I re-applied my crimson red lipstick and curled my last piece of long thick dark brown hair, I slipped into a black mini skirt which only just covered my curvaceous ass and a tiny red singlet which stretched around my large D cup breasts, it was cold outside so I pulled on some black knee high stockings held by a garter, then I slipped on my black pumps and quickly closed the lingerie shop I work at in a hurry to go out with some friends tonight.

I caught the five eleven-night train to London City, I groaned as I got on the train when I realized how full the train was. I squeezed between strangers to get to the back where it I preferred it even if it was busier in this part of the train.

I held on to the top bar as I felt the train take off. It was unusually loud in my train cabin, there were quite a few school kids making most of the noise and quite a few people talking. I felt a hand rub against my ass and scrunched my face in annoyance, I hated how closer and personal people got when it was so busy in the trains.

Then I felt it again, this time someone clearly grabbed my ass. I turned to see a handsome man, with dark brown hair it almost looked black, he had bright blue eyes he was extremely handsome and held a cynical smile. That didn’t mean he had the right to grope women on the train, I turned around and ignored him hoping he would just stop.

But after another few seconds his hand slid under my miniskirt and began fondling my ass, I swatted at his hands but they didn’t budge. I felt my panties become wet with my juices and I cursed myself for feeling turned on by this stranger. Suddenly his hand pulled my thong aside while another hand began massaging my folds, I moaned lightly. Damn it! How could I feel so turned on by this stranger?

His finger delved into the most delicate part of my body, I tried to reach behind me to pull his hand away but my efforts were weak and I knew deep down that I wanted this. He slipped another two fingers inside me, now he hand a total of three fingers inside me. I moaned more loudly as he began thrusting his fingers inside me rampantly.

I felt my juices seeping down my legs, and I could feel pleasure building inside me. My breathing quickened and I clutched on to his hand hoping he would only go faster, and he did and suddenly his hand covered my mouth before I could scream my pleasure as I came hard. Waves of pleasure rode through my body from my pussy to my belly then my nipples making them hard and sensitive.

My body shook violently as I came down from my high. Suddenly he swiveled me around so I was now facing him, he ripped my singlet open and I gasped as he bared my D cup breasts. He grabbed my breast and leaning down he took one of my breasts in his mouth sucking hard and nibbling roughly, I grabbed his hair and moaned. I moved my hand down and began rubbing his crotch, he groaned lightly. I realized now how good this felt to be with this stranger, I needed him and wanted him with my every being.

But, I was a virgin and I knew it was going to hurt. I was nineteen years old and still a virgin, I know. I was constantly teased in school when all my friends had boyfriends and I never did.

“I need to be inside you now” He growled and we got off at the next stop, luckily it was a very empty station he quickly led me to a private corner and pushed me against the wall roughly.

He pulled my skirt up high and began tugging down my panties. He took them off and I gasped when he inhaled them deeply before tucking them in his pocket. I realized now, there was no one on the train and I had probably missed my stop a while ago.

He unbuckled his belt and in one move took his jeans and boxers off, his cock sprang up hard and erect. I gasped it was huge, how the hell would it ever fit inside me? He must have been about ten to eleven inches while also being as thick as a fist. He lifted my leg up and hooked it over his shoulder; before he could enter me I stopped him.

“Wait, I’m a virgin,” I whispered feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

He looked completely surprised “How can you be a virgin? You’re incredibly sexy women. I will try to be gentle” He said grinning; he took his large cock and guided it to my entrance.

He pushed his dick into me a third of the way and I moaned as he slowly began to fill me and stretch me wide. When he was all the way inside me I gasped at the feeling of his dick swallowed inside my cunt, his dick was filled from one end of me to the other.

“Oh god, you’re so tight. Your pussy feels so hot and wet wrapped around my cock, I want to stay buried inside you all night” I moaned loudly, and whispered in his ear for him to fuck me.

He immediately slid out only to slam back into me hard, I gasped as he hit my cervix painfully. I begged him to go faster and he quickly complied, he fucked me good and hard. His cock was large and powerful demanding to be accommodated with each thrust, and I was glad to give it to him. I moaned loudly as I felt the pleasure building, my pussy became so wet my juices were running down his large ballsack.

My pussy began to tighten and contract around his dick, gripping his length tightly. He knew I was cuming and he only quickened his pace fucking me even harder and faster I couldn’t tell if he was buried inside m or at my entrance only to plunge back into me.

I screamed as I came hard, I felt my pleasure run through my body. My body convulsed violently and I almost fell if my handsome stranger hadn’t been holding me up.

Seconds later I felt his cock hardening and throbbing inside me, before he spilled the contents of his balls inside me. Spurt after spurt I could feel his hot seed fill me up inside; he didn’t stop until I was filled to the brim with his semen.

I moaned at the feeling of his hot, wet sperm mingling with my juices deep inside me. He gave me back my underwear and I quickly pulled it up and I immediately felt his semen wet my panties.

“I don’t want you wearing any panties or bras; I want your pussy and your beautiful breasts bare to me so I have access to you whenever I want. I want to see you wear a shorter skirt, and a more see through top” He smiled, and I grinned back at him gladly obliging. I pulled my skirt down and tried my best to keep my ripped singlet together while he put himself in his pants.

“Marcy I said a little breathlessly.

“Blake” He gave me a smug smile “See you on the train tomorrow, Marcy” We said our goodbyes and then we both went our separate ways.

My pussy felt completely raw and tender, I decided to call it quits with my friends tonight and shop for some special clothes.

All people in this story are 18


About fifteen years ago, a year after my marriage was dissolved, I decided to not waste time with dating services. And since I’m nearly a tea-totaler and not fond of crowds, hanging out in bars didn’t appeal to me at all. It had been a few months since I’d last had sex. Jenny, a girl I knew who occasionally put out for me since the dissolution, was trying to get back with her boyfriend, so that was out of the question. Few of the available women in and around my small hometown interested me and I didn’t want to get into a relationship with a younger girl only to discover she was jailbait. As it turns out, a cousin who live in California was getting married. I decided to leave a few days early and fly to Nevada to get sexual satisfaction at a legal brothel since there was no way in the hell was I doing to risk getting a disease or arrested by picking up a hooker around here.

Being a newbie to brothels, I looked online for reviews and advice. One thing I learned which I wasn’t aware of was that prostitution was legal only in certain counties, but not in the state’s biggest cities.

I signed up at a busy message board dedicated to the Nevada brothel scene. A poster named Tom, who claimed to be a regular at these “houses of ill repute,” patiently answered my many questions via email. I found the idea of going to a brothel exciting, but extremely intimidating. But Tom was very understanding. He recommended the Top Kat in Pahrump first and foremost and also recommended a few other places. He listed the places to avoid and why.

“The major downside to being a brothel virgin is that some of the girls will pick up on your normal nervousness and then they’re like feeding sharks,” he warned. “Don’t be so anxious to go with any girl. Go with the right girl for your personality and know what you want. It’s as much mental as it is physical. If a girl’s tired or grouchy or you get a bad vibe from her, move on. Don’t be afraid to compare prices. Oh, and if a porn star is one of the girls, pass on her, too. They’re way more expensive and you’re paying for her reputation. By and large, they’re the worst lays in the world. Don’t be afraid to walk and don’t fret if you get walked. It’s bad etiquette to negotiate using another girl’s prices, but you don’t want to nitpick either. If you don’t score by the third figure, walk. Be polite, but walk. And if you do get walked, simply go to another girl or another brothel.”

Despite not being crazy about flying, I took a relatively inexpensive round-trip flight out to Las Vegas. I rented an inexpensive econobox near the airport and drove to the Top Kat. The building surprised me. It was located on a mostly gravel road and looked like a large pre-fab house except for the signage. I rang the doorbell and a woman in her late forties or early fifties answered. She welcomed me warmly and invited me in. With a half-erect cock and butterflies in my stomach, I entered the Top Kat.

The décor was in stark contrast to the exterior; it was comfortable with a touch of home. Not at all what I envisioned. I instantly liked the place. The services were listed with a notice that the courtesans, as they were called here, were independent contractors. After being patted down by a security guy (who was also very polite,) I was met by the madam, a beautiful woman in her mid-fifties who introduced herself as Miss Mary Anne and cheerfully welcomed me. She asked the lady who had let me in to take over for her. Miss Mary Anne said I had the option of visiting the tavern or picking several ladies from a portfolio, and those who were available would be introduced to me one by one.

Sounds like a police lineup, I thought.

