want you to fuck me hard. I want to scream on your cock like I screamed on your face. I want you as deep inside me as you can get when you cum.”

That’s exactly what I did.

We got dressed and went out to see what the others were doing. They had cleared the grass around an old truck wheel rim we would use as a fire ring, gotten some wood together, and set up Marcy’s two-man tent so her tent flap was close to the opening on the big one.

“No wonder that Andy guy came over,” Tom laughed. “That scream scared me, Tina, and I had already heard it before.”

“Fuck you, Tom. You can ride in the back on the way home,” I said.

“Well, at least we won’t have all the beer,” Tom replied, tossing cans to Tina and me. “We’re not done setting up camp, but we excavated this cooler.”

“Yeah,” Jack said. “Marcy and I have the whole campsite planned out, and we’re ready to unpack the clothes and food. We’ll put your car next to the small tent and the van over here. The chairs can go near the fire, and we’re open in the front to the rest of the campground so we can see what’s going on.”

“After this is all set up, can you show us where the showers are, Dan?” Haley asked. “Are there shower rooms or just outdoor shower heads?”

“Both. During the day, people mainly use the outside shower heads for cooling off, but at night people are out there actually bathing each other,” I said.

“Cool,” Tom and Marcy said together.

“Let’s finish our work and have another beer, then we’ll go get cleaned up and make dinner. After that, it’s party time,” Haley said.

We finished setting up our campsite and prepared the fire we would light when we got back from the showers. We grabbed our shower stuff, towels, and clean clothes and headed toward the bathrooms.

Andy’s bright orange tent was set up along the path. As we walked by, we saw Andy sitting in a camp chair with a bottle of whiskey. “Hey guys,” he called. “Stop and have a drink or five.”

“Thanks, Andy. We were on our way to the showers,” Tina said. “Sorry about scaring you earlier. I guess I’m pretty loud.”

“Yeah, I heard you the second time, too,” he leered. “Who did that to you?”

“Dan, here,” she said, pointing at me. “He was the one who made me scream both times.”

“Oh, you two are together,” Andy said.

“Not really. We’ve known each other for years, but we’re not a couple in the traditional sense. I’m not a one-man woman, and he’s not a one-woman man. That’s what all of us are about this weekend.”

“Nice,” Andy laughed.

“My name’s Tina. Let me introduce my friends. That’s my roommate Haley, the blond with the great tits, her little sister Sonja, the ginger with the killer ass, and that’s Marcy with the sexy dark hair and beautiful legs. These are Dan’s college buddies, Tom and Jack.”

“Good to meet you, uh, properly,” Andy said, shaking hands all around. “Now who’s drinking what? The keg’s over there, the whiskey’s right here, and those coolers have booze, mixers and sodas. Help yourselves.”

Jack and I tapped beers for ourselves and Tina. The other girls were mixing drinks. Tom got a beer, took an extra cup, and went over to Andy, who poured at least three shots into it.

“Wait, everybody,” Andy called, pouring a large serving of whiskey for himself. “There are a few extremely important rules about this campsite. First rule: Don’t be an asshole. Second rule: Party hard enough that you’re almost an asshole. Third rule: The first drink with new friends on a race weekend is to be consumed rapidly. Beer and mixed drinks are to be chugged. Straight booze like Tom and I have must be consumed a good mouthful at a time, shot by shot. The kicker is, there’s only a five second break allowed between shots. Ready?”

I knew where this was leading. Someone was going to have to babysit Tom. He can be a real pain in the ass around four in the morning.

“Begin!” Andy yelled. He took a big gulp of whiskey, let out a little gasp, looked at Tom, and said, “One, two, three, four, five, drink!”

Tom gulped his second mouthful and coughed.

“One, two, three, four, five, drink!”

Tom blinked back a tear as he dropped his empty cup.

“Damn, you’re red, boy!” Andy laughed. “Drink that beer to cool down.”

“Do I have to chug it?” Tom wheezed.

“No, hell, the first drink ceremony is over,” Andy said. “You can drink your chaser as slow as you want.”

“Thanks, dude,” Tom said, taking a couple swallows of beer.

Haley was holding her empty cup, mopping her face with her shirt. “I never had a rum and cola make me sweat before.”

Marcy asked, “Andy, how many times have you been here?”

“My brother brought me here the first time as my eighteenth birthday present He was getting married later that summer and figured he might not have another chance to party with his kid brother. I’ve been back every year. Tomorrow I’ll be thirty years old, so this is my birthday party. Everyone’s invited.”

“Why don’t we go get our showers and then bring some food down here?” Tina asked.

“Great,” Andy said. “I’ll get the campfire ready, and when you get back, you guys can watch it while I go clean up.”

“See ya in a little while,” I said, and our group walked off to the showers.

Since it was early on the first night of the weekend, the building was deserted. Tom, Jack, and I walked into the men’s side, laid our clean clothes on a bench, and each went into a shower booth. I had shampoo in my eyes when I heard the stall door open.

“Occupied!” I snapped. How fucking stupid can some guys be?

“Now, now, Dan, wouldn’t you like help washing your back?” Marcy purred.

“What are you doing here?”

“Hopefully, getting wet and friendly,” she said, pressing her naked body against me. “I’ll wash you if you wash me.”

“Where are the other girls?” I grabbed her ass to pull our crotches firmly together.

“I’m over here with Tom,” Haley called. She sounded a little breathless already.

“Tina’s in here, oh God,” Jack groaned from his stall.

“Where’s Sonja?” I asked.

“She said she’d shower later. She went back to keep Andy company,” Haley said.

Marcy and I managed to get clean, then messy, then clean again. Even so, we were the first ones out of the shower. We dried each other off and reluctantly got dressed. The others joined us a few minutes later.

“Do you think Andy’s having a good time?” Tina asked as we walked back to the campsite.

“If I know my little sister,” Haley chuckled, “poor Andy doesn’t know what hit him.”

“Andy’s a guy,” Jack said. “Trust me, he doesn’t care.”

When we got back to Andy’s campsite, it was starting to get dark. “Hey gang,” he said, coming out of his orange tent. “I’m ready to start the fire.”

“Did Sonja come back here?” Marcy asked.

“Yeah, she’s getting dressed,” Andy said, pulling a gas can from the enclosed trailer behind his truck. He walked over to the fire ring, a huge thing made from three tractor wheel rims welded together. It was piled high with wood and brush. Opening the can, he splashed a little gasoline into the center of the pile.

“Am I in a party mood yet?” he said to himself. “Yeah, I think I am. You guys in a party mood?” he yelled to us.

“Hell yeah,” Tom answered. The whiskey was starting to catch up with him already.

“We’re gonna light this place up!” Andy said, pouring gas all over everything in the fire ring. When the can was empty, he closed it, put it back in the trailer, and came back holding a highway emergency flare. Walking slowly around the fire ring, he examined the ground.

“Good. No leaks. I suggest you kids stand back,” Andy said. He walked away from the ring and pulled the cap off the red stick. “This is gonna make a big fire, you know,” he said, striking the flare. Instantly, the end of it was spitting bright orange fire and showers of white sparks.

“Let the games begin!” Andy yelled at the top of his lungs, tossing the flare into the fire ring. There was a loud “Whooomp!” sound, and a column of flame shot twenty feet into the air. The chill of the evening was gone instantly. As we moved further from the fire, cheering sounded from campsites all around.

“What the fuck was that?” Sonja cried, rushing out of Andy’s orange tent. “Holy shit! How are we going to cook on that?”

“Oh, sweetheart, that’s only the ceremonial fire. We sacrifice virgins there at midnight,” Andy said.

“We’re all safe,” Haley laughed.

“Can someone give me a hand?” Andy asked, skirting the raging fire and opening the rear doors of his trailer.

Jack and I helped him haul out a large grill and a bag of charcoal. The trailer was filled with firewood, more bags of charcoal, several kegs of beer, and more ice chests. This guy was prepared.

“I’ll get this going,” Andy said, pouring a good amount of charcoal into the grill. He dumped a liberal dose of lighter fluid on it, and produced another impressive fireball. “Sonja, let’s go get cleaned up. By the time we get back, we should be ready to cook.”

“Yeah, I’m kinda sticky all over,” Sonja laughed. They grabbed their shower supplies and clean clothes and started down the path.

“Help yourselves to drinks while we’re gone,” Andy called over his shoulder.

It was only three beers later when Andy and Sonja returned. The raging inferno in the fire ring had died down to a furnace-like pile of almost white-hot coals. Blue flame still rose a foot above the ring, and the steel itself showed areas of dull red glow.

“How’s the charcoal?” Andy asked.

“Ready,” Tina said. “We brought burgers. Should I start them?

“Yeah. There are hot dogs and brats in that yellow cooler next to the tent,” Andy said. “Make some of them too. I feel like pigging out. Guys, let’s put some big wood on that fire. I brought some stuff that will take two of us to throw in.”

While we ate, Andy told us some stories about race weekends of past years. “There used to be an area off the last turn before the front straightaway that was called ‘The Bog’. It was a low-lying area that turned into a mud pit when it rained. The people who camped around there were wild. They made us seem like a bunch of prudes.”

“Prudes?” Tina exclaimed. “They must have been pretty hardcore.”

“They were animals. Mud wrestling, fucking in the dirt in broad daylight, people passed out all over the place – it was crazy. Some of them even brought old junk cars here to burn in the mud. That practice went on for a couple years until some bozo stole a tour bus, drove it into the bog, and torched it. When I came back the next year the area was filled in, but the crazy partying goes on.”

“Speaking of which,” Sonja said, “I feel like getting naked.”

“Really?” Andy asked, a wicked gleam in his eye.

“Out here?” Marcy exclaimed.

“I dare you,” Tina said.

“Oh my God, Tina, that was the wrong thing to say to my little sister!” Haley laughed. “She never backs down from a dare.”

“I’ll do it,” Sonja taunted, “and I dare the rest of you to join me.”

“Tina? I know you always take a dare,” I said.

“When are we going to do this?” Haley asked.

“‘We?’” Marcy exclaimed. “When did this get to be ‘We?’”

Tom had weaved his way over to me. “I think I’m in love, Dan,” he said, quietly.

“Huh? With who?”

“All of ‘em. Every fuckin’ one of ‘em. This weekend is turnin’ out so fuckin’ awesome.”

“Pace yourself, buddy-boy. It’s only Friday.” I looked at my watch. “It’s not even eleven o’clock. I want to have some more fun with our new friends over there before I pass out.”

“Do you realize, Dan, that I have already had a blowjob from two different hot girls, and fucked a chick who could be a Victoria’s Secret model?” Tom said, sounding a bit more sober.

“Blowjob from Sonja in the car, suck and fuck with Tina in the tent and Marcy in the shower, and a little fondling with Haley,” I said, pointing to myself.

“Dan, dude, you were right about this place!”

“The last time I was here, it didn’t start to really get fun until about midnight,” I reminded Tom. “We haven’t even met the neighbors, and the wandering bands of chick aren’t out yet.”

“I think I’m gonna get myself a burger and a soda,” Tom said, heading for the coolers.

“Don’t forget, ladies, it’s my birthday,” Andy called. “You should do this right for old Uncle Andy. Hang on a minute.” He dashed to his trailer and returned with a small generator and two halogen lights on stands. “Boys, help me out here. We want to be able to see them if they’re going to all get naked together.”

Soon, we had two bright lights on an area of grass big enough for all four girls to shed their clothes for us.

The girls spread some blankets on the ground. “Ready?” Sonja asked, grabbing the hem of her top.

“Uh, wait a minute. Are we touching?” Marcy asked.

“Duh,” Sonja said.

“That means we’re touching,” Haley snickered, already topless.

Tina was the first one naked. She went over to Marcy, who still had her shorts on, and grabbed her. In seconds, Marcy’s hands were on Tina’s tits, and Tina was gripping the brunette’s ass as they kissed passionately. The sisters were on the ground in a side-by-side sixty-nine.

Tom flopped down in the chair next to me. “Danny Boy,” he said, “do we really have to go watch cars this weekend? I think I’d be happy to just stay right here.”

“We are definitely walking around tomorrow. The racing is insane, and the cars are so loud that you’re kind of drawn to them. So are all the chicks.”

“Yeah, but they’ll have clothes on. Here, they don’t, and I like that,” Tom said.

“You have a point. But we’ll want to go over to the showers. If the sun’s really hot, some girls will be showering outside. We might get to join them. There’s body painting we can watch, too.”

By this time, the girls had formed sort of a daisy chain, each one with her head buried in the snatch of another. Marcy was making appreciative noises on Tina’s face, while she herself was busy getting the same sounds out of Haley. Sonja was quivering on her big sister’s tongue, and Tina looked like she was working up to a good scream again, with the ginger’s tongue on her ass and Sonja’s fingers sawing in and out of her pussy.

“Hot damn!” Tom said. “I’m hard as a fucking tree trunk.”

“I’m not sure I needed to know that,” Jack observed.

“I agree with you, Jack, but I’m enjoying the show, too,” I said.

One by one, the girls broke contact with their partners. They lay there for a while, gasping for air, kissing, fondling, and eventually giggling amongst themselves.

Finally Tina sat up and called to us, “Hey guys, we want to see you naked now. Dan, you’re first.”

“No one wants to see his junk,” Jack dead-panned.

“Speak for yourself,” Haley said, her large breasts bouncing delightfully as she trotted to me. Dropping to her knees, she caressed my hardness through my shorts.

“Don’t look at them, Jack, look at me,” Marcy called. She beckoned to Jack with her finger.

Soon I was under the lights, naked as the day I was born, standing with Haley, kissing her while she stroked my cock to full readiness. Tom was next to me, making out with Sonja.

“Hey, Birthday Boy,” Tina called, “lose the clothes and get over here.”

Andy was quick to comply.

“OH! Oh my God!” Tina exclaimed. “Your cock is huge, Andy! I’ve never seen balls that big!”

“Why do you think I was sticky all over earlier?” Sonja laughed.

“As small as you are,” Tina asked, “you actually fucked him? You fit all of that in you?”

“It took a while. He reached places no one ever reached before.”

“Really? Come here, Andy!” Tina said. “Girls, look at this!”

“Holy fuck!” Tom muttered, following Sonja’s line of sight. “Now I know what penis envy is.”

“Gay, gay, gay,” Jack said, lifting his face from Marcy’s crotch. “Tom, that’s one thing about you that really … oh shit, he’s hung like a horse!”

Haley kissed me, re-directing my attention to where it belonged. “I’ve never seen anything like that,” she said. “But I do see something I like a lot, right here in my hand. I haven’t had it inside me yet. Let’s change that.” She sank slowly to her knees in front of me, kissing and nibbling at my chest and belly. Finally she was at eye-level with my cock.

“Oh yeah,” she said, looking at my manhood with a lusty smile. “I so want you inside me, but I wanna taste you first.” She flicked her tongue across the head of my cock once. As she pulled away, a thin strand of pre-cum stretched from her tongue back to me. “My sister said she sucked your cock when you were driving here. Did you like it?” She licked the very tip of my dick again.

“Yeah,” I gasped.

“Why?” Haley teased. Her index finger stroked slowly from the base of my shaft to the helmet, circling delicately around the rim.

“It felt good.”

“Does my little red-headed slut sister give good head?” She ran her tongue along the same path her finger had just traced.

“Yeah, she’s pretty good,” I breathed.

“I’m glad,” Haley said. She opened her mouth and took half of me inside, and then worked me with her tongue as she pulled back. “I taught her everything she knows.”

She had all the moves her little sister had and more. If I hadn’t already cum so many times that day, it would have been over quickly, but I only have so much self-control. “Keep that up much longer and I’ll cum,” I moaned.

Mary had no luck with men. She was a very pretty petite blonde with a perpetually sunny smile and disposition. Yet all the men she was meeting were some mixture of arrogant, horny, desperate, and/or clueless about how to act on a date or around a woman. The worst of these was the horniness. You want men to have a healthy interest; but the guys she dated almost universally either would start pressuring her to have sex, or were so clearly worried about the question of getting into her pants as soon as possible that they were almost incapable of normal conversation.

One day she was about ready to give up and become a twenty-something year old cat lady when she was talking to one of her coffee mates about this perpetual problem. Her friend mentioned a new concept in dating services that she had just heard was starting up. Very low key and private. The idea was to get the sex out of the way first in a setting that would not be threatening to the woman, and would alleviate some of the arrogance and other bad behaviour of the man. This sounded intriguing to Mary although there were few details about the specifics. But she got the number and resolved to at least call them up and ask some questions.

Rob was a man having similar bad luck on the dating treadmill. He meant well, he really, really did. He was normally a nice guy and even a little shy. But on a date he inevitably started obsessing about whether he was going to get lucky. He couldn’t pretend to himself that he didn’t care, because he really did, and the more he tried to pretend he didn’t the more he did, so that didn’t work. He couldn’t stick to a pledge to himself not to not have sex on the first date, because even though it had never happened to him he knew that sometimes it did happen to other people and that there were women out there that were horny enough and seemed to expect it and he was worried about disappointing a woman if she did expect it and didn’t get any. Which would be so frustrating for him considering that he wanted to but was worried that she wouldn’t and so he wouldn’t push it. And so on and so on. It was so much easier to stay home and watch TV.

Then Rob heard about this new dating service, based on an interesting concept and just starting up. Apparently the idea was that they would have the sex first and get it out of the way, so everyone could relax and get to know each other in a more relaxed environment afterwards. Of course this got his attention, and while he didn’t get many details at first, he did manage to get the phone number of the service and he too was determined to call them the next day.

He spoke to a woman there and was told to come in later the same day if he wanted to have an initial interview right away, if it was convenient. The thought of guaranteed sex made the prospect seem very convenient indeed, and Rob found himself in their offices at 7 p.m. that evening.

A woman named Amanda spoke with him at length and asked him questions about himself, his past experiences with women, and what he was looking for. Finally, she began to explain more details about the sex component of the service.

The whole idea she said was to provide a safe and non-threatening environment for the women while at the same time defusing all the tension around the question of the possibility of sex. The sexual interaction was structured totally around these objectives and was not for the purpose of gratifying the men at all. After all, men really didn’t need very much help to achieve their own gratification from any kind of sex whatsoever.

She first had him sign a rather extensive and quite thorough non-disclosure agreement that guaranteed that if he revealed anything of the procedures then he might as well just leave his testicles on the desk on his way out the door. She then went on to explain the details of the encounters, some of which were rather bizarre. Rob was stupefied at first, and started yelling and refusing to participate. Amanda calmly and patiently outlined the reasoning and the advantages of their methods and compared them to his usual disasters. In the end his growing and eventually rampant horniness led him to agree to everything. Amanda smiled at him and had him sign several release forms and other paperwork before accepting his cheque for the agency’s services. When they were done, she said that if he wished he could start the first date right away. Rob by this time was once again horny and eager to start, although with a lot of trepidation, and agreed.

She led him into a room with a large frilly four poster bed as well as some armchairs, a big wooden table, a sink, and some clinical looking apparatus. There were five women sitting around the room sipping drinks and chatting. They seemed remarkably relaxed for a date evening; but of course this wasn’t a normal date, and their relaxation was the whole point.

Amanda introduced them all, including Mary who happened to be in the group that evening, asking the women to tell a little about themselves and asking Rob to tell a lot about himself. Then she asked Rob, who was still standing, to strip and display himself to all the women.

Everyone had known this was coming, but Rob still turned bright red as he peeled off the last of his clothes and stood before them stark naked. Amanda then told him to slowly turn to give them all a good look at him, and to then face them and start to masturbate himself.

Amanda started a movie camera on a tripod already set up in front of the room, and gave another handheld to Susan so they could get a record of Rob’s adventures aver the course of the evening. Knowing he was being filmed did nothing to ease Rob’s discomfort.

After the room had been quiet as they all watched Rob naked and masturbating for them for a couple of minutes Amanda started a patter about Rob and what he was going to do for them. She asked each woman in turn what she thought about aspects of his physical appearance and his performance so far. In doing so she was beginning a deliberate process of objectifying him. She wanted them to get comfortable with the idea of using him for sex, rather than worrying about his feelings and holding back how they treated him. At one point she referred to him as the fuckmeat, and as a support system for a cock. And for a tongue.

Before he got too far along the road to orgasm (which was happening in spite of his humiliation) Amanda told him to stop and announced that it was time to get him cleaned up and out for the next phase of the “date”. This was to be a group participation exercise.

Rob was laid down on a plastic sheet on the bed on his stomach with his legs spread. A rack was brought over with an enema apparatus and two of the women held him in place as another filled the bag with warm soapy water. Rob himself had to lubricate his own asshole in front of the others. He was given a large bottle of water soluble lubricant and told to thoroughly grease himself up inside and out. This was extremely embarrassing but he reluctantly did it, mindful of the pain he was about to experience.

Sarah slowly and carefully inserted the lubricated nozzle into his rectum and then the water was released, again very slowly. They gave him a full two liters, massaging his stomach and sides and pretty much ignoring his discomfort and sometimes even laughing at his escalating complaints. The last of the water trickled into him just as he was on the verge of tears and starting to beg for mercy.

They made him hold it for five minutes and then allowed him to stiffly waddle across the room over to a small commode that was in the corner, where he had to sit down in front of the women and expel the murky mixture from his bowels. He then had to move over to a bidet right next to it and wash himself on it for the first time in his life. It was awkward and embarrassing learning how to use it by trial and error in full view of the others, with them laughing and joking while sipping their drinks and poking fun at him.

He had to repeat the enema process two more times before he was deemed clean enough to fuck. He bent over the edge of the wooden table where there were pads on the edge, and was told to again lubricate his asshole in front of everyone, this time inserting the nozzle of the lube bottle right into himself and squirting a large quantity inside. After he finished spreading it in his hole and all around the outside he reached back and pulled his asscheeks apart and then just lay there waiting for them to start.

Amanda distributed strap-on cocks and harnesses to everyone. Women got to choose whatever size cock they wanted to use but were told that the first to fuck him had to use the smallest as the first would give him the most pain. Finally they were ready to start. Amanda said that everyone had to wet their cock by inserting it into Rob’s mouth and getting him to suck a little cock for a bit before they fucked him with it. Judy, who was first, slid her cock into his mouth and initiated his cocksucking career. She encouraged him to take it as deep as possible but he couldn’t stand to take it into his throat, so she let up on him and moved around back. She touched the cock to his anus and started slowly and gently pressing it against him, telling him to relax and just let it sink in. She was gentle at this point and went very slowly, and the cock was pretty small, so eventually she had it in him with relatively little pain.

She let him get used to it for a while before she moved at all. Even then she started with just short, slow strokes. She did this for a long time before she started pulling out further and going in deeper. But finally she had him fairly relaxed and used to it, and that is when she started really fucking him. With all the lube inside and more being dripped on from outside he didn’t really feel much friction and so she felt freer to plunge all the way in and out. She started banging him harder and faster, trying to put repetitive pressure on her own pelvis through her clothes. The rule was that nobody stopped until they came, no matter what he said or even if he cried.

In the meantime, once Judy had completely “bottomed” out in his ass for the first time, he was told to grab his cock and start to masturbate. Judy would be able to bang him with enough force to get in deep enough without him holding himself, and it would give her more pushback.

Amanda told everyone that it was important that Rob experience an orgasm while his sphincter was clenching down on the hard cock in his ass; both to loosen him up for the larger cocks he was going to get in the future; and so that he would learn to experience anal orgasms as part of his training.

Once Judy finally had her orgasm Amanda told her to pull the cock out of Rob’s ass and put it directly into his mouth so that he could clean it completely, licking and swallowing all the fluids from his own ass in front of everyone.

After all five of the dates had fucked Rob and cum, Amanda announced that they had one more optional activity – each woman could choose to have Rob eat her pussy if she liked. Since the evening had pretty much devolved into a sort of wild girls’ night out party atmosphere and there had been a fair bit of wine involved, everyone enthusiastically agreed that they wanted some. So one by one they all lay down on the bed, removed their slacks, and let Rob go to work getting them all off once more. Inhibitions were so completely gone by this point that the orgasms were fast and very satisfying and accompanied by much laughter from everyone.

During the evening everyone had talked about themselves with everyone else and even with Rob, so that at the end of it all he knew something of them and once the rest had left was invited to tell Amanda whether he would like a second date with any one of them. Although the women had been artificially dominant according to the script, it was important that Rob actively chose one or more he liked; and similarly each one of the women were privately asked if they would be interested in seeing him again. This would be another supervised date, but would be more of the conventional dinner and conversation. He could choose as many as he liked, but was encouraged to date one at a time. In this case he decided he wanted to get to know Mary a little better, and chose to have a “normal” date with her. Fortunately she also indicated that she would like to meet with him again.

For whatever reason, his choice worked out. He and Mary enjoyed a simple dinner in the company of a staffer from the service, so once again sex was not on the agenda and there was no pressue on either one of them about that. They continued to see each other after that, eventually getting married and raising a family.

Every so often Mary would ship the kids off for an evening and invite one or more of the other women from the date night over, where they would all have great times talking and fucking Rob just like they used to. Over the years the others got partners as well and they came along for the fun. Rob would be strapped across the table and everyone, men and women, would take turns fucking his ass and getting him to suck their pussies and cocks. They lived long happy lives and their marriage was the envy of their friends and family.

‘Heel, Bitch’

Author’s Note: I’ve included the kinks at the start of each chapter so if you don’t like it, don’t read it. You should however be able to skip to any chapter you want without the need to follow the entire plot. If you happen to be an artist and want to contribute any illustrations based on my stories, PM me! (I’d love to see that…)

Disclaimer: The following story is fiction and not based on any actual events. I’m just fulfilling my own twisted fantasies. *grins*

Tags: MF, mdom, dance, blowjob, anal, pet play, humiliation, exhibitionism, mind control


She stepped out of the limo, her black stilettos touching down on the driveway before the car pulled away quietly. Behind the wheel, Nina glanced into the rearview mirror just once to see the new girl approaching the door to the house, a modern building with a neatly trimmed lawn and palm trees lining the path. The sun was just setting over the rooftops of this affluent neighborhood. Nina smiled to herself, lowered the chauffeur’s cap and turned off the street for the intersection.

The man who answered the door was around 40. He was slender, very well dressed in a casual silk shirt and pressed slacks and he sported a thin moustache.

“Mister Paulin?” Stephanie said.

“Yes. Please come in.”

His voice had the faint hint of a European accent. He politely showed her through to his home, which was immaculate and newly decorated with luxury furniture. Ambient lighting from designer lamps gave the place an air of warm sophistication. She placed her clutch bag on one of the polished tables and soaked in her surroundings.

“I have expensive tastes,” he said, noticing her intrigued glances. “Would you like a drink?”

“Um…yes, please.”

He disappeared into the kitchen and she heard him pop a cork. Moments later, he returned with two glasses of fizzing champagne. She thanked him as she took one and glanced out the window at the light fading outside. He talked to her for a while about his home and the things he had bought recently and where he’d got them. For the most part, she listened and nodded, not interrupting but occasionally pressing him for more details, which he happily gave. He talked comfortably as though this wasn’t the first time they’d met. If she was less comfortable, she didn’t show it.

“May I say,” he said, standing closer to her, “you look absolutely beautiful. I’m very pleased.”

He wasn’t wrong. Stephanie had dressed to the height of elegance. Her thick burgundy hair was pinned up, leaving just a few curls rolling around the sides of her face, which was neatly made-up with eye shadow and natural-looking powder. Her sophisticated midnight blue gown was a slinky classic number that held perfectly to her frame and thanks to a slit up the side of one leg, gave just the glimpse of skin beneath. She wore it with a dark feather boa and matching silk elbow gloves and of course, a diamond necklace with matching earrings.

“Thank you, Mister Paulin.”

She took another sip and he pressed a finger to the bottom of the glass, encouraging her to take another mouthful before he gently took it from her.

“I understand you’ve come prepared?” he said.


He walked over to an armchair and sat down. Relaxed, he waited for her to move. In the shadows, a tiny red light blinked behind his chair and the glint of a camera lens reflected in the lamplight. It was time.

She opened up the clutch to take the iPod out and plugged it into the top of the line stereo system nearby. Lining up the track, she made sure the speakers were around a medium level, then pressed play. With a deep breath, she walked to the center of the room, standing before him on his imported Nepalese rug. He said nothing and did nothing. Nothing but wait. And watch.

The speakers hummed and the sound of violins began to play. Her hands moved to her waist and she ran them slowly down her thighs. Then the violins switched to a rhythmic beat and a male voice broke out in a gangster rap over the top.

‘Girl you workin with some ass yeah, you bad yeah
Make a nigga spend his cash yeah, his last yeah’

Stephanie moved to the rhythm, swaying her hips and running her hands back up her waist. She turned as she danced, her stomach curving in seductively and her head turning from side to side, writhing in the beat.

‘Got money I can flash yeah, and trash yeah
I’ma Big Tymer nigga yeah, pull the trigger yeah
A playa hata flipper yeah, grave filla yeah’

She whipped the boa off and let it fall to the floor, revealing her fair shoulders. Still twisting her body, she then slipped one of the shoulder straps down. Then the other. Her dress stayed up with the help of her arm pressed casually across her chest. He watched as she continued to perform her exaggerated movements, coiling her torso in circles.

‘You claimin you want a picture, that ain’t shit yeah

The nigga with the money yeah, don’t act funny yeah’

Then she let the dress slip, down to her ribcage where it hung loose. But her hands cupped her breasts, protecting her modesty for the time being. She twirled and shuffled until the gown fell further to her navel, her toned abdomen coming into focus. Then she raised her arms up above her, letting her small white globes fall free, their pert pink nipples standing on end, moving with the beat.

Paulin stirred, shifting subtly in his chair and taking a short sip from his glass. Stephanie turned, letting him gaze on her alabaster back as she rocked her hips, then she turned back to him and the dress fell all the way to the floor, leaving her in a black T-string thong, cut so petite that he could see the shaven edges of her crotch.

The redhead used her gloved hands to roam her own body, kneading her tits and caressing her neck before sliding one hand between her legs and gently stroking her intimate area. Biting her lip, she began to move more forcefully, crouching low and then straightening up, making her hips work hard as they popped from one side to the other. Then she bit on the index finger of one of the gloves, peeling it off clean and tossing it to the side. The other one followed and flew across the room. She didn’t seem to care where it landed and nor did he.

Her fingers then slid into the waistband of the thong, pulling it away from her skin and teasing it down before letting it snap back into place. Paulin breathed heavily, still waiting. She took the waistband again and pulled upwards, pressing it into the fold of her pussy lips, making him know just how thin the piece of fabric was. Then she turned her back to him again, showing him the thong riding up the crack of her ass. She circled her hips a few times and bent over, sliding the thong down with her. When it hit the floor, she clasped it in her fingers and turned to face him, giving him an unhindered view of her hairless slit.

‘Make a nigga wanna grab that, autograph that
I’m sweatin in the drawers yeah, hard and long yeah’

She held the thong in her teeth as she grinded her body for him, only her high-heeled shoes and high-end jewelry keeping her from full nudity. She then took the fabric and swung it between her legs, pulling it back and forth, flossing her cunt shamelessly. She threw the thong to him and he caught it with a tight fist, holding it to his face for a second. Damp, he thought.

The girl continued to work it like a pro, dropping to her haunches and spreading her knees, flashing him her pink hole. Her hand moved between her legs again, openly rubbing her clit as she threw her head back and writhed to the music. She leaned back and spread her legs out straight, sinking her fingers inside her, giving him a taste of what it would be like.

Then she stood up, turning again and squatting lewdly. She bounced her ass up and down, twerking her cheeks. Paulin adjusted himself again, moving his own hand to his crotch and gently massaging his growing manhood.

‘Girl, you looks good, won’t you back that azz up
You’se a fine motherfucker, won’t you back that azz up
Call me Big Daddy when you back that azz up
Ho, who is you playin wit? Back that azz up’

Stephanie dropped to her knees on the soft rug and pushed her butt out further, grinding her belly down to the floor and back up. Her ass cheeks wiggled from side to side and she reached back, spreading them apart and running a finger along the crack. She looked around, locking her eyes again on his. The tip of the finger toyed with her winking asshole, circling it slowly. Her eyelids fluttered. Then the finger sunk inside, little by little, until she was in up to the knuckle, moving it in and out. She finger fucked her ass for a while as he watched and stroked the length of his stone hard cock. When she finally withdrew it, she slipped it very deliberately into her mouth, sucking on it hard. He almost blew his load right there in his Armani slacks but…somehow…he hung on.

As the song came to a close, Stephanie stood up and walked back to the table. She removed her diamond necklace and dropped it into the clutch bag, then pulled out the pink dog collar given to her by her mistress. She fastened it snugly around her neck where the jewelry had been. Lowering herself once more to her hands and knees, the chain on the front of the collar dragged on the carpet as she very slowly crawled across the room to where Paulin sat.

“I’m your obedient fuck pet, master. Yours to command,” she said, kneeling at his feet and holding the leash out in offering.

Paulin took it, winding the chain around his knuckles. “Kiss my feet.”

Stephanie bent her head to his loafers and did as he ordered, demonstrating her submissiveness. He admired her naked body as she bowed before him and peppered his feet with kisses. His erection was visible beneath his pants and so he stood, tugging on the leash as he walked to an adjacent bedroom with the girl crawling behind him.

The shoes, along with the silk shirt and slacks, were discarded quickly. Paulin was desperate to have her now. He had waited long enough.

“Sit,” he said, testing her compliance. She raised her head up, resting back on her knees, her hands folding behind her back. Impressive. “Lick.”

She pressed her face to his silk boxers, feeling his hardness beneath the fabric. Her mouth explored its shape and she gingerly licked at the underwear, tantalizing the engorged meat hidden behind the thin material.

Pleased, he finally lowered the boxers, allowing his cock to jump free. It was an average size but Stephanie suddenly realized that this was the first real penis presented to her since the start of her servitude. Unlike the Madame’s plastic toys and strap-ons, the one in front of her was throbbing and alive. It had been weeks, maybe months, since she’d had a male lover, and her momentary service to David barely counted. She had dreamed of escaping the bonds of forced lesbianism for so long but she never thought it would happen like this. Paulin jerked the chain and she pressed her tongue to it.

Her wet mouth felt good on his skin and his dick twitched as she lapped the underside of it from base to tip and back again. He tasted sweet and smelled faintly of cologne. It was a small mercy that he was at least clean on the outside. She prodded and probed his rigid manhood, kissing and lapping at it fervently, getting herself slowly used to its flavor.

Paulin lifted his cock up, giving her access to his balls, which were clearly tightening. She nuzzled on them as he began to stroke himself. The taste was muskier. Still, she could only do what pleased him and her mouth sucked at the wrinkled sack, sucking each nut into her mouth on its own and then devouring both at once. He seemed to enjoy tea-bagging her and his strokes quickened.

Tugging on the leash, he then shuffled a few inches further forward, standing over her so that her head was pushed back. The collar strained at her neck and she let herself slip further underneath him until her nose was pressed into his dark pubic hair and her tongue was licking his taint.

“You will come to learn that this is your rightful place,” he said softly, still pumping his prick with one hand. The sight of her beautiful blue eyes looking up made him start to ache and he decided he was done being gentle. He grabbed the back of her head with his other hand, holding her face firmly into his under carriage until she gasped for air. Then he did it again, rubbing his balls aggressively over her carefully beautified face, until he stepped back and rammed his cock into her open mouth.

Stephanie sucked like she had trained to suck, hands-free with long, deep mouthfuls, taking the full six inches into her throat and back. Her gaze remained fixed up at him like a good little servant and he groaned with pleasure as he pounded his hips against her bobbing head. He fucked her face like it was a warm desperate pussy, giving no thought to her chokes and splutters and making her eyes water with his constant slamming. Saliva coated every inch of it, dripping in a ribbon to the floor as she gurgled and moaned.

Suddenly he pulled away, leaving a thread of spit hanging from the tip of his cock to her mouth. He balled his fist around the chain, twisted the collar around her neck and pulling her harshly over to the bed, making her scramble up onto the Egyptian cotton spread. He followed her onto the mattress, keeping her at the end of the leash on all fours. With a short tug of the chain, she lifted her head back and arched her back, pointing her ass out invitingly.

His stiff cock pressed roughly against her pussy lips and she gasped as he used the tip to open her quickly and push his way in. Her cunt trembled as she felt him slide deep within her, juddering with unwanted excitement at the careless audacity with which he was making her his slut. Utterly helpless, she spread her legs apart and let him fuck her like a whore. Paulin pulled on the chain and drove into her over and over, grunting like a wild man and pawing her naked body with his free hand. He smacked her ass and pulled the chain back hard, making her yelp between her short, heavy moans.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Yes! Yes! YES! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!…”

His hand came down on her backside again. “No talking! You’re nothing but a dog. Bark like a dog!”

The collar felt tight around her throat and her brow creased, not wanting to be brought down another level. But she had to obey.

“ARF! ARF! RUFF!” she cried out, submitting to his humiliating order. Her head turned to the side to ease the pressure on her neck and she saw herself in his vanity mirror. Her cheeks blushed as she watched him hammering her from behind, her ass bouncing back and forth while she continued to bark for him like a bitch in heat. It was like having an outer body experience. But the shame was as real as anything.

Paulin slid out and noticed how wet she was between her legs. His rod was slick and he was feeling less and less friction on her cunt walls. With a smirk, he got up on his feet and squatted behind her, aiming the purple head of his cock at her other vulnerable opening. She squirmed as he pushed heavily against her tiny brown eye. The natural lubrication of her juices worked against her, making it easier for him to squeeze inside and soon he had eased his head past her tight muscles. He pushed harder, ignoring her whimpering sounds. Finally, he was balls deep inside her butt, gliding in and out at a steady rhythm and enjoying the taut grip her anal passage had around his dick.

Stephanie whined. Until that point, no man had ever entered her there. She had never let them, having always refused to give up her anal virginity in the proud notion that it was somehow beneath her. Of course, she had always experimented on herself in playful ways. And of course, her secret sanctity had been destroyed within 24 hours of waking up in Madame Snyde’s house. But this was the first man to ever do it. She had always wondered if she would ever give in, maybe to a long-term boyfriend or husband. She never could have imagined it like this. Being fucked on the end of a leash by a perverted stranger.


His cock felt like a hot spear prying her apart and the dull pain was resonating through her body in intense bursts of sexual stimulation, popping through every cell of her being like fireworks. Her mind floated away into a twisted paradise and she thought she could see stars. For a few seconds her senses went into an ecstatic overload, releasing her from fear and anxiety and dropping her into a pool of pure pleasure. Her body shook and writhed as she climaxed.

Paulin bellowed, feeling her asshole tighten even more around his straining prick. Quickly, he pulled out and finished himself off with his free hand. Stephanie felt the warm splashes land on her back and dribble over her buttocks. He had reduced her to just a cum mat, there to keep his sheets clean, and the indignity of her evening made her close her eyes and drop her head onto the mattress.

She could have stayed there but Paulin didn’t let her. After thoroughly draining his balls, he pulled her again by her leash and guided her face back to his dripping cock.

“Clean it,” he snarled, thrusting it into her mouth once more. Stephanie used her tongue to cleanse him of her own juices and grimaced as she did so, tasting the unmistakable tang of her own ass.

Finally, he made her lie face down on the carpet next to the bed. Then he tied the end of the leash to one of the bed posts.

“You sleep here,” he said. “Don’t let the cum drip onto my carpet, whore, or in future I’ll make you sleep in the yard.”

She spread out, lying still on her front. She stayed there for the night until his sperm dried on her skin. After a few hours, she curled up into a ball while he slept with a smile on his face on the comfortable king sized bed. She was his obedient fuck pet. His to command. And as a result of his deal with his old friend Madame Snyde, she was to remain that way for the next four weeks.


Things didn’t get any easier during her stay with Paulin. Like Madame Snyde, the man seemed intent on humiliating her as much as possible and spending those weeks acting as his pet was somehow even worse than being Snyde’s maid.

Stephanie was treated like a dog. Instead of walking, she was only permitted to crawl. Instead of talking, she was only permitted to bark. She remained naked at all times except for the infernal pink collar. Paulin took great pleasure in making her perform tricks for his amusement and seemed especially pleased to make her beg for both her needs and his.

Food and water was served to her in a dog dish which she had to consume without the use of her hands, crouching on the floor while he dined at the table, occasionally dropping scraps his into her bowl. The food was at least tasty and nutritious but that didn’t stop him from sometimes threatening to switch her diet for real dog food, laughing at his own suggestion as he plucked delicacies from a silver fork.

Several times a day he would take her on her leash for “walkies” in his back yard, making her crawl behind him as he took in the air and admired his plants. Just like an animal, Stephanie would be made to do her business on the lawn under his watchful eye. Already feeling totally dehumanized, she would then be made to clean herself by dragging her ass along the grass. When she required more thorough cleaning, he took out the hose and showered her with cold water. Sometimes he would do this just to punish her.

And punishment was always a possibility. Although she went to every length to obey him, he would sometimes decide that she had committed some minor infraction. Dripping water on the floor. Not begging “enthusiastically enough”. It didn’t matter to him what it was, he would always find something to exploit. These transgressions were dealt with in various ways but most common was having her ass beaten with a rolled up newspaper until she was yelping with soreness and begging his forgiveness by licking his feet submissively.

I am going to describe a honeymoon experience that is beyond anything that I could have imagined even a month ago. Alan and I were married on Saturday, August 1, and immediately, after the ceremony and reception in Connecticut, departed for Belize where we had reserved a resort cottage directly on the beach in a relatively secluded area near Dangriga on the Gulf of Honduras. As it turned out, several small houses and condos lined the perfect beach, but we were far from the typical tourist areas and there was the feeling of solitude without feeling isolated. The scenery and climate were perfect, and we prepared for a whole month (a wedding present from Alan’s folks and my Aunt Agatha) of unalloyed pleasure. So, here I was, Mrs. Alan Stone, aka Anita Stone, nee Anita Simpkins, or just Nita, ready for a perfect honeymoon. However, nothing ever is completely perfect, and we had one major setback – Alan couldn’t have sex! He had suffered several, very painful, kidney stones in the months before the wedding, and, while the major stone was gone, he still had a temporary (we hope) production of “gravel” which had caused the doctors to insert a “stent” to prevent clogging the tube from his bladder through his cock. As a result, an erection was highly unlikely, and if it did happen, it would be quite painful. To prevent that from happening, he was prescribed some pills which would prevent an erection – a reverse Viagra! Needless to say, this completely dampened his libido and the normal ecstasy of honeymooners in paradise was lacking its driving force, i.e. sex. So, here we were in that love-makers’ paradise, and I, at the age of 21 and newly married, remained that 21st century rarity, a virgin.

Other than that minor problem, the situation was as flawless as one could ask. Beautiful water, smooth white sandy beach, sunny, cloudless sky – ideal. The cottage in the resort was of very high quality with a large bedroom (no cute “honeymoon suite” items), a larger living room-kitchen, with top-of-line furniture and appliances. Outside there was a lovely covered patio with chairs, chaises, tables, etc., and beautifully landscaped. Very luxurious. We were equipped with the latest digital cameras and two high-def movie cameras to record what was to be a delightful honeymoon in an exotic setting. Alan was an expert photographer, almost professional in ability, so we intended to have a full record of our activities to enjoy for years. We loved walking the beach, our feet in the clear water, me wearing the shockingly brief bikini bathing suit with which I had planned to keep Alan’s juices flowing and his cock hard. Ah, the best laid plans – no hard cock and I wasn’t being laid! Actually, things weren’t totally unpleasant in the area of sex. Alan was as disappointed as I was, but he tried to console himself, and me, that the stent would come out as soon as we got home and his normal physical reactions would return. Until then, he concentrated on giving me as much pleasure as possible through the use of his still active fingers and tongue. I did not lack for orgasms, just not the type coming from a cock embedded in my still virgin cunt.

There was one other condition that Alan suffered as a result of a second medication prescribed to cut down on the production of that infamous gravel. It was nothing serious nor of any real inconvenience, but, whenever he lay down flat on his back, he would drift off to sleep. The medication had no effect at any other time so he was alert and aware any time we were out walking or swimming, at a restaurant, or wherever – just when he was lying flat. It did mean that he was very well rested and it didn’t really bother me. I really noticed this condition for the first time the second day we were outside our cottage lying on mats we had spread on the sand. The view was beautiful and it was all very serene. There were people lounging on the beach and others walking along the shore, but we were mostly sheltered from view by low dunes on both sides. If I sat up, I could see hundreds of yards in both direction, but if I lay back, it was if I were completely hidden form everyone unless they looked up between the dunes as they walked by. We thought of as our “private place,” or just “our place.” It was shaded somewhat by a tree that sheltered us from the direct rays of the sun, but let enough get through to permit a gradual tan. A very pleasant place to lie and relax. Alan had been lying beside me, his head on several rolled up towels, reading the paper, but as I remarked to him about the perfect location, I got no reply. I looked over and realized that his eyes were shut. The rolled up towel he was using as a pillow had flattened out and, as his head went back, he had gone to sleep. I didn’t think anything about it right than, but it happened several more times, always when he was prone and, finally, we made the connection. After that, we purchased a mat with a built-in pillow extending its full width which made sure that he kept his head elevated whenever he lay down. So, once we figured out the cause of this narcolepsy and made corrections, it was no problem at all. In fact, he fell asleep that way only one more time, and that time wasn’t an accident and had a real impact.

Tuesday, August 4. The third day of our honeymoon, fourth of our married life started the same as the previous two, getting up, eating breakfast and running down our path and over the sandy beach to the water. The water was warm, the waves just enough to make it interesting and, all in all, it was just what a cottage on the beach should provide. After about a half hour of swimming and playing around, we ran back to our spot between the dunes, grabbed our towels, dried off and lay back on the fiber mats we had placed on the sand. Exhilarating! Alan read the paper, I had a romance novel and it was warm and comfortable and we were very happy just to be together and married. After about an hour, we went back into the water, more calmly this time, just floating and jumping over the waves. Then, something (or, really, someone) new appeared. It was a tall, reasonably good looking man about our ages who, it turned out, had the small cottage right next to ours. Actually, we had known that a building was there, but several palm trees and shrubs blocked it from our view and we hadn’t seen anyone about. He introduced himself as Bob Saunders from Cincinnati, but he was living in Belize while working for a boating company. He seemed very nice and the three of us quickly became friends. When we left the water, he came with us, continuing our conversation as we dried off and sat down. As we talked, I realized that his eyes were roaming over my body and, suddenly, I was very aware of just how little I had on.

When I had first put the suit on and was going out to the beach, I was shocked by how little it covered. In the dressing room in the store back home, it just looked daring, but going out in public seemed to have caused it to shrink! The bra covered my breasts, barely, and the pants were nothing but a small triangle in front and a slightly larger one in back! The bottom part did fit very tightly and did its job without coming off despite its limited support, but it still shifted enough that occasionally I would look down and see a little hair coming out. Actually, most people (women, anyway), would say that my triangle of cunt hair should have been shaved back, but I just hadn’t realized how small the pants were. In any case, Alan and I like my relatively hairy bush, and he even liked seeing the stray hairs peeking out! Still, I was a bit embarrassed when I saw myself in the mirror, but Alan said that I was beautiful and sexy in it and insisted that I wear it. In fact, after seeing many young (and a few older) women going topless, he even urged me to just wear the pants. I wouldn’t even consider that, but I had quickly become accustomed to what really was near nudity and by the third day, I felt quite comfortable. Now, however, with a strange man clearly fascinated by what was showing, my original embarrassment returned. I couldn’t think of any way to cover myself without being obvious, so I decided to hide as much as I could and lay face down saying, “I’d better turn over and get the sun on my back.” That left me with only a string holding my bra and a small triangle covering my bottom, but at least my front was hidden. Unfortunately, Alan warned me, “Nita, you’d better put some sunscreen on your back or you’ll be cooked!”

It was then that something totally unexpected took place. I put some lotion on my hands and rubbed it into my shoulders, but, of course, couldn’t reach my back, so I said, “I can’t reach any further, Alan, you’ll have to do it.” He was lying down with a towel of his legs – they had gotten a bit sunburned the day before – and Bob quickly offered, “Here, let me do it.” Suddenly, I felt his lotion-covered hand on my shoulder blades, slipping smoothly downward over my back. My first reaction to the soothing coolness was to relax, as it felt so good, but, unexpectedly, I felt myself tense up as, without any warning, he tugged on the bow holding my bra strap, pulling it loose, leaving my back bare. Actually, I usually did the same thing myself to prevent a line there, but somehow it was very different having an attractive man that I had just met do it – particularly since I had just turned over to avoid his searching eyes. I was further flustered as I, shockingly, felt a surge of heat in my cunt area.

Thatwas totally bewildering! Why on earth should I react like that to such an unimportant act? Still, the heat was there and I became hypersensitive to the massaging of my back, all the more so when his hand went down the middle of my back, past my waist until his fingers hit the little bit of cloth that made up the bottom of my bathing suit. He ran his fingers along the cloth, spreading the sunscreen over the exposed flesh – which I knew was much of my behind. It was funny to feel his fingers going over skin which was always hidden under my panties and very close to some very private territory! Then, I felt myself tense up as I felt his fingertips probing the edge of my pants, trying to ship under into that intimate area. Fortunately, while the suit was brief, it was very tight and his efforts were frustrated. I relaxed in relief when he recognized his defeat, starting to spread the lotion along my side at my waist and began to move back up. I was lying with my arms up under my head, my face toward Alan who was laying there, eyes half closed as he looked toward the sky. I have quite large breasts for my size, a D-cup, and while they tend to protrude straight out without much sag when I’m standing, as I lay on them, they were flattened under me with a large bulge outward on each side. When I had gotten in that position, they were relatively modestly hidden by my bra, brief as it was. Now they were exposed to his eyes and I could hardly raise up to put my arms to my side to conceal them. I had always been proud of what Alan referred to as my “titanic tits,” but right then I would have given a great deal to have had my arms securely clamped to my sides!

I relaxed for a moment (the difference telling me how tense I was) as his hand left me for a moment, but he was just getting more lotion to spread on. I became rigid as his fingers approached the swell of my breast, something he had to notice. The inevitable happened as I felt his fingertips touch the base of my breast and, without hesitating, began moving in small circles over it, feeling me gently but thoroughly, even cupping it a bit. I lay there in a stupor; not thinking for my mind was on overload. That heat in my cunt grew and I just lay there with a combination of shock, arousal, embarrassment, and fear – with probably a few more unrealized sensations coursing through me. One thing that bothered me later was the realization that my main concern was that Alan not see what was happening. He was lying on my right, the side where Bob’s hand was, and if he had looked sideways at all, he would have seen his new bride having her breast, or part of it, felt without any protest! Actually, I was beyond protest, enduring something I had never had done to me before.

As I said before, I was still a virgin, but my innocence (if that is what you would call it) went a great deal further than that. I’d had a very strict upbringing, not being allowed to date through high school except at well chaperoned functions. I never had any sexual encounters and, frankly I never had wanted any, until Alan and I met in college and it was almost a full year before he felt my breasts through my clothes! Obviously, with breasts like mine, a considerable number of boys had tried to get something from me, and a few had grabbed my breasts and gotten a quick feel, but Alan was the first to explore them – certainly the first in which I cooperated and enjoyed it. Things progressed much more rapidly after that and, ultimately, he had felt and seen everything and I had become well acquainted with his cock. However, since I was still a virgin, we decided that we might as well wait a few more months to take the final step – or, as Alan described it rather indelicately, “taking my cherry!” Now, three days after being married, my “cherry” was still intact and another man was rubbing the side of my breast with my new husband right beside me.

Actually, I think having Alan right beside me added to the heat between my legs! While I certainly wasn’t thinking about that then, somehow, it seemed more erotic and a very small helping of forbidden fruit with him right there. As I said, I didn’t think of any of that then. I was just lying there with no will power to do anything – shocked, dazed, stupefied and, surprisingly, aroused. For most women, this would have been nothing, hardly worth noticing, certainly not traumatic, but, for me, a first. There certainly was no question that where his hand was wasn’t anything but my breast – there was no way that he could have mistaken that round bulge for anything else – and his fingers lingered there far longer than necessary to spread sunscreen over my skin. Oddly enough, my first reaction was not to pull away, but to glance up to see if Alan were looking toward me. Fortunately, he was not, but a flash of guilt went through me as I realized what I was doing. My mind was in a muddle as his fingers left the breast and began, again stroking my back, commenting as he did, “Boy, Nita, your skin is pure white! You’ll have a bad burn unless you have a heavy coat of this stuff on you, reapplying it often, especially if you go into the water.”

At that point, Alan looked over, adding, “I told her that yesterday, but she wants to go home with a nice tan. I warned her that she’ll be burned and get wrinkles unless she’s careful!”

“Right! It’s amazing how many women, and some men, come here and want a quick tan, and end up in agony over a deep sunburn and can’t even stand their clothes against their skin! One of the biggest sellers in the market is Solarcaine, so they love to see red tourists!

They talked as if I weren’t there so I finally broke in, saying, “Ok, I get the picture! I hate that sunscreen, but I’ll put it on! I just don’t like the greasy feel it has until it sinks in.”

