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Chapter Fifteen: Farewell

Jack didn’t have long until college started. In two days he would have to leave home and start a new life. Though he already had a two sluts and an angel waiting for him at the school, he would practically be starting from step one in this new place. Before he left to conquer this new land Jack wanted to clean up some loose ends.

Ai, James’ girlfriend, was set to leave for Japan soon. Before she left Jack wanted to give her a going away present to remember him by. So he organized a family visit with James and brought Ambrosine and Mrs. K along for good measure.

It was a tight fit with so many sluts in the van. His father came along to drive, and his mother kept him company from the passenger seat. Mrs. K, Julie, and Rebecca sat in the middle and Jack sat in the back with Ambrosine and Jessica flanking him.

Once Julie slid the car door closed she swept her long hair back and said, “Good to go.” She dressed in a dark brown sweater that hugged her ample bosom and tight blue jeans. As soon as her father pulled out of the drive she looked back at her master and winked.

The car glided smoothly down the road as they drove toward the inner city where James lived. As they road along Victoria looked back. She was wearing a form-fitting white t-shirt with an open jacket over it and a pair of jeans. The jeans, Jack noted before his mother entered the car, had small tears in the back of them and gave him glimpses of his mother’s ass as she walked.

“Master,” his mother called from the front of the car, “Ai doesn’t leave until tomorrow. So why are we all going up today if you want to see her off?”

“I plan on spending the night,” Jack said. “We’re going to give her something of a going away party.”

“Does she know about this party,” Jessica asked. She looked very cute in a plain white hoodie and black sweats that had the word sexy written on them. She was snuggled up close against her brother and had her head resting on his shoulder.

“No, it’s a surprise party.”

“I bet he’s going to fuck her,” Julie said, and she looked back knowingly. “You’re going to plug her up with that big cock of yours, aren’t you?”

Jack laughed. “Something like that, yes. Why, are you jealous?”

Julie nodded unabashedly. “You haven’t fucked me in forever,” she said. “Tonight, when you’re done with her, I’m going to get my fill, and I won’t take no for an answer.”

“We’ll see,” Jack said peacefully, but Julie wasn’t satisfied. She huffed and turned in her seat, crossing her arms in the process.

Ambrosine giggled softly beside Jack and whispered to him. “Maybe you should fuck her tonight. It’ll be a while before you can see her again once the school year starts.”

Ambrosine was dressed conservatively compared to her outfit before. She wore a simple black t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. Her long, thick honey blonde hair was put up in an intricate bun and framed her face perfectly.

“I know,” Jack said. “I have a lot on my list to do before I go, and I’m worried I won’t be able to get to it.”

“One step at a time,” Ambrosine said, and she kissed him on the cheek.

Rebecca and Mrs. K were both quiet for the entire ride. They had both dressed rather demurely, with Mrs. K in a flowery top, a light pink jacket, and jeans with snow boots; Rebecca wore a sweater and blue jeans. The outfits did nothing to hide their natural beauty though. Rebecca, in particularly, still looked deliciously curvy and filled out her clothes in all the right ways.

The drive to James’ house was a rather slow one. A snow front had moved in covering the roads in a thin blanket of shifting white. Jack fell asleep nearly halfway there, and he had a strange, rather ominous dream.

He stood in a field at twilight. Golden light was fringe with streaks of blue and pink. In the distant horizon he saw clouds amassing. Red lightning forked in the clouds and rumbled harshly in the air. Somewhere in that rumble Jack could hear a deep, raspy laughter that made his chest rattle.

“You are nothing before me,” shouted the feral voice that sounded like gravel crunching underfoot. “You will fall and die, choking on your mercy!”

Jack woke in the car. Jessica was prodding him gently on the arm. “Bubba, we’re here,” she said.

He sat up slowly and shivered. His head was ringing and for a moment he wasn’t sure where he was. Cold air smacked him hard in the face as Julie opened the sliding door, and he came into full wakefulness.

“Are you okay, bubba?” Jessica felt him for a fever and grimaced. “You’re all sweaty. Maybe we should take it easy today.”

“I’m fine,” Jack said dismissively.

“Are you sure,” Ambrosine said. She squeezed Jack’s hand gently. “I’m sure everyone will understand if you need to rest.”

Jack smiled at the two of them and said, “I’m fine. It’s just stuffy in here. Once I get a bit of fresh air I’ll be okay. I promise.”

