My name is Erica but my Madam affectionately calls me “Cum Slut”. I am 23 years old, and Madam has already trained me to be a cum slut. I have brown hair, and blue eyes. My tits are a perky C cup (natural), thin waist, very curvy hips, and a firm bubble butt that pops out from hip to hip wide. I get complemented on my ass a lot! I have a tattoo on my ass but Madam wants me to get some tattoos on my tits. She says, “your tits are so nice that they should be decorated with slutty tattoos and put on display for everyone to see.” She is extremely turned on by women with piercing and slutty tattoos and is very particular to detail. She prefers every detail of the tattoo to be seen as far away as possible so that everyone can tell what it is, or what it says. I already have 5 tattoos, all on my lower body. The two on the back of my legs are pink ribbons that start just above my ankle and crisscross up my thigh to a bow that is just under the bottom of my butt cheeks. I have two trucker mud flap “naked lady silhouettes” on my upper butt, facing towards each other with the words “cum slut” written between them. Its placed low enough so that it can be covered easily, but high enough so when I wear a skimpy bikini, everyone can see it. My Madam is adamant about me being a “pierced whore”, and looks forward to me getting more and more piercings all over my body. I have 5 piercings, all on my upper body. I have 3 in my tongue in the shape of a triangle, this is so I can give oral sex better, and I have my nipples pierced. My Madam likes to choose clothing and jewelry for me that accentuates my tattoos and piercing so that they are visible for every one to see when she takes me out to show me and my talents off.

I have been a slave for over 13 years to a very lovely woman who I am made to call “Madam”. My Madam adopted me when I was 10 years old and started my cum slut training immediately. She would make the men shoot their cum in side her pussy, then come home and feed it to me by scooping it out with her fingers and making me suck the cum off of them. She would eventually train me to suck the cum right out of her sloppy cunt. She was trained to be a cum slut when she was young ( apparently a good one), then later spent many years perfecting her techniques as a trainer. Madam has had a few practice slaves before, but only for a short time. I am her first real training slave, and it appears to me that I will be her cum slut for a long time. She has dirty blond hair, pretty green eyes, tits are a DD cup (fake), tight ass, and long legs. I can only guess at her age but she appears to be a 45 year old in extremely good shape. Some times people think that she is my older sister as well as mistaken her for my mom. She says, “The gym is a great place to find men to fuck, that’s why I’m there all of the time.” By the way she dresses, I wouldn’t doubt that she would get a loot of looks from horny guys when she works out. Usually she teases them by wearing black spandex shorts that just cover from the top of her ass crack to the crease where her ass meets her thigh. They are stretched so tight that they are almost see through, and when she walks or bends over, you can see the tan lines on her ass. And of course she doesn’t wear any panties. Her top is not much more than a small, low-cut sports bra, which provides little to no support and pushes her cleavage tight together so that her tits bounce and jiggle when she runs.

My Madam only permits me to do my exercises in the home, she wont take me to the gym with her because of the type of exercises that I do. The basement is used as my slave training dungeon as well as the exercise room. This is a private room for my Madam to train me. No one else is allowed down there and the things down here are only for use in the dungeon. All of the clothing and body jewelry that I wear in public is in my room upstairs. As you walk down the stairs and into the basement, my Madam has set up a gyno chair in the middle of the room, full of straps and restraints, with two closets behind it. The closet on the left is used for clothing such as, slutty Halloween type costumes and bondage wear. The closet on the right is full of shelves that hold all of the sex toys that she likes to use on me. These toys range from: anal toys, inflatable and vibrating toys, dildos with suction cups on the bottom, double headed dildos, breast pumps, nipple pumps, clit and pussy pumps, mouth gags, spanking tools and much more. On the left side of the dungeon is a shower enclosed in all glass. On the right side there is a stair master machine and a treadmill. I have a strict exercise program that my Madam has set up for me and these machines are the only way I have to exercise. I spend 1 hour on the stair master, do 150 sit ups in intervals of 25, spend 1 hour on the treadmill, then back to do 150 more sit ups. Then I have to practice my dancing. Madam has picked up several DVDs for me on Belly dancing, stripping and lap dancing. After my exercise is done I take a shower which includes using some toys that my madam picks out, which always includes an enema. Then its off for slut training in the gyno chair.