Despite my best efforts, my whole demeanor probably screamed newbie. Although lineups are common, I wasn’t comfortable with it. I decided to go to the bar.

“George, you simply choose a lady who interests you, or she’ll approach you and talk to you. If you’re happy, tell her and you’ll negotiate in private in her room,” she said.

“Well, Miss Mary Anne, I think I’ll just hang here out for…”

Then I spotted a striking redheaded beauty walking into the bar area. She wore a tight black miniskirt with black lace stockings. The redheads I knew tended to be so pale. This girl was different, however; she was the tannest redhead I’d ever seen. The hair color looked to be natural. Her breasts were smallish and perky, which I love. She didn’t seem to be wearing a lot of makeup, which is a major turnoff for me. Her doe eyes gave her an exotic look.

“Actually, I think I’ve chosen,” I said.

Her name is Fyre,” said Miss Mary Anne, following my gaze. “With a ‘y’”.

I cocked an eyebrow. Miss Mary Anne laughed.

“It was her choice, but I insisted on the “y,” she said quietly.

Regardless of what I perceived was a lack of ingenuity in her chosen nom de plume, Fyre was a total babe.

“Fyre?” said Miss Mary Anne.

She jumped. “Y-yes, Miss Miss Mary Anne?”

She practically glided on her feet like a model.

Damn! If her personality’s anything like her looks, I’m gonna have a hell of a time!

“This is George,” said Miss Mary Anne, introducing us.

“Oh? Hello, George,” she said. “P-pleased to meet you.”

She curtsied.

“George. A pleasure,” I replied, giving a light bow.

What is this? First grade?

“Well, I’ll leave you two alone,” Miss Mary Anne said turning to me and giving me a grandmotherly pat on the shoulder. “Now, George, if there’s anything I may help you with, please don’t hesitate.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“You’re quite welcome,” she nodded and walked away.

Fyre took a deep breath. “Well… shall we?” she asked after a moment’s hesitation. She gave me a short tour of the brothel and then took me to her room. I began to get more comfortable with her. Fyre began by asking what I wanted. I told her at least a full hour with her and possibly a second hour and described what I wanted using the parlance: half-and-half and Greek and two cums.

“O–of course,” she smiled. She was trying to maintain professionalism despite her nerves. I felt a bit bad for her. Bur her personality was pleasant.

She asked me if I had any particular fetishes.

“Not really,” I said. “I’m pretty mild. I definitely love smaller perky breasts. Yours? Wow! They’re probably the perkiest I’ve ever seen. They’re beautiful. And I love your backside.”

“Oh, thank you!” she said. “A small breast and an ass man. I think I hit the jackpot!”

“One question?” I asked. “Natural redhead?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Oh, I get this all the time, George. I know, we kind of have a rep for not tanning well. I guess I’m one of the exceptions.”

“You look absolutely stunning, Fyre,” I said. She smiled.

Fyre quoted me what I thought was a fair price and I agreed. Before I paid Miss Mary Anne, she asked to see my cock. I was only too happy to oblige. She did what is called a “DC” or a “dick check,” which I didn’t even realize she was doing at the time; I thought it was an introductory handjob. I was fully erect instantly. After the transaction was completed with Miss Mary Anne, Fyre asked me to shower and after I was finished, to enter the room and be seated on the bed. While showering, I was stroking myself to maintain my erection; I was only at half-mast due to nervousness and the worry that I wouldn’t be able to get it up full. I dried off and entered the bedroom area. I noticed a tube of KY, a bottle of liquid, a box of condoms, and a box of surgical gloves on a table near the bed. Moments later, Fyre entered. She had changed into a tiny, form-fitting white top and the tightest jeans I’d ever seen on a woman. It showcased her magnificent curves. I went to full erection in no time.

“Well, it looks like I guessed right,” said Fyre.

“Yes, that you did!” I replied bugeyed.

I had to caress her gorgeous body from top to bottom. If there was ever an ass worthy of worship, it was Fyre’s. I kissed her beautiful denim-covered ass She was both soft and firm. I lifted up her top and her beautiful breasts were revealed.

“Oh, baby, they’re gorgeous!” I could not help but say.

I fondled them and licked her nipples and pulled them with my lips. They grew and she moaned loudly. I had the pleasure of undressing this goddess and it took a wonderfully long time. Her pussy was completely shaved save for a tiny tuft of red hair at the top. Moments later, Fyre knelt down, somehow put a condom on me without using her hands, and gave me a sloppy, incredible blowjob, licking my entire length. When I glistening wet and dripping with her saliva, Fyre took all six-and-a-half inches down her throat in one move. Her tongue should’ve been registered as a deadly weapon. I almost came right then and there. I groaned through my teeth loudly and she looked up at me with her big dark doe eyes.

I damn near came again. She pulled away.

“Caught you just in time,” she said.

“Oh my God, Fyre, that was the greatest blowjob I’ve ever had!” I exclaimed, trying to catch my breath. “I guess you’re over the jitters, huh?”

“Sex does that to a girl, y’know,” she grinned as she went to the table and extracted a pair of surgical gloves and handed them to me. As I understood it, going down on a lady was an iffy proposition at best. Some girls allowed it, some didn’t. If she did, by law, you had to use a dental dam. But I decided they were too much of a hassle and about as romantic as dirt. I had to settle for the next best thing. She got on all fours and stuck her beautiful ass high in the air. She was extremely wet. Pulling on the gloves, I massaged her clit and fingered her. Tight as hell. I had to resist the temptation to dive in face first.

Fyre reached over and picked up the tube of KY and smeared some on my fingers and got back on all fours.

“Work one finger in my ass,” Fyre commanded.

“Yes ma’am!” I replied enthusiastically.

I worked both her pussy and her ass for a few minutes. First with one finger, then two. She moaned loudly. Suddenly she arched her back and gasped and orgasmed.

“Oh, yeah!” she said, exhaling. “Oh, that was great, George. I love a man who knows foreplay. You have a wife or a girlfriend?” Fyre breathlessly asked, looking behind her.

“Divorced,” I said. “It was actually a dissolution. I have a friend. We occasionally…”

“Oh?” said Fyre nodding and fingering herself. “Describe her for me.”

“Well,” I said. “Her name is Jenny. She’s a brunette with brown eyes. She’s half Japanese. She’s about 5’1″, about 110 pounds. Great ass and tits and a terrific personality.”

“Too bad you didn’t bring her along,” said Fyre, pouting a little.

“You’re bi?” I asked.

“Mmm-hmm… Best of both worlds,” she said. “My first sexual experience was with a girl.”

I didn’t tell her that Jenny was bisexual, too. She probably would’ve gotten along great with Fyre because she probably loves eating pussy more than I do. But I didn’t know how she’d react to being asked if she’d like to go to a brothel. But then again, she’d probably break the land speed record to be with a gorgeous woman like Fyre.

“I wanna show you something to show Jenny for the next time you’re with her,” she said with an evil grin, and whispered: “It’ll drive her crazy.”

She stood up and walked over to the table and picked up the bottle of liquid and retrieved two fresh gloves. I discarded the old ones and put the new ones on.

“Oil,” she said. “Great for massages and… other things. I’ll give you a free bottle before you leave. Now, hold out your hand.”

I complied and she poured a small amount of the oil on my palm and spread it around. She quickly washed off the excess in the adjacent bathroom.

“Okay,” she said, propping up a large pillow against the wood headboard and lying back against it. She raised her knees and spread her legs.

“Okay, now take your middle and ring finger and put them in my pussy palm up,” she commanded. “Go in about a knuckle and a half or so and gently lift up a little.”

I did so.

“Do you feel a bump in there?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said. She gasped.

“My G-Spot,” she said.

“Wait, I thought that was just a myth,” I said.

“Oh, no…!” said Fyre, smiling. “It’s no myth. Just do what I say now, okay?”

I nodded. She took my wrist and showed me how to massage it. She asked me to go a little faster. I thought I might have been hurting her, but she quickly had a roaring, toe-curling orgasm. I was amazed at the spasming. I’ve seen and made women orgasm hard, but not like Fyre. It was a technique which would serve me well in later years.

“Jenny’ll appreciate that, George,” said a panting Fyre a few moments later. “Once I found it, I became a G-Spot junkie.”

She got back on all fours.

“Okay, now fuck me,” she said. “When you push in, go downward a little. You should feel my G-Spot on the underside of your cock.”

