“Did you have a good time, sir?” Claudine asked. She was still wearing her swimsuit with a sarong wrapped around her waist. She looked desirably sexy and images of her naked body flooded my brain.

“So, tell me what happened out there?” I asked “Regarding your strip show and then not participating in any of our activities?”

“Sir, you are ….”

“Please, call me Bruno” I interrupted her.

“Certainly sir. Well like I was saying. You are always surrounded by beautiful women. But today when I saw these girls they were almost the same age as me and I just didn’t want to feel lesser then them. I am sorry if I created any problems” she explained looking downcast.

“Come join me here” I said as I patted the settee.

“I can’t sir. My swim suit is still wet.”

“Well, lets solve that then. Why don’t you remove your wet outfit? It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked already.” I suggested. “If you feel uncomfortable, I’ll take off my shorts as well. It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked either” I said as I removed my shorts. and lay on the couch completely bare.

She looked at me then removed her top followed by the bottoms, leaving only her semi-transparent sarong wrap on. Her gorgeous body had an immediate effect on me. She lay next to me and I turned onto my side to hide my obvious interest in her tanned nakedness.

“Well, I managed my father’s shop after I finished school and that’s when he became ill. I ran his shop; kept all the books; set prices and managed the staff. We were doing well. Then my father passed away and he left all his assets in my mother’s name. When she received his insurance money, my brother offered to handle things for her since she was so grief stricken, so she signed everything over to him.

I didn’t see my brother again after that, which was not unusual as he often left home to seek employment in the city. We presumed that he helped to handle the burial finances amongst other things. When the bank called to seek payments on the outstanding loans, we were shocked to find that my brother had taken every penny and ran off. I learned later that he had become a drug addict and did well to hide his habit from us. The bank closed our business and left us penniless. We had to move in with our aunt who lived nearby and that’s where I heard that you were looking for a caretaker, so I applied with the agency and you accepted me.”

“Where is your mother now?” I asked.

“She’s living with my aunt, her sister, and they both need each other as companionship and to assist each other as they grow older.”

“How does she support herself?” I asked.

“I bring home my salary and we manage.” She replied.

“May I ask why you aren’t married yet?” I enquired.

“Never had the time nor interest as I seem to attract the wrong type of man.” she replied.

“So why did you run off when I embraced you?” I asked as I placed my arm over her body, my hand cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples.

“I ummmmmm, I haven’t been with a man for a very long time and I was afraid that I would be too eager and I know it’s not proper to have ….. I mean, to become romantic with my boss.”

I placed my hand on her tits and began rubbing them. “Sir, please don’t touch me there. I’m only human and can only hold back so much.” She pleaded.

“Do you touch yourself when you get horny?” I asked

“Oh sir, please don’t ask that!” she blushed and turned her head into her arms.

I slid my hand down her sarong and up towards her pussy. She jumped as I touched her lips, but her wet cunt hole told me all I needed to know.

“I’m gonna lie here on my back and close my eyes. You do whatever you like because at this moment I’m all yours to do as you like” I said and then closed my eyes.

She turned around and stroked my face. Then she kissed me fully on my lips. My tongue entered her mouth and she sucked on it. Her hands ran all over my chest. She kissed my neck; then my chest and snaked her tongue all over my nipples. Her hands gently flew over my torso and my abs. She kept coming back and kissed me on the lips. I felt her hand touch my cock and she ran her fingertips over my balls then back up to the shaft. She moved her face lower as she kissed my torso, then my lower abs while slowly moving towards my cock.

It seems like she took forever to slide her head down to my crotch. Was she hesitating? My cock was standing erect when suddenly she wrapped her mouth around it. Her tongue licking my head while her hand grasped my shaft and she very slowly pumped it, as if trying to measure its girth. Her head began bobbing up and down my cock taking as much of it into her mouth as she could while her hands spread her saliva all over my cock. She was now mouthing my cock in great earnest and her hands gently squeezed my sac.

I felt her reposition her body next to mine and suddenly the distinct aroma of a horny pussy filled my senses. I opened my eyes to see her wet cunt just inches from my lips. My cock was throbbing from her gobbling and pumping. I draped my arms around her butt and jammed my tongue as deep as I could get it inside her cunt hole. I licked her all over and concentrated on sucking her clit. I then slid a finger into her very tight pussy and began masturbating her cunt while feverishly sucking her clit. She moaned and bucked her hips, but never once did she release my cock. I picked up the pace, intent on making her cum with me at the same time, but her jerking of my cock was picking up momentum and I could feel my sap rising from my toes. She elbowed my thighs apart and began spreading my legs wider as she sucked and pumped my cock down the home stretch.

