As I walk through the door to my hotel room I kick off my heels and sigh as my feet sink into the plush carpet. I take a moment to slip off my pantyhose and my bra, relishing the comfortable feeling. I had forgotten how uncomfortable dressing for business meetings was. Still, now I can relax in my suit without accidentally flashing my clients or worrying about uncomfortable underthings. I take a moment to order room service and, knowing that they will be a while, I find a comfortable spot on my bed. Undoing the buttons on the top of my dress, I lightly stroke my breasts over and over until my hips are squirming over the covers. Teasing, tormenting myself, is something I’ve become excellent at over the years, but today I’m tense enough that I don’t want to wait. I take a moment to lightly pinch my nipples before I slip my hand into my panties. My touch is delicate but I’m so very wet, and I feel greedy, so I plan to make this quick, dirty and rough. Before I can really start to enjoy myself a knock at the door sounds. I flush with embarrassment and yank my hand away. The knocking is more insistent and I haphazardly button up my dress.

I open the door, disgruntled that you were quicker than I expected, and let you wheel in my dinner. I can’t look you in the eye, I’m so embarrassed, and I hope that you can’t tell what I’ve been doing. I’m annoyed and feeling guilty enough that I don’t want to give you a tip, but you wait almost expectantly by the door. Eager to be rid of you I walk further inside the room to get my purse, which is on the other side of the bed.I’m searching for the tip when I sense you come in too close behind me. I turn around, startled, and catch your eyes dropping to my cleavage. In my haste I didn’t do the buttons up correctly and you can clearly see that I’m not wearing a bra. I’ve been providing you with small glimpses of my breasts since I opened the door. I blush as you smirk andbegin to step backwards. I feel my legs bump against the bed and you step into my space, far too close. My heart is beating frantically and I wish I could think of something to say.

Before I can think of an appropriate response you reach forward, and reflexively I try to push your hands away. There’s a flash of anger that crosses your face, and suddenly your arm flies out and my head rings from your slap. I can only touch one hand to my burning cheek as you start to undo the buttons of my dress. You take a moment to assure yourself of my attention and then brush away the material from my breasts. You want me to know my helplessness, and I do. My nipples are hard, harder than they’ve ever been, and I don’t know what to think. My hands go up to cover myself and you grab them and force them behind my back.

“Keep them there.” Your voice is gravelly and sends shivers right down my spine. “Or I’ll tell the entire hotel what a nasty little trollop you are.”

I whimper, feeling helpless. I know you felt the wetness on my hands as you placed them behind my back. You know what I’ve been doing. You knew since I opened the door.

I close my eyes as I feel you lift the hem of my skirt and raise it up over my hips. I wish now that I hadn’t worn something so snug, with material so willing to cling there instead of dropping back down to cover me.

“Spread your legs.”

I take a deep breath and open my legs, trying so desperately to be calm. Everything is such a mess that I don’t know what to feel. My earlier arousal hasn’t diminished, even with the rough treatment. Now, with someone else’s hands on me, it seems to have grown only stronger.

“Sheer panties? My, my, you’re a baby slut. I bet you just loved the idea of some guy maybe seeing your pussy as you walked. But you know what real sluts wear? No panties. You won’t wear them at all while you’re here.”

You walk away and come back with one of the knives from the dining cart. Very quickly you cut down both sides of my panties, but they don’t fall straight to the floor.

“Well look at that slut, you’re so wet your panties are sticking to you.”

I could die from embarrassment. The evidence of my arousal is too much and I begin to cry. Silently I let the tears run down my face, thinking that trying to fight them would lead to far worse embarrassment. Sometimes quiet dignity is the only answer.

You step towards me and take my face between your hands. Softly you wipe my tears away and I look up to catch your eyes for a moment. There’s a cruel, wicked gleam to your eyes; you grab my hair and use it to force me around and down over the bed.

You slip your hand between my legs and pull my panties away.

I’m crying again and my shame is made greater as you kick my legs apart and expose me. I expect another cutting remark but there’s only silence. I feel your touch feather over my backside, back and forth. I start to cry harder; I’m unused to such attention from my lovers, and that you’re the one to give it to me confuses me. Then the spanking starts. It startles me; despite your actions so far I hadn’t considered that you might spank me like a recalcitrant child. The blows rain down, some heavy and some light, but all of them cause me pain. Sweet, cathartic pain. The continuous thudding leaves me gasping for my next breath and I can slowly feel something breaking inside me. My focus has narrowed down to the burning in my cheeks and the answering throb in my cunt. My crying has stopped and there’s nothing left for me but the weight of your hand. I’m not sure exactly how long it is but eventually your blows peter off and you step away, leaving me collapsed over the bed.

“Feel better now, slut?”

Oddly enough I do; I’m calmer now and ready I think for anything you might throw at me. Casually you haul me up again by my hair and make me face you.

I’m standing there with my breasts out and cunt bare and all I can think is that this is where I belong. I’m so aroused my thighs are slippery with it and I can’t quite stop my erratic breathing. Your hands are on my breasts this time. It’s almost like you’re trying to weigh them.

“I’m surprised you went without a bra today – but then I guess you’d be disappointed if people couldn’t see the outline of your nipples through your dress, hmm?”

I gasp; the humiliation comes rushing back again. I want to yell, to scream that I am not a slut. I’m respectable. Except that I’m not so sure that I am anymore, and the shame of it cuts me to the bone.

Quickly your grip tightens around my nipples, to the point of pain. “Answer me, little slut.”

And I say the only thing that comes to mind, “Yes.”

You smile and release my aching nipples. “Now sit on the bed and keep your legs spread, hands behind your back. It’s time for your dinner.”

I sit down, acutely aware of my exposure as you walk away and bring the cart over. You sit next to me and remove the lids from the trays. The meal isn’t what I ordered – and I know then that you came to my room intending to do this to me. You see me catch on and murmur into my ear, “That’s right, I saw you today when you walked up the foyer stairs. Everyone could see right up your dress and those panties you had on hid nothing. Such a whorish display just begs to be punished.”

You pick up a single, overripe strawberry and place it between my lips. “Hold it between your teeth and don’t you dare bite down on it.”

It’s harder than I would think to hold it like that, but I manage, and you continue speaking.”You’re going to hold that strawberry between those cock-sucking lips of yours. I’m going to punish you, and if that strawberry falls or you leave teeth marks in it I’ll use that as a reason to punish you further. If that strawberry remains in the same condition I left it in, I’ll leave you be. How do you like the sound of that?”

You and I know that the question is just an excuse to start punishing me as there’s no way for me to answer with the strawberry in my mouth.

“No problems? Well then, I’ll enjoy this.”

With that you roughly push me backwards onto the bed, force my legs apart and up along my sides. Holding me there you tell me, “I know you like this position best. You like it when you can see your lovers worship you. When you can see them suck and nibble their way down to your needy cunt.”

As you talk, a little trickle of alarm runs through me. You’ve been watching me for longer than this afternoon. I wonder how long you planned this and how you found me. There’s little I can do about it now, though, except to hope I win the game.

You’re continuing blithely, “I don’t worship sluts like you but I will use you, and I won’t touch your cunt to do it. Dirty girls like you spend too much time playing with their cunts, and it’s a bad habit I will train you out of.”

You lean forward and for a moment I relax as you nuzzle the sweet spot underneath my ear. That you know it’s one of my favourite spots should worry me, but your lips feel so good I can’t think very well. That’s when you use your teeth. They dig into me, biting me, worrying at my neck. The pain startles me and I almost bite down on the strawberry before I realise. Almost but not quite. You release my neck with a soft lick, before you move down to my collarbone and bite again. Like the spanking earlier you vary your pattern; sometimes biting hard enough to bleed and at other times leaving no more than a lover’s nip. Sometimes you pause a moment to linger over a mark and trace it with your tongue. You intersperse the bites with kisses, some light and others strong enough to leave their own marks. Your marks decorate my neck, breasts and thighs.

Mingled with the pain I find pleasure. Your control of me allows me to let go. For once I don’t need to pretend, I don’t need to convince myself that it would be a bad idea to wallow in my desire and to relieve the wanting between my legs. You control me, and my wantonness pleases you. I find it impossible to keep still, to keep from struggling as you bite me, and that is cathartic too. With no escape, I can be who I want to be.

The strawberry slowly disintegrates until there is nothing but the juice left. You kiss away the juice and whisper into my ear, “I was hoping that would happen.”

And so, I think, was I.

You move away from me and pick up a bowl off the tray. “This is chilli oil. I think you need to learn how to obey instructions, and you’re going to wear this as your penalty whilst I train you. Be a good girl, and I won’t use this as lubricant to fuck your arse. Are we clear?”

My eyes widen and I can feel panic bubbling up. “Please not that! I’ve not done that before.”

There’s a perverse part of me that would enjoy begging and pleading for your mercy, but one look at you and I restrain myself. You don’t bother replying, and really, why should you? You take a plastic glove out of one of your pockets, slip it on, and then swirl two of your fingers about in the oil. I watch in dread and anticipation as you extend one finger and lightly touch a nipple. For a moment it feels blissful as you spread the cool liquid over my nipples. Slowly though, I start to feel the slightest of tingles. It’s a feeling that spreads and grows warmer until it’s a fierce burn that has me squirming against the bed covers. You watch me impassively for a moment and then you order, “Keep your arms behind your back and legs wide open.”

It’s a struggle to comply and leave myself open and exposed when all I want to do is curl up and frig myself stupid, but you advance on me, and suddenly I feel your fingers tracing my outer lips. Up and down you paint, and then along the edges. Special attention is being paid to the inside. Your fingers slip in, and I am suddenly so ashamed that you found such easy entry. Your fingers slip out again, coating my cunt with fire. You add layer upon layer until I am dripping in oil; but carefully you leave my clit uncoated.

It is exquisite.

When I cry this time, it is out of sheer needy frustration. You keep your touches so light and teasing that I can’t orgasm. With the chilli oil the sensations are both too intense and not enough for release.

You start to speak again, and I’m only dimly aware of your words. “I like the way you twist your hips and the way you gasp. You’re such a wanton thing. You need to stop focusing on your cunt so much and pay attention to me.”

My hair is in your hands and you’re dragging me to my feet. I’m aching and wanting and desperate for a touch, so you slap me again to ensure my attention.

“You are going to serve me dinner.”

You unroll a long strip of white fabric I assumed was a napkin and wrap it around my waist. It is a mini maid’s apron, that along with my dress and exposed body brings the shame I’m feeling back into sharp focus. It only serves to feed my desire, and I wonder what is wrong with me that I enjoy such treatment.

“You are to serve dinner without using your hands. Keep them behind your back and your legs apart. Do not drop anything.”

My quim throbs as the potential for humiliation and for punishment, and it’s all I can do to turn and survey the dining cart. It’s a little too far away, so I totter forward and press my nose against the edge of the handle. I push it gently towards you, acutely aware of how I must look to you. The action causes me to stumble forward a little and I fall to my knees. Nothing spills on the cart and I awkwardly struggle back to my feet.

There’s a napkin on the tray so I pick it up with my teeth and lay it across your lap. As I lean I can feel you caress my breast with one hand and I stifle a moan. The guilt at finding pleasure in such treatment only sharpens the desire I feel, and I turn around, hoping you might molest me again. I pick the lid of your dinner plate up with my teeth and clumsily lay it to one side. It disappoints me that you don’t take the opportunity to fondle me again, and I whimper with frustration.

It’s as I move away that I stumble into trouble.

I knock the cart and the carafe of water tips over. As it spills I look stricken to you, and you are smiling.

“Get back on the bed. Hands and knees this time.”

I scurry back to the bed and wait.

“Spread your arse cheeks for me.”

A slightly strangled sob escapes me as I do as I’m told. I know what’s going to happen now and I’m happy I can’t stop it. I feel a drop of oil against my arsehole and your finger starts to slowly massage me. I feel vulnerable and helpless, but above all I feel shame.

Slowly you push your finger inside, going easy and taking care. The burn is slight and I find myself leaning back into you.

“Show me what a whore you are. Fuck yourself.”

I don’t know that I can do otherwise, and so my hips start to slowly move. My thoughts are a jumble but I know I never thought it would be like this. I never thought I’d enjoy having a stranger violate my arse for my first time. I never thought I’d help them degrade me.

You slow my bucking hips down to insert another finger and again the same order. “Fuck yourself.” The hurt is stronger now and so is my arousal. My world has narrowed down to your fingers and my hips, until I hear it. There are other footsteps in the room.

I realise I have forgotten to close the door and anyone can see in from the hallway. I stop suddenly and try to whip my head around. Just as quickly you force my face into the mattress and snarl at me, “Move.”

My arousal now is so strong I can’t help it. Another witness to this spurs me to greater, lewder thrusts. I’m desperate for them to see me as I am; a silly little strumpet, acting the maid for the hotel staff and fucking her own arse. I want them to know me for a wanton slut.

I feel the stranger approach and you say, “Do you fancy a ride? She’s good for it.”

There’s a chuckle and I hear the rip of a condom packet. There’s a moment when I’m scared and then the stranger pushes into my arse. He’s rougher and meaner than you would be, I suspect, and this time I cry out. As he rides me I hear you whispering into my ear, telling me just how wicked and how wonderful I am. Your hands run through my hair soothing me as he pillages my arse.

It’s over almost as quickly as it started. I hear him groan and then feel him slump against me. You have my wallet in your hand and you proffer a hundred dollar bill.

“A tip for your services.”

The man takes it with a chuckle and pulls himself out of me. As I hear the zip of his pants going up I feel the wet thud of the condom against my back and the trickle of seamen down my backside.

You help yourself to a tip too, before ordering me to stay as I am.

The last thing I hear is the door close behind you, and even when I am sure you are long gone, I am compelled to obey. I fall asleep like that, perfectly content.

“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”


Hearing voices in the bedroom, I peeked into the cracked bedroom door. Mom was on her knees bent over the officer. Her rosy lips were sliding up and down his hard, black cock.

Ruth was lying naked on her back on the bed. She was fat and lumpy.

Mom’s pussy didn’t mind. It was directly above Ruth’s face and remained in constant contact with her long, pink tongue.

Ruth was teasing Mom. She was continuously bringing Mom to the brink of orgasm, only to back off, and then start the cycle over, again.

Eventually, Ruth’s tongue increased its tempo, until it became a steady, rapid, relentless drumbeat on Mom’s clit. Ruth even inserted her middle finger to rub Mom’s g-spot.

Moments later, Mom pulled her mouth off the officer’s cock and hollered, “Oh! Oh god! Don’t stop! Oh! Please, pleassse lady! Please don’t stop! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

As Mom came, Ruth inserted the middle finger of free hand into her own pussy. Moments later, her brown, chubby thighs began slapping against each other. Ruth came, too.

After the women came, Ruth managed to free her head from Mom’s thighs and sat up. Her smiling face was plainly drenched with Mom’s pussy juice.

“Okay Betsy. Stand up! Time to go bowling.”

Before mom could respond, Ruth spit a gob of saliva onto Mom’s asshole. She then pressed her thick thumb into Mom’s puckered anus, while she slowly sunk two fingers into Mom’s pussy.

“There!” Ruth exclaimed as she successfully penetrated my squirming Mom’s fuck holes in unison.

“Two in the pink and one in the sink,” the officer said. “Rock and roll! Make her dance!”

Ruth’s eyebrows furrowed as if in deep concentration as her large hand began squeezing and pressing Mom’s fuck holes together. Mom’s reaction was immediate. She began rolling her head back and forth as her hips made wild thrusts. She was dancing like Tina Turner!

“Mmm…Miss…Mrs. Ruth! I…I… Oh god!”

The more Mom wildly reacted, the harder and faster Ruth seemed to squeeze. Ruth only let up when she saw the officer’s cock jutting straight up.

“I think you are ready for George’s big, black cock sweetheart. Let me lube your little poop chute. Just relax now. He’ll fucking your little ass soon enough. Assume the position bitch.”

After George lubed his cock, he passed the tube to Ruth. She squeezed some lube onto two, long brown fingers and then wiggled them into Mom’s exposed anus.

“There! Now pucker up. Ol’ George is going to fuck your dainty, little, white behind!”

Mom pressed her head down onto the carpet and enticingly raised her sexy ass high in the air, as George straddled her. It certainly appeared Mom couldn’t wait to have her dainty, button-shaped anus looking like the entrance to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

George, acting kinglike, paused to examine the anal treat the women had prepared for him, before he slowly crouched over Mom’s ass, and began pressing his widely flared, greasy cockhead into her. Mom’s reactions were immediate, again.

As the huge invader slowly dilated Mom’s anus open, Mom’s face turned red and her lips curled just before she began blabbering, “Ow! Oh my god! Oh god! That…that’s sooo big. Shit! Aaahhh!”

“Relax. Diddle yourself!”

Mom closed her eyes and began frigging her clit as George slowly rocked his massive cockhead back and forth in her anus. To say Mom’s manipulations heightened her pleasure was an understatement. The clit tweaking triggered an unbelievable orgasm.

As Mom’s cunt spasmed, she lustfully pressed her bottom back against the formidable black, anal intruder. Mom’s hungry asshole was now ready to be plundered.

“That’s it little slut…now let’s see if you can keep up.”

I understood when George began fucking her hard. I knew there was no feeling sweeter than force-fucking a completely subdued, tight ass. Each stroke felt like you were churning the anal canal into warm butter.

“Feel it baby? Feel good? Like that big, black cock deep inside your white ass? You know what they say…”

“Aaahhh! Goddd!”

“That’s right!”

“Shit! Open the drapes Ruth. We forgot about the neighbors. They have to see this. Show the neighborhood that pretty, white ass…”

No doubt, the already open windows, aided by the still night, had carried Mom’s cries and George’s pig like butt-fucking grunts, intertwined with the rapid slapping sounds of large balls against smooth butt cheeks to every corner in the complex. The complex’s inhabitants, who had been curiously peeking out their bedroom windows, now would have a picture to go along with the erotic sounds.

Mom sighed like she was taking a long awaited, enormous dump as George began withdrawing his massive cock all of the way out her ass. Her butt wiggled almost uncontrollably when the cockhead popped out.

After taking a few deep breaths, Mom shakily stood up on her bowed legs. Her face was flushed and her long blonde locks were carelessly strewn around her head and slender shoulders as she slowly moved to the window, bent over, and spread her perfect ass cheeks.

Acting as the neighborhood voyeur advocate, Ruth walked over to Mom’s side, reached over her rump, took hold of both ass cheeks, and pulled her supple buns fully apart. As she looked down at Mom’s dilated, swollen asshole, she cooed, “Hmm, so smooth, so wonderfully firm… I would like to fuck this, too.”

“Okay Ruth. Keep’em spread.”

George then positioned himself opposite Ruth. He stood somewhat an angle behind Mom, so that his black neighbors, most of them anyway, could see his black cock skewer the white woman’s behind.

When the bulbous cockhead entered Mom’s anus, she groaned a deep, “Aaahhh”, and then stood up on her tip toes. Her back arched and twisted, as if trying to escape the huge, black anal intruder.

Not taking any chances, Ruth firmly wrapped her large brown hand in a full half-circle around Mom’s thin, white neck. Mom wasn’t going anywhere.

As Mom’s face turned red, I couldn’t help but think that George had at least nine more inches to go! He only had speared Mom’s ass a couple of inches!

“You were made for fuckin’. You’ve got the sweetest, tightest, little asshole I’ve ever fucked.”

At that point, I walked into the bedroom and caressed Mom’s butt cheek. Apparently, I startled her. Despite quickly turning her head to see who was beside her, Mom’s eyes never made it past my erect cock.

As Mom reached for my cock to suck it, George said, “Your turn Ruth…”

Ruth stepped away from Mom, reached under the bed, and retrieved a box. She dumped the box on the bed in front of us.

An awesome pile of dildos of various lengths, anal beads, butt plugs, vibrators, strap-ons, harnesses, double penetrators, etc, lay on the bed. I’d never seen a collection quite like this.

“Whatcha think? How ’bout I strap my new heavy duty dildo harness on? 8″? 10″? 12″? “Save the 12 for special occasions…like punishment…”

“Ten it is. Lie on your stomach in front of your…up the ass girl.”

Looking over at Ruth, I stammered, “That’s pretty big!”

“All the better to fuck you my dear… I am going to loosen your little girlie ass up first…before I sodomize you with my Jeff Stryker…don’t want to hurt you…”

As I laid on my stomach, holding my cheeks open, Ruth slowly pumped two, long, greasy fingers in and out of my willing, puckered anus. The more I loosened up, the deeper she probed.

When Ruth found my prostate, she knew what to do. Using her fingertips, she gently massaged it with light, circular motions. Before I knew it, I was grinding my hard-on into the bed as Ruth fucked me with her hand!

By the time Ruth mounted me, I was yearning to be fucked by Jeff. I couldn’t get it up my ass fast enough. I immediately pushed back on it as soon as I was penetrated.

“Aaahhh,” Ruth said as she pushed in deep and began fucking me. “This really feels wonderful. Exquisite!”

Yes, it was I thought. Being fucked in the ass like a woman by a woman, even a fat one, was wickedly erotic.

“The little bitch’s ass is gonna be stretched all to hell by you get through with it,” George chortled.

Ruth pounded my ass, non-stop, for at least five full minutes, until she started cumming. Then she pounded me even harder! She fucked me forward so hard that my head banged against the headboard. I had to grab it to keep my myself from being knocked unconscious.

“Aaahhh. Aaahhh. Fucking bitch! Damn George!”

After Ruth had rolled off me, I turned over my side. George immediately noticed my stiff cock. He pulled out of Mom and told her to crawl up the bed next to me. He then commanded, “Fuck her ass!”

As I mounted Mom, she looked back at me, spread her sexy butt cheeks, and gave me a winning smile. I returned her smile and then pressed my cockhead into her anus.