I felt it. I knew I had to make it last, but it wasn’t going to be easy. Fucking Fyre as she told me to, she had another orgasm on par with the first one a couple of minutes later. Within ten minutes, including breaks, I groaned loudly and shot a monster load as she came simultaneously.

Fyre left me gasping for breath and sweating profusely.

“Oooh,” she said as she exhaled happily. “Very good! You’ve got the perfect cock for that.”

I thought I was dead average.

I carefully pulled off the condom and gloves and discarded them and cleaned myself. While I rested, we talked. Fyre was very intelligent, genuine and very down-to-earth. That’s what made her all the more attractive. When I was hard again, she put a new condom on me and gave me a quick deep throat. Then she smeared some KY on me and in her beautiful back door and massaged herself with a toy. She nodded and I put the head of my cock right against her.

“Slowly…” she said. “Just spread me open with the head.”

I gently pushed in causing her to stiffen and moan.

“Go in slowly… Oh, yeah. That’s the way I like it… in my asshole. Oh, God you’re thick! Damn!”

She panted and groaned through her teeth as I filled her.

“Yeah… Yeah… Oh, it feels good in my ass!” she smiled and moaned. She was tight. She told me to stop and bounced back and forth on me. After a few minutes, she mounted me reverse cowgirl, which she said was her favorite position for anal.

“Doggy for the pussy, reverse cowgirl for the anal,” she said. It gave me the opportunity to play with her beautiful breasts. Twenty minutes later, I had another monster orgasm. The first cum of the night for me is usually fairly quick, but I can go a while before the second.

“Very, very nice, George,” said Fyre, dismounting me. She kissed me on the forehead, which surprised me. “Thank you.”

“No, no… Thank you!” I said. “Oh, you’re an amazing woman, Fyre.” I left an additional $100 on the table. After a shower, she escorted me to the door. I left and went to my motel room. I slept like a rock.

The following afternoon, I went to another brothel en route to the airport. The lady I chose, Lizzie, was beautiful, kind, professional and talented. I enjoyed my time with her, but she couldn’t top Fyre.

A week later, Jenny called me. She and her boyfriend were on the outs again (it would be permanent this time.) She greeted me with a kiss and rubbed my cock through my jeans. I felt her breasts.

“Jenny, I want to try something new I… read about,” I said.

My thanks again to Angel Love for the great job of editing my work.

Debbie pulled the soft towel tighter across her breast. She slipped her fingers through the ringlets that were forming in her damp hair, twisting a section around her index finger, a nervous habit she had as long as she could remember. The candles threw shadows across the walls and disguised the familiarity of her normal life. She had done just as she had promised. She had unlocked the patio door, showered and wrapped herself in a towel.

She knew Josh had slipped into her room while she was in the shower and was watching her now, through the candlelight. They had discussed this scenario dozens of times online, and then on the phone. The first few times they fumbled through things, sharing ideas, changing locations, testing each other’s limits. The more they learned about each other’s passions and desires, the more in tune they were with each other.

For the past few weeks their chats had been like a well-practiced dance. Every move was perfectly executed. She could feel his touch through his words and they made her tremble with desire. Tonight they were to bring their chat into reality.

Debbie pulled back the comforter and stood facing the corner where Joshua sat, hidden in the shadows. She could hear his breathing, and she was sure he could hear her heart beating wildly in her chest. Slowly she loosened her towel and let it fall to her feet. Her hands moved to her ample breasts as she massaged herself gently, her already hard nipples becoming more erect. She licked her index finger and lightly pinched each nipple; moistening them and feeling herself tingle.

Moving to the side of the bed, she lay on her back, propped by the mountain of pillows. She felt Joshua move closer as she reached into her nightstand and found her vibrator. She placed her freshly manicured feet on the mattress, parted her legs just slightly with her knees bent so he might get a glimpse of her treasure, but still kept a bit of mystery.

Below the bed Joshua sat, watching. It was already taking all his restraint not to speak, not to reach for her, not to grab her and taste her lips and finally touch her beautiful breasts. He steadied his breath as her vibrator began to hum softy. The reflection from the candlelight danced across her still moist skin. Her face was in shadows, but he could sense her tension. He knew that soon, her tension would be relieved and the fire of her passion would change her into the woman he had been obsessed with these past few months.

Debbie moved one hand to her breast as she lightly brushed the tip of the vibrator across her neatly trimmed pussy. She massaged her breasts, almost kneading them, as she increased the pressure of the vibrator and began rubbing it harder against her clit. Her legs parted further, and when she finally let out a low sensual moan, Joshua’s physical needs overcame him and he began stroking himself as he watched her.

Parting her legs further, she slid the tip of the vibrator into her already wet vagina. Joshua could smell her sweet juices from where he sat, stroking his cock, watching. The sound of her moans, along with her heavy breathing was intoxicating. He moved closer to her, but stayed in the shadows of the candlelight.

As she plunged the vibrator deeper into herself, she used the fingers of her other hand to circle her clit. She began moving her hips in her own rhythm, bucking and grinding against her fingers and against the humming vibrator. Her moans were stronger and louder now and the aroma of her juices floated through the air and drove him wild with desire. Joshua didn’t want to cum yet, but he couldn’t help stroking his stiff cock as he watched her pleasure herself as if she were the only person in the room.

Debbie turned the vibrator off, sat it aside and slowly slipped two fingers inside herself. Rubbing her clit with her thumb, she moaned louder and her hips rose to push against her own hand. Her fingers slipped in and out of her wet pussy until her moans turned into the sweet sound of her bringing herself to climax. She rocked against her own hand until she rode out the waves of ecstasy, her breath short and raspy, and her body trembling. Finally she took her fingers out of her pussy and rubbed the cum from them across her nipples, then licked her fingertips.

All of the tension that she felt was long gone; she took a minute to recover from her orgasm, still purring with satisfaction. The idea of Joshua watching her had always been exciting but this had been more sensual than she had ever imagined. She could hear his heavy breathing and his low moans and she knew that he was ready to explode.

Slowly Debbie rolled over on the bed and positioned herself on her hands and knees so Joshua had a perfect view of her beautiful ass. Her knees parted; again, her hand went to her wet pussy. She slipped a finger inside herself and drew her moistness back across her stiff clit. Slow and steadily, she teased her clit, stroking, pinching between her fingertips, and then slipping her fingers back into her pussy. She began rocking back and forth against her fingers as she came closer and closer to orgasm.

In the shadows he could see her soft curls spread across her shoulders as she began to moan softly with pleasure once again. Joshua’s cock was rock hard and the pre-cum was dripping from him. He knew it was almost time. He couldn’t wait to touch her, but on the other hand, he couldn’t believe how arousing it was to be so close and watch her cum. As much as he couldn’t wait to taste her juices, he hated for this to end.

He had heard her cum dozens of times on the phone and he knew just when she was at the height of her orgasm. Her soft round ass was just inches away and she was fucking her fingers wildly now, as if he wasn’t in the room. All her inhibitions had faded away and she was in a world of her own.

Joshua knew what every sound that she made meant. He had heard them on the phone so many times, and dreamed about them at least as many times. When he finally heard the low sexy purr that came from somewhere deep within Debbie, it was time. He stood slowly and stepped close behind her; he slid his hands up her thighs and ran them across her ass. He slid his cock between her legs, but not inside her. Her pussy was hot and wet and he couldn’t wait to be inside her.

He slid his fingers across her wet clit, and then slipped one inside her, gently at first, then harder. Two fingers slid inside her pussy easily and again, she let out a seductive moan and began to grind against his hand. He reached for her breast with his other hand and gently pinched her hard nipple. He pulled his fingers out of her dripping pussy and sucked the cum off of them before he leaned over to kiss her beautiful ass.

Debbie trembled at his touch. His hands were warm and gentle on her skin, yet strong too. She parted her knees further, her ass in the air, anticipating his next move. He pulled her closer and finally guided his hard cock into her wet pussy. They both moaned with pleasure as he slowly filled her with his cock. Joshua’s hands on her ass, he began pumping her slowly and purposefully.

She met each stroke by grinding hard against him, her pussy tight around his cock, feeling him deep inside her. One hand on her ass, he explored her body with the other as he fucked her harder and deeper. Massaging a nipple, pinching it, cupping her breast. She slid her hand between her legs, and ran her fingertips beneath his balls as they slapped against her ass. She teased them as she pushed hard against him, feeling him in her so deep.

Joshua’s breath quickened and a moan came somewhere from deep within him. He gently grabbed a handful of her long, curly hair and began to pull on it. She moaned wildly and her own fingers went to her clit again. They fucked, his cock sliding in and out of her harder and faster; she was grinding hard against him, taking his long hard cock deep in her with every stroke, and massaging her clit harder and faster.

