It was always known to me that attracting women had to be done with some kind of finesse or even let’s call it conviction. Not many will take the direct approach but the ones that do always seem to stand out a little more.

I started my day like any other; coffee, bagel, and of course work. It wasn’t a great day; little rain mixed with some high winds so everybody primarily stayed at work for lunch when this happens. I didn’t have time to pack a proper lunch so on the fly a microwave dinner is good in a pinch.

I made my way to the lunch room to heat up my processed meal and bumped into Sara. For months I have thought about this girl; I mean we had done coffee and hung out a few times but she never really seemed interested in more so I had settled for office friends.

After a bit of small talk about the shitty weather I realized we were both headed to the lunch room. As we walked there I could help but notice how incredibly amazing she looked in the tight grey mini skirt she was wearing; it accented her body so well that it did not leave much to the imagination; this woman was 30 yrs. old, 120 lbs. and had the body of a runway model; if I had to guess I would say about a C in the chest…not to mention how beautiful she was; 5’9” brunette with natural red highlights that were accentuated even by the poor dim office lighting.

We reached our destination and I began to make my meal while she slowly poured herself a cup of coffee. We talked a bit more about office politics and he said she said bullshit gossip but then things got silent. She sat drinking her coffee while I ate my lunch; I wondered at first why didn’t take it to go but given the fact that it was just the two of us there I didn’t complain; even if she was silent she was still beautiful.

I finished my meal in record time so I still had almost the full extent of my break now to kill time. I made myself a coffee and sat back down with Sara; she still sat silent until finally she looks directly at me and says ”Can I ask you a question?” ”Why have you not tried anything with me?”

I didn’t know what to say, my heart was racing, my palms sweaty…I mean…here is the girl I thought I stood no chance with and had settled for friendship asking ME why I haven’t tried anything. The only answer I could come up with was…” I thought you just wanted to be friends?”

”I do….but why can’t we add more to that?”

Wow! There it was; the first move; guess I always thought I was going to be the one if anything. So what now; I sat in silence for a minute and though about how I should handle this. I batted around a couple ideas but everything seemed too romantic and cheesy. Finally I though…fuck it…if I wait I am going to miss this train completely.

I quickly leaned over the table, grabbed hold of Sara and kissed her …our tongues raced around in each other’s mouths like it was the first time; so much passion…so much excitement. She stopped for a minute and walked over to the door…”Guess we should lock this”

She walked toward me and stopped just inches away and whispers; ” I have been waiting for this for a long time.”

She slowly started unbuttoning my shirt almost as if she was using each button as a countdown to what will happen next. She slid my shirt off my shoulders as I released my belt…I was clearly ready for this. She took my hands and motioned them to breasts as she undid my zipper; my pants fell to the floor as I opened her shirt. Her bra was made of fine lace accentuating every curve of her supple breasts.

We started kissing again…this time more passionate than the first; I kissed her neck as she moaned softly unzipping her skirt. Her skirt fell to the floor giving way to the fact that she did not wear panties. I undid her bra and slipped it slowly off her shoulders revealing her perfectly round breasts…soft but firm with dark nipples that were fully erect by this point. I quickly removed my boxers leaving us both naked now.

I kissed her neck slowly working my way down to her shoulders covering every inch with my soft lips while caressed her skin with my hands. I made my way to her breasts; my tongue slowly circled her nipples gently as she moaned a little louder with every pass. She grabbed my hand and motioned it between her legs.

I caressed her inner thigh inching softly towards her cleanly shaven folds…slowly I began to massage her lips on either side teasing her slightly before I went up the middle; I could feel her getting wetter by the second as I rubbed her clit each time a little harder. She let out one load moan and grabbed my hand plunging two fingers into her. They slid in effortlessly due to her excitement.

She took hold of me stroking me vigorously with every plunge my fingers made moaning even louder by this point and arching her back as I could feel her juices flowing heavier down my hand as our bodies got closer.