My Madam has set up the exercise equipment to be training tools also. Madam always instructs me to be completely naked when I am exercising so that she can have a good look at me, and so she can use the toys on me at her will. On the stair master, she has placed two stripes of white tape approximately 6 inches apart running down each step. She instructs me to, “Only step in between the pieces of tape!” This makes me walk like a slutty runway model, with my hips and ass severely swinging side to side. I feel like such a tease walking like this down the street because I know every one is staring at my ass as I walk by. If I disobey or accidentally step outside or on the lines, I’ll get a sharp slap on the ass with a riding crop. She also has a length of thin, rubber band like bungee cord, attached from the top of the machine to my nipple rings. The further I fall behind on the stairs the harder it pulls on my nipples. When I am on the treadmill, Madam puts heavy nipple rings into my long nipples so that when I run my tits bounce extra hard. Madam likes to make the session extra hard sometimes by putting a butt plug in my ass during my exercise. If she uses a small one, I have to keep it in or I’ll get a crack on the ass with the paddle. She will also use the inflatable butt plug. Having this huge toy fill my ass hole makes it uncomfortable to walk or run so my ass sticks out farther than normal. Madam really enjoys when my body is contorted in a way where my ass and tits stick out more than usual. She likes to randomly give the bulb a squeeze or two, which makes me let out a squeal and moan.

“Now its time for your deep throating lessons Cum Slut!” Madam walked over to the closet with the toys in it. She pulled out an 18 inch dildo with a suction cup at the end. It was marked at every inch starting from the tip and all the way down the shaft. This is to see the progress that I’m making each day. Madam walked over to the shower and stuck the dildo to the wall about two feet off the ground. I got on my hands and knees, doggy style, and placed my mouth on the huge dildo. Madam will instruct me by saying, “Down!” I have to push the dildo as far down my throat as I can and hold it there until she says, “Up!” Once I have the dildo as far down my throat as possible, Madam will give me a crack on my ass with the riding crop. This makes my throat tighten up so that the muscles get used to being stretched open when I have a huge objects shoved down it. The next time I go down, I can take more of the dildo deeper into my throat. Madam also waits longer and longer to let me up after I’ve gone down. This helps me control my breathing. So far I can take 12 inches down my throat and hold it there for quite a long time. “With more of my training, you will be a great cock sucker some day!” Madam encouraged. “Since that huge dildo is all lubed up with your spit, turn around and push it in your ass!” I switched positions so that the long dildo was pointing right at my tight ass hole.

I pushed my tight hole hard against the huge black dildo. There is no taking it easy on this thing or else it will never go in! The thick head pushes past the constricting muscles and slides a few inches inside me. The huge black dildo feels so good stretching my ass to its limits! I have such a tight little bubble butt! I rock forward a little, making sure it doesn’t pop out, and then rock back a little further, pushing the dong deeper into my ass with each push. I’m starting off with a slow and easy pace, but Madam is getting impatient and slaps my ass with the riding crop! “A guy isn’t going to stay hard enough to fuck your ass if you take this long to get it all the way in!” Madam screamed. I can feel my intestines stretching and straightening out deep in my stomach. The deeper it goes the more amazing it feels. I work the dildo in and out of my ass hole hard like Madam wants me to. I cant tell how much of the dildo I have inside me but I cant feel the balls push against my pussy so I know I still have further to go. After a lot of hard panting and pushing, Madam is satisfied with the training for the day. The training always ended with me eating out my Madams pussy until she cums. I love licking my Madams pussy even though my jaw ached from being jammed open for so long by that huge dong. Madam makes it clear that I am Cum Slut for both men and women!

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