He tugged harder on her hair as her body exploded in waves of pleasure. He slammed his cock into her, moving his hands to her hips; he pulled her ass hard to him as he erupted inside her. She rocked her ass from side to side, squeezing every drop of cum from his cock, not wanting this to be over, never wanting him to pull out of her. Finally, still inside her, he pulled her back against him, his arms around her, caressing her, kissing her shoulders, smelling her hair.

They both knew their story. They had written it so many times, but neither had expected this to be so sensual, so fulfilling. Joshua’s fingers traced her face and he looked at her closely for the first time. He tried to memorize every curve of her face. They had agreed that this would only happen once, she had insisted on it, because of the distance that they lived apart but now, in the afterglow, he was not sure he could keep that promise. He looked into her eyes for some clue that she felt the same way.

She tried hard to keep the sadness from showing in her eyes. How could she let this man walk away as they had agreed, and never know more of him? How could she not experience all the rest that they could be together? She slid her hand to his cheek and lightly kissed his lips, the feel of his hands on her skin already burning a place in her memory. She knew that she could not let this man go.

In the soft glow of the candlelight he gently touched her face. As he kissed her lips, a tear slid down her cheek and he brushed it away with his thumb. He knew what she was thinking as she twisted a curl nervously around her finger. She had worried that if this tryst was ever to happen, that he wouldn’t really want her. That somehow she wasn’t attractive enough, or thin enough, or good enough to hold his interest for more than a night.

He pulled her close, holding her tight, his face buried in her hair and whispered, “Tomorrow.” He pulled himself away from her and slipped out the door, as quietly as he had entered.

This was all so exciting.

This The tremendous series of orgasms she had felt while fucking the professor had been a great introduction to politics, but she certainly needed to learn more. After a second or so, she took a big breath and followed Victor to the elevator. Neither of them said anything as they entered the elevator. He pushed the button for the penthouse and the elevator began to rise. Carla was a bit relieved because this time Victor didn’t attempt to get too close to her and he even avoided saying anything. Finally, the elevator stopped and they got out. Victor pushed the door button and then, suddenly, he was gone, disappeared as before.

Carla stood in front of the door. She took a deep breath and waited. She stood up straight. After a few seconds she heard a click and the door opened.

It wasn’t the governor who stood there. Instead it was the governor’s wife. “You must be Carla,” said the governor’s wife. “We have been waiting to meet you. Please come in.” She waved her hand to usher Carla into the hotel room. It was a very large room with a big chandelier, a large couch, and several plush chairs. The governor was

sitting on one of the plush chairs and was smiling. His wife led Carla to the couch opposite to where the governor was sitting and sat down next to Carla.

The governor spoke: “You are every bit as fine looking as we were told,” he said to Carla. His voice was powerful, and Carla felt a tremor of excitement. She was really here, face to face, alone with the governor and his wife in this hotel room? It was all happening so fast!

“Oh, thank you, Governor, Sir,” Carla stammered.

“Please, Please,” the governor chuckled. “Let’s not be so formal. You need not address me as ‘sir.’ Please, just call me Walker. That is my first name, you know, Governor Walker G. Chub, but I would prefer if you just called me Walker. My wife, of course as you know, is Barbara; please call her Babs.”

“Oh, yes. Thank you Governor, I mean Walker. It is such a great honor to be meeting you and your wife, I mean Babs, like this.”

The governor sat there. He was staring straight at Carla. Carla was nervous and very excited.

She felt a friendly pat high on her thigh. It was the governor’s wife. The tap was meant to be reassuring to Carla, but it was more than that because the governor’s wife didn’t remove her hand from Carla’s thigh. Instead, she patted it again, each time more slowly and finally just letting her hand rest high up on Carla’s thigh. Her hand moved slightly upwards and around to the inside of Carla’s leg. Carla felt just a little dizzy with anticipation. The governor’s wife moved her hand once again, this time brushing the top of Carla’s leg, lingering for a second in the vicinity of Carla’s cunt. Carla’s pussy juice was flowing wildly again. Maybe she should have put her panties on although they would have been soaked by her madly flowing cunt juice by now. Her clit was swollen and

Carla felt it pushing out from its covering sheath. Bab’s hand, still pressing against Carla’s thigh began moving closer to her cunt.

“I think our guest would like a drink,” Babs said to the governor.

“I do think you are right,” the governor said and stood up to move to the sideboard to get the drink. Carla couldn’t help but notice that he had a huge erection. Meanwhile, Babs ostentatiously moved her hand from Carla’s cunt and brought her finger to her nose, inhaling deeply. She smiled first at her husband and then at Carla. Carla blushed.

Obviously, there was going to be some kind of sex soon. Sex with the governor….and his wife? Carla couldn’t have wished for anything more. That was politics at its highest level. Carla wondered what form the sex would take? He watching while Carla and his wife did each other? Babs watching while she was fucked by the governor, or sucked his cock? Or would it be a three way? Well, whatever. Carla would find out soon enough. This was a lot sooner than she had thought it would happen, but she was ready.

“Professor Needling told us all about you,” said the governor, as he brought the drink and gave it to Carla. “He told us that you were one of his very best political science students. He praised your virtues, telling us about your grades, your research, how hard you studied and how much you loved politics.”

The governor’s wife, joined in, “Needling told us that you were fine looking, but he neglected to add just how fine looking, And sexy,” Babs once again put her hand under Carla’s skirt and against her cunt.

Carla blushed again.

Carla took a sip of the drink. Although it was a large couch with plenty of room, Babs sat right next to Carla. She was looking at Carla and smiling while her hand stayed at Carla’s cunt, rubbing in a slow, sexy motion. Carla took another sip of the drink. She opened her legs a bit to give Babs better access to the now swollen outer lips of her pussy.

The governor, sitting opposite, leaned over the better to watch what was happening at Carla’s crotch, where, by now Babs had inserted two fingers. Babs parted her knees just a bit more to give the governor a better look.

The governor smiled and put his hands on Carla’s knees, spreading them just a bit wider again.

. Babs said, “Drink up, my dear,” and, without any attempt to hide what she was doing, slipped her hand under the couch’s cushion and pulled out a large black dildo. It was big and fat, maybe a foot long, as wide as a man’s fist. She held it up for all to see.

Carla was breathing hard. This was exciting. Her pussy was gushing juice.

Babs moved the dildo down. Carla moved her knees even more apart. The governor watched intently. Babs shoved the dildo up to Carla’s cunt.

Now the governor leaned over closer and he slipped his hand under Carla’s dress and under her thighs, sliding his hands forward all the way until they were directly holding on to Carla’s hard, round ass. “Carla,” asked the governor, “do you know why we invited you to our suite?”

Carla was crazy with anticipation. She couldn’t wait to be getting it on with these two. Her nipples were hard, her cunt sopping around the invading black dildo, plus, Babs had infiltrated a couple of fingers alongside the dildo in Carla’s cunt.

Carla was as horny and excited as she had ever been in her life. She let out a soft moan of pleasure. She was so horny that she didn’t care exactly what they wanted, she just wanted to get on with it, her moans of pleasure now constant, her mouth open, her eyes heavy with passion and silently pleading for more from the governor and his wife.

“Stand up,” the governor ordered.

Carla stood up. The governor’s and Bab’s hands remained in her ass and cunt and she looked at each of them, waiting for their next order. She had the moaning under control now, but her pussy was on fire. Her tits were tender, their nipples hard. She was ready alright.

“Take off your dress,” Babs ordered this time.

Carla pulled her dress up and over her head and threw it aside. She was completely naked and open. Her legs were spread in a firm stance.

“I want you to suck my cock,” said Walker.

Carla dropped to her knees, opened the governor’s pants and pulled out his long prick. It was big, thick, and engorged, and Carla circled it with her lips, sucking hard, filling her mouth with the long tool. She savored the taste as she sucked and flipped her tongue around his prick, sucking and chewing with her lips until the governor suddenly pulled his prick out. She lunged forward to pull it back into her mouth. She wanted the big reward, the taste of his sweet cum, but he stopped her.

The governor looked at Carla. His face radiated a grave sincerity. “Loyalty is what this is all about,” he said.

Carla, still on her knees, looked up at the governor. Oh, she wanted his cum to splash into her mouth.

“We need to know that you are completely loyal to us, that you will do what we say without question.”