Suddenly she removed her mouth and turned her body to kneel in front of me. What the heck? I thought. Then she cupped her mouth over my cock and again began pumping my solid rod. I could feel the telltale signs and I suddenly felt her sliding a finger up my ass, all the way to her knuckle. Then she sucked me even harder and I couldn’t hold out any longer.

“I’m cumming! I’m ca, ca, Argghhhhh! Ummm! Ummmm! Ummmm! I moaned as she suddenly whipped her finger out of my ass just as I shot my first cum into her waiting mouth. It was so strong I thought I shot a hole thru the back of her throat. The next few spurts were even more intense. I felt my entire sac had emptied out. My cock erupted with the intensity of a volcano and she sucked every drop of it. I lay there completely spent. That was the best cum I ever had.

I felt her rubbing the sweat off my face and began combing my hair off my forehead with her fingers. She skimmed her fingertips across my face then leaned down to kiss my lips. I fell off to sleep after that.

I woke up a about 2 hours later with my cock being gently licked and her tongue pressing at the most sensitive part of my cock, just under the cock head. I looked down to see my cock partially standing to attention while she was grinning at me. I realized that she must have placed another pillow under my head.

“I have a confession to make” she said while stroking my cock. “Before today, I have never seen a couple have sex and when I watched you in the pool I was very horny. I loved watching you fuck those girls. To see you slide your cock into their wet pussies made my own pussy very wet. Then, to watch 2 girls lick each other and finger each other got me very excited. I’ve never touched another woman, but after seeing them I want so much to have sex with a woman and you. I was so turned on that I ran behind the counter to finger my clit and made myself come before returning with the Sangria.”

“Well, now it’s your turn” I said as I got on top of her. For the next 45 minutes we devoured each other. It was animalistic yet passionate. She felt comfortable enough to shed her inhibitions that had her spewing obscenities out of her mouth, vocalizing everything she wanted done to her. Afterwards, we both collapsed onto the couch, drenched in sweat and panting like we just ran a marathon!

“Damn, you’re an awesome lover baby.” I said. “How was that for you?” I asked.

“Mmmmmm! I want more of you! I haven’t had sex in ages and this was the best in my whole life.” She said. “But I have to admit my pussy is sore. I think you ripped my cunt with your big cock.” She moaned.

“Here. Let me kiss it better” I said as I leaned down

“NO!” she held me away. “When you kiss it better it will be the beginning of the next round and I need to rest for a while.”

“Good idea. Let’s go to dinner, shall we? I need to talk with you anyway.”

We showered up and we walked down to the Marina and had a sumptuous meal.

“Claudine. I want you to find me someone to do all the cleaning and cooking and house stuff.”

“Why? Why are you suddenly firing me?” she looked shocked with tears welling up in her eyes.

“No! I’m not!” I replied. “I introduced you as my residential manager this afternoon and I want you to do just that. Manage my house. This comes with a pay raise and you’ll now receive $10,000 a month. Does that sound fair? Oh, by the way, do you have a driver’s license and do you know how to drive” I asked.

“What??!! That’s a lot more than what I’ve been earning. Yes Bruno, I used to drive our delivery van” she replied as a tear fell onto her cheek.

“I hope that’s a tear of joy?” I asked. I do have a request, but only a request. Could you wear the outfit you wore this afternoon as a permanent uniform? That’s only my request, but feel free to wear whatever you like.” I grinned

“I’ll wear whatever you want me to wear, or not wear sweetie. I am so thrilled right this moment I can’t stop grinning. She replied

“Mmmm I like the idea of you NOT being dressed. You are a very attractive woman and all this time you used to wear those unsightly baggy shorts and large T-shirts” I said with a grimace. “Tomorrow, I’ll get you fixed up with a credit card at that would make it so much easier to handle the house expenses that way.” I said

“I would like for you to live in the guest room from now on, to save on transport. However, I do ask that you do not invite people to this house. Please meet your boyfriends outside. Are you ok with this?”