She motioned me to the table where we were sitting and positioned herself as she bent over bracing her elbows down for what was to come next. I took a second to admire her beauty before I dropped to my knees to her surprise. I ran my tongue up the back of her thigh reaching her already moistened lips; slowly I began to lick her clit from behind…she moaned loudly telling me she had never had it done that way before. I plunged my tongue deep in her hole as she thrusted with every motion ever so slightly inching my way up…my tongue brushed slightly against her anus as she jumped in surprise…I could tell she was not used to this at all.

My tongue caressed the skin between her vagina and her anus sending her into a flurry of back arching as her juices flowed down her thigh. I knew now she was ready for me to take her.

I positioned myself behind her and ran my fingers down her back digging my nails in as I inched closer ; by this point I was fully erect and throbbing as I teased her by slowly rubbing against but not entering her warmth. She writhed in pleasure till she could not take it anymore; reaching back she grabbed my hips and quickly impaled herself onto me moaning with anticipation of climax.

I moved slowly in and out of her holding her hips and tightening my grip with every thrust as she rocked forward and back increasing speed with every motion; our bodies now in sync with each other like never before. I plunged deeper and harder increasing speed as she gripped the table trying not to scream as her passion increased. I really didn’t know how long I could hold out at this pace feeling pressure building every second. She moaned louder as she inched closer and closer to climax pushing harder and harder against me.

I could tell she was very close to orgasm as her heart raced faster and faster knowing it wouldn’t be long for me either. Just as I thought she was about to give in she pushes me back and turns around. Rubbing her now sweaty body up against me as she got to her feet; her lips met mine again tongues entwined in frenzy as she pressed up against me. She looked me in the eyes as she whispered…” it can’t end till I repay the favour.”

Quickly she dropped to her knees and gripped me tightly. By this point I was harder than I had ever been saturated in her pungent aroma. She stroked me gently as she ran the tip along her soft lips teasing and bringing me one step closer to release. With a light thrust I pushed myself forward as she took me in gently running her lips up and down my shaft eagerly tasting her own juices. Her pace quickened as I let out a breath of pleasure; excitement growing as she stared up at me. She stopped and looked up..”Not yet.” She said as she got to her feet and lay back on the table; her firm supple breasts barely moving as she spread her legs wide and inviting.

I did not waste any time pushing hard inside her faster and harder than before knowing her need to reach orgasm had peaked. Her breasts bounced with every thrust as I pushed deeper and deeper; as her juices trickled down making a warm pool on the table below…finally with one hard motion I felt her tighten up; contracting over and over as she screamed in pleasure. The excitement of watching her climax was overwhelming causing me to quickly pull out. I stroked myself vigorously and let loose on her soft supple breasts. I kissed her softly one last time knowing this may never happen again…..

We cleaned up and got dressed; with a kiss goodbye we both went back to work and never spoke of it again…..until that night…

….but that’s a whole other story.

The nightingales flicked and flashed through the forest air, diving around the tall elm trees that lined the earthen track. The orange sky of dusk tried in vain to pull the sun up again, though the silver moon lurked in the high, clear, star filled air. The sound of hooves dashed the silence like a heavy drum and broke the peace. All of a sudden a large grey horse burst through the bushes and thundered down the earthen track. It’s rider was a tall, handsome man with long, flowing black hair and a clean shaven, determined face. His silver armour and gold hilted sword were a glinting blur as his steed flashed through the clearings of this old English wood. He gazed back with his wide, brown eyes to see three riders rip through the bushes where he came from onto the track and bare down on his mount.

His heels dug into the horses side and the sweat and steam of the tiring beast filled the air around him. He had to think fast. The clanking of his assailants weapons echoed in his mind as he chased the thoughts which would lead him to safety. The forest finally broke onto moor land and his silhouette against the setting sun was like a great painting. His chasers came out of the woods and spurred towards him, though a gap had opened between the hunters and the pray due to thick bushes, false trails and a lot of luck. They appeared in time to see him break for another wood and so they followed in hot pursuit. The moor was still for a few moments after the chasing pack had passed into the forest and as the dragonflies danced in the dusk the grey horse and his silver rider slowly, and silently trotted down the hill and towards a lone farmstead, bright on the moor.