“You have to rub it in, not just spread it on. That’s the trouble with sprays. And, as I said, you have to reapply it often if you are going to be right in the sun. You’ll get a nice tan, it’ll just take longer. Now, I don’t think that I put any on your other side. You don’t want a lop-sided tan!” With that comment, he began spreading the lotion along my left side, slowly moving up my ribcage toward my breast. Once again, my mind was in turmoil, wanting on the one hand to move my arm down to cover it, the other anticipating the feeling of excitement from permitting something a bit wicked. Of course, I did nothing and, inevitably, his fingers arrived at the bulge of my breast, and in a circular pattern, smoothing the cool lotion over it. The circle slowly spread until his fingers were on the outer edge of the bulge, actually going slightly under it as it was flattened against the sand. His hand stayed there far longer than was necessary to apply the sunscreen, and each time the fingers completed a circle, they pushed further underneath, each time coming closer to my nipple. I wanted to let it go on and I wanted to stop it – both at the same time – but the decision was taken out of my hands when Alan suddenly set up and said, “God, it’s hot! Let’s go in the water again.” At his first motion, Bob withdrew his hand and the moment was over and I didn’t know whether I was glad or not. I hurriedly reached back and, with difficulty, refastened my bra without exposing myself, and we ran down to the surf.

Bob followed us into the water, joining in what probably would be called “frolicking” as we jumped over and through the incoming waves. Inevitably, the playing around degenerated into a battle of pushing each other under the water with, of course, me being the victim most of the time. Each time I went under, one or the other would grab me and set me upright – and proceeded to the next dunking! This was the usual boy-girl playing around, and, as might be expected, there was a considerable amount of boy-feeling-girl play thrown in. I was continually pulled up by my boobs, each man getting a real feel as they “helped” me. I was not surprised at Alan grabbing me that way, but the first time Bob got me I was suddenly aware that Alan had to have seen Bob’s hands on my breasts, and I was, naturally, concerned about his reaction. I was quickly reassured, however, as when I went under again, he deliberately pulled me up by cupping both breasts, saying, with a laugh, “These make fine handles, Nita! You’ll never drown with men around!” Alan clearly saw that as an invitation, and his next grab was anything but surreptitious, holding each boob firmly as he lifted me completely out of the water, calling out, “Boy, you’re right! With handles like these, there’ll always be help around!” After that, I had hands all over me, several times someone touched me around the crotch under the water, but I wasn’t even able to detect whose hand it was. It was really a free-for-all, with me being in the middle – and loving it.

However, suddenly a new element was introduced. Alan began teasing me by trying to grab the tail of the bow holding my bra on and, of course, Bob soon entered into the fun, making it almost inevitable that that I would lose, if that could really be called a loss. I, frankly, was hot after all the sex play, and as I “tried” to get away, squealing frantically as I plowed my way through the water, eluding the grasping fingers. Inevitably, of course, I lost as Alan’s fingers closed on the bow ends and, suddenly, I was topless! Surprisingly, after all that exciting activity and my expectation of having my boobs bare, I had an unexpected attack of modesty. I ducked under the water and tried to find my bra, but it was gone, leaving me exposed and, irrationally, embarrassed. Blushing, I covered my breasts with my hands and struggled out of the water and ran back to our spot between the dunes, and grabbed a towel to cover myself. Of course, Alan and Bob were right behind me, laughing like school kids and pulling at the towel, trying to complete my exposure. For me, it was a very odd situation: I really was embarrassed and I really was trying to keep myself covered, but I knew I would lose and knew that I really wanted to.

Of course, that was exactly what happened. Even if I had wanted to, I never could have held out against two eager men, and shortly, the towel fell away and I made one last, futile effort to hide my breasts by putting a hand over each one. That didn’t last long as Alan reached from behind me and forced my hands away, leaving me standing with both boobs bare. I was flushed and embarrassed yet secretly thrilled as I felt two pairs of male eyes seeing what only one pair, Alan’s, had seen before. My nipples were erect hard as rocks, giving away my real arousal, as I saw a strange man’s eyes focused fixedly on my exposed breasts. I just quit struggling to cover myself and just stood there as Alan joined Bob in looking at his new wife in a totally different way. Suddenly, I felt a surge of heat go through me and, without conscious thought, straightened my shoulders and pushed my breasts out, almost flaunting them before a very appreciative audience.

That bravado didn’t last long as suddenly the situation was too much for me and, once again, I covered them with my hands, saying, “Oh please, I’m embarrassed! I can’t believe this! Let me cover myself.” Shockingly, after all that sex play, having my breasts exposed for the first time, feeling guilty about enjoying it – it just got to be too much all of a sudden and I almost started to cry. I really couldn’t understand it myself: how I could go from a real emotional (i.e. sexual) high to being mortified in a few seconds, but it happened. My obvious distress put a damper on the high spirits the men had displayed, and Bob left shortly afterwards.

Alan was quite concerned about my reactions and he tried to reassure me when we were alone. “What’s the matter, Honey? You shouldn’t be embarrassed! You looked beautiful with your tits out! That was a lot of fun and there’s no reason for you to worry about showing them. Everybody else is doing it!”

That, of course was a bit of an exaggeration, but, as I wrote before, going topless on the beach was not unusual and, as he made that comment, he pointed toward the water line, saying, “Look there at those tits! Yours are bigger and better than those!” I looked out and saw two young women walking by, nonchalantly naked to the waist, their boobs quivering as they went. I had to agree with Alan that my breasts, or “tits,” were much more attractive and I felt my spirits rising as I thought, “Why not! Alan’s been after me to go topless and it was fun when Bob saw them.” Turning more directly toward him, I asked, “Doesn’t it bother you that other people, other men, will see them?” Of course, I knew the answer before he spoke, pointing out emphatically that, “Why on earth would I mind? I’m proud of you. Half the people on the beach, men and women, would get hot just looking at you, and you’re my wife! In any other situation even I would get hard just watching those tits bouncing as you walked! God, bothered! No way!”

Needless to say, I was hearing what I wanted to hear and I felt myself getting aroused again. Still, I was concerned about one thing. “What about Bob feeling me in the water? You seemed to be egging him on and he really took advantage of the situation. Did you like seeing him doing that?”

“Yeah, that was fun. I don’t know why I liked it, but it just seemed to be very sexy right then. Boy, he really did handle them, didn’t he? How did you feel about it? You certainly went along with it and seemed to enjoy it. You seemed to like having him rub the sun screen over you, and I think that caused me to encourage the play in the water.”

“Well, I’ll admit that I was caught up in the moment and, it’s hard to admit, I did enjoy it since you seemed to be pushing it.” Then, hesitantly, “It did feel very sexy when he was running his hands over me as he put on the sunscreen. He certainly was all over my back and legs. Did you like him doing that?”

“Yeah, that was sexy and, as I said, that was part of why I encouraged him to feel you and to show him your tits. I don’t know why, but I did like it! Damn, if I didn’t have this stupid stent in my cock, I’m sure that I would be hard as a rock!”

“Double damn! Right now I think I’d like your hard cock in me! It’s going to be hard staying a married virgin for three more weeks!” Then, very hesitantly, I added, “You know, when he was rubbing that sun lotion on me, he went down to my bottom and put the screen on my hips and I think he tried to get his fingers under my suit. The pants are too tight, but I think, no, I’m sure, he tried.”

“Isn’t that something? Can’t blame him for that, I guess. Feeling your ass probably got him a bit hot! You don’t have much covered there! What’d you do?”

“Believe me, I’m well aware of that! Fortunately, as I said, these brief suits have to fit very tight or they’ll slip off or move out of place. It was just a moment, anyway. However, there was something else. When he came back up my side, he had his fingers on the side of my breasts. I know it was deliberate because he stayed there far longer than he needed to. I didn’t know what to do, so I just lay there letting him do it!”

“Wow! That’s something! How far did he get – all around them?”

“Oh no, I was lying flat and it was just the part that bulged out on the side.”

“Damn, that’s something! Maybe you should have raised up a bit so he could have felt more!”

Alan! Do you want him to actually feel me? Would you like that?”

“Oh, I don’t know about that, although, it does sound very sexy!”

“Well, he didn’t feel all the way, but I did raise up just as bit when he was on the left breast and his fingers almost got to my nipple! It was right then that you wanted to go into the water. I don’t know what I would have done if we hadn’t gotten up right then.”

“God, what lousy timing! If he comes over this afternoon, I won’t move and maybe you will get your tit felt!”

“Oh, come on! Do you really want me to lie here right beside you and let another man feel my tits?” My arousal was shown by my use of the word “tits,” something I never did. “That would be something: here on my honeymoon, married for four and a half days, here for three and one half, and being fondled by a man I just met this morning! Unreal!”

“Well, it may be weird and unreal, but it sounds like fun!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but I’ll admit I was intrigued by the idea. It was one thing to, surreptitiously, let Bob touch my breast, or even, in the heat of the moment in the water, have Alan really urge him to grab them, but for him to seemingly want Bob to actually feel me was something else. I was ready to admit that I might enjoy going topless and, obviously, I had joined in, happily, when wrestling around in the water, but I didn’t know if I was ready to have a real sexual contact with Bob. Gods, I hardly knew him! Still, I definitely felt a tingling in my cunt when I thought about lying there and letting him feel me with Alan’s complete approval! After hesitating for several moments, I finally replied, “I don’t know what I should say. Look, if you really want for me to let him feel me, I’ll certainly do it. I feel funny though. You’re the only one who has touched them like that. It’s one thing to have him do something as he did then, but it’s something else to plan to let him do it!”

“I think it would be really hot! Think how we could talk about it after we got home! That’d get us hot anytime we thought of it. It was wild watching him squeeze your tits in the water and saw him looking at them afterwards! Boy, what it would be like seeing him feel you bare tits! I’ll bet that you’d really get turned on!”

“Damn it, ok, if you really want me to be felt, I’ll go along with it, but I don’t know how I’d let him do it with you right there. In the first place, I’d have to raise up so he could get to my tits and he’d know I was letting him – and I don’t think he’d do that with you right there! It’s one thing to feel them over my bra in the water when we were all playing around, but this would be very different!”

“Yeah, you’re probably right about that. Look, I’ll have the paper up, reading, and I’ll be turned away. That way you can raise up on your elbows with your tits hanging down. I’ll bet that he will take a chance that I won’t know what he’s doing. I won’t be able to see much but you can tell me later.”

“Oh, Hon, I don’t think that I could actually raise up like that. If you really want me to, I’ll raise up enough so that he’ll be able to get his hand completely under me. That’ll be quite a bit and it’d be a lot less obvious. Gods, I can’t believe that we’re figuring out how to let a man feel my boobs! But if that’s what you want, I’ll do what I can! Come on, let’s go inside – I have a very hot cunt that needs attention!”

We hurried into the cottage, me still wearing nothing but my pants. As we had become more sexually active in the last few months, we had developed a pattern by which to satisfy each other while maintaining by virginity. Letting the steam out! For me, Alan usually started by lightly stroking my cunt area until I was aroused, followed, often, by fingering me, touching my hymen, frequently whispering something about my “cherry” which he was going to break soon. Usually at that point, when I was really hot and wet, I would draw my legs up until my knees almost touched my breasts and he would move in and begin licking me, his tongue running between my cunt lips up to my clit. The wetter I was the better he liked it and, when I was ready to cum, he would concentrate on my clit, flicking the tip of the tongue rapidly over it until I exploded. I always came vigorously and powerfully and he would continue lightly licking as I came down from my high. I loved coming that way and, having me respond so vigorously, got him hotter than ever.

I had become well acquainted with Alan’s cock – which had no trouble becoming hard in such circumstances before the stent and medications got in the way. I basically gave him a “hand job,” jacking off the cock while fondling his balls. He usually came relatively quickly with a veritable shower of white cum which covered my hands and, frequently, my face since he liked me to watch it closely. While he didn’t suggest it, I think he hoped that I would take in in mouth and suck him, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I assumed that I would do that someday, but not yet. These practices, really mutual masturbation, I guess, served their purposes and left us satisfied, but we looked forward to the “real thing.”

However, as I hurried into the bedroom, stripped off my pants and jumped onto the bed, I wasn’t thinking of anything but going off. I had had an amazing afternoon, crowned by my husband urging me to let myself be felt by another man. This time I didn’t even wait for the preliminaries, just flinging myself on my back, raising my legs and spreading them. When Alan touched my clit, I went an almost continual series of orgasms. I was writhing about, humping up and down in a perpetual state of excitement, almost throwing Alan away from my cunt as I thrashed about. That went on, unbelievably, for almost ten minutes before I finally came under control. I was shocked as Alan raised up between my parted legs, his face shiny with what could only be the flood of moisture that had poured out of my cunt.

He had a shocked look on his face, as he finally blurted out, “Good god, that was unbelievable! I thought that I was going to be either suffocated or drowned – or both. You were so wet and slippery that a baseball bat could have gotten into you!” He got up and a towel, saying as he dried his face, “You were so hot that you should have caught on fire! I think you liked what went on today – or,” a big smile coming over his face, “maybe the idea of having your tits felt set you off!” I just lay there limp as a dish rag. Alan began to slowly and lightly run his fingers over by cunt lips, and, then, gently, over my clit. It felt good, but I was exhausted and drained. With a sort of smile on his face, he asked me, “Are you going topless on the beach now?”

I wasn’t thinking too clearly right than, but I managed to mumble, “Oh, I guess so. I know that you want me to, and after today, I think I’ll be able to.” Then, with a little grin as I began to recover, “My tits are better than those two girls! I think I might enjoy showing them off!”

Alan laughed, happy that I was coming around to his point of view, adding, “You have better tits than anyone on the beach, maybe better than anyone in Belize! Anyone would be glad to see them – or, better, to feel them. Bob felt them through you bra this afternoon. Are you going to let him feel them bare tomorrow?”

He had such an eager look on his face, almost begging me to say “yes,” getting me to confirm the tacit agreement I had made earlier, but I wasn’t hot now, and I just couldn’t say it right then. “Oh, Alan, I don’t know. Let’s not talk about it now. I’ll see tomorrow how I feel and how you’ll feel after a night’s sleep. We were really playing around today and we got carried away, and maybe having your wife’s naked tits felt may not seem so attractive then. I’ll tell you what I’ll do now if you really want me to. I’ll take a shower, put the pants of my other bathing suit on, and we can go down to the beach café with me topless! How would that do?”

His face lit up like a Christmas tree, questions about having my boobs felt pushed out of his mind, temporarily, at least. “OK! Get you little ass off the bed and into the shower! People will be drooling over your tits! This is great!”

Truthfully, I didn’t see any drooling, but there was a lot of ogling! I wore another suit bottom that covered me a little bit more, but I actually walked down the beach for a half-mile with my breasts bare. It felt very peculiar. Obviously, I had walked around the house completely naked so I knew what my breasts felt like as I moved, but walking for a distance outside was very different. Each step caused them to jounce and quiver so that I always was completely aware of movement which was unfamiliar to me. I had looked with interest when I had seen other girl’s boobs doing the same thing as they walked by, but I had had no idea that the feeling would be so pronounced. Actually, I began to enjoy the feeling because it made me constantly aware that my “tits” were naked, and I thought of them as tits.

The ogling began almost as soon as we got down to the beach and I, for the first time, was half naked in public. As we strolled along the waterline, we saw a small cluster of young men (probably college students) sprawled on the sand some distance ahead near where the resort had beach umbrellas permanently emplaced. As we approached, three girls (18+) came toward us passed the boys, and as they sauntered by, they were looked over, but with no significant reaction – a few nudges, a few sly comments, but nothing more. As the girls passed us, I looked at their tits and realized that I was much better and that was confirmed by the way they looked at mine. That sent a wave of confidence through me as we went by the fellows. As we passed, I was startled by the gaping looks as their eyes ran over me. They didn’t say a thing as we passed, but their eyes never left my boobs. As we went on, past a small snack stand, I suddenly heard a cacophony of sound, each one seemingly having something to say about me and my tits. Alan grinned beside me, “How was that for a reaction? I’ll bet that there’s a bunch of hard cocks back there. Boy, talk about an impression!”

I honestly was startled. I knew my breasts were large and well-shaped, but I never before this trip seen other girls with their’s bare. I really was surprised at the boys’ reactions – or, more accuracy, their total lack of reaction, other than staring – as I passed them. Then, to hear them erupt behind me! At that moment, I think I became something of an exhibitionist. I wanted to show them off, to know that I could excite others by exposing my tits. It was very heady, and Alan’s enjoyment of that exposure made it all the better.

When we got to the little café and sat at a small table on the terrace, the excitement continued. There were three or four other couples there, one of them with a topless woman, but all looked (some staring) at me as we sat down. I was in a peculiar mental state: topless in public, sitting at a table ordering food while the waiter and everyone else was focused on my tits – wow! Things gradually settled down and people went back to their food, but I’ll admit that I was on a high while we ate and, even later, as we strolled home. There was one more thing, though. As we approached the spot where we would turn away from the water toward our cottage, Alan suddenly pulled away from me and went a little further down the beach and bent down to pick up something. He came back holding something which he showed me with a grin, “Look, your bra washed ashore.” Sure enough, the top which the men had pulled off of me earlier had come back. Do you think you will want to wear it tomorrow?” We both knew the answer to that question.

Needless to say, I was really excited when we went to bed, and Alan set me off twice. I couldn’t believe that I had walked, half naked, down the beach with eyes glued to my breasts. Then, even more unbelievable, I had sat at an outside café, with people all around, and ate dinner as if I had done that all my life. Every time I looked down I was shocked again, particularly since my nipples seemed to protrude a full inch from the breasts! Alan admitted that he was surprised at the composure I showed and wished, probably for the fiftieth time that day, that he wasn’t taking that damn medicine!

Inevitably, the question of having my tits felt came up again, but I still put off committing myself, although I knew that he would convince me if he really wanted it. I still couldn’t understand his attitude, for he knew that I’d never done anythingbefore and he never had expressed any interest in me exhibiting myself, much less actually doing something like that. Still, neither of us had ever dreamed of doing what we already had done. Alan had, as I said before, urged me to go topless, but only after we saw so many others doing so once we got to Belize. I had to think that his inability to screw me contributed to his desire to expose me and, even, to urge Bob to feel me through my bra in the water. One thing led to another and, as happens when excitement overwhelms restraint, he got my bra off. It was a giant step from urging me to join the topless brigade, but it was another even bigger step to take my bra off so a specific man could see my tits! In a way it was like what can happen at a fraternity party when things get out of hand and you do things that humiliateyou the following morning! I certainly didn’t want our honeymoon ruined because Alan regretted letting someone feel me – or, even more, regretting setting up a situation where I could surreptitiously help it to happen. I could see that setting up your wife, actually, your bride, so another man could feel her could be something a man would really regret when he came to his senses! Still, Alan seemed really interested, but I insisted that I would not commit myself until tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 5th. When tomorrow became today, I really thought that sleeping on it overnight had brought him back to reality, because he never mentioned the subject as we got dressed. It was our 4th day in Belize, and we planned to drive into town and do a little shopping, so I wore shorts and a blouse but, to my own surprise, left off my bra. I don’t think that I ever had left the house without a bra since my boobs grew past an A-cup, but, for some reason, probably the sexiness of walking on the beach last evening, it just felt good. As we got out of the car and walked down the street, I felt that jouncing and quivering from yesterday combined with the feeling of my hard nipples on the fabric of my blouse. I noticed numerous glances, and a few stares from passers-by, all but a few being admiring or envious, and it turned a shopping trip into an almost erotic event. Alan, of course, loved it, eagerly drawing my attention, subtly, to the most persistent members of my audience. I was excited!

One thing I did want was one or two additional bathing suits – only the bottoms –because I hated putting on a wet suit and I didn’t like my second, much more modest, suit that I had worn at home, particularly after wearing the revealing one here. Belize, particularly in beach areas, has no shortage of shopping for clothing, and we went into several shops with me trying on a wide selection of bathing suit bottoms. Unlike many U.S. stores, selling bras and pants separately is the rule, but the problem was not finding bottoms, but finding one’s we liked. We finally entered a much larger women’s store where the selection was much wider, and I took several into the dressing room. I felt funny coming out wearing a blouse with no bra and a minimum pair of pants, but Alan loved the show, as I’m afraid, did several other customers. There were two I liked and looked good on me, but were just a bit too big. Alan couldn’t see the problem until I twisted a bit and the front triangle shifted, exposing an ample amount of cunt hair. (That’s when the audience perked up!) “See,” I said, “what happens? Remember what I said about these suits having to fit very tightly to prevent that. It’d probably fall off in the water!” Alan reluctantly agreed, although I don’t think he minded the idea of a little exposure.

There was another suit that did fit and that I thought was ok, and, just about to put my shorts back on, Alan came to the dressing room curtain and said “Here, look at these. I think that they are nice and I like the colors.”

“Ok, let me see them. Hey, Alan, these aren’t bathing suits, they’re panties!” They were pretty and I did love the bright colors, but they were panties.

“They don’t look any different and they are better than what you’ve been looking at. Try them on.”

I did as he said, and they did look nice and actually were a little bit more modest than the bikini I had been looking at. (It was a string connecting two triangles that either required some shaving or accepting some hair exposure!) But, still, they were panties. Nonetheless, I felt sexy in them and, when Alan called in, “Let me see“, I came out, a bit embarrassed by the other people seeing me in panties, but, actually enjoying it at the same time.

“Wow, those are the best things we’ve found here yet! Let’s get that other suit, but we have to have a couple of these!”

I didn’t argue, and we left the store with one suit and three pair of miniscule panties. I did warn Alan, however, that I couldn’t wear the panties in the water for they probably would fall off or, in the case of a pink pair, turn transparent. Neither problem seemed to faze him. Oddly enough, it didn’t bother me either. I couldn’t believe how my view of things had changed in about 24 hours. This was turning out to be a honeymoon to remember, but not for the normal reasons!

We had lunch and then headed back to our cottage, changed and headed for the beach. In my case, of course, “change” meant taking my few clothes off and putting on my bikini bottoms. We played around in the surf for awhile and, then, settled down in our place between the dunes. I flopped down on the mat and prepared to relax awhile with my book, but, before I could become comfortable, Alan stopped me with, “Turn over, first, Honey, we need to see how you should lie when Bob comes.”

I really was surprised because I was sure that he had changed his mind and wasn’t going through with the idea of having my boobs felt. Actually, my first reaction was to say, “What,” but I quickly knew what he meant and, without asking further, I just turned over, put my arms under my head and said, “This is the way I was yesterday. See how my breasts bulge out?”

“Yeah. I see, and he felt the sides of your tits but couldn’t get under them.”

“Uh huh.”

“Try crossing your wrists over each other and rest your chin on them. Yeah, like that. Now, see if you can raise up on your elbows. No, that doesn’t work. That’s awkward.”

“Darn it, if you really are sure that you want him to feel my tits, I’ll just rest my head on my hands with my elbows under me like I did before. Then, when he starts to put the sunscreen on them, I’ll either stay flat and lift up enough so he can get his hands under them or, if it’s what you want, I’ll just raise up on my elbows and just let him feel me. See, like I did yesterday, but a little higher, or like this.” As I said that, I demonstrated bowing my back and turning my side upward, opening the way for a hand to slide under and, then, as the alternative, just pulling my elbows inward and pushing down and raising up so my tits were off the mat and hanging down. “I’ll do it either way, depending on just how far you want me to go. Whatever you want!”

“Damn it, either would be very sexy, but I love the way you look when I can see the nipples! If you think that you can do it, raise up like that, on your elbows! Look, I have the two movie cameras set up, one on unipods placed at the side, one down where your feet will be. They’re very small and they are sunk into the sand. They’re really invisible among all our stuff, so we’ll have pictures if you do get felt! Now, I’ll be reading the paper, but I’ll try to watch as much as I can.”

I didn’t know what to think and I had mixed emotions, part of me shocked at what I had promised to do, the other feeling heat at the prospects of illicit sexual activity. I, also, couldn’t help being surprised at Alan’s almost perverse desire to have another man fondle me right beside him – and us married for only five days! Well, I thought, maybe Bob won’t come today, and I turned over onto my back and started to read, although, nothing that I read went in. That conjecture (hope?) lasted about three minutes, if that.

Bob arrived with a loud, “Look at what we have here! Last I saw, you were hiding under a towel, and, now, you’re just lying there topless!”

Alan replied, “Yeah, look at those tits! We walked down the beach last evening with them out and people were drooling as she went by! Now she likes it!”

“I’m not surprised! With tits like that, she would have a parade of hot men following her.”

“She passed a bunch of college kids, and they couldn’t even talk until she was completely past. Then, she sat at the café, tits out, eating.”

“I’ll bet that you had excellent service! Gods, I can’t believe those tits. I saw them last night for a minute or two, but this really is something!”

I lay there with two men fixated on my boobs, and a feeling of recklessness came over me as I broke in, “When you two are through talking about my tits, could you get me the sunscreen? They haven’t been out in the open before, and I don’t want them to burn.” I still can’t believe that I had the nerve to say that then, but I did!

Bob reached for the bottle, saying, as he handed it to me, “No, I’ll bet you don’t want that! They certainly are white!” Then, as I took the bottle and prepared to open it, he continued, “Do you want me to put it on for you? I’ll be real careful!”

With surprising aplomb, I replied, “No thank you. I’m quite capable of rubbing sunscreen on my tits without help!” I must have been in some kind of zone to say something like that since I had never even referred to my breasts as “tits” to Alan until yesterday, and here I was talking about them that way to another man! Alan commented afterwards that he was startled at my composure, and I still can’t believe it, myself. Totally out of character. But, I calmly sat there, with them both watching me very closely, and smoothed the lotion carefully on each breast, down over my stomach and, daringly, a bit under my pants, deliberately exposing just a little hair. I did my legs and lay back, nude except for a little triangle of cloth at my crotch, with my tits standing up like pyramids, crowned by erect, pink nipples. I was really hot and, unexpectedly, ready for more.

Neither of the men spoke the entire time that I was spreading the cream over me, both, I think, a bit in shock at my comments and actions. Alan was resting on one elbow watching me, while Bob sat beside me. Finally, Bob let out a breath, saying, “Man, that is some wife you have there!” Gradually, they began a conversation about something, but I have no idea as to what it was – probably sports. I lay there, my mind in turmoil, as they talked, knowing that crunch time was coming and not quite sure that I could do it. Finally, however, I knew that I had to make the move before I lost my nerve completely, and I looked over at Alan with a loaded glance. I waited until there was a lull in the conversation and turned over, saying something about the heat of the sun. I put my hands under my head as before, feeling my breasts squeezing out on both sides as they had yesterday. Bob immediately reached for the sunscreen, saying, “This is less interesting, but I guess you do want this stuff on your back.” Alan moved back off of his elbow and lay down beside me, adjusting his pillow and reaching for his paper.

Bob proceeded to spread the lotion on in the same way, starting at my shoulders and working down my back to my hips, lavishing attention to my exposed behind and, once again, futilely trying, innocently, to get his fingers under my pants. Then, the moment arrived as his hands moved back up on my side to the bulge of my breast. Then, before I could lose my nerve, I just raised up, resting on my elbows, until my tits hung free, my nipples off the mat. Bob hesitated just a moment, probably checking on Alan who was wrapped up in the paper, and just took my left tit in his hand and squeezed it before lightly fondling it. My mind was a tumult of conflicting emotions. I was wildly excited at being felt, there was an element of guilt, there was worry about how Alan would react now that it actually had happened, and a bunch of ideas and qualms I don’t even recall. Still, I didn’t move as he massaged my hanging tit, even tweaking my nipple. After what seemed like an inordinate time, he left the right breast, the one beside Alan, and moved to the other one which was more concealed. I just held myself on my elbows while he thoroughly explored it – fondling, squeezing, caressing. Even in my overwhelmed state, I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through his mind as he felt a married woman’s breast with her husband quietly reading the paper beside her. Finally, after what seemed like an hour (but probably was five minutes – still a long time to feel me in those circumstances), I lowered myself saying, “I can’t hold myself up any longer. This mat is hard on the elbows.” I had planned to just lie back down as if nothing had happened, but I decided to verbally acknowledge what was going on and that I was up on my elbows ready to be felt.

Alan immediately stepped in, adding, “Yeah, the ridging is uncomfortable to lean on like that. It’s fine for lying on, and it keeps the sand away, but I would prefer a smooth surface.” The conversation continued in a desultory way for awhile until finally, he added, “Let’s take another swim before going out to eat. Say, Bob, we’re going down to the café for supper again tonight. Why don’t you come along and see people staring at Nita’s tits. She‘d probably like to have two men with her to ward off all those admirers!”

Bob immediately accepted the invitation, saying “I’ll go anywhere those tits are going. Besides, you’re right. She may need protection if those college kids are still there.”

“Ok, fellows. That’s quite enough about my tits. It may come as a surprise to you two, but they’re not community property, so I’ll take care of them, myself! Now, let’s get wet!” We went in for awhile, with nothing really significant happening, i.e. no “handle” lifting. Both Alan and I, of course, were eager to get inside and compare notes on the afternoon‘s activities. Making arrangements to meet Bob afterwards, we hurried to the cottage where I had another wild series of orgasms as I recounted how he learned a lot about my tits! Before I could even talk about it, I ripped off my pants, flopped down on the bed and raised my legs – I even reached down and rubbed my clit I was so excited. Alan immediately knelt between my legs and proceeded to lick me while fingering my cunt. He even did something he hadn’t done before by flicking his finger over my bottom hole, sending me over the top into an unbelievable orgasm. It was much like the last time: when I had finished after going off twice he rose up from between my legs with his face covered with my cunt juices.

“Good god, Nita, you’re unreal! I couldn’t even stay with you a couple of times you moved so violently. They talk about a man “riding” a woman, but you would’ve bucked me off. Being felt certainly fires you up! Now, if you’ve calmed down for a moment, tell me what you did.”

“I did just what I showed you – as soon as his fingers reached the bulge of my right breast, I raised up on my elbows until my nipples were off the mat, and stayed there and let him feel me! Boy, did he feel me! He squeezed it, tweaked my nipple and just ran his fingers all over it. Then, he moved over to the left side, away from you, and did the same thing longer! He really worked it over. I think he would have kept it up all day if I hadn’t thought that it had gone on long enough. Somehow I didn’t just want to let it go as if nothing had happened, so I decided to say that I was up on my elbows and was going to go back down. I don’t know what you want to do next, but you don’t really have to pretend that you didn’t know that he was feeling me if you don’t want to.”

“Wow, I hardly can believe that you had the nerve to do all that! I couldn’t see much, but I could tell that you were up and, I assumed, being felt. I can’t wait to see if the cameras caught the action! Gods, that’s exciting! Obviously, a little extra-marital sex appealed to you!”

“I can’t believe it, but I think that I could have gone off while he felt me! I’ve actually had my bare tit felt by another man! Little miss conservative me. Married five days and I let another man play with my boobs! I can hardly believe it, but I know that the illicit or immoral side of it did make it better! If I were just resting on my elbows and you reached over and felt my breast, as you’ve done many times, it would feel good and, I guess, a bit romantic, but I wouldn’t react like this! My initial intent was to let him feel me because I knew that you wanted it, but I really got hot as soon as I knew that I was going to raise up so that he could get to me. When it was over, I really wanted to come right in as soon as it was over. Think how I would have blown up if we had been in here right after he finished! I‘d probably have broken the bed! If we do anything like this at home, you will have a hard time riding me! That’s a funny thought, being mounted and ridden – I wish I didn‘t have to wait until we get home. I‘d love to be mounted and ridden right here on our honeymoon!”

“Unfortunately, that would be difficult, but we’ll make up for it when we get home – unless Bob gets you first!”

Laughing at the absurd notion, I replied, “Don’t even talk like that! It’s bad enough that I’m walking around half naked and he’s felt my tits and, if you keep this up, will feel them some more, but I’m not quite up to discussing adultery on my honeymoon! I’ll go with your perverse ideas up to a point, but I do have my limits!”

Alan, with a great big grin came back with, “The way you bounced around just now, I wouldn’t put anything past you – even being screwed! Ok, unless you want to come again, go get a shower and we’ll go meet your lover! Why don’t you wear the turquoise panties instead of the regular pants? I think that we’d all like that!”

“Now, you stop that or I’ll start wearing a bra again to protect myself from a depraved husband! I’ve only got one cherry, and it’s going back home with us! Now, back to reality, do you really think that I should wear those panties like that? I thought that I would keep them for lying around here, not out with people around. I don’t know if I would be too embarrassed to go out in public wearing them, particularly without a bra. Gods, walking down the beach, naked except for a very brief pair of panties! I don’t know.”

“Take you shower and try them on and see. They certainly are no more revealing than the bikini pants, so I don‘t any problem.”

“Yeah, I don’t think that you’d have any problem if I were to walk down the beach totally naked! I’ll see.”

As it turned, both cameras caught the action, and despite the small viewers, we could see my tits really being worked over. That excited me all over again, but Alan said, “I‘ll download these movies to my laptop later, and we can take a peek at them! I think that we should wait until we get home to see the whole show so I can edit them, but a peek or two won’t hurt. You’ll be hot now anyway! They’ll heat you up then!

In any case, as might be expected, sometime later the three of us were walking down the beach to the restaurant area with me wearing nothing except a pair of turquoise panties that I probably would not have considered adequate coverage under my clothes. Certainly nothing that anyone but Alan could see, and that only in the last six months. Unbelievable. Needless to say, Bob was effusive in his admiration, commenting that he hadn’t seen that suit before. Then, to my horror and embarrassment, Alan calmly said, “Oh, that’s just a pair of panties we got in town. They just didn’t have many suits that fit or looked good, so she got several pairs of panties to wear when she wasn’t going in the water. They really fit and look good on her.”

Alan! Why’d you tell him that! You said no one would know the difference and now you tell him!” Actually, I’ll admit that we had planned to tell Bob for we both thought that it would be sexy for him to know, so I pretended to be shocked and embarrassed and even blushed quite a bit!”

“Come on, Nita”, Bob interjected, “you look beautiful! I think it’s sexy knowing that you’re just wearing panties! But I really couldn’t tell, so there’s no reason to be embarrassed that I know! No one else will be able to see anything! It must feel very sexy, walking around like that and it‘s probably more fun if someone knows!”

“Damn it, you’re right that it does feel very sexy and I guess I don’t mind you knowing! Now, if my husband doesn’t spread the word any wider, I’ll be ok.” I loved it! Out in public wearing a very brief and very thin pair of panties – and very, very aroused! The looks I got from people as we walked by thrilled and excited me. Girls strolled along the beach wearing very little all the time, so there were none of the censorious looks I would have gotten somewhere else, but I knew that I was wearing panties out in public, even if they didn’t! The obvious admiration, and occasional lecherous stares, had me floating along on a sexual high. Wonderful!

In some ways the most exciting and, at the same time, the most traumatic part of the evening came when we got to the restaurant. It was in the same area as the café, but Bob wanted us to try it because of the view. It had an upstairs open air terrace that looked out over the beach and the water, and the view was wonderful. The only problem was that it was upstairs which required us to go through a very crowded downstairs lobby and bar filled with maybe one hundred people, all of whom seemed to be looking at almost naked me! In my entire adult life I had never been anywhere without being conservatively dressed. Even when wearing a bathing suit, everything was completely covered in the most modest way. Now, here I was, breasts bare, with erect nipples, and nothing below the waist except thin panties, which, I was sure, showed their real nature to everyone. I managed not to cringe as I walked through, and Alan and Bob were quite complimentary afterwards about my composure with all the eyes on me. When we reached the upstairs terrace, there were quite a few people there too, but I was past the crisis point and a feeling of exultation came over me and I felt fantastic!

The rest of the evening was delightful. I sat there with that fillip of continual excitement, the feeling that I was almost naked in public and loving it. Alan and Bob, several times, delicately pointed out people who were staring without showing it. As Bob said, “Think about it. People see tits all the time here, but none look like yours. Most are smaller, and if they’re as big, they sag. Yours stick out like artillery shells. I’ll bet that 90% of the people here, men and women, would love to feel them!” That last statement was accompanied by a very knowing grin that caused me to blush profusely. Both men laughed at my obvious embarrassment.

Bob said, “Any woman with tits like those should show them off and they should be felt! Man, Alan, you really have it made! A honeymoon in a tropical paradise with a woman like that! I’m surprised that you get out of the bedroom!”

“You’re right. Things couldn’t be more perfect – except I can’t use the equipment until we get home!”

“What? Why not!”

At that point, Alan explained his predicament. He described in detail the impact of an immense kidney stone and the gruesome insertion of that stupid stent. “Then, to reduce the pain and potential damage from getting hard, I have to take a damn pill that Nita calls a reverse Viagra! Add to that, if I lay flat on my back, I go to sleep until she wakes me up! I’d probably roast in the sun without waking up if she didn’t shake me! So, here I am on a honeymoon in a tropical paradise with a woman like that and I can‘t even screw her! The bedroom is just for sleeping which is why we‘re all over the place instead of doing what honeymooners are supposed to be doing!”

“This isn’t permanent, I assume?”

“God, no, thank heavens! As soon as we get home that damn stent comes out, the pill is stopped and Nita’s in for some real screwing!”

I chimed in with, “Alan! Stop talking like that! It’s embarrassing! In any case, it’s only a short time to wait and we’re really having fun here. Sex can wait – we have years for that!” I had been surprised about Alan discussing his physical problem, but it probably was good so Bob would understand our un-honeymoon-like actions.

The rest of the evening was perfect. When we left the restaurant, through the same gauntlet, I walked proudly, breasts out and enjoying the feeling of daring as I did so. It was still bright out, nightfall comes late there, and I really enjoyed the walk back between the two men. There were still many people out and it was fun being the center of attention with the sexual thrill of knowing that I was almost naked. I loved the feeling!

However, right after we passed several couples who really looked me up and down (despite the fact that the women were topless, themselves), I suddenly broke into gales of laughter. Bob and Alan stared at me in wonderment, seeing nothing funny that would cause such an explosion. I just couldn’t stop and actually fell to the sand and rolled over in a paroxysm of laughter that almost made it hard to breathe. Finally, I was able to get myself mostly under control, although my mirth still broke through with seemingly no cause. Obviously, the men wanted to know what was going on, but I knew that I couldn’t get through an explanation without exploding right then, so I just stammered out, “Wait till we get back! I can’t talk now.” They pulled me to my feet, but I was still staggering about – actually exhausted by my laughter seizure, so Bob put his arm around me for a few steps, “accidentally” letting his hand run over my tit as he “helped” me. Alan made some kind of joke about “handles,” but I didn’t hear exactly what, and I didn’t ask him to repeat it! Still, it signified that he saw Bob’s hand on my breast and didn’t object.

We got back to our cottage and I slumped down on a chaise on the little terrace in front. Bob and Alan sat down and waited for an explanation. I was just sprawled there, legs hanging loose, and started laughing again. I was more under control now, so I was able to tell something of my background.

When I was growing up, my Aunt Agatha, my mother‘s sister, lived with us. She was very conservative when it came to feminine modesty, even for a little girl. From the earliest time I can remember, she harped on being decorous at all times, even at home, and I can almost hear her directing, “Anita, keep your legs together” or, musically, “Anita, I can see your panties!” By the time I was a teenager, she had drilled it into me so that I tightened my knees together when she came into the room even if they already were together! Gods, the silly things you remember. When my breasts started to grow, I was about 12, she told my mother, “You’ve got the get Anita a brassiere. Her points are starting to show!” Of course, they really would have shown later, for I was a B-cup when I was 16, and I began wearing bras that were industrial strength and thickness by high school. Her training took and I became one of the most conservative dressers in high school and college. Actually, I do love her and I wanted to please her, so I guess I took on many of her traits.

That gradually changed after graduation. I was still conservative in my clothes, but I began to dress more like the people I worked with and, of course, Alan’s influence after we started going together liberated me even more. In any case, as we were walking back, Aunt Agatha came to mind and I actually thought I could hear her sing song voice, “Anita, I can see your panties!” Here I was, strolling along, in public, almost naked, wearing nothing but my panties! Everybody could see my panties. Everyone could see my “points” and the tits around them! It was so bizarre that I couldn’t stop laughing! Oh, if she could see me now! Here I am now, lying here in just the position she hated, legs open, showing my panties! I could almost hear her saying, “Anita, what on earth are you doing! Where are your clothes?” Since she had paid for half of our honeymoon and I do love her, I suppose that I should have shown her and her moral instructions more respect, but, right then, I was lost in my new hedonism!

As I thought that, I raised up and looked down at my bare breasts and past them to my panties and suddenly realized that I was revealing more than I knew. In the rolling around in the sand and the sprawling on the chaise, the panties had pulled aside and a generous amount of cunt hair was prominently displayed! Suddenly embarrassed, I pulled the panty elastic back where it belonged, saying, “Damn it, that’s why panties are dangerous to wear out! Unlike bathing suits, they don’t have any structure to keep them in place. And you two, you might have warned me!”

“Why would we do that? You looked very sexy lying there like that!” Alan replied.

Bob agreed, “Very nice! You can wear them like that anytime for me!”

“You two are just alike! Panties are underwear, not bathing suits, and, Alan, that’s why I can’t wear them in the water – they wouldn’t stay on!”

“What’s wrong with that?”

With that, I threw a pillow at him and got up, “That’s enough of that! I’m going in!”

That effectively ended the sexiest night of my life – up till then. I had loved every second of it, even the exposure of the cunt hair. When we were alone, I tried to wreck the bed again. We talked at length about the evening and, despite the excess exposure, or, probably, partly because of it, we agreed that we loved the direction our honeymoon was taking. While I didn’t say so, I pretty much committed myself to moving onward.

Thursday, August 6. The following morning was the fifth day of our honeymoon. It was amazing how easy it was to get dressed for the beach when all you had to put on was a pair of bikini pants. It’s also amazing how easy it was to accept going braless in public. I honestly never thought of how different it was until I was going out of the door! I got another chuckle out of it as I thought of Aunt Agatha! She never would have said, “Anita, go back and put your bra on“, because it would have been totally impossible for her to even think of anyone going out without one. It would be like her saying, “Anita, keep your feet on the ground and don’t float away!” You don’t instruct people not to do things that they couldn’t do anyway, and going outside without a bra just couldn‘t be done

We were quite venturesome that day, walking down the beach close to a mile, and I actually went parasailing. I was scared, at first, but I lost that fear once I was several hundred feet in the air. The view was beautiful and Alan, afterwards, said I looked like a Valkyrie, floating through the air with my bare tits cleaving the air. We also rode a jet ski, which Alan loved, but I didn’t. We ate in another café-type place, and trudged back home, tired and ready to just lie around. Later, we walked along the shore for awhile, and then lay down on our mats to read. Just then, Bob appeared and we talked about a variety of things, including last night and we agreed that it had been a lot of fun. Then, I turned over, and without being asked, he picked up the bottle of sunscreen and applied it to my back, down over my hips (unsuccessfully probing again to try to get under my pants) and back up on my side. When he got to the bulge of my breasts, I just raised up, as if it were nothing, and he fondled and squeezed them, one after the other as if that were a normal part of putting on sunscreen. It really was amazing. I just lay there, raised up on my elbows, my chin resting on my hands, while he felt me. Very matter of fact, and no attempt to conceal what he was doing. What had been yesterday a major erotic event was now accepted as routine. However, that doesn’t mean that it was not sexually exciting! Believe me, it was! In fact, as he did it, I squeezed my legs together surreptitiously, putting pressure on my cunt and clit. I had to control myself to keep from going off. This time there was no question that Alan saw what was happening and that he didn’t mind having his wife’s tits felt.

Friday, August 7th. His approval was confirmed the following day, when Bob joined us in the water after lunch. The water was rough with breaking waves, and the swim time turned into “dunk Nita and lift her back up by her tits.” They were felt under the water, on top of the water and, a few times well above the water. After one of those occasions when I was literally lifted out of the water by my convenient handles, I finally protested, “If you guys keep this up I’m going to have to go in! My tits are going to be covered with bruises! Come on, just feel them, don’t wreck them!” Obviously, the sex play had really fired me up to permit me to say such a thing – telling them, particularly, of course, Bob, to “just feel them,” certainly gave free license. Things did settle down, and they did feel me and tow me around by my handles.

When we finally staggered ashore after the exhausting, but enjoyable, sex play, I just threw myself on the mat and just lay there. I really was tired. Bob picked up the sunscreen and held it out to me, saying, “You’d better put this on. It was certainly washed off in the water.” Then, repeating his previous jocular offer, “Unless you want me to do it for you!” Obviously, he expected the same haughty refusal as before, but surprising myself (and Alan), I just said, “Why not. You’ve been handling my tits in the water for almost an hour. Go ahead and put the stuff on them!”

“Wow, that’ll be a pleasure!”

He proceeded to carefully apply the sunscreen all over the front of my body, feeling all of me, particularly, of course, my tits. Oh, it felt good. Alan said afterwards that he even felt a tingle in his cock as he saw Bob’s fingers touching every inch of me except that small area covered by my pants. Later, when I turned over, he did the same thing but this time, I didn’t even bother to raise up, just turning up a bit so his fingers could go under. When I turned back over later, he calmly reached over and squeezed my right tit as he got up to leave. So, on the 6th day of our honeymoon, another man was free to feel everything but my cunt right in front of my husband. The cameras caught every detail, so, at this rate, we were going to have a series of X-rated movies, me starring, when we got home! Still despite being wildly excited, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What next”, and that caused a bit of trouble that night.

For now, however, I was fired up when we went in, jumping on the bed, eager for Alan to set me off. It didn’t take long the first time as he licked and fingered me to orgasm. I felt bad that I couldn’t do anything for him since I knew he was as excited as I was, but even if the medication hadn’t stopped his normal reaction, the stent would have hurt. He said that it wasn’t too bad since he was really turned on mentally. I don’t know if you can have a mental orgasm, but, as he said, he couldn’t do anything physical. His day will come, he said, and I’m sure he’s right. I can’t wait for real sex! Fingers and tongues work wondrously, but I want the whole thing! We talked at length about me just lying there face up, letting Bob feel everything, particularly my tits! How rapidly we had gone from being wildly excited because he surreptitiously touched the bulge of my flattened breasts to just letting him fondle and squeeze them right in front of Alan! We talked about that progression, and that is where the problem began.

We talked about how he continually tried to get a finger under the tight edges of my pants, laughing about how frustrating it must be for him. Even when his fingers ran over the crotch of my bathing suit, he still couldn’t feel anything. Then, Alan commented on how sexy I had looked last night: “That’s why the panties are better. If he felt the crotch of those thin panties, he would really get something out of it. I noticed yesterday that the nylon actually outlined your cunt lips, making it much sexier that the regular pants! Then, boy, when you were sprawled open on the chaise with cunt hair showing – wouldn’t he have loved to feel you then! Maybe you could wear the blue ones tomorrow.”

For some reason, my excitement emptied out of me like a drain had opened. “Oh, Alan, I don’t know. I’ll do what you want, but I think that we’re going to fast with this. I just don’t think I want him to feel my cunt – at least not this soon. I don’t know. We’ve been married for one whole week, and I love it. I love being married and I’ve loved being here, being with you and just doing things with you. Just lying around on the beach, talking, swimming, shopping – everything has been wonderful. Totally unexpectedly, however, we’ve gotten into this sex thing with Bob. We’ve only known him for four days and we both like him and he’s fun to be with, a friend, a close friend, we didn’t expect to find here. Both of us have really enjoyed the sex play and, while Aunt Agatha wouldn’t approve, I’ve become much more open and I’ve loved it. I can’t believe the things I’ve done, particularly wearing nothing but those panties Wednesday night. I was as high as if I had been drunk, and I guess I was on the euphoria caused by all I had done – and shone! I’ll even admit that I was pretty sure that my panties had slipped over and that he could see my cunt hair when we got home. I‘ve liked all of this and, of course, I‘ll do anything you want, but, I just think that we’re going too fast with it! The only thing he hasn’t touched and seen is my cunt, and, I guess, I would be more comfortable if we held off on that for a couple of days until I can adjust to all of this.”

“Look, honey, I’m certainly not going to push you to do more than you’re comfortable with. Maybe we got carried away by the excitement. I know, from your reaction in bed, that this all turns you on, but I suppose that there’s a limit. We certainly can take it slower and, I’ll tell you what, you set up a timetable! We’ll go on tomorrow doing what we did today, and you can decide when or if you want to do more. How’s that?”

“Oh, Alan, that would be perfect! I already have an idea that I think would be fun and sexy! Tomorrow is Saturday! We will have been married for one whole week, and I think we should celebrate. We’ll do the same thing we did yesterday. I’ll let Bob feel my tits in the water and, when we come out, I’ll let him put the sunscreen all over me. That way he can just feel my tits and the rest of me while you watch. We’ll both like that. Then, tomorrow night, let’s go out to that nice restaurant we saw to celebrate. We can ask Bob to come along, and I’m sure he will. This is a dress up place, so I’ll wear my garter belt and hose with my sheer panties and bra. We’ll tell Bob to come over when he’s ready, but I won’t be completely dressed when he gets here and I’ll “accidentally” come out without my dress on. I’ll be really embarrassed, but he’ll get to see me in my fancy underwear! What do you think?”

“Wow! That’s better than wearing the blue panties! It’s a deal!”

Saturday, August 8. And, that was just what we did. We spent the morning wandering aroundthe tourist area, people-watching and being watched – since I was topless. Actually, having a chance to be surrounded by people while my tits were bare was still novel and exciting to both of us, so it was fun. The afternoon we were at the beach and, of course, Bob showed up shortly after we lay down on our mats. We spent quite a bit of time in the water, and I think that one or the other of them had my breasts in their hands for 90% of the time. Once, each had one while the other held the other. Fun! When we came ashore and lay down, Bob, without asking, simply took the lotion and rubbed in on every part of my body while I was face up and repeated the performance when I turned over. All three of us enjoyed it immensely. Finally, we said we had to go in a bit early because we were going to dress up and go out to dinner in a fancy place to celebrate our anniversary. At that point, Alan, offhandedly, invited Bob to go with us and, unsurprisingly, he accepted and agreed to be at our place at 6 PM. The stage was set.

Actually, my plan worked to perfection, far better that I could have expected. Well before Bob was to arrive from his cottage next door, I had put on my makeup and put on my white bra, panties, garter belt and hose. I looked in the mirror and surprised myself. The bra and panties were as near transparent as you could imagine, and showed my nipples and cunt hair almost as if I were naked. The garter belt matched the bra and panties, and the hose came within two inches of my cunt, making my legs look even longer. I knew how I looked in the underwear because they were the ones I had worn at our wedding – Aunt Agatha would not have approved! However, I was surprised by how nice my skin looked in it, for the careful sun tanning had given it a glow that really set off that underwear. I even excited myself!

In just a few minutes after “dressing,” if that’s what you would call it, Alan called in to me that Bob was coming, five minutes early as I had hoped. I quickly turned on the water in the bathroom to, supposedly keep me from hearing his arrival, and prepared for my entrance. Then, looking down and combing my hair, I came through the door into the living room, saying, “How do I look? This is my wedding outfit!”

There was absolute silence at first, and then both men exclaimed, “Wow!”

I looked up with absolute (feigned) shock at hearing Bob’s voice, standing still in a shocked reaction, and then placing my hand over my crotch in a traditional September Morn pose, I shrieked, “My god, Bob, what’re you doing here? You’re early!” I then scurried back into the bedroom after giving him plenty of time to stare! I quickly put on the little white dress that I had laid out, and reemerged, still blushing (partly real, partly the result of judicious patting), saying, “I can’t believe this! I might as well have been naked! Alan, why didn’t you say that Bob was here?”

Alan didn’t say anything, of course, and Bob, with a big smile, flattered me with, “That is the virtue of being prompt! You never know when a beautiful nymph will pop up, and what could be nicer than the almost naked nymph I just saw!”

“Oh you! Oh, well, you’ve seen most of it before, so I suppose it doesn’t matter too much, but, if I’m going to put on a show, I would like to know the schedule!” The evening was off to a great start and Alan, later, whispered to me, “Man, that was an entrance! Thank heaven for that pill or I’d probably broken that stent – or my cock!” I had a delicious dinner and two men making me the center of the evening. They teased me throughout the evening about Bob seeing me and my underwear. Commenting about what all the people around us would say if they knew what I had under my demure white dress. Asking, “What kind of bride would wear things like that under her wedding gown?” “What would your Aunt Agatha say! “ Alan joined Bob in those jibes, almost as if he were just another man rather than my husband. I blushed, I simpered, I made silly, even sexy replies. I loved it, and was on a high all during dinner, and I was floating on air when we drove home!

What more could I ask? The answer; two men making me the center after the dinner! Things really heated up on the way home. I was in the center of three people in a two seat car, squeezed between Alan and Bob. As I slid over to the middle, my short skirt pulled up almost to my hose tops, exhibiting my legs, making them look sexy and long. Both men continuously glanced down, making me hotter as we drove. Bob finally broke the silence, saying, “I didn’t even know that women wore regular hose anymore! I hate pantyhose, but that’s about all you see. I love seeing a woman’s thighs above her stocking tops – I think all men do!” Alan joined him, agreeing, “I’ve always felt that way. Nothing is sexier than seeing supporter straps going up a woman’s legs!”