“Why are you doing this? Why are you being so nice to me” she asked. “I don’t need your pity” she said.

“It’s not pity. It’s only right that my residential manager keep my place in order. There will be bills to be paid. Groceries to take care of; the pool needs attention and so on. I feel so much better that I don’t need to tackle these matters myself. With you in the house I’ll feel so much better, since I’m always traveling. Let’s start looking for a housemaid tomorrow. Will that work for you?”

“You are wonderful and generous and I am very grateful. Thank you so much. I will never forget this.” She said “And I will do whatever pleases you, so tell me anything you want. I’m all yours.”

“Ok, I will. Shall we go? I’m tired and need some sleep and we’ve got some things to do tomorrow.” I said.

When we got home she said “I’m going to give you a massage tonight and every night to put you to sleep. Would you like that?”

“Oh that would be lovely. Thank you, that would be great.” I said. True enough. As soon as we got home I undressed and slipped into bed. She straddled me and began kneading my back and shoulders with soothing baby powder. That’s the last I remembered.

I woke up the following morning to the smell of coffee. That wonderful aroma to start off the day. I got up and had to relieve myself. I came back to the bedroom and she had breakfast on a tray prepared for me together with the morning paper.

“Good morning sweetie. Are you ready for breakfast?” she asked.

“Yes, I sure am. Did you sleep well last night?” I asked, “By the way where did you sleep?”

“Oh I had the best sleep last night and I was right next to you in case you wanted ‘anything’.” She replied with a smile

I sat back down on the bed as she placed the tray on the bed table in front of me. “That’s so sweet of you.” I replied and enjoyed every bite while going over the financial reports.

She returned when I was done and removed the tray and table. When she re-entered the room she was wearing her sarong only, tied at the neck. The material was very sheer and showed off her curves and the front hardly covered her pussy.

My cock began to rise just looking at her gorgeous sight. She climbed into bed and began sucking my dick. She sucked it with great eagerness and concentration. She had me hard as a rock in a few seconds. That’s how good she was.

“Claudine, are you safe? Are you on the pill?” I asked

“No” she responded.

I had her kneel down and after some torrid initial lovemaking; I had her suck me off and came in her mouth. Sex with her was very refreshing. She was at both ends of the pendulum. She looked so very foxy yet there was an innocence about her. She embraced the wild side of sex while still somewhat naive and innocent. I really liked her yet wondered how I never gave her a second look before yesterday?

After resting for a while we showered up. I had a few calls to make then took her with me into the city. We went to the bank where I got her fixed up with a credit card. Next, we hit the shops. I had her pick out a complete wardrobe. On the way out we passed by a counter selling sunglasses. I asked her to choose one she liked. She went for the Ray Ban aviators. Damn, she looked hot in them.

We loaded up the car with all her goodies. Next, we went to my favorite restaurant for lunch. After that I brought her to the Immigration Office and applied for her passport.

Next, we stopped off at a specialty shop where I bought a small lockable cash box. It was fireproof but more importantly it resembled a book titled ‘Arts N Crafts’ that could fit any bookshelf and you’d never know it wasn’t a book.

We headed back home and Claudine stowed all her stuff away in the guest room, which really was now her room. When she was done, I called her into my office. “Claudine, are you familiar using a computer?” I asked.

“No. I never learned how to use one.” She replied.

“Would you be interested in learning it?” I asked

“Oh yes” she beamed.

I picked up the phone and called a school to set her up in a class. She will start next week. She was very happy.

I then handed her the cash box. The key was still attached to it. I opened it to show there was $2000 inside. I gave her a ledger as well and told her to keep track of all expenses. When it came down to $500, she was to let me know so that I could top it up.

We discussed how best to run the house and to do the groceries, which was made more complex as she didn’t have a car to drive to the shops. She was now in charge of everything. The phone suddenly rang. It was Sam from the hiring agency whom I called this morning looking for a house maid. Claudine interrupted me.

“Let me handle all of this from now on.” She suggested. I smiled and handed over the phone to her and listened as she dictated terms and set up appointments. She needed a calendar until she knew how to use the computer. I removed an unused desk diary from the drawer and handed it over to her. She immediately opened it and jotted down notes.