Mom began wiggling her rear end as I pushed my cock up her ass. It seemed as if she couldn’t wait to get her ass impaled. Mom got her wish.

Surprisingly, George mounted me, as I lay on top of Mom. As he drove his cock all the way up my ass, my own cock couldn’t help but go deeper into Mom’s ass, too.

Mom’s ass felt good around my cock as I fucked her and my ass back on George’s throbbing black meat. My prostate was in hog heaven. George’s cock was causing it to tingle so rapturously that my balls throbbed mercilessly.

After only a few minutes, George grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back hard onto his plunging cock. He got as deep as he could before unleashing a hot torrent of cum up my ass.

Within seconds, my own face contorted. As George was flooding my bowels, I managed to give Mom a couple of fierce thrusts, before my own throbbing cock began shooting cum up her hot asshole.

Mom’s body instantly shuddered as I came. She came, too. I was amazed how strongly her long anal tube contracted around my cock as she grunted through a series of anal orgasms.

For what seemed like several minutes, Mom and I lay on our bellies, floating comfortably in our post-orgasmic haze. We only opened our eyes, when we heard George and Ruth chortling as they stood over us. They were gazing down on our filled to the brim rectums.

“Lick yourselves clean. Tidy up. You’re gonna have company…”

As Mom and I quickly got into a ’69′ position and lovingly sucked and licked the sperm out of each other’s dilated anus, George told us he would be stopping by later for a lunchtime treat…that we should both be ready. Neither Mom nor I responded.

No sooner had George and Ruth walked out the door, they walked back in. They were not alone. George did the introductions.

“These are my horny, home boy’s – Len, Stew, Rupe, and James.”

“And…these two are…are a couple of total sex freaks…who can’t wait to get your big, nigger cocks up their white asses! Enjoy!”

The way the trio looked at us, I knew we were going to be ass-fucked the rest of the night. If Mom was thinking the same thing, her anus had to be clenching, too.

As I wondered if this was the excitement Mom and I were looking for, to be anally gangbanged, Stew boldly walked up to Mom and placed his big hands on her fragile shoulders. Rupe pointed at me and smiled wryly at my clean-shaven genitalia, while Len and James began peeling off their clothes.

Mom didn’t say a word as Stew pushed on Mom’s shoulders, forcing her down to her knees in front of him. He then pulled her face to his crotch and rubbed it against the prodigious bulge to the left of his fly.

After a couple of seconds, Mom bravely pulled her head back, looked up at Stew, licked her lips, and unzipped his trousers. Her eyes got really big when Stew’s cock sprang out. It was already hard and looked to be at least ten to eleven inches long.

Embarrassingly, my own cock immediately hardened in front of the men and Mom, as I stared at Stew’s long cock. It had a nicely pointed head, ideal for ass fucking.

As the men completed undressing, Mom grabbed Stew’s shaft and inserted the head into her hot mouth. She began sucking him as he unbuttoned his shirt.

Len, who had finished undressing first, stepped forward, and grabbed Mom’s 38″ DD’s with both hands. He squeezed and caressed them, before meanly pinching her nipples between his fingers.

When Mom yelped and jerked in pain, I immediately clenched my fists and stepped forward. In an instant, Rupe pinned my arms behind me. His grip was so strong I did not even bother to struggle. He walked me to the bed and pushed me down on it face first.


I thought Rupe was going to butt fuck me; however, he walked over to Mom, put his cock in her mouth, and then slid a hand between her legs. He buried a couple of his fingers into her pussy and began churning her delicious wetness as he fucked her tight throat.

Every once in awhile, Rupe would pull his cockhead back a couple of inches, allowing Mom to gasp for air, before he resumed fucking her tear stained face. Mom had definitely met her match in Rupe.

Apparently, Len seeing my inviting anus absent cock quickly mounted me. With a sudden, violent lunge, he drove his lubed cock several inches up my ass. I gasped, let go of my cheeks, and tried to wiggle forward, but he held my hips firmly.

As I struggled, I looked down at Mom. She was her down all fours trying to wipe Rupe’s sperm off her face as James was pulling her perky ass cheeks open.

Moments later, James was roughly thrusting his cock in and out of Mom’s pussy. Mom had a look of sublime joy on her sperm-streaked face as her tits bounced and swung wildly.

Unable to resist penetrating the pink anus that was, occasionally, winking back at him, James stuck is thumb into Mom’s ass and began wiggling it around. Mom immediately groaned and squeezed her ass cheeks.

“Oh yeah. That’s it little princess,” James determinedly muttered. “Make me cum!”

As soon as James had bred Mom, he pulled out. It was Stew’s turn. He planted his huge cock immediately up Mom’s stretched-out, cum-drenched cunt and began to ride her, as James came around to her front and pushed his semi-hard cock into her mouth, for cleaning.

Len was drilling my ass non-stop, when Stew commanded Mom, “Beg me to fuck your sweaty, white ass. Show us…your little friend…how bad you want my big, black cock up your white, sloppy ass. Show us what a fuck pig you really are!”

Before Mom could say anything, Stew pulled his big cock out of her pussy with a loud pop and bodaciously hawked a luger onto her red, swollen asshole. Mom winced and then her mouth froze when her rectal muscles were forced to give way. A run away black freight train was going up her ass.

After penetrating Mom’s ass a few inches, Stew paused to high-five Len. They were quite pleased with themselves. Both their massive cocks were in tight, white asses.

I should known what was going to happen, when Stew’s eyes narrowed. He was looking at Len’s cock – now fully imbedded in me.

Not to be outdone, Stew grunted loudly as he heaved himself forward. His legs then straightened, as he brutally forced the remaining four-to-five inches of his cock up Mom’s tender rectum.

“Aaahhh!” he and Mom both hollered as he bottomed out in Mom’s ass.

Upon seeing Mom’s anus ballooned around the base of Stew’s thick rod, I decided to raise my ass up slightly. I knew I was encouraging Len to bear down. He did.

Len grabbed my hips firmly and began slamming my ass as hard as he could. I certainly didn’t mind. My prostate was now in direct contact with his cock.

I slipped my hand down between my legs and grasped my throbbing cock. It was slick with precum, which made stroking it so much more pleasurable.

The longer and harder I squeezed my ass, the more frantically orgasmic impulses radiated from prostate out of my ass to my swollen balls, making them contract incessantly around my throbbing cock. My anal gratification was soon ratcheted up so high that my cock and balls simply ached. Nothing compared to being sodomized by a big, thick cock.

Len was feeling the intense, sexual pleasure, too. He was grunting hard and loud as he long-stroked my lust-filled ass. Every time he drove his cock his forward, my ass opened up completely. Every time he pulled back, my ass greedily sucked and pulled on his large tool. He couldn’t do it often enough.

As we rapidly fucked our way to a feverish, divine climax, I furiously beat my meat. I had only one thought in my head and that was to blow my load in Mom’s mouth.

Nearing orgasm, my hips began turning and twisting and as I pushed my ass back onto Len’s cock as hard as I could, my orgasmic damn broke. “Mom!” I cried out as I turned onto my side. “Suck it! I’m cumming! Fuckkk!”

As my spasming anus locked in a vice-like grip around Len’s cock, Mom was able to quickly move her head up and wrap her succulent lips around my cockhead just as I began firing off extremely powerful blasts of cum. The nerve endings around my prostrate had seldom been so electrically charged.

While I ejaculated warm, heavy globs of cum into Mom’s sucking mouth, Len pulled my white ass tight against his black loins, forcing his massive, black cock all the way up my straining rectum. He had completely impaled me with is cock.

Seconds later, I felt Len’s cock swell to almost unbearable proportions. The tip of his cockhead entered my intestines at the same time his remaining girth passed through my anus.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Shit. Aaahhh! Aaahhh!” Len hollered as he began blasting veritable tidal waves of cum into bowels. I immediately felt his warm semen inundating my intestines.

“Holy shit,” Len uttered breathlessly after he came. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard in my life. I think I pulled one of my balls. You like that big cock, don’t ya? I opened your ass up so far it’ll take a week to close. Everybody’s gonna know you got owned.”

“Whew, I’m dizzy,” I said with a giddy laugh. I was so fired up that I still felt him inside me even though I knew it was not there!

“You’re about to get more dizzy,” Stew said as he mounted me.

My body shuddered and my hips wiggled uncontrollably as Stew impaled my weary rectum to the hilt and began fucking me. The squelching noise emanating out of my sperm-filled rectum was so loud that I think the neighbors could even hear it.

Too tired to move, I just watched Rupe and Mom. He was fucking her ass hard, too, smashing his cock belligerently into her rectum.

Nearing orgasm, Mom began babbling, “That’s it… That’s it… Fuck my ass. Make me your bitch. Cum in me!”

Rupe was panting now from the fast ass-fucking he was giving Mom. He was getting close, too, as he switched up and shortened his strokes, leaving his cock deep in her rectum.

Right after Mom started cumming, Rupe began pumping cum deep into her bowels. Each powerful ejaculation made him groan and Mom’s ass cheeks clench.

Rupe left Mom curled up in the fetus position on the floor. Thick, creamy sperm drooled out of her gaping asshole.

Unable to control my carnal desires, I told Stew that I wanted to eat her out. Surprisingly, he released me and I got up off the bed.

I gingerly kneeled down, in front of the guys, and unhesitatingly pressed my face between Mom’s ass cheeks. Mom’s pink asshole was sooo sexy!

“Oh, wow,” Mom breathed. “Keep doing it! Keep licking Mom…my asshole. That feels so hot!”

Encouraged, I went to work on her dilated anus with gusto. My tongue lapped, circled, and poked into her creamy asshole like there was no tomorrow.

“Mmm… Yes! Just like that. Don’t stop licking. Fuck! That feels so damn good!”

No one spoke for the next few minutes. The guys just watched me swallow the cum that Mom pushed out. Mom came at least two more times, before I let up.

Intro -

Carli and I have been married a long time. We are in mid-life but we have remained in decent shape. Carli is not a tall woman only 5’5″ but she sports a small frame and a pair of 36DD tits. Carli is usually keeps herself looking decent. Always does her hair and wears make-up. Her weight goes up and down from slim to average, but never fat.

Like all folks who have been married for many years you have ups and downs; and we have had a considerable number of downs. However make the best of the situation and move on. No need for details. Neither of us has had an affair, yet to be honest and upfront just know that I am here largely due to the sex. Carli is fully aware of this and it is her choice to go along or not.

She knows I do not like plain vanilla sex, it is too boring and unimaginative. We went through a period of vanilla sex years ago, and it just turned me off. She noticed and I told her plain and simple it was boring and without imagination.

She was not happy to hear it, but she accepted it. It was either going to get more interesting or happening less often. Then who knows what happens. Can’t say I was not upfront about things.

After 6 months of little attention or affection, Carli got the message. Either sex needed to improve or it was going nowhere. It was not that I was being manipulative, I was being true to who I am. I wanted her to understand the role sex played for me in our relationship. My only expectation of her for our relationship was to continue to be sexually charged after our marriage as it was before we married.

I am disappointed that she lacks imagination in this area, however I had plenty for the both of us, so I always have to take the lead.

For the most part, these Carli stories are true.


Every spring once the weather turns warm enough to sit outside comfortably in the sun; we begin a ritual that lasts until the weather turns to cold again.

To keep sex interesting you have to change things and bring up a notch on occasion. I love sex and the build-up and anticipation is sometimes better than the actual fucking. Yes, it is fucking, not “making love” or “being romantic. Those are sissy adolescent terms. Fucking is what you do when you screw for the sheer pleasure it gives both of you.

When the weather becomes warm enough to sit outside, it is time to head to our favorite pub. It is a little hide-away place in a small country town about an hour from here. It is surrounded by tall trees and hedges and the building made in the Old English style.

The best part is it has a private courtyard out back. It is surrounded by a solid fence and more tall hedges. It has about 10 tables each with an umbrella for shade. It is a good private place to get away to have some food and drinks. The courtyard is not crowded. Usually half the tables are in use. Mostly used by smokers and an older folks in their 50′s. We are not smokers, but I like because I love eating and drinking outdoors; but mostly I love the sexual tension the outdoors can bring, when we are being frisky.

It allows us to build some sexual excitement by being sexual in public without needing to go all the way and have sex in public. The thought about having sex in public raises my heart rate and my senses.

It is a sunny Saturday morning in May. “Carli I think it is time we go to the Olde Pub, the sun is warm. We should go this afternoon.” I say.

“OK! Well it is about time”, she responds. She is anticipating the afternoon, which is good since we have not gone there all winter. It is looking like the beginning of a good summer.

“We can leave around 2 o’clock. That will give you enough time to get ready.” I retort.

We will leave around 2 pm. This will give her enough time to prepare. Take a long hot bath and a fresh shave of her pussy. Then she will get dressed in any of a number of outfits she has for these occasions. Meantime, I will shower and shave. A fresh shave of my beard and my balls. Love the feel of slapping by balls on a bare pussy, as I pound her again and again.

At 2 o’clock we are ready. I wear slacks and a pullover sweater. Underneath I have my spandex thong, that covers my limp cock and balls and little else. Carli is wearing a black suit jacket, that does not close in front. Underneath that is a black sheer button-up blouse, with two breast pockets that slightly covers her 36DD tits. Of course a bra is out of the question. With the jacket on it hides her breasts from the sides. Straight on you can see she has no bra on; but you cannot see her big nipples unless it is very bright. Add a short black skirt, nylons with garter and high heels. No panties.

Carli knows panties are not to be worn on our outings. Garter, stocking and shaved pussy in the fresh air is the way to go.

Carli is dolled up. Perfume and makeup. It takes us a hour to drive there. It is a ride in country and it makes for a relaxing trip for both of us. We take a winding country road. Only two lanes wide and travel is bit slow at times, due to truckers using the road to by-pass the freeway if it is plugged up. However it has great scenery. It is also the road we will use sometimes to come back home on, when the next part begins.

We arrive as the Olde English Pub around 3 o’clock in bright warm sunshine. This is perfect weather. We enter the front door and quickly pass through the place to exit out backdoor. A few patrons get a quick look at Carli, but it happens so fast I think little registers to them. Except for this old guy that is always here. I think he lives here during the day, sucking back a beer as slow as he can. Occasionally friends buy him a beer or give him a smoke, as he seems to have limited funds, but enjoys his beer and smoke.

We survey the patio for a quite corner, which is usually easy to find. As we sit down a waiter shows up with menus.

“We will have two shrimp cocktails, an a order of nachos, also a bottle of the house red”.

We always order some light food to munch on and a bottle of the house red wine. It is a nice smooth wine. It is the perfect thing for both of us. With red wine is not difficult for Carli to drink a bit too much sometimes (as we tend not to eat breakfast and will not eat until we get there). Most often we drink bottle and a half, before we are ready to leave. Now the funny thing about wine for me, the alcohol it does not begin to effect me until an hour or two later. Often just around the time we are getting back to the house.

As we eat and drink, the conversation turns erotic at times. Got to prime the mind with anticipation from time to time.

Carli is not a beautiful woman, but she is not ugly. What she has now is a very open mind to things I like for us to try, and also has a really good set of tits. It has been several years now she knows how I like her to dress when we go on these escapades. She shaves almost every day. She knows I will lick her for a hour if need be to bring her orgasm and she likes that very much.

After a few glasses of wine I begin; ” you know you have a great set of tits, and they look very good today in that blouse.”

” So you think so”, she replies.

” Yes I think so, and I think everyone else does as well. Let the waiter see more and I bet we get extra quick service.” Carli smiles. From our past experience, we both knew this to be true. I pump up Carli’s sexuality and it gives Carli the satisfaction to know she sexually attractive.

“Even Ol’ Dave (the name we gave the old fellow who slowly sips his beer) over there would like a peek. It would make his day”.

“You think so?”

“Absolutely, he has probably not seen such a fine pair of tits in the last 20 years!”. Carli laughs. This is good she is imagining her showing him her tits and his appreciation. She won’t do it out-of-hand, but in her mind she is entertaining an unintended idea.

After another 30 minutes I am still hungry, its time to order a little more food.

” I am still a little hungry and going to order some rib bits.” “Why don’t you undo a few buttons of your blouse, and we will see if service is not better.” Carli just smiles, but her hand raises and unbuttons two buttons. Her tits are now half exposed towards the big brown nipples. This is great as I can get a better view of her tits and so could others if they were near enough to look, which is the point of this afternoon.

The waiter comes over and notices the improved view. He seems happier all of a sudden. He takes our order, asks about more wine, which I decline, and leaves.

The food seems to come relatively quick, and the waiter has added carrot sticks for free.

“See I told you we would get better service, if you showed him more of those lovely tits”. We both laugh, knowing it was true. “Now if we could figure out how to make this work to get a new car, that would be great”. More laughing. I reinforce the idea, showing more tits equals more good stuff.

“I think for new car I would have to show a lot more than my tits”.

“Maybe, my dear, maybe”, I reply. It made me think , well you never what may come up in the future.

Her tits and the wine, was starting to its effects. My pants were starting to get a bit tight. We chat some more, but the wine is getting low. Time to order a little more before we go. I call the waiter over and he comes in a hurry, wanting to see more tits. He positions himself in such a way to get a good down blouse view. I order a half bottle, and in no time are sipping from a fresh bottle.

Carli is feeling her wine now. It will be not too long before we will leave. Time to go push it a little more.

“Ah ….. you have fantastic tits, and I sure like to look at them.” “Don’t you think you have fantastic tits?” I ask her.

“Yes, I have fantastic tits.”

Now I know she has reached a good place and is very relaxed and also feeling very frisky.

” Yes, they are fantastic tits, but I want to see more of them. I want to see more now. Unbutton the rest of the buttons so I can see them better.” My cock is getting bigger at the prospect.

Without saying a word, Carli reaches up and begins to unbutton the rest of the buttons down to where it meets her skirt. A nice open v-shaped blouse that I see her skin all the way to her skirt. A nice pair of 36D tits under a sheer blouse. Fantastic erotic picture to be drinking wine outside in a public place. My cock is also fully engaged in the view, if you get my drift. Going to have to let it settle down a bit first before trying to stand up.

Pretty soon it will be time to go. Carli is feeling no pain and I want to get home before the wine starts to make me sleepy. After about 15 minutes, the wine is all gone. time to go. I ask for the bill and the waiter zips over.

I begin with “It looks like it’s time we head back.” And I stand up (a bit uncomfortable getting to stand straight, but my cock has shifted to where is it easy to walk now.) She also gets up. I can she is a just slightly unsteady getting to her feet. She has forgotten about her blouse being entirely unbuttoned. At least I think she may forgotten, but we do this often enough, she is well accustomed to these situations. I take her by the arm and we walk towards the backdoor of the pub. She says she needs to use the restroom before we go. As we go into the pub, from the bright sunlight the lighting makes it hard for us to see, but we know where the restrooms are located, no big deal.

Before she enters the restroom I tell her, “no buttoning up when you come out”.

The pub is filled with all men playing pool or card games as is the case most afternoons, and we will past close to the tables when we leave. So for her to appear as she is now, some men will get a good view of her rack. On the other hand, it will make Carli at little excited, even if she will not admit it. So I go and use the mens room right away knowing I will be finished before she will. Sometimes it is good women take a long time when they use the washroom.

I have been waiting by the washroom for about 10 minutes, when Carli comes out. She looks great. As I told her, the blouse is unbuttoned to below her boobs. So you see the profile of her boobs as she walks in her 4 inch “come-fuck-me” stiletto heels. I take her arm and we walk past the tables of men sucking back their beer and watching a game on the big screen. Some of the more sober see us and take nice slow look at Carli. They are rewarded with some views. They like what they see and I like what they are looking at. This part is getting my engine rev’ed up a bit as like to display Carli to others from time to time. She knows it but never says anything and goes along with it every time.

In the dark pub is not easy seeing Carli’s see through blouse or my usual hard-on, but when we open the door, the bright sunlight is something else. It blinds you for half a second. We now have to walk over to the car through the parking lot. I usually park under a tree to keep the heat from baking the inside of the car. But it also means a walk to the other end of the parking lot in bright sunlight, with Carli’s unbuttoned see-through blouse under her little jacket which really only blocks out the sides and back of the blouse. Full frontal is a different thing. See through blouse unbuttoned to below her bouncing tits. It does not leave much to the imagination. With her wearing here big sunglasses you really have no idea who this is. What a great day, walking through the parking lot with my wife’s unbuttoned blouse flashing some tits, if you know what I mean.

Now it would be better if I could get her to remove her blouse out right under her jacket in the bathroom and have her tits clearly on display. Then walk through the parking lot to the car. I would probably have such a boner by then, maybe I would not be able to walk. Well not today, but maybe some day if things progress further.

I wish many women had the confidence to do that. To flash some tit, now and then. I admire a woman who is confident in her sex and is confident enough to flaunt it from time to time. I know many men who would just love to have their wives or girlfriends to that; but they are too pussy to say anything afraid their wife will have a fit. What’s that saying about – “men living lives of quiet desperation”.

You’ll never know if your wife will do it, if you never ask and make her feel special doing it.

We get to the car and I open the door for her to be gentlemanly, before I get in. Get the car started and let the engine warm up a bit, as my car is a bit older. Which gives me time to reach over and remove her jacket. Now she is the car with her see through black blouse unbuttoned to below her tits, and her short skirt. So it was time to fondle her tits which she likes. I tell her how much I like her tits and how much I like to play with them.

We drive out of the parking lot and head towards home. A few miles down then road, I get an idea, there is a gas station ahead. One where they pump your gas.

Just before we get there I say “We need to gas up as the prices are cheaper here” , which is true, by a few cents.

We pull up to a pump and sure as any thing they have young guys as gas jockeys.

“Fill it up” I tell the young guy.