Those comments provided a wonderful opening, so I did the obvious thing – I reached down, caught the bottom of my skirt, and just pulled it all the way up, exposing all of my legs and, probably, the crotch of my panties. “There, is that what you meant? Oops, keep your eyes on the road, Alan! I never liked pantyhose either – they’re too confining and ungodly inconvenient. Panties, garter belt and hose are much nicer if I have to wear hose. They do make a woman’s legs look nice!” Needless to say, I got immediate agreement from each man, and I could feel eyes focused on my thighs the rest of the way home with Alan having to pay attention to me and the road! He said later that night that when I’m showing something like that, or when I’m lying there being felt while the sunscreen is being applied, it’s like looking at another woman, not his wife – but knowing that it is his wife, makes it very exciting! I didn’t quite understand that, but I really enjoyed being looked at (and felt), so I accepted his view without argument. In any case, if seeing me exposed like that was good for him, it certainly was good for me and I could feel safe in all this sex play because my husband was there! A very nice situation!

We got home about 9:00, and I slid out of the car with my skirt up over my panties, giving Bob an excellent view of thinly veiled cunt hair. The sun was just setting and was spectacular, as usual. I started to slump down on the chaise to watch it, but suddenly thought and said, “Darn, I don’t want to sit out here in this white dress! I’ll have to go in and change.”

Alan quickly responded, “You’ll miss it if you go in! Just take the dress off and stay out here!”

“Gods, I can’t do that! I’ve got almost nothing under it. I can’t stay out here like that!”

“Why not? No one else can see you and we’ve already seen what you’ve got on! Go ahead, take it off and lie down.”

That, of course, is what I want to hear, so “convinced,” I did just as he suggested. I unzipped the dress, stepped out of it, loosely folded it over the back of the chaise and lay down – sheer panties, sheer bra, matching garter belt and hose, all on view! It was now twilight and getting darker, but not so dark that anything was really hidden. I loved it – more naked than naked in some ways. Funny, almost naked but with sheer material masking me was almost sexier than if I were nude. Certainly, I had plenty of attention and the conversation was desultory since sex was on everyone’s mind. When I got up and took the dress in to hang it up, the disappointment was clear, but when I came back with drinks, still “dressed” the same way, euphoria set in. We set there, my exposure on everyone’s mind, talking about nothing. Finally, I got up and walked around a bit, knowing the garter belt and hose made everything different. Alan insisted that I have a picture taken with Bob and I felt very sexy being photographed like that! The moon was up, shining brightly, so I really was like a model on a runway! I was hot – and so were they! There was silence, as I put on my show, until I sighed, “Oh, this is a beautiful night! I wish I could walk along the beach with my feet in the water!’

Bob answered, “Well, why not! I don’t see anyone stopping you. I think it would be fun, too.”

Alan, got up, “Come on, let’s go!

“Oh, I’d love to, as I said, but I can’t go like this! I’d wreck my hose and I just don’t feel like changing!’ Obviously, changing would have meant taking off my underwear and putting on a bikini bottom, but, of course, that’s not I wanted.

Anan responded, “Oh, for heaven’s sake, take off your hose and garter belt and come on! It’s dark and no one’s around!”

Sufficiently convinced to do what I wanted to do, I sat down with an appreciative audience and peeled my hose down, unhooked my garter belt, and, for no logical reason, removed my bra. Standing up, wearing only my transparent panties, I ran down our path to the beach with the audience following me. Later, Alan told me that if he hadn’t known better, he would have thought I was naked. It really was fun. The waves were breaking a little off shore, so I was up to my knees when it came in, down to my ankles when it went out. When the moon came out, it was almost like daylight and the surf was beautiful. Naturally, the sedate strolling at the water line morphed into “catch Nita,” and I ran, squealing as expected, away from my attackers. When caught, of course, my tits got a real going over. Finally, half accident, half premeditation, I fell into the knee-deep water and required help getting up, lifted by my “handles,” of course. However, as I had anticipated, when I came up, my panties did not! I, naturally, was not immediately aware of the “catastrophe,” giving time for my bottom and cunt hair to be viewed! I then screamed in embarrassment at my exposure and quickly pulled the panties back up.

Shortly after that we left the beach and went back to our cottage where I grabbed a towel, saying, as I dried off, “See Alan, that’s why I can’t wear those other panties in the water, particularly when other people are on the beach! Panties just are not made for standing in the surf, much less for swimming!” All the time I was drying off and talking, I was standing facing Alan and Bob, conveniently “forgetting” that my transparent panties were soaking wet and invisible. I might as well have been standing there naked with every hair on my cunt clearly visible. Suddenly, I looked down and put the towel over my front, crying out in dismay, “God, these panties don’t hide anything! I hope you two are satisfied!” I hurried into the bedroom, showing my almost naked behind as I did so, calling back, “I’m not coming back out tonight!”

Bob left soon after, but not before he and Alan had a good laugh at my expense – but also sharing some very complementary comments on my body. I listened intently at the door to those comments and was very pleased with myself. When Alan came into the bedroom, I met him with a big smile, asking, “Well, did you like it? Was that the show you wanted?” His response was just what I wanted to hear.

“That was perfect! You looked wonderful in the panties and bra – they showed everything! The garter belt and hose made you look sexier than anything that Bob had ever seen. He couldn’t believe it! Every time we were alone, he couldn’t stop talking about how you looked. I couldn’t believe it when you stripped down to those sheer panties and went down to the beach – you certainly got you tits felt again! And then, having you panties come down so we saw you actually naked…I don’t know how you did it so naturally! But, standing here while you dried off showing yourself in the wet panties…well, as I said, you were perfect!”

“Oh, honey, I’m glad you feel that way! I managed to show everything but, still, we’re moving more slowly. I supposedly haven’t deliberately shown him my cunt, much less let him touch it. I feel better about that. As I said, I don’t want to rush things. Tomorrow, I’ll wear my regular swimming pants, without a bra, of course, and let him feel me again. But, up to now, when I let him spread the sunscreen over my legs, I’ve kept my legs together. I think I’ll open them tomorrow so that when he’s doing my thighs, he’ll see the crotch of my bikini and, probably feel my cunt area through the suit. He won’t get much of a real feel, but it another small step that doesn’t seem to be rushed. Maybe, if you want me to, I’ll make sure that some hair will have escaped my pants so he can see and touch it! How’s that for a plan?”

“That’s perfect! Nita, you are a wonder! You’re certainly better at setting things up innocently than I am! Boy, this is sexy! You really know how to turn a man on…gods, I can’t wait until that damn stent is out! It’s fun showing you off and, even, seeing him play with you, but nothing will come close to fucking you when we get home!”

Sunday, August 9. Another day in paradise, with clear skies and the usual warm temperatures. We did a number of recreational things in the morning – it’s amazing how many things these resorts have for their clients – and had a wonderful time. However, both of us were looking forward to the afternoon swimming and rest in our private area. We both had become addicted to the sex games we were playing, and we freely admitted this to each other. I, to my own great surprise considering my past, was really enjoying the exhibitionism, the exposing of my body to everyone by going topless, but, specifically, to Bob. I really wanted him to see everything, including my cunt! I didn’t actually know why, it was so foreign to me, but the last few days, less than a full week, had wakened something in me. I told Alan that I would do anything he wanted, but I didn’t necessarily want to know just what that was!

Alan was equally addicted, or even more so. As I said before, I think his inability to screw me somehow made him want to see me in sexual situations. Exposing my body excited him mentally, and seeing me being felt by Bob made that excitement far greater. He said that I seemed to be a different woman when I was showing off or being fondled – as he said, just a very sexy, intriguing woman who happened to be his wife. He saw me in a different way, a different context, and it made me sexier than ever for him. As tourists, we had been taking hundreds of digital photographs and many of them were of me topless with people around, particularly when I was out wearing those turquoise panties. However, more and more were of me posed with Bob and with me almost naked (like the ones taken after dinner Saturday night), and others of me being worked on by Bob when he was putting sunscreen on or just feeling my boobs. He even posed me down near the surf with Bob behind me with his hands holding my tits. The thing that probably would arouse us most when we got home was Alan setting up our very small movie cameras so that the action in our rather private area would be recorded in high definition. That part of the recording of that I had seen made me very hot, seeing me lying there with Bob feeling me. X-rated! But fun! I knew that Alan was eager to have my cunt exposed, but I still wanted to postpone that for another day, so I proceeded with my plan to let Bob feel my cunt through my suit pants first, and even that should make a sexy film!

It was peculiar, in a way, being the one making the decisions about these sexual contacts, because I never would have dreamed of doing any of these things just a little over a week ago. I was really shocked when Bob felt the outer bulge of my breasts, and, now, here I was arranging for him to come very close to my cunt! Alan had masterminded things at first and I’d just went along with what he arranged, and I was honestly embarrassed about some of his schemes. I couldn’t understand why he wanted his wife, his bride, to be exposed and, even, felt, but I had gone along – and enjoyed it! Now, I was organizing the next step!

We went into the water and played around for awhile before Bob turned up. Actually, Bob’s cottage was right next to ours but, as I said before, screened so that we couldn’t see it, or, of course, he see ours. He also couldn’t see us in “our place” or the path through the low dunes to the water. However, like our cottage, he could see the beach, so when we went down to the water, he could see and, inevitably, join us. The water was very flat that day, so I enjoyed just floating along. I still was new enough to having my breasts out, so I was fascinated by looking downward and seeing them jutting above the surface, the pink nipples projecting skyward. My exposure was not ignored and people swimming or walking through the water invariably gave them a long, if surreptitious, look. Bob, of course, stared at them, his interest undisguised. Ultimately, when I was standing, he enthusiastically felt them, even commenting once, “You have wonderful tits!” His obviously honest observation made the next step easier.

We left the water and headed for our mats and, after toweling off, threw ourselves down to relax. However, while drying off, I, as I always did, adjusted my bikini so that it was in its proper place. It’s something women do without thinking, pulling back out of their bottom crease, adjusting the crotch so it covers what it’s supposed to cover, etc. This was different however. I was wearing the new suit (i.e. pants) we had bought a few days before and its crotch piece was quite narrow between my legs. Instead of arranging it so that as much as possible was covered, I actually pulled it inward so that it sank into the slit of my cunt, leaving hair and part of a cunt lip on each side. In addition, I left the back sunk into the crease between my hips, leaving most of my bottom bare. Normally, having the crotch piece pulled in like that would not have mattered, because I had always kept my legs tightly closed when Bob was applying the sunscreen to my legs. Nothing between my legs could be seen. Actually, he had never even been able to feel the inside of my thighs and he had touched the crotch of my pants only at the top in front and the seat of the pants in back, Now, for the first time, I was setting myself up for a more intimate application of the cream.

Looking up at Alan with what was a conspiratorial smile, I lay flat and waited for Bob to take the initiative and cover me with sunscreen. I didn’t have long to wait as he covered his hands with the lotion and, immediately, began to smooth it in on my tits. He handled each carefully, not even concealing that his real goal was just to feel them. Alan was taking it all in while supposedly glancing at the paper. In any case, there was no longer, if there ever was, any question that he didn’t mind having his wife’s tits felt. So, I just lay there letting him run his hands all over me while protecting me from sunburn. He worked his way down my sides and along my legs to my feet. At that point, he usually came back up on the tops of my legs, trying “innocently” to slip his fingers between my legs onto my thighs when he passed my knees. Before, as I said before, I prevented that exploration by squeezing my legs together. This time was different!

As his fingers ran up my legs above, in pushed downward as usual, but instead of being repulsed as usual, they went right down to the mat as I unexpectedly opened my legs. It was almost funny as his hand stopped moving, probably in shock. However, he quickly recovered and ran his hand upward over my thigh, presumably rubbing sunscreen into that vulnerable area. He rubbed thighs well above my knee when, with great courage, I just let my legs spread, leaving a clear path to my barely covered crotch. Fortunately, the one camera that Alan had strategically placed caught the moment, and when I saw it later I was surprised at the amount of exposure. At the time, of course, all I knew was that he definitely could see all of my upper legs, the crotch of my bathing suit and a significant part of my cunt area. At that moment I had the most peculiar sensation, almost as if two people were battling in my mind! I could have sworn that I heard Aunt Agatha almost scream out, “Close your legs, girl! He’ll see everything!” At the same time, Alan was urging me on, “Open wider, honey! Show him your cunt!” I know that it was my imagination, but it seemed so real! In any case, Alan (and my own desires) won the battle and I did spread wider as Bob’s fingers reached the crease of my leg and the edge of my pants.

I was already aroused (and a bit scared), but when I felt his fingers going along the outside of my cunt lips, I actually moved a bit, a visible reaction I was able to dampen down, but internal tremors continued. The crotch of the suit was firmly in the groove of my cunt, but I was bare to his touch all along the hem; the hair covered lips were available for viewing and feeling. He certainly took advantage of the opportunity, exploring the entire, suit crotch and the exposed flesh and hair. It didn’t last a long time and he continued the fiction that he was merely applying sunscreen, and I just lay there, matter-of-factly ignoring that a very private area was being explored. When his fingertips ran along the edge of my cunt lips, I couldn’t help but react, but I did, barely, manage to restrain myself! Fortunately, my suit was still damp from swimming, or the moisture flowing out of my hot cunt would have proved that I was not so calm and matter-of-fact at all!

The whole scenario was repeated when I turned over and he applied the lotion on my back He started at the top, but very quickly got to my bottom – or, my ass as Alan refers to it, a term which, in some ways, seems more appropriate in cases like this, just as “tits” seems right. With the suit pulled up and firmly sunk into the division of my hips, there was practically nothing hidden. As he ran his fingers over the cheeks, he touched at least 95 %, leaving only that thin, embedded cloth that hid my…. well, my asshole! (I know I’ve never said or written that before!) With my legs spread as before, his fingers once again delved between them and re-explored the crotch area, probably hoping to find a path underneath the suit. However, my very private parts, my clit and cunt hole, remained securely under their protecting cloth. Still, having him feel almost my entire bare bottom and coming very close, again, to my cunt, was almost all I could stand without going off!

Bob spread the sunscreen over me for as long as he could and, reluctantly, had to stop when he had covered every square inch of my lower anatomy several times. The crotch material of my pants had been thoroughly explored as well as the hair covered lips that peeked out from under. All I could think of was, “Oh, gods, he’s feeling my cunt!” Then, “He’s feeling my ass! He almost got under the pants! Oh, I hope Alan’s looking! Damn, I have to wear regular panties so he can get under!”

That last thought was still with me much later when we finally got inside and I ran to the bedroom. “Oh, Alan, he felt me! Did you see how he ran his fingers through the hair on my cunt? I could feel then going right along the edge of my cunt lips right in the crease of my leg!” Alan, of course, had been looking the entire time. Actually, Bob was so fascinated by the chance to really feel me that he didn’t look over at Alan, freeing Alan to even raise up to get a better view a couple of times. When we looked at the replay on the camera, you could actually see Bob’s fingers right in the hair alongside my pants. Seeing that full size when we got home was going to be unbelievable. At that point, I was resolved to give in and just wear my bathing suit panties tomorrow if Alan still wanted me to.

That question was soon resolved as I gyrated on the bed, being fingered and licked to orgasm, gasping out how I loved having Bob feel my cunt and ass, even if the pants covered part, the most important part, of me. He did want me to. I erupted several times before finally calming down, but by then, the damage was done, if, in fact, it was damage. While in the throes of sexual ecstasy, I admitted that I loved it and that Alan could strip me naked if he wanted to. When sanity returned, I was committed to wearing the panties tomorrow and letting Bob really feel me! I decided that I would quit worrying about rushing things and just “go with the flow.” The only question was of exactly what to do first.

Monday August 10th. Monday came, as it always does, the ninth day of our honeymoon! We had been married for all of ten days and I was prepared to let another man see and feel me completely naked. Alan and I had worked out a complete scenario so it could happen – lying there in bed last night, scheming about how we could make it happen, was weird, but we both knew we wanted it. Once again, if Alan’s cock could have worked, it would have been a record breaking night, but we had to postpone that until we got home. That being the case, we planned to enjoy the illicit fun with Bob now and remember it then! As it happened, everything went as we had hoped, and it was even better than we expected – Bob even threw in something completely unexpected that really turned us on!

I’ll admit that, despite getting hot at the thought, I was somewhat apprehensive at the idea of actually having his hands on my cunt and being naked. As a result, we planned to leave less time for those things that day. So, we went scuba diving off of a nearby key, staying there into the afternoon. It actually was fun and I even was able concentrate on the fish and under water sights for most of the time. We got back to our cottage about mid-afternoon and, to no real surprise, Bob came over just as we were going in. Obviously, he had been watching for our return! Alan got them a couple of drinks and headed down to our place. As they left, I told them that I wanted to change suits and rinse out the one I had worn that morning, but that I’d be right out. I did change, and in a few minutes, I joined them wearing the pink panties we had bought on Wednesday.

“Wow, look at you,” Bob blurted out as I sat down on the mats. You look very sexy!”

“Well, I’ve had enough water for today, do I thought I might as well wear another pair of the panties we bought. I darn sure can’t wear panties into the water.” then, blushing, “I proved that yesterday, thanks to you two!”

Alan chimed in with, “Pink really looks good on you! Actually, I bet they’d look better wet!”

“Now, you just forget that! I’ll wear the panties on dry land, but not in the water! I’m not even sure about wearing these pink ones on the beach the way I wore the turquoise and blue ones. These are fine for lying here like this, but probably not when anyone else can see them. I shouldn’t be wearing panties out in company, anyway! Here, give me the sunscreen! I had a lot on while we were diving, but it’s washed off by now.”

As we had anticipated, Bob immediately offered to put it on me (a very safe assumption on our part), and I just lay back and let him do it. I was still a bit apprehensive about how I would respond if, as we expected, he went under my panties, but, honestly, I was looking forward to it! He put a large quantity of the lotion on his hand, quickly did my shoulders and concentrated on my tits. It’s amazing how rapidly feeling my tits became commonplace and I accepted his hands on them almost as if they were Alan’s – of course, not too long before, Alan feeling them had been traumatic! In this case, I felt relatively little as he fondled and squeezed them because I was internally atwitter about what he would do when he got down to my panties. First, the material was very thin if he felt me through them, and the elastic holding them on was not designed to keep fingers from exploring underneath them. We had planned on this, but, of course, there always was the possibility that he would be gentlemanly and not take advantage of the situation! Fat chance!

He smoothed the sunscreen over my stomach as he had done before, but when he reached the top of the panties, they didn’t resist as the bathing suit did, and his fingers went, unimpeded underneath and into my cunt hair. It took a great deal of nerve to ignore what he was doing and just lie there as if nothing unusual was going on! It didn’t last long, just a quick swipe through the hair and back out and down my legs. As he had before, he spread the lotion on the top and sides of my legs down to my feet, and started back up. This, of course, is where, until yesterday, I had kept my legs together, frustrating any efforts to feel my thighs and upwards. Yesterday I had finally opened them and permitted him to feel up to the crotch of my suit and the edge of my cunt. Today, however, there was only the extremely thin crotch piece of the panties and the relatively weak elastic protecting me. My previous desire to slow things down would have required me to keep my legs closed for another day, but that desire was gone! So, I opened my legs and welcomed his endeavors. However, yesterday I had actually spread my legs, giving him plenty of room to work on my entire crotch, particularly the partially exposed cut lips. This time I was more conservative (if I can even use that word in a case like this), and just opened up enough that his hand could go between my legs up my thighs. When he got to the top, it was easy for him to feel my cunt through my panties, but the leg elastic bands were locked in the crease of my leg where he couldn’t get to them. Still, the thin fabric was no impediment to his knowing the feel of my cunt! He stroked up and down, running his fingers through the groove between the lips and, even, wiggling the tips over my clit. He didn’t actually touch my cunt, but he certainly knew what it felt like!

This didn’t take long – actually, I clamped my legs together to cause him to move on – but, in addition to the unbelievable sensation of Bob’s fingers working on my cunt through the panties, I could actually see his hand moving as I peered down between my tits! I was too wrapped up in the whole scenario to go off, but if his fingers had tickled my clit a little longer, I might have! In any case, he finished and we all just lay there talking about mundane things. Mostly, I just lay there, not really trusting my conversational abilities after being felt and anticipating more. Finally, the time came for me to turn over and offer my other side to Bob’s manipulations.

As always, he started at my shoulders and worked downwards, hardly bothering with the bulge of my breasts – he had more important areas to touch! His hand ran all over my back and along my hips, over all the exposed areas. Then, without hesitation, slide the hand right underneath the hip level waistband of my panties, going downward almost to my cunt. My legs were together, so he couldn’t actually get to it, just to the beginning of the lips. Then, totally unexpectedly, he drew his finger back up through the division of my bottom, right over my…my.. Asshole! The finger actually paused there and rubbed it for an instant, and he pulled his hand back out and went on down my legs as if nothing had happened! I was in a state of shock! I had never even thought of being touched there – I thought he would just feel my hips but not to go in there! I suddenly had a different type of arousal which fired me up, but made me worry a bit about the next act in our planned scenario!

We lay there, casually talking and, as it was getting on toward supper time, I suggested that we probably should go in. Alan then said, “It’s still pretty hot. I’d like to take another dip before we go eat.”

I, of course, as planned, replied, “Go ahead if you want to. I’m not going in again, for I don’t want to go inside and change and I can’t go in the water wearing these panties. You two go ahead, I’ll wait here.” This, of course, was what Alan expected, and, after signaling Bob, he got up, reached down and put one arm behind my shoulder and his other hand under my knees. Bob did the same thing from the other side and, suddenly, I was lifted up and the almost ran with me to the water. I, of course, was kicking and screaming, demanding that they put me down, etc.! The beach was almost deserted, but the few people walking along the shore stared and laughed as I was carried into the water and, unceremoniously, dumped in over my head. I floundered around trying to get my feet under me and, finally surfaced, wiping the water from my eyes. “Unfortunately,” in the struggle and the battle with the waves, my panties had slipped down, revealing my entire triangle of cunt hair. I stood there with the water at my thighs, saying nasty things to Alan and Bob, when a chorus of whistles and appreciative calls alerted me to my exposure! I dropped down under the water, jerked my panties up while turning beet red, and swam further out away from shore.

Actually, I had expected to have my panties down, but not so early and, certainly, without an audience! Thus, my blushing and flustered reaction was legitimate. I was embarrassed which worked well with our plans – I didn’t have to act! In fact, when facing them after recovering my composure, I was able to rant at them with real sincerity. They, definitely, merely laughed and began a game of “swimming under water and pulling Nita’s panties down!” They loved that game (and, of course, so did I), and both availed themselves of judicious fondling as my panties went up and down. For the first time, Bob actually had his hand, briefly, on my bare cunt. I loved it, although I got tired of being dunked under water. So, I signaled Alan that it was time for the next step in our scenario. As he swam toward me and I “attempted” to get away, I pushed my panties down my legs until they were below my hips. When Alan caught me, he grabbed the panties by the crotch and easily pulled them off. I screamed in horror, yelling, “Alan give them back! Come on, that’s not funny, give them back!”

Needless to say, he ignored my commands and swam away with a naked me following. I didn’t know if anyone on shore could see my naked bottom as I swam vigorously after him and, frankly, I didn’t care. He led me a chase, dangling the panties from his fingers as I got close, then swimming away. Then, we proceeded with our plan (which I actually had suggested) to turn the chase into a keep-a-way game, or “throw Nita’s panties over her head to the other man and drive her crazy” game. I would get to the guy with the panties, struggle while he held them over his head, and, after an appropriate time of wrestling (and feeling), he would throw them to the other. Finally, exhausted, I gave up. Waiting until I could see that there was nobody nearby on the beach, I cried, “Keep the damn panties! I’m going in!” Leaving them, I waded ashore, falling once in the surf, and, bent over to hide what I could, darted toward our place.

There was no one nearby, but I still had the feeling the eyes were upon me as I ran. However, a week ago I could never run across that beach naked if there was no one in fifty miles! Alan and Bob were still struggling through the surf when I reached the mats, so I had time to quickly grab a towel, run it over my body and, then, tie it around my waist. I could have run to the cottage immediately, but that was not in our plans. I waited until they were almost on me before I turned up the path and “tried” to escape – of course, I didn’t make it! I barely got to the edge of the mats before they caught me, Alan yelled, “Here, Nita, you forgot your panties!” Bob saved his breath and caught the loosely tied towel as I turned to run. As I tried to pull away, needless to say, he ended up with a towel in his hand and I ended up naked! I grabbed one corner of the towel and we began a struggle over it, me so worked up and angry (supposedly) that I ignored my nudity. If anyone had been near it would have been quite a sight. As I said before, when I lay down, I was concealed by the low dunes on both sides of out mats, but when I sat up I could see all up and down the beach. Of course, anyone out there could see me when I sat up. Now, I was standing, naked, fighting over a towel!

Obviously, that was not a battle that I was going to win, even if I wanted to, and eventually, the towel slipped from my hand as I lost my footing and fell, unceremoniously, to the mats. I lay there, flat on my back, saying very unkind things about both men, so furious that I wasn’t concerned about my exposure. Suddenly sanity returned and I hastily attempted to cover my pubic area with my hands. “Come on, you guys! Stop this! Let me put something on!”

Alan laughed, “Why do you want to put something on? You look good this way! What do you think, Bob?”

“Right, bare is better!!”

“You clowns! Damn it, let me up!“ I started struggling again, requiring me to remove my sheltering hand, exposing myself completely. I got partway up and fell back down, my legs going up and spreading as I hit the mat, giving a good, if quick, view of my cunt.

“Wow, honey, there’s nothing better than fighting a nude woman. That was a great view, huh Bob?”

“Yeah, the more she fights, the better it is!”

Finally, I gave in and just lay there. I looked up at them and began another tirade and, suddenly, really gave up, saying, laughing as I did so, “Ok, go ahead! Look! You’ve seen it all now, anyway!” Our scenario had come to its conclusion and I was naked in front of Bob, which is what we’d planned. Oddly enough, I wasn’t even nervous of embarrassed – in fact, I felt like preening and displaying myself!

However, that equanimity vanished when Bob grinned and said, “It’s nice to see that you’re a real blond!”

Before I could react, even realize what he had said, Alan chimed in with, “Yep, every hair is blond!”

With that, I was embarrassed and I reflectively slapped my hand over my triangle of cunt hair and drew my legs up to hide as much as possible. Almost immediately, I recovered, took my hand away and, with mock anger, squealed at them, “If you two are going to talk about my hair color, I’m going in!” Then, without hurrying or covering myself, I sedately walked away.

My haughty exit was hampered, however, when Bob called out, “That’s a nice little ass!” I broke and ran, feeling a blush of historic proportions washing over me.

That evening really was fun as the three of us tried another restaurant, one that was off the beach so that I had to cover up. All evening there were sly comments from each of them about various parts of my anatomy. Bob seemed as free as Alan, even specifically mentioning my blond hair several times. I loved it; like a schoolgirl being attended by two attractive men and being teased like schoolgirls like to be teased – getting to act kittenish and shyly embarrassed when any subtlety sexual allusion is made. As we walked home down the beach, the men seemed to take turns putting their arms around me, giving my tits a delicate squeeze, even commenting one time that my tits feel really nice through a shirt, but not as good as bare! I honestly don’t recall which one said it, but, in any case, the other agreed. It really was almost as if I wasn’t married to Alan, just out with two men who acted as fraternity brothers rather than a husband and a friend, a new friend at that. Thus, our scheme for our day’s activities has gone perfectly. Bob’s fingers had been in my cunt hair and he had felt my entire ass, even touched my asshole. I had been naked just as we had planned – me being innocent and, despite my struggles, being stripped by them. My cunt hadn’t been felt yet or, for that matter, been seen close up, but that was to be part of tomorrow’s activities! First, however, I needed a session of sex from Alan’s tongue and fingers to calm me down for today!

Tuesday, August 11. Another perfect day in paradise, and Alan and I had made plans for more sexual activities involving Bob. It’s funny how your perspective can change so quickly. We came to Belize for a honeymoon, just the two of us with no thought or interest in other people. However, most honeymooners are wrapped up with each other because, at least in large part, of sex. Unfortunately, that was postponed for us (except for Alan working on me), so our experience was different. We did all of the tourist things, like everyone else, but that important element that makes honeymoons different from regular vacations was missing form ours. The first three days were fun but quiet, and then we met Bob.

Somehow, he seemed to bring something of the missing element, in part by his obvious interest in looking over my body. As I said before, I always was very conservative in dress, showing little or nothing until I met Alan, and, even then, my exposure was private. Now, suddenly, I was on a beach, somewhat secluded but not private, wearing a bikini much briefer than I had ever conceived of. Then, Bob not only scanned my body in a way that made me very self-conscious, but surprisingly for a newly married woman, not unpleasantly so. Then, when he felt the sides of my breasts, my mind was really in a tizzy. But, the sex play in the water, the blatant feeling of by boobs by Alan and Bob and, then, of all things, going topless in public – suddenly, a relatively sexless honeymoon took on a completely different aspect! Things just pyramided after that with both Alan and me doing things that would have been inconceivable two weeks, or for that matter, a week ago. Somehow, and inexplicably, as said before, the sexual element that was missing was found in a kind of threesome.

Alan obviously was turned on by exposing me and putting me into sexual situations with Bob, situations which became more and more erotic. He wanted for Bob to see and feel me, going further each time. Even more surprising, I liked it, going along with each new step, each new exposure! As I detailed above, I had that sudden feeling that we were going too fast, but I never suggested that we should do anything but slow things down. Certainly, I never suggested, or even mentioned stopping, just going a bit slower. When Alan agreed to that, I was, in effect, given control of our timetable, and Alan and I became co-conspirators, not just him acting and me going along. So, we planned the sex games in which I wore panties instead of bathing suit pants so Bob could feel under them! We planned the games in the water that led to me being naked! Somehow, the issue of how fast to go no longer concerned me. So, here it was, Tuesday, married for eleven days, and I was preparing to be naked and fondled by another man, a man I had just met a week ago! And, perhaps the oddest thing, my husband of eleven days was eagerly looking forward to watching!

I should say that sex was not all we were thinking of, for we went golfing Tuesday morning, August 11. I know little about the game, but the resort included golf among its amenities and Alan wanted to try the course. We had lunch at the clubhouse and returned to the cottage in the early afternoon. Wearing my regular suit bottoms that were not as daring as the bikini pants I had bought locally or, of course, the panties I had worn before. Thus, I was, relatively, conservative despite having bare breasts. We were surprised, and disappointed that Bob did not show up immediately, so I put sunscreen on myself (with Alan doing my back) and we headed for the water, just as he arrived. He joined us, of course, and the three of us plunged into the incoming waves. There were quite a few people on the beach and in the water, but the area directly in front of our cottage and “spot” was still pretty unoccupied, letting Alan and me proceed with the “plan for today!”

We played around, jumping over the waves before they broke and, particularly me, floating in the quieter water away from shore. However, a major part of my floating was me being pulled through the water with my “handles” grasped firmly by one or the other of the men. I couldn’t help wondering how much the people on the beach could see. That became more significant when I was being floated by Bob’s grip on my tits and Alan, standing at my feet, reached up, grabbed the top of my pants, which was low on my hips, and pulled down. Suddenly, my pants were whipped down my legs, and before I could even react, even to protest, they were off in Alan’s hand as he swam away. There I was, held up by Bob’s hands on my breasts with my now-naked body floating on the surface! I gasped and struggled, pulled away from Bob, and finally got my feet under me.

“Alan! Give me my pants back! Alan, there’re people here! Please!” I was frantic (seemingly) to get my pants back and was (actually) concerned about what other people might have seen the instant that I was floating naked with my cunt hair above the surface! Of course, the exposure was brief and I saw no reaction by anyone, but that part of the situation was worrisome. In any case, the game of “keep-away” was started and continued as my pants flew through the air, and that, I’m sure was noticed. This game went on for some time, as before, with naked me struggling with the pants-holder, whichever it was, while being thoroughly felt. All three of us enjoyed that while the charade went on and my tits and cunt were explored under the water. Eventually, the game got old for me, and my pleas became more insistent.

“Come on, Nita, do what you did last time. Run to shore and we’ll follow!”

Damn it, Alan, you know I can’t do that! There are people all over the place! Give me my pants!”

“No, we want to see how fast you can run!”

This went on for some time, with me becoming more desperate as the relaying of my pants became more tiresome.

“Ok, Nita, I’ll give your pants if you’ll promise to take them back off when we get back to our place.”

“You’re kidding! I can’t do that! Please, come on, Alan. Give me my pants!”

This went on for some time, with Bob chiming in, saying, “Do what your husband says! Remember, you promised to obey!”

“Damn it, I didn’t promise to obey and even if I had, I’m not going to do it!”

“Well, I think I’ve been in the water long enough. What do you think, Bob? Should we go in?”

“Yeah, I’m getting waterlogged.”

“Don’t you dare leave me here! Give me my damn pants!” Finally, as they started inward, I thought that I had held out long enough, and I yelled out to Alan, “All right, you…you…whatever, bring them back and I’ll do it!”

“Promise? Say what you’ll do!”

“I’ll get you for this, damn it! Ok, I’ll take my pants off when we get in.”

“And stay that way!”

“Oh, Alan, I can’t do that!” Then, as he turned away and started inward, I continued, “All right, blast it, I’ll stay that way! Give me my damn pants!” He turned back with a big grin and threw them to me – fortunately, I caught them, put them on, with difficulty, and headed for the next stage!

I’m sure I was blushing as I walked up on the beach, certain that everyone there knew what was going on. Obviously, while they might have caught a glimpse of my naked body as I struggled with Alan and Bob, they couldn’t know that I intended to lie naked on our mats right on the other side of the low dunes. However, as I got to our place, I “tried” to cheat and run up the path to our cottage. Of course, Alan, with Bob’s help, grabbed me and said, “Oh no you don’t. I thought you would try to get away! You made a promise, and you’re going to keep it.”

“A promise that was made under duress! I’m not going to take my pants off!” I began a struggle to get away with, obviously, no expectations of doing so.

Alan grabbed me by my arms and held me still while saying, “Come on Bob, take her pants off.” Without hesitation, Bob did just as Alan said, pulling them off and leaving me naked – just what all of us wanted! Unfortunately, standing up like that exposed me above the top of the low dunes protecting our place, so anyone looking our way from the beach could see me. I quickly dropped down on the mats while struggling and protesting.

“Come on, fellows, let me go! Other people can see me!” When I managed to get down, I continued, “If anybody looks up our opening to the beach, they’ll see me here naked! Let me cover myself!” My efforts and complaints were futile, and, shortly, I was lying, face down (to hide part of me), completely naked. That was exactly what I wanted, but I was still embarrassed despite having been nude yesterday. Then the comments began.

Bob started by observing, “That’s still a nice little ass!”

“Yeah, nice and curvy! Say Nita, you are getting a decent tan without burning. Your bottom is pure white compared with the rest of your skin. Your suit didn’t cover much, but you certainly can see where it was. You’d darn sure had better cover that with sunscreen or you’ll have a sunburned ass for sure!”

“When you two perverts are through discovering the condition of my anatomy and referring to it in that vulgar way, put some sunscreen on me! I don’t even want to turn over! If someone should come up this pass, I’ll kill you! Damn it, I’m naked and there are people right down there on the beach!”

Bob picked up the lotion bottle and looked at Alan, “Do you want to do the honors?” Seeing Alan’s head shake negatively, he proceeded to pour a generous amount into his hands and rub it on my back, starting at the shoulders. He rapidly got down to my hips, saying “Boy you are white here! Interesting problem. If I put a heavy coat of the sunscreen here, it’ll be protected and stay white. If I put a thin coat, it may burn quickly. I’d better put a thicker coat on now and gradually cut back as your skin gets use to being out.”

“Just put it on! I have no intention of having my bottom out bare often enough for it to burn! That is, if you two will let me keep my pants on!”

Alan jumped in, “I don’t know, Nita! You look nice this way. Think of having an allover tan when we get home! We may have to find a nudist camp for you!”

“Yeah, and I may have to look for a new husband who won’t strip me in public and let my delicate anatomy be fondled by other men! Bob!

While the discussion was going on, Bob was carefully, and very slowly, smoothing the lotion over my bare bottom, the region he had felt under my suit yesterday. When I made the comment about being “fondled by other men,” he deliberately drew his slippery fingers between the cheeks of my bottom from it starting point on my back, down over my asshole and to the start of my cunt lips and back up! He even deliberately pushed in momentarily at the hole itself as he went by it! Bob, stop that!” I squeezed my ass cheeks together as tight as I could while both Bob and Alan laughed uproariously at my reaction. I was genuinely embarrassed by this unexpected exploration and I imagine that I blushed red all the way down to my hips! He went on down my legs then and, since I kept my legs tightly closed, there was no more sexual contact.

It’s funny how a traumatic experience can rapidly fade and become ordinary. After being stroked and felt, even having my intimate areas touched, I calmed down and just lay there just as if I were covered. The extraordinary becomes mundane very quickly. So, after a few minutes, I entered a normal conversation and, while certainly not forgetting my nakedness, I felt reasonably comfortable and, still, sexually aroused. That equanimity faded, however, when it was time to turn over. Bob had seen my front yesterday and joked about my blond cunt hair, but was different from just lying there, knowing that he was going to feel me. I was looking forward to it, of course, but I was still uneasy. However, the time had come.

I acted normally reluctant to turn over and expose everything, even pulling a towel over my middle, but that was immediately removed, and there I lay – Aunt Agatha would have died of shock on the spot, as well as, when I think about it, so would almost everyone I know! Actually, if anybody had told me ten days ago that I would be lying completely naked in broad daylight with beach goers all around the area, I would have been shocked that they had even thought of such a situation. Then, if you added to that idea that a man, almost a stranger, was not only looking at me but was about to run his hands all over me, including my cunt area, I might have joined Aunt Agatha! Still that was the situation!

Bob made a pro forma offer of the sunscreen bottle to Alan, asking, “Do you want to apply this?” Alan just waved him to go ahead. Interestingly enough, no one suggested that I do it myself since I certainly could reach everything in front. I remembered just a few days ago I said, “No thank you. I’m quite capable of rubbing sunscreen on my tits without help!” Now I wasn’t even asked and I made no protest, even knowing this was going to involve more than just my tits.

It was the most peculiar situation. Alan and Bob talked almost as if weren’t there and as if they were just two guys discussing a woman, not one the husband of the woman. Bob started at my shoulders as always and then reached my breasts. He fondled and squeezed them as he spread the sunscreen, saying, “You know, I think that these are the best tits I’ve ever felt! Hard and soft at the same time. And the nipples are unreal!”

“I know what you mean. I had no idea what they were like when we started to go out together. She always wore blouses and shirts that hid them. I’m glad she’s letting them show – so is everyone else on the beach!” With that, he reached down and squeezed my breast and tweaked a nipple!

Bob continued, inexorably, down my body until he reached my hair line. “She certainly is a true blond! Boy, I’d better put plenty of stuff on that white area! Look, you can see the white skin right through the hair.” I must have been bright red by this time!

“Yeah, she has a lot of hair, but it’s very fine and light. It really feels fluffy and soft and doesn‘t really hide her cunt!”

Bob took that comment as a suggestion and ran his fingers through my cunt hair, ending with his index finger rubbing my clit. “Boy, you’re right, it feels really nice and I’ll bet her cunt does too!” Surprisingly, he didn’t really go much between my legs, just quickly over the lips but not between them. I kept my legs together, but he could have forced his fingers in, but he stayed in the hair and on my clit. I was glad and disappointed at the same time!

He continued sort of fluffing up the hair, obviously fascinated by it. “You know, I’ve always liked a woman with a nice triangle of cunt hair. I’ve never understood why some men prefer a bald cunt! It just doesn’t look right.”

“I feel exactly the same way. I just don’t know why a shaved cunt is considered to be attractive. Why would a man want a woman who looks like a 10-year old girl! If she needs to remove some hair to wear a very brief suit, I can accept that, but I don’t understand why a man would want his girlfriend, wife or, whatever, to look like she wasn’t old enough to grow hair. In any case, Nita’s hair is nice to look at and feel!”

I knew that they were baiting me as they talked, but I couldn‘t hold back. “Damn it, quit talking about me! It’s bad enough having two sex fiends feeling me, but stop talking about it! I knew that if you got my pants off that this would happen. Here I am, an innocent woman, married for less than two weeks, being molested by you two brutes. A husband is supposed to protect his wife, not help debouch her! Quit talking about my tits and cunt or I‘ll damn sure keep them covered and out of your hands! Where’s Aunt Agatha when I need her!”

That brought gales of laughter as they finally got a rise out of me. The result was a wonderful feeling of comradery and closeness and the acceptance of me being naked with them as being natural and normal. Finally, after being covered with sunscreen and lying there for a brief tanning session, I said, “I think I’ve been out long enough. I’m going in, have a shower and lie down awhile before we get something to eat. Give me my pants. I still say that this could be very embarrassing if someone just looked up here as they walked pass on the beach. Me lying here completely naked!’

They both agreed with Alan’s statement, “They’d probably love it! The way people look at you when you go down the beach topless! Hey, there’s an idea, walk down the beach naked and see their reaction!”

Oh, sure! And get thrown out of the resort! Walking around in public wearing nothing but panties is enough for me. I don’t want a bigger audience – two is more than enough!”

The “conversation” went on for some time before Bob asked, “What are you two doing this evening? There’s a thing with music, dancing and some contest type stuff tonight at Jancie’s. Maybe you’d like to go there. Food’s pretty good, too.”

“Where’s that?”

“It’s further down the beach toward the harbor. Walking distance. It’s a nice little place if you haven’t been there. Lots of college kids go there, but mostly our age.”

“Ok, sounds good, but what should I wear,” I asked.

“Most people wear casual clothes, shorts, bathing suits. Very informal. You could wear those blue panties and a tee shirt and be right in style. That’s what a lot of the girls wear – well, not panties, I guess, but they‘d look good!”

Finally, we agreed that Jancie’s would be fun, and that Bob should come over about six and we’d walk down. It turned out to be a wonderful and very different evening, but before we could get ready, I needed to go off after all the sexual activity of the afternoon. Stripped naked in the water, forced to agree to take my pants off on shore! All planned, of course, but very exciting, anyway! Then, lying there, there, completely naked, while Bob felt just about everything! He had even poked at my asshole, pushing the tip of his finger slightly into me while Alan watched the entire performance. When I turned over, having my tits felt while they talked about my nipples, leading up to Bob running his fingers through my cunt hair! Even more, they talked about the hair, referring to my cunt, a word that had not been used before – and I was able to say tits and cunt! I think I went off three times with Alan working on me while we talked, me gasping most of the time! Alan was equally excited, mentally, about everything that we had done, but he had no physical relief. However, he loved seeing me being played with, and urged me to continue – but at my own pace. We assumed that nothing more would occur that night, but we looked forward to tomorrow when I might let Bob actually see between my legs. For now, however, we were ready for a pleasant evening out.

As I got ready, I chickened out and wore the new bikini suit pants instead of the panties. Actually, the panties covered more, but they were panties and this was a new place. Over them I wore a cover-up that buttoned up the front and went down over my hips. Relatively conservative compared with what I had been wearing. It was a pretty long walk along the beach, but it was pleasant going along the water line.

Jancie’s turned out to be very nice. It was a combination restaurant, dance floor and stage where a small band played while we ate. Afterwards, we watched several acts (mostly local talent) on the stage while quite a large crowd collected, standing behind the table area. Bob had left us for a short time and came back carrying a thin white tee-shirt which he handed and told me to put it on. I had seen a number of girls wearing those shirts, but I hadn’t thought anything of it, but now I had one in my hand. “Why should I put this on, Bob? I can’t put it on anyway. I don’t have a bra on under my cover-up, so I couldn’t do it here! What’s the deal?”

Before Bob could reply, Alan jumped in, “Come on, Nita, put it on! Everybody’s looking at the stage and won’t pay attention to you!”

“What’s going on? What are you two up to?”

“Just put it on! You’ll see!” Bob said as Alan nodded confirmation.

“All right, but you two had better have a damn good reason!” With that, I calmly unbuttoned my cover-up and, unbelievably, took it off, sat there naked to the waist with dozens of people right around me, and struggled into the tee shirt which was at least two sized too small. Looking at Alan and Bob, and ignoring the audience that had just seen my bare tits, I said, “Ok, it’s on! I feel like a sausage in it. I need a lot bigger size if you want me to wear this thing – it fits like the skin!”

However, before either could reply, an MC type jumped onto the stage and, through a microphone, announced to the crowd, “Ok folks, this is what you’re waiting for! All you girls in the tee shirts, come on up on the stage!”

I looked in utter consternation at Alan, getting only, “Go on, Nita! Go on up to the stage!” I saw at least twenty girls, all dressed in those shirts, wending their way through the crowd, propelled by thunderous applause. Before I could even think of protesting, both Alan and Bob had pulled me to my feet and pushed me toward the stage, and, as I stood there, other hands helped and, almost in a daze, I found myself on the steps and, then, on the stage. Ridiculous as it seems now, I had no idea as to what was going on – I think my mind was still on Alan and Bob and what they were up to. Suddenly, two things happened at once – like a flash, I thought this is a wet tee shirt contest, and, at that instant, I was hit on the chest by a blast of frigid water!

Nothing gets your attention faster than having a stream of water hit you, nor does anything cause nipples to stick out so well. I looked down a long line, it turned out, of twenty-one girls with forty-two nipples trying to get out of their now transparent shirts. Mine, of course, made forty-four. All down the line, you could see curvy breasts, mostly visible, crowned by those very visible nipples. The MC made some racy comments about all of us, and called out the names of three judges, one female TV actress form the US, and two men who evidently were well known locals. Those three walked slowly, carefully scrutinizing each pair of breasts and making notes. When each stopped in front of me, I had the most complicated emotions – both embarrassed and competitive at the same time. Then, after a brief consultation with each other, ten girls were eliminated. I was still there. Then, we were wet down again, very thoroughly, and the whole process was gone through again. At that point, seven were removed – and to my honest surprise, I was still there!

With each elimination, there were yells of approval and dissent, and at this last grouping, the place was in an uproar. Finally, after one more, even more thorough wetting down, the MC announced that the winner would be named by the verbal support of the crowd. Each of us was required to parade across the stage, tits visible and bouncing, and he brought us out, one by one. I was really out of it mentally at that point. I not only had never done anything like this, I had never even thought of anything remotely like it. In any case, the MC held his hand over the first girl and received tepid applause, the second girl got the same response, but when he indicated me, there was an unbelievable reaction. It was as close to unanimous as was possible in a crowd like that.

Overwhelmingly, I was voted as having the best tits in a wet tee shirt contest! I didn’t know how to react, of course, but I was giddy and I still don’t know exactly how I reacted or what I said. So, I got a trophy crowned with a nymph with embarrassingly large breasts, and a shirt with “Winner of Jancie’s Annual Wet Tee Shirt Contest” printed on the front. I still have both of them, but no one sees them! Alan got some very explicit pictures, and no one sees them either! I loved the whole thing and when we headed home around 11:00, the walk was shorter because I was floating!

We were talking all at once as we walked, all in a weird state after the surprising victory. We were all drunk on the events of the evening, each having something to add about his or her experiences and feelings. Bob had known of the contest, of course, and had run the idea of entering me by Alan before we left home. Actually, they admitted, they hadn’t really thought that I would win, figuring that some unbelievable pair of tits would show up, but when they saw us all up there with our shirts wet, they were sure that I was better than anyone. Filled with exuberance and excitement, I took off my shirt and danced along bare breasted. It was a lovely night, the moon so bright that you could see almost the full length of our beach as we neared home, the water was very calm, very little surf, and we walked in the water up to our ankles. When we approached our path through the dunes, I stopped and said, “I don’t want to go home yet! I want to go in the water!”

As might be expected, the idea met with an enthusiastic response. There was no one in sight, so, not even hesitating, I pulled off my pants and stood there naked, saying, “You’d take them off in the water, anyway! This way they won’t get lost! Come on!” Not waiting, I ran into the small waves and waded up to my waist, looking back in time to see the two men dropping their pants and shorts and following me, nude, into the water. For the next half-hour we floundered around in the water, chasing around with me, of course, being the quarry. I had hands on my tits, on my ass and all over my cunt. For the first time, Bob had my naked cunt to feel and he made the most of it. Actually, he managed to not only feel my ass and cunt, he was actually able to penetrate both a bit! He couldn’t really get deep into my bottom, but there was no question that his finger was pushing in at the hole and might have been up to the first knuckle. He had more success with my cunt, and was able to insert a finger into it several times and actually finger-fuck me a bit! There was nothing surreptitious about Bob’s exploration of my “charms!” The most obvious time was when the three of us were right together, me floating on the surface with Alan holding me up by my tits with Bob having his hands between my legs! There certainly was nothing secretive about that!

Gradually, we calmed down and left the water. It was something, standing on the beach, completely naked, with two naked men, and not caring. Actually, there was no one nearby, although with the moonlight I could see several figures further down. Anyway, it felt wonderful and, as we walked up our path, carrying our clothes, I had my arms around both men – almost as if I had two husbands. Still, where the path separated, Alan and I went one way, Bob the other. However, I kissed Bob goodnight as we split up, and, as I did so, I felt something poking into my stomach which gave me the idea that he would have liked to take me with him!

After we left Bob and went in, I was so hot that I think that I was going off as I hit the bed! Alan was excited too, of course, and in different circumstances, he would have been on me in a second! Still, he got pleasure out of working on me, and, even if his cock couldn’t get hard, he had everything except the actual act! That’s a big “except,’ of course, but the mental part of the whole thing worked for him. He felt and licked me and, as before, I moved so violently that he had to work to stay in place. After I had come twice, I was finally able to settle down and talk about the evening.

“I can’t believe that I was in a wet tee shirt contest, much less that I won! Oh, I hope the pictures come out – even if no one back home can see them! Gods, what would they think! And, boy, you and Bob really worked me over in the water! He certainly knows what my cunt feels like in the water – my bottom, too!

“Yeah, that was something, seeing his hands between your legs! Did he finger-fuck you?”

“Yeah, he got in, probably an inch or so, and maybe a fingertip in back. He pushed in right at the holes, but the angle probably was wrong to get in any deeper. He certainly tried both places, though! It really felt good to me, being touched! It must have really felt good to him!”

“Damn, that must have been something! I’ll bet he was hard!”

“Oh, he was hard, all right, very hard!”

Wow, how do you know? Did it touch you?”

Touch me! The whole time we were together it was rubbing against me, and….and..

he put my hand on it while you were holding me up by my tits! While he had his hand on my cunt, I was holding his cock!”

“My god, how did it feel? Was he really hard?”

“It felt nice, very much like yours. About the same size, and very hard! When he put my hand on it, I started to jerk away, and I thought, ‘why,’ and just held it and even rubbed it a bit! I just can’t believe I did that, but I did. And, when I kissed him good night, it was hard against me then!”

“And you were talking about not going so fast! Man, he must be hot for you! I’ll bet that if he had you alone, he’d put his cock where his finger was!”

“I’m sure that he would try! That’s why I am not going to be alone with him anytime I’m undressed! I know you like all of this and, I’m shocked to admit, so do I, but I’m not going any further down that road! I’ll strip for the two of you, let both of you see and feel everything, but my cherry’s going back home with us! Don’t even think of leaving me alone with him!

“Ok, ok – I won’t leave you alone, but you sure are going to be very well explored by the time we do get home! It’s going to be fun for both of us, actually, all three of us, when you open your legs when he’s rubbing sunscreen on you! I‘ll bet you‘ll go off one of these times when he‘s working on you!”

That would be embarrassing! It might be fun, though! We’ll see.”

Wednesday, August 12. I woke up, like any other morning in Belize, and suddenly remembered what had happened last night! I won a wet tee shirt contest! The whole experience hit me suddenly, and I felt a wave of heat flow through me as I pictured myself up on that stage, hearing the roar of approval from that crowd! I had never even dreamed of that kind of public exposure or the almost unanimous support from everyone there! The heady feeling that only stage performers ever get was mine! Unbelievable! Then, almost as an afterthought, I remembered holding Bob’s cock while he felt me! That was not quite unalloyed pleasure, for I could foresee complications. Oh, I really enjoyed the whole experience, but I was worried that things could get out of hand if I wasn’t careful. One thing I knew: I was not going to be undressed and alone with Bob! I was going to stick to Alan like a second skin when I was naked! Actually, I really wanted to be naked, wanted to be felt and explored, but no more! I knew that Alan was almost certainly right when he said that Bob probably wanted to put his cock where his finger had been last night – in my cunt! That wasn’t going to happen! There was no question, my cherry’s going back home with us! I was a virgin bride and my husband was going to take it, not a man we had met about a week ago!

That thought got to me! We had met Bob on August 4, and it was now August 12, eight days ago, this would be the ninth, and in that time I had gone from an almost untouched virgin bride to a woman who had walked in public wearing nothing but a pair of very brief panties, been stripped naked by her new husband and another man, won a wet tee shirt contest, and, finally, had her tits and cunt felt by that other man, plus holding his cock! Had any inexperienced woman had so many sexual occurrences in such a short time? Gods, and I had wanted to slow things down! This would be our eleventh day in Belize, leaving nineteen more! I had better put the brakes on this thing before we really went too far! I had to admit, however, that Alan was enjoying everything that we were doing, and certainly wasn’t jealous! Good heavens no! Anything but! Just last night he held me up in the water while Bob felt my cunt! And, I did say what we were doing! Alan started it, but I became a co-conspirator almost immediately – in fact, I started it in a way by letting Bob feel the sides of my breast that first day! In case, for my own peace of mind, I really needed to slow things down and draw the line at I guess would be very heavy petting!