Carla again nodded her head yes.

The governor, Walker, smiled at Carla. “Yes, I do think you understand what we mean when we talk about loyalty. He stuck his prick back into her mouth, and, as she sucked mightily, shot his wad into the back of her throat.

The next thing Carla knew, she was laying face down on the couch. The governor’s dick was back in her mouth. He really was a powerful politician. His prick was getting hard again. Babs continued to push her fingers into Carla’s cunt and Carla felt that huge dildo being pushed into her ass by Babs. Carla moaned and began to cum over and over again. Then, suddenly it was Bab’s cunt that she was sucking and the dildo was in her cunt and the governor’s dick was in her ass.

Then the arrangement of dick, cunt and dildo changed again. One second Carla was sucking something madly and the next moment someone was sucking her. For a while, she was being fucked and then she was fucking, the dildo strapped on and she was drilling away, first at Babs and later at Walker until things changed again and then again.

For a long time this continued from one combination to another. All three people, the governor, his wife, and Carla were moving and shouting, were moaning and breathing, were coming over and over and over again. Carla had never, never, never come even close to having so many orgasms at one time as she was having now. She never wanted this to stop. She felt the governor once again begin to cum and as he shot his wad she opened her mouth and swallowed every drop. Babs pulled her face from Carla’s cunt and began kissing her. Carla, crazy with wanting more, picked up the giant black dildo and began to push it in and out of her in a mad frenzy, faster and deeper, all the time moaning and crying for “more…..more…..I want MORE….please……”

Babs took the dildo from Carla’s hands, thrust it into Carla’s ass, and left it there.

The governor sat Carla down. The dildo was pressed deep into her ass and Carla sighed a sigh a deep satisfaction. “I do think that you have what it takes to do well in politics,” the governor said.

“Very Well,” Babs added with a big smile.

Carla tried to think about what she had learned in one of her political science course, who had said that “Power was the greatest aphrodisiac.” It was H. Kissinger.Carla looked at the two of them and began to smile. Boy, was Kissinger right! For some reason, the dildo stuck in her ass was making her horny. “Do you two want a little more fucking, just for fun this time?” she asked.

“We certainly would,” the governor said, “but I’m afraid there is much political work to be done. The convention still has some time to run.” He stopped for a moment and looked at Carla, “and I know that we can use your talents to further our political ends.” As he said that, Babs pulled the dildo out from Carla’s behind.

Carla clapped her hands. “Oh thank you Walker, and you too Babs, thank you both. I never realized that politics could be so, so, exciting. I’m ready to help in anyway I can. I know that you need people to stuff envelopes and put out yard signs…..I’ll be glad to do anything.”

The governor began to laugh. “My dear young lady,” he said, “you can be much more valuable than just being an envelope stuffer.”

Page 13

“Yes, anything,” she said.

“We need to check on a few things, but we’ll be getting in touch with you very soon. Right now, just get dressed.”

No sooner then that Carla had slipped on her dress, the door to the suite opened and Victor was there. “Victor will take you to your room,” the governor said.


In the shower, Carla carefully soaped every crevice of her body. She washed her armpits, under her breasts, her ass. She pushed the soap into her cunt and slowly rubbed it

up and down, massaging her clit, letting the soap, the hot water and her gentle manipulation excite her, quicken her breathing. Being at the convention was making her horny. She could just stay under the rushing shower water and rub her pussy and come over and over again, letting out a low moan each time she felt the hot tingle and came one more time.

Sometimes Carla thought to herself as she stepped out of the shower and toweled herself dry, she was a bit too much into sex. But, oh well.

Still toweling dry, Carla moved into the bedroom of her suite and noticed that the door to the adjoining room was ajar. Suddenly, it opened and the professor walked in.

Carla was completely naked except for the towel, so she held it up quickly.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize that you had been showering,” he said, “perhaps I had better leave and come back in a little while. But I did have some news for you.”

She wondered what news he had to tell her. It must be about something

the s In hower, that was happening here at the convention. “Oh, don’t go,” she said. She sat down on the big bed in her room, still holding the towel so that it covered most of her lovely body, but just barely.

“What is the news that you have for me?”

Professor Needling didn’t say anything. He just stared at Carla. One of her erect nipples was free of the towel and her long, sexy legs visible all the way to her

twat. She couldn’t help but notice that the professor had a huge erection pushing against the front of his pants.

“Professor, you were going to tell me something. Some news?” Carla wet her lips with her tongue. She opened her eyes wide.

Professor Needling spoke finally. He cleared his throat. “The Governor telephoned me….”

“The governor,” Carla exclaimed, and she threw up her hands in excitement, exposing all of her lovely body to the professor, “what did he say?”

The professor seemed mesmerized, stunned, speechless suddenly, his erection bigger than before. Carla was afraid he was going to faint. She jumped up, and still naked, ran to him and put her arms around him. She snuggled her head against his chest. “Oh,” she said, “I am so careless. I do have to be more careful. I’ve embarrassed you by allowing myself to be unclothed. Please, professor, please forgive me,” and she put her head down, using the opportunity to take a quick look to check out Needling’s still powerful erection.

‘There, there, Ms. Wrove,” Professor Needling said. “It’s alright.” He put his arm around her shoulder.

She felt he professor’s other hand moved across his body to stop at her thigh, just below her ass. “Oh, I am so embarrassed, Please, Please forgive me.” She turned to him, “I must seem like a terrible person to you. Look, I am completely naked.” She opened her arms wide, offering her whole body to display. “Oh, I am so ashamed.” She quickly moved back into his arms and pressed her body against his.

“Oh, Ms. Wrove,” please don’t feel so bad,” said professor Needling. He moved the hand that was on her shoulder down to her back, and pulled her body even closer to his. The hand on her thigh stayed there. “This is an important time for you. You’re here at the convention, the governor wants to meet you.” His hand moved up and now held her ass in its grip. His other arm tightened its hold around her body and his hand was now touching the underside of her pretty breast. She felt her nipples harden. Her cunt juice was flowing now. She could feel her clit start to become engorged.

“Oh, professor, you are being too kind,” she said.

She thought that might as well move things along. Carla slightly parted her legs and felt the professor’s hand move, push against her throbbing twat, She parted her legs a little bit more. His finger move to push against her engorged clit, moved to part her labia. He slid two fingers into the slick wetness of her cunt.

“Oh, Professor Needling, What, what are we doing?” she said, parting her legs even more, giving him even better access to her mound. “Professor, Oh, professor. Should we be doing this?”

He didn’t say anything, but his hand moved to brush against her erect nipple, the other hand had by now managed three fingers into her cunt.

“I don’t know if this is ok? Oh, oh, oh” Carla said and moved her knees further apart, giving him all the room he needed to continue the manipulation of her clit and cunt. Her breathing grew louder and more hurried, her juices were flowing faster and harder. “Professor, Is this…. Is this….should we…is this ok?” she moaned. She fell backward on the bed, throwing her arms above her head. She was completely open now, her limbs spread wide, The professor’s hands and fingers pushing, moving, probing. By now, she was moaning out loud, her clit hardening, her juices flowing, gushing.

“Professor,” she said. “Professor. What are you doing?” She was completely open now. Now he was on top of her. He reached down and began to loosen the belt of his trousers. Quickly he pulled his pants down and she felt his prick press against her leg.

He was so big. She was so wet.

“Professor, I don’t know?” As she uttered the words, she felt his engorged prick slide into her cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes, Fuck me,” she screamed.

She whipped her legs around the professor’s waist. She wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him tight against her body.

“Hard,” she yelled.

Could anything be more exciting? She was at the convention! The professor’s big prick slid into her cunt. She felt her clit expand out of its sheath. Her cunt was soaking wet. Her nipples tight and tender. She shuddered. It was going to be an orgasm like she had never felt before.

“Professor, fuck me,” she repeated over and over again.

“Oh, My God,” she shouted. She moaned over and over again, “Oh, Ahh, OhOhOh…” She pulled him even tighter. She began to bounce in eager rhythm to his fucking.

” Yes, yes, yes,” she shouted, bucking against him. His rod slipped in and out in and out. “Fuck me,” she begged, “Harder,” Carla demanded.

She suddenly felt a huge tremor. Every part of her cunt was on fire. Her clit was pulsing and ready to explode.

Finally Carla came. And then she came again. It must be the politics of it all. Another orgasm. She yelled again.

Then, suddenly, the professor let out a short yell, pulled his prick out of her pulsing cunt and spurted a blast of cum onto her stomach.