Everyone got out of the car and then waited for Jack to lead them to the front door. James greeted for them inside. He was shirtless, with his slender, athletic body on display. When he saw them he smiled. “Master, it’s great to see you again.” Then he bowed low before Jack, with his forehead touching the ground.

James was never one to deal with emotions openly. Regret was especially difficult for him. So rather than apologize he just averted his gaze and followed protocol. Jack knew from the moment he saw his brother how sorry James was. So he forgave him, because in the end it didn’t stop his pursuit of godhood.

“You’re forgiven,” Jack said as soon as everyone in the room. “Just don’t even dare to betray me again.”

“I won’t,” James said earnest, and he kissed his master’s crotch as a sign of obedience. Then he stood and greeted everyone else. After that was out of the way James turned back to Jack and said, “To what do we owe the pleasure of a visit, master?”

“I came to see Ai before she left.” Jack looked around the first floor and asked, “Where is she hiding?”

“She’s in the bedroom, master. Ever since you’ve been restored to power I’ve been giving her a real workout. She’s always tired in the morning.”

Jack laughed. “I can understand that. Well, I think I’d like to go wake her.”

James smiled and waved his master on. “I think she’d like that, as well.”

“Right, dad, I want you to come and record me giving Ai her going away present. James, will your roommates be a problem?”

“After being in a house filled with divine essence this long they’re already yours. If you see them they’ll most certainly obey your orders, but you’d better not see them at all. I’ve ordered that they hide in their rooms and remain quiet at all times.

Jack nodded and said, “While I’m with Ai you may use Mrs. K to keep yourself entertained.”

James glanced at Mrs. K approvingly. She smiled and blushed in return.

“Remember, James, the others belong to me personally. Keep your hands off of them.”

“Of course, master. I wouldn’t think of touching them.” He waved as Jack started up the stairs. “Enjoy Ai.”

Jack scaled the stairs with his father following. The entire time his father recorded his movements, even watching his rear flex as he moved. Since it was a gift to Ai, Stan knew that she would enjoy the sight.

By the time they reached the top floor the sound of sex could be heard. James was obviously pounding Mrs. K into oblivion, but the sounds she made indicated her extreme pleasure. Jack smirked as he walked to James’ bedroom door.

It amused him to move so freely in the house. His last visit was not so hospitable. Now he owned the place and could go wherever he pleased, however he pleased. It was just another change that made him feel empowered, another thing to prove that he was a god.

Jack entered James’ room without a word. The smell of sex was thick inside, but rather than intoxicating Jack it invigorated him. His godhood swelled inside of his pants. Somewhere inside Ai was waiting for him. He could feel her lust for him in the air.

He looked to the bed, expecting to find a beautiful Japanese girl who hungered for his cock. Instead he found an empty bed that had telling stains all soaked into it. The room was empty at first, but shortly after his entrance a door on the side opened and Ai stepped out. She was wet and had a towel wrapped around her body.

When she saw him her eyes went wide with glee. “Master!”

Jack smiled and said, “Hello, Ai.”

“My master…” she whispered reverently. She dropped her towel immediately and bowed low to him. When her forehead touched the floorboards she said, “Master, I apologize for my behavior.”

“It’s fine,” Jack said, and he sauntered over to her. “I’m giving everyone a second chance. Just don’t abuse it.”

She shook her head, swinging her wet hair from side to side. “No, master, I will never betray you again.”

“Then stand and be forgiven, because I’m not here to punish you. I’m here to see you off,” he said with a big smile.

Ai looked up at him, her face full of excitement. The smile she wore was almost too big to fit, and his presence was hardening her nipples, making them stand out on her c-cup breasts like two brown towers.

“You seem excited,” Jack said as he gazed at her nipples.

“I am, master. I was hoping to pleasure you before my return home.”

“Good,” Jack said. “We’ll start slow, but I’ve got a big…surprise for you, so that you’ll never forget me.”

Ai blushed. Arousal seemed to ooze from her body, and already she was caught in Jack’s web. “I cannot wait, master.”

Jack sat on the bed and spread his legs. “Then come over to the bed and we’ll get started.”

Ai stood, leaving her towel on the floor, and rushed to him. When she reached him she kneeled and reverently removed his pants. Each movement she made was slow, deliberate, and a bit shaky. Her pussy glistened with her growing arousal and her eyes were shining with lust.