In the meantime, I was very hot and, I’m ashamed to admit that, while Alan was in the shower, I put my hand on my cunt and masturbated to orgasm, thinking of all that had happened yesterday! When I came, the triggering thought was Bob’s cock in my hand! That was embarrassing! I was really going to have to cool things off for awhile. However, Alan was still very upbeat about everything that had happened yesterday and, when I mentioned that I felt a little funny about touching Bob and having him fingering me, he laughed it off, saying, “Come on, Nita, we were all having fun last night! Your tits won the contest, it was a beautiful night, all three of us were hot – what are you worrying about? We both want Bob to play with you. That’s why we planned to take your pants off in the water, and everything has worked out just as we wanted! Here, look at this.”

He opened up his laptop and brought up the pictures that he had downloaded from yesterday showing me lying on the mats, face up, and Bob running his fingers through my cunt hair! He had downloaded the movies from the cameras before, but we had decided to wait and look at them at home in order – although we had peeked at a few scenes like this. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! It was like looking at a porno movie, or how I assumed a porno movie would look! It was very graphic and you could clearly see his fingers fluffing up the hair and then concentrate on my clit. As I watched that scene, I got so excited that I actually played with my cunt right in front of Alan, something I had never done before.

“See, he said, “you do like it! You like him feeling you and there’s no reason you shouldn’t. I approve, so it’s not being unfaithful or whatever you are worrying about! And, I know that you enjoyed holding his cock last night and I’m glad you did! So, what’s the problem?”

I had to admit what was clearly evident – I did really like the sex play we had had yesterday (and before) and was really excited about it. Probably at a more conservative time I might have argued with Alan’s rationalization of our illicit sexual conduct, but right then I embraced it with enthusiasm! It was what I wanted to hear, so both of us were committed to continue – although neither of us articulated where we thought it would end up. Nature would take its course, but I did repeat, emphatically, “I don’t want you to leave us alone, particularly if I’m naked. My cherry’s going back home with us! Promise you‘ll stay with me!”

“I promise! Any time you’re naked and available, I’ll be right there!”

“Ok, then do what you want! I’ll go along with it, and we‘ll all have a good time!”

We hadn’t made any arrangements with Bob for that morning, so we took a ride through some inland areas, plus seeing several other beaches with more violent surf. That was fun and allowed me, and Alan, to come down a bit from the excitement of last night. We had lunch at a nearby restaurant and returned home for our next adventure. We hadn’t really discussed any plan the way we had before, but it was just understood that I would open my legs to let Bob see my cunt. Of course, he had felt between my legs last night, but things just don’t feel the same under water. It was funny, calmly assuming that I was just going to lie there, probably naked, and let a man see and feel me! I, who had never done anything (except lately with Alan) of a sexual nature and who had absorbed Aunt Agatha’s teaching without question! Weird!

Actually, it turned out to be quite an interesting day with me doing something I had joked about not long ago, going off! We rested awhile and went down to the beach about 3:00, with Bob joining us shortly afterwards. I think that he must have stood at his window waiting for us to arrive. We were in the water for about 45 minutes, playing around as usual, except that they let me keep my pants on. Still, both men managed to get their hands under them, so my cunt and bottom were well felt, as was true of my tits. (Interestingly, I now thought of them as “tits” most of the time, not breasts or, even, boobs!) It was fun and the sexual play no longer was the least bit traumatic. By the time we left the water, we were cool, and I welcomed the heat of the sun through the cover of out shade tree. I started to flop down on the mat after toweling off, but before I could do so, Alan suggested, “Why don’t you take off your pants, Nita?” His question was immediately backed up by Bob, “Yeah, we both like you that way – very sexy!”

“You two are sex fiends! I can’t just lie here naked! What if someone came up the path or, for that matter, just looked up here?” However, as both just stared at me, waiting for me to strip, I gave in, saying, “Oh, ok, but if anyone comes this way you had better be prepared to cover me!” Of course, I had intended to take my pants off, anyway, but doing it after a protest made it easier. So, there I was, completely naked as I turned face down to be less blatant – or, at least, to pretend to be so!

Bob immediately began spreading the sunscreen lotion over me despite the shade. I didn’t make any protest as he worked down my body. It did feel very good as always, and I lay there comfortably and enjoyed the gentle massage. However, when he reached my hips, he just ran his fingers up and down the cheeks, getting closer and closer to the division. Finally, the fingers delved between and ran down the entire furrow until it ended in my cunt. I had relaxed my thighs and, for the first time out of the water, he felt the lips of my cunt and, even, the groove between the lips. One finger actually went into me a bit and, then, slowly came back up, pausing momentarily at my asshole before going on up. Then he reversed and went all the way back between my legs and up again. However, this time, he pushed in slightly at the hole before going on. This happened five or six times, each time his finger became lubricated by the moisture developing in my cunt and transferred that moisture to my asshole, pushing in further each time. For some reason, I became somewhat embarrassed by this penetration and, after the finger went in, probably, to the first knuckle, I protested, “Bob. Stop that!”

Obviously Bob knew what I was objecting to – and Alan, watching avidly did too – but he asked, “Stop what, Nita?” As he asked the question, his newly moistened finger came back to the hole and he just pushed in, impaling me up to his second knuckle and quickly moving in and out, finger-fucking my ass!

“Bob, for heaven’s sake, you know what I mean!” As I said that, I pulled away from him and rolled over on my back, actually blushing as I did so. “That’s indecent!”

Alan asked with a straight face, “What’s wrong, Nita? Bob is just putting the lotion on to protect you from sunburn!”

“I don’t get sunburn there! You’re as bad as he is. You’re probably egging him on. Now I don’t dare lie on my stomach! You’re both incorrigible!”

“Ok, Nita, I’ll concentrate on protecting your skin on your front.” Then, as he cupped and squeezed my breasts, he commented to Alan, “Boy, these are perfect tits! Those other girls last night must have turned green with envy when they saw them revealed in that wet tee shirt! There just was no contest! I’ll be most of the people in that crowd, men and women, would have loved to feel them like this!”

“I don’t doubt that! The looks on their faces was priceless. I’ll bet that 90% of the men had hardons and the women had wet cunts!”

There they were again, talking about me as if I wasn’t there or couldn’t hear them. “Alan, what are you saying? That’s embarrassing, talking about me like that!”

“Come on, Nita, Alan’s right. You could see it on their faces. When your shirt got wet, there was a moment of awed silence and, then, the applause started! I know that my first thought was, ‘Gods, I’ve felt those tits!” As he said that, obviously sincere, he squeezed hard, sending a wave of pleasure through me.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to admit that I’m flattered, but if what you say is true, I’m glad I was up on the stage, not down within reach! I wouldn’t want everybody feeling me! Now, stop talking, it‘s embarrassing.”

That’s when everything changed. Leaving my tits, Bob worked down until he reached my cunt hair. He was just feeling me, making no pretense that he was applying lotion. He ran his fingers through the hair, ruffling it up as he had done yesterday, and moved directly onto my cunt. As he reached my clit, I just opened my legs, giving him full access to everything. He ran his hand all the way between my legs back to my ass and back up. He did that several times, letting his finger trace the way between by cunt lips and slipping a bit inside as he passed my cunt hole. He paused at my clit and went back again, actually letting his fingertip enter my asshole for an instant with no verbal opposition from me, and then into my cunt with the same finger. I was lost, beyond opposition. He finger-fucked my ass and cunt lightly, with me raising my hips to make things more assessable. I wasn’t even aware of it at the time – I really wasn’t aware of anything other than my body – but I had begun moving my pelvis up and down in rhythm with his fingers. I really was in a different world, doing something I never would have conceived of – letting another man set me off, building me up to a tremendous orgasm! He had stopped finger-fucking me and was concentrating exclusively on my clit, finally sending me into a paroxysm of pleasure, twisting and squirming against his hand as he brought me to orgasm.

I lay there, comatose – breathless, heart racing, mind closed down – slowly coming down from the peak. Dimly I heard Bob, gasping out, “Good god, I’ve never seen anything like that! I could hardly keep my hand on her at the finish! You’ll need a seat belt when you’re screwing her. Wow, that was fun, though!”

Finally I recovered enough to say, breathlessly, “Oh, you shouldn’t have done that to me! Heavens, going off right out here on the beach in broad daylight. That’s humiliating! Oh. I can’t even look at you.” As I managed to get that out, I pulled a towel over my head – leaving the rest of me exposed, of course. They wouldn’t permit me to hide, so, shortly, my crimson face was revealed no matter how I would try to cover it. I genuinely was embarrassed because going off like that was completely unexpected and more personal than the nakedness that I had come to enjoy. It was one thing to be seen physically, much more to be seen in that most intimate moment. I had intended to show my cunt and let Bob feel it, but I was totally unprepared for my reaction! It was quite awhile before I could compose myself, but, finally, my shock at what had happened wore off a bit and things returned more to normal. At that point, Alan and Bob felt free to tease me and, while that was somewhat embarrassing, it felt good. At the end of the afternoon, when we prepared to go in, I was able to admit what was obvious – that I had really enjoyed it and, when pressed by Bob, I agreed that we probably could do it again! Shocking!

When Alan and I went in, we began talking about the afternoon’s activities. I was still feeling peculiar about doing such a private thing with another man, but Alan tried to put it in perspective by pointing out that the whole thing was relatively innocent – just three friends playing around with no emotional attachment. “Look, I’m your husband and I was right there watching. Bob set you off, but you probably could have had the same result using a vibrator or, for that matter, your own fingers. Obviously, this was different from those because it was another person working on you, but the result was the same. I certainly didn’t disapprove – in fact, I thought it was very exciting! It was like watching a porno movie except that I knew the actors. Watching my wife having an orgasm while another man played with her was wild! My cock won’t get hard until we get home, but sex is in the mind and I can get hot watching a movie without going off! You were wonderful – just letting yourself go and exploding! You heard Bob’s comments! We all three loved it, so you should forget being embarrassed and think how sexy you looked. Here, I’ll download the pictures and you can see yourself!”

Once again, Alan’s reasoning, or rationalizing, was what I wanted to hear, so I embraced it and put my reservations aside. When the picture was downloaded, however, I had another bout of shocked embarrassment as I saw how completely graphic it was! I knew from past experience that I really do get completely out of control, but actually seeing myself lying there with Bob’s hand on my cunt, his fingers busy in my slit and on my clit was beyond my wildest thoughts. Then, when I actually began humping up and down and writhing around, I was stupefied. Amazingly, I found myself tremendously aroused as I watch myself approach orgasm, and I actually began to understand why Alan, got hot as he watched me going off. I even began to understand why he could really enjoy watching someone else, in a way, having sex with me! I was fascinated to see Bob’s reaction as I was worked up – his face showed his own excitement and surprise as my gyrations became more and more powerful. Clearly, this was not just a fun thing – it was sex!

“Good heavens, Hon, I can’t believe I looked like that! No wonder it excited you! I’ll admit that seeing it excited me! It is like watching a porno movie, and, as I watched it, it was almost like someone else was in it, not me! Gods, what Bob must have felt,” laughing,” other than me! I don‘t know, though – it‘s one thing to see it as a movie, but another to know that it is me! I don‘t know if I could do that, go off, after seeing myself looking like that! I‘m afraid I‘d be too embarrassed to let myself go! Particularly, knowing I‘m being watched.”

“Come on, Nita, you’re probably ready to go off right now after watching yourself. That was one very hot go-off, and I’ll bet you’ll want to do it again! All you have to do is relax and enjoy knowing that we are watching, particularly Bob. I’ll bet his cock was so hard that it hurt! He‘s probably jacking himself off right now, picturing you lying there!”

“I’ll bet it was hard, too! In fact, I’d be insulted if it weren’t! Do you really think he’s doing that? That’s sexy! That makes it even more important that the three of us are together if we’re going to keep on doing this, you damn sure had better be right there to keep his cock where it belongs!”

“Don’t worry. I said that I would be right beside you, protecting your cherry!”

“Ok, you’d better. Now, there’s something else. Go back to the beginning when I was lying on my stomach – yeah, right there. That’s where Bob is feeling my bottom…right there…see his finger is going down to my cunt and coming back up through the division, pausing and going the rest of the way up. Every time he pauses, he pushes in. Here’s the place…listen….’Bob. Stop that!’….see, when I said that he pushed his finger all the way into my….my..asshole and finger-fucked me for a second! I didn’t know what to do, so I turned over to stop him.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Oh, no, his finger was well lubricated from my cunt, but it felt very strange – wrong, somehow. That’s what he did yesterday, but he stopped then. This time he pushed right in.”

“Well, if it didn’t hurt, no damage was done. It depends on how you feel. I saw his finger going up and down between your ass cheeks, so I expected that he would push in. It looks very sexy on the picture!”

“Look, I know that you liked watching him feel me and, now, set me off, so we’ll certainly do that again if you want me to. I’ll admit that if I can get by being so embarrassed, I’d enjoy it, so we have no problem there. I don’t know about him fingering my ass, but if you’d like to watch him do it, I’ll certainly let him. At worst, I’ll just have to lie there and let him do it and, maybe, if I know that you’re enjoying watching, I’ll enjoy it too!”

So, things were settled. The discussion went on for some time, and I was assured that Alan liked watching his wife being played with sexually by another man, even finger-fucking her ass, making it easy for me to relax and go along. It was quite a transformation from a prudish bride, inculcated with Aunt Agatha’s teachings, to what could only be seen as a wanton married woman who walked around almost nude and lay naked while being manipulated by a man she met only nine days ago. And, all of this with her new husband’s approval and assistance!

Thursday, August 13. Here I was, a married woman for less than two weeks, and I was looking forward to more of the same. However, it was different in that our conversation had cleared the air of any lingering hesitation. Alan had explicitly said that he liked me to engage in these sexual practices with Bob, including playing with both my cunt and ass. Far from having husbandry jealousy, he eagerly encouraged me to participate as fully and actively as possible. I had agreed to make myself as open as possible, and, truthfully, I was looking forward to spreading my legs for Bob to explore and fondle me. Whether the 13th was a lucky day or not depends on your point of view. It was certainly different!

Thursday was another beautiful day – they all were – and we decided to swim first before going anywhere. We were in the water when, of course, Bob joined us. (Actually, we now could make arrangements by phone which was, of course, much better than having Bob watch for us going to the beach. The phone in his cottage had been out of order for a week, but now had been replaced.) We played around awhile with the sexual aspect being more explicit, i.e. my pants were pulled off right away and both men felt and fondled me with, once again, me floating, held up by Alan, while Bob played with my cunt and ass. There were a few people on our section of the beach, and it was very exciting to be held at the surface, floating over the swells, with my cunt hair clearly visible. Anyone looking our way had to see that I was naked. In addition, Bob had his cock out and I had it in my hand several times and once, it actually touched my cunt when he was holding me up by my tits. By the time we were ready to come in, my sexual fires had been thoroughly stoked. I put my pants back on (they had been held by Alan) and headed up the path to our place, accompanied by the eager men. Actually, all three of us were eager and there was no question that we were all eager for the same thing.

We got to the mats and, standing there with the low dunes coming up to my knees, completely exposed to anyone who looked, I calmly pulled my pants down and stood there naked for a moment before lying down. Quite a change – no one had to wrestle with me to get my pants off, no one had to tell me to do so – I just stripped and lay down. Without hesitation, I turned over and lay face down with my legs parted, welcoming Bob’s hands and fingers. Nothing was said as Bob began spreading the cool lotion over my back, heading quickly for my bottom and cunt. He ran his hands over my hips, but almost immediately began slipping his fingers up and down the groove of my ass. He reached in and fingered my cunt, but, as yesterday, started the probing of my asshole as his finger went over it. Slippery from my cunt and the lotion, the fingertip went in quickly, followed by slightly deeper penetration each time it reached the opening. Not receiving the negative reaction of yesterday, the penetration gradually went deeper until I could feel his palm against my ass cheeks. At that point, he stopped the stroking and just began to finger-fuck my ass.

My head was resting on my arm facing Alan, and I saw his eyes riveted on that probing finger, an intense, excited expression on his face. Obviously, he was very aroused by seeing his wife having her ass finger-fucked by another man right in front of him. No one was saying anything, but the silence was filled with tension as we were intent on what was happening to my asshole. Counter to what I had expected, I was not just lying there, being worked on for Alan and Bob’s pleasure – I had no thought that I could be aroused back there, but waves of pleasure began to flow through me. The finger went in and Bob wiggled it deep inside me before pulling back and going back in as deep as it could go. I quit thinking and just began reacting to the pleasure, my hips rising to meet the penetrating finger, dropping as it left. I loved a finger in my ass!

Suddenly, Bob pulled the finger out completely, leaving me feeling let down and the pleasure incomplete. Almost immediately, however, I felt something thicker pressing in, forcing its way past my sphincter and all the way in. It was his thumb, and as he began to finger-fuck (thumb-fuck?) me, his fingers found my cunt! Now, I really began to move! His thumb seemed to go deeper as it pulled against me as he stroked through my slit, a finger finding my cunt hole. For a short time he held me like a two finger bowling ball, actually lifting me a bit. Then, reaching past the hole, he began to tickle my clit and that really set me off. I wasn’t even aware of what I was doing, but I was surging upward toward his hand, trying to force myself against it to get even greater pressure on my cunt and ass. When I saw the picture later, I was astounded at seeing myself completely out of control. Finally, the tension in me reached a climax and I surged upward toward his hand as he pushed downward against me. I writhed around against his firmly held hand – and dropped onto the mat, face down, totally exhausted, mentally and physically.

That orgasm was totally unexpected by any of us and the two men exchanged startled, and erotic, comments about me. I didn’t even hear, or, at least, understand anything for a time but I finally tuned back in, moaning as I turned over and looking up at two eager faces. “My god, what happened to me? I don’t believe any of this!” At that point, I was besieged with comments about me and my unbelievable reactions. I was still a bit lost, still gasping for breath from my exertions.

Bob speculated that, “Nita, you must be the sexiest woman in the world! Nobody goes off like that from having their ass finger-fucked!” (I didn’t even notice the language at the time!)

Alan concurred, “That was unbelievable! I know that you blow up when your cunt is worked on, but you didn’t even expect to like ass-fucking!” (I also didn’t pick up the reference to ass-fucking, not finger-fucking, at that time!)

The talking went on for some time, with me saying practically nothing, just lying there, legs open, totally naked in view of anyone who might look up our narrow path! I had just had an extremely violent orgasm in a most unusual way, and I was scandalized, embarrassed, dazed, mortified – and probably a few other things. They were talking to me in laudatory terms, but, other than that first question, I just couldn’t respond.

Finally, Alan, recognizing my traumatized condition, said, “Come on, Nita, don’t be embarrassed! You were unbelievable! I know that you’ve never had anything like that before, but obviously your body liked it! That was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen!”

Bob concurred, “Yeah, Nita, that was outstanding! I can’t believe that you went off like that with just a finger or thumb in there! Gods, what would you do if you had a cock up your ass!”

Once again, the language didn’t register as anything unusual, but hearing him talk about a cock in my ass did. Suddenly, somehow, that shocked me back to normal (whatever that would be in a case like this), and my mind was able to focus and I sputtered out, “Well that damn sure isn’t going to happen! I still haven’t had a cock in my cunt and I don’t intend to ever have a cock in my ass!” I still find it hard to believe that I said anything like that – and I think both men were shocked – but my mental censors must have been neutralized by the trauma. In any case, I was able to function again. It must have been a weird scene, me lying there, totally naked in broad daylight, recovering from a totally unexpected sexual experience, with two men, one my husband, looking down at me while casually talking about my wild performance! Finally, the session was broken up by Alan noting the time and reminding me that we had a scuba lesson scheduled for 1:00 PM – something I had been looking forward to, but it suddenly seemed quite mundane. I forced myself to sit up and put on my pants as we prepared to go in. When we got to the cottage, Bob, starting to go through the separating foliage, said, “That was fun! I’ll do that anytime you want, Nita!”

Before I could respond (I don’t know what I would have said) Alan startled me by casually saying, “We’ll be back sometime late this afternoon. Maybe you can work on her cunt then to see how it compares to her ass!”

Alan, what are you saying? I think I have had just about enough of sex for today! You two are going to corrupt me completely – particularly my husband. Come on, let’s go!”

We didn’t have much time to discuss the morning’s actions, but Alan continued to reassure me: “Look, Nita, that was pretty way out, and I certainly had no idea that it would turn out the way it did. I thought that Bob would play with your ass, probably put his finger up you, and I was looking forward to seeing that. I expected that he would do that for a minute or two and then work on your cunt to set you off. It was very sexy when he started, but I couldn’t believe it when it obviously turned you on! You started moving almost immediately and Bob really began working on you rather than just putting his finger in. The big thing was when he pulled his finger out and inserted his thumb! I wondered about that because his thumb is much thicker than his finger, but your asshole took it in with no trouble. Boy, when he began fucking you with his thumb while playing with your cunt, I thought that you had gone wild! That was better than any porno movie I’ve ever seen! You face was hidden, of course, but your body, particularly your ass, looked like a movie star! I know you’ll love the movie when I download it! I think that you should be proud of yourself!”

“It still feels as if I’m doing something wrong, going too far. I know that Bob likes to play with me – and that you like to watch him do it! Obviously, I love it physically! But it just seems that its – well, vulgar or coarse, I guess, not something a nice woman would do.”

“Honey, nice women do everything bad women do – you have the same equipment, the same urges and the same reactions to stimulus. Was anyone hurt by Bob doing that to you and you reacting the way your body wanted? We’re having fun, new experiences – everything that we’ll probably never get to do again. A honeymoon to remember! We’ll be looking at those movies of you in action for years – a private porno show any time we need stimulus! I’m loving it, you’re loving it and I know Bob is loving it! The really good thing about all of this is all of the sexual experiences you are having with no threat of too much involvement. If we were home and you were having an affair, it would be dangerous – you might become too involved emotionally. Here, it’s just fun – for all three of us!”

Once again, I accepted Alan’s evaluation (rationalization) of the situation – because that was what I wanted to hear! However, I made a point of telling him about Bob’s cock being out and against me in the water, saying, “I’ve got to be careful when he has it out like that. It touched my cunt and, an accident could happen. I held it in my hand for several minutes this time, and he was moving against it! Last time I was a bit worried about touching him, but this time I wrapped my fingers around it and actually moved them back and forth like I did yours at home.”

“He didn’t go off, did he?”

“No, but he really did move! I think if there had been a little more time, he might have!” Then, as I giggled, “Wouldn’t it have been something if I had set him off and then he did me! That would have been something!”

“Maybe you can do that next time. If you let me know when you’re working on his cock, I’ll make sure that I don’t interrupt.”

“Ok, I’ll try. I did like holding it while he moved, and it would be fun to have it in my hand when he went off!”

We went and had the scuba lessons, and to my surprise, I was able to concentrate on them, not the morning’s activities. Probably it was good to have something like that so that we could put sex behind us for awhile. It was fun, and we made arrangements to continue the following morning. We got back to the cottage around six, and immediately went to the water. Since we had just spent some hours in the water, that might not seem attractive, but it did. Neither of us said so, but it was obvious that the appeal of the beach and water was the prospect of another sexual encounter, not swimming! We called Bob a few minutes after we arrived, he joined us, and that sexual encounter started right away. I had my pants off already (Alan acting as caddy), and the “feel and play with Nita” game began without delay. Both worked me over and, as before, Alan held me up by my tits as I floated with Bob working on my cunt.

Finally, I was standing by Bob when I felt his hard cock pushing against me. I reached down and took it in my hand, fingers wrapped around it, and began slowly going back and forth. He began to move with me, acting like he was screwing my hand. I managed to catch Alan’s eye, letting him know what was going on, and he conveniently moved away. Bob began to move more vigorously and I increased the speed of my manipulating. I looked up and saw that his eyes were closed and his face had an intense expression. I watched in fascination as he began breathing heavier, actually panting a bit with his mouth open. Suddenly, he really surged against my hand, almost spastic in his motions, and, from my experience with Alan, I knew that he was coming. I continued pumping his cock, holding it very tight, until he sort of slumped against me. We separated, and his only comment was “Wow!” I swam over to Alan and got my pants, put them on, and headed for the beach. I was excited by what I had done, and I wanted my cunt played with! I don’t know when, if ever, I had been more ready!

We hurried up to our place and, without hesitating or worrying about being seen, I stood there and took off my pants and lay down. Both Alan and Bob dropped beside me and Bob began immediately to feel me all over. Very quickly, his hand reached my cunt and, as he started to play with me, Alan, said, “Spread your legs, Nita! Open up!”

I was lying flat with my legs parted, but hearing that, I drew my feet up toward my hips which raised my knees up. Then, I moved my feet wide apart, opening my entire cunt area completely. I opened my eyes briefly and saw Bob leaning forward, looking intently between my legs. Everything was on display and he was studying it – I had no secrets left in that area, or, for that matter, anywhere else!

I was already extremely aroused before he touched me, but Bob raised the intensity level as he slid his fingers along my slit, sliding through the lubrication that was flowing out of me. He put his finger up my cunt as far as my hymen and finger-fucking me as I moved. He withdrew his wet finger and moved it back to my asshole and penetrated me there causing me to raise up to intensify the feeling as he went in and out. He managed, somehow, to get his thumb into my cunt and had both holes, the opposite of the way he did it when he was ass fucking me with his fingers. By now, I was humping up and down, able to do so much more vigorously with my feet drawn up for leverage. As I obviously was reaching to point of climax, he pulled out of my cunt and ass and concentrated on my clit while reinserting a finger into my cunt. Suddenly, I exploded – when I saw the picture later, I couldn’t believe the way I surged up, twisting and thrashing about as if I were having a convulsion! At the end I was jerking up and down against Bob’s hand in a spasm-like movement. Finally, all motion stopped as I welded myself against his hand, my clit pressed hard against his fingers – then I collapsed!

There was complete silence for several moments, and then both Bob and Alan began talking at once about my unbelievable orgasm. “Good god,” Bob gasped out, “I thought that she went wild the last time! She almost broke my hand! She must have the hottest cunt in the world!”

Alan was also awed, saying, “I’ve seen her go off many times, but this must have broken the record! I don’t think that anyone could have stayed in her – she’d have bucked them off!”

Their comments went on and on, going from the intensity of my climax to a discussion of my anatomy, particularly, my cunt. I was just lying there, still recovering, listening but not talking. In a way it was shocking to have two men, one my husband, making observations about my cunt – how it looked, how it felt, how wet it got, how easy it was to penetrate, etc. At the same time, I was feeling very mellow and satisfied and, after listening to them for a few minutes, I finally broke in, “I’m certainly glad that you two approve of my cunt! It certainly seems to be readily available for seeing and feeling these days, so I would hate to disappoint you! Feel free to make use of it!” That last point became the source of a great deal of amusement and questionable propositions, but that was fun, too.

As might be expected, it was quite a while before we settled down once we went in to the cottage. The first topic was my unbelievable climax while Bob was playing with me. Bob had been extremely excited as Alan told me to spread my legs and, as the picture showed, every detail of my cunt was clearly visible. He really enjoyed watching Bob lean over and study me between my legs, knowing that absolutely nothing was hidden. He couldn’t believe how quickly I began moving, actually humping up and down, until I told him that I had played with Bob’s cock and actually set him off!

“Are you really sure that he went?”

“Oh, there was no doubt of that! I was standing on his left side, partly in front, as I was working on it! When he was ready to come, I was more in front as I was really pumping it fast and, when he went off, it was right against me! I could feel him going off, shooting on my stomach. I didn’t feel much in the water, of course, but there was no doubt! That was very exciting, so I was really ready when we came in!

“Wow, no wonder you were hot! Him, too!”

“I’m sure he was! I’ll tell you something – it’s a good thing you were there! I was so hot that he probably could have gotten on me right then! If we had been alone and he had tried me, my cherry might not have gotten home!”

“Boy, you were hot! What do you think triggered it – anything in particular?”

“You know, I think it was just playing with his cock. Last time I wasn’t really comfortable with holding it, but this time I really enjoyed it. I almost tried to reach his balls, but his pants were not the whole way down and it would have been awkward anyway. I don’t know, it was just right, very intimate, and I really liked it! Do you feel funny about that? Yours is the only cock I’ve ever touched before, so maybe it’s just because his is a different one. When I think about it, it is pretty far out. Here we are, discussing why I was so hot when another man set me off! And the reason is that I really enjoyed holding his cock and pumping it so that he would go off! Gods, that sounds weird, even immoral – damn, of course it’s immoral! Just married and playing with another man’s cock! It’s depraved!”

“Depraved, but fun! I can’t see that’s anyone’s hurt, certainly not me, your husband, and I’m the only one who could be. My wife felt another man’s cock and jacked him off and I’m glad! I just wish that it could have been above the water so I could have seen it! Or, better, that you had done it at our place so we could have a movie picture of it! That would be good! Listen, Honey, we said that we wanted a honeymoon to remember. Well, damn it, we’ve got one! You’ve done things you (or we) never conceived of, we have gigabytes of movies showing you in action, movies we’ll look at for years! And, heaven knows, you are much more open sexually than we would have thought possible and that’ll help us when we get home!”

“Well, whether it’s immoral or depraved, we’re in it, and I don’t want to quit. I love being naked, being felt and, while it’s embarrassing, I love having you two talk about my cunt, tits and ass! And, this is very hard to say, I’d love to be in our place and rub his cock and watch it erupt! I always liked that when we did it, but it would be very different doing it to someone else!”

Inevitably, we agreed that our sexual activities with Bob would continue, depraved or not. Actually, the question of stopping never came up! Aunt Agatha, back home, was undoubtedly having a feeling that something was wrong (like having your ears burn when someone is talking about you), but her teaching were long gone, and her niece was now quite wanton and thoroughly corrupted. The corruption was to continue!

Friday, August 14. The following day was, two weeks of marriage – our two-week anniversary! Also, half-way through our long honeymoon! I couldn’t help wonder if the second half could match the first – I assumed that exceeding it was impossible, but I was soon proved wrong!

Our scuba diving took all morning and, by the time we had lunch and rested awhile, it was almost 3:00. We had plans, with Bob, to go back to the fancy restaurant to celebrate the anniversary but were eager to go in at our beach and see what would happen today. In some ways, Alan seemed even more fervent than I, but both of us wanted to see if yesterday’s activities could be repeated. We called Bob and he joined us, clearly as eager as we, for, I suppose, obvious reasons. However, the waves and swells were much higher than normal, and while it was fun to jump over the waves and to play the “feel Nita” game, it was impossible to do anything more than to hold Bob’s cock several times. We just couldn’t stand still in any one spot long enough to really work on it. I surprised myself by really being disappointed – I realized that I wanted to repeat that experience more than I thought.

In any case, we headed back to our place where I, without even thinking, took off my pants and lay down. Alan lay down beside me on my left, half reclining, half resting on his elbow, watching avidly as Bob began playing with my cunt. Somehow, all of seemed eager to get started on working on me without any preliminaries like feeling my tits. I was lying flat with Bob’s fingers running through my cunt hair and probing for my clit. In a replay of yesterday, Alan said, “Spread your legs, Nita! Open up!” Then, “Pull your knees up to your tits, Honey, and show your cunt!”

Bob had begun really working on my cunt, running his fingers from my clit through the slit and back up. I wasn’t as hot as yesterday to start, but the heat began building quickly. When Alan directed me to pull my knees up, I didn’t hesitate and they actually touched my nipples. Bob had moved down and set up to see everything better, and, as I raised my knees, he could see me exposed from my clit to my asshole. Taking advantage of the position, he slipped a finger into my cunt, lubricated it and pushed it easily into my asshole and finger-fucked me while teasing my clit with his other (left) hand. His thumb was at my cunt hole, dipping in and out, all three motions synchronized in a steady rhythm. The triple action really got me going, causing me to move in unison with his fingers. I wasn’t humping up and down in that position, but my legs were flailing about as I got closer and closer to orgasm.

Suddenly, things changed! Bob’s steady rhythm was broken and, then he stopped with his hands just against me. Looking intently beside me, he asked, “Will he wake up?” I had no idea of what he was talking about. I was still in the throes of my sexual buildup and it took several seconds to wake up and look where he was staring. Finally, I followed his eyes and glanced to the side and, shockingly, saw Alan lying flat. His head was further down the mat so that the built-in pillow was above, not under, him – and he was sound asleep! Before I could react, Bob asked again, “Will he wake up?”

I faced a real dilemma – if I said “yes,” Bob would continue working on me and I would have the tremendous orgasm that was building. If I said “no,” I was inviting, really asking, for adulterous intercourse, or screwing! I don’t know if I even thought of it in those terms – or even thought at all. I just said “no!”

In less time than it took to write it, Bob had his suit down, his cock out and moved over me. My legs were already in screwing position as he came down, and I felt his cock touch my cunt. “Put it in,” he ordered and, without hesitation, I reached down, grasped his cock and placed it at my hole. It started in, and, as it reached my hymen, I said, “I’m a virgin,”

“I know! Shall I break it?”

“Yes! Take me!” And, he did!

It’s amazing how the mind works – I can remember those events and words as if they are indelibly engraved in my mind, but the actual physical act is just a mass of feelings and reactions. Nothing really stands out except the fact that I was screwed, my first adulterous intercourse. I remember a minor twinge when he broke through my virginal barrier, but after that, it’s a blur. I was already built up toward climax when he entered me, and, while the interruption and seeing Alan was like a cold water bath, that cooling vanished almost immediately as the in and out action of screwing began. That first time didn’t last long, of course. I think that I started a long orgasm as soon as he penetrated me, and he was quickly overcome by the physical act of taking me. That is what I don’t remember, for I wasn’t thinking. I was lost in the emotional and physical experience and my conscious mind was immersed in sensations I hadn’t enjoyed before.

The cameras were running, so I have seen myself in action in my first complete sex act, and I really did go wild. With my legs up over Bob’s arms, held up almost perpendicularly, I was limited it my motions, surging up to meet his plunges into my cunt and falling back as he withdrew. I did do some twisting and squirming, as his cock drove in, trying to get more contact on my clit. The ending was fascinating, his plunges deeper and faster, my moves more uncontrolled, until abruptly he slammed against me, welding himself to me between my legs as he ejaculated inside me. I was in an almost continual orgasm, so I joined him as my climax matched his. As I said, mentally I was out of it, and seeing myself at such a significant time, was wonderful. Thank heaven Alan had set up those cameras!

After Bob went off in me, his cock stayed almost as hard as ever, and he remained in me, moving slowly and easily. It felt wonderful and, as my mind cleared, I was able to enjoy the physical sensation of having the cock going in and out without the overwhelming pressure of an oncoming orgasm. I actually looked up at him, fascinated by the intensity in his expression. His eyes were shut, so I was able to study the face of the first man to have me. I suddenly thought of Alan, and turned my head to see him, still lying flat and asleep while another man had his wife right beside him. Wild thoughts ran through my mind, thinking, “I’m cuckolding my husband before he ever screws me himself! I wish I could see the horns growing on his head!” At that point, I had absolutely no feeling of guilt and the sensation of feeling another man’s cock moving into and out of me felt wonderful!

Gradually, the screwing mounted in tempo as Bob recovered from his first climax. He began pounding me harder, causing me to respond vigorously. Once again I was lost in the physical and mental excitement of being screwed and my body responded wildly. Oddly enough, one thought did come through my clouded mind – “I’m being fucked!” I’d never used that term in my life, never verbally or, as well as I can remember, mentally. Somehow, it now seemed just right. I think I thought “fuck, fuck….fuck me….fuck me,” a hundred times as Bob did fuck me! I can’t explain it, but the word just added something and helped me go over the top in a massive orgasm! Bob was still shooting in me as I finished, and I actually felt the heat of his ejaculation. He slumped down on me for a brief period, then lifting off me, he pulled his softening cock out of my cunt. He collapsed beside me, and we just lay there recovering – and thinking of the magnitude of what we had just done. After several minutes of silence, he raised up and looked down at me, “That was wonderful, but I’d better go”

I didn’t say anything. I just looked up at him and nodded. He quickly pulled his pants back up, got to his feet and left with no further comment. I just lay there, knees bent, legs still spraddled open, a weird feeling between them. I was aware the anyone walking by and looking up between the dunes would see me, but I didn’t care. I was looking over at Alan, postponing waking him, yet, eager in a way to do so. Finally, I reached over and roughly shook him, causing him suddenly to come to as if he had never gone to sleep. He glanced over at me, took in my nakedness and rather graphic position and said, “Well, it looks like you were busy while I was asleep!

I responded very explicitly, “My cherry will not be going home with us!”

I couldn’t tell from his facial expression as to what he was thinking or his reaction to seeing his adulterous wife lying there, obviously just having been screwed. Suddenly, he got to his feet and reached down to me, saying, “Let’s go inside!” He helped me to my feet, and, not even reaching for my pants, I walked nude, and in view of anyone looking over the dunes, up the path to our bungalow. I lay down on the bed, awaiting what he was going to do or say. He had picked up one of the movie cameras as we left, and said, “Put your legs up and show me your cunt!” I did as he ordered, pulling my knees almost up to my tits and opening myself as much as possible. He stood back and recorded the view, gradually moving in until he had a real close-up of my used cunt. Afterwards, when I saw the picture, I was astounded at how open it was, both lips puffy and pulled back, showing the inter lips and the cunt hole. However, what was really obvious was the stream of white cum leaking out of the clogged hole. That was a cunt that had been fucked very recently! After recording the obvious evidence of my adultery, he went into the bathroom and returned with my hand mirror. Giving it to me, he said, “Look!”

It wasn’t as easy to see as it would be later in the movie, but close up I saw the graphic evidence of what Bob had done to me. I couldn’t believe the amount of cum leaking out of me, running out from my cunt hole all the way to my asshole, with, seemingly, an unending supply still inside. I was shocked but, at the same time, perversely pleased at seeing the result of my first real sexual experience! Somehow, seeing it made it real. I wasn’t really aroused by the sight, somehow just pleased. I hadn’t said a word while Alan told me what to do and took the picture, but, looking up at Alan, with a sort of smile, I finally was able to talk, “You cheated, didn’t you? You promised to stay by me anytime I was naked with Bob, and you did, but you went to sleep – right beside me! You just ‘accidentally’ slid down the mat so that the pillow wasn’t under your head and you ‘accidentally’ laid flat and went to sleep. You wanted Bob to fuck me!”

“Ok, ok, I did deliberately go to sleep! I don’t know if I really wanted him to take you, but I’ll admit I thought of it! I just decided to let nature take its course – I figured that he would either set you off as he did yesterday or that he would screw you. That way we wouldn’t have to make a decision. Obviously, we had both thought of it and your insistence that “my cherry will be going home with us,” told me that you were thinking of where we were going with this! So, I didn’t decide to let Bob fuck you, I just made it possible! I decided to make it possible and you decided not to stop him!”

“You’re right, I could have stopped him, but I never actually thought of doing so. I was stunned when I looked over and saw you asleep, but I could have said ‘no’ or pulled away, but I didn’t. Also, I knew instantly that by going to sleep you had given me permission and that you really wanted me to give in – which I did!” Talking like that began to heat me up, and, with my legs up and my cunt open, that heat built up. In addition, as we talked, Alan’s eyes were focused directly on my freshly fucked cunt, and he had a most desiring look on his face as he stared at it. I don’t know exactly what impelled me, but I simply said, “Lick me if you want to!” I don’t know why I thought that he would want to lick my cunt when Bob’s cum was pouring out of me, but I instinctively thought he did. My instinct obviously was right, because he immediately leaned forward and began using his tongue in my slit, starting at the bottom at my asshole and licking right up to my cunt hole. He ran his tongue around and into the hole, and went back again. That continues for a few times and then, he stayed at the hole and licked and sucked at it for a long time. I became wildly excited and had at least one orgasm, moving so hard that he couldn’t stay in place.

Alan finally pulled away, his face shiny with Bob’s cum and my lubrication, looking a bit shame-faced from what he had done, but saying, “Damn it, I wish my cock could get hard! I’d loved to have put it in after Bob really filled you up! He must have put a quart in you!”

“He came in me twice, so I should have been full! I wish you could have screwed me when we came in – that would have been wonderful! Maybe we’ll get another chance after we get home!” I have no idea as to what made me say that! It meant that I was thinking of having someone else screw me in the future which certainly was something that should never have crossed my mind. Even more surprising, Alan’s response was, “Gods, I hope so!” We left it at that, and we didn’t say anything then about his licking Bob’s cum off of and out of me. We went, instead, to me giving a detailed description of everything from the first instance of penetration to the withdrawal. It was a long discussion, only ended when we realized the mundane fact that it was getting late for our dinner reservations.

At that point, we also remembered the extremely awkward fact that Bob was supposed to join us! How were we going to handle the situation with the man to whom I had given my “cherry” right beside my sleeping husband? Obviously, there was no jealousy problem (odd in itself), but the issue of broaching what had to be an uncomfortable subject for all three of us caused some considerable consternation. We finally decided that the best solution was to be as natural as possible until I could quietly let Bob know that Alan knew – and was not a jealous husband. So, when Bob called about (supposedly) the time to get together, I simply jumped to the real question and said that there was no problem or any secrets. Bob asked for assurance several times and, finally, I just said, “Alan knows about you screwing me and thinks that it’s fine! No problem of any kind and things should go on just as before!” After that blunt statement, he was sufficiently reassured and I could almost hear a sigh of relief as he said that he would be over in thirty minutes. When he came over, I eased the situation by being dressed in garter belt and hose that I had worn the last time – and nothing else! Being greeted by a nearly naked woman made things easier as he reacted with a “Wow,” and Alan laughed, saying, “How’s that for being met at the door! Come on, Nita, put on your clothes so we can go.” As they watched, I put on the same sheer white panties I had worn the last time, put on my skirt and blouse (no bra) and said, “Ok, fellows, shows over – at least until we get back!” With that, we headed for the car, all relieved and in good spirits – and all looking forward to later!

As might be expected, the atmosphere was still somewhat strained as we drove along, each of us dancing around the 300 pound gorilla of adultery which certainly was on everyone’s mind but not being mentioned. Dinner was excellent and, with a little wine to loosen things, the evening became more and more convivial. I went to the ladies’ room, and when I returned, I couldn’t help but notice that Alan and Bob seemed more light-hearted and “together” than when I had left. They seemed, somehow, to be sharing a joke, leaving me wondering what they had talked about while I was gone. Still, I couldn’t complain since the comradery that we had shared seemed to be back. However, that equanimity took a blow as we finished eating and were preparing to go. Alan picked up his wine glass and said, “I want to propose a toast!” Of course, both Bob and I raised our glasses as he continued, “A toast to Nita’s lost virginity!” Bob joined in with “Hear, hear!”

I sat there with, I’m sure, utter shock on my face as I cried out, Alan!” I put my glass down and covered my face with my hands, stunned and embarrassed by that sudden revelation of my “deflowering!” Obviously, this was no secret being revealed, but I just wasn’t prepared for such a blunt public statement.

Alan laughed at my mortification and futile efforts to hide. “Come on, Nita! I think a momentous event like that requires some kind of ceremony!”

Bob chimed in with, “Yeah, when something of that significance passes away, it should be commemorated!”

They were both laughing at my reaction, and, in a burst of bravado, I raised my red face, picked up my glass and said, “Ok, since you’re being so thoughtful, damn it! Here’s a better toast, ‘To losing my virginity and earning Hester’s A at the same time!’” The looks on their faces was priceless, but each quickly raised his glass in acknowledgement, and the approving, “hear, hear,” came from both of them! I had shocked them in return, but I certainly had cleared the air!

As we left the restaurant an observer might well have thought that we had had too much to drink. Actually, I think that we really were drunk on relief that everything was out in the open and that there were no recriminations. Even a flat statement by me that Alan knew and was ok with it couldn’t have completely relieved Bob’s concerns that lingering resentment remained. Alan now was positive that his acceptance was unmistakable and that he fully approved of Bob having me. On my part, I had blatantly described my position, and both men applauded. There also was an inevitable erotic atmosphere as we kidded and talked on the way home, and I think that all of us were anticipating some kind of sexual intimacy when we got there. There certainly a real freedom of comment and physical contact as we drove. Both men kidded me about my red letter A, and if I was going to wear it out so people could see it. My skirt was up to my crotch, and Bob made no secret that he was feeling my cunt through my thin panties. Actually, both men were feeling me and I even took off my blouse so my tits could be worked on. I think that Alan’s driving was a bit erratic, but the road was empty.

It’s amazing how the inconceivable can become commonplace. We pulled in at the cottage, went inside, and without comment, I simply took off my skirt, removed my garter belt and hose and said, “Are we going down to the water?” Not knowing if the beach were empty, Bob went to get his suit and Alan put on his – I just kept on my sheer white panties! Once again, it was late evening, but the brilliant full moon made it almost as light as day, so everything would be visible to anyone nearby. As it turned out, the beach was empty, so we all just went in naked. Needless to say, I was the object of both men’s ardor, and I don’t think that there was a full minute that one or the other, or both, was feeling something. In addition, I had Bob’s cock in my hand for much of the time. It was really weird and exciting to be working his cock up and down through my fingers, while both he and Alan felt me! There was conversation and, somehow, the subject of movies cropped up. I think that Bob had an ulterior motive, for he brought up the subject of the movie “From Here to Eternity,” saying that he always had been aroused by the scene where Burt Lancaster screwed Deborah Kerr on the beach with the water coming up to them. As we were getting out, Alan said, “Wait.” He left the beach and ran quickly up to the cottage and hurried back, one of our cameras in his hand.

“Ok, action!” Bob looked at him in wonderment briefly before the meaning of his comment came through. I was startled and not sure what to do, but Bob quickly understood Alan’s offer, and pulled me down on the sand right at the tide line. Suddenly, I realized what was happening and I had the most unbelievable conflict of emotions, but I wasn’t given an opportunity to protest – although I surely would not have, anyway. I found myself lying on the beach with Bob half over me, his hands alternating between feeling my tits and my cunt. He obviously was ready – I had worked on his cock all that time – but he first he came down beside me and we exchanged a series of very erotic kisses (which he said they had done in the movie). Then, he pulled back and, as I raised and spread my legs, he moved in and, without hesitation or the least amount of resistance, slid into my cunt.

That, unquestionably was one of the most unusual, perhaps unique, experiences that I will ever have. A virgin that afternoon, here I was being fucked on a public beach with the breaking surf running over my feet. On top of that, my husband had engineered the entire event, and was eagerly recording it on our movie camera, fortunately the one with great low light capacity! Here I was, committing adultery again, this time with my husband watching! I was lost in the entire immoral situation, so different from anything I had ever even thought of doing. Actually, I had stopped thinking about anything as Bob began pounding into me, his cock penetrating me until his pubic area flattened my clit, followed by pulling out preparatory to smashing in again. Once again, I was startled later when I saw the movie of us screwing, watching me lose control and eagerly meet each inward plunge, falling back as he pulled up. Any thought that I was just letting myself be fucked because Alan and Bob wanted it was quickly dispelled by my vigorous participation. I was giving as much as I was getting! Obviously, it couldn’t take long to reach climax – we were both too aroused for that – but it was wild while it lasted. I think that I must have come three times before Bob’s increasing speed signaled his incipient orgasm. That additional pressure caused me to build up again, rising faster to meet him as his motion became quicker and shorter, ending with him trying to push completely through me. We met at the climax point, grinding together to get the last of the sensation, before we just collapsed with him dropping on me between my widespread legs. We just lay there, the tide coming in higher on my legs, adding a final cooling touch as I wound down.

I can’t remember what thoughts cascaded through my mind at that point, but I know that I was in turmoil of conflicting feelings – oh, I felt wonderful, but what did Alan think, watching me get screwed. How did all of this happen on my honeymoon, married for two weeks, etc.! After we were finished, there was, as might have been expected, an awkward period as no one knew quite how to react. I lay there, legs still spread, as Bob got to his feet, not looking at Alan as he stood up. He reached down to me and took my hand and helped me to my feet, and we both, finally, faced my husband. With the sexual arousal gone and reality upon us, the idea that we had just fucked, violently, in front of him was enough to bury us in qualms. Seemingly, he had the same problem, not knowing what to say as he looked at his adulterous wife and the man who had just had her.

Finally, Alan broke up the strange silence by saying, “I’ll bet that that was a better fucking scene than Lancaster and Kerr ever put on! That was great! Now Nita can wear two ‘Crimson Letters!’” With that, he pulled me to him and gave me a resounding kiss while squeezing my tit! His comment, and his obvious approval, broke the floodgates, and everyone began to talk at once. The relief was palpable, and both Bob and I babbled on about how good it felt, how exciting it was doing it on the beach like that – on and on! Actually, in the euphoria of knowing that it was all acceptable to Alan, we probably said things that we wouldn’t have in calmer times. Bob talked about what a wonderful cunt I had and how active I was while being screwed and, “Boy, how I liked being in you! I‘d love to do that some more!” I rued it a bit afterwards, but I blurted out that, “Gods, that was wonderful! I could get used to this! I loved having your cock in me and, wow, did you pound me.” Then, giggling, “I guess I have been mounted and ridden – and I loved it!” There were other remarks that in retrospect might have been better left unsaid, but Alan took it all in stride and was not the least bit offended when Bob pulled me over and kissed me hard, several times as we prepared to go in for the night.

Actually, Alan didn‘t say a whole lot while Bob and I gushed on and on, but, as we said good night, he made his position quite clear. Talking to Bob, he said, “Well, I enjoyed watching the two of you in action and, obviously, you both really loved it, so I can’t see any reason you can’t keep on screwing Nita while we’re here. As she said, mount her and ride her! She loves it, so give it to her! We said that we wanted a honeymoon to remember and I think that we already have that, so, let’s make it even more memorable. She can have a drawer full of crimson letters when she gets home!”

I could hardly believe my ears when I heard Alan say that, virtually giving Bob his permission to “ride” me the rest of the time that we were in Belize, actually encouraging him to do so! However, still in the aftereffects of the last screwing, I shocked myself by blurting out, “I’ll find room for them! Maybe a couple of drawers!” I still can’t believe I said that, but it felt right at the time, and I’ve never regretted saying it. It was a very pleasant and sexy “good night!”

I was already naked, of course, so I just fell onto the bed when we got in and Alan dropped beside me. I had the weirdest thought as we lay there, both of us hot but his cock was still limp. I felt guilty, but right then I wished that Bob were there so that I could see his hard cock ready to fuck me! I still hadn’t actually seen his cock – I had felt it with my fingers, of course, and I certainly knew what it felt like inside me, but my eyes hadn’t seen it! I mentioned that to Alan later and he wasn’t the least concerned, saying, “Don’t worry, Nita, I’m sure you will get plenty of chances to see it, and do things with it, in the next two weeks while we’re here!” That conversation came later, however, and other things came first.

Without saying anything, Alan moved down to my feet, his intentions obvious, and I immediately raised and spread my legs, opening the path to my cunt. He looked intently at it before leaning forward and licking around and through the lips, teasing my clit several times. Then, he slid his finger into me and moved it in and out, commenting, “Gods, you’re slippery! Here, put your finger in and feel it!” I did as he said, and I knew what he meant. I had used my finger on myself many times (as most women do) but I had never felt so much lubrication. “See, that’s why I want to fuck you when you’re full like that! It must be unbelievable!” He then began licking me again, even sucking right at the cunt hole, saying, “Boy, stuff keeps coming out! His balls must be empty!” I knew, of course, that he was licking Bob’s cum off of me and sucking it out, and, somehow, knowing that excited me. I started moving up and down, panting and moaning, and, finally, erupted in an unexpected orgasm. Now as big as sometimes, but I had been fucked not many minutes ago.

When I finished, we lay there talking about all that had happened and that was when I expressed my desire to see Bob’s cock, even see it go off. Alan understood and said, again, “I’m sure you will get plenty of chances to see it,” as mentioned above. He went further, and said that, “You’ll probably be right there, working on it, and getting it to go off by sucking it!” I actually was shocked when he said that, for I never had gone beyond lightly kissing the tip of Alan’s cock, and now he was calmly suggesting that I probably would suck Bob! I didn’t even get to protest at the idea, when he went on saying that he really wanted to fuck me when my cunt was full like that. “I can’t believe how wet and slippery you are after being screwed! I really want to feel that with my cock! I can’t believe how much stuff he put in you! Just like the first time, it was running out all the way back, and it kept coming out the whole time I was licking! When I sucked at your cunt hole, it just poured out! I’ll tell you something. It’s a darn good thing that you’re on the pill! It would be hard to explain how you got pregnant on our honeymoon when I can’t screw you!”

“Oh my god, I hadn’t even thought of Bob getting me pregnant! The whole things too new. It just never crossed my mind, but, boy, are you right! It’s a darn good thing that you thought of that. My current month’s supply runs out in a couple of days, and, while I’m on that system that starts a new month’s worth of pills immediately to avoid having a period, I’m not supposed to have intercourse (the term on the instructions) for three days afterwards! They’re not sure about the protection. We’ll have to not let Bob have me during that time. Thank heavens, you thought of it!” It’s interesting that whether or not Bob should continue fucking me never came up! It was a given that my adulterous activities would continue.