“This is yours” I said after she hung up, pointing to the diary “To keep track of all appointments and schedules. You’ll keep this and the ledger. Actually, I’ll make a few arrangements to help you.” I said

I went on the Internet and ordered some items to be delivered here tomorrow.

“Claudine, how did you keep in such great shape?” I asked.

“There was gym next to our shop and I would go in daily and worked out to relieve the stress. The rowing machine helped to develop my core and cardio.” She said.

“What about now?” I asked

“It’s not so easy to get to the gym, but I still manage on my free days.” She explained.

“Well, please ensure that you spend at least an hour in the gym downstairs everyday and also add swimming to your exercise regimen to strengthen your core. By the way, do you know any martial arts or self-defense techniques?”

“No, but I think it’s vital to learn such skills” she replied

“Yes, I agree. Let me think about that a bit. Right now, please excuse me, but I have some work to get done.” We went our separate ways and I got busy with my plans.

About an hour passed when she came in to give me and placed and iced cold beer on my desk. Then she began massaging my temple and my neck. I took a few swigs of the sudsy brew and said it was time for bed.

She undressed me and washed me in the shower, which had an obvious effect on me. We went to bed where we enjoyed some very gentle sex before she flipped me over and massaged me to sleep. Oh, I loved this.

The next day the equipment arrived. I directed the team to the 2nd floor room and had them assemble the desk and chair I ordered. Once that was done they went about setting up the new computer, monitor, scanner and accessories. While they were installing that, the telephone company technician arrived and installed a new phone and separate phone line on that desk.

After lunch, a gentleman arrived. I called Claudine and told her who it was and wanted her to meet him. She excused herself and went to her room quickly. “I’ll join you shortly” she said.

“Claudine, this is Dan and he’s a martial arts instructor with emphasis on self-defense techniques?” I introduced to Claudine who looked stunning in her sexy outfit. “Dan, this is Claudine, your potential student.” I said

Dan was a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and Ju-Jitsu. He explained his philosophy and why he was eager to train his students in self-defense. She thanked him for coming out and said that she will consider his proposal after meeting all the other instructors. With that, he got up and left.

“All other instructors?” I asked. “He’s the only one I called.”

“Bruno, he gave me the creeps. I purposely changed into this outfit to get his reaction. His eyes kept darting to my breasts and whenever I crossed my legs he tried to look up my skirt. I am so grateful that you arranged this for me, but he’s not the instructor I trust. You are so sweet. Actually, there’s a girl I met in the gym who is very good in this discipline. I spoke to her a few times and watched her train. Apparently her father is a well-known fighter. May I call on her instead?”

“Sure. Have her come up here one day. I’d like to meet her.” I said. “Shall we go downstairs? I’d like to show you something.” I suggested.

“Here’s your personal office. This computer is yours and you can use it as you become more proficient in it and perhaps complete any assignments form the Computer Institute.” I said

“Oh you are too sweet” she said as she hugged me and kissed me. She ran to her room and excitedly collected her books and journals and brought them into her office and stowed them into the drawers.

“I’m gonna go get a workout and then do some laps in the pool. Join me if you’re up to it.”

“I’ll make us some dinner. You go do your thing and I’ll call you when it’s ready.” She grinned.

About 45 minutes later Claudine called me to tell me dinner was ready and I was getting quite famished. We had just finished dining on her delicious home-cooked meal when the phone suddenly rang. Claudine answered it and I could hear her tell the person to come to the house now.

“That’s one of the potential maids. I told her come here now so that I can interview her.” She said.

Sure enough, the doorbell rang about 30 minutes later. Claudine went up to escort her into the house and had her seated in the top floor living room.

“I am Claudine and I manage the house for Bruno. You will be under my charge so I would like to know more about you.” Claudine said very sternly.

The young girl introduced herself as Gemina and was 27 years old. She was single and had partially finished high school when due to unforeseen circumstances she had to leave school and earn a living to support her parents. She was a good-looking girl with a sweet face and big round eyes. Her clothing were old, but clean. A simple white blouse with a black skirt.

Claudine spoke at length with her while I just sat back and listened. “Thank you for coming. I’ll let you know my decision once I’ve interviewed the rest.” Claudine said.

“Good night, sir” she replied, as Claudine escorted her upstairs.