The professor rolled off of her.

But it wasn’t enough for Carla. She began to rub her clit, fuck her cunt with her fingers. Carla needed more!

She bent over and put his now flaccid prick into her mouth and sucked it clean, all the while continuing to rub her own clit. “Professor Needling, you are so virile.” She looked at him with what she hoped was a look of awe. She took his prick into her hand, trying to see if she could get it hard again, she could have used a bit more fucking, but the professor stood up. He pulled his pants up.

“I would like to try this again,” he said, “but we must get busy. When I first came into the room, it was to tell you that I had told the governor all about you and that he wanted to see you, meet you in person.”

“The Governor,” Carla shouted. “Oh my Gosh.” And she rushed into the bathroom to wash up as the professor left the room through his adjoining door. Carla washed up quickly. She pulled on her slinky dress. Oh, she thought, I had better not forget! She quickly opened her computer and clicked to her “Political Strategies” file. It was where she wrote her most important thoughts about politics, the ideas that would help her in her quest to reach the top of the political ladder. She began to type:

Page 7

The First Rule of Politics.

Always, Always make sure that you have taken care of your base.

Below that she typed her name and next to that three plus marks: Carla +++

Carla closed the computer. She had to get ready for her meeting with the governor. She sat down on her bed and began to pull on her shoes, She was excited about meeting the governor. Her cunt was getting juicy all over again. Oh, but she didn’t have any time. She hadn’t even had the chance to put on her panties when she heard a knock on her door and saw it opening. Victor entered the room. She quickly pulled her skirt down so that Victor wouldn’t see her still throbbing pussy and stood up.

As Carla and Victor entered the elevator, Victor looked her over. He looked at her tousled hair and her wrinkled dress. He sniffed in what Carla realized was the overpowering smell of sex that reeked from her. She hoped he didn’t notice the streaks of her cunt juice that had run down her leg or the bits of the governor’s cum that she had failed to swallow and that were drying, stuck to her chin and throat.

Well, she had to admit to herself, he probably did notice. There was a big smirk on his face and he had his hand deep in his pocket and was obviously holding and playing with his giant prick as they rode in the elevator. At least, Carla thought, he wasn’t saying anything. They approached her floor and Carla felt relieved. This Victor was so disgusting. She would be glad to be rid of him and back to her room.

The door of the elevator opened and she got out. Victor followed her to her room and opened the door for her but didn’t follow her in. She closed the door. She needed to clean up and get some sleep, but first she went to her computer. She opened her Political Strategies file and began to type.

For the would-be political person: Rule 2

Loyalty and the ability to follow orders unquestionably is vital.

Below the message was her name: Carla, followed by three pluses +++

She thought for a minute then added a fourth +. Carl ++++

She considered washing up, but Carla was tired after all the activity at the governor’s suite. She pulled the cover back off the bed, kicked off her shoes, removed her dress, and climbed into the bed and under the covers.

As she lay there in her bed, Carla remembered the wild sex she had just experienced. A slow smile appeared on her face. She could still taste the governor’s cum on her tongue. The smell of the governor’s wife’s cunt juice wafted up to Carla’s nose from her still wet lips. Wild it had been. And great. Carla tried to recall how many times she had had an orgasm, but after she counted up 14 she stopped and tried to think of which of her orgasms had been the best. They had all been great! She just closed her eyes, lay back and enjoyed inhaling the smells of dried cum, her own and Bab’s cunt juice and all three of their (the governor, Babs and Carla’s) sex and sweat smells. Her lips turned up into a happy smile, and as Carla remembered again, fucking and being fucked by the governor and Babs, she felt the contented smile grow larger. Politics was even greater than she had thought it could be. Certainly, she had made the right choice when she had decided that politics would be her career. Still content, still smiling, Carla began to gently massage her clit until, gradually, she fell asleep and began to dream.


Carla’s breathed slow and evenly. The smells that so excited her lulled her into a quiet, slow breathing and gentle sleep. The dream was quiet too. In it, Carla felt comfortable and warm. She was having sex, but the person with whom she was fucking, wasn’t distinct, just his weight atop of her and, more clearly, his huge organ. The prick that entered her cunt in the dream was BIG, at least 12 inches long and wide—as wide as her fist. Carla breathed slowly as the big shaft gently entered her vagina, slowly slipping its way in until it was completely in her, far into her vagina, deep into her body, butting against her cervix, slowly moving in and nearly out and in again, each time as deep as

possible, each time it was thrust slowly to its extreme length, Carla’s pubic bone and her fucking partner’s bone met and grinded against each other. The slow, deep fucking was accompanied by a steady moan of pleasure from her lips. Her moans and the smells of sex filling Carla’s world, were the only sensation she was aware of while unconsciously her hand fingered her clit until, finally, her body shook in one vast all thrilling, completely filling orgasm and she fell into a deep, quiet and restful sleep, the sleep of the just.

Carla awoke refreshed and full of vigor. She was happy. She had known that a career in politics was what she wanted, but she hadn’t known that politics could be as exciting as it was, as fulfilling, as wonderful.

Or, so much fun!

Carla once again put her head beneath the covers to take another whiff of the still. powerful smell of sex that permeated the sheets when her telephone rang. She jumped to answer it.

“Hello, this is Carla Wrove,” she said.

“Ms. Wrove, this is the governor.”

Carla’s cunt began to quiver, her clit swell, her pussy moisten. “Oh Mr. Governor,” she said.

“Ms. Wrove. Babs and I have a bit of a task for you.”

Carla came!!!!! A sound,”eeeeyagaaa,” escaped from her lips.

“What was that you said?”

“Oh, nothing, your honor,” said Carla, quickly recovering, “I was just trying to say that I would be delighted to perform a task for you.” She was thinking of his large prick, Bab’s glistening, hair-covered hole of a cunt.

She was so hot. Her cunt juices were flowing. She needed to be fucked. Carla quickly thrust two, three, then four fingers as deep as she could into her sopping wet slit of a cunt and began to swirl them around while her thumb caressed her clitoris. She was

about to let a loud moan escape from her lips when the governor’s voice sounded from the phone.

“The task we have decided to give you a chance to fulfill for us, is a delicate one,” the governor said. He continued, “but it is a very important one.”

Carla had eased the pressure in her cunt and was now only gently pushing her thumb against her cunt. “Oh, um, yes.” She uttered.

“Are you alright?” said the governor.

“Yes, yes, I am,” Carla answered. Oh, she was so hot. Never had she thought that politics could be this exciting. The governor, and he wanted her for a delicate, an important task. Pussy juice flowed from her vagina, soaked through to the inside of her legs, seeped down to the curve of her butt and to the brown skin at the entrance to her anus.

“You sound a little distant,” said the governor.

She MUST get a hold of herself, Carla thought. She stopped massaging the tip of her engorged clitoris. “Governor,” she said, “I am a huge admirer of you and your wife. I am ready. Please tell me what it is you need for me to do.” She breathed deeply, trying to calm her raging libidinous urges.

The governor’s voice came clearly over the phone, “The task involves Swift Branchbaum. You know, Branchbaum, the radio commentator. He speaks to millions of people through his show everyday, and he is here at the hotel right now, gathering information for his next broadcast.”

Carla removed her fingers from her vagina and ass. Her sex spots began to dry out. She had seen pictures of Branchbaum. Soft, fat, thinning hair, a real fuzz ball. She had, of course, heard him on the radio occasionally. A total blowhard, boring. Carla was pretty sure that he was a lousy fuck. But, well, he was listened to and feared by all the members of the party who begged for his praise and feared his criticism. Carla wondered what sort of task the governor had in mind for her in connection with Branchbaum. She pressed the telephone close to her ear and listened to what the governor had to say. This would be her first big test for the governor, She was determined to succeed.

Page 17

“Mr. Branchbaum has decided to do a broadcast about our state’s progress under the party’s leadership, how we have defeated the other party’s candidates, and we thought that you, Carla, would be just the person to speak with him. Professor Needling told us about your expertise concerning the politics of this state, how brilliant your thesis is. We spoke to Branchbaum and told him we would send you over to his room to provide him with information he could use. Victor will be along in a while to take you to see the broadcaster.”

Carla sighed. “Oh thank you governor for the confidence you’ve shown in me. I will do my best.” Carla wondered about whether she would have to fuck Branchbaum. She was sure that he was one of those guys who didn’t perform without Viagra or some killer drug for sex. All she needed, she thought, was the Viagra to get him started, she would do the rest.