The rider knew his horse was tired as it panted down the muddy hill towards the farm. He also knew that his assailants would not be fooled for too long so he looked to the barn on the edge of the farm where he could hide and maybe even get some sleep. The door was open as he led the animal into the large, dark, lofty barn where he removed it’s saddle and hitched it to the post. He flung his armour and sword on the floor and sat in the dark pondering his difficult position.

He must have drifted into a nervous sleep, because he was jolted into consciousness as the large door began to open, revealing a star filled sky. He drew himself up and hugged the wall, wishing that his sword was not on the other side of the barn, hidden with his armour under a hay cart . He tried desperately to stop breathing and wished that he could become part of the wall. A sword blade, rapier-like, slowly edged through the barn door, illuminated by a flickering candle. They’d found him. It was time to let his masculine strength and warrior instincts take over, and as the glove covered hilt appeared, he pounced. He grabbed the wrist, barrelled into the assassin and pulled him down to the floor with the rapier resting on a bare neck. As he struggled to keep his potential killer still he noticed that there was something amiss. There was no one else at the door, and the body in his muscular arms was slight and weak. By the light of the now stricken candle he saw, that in his arms was a young woman, blonde and slight, wearing white, cotton shirts and what was probably her father’s gauntlet. With his hand still firmly placed over her mouth, he flung away the blade and turned her round. Her bright, wide, blue eyes looked up into his weathered, beautiful features as her breasts heaved in adrenalin and fear. She was quite beautiful, with slight features framed by flowing blonde locks which ran to the middle of her back.

“Thou must not speak!” He whispered dramatically to her “I am a wanted man and the Lord of this land’s men seek me at all hours. I mean you no harm, but you must be quiet”. He slowly lifted the pressure from her face and her quivering red lips gasped for air.

“You are a fool sir! Thou cannot stay here! My family and I will be banished for harbouring a criminal, though I would wish for his lordship’s death each night.” She whispered more in the darkness “What is your name sir? And what is your crime that you must hide in here?”

“My name is Richard of Kent, son of the king’s best man and my crime is one of passion. I had loved your Lord’s daughter without a word of marriage and had been discovered by her brother. Please, I ask of you one night where I may hide away and on the morrow I will leave”. But as he said this the sound of galloping hooves filled the night air and shouts could be heard through the gaping door. To his surprise the girl grabbed his hand and led him hurriedly up the rickety, wooden ladder and into the hayloft, but not before Richard had stamped out the candle. They flung their bodies into the hay as the first of the men stepped through the door. Richard now lay on top of the girl, both bathed in moonlight from a large window some feet above them, and he heard the hunters talk.

“Is that his horse? I’d swear I saw a light here”

“There is no-one here you fool and every time we stop for your pointless investigations he gains ground towards London!” said a voice from outside a door

“Even Kent isn’t stupid enough to lay up in such an obvious hide away. Come, there is a town three miles from here, and I’ll wager it is there where he lies”

“Fine, but I’ll swear I saw a light” said the man as he walked back into the night.

Richard lay perfectly still, aware of a body bellow him for some minutes before he looked down and into those deep, innocent eyes.

“What is your name?” he asked as he surveyed her perfect little body, her shirt merely hugging her curves

“Jenny” she managed as her breathing began shorten. She found herself moving her hand from her side and onto his thigh. He gazed down and then back into her amazing eyes. Her hand, trembling slightly, edged up, over his hip and up, under his shirt and over his defined, moist chest. He lent his head down and kissed her soft, luscious lips, pressing himself onto her mouth and tasting her. The young woman moaned and sighed as she moved her hands all over and around his body, feeling his muscle-bound back, his bulging arms and his broad shoulders. As he kissed her, he ripped open her shirt to reveal her perfect breasts, not too, large, but round enough to be sure she was a woman.