I guess he is in his late teens or so. Meaning if he is normal, he is horny all of the time. I need an angle here and at the same time can’t let things cool off, so I turn towards Carli.

“You look marvelous today. My cook was aching all the time we were out back at the pub, once you undid your blouse a bit. Those tits are fabulous and they will make any man get a hard-on just looking at them”

” Really?” she replied with a very big smile.

” I know so. I am a man and I know they turn men on. I bet sputnik, here the gas jockey, would cream his pants to get a good look at your fantastic tits”. Meantime I start to play with her nipples.

“They are fantastic are they not?”, I asked. “Now tell you have fantastic tits”

“I have fantastic tits”.

” Are they really fantastic” I ask.

“Yes, they are really fantastic”.

I continue to gently stroke her nipples. They are rock hard and she is felling very good and horny.

In a few minutes the guy has filled the car comes over and begins to wash the window. Meantime I continue to gently stroke her blouse over left nipple. I keep my eyes on her and that way she will look at me and not the guy, who can clearly see what is going on.

“You know those big sunglasses are like the what the movie people wear so no one will recognize them. They make you look very sexy”.

She smiles. “Yes”, she says very slowly.

The guy comes to my side window and wants to be paid.

” I have to pay the gas now”, I say, and then I take the left side of her blouse and slide it open a bit, then I do it with the right, such that the middle of her chest is open to the point it just covers the nipples, the rest of her tits are out in the open. Now I turn around to the guy and pay him, but he has to give me change, so while he fishes for change. I turn around and the blouse has not moved.

” You are very very sexy”, I say, as my pants are getting tight again. Just what I wanted to push things a step further, get the excitement factor to go up a notch. We are at a gas station with her blouse open flashing her tits and feeling good about it.

Then we took off down the road again. As we drive down the road, I play with her tits. Squeezing nipples and generally having a good feel. Time to unbutton the blouse completely and have those tits out in the open.

It is a warm day so I open the sunroof and let the sunshine in.

Now it is time to take my hand and run it up her legs. I place my hand between her legs and run it all the way to her shaved pussy.

” Do you like that” she says.

“I certainly do and don’t you?” is my reply.

She is smiling so I know she likes it to. So I spread her legs open. Real nice and wide; which makes her skirt raise up to her pussy. No problem, so I raise it to her waist. I need to run a finger down her pussy to make sure she is wet. It is smooth and wet. I begin to rub her clit from side to side. This is how she likes it rubbed to get horny and therefore enjoys it very much.

I am driving down this road one hand on the wheel and reaching over with the other hand making her pussy wetter and wetter. I can hear the slop- slop of her juices as I continue to rub the clit more and more. Her blouse in undone and her tits are out in the open for any all to see, and her skirt is up to her waist and legs spread eagled, and I get a hard-on I could hammer nails with.

Now she is responding, to my work. She is lifting up her pussy and wanting to be fingered. When I enter two fingers in her she bucks against them. She wants me to finger her harder. She is beginning to moan as she wants more fingering.

Now I have a old car, so it is mostly unnoticeable. However it has a large windshield and at the right angle in a higher vehicle like a truck you can see the entire front seat. Since it’s a two lane road, we encounter some commercial trucks coming the other way.

I know some truck drivers must have had a perfect frontal view, of my wife’s 36D tits and my fingers in her pussy. My cock is like steel just thinking about what they saw.

“Are you horny?” I ask Carli, of course knowing the answer al ready.

” Yes”.

” Yes, what”.

” Yes I am horny”, she rumbles.

“I think you are sexy and horny bitch”. “Are you a sexy and horny bitch?”.

” Yes”

“Yes, what”?

” Yes, I am a horny and sexy bitch”, her breathing is heavier. Her pussy is sopping wet. Her hips are responding to my working her clit. Now I make sure not to interrupt what I am doing.

” You are a horny bitch”. ” A very horny bitch”. When I speak rough with her, she responds. As a man we like our women to respond.

After the third sales meeting and our subsequent wives get togethers. I began thinking not only erotically about the situation, but in order to maintain the incredible pleasure I had found, strategically and tactically.

The most obvious element of the situation was that there had been three sales meetings with each turning into an orgy. Secondly neither corporate management nor the salesmen had made any apparent move to alter either the meetings or the way in which the “winner” was selected. These observations led me to the conclusion that the prize structure was here to stay.

Further it seemed logical to me that it would develop that there would be a small group of wives who would end up being the prize at each meeting. Presuming that the selection was fair, that the husbands of the wives on whom the prize status fell were actually the wives of the lowest performing salesmen and not simply chosen on George’s whim, the same wives would be selected time after time.

That it might be that these salesman had the highest goals, the most difficult territories, or were in some way the least competent, I didn’t think mattered. The reason might well change from quarter to quarter, but these wives would continually find themselves being handed around as a sales prize because their salesman husbands fell in one of the above categories: highest goals, most difficult territories, least competent – or some combination.

Bob didn’t seem to be one of those doomed to a perpetual status as low man. He had shared with me that his quota had been increased, but that he had developed some good relationships which had turned into good customers. In addition, these customers were providing highly qualified leads. He actually expected to make his quota next time around.

All of this left me in a quandary. I had really liked being a supplemental prize and, while I didn’t want to have Bob shown up as the lowest on the salesman’s totem pole, I did want to experience that wonderful variety of cocks. To date not only had I managed to make myself an unbidden supplemental prize, I had also learned a hugely exciting fact, Bob really got off seeing me used by his buddies. In short my getting fucked at these meetings not only made me very happy, it made Bob happy as well. Nonetheless, I wanted more. I was actually fantasizing about being humiliated in front of a crowd. The more I got into being naked and fucked at the meetings, the more I thought about being the prize.

I had daydreams about being the center of attention. I wanted to be forced to stand in front of everyone and have my clothes stripped from my body. I wanted to be handed over to the men for them to do what they wanted with me.

Many of my daydreams had me dressed in fine clothes, silks, perhaps. I would be called up and forced to stand with my arms held firm by ropes or chains high over my head while my clothes were torn from my body. My blouse would be shredded as several naked men sporting wondrous erections tore it from my body. My breasts would be jerked first one way then another as the cloth shredded. I would scream. Bob would try to save me (hopefully to no avail). My bra would reluctantly give under the onslaught leaving me on the stage shrieking in dread, my arms tethered high over my head, my breasts prominently displayed. They would continue to be tossed one way and another (seductively, I hoped) as I writhed in agony, humiliation, and fear.

My attackers would pause for a moment as they gazed lasciviously at my nakedness, staring at the erotic sight of my chest heaving in fearful expectation before completing their mission of stripping me naked.

Bob would be held back by strong arms; too many for my brave husband to rescue his endangered wife. I would see this and realize no help would come. I would be stripped and forced to endure the depraved desires of many men.

They would set on me again with a cry. My skirt would be forced open, vicious tugging at the waistband would tear it from my hips. I would be momentarily be swept from my feet, hanging only by my arms. The ripping of the material would generate another cry of success from the licentious men.

It would be only seconds before I regained my feet where, once again, these naked men with erect, dripping cocks would finish by ripping my panties from my body.

What happened next in my daydreams would always be a blur as, inevitably I brought myself to a climax. Not a fully satisfying one that those fantasized cocks would have forced on me, but a climax nonetheless. It wasn’t unusual for me to not realize that I had a finger on my clit until the climax burst on me. No wonder I didn’t have a specific end to my daydreams. They never got that far!

I also knew from the girls’ get together that there was interest on their part as well. They may not have the same sort of daydream I had, but they were close.

Early in the week after the third sales meeting I called Freddie and between the two of us we arranged for another girls afternoon. It would be at my house when Bob was out of town. I asked Freddie to bring her “objects of passion” with her just in case they could be useful.

I hadn’t done this in forever, but I made a batch of “special” brownies which I thought I’d serve just about the time I broke out a lovely Sauvignon Blanc I’d found at the local wine store.

As it turned out only seven of the sixteen wives showed up, but I was certain it would be enough. They were the more active ones. I thought they would most likely to be interested in the kind of plans I was thinking about.

The coffee went well enough. When I felt the time was right I brought out the brownies and the wine. When the requisite “oos and ahs” subsided and even those who claimed to eschew sweets had had a brownie, I kept the wine flowing while I changed the subject.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the current sales contest,” I said looking around the room.

“Who hasn’t,” Claire rejoined. “I think about it a lot.” It was said in much the same way she had talked about it earlier. I had already counted her in. I also counted in Freddie and Barb.

Suzanne, not surprisingly, wasn’t here. I didn’t figure her for one of us anyway. There were several others also not present whom I did not expect to participate.

Joan was present (and on her third brownie). I wasn’t sure which direction she’d go. May was also here and seemingly enjoying the wine and brownies. I had no idea how she’d vote. Anne was another unknown as was Jenny.

It left the nine others unaccounted for. At best they would be neutral or mildly supportive. Worst case they could be actively against our plans which could cause some real problems. Nonetheless I expected that we’d get a majority to go along. That might not be enough, however. If only eight or nine went along, that would leave a whole lot on the sidelines. It could be enough, depending on who it was, to scuttle everything. I intended to make a point to assign one or two of those in agreement to talk to everyone who needed convincing. I figured we could pull it off if we only had one or two sitting out.

I also felt we could get George to go along. If he did, he’d have a chance to fuck some of the women he’d never get to fuck otherwise. I also wondered about his wife. She had attended the meetings and never seemed put off by the goings on. I began to wonder if she’d like to participate rather than sit on the sidelines.

“I have a confession to make,” I began loudly enough to silence the ambient chattering. “I bought a toy just like the ones that Freddie showed us last time we got together.” That quieted things down. Everyone looked at me. Well, the looks said, what else are you going to tell us. Or, heaven forbid, what are you going to show us.

I inserted a pregnant pause and said, “When Bob is gone, I find it quite comforting.” By now it was apparent that the brownies and wine were having an effect.

“I never did get to try one when we got together last time,” the look on May’s face was something between lascivious and “I can’t believe what I just said.”

I let it pass. I’d get back to her later. Freddie and I had great plans for her.

“I hadn’t tried one before that day,” I continued. “When Freddie showed us how enjoyable they are, I wanted to continue learning.” I looked around the room. No one else said anything, but I certainly had their attention. “I also realized that perhaps others were not having the proper attention paid them.” Nods developed around the room, almost like a wave at a football game.

“Who,” I wondered aloud, “is getting all the attention she got before their wedding day. I can remember having to go to great lengths to straighten my clothes after every date.” I looked around again to be sure that I was getting through. I wanted them to think back to their courting days.

“Bob used to release the catch on my bra as we walked into a restaurant like this,” I reached around in back and released my bra catch. “He got so good that we’d sit down and in a few moments my bra was in his hands.” I demonstrated slipping my bra straps down my arms under my blouse and maneuvered it out the left sleeve hole. I dropped it on the floor. I was almost as good at Bob at getting it off!

“He’d put it in his pocket and I’d be ‘bra-less’ for the rest of the date.” I looked around for a nodding head. I found Jenny in agreement. “I’ll bet you had the same type of problem, Jenny.” She looked surprised that I knew she’d had similar experiences. She was completely unaware that under the influence of wine and cannabis she was sharing every thought inside her bobbing head. I said nothing, but continued looking at her with a look of what I hoped was compassion.

When she finally realized that we were waiting for her story, she began slowly. “Ralphy was never so good as to do all that stuff you were showing just now,” she said looking more in my direction. “But, in a movie and sometimes in the car, he’d find a way to get his hand in my pants. He even told me he preferred I wear skirts so he could play with me. One time he unzipped his pants and had me give him a blow job while he was driving. We almost had an accident so I quit doing that.” Laughter broke out. It appeared that several had had similar experiences.

“Yeah. The worst part of that is that you can’t see the road. You can only feel the car swerving. If we’d had an accident, I might have bitten his cock off,” She laughed self-consciously. “I don’t know if I would have married a guy without a cock.” She giggled as the room broke up in laughter. The sharing was picking up. The girls were getting less hesitant.

“Ryan was the same way,” Jenny broke in, “always getting his hands in my pants and wanting me to blow him while he was driving, so I’d just give him a hand job instead. He really seemed to like it and it kept his hands off me and on the wheel. The problem I had was that he never had any Kleenex in the car. I started keeping some in my purse.” The girls giggled again knowingly.

She thought for a minute then she said, “You know, when he’d cum in those days, it was a big mess. I mean he’d shoot,” she started gesticulating imitating a geyser, “you know, gobs. Now, not so much. ‘Course, I don’t do that for him,” she paused, “. . . anymore.” Another pause. “Maybe I should. I’ll bet he’d like that.”

“I’ve never done that for Bob. I wonder if he’d like it,” I added to the generally developing confessional.

“Oh, yeah,” several chimed in their agreement emphasized with nodding heads.

May picked up the thread, “They all like it. You know, they say all men masturbate.” Her head bobbed in agreement with herself. Her looking around gave proof, however, of her lack of total confidence in the statement. “Maybe he’d like me to do that for him.” Her eyes got rather merry at the thought. “Maybe he’d just like me to watch.” At this she covered her mouth. “Oops,” she said.

“Maybe he’d like to do you,” Joan added.

I thought I saw several squirming in their seats at that thought.

“I think I might like that,” May actually put her hand on her crotch as she said it. I don’t think she was even fully aware of it.

There were several side conversations at that point.

“Show us what you bought for yourself,” Claire’s request wasn’t brazen, it was softly spoken. Her eyes dropped from making contact with mine almost immediately.

“Actually I think that Freddie has several with her,” I responded looking at Freddie.

Freddie reached into her oversized bag and produced a second bag. This she took to the coffee table and spread out the contents. There were perhaps a dozen or so dildos of various sizes and shapes. She returned to her bag and produced a third bag from within it. She brought this to the coffee table as well. She removed from it a number of interesting devices, nipple clamps which I recognized, as well as other things which I didn’t. She spread them on the table.

On her knees in front of the coffee table she looked around. “These can be lots of fun. You don’t need a man, but if you have a man, it can be even more interesting. Or,” she continued, “you can share them with one of your close friends.” Saying the latter she made a small sweep of her arm indicating that all of us could be considered “close friends”.

“We tried a couple of them last time. I remember Gerogeanne practically passing out!” Claire shared, much to my regret. She could have left that part out. In the spirit of sharing I smiled passively.

“Right,” Freddie agreed, “so who’s next?” She looked around expectantly.

‘Not me’ said several self-conscious giggles from around the room. Nonetheless two, in their drug induced state, did volunteer.

“OK,” Freddie said agreeably, “we have two volunteers.” She then organized the toys into three different groups. “Both of you choose one item from each group,” she told the two volunteers.

They looked over the toys carefully. “If you don’t make a decision in the next 10 seconds, I’ll make it for you,” she threatened after a couple of minutes.”

Unable to make decisions, they quickly grabbed one from each of the three groups, a dildo, clamps, and restraints.

“Georgeanne,” Freddie asked me, “would you apply the restraints.”

Both of the selected restraints were handcuffs. Both were furry with wide leather bands. They didn’t look too threatening. First I secured Claire’s hands behind her back and just to be different I secured Barb’s hands in front.

“OK,” Freddie said standing back to view what I’d done. “Let’s start with Barb.” Barb’s eyes flickered with excitement.

“We’ll need that shirt off.”

I raised Barb’s cuffed arms high over her head while May pulled her top up. I continued to hold Barb’s hands in one of my hands while I accepted her top from May with the other. Without being told, May unclasped the bra and slid it up to me as well.

I must admit that Barb looked pretty good standing with her hands in the air. Her full, rather pointed breasts with their dark, engorged nipples would draw a lot attention at a sales meeting, I thought.

“Hmmm,” Freddie mused. “Move her over here,” she said indicating the stairway and the bannister running down it. “Fasten her hands to the bannister.”

I did after unfastening the handcuffs and removing her bra and top from her arms. We stood back admiring our handiwork. She was clearly ready for what would come next, whatever that might be.

Freddie picked up the nipple clamps and expertly attached one to an extended nipple. I remembered the feeling and could see it reflected in Barb’s face as the pain of the first clamp surprised her. “Oh my god,” she gasped, “that hurts.” She struggled a bit, but Freddie assured her it wouldn’t last. She calmed and as soon as she seemed to have accepted the first clamp, Freddie applied the other one. Barb jumped, “Oww.”

She quieted quickly under Freddie’s glare.

From in back of us Claire said, “I don’t want that. Maybe you better take these cuffs off.” Freddie and I looked at each other. I took hold of Claire at the shoulders and held her while Freddie shackled her ankles.

“You just need to wait your turn,” Freddie advised her. The effects of the wine and brownies had left her confused so even if she wanted to argue, she was in fact unable to get coherent thoughts together. I sat her down on a chair facing Barb. She could just watch while we experimented on Barb.

“We’ll get to you in a few minutes,” I told her and returned my attention to Barb.

The nipple clips had kept Barb’s nipples elongated, if not engorged. Now Freddie twisted a rope around the base of each breast making them balloon.

“Now for the pants. May, you take charge of her pants.”

May was ready for the assignment and quickly unsnapped the shorts pulling them and Barb’s panties off as if she’d done it a hundred times.

“Put on the spreader,” Freddie told May indicating a bar with cuffs on either end. May needed no instructions. She attached the cuffs forcing Barb’s legs far apart.

“Just a little further,” Freddie instructed. “We want her pussy spread wide, but don’t want her to lose her balance.”

May adjusted the bar. What a sight! Barb standing on the floor with her arms cuffed to the bannister. Her spread legs separated her pussy lips as if she was inviting entry. The chain for the nipple clamps draped like that on a pocket watch. A droplet fell to the floor from those wide spread lips. I was getting pretty hot myself.

A buzz made me turn. Freddie brushed by me with a dildo emitting a buzzing noise. She went to Barb and knelt in front of her. Barb pressed her butt against the wall to avoid the buzzing dildo approaching her pussy.

Freddie made contact. Barb’s eyes got very big. Freddie moved the dildo excruciatingly slowly up and down her outer lips driving the already over excited woman crazy. Freddie lightly slid the dildo up her abdomen, then down, then in circles. She inserted a finger deep into Barb, but continued moving the dildo. Up she went to the underside of Barb’s breasts, then on to the nipple clamps where she held the device to the clamps making them vibrate and bite. She brought the dildo down again ending at her clit.

Barb twisted, gasped, and cried out during all of this. God it made me hot watching. When Barb was thrashing about insanely about to experience a mammoth climax, Freddie inserted the dildo as deeply as she could. “Hold this,” she said to May who immediately took over holding the dildo inside Barb.

With hardly a wasted motion, Freddie attached the third clamp to the erect clit. Barb jumped. She cried out something between pain and extreme pleasure as Freddie told May, “Now fuck her hard with that thing!”

May moved the dildo frantically in and out. Within seconds Barb was screaming and writhing with a climax that seemed to last forever.

When it ended, we released her. She collapsed and lay on the floor, a puddle of the aftermath of ecstasy. We left her to remove the clamps from her nipples and clit as we turned our attention Claire who seemed quite ambivalent about her next minutes.

I helped her to her feet. “My god,” she said, “can you do that to me?”

“You bet,” Freddie responded. Without another word she pulled Claire’s shirt up and pushed her bra off her breasts. “You have really nice tits,” she said admiringly rubbing them and rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger. I stood behind Claire holding her by the shoulders.

Freddie continued her assault for a minute or two then abruptly stopped. “May,” she said calling May to her. “Take over. Get her nipples quite ready. Make them hard and long. Pull them a bit to lengthen them if that’s something you’d like to do. Then put the nipple clamps on.” May was eating up this assignment. She was going to enjoy every moment.

I could feel Claire’s ambivalence as I held her shoulders. I believe she had a pretty good idea of the discomfort to come, but she wanted to have a climax like Barb’s.

(Thanks to user LudwigVan for editing)


In a land far, far away there is unique rite of passage for girls. It resembles Bat Mitzvah in one aspect, however it is utterly different in another. After completing this ritual girls become women. Every year there is a traditional fare in which girls present themselves and their useful abilities in marriage. The crowd was swarming with young unmarried men and women.

“Welcome, visitors, to our annual Slut Fair in our modest city!” shouted the announcer during the opening speech. “Today is the day when many girls are going to prove that they are worthy of being called women. They must prove that they are worthy of having a husband by showing obedience and loyalty in many areas including, but not limited to: cleaning, cooking, caring for children and the most important trait is one of sexual nature – they must prove their capability of pleasing a man sexually!

“We have many nice specimens this year, featuring young eager girls!” The announcer continued as he pointed to first batch of women presented on the enormous stage. “There are all kinds of women here, with big breasts and with small ones, tall and short, strong and weak, pale and tan alike!”

The announcer changed his focus on the girls. “Many will pass their rite today, however not all of you. First and foremost, you will be tested sexually. Everybody leave the stage but you.” He pointed to the first girl in line. She was wearing striped thigh high socks. Her tight black corset intertwined with red undergarments, beneath which were matching black panties. Her heart was beating as if it was going to explode. There were other indicators of stress present: her legs were shaking, and she tried to hide her blushed face with uncomfortable facial expressions.

“What is your name?” the announcer asked.

“I’m… I’m Emily,” she responded in a shy voice, changing between a whispering mumble to high pitch squeak.

“Why are you here, Emily?”

“To do whatever you wish from me, Sir.” Her blue eyes were looking directly on the floor, as if the floor offered salvation from her current situation. The crowd grew louder as they commented between themselves, thus creating murmur.

“Your tester has arrived at the stage for you Emily,” the announcer said, introducing me – a tall man entered the stage, wearing casual, everyday attire consisting of blue trousers and simple green T-shirt. “I’m leaving you to this fine gentleman!” the announcer shouted before exiting the stage. The gathered audience greeted me with loud applause.

“W-w-who are you?” Emily asked, almost whispering, still looking at the ground in front of her, arms crossed.