There was a knock on the door. The door opened. Carla saw Victor enter the room. She turned to face him. She wondered why the governor put so much trust in this handyman. His clothes were dirty, his hair filthy, he smelled bad. Ugh. Carla guessed that at least he was loyal to the governor, and she knew that the governor prized loyalty above all other qualities.

Suddenly, Carla saw Victor pull something from his pocket. It was a pair of thick white cotton panties. “Put this on!” he commanded and Carla wasn’t sure but she thought she heard him mouth the word ‘slut.’

“Mr. Branchbaum likes his women to wear white cotton panties.” Victor added.

Victor threw the panties to Carla. She caught them and started to put them on, realizing as she did that, first, the panties were wet, soaked through at the crotch, and, second, that they smelled strongly of cunt juice. She almost believed it was her own cunt smell that the panties were soaked in, but that couldn’t be.

“Oh, I should wash up first,” Carla said.

Victor made a FACE. “No need to wash. Branchbaum won’t know the difference. Just put those panties on.” Victor went to the door and opened it. Carla followed him into the hallway.

Swift Branchbaum, Carla thought. She had better do a good job. He was major. She had listened to his broadcasts, tough talking, give no quarter assaults on his political enemies. He certainly talked a good game: “Quick with the quip,” was his standard line. . “The one and only,” was his line when a listener called in to the show and mentioned how blessed thelistener was to be talking with Swift. Those listeners greeted him with, “Copy you to the T.” One of Branchbaum’s political foes referred to him in the title of a book as, “The Fat Boy of Flatulent Noise.” This time Victor didn’t take the elevator. Instead, he opened the door to the stairwell. Carla followed him into the stairwell and they climbed two flights.

When they reached Branchbaum’s floor, Victor knocked on the door and then disappeared. Carla waited. Finally the door opened and there he was, Swift Branchbaum himself.

“Ah….Come in. You must be the young lady the Governor told me he would send to explain the new laws he wants to enact,” intoned Branchbaum. “Please, do come in.”

Carla entered his suite.

“I am so pleased to meet you,” he said.

Carla approached the couch and sat down. She looked around the room. On the table next to the couch she saw a large replica of a microphone.

“Oh, I see that you are looking at the microphone.” He pointed at it. “It’s a copy of the real silver microphone I speak into during my broadcasts, a symbol of the ‘Superiority in Announcing’ award I gave….I received several years ago. You have heard about it on one of the three thousand radio stations I am broadcast over every weekday.”

Carla wasn’t sure what to say. “I copy you to a T,” she finally blurted out.

Branchbaum beamed. He sat down opposite her.

Carla decided to move things along. She parted her legs slightly, just enough to give Branchbaum a look at her pussy soaked panties. “The Governor asked me to help you understand the nuances of our party platform, to answer any questions you might have about it,” she said.

“Yes, ahem, nuances,” Birchbaum muttered, his eyes were transfixed, staring at the space between her legs where the panties were boldly bared to his vision. “The governor,” Branchbaum tried to continue, but, his eyes glued to the sight of Carla’s panties, he just stared and seemed unable to continue his thought.

He was just going to goggle at her underwear, but Carla didn’t care. She was sure feeling sexy. Politically, Birchbaum offered the governor a chance to influence millions of people. When he backed a cause, people listened. So,” Carla,” she said to herself, “get to it!”

The announcer seemed mesmerized. He couldn’t stop staring at her white, pussy- juice-soaked panties. She parted her legs just a trifle more. Branchbaum began to sweat.

“You know that I’m a great golfer,” he suddenly blurted out. “Why, I shot an 69 at Pebble Beach last week.”

“I copy you to a T,” Carla responded, She parted her legs another half inch or so. Branchbaum couldn’t tear his eyes from the sight of her panties. And then, the smell of the pussy juice soaked panties reached him. Carla saw Branchbaum’s face redden as he began to inhale the pungent odor,.

Carla realized that she had him. She would soon have the great Swift Branchbaum eating out of her hands…..well, maybe not out of her hands. She parted her legs another inch.

He was drooling. He couldn’t move his eyes away from her cum soaked thick white panties. Carla was enjoying the power she had. She realized that Branchbaum would soon be in her power. She imagined his mouth on her clit, his tongue pushing. Oh, what a slut she was; but wasn’t all politics about being a slut? She couldn’t wait to feel his tongue slide up and down her slit, over her clit, into her soaking wet cunt. She parted her legs another half inch. She heard a gasp escape from Birchbaum’s lips.

“The party’s platform is divided into three parts, the judicial, executive, and representative sections,” Carla began to explain to the drooling Branchbaum.

Suddenly he leapt from his chair, his fat jowls jiggling, and knelt in front of Carla.

“Fuck the platform.” He blurted out and pushed Carla’s skirt all the way up, thrusting his face between her thighs.

“Did you wish for me to explain the role just of the executive?” she said.

“Fuck the executive. Your cum soaked panties. They’re disgusting. I must take them off.” Branchbaum, his nose still buried in the panties, began to pull them down Carla’s thighs. His nose remained buried in the folds of the panties. Carla was able to make out his voice muffled by the underwear, “Disgusting,” he said. He dropped the panties to the floor and thrust his face back between her legs, his nose now pressing against the slightly parted lips of her cunt. “The smell is decadent,” he said, inhaling deeply.

Carla put her hand on top of his bald head.

“You are a bad girl,” he said. His voice muffled from between her legs.

“I am a bad girl,” said Carla.

“Yes, you are,” he said,

“Copy you to a T,” Carla replied and parted her legs more.

“I should give you a good spanking,” he muttered.

“Whatever,” she said,

“But I won’t. I am going to keep your panties as punishment,” he said. He grabbed the smelly, wet underwear and put it in his pocket. He stood up. “Look at what you’ve done,” he blurted out. He pulled down the zipper of his pants and grabbed his penis.

Carla could hardly see the tool, it was tiny and disappeared beneath the folds of his fat stomach.

“Look at what you have done,” he repeated. Holding his prick between his thumb and forefinger, he began to yank it back and forth. A dot of cum appeared from its tip. Branchbaum uttered a short yelp. “My precious fluid. I must retain it. It is what gives my voice its depth, its power, its resonance. I will keep it.” He took Carla’s panties from his pocket and wiped the drop of cum from the tip of his penis unto the cum soaked panties.

“Mr. Branchbaum, Your broadcasts are so wonderful. I am honored.”

“I want,” he said. “You must leave,” he said. “I need to begin planning my next broadcast. I must do my preparation!” He held onto his tiny prick with two fingers and continued to pull it up and down.

“Copy you to a T,” Carla replied.

“Your lesson about the party’s position was very helpful,” he said to Carla as he pushed her to the door of his suite. “I’m going to call the governor later to report on how well you performed your tutoring exercise.

Carla stood at the door. “Goodbye,” she said. She guessed that she had done her job well as far as Branchbaum was concerned. He was still holding his prick. He was holding the panties in her other hand and bringing it up to his nose. “You can leave now,” he said. “I need to smell….I need to dispose of your filthy panties. Don’t worry. I know it was just my overwhelming presence that caused these panties to get so wet. It wasn’t your fault.” He said,

“I copy you to T,” Carla said and left the room. “Whew,” she thought. “How weird.” Suddenly she noticed Victor. He was standing a few feet away from the door.

“Follow me,” he said.

Carla wondered whether he had been waiting there all the time, but she followed him down the hall. He led her to the staircase, and they began to walk down the stairs. She could feel him staring at her ass as he followed her on the stairs. She tried to keep her rounded glutes from jiggling too much. At the first turn of the stairs, he suddenly stopped Carla and pushed her so that her back was pressed against the wall. Victor then faced her and pushed his hips against hers. Carla felt the tip of his enormous prick press against her cunt.

He was wearing his overalls. She was wearing her dress though she was not wearing any panties, but she could feel his prick through the material as it pressed against her pussy. It was hard.

She felt it push against the slightly parted outer lips of her cunt. It was so hard. It was soooo hard……and sooooo big.

Carla was trapped between the wall at her back and Victor’s body facing hers. His hips pushed even harder against her groin. His huge prick pushed the material of her dress into the gap created by the parted lips of her cunt. Carla could hardly breathe. Victor’s bloodshot eyes were staring at hers. He didn’t say anything. The pressure of his giant joint pushing against her cunt increased. She felt her pussy juice beginning to flow. The pressure grew greater. She felt her clit begin to swell. He pushed harder. She began to breath deeply. Her mouth opened. Her Cunt was on fire. Her whole body suddenly craved fucking. But Victor said nothing. He just continued the pressure of his prick against her cunt. She wanted more! She wanted his prick in her cunt. She wanted to drop down to her knees, open his fly, pull out that big, hard prick and take it into her mouth and suck it and suck it until he shot his cum into the back of her throat. But he just stayed there, pushing his cock against her cunt.