Her small nipples were rigid with excitement as he moved his firm hands over and massaged them slowly, cupping each in turn and arousing her even further. As they continued this embrace, her hands moved down and un-laced his britches until they were loose enough for her to pull them just enough to reveal his proud and ample manhood. She pulled at it and caressed it as she gained more confidence and eventually it was a hard a rock. She pulled up her shirt as he positioned himself above her, still massaging her breasts and kissing her neck under the light of the twinkling stars. He eased himself into her wet, warm vagina and she gasped as his large cock pushed into a place of pleasure and excitement. She came instantly and let out a loud moan as her body convulsed in ecstasy and she writhed in the rough straw as if she had touched heaven and sipped ambrosia. He began to move slowly, getting slightly deeper with each thrust, grunting with manly concentration and great skill as he found her spot. He pushed carefully, teasing her and changing his rhythm as he continued to lose himself in her eyes. As he sped up and got deeper she came again, harder and faster than before as concentrated passion exploded in her pussy, melting her mind and forcing her back to arch wildly. It happened again and again in quick succession forcing her to gasp for breath, like a swimmer, in love with the perfect water, but needing the air to survive.

Her head was dizzy, drunk on delightful bliss, as with one of his large, masculine hands in the centre of her back he thrust, now answering his own needs. He pounded hard, as she moaned and sighed with delight, crying for more. His thrusts were like a machine, hitting the spot time and time again in the writhing body below him. Thrusting and pounding and grunting with all the effort he came. She felt his juices explode inside her and she came once again, in time with him as he gasped and shouted and felt his power. He thrust slowly a few more times and then collapsed beside her in the hay, the pair of them panting in the silver light. He reached over and pulled her on top of him and kissed her passionately. Their tongues met and tasted each other as his hands moved down her side and into her groin where he idly played with her clitoris.

After some minutes of this embrace, he pulled away and stood up, his manhood and his muscles framed against the window.

“More?” he asked her. She nodded and got to her knees where she took his beast in her hands and slowly put it to her lips. She kissed and caressed the head of his penis before she opened her mouth and struggled to get her lips around the throbbing, hard column. As it slid in and out of her mouth, he sighed and rested his hands on his head where he played with her long, golden hair.

When his dick had become as hard as it would get he withdrew it and lifted her gently up and gestured towards the ledge of the window. She lent down and placed her hands on the ledge so she bared her peachy rump towards him, and he grabbed her hips and moved himself into position. She felt his wet cock press against her arse, which convulsed with excitement and relaxed to allow this forbidden pleasure. He pressed harder and as he softly penetrated her, she sighed, in delightful pain as she experienced a feeling, unlike anything else. It was like a beautiful abomination as he edged inside of her, igniting unknown fires. He eased in and out again, gently giving her a pleasure unique to those previous as she moaned and began to press back on him. He now moved with more rhythm as she reached back to play with her clit while he reached round to caress he breasts.

He began to move harder still as she moaned with excitement and blissful, agonising and alien feelings. He began to carefully speed up, pumping his dick inside of her arse, gritting his teeth with primal excitement as she came again. More intense than before, she moaned from her gut and her knees weakened as the blood rushed through her again. Then he came, with little more than a grunt as he stood, like an all conquering gladiator surveying his quarry. She rose carefully and lifted her arm to bring his head towards her and they kissed again. He withdrew himself and the two lay down, locked in each others arms as they drifted into a secure and blissful slumber

Jenny was awoken by dawn’s early light streaming into the barn with the sounds of an airborne chorus crying for food and love. She turned to look into Richard’s firm and handsome features but was met with an empty space behind her. She stood up, clutching her torn shirt around her and gazed around in search of her wild, wonderful lover, but he was nowhere to be found. She looked down and saw no horse, no clothes and no armour. She could hear her father working in the fields as she ran down the steps to look out of the door, but he was gone. She sighed and looked to the horizon as she wondered if, or when, Richard of Kent would return to her…

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