“For you, I am either ‘Sir’ or ‘Master,’ slut!” I addressed her in a serious manner. “Spread your arms wide for me.”

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir, please excuse my behaviour Sir, I’m new Sir, please be nice to me Sir!” she said, almost crying out loud in front of everyone gathered as she put her arms by her side, therefore losing her defence against me, however slim it had been.

I moved my large, enormous body compared to hers closer, causing her heart to beat even faster, a feat not thought possible. She accidentally crossed her arms in spite of explicit orders, which forced me to grab her arms and spread them. While I was playing with her, workers were busy setting the stage behind us. They were carrying a king sized bed and other accessories into position along side an artificial wall behind the bed on which I was pinning her wrists.

“I’m sorry, Sir, for crossing my arms, I won’t do it again, I promise, Sir, please, I’m begging you, Sir, don’t hold a grudge against me, Sir. I only want to please you, Sir,” she begged in a high voice, panicked of possible punishment for her incompetence.

“Do you think this is a joke, slut? My commands are to be obeyed, whore. You are mine here. I own you, cunt. Your only purpose is to please me and behave like such, and don’t even dare to disobey me again,” I said with a stern voice while staring into her eyes. “Look me in the eyes while I am talking to you, slut.”

“Y-yes Master.. I-I-I hope I am not disappointing you, Sir. I want to please you with all my heart, Sir,” she responded in shallow breaths. She could feel her heart pumping faster, her legs shaking, her breathing quicken as I moved closer to her. The pressure was enormous, it could almost be seen in the air between us.

“Bracelets!” – I shouted to the staff. Immediately afterwards two women dressed similar as Emily brought two wrist bracelets and a collar before leaving the stage. On each hand, one soft leather bracelet was attached, then locked on the wall behind her, thus spreading her soft white arms wide above her head.

Unknown to Emily, behind the thin wall where she was shackled laid two sisters, Lana and Rea, strapped tightly onto the stripped bed. The only thing that remained on the bed was bare minimum – a comfortable mattress covered with white linen bedsheets and large rubber wheels.

Both sisters were bound in similar positions, with hemp rope firmly tied around their waists, elbows, wrists and knees, fixating them in a position of great exposure. Their knees were below their waists, neither spread apart nor closely tied together. Their hands were strongly roped, and their faces were pointed straight ahead. The position had most resemblance to doggy position except the rope didn’t allow much movement of the sisters.

The older sister, Lana, was a full curvy girl with a large bosom, featuring meaty tights and big round bouncy ass. Her long black hair was connected to the bed frame, forcing her to always have the right posture. The same applied for her younger sister, Rea, who was tiny and pale compared to most women. Rea was shy, unlike her bratty older sister. Her scared, big, green eyes were worried about things to come. Both of them had failed the exam last year, leaving them to my mercy. Right above their asses, a tattoo was located with the inscription, “Worthless slut”. Inside of their assholes, nice glass butt-plugs were inserted.

They were faced opposite to each other, looking straight ahead to the other one. Both of them were gagged with red silicone ball gags. From it, vast quantities of saliva oozed onto the bed. As they heard me dealing with Emily, they grew more frightened, and to their surprise, aroused. Both were fully naked at all times ever since they failed last years exam. Warm summers, wild caresses, and whip-induced welts were attained beneath a gleaming artificial light. They weren’t allowed to see the light of day since their failure last year.

On the main stage, Emily was shackled on the wall, my hands groping every inch of her slim body. The corset served its purpose, and emphasized her firm breasts. I was biting her neck, sinking my teeth into her. She hissed and moaned in response.

“What is that I hear, whore?”

“You are making me moan, Sir, please Master, do whatever you like with me, I am your slut, I am yours.”

My hands roamed throughout her body, tightly grabbing every last bit of her loins, her ass, and her buttocks. “Are you happy with my body, Sir?” she asked in between continuous moans from pleasure. Behind the stage, Lana and Rea listened to every sound she made. It aroused them. However, they were unable to touch themselves. Lana was more aggressive then her sister. She was squirming to and fro, aiming to get some pleasure from friction between her pussy and ropes. As part of their punishment, the sisters were forbidden to masturbate for over a year.

The staff removed the gag for the sisters and then left the stage. Soon afterwards, Rea’s fears became verbal.

“Lana, what are you doing? We are going to get whipped! Please stop, I can’t take it any more,” said Rea, almost whispering, afraid of me hearing her. However the sounds were masked by Emily’s moaning.

“I can’t take it.. I want his cock inside of me… I want to caress his cock, I want to suck it, I want it to penetrate my every orifice.” Her words brought vivid memories to Rea’s mind of the last time she had a cock in her throbbing pussy. All that excitement was too much. She would endure another year of beating if it meant tasting my cock in her mouth. However, what her face showed vividly, her words didn’t due to her shyness.

“Please Lana, I’m begging you, forget about cock. We weren’t worthy last year, I think it is best to be silent here and hope for the best. I don’t want to spent another year tied up in the dungeon.”

In the meantime, Emily was on the seventh cloud, ecstatic by my touches. Every touch caused her to let out a moan between breaths. She had given up all control, aroused from the pleasure.

“Please, Sir, more, more… Please, Master, I’ll do anything you want, I want this to never stop. I need it so much, I need you, Master. Without you, I am nothing, without you, I am a worthless whore, just as you named me, Sir,” she pleaded while frequently interrupted with sounds of pleasure.

I stopped and moved away from her. “Very well, but don’t think for a moment that I forgot to punish you for your bad demeanour.” Her body was rotated in the opposite direction making her face the wall, her ass turned towards me and analogously to the crowd.

“Everyone can see your dirty little asshole, slut. Arch your back and spread your legs.” Her arms were released from the shackles during rotation, only to be put back into the bonds. Her thoughts were running wild in every direction. The first direction was focused on me and on awaiting spanking to her vulnerable loins. The other thought was concerned on how uncomfortable she felt in that position; visible to everyone, to every man and women who attends the fair, seeing her treated in such way. For this reason she blushed and tried to hide her meaty pink pussy, but as soon as she remembered what happened earlier she opened herself even more.

“I am yours, Master, I want you to train me, I need to be punished, please, Sir, have no mercy on me. I need to be punished.” She got more comfortable with her words by focusing on me alone. Her voice was still shaky, but more consistent then before, and not just due to the shyness, but also to the enormous arousal she was experiencing.

“See? I told you, Master has no mercy. He will whip us relentlessly for our behaviour,” Rea pleaded. Lana was still rubbing herself by the ropes. She did not give up, even though her skin was scratched from the coarse rope.

“This isn’t enough, Rea. I need Master’s cock in me to please me, I’ll do whatever it takes to feel it again. She is the lucky one. She felt his fingers on her. Rea, as you very well know, we weren’t treated nicely by our Master due to our misdemeanour. But I need it so bad.” Despite Rea’s greatest efforts, her pussy was wet and craving. She wanted to be touched and fucked desperately. It had been too long since she had it.

Lana and Rea could have sensed that I was going to reward them today for being a proper slaves for the whole year. During the last few months, I had been going easier on them. Whipping had become less frequent and more gentle than before. They were getting impatient and aroused. Many things were going through their smart little heads, but no thought reflected the surprising release of the gags.

“Ouch, thank you, Master!” Emily cried. “I’m sorry, Master, for my actions.” To her surprise, my next move wasn’t another slap on her yet to be red ass. It was a gentle rub over her loins. “Thank you Master for your kindness.”

A few fast blows ensures, forcing Emily to jump as if the floor was hot. “Stay still, whore,” I ordered.

“Yes, Master, I’m sorry, Master, for disappointing you. I am going to try harder, Sir.” Skin to skin contact sounds swam through the air, immediately followed by a loud squeak from Emily. On her ass was a visible red hand print. She was breathing faster, trying to catch as much breath as possible before another blow came. But she was not complaining, moreover, before my hands landed, she sprung her ass in my direction, wanting to be spanked.

“Good girl!”

“Thank you, Sir, I am your slut, I want to please you. If spanking me pleases you, my slutty ass is yours, however red you wish it to be.” My lips got closer to her, gently kissing and biting her neck while caressing her firm perky bosom.

My upper lip was above her upper lip, just as I was above her. My tongue gently rubbed her soft lower lip, brightened from intensive heart rate and excitement. Spanking has turned her more obedient and eager to please me. Ever so slowly, my tongue touched hers, sending waves of tingling sensation from it to every bit of her statuesque body. My eyes were connected with her big bright blue windows to the soul. As my head moved backwards, she followed in vain, only to be met with my index finger pressed at her lip, barring her from kissing me. “My kisses must be earned,” I say, smiling.

“Yes, Master, your slave is going to try harder to impress you,” she responded, saddened by the vanishing feeling of my lips on top of hers.

The announcer stepped back onto the stage, beginning another loud speech. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a nice surprise for you! From last year’s fair, on their second try to pass the exam, two young whores, even sisters surprisingly. To your left, you can see Rea! She is smaller of the sisters. But trust me, she is a fierce one, despite her shyness!”

Rea was rolled over to the stage. She was tightly strapped on the table. In a blink of an eye her emotions changed from fear of getting caught to pure embarrassment; face blushed, eyes widened and knees shaking.

“To your right, there comes her sister Lana. Curvy girl, born and raised not far from here as first child of the manor. Her big breasts have come in handy for picking up men, however, that has little power over our young tester.”

As soon as Lana noticed me, her eyes widened like Rea’s, but unlike hers, which looked away shamefully, they excitingly looked straight at me. Not only were her eyes wide, but also her mouth was open and her pussy was getting wetter. The sheer sight of me stopped her mingling in the ropes.

“As you can see, Emily, you aren’t the only one under my control. You are a whore, but if you want to feel my lips on yours again, you must prove yourself. As for you,” I said, turning to Lana, “what was that noise in the background?”

“Nothing, Sir,” Lana responded, but her fearful eyes conveyed dishonesty. I moved myself to Rea and tugged her hair, forcing her eyes my way.

“I asked you something, slut.”

“I-I-I don’t know, dear Master, what do you refer to?” – she mumbles to me.

“Look me straight in the eyes, slut. What was that noise?”

Rea was paralysed with fear of imminent punishment, hence ratted Lana out. “I was telling Lana to stop trying to escape, Sir.”

My attention was diverted back to Lana. However, before I said any words to her, she felt my hands on her ass. “Ouch!”

“What are these bruises, slut? I haven’t given them to you, yet you have them.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, I wish you had given them to me, but you weren’t there with me. I need to be touched by you, I can’t take it any more! I need you Master!” Lana pleaded religiously, never stopping to move in sheer anticipation. Will I spank her or maybe fuck her? She had no idea yet. Whatever happens, she can finally feel my touch on her. My spanks don’t hurt her one tiny bit despite her loud screams. Just like Emily, she moved her ass towards my hand.

“Please spank me more, Sir, I wish you touched me. I’m begging you. Touch me, hurt me, kiss me, I don’t care just use me to your satisfaction, Sir!”

I moved back to Emily and unlocked her bonds. “Follow me,” I ordered. She got on her knees and slowly crawled after me. Lana’s bed was moved to face Rea’s, and from then on, Lana was ignored. My ignorance was her greatest punishment as she sees others getting my attention, but not her.

“Emily, slowly remove your panties and give them to me.” She got on her back with all four limbs directed towards the sky.

“Yes, Master, I’m happy to be able to give my panties to you.” She smiled while seductively taking off her panties, making sure I caught a glimpse of her alluring pussy. Furthermore, she flung her soaked panties in front of me. That young callow slut was learning quickly. She slowly crawled to the panties, picking them up with her mouth and offering them to me.

“Good girl.” I petted her. Lana’s mouth was then stuffed with the wet panties. “This is what you get, slut, for not obeying me. You will watch and be quiet. I am even removing the butt plug from your ass. You don’t deserve it, you selfish cunt.” Lana tried using puppy eyes on me, but to no avail.

As can be expected, Emily was rewarded with a kiss, followed by a gentle rub across her corset covered breasts. My hands pulled the corset down, setting her breasts free to jiggle and bounce to and fro while my mouth licked, sucked and bit them. If it weren’t for her loud moans, the space would have been silent. The crowd has became voiceless as if they were watching theatre play.

Before continuing to play with Emily, I untied Rea’s hands. “Masturbate, slut, for all the world to see what you are. Make a good show for everyone looking at you, slut.”

“Thank you, Sir, for allowing me to touch myself.” She had mixed feelings. On one hand, she can finally stimulate herself, a feat long craved, but on the other hand, everybody was watching her. She was embarrassed and self conscious. Most importantly, I was not watching her, but playing with Emily instead.

“Am I good enough for my Master to use me?” she thought to herself. Despite her insecurities, her fingers followed my orders, even though her mind had doubts. First and foremost, the butt plug was popped out and gently set aside. Secondly, one finger rubbed around her pussy, moving in a circular motion. Soon afterwards, another finger joined the party, intensifying the already delightful feeling.

In the meantime, my quickly undressed body pinned Emily down to the floor. Her eyes were charmed to mine. While teasing her firm bosom, I looked her straight in the eyes. Her hands were busy roaming around my hair.

“Thank you, Sir,” she managed to say between successive sighs. After I had finished groping her gorgeous body, my teeth finally met her neck. When a surprised scream passed, a smile sprung up on her joyous face.

“Thank you, I am glad to be yours, Sir. I wish you took me. I beg you to take me.” My dick gradually teased her more and more. Steadily, she was losing her mind.

“Please put your cock in me, Sir, I want it so much.”

“Not so fast,” I responded playfully and smiling, succeeded by a long French kiss.

Lana squirmed in her place as everybody but her had fun. She was reluctant to drop her panties and beg, knowing the entailing punishment of another non-orgasmic year. Almost nobody was paying attention to her.

Emily was getting fucked and Rea… she was having the time of her life. Two thin fingers were rubbing her dripping pussy. Her slender body wiggled in coarse ropes and she moaned slightly. Not only was she enjoying herself, but she had also let go. The embarrassed Rea was a thing of the past, for now at least.

“Thank you, Master, for the pleasures you have allowed me,” said Emily, “my fingers are all wet because of you, as is my oozing slutty pussy.” The statement was followed by provocative finger sucking. The moment had come to finally insert them into her orifices. Her index finger pushed deep, followed by fingers of another hand rubbing her enlarged clitoris.

“You’re adorable,” I commented, melting her last doubts whether she is doing well or not.

Finally, my dick entered Emily’s swollen pussy. Gradually my pace quickened, making her cries for more louder and incoherent. Her hands moved lower to my bottom, pressing me hard into her.

“Fuck your fuck toy, Master! Use your slut with your cock! You own me, Master!” Some hair stayed loose from the powerful grip and fell down her sides. As she approached the inevitable orgasm, I got rougher, her long dark hair strongly tugged, her breast tightly clenched, her body grasped closer.

At the same time, Rea’s glittering blue eyes briskly moved from one point to another, without any goal. As her play intensified, the ropes caused bruises on her gorgeous body. Those full red lips hadn’t been closed since she began arousing herself. On the other hand Lana’s watery eyes cried due to envy. “I wish Sir took me,” she thought. “I wish he took my pussy and my ass. I don’t care how much I am whipped or hurt, I need to have his cock in me. He’s right, I am his slut. Master is always right. Stupid me, why couldn’t I wait for him? No wonder he doesn’t want me now! I need to atone myself to him. Maybe then I’ll get his warm cock in me.”

“Rea, stop masturbating!” I ordered.

“Yes, Master. My pussy is yours, as are my hands.” She obeyed, despite being so close to orgasm.

“Spread your ass for everyone to see. You may play only with it.”

The feeling of embarrassment returned as reality struck back. “Everybody is leering at me, Sir.”

“Do you want to be a good girl? Then do it like a proper slut. You deserve no privacy.” My stern voice set her straight, forcing her hands to spread her proportionally big booty.

At first, already wet fingers slowly paved the way for more. Each finger from both sides slowly lubricated the most intimate part of her — her own asshole. They moved in a circular motion. Goosebumps sprung up from an uneasy feeling of total exposure to me and a thousand unknown strangers as well. “I need to bite the bullet,” she thought. “I want, no, I need, Sir’s cock in me.”

“May I cum Sir? I am ready to cum,” Emily pleaded.

“Not yet, you slut.” Every muscle in her body was ready to burst out in rapid unpredictable movements. Control of her own body weakened with each succeeding thrust.

“P-P-please, I’m begging you, I need to cum, Sir.”

“Not yet, slut, hold it in. Show your dedication!” My every touch could have thrown her over the edge, but she held on. It was a very hard thing to do so, especially since I was kissing her breasts, biting her neck and intertwining my cock with her pussy. In correspondence, she wrapped her legs around my waist and grabbed my head to bring me closer, to feel me stronger, to feel more pain, more pleasure.

“Can your slut cum now?” Her attractive body, still in her corset, which no longer hid but emphasized her breasts, arched involuntarily.

I pounded into her indefatigably, causing waves of pleasure running throughout her body, starting at her toes, moving upwards to her shaky tights, and joined at her pulsating pussy and ending in the trembling of arms and head. Emily gleefully looked at me.

“Thank you Sir, Thank you-u-u!” she uttered these words among many rambling, incomprehensible sounds more similar to animal than human. A blissful feeling filled her as a wide smile painted her face. Her gleamy eyes looked pleased now. She had entered another state of stupor. The only thing she could feel was my hands, which caressed her body, and my cock deep in her vibrating pussy.

Seldom had Emily felt such a gratifying experience. The other two girls were envious, but kept their envy to themselves. I sprung up back to Rea, with my naked body in front of her eyes. Those eyes glared relentlessly, like she was entranced by my presence. Again she forgot about the lurking eyes and her throbbing pussy, as she began wrenching her body toward my dick as much as the bonds allowed. At first, only her nose touched me, smelling lusty odour mixtures, remnants after the rough sex she witnessed.

“Your cock smells powerful, Sir, may I please touch it?” she asked.

“Only with the tip of your tongue.” Her tongue slowly caressed the outer glands, fiddling around the frenulum while staring right into my eyes. A mixture of saliva, pre-cum, and Emily’s juices ooze on the floor beneath her, not gaining even a second of attention. Her focus shifted between my eyes and cock. At the same time, her asshole was still being penetrated, as per my specifications.

My pulsating cock went up and down as her tongue tried to anticipate the rhythm and catch it. Her enthusiasm did not decay when my body leaned backwards. Ropes were forbidding her to touch it, but she tried nevertheless. Moans were uttered from both of our bodies, as well as Emily’s.

“Please, Master, can you bring your cock closer to my mouth? I want to suck it, I wish to please you,” she pleaded with glistening eyes above rolled down tongue.

Emily recovered after a while. She got fully naked, undressing her corset and slowly standing back on her feet. She pinned her body tightly into mine, squeezing her breast on my back and letting her hands explore my sweaty body. I felt my chest get pulled back, followed by tingling sensation caused by rapidly approaching hands to my hard dick. She kissed my neck and whispered, “I’m happy, Sir, thank you for all that you have given me.”

Her hands caressed my soaked testicles, soaked from our sweat diffused by sex fluids. Rea stopped fingering herself to use her hands to gain leverage, therefore getting within sucking distance of my cock. Only her mouth worked, leaving oozing saliva in its wake. Emily knelt beneath me, never letting go of my balls as they were moved in and out of her mouth. Her tongue departed from them, only to creep towards the entrance to my asshole. I uttered a loud moan when she licked and kissed my ass, during which Rea unashamedly devoured my cock. The silent air was shaken by multiple intertwined moans.

Strong scents were spreading amongst everybody present, arriving at last back to Lana. That young girl’s body had been frozen, as told, for far too long. She was controlling her motion, yet still she was helpless. Thick, viscose fluid soaked the ropes adjoining her pussy. Upon closer inspection, some tears could be observed falling down her face, streaming towards Emily’s panties in her mouth. Words rolled into her head, words like “Why won’t Master take me? I’m so sorry for my mischiefs, I want to show him how sorry I am. His ignorance hurts more than the lash of a hundred whips.”

I paused for a moment to untie Lana “Now, you may begin your servitude towards me,” I said. She flung herself onto my feet, kissing them dearly.

“Thank you, Master, I promise I won’t disappoint you again. I am ready to do whatever you ask of me. Please let me serve you.”

Silently, she glared at my upright cock. Without any ounce of self-control left, her mouth sprang up and caressed my entire shaft. “I love your cock, Master, may I please suck it?” she asked. Her imploring eyes looked similar after seen an old friend after long time.

“Yes, slut. You may suck it. Show your worth to me.”

Emily scurried towards Lana, amazed by the opportunity to play with her plump breasts. She bit and sucked on them while Lana focused on my cock. Her hands worked their charms, while loud moans tore the air apart. Lana’s moan was muffled by my cock filling her mouth. She fiddled with it, swirling her tongue all around it. There was primal lust in the air, seen on the sweaty bodies of everybody participating.

Emily’s soft hands caressed Lana’s pulsating pussy. Her body forcibly twitched towards Emily’s hands. Emily had a naughty side. Both of us were playing with Lana. She was intertwining slow and fast strokes with slaps on her pussy, and she was overwhelmed by feeling. She didn’t dare let go my cock in fear of losing it. My hands pet her on the head. “What a nice slut you are. I see that my methods has softened you.”

“Yes Master, I’m glad I am pleasing you,” she stammered amidst repeated stokes. Full, soft lips licked Lana’s neck, followed by bites. She screamed loudly, despite her fullness. Emily’s crotch rolled to and fro against Lana’s leg. She wanted to cum again, despite the unavailability of my cock. At last, she sat in Lana’s lap, hugged her dearly and inserted her fingers into her asshole. First to come was the index finger of her right hand, then same finger of opposite hand.