When his cock was on display she nearly had an orgasm. Though it was small she still found it glorious. Even at a normal human size she lusted for him, and she fed on his smell and his image.

Gently she cupped him and brought him to her lips. She kissed the tip and smiled at his godhood. Already it was swelling. She cupped his balls, massaging them, and feeling them grow as well. Each second saw his cock lengthening and fattening considerably, and Ai knew that it wouldn’t be long before he reached his true form. So she took him into her mouth and started sating her desire for his divine taste.

Ai sucked him hard and deep, as if she were trying to suck the life out of him. As she did he grew rapidly in her mouth, and as he grew larger his scent grew stronger.

At six inches he was still limp. She took him into her throat and buried her face into his pubic hair. The smell of him burned itself into her nostrils.

At nine inches his scent overwhelmed her. By this point his balls had doubled in size and showed no sign of slowing. He was, by mortal standards, quite large now, but Jack was no mere mortal, and Ai knew he had more to give her.

At twelve inches she couldn’t take him so deep anymore. He was still limp though, and Ai was stunned by his size. In their time apart she had nearly forgotten how gargantuan he truly was, but being close to him, smelling him, tasting him, feeling his flesh, the memories came rushing back.

When he exceeded thirteen inches she stopped trying to wrap her mind around it, and instead she just gave into his musk. He kept growing and growing, adding inch after inch in length and girth. Her jaw strained to accommodate him, but she held on tight, kept sucking, and was finally rewarded with his true, divine cock.

Once he was hard she redoubled her efforts. It was difficult to handle him due to his size, but she gave it her all. She had loved his cock when it was a normal, human size and limp, but at his huge, godly size she could do nothing but worship it. His smell and taste were at their strongest while he was erect, and every moment she spent with him was a wonderful reminder that he was her idol, her master, and most of all, her god.

Jack grasped her by the back of the head and moved her up and down his cock. Ai didn’t mind. She was busy fisting him and sucking on him with depraved hunger for his sperm.

She plunged down on him enthusiastically and strained to take him into her throat. She couldn’t though. His size was much too large. He exceeded even James’ enormous foot long cock, which she was used had grown used to during his time as an angel.

With Jack it was like she was giving her first blowjob again. She felt clumsy and stupid, but she also shook with giddiness. Being so clumsy and unfamiliar with a cock brought her back to her youth and gave the blowjob an air of newness that she missed.

The pleasure of sucking on Jack filled her soul with light. She started reliving her every sexual experience all at once. They paled in comparison to the simple blowjob that she was giving, but they also augmented her arousal and filled her with a rush of heat. Her mind swam in sexuality, and in the depths of this ocean of lust Jack waited.

He released her head and reached down to cup one of her breasts. Unsurprisingly her nipples were diamond hard. They were rather large and puffy. He drew small circles around her brown areola.

It was hard for him to focus. All of the blood that it took to power his enormous cock made him light headed, and all the pleasure he felt only made it worse. At times he felt like he was falling away from reality, but he bathed in the experience, because to him it was a form of transcendence into godhood.

Their two pleasures mingled. They grew together, becoming one enormous pleasure that consumed them both. They became red-faced, drunken passion, and they became wet, hot pleasure. Lust grew between them and swallowed them whole.

Soon Jack couldn’t handle it. His cock expanded and erupted in a full, heavy torrent of cum. Ai struggled at first to swallow him, but after the first two shots she settled between his legs and went with the flow of things. It didn’t take long for her shower to be a complete waste, because her master coated her in layer upon layer of his thick essence. Her face, hair, breasts, nearly her entire body was drowned in his cum.

She milked his cock and mewled as he came. “Oh, master, cover me! Cover me in your sperm!”

As his orgasm eased Ai latched her mouth back onto his crown and swallowed the last few mouthfuls. As she swallowed she felt the heat in her body swirl and swell. Pressure formed in her pussy and it grew heavier the more cum she ate.

Finally, at the end of Jack’s orgasm Ai crested. The pleasure floored her like a steam roller. Two powerful orgasms cascaded through her, and each was so intense that it almost felt like one very long orgasm that shook her body to the core.

When she came down from her high she was covered in cum and holding her master’s beautiful cock. She gazed at it lovingly for a moment, and then she stuffed it into her mouth. Licking and tugging, she cleaned him with her mouth and coaxed him with her hands. He was still massive, but she wanted him hard again.