“Bruno she’s not what I was looking for. She lacks drive and initiative. I do have another girl coming around tomorrow at 5:30 PM and the self-defense instructor is coming at 8 if the timing agrees with your schedule. Does it?” Claudine said. I nodded in agreement

“Now, time for your nightly massage” she smiled. Off we went to bed and her massage really did put me to sleep, after I devoured her from tit to toe!

The next morning I felt so alive and fresh. The first call I made was to a furniture retail outlet and asked for a staff to come to my office to suggest a bookshelf for the home office.

My personal assistant – Cindy – came in to tell me she was giving notice that she will be leaving in 3 weeks time after she learned that she became pregnant, but was ordered by her doctor to be bed-rested for the next 7 months or she might lose the baby. I wished her well, but now needed an assistant. I had an idea.

“Hi Janice. Bruno here. How are you these days? Oh, excellent. Janice, may I have lunch with you either today or tomorrow? Yes. Here at my office. Great this afternoon would be fine. Here’s the address. See you at noon, ok? Bye.”

2 hours later. “Bruno, it’s Ms. Najib from Fem International Magazine on line 2.” Cindy announced on the speakerphone

“Ms Najib, what a pleasant surprise. How are your?”

“HI Bruno, please call me Carol. I’m calling in need of your help. We’re doing a summer beachwear spread and need some models for a photographic shoot next month. I thought you could suggest some models. We’ll pay $1000 a day”

“I most certainly can, but the girls I know are very attractive and perfect for your needs. Your offer is very kind although you may not want the models I suggest for that price.” I replied.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked

“At least $3000 a day, minimum 2 days plus expenses” I countered

“That’s a little steep Bruno. How about $1500 a day plus expenses.” She proposed

“Alright, shall we say $2500 a day for 2 days and then $3000 for each successive day? Agreed?”

“Always nice doing business with you Bruno. Let’s have lunch next week. I haven’t seen you in ages.” She said.

“Love to. When would you want to meet the team?” I asked

“Have them call Jess, my project coordinator, to arrange an appointment. Why don’t you come along as well so that you can see what we’re doing? I’d love your opinion. See you then.”

“Thank you so much. Ciao Carol” I replied

“Bruno, Janice is here to see you,” Cindy said on the speakerphone

“Thank you. I’ll be right out.”

“Janice how lovely to see you. My, you look awesome in that outfit” as I gave her a big hug. While walking out to the lift I whispered, “Not wearing any panties I assume?” She flipped up her skirt to show me her naked ass. I smacked her bottom.

Once seated at the restaurant I asked Janice about her plans in the airlines.

“I absolutely love it, but the jetlag is getting to me now. I’m interested in something where there is less travel” she replied.

“May I ask how much you make roughly a year?” and she told me.

“My personal assistant is leaving in 3 weeks and I need a replacement. I need someone who can organize my schedules and handle calls and correspondence. There could be some travel involved so I’ll need someone with experience in foreign countries. I think you would be perfect for the position and I’ll double your salary. Would you be open to such a position?” I asked

“When do I start?” she beamed and then stood up and came over to me and gave me a big hug. “Thank you so much.”

“I’ll have to inform the company, which should take about a week. Would that be ok?” Janice asked.

“How about starting in 2 weeks time. This will give you time to sort out all the things you need to do and take a vacation before starting. My assistant will be here for the remaining week to walk you through all you need to know.” I offered.

“Oh, that would be awesome sweetie. Please come and have dinner with Serene and I on Friday. She’s away right now and arrives in the morning. She would love to see you”

“I’d like that. Would you like too come to the office now so that I can give you a quick tour?” I asked.

“Oh, I’d love that very much.”

We returned to my office and I showed her around. The office was rather empty as all the staff were away for lunch. I brought her to my office and she closed the door then gave me a big kiss, darting her tongue into my mouth, as she pushed me down onto my chair. She moved some of my documents to the side of the desk and lay on top of it, spreading her legs wide open. “Lick my cunt” she said as she spread her lips wide open.

I licked her delicious cunt all over, then stood up, dropped my pants and fucked her saturated pussy. She moaned into the arm that she wedged into her mouth as she flooded my cock with her cum.

“Are you safe?” I asked. She indicated that she wasn’t. I quickly pulled my cock out of her cunt and shoved it into her ass and fucked her until I shot my load inside her. After I pulled out of her, her cunt juice and my cum from her ass dribbled onto the floor. She straightened herself up and left the room to return quickly with some paper towels from the pantry and wiped the floor clean.