As might have been expected, things did not go quite that easily mentally. I went to sleep on a high, reveling in the glow of my sexual exploration, but about 2:00 AM I woke up, thinking, “What on earth am I doing? I’m on my honeymoon, married two weeks and I’ve had sex with another man three times in one day! From virgin to adulteress! Here we were, planning further debauchery – my new husband as co-conspirator and, indirectly, participant! I could hear Aunt Agatha screaming in the background – “ADULTERY! INFIDELITY! SIN! DEPRAVITY!” In the dark at 2:00 AM, everything is magnified: moral teachings come back to haunt and a lifetime of conservative sexual admonishment pound at the brain. I even cried for a time, regretting the loss of my sexual purity, lamenting the loss of my virginity to someone other than my husband. I finally fell asleep again, and, the following morning those dark thoughts were put more in perspective, but I certainly wasn‘t completely at ease.

Saturday, August 15. I was still apprehensive, of course, because yesterday I was Alan’s virgin bride, but I had given that virginity, my “cherry,” to another man. At the time, Alan had been at least partially responsible and loved what had happened, but how would he feel the next day? As it happened, my fears were soon dissipated, for his feelings were the same. We talked again, and, with his approval, even active encouragement, I once again agreed that no one was being hurt and we both really wanted to continue our wicked new life style! So, the third week of our marriage began, and both of us were ready for more, and new, adventures!

I think that Bob had some of the same qualms as I did, because when we saw him he was a bit uncomfortable and hesitant, not free with his comments and actions as the evening before. Considering that he had fucked a man’s wife three times just the day before, I guess his uncertain and hesitant manner made sense! However, he was soon put at ease by Alan’s casual attitude as if nothing had happened, and the atmosphere lightened quickly. After a few comments about my tits and a few double entendre, we went into the water, where a new game clarified any questions about my availability. I had taken my pants off immediately, as was expected and both men felt me thoroughly, one at a time and at the same time. Bob had his pants down and I had worked on his cock until it was really hard. We then, spontaneously began what became known as the “torpedo Nita” game! We were in the water above our waists, and I was floated by Alan holding me up by my boobs. He was pushing me through the water, running into Bob, me laughing as I bumped into him with my feet. Suddenly, a bigger swell came through, causing me to twist a bit, and my legs came open just as we got to Bob. As a result, I was up against him, my cunt nicely available, and Bob said, “You’d better be careful, you’ll get torpedoed!”

Alan pulled me away, and then pushed me back while I held myself rigid with my legs spread. Bob immediately got the idea and, as I was moved closer, he said, “Torpedo ready, target in sight!” His cock touched my cunt, “Torpedo locked on! Torpedo entering! Torpedo in!”

I joined in, “Torpedo penetrated me! Prepare for explosion!” Bob pushed inward, his cock completely in, and, then, Alan pulled me back causing it to retreat. Alan immediately pushed me back on as Bob surged forward. This continued for some time, the cool water delaying action. Alan was actually fucking me with Bob’s cock. Suddenly, Bob grunted out, “Explosion imminent!”

I was really excited by this time, although it was difficult to react since the only real movement was in and out with none of the slamming, hard banging on my clit that would set me off. I actually didn’t go off, but I felt Bob beginning to shoot into me and I cried out, “Torpedo exploding inside me!” Then, as he pulled out and my legs went down, I said, “I really like that torpedo! It goes right where it belongs!” At that point, the real world returned and I blurted out, “Oh, my heavens, was anyone watching us?” I looked at the shore and couldn’t see anyone staring right then, but I was all too aware that much of my body had been above the water, and the screwing motion would have been obvious. Fortunately, the beach had few people on it that morning, but I still felt a wave of embarrassment go over me. “That was fun, but we’ve got to be more careful! If I‘m going to be torpedoed right off the beach, we have to watch for observers!”

Both men laughed at me and, I suspect, neither of them would have minded having an audience. Alan even kidded (I think), “Say, I have an idea! We’ll sell tickets! Can’t you just see the crowd if we advertised, ‘Come see Nita, the wet tee shirt winner, being fucked?’ Boy, we’d get rich!” Bob joined in, “We’d better find a better location, somewhere where the audience could see everything! Maybe in front of one of the big dunes that would be like grandstands!”

“Ok, you two clowns! You may think you’re clever, but if Bob is going to fuck me, it’s going to be private – and I mean private! You‘ve turned me into an exhibitionist, but, screwing is private!” Then, I laughed, adding, “I wouldn’t put it past you to enter me into a sex contest on a stage if they had one!” I saw a look go between them and continued, “Don‘t even think about it!

We walked down the beach to the little café for a drink and, it was fun sitting there looking out at the ocean. I had a most peculiar feeling, sitting there between Bob and Alan – it was no more than one half hour since Bob had screwed me in the water, and here we were, sitting calmly, having a Coke. How could such a momentous even become so commonplace so quickly? Just yesterday, I was a married virgin – now, adultery was just a casual incident that we tease around about it! Both of them, actually, all three of us, blithely assumed that I would continually be available for more adultery – it was going to be a fun two weeks!

My availability was quickly proven, for as we walked back along the beach to our place, it was pretty obvious that Bob and Alan were anticipating another penetration before lunch. We reached our mats and Alan said, “Go ahead and lie down, Nita. I think that Bob has something for you!” I briefly protested (as I took off my pants and lay down) that we had just done it in the water, but he said, “That was over an hour and one-half ago!” Actually, my protests were pro forma, since I was expecting it – and wanted it!” Still, it was a bit, well, traumatic is too strong a word, but it was only yesterday that I had lain on the same mat and lost my virginity while Alan slept. Alan had seen Bob having me last evening in the semi-darkness and, of course, in the water, but this different! Broad daylight, Alan wide awake and watching – I was just nervous! Nonetheless, I lay back and raised and spread my legs, reached down, and put Bob’s cock into my cunt! I glanced sideways for a moment and saw Alan’s rapt stare, his obvious excitement clear on his face. Then, I just quit paying any attention to anything except the hard cock plunging in and out of me. Later, when we downloaded the picture, I couldn’t believe the thoroughly wanton look on my face – mouth opening and closing, eyes wildly staring at nothing, grimacing as I tried to get every bit of pleasure out of being fucked. I was shameless and lustful, I wanted to be taken and pounded – I was mounted and being ridden, and I loved it! It seemed to go on forever, but it also was too quick as Bob poured his semen deep into me. He collapsed on me for a moment or two, exhausted from the exertion and his climax, and then pulled out and lay beside me.

It was a weird moment for Alan. He had just seen his new wife actively engage on adulterous intercourse right beside him, and now she and her lover (fucker?) lay side by side, almost touching him. Bob’s cock was softening, but still was covered with a combination of his and my combined fluids, clear evidence, if it were needed, that consummation of our love-making had taken place inside me. In addition, as he leaned over to look, my cunt was clogged with Bob’s cum, just beginning to seep out! As he said later, all he wanted at that moment was to have his own cock hard so that he could stick it in me and feel the slipperiness. As it was, however, that pleasure would have to wait and, in the meantime, he wanted to get back to our bungalow and lick my cunt. That, of course, is exactly what we did. We made plans to meet Bob that afternoon and we went in. I still had that peculiar feeling brought about my concern for Alan’s reaction, but his behavior soon removed my worries.

I got up from the mat and, with a towel wrapped loosely around my waist, I hurried inside. Without hesitating, I lay back on the bed and pulled my knees up and parted my legs. Alan looked at me, startled, saying, “God, he fucked you in the water and now in our place not too long afterwards. I don’t know how he could have produced that much cum in such a short time. It’s pouring out of you as if he hadn’t come in a month! It’s a damn sure a good thing that you are on the pill!” He put a finger into me and pulled it out, covered with cum, adding, “And he really lubricates you! Boy, that would feel good on my cock!” With that, he knelt between by legs and began licking. As before, knowing that he was licking Bob’s cum off of and out of my cunt really turned me on – I didn’t understand why it did, but it sure did! He was there for some time, the physical and mental titillation worked, and I finally erupted in an orgasm that, once again, almost smothered him. While I always (in my very brief experience) came with a cock in me, my orgasms from being licked and fingers were even better!

So, I had been fucked five times in two days and was ready for more. Alan and I agreed that we both enjoyed it, had no recriminations or guilt feelings and saw no reason not to continue our degenerate and depraved celebration of our honeymoon. Alan said that he really found watching me be screwed excited him, and certainly would have his cock rigid except for his problem. He even removed my negative thoughts about getting excited by his licking Bob’s cum. He said he liked doing it because the cum was part of my being screwed and licking made him part of the whole experience. He said he didn’t mind the taste or knowing where it came from – in fact, he admitted that he enjoyed licking where Bob’s cock had touched me. He had no interest in the cock, itself, just what it put on and in me. As I said before, for some perverse reason, I really enjoyed knowing that it was Bob’s cum that he was licking and tasting – maybe because it really made him part of my adultery, or maybe I just enjoyed knowing that he was tasting the evidence of his cuckolding! In any case, with that concern out of the way, I looked forward, without any qualms, to frequent fuckings in the rest of our honeymoon! That I was going to get!

In any case, we did get together with Bob later that afternoon, and, as might be expected, I ended up on my back with Bob on top of, and in, me. It’s odd, but it was if we had done that forever. We came to our place after swimming, I took off my pants, lay down and Bob got on. He vigorously pounded me to a very satisfactory climax for each of us and I ended up with a cunt full of cum. However, there was one significant difference – I suddenly realized that while being fucked, my knees were driven almost to my tits as Bob moved hard on me. When that happened, my legs from the knees down were sticking straight up, with at least my feet and ankles protruding above the sand dune wall of our place. Anyone looking that way undoubtedly saw my feet waving back and forth, announcing that a woman was on her back being screwed behind that low barrier! I was mortified and set up quickly and looked over the low dune and I’m certain that several people turned away as I did so. Bob and Alan laughed at my crimson face, saying that anyone who knew who lived in the cottage (and whose path it was) would just assume that the honeymooners were enjoying themselves. Alan grinned and said, “Of course, they’re right! We are enjoying ourselves, although they can’t know that Bob’s the one enjoying your cunt!”

“That may be true, but if Bob’s going to continue screwing me, I want it to be private! Even if it were you screwing me, I’d want it to be private! It’s not a spectator sport as far as I’m concerned! I’m still concerned that someone will look up the path from the beach and see me naked – that’s bad enough – but I don’t want anyone to see me being fucked!”

“Ok, Nita, calm down – no public screwing! We’ll be discreet! Still, we’re pretty well concealed here. Just don’t stick your legs straight up. No one will likely notice if it’s just your feet that are visible. In any case, you don‘t know anyone here and they can‘t really see anything if they do look. Still, we‘ll be careful.”

Bob joined in, “Sure, Nita, we’ll be careful. No one can see what we’re doing in the water or here if we stay low. Actually, the most visible thing here is my backside if I raise up too much – we’ll both have to be watchful. In any case, maybe we‘ll avoid doing it here if the beach is crowded or people are real close.”

“Yeah, if there is a crowd, we could go in and you can screw on the bed. That’d be more comfortable, anyway.”

I was somewhat reassured by their reply, seemingly taking my concerns seriously. In addition, the idea of Bob having me on our bed sent a few tingles through my cunt – exciting despite having just been screwed. “Ok, as long as you’re careful. Gods, I’ve walked all over this place wearing nothing but a pair of panties and, I have to admit, the idea of someone seeing me naked doesn’t really bother me now, but lying there being taken by someone other than my husband has to be private! What am I saying, as I said before, even if it were Alan, I would want it to be private!” In any case, Alan and I went in, he licked me to another, smaller, orgasm, and we rehashed the afternoon’s activities with considerable pleasure. We had planned to meet Bob and walk down the beach to the café for supper – and, probably something else afterwards!

As might be expected, the idea of screwing me on our bed germinated and, despite the urge to do it again on the beach, we ended up in our cottage. I don’t recall who proposed it that evening, but it was obvious that we all were aroused by the idea, and that was where we ended up. Very shortly after arriving, I was naked on our bed, spread-eagled before two admiring and excited men. Both were naked as well, and, while I didn’t say anything, of course, the difference between them was dramatic. Alan was obviously intrigued by the situation, and he had the movie camera operating. Unfortunately, his cock remained small and useless, a significant difference from Bob whose erection was exceedingly prominent. I never had seen it in that condition before – I had felt it under the water and had it in me, but I never had the opportunity to actually look at it. It protruded out straight from his body, more than ready to enter me, and, when he lay down beside me and started to feel my tits, it stood up like a flag pole.

I, also, was ready for it to enter me, but the more personal surroundings, a bed instead of the sand or a mat, made the situation different – not just a wild “quickie,” but a more leisurely experience. He felt me all over, playing with my clit until I was moving against his fingers. While doing this, he rubbed his cock against me, encouraging me to hold and work on it. For the first time I was able to feel his balls, which he obviously enjoyed. I thought at that point he would move over me and take me, but after a few very intense kisses, he moved up and I found his cock at my mouth. I had, on a few occasions, kissed the tip of Alan’s cock, but nothing more, but now I just opened up and took it in! I wasn’t sure as what to do, but he began a slow in and out motion as if he were fucking my mouth, so I just kept my lips tight around it, and let him do the work. It actually felt nice and the cock, itself, was smooth with a soft texture that sort of excited me. This lasted only a minute or so and he pulled out and mounted me. I reached down and aimed the head at my opening, and he slid in all the way, and I could even feel his balls against my raised ass. We began a vigorous screwing, the action becoming more and more forceful, with him pounding against me and me rising to meet him. I really was lost in the action, and I have no idea as to what actually happened. Once again, seeing the picture of us fucking when it was downloaded was an eye-opener, for I could hardly believe that the wild woman under Bob was me! It didn’t last too long – we both were too hot for that – but it was intense! Bob exploded in me, and just flopped over beside me, both of us sated – for the moment!

It was very different after we recovered. Lying there in our bed, naked and touching each other made the entire situation quite strange. Screwing in our place or on the beach was mostly a physical experience which was finished and done. Now I was lying against Bob, very conscious that we’d just had sex and that we were relaxing together, coming down from a mutual high together. It’s just that in the previous screwing we were, of course, together physically, but, somehow, separate mentally. Bob had fucked me, but I felt no real attachment to him or him to me – we each were, in a way, using the other. Now, it was different. It also felt strange, lying nude beside a man with whom I had just had sex while my husband was on the same bed, but not directly involved.

In some ways, the situation soon got stranger. There had been a bit of desultory conversation, Bob and I remarking how good it had been, Alan commenting about how sexy we had looked, speculating on how the movie would look and both Bob and I saying how nice it was to be on a bed. Much of the time we were just lying there without talking. My mind flitted from one thing to another, not really able to settle on one thing. I was still shocked and amazed at what I was doing, still aroused by lying in our bed with another man, wondering what would happen next, etc. The last question was soon answered as Bob began running his hand over me and turning me toward him and beginning a series of increasingly deep kisses. Suddenly, I was aware that he was pushing me down so that my face was on his chest and, gradually lower. All at once, I realized what he wanted. His cock was half hard and somehow it found its way into my mouth again.

Instead of a rigid rod, I now had a semi-limp, flexible cock between my lips. This time, Bob was not fucking my mouth as he had before, although he was moving gently back and forth. It was a peculiar feeling, having it in my mouth like that, and I began moving my head, matching his movements. I closed my lips firmly around the shaft, going all the way to the base of his cock and sucking gently as I pulled back. As I started that, I felt it beginning to get firmer and, bit by bit, it grew in my mouth. I found myself really enjoying what I knew was cock-sucking, excited myself by how I was causing it to grow. I continued sucking until it was completely erect, a cock that had lay limp in my mouth now was going into my throat. I wasn’t actually paying attention, but I was aware that Alan was recording again, making a video of his wife sucking a cock.

Obviously, Bob liked me sucking, but as soon as it was hard, he wanted to be in my cunt. However, rather than mounting me, he stayed flat and drew me on top. Of course, I’d never been there before, but I quickly got the idea and straddled him, moving so that his cock lined up with my cunt hole. Slowly I lowered myself until the head touched the hole, and, then, gradually impaled myself, letting the shaft sink into me. When I had it all in, I squirmed against Bob’s public area for a moment before beginning to fuck myself on his cock. I was resting on my arms, moving up and down more and more vigorously as he pushed up against me. Then, I lowered myself down on my elbows and we moved together while kissing wildly. In that position, my ass was raised up and my legs open, presenting a perfect view of Bob’s cock pounding up into my cunt while I matched his thrusts. It also presented a startlingly clear view of my asshole each time I shoved back. (Again, I wasn’t aware of that at the time, but the photographic evidence was graphic.) For Alan, the sight was unbelievable – his wife’s cunt wide spread with another man’s cock firmly embedded in it, every detail of her being fucked displayed in the most explicit way possible. As the pictures later showed, the lips were pulled back, grasping the cock. Everything was shiny with excess lubrication and that same lubrication made erotic squishing sounds, almost a splat each time the cock and cunt met. It was unbelievably exciting to watch, but Alan was driven to participate.

Running his finger through some of the bountiful lubrication flowing from my cunt, he placed it at the hole of my ass and pushed in! He entered slowly, bit by bit, the fluid coating the finger greasing the way, and, soon, was in completely with his palm against my ass. He started finger-fucking my ass, matching the rhythm Bob and I were maintaining. He said that it was the strangest thing that he had ever felt. Not only had he never ass-fucked me with his finger, which was a new experience in itself, he could actually feel Bob’s cock through the thin membrane separating my ass and my cunt! He was actually feeling another man fucking me! For me, I hardly knew exactly what was going on at first, but when I realized what was happening, the new sensation but me over the top and I had a monstrous orgasm, grinding against Bob, writhing about to intensify the myriad sensation coursing through me and, from my position on top, moving my hips up and down in a blur. Actually, I moved so vigorously and erratically that Bob had a hard time keeping his cock in me. However, as I calmed down a bit, he was able to reestablish control of the rhythm, pounded up into me violently a few times, and ejaculated deep into my cunt. All this time, Alan’s finger was still embedded in my asshole, providing a very strange feeling. As Bob finished and I slumped down on him, Alan made a few more finger-fucking movements and pulled out with an audible sucking noise. In a way, both men had had me!

The aftermath was very different from our past sexual activities. Each of the other times, Bob just got off of me and the experience was treated as if we had a joint exercise. This was, as I said, very different. First, Bob had come in me on two separate penetrations, we were on Alan’s and my bed, and, instead of just getting up and going on to something else, we lay there together, cuddled up, still totally naked. Alan was there, of course, and he had participated, in a way, in the last fucking, but it was really Bob and me. In a number of ways, this was more “love making” than before, with a lot of kissing, fondling and, in general, a feeling of closeness. Oh, I still had no romantic feelings toward Bob, but, still, it was something more than just fucking. We lay like that for about another 15 minutes, saying very little, basking in the aftermath of a real sexual high.

Finally, Bob got up and dressed – it was weird, watching him put his suit on over his cock, the cock I had sucked and which had been in me twice – and left after we arranged to get together tomorrow’ He was hardly out of the door before Alan was between my legs, licking my sperm filled cunt. He licked and sucked me until I had another, small, climax, and, when he raised up, his face was wet all over from my emissions – and probably some of Bob’s. Needless to say, we talked, seemingly for hours, about the experience, particularly how he loved seeing me suck, seeing me on top bouncing up and down, and how he loved having his finger up my ass while I was being fucked. Actually, as it turned out, he had two fingers in at the end, and my asshole was as open as my cunt. Obviously, I enjoyed having my ass worked on and penetrated and we agreed that he should do that anytime my ass was available. It was fun to lie there, and later to sleep there, where Bob had had me – a bed of sin, and I loved it!

< b>Sunday, August 16. This day was a bit different because it was not bright and sunny. In fact, it was a bit stormy from a tropical depression in the Gulf, making the water much rougher than usual. Still, we went down to the beach to watch the waves breaking higher than usual with whitecaps showing further out. Bob was with us, of course – actually, his frequent trips over to our cottage from his had beaten a path through the undergrowth, so he could just come over when we called. There were very few people on the beach that day, so we had the water to ourselves. The rough water was fun and, as expected, Bob and I were soon naked, ready for action. Alan was designated as the official pants holder, and he contented himself with tit squeezes. Meanwhile Bob and I really worked on my cunt and his cock, but it was too turbulent for anything except playing around. Finally, we had had enough of being buffeted by the waves and we headed in, floating through the breakers and struggling through the surf. I managed to get to my feet, still naked, and without waiting, ran across the beach to our path and our place. I looked back and saw Bob following me, also naked, with his cock rigid and swaying as he ran. (Later, I laughed, thinking how funny it looked, bobbling back and forth!) Behind him came Alan, carrying our suits and trying to look nonchalant as he followed his naked wife and her naked lover. He said, afterwards, that, while the beach wasn’t crowded, it also wasn’t empty!

At the time, I never even thought about other people – the beach had been empty except for a few people further down, but I was shocked and embarrassed when he told me. However, behind that shock and embarrassment, I also found the thought of having been seen to be rather exciting! At the moment, however, all I was thinking of was getting to our place and being screwed. I threw myself onto the mat, turned over on my back and raised and spread my legs. By the time Alan got there, coming with less urgency, Bob was already on me and inserting his cock. Both of us were primed and ready, the action in the water had been more than enough foreplay. Any hesitation about being screwed by another man certainly was gone, and I entered into it with fervor, my cunt wide open and available. Bob slid in me up to his balls with no hindrance, and began pounding me with passion, slamming into my clit with punishing force. Not to be outdone, I met his inward thrusts with upward surges, maximizing the force of the contact. I was almost in an orgasmic state right from the beginning, grinding my cunt against him to increase the contact. He moved faster and faster, approaching climax, increasing the sensations coursing through me as he did. Abruptly, he smacked in tightly against me and came, hard, in me, sending me over the edge. We held together for a few moments, writhing against each other until the feeling of euphoria passed and our energy just vanished.

With the passion abated, Bob pulled out of me and collapsed beside me, relaxing after the massive expenditure of energy. Alan didn’t say anything, just sitting beside us, watching us with an intense stare, his eyes roaming over his wife‘s nude, freshly fucked, body. We lay there recovering for some time, close beside each other with Bob lightly fondling my tit. Finally, after our breathing had returned to normal, he broke the silence by saying, “Damn, that was good! Boy, does my cock love your cunt! Too bad you‘re not staying in Belize! I could fuck you all day! ”

Alan spoke up, “Let’s see, today is the 16th. We got here Sunday, August 2, and leave late on Sunday 30. Today is exactly one-half of our month here. So, you only have two weeks left to fuck her. You had better get busy!”

I was really surprised by Alan’s comment, really telling Bob, not only was it all right to screw me, but he should do more of it! I was surprised, but not displeased by it, for it was exactly what I wanted. I think that I had turned lustful and shameless! While we had been lying there and talking, my hand somehow found its way onto Bob’s cock. I don’t know how since I was too innocent to do such a thing deliberately (that’s my story), but my fingers were fondling it. As it began to harden again, my hand moved more purposely, encouraging its growth. As Alan made his last comment, Bob agreed, “You’re right! Come on, Nita, get your legs up! You’re husband said I’d better get busy, and he gives the orders!”

“Yes sir,” I said as I put myself in the classic position, “my cunt is ready! My husband says to fuck me, and, maybe, I promised to obey, so take me!” That, of course, is exactly what he did. This screwing was less violent than the previous one and longer since we were able to build up slowly. I had time to feel the sensations more, to consciously be aware of the feeling of Bob’s cock in me, even to feel his balls against me as he came into my cunt. Somehow, it was more personal, more Bob having Nita rather than just two people screwing. We were kissing and, in a way, making love this time. It was very much like last night on the bed and that added to the pleasure. I also watched Alan as he stared intently at us as our passion mounted, wondering how he was dealing with the mental intimacy as well as the physical side. Soon, however, I quit being concerned with that, or anything else except going off. The finish was very good, partly because of that different intimacy.

We lay there for a short time, getting our breath back and calming down. I wouldn’t have minded staying longer, but I knew that Alan probably was impatient to go inside. Finally, I said, “This has been very nice, but I think that I will go in and get cleaned up a bit. We’ll call when we decide what to do this afternoon, Bob.” What a casual comment for a married woman who had just committed adultery twice! In any case, when we got in, the usual activities took place. I lay back, raised and spread by legs, and the “cleaning up” was done by Alan‘s tongue. Once again, I had two infusions of cum in my cunt, so he was licking and sucking me for some time. It felt good, particularly when he was around my clit or, surprisingly, my asshole, but while I had some mild tremors, I didn’t really go off.

Alan finished licking me and, his face wet as usual, said again, “Damn my stupid cock – if it would work, I could put it in you after you’ve been screwed like this! Gods, you were wet! I can hardly believe that he could put that much in you! I don’t know how we can do it, but I really want that!”

Finally, I broached a subject that we had avoided up to now. “But, Honey, when we’re home, Bob won’t be there to screw me. How will we get my cunt full like that then? Are you going to want someone else the fuck me when we’re back? How would you arrange that?”

“Damn it, I don’t know! I know that I want to feel your cunt around me after you’ve been fucked, but having someone back home do it is hard to picture. You’re right, of course. Bob won’t be there, so it’s someone else or nobody. I think it’s going to be up to you and how you feel. This is all so new that’s it’s hard to think! Who would have dreamed about what we’ve already done – impossible! Yet both of us are enjoying it and, I think you agree, we want to go on with it! We’ll just have to see what develops later when we’re home. It may be that you’ll want someone else to fuck you then.”

“Well, right now that sounds unlikely, but no more unlikely than that Bob has had me ten times, I think, now and that we both love it! We’ll just have to see, but if you want to have me fucked, I‘m sure I‘ll go along with it, but I can‘t picture me instigating anything!”

The weather had improved some by the afternoon, so the three of us drove to another beach 10 miles away to see some much bigger surf. That beach was noted for its waves because it faced the Gulf directly and waves had a long distance to build up. There was a lot of surf boarding going on and Bob and Alan tried it without much success. I tried using a body board and it was fun, just riding in to the beach after the waves broke. We had brought a blanket to lie on and a picnic lunch and it was nice lying there watching the surfers. After we ate and lay around a while, Bob started playing with my tits under my shirt and sliding his hands into my pants, “Come on, Bob! Stop that! People are all around and they’ll see you!”

“Look, Nita, a lot of people are making out and no one cares! Look up there!”

I looked where he was pointing, and it really appeared that two people were either screwing or the next thing to it. Not far away was another couple where the guy was feeling the girl’s tits. I didn’t want to stare, but he was right that no one seemed to paying attention. All (or almost all) eyes were on the surfers. “Well, that may be, but I’m not going to put on a show here in the middle of the beach even if the audience isn’t paying attention!”

Then, Alan joined in with, “You’re right, this is very public – too public. But, look over there past those rocks. I don’t think that anyone is there, and it would be private behind them. Let’s go over there.”

So, without further conversation, or protest from me, we picked up our stuff and moved. It was a very nice and protected area, so we spread out our blanket and sat down, partly hidden from the land side (although the surfers were still in sight). As I sat there, Alan helped me remove my shirt and I lay back with my tits out. The men fondled and squeezed them, taking turns, while the one not handling the tits played with my cunt through my pants. Inevitably, over my protests, the pants came off and I was naked. While we were mostly hidden, I was too aware that we were not completely so and, certainly, the surfers could see everything.

“Come on, Nita, no one can really see and the guys out there are only interested in staying on their boards. They’re not paying attention to you.” Taking Alan at his words, I relaxed and let things happen, and I have to admit, I felt very sexy lying there on a public beach completely naked. I couldn’t help but wonder who was watching and how much they could see! The two pair of hands playing with me had the normal effect, and I became more and more excited – actually close to orgasm. Really, I had quit thinking about my exposure and who might be looking when Bob took my legs, spread them, and put them over his shoulders. In that position, I was completely open and available and he took advantage of the situation. Before I could even react, much less protest, he was deep in me, pounding away like a trip hammer, almost driving me into the sand. I was already hot and ready, and I was lost in the sensations immediately. I was vaguely aware that Alan was working on my breasts, tweaking my nipples, but my mind really was located in my cunt. We worked harder and harder together, moving to a crescendo of plunging cock and receptive cunt. I think the circumstances – the semi-public area, the nearby people – made it more exhilarating than usual for both of us. The explosion was not long in coming, but it was powerful when it did. I felt Bob coming inside of me, causing me to grind my cunt against him in my orgasm. The exertion was brief but heavy, and we rolled apart and lay there, panting.

Relaxation didn’t last long, as I suddenly became aware of whistles and some applause! It quickly became evident that Alan was wrong in his belief that the surf board riders had no interests but staying on their boards. Several that had reached the beach were clapping and whistling in appreciation of our show. In addition, upon hearing other applause, I looked sideways between our sheltering rocks and saw a group of young to middle-aged couples looking back at me, mostly with broad smiles on their faces. There I sat, completely naked, having just been screwed to orgasm, with a largely appreciative audience. If I could have dug a hole in the sand, I would have, but all I could do was turn beet red and grab my shirt and try to cover myself. I had twenty thumbs and no fingers and the shirt wouldn’t cooperate. Alan and Bob were laughing at me in my futile efforts to hide myself, Alan saying, “Give up, Nita! They’ve seen everything already! Obviously they enjoyed seeing your performance, so there’s no reason to hide now!” Bob, the strutting stud who had just publicly fucked me, was proud, not embarrassed, not ashamed of having his cock seen – and he was laughing at me, his “victim.” Men!

However, their laughter and my total inability to hide myself caused something in my head to snap, and I simply dropped my shirt, stood up, naked, and pirouetted, giving everyone a clear view of everything, even my cunt. Then, I just bent over, legs apart, as I reached for my pants. Without hurrying, I stepped into them and pulled them up. Again, with no attempt at rushing, I took my shirt, folded it carefully, and said, “Ok, fellows, I think everyone has seen enough of me now! Pick up the blanket and let’s go.” Unbelievably, I kept that air of poise and self-assurance as we walked, my tits bare, around our non-concealing rocks, waving regally to the surfers, who were now actually cheering, and the party of couples, who merely clapped as we walked by. I even managed a genuine smile as I waved to them! Such sangfroid! Such composure! Such aplomb! Such a pose that disintegrated when I got into the car and dissolved into a mortified woman who not only had been naked in public, she had been watched while being screwed! I had never shown anything of my body until this unbelievable honeymoon, and now I had put on a porno show on a public beach!

Needless to say, Alan and Bob had a great time kidding me on our way home as I cringed at the thought of such a public display: “Wow, Nita, we should have charged admission!!” “I wonder how many people had cameras. I saw several people taking pictures of your tits as we were leaving!” “Heck, I saw a couple of movie cameras running! They probably have the whole show! You’re a movie star!” “I can see the headlines, ‘Anita Stone Fucking On the Beach!’ or ‘Local Woman Putting Out On Camera!’” Those remarks went on and on, but there also were admiring comments that, bit by bit, made me feel better: “I couldn’t believe how calm you seemed! The way you turned around showing everything and then just walked by everyone, smiling as if you weren’t concerned!” “I’ll bet those surfers will remember you for years! You certainly took their minds off of their boards! I couldn’t believe how poised and composed you were, actually waving at them!” “I’ll bet that there were some very hard cocks out there and on the beach!” “Probably some very wet cunts, too!”

Actually, their comments, even the teasing ones, made the whole experience less traumatic and I, surprisingly, found myself remembering it with less humiliation and more exhilaration. Gradually, the latter began to dominate as I joined in the hilarity, saying, “Well, no one can say that I’m frigid! Getting fucked by another man…on my honeymoon…on a public beach…with an audience! Talk about being depraved. I wish that I had a recording of what went through my mind when I realized that all those people were watching! I don’t know where I got the nerve to act so composed and calm – almost as if I did things like that regularly!” The really interesting development from this conversation was that I gradually lost the feeling of embarrassment and began to be really aroused by having done such an outrageous thing. Obviously, I never would have dreamed (or even have a nightmare) of doing such a thing, but, after the fact, the excitement overcame the feeling that I had done something disgraceful. Suddenly a thought occurred to me and I broke out with a hilarious thought, “I don’t think that Aunt Agatha would have approved! I think that if she had been in that crowd, she’d of had a heart attack!”

By then, it was obvious to all that any recriminations that I had about our outrageous behavior was gone, and I entered the increasingly erotic comments about how I looked, what I had done – and what I was going to do. By the time we got home, all of us were hot, and we almost ran into the house where Bob and I screwed violently while Alan watched and filmed our sexual endeavors. We were too excited to last long, but it was very satisfying. However, one very good fucking didn’t really dampen our ardor, so after a brief rest, I calmly moved down and sucked Bob’s cock to full erection, and, getting on top, inserted it up into my very wet cunt! I began moving up and down, feeling the shaft going deep into me. Bob was flexing upward as I came down, sending a thrilling sensation through me as my clit was squeezed between us. Alan was running his fingers over me, fondling my tits, stroking over my back, etc., sending a different stimulation through me. As we built up, Bob reached up and pulled me down so that my tits were against his chest, my nipples rubbing against him. I rested on my elbows with his hands on my back as me began to kiss me with real ardor.

Meanwhile, Alan had moved behind me and was concentrating on my hips, running his fingers through the crease to my asshole. He had gotten up and grabbed some cream from the bathroom and, wetting his forefinger, he began working it into me until I was open enough for it to finger-fuck me. It felt wonderful in me as it penetrated me to his palm. As he told me later, he worked it in and out in rhythm with my movements until I was stretched wide enough for a second lubricated finger to get in. Then, he really began to finger-fuck me vigorously, still matching Bob’s and my movements, sliding in and out like a piston. That, combined with the screwing cock, began to send me over the top and my hips were almost a blur as I bounced up and down. Amazingly, as I started to climax, he actually stuffed a third finger into my asshole and pushed against me as I ground my cunt down on Bob. Seeing it later in the movie, it was unbelievable! Bob’s hips were flexed off the bed, holding his ejaculating cock hard against me, I was grinding downward, seemingly trying to engulf his cock, and Alan’s hand was frozen against my ass, his fingers buried in the hole! We held that position for what seemed to be forever, but actually was about 30 seconds, and I just fell forward on Bob’s chest with Alan’s fingers still embedded in my asshole and the softening cock still in my cunt. We were all connected!

I started to draw away and Alan pulled his fingers out, saying, “Wait a moment!” He reached over and grabbed the movie camera from its miniature tripod and aimed it at my asshole. I couldn’t believe it when the movie was downloaded – there was a hole at least an inch and one-half in diameter going up my ass. As I fell sideways, my legs were spread, and for a few moments, two open holes leered at me, a sight I never could have imagined. The cunt hole remained swollen and open, but the asshole slowly returned to normal. It was fascinating watching it gradually close until there was only a reddish, wrinkled area where the opening had been – and I was sure would be again!

When we finally calmed down, we all went down to our beach and played around in the water. Amazingly, or maybe not considering that we had fucked five times already, there was no real sex play in the water, and we didn’t even stop at our place on the way in. Our libidos were worn out – at least for a time. However, after such a unique afternoon, we wanted to do something to other than eating and going to bed. It was Bob that came up with a very different idea. For some unknown reason, a nearby tourist town had introduced a peculiarly American recreation – drive in movies, even a double feature! Actually, that fad had passed, long ago, in the U.S., but someone thought that it would appeal to tourists. Surprisingly, it had, and we liked the idea! After being in the water all of Bob‘s cum was washed away, so there was no reason for Alan to lick me, so we just rested awhile, ate supper and got ready to go. So, Bob came over about 7:00 and we drove the ten miles to see whatever was showing – we didn’t care what! We pulled in and parked, finding it pretty crowded, primarily, I suspect, with people like us who just wanted the ambiance, the nostalgia, rather than the movie. We were talking about never having attended a drive-in movie at home and, inevitably, that we had missed the traditional petting sessions.

It was then that Alan brought up something that I had been reluctant to mention – my upcoming non-fucking period. Now that the issue had been raised, I had to explain to Bob that the birth control people recommended that when going from one session of 28 pills directly into another regime, no sexual intercourse should take place for two or three days. The chance of getting pregnant was elevated for that time period. Therefore, I would not be available for screwing for Monday and Tuesday, maybe Wednesday! As would be expected, Bob was devastated – even after having me five times that day, the thought of no sex tomorrow and Tuesday was crushing. We discussed the disappointing news until, suddenly, the movie, an ancient James Bond spectacular, began. It was still fun to watch, and it kept our attention for the whole show. Then, there was an intermission between movies so that we could visit the snack bar – they had the whole American experience down! Just before the second movie began, Alan suggested what he had intended to propose when he brought up the pill problem. “Look, you two, unless you really want to see this second movie, which I doubt, we can leave or you can do what people did when drive-ins were popular – make out in the back seat!”

Needless to say, Bob embraced the back seat option and, I’ll admit, so did I. We quickly got out, the door lights revealing to anyone whose attention was drawn (probably everyone), what we were doing. It was a very funny feeling – totally new, unlike lying there and letting Bob screw me or, even, me getting on top. Getting in the back seat for no reason except to “make out” was, somehow, more personal, like a date. I think that both of us felt that way, for, instead of proceeding to the inevitable fucking, we really began petting – feeling me through my few clothes, kissing lightly and, then, passionately – working up to real sex rather than jumping right in. It certainly was more romantic, and I felt very different, more vulnerable, when Bob gradually removed my clothes. It’s silly, but I felt like I was defenseless maiden who had been seduced and subject anything he wanted to do to me. This from a newly married woman who had been fucked many times by this same man! It’s silly, but that’s how I felt! I honestly forgot that my husband was in the front seat, trying to keep his mind on the movie while his wife was being seduced in back!

It was different, but it ended up the same way, me on my back, mounted by Bob! The back seat was cramped and the positioning was awkward, but he got into me and we fucked. The slower buildup had really stoked the fires, and we had a very vigorous screwing, causing the car to sway a bit as the activity grew more forceful. Alan said later that we were very noisy; breathing hard, gasping out inaudible words, grunting as cunt and cock came together with a slapping noise. The closed quarters magnified those noises, making it very obvious as to what was happening, particularly the wet, squishy sounds from my cunt! Alan wasn’t watching – it would have been very awkward – but he had put the low light camera on the console between the seats so we had a record of the events to view later. When we looked at it later, I was astounded at some things we did that I hadn’t remembered at all and which I would denied having done, e.g. I sucked on his cock and played with his balls, he licked my cunt and kissed all over my body, he even bent me more than double and licked my asshole! The whole thing was just blended and blurred in my mind, and I was very thankful that we had the picture so I could relive the experience. As with some of the other pictures, seeing myself reacting so wildly and doing things I would normally never do, was sometimes embarrassing, but it was worthwhile.

As I said, I did things I didn’t remember, but the most shocking thing of all was finding out that we had been in the back seat “making out” for over an hour! They say time goes fast when you’re having fun, and we certainly were having fun, but that was ridiculous! What I hadn’t realized in the passion of the moment (or many moments), was that we had fucked twice! It was like the first time when Bob came in me quickly and then kept screwing me with his cock still pretty hard. In the film, you could see us petting – feeling and kissing – for some time. Then, Bob entered me and we had a wild fucking session which ended in a pounding climax. But, instead of pulling out and moving off of me, he just stayed in, lying flat on my boobs, slowly pushing in and pulling out. While he did that, I had my arms over his back, holding him against me as we kissed continually. Bit by bit the tempo increased and we actively started fucking again, taking a long time as we built up. The final climax was violent, seemingly each trying to outdo the other in the violence of our motions. The finishing surge was fascinating to watch on the computer, for we ground against each other in a paroxysm of matching orgasms. When we finished, we just stayed together, him lying on top of me, for almost five minutes, occasionally kissing, but mostly relaxing from a very intimate experience.

We finally broke apart and separated, but I could hardly move. I had a difficult time straightening out, shifting my body which had been in that curled position in that cramped back seat for over an hour. My legs didn’t even want to go together, my cunt felt swollen and my back thought that it was broken. My mind thought that we had been together for a reasonable time, but my body said otherwise. When I saw the movie our camera had made, I understood why!

Actually, we had finished just in time, for suddenly, the floodlights in the parking area came on as the second feature ended! The glaring lights lit up the inside of the car as if it were daytime, revealing that I was half sitting there, completely naked. Bob pulled his shorts and pants up quickly, but my clothes were somewhere lost and I couldn’t even cover myself as cars drove by. As people do when passing other cars, particularly in a drive- in where they think something might be going on, they glanced in, the person who spotted me first pointing me out to others in the car. Leering faces seemed to surround me – probably not as many as it seemed then, but more than I needed. Actually, that was over pretty quickly and, as we drove out, I finally relaxed.

Bob and I just stayed in the back seat, me, still naked, cuddling against him as Alan was able to comment about the evenings performance. You two are incredible! Bob, when I said this morning that you’d better get busy fucking her, you certainly took me at my word! Do you realize that you actually did it seven times today? I wouldn’t have thought that that was possible! Nita’s going to have a very sore cunt tomorrow! Even if it weren’t for the pill problem, I doubt that she could stand you putting it into her! Damn, that has to be some kind of record!”

“Well, I damn sure never did that before, but, I’ll tell you, Nita has the best cunt I’ve ever had. When I said I could fuck her all day, I guess I was right! There’s a good chance that her cunt won’t be the only sore thing tomorrow!

I lay there in the back seat, half reclining, against Bob, listening to the masculine banter, doing some calculations in my head. Finally, in a very shocked voice, I interrupted, “You two and your talk of sore cunts and cocks and fucking me! I’ve done some figuring, and I am totally aghast – on Friday, I came out of the water and lay down on the mat, a married virgin! Bob fucked me three times that day! This is Sunday! Friday, Saturday and Sunday, three days – and I figure that you’ve had me 15 times! Fifteen times in three days! At this rate, I’ll need a trunk to hold my scarlet letters, not a drawer! My cunt won’t be sore, it’ll be worn out! It’s a good thing that I can’t do anything for three days! My god, I think that you two want to see how many times I can be screwed on my honeymoon!”

“My god, you’re kidding! Fifteen times? That’s not possible is it? Boy, Alan, when you said that you didn’t mind me fucking Nita, you certainly didn’t expect this! We’d better slow down – she will be worn out!”

“That does seem like a lot, but Nita is good at keeping track of things, so if she says it’s 15 times, it probably is. Still, today was very unusual – you certainly won’t have her seven times in a day very often. Even today, she seemed to be quite happy with the seven times. I know that I didn’t hear any complaints from the back seat at the drive-in. In any case, her cunt is off limits tomorrow and Tuesday, maybe Wednesday, so it will have time to recovery. After that, we’ll see.”

Monday, August 17. After the clouds of yesterday, things were back to normal in the weather department – bright and sunny with sun screen required. My cunt was a bit sore, but nothing special, just a bit swollen and tender. Still, I thought that a little rest might be in good order to simply slow things down. That 15 in three days had shocked me, although I did have to admit that Alan was right – I hadn’t complained during the seven yesterday! However, I did not want to risk Bob getting me pregnant, so my cunt was off limits until Wednesday to be safe! That did not preclude having fun, so, when we went into the water late Monday morning, there was plenty of feeling and fondling going on. They couldn’t torpedo me, but fingers could still get in! More importantly, considering what went on later, I could play with Bob’s cock, even asking, innocently, “Is this sore today? I hear that it had quite a workout yesterday, and I don’t want to hurt it!” While saying this, I had my fingers around the cock and was busy working up and down on it, planning to have it go off in the water.

Before that could happen, however, Bob pulled away, replying, “Oh, it’s not too sore! It was used a lot yesterday, but it was in a very well lubricated cunt, so there was no damage. Let’s go in and I’ll prove it!”

I didn’t know what he meant, for he certainly was not going to fuck me, but I put my pants on (Alan had taken care of them) and followed him to our place. There, lying down where I usually lay, he removed his pants and I saw a very hard cock sticking straight up! “See, it’s in good shape! But, it’s all excited and it needs is someone to make it feel good so it can relax!”

Alan added, “Come on Nita, you got it in that condition! You have to undo the damage and help it calm down!”

Actually, I wasn’t the least bit reluctant, but I put in the necessary show of shyness that was expected of the chaste woman I was a few days ago. That didn’t last long, and soon I was kneeling beside Bob, the fingers of my right hand pumping on the cock while my left hand fingers played with his balls. He obviously was excited before we started after the playing in the water, and he began moving with me very quickly. That was when something unexpectedly occurred. Alan was sitting on Bob’s other side and suddenly began running his hand over my head through my hair, lightly pushing downward. It felt good on my head, but I was concentrating on working Bob’s cock and thinking about setting it off. Suddenly, the pressure from Alan intensified and, like a bolt of lightning, I knew what he (probably they) wanted. I’d had Bob’s cock in my mouth before, but I just hadn’t thought of sucking him then, but obviously Alan wanted to see me do it. So, I didn’t resist at all and, opening my mouth, I went down on it. It went all the way into my mouth, even a bit into my throat, and, slowly, I pulled back, letting my lips pull gently on it as it came out. Then I went back down, pulled back out, went back down and pulled back out – matching his timing as he began to fuck my mouth. I continued to play with his balls as we matched rhythms, moving more and more rapidly.

I was holding the cock at the base with my right hand, my mouth moving up and down. Suddenly, he surged up against me, his cock embedded in my mouth, deeper in my throat, and ejaculated. I pulled back a bit, instinctively, as the cum filled my mouth, but kept my lips wrapped around the head as I swallowed the first surge. There were at least five or six such gushers, tapering off until he finally slumped back, depleted. I had attempted to gulp it all down at first (some still escaped my lips), but as the flow slowed, I held it in my mouth before swallowing more slowly, Then, surprising me and Alan, I reached over Bob and kissed him with my cum covered lips. He was startled at first, but quickly returned the kiss. I was shocked by both by my unexpected action with Alan and, also, the ease with which I had sucked Bob’s cock to completion. I hadn’t hesitated to suck, even when I knew it was going off, and I didn’t mind the taste in my mouth when it did. I’d never thought of pulling back at the crisis time, or of spitting out the cum – I just swallowed it with no thought of doing anything else, and I still had held a fair quantity in my mouth after he was finished, which, as I said, I had swallowed slowly. I guess that I’m a natural when it comes to cock sucking!

Bob interrupted my momentary introspection by blurting out, “Wow, Nita, that was good! I love your cunt, but your mouth is not far behind!” He obviously agreed with me about my talent when he continued, “I can’t believe that you’ve never sucked the whole way before! I really liked it when you used your mouth to get me hard that time, but I never thought that you could take it all so coolly! Alan, you have a real gem, here!” He seemed almost excited by how I had performed as he had by my sucking!

Alan looked with me with pride, responding, “She certainly is a gem! She’s taking to sex like the proverbial duck takes to water. Here we thought that she would have to gradually adapt to having real sex, but she’s a natural! Boy, Nita, you really do have talents! I can’t wait to get you home – in the meantime, keep practicing! Develop those talents!”

“If I know you two, I think that I’ll do a lot of practicing before we go home! Bob’s cock seems to like the exercise – look, the darn thing is getting hard again! If this keeps up, I’ll have both a sore cunt and a sore mouth! Let me rest awhile before doing it again!” Then, before anything else was said, I stretched out beside Bob, adding “My cunt can’t be fucked today, but it certainly is hot after doing that! You two can work on me now!” They proceeded to just that, Bob stroking and tickling my cunt, while Alan fondled and kissed my tits. They worked on me face up, arousing me to the point where I drew my feet up to my hips and opened my legs to give full access. Bob used his thumb on my clit while inserting his finger into my cunt, starting to finger-fuck me. I responded by raising and lowering my hips, with him matching my rhythm, until I was bucking up and down against his hand. I was already aroused by my cock-sucking, so it didn’t take too long until I was jerking and squirming around, finally ending up with my shoulders and feet touching the mat, with the rest of me arched up against his hand! I loved the feeling, and they loved watching me! Afterwards, I couldn’t help but think how I would have reacted a week ago if anyone had seen me in that intimate situation – but now I actually enjoyed letting them see me go off!

Temporally sated, we slowly strolled along the beach, exploring further down the white sand to an area where large rocks protruded up through the water. We hadn’t been there before, and it was fun getting out to them and climbing upon them. It was a very pleasant, perched atop them with the breeze blowing over us. It was a quiet, restful time, just talking and relaxing. Concerned about getting too much sun, we trudged back to our place, surprised by how far we had walked as our legs protested a bit. It was very companionable, just lying there recovering and speculating as to what we should do for lunch.

However, there was one more thing I wanted to do…and see! For the first time, I was the one that initiated some sexual activity as I said, “Ok, you enjoy watching me get excited and come, but I want something, too.” Looking at Bob, I continued, “I’ve played with Alan’s cock and really liked watching it go off – usually all over me! I did the same thing with your cock in the water, and felt it shoot against me, but I couldn’t see it. I want to see you come!” I’m sure that Bob was a bit taken aback by my comments, although I think that Alan was less surprised because we had talked about how I’d like to see it. He was surprised by my having the nerve to make such a request, but, as he admitted later, he was interested in seeing it too.

Somewhat reluctantly, Bob took his pants off and lay down – I think that men like to be the aggressors, and it was different having a woman ask to see him come. Also, I think that he was hesitant about doing it in front of another man. However, his cock was already half-hard and, this time, I really got to inspect it. It was very similar to Alan’s, but as I fondled it and his balls, it grew to be a bit longer than his. When it was fully erect, I wrapped my fingers around it and began the process of “jacking” him off. It was very sexy, watching my hand slipping up and down the shaft while, at the same time, lightly squeezing his balls. Gradually, he began lifting up and down a bit and I matched my stroking rhythm to his motion, manipulating his balls at the same time. It was fun, looking at the pictures later to see the rapt, intent look on both Alan’s and my face as Bob clearly was getting to the explosion point. As I said before, I had done this to Alan, but instinctively, I felt the difference in what increased Bob’s pleasure as compared to Alan. I noticed, for example, that he responded with more movement when I squeezed and pulled on his balls – they, like his cock, got harder and harder as I worked on them. As he really began to move, I squeezed with greater and greater force, causing ever more and stronger undulations and upward surges. When he started to go, I moved my hand in a blur up and down the shaft while grasping his very hard balls and squeezing as powerfully as I could!

The result was startling! As I gripped and squeezed, he erupted, sending a fountain of cum straight up into the air. Both Alan and I were watching closely and we were surprised at the suddenness and quantity of cum that shot out. I swear that the first shot went three feet into the air, the rest going all over the place, some even landing on Alan. Cum continued pouring out, splattering my face and collecting on my hand and wrist. Without consciously thinking about it, I continued squeezing his balls in rhythm with the ejaculations until he finally slumped back, obviously exhausted from the violence of his climax.

I sat there, almost stunned by the experience, when Alan reached over and kissed my cum-covered face. It was a fervent kiss, ending with him actually licking the cum from my chin, cheek and forehead. Then, even most surprising, he pulled my hand away from Bob’s cock and licked my fingers clean! We talked about it went we got home to our cottage, and he said that after that first spurt, some landed on his arm and he had licked it off. He had licked and sucked Bob’s cum off of and out of my cunt before, but this was different and he felt an absolute compulsion to do what he did! As he said, having licked me before and then having me kiss him earlier with cum on my lips after sucking Bob, made him want to really taste it – which he certainly did! It was thick on my fingers, and he got all of it!

I really had enjoyed the whole experience and Bob said that it was one of the most satisfying climaxes he had ever had. For me, I really enjoyed being the one who controlled the entire act and set him off, watching the mounting arousal and causing it with my hands! I particularly liked the feel of his balls, especially when I was able to really squeeze them. It was funny, in a way, that he seemed somewhat embarrassed by the experience, just as I had been that first time he and Alan had set me off! I enjoyed it! Also, for some reason, licking and sucking Bob’s cum turned Alan on, and I decided to make sure that he got more of it!

That ended our sexual activity for the morning, but it was far from the last time that day. In fact, we were back at it just after lunch, lying on our mats, secure (probably) in our place. This time, they started with me lying face down, legs spread, with Bob rubbing my clit with his fingers while his thumb was firmly planted in my cunt. He worked me up to the place where I was flexing up and down to match his finger-fucking thumb (thumb-fucking?) As I got hotter, Alan reached in and began playing with my ass, slowly working his finger into my asshole until it was completely embedded in me. He started finger-fucking, my ass, matching the rhythm that Bob and I had set. Once he was established in me, he introduced a second finger, stretching my asshole as they plunged in and out. At that point, I really began my pre-orgasmic movements, almost jerking away from them as I moved violently. Suddenly, Alan forced a third finger in, and that was the trigger that caused me to explode. I raised my ass up, pushing against the fingers in my cunt and ass, and, finally slumped down, completely shot. As I lay there, I realized that Alan still was slowly going in and out of my ass, not hurting or, really, exciting, me, but I really felt stuffed. “That’s enough Alan, just let me rest. Gods, how many fingers do you have in there? It feels like your whole hand!”