Once Jack was hard again he withdrew his cock from her mouth and smacked her across the face with it. Sperm splattered all along his glistening shaft as he did so.

“Are you ready for your present?”

Ai’s eyes lit up with pleasure and need. Jack could see the light shining brilliantly inside of her. “Yes, my lord, I am ready!”

“Good,” Jack said, and he stood and fetched his pants. “Then get onto the bed and stick that tight little ass out. I’m about to change your life forever.”

He had already changed her life forever. The old her was demure and chaste, and she was entirely gone. Now she was Jack’s slut, and she would do whatever he asked. She lived completely for him, and she was very proud of that.

She climbed onto the bed with a smile on her face. Lying face down, she kept her ass pointing high up into the air. She sat near the edge of the bed, so that Jack could have easier access to her sopping pussy, and then she waited for him to fuck her.

When Jack came up behind Ai he was carrying a tube of lubricant. He squirted some onto his cock and then rubbed it in. Then he squirted a bit more onto the index and middle finger of his left hand, which he then used to finger Ai’s tight little butthole.

Ai tensed at the contact of his finger against her bottom. She looked back and winced as he slid the finger in to the knuckle. “Master,” she said as she gazed back at him in fear.

“I don’t want to hear any arguments, Ai. This is your gift. Enjoy it,” Jack said.

Ai quivered as he finger-fucked her butthole. Then she nodded and looked straight forward, staring resolutely at the wall. She lived for her master, and she would do anything for him. Whatever pleased him would please her, and so she would forge ahead without a glance back. Her rear would be the ultimate gift to him, and it would be a sign of her everlasting loyalty.

Jack fingered her until his finger stopped meeting resistance. Then he mounted the bed and lined his gleaming cock up with her little butthole. With the head resting against the entrance of her ass, Jack paused and asked, “Are you ready, Ai? Are you ready to give me this final boundary?”

Ai was sweating a bit. She was fearful for the pain. One time James had tried to take her anal virginity, and it had hurt so badly that she begged him to stop. This was before he was an angel. Her master was enormous compared to James’ mortal dick, and she could only imagine the type of pain she would endure when he pushed in.

Despite this she looked back and smiled an awkward, nervous smile. “Go ahead, master. Take my ass. Fuck it and claim it as yours.”

Jack grinned and grasped her hip with one hand. “Gladly,” he said, and he thrust into her forcefully. His cock spread her sphincter to a terrifying degree. As he slid in an inch or two, he held steady, and gave her body time to reshape and accommodate him.

He let out a loud, impassioned moan of pleasure, as he tiny butthole hugged him so tightly. She let out a deep, painful groan, and resisted the urge to curl up and crawl away from her invader.

The pain, Ai was surprised to find, did not stop at her bottom. It ran up her back and strained her entire body. She could hardly breathe because her lungs refused to work, and even her head began to throb. Her vision blurred, and dark spots filled her vision.

Ai braced herself against the bed and pushed back against her master, forcing more of his godhood inside of her. It was an incredibly tight fit; tighter than either knew was possible. An arch of pleasure ran through her, mingling with the pain from before.

She continued to strain and struggle to fit more in. The horrible pain that wracked her body gave way to subtle pleasure. Pressure built up inside her, force ache all over. Then she managed six fat inches of divine cock into her ass, and the pressure exploded in a mind-shattering orgasm.

Pain left her, as it was eclipsed by the purest form of pleasure. Her mind reeled as the essence of joy and life was poured directly into her being. She quaked and howled, and her eyes rolled back. She opened her mouth and released something that was not words, but was pure wanton rapture given sound.

Jack pushed in a bit deeper and rest there. Most of his cock continued to stick out from her gleaming backside, but enough of him was buried in to reshape both her body and her mind. He swatted her rear and said, “Ai, you have such a tight little ass.”

Ai settled and began to laugh manically. “Not anymore, master. I did, but you stretched me so wide.”

“I’m going to start fucking you now,” Jack said.

“Do it, master. Fuck your slut’s ass hard and deep, please!”

Jack started slow, giving her poor body some more time to adjust to its sudden intrusion. Gradually he picked up speed, and she met him at every thrust. Each thrust knocked the breath from her lungs. Ai knew that he wasn’t even halfway inside of her, but she already felt as if she was choking on him.

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