“The stain on the carpet will be a nice memory of our meeting.” I grinned

“Oh, I suspect there’s gonna be a lot more stains honey” she purred. See you on Friday and with that she left. She returned half an hour later with an oil burner, which she placed on my desk and poured some scented oil onto the top and lit the small candle underneath. “This room smells of sex!” she smiled. I reached up under her skirt and dipped my finger into her still wet cunt as she leaned down to kiss me. “Bad boy” she giggled as she walked out.

I pulled out my address book and started making calls.

“Hello. Is this Siu Wan? Hi Siu Wan, it’s me Bruno How are you my dear? Yes I ‘m wonderful, thank you. Have you heard of Fem Int’l? Good I’m glad you know of it, they’re looking for beachwear models for a photographic shoot and I wondered if you and your sister might be interested in this. They’re offering $2,500 a day minimum 2 days plus all expenses covered. Excellent. Here’s the person to call and they will arrange a meeting. Yes, I’d love to meet you both. How about next week at my office for lunch? Ok, your place then. Next Thursday sounds fine. Bye.”

“Hi Christine, it’s me Bruno. Please call me back when you get this message. Thank you”

I then wend down the line and called Sunita, Meiko, Jenny, Carmen, Satomi, Keiko, Caroline, Elaine, Sandy, Gigi, Rachael, Fiona, Virginia and a few others from my ‘fun’ days. I had lunch and dinner dates set up for the next 2 weeks! Great.

Wow, it’s almost 5. I have to rush home, I thought to myself. I got home just in time to meet Debi, who was chatting with Claudine already. “Hi, I’m Bruno” I introduced myself. They continued chatting while I went to grab a beer.

“Thank you for coming.” Claudine said, as I approached them. “You’ll be notified of our decision soon” she smiled as she escorted her to the door.

“She was a sudden inclusion. But, she’s not a good match for us at all. How was your day?” She asked as she removed my tie and opened the buttons to my shirt. Then she removed my trousers and my shorts. “Hmmm, you’ve been busy again today” she said, as she could smell Janice on my cock.

“Suck my cock” I ordered. She immediately did so, licking up any traces of Janice. “Do you want to cum in my mouth, my ass or my cunt?” she asked.

“Your cunt, since when?”

“Now!” She exclaimed. “I’m on the pill and am safe” she grinned.

“Well then we should celebrate that” and she hopped onto my cock and rode me until I came inside her. When she stood up, she knelt down and licked all her cunt juice off my cock and cleaned me up very well.

“Sweetie, I take it you’ve heard of Fem Int’l magazine?” I asked.

She nodded, as she wiped her mouth. “I rec’d a call today from the editor asking me to provide models for their summer swimsuit edition. May I tear you away from your housework for this photo-shoot? They’re offering $2500 a day for a minimum of 2 days shooting. Would you like that?” I asked

Her eyes beamed, “Yes I’d love that” she gushed. “What girl wouldn’t jump on that offer? Thank you so much of thinking of me. You’re a sweetie.” She cooed

“I only select the best. I said admiringly. “Well I’m going for a swim. Wanna join me?” I invited.

“No thanks. I better get ready for our next appointment who should be arriving any minute now” she replied.

“Could you please change into your short skirt and that black see-through blouse? I have something here for you when you return.” She eagerly went in to get changed and when she came out I held out a box. She opened it to find a pair of black leggings that came up to mid thigh. Wow she looked super horny! Black top, black-n-white checkered short skirt and black mid-thigh stockings. She oozed sensuality.

“You look awesome baby” I said and went to grab my shorts so that I had something to wear after my swim, then headed down to the pool.

About an hour later Claudine appeared at the poolside with a gorgeous looking girl. “Bruno, this is Janelle. She’s 26 and wants very much to work here”

“Hi Bruno” she beamed her dimpled smile at me. Man, she was drop dead gorgeous. She could obviously see that I was completely naked.

“So, did you want to show Bruno just how much you want to work here?” Claudine said.

She was a tall, dark-haired beauty. She looked Eurasian with very light skin; her appearance hinted at French and Chinese ethnicities. She walked slowly, like she was on a catwalk, towards me. When she was directly in front of me she stopped and looked at me and then slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She then removed her mini skirt and stood there in her bra and panties. I’m guessing her tits were a 34-C size. She had a very flat tummy and her box-style panties looked almost insulting. Her legs were long and firm. I developed a hard on just looking at her!