Lana enjoyed all feeling that she was given after being ignored for almost the whole day. However, her younger sister patiently waited for my return, bemoaning my departure. Her eyes grew ever larger, her helpless feeling stronger, her embarrassment skyrocketed.

Lana’s body trembled relentlessly from being penetrated anally. The feeling of being used was too much, she was happy to be pleasing me. Barely able to speak, she begged for permission to cum over and over again. “Can I please cum, Sir? Was I a good slut to you?”

I removed my cock from her mouth, repositioning Emily over her face as Lana was lying down on the floor, legs and arms spread apart. My dick vigorously plundered her tight, still virgin asshole.

“Sir, please be gentle, I am happy that you are the first man to take my asshole,” she uttered between moans. Emily exploited her tongue as her personal fuck toy, riding it as it were my cock.

“Go on, slut, lick my pussy, I want to cum again,” Emily ordered.

After every thrust, Lana screamed into Emily’s dripping pussy, twirling her tongue for her pleasure, therefore my pleasure. I raised her legs onto my shoulder, allowing me to go deeper and stronger. My hands released a torrent of spanks upon her beautiful, meaty buttocks. It has grown red already after only first few slaps.

“Thank you, Sir, for spanking me… May I please be spanked more?” she said.

Emily passionately kissed my lips, mixing both our tongues in synchronised dance, releasing a moan of pleasure into each other’s mouths.

She used one of her hands as a pillar while other was at all times playing with Lana’s breasts — teasing them, twisting and clasping strongly. When her neck came close to me, I bit it. An entrancing moan left her mouth. Among other effects, she tightly pinched Lana’s breasts, putting another chain reaction in motion as Lana dipped her tongue even deeper into Emily’s wet pussy.

Emily’s juices were smeared all over Lana’s face. However, not only did she not mind, but also, she was turned on by being treated as fuck toy. She wanted to be fucked, to provide pleasure for her Master and whoever her Master decided she should give it.

“Aaaahhhh… Sir, I am going to cum soon… Please, Sir, I’m begging you, don’t stop fucking my asshole, I need your cock inside… Ouch…”

Emily is visibly tired, but her movements had not diminished in vigour one tiny bit — lust was pushing her forward. Pure primal lust was making her pussy want more. Lust was making her fully submit to me. For absolute submission power wasn’t enough — lust must be there; she absolutely belonged to me now.

Every time Emily’s eyes met mine, fluids torrented from beneath her. Everything she did pleased me and herself. Her body was shivering, trembling and shaking invariably under every my touch and Lana’s tongue.

“M-m-master… please, Master, your faithful whore is going to cum now… Please, dear Master, can your whore cum?… I wish you allowed your faithful whore to cum,” she stammered incoherently, almost silently between shallow breaths.

My cock was pulsating, stimulating Lana even more then she hoped to. I was losing high cognitive functions and all that remained was pure primal animal form. Roars belonging to ancient time came to light, and with them their faithful companion — lust.

I didn’t even plan to keep them waiting any longer. All I wanted was to see their bodies shake indefatigably under my thrust. Hence I ordered both of them to cum, and at the same time I came also. “Cum, my sluts, cum for me. Look me in the eyes while you cum. I want to see your faces!”

Unconscious twitches wrenched our bodies around and around. Moans and screams became indistinguishable, and only the enjoyment on our faces painted the true picture. Warm viscose fluid was propelled from my cock deep into Lana’s ass. From there, it oozed back down, dripping slowly as we fell down exhausted, breathing fast and shallow. Euphoria was traveling throughout our bodies, incapacitating us from even basic movement. We were laying there overwhelmed by plain, simple orgasm – that delightful feeling was rightfully earned.

Three bodies were laying down on the stage, still breathing rapidly. We were cuddling together, our bodies intertwined, legs mixed together. I was laying amidst Lana and Emily. Both of them were laying on my chest, hugging my body and playing with each other’s breasts.

Emily went over me, brushing her bosom against me, finally reaching Lana’s filled asshole. She began to lick the floor clean beneath her, not letting any droplet of cum go to waste. Then her mouth was enclosing Lana’s asshole, sucking my cum inside as she gently rubbed her sore ass and buttocks. After the cum had been fully drunk, she propelled forwards to Lana’s mouth, kissing her gently. A mixture of saliva and cum was exchanged between the girls while I fondled them. Their dozy faces were overjoyed, grinning endlessly.

Emily moved to the side, making room for me to enter into the circle of enjoyment. My lips roamed Lana’s right nipple, kissing it timidly. Emily did the same to the other nipple, while her hands groped me and prepared my cock for further adventures. I stroked Emily’s hair, followed by the gradual decline to her crimson butt. She moaned slightly, still sore from earlier. Lana was surrounded by us, moaning silently. Her hands touched our genitalia, Emily’s pussy from one side and my balls from other side.

“Thank you, Master, for your attention to me.”

“Prepare yourself, soon you will be needed again,” I whispered into their obedient ears, “It’s Rea’s turn soon.”

Rea was blindfolded by nice leather fabric, and her shyness had kicked back in. Her lack of sight was torturing her, as was the feeling of exposure. Her most intimate body parts, pussy and asshole, were left in the open to be seen by everybody without her control whatsoever. She was strapped so tightly that she couldn’t even cover herself. But she tried in vain, fighting the ropes.

Besides the blindfold, her hands were tied once more, securing her in position on all fours. The silence was worrying her, she was at wit’s end, not knowing what shall happen next. Was she going to get spanked? Or was she going to be penetrated, deflowered perhaps? Worst of all, whatever happens, everybody would see her. However, to her greatest surprise and shame, her throbbing pussy was leaking relentlessly.

I positioned myself behind her, circling around and groping relentlessly. At my every touch, her body shivered. Excitement was driving her mad; both in an aroused and a more embarrassed way. My fingers fondled her small but ample breasts.

“What a fine body you have,” I said.

“Thank you, Master, I’m glad I can please you,” she responded.

Behind her, unknown to Rea, Lana and Emily were waiting for my signal to start pleasing her. Rea’s fears internalized more. Everybody was looking at her, that much was true. However, nobody disliked what was displayed. Expectation grew as I dramatically postponed the final act. My arm reached for her chin, lifting it up.

“Stick your tongue out for me.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said as she stuck it out.

I crouched a bit and used the table to ease my efforts in maintaining position. As she remained perfectly, my tongue played games. First, a gentle lick of my tongue caressed the tip of her nose.

“I like your perky nose.”

She smiled timidly. “What is he doing? Why is he licking my nose, isn’t my pussy good enough for him? I hope I am not disappointing my Master,” she thought. On the tip of her tongue, a small piece of milk chocolate was placed, which melted almost instantly. Immediately after it was placed, our tongues met in a long French kiss. In my mouth, there was another, different type of chocolate. I passionately kissed Rea, diffusing the chocolate between saliva. Our taste buds were enjoying themselves.

My hands resumed inspecting her body, this time accompanied with kisses. First, her cheeks received wet, sweet treatment. Then her neck was at the top of the queue. After I’d left a hickey, she moaned. Her body shivered into position with every successive touch.

“You have been very docile, like a good girl should. I have saved you for the last as the cherry on top. I’ll reward you by giving you permission to cum upfront.”

My hands petted her long blond hair, during which my lips kiss her shoulder.

“Thank you, Master, I’m glad you like me.” She softened and melted. She felt cared for. All she thought was how could please me? How could she stay a good girl in my eyes?

My big red tongue licked the area around her nipples. It could only reach the right one, but it was enough to cause Rea to moan. My hand fondled the other breast. Gradually, the pace and intensity increased until I moved lower to her nether region.

She was fully soaked, as if she had just swam out of pool or sea. “Ahh…” the silent, almost unheard sound exited her mouth. The fragrance of her engorged pussy entered my nose, driving me crazy. I had her strapped on the table, and I could do whatever I liked to her. But still, I wanted more, I wanted her to scream, to lose all control of her being. It was a dangerous and powerful feeling. My dick had become stiff again. So stiff, in fact, I had a feeling like it was going to explode. I needed to ram it into her.

However, I held myself back, at least for now. My hands tenderly massaged her magnificent pussy. It was cleanly trimmed, with hairs not longer than a fingertip. Gradually, her fluids were transferred one orifice lower. My fingers easily slid inwards. She released one long, vibrant moan.

Then my dick penetrated her asshole. My fingers were now busy fiddling around her body, groping those slim thin tights. Her mind didn’t give her any peace. It was still bothered by crowd looking at her “Why is Sir doing this to me?” she wondered. “It feels so good, but at the same time, so bad. Everybody can see me. I can feel their eyes on me. I’m going to take it all for my Master. He knows best.” She wondered this, even though she very well knew that it wasn’t possible any other way. I was taking her in front of everybody.

A few more thrusts cleared her remaining doubts. “Ahh…” she muttered. “That feels so good, Sir… please don’t stop…”

Lana and Emily were laying down on the floor, busy caressing each other’s bodies. Their lips met in a fierce but gentle kiss. Lana’s hands tried to bring Emily as close as possible; especially her butt where it was positioned. My waving hand summoned them.

Rea, due to her blindfold, hadn’t seen the signal, therefore she didn’t know what to expect. All of a sudden, numerous hands groped her body. Mine were tugging her hair and spanking her ass; Lana was busily fondling her breast while Emily teased her pussy. Emily’s hands went all the way around her because she was standing in front of her, kissing her red lips. Lana was beside her playing with her nipples.

At the same time, she was elated and embarrassed. She couldn’t see who was giving her all that attention. On the other hand, everybody besides her could see every bit of the action. What surprised her more was the reaction to the feeling of helplessness – it turned her on. Physical reactions were obvious, her pussy was flushed and swollen, her breasts firm and engorged, cheeks blushed, heart rate increased; so was her breathing.

However, mental reactions were invisible to the outer world, unless you could see her face. It was ecstatic with flinches of embarrassment.

“Why am I so turned on? I can’t move, and everybody is looking at me while people are using me in any way they like.” – she thinks inwardly.

Chapter 2 – Molly tells friend all about weekend

Author’s note: You need to read chapter 1 to understand who the characters are and what has happened to Molly thus far. Happy reading.


When Charlie and Molly got back to San Diego on Sunday night, they went to Charlie’s. Molly spent the night and Charlie dropped her off at work on Monday on the way to his office. She was glad she had a few of her clothes at his house. She damn sure couldn’t go to work wearing the clothes he had made her wear the whole weekend. She would have been fired before she even got clocked in.

When Molly got off work that afternoon she took a cab back to her place. She went in, grabbed a cold bottle of wine from the fridge and poured herself a glass. She couldn’t wait to call Martha. She picked up the phone and dialed Martha’s number.

“Hello.” Answered Martha.

Molly excitedly said, “You wouldn’t believe what Charlie made me do, or what he did to me! But I can’t tell you. It’s just to, well, naughty!”

Martha quickly asked her, “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

Molly settled down a little and said, “No, I’m fine, just fine.”

Martha almost shouted at Molly thru the phone, “Listen, girlfriend,

I am you best friend! You have to tell me!”

Molly answered, “But I just can’t.”

Martha came right back at her, “Eventually you are going to tell me so it might as well be now.”

Molly meekly answered, “Okay, but not on the phone. Come on over.”

Martha quipped, “Be there in ten minutes!” And hung up.

Molly was sitting on the couch, sipping her wine. Martha came up the walk hurrying. “Come on in.” Molly told her thru the screen door.

Martha came rushing in. “You look okay.” She said.

Molly got up and gave her friend a hug. “I’m fine. But you’re not going to believe it when I tell you.”

Martha answered, “Try me.”

“Let me pour you a glass of wine. Have a seat on the couch.” Said Molly. She poured Martha a glass of wine and handed it to her. “Make yourself comfortable, it’s a long story.”

Martha settled back into the corner of the couch, sitting sort of sideways so she could see Molly. “Start talking. I have all evening.”

“Well, I guess I’ll just start with Charlie’s note. His instructions were to take a nice bath and shave my pussy. That felt sort of strange. I’ve never done that before. I seem to be doing lots of things I’ve never done before! I packed the things he had listed and went to bed. When I got up that morning I thought, no point in getting dressed, so when Charlie got here I had already opened the door so he could see in the screen door. When he came in I was standing in the middle of the room, NAKED!”

I greeted him, “Hello lover, what am I wearing today? He came over and gave me a wonderful kiss. He handed me this small bag. I mean it was little. All that was in it was this really short denim skirt and a little lace halter top that he had cut the lining out of. When I put the top on one of my nipples was poking out thru the lace! Charlie had a devilish grin on his face. I slipped into my sandals and grabbed my purse. Charlie picked up my suitcase and we were on our way.”

“A little ways up the highway Charlie stopped at this truck stop. He told me the breakfasts there were really good. We went in. The place was full of truckers. I was the only woman in there besides the waitress. All of them were staring at me. I’m sure I left a wet spot on the seat when we left ’cause Charlie didn’t let me wear panties the whole weekend.”

“Anyway, when we got to L.A. Charlie pulled up in front of this fancy hotel. He got out and went back to open the trunk where our luggage was. A young valet parking attendant opened my door and just stood there. I thought, If Charlie wants me to be naughty and exposed, that’s what he’s going to get! I swung my legs out. Do you know how low a Jag is? My knees were higher than my ass. And my little skirt rode up as I spread my legs a little to get out. The parking attendant got a real good look at my freshly shaved pussy! You should have seen the big bulge in his pants!”

“Charlie took my hand and we walked in these huge doors to the lobby. I’ve never been anywhere that fancy before. Charlie took care of stuff at the desk while I just looked around. We walked over to the elevator to go up to the third floor. God, it was glass! I just knew that everyone was looking at us, able to see up my little skirt and see that I wasn’t wearing any panties! I felt my juices start running down one leg. Charlie sure knows how to excite me!”

“When we went in our room. Wow! It was magnificent. There was this big four poster king size bed right in front of sliding glass doors that led out to a balcony. The bathroom was huge. We even had a jetted tub! Charlie told me to unpack the brown suitcase he had brought. There were three matching outfits in there for me. One black, one white and one red. The skirts were only 12 inches long! And he wasn’t letting me wear any panties!”

“I held the first blouse up to the sliding glass door. I could see straight thru it. I mean you could read a newspaper thru it! Charlie had that devilish grin of his. He told me they were for dinners out. There was also two more short skirts and little matching tube tops. They were pretty sheer too, but not like the blouses. Good thing because he told me those were day wear. He said something else, but all I caught of it was, Show you off.”

“Charlie had me change into a little green outfit. There wasn’t much to it! I had to ride back down on that damn glass elevator. We went to a couple of huge malls. We didn’t buy anything. We just walked around. I saw lots of grins and smiles on guy’s faces so I knew I was showing an awful lot. Charlie said he was proud to be seen with me.”

“Later we went back to the hotel. It was a different parking attendant at the valet parking. I mean, my God, it was a girl! But I had to get out! I guess I caused a few more smiles as we went in and back up to our room. We undressed and soaked for a while in the big jetted tub. It was obviously made for two.”

“When we came out of the bathroom I started to close the drapes. Charlie told me to, Leave them open! There was another hotel right beside ours! I could see lots of windows. He told me to lay down on the bed. He opened this little black case I hadn’t seen before. He took out some vibrators, dildos, something he called a butt-plug, a bottle of white stuff and some sort of jewelry. I’d never seen any of that stuff. I sure as hell hadn’t ever experienced any of it!”

“He picked up a vibrator and started teasing my pussy with it. It felt different, but real good. When he ran it up over my clit, I just lost it! I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard. I heard Charlie say something about, all of it and weekend. I’m not sure what I thought!”

“Then he picked up something shiny off the night stand. He leaned down and started sucking on my nipple. I love it when he does that.

The next thing I felt was something pinching my nipple. Really hard, and Charlie asked me how tight I could stand it. I moaned something about it being okay. He put one on my other nipple too. When I looked down there was this shiny silver chain, going from one nipple to the other.”

“I put my stockings on and my shoes. And then the black skirt and blouse. He only let me do up three buttons on the blouse. Every time I moved that chain swung around and pulled on my nipples. It was driving me crazy! He made me look in the big mirror. My pussy was barely covered by that short skirt, and you could see the nipple clamps as Charlie called them and the chain draped between them shining thru the blouse! I told Charlie, I need a drink!”

“We went down to the lounge in the hotel and had a couple of drinks. That relaxed me a little. It sure seemed to me that our waiter was checking on us a lot. Guess he like to look! We had to walk across the lobby to get to the restaurant. Several men in business suits said good evening to us. I’m sure I was blushing! Dinner was wonderful! I’d never had lobster before. We finished dinner off with another drink. You know I’m a light-weight.”

“Charlie paid the bill and led me across the lobby to that damn glass elevator. He was enjoying showing me off! When we got off the elevator Charlie told me to unbutton my blouse. I didn’t think I heard him right so I just stood there. He told me a little louder to unbutton my blouse and let it hang open. It didn’t come open far enough to uncover my titties, but that silver chain was sure showing.”

“Just as I thought I was going to make it to the room without meeting anyone, this couple came out a door just past ours. They had to walk past us to get to the elevator. I was about to panic but Charlie held my hand real tight. As they went by I heard the guy ask her, Did you see that? I’ll bet he wants her to do that for him tomorrow night!”

“We went in our room and Charlie said something about me being naughty. Then he told me to, Strip! I asked him, Aren’t you going to close the drapes? He answered something about he hoped someone would see and have to go to bed frustrated. Maybe they’d be so horny they’d just have to beat their meat!”

“He’d turned the covers down on the bed and put the pillows right in the middle. He patted the pillows and told me, Right here! It doesn’t take long to get undressed, not with how little I was wearing!”

“I’ll tell you a secret, Charlie never wears underwear! When he took the clamps off my nipples, oh my God, they really tingled as the blood rushed back in. He leaned down and sucked on my nipple. I came right then! He used a couple different vibrators on me. Then he told me to pull my knees up and hold them there.”

“He reached over to the night stand and picked up that bottle of white stuff and some thing else. I couldn’t tell what it was. He squirted some what he called lube out of the bottle and I felt him tickle my asshole. It puckered really tight! It took him a little while, he was gentle but persistent. I could feel my ass stretching and suddenly it just popped in. He told me it was a butt-plug.”

“His cock was so hard! Sex with Charlie is wild and intense! I don’t know how many times he made me cum. It had to be at least a dozen. Damn I felt FULL! I don’t know how much cum he put in my pussy! I was laying there with Charlie propped up on his arms with what was left of his hard on still in my pussy.”

“I can’t describe the way Charlie’s voice sounded. Quiet but powerful. Like an army general! But I’ll never forget what he said.”

Martha was flabbergasted, but she was all ears. “What did he say?”

“He said, You will accept me as your master. You will be my very submissive Molly. You will be a very naughty little girl for me. Won’t you?”

“All I could do was whisper, Yes, Yes, and Yes! I told him I would do anything he wanted. I even promised! He made me sleep with that butt-plug in my ass. Strange feeling.”

“On Saturday I put on the other matching short skirt and little tube top. I was glad it was hot out or I would have frozen. We went out to some little café for breakfast. We sat at the counter and I could see myself in the mirror behind the counter. Damn that top was skimpy and thin!”

“Charlie wanted to go visit a couple of big museums. One museum was art and one was all kinds of ancient animals. I think more people were looking at me than at the exhibits! Then we went back to the hotel to shower before going out again. Since we were going out later Charlie parked in the outside lot.”

“I wore the white outfit that night. Before I buttoned the blouse up Charlie put some little clip ring jewelry on my nipples. They fit snug but didn’t hurt. They had little strings of black beads hanging down from the clip part. You could see them right thru my blouse! Charlie said they looked sexy… and very naughty!”

“We went to a real nice restaurant somewhere down on Santa Monica Boulevard. The restaurant even had valet parking. I guess I’ll just have to get used to exposing my pussy all the time! It was a fabulous meal. Prime rib, baked potato, some veggies, and a great salad.”

“Charlie had the valet bring the Jag around and Charlie opened my door. I guess he wanted to see how much everyone else was seeing.

He sure smiled big as I got in. We went a ways down the boulevard and Charlie saw a dance club. He wanted to go dance a bit, but I was worried that my little skirt would fly up and really expose me. Charlie reminded me that I had answered him last night with three yes’s and my promise to do anything he wanted.”

“As good as he has been to me and the way he gives me the wildest sex I have ever had, I wasn’t going to disappoint him! Charlie paid the cover and we found a place to sit. Charlie ordered drinks for us. As soon as the waitress brought our drinks and Charlie paid for them he grabbed my hand and headed for the dance floor.”

“The music was loud and most people were free styling. Not really couples dancing, but most people seemed to have a partner. Charlie started spinning me around and around. I was glad that my skirt wasn’t too full. It flared out some but at least not straight out! I still probably put on quite a show. God I was horny! We didn’t stay for but the one drink. It was so loud and Charlie said he just wanted to take me back to our room.”

“When we got back to our room, Charlie again told me to strip. I think he likes that word! He turned the covers down and put the pillows in the middle of the bed again. I didn’t even bother to ask him about the open drapes. I undressed and went to the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom Charlie was just hanging up the phone. I gave him a questioning look and he said, wrong number.”

“I got on the bed. I put my ass on the pillows and laid down. Charlie picked up his little black case and took out a sleep mask and some long straps. As he put the blindfold over my eyes he said something about how it would, heighten my other senses. I found out why guys like four poster beds.”

“He slipped a loop of one strap over my right wrist and tied it to the post at the head of the bed. Then my left wrist. He put a loop of the next strap around my right ankle and pulled my leg way over to the side and tied the strap to the corner post. When he pulled the strap on my left ankle I thought he was going to split me!

Do you know how wide a king size bed is?”