Bob, who had moved beside me answered, “He just has three fingers, Nita, that‘s all. You certainly have no problem taking them in your ass.” As he said that, Alan pulled his fingers out, leaving me with a funny, empty feeling. Bob continued, “By damn, look at that hole! I’ve never seen anything like it. Gods, Alan, that’s got to be a full inch or more in diameter, and you can see right into her ass! That’s wild!”

Alan quickly grabbed one of the cameras and photographed what looked like a cavern in the middle of my behind. When I saw the film later, I couldn’t believe it! It was like the first time, but it still really startled me that I could be opened like that! As happened the first time, the hole gradually closed, but before it did, it was really shocking, just the smooth opening into a smooth tunnel going inward. I didn’t know exactly what it looked like at the time, but it still was very embarrassing having two men looking at, and into, my ass, while making lewd comments about what they were seeing. Finally, I forcibly turned over, saying, “Ok, fellows, that’s enough! Shows over!” Then, seeing Bob’s very hard cock, I added, “From the look of that,” pointing to it, “I think that Bob needs some relief after doing lewd things to me!” Actually, I was still pretty hot myself. I was embarrassed but still aroused by their attention, and I was more than ready for another cock sucking!

That, of course, is exactly what happened. Everything was much as the last time, me kneeling between Bob’s legs, sucking and playing with his balls, squeezing and pulling on them as before. That position left my cunt and ass exposed, and Alan played with them as I sucked, adding an extra bit of pleasure for me. When Bob came, I was better prepared than the last time, and I was able to swallow more of the cum as it shot out, with only a little escaping through my ovaled lips. When the spurts slowed and became smaller, I was able to retain quite a bit in my mouth as I finished by slowly going up and down the cock.

As Bob collapsed at the end of his climax, I leaned over to Alan as I had done before, kissing him with cum on my lips. Obviously, he had enjoyed that then and was prepared for that wet kiss. However, this time I went further – I pushed my tongue out between his lips, his mouth opened a bit, and all of the cum I had saved was transferred to him! Instead of pulling back, he intensified the kiss, actually inserting his tongue into my mouth! The whole thing was short and we broke apart, but obviously he has swallowed a considerable quantity of Bob’s cum! As said before, Alan admitted that he was turned on by tasting Bob’s cum by licking me and sucking it out of my cunt or, that one time, off of my fingers and face. He also had enjoyed kissing me with cum on my lips, particularly knowing what my lips had been doing! However, he never thought of me transferring so much cum from my mouth to his, but he liked taking it from my mouth too. It was much like taking it out of my cunt, because my mouth was a cunt in this situation. As said before, he had no interest in Bob’s cock, itself, just where he put it and what he put in me from it – the way things were going, he would have many chances to have that experience!

The next step in my descent into a total lack of inhibition came later that afternoon after a brief swim. We all came up to our place and rested a minute or two under the slight shade of our tree. I was stretched out, face down, when Alan began spreading a light coating of sun screen on my back. It felt good, and I suspected that it would lead to a more personal massage. My expectations were confirmed when Bob took over for my lower half and spread the lotion over everything down my legs and back up to, surprise, my cunt! Alan’s fingers joined his, and they collectively, played with me. My legs were spread, and Bob moved between them and was able to use both hands, one concentrating on my clit and the other finger-fucking my cunt. I started moving as it felt better and better, but Alan interrupted my growing excitement by saying, “Raise up, Nita, so I can get this pillow under your hips. We’ll be able to get at you better if your bottom is higher in the air.”

I didn’t think anything of it, because the elevated position did make my cunt easier to for Bob’s fingers to get at my cunt, and Alan began, once again to probe my asshole. The fingers on my cunt and clit did their usual magic, while, at the same time, I could feel my asshole being stretched as first one, then two, and finally, three fingers began to finger-fuck me. Then something that felt strange happened – Bob’s fingers left my cunt and were replaced, from a different angle, by Alan’s. So, Alan’s fingers were deep in my ass and, at the same time, his other hand was working on my cunt, creating a rather awkward reach for him. Suddenly, the fingers in my ass were withdrawn and something bigger and longer replaced them – and Bob’s cock slid easily into the gap left by Alan’s fingers. My first reaction was confusion, not really aware of what was happening for my mind was lost in the pleasure of approaching orgasm. Then, like a lightning bolt, it flashed into my head, “My god, that’s his cock! He’s buggering me! I’m being ass-fucked!” There was no hesitating by Bob – he pulled part way out and plunged back in, pulled back out and went in deeper. He continued, each penetration deeper and harder, until I felt him hit bottom in me, grinding around a bit against my ass, and then he concentrated on just fucking me!

It never hurt at all, and I could feel his balls banging against my cunt and, even, his hair against my ass, each time he plunged into me. Alan had moved up beside me, and, as the film showed later, he stared intently at the cock ravaging his wife’s ass. While it was going on, however, I wasn’t concerned about Alan or, for that matter, anything but except the cock pistoning into my ass. It was very different from a regular fucking, but that fact probably contributed to my wild gyrations as Bob pounded me. I was matching his rhythm, but twisting and surging, trying to get even deeper penetration. Finally, Bob began moving in and out like a mad man, hitting my ass harder each time, before welding himself against me and ejaculating deep into me, grinding against me to get every ounce of pleasure. I could feel the heat of his ejaculation deep inside me, but very different from my cunt. I didn’t have the same kind of orgasm I normally had – more a long, sustained intensification of the pleasure of having his cock in a very unusual place. In a way, the sheer perversity of being sodomized made the whole experience even more exciting.

You would have thought that having ass-fucked me for real would have been enough, but Bob pulled out and lay beside me, giving me a quick kiss. Then, unbelievably, he moved up so that his cock was right at my mouth, and obvious invitation, or request, that I suck it! I looked closely at the half-hard thing at my lips, saw nothing revolting on it, and, raising up on my elbows, actually took it into my mouth. It was different, knowing where it had been, but, just adding to the perversity of the moment, I began sucking gently on his cock – the one that had just buggered me! There was a different flavor to the cum coating it, more acrid, but nothing that bothered me, just different enough to make the experience distinctive. To be honest, the strange flavor just added to my growing pleasure. I really began enjoying this depraved act! Unexpectedly, since he had just gone off, the cock almost immediately became erect, and Bob began moving with me. As this was happening, I suddenly felt something shocking and exciting – Alan was licking my ass!

Alan had picked up one of the movie cameras from its tripod and had been photographing my asshole. Once again, when I saw it later, I couldn’t believe the size and depth of the hole in my bottom. It was gaping open and the inside was shiny and wet, the flesh around it very red. As the hole started to close, a stream of white cum began to pour out, the hole becoming clogged as it gradually shrank. Suddenly, the close-up of my ass vanished, and the camera just ran on, obviously just dropped onto the mat. When the lens was focused on my asshole again, it was almost closed and the area was still red, but the cum was gone. As Alan told me later, when I started sucking Bob’s cock, he just lay flat, cutting off his view of Alan and my rear end. Alan was staring at the hole, recording its appearance, but when the flood of cum began coming out, he was overcome by his own cravings. He dropped the camera and began to lick and suck my asshole!

I, of course, knew exactly what he was doing, and, as I said, it was shocking and exciting. I spread my legs as wide as possible and, since I still had my ass raised on the pillow, I was as open as I could get. He said that he had licked all around the hole, even pushing his tongue as deep as it would go. It felt very good, and I began squeezing and humping my ass as I became hotter. He said that when I squeezed my ass muscles, gobs of cum came out to be sucked up. The timing hardly could have been better, for I was getting hotter and hotter from Alan’s efforts, and Bob was doing the same thing from my sucking. He hit his climax first, sending a torrent of cum into my mouth, and that, I think, sent me over the edge into orgasm, actually bucking Alan off as I came. I collapsed flat and he got the camera focused again on my now clean and almost closed asshole!

It was unreal – I had been ass fucked by a man not my husband, sucked the cock that had been in my ass, and my husband had licked and sucked the cum that other man had put into my ass! You can’t get much more perverse that that combination of sex acts! All three of us just lay there for some time, not talking, until, finally, I was the one who broke the silence. “Well, you did find a way to screw me, didn’t you? I should have known that there was an ulterior motive to all that stretching of my asshole! You two were in cahoots – Alan stretched me open and Bob put his cock in! Here I was going to have two or three days of no sex, and Bob’s had me in the mouth and in the ass! At least you left my cunt alone!”

Bob replied, “We never said that no screwing would go on, just not in your cunt! Anyway, from the way you acted, it’s pretty obvious that you enjoyed yourself.”

“Yeah, Nita, if you had been on a bed, I think that you would have broken it! The stretching really seemed to work, because Bob’s cock went in with no problem – you were wide open and ready!”

“Oh, I’m not complaining, but it was sneaky! He was in before I knew what was going on. One thing, I don’t have any more virgin holes! My cunt has been very thoroughly screwed, I’ve sucked a cock all the way and, now, I’ve been buggered! There’s nothing new left!”

Bob interjected, “That may be, but we can do all of them a lot more times before you leave! I love your cunt, you suck divinely and your ass is perfect for fucking! I have less than two weeks left to use them, so I’ll take every opportunity!”

“Well, one thing is sure; I’ll be completely broken in before we get home!”

Bob’s intention to use all of my “charms” certainly was straight forward, and it didn’t take long for him to do so. We walked down to the beach front café for supper, and, when walking home, we stopped along the water line before going up our path. I was just wearing my panties and feeling sexy from the admiring glances I had received. Bob, without any explanation said, “Nita, take off your panties.”

I looked up at him, surprised, and then looked to see if we were alone. There were a few people in sight, but no one close, so I did as he said, wondering what he had in mind. I found out quite quickly, as he pulled out his cock and simply ordered, “Suck my cock!” Almost without thinking, I meekly knelt at his feet and took his cock in my mouth and began sucking, drawing it in as far as it would go, and lightly pulling at it with my lips as it came out. It was very hard, and began hitting the back of my throat and even going down it a bit. The penetration became more insistent, his hair brushing touching my lips on the inward path, and he moved faster and faster. I reached in and began to lightly squeeze his balls, the extra stimulation causing him to push even more powerfully into me. His tempo speeded up as I sucked and squeezed, gripping and pulling his balls harder and harder. He put his hands on both sides of my head and really began to fuck my mouth, finally driving completely inside and ejaculating down my throat. After the first blast, he pulled back slightly and the rest of his cum flowed into my mouth, most of which I swallowed. As before, I kept the last emissions in my mouth as he pulled out, liberally coating my lips as he did so.

Rising up onto my feet, I turned to Alan who had been watching his wife on her knees while sucking another man’s cock. Without hesitating, I kissed him with my cum-coated lips, while using my tongue to force the rest of the cum in my mouth into his. He accepted it eagerly and, as before, inserted his tongue into my mouth to make sure he got it all! So, in one day I had sucked Bob’s cock four times, and he had fucked me in my ass once! Not as many sex events as yesterday, but still quite a lot. Alan and I talked about the new things I had done and the fact that Bob had taken my virginity in all of my openings, leaving none for him. He admitted that he would have liked to have had me first in some way, but the excitement of watching Bob use me in my mouth and ass mostly made up for it. He also confirmed that he really liked getting Bob’s cum directly out of my mouth after watching me suck. He had, amazingly, enjoyed stretching my asshole, getting it ready for Bob to fuck and, licking and sucking cum from my ass afterwards was a real turn on. I loved having Bob take me, and he loved watching me being taken. So, since he and I both got pleasure from letting Bob have me, in any and all openings, I would really be broken in by the time we got home!

Tuesday, August 18. Another day of sexual excess, with Bob wanting as much as he could get and with Alan urging him on. I began to have the feeling that Alan wanted me to be fucked in as many ways as possible and as often as possible. As a result, Bob was either in my mouth or my ass as often as he could get hard and, naturally, after he had me in my ass his cock was in my mouth! We had a quick swim as soon as we got up, phoning Bob to let him know when we were going down, with the usual sex play in the water. There were few people in sight, so once again we ran ashore naked and headed for our place. I lay face down, knowing what to expect, with Alan immediately beginning to stretch my asshole so that Bob could fuck me. My cunt was already wet from the playing around in the water and he used that to lubricate his fingers, but, in addition, he had brought some KY jelly that really made me slippery. It was a weird feeling, knowing that my husband was preparing me so that Bob could fuck my ass, opening my asshole so that Bob could get in easily. In any case, he stretched me enough so that his fingers went in with no problem and, moving aside, he said, “Ok, Bob, she’s ready! Stick it in!”

That, of course, is exactly what Bob did, sinking into me right to the hilt, his pubic hair brushing my ass as he began the ass fucking. I was well open and wet, so it felt good from the start, and soon I was matching his rhythm, surging upward to meet his inward plunges, dropping down as he withdrew. Somehow, it was exciting, lying face down, my ass being used. The fucking, itself, was very pleasurable, but the “being used” part was a real turn on. The moving became more passionate, the pounding in and out more intense, and soon, I felt him exploding deep in my ass. I, again, didn’t have a real orgasm, probably because my clit wasn’t being hit enough, but I did feel a real surge of pleasure when I felt him come. He lay on me for two or three minutes, his partially deflated cock still in my ass, and then he rolled off beside me.

Almost immediately, he moved up to my head and placed his cum coated cock at my mouth to be sucked. Obediently, I opened up and took it in and began a very light sucking, drawing it in and letting it slide out to the tip before pulling it in again. I was doing it all, as Bob just lay back and let me work on it. It was rather soft and relatively small after just going off, so it felt quite different in my mouth. In addition, it had a strange taste, certainly not the usual cum flavor that I had come to expect – more acrid – and I had the idea that I was tasting my ass as well as his cum! Oddly enough, I didn’t really mind that thought and, to a degree, found it to be exciting – being used in a different way. (Alan, actually, confirmed my suspicions when we talked later, telling me that Bob’s cock definitely was not pristine when it pulled out of me, which explained his failure to lick my ass as he had the last time!) The cock gradually began to grow in my mouth, and pretty soon it was rigid enough to begun fucking in and out. I became more of a receptacle, just keeping my lips tight around it and letting my tongue run alone it, as he took me. Finally, he erupted. As might be expected, the amount was much less, having just come in my ass, making it easier to gulp it down. However, once again I retained a good quantity as he finished, which I, in turn, transferred to Alan’s mouth in an open-mouthed kiss.

I would not have expected it, but sucking was something I quickly had come to enjoy. I think that, normally, women suck cocks for the pleasure of the man, not for what they get out of it themselves. However, I certainly was definitely aroused by feeling it in my mouth as he got hotter and hotter. However, while I did like the feeling of his cock in my mouth, the real turn-on for me was playing with his balls. When I jacked him off that time when we watched him go off, I had, as said before, observed that he liked having his balls worked on when they were hard. After that, I paid attention to how the balls changed as he built up. They started loosely hanging down, each ball separate, and I knew that they were very vulnerable. Then, as he became more excited, they gradually drew up until they were a small, tight bundle and, for Bob, at least, much less likely to be hurt. That first time, I had acted mostly from instinct, squeezing them harder and harder as he moved more powerfully, matching his rhythm. At the end, I was squeezing as hard as I could, getting more excited myself as I did so. I found that I really liked the way they felt and, as I became more confident that it really wasn’t painful for him, I let myself go and squeezed, twisted and pulled on them as he got to the final stage before orgasm. Obviously those things enhanced his pleasure and I’ll admit that I actually went off a few times just from the mutual excitement!

So, in any case, before 9:00 AM I had been ass fucked, sucked a not-too-clean cock to completion, and given much the resulting cum to my husband. Quite an early start to a busy day! The three of us then walked down to the café for a late breakfast, just as if we had done nothing unusual. I’m sure that most of the other patrons would have been shocked! The rest of the day was relatively uneventful sexually in the sense of doing something new. However, I sucked Bob off three more timesand he fucked my ass twice more. There was one difference in location, however, for the last ass-fucking (and sucking) took place in Bob’s bedroom.

Oddly enough, we had never been in his cottage, and he wanted to show us how it differed from ours. It was very nice, and the bedroom was actually larger with a king sized bed. As soon as we were in the bedroom, of course, the idea of screwing me came up automatically. We had been in town, so I was dressed, and it was strange to be stripping in another house to be screwed, somehow more erotic. When I was naked, Bob and Alan put two pillows on top of each other and I lay over them with my ass straight up in the air. This also was different from the spur of the moment fucking on the beach, more of a planned, studied preparation which was both exciting and embarrassing! There was very little conversation, each of us doing our regular activities. Bob got on the bed in front of me and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked it slowly as it grew in size and rigidity. Alan, once again, had the function of getting my asshole ready for penetration, an almost impersonal chore except that it was preparing his wife to have her ass fucked. He soon had me stretched open enough and he moved aside and watched Bob’s cock entering me.

It was different being ass-fucked on the bed, for, unlike the hard surface of the beach, I was driven downward into the pillows and mattress. However, it still felt very good, and, now that I had been buggered three times before, the whole process was familiar. Each of the times before, I was still adjusting myself to having my ass used, and my reactions, while vigorous, were largely secondary to Bob’s. Now, I concentrated on my own pleasure as an equal, not simply as a vessel for him to enjoy. I managed to get my hand down so that I could play with my clit, something made easier by being on the bed, and worked myself that way while Bob took care of my ass. It’s a funny feeling, having a hard cock going in and out of your ass, somehow seeming more licentious or wicked than ordinary screwing – even adulterous screwing. Suddenly, the thought, “I’m being sodomized,” ran through my mind, for some reason acting as a trigger, sending me into a frantic orgasm! The combination of being ass-fucked, playing with my clit and the sin of “sodomy,” caused me to heave back against Bob and almost unseat him, my surging against him igniting his climax, filling my ass with cum.

It was a wild moment while we hung together, he firmly planted in me, both of us overcome by our mutual explosions. Finally, Bob pulled out of me and flopped down beside me, completely sated, lying there, his cock limp from his exertions. For some reason I have never understood, I deliberately moved down to his hips, leaned over, and took his cock in my mouth. It was soft and getting smaller, but I gently sucked on it, running my tongue all over it – it had been deep in my ass, stirring up my insides and tasting like it. Obviously, I knew where it had been and, certainly, I knew what I was tasting, but I didn’t care. At any other time, I would have been appalled, and probably revolted by such an act, but right then I relished the strong, pungent tang. I think that my totally unexpected act rekindled Bob’s ardor, for, despite his very recent climax, his cock regenerated, becoming erect far more quickly than would have been a normal recovery. He surprised himself, I’m sure, by building up until he was fucking my mouth rather than being sucked. I just held my mouth on him, while squeezing his balls, until he filled it with a mass of cum, but not swallowing this time. I just held there, a receptacle that he filled to overflowing. Finished, he fell back flat, and I turned to Alan, my mouth filled with the entire ejaculate, and, once again, gave him an open-mouth kiss, transferring the entire load into his mouth. He obviously was startled by the mouthful he received, being forced to swallow twice before using his tongue to clean out the rest from my mouth.

By that time, both Bob and I were “sexed out,” and Alan and I returned home. We, of course, had a long discussion on the day’s activities, concentrating on my multiple ass fuckings and suckings. We were both a little bit uncomfortable at first, me because of my voluntary sucking of the cock that had just been in my ass, and Alan because of his obvious pleasure and excitement from having Bob’s cum in his mouth. That feeling soon passed as we found that neither of us had any negative feelings about what turned on the other. Alan admitted that he had enjoyed watching me take Bob’s cock in my mouth when it was very apparent that it had been in my ass. He found it very erotic seeing me so hot that I would do something that normally would have appalled me. I told him that in principle, the idea repelled me, but after being freshly ass-fucked, or sodomized, I really liked it, even the pungent taste! Surprising myself, I even admitted that I even liked knowing what was on his cock!

In turn, I admitted that I really liked sucking Bob’s cock and deliberately putting his cum in Alan’s mouth, making him, in a way, suck Bob’s cock along with me. As I knew, he liked licking the cum from my cunt or ass, and that taking it directly from my mouth really turned him on. He had no interest in actually sucking a cock, but he loved taking the cum from me. The idea of another man using his wife and then licking or sucking that man’s cum off of or out of her, was extremely arousing! So, we had cleared the air and had agreed to go on doing what we both enjoyed!

Wednesday, August 19. It was the third day of the new pill cycle, but I was still a bit hesitant about being screwed in my cunt, so we continued the other means, particularly sucking. There was one interesting variation, however. We were in the water, fairly far out (just barely able to stand, and we were using air-filled floats, which the resort provided, to drift around outside the breaker zone. I had been thoroughly explored, of course, and I had played with Bob’s cock under the surface. Whose idea it was, I have no idea, but he got up on the float, sitting with his feet hanging down – and his cock sticking out. We moved in toward the beach a little way so that I could stand comfortably, and, with his back to the shore, I began to suck him. The beach was crowded that day, with quite a few people in the water, but that only added to the excitement! To make it even more stimulating, as he approached climax, I rotated the float so that my back was to the beach and he, with his cock being sucked, faced it. I don’t know for sure if anyone saw what was going on – I saw several people staring at me when we went in – but I got the whole way around just as he exploded in my mouth. I stayed there, his cock buried in my mouth, until he was completely finished, saving the last burst for Alan in a quick kiss. I’ll admit that I actually hoped that I had been seen, and, as I said, I got some strange looks as we came in! When we got to our place, I dropped down on my back, spread my legs, and let the two men fondle and probe me until I erupted in my own orgasm. That, in itself, was sexy – having two men working on me and watching me go off!

The rest of the day went much like the past two – Bob had me twice in the ass, followed each time by a cock sucking and giving Alan a mouth full of cum. It was a veritable orgy, fed by the inevitable end of our honeymoon. Bob was insatiable, as might be expected – when would he ever have an opportunity like this. A young married woman on her honeymoon who was putting out every time he wanted it, and whose husband not only permitted it, but he helped get her ready! As Bob said after the last time, “My cock is going to be worn out before you leave, but it’ll recover – and if it didn’t, what a way to go out! I love your pussy, your ass and your mouth! I won’t need any sex for a month!”

My reply was succinct, “Well, if your cock is going to wear out, think of me! My cunt, or pussy, was brand new just over a week ago, nice and tight – now you slide in so easy that I can’t believe it. My mouth and ass were virginal two days ago, and now both have been used more times than I can remember! Talk about breaking me in! I’ll be so broken in that I’ll suck and fuck in my sleep! Come on Alan, tell this satyr that he’s had me enough for one day!”

“Ok, ok, Nita. It’s time to head home [we had been at Bob’s], and, anyhow, you need the rest because tomorrow your cunt will be ready for use! Hey, stop it!” The last comment was because I clobbered him with one of the pillows that had been under me when I had just been buggered!

Thursday, August 20. Today I had exactly what might have been expected, a very busy cunt. It started with a torpedo attack in the morning, Bob coming inside of me, I figured, for the 16th time.

He had me two more times during the day, once in our place and once in our bed before the three of us drove to a little town nearby to try a different restaurant. We got there about 6:00 PM, me wearing a short skirt with minimum panties that showed blatantly as I swung my legs out while Bob held the door open. Seeing my spread legs and panties, Bob grinned and said, “That is quite a sight! That would get any man hard – look!” With that, he opened his pants and pulled out his very rigid cock. “Here, suck me off before we go in.”

“Oh, Bob, I can’t do that now! There are people all over the place! You can wait until after we eat.” He just stayed there with his cock projecting toward my mouth, ignoring my protests and just waiting. I was still sitting on the edge of the seat, my legs outside the door, somewhat concealed, so I gave up, saying, “Damn it, ok. Alan, you stand guard and tell me if anyone is coming.” Reaching out, I took Bob’s cock and put in in my mouth and proceeded to suck him off. I felt awfully exposed, hearing cars moving around and people talking right next to me (at least it seemed that way), but the danger probably worked for both Bob and me. Under the circumstances, it wasn’t too long before he filled my mouth with cum. He pulled out, put his cock away, and I stood up, letting my skirt, which had been all the way up, drop into place. Getting up and moving away from the door, I gave Alan a nice kiss, rewarding his job as watchman. Then, “That certainly was not the drink I planned having before eating! And I certainly had not planned to put on a show in broad daylight in a public parking lot! Bob, you’re insatiable, and Alan, you’re an enabler! It must be nice to have me along as a private sex toy everywhere we go!”

It was a nice restaurant with circular booths along the wall with round tables, permitting us to sit side-by-side on the curved seat. Bob sat on one side of me, Alan on the other, with me like the meat in a sandwich. In no time they had my skirt pulled up and, over my low-voiced protests, my panties taken off. The area was reasonably private, but it was still embarrassing (but, I’ll admit, exciting) to sit there, barely covered by the table overhang. I couldn’t help but wonder how much the people at regular tables in the center of the room could see under the table. In any case, throughout the meal, one or the other was feeling my legs or cunt, even managing to insert fingers and relishing showing me how wet they were. I was wet, and when we finally finished and we got back to the car, it didn’t take any real persuasion by Bob to get me into the back seat. In short order, I was stripped naked, flat on my back, legs in the air, with Bob pounding my cunt!

It was wild, driving along, car lights flashing in, jouncing over the bumpy road – with my husband driving. He said afterwards that he could hear the squishing of my cunt, hear the moans and unintelligible words growing more intense as orgasm approached, followed by the pregnant silence as we lay exhausted and sated. He couldn’t see Bob fuck me, but he certainly could follow it by ear. Fucking in the back seat of a moving car is cramped and uncomfortable, but those things are unnoticed in the passion of the moment. In any case, we still had a long way to drive, and when I had recovered, I moved down, knelt in the foot (very cramped), and took Bob’s soft cock in my mouth and sucked it to rigidity again and stayed there gently sucking until he was ready. Then, I moved back up, straddled him, and lowered myself onto the hard cock. I then began a long, increasingly vigorous riding the cock, bouncing up and down, fucking myself on it. After having just having me, it took quite a while for Bob to reach his climax, but I think that I went off at least three times. It was wonderful! Then we really collapsed! Actually, I hadn’t even noticed that we had arrived home and, after he pulled in, Alan was able to turn around in time to see the finish. Finally, we recovered enough to get out of the car and go in, me still completely naked. Bob left shortly afterwards, and Alan was able to lick and suck my cunt that was filled with two loads of cum!

Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22. Bothdays were much of the same. Bob screwing me in our place, the water, his bed or our bed, with cock sucking in between. There were two variations of interest. On Friday evening, after Bob had thoroughly fucked me on our bed, Alan went down on me and licked and sucked me to a real orgasm with Bob still there. Then, Bob had me again after Alan had cleaned me up. Previously, we had waited until we were alone for Alan to lick up Bob’s cum. From there on in, Alan didn’t hesitate and usually repeated the act immediately after I was fucked. Saturday afternoon, Bob had me on his bed and Alan went down on me right away, but we expanded our repertoire as I sucked Bob back to hardness while Alan worked on my cunt!

The other variation was Bob having me right on the beach after we came back from the café. When we left the café, I was wearing a top and shorts with panties and no bra. Alan suggested that I strip down to my panties, which, of course, I had done before, so I did so with no hesitation. It was fun, and sexy, walking along in public with just my sheer lace panties on, carrying my top and skirt over my arm. We were about half way home and sat down on a dune to watch some sailboats which were maneuvering off shore, and, as might be expected, the two men began to concentrate on me as well as the boats. Alan took hold of my panties at the waist band and, before I realized what he was doing, he pulled them down and off, leaving me completely naked. This was very different from being naked in a secluded area like our place or at night on the beach. I was embarrassed and tried to get my clothes, but, of course, I was unsuccessful. It was about 7:00 PM, which is still afternoon in Belize with the sun well above the horizon and, of course, there were still many other people on the beach – not right next to us, but certainly close enough to see what was going on, and the struggle undoubtedly attracted their attention away from the sailboats. Unbelievably, Bob took his cock out and, as Alan held my legs up, he mounted and entered me. I was in a state of shock, protesting vehemently about other people seeing us, but my protests were ignored. Bob began a real pummeling of my cunt and clit, the situation unquestionably spurring him on. I quickly gave up my objections and, overcome by the situation, matched his rhythm, working up to a real climax. In fact, I came before he did but still enjoying the pounding as he shot inside me.

Finished, he rolled off and we lay there, getting our breath back. I was lying flat in my back with my legs sprawled open, still under the spell of a big orgasm. Recovering somewhat, I raised up on my elbows and, suddenly, reality hit me and I blurted out, “Good god, there are people watching us! Where are my clothes? Oh, my god, I don’t believe this!” I sat up, all too aware of my nakedness, as I looked around, feeling eyes all over me.

Alan stood up, reaching for my hand and pulling me up beside him. Bob got up, too, and the two of them, holding my hands, began running down the beach, half dragging me as I was forced to keep up. Alan, I discovered later, had my clothes, so, there I was, running down the beach, completely naked! I have no idea how many people saw the entire performance, but I’m sure that dozens lost interest in watching sailboats tacking around and watched me being fucked instead. Certainly, my naked run was well viewed! When we finally got away from the onlookers, we dropped to a walk, and I probably lit up the area with my all-over blush. Still, as we strolled along, me still nude, the men were really high from the situation, laughing and kidding me, and gradually, the absurdity of it all got to me and I reluctantly at first, joined in the hilarity. Amazingly, by the time we reached our path, all of us were aroused again and, taking off his pants and shorts, Bob had me again right on the beach! It was still quite light, but I was really hot and I just didn’t care if more people saw me being taken! Actually, this was different since we were on the beach near our cottage where people knew us by sight, but I was beyond caring! We fucked to a tremendous climax, and then Alan went down on me and licked and sucked a cunt full from two screwing! Unbelievably, after that we calmly got up and walked up our path. I didn’t even look around to see if anyone had watched. So, in two days I had been screwed nine times and sucked Bob to completion six times!At least, my ass was spared!

Thinking about those numbers, it almost sounds as if Bob was some kind of superman in his ability to screw me or to go off when I sucked him. Actually, his “readiness” probably came from the situation as much as anything else. It was an unbelievable opportunity. He had a young, attractive newly married woman who was ready, with her husband’s approval and encouragement, to put out for him at any time. He was in a beautiful, exotic environment with circumstances presenting different erotic surroundings in which to have sex. Add to it, he knew that his time with her was limited, causing a, perhaps unconscious, feeling of urgency. As has been said, the most effective aphrodisiac is the mind, and often, with Bob, the body said “no” after a day of sex, but, mentally, he wanted more. The result was a session of me sucking a semi-limp cock until it was erect and ready. Then, I would get a long, slowly built-up screwing before his depleted quantity of semen came into me. There was only so much cum his balls could produce in a day, but, again, his mind wanted more. He didn’t care about how much went into me, just that it had done so! I couldn’t help noticing that if I sucked him early in the day, I simply couldn’t swallow fast enough to get it all. However, later, after several ejaculations, I was able to easily gulp it down. As I said, it was the act of having me that was important. So, long after his ammunition was nearly exhausted, he wanted more – and I cooperated!

Sunday, August 23. The action was much the same during the day, the only real variation was one ass fucking, followed by immediate cock sucking, and, later, another regular cunt screwing. This was just the morning round! I was torpedoed in the afternoon and fondled to orgasm later. Up till then, this was a very mild day, but we planned to make up for it at the weekly drive-in movie. We got there early, just as they opened the gates, and parked in the center, near the refreshment stand. The place was almost empty, so Bob and I got into the back seat and started. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so I was immediately available and, within ten minutes of our arrival, I was on my back, legs up and spread, as Bob screwed me. It was unbelievably sexy as he took me, lying there, being fucked, as other cars began to arrive. Anyone glancing in our direction had to see my feet waving in the air, and the feeling of exposure really fired me up. Actually, the two (maybe three) experiences where people undoubtedly saw me being screwed had removed much of my nervousness and had, to a certain extent, turned me into an exhibitionist. My exposure of my tits was now a matter of course, as was my wearing nothing but panties as a bathing suit. The next step to real exposure, on the beach, “hidden” by the rocks, a week ago, had removed most of my fear and, I guess, what was left of my modesty!

In any case, the nearness of other cars and hearing voices did not deter either me or Bob, and, after a quite satisfactory hammering of my cunt, he came into me, matching the orgasm that I was having. Somehow, lying there, under Bob, cramped and a bit uncomfortable, added to the pleasure, probably because it made the whole experience more decadent or wanton! As he pulled out of me and sat up, I just stayed there, skirt up to my waist, legs open, exposed to anyone who walked by and looked in – and at least two people did! It had gotten dark enough for the movie to start, so we sat up, looking past Alan at the screen. However, we continued making out, with Bob opening my blouse and feeling my tits, running his hand up and down my legs and playing with my cunt. His cock was still out, so I stroked it lightly and, even, bent down and lightly sucked on it every now and then. Alan had turned around and watched Bob fucking me, and, after we finished, he joined in the post coitus hilarity. Having him there, watching me commit adultery for the thirty-second time (I learned the total later), added greatly to the pleasure. I had learned by then that I liked him seeing me acting in a wanton manner, being shameless and immodest. He had watched me being fucked in the cunt and ass and really losing myself in the pleasure, not just letting myself be used. Now, I cuddled up with Bob in the back seat, petting, kissing and, in general, acting degenerate – and loving it!

After the movie finished, the lights came on for the snack bar intermission, and we got out to go in to the restroom. My tits were still exposed through my open blouse and my skirt was up as I slid out of the door, causing a number of people to stare and, in a few cases, nudge their companion. I buttoned up and went in, knowing that eyes were following me, a slut (in their eyes) who left the back seat – you know why she was there – thoroughly exposed! It felt very sexy, running the gauntlet of their stares as I went in and came out – and got in the back seat again! I was so hot that I fell into a clinch with Bob, and, before the lights dimmed for the second movie, by legs were waving in the air, this time wanting them to be noticed! Actually, Bob had a hard time staying with me as I blasted into orgasm shortly after he entered me. I stayed at that high level while he built up, and went off again as he climaxed. When he got off of me, I quickly took his softened cock in my mouth and gently sucked – more for my pleasure than his! I loved the taste of his cum and my cunt lubrication as I sucked, and, after a short time, I leaned over the front seat and kissed Alan. Later, on the way home, I sucked one more time, managing to extend it until Alan pulled in to the parking spot. I was able to hold a large quantity of Bob’s cum in my mouth and I transferred it to Alan as we stood by the car. It had been a delightful evening.

Monday, August 24. The following day, was the first day of the last week of our honeymoon, and we continued my sexual odyssey in a very different way. Alan woke up with some kind of stomach upset that made him stay in near the bathroom. At his urging, I went down to the beach with Bob, the first time that I had been alone with him like that. I felt a little funny playing around with him in the water, but I soon overcome my hesitancy and we really explored each other. My tits were bare, of course, and he had my pants down below my cunt very quickly. I cooperated fully with his playing with me, and soon put my hand down on his cock over his suit and then, with the suit down, on the cock, itself. We worked on each other while bouncing over the swells, stopping short of causing him to go off. At one point, I took my pants off, he lifted me up and, while I held my legs open, managed to get into me. What we were doing was probably rather obvious to anyone looking in our direction, but we didn’t care. We couldn’t really work up in that position in the water, but the idea excited us. As you would imagine, it didn’t take long before we left the water and went to our place where I took off my pants, lay back and raised and spread my legs. I was hot for it. He quickly took me and we had a very vigorous fucking, him filling my cunt after a relatively short in-and-out cycle. He pulled out and we lay together, me still completely naked, kissing and petting. I had gotten over worrying about anyone looking up the path and seeing me, even when I was being screwed. In addition, I actually had come to enjoy knowing that my legs stuck up above the low dunes beside our place. In fact, I was certain, by the looks that I had received, on a number of occasions, that my display had been observed.

In any case, neither of us was really satisfied by our first “sexual intercourse,” and shortly afterwards, we were at it again. I went down and sucked him to a full erection, which didn’t take long, and he had me again, putting another load of cum where the first one had gone. We walked back to the cottage, me still naked, to see how Alan was doing, and I was very conscious of Bob’s cum running out of my cunt and down my leg – a very sexy feeling! It was fun, and a bit exciting, to walk, naked, into our cottage to see my husband with my cunt and legs wet from another man having me! Alan normally would have been eager to lick and suck me, but, as he said later, while he enjoyed seeing me “messed up” like that, he didn’t want to do anything! He didn’t even want company, so I put a dry suit on, without wiping my cunt or legs, and Bob and I walked down to the café. I’m sure no one noticed the dry cum on my thighs, but it made me feel sexy!

After eating, we walked part way back and sat on a dune and watched the activity in the harbor. There were always boats going in and out, and, usually a race of some kind. I enjoyed people-watching and just relaxed, lying under one of the resort’s beach umbrellas. Bob was resting on his elbows, watching the water activities when he drew my attention to a couple further down the beach. The girl was braless, and the man had pulled her pants aside and was fondling her cunt. It was sexy to watch, and I glanced over to Bob to comment, and I saw that his cock was out and that he was working on it. It was fully erect and ready, so, shocking myself, I simply moved over and took it in my mouth! Later, I couldn’t believe what I had done, but I didn’t really think at all then. I began a real cock sucking, working it with my hand the way he had done, going up and down on it. He quickly became wildly aroused, actually fucking upwards into my mouth while my hand and lips moved with him. It didn’t take too long before he put his hands behind my head and held me still while he fucked my mouth. He sent a blast of cum down my throat, followed by several additional jets into my mouth. I swallowed everything, and held the cock between my lips until the last drop came. Finally, I pulled back, licking my lips, and realized that we’d had a very appreciative audience.

As I lifted my head from Bob’s cock, my eyes suddenly focused on another umbrella not twenty feet away where two couples were staring at me with varying expressions, ranging from shocked to delighted. I was speechless as I scrambled to my feet, my expression, as Bob described it later, indicating absolute horror. I didn’t even wait for him as I almost ran through the sand to get away from the gawking eyes – seeing, as I did, several other observers of my cock sucking performance! I was half way to our path before Bob caught up with me and put his arm around me, trying to console me. The odd thing about it was that I was crimson with embarrassment, but I also was excited in a perverse way. I was absolutely mortified – particularly since I saw at least one couple that had to know that Bob was not my husband – but, at the same time, the very depravity of what I had done in public, caused my cunt to tingle! I was startled, and embarrassed anew, by my action when we reached our place. Unbelievably, I ripped off my pants and flopped down on the mats and actually began to masturbate by rubbing my clit! Bob dropped down beside me and replaced by hand with his, stroking my cunt with one hand while concentrating on my clit with the other. In almost no time, I began surging up and down, pushing against his hand, raising my hips off of the mat in a continual series of orgasms that must have lasted for five minutes.

Finally, I slumped down, exhausted and satiated – but then reality came back and what I had done crashed down on me. I actually began to cry as the enormity of all those people seeing me voluntarily suck the cock of a man they (some, at least) knew was not my husband. Suddenly I was completely humiliated again, gasping out, “I can’t let any of those people see me again! I actually sucked your cock right in front of them! What am I going to do?” That went on for some time, Bob trying to console me, telling me that I hadn’t done anything wrong – even that everyone grinned at him as he ran to catch me! I finally simmered down, although I still couldn’t bear the thought of walking down the beach and encountering any of my “admirers!” Eventually, with Bob cajoling me, I began to see the other side of it, admitting that it would have excited me to watch another girl do the same thing. I had been turned on by watching the guy on the beach feeling the girl’s cunt, which certainly contributed to my wild act. Still, walking down the beach was going to be hard, thinking of what probably was in other people’s minds.

At that point, I was sexually depleted, not thinking of doing anything else, but the day had been very different because Alan wasn’t involved. For the first time I had been alone with a man and let him screw me, not once but twice. Then, I had sucked him in public and I had let him set me off – that was very personal! Obviously, I had committed adultery with him many times before, but my husband had been there, being part of it. Now, we had done it without him – and I’ll admit that that made the same acts very different. Still, for right then, I wasn’t going to think about that or engage in more sex with him. After I had sufficiently calmed down, and I went in to see Alan – and describe my day!

However, before I could embark on my story, I could see that Alan was no better, if not worse, so I put in a call to the resort’s resident doctor. He arrived shortly (try that at home), examined Alan very quickly, recognizing the problem immediately. “Unfortunately, you have a bacterial infection that is very common in Belize. In fact, this is the third case in the last two days. You can get it at almost any time, because it is very infectious. The good thing is that it is not at all serious, your symptoms will disappear in twenty-four hours and you will feel as good as new. The problem is that you will remain infectious for another twelve hours after that! That’s how this damn thing propagates – patients feel and look fine, but they spread the germs for another day! Now, this is Monday, meaning that you will feel well by tomorrow afternoon, but you can still spread it until Wednesday, particularly anyone you are close to, like your wife. Mrs. Stone should avoid any close contact with you until sometime Wednesday morning to be safe.” Then, turning to me, he went on, “The problem for you is finding a place to sleep tonight and tomorrow night. I can probably arrange a room in the hotel since you are one of our guests. Of course, if you have a friend to stay with it might be more pleasant for you. You really shouldn’t stay here.”

I started to speak up and accept his offer of a room in the hotel – they were very fancy – but Alan, despite feeling miserable, still had his sexual objectives in mind, and said, “That’s no problem, Doctor. Anita can stay with our friend that has the cottage right next door. That way she can look in on me once in a while. This is going to be very boring!”

“Ok, that would be excellent. However, she should look in no closer than the door! You can talk on the phone, anyway. One thing. As I said, you’ll feel fine and, really, will be over it tomorrow, so you can do things like swimming or sunning, as long as you stay ten feet or so away from anyone else. Ok, give me a call if you feel worse, but I’m sure you won’t. Here, Mrs. Stone, hold this over your face while you get the clothes and other things you will need for the next two nights.”

As ordered, after the doctor left, I held the medicated mask over my face, got my night gown, a few clothes for tomorrow along with my toothbrush and makeup, and went to the door. I stopped there, safely, I assumed, and talked to Alan. “My god, Alan, do you really want me to sleep with Bob tonight and tomorrow night? That’s really going pretty far and I’m afraid that you will be over here regretting it. It’s one thing for us to enjoy my having sex with him when we’re together, but, gods, I’ll be in bed with him alone all night! Are you sure that it wouldn’t be better if I let the doctor get me a room?” I really was concerned, but even then, I’ll admit, I felt a real wave of excitement run through my cunt as I thought of as almost the ultimate adultery – sleeping with another man for two nights on my honeymoon!

Alan’s reply was brief – he really was not up to talking – “Nita, I’m fine with it! Go sleep with him, get fucked and then tell me about it. Pretend that you’re married to him and enjoy yourself. Wait, take one of our movie cameras on the little tripods and put it on Bob’s dresser, aimed at the bed. It’s motion-activated with gigabytes of memory, so it can record all night – tomorrow, too, for that matter. Then I’ll be able to see you really put out with him alone! Call me later.” So, I was instructed to do what I really wanted to do, so, with an clear conscience (if I still had one), I left and went over to break the news to Bob that I was his wife for two nights!

There was the theoretical possibility that Bob had other plans or just wanted to be alone – oh, sure! As might be expected, he was surprised to see me and at my news about Alan, he very quickly made it clear that I was in for an amorous night. The odd thing was that I had unexpected qualms. I was with a man who had screwed be over thirty times, had me in the ass and, not an hour ago, whom I had sucked in public! Yet, somehow I felt strange, almost as I would have three weeks ago. That wave of excitement that had swept through me back in our cottage disappeared as thoughts of propriety, modesty and faithfulness made it all seem wrong! Why those thoughts plagued me then, I don’t know, but I actually felt like pulling away as Bob embraced me. However, and I think, fortunately, those doubts faded away as he pulled me to the bed, kissing and fondling me.

We didn’t screw right then, only the kissing and playing around – he’d already had me twice in my cunt and once in my mouth, and was going to have me in bed all night, so there was no feeling of urgency. Sex could wait. In any case, after a few minutes of making out that held promise for a full night, I called Alan and talked for awhile. I don’t know why, but I didn’t tell him than about the cock sucking – I really felt shy and uncomfortable about it. It wasn’t because of Bob being there, for his presence made telling Alan that I’d been fucked twice that morning even more titillating. I guess that there’s no logic to those things. Regardless, Alan obviously was more than willing for me to sleep with Bob, reminding me again to set up the camera. Bob, of course, knew about Alan’s strategically placed cameras at our place – we’d shown them to him by the second or third time he had me there – and in our cottage, so he certainly had no objection to having it set up aimed at his bed. I put it on the bureau, focused on the bed, and promptly forgot it as it recorded every movement made there that night – and that was a lot!

After talking to Alan, Bob and I went into the water for a while with the usual sex play. Then, we walked down to the little café restaurant to eat, giving me a very funny feeling when we walked past the umbrella where I had sucked him this afternoon. The whole experience, doing things with Bob without Alan, was very peculiar, making me extremely conscious of the strange man–married woman relationship. While Alan knew what I was doing, and approved of it, I still had this weird feeling of doing something wrong. That feeling wasn’t helped when I saw a couple sitting several tables away that had been in the audience this afternoon! I didn’t think that they had noticed me, but I was hypersensitive the whole time. Once again, however, I had that ambivalent feeling of wanting to hide and, at the same time wanting to flaunt my sluttish activities! My savoir faire was seriously tried, when, without warning, the couple got up to leave and walked right by our table, grinning and nodding to me as they went by. Since they had the cottage three or four down from ours, there was no doubt that they knew that Bob was not my husband. However, I surprised myself and simply smiled and nodded back!

Somehow, that confrontation relieved the pressure that I was feeling, and the rest of the evening was very pleasant. We walked slowly back, deliberately pausing for a few moments at the infamous umbrella and, at our path, sat awhile on the beach, making out in preparation for a night together. Actually, we went up the path to Bob’s cottage, which gave me a funny feeling and all my qualms returned. Somehow it suddenly became real – I was going to sleep with another man. It was the actual “sleeping with,” not the sex, that got to me! Not long afterwards, it became even “realer’ as we lay naked on the bed with Bob playing with my tits – I suddenly felt like an adulterous woman! Under the circumstances, that seems silly, but the mind is a peculiar thing. In fact, I shortly afterwards actually committed adultery, and enjoyed it tremendously. It was that odd feeling again – guilt and sinning combined, feeling guilty and wildly excited because of it! So, Bob fucked me for the thirty something time, both of us having an explosive climax as he came in me again.

The really excruciating sense of adultery, however, came just as Bob was pulling out of me. The phone rang and it, of course, was Alan! Now, he probably would have been delighted to know that I was freshly fucked, but, unbelievably, I was struck with such an unexplainable rush of guilt, that I couldn’t tell him. For no reason that I later was able to understand, I lied and said that we had just gotten in. I didn’t and don’t know why. That, naturally, made me more up tight, particularly since I was lying naked beside a naked man who had just had me! I got through the conversation, neither of us discussing the 300-pound gorilla in the room – that I was going to spend the night with Bob. Alan said later that he, too, had this strange and uncharacteristic uneasy feeling. It was not about me sleeping with Bob and having sex with him. It was talking about it with me on the phone! So, we danced around the subject, discussed how he felt (much better), our dinner at the café, etc. Finally, he said, his comment dripping with meaning, “Have a good night,” followed by “I love you.” I replied, “I’m sure I shall,” and “I love you, too.” That was weird, saying “I love you” to my husband and turning over and receiving a potent kiss from my lover for the night!

I don’t know if it was the deliciously guilty side of the erotic activities or just the different circumstances, that was the most sex filled night of my life up to that time. There was that element of sheer sinfulness that fired me up, thinking of my sick husband over in our cottage while I lay naked in bed with another man. In addition, being with Bob alone like that was peculiarly romantic, almost like a different honeymoon, and the kissing and cuddling was more than just pure sex. I certainly wasn’t in love with Bob, but I was in love with the wicked and immoral sex and the result was the same! It was like the first night on a real honeymoon – kissing, affectionate statements, loving stroking – real love making, not just sex! Oh, the sex was there! I sucked on his cock, he licked my cunt and from there on, everything went. He had me in the assand I sucked his cock immediately after he took it out – it was quite messy, but I relished knowing where it had been and what was on it! (It’s funny, I really seem to enjoy committing what is a very perverse act, despite being a clean freak the rest of the time! I even liked the taste despite being revolted by the idea later!) My sucking and the circumstances soon had a firm erection again, and I got on top for a vigorous fucking session where I controlled the timing, bringing myself to another climax. We rolled over with Bob, still hard, doing the work, resulting in another massive orgasm. All of this sex was interspersed by periods of rest, cuddled against each other, kissing, panting out words of love (as people always do in a period of passion) and, in general, building up for more. Finally, about midnight, I sucked his cock for almost twenty minutes before he filled my mouth with one last burst of cum!

It’s interesting how being alone with a man, having sex with no one else around can become intimate in unexpected ways. We discovered, by accident, that being spanked turned me on. We were playing around, wrestling playfully, when I ended up over his lap and he automatically slapped my bottom. I squealed and fought against him, and he did it several more times, turning my ass red and my cunt on. He really spanked me hard for a few minutes, actually stinging and hurting, but really exciting me. That led to one of the best ass-fuckings we had.

I, on the other hand, discovered that when his balls were really hard, he not only liked me to squeeze and pull them, he also wanted me to slap and, even, to hit them. As I’ve said, I had really squeezed them when I jacked him off and, actually, most of the times when I sucked him if his balls were available – but this was more than squeezing! I was fearful, at first, picturing him in agony, but, at his urging, I even hit them, several times, as hard as I could with my fist! Oh, that was exciting and felt very good! Of course, those intimate things were revealed by the cameras and Alan has spanked me occasionally since we returned to Connecticut, but, somehow, it‘s not the same! I haven’t tried hitting his balls, but I know that I would love to do it.…if it wasn‘t really agonizing….for I still remember how good it felt when my fist smacked into Bob’s balls!

It was the most peculiar feeling, getting ready for bed. Washing, brushing my teeth, etc., preparing to sleep with a man who was not my husband. I put on my nightgown, the one I wore on my wedding night, and came out of the bathroom, inexplicitly feeling quite shy. I don’t know why, but I was nervous and, ridiculously, apprehensive about his reaction. However, Bob, who had used the bathroom while I was getting my things out, gave a loud whistle of approval, grinning as he said, “That’s what I want in a bride! Alan is one lucky fellow!”

I felt a bit funny about the “bride” term, under the circumstances, but I bravely replied, “Well, this is my bridal nightgown, and I’m your bride for tonight!” He eagerly reached for me and pulled me down on the bed. His cock, which I had assumed to be exhausted for the night, was sticking out like a spear and, without pausing for anything, he pushed the gown’s skirt up over my waist, raised and spread my legs, and took me! I was shocked, but, without hesitation, joined eagerly in the screwing, welcoming the unexpected penetration and pounding. He mounted and rode me and, rare for me, I was very vocal, panting out, “Oh, Bob, fuck me! Fuck me in my bridal nightgown! Oh, yes, take me, take me! Harder, harder! Fuck your bride – I’m your wife tonight! Fuck your wife!” I’m never verbal when I go off, either with Alan playing with me or, up till then, having sex with Bob, but that time I was. My cries gradually subsided into panting and gasping, but I had never been that aroused! I hadn’t remembered saying those things until I saw the camera’s record later with Alan, and I was really embarrassed and apprehensive about his reaction, but, fortunately, he took it in stride.

That explosive sexual intercourse (and that term more accurately reflected my feelings) led to some really intimate kissing and hugging and the exchange of some words that fortunately were not caught by the camera. We cuddled close and soon dropped off to sleep, spoon fashion with Bob’s arms around me. I didn’t remember any of it, but we partially woke up several times that night and exchanged half-aware kisses and hugs, snuggling closer each time. The motion activated camera caught it all, recording a scene that could have come from a real wedding night – sex, but accompanied by tender, loving togetherness! I know that if the picture had been one of Alan acting the same way with another woman, I would have been wildly jealous. Bob and I clearly were lovers, and that relationship picked up early in the morning.

Tuesday, August 25. I can’t describe the feeling of waking up, still half-aware as I snuggled closer to Bob whose arms were still around me. We lay like that for a minute or so until I rotated against him and we exchanged the first kiss of the day. Hydraulic pressure finally forced me to pull away and hurry into the bathroom and pee, not even thinking of shutting the door – I knew he could see me, and I didn‘t care! I did my teeth, rinsed my face, ran a comb through my hair, and hurried back to bed. I waited while Bob did the usual necessary things – while I watched without embarrassment – and welcomed his return with my legs up and spread! He was in me the whole way with one push, and our first screwing of the day was underway. It didn’t last long, we were both more than ready, but it was exhilarating. I know that it was a very good thing that I was on the pill, for he must have pumped a quart of cum into me.

It was wild, but despite the power of his climax, Bob’s cock never lost its rigidity, and almost without pausing, he turned me over, put a pillow under my hips, and took me up my ass! I would have expected some pain since I hadn’t been stretched open and he added no lubrication, but his cock slid in as if it were my cunt. Probably our combined fluids had flowed down over my ass hole, but, whatever, he immediately began pounding me like a trip- hammer, going completely in with each surge, his balls banging against my clit. Both of us were still high from our first fucking, so our movements were vigorous, almost spastic in our efforts to get as much contact as possible. I’m sure that I went off several times while he fucked me, but he lasted longer, after just having come in my cunt, before filling my ass with another blast of cum. Exhausted, he slumped down on my back, his cock gradually shrinking in my asshole. Finally, he rolled off, beside be and lay there on his back. Without hesitation, I raised up and looked at his cock. It was coated with a combination of his cum and, from the color, the very clear evidence that it had freshly been in my ass. Still, without hesitation, I took it in my mouth and gently sucked it clean. Then, I just moved up beside him and, shortly, both of us were asleep again.