She unhooked her bra and her big tits popped out. Her nipples were nice and big and light colored. She then dropped her panties and showed that she had a mat of very sparse hair on her mound and none on her lips.

She sat very demurely at the edge of the pool and said: “I would very much like to work here sir and am willing to provide my very best service to you” and with that she lay down and opened her legs. Her cunt was several inches from my face. I leaned forward and inhaled her womanly aroma.

“Let me watch you cum.” I said.

Her fingers began dancing all over her pussy while her other had squeezed her tits. She was soon moaning and shortly her cunt convulsed from her orgasm. I leaned forward and licked all the juice that flowed out form her cunt. She tasted delicious.

“Claudine could you please get undressed and place a couple of lounge chair cushions on the ground please?” I shouted.

I heaved myself out of the pool and took Janelle by the hand and led her to the cushioned floor where I lay her down on her back. “Claudine, sit on her face and hold her legs back for me.” Claudine planted her crotch on Janelle’s lips and immediately she began squirming as Janelle darted her tongue into Claudine’s pussy while reaching up and gently squeezed her nipples.

“Claudine, lick her cunt to make her very wet for me” I said and winked at Claudine. She knew I was setting this up for her to enjoy her first threesome. She licked Janelle’s pussy and it was very erotic to watch the 2 of them give each other pleasure. “Slide your fingers into her and make her cum” I urged.

Even in their urgency, the women were very gentle with each other with a lot of touching and licking and kissing. Both were making the other squirm. Claudine concentrated on her fingers and tongue while equally moaning from the attention she was receiving. Soon they were both moaning and jerking and it didn’t take long for them both to reach their orgasms.

I knelt between Janelle’s beautiful thighs as Claudine pried her lips open while guiding my cock into her cunt with her other hand. “Keep your head there and watch,” I said, which was inches from Janelle’s pussy.

I lacked all subtleties and shoved my throbbing cock into Janelle who yelped out of surprise, pain and pleasure. “Do you like watching my cock fuck her tight little cunt?” I asked Claudine. She just nodded her head.

“See how her cunt juice is all over my cock? Go ahead and lick her clit if you like. I was now slamming my cock into this beautiful goddess and it didn’t take long for me to reach the home stretch. Both girls were also moaning and I figured Janelle’s fingers and mouth was attacking Claudine. I slammed a few hard strokes then whipped my cock out and shoved the head into Claudine’s mouth as I shot my spunk into her throat.

Claudine rolled off Janelle, who looked incredibly alluring in this position. Her big breasts highlighted her flat tummy and her long legs, which were slightly spread apart. Her pussy, that looked so delicate and yet so wantonly erotic, separated her upper body from her lower body. Her wavy hair made her face look even more angelic, with her big eyes made more alluring with her long lashes. She was a sight to behold.

I turned to look at Claudine. She smiled and nodded in appreciation. It was our little secret. She got up and looked at Janelle, then reached down and kissed her and with that she excused herself and said she would be preparing dinner, leaving me with Janelle.

“Tell me about your background” I asked

“I finished school and went looking for a job. A friend of the family offered me a job in his tailoring business. He was a very nice man and quite frankly he couldn’t afford to hire me given the amount of business he earned. Yet, he still paid me $500 a month. On day one of his long time lady customers came in for an outfit and she said I was very well mannered and pretty. She asked if I wanted to work at her boutique to replace a sales girl that just left. She offered me $800 a month and I took it. I shared some ideas I had, based really on shopping at other stores, and she liked my concepts where I got some of my classmates and modeling colleagues to put on a fashion quarterly. Sales picked up after that. However, the commute was 90 minutes by bus each way, not counting the long wait. When I asked the hiring agency of any opportunities, they told me of your ad and your lovely house is a lot closer so I jumped at it and here I am.” She explained.

“Where do you currently live?” I enquired.

“I have a room near the city” she replied.

“How did you get here?” I asked

“I took the bus. It’s only a short walk from the bus stop to your house” she answered

“Short walk? It’s over a mile!” I replied “Is that how you are going back tonight?”

She nodded and shrugged her shoulders like it was no big deal

“Any family, boyfriends?”