“I was laying there wondering what new experience Charlie was going to give me when I heard a knock on our door and a voice say, room service. I about freaked out! I was naked on the bed, tied spread-eagle, with my bald mound pushed way up! Charlie said, I ordered us a bottle of chilled wine for later. I heard him open the door and tell them to just put the tray on the table by the bed. I couldn’t see if it was a male or female, but whoever it was saw one hell of a sight!”

“Charlie said something to them as they left about did they like their tip. Charlie came over to the bed and I was shaking. He picked up an ice cube from the wine tub and started rubbing it around my tits and down my tummy. He went down the top of one leg and back up the inside of my thigh. When he got to my pussy, which was spread wide open, he pushed it all the way in with his finger! Damn it was cold!”

“He used three or four more and put what was left of them after he had teased me, in my pussy. He climbed up on the bed and got between my legs. He started to lick and nibble on my clit. My orgasm was so strong and my muscles clamped down so tight I squeezed the melted ice water out and it ran down the crack of my ass.”

“After a bit he got up and untied me. He told me to turn over on my tummy. I sat up and turned around so I could lay face down. He retied my hands but left my legs free. He put some lube on a dildo and started teasing my ass. When he finally got it in, up to a flange so it couldn’t slip all the way in, he told me to raise up on my knees. My pussy was so wet his cock just slid right in. Oh my God, it was tight!”

“Every time he stroked in his pelvic bone would hit the dildo and drive it deep too. You can’t imagine what it feels like to be double-fucked!

I had just one orgasm after another. After I can’t remember how many times I climaxed, he pulled out of me and took the dildo out of my ass. I felt empty!”

“Charlie was still between my legs. He started rubbing my butt cheeks with his hands. Charlie told me that I had been a bad girl at the museum. That I had covered my titties a couple of times with my arms. He said,Bad girls need to be spanked. About the time that what he had said registered on my frazzled brain, the first spank landed on one butt cheek. It didn’t hurt that bad, but, man did it sting! After about a dozen swats on each cheek he stopped. My ass was really stinging.”

“Charlie started teasing my asshole again.

I felt the cool lube and he started stretching me with his fingers. I knew he was going to fuck my ass. I just knew it!

He leaned up over me on one arm and used his other hand to guide his cock up to my puckered little hole. He was gentle and just kept pushing slow and steady. I felt the head pop past my muscle. He waited a minute and then slowly worked it all the way in.

God he went deep!”

“He just kept slowly stroking in and out, long strokes. He kept saying, Oh that’s tight! Damn that feels good! Oh, FUCK! And he came in my ass! Charlie got up and went in the bathroom to wash himself and the toys. Then he came over to the bed and untied my hands.”

“I raised up just a little so he could pull the pillows out from under me and put them up at the head of the bed. I rolled over on my side and he snuggled up behind me. Spoon fashion. He reached around and squeezed one of my tits in his hand. My nipple was poking his palm. We went to sleep just like that. And boy did I sleep!”

“On Sunday morning Charlie had me dress in the little green outfit again. We checked out of the hotel and headed down Coast Highway. There was lots of traffic and stop lights down thru the beach cities. Between towns Charlie made me pull my little tube to down to my waist. Did I tell you that he had put the top down on the Jag? Several people honked! He made me keep my hands at my sides and not cover up!”

“A motorcycle started to pass us. When he saw me he slowed down to our speed. He stayed right beside us for a couple of minutes. Charlie told me, Pull your skirt up and spread your legs. I just can’t tell Charlie no, so I did it! I thought the guy was going to crash! After about 30 seconds Charlie slowed down and the guy went on past us. My heart was beating in double time. We were coming in to another town so Charlie told me I could cover up.”

“Charlie stopped for gas and had me change into the red outfit. We had dinner in Newport Beach. It was a nice place. The light over our table was red so my bouse didn’t seem quite as sheer. It must have still shown a lot ’cause we had excellent service.”

“When we got back to San Diego we went to Charlie’s. He put the car in the garage. I stayed there last night.”

“He dropped me off at work this morning on the way to his office. I was glad I had a few of my clothes at his place. I damn sure couldn’t have gone in to work wearing the clothes he made me wear all weekend. I would have been fired before I even got clocked in! I took a cab home and called you.”

When Molly finished telling her story, she leaned back and let out a big sigh. “Okay, I told you.”

Martha looked at her friend and exclaimed, “Oh, Molly, When I told you to just go along with things, I had no idea it would turn out like that! What have you gotten yourself into? What are you going to do?”

Molly was just sitting there. Then her expression changed. Her face was just beaming. Her eyes were sparkling and her smile was from ear to ear. “I’m moving in with Charlie this weekend!”

We sat facing each other in the small coffee shop, sipping our lattes in silence. Neither of us felt the need to engage in idle chit chat for the last few minutes. Perhaps we were both reflecting on the evening to come. Anticipation was what it was all about.

The sunlight poured in through the naked floor to ceiling windows, bathing me in its bright light. My partner, however, was cast in shadows. I thought that was very fitting.

John was darkness and light. He was the type of dominant partner that made you feel good about yourself even while you were being used. He made you long to submit to anything and everything he desired.

We had been meeting every two weeks, unbeknownst to our respective spouses, for long sessions of hard, intense sex. As the days passed and our time drew near, my excitement level soared and I was barely able to concentrate on my work each day.

“How was your day today?” he asked me.

I took another long sip of the latte, jolted by its sweetness, and reveled in the feel of the hot liquid travelling down my throat. Like a conditioned response, all five of my senses tuned in sharply whenever John was around. I felt the itchy material of my polyester blouse rubbing against my skin, yet I had not noticed this earlier in the day. All my nerve endings had sprung to life and I felt completely alive with him.

“It was alright.” Truthfully, it had been an awful day. It seemed like the moment one problem was resolved, another popped up. I knew I could sit there and tell John about it; he would listen to me and offer advice and a shoulder to cry on like a true friend would.

That wasn’t what I wanted tonight, however. Right then, I wanted to forget about reality.

“I’m not so sure you’re telling me the truth, but I’ll settle for that,” he smiled gently. “Are you ready to head over to my place?”

Though we had been meeting up for these little rendezvous for quite some time, neither of us had ever been in the other’s home. This week, however, John’s wife was visiting family out of state and he was alone in his house.

I felt a little uncomfortable with fornicating with a man in his own home, in the bed that he slept in with his wife each night. Just not uncomfortable enough to turn the offer down.

“I’m ready.” I gave him a wink and a smile. As I moved to rise from my seat, John grabbed my hand in his, halting my progress.

“Are you really ready? For anything? Because I have a surprise for you today.”

He’s cute. He always had some kind of surprise for me. The last time we were together, in addition to wine, flowers, and a few souvenirs he brought back from a business trip, he gifted me with a brand new butt plug. He’d used it to fuck my ass while simultaneously fucking my pussy with his cock, and he had made me one satisfied lady.

“Bring it on,” I whispered to him, and we both laughed and headed to our vehicles.

Blindfolded, I lay ass up over the side of John’s overstuffed, oversized arm chair. My hands were tied tightly behind my back with the maroon silk tie he had worn earlier.

Though I was expecting it, I had no warning when the first soft blow caressed my ass cheeks. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from moaning out loud, but my effort was futile.

“Yessss,” I whispered as the whip descended once more.

Having experienced this whip before, I knew what to expect. The multiple soft leather strands created a most pleasurable burn. The sting was just enough and never too much.

“How does that feel?” He whispered close to my ear.

Oh man, it felt incredible. It felt as though a million tingles of sweet sensation exploded on my red ass each time the whip came down.

As my brain scrambled to string together a coherent sentence, the whip descended once more, harder this time.

“Answer me young lady,” he demanded. “How does this feel?” His voice had gone all tough and dominant on me. He knew how I loved that tone. It made my pussy start to weep.

“It feels so good, so so good. Please. PLEASE! Please don’t stop. Please.” In a dark corner of my mind, I knew I was begging. I knew how it must sound. As a proud person, I should have been utterly humiliated at that moment. Instead, I felt hot, wet, and exposed.

My ass was pointed straight in the air, my legs spread a bit and dangling over the side of the armchair. My cheek rested against the roughly woven material of the seat of the chair. My hands were tied behind my back. I knew my pussy and ass were on display as he punished me, just how he liked. He was probably looking his fill, enjoying my embarrassment. He knew that I hated to be exposed this way, and yet I loved being exposed this way. As I first walked into his living room, I had noticed how the sunlight filtered into the room through the sheer drapes. For all I knew, he may have turned on some of the lights after he’d stripped and blindfolded me. Luckily I felt very comfortable with him, otherwise I would have been mortified.

“Whap!” the whip made contact with my inner thighs, brushing lightly against my exposed pussy. The pain pulled me from my thoughts. I could feel moisture gathering on the lips of my sex. I didn’t fear his reaction to my obvious arousal; I knew how much he loved my wetness.

“I can see how much you’re enjoying this,” he taunted me. “Tell me what you want.”

I just couldn’t think anymore, reason eluded me. I opened my mouth to answer him, but all that came out was a long, low moan.

“Whap!” harder this time. “Tell me!” he shouted.

Oh dear God. “My pussy!” I cried out. “Please, please touch my pussy!”

I imagined his smile at that moment. I knew he enjoyed this as much as I did. He loved when I was reduced to talking dirty.

“You want me to stick my finger in there? You want me to test your wetness? I don’t need a finger for that. I can tell you right now. Your pussy is soaking wet. I can see the juices glistening on your flesh and dribbling down your legs. Can you smell this room? It smells like hot, wet pussy.”

However, he accepted my request. Starting at the base of my spine, he slowly ran his hand down the crack of my ass. Down, down, until he came to that tightly closed rear hole. He paused.

“Mmmmmm” he whispered, close to my ear now. “Guess what sweetheart? You’re gonna get fucked here tonight too. Good and hard. Do you want me to open up your ass for you tonight?”

Yes Yes Yes!!! I did!!!

“Ooooooo” was all I could manage.

“Yeah, I know. I know all about it” he whispered, circling that tight hole for just a moment.

He proceeded down to my saturated vagina. His finger slid in and out easily.

The room filled with the squishy sound of my wetness. “Honey,” he began. “Ready for that surprise?”

He always asked if I was ready. He always looked for my acknowledgement and willingness to participate, and it made me respect him even more. I knew he would never give me anything I couldn’t handle. I couldn’t help but wonder what he had in store for me though.

I felt my excitement rising and couldn’t prevent my ass from wiggling a bit and teasing him.

“Smack!” He smacked my ass with his bare hand this time.

“Answer me!” He said. “Are you ready?”

“Yes!” I shouted, and I was so damn ready.

“Okay. I need to ask you one thing. Do you trust me? Do you trust me completely? Do you know I’ll never allow any harm to come to you, never put you in any danger?”

Holy shit. I was getting freaked out thinking about what this surprise might be. I thought on this for a moment. The truth was: yes. I did trust him completely. I knew he cared for me, would never put me in harm’s way. He would never give me anything I wouldn’t thoroughly enjoy.

“Yes,” I whispered. “I do. I do trust you.” I felt tears start to form in my eyes. These scenes always made me emotional.

He gently stroked my hair for a moment. He really was a true sweetheart.

“Good baby, good.” I loved the way he called me “baby”. “Okay,” he continued, and his Dom voice returned. “Brace yourself.”

I braced myself for anything and everything.

Only, nothing could have prepared me for this surprise.

My heart literally stopped dead in my chest as he swiftly untied the blindfold. I blinked as my eyes adjusted to the light.

Oh my God. There, sitting in the armchair opposite mine, was a stranger, an older gentleman, staring at me.

“Hi Beth,” the man greeted me with a small smile. “Mind if I stay and watch?”

Shock spiked through my bloodstream, and my jaw dropped involuntarily. All I could do was stare at this other man in John’s living room. I had not heard him enter the room, but then again, I had been more than a little preoccupied. Absently, I noted that he looked friendly and unthreatening.

Something about him reminded me of John. His eyes were warm and kind, which was kind of odd since he was obviously there to participate in some form of deviant sexual act. For just a moment though, I sensed the new man’s kindness and experienced a brief reprieve. I felt calm.

He held my stare for quite some time, and then his eyes travelled leisurely down my body, down to my exposed bottom. The look in his eyes gradually turned hot and steamy and he grabbed his crotch. Apparently he needed to make an adjustment.

Oh God Oh God Oh God!! It was all too much for me, and I couldn’t help but squeeze my eyes tightly shut and burrow my face into the seat of the chair in shame. Holy shit, what the hell was I doing? Yes, this had always been a fantasy, and yes, John always made my fantasies come true, but just … wow!! A stranger, in the same room with me while I’m getting fucked, seeing EVERYTHING?!

Before meeting John just a few months earlier, I was a complete innocent, never having tried anything other than vanilla sex. Going down on each other was the height of kink for my husband and I. This scene tonight was like nothing I had ever imagined.

I felt John moving around behind me as I continued hiding my hot, flushed face in the seat. Suddenly, my arms were released and I was no longer restrained. I moved swiftly to sit on the chair, pulling my knees up to my chin and wrapping my arms around my legs. I would have crawled into a hole if I could. I kept my eyes squeezed tightly shut. Like a child, I thought that if I couldn’t see him, he couldn’t see me. Silly!

John knelt down in front of me, his warm breath caressing my cheek. He gently stroked his hand through my hair and down my back. His touch was warm and soothing. I knew his touch well, his scent, the feel of his breath on me. Many lonely nights, I lay in my bed longing for the feel of him.

He said nothing and minutes or maybe even hours passed. My heart still pounded, but I could feel my breathing return to normal. Still, John said nothing, just stroked me and trailed kisses down my shoulder and arm.

He brushed my sweat dampened hair from my face and eyes, kissed my cheek gently, and whispered, “Baby. Open your eyes for me.”

Oh no! No, I didn’t want to!!! Then I’d have to face the fact that there really was another person in the room. I couldn’t do it!

I heard John shift slightly, and after a moment I heard the other man’s footsteps retreating. “Babe, it’s just you and me. Just the two of us. Come on, open your eyes now.”

I opened one eye and took in the room. We were alone. I looked into John’s eyes. He was right there in front of me, and had wrapped both arms fully around me as he ran gentle fingers up and down my spine.

“Listen to me,” he began. “That’s Jack. He’s a good friend. We’ve known each other a long time. He’s a nice guy, would never harm you in any way. He’s only here to watch. He enjoys watching. He won’t touch you, so you do not have to worry about him.”

“I don’t know if I can do this.” My voice sounded foreign to my own ears, shaking and scared. I couldn’t remember sounding this way before.

“You don’t have to do this. Say the word, and he’s gone.”

I thought about that for a moment. “You wouldn’t be angry with me?” I asked hesitantly.

“No, baby. This is your fantasy.”

John is so sweet and giving, I realize that I didn’t even have to ask those questions. I knew him, knew he wouldn’t fault me for not having the courage to proceed. I launched myself at him, my arms around him as I spread sweet little kisses all over the face that I adored.

I looked into his eyes once more. The feeling of his bare flesh touching mine gave me comfort. And then a thought occurred to me.

“Are YOU really okay with this? I know you love making these things happen for me, but is this what you want too?”

He smiled. “It is. I promise you, we wouldn’t be here if this weren’t what I wanted, too. But more than anything, I want you happy, aroused, and stimulated. Not scared to death. A little apprehension is a good thing, it can make the scene hotter and more intense. But if you’re truly not into it, I don’t want it either.

And right there I made up my mind. I wanted it.


John reached his hand around me, gathering my breasts in his hands, and gave them a gentle squeeze while pulling on my nipples.

“Oooooooooooo That feeeeeeeels sooooooo good…” I moaned, almost incoherently.

We were in John’s guest bedroom. John was sitting back against the headboard, reclined with his knees up and bent. I was on top of him, basically sitting in his lap with my legs bent over and on the outside of his. My feet and hands were flat against the mattress, and I was working myself up and down over his hard cock as it shuttled in and out of my ass.

“Yes!” John shouted. “Harder, fuck me harder sweetheart.”

I increased the pace as I looked up at my new friend Jack. He had not spoken another word since John had called him into the room a few minutes earlier. His eyes were riveted on the debauchery in front of him.

John and I had never tried this particular position, but I think he felt that it would allow Jack a bird’s eye view of the action. If a bulge in a man’s pants was any indication of his excitement level, I could see that Jack was excited. He had been slowly inching his chair closer to the bed, probably thinking I wouldn’t notice. He was attempting to get a closer view of the action.

I panted loudly with the exertion as I slowed my pace a bit and rubbed myself all over John’s cock in a circular motion, undulating my hips. John released my breasts and turned my face to his for a long, hot, wet kiss.

I picked up the pace again, gaining the leverage I needed, and began riding his cock like there was no tomorrow. My small breasts bounced up and down furiously. Up and down, I pushed myself higher and faster. Each time I lifted my hips all the way up, I could feel the giant head of his cock coming almost all the way out of my ass. Then I slammed myself down, feeling the head break through my sphincter muscle once more.

The feeling was exquisite and I knew my pussy was sopping wet. I was sure my clit was standing tall and proud and probably appeared ruby red from all this action.

Jack’s face was about three feet from ground zero now, and I tried to picture this scene from his point of view. It must have looked pretty sexy. I was still feeling a great deal of nervousness, but the nerves were morphing into excitement. I was feeling hotter and more aroused than ever before.

I paused briefly again, taking another break and rubbing my ass all over John’s cock. I felt John’s hands run down my thighs, down to the backs of my knees.

Grasping the back of my knees in his hands, he whispered, “Jack, do you want to see her gaping asshole now?”

I gasped loudly and looked at Jack’s face. He was flushed and his eyes appeared a bit glazed. Wide eyed, he nodded his head. “Yeah,” he whispered. “Yeah I’d like that.”

I gasped again and turned my head in embarrassment as John lifted my ass up in the air. I felt his cock break free and the cool air invaded my hot asshole. John held my knees up against my shoulders. Again, I was imagining Jack’s point of view in my head, and I knew my ass must be pretty dilated at this point.

“Look at him, baby. Look at his face.” John whispered to me. I gathered my courage and opened my eyes. I could feel that little hole quivering, muscles moving involuntarily to attempt to shrink down to their normal shape and size.

Jack’s hand was once more stroking his cock through his pants, his eyes trained on my ass, still suspended in the air. “Damn, John. You opened her up real nice.” Jack whispered, almost reverently.

“Yes indeed,” John replied. “See how she loves having her ass fucked?”

Jack nodded his head. “Oh yeah. She’s loving every second of it, I can tell.”

Their talk was making me so hot and turned on, I couldn’t help but squeeze my eyes shut again. My whole body was flushed with arousal and I was not sure how much more of this I could take. I had felt close to orgasm for about a good hour now.

John lowered me down on his cock once more, and I knew my asshole has tightened and shut by this time. His cock bumped against that closed hole, and I reached one hand down to align him as I pressed my ass downward. His cock broke through gently and I was on precipice of pleasure and pain once more.

I threw my head back against John’s shoulder and closed my eyes in ecstasy. We stayed like this for a moment, still, and I felt John run his hand up my chest, grasping my chin and bringing my gaze around to his.

“Let Jack touch you,” he whispered. “Let him just feel your pussy. That’s it. That’s all I will allow him to do.”

I gasped, shocked once more, and could only stare at John. I hadn’t considered this!!

I took a deep breath. My pussy WAS feeling a little empty and lonely. I looked to Jack, who appeared to be sweating and more excited than ever.

After a long moment of deep introspection, I whispered, “Okay.”

John placed his hands on my waist, encouraging me to begin riding him again. I began pushing myself up and down on his cock, much more slowly this time. I felt rather than saw John give a little nod to Jack.

Jack moved in closer to the bed, and leaned in slowly toward the spot of our union. I could tell he was giving me the opportunity to say no if I was really not comfortable.

He reached his hands out and placed them both on my knees. His touch was nice, though not nearly as nice as John’s. I noticed his digits were big and thick, much like John’s.

He trailed his fingers lightly down my thighs, very slowly, until he reached my pussy lips. With thumbs only, he opened them a bit wider and rubbed his thumbs up and down the outside of my soaking wet lips.

“Oh God!!!!” I sobbed, and I knew I sounded like I’d lost it. Truthfully, I could feel my mind start to drift, slowly losing touch with reality.

Jack did not take his eyes off my cunt, and I didn’t take my eyes off his fingers, which were driving me mad. I did my best to continue the slow pace I’d set.

Jack extended his middle finger and I felt it make slight contact with my wet hole. I moaned loudly and obscenely.

His finger slowly tunneled into my pussy. I knew from sticking my own fingers in there during anal sex, it becomes extremely tight. There was a look of concentration on Jack’s face as he began moving that one finger in and out.

“She’s so tight, John,” he whispered.

“Isn’t she?” John replied, and I felt him lightly kiss the back of my head. “Is she wet, Jack?”

“Hell yeah, she is,” Jack responded, moving his finger a little faster.

“Give her another finger,” John commanded as he began nibbling on my earlobe.

This was so erotic, so hot, so fucking amazing, I thought I was about to explode. My nipples were standing at attention, my legs were quivering with the effort to support myself, and my pussy and ass were both clamping down on the welcome invaders.

Jack made eye contact with me, and brought his middle and pointer fingers to his mouth, enveloping both. He closed his eyes for a moment, and I knew he was tasting my pussy.

Everyone’s over 18, blah, blah, etc… Oh, and anyone who starts reading a tale in the middle (Chapter IV) without knowing who the players are deserves to struggle.

It occurred to Lisa that it had been several hours since the last time she had said a single word. She didn’t care. She was also aware that she was dead tired. She didn’t care about that, either. She was content just walking… and occasionally sitting… and intermittently licking the mostly melted remains of her fourth gelato… but always, always holding hands with Jason as they walked the streets of Bellagio.

There was a streetside bench outside an all night apothecary and Jason seated her there as he went inside. He emerged with a hairbrush with which he began to brush her hair as she sat with her eyes closed. A full ten minutes later they resumed walking, again holding hands.