Our exertions had tired us enough to sleep for almost another hour and it was still strange to wake up, naked, next to another man. Good heavens, just three weeks ago I had never slept with anyone and now, married, I was in bed with, I guess, a lover! What other married woman slept with a lover, was screwed by him in various ways, many times, before her husband had made her? It must be rare! I certainly had no regrets or remorse, and indulged in a bit of petting before hunger drove us to get up. It was strange, but nice, to get ready and dress in front of Bob just as I did with Alan. Even my regular, non-sexual modesty seemed to have vanished! We had some cereal, the only thing Bob had, and, almost as an afterthought, talked to Alan on the phone. I didn’t go in detail, but I let him know that we had been quite involved last night and this morning. He felt that he was over the whatever it was, and planned to see us on the beach, at a distance, that afternoon. There was no question as to whether I was going to sleep with Bob again that night, which was what I expected and, I’ll admit, wanted.

We headed down to the beach and played around in the water for awhile – me playing with his cock and him with my cunt and tits. Finally, we left the water and headed to our place, Bob’s arm around me, grasping my tit in full view of anyone looking our direction. Then, we did something very exciting and daring that would have shocked me a week ago! I took off my pants, lay down in my normal screwing position with my legs in the air. Bob crouched down and made his way to the top of the path and circled around to the next way down. He could see the low dunes bordering our path and, to no real surprise, could see my legs, at least my caves and feet, sticking up. He looked around and saw that quite a few faces were turned in my direction, several people nudging each other and commending to each other, undoubtedly making lurid (and accurate) guesses as to what was going on! Bob quickly returned to our place, took down his trunks, and did just what those people assumed was going on – he fucked me! I would have expected to be humiliated, but, instead, I was really fired up by knowing that I – at least, my feet – had an audience! Even more, some of those people had to know that the man they had seen me with was not my husband! In the past, I would have crawled along the path, out of sight, and hidden in our cottage. Instead, I bucked and squirmed under Bob, my feet gyrating and pumping up and down, as Bob pounded my cunt. We had an explosive finish, and I received the third blast of Bob’s cum deep inside of me.

Then, for the second time that day, he turned me over and took me in my ass. I had not expected that, but my libido was well fired up by the realization that a lot of people undoubtedly knew that I had just committed adultery. Oddly enough, the thing that really got me hot, even after just being screwed, was the idea of calmly walking with Bob, out of our path, onto the beach and just parade past my audience with a smile on my face! The vigorous ass fucking I was getting kept the flames alight, and, surprisingly soon, I felt a surge of heat in my ass as Bob went off. I was so hot, floating on a cloud of sexual euphoria, that when Bob rolled off of me, I hardly looked as I engulfed his cock with my mouth and began to suck and clean it. I was immediately aware that it really needed cleaning! I pulled back for a moment and saw that it was coated, not just colored, with the residue from my ass. Still, I was so hot that I didn’t even hesitate – I held it between two fingers and actually began licking it like a lollipop! Obviously, what I was licking came right out of my ass, diluted with Bob’s cum, but I didn’t care! I licked it clean and, then, took it the whole way in my mouth and sucked. By this time, Bob was hard again, and I sucked and played with his balls until he went off – not much cum this time, of course, but he obviously enjoyed my menial, servant girl, endeavors!

When we recovered, my strange feeling of bravado remained, and after putting my pants on, we casually walked down the path to the beach and sauntered past the people who had been attentive to my leg display. I’m sure that they all knew that I had just been screwed in my cunt – but couldn’t have seen the rest – and the regulars, those who were also resort guests, knew that Bob was not my husband. It felt good, strolling along the beach with my lover, virtually flaunting my adultery. I even had the colossal nerve to glance over and wave to several people I was familiar with, smiling broadly as I did so. I knew that I would be embarrassed later when I thought about it or saw them again, but I loved it right then! We went on down the beach to the café and had lunch, followed by sitting under an umbrella on the way back – not the umbrella – looking at the water and talking. When we finally got back, I was delighted to see Alan waiting for us by the path.

Oddly enough, as before, I felt no remorse over my actions despite having more than just sex with Bob. However, I did feel a significant pang of guilt when I saw him. Being screwed by Bob, even in the ass, certainly was not a potential problem emotionally, but the intimacy of last night and this morning was more than just sex. I might have had some real trepidations, as well as guilt, if I had realized just how detailed and inclusive the camera recording, both visual and auditory, was, but, fortunately, I didn’t think of that then. Alan couldn’t come really close to us, of course, but we were able to talk. He was fine, and probably it would have been all right for me to sleep in our cottage by bedtime, but the doctor had said Wednesday morning, so it was just assumed that I would sleep with Bob again. I’m afraid that I was a bit dishonest for I said that I would have liked to sleep at “home,” while I really wanted to sleep with Bob! I got the impression (accurately, I discovered later) that Alan, and, needless to say, Bob, felt the same way. Fortunately, the doctor had said Wednesday morning!

We went into the water, Alan still keeping his distance, as we talked and jumped over the swells. We all enjoyed it, but it was far from our usual three-way sex romp, torpedoing me, four hands groping me, etc. Bob and I played with each other as if we were on our honeymoon, while Alan, actually my new husband, watched from a distance. I even put my legs up around Bob with his cock in me as we had done yesterday. That must have looked good from the beach – me wrapped around Bob, obviously screwing, while my husband watched from ten to fifteen feet away! I liked that with him, just as an observer, seeing me involved in sex play with another man, particularly with the chance that we were being observed! I even ramped up the heat of the situation by initiating and vigorously participating in a long and passionate kiss! I was really turned on by the situation, and, right then, I would have loved to be laid down and fucked in public and have everybody watch me cuckold my watching husband!

That thought stayed with me as we made our way to shore, Bob’s arm around me, his hand cupping my tit as before! Normally, I would have shrugged off his arm (and hand) so that no one would know what we were doing, protecting my reputation and modesty, but I did just the opposite! I had permitted the same public fondling that morning, but many more people were around now. I wanted to be seen! I imagine that a number of people who knew us by sight as honeymooners must have been startled to see me waving good bye to my husband and going up a different path with another man holding my breast! Here I was, a young woman who had been so uptight about innocently going topless, now walking calmly up a path (primrose) to go to bed with man I hadn’t even known three weeks ago – and savoring the fact that other people probably knew about it! There was a small tingle of guilt in the back of my mind, but I dampened that down without difficulty.

It was midafternoon when we went in, and Bob was in me shortly thereafter. We were both turned on by playing in the water and, I think, Alan watching us. Bob even admitted that the idea of people knowing that he was having me was exciting. So, our first fucking of the afternoon was very vigorous! We lay there quietly for awhile, recovering from our exertions, just cuddling and playing with each other. Finally, I moved down and began really working on his cock and balls, concentrating on their looks and feel as the cock became harder and harder. I had played with Alan quite a few times while we were going together, but I never had studied what his cock and balls looked like except in a general way – I just was too shy and nervous to really look! I had looked at Bob’s equipment when I had set him off by hand, but this time was different because we were alone. So, it really excited me to deliberately study every detail before I got carried away and took his cock into my mouth. This was a long, gentle to start, cock sucking, building up to a rapid jacking off with one hand, and ball pulling and squeezing with the other. I slapped them a few times, but mostly just worked on them. Of course, he filled my mouth with cum again and I delighted in swallowing it. I think that both of us dozed off for awhile and we dressed and drove to a nearby restaurant, one that Alan and I frequently used, for supper. It was fun going out with him, sitting across from him like on a date – and wondering what other diners, some of which I recognized, thought of me being with someone other than my husband!

When we got back, I called Alan, and he met us down on the beach for awhile. We weren’t particularly careful about distance, for he was probably past the contagious stage, so it was almost like the threesome from before. It was fairly dark and most people had left the beach, so Bob and I made out for awhile with Alan watching. Finally, I took off my pants and Bob played with my clit and cunt until I bucked up against his hand and went off. As I said, Alan was watching, and as I finished, he commented, “Boy, that was a big one! Hey, Bob, are you giving her enough sex? She should go off like that with a cock in her, not just fingers!”

“Don’t worry, I’ve had my cock in her quite a few times since yesterday! This is just warming her up for later!”

“Yeah, Honey, don’t worry! I think that he wants to wear my cunt and ass out! He’s had my cunt three times today and my ass twice! Add sucking to that, and I must have a quart of cum in me! I hope he can keep it up tonight!”

“Wow, I guess that you are doing a good job on her, Bob. I’m going to have a hard time measuring up to all of that when we get home! We may have to take your cock home with us!”

My final comment as we went in was, “Gods, wouldn’t that be something – you and I could fuck as often as we wanted, and we’d have Bob’s cock to use when we wanted to! I’d like that – two cocks to fuck me!”

Bob and I headed for his cottage where we began an unbelievable night of sex. Bob was in one hole or the other for hours, not always going off in me, but just enjoying being in me! Obviously, there is a limit on how many times a man can shoot into a woman, but if his cock will stay hard, he can stay in and screw her as long as his energy holds out. A woman can go off any number of times because the stimulus is the same – the sensation of being penetrated, the feeling of the cock going in and out, the titillation of her clit. So, it was a night of wild passion, particularly for me. His cock was in my cunt, my ass and my mouth, each one exciting me in a different way. When I saw the picture later, I could hardly believe that the wild woman in the movie was me.

In addition to the regular sex, we also indulged in the, well, offbeat, things we had discovered last night. This time Bob grabbed me, without any real protest, and draped me over his knee and gave me a thorough and painful spanking – painful and exciting for some perverse reason – followed by a very successful fucking. I don’t know why being spanked turned me on, but it certainly did. Actually, I think that I went off while he was doing it, and it certainly got me ready for a fucking!

Then, perhaps more startling to most men, I spent some time really pummeling Bob’s balls! This happened after a long session of fondling, kissing and cock sucking. I could tell as I sucked him that his balls were getting harder and harder, so I squeezed them with more pressure than usual, and he reacted with gasps and moans of pleasure. Finally, as he moved more vigorously, I pulled my hand back and slapped them, getting more favorable reaction. I stopped sucking and pulled back so I could slap harder, causing him to flex upward toward my hand. Then, in a barely audible voice, he whispered, “Hit them! Use your fist!” I wasn’t sure at first if that was really what he wanted, but I shifted down between his legs and hit the balls with a somewhat fearful punch, still, even after last night, afraid of hurting him. “Harder, hit them harder!” At that point, I did what I really wanted to do – I raised up to get more leverage and, with all my might, brought my fist, pounding into the center of his balls! I was sure that he would cry out in agony – I remembered when I accidentally hit Alan one time – but he just let out another moan of arousal. Then, shockingly, he raised his knees up and parted his legs, presenting his balls in the most vulnerable way possible, and gasped out, “Hit them hard!”

I couldn’t believe it, but I did as asked, and punched directly down into him. He sighed or moaned or something as he jerked upward, obviously not hurt. Then, I’m ashamed, in a way, to admit that I lost control of myself. I straightened up, made a fist, and smashed as hard as I could into his balls, a man’s balls, something that, by rights, should never be done. However, he absorbed the blow and kept his legs up and spread, his balls making a perfect target, as I rained punches on them. They should have been crushed, but they weren’t and I finally stopped because, really, my arm got tired. I reached for his cock which was as hard as rock and began to pump it up and down and was, very quickly, inundated by a massive ejaculation of cum that hit me as if it came from a fire hose. I was covered from my tits to my hair, with a lot on my face.

It was unbelievable, and Bob said that he’d never had anything like that before. He always liked having his balls played with and, when hard, they felt good when squeezed or slapped, but he’d never had them hit before, certainly not without hurting. He was shocked and, if he had known, in advance, what was going to happen, he would have been petrified! However, he said that it would be interesting to see if he would ever get that feeling again, but he would certainly start very slowly! For myself, once again, I’ll admit that I loved it, loved losing myself in belaboring his balls, feeling their soft-hardness give away under my fist! Alan couldn’t believe it when he saw the recording and even the thought scared him. Still, secretly, I know that I would love to see his balls presented the way the Bob’s were, and just bring my fist in as hard as I could! I hate to admit it, but the unbelievable excitement and feeling of power I had with Bob that night makes me think that I would love to hit his balls the same way! It’ perverse, but while I normally would ever do anything to hurt him, if he were in the position that Alan was in, legs up and spread with his balls available, I’d hit them regardless!

Other than the spanking and the ball hitting, the evening was much as the night before. As I had last night, I vocalized my feelings loudly as I was taken in my ass or cunt. I said things that embarrassed and humiliated me later, but it was all part of the passion. Once again I told Bob that I was his bride and wife, to do whatever he wanted to me. I cried out that I loved his cock, loved the way he fucked me. At one point I said I wanted him to come to Connecticut and fuck me there, that I wanted to sleep with him in my own home! He didn’t talk much and, when he did, it, fortunately, was not clear on the movie. I don’t remember all that was said, but I was very happy that much of our conversation, when cuddling together, was inaudible. I remember enough to know that I wouldn’t want Alan to hear what we whispered to each other! It was very intimate and very private!

In any case, he was in my cunt three times (as seen in the movie) and in my ass twice. Both time when he left my ass I immediately cleaned his cock with my mouth and tongue, the second time required a lot of work followed by a quick trip to the bathroom – it was like I’d had an enema! That really embarrassed me when I saw the movie, but, I admitted when I saw it that it really turned me on to clean his messy cock as soon as it came out of my ass. I normally am a most fastidious person, turned off by anything dirty, but, reluctantly, I admit I liked it then, and, as I said before, that I had even liked the taste at that time. Counting those two times, I had his cock in my mouth five times during the evening. However, he didn’t come in my mouth – that was saved for my cunt or ass.

We finally ran down and decided that it was time for sleep, so I went into the bathroom to get ready. This time I wanted to take a shower first, thinking, correctly, that parts of my body could well do with a thorough cleaning, particularly those two parts that were still leaking cum! I looked at myself in the full length mirror, and was astounded at how much stuff was on me or coming out! I felt, and, maybe, smelled, better afterwards as I got into bed. Bob followed afterwards and, when we eventually turned the lights out, we cuddled for some time, just enjoying the other’s body snuggled close. I suddenly had a revelation – the strange intimacy, I had noticed last night and this, came about because both nights really felt like a wedding night! Oh, I had loved the first night with Alan, going off with his fingers and tongue, hugging close, etc., but I had missed the crowning aspect of a first night – being screwed by my new husband! That, I figured out, was why I kept thinking of Bob as my husband, why I felt like his bride! He always would be the one who took my virginity, took my “cherry.” I didn’t love him the way I did Alan, but he still had earned a special place in my life, at least for then! In any case, this night we were both exhausted and, as the camera showed, we slept through.

Wednesday, August 26. Once again, it was strange waking up beside Bob, but that strangeness disappeared almost immediately. In fact, I was very comfortable being in bed with him, and I snuggled closer and dozed a bit. It’s amazing how quickly one can become accustomed to sleeping with someone other than your husband – and I assume that men have no trouble getting used to another woman in bed with them. In any case, I had slept naked all night, so I just got up, did the usual bathroom things and came back to bed. Bob did the same, and, after a bit of fondling and feeling, he gave me my first screwing of the day. We were in no hurry, so we just lay there and played around, talking a bit, until I started the next round by playing with his cock and balls, enjoying seeing his cock grow. I sucked it to complete readiness, and climbed on top, letting it sink into me. We were well into it, when the phone rang and, without hesitation, I reached over and answered it, still moving up and down on the shaft. It was Alan, of course, as I had assumed, and I said, “Hi, honey, how are you doing? “ He said that he was fine and he was glad that the quarantine period was over, and when would we meet, adding that he’d like to go out somewhere to have breakfast to celebrate his release.

“Oh, that’s good idea, dear! Look, we’re late getting up so I’ll have to dress.”

“Yeah, I have an idea as to what kept you in bed late! I don’t believe that Bob had you in bed this morning without screwing you!”

I hesitated as what to say next, but, getting my courage together, I went on, “Oh, you! You’re right, of course, and, the truth is, I’m sitting on Bob’s cock right now, fucking myself on it. This is the second time this morning!”

“You mean that he’s in you right now?” The excitement in his voice settled my qualms, for it was obvious that he liked the idea.

“Yes, honey! He’s in me and I was almost ready to go off when you called. Here, listen!” I took the phone and put it down, face up, between Bob’s legs, near where cunt and cock met. There was the liquid sound of fucking, a squishing sound when I came down, a sucking sound when I came up. That clearly recognizable sound of cock penetrating cunt became louder and more frenetic as our tempo built up. Toward the end, Bob grasped me by my hips, holding me as he surged up into me, pounding my cunt from below harder and harder. The explosion came as he welded himself to me, his cock shooting upward, sending cum toward my womb. I was squirming against him, grinding downward as I joined him in coming. We just collapsed for a few moments before I remembered Alan and the phone. I got it out, saying, “What did you think of that, honey? Did you like hearing me get screwed?”

He was ecstatic, saying that it was one of the sexiest things he had ever heard and he hoped that the camera recorded it. Actually, that was the first time that I had remembered the camera since early yesterday, and that’s when I suddenly tried to remember what we had done and, more importantly, what I had said! Oh, well, it was too late to worry about it – but I did! In any case, we hurried and dressed and met Alan at the car. It may seem silly, but I was actually concerned about both his and my reaction when getting back together, but everything fell right into place with no real awkwardness – primarily, I believe, because Alan defused any anxiety or embarrassment by immediately saying, “Look at the two honeymooners, sleeping together for two nights, screw all day, and still can’t get out of bed in the morning!”

That lightened things up, and we began kidding – Bob’s stamina (“he shoots like a fire hose“; “like a Boy Scout, always ready“), my sluttish availability (“Alan could rent me out when we got home“; “Alan could be my pimp“), my changed body access (“holes are so open that someone could fall in“; “I suck like a vacuum cleaner“), Alan “cuckoldness” (“got anthers like an elk“; “he would make a wonderful coat rack“), etc. We hardly could stop laughing, making it very clear that the comradery was still there. I recounted, with considerable embarrassment, some of my misadventures of the last couple of days, particularly me sucking Bob under the umbrella – with an audience. I also described, with Bob’s help, how I had deliberately made sure that people were watching my raised legs while Bob had me in our place – and then walking down the beach with him, smiling at that audience! Those things plus having Bob hold my tit in public made it certain that my adultery was pretty well known around the area of our beach.

I was a bit concerned about Alan would react to such a public display of adultery and, more important to him, I feared, the relatively widespread knowledge of his cuckoldry. I wasn’t too worried, but I still was relieved that he found the whole idea of my public display being sexy. He even commented, “We may have to go back to that idea of a sex contest on stage! Nita would be good at that! We could sell tickets!”

“Now, that is enough of that! People saw me being screwed on that other beach and they certainly saw me sucking on our beach, but no stage!” I didn’t know even half serious he was, but I wanted to nip that idea before it even became a bud!

“Ok, ok, I was kidding! However, today is Wednesday and we leave Sunday – four days after today! Whatever we’re going to do, we don’t have much time! I can’t believe that a whole month is almost gone! Still, in five more days I intend to put my cock where Bob’s has been for the last three weeks – I hope he hasn’t opened your holes so much that I won’t be able to feel it!” I had some ice water left, and promptly threw it over him and ran, giggling out of the restaurant, him chasing me, leaving Bob with the check. He caught me as I got the car door open and tried to get in. Before I knew what was happening, he had jerked my pants down and began spanking my ass! We were on the side away from the street, but my bare, reddening behind must have stood out like a beacon.

Bob finally got there, saw my belabored bottom and said, “Wait! Hold her in that position!” I had no idea as to what was going on until I suddenly felt Bob’s cock between my ass cheeks, searching for my asshole. I was horribly shocked, here in a public parking lot outside a restaurant, but as I loudly began to protest, he found his target. I must have been stretched, for, without difficulty and with only a little discomfort, he sank the whole way in! He fucked me hard, the pleasure quickly outweighed my fears, and I was soon totally into it. As he told me later, Alan stood beside the door, sheltering us from anyone in the restaurant, and watching his wife being ass fucked. It must have been quite a sight, me with my feet on the pavement, bent double over the car seat as Bob pounded into me, quickly worked up to a forceful climax and filled my ass with cum. Showing that I was lost in the circumstances, as Bob pulled out of my ass, I stood up, turned around, dropped to my knees, and took his cock into my mouth and cleaned everything off of it. Getting up, I reached for a Kleenex and wiped my face and lips. Then, putting several Kleenex in the division of my ass, I pulled my pants up and calmly got in the car! Looking back as we drove off, it was obvious that we had not been totally unobserved!

It was a riotous drive home, none of us quite sure of how we could have done what we did, particularly me. However, as I explained, I did not ask to be spanked, I certainly did not ask to be ass fucked in a public parking lot, but dropping down and sucking was just automatic after an ass fuck. Why, I don’t know, and I still don’t know, but it just seems to be part of ass fucking – clean the cock that had just been in my ass! It’s against my makeup, but it seems right, somehow, a natural part of an unnatural sex act. I know that I tend to comment excessively about that part of the action, but that’s because I still am shocked at myself every time I think of it. In any case, both men thought it was wild and approved and really laughed when I said, “The first thing I’m going to do when we get home is to wash my bottom! It feels very wet and messy!

I did just as I said, and it was wet and messy (and I shuddered to think about the cock that had caused it). Then, we went for a long swim and play time in the waves. Somehow the idea of our stay in Belize coming to an end made us aware of how much we enjoyed the water. There was a great deal of the “feeling Nita” game, and we capped the morning, actually early afternoon) with a frenetic climax of “torpedoing Nita,” with Bob, as always, winning – his torpedo exploded deep inside the Nita boat! I have no idea of just how much of our games were obvious from the beach, but me floating, with Alan holding me up, my legs spread and around Bob, probably caught some people’s attention! Admittedly, my body was underwater from my tits down when Bob was in me, but the fucking motions and the positioning – Alan holding me up while Bob moved in and out of me, had to be conspicuous. By that time, none of even cared what people saw, but we did get some incredulous stares when we came ashore!

Oddly enough, we didn’t do anything much during the afternoon. However, by then Bob had had me in my cunt three times and my ass once! Even his cock needed a rest once in a while, so we just drove around looking at some of the places we had visited, even that nefarious surfing beach where I inadvertently put on a show. They teased me a lot about it, but I admitted that, in retrospect, I had enjoyed the performance. That led to kidding me about how much fun it would be to deliberately give a stage show. “Remember how much you enjoyed winning that wet tee shirt contest!” “Think about the attention you would get if you were screwed on stage!” “I wonder what kind of trophy you would get!” “Picture it, a cunt with a cock rampart!” “Headline, with accompanying picture, ‘Married Woman Commits Adultery on Stage While Husband Watches!’ That might even be picked up by out-of-country newspapers!” “We could put it on Facebook – you’d get a lot of ‘friends!’”

“Ok, wise guys, I get the picture! I just wonder what you would do if I said that doing that would be a good idea! Gods, that wet tee shirt contest seems like a year ago! And so tame! I think that you two have turned me into a confirmed exhibitionist – there’s absolutely nothing I have that other people haven’t seen, and I’m not even embarrassed! Just think! A few weeks ago it was a real trauma to show my tits, now they’re almost never covered! I got hot when people saw me walking on the beach wearing panties as a bathing suit. Now that is nothing. Add to that, I’ve been fucked just about every way it can be done and other people have watched the performance – and now you guys talk about deliberately doing it public! Even kidding about it is beyond belief!”

“Who’s kidding? I’ll bet Bob would enjoy having you while a crowd watched! Think, Nita, how that would build up his reputation!”

“And, boy, what it would do to mine! Oh, yeah, what about you – everybody in the resort would know that your wife, on your honeymoon, was putting out for another man! That’d fix up your reputation!”

“I have a feeling that almost everybody already knows – if they don’t, they haven’t been paying attention! In any case that certainly doesn’t bother me.”

“Oh, you’re incorrigible and he’s insatiable! I don’t know which is worst! Regardless, I am not going to be fucked on any stage! Forget it!” I practically yelled those last words, drawing an unfortunate turning of heads and satanic laughter form my two harassers!

“Ok,” Bob said, grinning widely, “we’ll just have to do it someplace nice where a reasonably responsive crowd could watch without organizing a stage performance! That might be more fun, anyway!”

“Damn it, you guys don’t give up, do you. Let’s go home before I kill someone!” The fascinating part of that comment was the secret thrill that went through me, a tingle in my cunt, when Bob said it! I couldn’t see my participating in any such public demonstration voluntarily – but the idea still made me feel funny!

We walked down the beach to the café, me remarking as we did so, that I was going to miss it. “Just think, a week from now we will be home in our own condo, probably having supper at our own table! That will be fun, but I’ll still miss this place – in fact, this whole place is going to have so many memories that we’ll treasure. We said that we wanted to have a honeymoon to remember, and we certainly have! We‘ll have enough pictures to keep us watching for weeks – and we‘ll bore all our family and friends by making them watch, too!”

“Oh, I don’t think that the pictures of our adventures will bore people! We can make a whole slide show of your individual performances, not to mention a whole series of fascinating movies starring our own Anita Stone! Who ever heard of Linda Lovelace? We’ll list the series, “Anita Stone, the Adulterous Honeymooner!” I bet that we could syndicate them and get rich! I’ll be the producer, you the star and Bob as featured performer. We’ll get rich!”

“Hey, good idea! What does a ‘featured performer’ get paid? I put a lot into the role – and a lot into the star!”

“Don’t you guys ever stop? In any case, if I’m the star and you two are only producer and featured actor, I’ll get the big money! You two can split 25% – I think that’s generous!”

“Oh, no, I think that my cock should get separate billing! It did most of the work. Without it, Nita would still be a virgin! I‘ll get a cut as featured performer and my cock get special billing – we‘ll have to think of a title for it! We‘re entitled to 25% each, but we‘ll settle for, say, 35% together!”

“Gods, he’s right! Think of that, Nita, you’d be going home Sunday a virgin! He’s saved me a lot of work, opening up all your holes, so he should be entitled to a reasonable amount, maybe 30%. As producer, the one who actually made the films and will edit them into a blockbuster, I certainly am entitled to a large payout; probably 40% would be fair!”

“Ok, wise guys, just remember, it’s my cherry what was broken, my cunt, mouth and ass which have been the real stars of this opus. Who goes to the movies to see a producer? No one! Who would go to a movie to see a cock? Not too many! But who would go to a movie to see me suck that cock or have that cock in my cunt or ass? My cunt, mouth and ass are the real stars and should get the big money. I’ll be generous and take only 50% and you two can battle over the rest! Twenty-five percent each would more than pay for your contributions. I‘ll bet that there are a lot of cocks and voyeurs out there who would work for less!”

“Listen to the girl! She puts out, enjoys the fruits of our labor, and she becomes a diva! Any attractive woman can lie on her back and get fucked, but she needs a cock to have it done! In addition, I’m your husband and I permitted you to enjoy that cock. Without Bob’s cock and my forbearance, you would be nothing but a frustrated bride who would have to go home, a month after marrying, with her cherry still intact. Bob and I have earned the bulk of the income – but, you won’t be cheated. Well give you a generous 35% as the ‘star’ and split the rest.”

This ridiculous byplay went on all the way home after eating and continued as we lay on the beach, in the twilight, near our path. We talked about fucking me, me sucking and all variation of that theme, and, what would have shocked me a few weeks ago, I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed. The whole absurd discussion of an imaginary movie deal ended up with me naked on the sand, on my back, being fucked (and filmed by Alan’s omnipresent camera), completely ignoring several couples engaged in less extensive sexual playing around. A number of them paused in their explorations to watch, a fact revealed as the camera swept over our rapt audience. I wasn’t being fucked on a stage or in front of a large audience, but it was in public! The observers were treated to a wild performance with me having several vocal outbursts as my excitement mounted. Finally, Bob blasted into me and our show was over. Astoundingly, we actually received a smattering of applause as we got up, me still naked, and went up our path.

We separated at the top of the path, and, for the first time in three days, I went in to sleep with my husband. It actually felt strange for awhile, but that feeling quickly dissipated as we went over the events since Monday. Before we talked, however, Alan licked and sucked by juicy cunt, something he had missed doing since Sunday. We both enjoyed that! It was a long time before we went to sleep!

Thursday, August 27. It had been a long night, for Alan and I had talked for hours about out adventures, particularly my sleeping with Bob and having sex in public, particularly when people seeing me knew that the man having me was not my husband! I admitted that I had really enjoyed spending the night sleeping with Bob and having sex with him alone. I also admitted that I got turned on by other people knowing that I was committing adultery! I didn’t, and still don’t, know why that excited me, but it did. Even more surprising, I actually liked cuckolding Alan and being with people who knew about it! It was fun sitting at the restaurant with him and having them knowing that his wife had put out for another man. It excited me to be on the beach in public with Bob holding my tit with Alan right there. I was really concerned about acknowledging these terrible secrets to Alan, but, to my happy surprise, he liked everything that I had been afraid to admit! In fact, he didn’t understand it himself, but he was turned on by a public demonstration of my infidelity, if that’s what you would call it since he approved! He also had enjoyed being alone in our cottage, knowing that I was making love to Bob next door. He actually said “making love, not making out, fucking, or, whatever! He didn’t know what we should do when we get home, but he did want to put his cock in my cum filled cunt sometime. We finally went to sleep after agreeing that we both loved my illicit sexual activities, and that we still had time for more adventures before we left!

We only had three days left, and we intended to make the most of them. It may seem strange, but we did do some things that had no sexual content, including scuba diving. Actually, we had had several sessions in the last two weeks, but I didn’t bother to discuss them – sex was our prime interest. This time, however, we combined our interests! Bob joined us and we rented a boat and cruised around until we found an area near a small sand bar. We had been there before and knew that the water was crystal clear with plenty of beautiful fish. Actually, this was a popular area because the water was calm. It really was a lagoon, surrounded by several sand bars, some were actually small islands, and where boats could anchor or pull ashore. We beached the boat and donned our gear with me, at the insistence of the fellows, nude except for my mask. There were a few boats nearby and their occupants undoubtedly saw me, but I didn’t care – or, to be honest, I liked showing off!

It’s amazing the difference a pair of swimming pants (or panties) makes in the water. I felt so much freer – maybe it was the feeling of the water on my cunt when I opened my legs or, of course, it could just be psychological, but it was exciting. There were other swimmers in the area, and I saw one underwater with tanks and fins taking pictures of me. I made sure that he got some good shots, including some with my legs open. It was fun and really exciting! We swam around for close to an hour and, getting tired despite the fun, I signaled to the guys that I was ready to get out. I swam to our sandbar and struggled to shore, removing my mask and snorkel as I did so. I was very aware of being naked and probably having some people looking at me – certainly those who had been underwater with me as well as those who had seen me go in when we arrived. I was really enjoying my exposure, partly, I think, because our sandbar surrounded by water and had no connection to where the boats were – like a stage separate from the audience. Subconsciously, I think that on the beach I had been afraid of being naked where people could reach me. So, now I was freed of that fear – out there in the middle of nowhere my new-found exhibitionism took over, and I glanced around to see if anyone was looking!

I almost froze mentally as I realized that the few boats that had been in the area had grown to at least ten and that rather than being spread over the entire lagoon, they had collected within easy viewing distance, eyes and cameras focused on me! I can’t tell you what went through my shocked mind as I saw all of those people, at least forty, maybe more, seeing me standing there, totally naked! My normal reaction, certainly even a week or two ago, would have been trying to cover myself, maybe jumping into our boat to hide or, maybe, just fainting! Instead, after a startled moment or two, a rush of heat, of sexual excitement, rushed through me and I just straightened up to better display myself.

But, by far the most shocking thing of all, I turned to Alan and Bob and said, “Well, you two have been kidding about fucking me on stage with an audience! Well, there’s the audience and this makes a good stage – fuck me! Saying that, I dropped to the sand, lay back and spread my legs! I still have no idea of how I was able to say or do such a thing, but Bob didn’t hesitate, and had his cock out and in me before I could change my mind. It was wonderful, the bright, warm sunlight, the soft, cool sand just making it easy to lose myself in the experience. This was the first time that Bob had fucked me in broad daylight, right out in the open. This time I knew that lots people were there and watching closely (and, of course, photographing us), and that turned me on even more that the screwing, itself! Our action was really frenetic, thrashing about and grinding together, culminating in tremendous orgasms with Bob filling my cunt with a blast of cum. We lay there for several moments, and Bob rolled off of me and I just lay there, wide open and happy.

We figured out later, from the pictures that that was the 50th time that Bob had fucked me – unbelievable! As I sat up, keeping my legs open to display my freshly fucked cunt, there was a round of applause along with whistles of approval and mingled with some cheers. I felt a surge of real excitement and, even, pride in what I had done, and I sat up straight and, smiling broadly, waved to my admirers! My excitement doubled when I recognized several people who had been in our scuba class and, obviously, knew that Bob was not my husband!

Alan, later, said that he was really aroused when he saw those people and knew that they were watching his wife being fucked by another man while he watched! He had loved sitting there, watching with them, as Bob pounded my cunt and I reacted so strongly! He thought, afterwards, that it would have been fun to get between my legs and lick Bob’s cum from my adulterous cunt in front of them. He didn’t think of it in time, but I’ll bet that we would have enjoyed it! In any case, I had deliberately let myself be fucked in public, with and audience, in what really amounted to a stage!

(Something that would have been unbelievably humiliating a few weeks ago, but now was extremely exciting, occurred the following Saturday when we were eating lunch at the cafe. One of our observers of our show on the sandbar had used a movie camera to catch all the action, from the beginning where I walked into the water naked to my triumphant wave at the end, and was kind enough to copy it onto a DVD disc and give it to us! Needless to say, I blushed quite profusely, but accepted it with real pleasure and anticipation! It has remained one of our favorite souvenirs of our honeymoon!)

Basking of the obvious approval of our audience, we quickly picked up our stuff and got in our boat, me still naked, and headed back. We received another round of applause as we pulled away, and, once again, I acknowledged it with a smile and a wave. We were still hyper as we sped along and, after some banter, I knelt down and sucked Bob’s cock, swallowing most of his ejaculation, but sharing some with Alan, who was steering.Boy, did I get kidding, not only on the way in, but the rest of the time we were in Belize, particularly quoting my unequivocal rejection of public sex just yesterday, “I am not going to be fucked on any stage! Forget it!” Both Alan and Bob admired my nerve and composure, but they weren’t going to let me forget. Still, we really were giddy at having committed such an outrageous act, particularly since I initiated it! Needless to say, that became a topic of conversation when Alan and I were alone later! Approaching the dock, I put my pants and coverup on, and we turned in the boat and gear, heading for a nearby restaurant for lunch. It had been quite a morning!

The most amazing thing, however, was that my public display of my nude body and my subsequent deliberate decision to have myself screwed before on what amounted to a stage before dozens of people, some who knew me, was not the most memorable event of that day! I would have expected that a deliberate public fucking would be the only thing we talked about for the rest of our honeymoon, but another, outrageous experience at least matched it! That happened that evening, but actually, several things exciting happened before that!

Bob had an early afternoon appointment, so, after a long discussion about the morning experience, Alan and I drove around to some of our favorite places after lunch. We came home and swam for awhile before lying down and reading in our place. Bob returned in mid-afternoon and found us there, me wearing only my swim pants. They both began to work on me, feeling and squeezing my tits, rubbing and fingering my cunt, until I was hot. Then, Bob turned me over and stroked my cunt while Alan briefly stretched my ass hole. Actually, it didn’t really need any stretching, only some lubrication, before Bob’s cock worked its way in. Shortly, we were engaged in a very vigorous ass fucking – it’s funny, my ass doesn’t have anything like my clit or any other physical erogenous element, but having a cock in it causes me to react as if it were a cunt! Of course, my clit was massaged somewhat by Bob’s balls hitting against it, but I think that the real arousal is physiological. I’m being buggered, sodomized – ass-fucked! The act is perverse, wicked, immoral or depraved – pick your term any of which makes the act exciting! In any case, Bob pounded my ass while I humped back, giving him a firm and ready target. Inevitably, he sent a river of cum deep into my rectum, staying locked against me until our passions subsided and he pulled out. As usual, I immediately turned over and buried his cock in my mouth, licking and sucking until it was clean.

I put my pants on and the three of us ran down into the water until we were waist or shoulder high, depending on the swells. We bounced around awhile, slowing working our way up the beach toward the umbrellas and snack stand. When we were parallel with the stand, we decided to go in and have a coke, but as we headed for shore, I stumbled, and Bob caught me, his hand conveniently grabbing me by my tit. We walked on to the beach that way, Alan beside us with Bob having a firm hold on my breast. There were lots of people around, but I made no effort to pull away until we were right at the counter. We got our cokes and some chips and looked for a vacant umbrella, and, fortuitously, that umbrella was available. For some reason, I was very hot, probably from people seeing Bob holding my breast added to my history with that umbrella! We lay back and watched people walk by, saw some boats leaving the marina and just relaxed.

I looked around and saw that no one seemed to be paying any attention to us, and said for Bob to move further back so we would be more sheltered from view. Then, I moved over and leaned against Bob, asking Alan, “Is anyone looking this way?” He casually glanced around and indicated that no one seemed interested. “Ok, why don’t you move out a bit to shield us?” I think both men were startled by my assertiveness, but Alan did as I said, and Bob quickly took out his cock. I pulled the crotch panel of my suit over, raised up and straddled his legs and lowered myself down on him, the cock sliding easily up into me. Bob was lying almost flat, and I bent over from the waist and began fucking myself by flexing up and down, grinding against him in wild excitement. The physical act plus the circumstances had me approaching orgasm in no time. The same stimulus affected Bob, and he was soon bucking up into me, holding me by my hip bones to get deeper. Quite quickly, probably only two or three minutes, no more than four, I felt him shooting up into me and I pushed down as hard as I could, getting as much pressure on my clit as I went off. I collapsed down onto him and we just lay there, his deflating cock still embedded in me. At last, I sat up and dismounted, slumping down beside Alan, asking, “Do you think anyone noticed!”

“The couple in the next umbrella certainly did, but they’re not complaining!” I looked over, and that couple was wrapped in a firm embrace, her tit being tightly squeezed. She had a two-piece suit on, but the bra was down and his other hand was deep in her pants! We watched, fascinated, as he worked his hand on her cunt, her pants slipping down showing a patch of blond hair, until she obviously had an orgasm. As reality set in, she pulled back and covered her tit and pulled up her pants, clearly embarrassed as such a public display. They got up and hurried off, she hiding her face and he grinning in our direction. I said, “Look at her hand – a brand new wedding ring! Honeymooners!” I felt a funny feeling go through me. “Do you realize that a month ago I would have reacted exactly like that? Gods, how things have changed! I was horrified when someone saw my tit, much less having Bob feel it. Now, I sit here under an umbrella and a public beach right after being fucked, not only fucked, but by another man!

“Still, I’ll bet your honeymoon will be more memorable than hers – unless she has some adventures, too! When we get back home, you’ll have all sorts of things to remember, movies of you in action to watch! She’ll probably go back remembering that she was screwed here by her husband, had a good time as a tourist and, maybe, the real highlight being set off, with her tit and cunt hair showing, on the beach with others watching! A little sin on her honeymoon may be more exciting to remember than anything else!”

“Yeah, Nita, I bet that all the things we’ve done will stand out better than a humdrum ordinary honeymoon! Do you think right now that you’d rather still be a virgin, untouched and pure? Most girls don’t even get what that girl did. Like Alan said, I’ll bet that her little beach display will stick in her memory longer than most of her tourist excursions.”

“Oh, I know that you’re right, but we may have gone to one extreme while others go to the other. Still, no, I wouldn’t rather be a virgin. I’m glad that you’ve fucked me – in every opening! And, Alan, I’m glad you permitted and encouraged me. We’ve had a really good time, and I know we’ll all miss it next week. Of course, Alan has a month’s worth of screwing to get in! Gods, Bob, you’ve worn my cunt and ass out here and Alan will want to do the same when we get home!”

“Remember, Nita, Alan can take his time and screw you at a more leisurely pace. I’ve had only three weeks to get all my fucking in! Now, if I were seeing you regularly, we could space it out better, but I only have a couple of days left! Thinking about it though, I’ve had you in the cunt twice, and your ass and your mouth once each today so far! I bet that my cock will be limp as spaghetti for a month after you’re gone, but it’ll be worth it!”

“Hey, I wonder how many times you can get in her before we leave Sunday! Look, your record is screwing her seven times in one day! Let’s see if you can tie or break! If we count her cock sucking, you’ve already had her four times – let’s try for three more!”

“Damn it, Alan, I think that you’re trying to kill me! If you want me to be in decent shape when we get home, we’d better not turn this into a Guinness Book of Records performance! But, come on – let’s head home for our next presentation. I think that we’ve had enough public exposure for one day!”

We went back to our cottage, Bob to his, for a rest period and cleaning up. I really wanted to take a shower and relax for awhile, but Alan insisted on looking at and licking my recently fucked cunt. He even had me turn over and show my asshole, slipping his finger into me with absolutely no difficulty. “You know, Nita, I could still tell that you had been ass fucked even if I hadn’t watched it. The ocean water washed off the outside signs, but stuff is still seeping a bit and you are very slippery inside. And, boy, cum is really leaking out of your cunt! Turn over again and I’ll lick you!” He proceeded to do just that, licking Bob’s cum out of my cunt and, even, running his tongue over my asshole, commenting when he took a break, “Ye gods, he must have put a quart of cum in you! It’s still oozing out of your ass and positively dripping out of your cunt! It’s a damn good thing that you are on the pill or you’d be going home pregnant for sure!” With that, he went back down on me – by the time he quit, I didn’t need a shower down there. I took one, anyway.

Bob came over about 5:30, suggesting that we go to dinner at fancy supper club on the other side of the marina, an idea that appealed to Alan and me. Alan pointed out that we’d need reservations for that place and, after calling, told us that we were scheduled for 7:00 PM. “It’ll take us about twenty minutes to get there, maybe a half hour or so for Nita to dress – that leaves plenty of time for screwing!” Since all I had on was a pair of panties, it didn’t take long for me to be on my back on the bed with Bob in me. We had a vigorous fucking session, culminating with another deposit of cum deep in my cunt. Bob hurried to his cottage to change clothes while Alan did his usual licking and sucking.

Afterwards, I washed and put on makeup, but I was still naked when Bob returned. It was fun having him there while I dressed. Of course, he had seen and had everything I had, but it felt sexy as he watched me putting on garter belt and hose (I hate pantyhose). Very intimate. I started to reach for my panties and bra, but, as I did so, Bob said, “Damn, it’s too bad you can’t go like that! That would cause a commotion!”

I replied, “Well, I certainly can’t do that, but I guess I don’t need underwear! Will that do?” Both men thought that being naked under my clothes was a good idea (shocking!), so I put the panties and bra away. I really felt good about going to a fancy restaurant, so I even wore a dress – a pink, short silky that buttoned down the front. With the bottom button undone, my hose tops would flash as I walked! Very sexy!

We had an excellent dinner in relatively elegant surroundings and, to top off the evening, we found that there was to be a fireworks exhibition over the marina, a show that was to be visible from the deck of the restaurant. It was a very pleasant area with lounge chairs lined to facing the harbor. While it wasn’t crowded, there were several other couples already there, but we found a large double lounge and a single one with a clear view if the harbor. It was a convivial group and we all introduced ourselves and talked while we waited for the show to start. Bob was on the single lounge and Alan and I were on the double, with a honeymoon couple, Jeff and Suzanne Brown, beside us. We talked with them for a few minutes, exchanging honeymoon and background talk. Further down the deck, probably ten feet or so on the other side of Bob, was an older couple, with others past them. The talk was free flowing and it turned out that the older couple, the Jamisons, collected science fiction books, which was Alan’s mania – our house was going to need an extra room for his collection. The three of them started talking, at some distance, over Bob, so finally, I suggested that they change seats. Alan got up and dragged Bob’s lounge down beside the Jamisons and they were soon deep in a conversation about their obsession.

Bob, of course, sat with me and, as would be expected, put his arm around me. The Browns were cuddling and, surreptitiously, doing a little fondling and petting. That’s when things began to get a little wild. Our lounge and theirs were turned a bit toward each other and away from the others, so our conversation was with each other. It was dark enough that the roving hands were not too obvious, but light enough that you knew what was going on. It didn’t take long for Bob to join Jeff in in the petting, moving his arm so that his hand was firmly on my breast. I knew that if I could see Jeff feeling Suzanne, they could see Bob fondling me. My short skirt was up quite a bit, and with the open button, my hose tops were clearly visible. With Jeff and Suzanne so close, I attempted to get the skirt down, but Suzanne had noticed my legs and stopped me by saying, “You’re wearing hose instead of pantyhose! Did you buy them here? I’ve been looking for a garter belt for months and just can’t find one that’s worth while! I don’t like pantyhose, and neither does Jeff, but that’s all they sell. Don’t pull your skirt down – your legs look so nice, even in this light!”

“Oh, I brought them with me. Alan and I are like you, we just like hose and garter belts so much better than pantyhose and – I probably shouldn’t say this – Alan says that nothing is sexier than seeing a woman’s bare thighs above her hose tops!”

“That’s exactly what we think! If a woman has nice legs, the shorter the skirt the better and with stockings to show them off! Not very political correct, I guess, but,” giggling, “Jeff and I think that a woman should enjoy showing her legs even if more shows that is modest! Oh, pantyhose are safer if you’re really worried about someone seeing up you skirt, but, and, like you, I probably shouldn’t say this, I actually enjoy the ‘danger’ – if that’s what you call it! I shouldn’t say this either, but both Jeff and I enjoy looking up another woman’s skirt! It’s exciting! Yesterday we were in town at a café, sitting across from a woman who had her legs open under her table, and we could see her panties very clearly!” Giggling again, “We had wonderful sex when we got to our room afterwards!” Then, “From the way Jeff is looking at your legs, it’ll probably happen again tonight!”

Startled, I shifted my eyes away from her to Jeff, and I saw that he was staring fixedly at me, and I realized that while listening to Suzanne, I had, without thinking, shifted my legs toward them and that my skirt was high enough for my bare thighs to show above my hose tops. I involuntarily started to pull it down, but Suzanne stopped me, saying, “Oh, don’t do that! You have lovely legs!”

Actually, I didn’t want to cover myself! I loved having both of them looking eagerly at my exposed thighs, and I felt a strong tingle go through my cunt. To have another woman say that she liked to look at me was exciting, so I just took my hand away and stretched out a bit, showing more leg. That’s when Bob stepped in. “Come on, Nita, they said that they like to look up a woman’s skirt, not just look at her legs. Here, look at this!” The last comment was made to Jeff and Suzanne as he reached down and unfastened the next button on my skirt, opening it so that I was exposed almost to my crotch. They both gasped as his unexpected act, leaning forward to see in the dim light.

Now a real surge of heat went through me as I made a pro forma protest. “Bob, what are you doing? Stop that!” Needless to say, my feeble objection had no impact, and both Jeff and Suzanne were obviously trying to see the rest of the way up my legs. Bob persisted, opening my skirt wider and, then, reaching for the last button below the waist, causing me some real concern since I wasn’t sure how they would react to my complete exposure. I struggled with him to keep the button fastened, I whispering, semi-privately, “Bob, stop it! You know I don’t have anything on under there! That’s enough!” At that moment, the fireworks started, the boom startling all of us and turning our eyes to the sky. Bob took advantage of the situation and the last button was undone and my skirt fell completely open, exposing everything below my waist. I “didn’t notice” what he had done, and concentrated on the fireworks, but between explosions I heard a gasp from Suzanne and looked down and “realized” that everything was showing. I started to cover myself ineffectually, of course, and Bob held my hands away. The next explosion was a brilliant display that lit up the whole harbor and, of course, lit up my cunt for them to see! From then on, I was the center of attention, the fireworks being of interest only in that they revealed everything below my waist! They obviously were wildly excited by what they were seeing, and I loved it!

Not satisfied with exposing my lower half, Bob began unbuttoning the rest of my dress, and, in short order, it was completely undone and, for practical matters, I was naked before an enraptured audience. They didn’t talk coherently, just gasping out one or two word exclamations as more and more of me was revealed – “My god, look at that!” “No panties!” “Oh!” “Look at her tits!” “She’s beautiful!” Their unbridled admiration removed any slight reservations I had, and I just lay back on the chaise, legs parted, letting them see everything in the flickering firework light. Then, something totally unexpected happened. Bob had been running his hands all over me from my cunt to my tits, and the excitement of being seen naked and having them see me being felt, blanked out any self-control that I might have had. I was just lying there, letting Bob handle everything. Suddenly, I wanted Alan to be there and see me being exposed and fondled in front of another couple, and, panting, I managed to ask, “Where’s Alan?”

I didn’t think, of course, of how that would be interpreted, but, naturally, they thought that I wanted to know where my husband was so that he wouldn’t know what I was doing! Jeff quickly looked up over our lounge and said, “Don’t worry, he’s still down with the Jamisons! I’ll watch for him!” That was not what I meant, but the idea of cuckolding him in front of Jeff and Suzanne sent a wave of excitement through me. I lay back flat on my back and raised and spread my legs in invitation, and Bob unhesitantly pulled out his cock and took me, beginning a frantic fucking which led to what might have been the biggest and longest orgasm of my life! Fortunately, the continuing crackling and booming of the fireworks drowned out the sounds of Bob’s cock pounding my cunt and the gasps and moans that accompanied it! We were both wildly excited by everything that had happened and what we were doing, so it didn’t last long, but it was unbelievable! Finally, Bob shot into me, pulled out and sat up beside me as I just lay there in a stupor.

Then, however, something even more unbelievable happened. I came to enough to hear a sotto voice encouragement from Suzanne, “Go on, honey, take her! You’ll never get a chance like this again! Go on!” At that point, to my utter shock, Jeff came over me, picked up and spread my legs, and sank his cock into me! Bob, right beside me, was also shocked, of course, but the idea of seeing someone else fuck me reinvigorated him and his cock returned to rigidity and he moved up and put it into my mouth. I didn’t really suck him, just held it there while he moved, but I got my hand up to hold it as he fucked my mouth. Meanwhile, Jeff was pounding in and out of me, his motions rapid and almost spastic as he completely lost himself in screwing me. He didn’t last long – how could he with all that had happened – but it felt wonderful as he finished by blasting a tremendous load of cum deep inside of me. Surprisingly, Bob wasn’t too far behind despite having gone off a short time before

This whole series if action was unbelievable, as I said before, but there was still another even more shocking occurrence. As Jeff finished in me and pulled out, he was immediately replaced between my legs by Suzanne! At first I was hardly aware of what was happening, but, of course, I felt her tongue on my well fucked cunt and, looking down, I saw head bobbing against me! I had never thought of another woman going down on me, but I had enjoyed Alan’s licking and sucking after Bob had had me. This was no different except for the psychological impact of knowing that it was a woman down there! That, I’ll admit, added to the pleasure and I held my legs up and spread, reacting to her tongue and mouth by flexing up and down, actually having several strong tremors which really were minor orgasms! Then, just as it seemed that those tremors were over, I felt a tremendous surge of passion as I thought, “My god, that’s a woman licking my cunt!” Of course, I had known it before, but suddenly it hit me as reality, “That’s a woman between my legs!” Suddenly, it hit me and, without thinking, I reached down and pulled her head tight against me, her face buried in my cunt, as I rocked up and down and ground against her licking tongue and sucking mouth! I went off like the rockets that were still exploding in the sky.

That surge ended and I collapsed back on the chaise, utterly spent. It still wasn’t quite finished as Suzanne moved up from between my legs and embraced me, giving me a strong and passionate kiss, holding it for almost a full minute, her tongue that had been in my cunt now entered my mouth! I responded eagerly, tasting a combination of cum and my own cunt juices. Her face was wet with the same fluids, shining in the glare from the sky. Both of us were lost in the totally unexpected experience of lesbian love, and both of us knew that we would want it again!

We stayed together for a brief time, our closeness shattered by overhead lights coming on. Shockingly, that extreme sexual activity had occurred during the display in the sky and we hadn’t even noticed that it was over. We, of course, had lost all sense of time, and we were fortunate that our end of the deck was away from the other occupied lounges and the standees who had assembled to watch the show. Otherwise, they would have been privy to a different kind of show. It was hard to focus at first, but Alan was still with the Jamisons, talking eagerly about books, and most others were departing. At our end, however, I was still lying, naked for all intents and purposes, Suzanne was beside me, wiping her face and looking dazed and Bob and Jeff were quickly putting their cocks away. It was a totally bizarre setting, and no one seemed to know just what to do.

Unexpectedly, it was Suzanne who reacted first, saying, “Good god, Anita, close your dress! Your husband could come over here any second! Come on everyone, get straightened up – your fly’s open Jeff.” She went over to their chaise and picked up a napkin and finished wiping her face. Then, quietly, “You screwed her! And, my god, I licked her! I don’t believe this!” Then, in a mundane end to that bizarre experience, she said, “It was very nice meeting you, Anita, and you, Bob. Maybe we’ll see you again.” Then they just left, stopping to say goodbye to Alan and, I discovered later, got our local phone number and promised to call.