“Nope. My mom lives in our village with my siblings and my dad left us years ago. So, no and I am not attached.”

“Since it’s already so late, would you like to stay here tonight and return home in the morning?” I offered.

“Thank you but I better not. Besides I didn’t bring a change of clothes with me.” She said.

“Dinner’s ready” Claudine called out.

“Please join us for dinner.”

“Oh no, I can’t do that.” She hesitated

“I’ve included you already” Claudine chimed as we entered the house. “Claudine, could you fix her up with something more comfortable to wear please?” I asked while I went to get dressed.

We met in the dining room and Janelle was wearing a pair of short shorts that accentuate her pussy. She wore a white tank top without a bra and her nipples were clearly visible. Claudine was similarly attired. My cock noticed!

I re-offered her to stay the night over dinner, but again she refused. Claudine interjected, “I have plenty of clothes for you to change into. It’s late and I don’t want you walking in the dark alone.” Claudine looked at me and smiled and nodded.

I nodded back to Claudine as well and then said, “If we do hire you, what salary are you expecting and do you have a driver’s license?”

“I’m hoping that you’ll be generous with $1000 a month?” she mumbled, as she squinted her eyes. “And yes I do have a license, but I don’t own a car.” She continued.

“Well this is your lucky day. You’ve got the job. Claudine just gave me the nod of approval. In addition, I am recommending you to Fem Int’l magazine for a summer swimwear photo-shoot. They pay $2500 a day, minimum 2 days, plus all expenses. Are you ok with that?” I asked.

She jumped up and hugged me. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!” she exclaimed.

“I’m starting you off at $2000 a month and we’ll take it from there. I expect high standards and Claudine is responsible for you. If you have any problems I expect you to bring it up to either of us to address. You will not bring any guests here. You are to be loyal and truthful at all times. Any violations of these terms will not be tolerated. Are you agreeable to these conditions?”

She bounced out of her chair again and sat on my thigh and hugged me and kissed me while grinding her pussy onto my groin. Then did the same to Claudine. “Thank you both so much. I am so thrilled I could cry!” she said excitedly, tears welling up in her eyes still sitting on Claudine’s lap and hugging her neck.

“You will stay here from tonight onwards. Tomorrow, you and Claudine will go back to your place and retrieve whatever items you need to bring here. Is that ok with you?” I asked

Claudine smiled and said; “Welcome into your new home.” Janelle hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. She went from being an ordinary unemployed girl to securing a job, given a modeling exposure and a house to live in. Yup, who wouldn’t be ecstatic? I thought to myself.

We sat back enjoying a cup of coffee after dinner when the doorbell rang. “Who could that be?” I asked.

“Rowena, the kung-fu instructor” Claudine smiled as she went upstairs to meet the girl.

“Bruno, this is Rowena, the self-defense master I told you about.” Rowena was a dark-skinned beauty. Not black, but a lot of sun exposure. She was a tall slim girl about 5’6″ and wore a black tank-top that showed off her ample cleavage and skin-tight gym trainers that came down to mid shin. The ‘V’ of her pussy was very noticeable. I got hard just looking at her, as I now had 3 awesome looking, scantily clad women in the house.

I smiled and walk towards her with my hand extended. As I approached her I suddenly did a snap-kick to her torso. She blocked it and stepped in to the outside of my kicking leg, grabbed my throat with one hand, her other had pulling my hair backwards exposing my throat with her inside leg planted firmly behind my legs, leaving me unbalanced.

She released me. Did a Kung-Fu bow keeping her eyes on me at all times and then stood erect and smiled. “That was a very good kick. You know your stuff I see.” She said.

“How did you know what I was going to do?”

“You squinted your eyes a bit, raised your eyebrows and straightened your shoulders just before kicking. You transmitted all the signals telling me what you were going to do before even doing it. Your right leg was at the back and since your watch is on your left arm, I sensed that you tend to favor your right side. Learn how to control these signals. Apart from that, your form is excellent and your kick was powerful. I’ll teach you how to improve it and make that more explosive.”

“I am impressed. Please have a seat and tell me a little about yourself” I asked.

“Well I was born in the Philippines and we moved here about 12 years ago when my father was asked to star in a kung-fu movie being shot here. Then he was hired by different movie companies to either coordinate fight scenes or choreograph them.

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