Lisa was aware that Jason was leading her down a rather steep concrete lane. They turned a corner and there before her was a Rosso Scuderia F430 Ferrari Spyder. He broke the silence. “Pretty, isn’t it?”

Lisa gazed at her new car for the first time. She said, “It’s the second most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned.”

He turned and looked at her as she added, “You’re the first.”

Jason didn’t argue but simply asked, “Oh, you own me?”


“That’s nice.” The two of them sat on the concrete facing each other while leaning up against the passenger side of the red metal coachwork. There they fell asleep, the little Prince and his whore.

Liz became aware of the sound of conversation coming from the next room. She gently lifted Bruce’s arm from across her breasts and got up from her bed. After a trip to the bathroom she headed for the kitchenette where she poured herself a cup of coffee and wandered out onto the balcony to refresh the cups of Philippe and her husband. She liked the fact that Philippe’s eyes never left her naked body.

She asked, “Anyone know where the lovebirds are?”

Philippe said, “Good morning! They said something about seeing the town when they wandered off several hours ago. The Ferrari keys are still on the bar, so they’re on foot.”

Liz sat on Rick’s lap and said, “I still remember what first love is like, don’t you?”

Rick leaned over and kissed her breast. “Umm, most definitely. I was just thinking that our Lisa might be the most sexually experienced girl with a case of puppy love anywhere.”

“She’s come a long way since I led that sweet virgin down the companionway of the Fantasia!”

Philippe looked puzzled so Liz and Rick went on to explain the history of the Fantasia cruises, including Lisa’s sexual awakening. She concluded with, “…so she left the Fantasia in Caracas where she apparently boarded a plane to Bermuda to join Jason’s family on their boat. I guess they dropped her off in Monaco.”

Philippe continued, “Where she was met by Louis Reynard who traded her to me for a young lady who I was thinking about ending a relationship with anyway. Sometimes you just get lucky, as you Americans say!”

Rick asked, “So should I come to this morning’s meeting or make love to my wife?”

Liz grinned, “I have no idea what you’re talking about but I know which way I’d vote!”

Philippe said, “I think we should treat you as my secret weapon. They don’t think I’m in a position to take both the food chain and the cable network, so they’re being overly aggressive with pricing. Perhaps we’ll wind up with both and we’ll each save a few lira!

Why don’t we invite Sr. Maroni and his agent to a luncheon here and gain a home field advantage?”

Rick turned to Liz, “Hey Babes, it looks like we’ve buying the cable network that supplies service to your father’s factory in Toulon!”

Liz didn’t want the conversation diverted, “So to make the most of this home field advantage am I going to get to fuck someone?”

Rick answered, “I think that’s entirely up to you Sweet-tits but with you, Angie, and Lisa here as persuaders I feel confident we’ll get a deal done.”

Philippe spoke softly, “Mes ami, technically Lisa is in my possession for the next six days. I think her assistance would certainly be helpful but I feel the decision as to whether she lends it must come from the young lovers, oui?”

Liz got off Rick’s lap and sat in Philippe’s. She said to him, “You know, you really are a lovely man.” She kissed the top of his balding head.

Lisa felt someone shaking her shoulder. “Umgh… wha?…” She opened her eyes and looked into the bluest blue eyes of… a security guard?

Mi scusi.

Lisa thought, “God, those are beautiful eyes!” but she said, “Is something wrong?”

The security guard switched from Italian to perfect English. “I beg your pardon, young Miss, but you and your friend are sleeping against one of our guest’s automobiles.”

Lisa struggled to her feet. “It’s all right, it’s my car.”

The guard persisted, “Mi scusi. I didn’t realize you were guests. If I could just see your Hotel keycard, the vehicle registration or keys,” any sort of identification?”

Lisa untied the sash which held together the wraparound dress she was wearing revealing her naked body. She said, “I think you can see that I possess no keys, keycards, registrations, or even pockets or purses to keep them in! So what do I do now?”

The guard was struck dumb. He could only stand there mouthing soundless words which wouldn’t steal breath to add volume and substance to themselves.

Lisa said, “My friend really needs his rest. I could sort of watch over him if you’d go back to my friends’ suite and get my wallet and keys! Of course I’d need to thank you.” Lisa folded her dress and kneeled on it as she unzipped the guard’s fly.

The guard was still mostly dumb except for the humming sound which was issuing between breaths as Lisa’s head began bobbing at an ever faster rate. She interrupted her actions to ask, “I know you’re having trouble speaking but I think it only fair that I know your name before you cum in my mouth, don’t you?”

“Pie… Pietro, in English… Peter.”

Lisa stepped up the pace of her ministrations, slowing down only every third or fourth stroke to deep throat him. “Thank you Pietro. Oh, and please cum in my mouth; I don’t want it in my hair!”

Pietro was getting into it. Suvvia, suvvia, suvvia…” He leaned back against her car as he exploded down her throat.

As Lisa was retying her dress she said, “Oh and Pietro that wallet and car keys are on the bar in Suite 1240.” She gave him a peck on his cheek. “We’ll wait for you here.” She lowered herself back to the concrete and leaned against Jason.

Liz answered the door when the buzzer sounded. Before her was one of the Hotel security people who just stood there without saying anything. She asked, “Can I help you?”

Mi scusi. I was sent to get a wallet and car keys by a guest, but she didn’t give me a name!”

Liz laughed. “So you just keep going from room to room looking for stray wallets and car keys?”

That got a smile from Pietro. Liz started focusing on those bluer than blue eyes as he said, “Auburn hair, 1.7 meters tall, high cheek bones, and she was sleeping in the garage with a boy leaning against a new 430 Ferrari. She may have failed to give me her name but she told me this room number and said her wallet and keys were lying on the bar.”

“Did anyone ever tell you your eyes look like glacial pools?

Come on in. I’ll get Lisa’s things.”

Liz came back and said, “Since she didn’t have her things she obviously wasn’t able to tip you so here’s fifteen Euros. I hope that’s enough.”

Pietro handed the bills back to Liz. “Grazie but the young lady tipped me already.”

Liz’ puzzlement lasted only a second. “Oh, of course, that lucky slut!

Could you please ask the young man she’s with to call me at this number?” She wrote the number on a hotel pad and returned the Euros.

Pietro bowed as he left. “Grazie.

“In about three kilometers you’re going to go through a small village. At…” Jason leaned over to reread the car’s speedometer. “…at one hundred and forty kph the sheep which were there on my way in won’t have a chance.”

Lisa backed her bare foot off the accelerator. “You never want me to have any fun! You just keep me around as the sexual toy which is always at your call and beck and call and… by the way, have you ever been blown in a Ferrari?”

“Slow down but keep driving. We’re late for lunch and from what Liz was indicating earlier your cocksucking talents would probably be called for at Philippe and Rick’s big business meeting this afternoon.

Besides, I’m starving and… Stop the car!” Lisa jammed on the brakes and the car screeched to a halt. Jason leaned over and opened her dress so he could kiss and suckle her breasts. “Okay, you can continue now.”

After opening the door to the suite, Liz squealed when she saw Lisa standing there. “Oh goody, come in, come in, I’ve got a surprise for you!

Don’t say a single word, just get naked. I’ll be right back.”

Liz quickly returned with a pillow slip and placed it over her Lisa’s head. Lisa had already undressed. “Guess who, you guys!”

Lisa reached out and felt the breasts of a nude woman, definitely not Liz, also wearing a pillowcase, tight ass, very wet pu… and then she felt the other girl grab her tits and say,

“Oh Wow! These tits are Lisa’s!”

Lisa recognized Angie’s voice and yanked off their pillowcases before hugging the girl. “What are you doing here?”

Angie kissed her and said, “Louis got a text from Philippe saying ‘seven cocks and only two cunts… can u help?’. So he sent me!”

Lisa looked puzzled and turned to Liz. “Seven?”

Liz answered, “Philippe and Rick are buying some properties from some Italian Count! He and his advisor partied with us earlier and it’s a good thing Angie was here ’cause a certain Redhead was out playing with her new toys!

No offence, Jason.”

Jason squeezed Lisa’s ass as he said, “None taken, and the car was fun too!”

Lisa asked, “So when’s the next time I’m likely to see action?”

Liz smiled, “That’s up to you and Jason.”

“No, I mean with these business dudes?”

Liz stroked Lisa’s hair. “Like I said, that’s up to you guys.

Hey, Philippe’s French! All he needed was one look at your eyes and he knew how much in love you guys are, so for him any control he had over your pussy had expired. It was he who said that it was up to you guys whether you kept partying with us.”

Lisa squeezed Jason’s hand as she said, “Jase and I talked about this. My contract isn’t over, so in good faith, I’m still on the payroll. Besides…”

She held both Liz’ hands. “Besides, this is fun! This is the best summer I’ve ever had!”

Liz laughed, “Andrea Hardy Discovers Sex!

Well Jason, three beautiful women have you trapped in a hotel suite. I’m afraid we can’t materially add to your education today; experience certainly but not education! Girls, bring him to the bedroom and I hope he has every drop of his youthful energy!”

Lisa and Angie had Jason stripped and on his back on the bed in a matter of seconds. Next thing he knew, Angie was kissing him deeply while Liz and Lisa were blowing him and licking his chest and nipples.

Jason’s left hand was draped over Lisa’s shoulders while his right quickly found its way to Angie’s pussy. He slowly began stroking her slit, feeling her moisture but in no apparent hurry to enter her. His thumb had collected her wetness and began coaxing her clit to come out and play. Angie groaned.

Lisa raised herself to her knees and grabbed Angie’s right leg so that she could position her pussy over Jason’s ready cock. Liz reached for his tool and began rubbing the sensitive head across Angie’s labia. Angie had been continuing with her assault on Jason’s lips until his cock began to enter her pussy. Then Lisa pulled Angie into a cowgirl position saying, “If you get the cock, then I’m taking over his face and those luscious lips!”

An hour later Lisa was in the shower washing cum out of her hair, ears, and everywhere she could find it. Her mind started to wander over her illogical life. College girl turns prostitute and winds up in a hotel with six current and former clients, people who paid her money for the use of her body, none of whom did she know at the end of the school term, and it turns out that she’s among six out of her ten favorite friends in the world. What are the odds? She knew without any doubt that when she returned to school she’d miss them all. At least all but Jason because she vowed that she was going to continue seeing him. She knew he was completely in love with her and she suspected the same feeling might be growing in her.

The only thing she hadn’t quite figured out yet was how he could have grown emotionally so much in the last six weeks. He had seemed a typical nervous insecure teenager then but somehow he had morphed into an adult with so much self-confidence that he honestly didn’t seem to mind the fact that the use of her mouth and pussy was probably going to be offered to a business contact as a party favor that evening.

After drying herself she went out on the balcony to catch some sun. Bruce was already out there reclining on a pile of pillows. Lisa sat in the lounge and used his chest as a footrest. It didn’t take him long to awaken and begin sucking her toes. Lisa looked down at him as she said, “You know, you’re only average looking.”

Bruce laughed. “I’m not sure, should I thank you? Was that a compliment?”

“I wouldn’t think so. I just don’t want you to get too large a head.”

Bruce chuckled, “Translation, please?”

“It’s just that you can’t help but be aware that, technique-wise, you’re the best lover I’ve ever come across. You can make me feel parts of my pussy I wasn’t aware that I had! Places I’ve never even found masturbating and you don’t have the biggest cock in town.”

Bruce was still grinning as he replied, “Now that one I’m pretty sure was a compliment!

You fallen in love yet?”

Lisa rotated her big toe in Bruce’s mouth. “Maybe, I’m not sure yet.”

“He sure as Hell is off the deep end over you!”

“Well he’s supposed to be isn’t he? I’m a professional whore so I’d better be able to captivate an eighteen-year-old boy shouldn’t I?

I must admit I’m awfully impressed by him.”

“You going to continue whoring after you get back to school?” Bruce’s lips began traveling up the inside of her thigh.

Lisa would have purred had she been capable. “Hmmmm, another good question. Probably not, I never really needed the money. Think Rick’ll invite me back for next year’s cruise?”

“If he doesn’t, then call me. My wife and I will hire you for the entire summer.”

A voice from the doorway said, “Oh Lisa’ll be invited for sure but after what I just heard I don’t know about you, Bruce. I don’t like competition.

Anyhow, it’s time we all started getting ready if we want to get to the restaurant on time to meet Carlo and his entourage.”

“Me first in the shower!” Lisa jumped up.

Rick turned to join her, “You were just in the shower!”

Yeah, before Bruce started eating my pussy and making me cream myself.”

Bruce, Rick, Philippe, and Jason were starting on their second round of drinks when the girls appeared. The three of them made their entrance together and some wood was certainly growing.

Philippe finally said, “Mes ami, now we depart.”

When they entered the restaurant Lisa immediately needed a lady’s room and Angie showed her the way. As they touched up their make-up Angie said, “If you get the opportunity, flirt with the business manager as opposed to the Count. Liz wound up with Carlo and she said he was ‘just alright’ but I can attest from firsthand experience that the manager can fuck all night and he knows what he’s doing.”

As Angie and Lisa approached the table someone apparently said something funny because the entire group erupted with laughter. Lisa stopped in her tracks as she began muttering, “Shit, shit, shit, motherfucker, asshole, sonofabitch, shit…”

“Are you feeling alright?” Angie had returned to check on her friend.

Lisa had her fists clenched and was muttering to herself, “Gotta think, gotta think…” She looked at her friend. “The guy on the left in the blue suit, that’s the one you fucked all night?”

Angie’s one word answer had a question mark built into it. Yeah?

Lisa nodded and said, “He’s mine.” as she walked on toward the table. She came up to the business advisor from behind and leaned over to kiss his cheek as she whispered in his ear. “Act moderately surprised to see me but don’t create a scene if you don’t want to lose face and embarrass yourself. After five minutes excuse yourself for the men’s room and we’ll talk.”

Lisa stood and rounded the table to her chair which Philippe was holding for her. As she sat she said, “Arthur you can’t just keep surprising me like this.” She turned and said to the table, “This is the second time this summer I’ve run into Arthur. The last time we were together he was a very naughty boy. Later on this evening I’m going to have to punish him.”

Angie pretty much knew Lisa’s schedule since she had joined the agency and couldn’t figure out where Lisa and Arthur might have met. From the look on his face it wasn’t an enjoyable coupling. His teeth were clenched and his facial muscles were locked as he muttered a barely civil, “Good to see you again.”

Angie also picked up on the fact that three minutes after Arthur had excused himself from the table Lisa felt compelled to revisit the ladies’ room. Something was definitely going on and she couldn’t fathom what.

When Lisa entered the hall she spotted Arthur standing outside the men’s room. She caught his eye and turned left to walk toward the parking lot. There was a Florentine fountain off the path to the entrance and Lisa waited there. As she heard his steps near her she spun around to face him. “Daddy if you start shouting then I’ll start crying and neither of us will be composed enough to resume the charade we need to play if your big deal is to stay on track. If you’ll let me I’d like to explain.”

Arthur’s fists were still clenched to the point of his fingernails digging into the flesh of his palm. Lisa was sure that his jaw had to hurt from the force with which he was clenching his teeth. He opened them long enough to utter one word, “Speak.”

“I had this summer all planned. All my friends and I were going to Cozumel and I was going to lose my virginity while the surf of the Pacific Ocean lapped at my newly pedicured toes. Then Mom tells me I can’t go because we’re all going to the cabin for some trout fishing and family bonding. So after I cancel all my Mexican plans she calls to tell me that the cabin trip is off ’cause you guys are going to Lake Como and I wasn’t invited. It was already too late for me to uncancel my cancelled plans so I was left alone while practically everyone I knew was going somewhere without me. I was sooo depressed I almost considered going to summer school when I heard about an opening at an “entertainment” company which supplied party girls to special functions all over the world. I knew a girl who’d been working for them for a couple of years and was assured that it was completely safe and I’d wind up going to the best places with some great people…

So I did it. So far I’ve been on a cruise from Miami to Caracas; from Bermuda to Portugal and on sailing through the Riviera to Monaco. I flew from Monaco to Switzerland two days ago and wound up across the table from you tonight.

Daddy I’m not denying anything. If you want to call me a whore It’ll hurt, but I won’t disagree with you. Remember this though, Daddy, when I think over everything I’ve done this summer and compare it with spending the summer picking up an extra nine credits…

Dick and Jane arrived at my house; promptly at 6:30 p.m. Jane was blindfolded and led into my house by Dick. Tonight would be the culmination of several months of e-mails between Dick and me in preparation for Jane’s ultimate fantasy(ies). Dick had come across one of my blogs and after reading a few posts knew I would be the woman to help him bring all of Jane’s sexual fantasies into being. I had no doubt I could make this happen and I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to help this couple.

I had the intimate group assembled and ready to receive their “sex toy” for the evening. I had briefed them a little bit earlier about how I hoped the evening would progress and my expectations of each of the participants. I shared with them Jane’s desire to submit herself to all the sexual pleasures everyone could think of to accomplish in a couple of hours with her. To accomplish the anonymity of everyone, including Jane to a certain extent, Jane insisted on being blindfolded throughout the whole fantasy scene. The only time the blindfold would come off would be at the end of the session, after everyone had left and then Dick and Jane would sit with me and one of my male friends and talk a little bit before they headed back to their hotel for the night before embarking on the journey back home in the morning.

I helped Dick bring Jane into my house, into my living room where everyone was sitting. There I presented Jane to the group, “This is Jane, and she will be our sex toy for the evening.” I announced. I saw the goose bumps rise on Jane’s fair skin.

“Isn’t she beautiful, what a lovely toy we have to enjoy.”

I placed Jane in front of the massage table I had placed in the middle of my living room. I had chosen five other men besides Dick, plus another woman to help me bring this fantasy of Jane’s into fruition. You could say I picked the “cream of the crop” to help me out, I knew this group would be all that Jane had hoped for and more!

One by one each person got up and approached Jane. Then each person took his/her turn touching Jane, feeling her smooth skin, admiring her body, running their hands over her arms, legs, along her ass, up her black, hosed legs…they outlined the plunging neckline of her dress, admiring the depth of her cleavage…Jane’s breathing quickened and I knew her excitement was more than likely apparent between her shapely legs. Slowly my friends began to undress Jane…one man untied the wrap around dress, lifting it gently from her shoulders exposing her curves in the bustier with garters underneath the dress…then the bustier was unhooked, one hook and eye at a time…another man moved the straps of the bustier from Jane’s silky shoulders…another had pulled the cups of the bustier down to expose Jane’s perfect tits and very pert nipples…a couple of the guys voiced their approval of the beautiful woman before them…fingers brushed against her hard marble nipples. Jane would gasp and suck in her breath, her breathing quite erratic…a little whimper escaped her lips as a mouth went to one of the nipples to suckle it…then another mouth on the other nipple…

there was more groping of the newly revealed skin and body…kisses and licks were placed all over our toy’s body…She was turned around and admired, compliments on her body…soon her bustier was unhooked, one hook at a time, very, VERY slowly. I wanted to watch as her beautiful tits were freed from the bonds of the material. As I knew, once the bustier was removed, those hands, fingers, mouths and tongues were free to roam all over her almost naked body. All that remained were Jane’s stockings and high-heeled shoes.

Soon Jane was lifted up onto the massage table I had placed in the middle of my living room. The massage table would place Jane at a decent height for everyone to feast further upon her womanly delights. My main purpose was to make sure Jane was in her comfort zone and I made sure she knew I was right there in case there was anything that she wasn’t comfort with someone doing or what was being done to her. I had discussed my role extensively with Dick before agreeing to take on this fantasy realization project. I knew the importance of Jane being able to feel safe in the midst of all this incredible sexual sensations. I would whisper in Jane’s ear what a lovely vision she was, as well as asking her if she was doing okay. She would respond with a yes, in a half-whisper, half gasp. I instructed her to lie down on her back on the table. Just as her bare back settled on to the sheet covering the massage table, there were two guys setting to removing her G string panties, then her high heels and stockings. Jane was now completely naked. It was quite a hot site to see this beautiful naked woman with four men and one woman surrounding her, kissing, licking, and sucking, touching every inch of her nakedness. Her pussy was cleanly shaved and glistened from her excitement…her legs were spread and one of the guys was licking and kissing all around her smooth mound…another guy gently spread her legs farther apart and the woman that I had chosen to be a part of this inserted her finger into Jane’s womanly depths.

Moans were escaping Jane’s lips, soft, moaning and groaning as she basked in the touches engulfing her. I motioned for one of the guys to pull Jane’s bottom to the edge of the table where her pussy was more accessible for someone to lick and eat. Two guys each took a leg and foot…one guy began to lick and suck on Jane’s foot and toes…Jane immediately arched her back, a loud moan/groan erupted from somewhere deep inside of Jane…the other guy did the same, licking around her toes, then taking each toe and sucking on them…tonguing between her toes…another guy took a seat in position to feast upon Jane’s delightful pussy, which was now completely exposed and open.

The combinations of sexual interaction with Jane were incredible…everyone was touching, kissing and licking Jane all over…one black guy got between Jane’s creamy white legs to feast upon her fine, smoothly shaved pussy…Jane was busy fondling another guy through his trousers, The woman moved to kiss Jane full on the mouth, another guy was sucking on one tit, then the woman moved to the other available tit and Jane turned her heard to receive a hard cock in her mouth…

In a matter of about 30-minutes everyone, including Dick, was naked and enjoying the sexual fruits of Jane, the sex toy. I moved around the table getting a view from every angle…it was such an incredible, erotic site to behold. Dick was beyond thrilled. There before him was his prim and proper wife evolving into the most incredible sexual creature she could be!