I managed to get my dress pulled together and buttoned up before anyone looked our way, but I was still in a somewhat dazed condition. Heavens knows, I had been screwed many, many times in the past three weeks, but this was totally different. I had been seen virtually naked by Jeff and Suzanne and loved it! That wouldn’t have done anything but excite me. But, first, Bob had me in front of them, and, unbelievably, Jeff had fucked me! Gods, I had just met him less than an hour before he was in me! Sex with Bob had become a part of my daily life and I accepted it without any scintilla of guilt now. As I’ve said before, I actually enjoyed other people knowing about it or, amazingly, even seeing him take me! But this was different. They were right there, two feet away, people I had talked to just moments before. That was very different from distant, unknown observers, like those on the boats, who happened to be watching! That was bad, or good, enough, but to have Jeff mount me right after Bob and fuck me while his new wife watched – again, unbelievable! Then, equally unbelievably, she had licked and sucked me right after Bob and Jeff came in me – lesbian sex and I really liked it! The whole experience was just too much to absorb immediately and my mind simply was in a cloud.

Still, the mind plays funny tricks, sometimes. After I got my dress buttoned up and my sinful behavior was physically concealed, Bob and I walked over to where Alan and the Jamisons were sitting. I felt like a zombie, but, somehow, I seemed to be on cruise control mentally, and I spoke calmly and pleasantly, even commenting, laughingly, about how crowded our apartment was going to be. Even Alan had no idea that my normal behavior was artificial – my mind was split, a small part going through the mundane social niceties, the bulk still immersed in my outrageous behavior of a few minutes ago.

Shortly afterwards, the three of us headed to the car where I blurted out what we had done. Alan, of course was shocked by what had happened within ten to fifteen feet from he was talking and watching the fireworks. “God, you set off some fireworks of your own! I can’t believe that Jeff got into you like that! And Suzanne – that’s unreal! You know, she got our number as they left. I wonder if she’ll call! And, let’s see, Bob. You had Nita in her cunt and in her mouth, which, I think, is seven times today, tying your record. Do you think that you can get it up one more time tonight?” Bob did, as you might expect, fucking my cunt in our bed when we got home, setting a record of eight times – five in my cunt, twice in my mouth and once in my ass! Of course, I had nine, plus Suzanne!

As soon as Bob left, Alan went down on my cunt, lapping up Bob’s cum, plus whatever would be left from Jeff, and I couldn’t help but compare him with Suzanne! In a way, I liked her doing it more, partly because of the unique circumstances with her and partly because she was a woman! As would be expected, Alan and I were talking late into the night, reliving that unbelievable experience. He was enthralled by my enjoyment of female-female sex, and we both wondered if I would like to go down on a woman. I honestly couldn’t say, but even discussing the idea was more than had ever crossed my mind. He was also fascinated by my being fucked by Jeff. I really couldn’t say how I felt at the time – more startled than anything else, although I had been aroused as he did it. I had been just a bit uneasy about Alan’s reaction to Jeff having had me, but that was not an issue. Actually, I think that he was pleased that it didn’t bother me, for I know that he wanted me to be open to having an affair when we got home so that he could use my freshly fucked cunt! I’ll admit that I had wondered about having someone else screw me at home – it was one thing to do it on our honeymoon where we were anonymous, but another back where we knew people – but I no longer had any real qualms.

Friday, August 28. This day opened with a surprise. We had been talking very late, and, as a result, had slept until almost 9:00. We were up and dressing when the phone rang. I assumed that it would be Bob – he was the only person, other than the resort office, that I thought had our number – and I was startled to hear a woman’s voice….Anita! As she spoke, I remembered that Alan had given her our number, but, of course, I was still surprised and had a very funny feeling when last night’s activities flowed through my head. “Hi, Anita, this is Suzanne Brown – remember from last night! Jeff and I are just going down to the beach café for breakfast and wondered if you would like to join us. Bob, too, if he wants to come.”

Oh, I remembered her all right! I had an amazing surge of conflicting emotions flash through me, but I was able to respond normally while my mind was in a muddle. “Of course I remember you – it was very nice last night.” I don’t know if I had any special tone in my voice, but I heard her giggle as I said it! “Wait a second and I’ll see if Alan has anything planned.” Of course, Alan was more than willing to meet them, knowing what had happened during the fireworks and wondering what, if anything, the Browns had in mind other than breakfast. “Hi, Suzanne, Alan thinks that having breakfast with you would be very pleasant. We can be there in a half hour, if that’s suitable. We‘ll call Bob, and he may come, too.” Alan called Bob while I dressed, and he was also curious about any clandestine ideas they might have.

Bob had just been going to call us, and he, too, was curious about the invitation. “There’s no way they called the next morning just to have breakfast – they must have something else in mind. I have no idea as to what it might be, but it may be interesting!”

“You’re right, of course, and I’ll bet that they want more action with Nita! Look, they don’t know that I know what happened last night. I’m sure that they think that you and Nita are having a secret affair. I’ll bet that they’ll try to set up a private meeting – shopping or whatever – so that I won’t be around. In any case, come on over and we’ll meet them.”

Turning to me as he hung up, he asked, “Would you want to do that, Nita?”

“Well, I’m a bit nervous about it, but I think that it might be fun. I did enjoy it last night. Maybe we should just tell them that you know about it and don’t mind. That would remove all the covert business.”

“No, I don’t want to explain my problem again! I’d rather that you go ahead as if you’re getting away with something and tell me about it later. Look, I know! If they do propose getting together with them, you can bring them back here to “swim.” I’ll have an appointment in Belize City that will take most of the afternoon, giving you plenty of time to do whatever you want. That would be better than going to their hotel room. And, I’ll be able to set up the cameras so that we’ll have a record of what happened!”

“Well, that certainly should work. Ok, if they ask me to get together with them, I’ll suggest that they come to our cottage! She specifically mentioned Bob, so they probably have him in mind, too. Now, are you sure that you want to do this? Where would you go?”

“Of course I’m ok with it! It sounds like a perfect setup – this would really make the honeymoon memorable! Don’t worry, I’ll be ok. You can call me on my cell phone when the coast is clear. Gods, it’ll be disappointing if they just want breakfast and conversation!”

Bob joined up and we headed to the café, filling him in on our plan. Needless to say, he was enthusiastic about the idea and certainly understood Alan’s reluctance to have to explain his problem. When the question arose as to where Alan would spend the time while we “played around,” he offered his cottage. That, of course, was perfect – near and private, hidden from view from our cottage and even providing a place to park our car where it couldn’t be seen. So, the only question was what the Browns would propose, if anything.

We were a bit late arriving, but Jeff and Suzanne were waiting at a table on the deck. We had a very nice late breakfast, conversing easily on many things – last night’s fireworks, where things were located in Dangriga, things they might enjoy like the outdoor movies, etc. No comment the least bit suspicious or furtive was made by Jeff or Suzanne, nor was there any veiled hints about last night’s activities. Then somehow, and I don’t remember how, Alan managed to casually insert the information that he would be gone all afternoon since he had an appointment in Belize City. It was about 50-60 miles of mediocre to bad roads, so he probably would have four hours of driving for an hour appointment – he was very disgruntled!

The first sign of a nefarious scheme came then as Jeff and Suzanne exchanged meaningful glances. “Well, look, Anita, if you’re going to be alone all afternoon, we can get together and talk about things. It was very pleasant last night and I’m sure that Jeff and I would love to pick up where we left off. Bob could join us if he’d like to – we enjoyed his company last night as well!” She looked very knowingly at me as she said that, making it quite clear what they had in mind. Responding in kind, I responded that I had enjoyed everything last night – emphasizing everything, leaving no doubt that I had received her message. Bob chimed in, indicating that he had enjoyed everything last night and that he certainly would like to be included. The emphasis was so heavy from both sides that Alan, or anyone else, could hardly have missed the strong under currents, but, of course, he saw nothing unusual in the comments! So, as simply as that, a rendezvous was proposed and, quickly, accepted, the Brown’s agreeing enthusiastically about coming to our cottage! Since Alan was “leaving” about 1:00 PM, they agreed to join Bob and me shortly afterwards. I was all atwitter and had a hard time concentrating on the conversation after the plans were made. I had no idea exactly what would happen, of course, but I couldn’t wait to get started!

Promptly at 1:00 PM, Alan got in the car and drove down the main road out of town. Very shortly afterwards, Suzanne and Jeff arrived, giving me the impression that, as we suspected, they had been watching our cottage! Bob came shortly after that, so the group was together, ready for action. (About 20 minutes later, Alan drove by, saw their car and went on to Bob’s cottage to wait.) As might be expected, things were a bit awkward, at first, no one knowing quite how to get things started. Finally, I broke the stalemate by saying, “Suzanne, you said that you like garter belts and hose, but can’t find them anywhere here. Look at these that I brought with me.” I went to my lingerie drawer and pulled out a black lace garter belt and a pair of black hose. I brought these with me, but I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. The ones I had on last night were what I wore at the wedding – I put them on this afternoon, too, knowing that you liked them!”

“Oh, Anita, these are just what I was looking for! I don’t know why you can’t buy them here!”

“Why don’t you try them on? I’ll bet they’d look good on you!”

“Well, maybe I could, but I’d hate to hurt the hose! You said that you’re wearing the ones you had on last night! Let’s see – it was pretty dark then, and we really couldn’t see too well!”

That, of course, was what I was waiting for, so, after a few moments of pretended reluctance, I pulled my skirt up almost to my waist to an enthusiastic audience. Bob moved things along by saying, “Of course, she wasn’t wearing panties last night! Come on, Nita, take your skirt off so that we can really see!” Again, with reluctance, I gave in and, shortly thereafter, stood there showing my white lace panties with matching garter belt and hose. Then, without any urging, I calmly took off by blouse, exposing my matching bra, saying, “This is what I had on under my wedding gown!”

The reaction from Suzanne and Jeff was all that I could have hoped for, gasps of admiration, comments that I was beautiful, looks that could only be described as lustful, etc. Jeff finally blurted out, “Wow, if people at your wedding could have seen what was under your gown, there would have been a riot! I’ll bet Alan loved it!”

Mentioning of Alan could have created more awkwardness, but Bob stepped in again, interjecting the comment, “He’s not the only one!” Coming up behind me, he cupped my breasts, squeezing them and continuing, “She would turn anyone on! I don’t know how much you could see of her tits last night, but they’re the best I’ve seen or felt!” At that point, he unclasped my bra, adding, “What do you think of them?” Not waiting for their reaction, he moved his hands down to the tops of my panties and, before I knew what he intended, he slid them down, and, suddenly, I was naked except for garter belt and hose! He moved one hand back to my tit and the other between my legs, adding, “Her cunt is perfect too! Here, feel!”

As might be expected, the Browns were startled by my sudden nudity, just reacting with unbelieving stares. Suzanne was the first to react, hesitantly reaching out and running her hand onto my other tit with an exclamation of pleasure, “Oh, it’s so firm! I can’t believe how big it is – and it sticks straight out! Feel it, Jeff!”

Jeff got a quick feel, but it was awkward for three sets of hands to explore me, so Bob, still holding me by my boob, walked me into the bedroom and placed me on the bed, saying, “Lie down, Nita, so they can get at you.” They did just that, Suzanne getting on the bed beside me and running her hand up and down my body, finally sliding it between my legs and feeling my clit. At the same time, Jeff was on the other side, doing the same thing, his hand competing with hers to feel and probe me. I was in another world, so aroused that I was moving under their hands almost immediately. I wasn’t thinking, just responding, but an involuntary desire had me reach out and grasp Suzanne’s breast through her clothes. She immediately sat up and stripped off her blouse and bra, revealing a smaller but perky pair of tits with nipples sticking out like little cocks. She leaned over and put our tits together, and then moved higher so that the nipple was against my mouth. I kissed and sucked on it while the men’s hands roamed over my body. I swear that I was having a mini orgasm continuously.

Jeff got up and got behind Suzanne and removed the rest of her clothes, leaving us naked against each other. That felt wonderful as did the stroking, fondling and probing I was getting from the two men at the same time. All of a sudden, I felt my legs being lifted and spread as Bob, now also undressed, mounted me and slide his rigid cock all the way up my wet cunt. He fucked me very hard, the pleasure of being taken augmented by being aware that Jeff and Suzanne were watching from right beside me! I was matching his pounding strokes, writhing and twisting beneath him, with Suzanne squeezing my tits as I did so. It culminated in a wild, potent orgasm as Bob unloaded deep inside me!He got off, but before I could get my legs down, Jeff was on and in me. He proceeded to belabor my freshly fucked cunt, really out of control from the excitement of seeing and feeling me, and then watching me being screwed with his own naked wife right there. I vaguely heard her say, “Fuck her, Jeff! Put your cock in her! Oh. Yes, that’s it! Fuck her!” Her words became clearer later when I saw the movie, and the intense, lustful look on her face was also evident then. While Jeff was having me, she put her hand down and felt my cunt and his cock as we came together. He came pretty quickly, and, as he pulled out and got off, she got between my legs and licked and sucked me, doing what Alan usually did. It was very different, of course, having a woman do it, but the difference was mostly psychological. Man or woman, I discovered, it felt much the same – wonderful!

That, of course, was just the beginning. Bob and Jeff each had me two more times in the next four hours, and I sucked them both several times, more to get or keep them hard rather to have them go off, although Bob did come in my mouth once.The four of us were naked with on the bed for the four hours, and we were engaged in one sex act or another the entire time. Suzanne went down on me each time I was fucked and we kissed and felt each other numerous times. There were three very different acts, however, that stood out.

First, something we had done many times before – Bob had me in my ass! This was different because Suzanne and Jeff not only had never done such a thing, they had never considered it. Of course, they were newly married and hadn’t explored such possibilities, but they were fascinated to watch Bob turn me over, put a pillow under my hips and insert his cock up my ass. It was a hard, pounding ass fucking and I loved having an audience as he had me. They didn’t actually say anything, only making little shocked gasps, as I turned and cleaned his cock, but I really enjoyed doing that demeaning act as I knew they watched!

The second thing was having Suzanne screwed by Bob! She was wildly excited by all the sexual acts, and loved watching her husband fuck me, but she was hesitant about committing adultery, herself. She had just been married, and had not considered letting Bob fuck her! Having Jeff take me, licking and sucking me afterwards, was fine, but going the whole way herself just seemed wrong. She even said, without really thinking, “Oh I can’t, that would be adultery!” That comment was met with howls of laughter from the three of us – lying naked in bed, me with a well-used cunt! For heaven’s sake, her own husband had screwed me right in front of her!

I finally was able to stop laughing long enough to point out that, “Oh, we wouldn’t want you to commit adultery! That would be a sin! I certainly wouldn’t want you to do anything I wouldn’t do! I’ve been well trained by my Aunt Agatha to avoid such a sinful act, so I have remained pure and chaste! I suppose that my actions with Bob, and now, Jeff, might appear questionable to biased eyes, but we know better!” Actually, I don’t think that she actually had been thinking that I was committing adultery all those times – she knew it, but wasn’t thinking about it – but that was me, not her! Of course, she quickly recognized how silly her comment had been, but she still had qualms about it despite encouragement from her own husband. Ultimately she, somewhat reluctantly, raised and spread her legs as Bob mounted her and carefully sank his cock into her welcoming cunt. Once he was in, her hesitancy vanished, and she responded to his in and out motions by surging against him, grounding her clit upwards to get more sensations. She started her orgasm well before his, almost dislodging him once or twice before he ejaculated. That was when the third thing occurred!

Without hesitation, as Bob dismounted, I moved between her legs, and for the first time, licked another woman’s cunt! I immediately tasted Bob’s familiar, cum, but, as I licked and sucked, I definitely got a different flavor which I knew was pure Suzanne – and I liked it! I had absolutely no sense of distaste, no repulsion of any kind. I actually liked the feeling of running my tongue through the slippery inter-lips, poking into the hole and flicking my tongue tip against her clit. It really turned me on when she reacted to my licking by gently lifting up and down. I don’t know if she actually went off, but I know that we both liked it! Later on, confirming that feeling, we engaged in a long, very pleasant sixty-nine session! Bob and Jeff really enjoyed watching us, and I, surprisingly, liked knowing that we had an appreciative audience. I wished that Alan could have been there to watch with them, but I was sure that he would get the opportunity when we got home, for I now knew that I liked sex with another woman as well as with other men!

There were many things that we did that afternoon that I didn’t even remember until I saw the movie when we got home. Things were said that shocked me a bit when I heard them, e.g. telling them that Alan and I had never thought of ass fucking. That suddenly made it real that not only that another man (now, men) had screwed me, but I had done something with another man that I hadn’t, as yet, done with my husband! I could see a funny look come over Suzanne’s face as the realization sank in! There were physical things that happened that were wildly exciting at the time, but embarrassing when looking at the movie. One was Bob sinking his cock into Suzanne’s ass while I sucked Jeff! I was amazed that she was ready to be buggered, particularly since she had just had her first adulterous fucking and had been really shocked when Bob ass fucked me! Still, the really embarrassing, thing was that when Bob pulled out of her ass, I not only cleaned his cock with my mouth, I licked and sucked her leaking asshole! Looking back on it later, it was hard believe that I had done such a perverted thing, but the camera (and, I’ll have to admit, my memory) proved that I did so with real enthusiasm! The last thing we did was have Jeff bugger me. He had seen Bob have Suzanne in her ass and, afterwards, Suzanne urged him to have me the same way. However, I did not clean his cock because Alan called just as he pulled out of my ass.

It was an afternoon of great pleasure, illicit pleasure! I enjoyed everything, particularly my new found love of female-female sex. It was really fun to be doing all these things, not only for the physical pleasure, but, also, because they were illicit! I know that we all were turned on by doing forbidden, even perverted, things. When, as planned, Alan called, just as Jeff finished in my ass, saying that he would be there in one-half hour and we could go out and get something to eat, there was a real collective sense of getting away with something. We all lay there, completely naked, as I told him that Jeff and Suzanne were there and suggested that maybe they’d like to come, too. There were muffled chuckles as we talked, and Suzanne leaned over and kissed my nipple while Jeff tickled my cunt. There were gales of laughter when I hung up, Jeff even blurting out, “Actually, we’ve already come! In Anita!” Everyone, including me, seemed to take pleasure in having fooled Alan, even cuckolding him! Someone, Suzanne, I think, actually used that word to more peals of laughter! Of course, Bob and I knew better, but it was fun to join in “fooling” Alan.

In any case, we quickly cleaned ourselves and the room and got dressed. Actually, the bed was quite messy from a generous supply of cum soaking the sheet and Suzanne was worried about it, but I said that it would dry by evening. I knew, of course, that Alan would be delighted at physical proof of our orgy! Alan “arrived” (from next door) and we all went out to eat. There was a real air of smugness, an awareness of having gotten away with something, that pervaded the dinner including a few veiled comments that brought smiles and grins at Alan’s expense. He, of course, knew what was going on, but as we had discovered before, he actually enjoyed having been cuckolded and having people know about it – particularly sitting there with the men who had fucked his wife! Thus, we all enjoyed the evening and the meaningful repartee!

As we were splitting up, Suzanne said that Jeff was going to a soccer match Saturday afternoon, and suggested that we could go shopping together if I were free. However, it was obvious from the look she gave me when she suggested it that she had something else in mind rather than shopping! I said that I wasn’t sure since Saturday was our last full day in Belize, but that I would call if I were free. I felt a tingle in my cunt as I thought of it, however, and I quietly told her, in private, that I would try!

Alan, Bob and I all went back to our cottage where we recounted all of our activities to Alan. Alan was, of course, was fascinated, giving rapt attention to all of my sexual exploits, particularly my experiences with Suzanne and Jeff. He was especially interested in the time when Jeff fucked my ass and, even more, when I licked Suzanne’s ass after Bob fucked it! He, and I, couldn’t wait to see what the camera had recorded!

It was only about 7:30 when we had sufficiently discussed the orgy, so we headed down for a swim before it got really dark. Then, we walked down to the café for a drink and snack. Coming back along the beach, we played around a bit along the water edge and, inevitably, that led to sex play. I had worn a cover-up to the café, but that was soon off and I was wearing just a pair of thin panties as we went along. It was, as usual, a warm evening, the sun just departing, and there were quite a few people still out, some wading in the surf, but mostly lying around relaxing or making out. We passed the snack stand and the small crowd around it watching a parasail being pulled around by a speedboat. It was silhouetted against the slowly setting sun, the light coming through the gossamer wings. It was a beautiful sight, and, finding an empty spot further up the beach from the water, we sat down to enjoy the view – Alan and I were all too aware that our time in Belize was very short. We watched until the parasail and boat drew away, and then we just sat and talked as it got darker. Suddenly, Alan told me, “Nita, take off your panties!” There were still quite a few people fairly close to us, but I didn’t hesitate, and, shortly, I was completely naked. It felt good – it was dark enough for me to feel fairly secure, but still light enough that anyone looking directly at me could see. Both men began playing with me, fondling my tits, stroking and penetrating my cunt, and I just lay back and enjoyed it.

Then, to my honest surprise, I felt Bob moving over me as Alan said, “Put your legs up, honey! That’s it!” I was surprised, but I didn’t hesitate! I pulled them almost up to my tits, opening them as Bob mounted me, his cock sliding in with no hindrance. It’s amazing how much bigger my cunt opening was after all the fucking I had received from Bob (and Jeff) in the past three weeks. Somehow, at first, the idea of anyone watching never entered my mind as Bob began to fuck it for the third time today, and I really entered into the act with great fervor! Suddenly, there was a flash of light, followed by two others, and, like an epiphany, I realized that a camera had gone off, photographing me being fucked. It was one thing to have been seen as I had been before on the sandbar, and another to be performing on camera for strangers right on the beach! I would have expected me to freeze up at the realization that I was putting out before an audience when everyone was close by, but my reaction was the opposite – a surge of sexual energy surged through me and I exploded! I started moving up and down, writhing and grinding against Bob each time he plunged into me.

I just couldn’t get enough of his cock, wanting it harder and deeper, wanting it to raise me higher and higher as I neared orgasm! His excitement seemed as great as mine as he smashed into me, battering my clit, as the “slap, slap, slap” sound of fucking filled the air. The culmination was a mutual explosion as he surged against me, welding himself against my cunt as we ground together. We remained pushing hard against each other as he ejaculated a flood of cum and I felt its heat shooting toward my womb. We posed there for a second or so, and then just collapsed as he pulled out and flopped down beside me. I was still in a daze from the intensity of the screwing and the tremendous release of my climax, and I just lay there, spread open and completely exposed. My stupor was suddenly ended by my becoming aware of more flashes going off! I came to my senses and opened my eyes and became aware of what was really an audience looking down at me taking pictures of me lying there naked, open and fucked!

Looking back I am astounded at myself! Last Monday when I had sucked Bob’s cock on the beach and realized that I had been seen, I literally ran away, totally humiliated. I had, of course, acted differently when, on Thursday, people on their boats had watched Bob having me on the sand bar, but that was different – that was out on the water and the audience was separate from where we were. This time I was actually right on the beach with, as it turned out, people right around me – taking pictures! I really don’t know why I didn’t just fall apart and cringe there or, again, run away, mortified. Instead, smiling pleasantly, I slowly pulled my legs up to my tits, opened them to show my well-used cunt, and waited until it had been thoroughly photographed. Finally, when the flashes subsided and everyone had their cunt pictures, I stood up and, carrying my panties, calmly said, “Ok, fellows, let’s go home!” Alan and Bob, shocked, I’m sure, at my savor faire, each took one of my arms and, without hurrying, we walked away from the crowd, me still completely naked! Camera flashes still went off, with several people getting full frontal shots, me actually pausing so that the pictures wouldn’t be blurred! I continued to act with complete equanimity, smiling happily as shutters snapped and flashes went off.! It was unbelievable. The me of three weeks ago would have been shattered, the me of now wasn’t even fazed, even loved the attention! Had I gone from virginal chastity to complete depravity in that short time? The evidence seemed to say yes, but, somehow, I didn’t even care! So, flanked by my adulterous lover and my cuckolded husband, I coolly walked away.

When we got back to the cottage, we reacted with laughter, with both men in awe of my composure, Alan kidding me with, “We knew that you could put out in public! This was even better than the sandbar! We didn’t have you on a real stage, but this was better because they could be closer and take pictures! I got some, too! Thank heavens for point and shoot cameras! I got some of the crowd – wait till you see some of their faces! I actually saw a couple of guys rubbing their cocks as they watched! There were three girls together just staring – I wouldn’t be surprised if they got fucked tonight!”

“I’m lucky that I didn’t know such a crowd had collected – my cock might have gone limp! When those first flashes went off, I was far enough along that I didn’t care!”

“I still can’t believe this! I’ve been fucked as if I was in a porn movie! Jeff and Suzanne this afternoon, Bob then, and now in public! Can you believe that we were married almost a month ago, I was a woman that Aunt Agatha would have been proud of, and now this! I’d say that it’s a good thing we’re going home Sunday before I become even more immoral and debauched, but I don’t really know how I could be! What more could I do or have done to me? Think about it: another man took my virginity, he’s had me in my mouth, cunt and ass, in private and in public, I’ve slept with him two nights, another man has fucked me and, of all things, I’ve had sex with another woman! Gods, what more could I do?”

“No, not much more, I guess, but I don’t think that you regret any of it, do you? I certainly don’t, and we wanted a memorable honeymoon!”

“No, I don’t regret anything, even being fucked in public, and I’m looking forward to sex with Suzanne tomorrow!”

Bob chimed in with, “Well, I certainly don’t have any regrets! And, we still have tomorrow – after you’re through with Suzanne – and while there really isn’t anything completely new that we can do, repetition isn’t too bad!”

So, after a very eventful day, and Alan and I rehashed everything again after Bob went home – after one more cock sucking.

Saturday, August 29. This was to be our last full day in Belize and we hardly could believe it. We had mixed emotions, loving it there and wrapped up in our activities, sexual and otherwise, but we also were eager to get home. All Alan could think about when he thought of leaving was getting that stent out and stopping his dampening medication! I was really ambivalent, thinking of the multiple sexual adventures that I had in Belize, but I was a bit homesick and I, also, was looking forward to sex with Alan. The first thing of significance that I did on our last day, however, was to make plans for more sex there! I called Suzanne as soon as I thought the time was reasonable, and made arrangements to meet her at their hotel about 2:00 there was no mention of shopping! Then, joined by Bob, we spent an hour of so in the water torpedoing Nita for the last time. We walked down the beach, wading in the surf, me, as was now usual, wearing my bikini bottoms with my bare tits bobbling up and down as we jumped over the incoming flow. We headed back to our path, and then deliberately made our relationship crystal clear to anyone watching.

Alan and I stood, side by side, talking to Bob, and, then, Alan made a gesture toward the snack shack and walked away toward it. Bob put his arm around me, and in public view, grasped my tit and leading me up our path to “our place!” Once there, I was soon on my back, my feet projecting a bit above the sheltering dune, with Bob firmly embedded in my cunt, fucking me. We, of course, knew that any observers along the beach would know what was going on and, at least those who were “regulars,” had to know that it wasn’t my husband having me! This wasn’t open in public like last night or the scuba diving sand bar incident, but this was a deliberate, planned demonstration of my infidelity. It was a powerful screwing session, partly because of that, but also because we were in “our place,” a place of many vivid memories including losing my virginity to the man who was in me then. Shortly after we finished with a massive orgasm, Alan arrived. He had walked to the snack shack, coming back carrying three Cokes, strolling slowly past people who most likely knew that his wife had been fucked while he was gone! He had delayed returning until my feet dropped out of sight so as not to “catch” us in the act of adultery!

It was fun, adding a bit of scandalous behavior for people to talk about. We weren’t going to see those people after tomorrow, and most had no idea of who we were, but it was fun to do something totally audacious and blatent! I would have loved to hear the gossip among those who knew that Alan and I were on our honeymoon and that Bob was screwing me! In any case, Alan and I dressed and drove into town for lunch near Suzanne’s hotel, me almost too nervous to eat! I actually had a date with a woman! A date to have sex! It’s one thing to have sex with another woman when part of an orgy, anything goes, but it’s another to meet a woman for no reason but to have sex! It had been traumatic setting myself up to have sex with Bob the first time, but it was at least as scary to think of going to a hotel room specifically to have sex with another woman! Right up to the fireworks episode, I had never even thought of being attracted to another woman sexually – such a thing just never had occurred to me! However, there certainly was no doubt in my mind about that attraction now! It was just that I didn’t know how to start, how we would get by the awkwardness I felt and I’m sure she felt. Still, the appeal was there, and, nervous or not, I was looking forward to it!

Finally, 2:00 arrived, and I left Alan to walk around town and the harbor and went up to Suzanne’s room. As it turned out, the awkwardness I feared never appeared, because as soon as the door closed behind me, we were in a passionate kiss which lasted at least a full minute. We started frantically removing our clothes – actually, mine since all she had on was a robe. No more than five minutes after I arrived, we were naked on the bed together, deep in another kiss. We were feeling and fondling each other as we kissed, squeezing tits, running fingers through pussy hair and the pussy, itself! Eventually, she broke the kiss and worked her way down my body, sucking and licking my nipples while sliding her hand over my cunt, tickling my clit. Ultimately, of course, she knelt between my legs and felt and probed me while I just writhed around in pleasure. Without prompting, I raised and parted my legs and she began a long, delightful, session of cunnilingus!

Both Alan and Bob had licked my cunt, and, while I had really enjoyed it, this was different! Even when she had licked me with Bob and Jeff, it had not been like this! It was a whole different experience when we were alone and having sex – her tongue was the same, and what she was doing was the same, but the situation amplified the pleasure! Before, the female-female sex was just an adjunct to the group orgy – now it was the main, actually, the only, event!

It seemed to take forever as I slowly worked up toward my climax, her tongue flicking over my clit and, occasionally dipping into my cunt and swirling around. At the same time, when not licking between the lips, she sank her index finger into me and finger-fucked me in a rhythm matching my undulations. Once in a while, for variation, she slipped her lubricated fingertip into my ass and wiggled it around, causing a different surge of arousal coursing through me. As I approached orgasm, she began probing my cunt with her thumb while sinking her finger entirely into my ass, finger-fucking both holes. At the end, I was flexing up and down so hard that she couldn’t keep her tongue on my clit and she simply buried her face in my cunt, licking as much as she could. Her fingers were working as fast as they could, trying to match my uncontrolled motions. My orgasm was tremendous, one of my best ever, as with one final surge upward, I came, holding still with my hips held up off the bed, her fingers still embedded in my cunt and ass. Then I collapsed, my drop to the bed causing the fingers to pull out, leaving me empty as well as breathless and exhausted. That certainly was the best non-cock climax I had had! Amazing, and I loved it!

Suzanne moved up beside me, cupping my breast with one hand and wiping her face with the other. Still, there was a damp shine on her cheeks and chin that came from my cunt and, for some reason, that excited me – physical evidence of what she had just done. I managed to gasp out, “That was wonderful! Oh, it felt so good!” I reached up and pulled her to me and kissed her with real passion. Despite her efforts to remove the moisture from her face, it was still pretty wet, adding something different to the feel of our cheeks together. In addition, I could taste something different on her lips, a taste that clearly was from my cunt. That same flavor was on her tongue when she inserted it into my mouth, reminding me just where that tongue had been and what pleasure it had given me. We said very little as I recovered, but the way we kissed, hugged and caressed each other removed any need to speak. Then, both from a need to give her what she had given me, and my own desire to do it, I began the journey down her body.

Actually, of course, I had seen and felt everything yesterday, even licking her and having a sixty-nine session, but this was different. This was not part of a threesome or foursome, this was two women alone having sex! She, by herself, had brought me to orgasm by licking and finger-fucking my cunt and ass, and I wanted to reciprocate – partly, obviously, as I said, to bring her pleasure, but, at least as important, I wanted to do it for myself! I had a positive desire to lick her cunt for me! I wanted to have my finger in her cunt and ass because I wanted to do it! I took great pleasure in lightly sucking her nipples as I fondled her tits, I delighted in running my fingers through her fluffy cunt hair and, most of all, I loved the feel of her wet cunt as I fingered her clit and ran the fingers through her slit! Then, I went inside, enjoying the slippery, slick walls of her cunt. After a few minutes of exploration, I moved between her legs and just studied everything, from the mound of hair at the top to the puckered asshole at the bottom. I had seen her before, but so that I could take my time and really look!

Finally, I crouched down and began to lightly flick my tongue over her clit, causing her to flex upwards to increase the contact. Then, I slid my tongue down, between her cunt lips, delving into the hole, itself. Continuing down, I reached her asshole and licked and pushed against it before moving back up. It was wonderful doing these things when we were alone. I felt freer to enjoy, even get hot, as I really inspected a cunt for the first time, and, then, was able to play with it (and its neighbor) at my own, and her, pace. I had received great pleasure from a threesome and a foursome, but I couldn’t help from being a bit self-conscious when I worked on her with a man or men there.

In any case, I enthusiastically played with her for both our sakes, concentrating on her clit with my tongue while inserting, as she had done, my thumb into her cunt and my finger into her asshole – and we both loved it! We got wilder and wilder as she approached orgasm by flexing up and down, writhing and pressing hard against my fingers, and panting and gasping incoherently. I licked and finger-fucked her faster and faster, more and more excited myself until, finally, she climaxed, hips off the bed, surging against my face and fingers – and then slumped back, completely overcome and exhausted. I stayed between her drooping legs, licking gently, and, exhausted myself, moved out and lay beside her. There was no energy left in either of us, but we still embraced and kissed fervently, she getting to taste her own cunt on my lips as I had tasted mine earlier. It was an extremely pleasant aftermath as we gradually returned to normal.

We weren’t finished, of course. We engaged in a sixty-nine session which was fun, but not as effective as doing each other separately, and spent a lot of time just fondling and feeling each other. Our fingers were in one hole or the other many times, sometimes combined with licking, sometimes not. We each seemed to really get excited by licking and fingering the other’s asshole and, of course, being licked there ourselves. I think, in fact, that we did just about everything two women can do to each other, ending with very long and intense goodbye kisses, combined with mutual promises to get together sometime when we were back in the States. All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon, and while it lacked the powerful force of a pounding cock, it had its own delights that made me want more of it. I clearly had become a confirmed bisexual!

I went down and found Alan almost asleep in the lobby and realized that Suzanne and I had been engaged in uninterrupted sex for over two hours! We drove home and, after I described my afternoon in detail, went down to the beach. We were near the end of beach time, and our emotions were thoroughly mixed. Normally, I would expect to be ready to leave and go home – Alan had a particular reason for that – but we had become so involved in our many activities in Belize, including sex, of course, that we were torn. Actually, sexwise, today had been quiet. Bob had screwed me twice this morning, but that was well below our recent average! We went back to “our place” and lay there on the mats thinking of all the things we had done, including scuba diving, trying the parasail once, just driving around the countryside, eating at nice restaurants, etc., but our fondest memories always came back to sex, my wet tee shirt win being near the top. It was that night the I think really freed me up to do all the other things, Of course, losing my virginity to Bob was up there too, but that public demonstration gave me the confidence to just let go!

Surprisingly, one of the things that stood out was spending the night with Bob. I really don’t know why that seemed so much more significant than all the other things that I had done – or had done to me – but maybe, perversely, it was because Alan wasn’t there, it was just me sleeping with another man. Whatever, as we reminisced, that kept coming up as a memory that, like the tee shirt contest, made me feel freer. Also, walking the beach topless and hearing the comments, walking around just wearing panties and a multitude of other exhibitionist activities buoyed my confidence, too. Of course, being screwed in public, being screwed at the fireworks show, fucking and sucking at the drive in movies, the lesbian sex – everything changed me. A tame life back home was going with conservative clothes and behavior was going to require a transition back to…well, to not Aunt Agatha standards, but certainly far more decorum. Still, there were compensations, the first of which, Alan’s cock being able to work, was of supreme importance.

Bob arrived just as we were thinking of going to the café for dinner, so, of course, he joined us. We didn’t want a formal meal, so the café was perfect. All I wore was a pair of blue panties under a semi-sheer coverup, sufficiently discrete for there, but little enough to make me feel good. It was a very nice time, Bob adding his memories to ours, and, surprising me a bit, showing a sentimental side at the thought of us leaving. Obviously, I knew that he would miss our company and, most of all, having me sexually, but it was more than that – and it made me feel very good! We finished eating about 6:00 and headed back, walking along the waterline, enjoying the warm water. As usual, about half-way back, I took off my coverup, gave it to Bob, and walked along wearing nothing but my panties. That still turned me on – unless someone was quite close, they couldn’t see that they were panties, but I knew! It being our last evening in Belize, we, without consultation or planning, stopped and that infamous umbrella near the snack stand, and, with Alan blocking the view, I quickly sucked Bob’s cock. It was funny how all three of us spontaneously assumed that sucking there was a good way to finish!

Having completed that nostalgic sucking, we returned to the water line and went in a little further, the surf around our ankles as the water went out, up to our calves as it flowed in. It was very pleasant, but, as the water surged around our feet, the flow pushing in and dragging out, we were staggering about, going deeper occasionally as our feet sank into the wet sand, struggling back in when we could. Of course, there was horseplay, or, more accurately, “Nitaplay,” as they took turns pushing and pulling at me, inevitably, causing me to flop down, face first, causing an unladylike outburst from me. Actually, the water felt very nice and I just turned over, laying there for a moment or two, verbally abusing my tormentors.

Ready to retaliate, I surged to my feet, flinging water toward them as I did so, but as I stood up I was suddenly aware that my panties hadn’t come with me! As happens constantly when one sits where the water sweeps in, my panties had become loaded with sand! Normally, that is just uncomfortable, but panties are not designed to stay on in the water, much less to do so laden with sand. There I was, in broad daylight (6:30 or so) naked except for a pair of thin panties acting as hobbles around my ankles, standing next to a well-populated beach! I tried frantically to get hold of the panties to get them up, but succeeded only in making even more of a spectacle of myself by floundering around and falling flat on my back. Alan and Bob were laughing so hard that they could offer no assistance as I lay there, frantically working my panties up my legs as the surf kept trying to roll me over. Of course, the incoming water was too low to cover me, so my frenetic efforts to cover my cunt were visible to my enthusiastic audience on the beach. Peals of laughter, whistles of appreciation, etc. added to my humiliation. I finally got them up and staggered to my feet – helped by Alan now that the show was over – to a round of applause and a few more whistles.

I probably looked like I had an all over sunburn as I blushed furiously, and, in addition, I still had a quantity of very irritating sand in my panties. More significantly, and adding to my embarrassment and mental confusion, the panties were now quite obviously just that, panties! I looked down as I lurched out of the water and realized that the wet material was sheer and that I appeared to be naked except for blue film over my hips, revealing every hair of my cunt! The applause got louder as people saw my condition, but fortunately, there were no catcalls or rude comments called out. Finally, Bob was able to get to me and give me my coverup, bringing the show to a close. We hurried on down the beach until we got to our own area, the two men continuing to laugh at my continued discomfort, with me acting more upset than I actually was.

To tell the truth, while I was shocked and embarrassed as I struggled into my panties, there was still a part of me that enjoyed the exposure, being the center of attention! If my exposure had been greeted rudely, I really would have been mortified, but the laughter and appreciative calls that I heard somehow excited me. Oh, the first shock of realizing that my panties were around my ankles prevented me from thinking of anything but getting them up. My prat fall as I struggled didn’t help, but, even then, I heard the non-judgmental nature of the audience’s reaction and, while it was embarrassing, it was almost a fun embarrassment. When I got them into place and I realized just how transparent they were, the embarrassment increased, but, perversely, so did my wanton enjoyment of the situation. Actually, rather than adopting the traditional “September morn” pose to hide myself, I sort of flaunted my near nudity as I managed to get my coverup on. In reality, it was sort of a fun episode for everyone at my expense – but I enjoyed it after that first shocking exposure. I didn’t admit that at first, but I soon joined in Alan and Bob’s laughter.

We went further down the beach and, not worrying about my panties any more, waded into the water and swam around a bit, with the usual Nita games, enjoying a bit nostalgia again. We capped the evening off with a torpedoing of my cunt which may or may not have been viewed by the few people still in the water. I was feeling a bit brazen by this time, so I calmly waded ashore with no attempt to hide my now transparent again panties, picking up my coverup and walking sedately to our path, displaying my virtually nude body to anyone who happened to look. We went up to our cottage and Bob to his, planning to get together for a last nighttime drive through the resort and into town. That was when Alan shocked (and secretly thrilled me) by asking a totally unexpected question!

“Would you like to sleep with Bob tonight?” Obviously, my face showed how startled I was at that question, and I couldn’t even think of exactly what he meant because it made no sense under the circumstances. “Oh, I know that it’s our last night here, but I don’t think that that is too important – we’ll be sleeping together from now on at home. Look, we were talking the other night, reminiscing about what we’ve done here and one thing that you liked best and was one of your best memories was sleeping with Bob while I was sick. I don’t see any reason that you shouldn’t have that again before we go! Heavens knows when you’ll ever do that again – sleep with another man, I mean – so, why not?” We talked and talked about that scandalous idea, me protesting to make sure that he genuinely didn’t mind, and, finally, he convinced me that his offer was real. Of course, I wanted to be convinced, but I really did want to be certain that he wasn’t making a brave sacrifice for me. Actually, I got the impression that he wanted me to sleep with Bob because he liked the idea – he even said so and I was reassured that it was a genuine offer. So, it was decided!

I had an unbelievable tingle in my cunt as I showered and dressed, anticipating the night that was to come. I still felt a bit guilty, not because of what I was going to do, but because I wanted it so much! But, I did want it and I honestly thought that the idea turned Alan on too. I had promised to set both cameras up so that he could see and hear everything that went on, so we would both enjoy the night! I‘ll admit that the “hearing“ concerned me because the last time I had been quite vocal and, perhaps, indiscreet, but I consoled myself that Alan had heard me when he scanned the last movie as he downloaded it to the laptop, and hadn’t been bothered. Actually, when he asked me to set up the cameras this time he had told me to let myself go, so maybe he even enjoyed my “indiscretions!”

Bob came over and we toured around the area, enjoying memories, some salacious, of the places we had been. On the way back, I asked Bob if he would like company to spend the night with him. The look on his face was something to behold – a whole panoply of expressions ran across it, from utter surprise to, finally, extreme pleasure and excitement. He had the same reservations that I had had, but, like me, was easily convinced that it was a genuine, no reservations, offer and, needless to say, he enthusiastically said that he would love having company! So, we planned to celebrate the last night of our honeymoon by having me sleep with another man! I loved it!

As soon as we got home, I went in and got my bathroom stuff and changed clothes, put on my nightgown – my wedding night, sheer, shortie gown that I had worn with Bob the last time – kissed Alan goodnight and Bob and I went over to his cottage. It was sexy undressing in front of them, putting on that little gown and leaving my husband standing there as I went off with another man. Bob had had me so often by then that the thrill of adultery should have dimmed, but it hadn’t. Standing there, naked except for the sheer fabric, kissing my husband and leaving with another man – a surge of heat went through me, as much for the sinful nature of what I was doing as the sex, itself! I liked Alan seeing me with Bob! Weird! Perverted! I also enjoyed walking outside in my nightgown. It was doubtful that anyone saw me, but I think that I would have liked having someone seeing me, undressed, and going into Bob’s cottage. By that time, I’m sure that gossipers were well aware or our strange goings on, but this would have been the icing on the cake!

Actually, my nightgown didn’t stay on for long. I set up both cameras so that everything would be recorded from two different angles and we proceeded to what was a long night of sex. We started with something Bob rarely did, licking my cunt! Alan loved to do that, particularly after Bob had filled me with cum, but Bob normally just took me with his cock since any kind of foreplay was unnecessary. It felt marvelous, particularly since he finger-fucked both my cunt and ass as he licked me. I think that I went off at least three times before he came on top of me and entered my cunt. It was a very forceful screwing and he came inside of me very vigorously, flooding me with cum. Once again, I was quite vocal while we fucked, much as I had been the last time we were in bed alone together. I didn’t consciously decide to blurt out whatever I felt, decide not to worry about my comments being recorded, but whatever censor that might have deterred me was asleep! Once again I said that I was his bride, his wife! At one point I called out for him to fuck his wife! At another, I actually said, unbelievably, “I wish that I weren’t on the pill so you could get me pregnant!” That flabbergasted me later and I couldn’t believe that I had said it, but the recording didn’t lie! Then, as soon as Bob came in me, I lay beside him and lightly sucked on his cock until he was hard enough again and I said, “There, it’s ready…stick it up my ass!” I still can’t believe that I could say such a thing, but I did – and shortly afterwards he did just that! It was a brutal ass fucking and, coming so soon after the previous screwing, it lasted a long time before I felt the heat of his ejaculation. As usual, as soon as it was out of my ass, it was in my mouth. I relished the acrid taste and actually put a hand down and rubbed my clit while I did it. As I said so often before, I have no idea as to why cleaning his cock of the residue from my own ass aroused me, but it certainly did!

The next two hours were filled with kissing, feeling, sucking, probing, embracing – every way of closeness, intimacy and sexual desire. Bob was in me several times, coming inside me twice. I sucked his cock before and after it had been in my cunt, swallowing cum once. Once again, I was effusive in my comments, saying things that embarrassed and concerned me later when Alan heard them. I think that people, particularly women, in adulterous relationships say things that they don’t really mean, and, fortunately Alan understood that. Actually, he had told me to let myself go, and, as I said before, I think that he really enjoyed watching and hearing me making love to another man. In any case, much of the oral part of the evening and night was “love making,” rather than just sex. I said things like, “Please come and visit us – come fuck me at our home,” “You can fuck me any time you want to!” Probably the most difficult to hear later was, “I’ll always think of myself as your bride! I‘ll always be your wife!” Actually, I called myself his wife several other times, once even referring to myself as “Mrs. Anita Saunders” one time! I have no idea what made me say things like that, even in a state of passion, but, fortunately, Alan just laughed them off when we watched the film later.

Looking at the two of us, writhing around, groping and fondling each other, actually seems like watching a porn movie! I will admit that I am still shocked at how, well, beautiful I look, beautiful and degenerate! I see myself taking a cock, readily, in every hole, responding wildly and noisily to every penetration. If I didn’t know that it was me in the picture, I would be certain that my reactions were was fake. I even acted like a porn queen in things I did to Bob, such as stroking, fondling and even licking his balls. As might be expected, Bob’s balls were very hard, much as they had been when we slept together the last time, so I was able to enjoy that perverse pleasure of hitting them, several times, as hard as I could with my fist! Watching my face as I stared intently at his balls was fascinating, as was my intense, almost hypnotized, look as I brought my fist down as if I wanted to smash his balls! Oh, that was exciting and felt very good – I know that I would love to hit Alan in his balls! As I said, it is like watching a porn movie and, watching myself, in action, and, despite my embarrassing comments, it really turns me on, even today. Happily, it has the same reaction for Alan! Probably the most unbelievable reaction we had (and have) was when we heard me saying, “I wish that I weren’t on the pill so you could get me pregnant!” Rather than being horrified, we both got hot and regretted not having Bob fuck me those two days when the pill wouldn’t have protected me! Of course, that was safely after the fact, so it was pure fantasy, but that would have been the ultimate cuckolding and we’ve returned to the idea many times since.

We finally ran down about midnight and got ready for bed. Sex wasn’t over, though! As was true the last time, I actually enjoyed being in the bathroom with him – something I would be embarrassed to do with Alan! Fortunately, the cameras didn’t show in there, but I sat on the toilet and peed with Bob’s cock in my mouth! That seemed to excite him as well as me, and he came in my mouth very quickly! I never told Alan about that or – and this is embarrassing to even write – that I let him pee in my mouth afterwards! I swallowed quite a bit and the rest flowed all over me, wet and warm. How I did that I simply don’t know, but at the time, it was part of love making, and gross as it seems, I don’t regret having done so! It did require a regular shower before we went to bed! Fortunately, Alan never asked why we were in the bathroom so long.

After that episode, we collapsed in bed, cuddled close, quietly talking about what I don’t know since it was too quiet for the cameras to pick up. Ultimately, of course, we dropped off to sleep, still intertwined, and stayed so until almost 9:00 AM. It’s funny, the cameras reacted to motion, and, most of the time, we were still, but every now or then one of us would move enough to trigger them, and then stop. It was like a stop action movie. Still, it was interesting to see us sleeping together throughout the night, never leaving the spoon like position.

Sunday, August 30. Waking up) was very different from any previous morning. At first I snuggled back against Bob without even thinking that it wasn’t my husband. As my mind woke up, I realized that I had slept with another man again, and I loved the feeling. Then, like a lightning bolt, the reality hit me – we fly home this evening! This was my last day in Belize! All those mixed emotions hit me at once, and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Bob settled that question my tightening his hand on my tit before turning me to face him and kiss me. The pleasure of being in bed with him quickly pushed the negative thoughts to the back of my mind. A quick trip to the bathroom by both of us, and I was on my back, impaled on his cock! It was a fast, very strong fucking, his cock pummeling my cunt, with me arching up against him, twisting and grinding each time he pounded in. His ejaculation sent a feeling of heat inside me, causing me to match his climax. This time, his cock never lost its rigidity as he continued to move in me. After a few minutes of that continued screwing, he pulled out, turned me over, and inserted his hard cock easily into my asshole. It was a long, slow buildup of passion as he buggered me, my ass welcoming ever thrust inward, my hips rising to meet him.

Evan as the renewed passion build up, I was aware of how easy it was to get into me and how much he had opened me up in the last few weeks. Actually, it was like two people cohabited in my mind – one was overcome with passion as I was sodomized and the other standing aside, aware of how my body was reacting, listening to the slap-slap-slap of Bob’s pelvis pounding my ass. I was even aware of the gurgling, squishy, churning sound as Bob’s cock entered and left my asshole. As we became more and more aroused, everything but the ass-fucking, itself, left my mind and I was lost in the pleasure of the moment. Suddenly, Bob’s motions became even more forceful and he surged into me and ground against me, sending a massive tide of cum up my ass. I’m not sure whether I actually had an orgasm or not, but I seemed to be going off several times before he did. In any case, he just collapsed down on my back, totally spent from his endeavors.

Taking the initiative, I pushed up, rolling him off of me and quickly moving down to his cock. It was immediately evident as to what he had churned up in my ass. This, of course, is an inherent danger of ass fucking, but the unspeakable lubrication probably increased the pleasure. Still, indicating both my arousal and my perverted nature, I opened my mouth and took his polluted cock in! If I had been thinking, not reacting in a sexual daze, I never could have done such a thing, but at the time, I actually relished that appalling and revolting act! I sucked on the cock, even using my tongue to lick it like a lollypop. Gradually, I came to my senses, and pulled away, shocked at what I had done, and ran into the shower for a much needed cleaning of myself!

I am still horribly embarrassed when I see that scene in the camera’s record, particularly knowing that Alan has seen it! I did things that night and morning that I had never dreamed of doing – letting Bob pee in my mouth and actually swallowing it, and now this, but I know that I loved doing it at the time! I don’t expect to ever do such things again, but I can’t honestly say that I regret doing them. I’m still glad that Alan doesn’t know about the bathroom activities!

After our very necessary showers – we were in together and actually washed each other a bit – we dressed and went over to our cottage where Alan was waiting for us. As said before, we had slept until almost 9:00 and, by the time we met Alan it was nearly 11:00, so we hurried down for a quick swim in the beautiful water, frolicking around as if it was our last day – which, of course, it was! Once again, we left the water with Bob’s hand prominently on my tit as we walked down the beach for lunch at the café. I don’t know why, but that really made me feel sexy, almost proclaiming that I, a married woman on her honeymoon, was intimate with another man. Of course, all of the regulars on that part of the beach almost had to know by now that I was an adulteress! We had been there longer than anyone who was not a resident (those with access to the resort), but other tourists (more honeymooners) had been there often enough to have seen my feet in the air or witnessed me being torpedoed or had seen our act under the umbrella or….etc.! Still, it was fun to flaunt my faithlessness! And, as I’ve noted before, Alan seemed to enjoy having his “cuckoldness” being displayed!

We had lunch and strolled back to our path and, inevitably, we had one last fucking in “our place,” a spot that we really were going to miss. I couldn’t help but think of the changes in the last three-plus weeks – from lying innocently in the shaded sun, a virgin bride, to planning to have my tits felt, or, as now, simply taking off my pants, putting my legs up and getting fucked my another man! I certainly was a different person – experienced, wanton and adulterous! I welcomed Bob’s cock into my cunt, and, with my husband eagerly watching, engaged in illicit sexual intercourse! We then went back to our cottage (arranging to see Bob later) to pack. Before any of that took place, however, Alan went down on me and licked and sucked the cum deposited in me. Then we began the sad-happy job of packing to go home! Actually, that didn’t take long, the biggest problem being souvenirs we had bought here. One thing that I packed very carefully was my wet tee shirt trophy! It’s amazing how something so very traumatic at the time could now seem so mundane! Still, I felt a thrill just looking at that trophy and remembering how daring I felt after winning it.