Everyone moved well with each other, moving around so another participant could feast upon her pussy, another hard cock pulling out of Jane’s luscious mouth to let another take his place…I brought Dick closer to observe the fantastic skin contrasts of the big black cock in her mouth…needless to say, I thought Dick was going to bust he was so proud and thrilled of the scene before him. He kept telling me this was the most incredible adventure he and Jane had ever dared to embark upon. He kept thanking me for bringing this into being. I told him to simply enjoy and relish!

The beauty of Jane’s fantasy is that she didn’t want to know how many participants there was…and so, for all she knew there were ten people present…nor would she know if they were black or white, purple or green other than the texture of someone’s body or hair upon their head…that’s the beauty of the blindfold…being deprived of your sight, your other senses are so heightened. It’s just an incredible journey and to know that a husband and wife have embarked on this journey together, well, that is so damned hot!!! What better gifts to give each other than such a sexually charged scene?

Soon there was moaning and groaning coming from all directions…it seems that while the woman was sucking one of Jane’s tits, one of the guys had moved around to fuck the woman doggy style…I managed to get my way between Jane’s legs and was able to taste some of that fine pussy…I worked two fingers into her pussy and licked and sucked her little clit, while Jane continued to suck one cock after another…she was deep-throating a cock when I heard moans and groans coming from her lips…just as a cock would get close to cumming he would pull out and another would take his place…

When I was sure everyone had had a taste of our fabulous sex toy, it was time to move her to my bedroom and onto the king-sized bed where everyone could have their turn fucking Jane in all of her holes. Yes, ALL of Jane’s holes were to be filled at some juncture of this scene. The men that I had chosen to help me were a nice variety of sizes and shapes…one very large cock, several about 6-inch cocks…a smaller, more pencil like cock, which I knew would work well for the double-penetration Jane was about to experience. I let all the guys take a turn inserting his hard cock into Jane’s very wet pussy. I had two guys holding her legs open and up as she was mounted one by one…I pulled aside the largest cock, a very dear friend and fuck-buddy of my own and told him I wanted his hardness in her pussy and then I wanted the pencil cock to go into Jane’s tight little asshole. We briefly discussed the approach to this DP and within a few minutes, the specific participants of the DP were maneuvered into place and Jane’s DP slowly began to take place. The guys I had chosen are very good at listening and responding accordingly…you can be sure that I was right there, whispering to Jane to relax and simply go with it…I kissed her cheek and told her how incredibly sexy she was and what an amazing site it was to see her pussy full of a hard cock and another hard cock entering her tight little “rosebud” (asshole)…Dick’s cock was so hard he could hardly stand himself…he was so turned on by the incredible site of his wife taking two cocks…he was on the other side of Jane telling her how hot she was and how sexy she was…it didn’t take long until both cocks were moving slowly in and out of her…the two guys that were standing there watching were yanking on their cocks watching this live porn show before them. The woman that I had in the mix was busy receiving a hard cock doggy-style and when she began to announce her orgasm with loud moans and groans, well, that set off a chain reaction with Jane as Dick kissed her full on the mouth as she began cumming and the two hard cocks she was receiving began to empty their loads in the condoms they were wearing…what can I say, it was amazing, simply amazing!!!

Jane was allowed to recover from her amazing DP orgasm, a drink of bottled water and some hugging and petting from Dick…then it all started again. One of the guys got down on the floor and took one of Jane’s feet and began to lick and kiss her foot, then sucking one toe at a time…another guy laid Jane back on the bed and stuck his semi-erect cock in her mouth…another guy began sucking on Jane’s luscious tits…Jane had no problem getting right back into play…I could tell Jane was definitely in her sexual element. Dick pulled me aside and told me that he had been keeping track of how many “firsts” Jane had experienced since they walked through the door…he was just thrilled beyond belief. I assured him that was why they had come to me…I had no doubt it would all come together and flow.

Jane realized the double penetration a couple of more times, then she rode a hard cock or two cock or two…Jane was moaning and groaning and cumming over and over again…the final “first” was when I had the woman in the group lay back on the bed and spread her legs…then I took Jane and instructed her to touch and lick. Since Jane was still blindfolded, she had to rely on me to tell her what to do…but it didn’t take long until Jane was licking and eating that pussy like she had ALWAYS eaten pussy. I whispered to Jane as she tentatively licked at the pussy before her…lick that pussy like you like to have your pussy licked and eaten…it didn’t take Jane long to have the woman moaning and groaning in ecstasy of an orgasm. Nothing is more inspiring to a new pussy eater than to hear and feel the recipient wiggling, moaning and groaning in her pleasure…it was a beautiful sight to behold and the guys watching, well, it didn’t take any of them long until one after another had Jane’s legs spread and were fucking her from behind while she feasted upon the woman’s pussy.

The two hours of our sex scene continued for about two hours…one by one as each of the guys would get off a good load of cum, they would take his cue and slip out, dress and leave. I thanked each participant for his/her help in this scene. Needless to say, every guy and the gal that participated thanked me for allowing them to attend and participate and to definitely keep him/her in mind for future scenes. I was quite pleased with this group I had gathered. They performed every bit as well and more than I thought they would.

The lone remaining man left on the bed kissing, stroking and whispering to Jane was Dick, just as Dick and I had discussed. When I announced that the last guest had left, Dick would then take the blindfold off of Jane, help her gather her things and come into my living room where I was sitting.

I introduced myself to Jane as she sat naked in the oversized wing back chair. She was smiling from ear-to-ear. I handed Jane her overcoat and she pulled on her stockings and shoes. Jane kept thanking me, then thanking Dick and he would lean over and kiss her while he pulled on his underwear, then his trousers.

We chatted a little while longer, Dick Jane on with her trench coat. Jane informed me that she and Dick had another little dare going…Jane was going to wear nothing on under her coat, only her high heels!

I laughed as I told Dick and Jane that they needed to be careful heading back to the hotel and do their very best to get back to their hotel room before they started reviewing the evening. We all laughed and with fond good-byes and promises to get together again very soon, a naked Jane under her trench coat, coupled with that just fucked look and big ol’smile on her face…as well as Dick having that smile of his pride in his beautiful wife, Dick and Jane departed. Several fantasies were realized that Saturday night…

What can I say? It was an incredible evening of realizing a few fantasies…easy enough to accomplish with such incredible participants!!! I can only imagine how much more sexual fun Dick and Jane had when they got back to their hotel!!!

All content copyright 2012 Ted Szabo

This is part 9 of a longer work, “Brick House.”

Chapter 11

The flukish fall heat wave continued unabated into October; a stubborn, grasping presence. Some of the newer, more modern dorms, inhabited for the most part by jocks and children of boosters, were air conditioned, but the cheap, Eisenhower-era apartments that lined the edge of the campus’ Stadium district had no such amenities. Kate and I were literally sweating over some homework one afternoon when I decided a break was in order.

“It’s too freakin’ hot, we need to get these clothes off,” I said, swabbing sweat from my brow.

Kate swatted me on the arm. “Doofus,” she said, chiding me playfully. “If we do that you know the studying is going to come to a grinding halt. Pun intended.” I had been having a pretty difficult time concentrating anyway. The first couple hours had gone well, and I had pretty well nailed down the final drafts for a couple class projects while we listened to Maroon 5 sing something catchy about Mick Jagger. After that, though, my attention had wandered. Kate was wearing a red tank-top-like garment with a swooping neckline and thin, thin straps that was like this incredibly flimsy cage enclosing a couple of healthy, robust wild animals that were raring to get out. If anything, it was even more enticing than the Lycra top that had moved me to passion—or exquisite horniness, anyway—a few weeks before. Just as had happened when Kate studied next to me wearing the aforementioned Lycra garb, I repeatedly found myself staring over at Kate’s cleavage instead of proofreading my research paper. Did she really think there was any way we wouldn’t end up in bed when she came over clothed in such a fashion, especially in hundred degree weather? If so, Kate was either less savvy in the ways of the male beast that I had thought or pretending to be lacking such savvy.

“Sure, but we can get back to the books after dinner. There’ll be plenty of time this evening, and it’ll be easier to work when it’s cooler.” A sheen of perspiration was visible on Kate, and I was keenly aware that this rendered the exposed inner swells of her breasts even more prominent than they otherwise would have been. The word that kept coming to mind was “succulent.” They were wondrously, mouth-wateringly succulent. “Look her in the eyes, look her in the eyes,” I told myself, determined to avoid coming across like some pathetically horny teenager. I was beginning to like my stunning pseudo-semi-maybe-girlfriend enough that her opinion of me was a genuine concern, and I didn’t want to seem desperate or immature.

Kate put her palms to her forehead in mock distress. “I say, sir, you are the very soul of foul temptation!” She could manage a pretty passable Scarlett O’Hara impression when she put her mind to it.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s so weird—it’s like something Dean would say.”

Now Kate moved her hands from her forehead to my shoulders, gazing into my eyes as if seeking some revelation. I could tell she was stifling a laugh. “So, you’ve been providing temptation to… Dean?”

“Come on, you southern-fried vixen,” I said, pulling Kate toward the bathroom. “We’ll shower in cool water and then, you know, take a break.” I tried to sound casual and playful, keeping any hint of neediness out of my voice.

“I don’t know, I’ve got four more pages to do. Besides, your friends will back pretty soon. Remember what happened the last time we snuggled in the afternoon? I just about died of embarrassment. As much as I’m getting accustomed to that sort of thing, I don’t know that I can handle getting walked in on again.”

None of my roommates were present, but all of them had afternoon classes that wrapped up around this time. We knew Sam planned to bring Yolanda over and Al’s current “friend with benefits” Lana, the subject of our recent conversation concerning the shaving of unmentionables, was going to be dropping by as well. She was a tall, slender girl, fresh out of high school. Lana had been a prom queen, done some modeling, and quite frankly seemed pretty far out of Al’s league. I suspected she was going to phase Al out of her life once she selected from amongst the more eligible suitors that were pursuing her, and so did he, but Al was determined to make the best of things until then.

I leaned over Kate, pressing my lips and into a particularly sensitive spot between the base of her neck and her right shoulder—a region she was prone to stimulating on me as well. Kate reacted immediately with a sharp intake of breath. “Ah… cheater…” she squeaked in high, choked voice. My tongue traced the line of her clavicle and I scooted closer, wrapping my arms around her and running my hands up and down between the tops of her shoulders and the innermost concavity of her lower back. Her skin was salty and ineluctably sweet. How could it be, I wondered, that fresh perspiration could actually make some women smell even more alluring? I felt Kate shiver.

“Fine, fine, we can get in the shower,” Kate sighed with feigned reluctance. “You dog, you’re probably trying to time it so your buddies get to see me naked again.”

It had been over a week since I had disrobed her in front the guys. Kate and I had slept together a couple times since but the timing had been such that the other apartment dwellers where either asleep or away at the time, so they hadn’t seen her undress.

“You wish, showoff,” I rejoined, pulling off my unpleasantly damp t-shirt. We managed to find just the right temperature in the shower and the two of us were thoroughly refreshed by the time we stepped out. As had been the case the last time we’d shared such an experience, we were also pretty aroused. The water had been just cool enough to bring Kate’s nipples to attention, and I had licked them until she squealed, but not so chilly as to keep my cock from hardening. After we dried off I scooped Kate up in a cradle carry, depositing her on my bed with aplomb. I joined her there, squeezing an incredibly full breast and taking the nipple into my mouth.

“You forgot,” Kate said, panting, “… you forgot the blanket.” She tugged at the edge of the bed sheet as if trying to cover up with it, but it was snarled beneath us.

“You’ve gotta be kidding, it’s way too hot,” I shot back. I was awash in sexual excitement and annoyed by the thought of anything interrupting what I was doing, however briefly. I moved toward the foot of the bed, squatting near Kate’s feet and sliding my hands between her knees.

“But they’ll be back any minute,” Kate stammered nervously.

“Doesn’t matter, they’ve all seen you naked–and walked in on us screwing before, for that matter.”

I pushed Kate’s legs apart, maybe a little roughly, and buried my face between her thighs. The smell of her privates; fresh, tart excretions mixed with a florid hint of soapy residue, washed over me. I ran my tongue along her hairless slit, opening her vaginal lips slightly, and she immediately trembled and gasped, opening her legs wide. Neither one of us was all that much into giving oral, and it wasn’t something we did often, but on the few occasions I had performed the act Kate’s reaction had been pretty dramatic.

“Hoooly shit! Goddamn!” Kate barked between breaths. I pressed farther in with my tongue, finding her clitoris, and put my thumbs on her vaginal lips, pulling them wider apart to improve access. I ran the tip of my tongue up and down the sensitive, fleshy nub, flicking it periodically, and Kate let out a low moan every few breaths. Her pelvis began to thrust with a quickening tempo and before long her crotch was as soaked as I had ever seen it.

Shaking with excitement, I climbed atop Kate, pressing the tip of my penis against her opening. “Do you want it, Kate?” I asked her, taunting. “Do want me inside you now?”

“Oh shit yes, don’t play with me, put it in!” she shouted. Abruptly, Kate grasped my shaft, at the same time hooking her ankles behind my back. Flexing her long, toned, legs Kate lifted her hindquarters completely off the bed, drawing me all the way into her. The feeling was electric—one moment my tip was barely been in contact with her and the next I was inside completely, surrounded by her, flesh wet and hot and wrapped tight around me.

Once the initial shock wore off I began to pump enthusiastically. I pushed myself up on my hands so I could view Kate more fully, admiring her as I rode. She was bathed in afternoon light and looked like a goddess, hair spread in a glossy halo over the pillows, a sexual flush glowing on her face, neck, and chest. Her breasts jiggled as I thrust, but were so firm they moved only slightly. I could see a sheen of saliva glistening on the areola I had taken into my mouth.

Our pace began to quicken and at the same time we heard voices in the stairwell. “Shit…” Kate squeaked, once again plucking at the sheet in a last-ditch attempt to get at least somewhat covered. Neither of us paused, though. I kept penetrating her with deep, determined thrusts and she continued to roll her pelvis up toward me each time I drove my cock into her.

Dean entered the room first, pausing for a moment to take in what Kate and I were doing before continuing over to a threadbare little couch tucked in away in the southwest corner of the room. He waggled his eyebrows as he took a seat, peering at us intently. “Whoa, nice, very nice,” he announced.

Al followed close behind. “What are you talking about butt-munch,” he asked good-naturedly, “our stupid pizza oven of an apartment?” He almost immediately caught sight of Kate and I, taking a moment to ogle pointedly at Kate’s heaving chest and engorged nipples. “Okay, that is a little bit of all right,” Al admitted, “Even better than the last time we caught them doing the nasty.”

Before long Sam and Yolanda, holding hands, were also in the apartment, along with Lana, looking ridiculously young in her pleated skirt and pressed cotton blouse. She put her hands to her cheeks in shock, or at least what might have been a cutesy imitation of shock. Al sidled up next to her and playfully slapped her butt, saying “Quite a sight, eh?”

Lana answered from behind her hands, just loudly enough for me to hear from across the room, “He has, umm, really nice abs.”

Al guffawed in response and slipped his hand under Lana’s skirt. “Hey girl, we can’t all have six packs, so enjoy the view while you can.”

Dean passed out beers and the whole crew settled into the furniture arrayed across the front of the room. No one was pretending to do anything but watch Kate and I. If anything, this added fuel to the fire, and we went from an orderly rhythm of lovemaking to more of a frantic, chaotic writhing. Both of us were moaning and cursing and generally getting pretty loud. I was close to coming but tried to hold back, wanting to prolong the amazing feeling of Kate’s body moving beneath mine.

“Wow,” said Yolanda, “if I had known there was going to be show, I’d have skipped class and got back early enough for the previews. She took Lana’s hand. “Come on hon, let’s check things out from a more of a lady-centric point of view.”

Lana said “Really?” in a slightly hushed voice, seeming a bit overwhelmed, but allowed Yolanda to lead her past my bed, back around toward the kitchen. They stood just a few feet away from Kate and I, viewing us from the flank.

“Check it out,” said Yolanda, pointing at my rump. “If there’s anything move lovely than a nice hefty man-butt, it’s a nice hefty man-butt on a man doing his sexual duties.” I became acutely aware of the motion of my hip and gluteal muscles, alternately flexing and extending as I ground my pelvis against Kate’s.

“That is really, really, sexy,” answered Lana. “They don’t mind us watching like this?”

“Hey, you should know by now, we’re a bunch of exhibitionists around here. Just last month these two had a front row seat while I was totally naked on top of Sam.” Lana peered at Yolanda quizzically, not sure whether or not she was joking.

“Cross my heart,” said Yolanda. “They watched us come and everything. Actually, we’ve seen these two go at it before, though they were covered up at the time.” This assertion seemed to be sufficient to divest Lana of any inhibitions she had, or was pretending to have. She stepped right up to the back of the bed, leaning over so she could peer at us even more closely. I was pretty sure I could feel her breath on the top of my left thigh.

“Man, you can really see his balls.”

Yolanda took a swig from her beer and chuckled. “Yep, a guy gets in missionary position with his legs opened up and you can really check out everything back there.

Lana leaned even closer. “And they’re wet. What’s up with that?”

Yolanda stepped closer as well, joining Lana at the foot of the bed. “Kate’s so soaked that the juices coming out of her have covered his whole crotch. You can tell from the smell. That is some serious bedtime enjoyment.”

“Holy crap,” breathed Lana, “I don’t think I’ve ever quite been that… stimulated.”

Yolanda paused for a moment, taking down another swig of beer. “Me neither, sweetie. I think both of our men need to step up their games.”

The guys were moving closer as well, with all three of them gathered up near the front of the bed. I could hear them commenting in low voices to one another–stuff like, “You can see where he sucked her tit,” and “Man, are they in shape, how do they keep up that pace?” Kate noticed how close they were and a strange look crossed her features—a mixture of humiliation and pure, animal lust. I could tell she wished everyone would leave us alone, or at least stop making crude comments about our lovemaking. At the same time, though, the presence of an audience was magnifying her arousal, making every touch and movement more intense. I felt caught up in the same effect, my mind enveloped in a sexual haze.

I decided, suddenly, to shift positions. I pushed my upper body back so I was squatting between Kate’s thighs instead of lying atop her and pulled her legs up, resting the backs of her calves on my shoulders. Her legs were so long her heels were almost level with my ears. I cupped the tops of her thighs with my palms, using the resulting handhold to pull Kate’s pelvis in toward me each time I thrust.

Kate looked surprised but didn’t resist the change in position. With our torsos now almost at right angles our privates were clearly visible. The shaft of my penis, slick with Kate’s juices, could be seen moving in and out of her, and with Kate’s groin shaven her lips and parts of the interior of her vulva were visible as well. Between the bright afternoon sunlight and the guys’ close proximity Kate and I were fully on display.

My roommates hooted and gave each other high fives, exchanging comments like “Nice,” and “Great show.” Kate was obviously mortified but nearing climax nonetheless, her moans transforming into something more closely resembling howls. I was panting with excitement and exertion, too out of breath to cry out.

Suddenly Lana’s pretty face, framed in blond curls, was directly in front of mine. She had leaned across the bed to talk to me and, incredibly, was just a few inches away. “You look like you’re about to come,” she said, friendly and inquisitive. “Are you about to come?” Yolanda pulled her back.

“Hey hon, that’s a little rude. Let them get on with their business.”

“Sorry, said Al,” obviously embarrassed. “She’s really young.”

Dean and Sam had moved toward the middle of the bed and were so close they were almost touching Kate’s left leg. They stared intently at her pussy, breathing comments to themselves. Dean had an obvious tent-in the-trousers situation going on, and made no effort to conceal it.

I removed my hands from Kate’s thighs, pushing them under her preternaturally firm butt cheeks. I lifted her hips high above the surface of the bed and at the same time drove down hard into her. Now that I was no longer holding them Kate’s legs sprawled to each side, the left one bumping into the wall and the right brushing up against Al’s arm.

If Al was a bit unsure how to respond, Lana wasn’t. “Hold her,” she told Al. “Help spread her out so Ted can get into her better. Her thighs are so long and buff they kind of get in the way.”

Encouraged, Al grasped Kate’s leg firmly, his left hand just below her knee and the right one on her inner thigh. He bent the leg down and forward so that she was spread wide on that side, her ankle pushed up next to her shoulder. With her positioned in this way I was able to drive even deeper, the base of my cock disappearing completely into Kate each time I thrust. She took a deep breath and then cried out sharply, bucking, enveloped by an orgasm that seemed to go on for an impossibly long time, and I tensed in response, on the verge of coming as well. Kate abruptly shook off Al’s grip—rising up, placing her hands on either side of my head, and forcibly yanking my face alongside hers. She whispered hoarsely in my ear, “Pull out, I mean it, let them see you come,” and then dropped back flat on bed, still shuddering in the aftermath of her climax.

At that very moment I felt the first blast of semen explode from me, pouring into Kate. I quickly withdrew, and jets of fluid arced across her belly as I shuddered and groaned. Lana, now cross-legged on the floor, moved her face next to my groin, sniffing.

“Wow. Musky,” she announced, with no sign of self-consciousness whatsoever. Lana stared directly at my deflating member from just inches away. “Nice work, dude,” she said in a congratulatory tone. I had no idea how to react. Lana actually seemed to be speaking to my penis. Her blond, fine hair brushed my ribcage, something I might have found enticing under different circumstances.

At this point Kate and I were both once again drenched in sweat and within a few minutes we returned to the shower. Both of us were exhausted and we spoke little as we washed. I was afraid Kate might be pissed, perhaps terminally pissed, but this didn’t seem to be the case. She once again left me pleasantly surprised by taking the whole thing in stride.

After we got cleaned up I took Kate out to dinner with my roommates and their significant others, and the evening passed with surprisingly little awkwardness. Kate even seemed to get along famously with Lana, and I saw them huddled together, snickering at some private (and probably lewdly juvenile) joke on more than one occasion. Amazingly, it looked like Kate and I were still good.

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