She needed his prick in her. Her whole was shaking, her clit swollen, her pussy juice flowing. Her whole being was centered at the spot where Victor’s gigantic prick pressed against her cunt. Everything else was a blur. She wanted to beg Victor to fuck her, please, please. She would do anything, anything for his prick to be in her. In her ass. In her mouth. In Her cunt. Anywhere. Anything. She felt the pussy juice gushing. She could feel it slowly flow down the inside of her leg.

Then he stepped away from her. Still, he said nothing. He just pointed up the stairs, directing her to continue to the next floor.

She wanted to stay here, suck his cock, get fucked by him, but, still in a daze, she followed his direction. At the next floor, he opened the entry and led her down the hall to a room. He opened the door and pushed her int. She wondered whether here was where he was finally going to fuck her. She wondered if here was where he was going to shove that big, big prick of his into her hungry wet cunt.

But he didn’t follow her into the room. Instead, as she heard to door shut behind her, Carla saw Babs Standing there.

The governor’s wife addressed Carla, “We need to talk,” she said.

“Did I do something wrong?” asked Carla.

“Not at all. But we do need to speak. The governor and I are, as a matter of fact, very pleased with you. We, both of us, think you have what it takes to go far in politics.”

“Oh, Babs, I am so pleased to hear that,” said Carla, “I was afraid you wouldn’t be happy with the fact that I didn’t get Branchbaum to endorse the governor’s platform.”


I answer the phone in a breathless whisper. Silence… my heart hammers waiting to hear the voice I knows is on the other end.

“Come to my house.” his husky voice purrs into my ear. I am quiet; my stomach does a nervous flicker. “Now!” he growls in his deep manly voice, silently daring me to tell him no. I know I don’t deny him, he knows I don’t deny him.

“I’m on my way.” I whisper.

Another growl, “Bra & panties!” and he ends the call.

I fling the covers off of my sleep warmed skin and grab a set of lingerie that I hope he won’t rip to shreds. Although the thought of the pink flowered lace being torn from my body speeds my flight to his house. I rev my car’s engine and tune into some seductive music to keep the mood he put me into, Alicia Keyes sings about the things he and I do together. A glance at the dashboard clock confirms my insanity, 2:06am.

I approach the front door and it swings open. He is barefoot, in jeans slung low on his hips, a snug black shirt stretches across his massive chest. My mouth waters as my fingers itch to reach out and touch him. He stares into my eyes then takes in my whole appearance. My auburn hair is tousled from sleep but still seductive and sexy. My dark eyelashes sweep downward in feigned shyness. Lips full, wet and pouting smirk at him, taunting him constantly. The zipper on my jacket shows just the slightest swell of my breasts underneath. He knew I’d have on a bra merely because he told me too. Tight black leggings run down my hips and legs to tiny ballet slippers. I was there finally, within his reach, at his command. God I intoxicated him, that power thrilled me. I make eye contact again and lick my lips. He needs to devour me right then but only pulls me gently closer. Breath we both think but both have our breath held. He pushes his nose right underneath my ear and breathes in the scent of me. I always smell sensual and spicy to him, but what he breathes in now is more heat than scent. I tremble and my stomach clutches, eager but tense. His nearness brings out a weakness in me, a willingness I am not accustomed to feeling. He knows how he makes me feel; he revels in this new found power.

He takes me by the hand and pulls me in the door. A small orange lamp cast off eerie shadows and it is so hushed. He turns and puts a finger to my lips. I know his roommate is home so I take his finger in my mouth and suck on it, nibble it softly. The quietest moan escapes his lips. My eyes are triumphant. He grabs my upper arms and pushes me back towards his room. I fight the weakness in my knees and go silently as he directs me. The ebb and flow of control between the two of us is like a choreographed dance.

One lone candle burns in the corner, barely fluttering a flame. I smile at the pallet he’s made out on the floor. He knows how much I like it that way. The door barely latches and he spins me around and, drives me against the wall. Hands splayed out on the wall, my breasts pushed up against the hard surface. His breath on my neck searing and fierce

“Spread your legs!”. Before I can even comply he jerks down my leggings and tosses them aside. His hands hasten back up my legs smiling as they drag across the panties I wear, wear for him. His voice is back in my ear “My dirty girl did as she was told.”, his breath hot on my neck, and he inhales deeply. His foot shoves my legs apart and his chest shoves into my back crushing me to the wall. I struggle for breath as his hand dives down the front of my panties. “My pussy is wet.” he growls into my neck. Speechless, all I can do is nod. “Tell me!” he demands.

“Yes, yes your pussy is wet, you make it so wet!” I groan. He pulls my hips toward him and I grind my ass back into him feeling the hardness of his cock through his jeans. He turns me around and spreads his hands across my breasts. One hand runs up my chest to my throat and his hand just barely squeezes then clamps down on my mouth. His thumb caresses my check while his fingers grip like steel. His other hand starts to unzip my jacket. I look him right in the eyes. I try to taunt him with my eyes, but he can feel my trembling body betray me. He knows he has the upper hand for a while longer. The jacket slides off and I arch my back and run my hands across his expansive shoulders then pull his shirt off. The sight of his body builds the desire in me. Candlelight flickers over our skin. His muscles swell and quiver in restraint. He tamps down the urge to consume me again; I can see him clinch his fists. His body is that of a Greek god. Massive shoulders, enormous arms, tight abs run down to powerful thighs. My hands explore over him wanting more. He is my greatest weakness, my greatest desire. I murmur his name and he closes his eyes to remain in control. He takes a deep breath and gains focus again. I try to resist as he presses down on my shoulders, I leans in to kiss him but he jerks my hair and pulls my head back. He looks into my eyes brings his lips next to mine, but denies me. I ache for his kiss and yet I wonder what it cost him to deny himself as well. One of his hands fisted in my hair, the other pushes down on my shoulder and my knees buckle. I look up at him smiling at how sexy his body is in the light of the flame. Knowing what is expected I rub my mouth across the tight jeans where his cock is stiff and waiting for my mouth. I slowly unbutton the jeans and his hands release me. I enjoy this moment when he relaxes and turns control over to me. We have danced this dance before; we both know the steps. My mouth waters thinking of that first taste of precum I can suck from him. He smirks as his jeans come off.

“Give me your hands!” he demands. Puzzled I look at him. This is new. “Now!” he growls. I submit and raise both my hands up to him. He grasps both my wrist in one hand and holds them up against the wall. His other hand goes to my mouth, those lips that drive him crazy. “You want my cock in your mouth?” I nod. “Say it!” he snarls.

“Please let me suck your cock. I want it in my mouth.” I breathlessly tell him. I nuzzle my face up against him.

Suddenly my head jolts back and I look up at him. He smirks down at me. I am on my knees in front of him, pretty pink bra covering the swell of my breasts, hiding those delicious nipples he tortures for me and those lacy pink panties wrapped around my hips, covering my dripping pussy; his pussy. His hand tightly holding my wrists; I blink up at him confused.

“Tell me you are mine.” he says.

“I am yours, I belong to you.” I whimper my heart pounding with confusion and desire.

“Then clean me up.” he tells my. I can smell pussy on his cock. I run my tongue along his balls and taste the cum of another woman. Pulling one ball into my mouth I taste her on him. “Open your mouth.” and he drives his rigid cock all the way to the back of my throat. I gag and try to move back but his hand holds my head in place. “Spit on it!” he demands. Mercifully he releases my wrists. I grab his cock and spit on the head of it and he drives it down my throat. His balls are cupped in my hand while I swallow his cock. I lick and suck all over his cock and balls until there isn’t a trace of another woman on them.

He tells me to lie down on the pallet, and I comply. I arch my back and caress my own breasts through the pink lace as I spread my legs inviting him to me. He lowers himself over me moaning my name. I lay back and relish in his hands roaming roughly over my skin. He grips my arms and pulls me to him and delves his tongue down into my mouth. It feels like eternity as he probes my mouth bruising my lips with his passion. I can feel his hard cock rubbing my thigh. His fingers deftly undo my bra and it disappears.

My voice moans “Yes, yes harder, touch me harder!”. Thoughts of hurting me leave his mind, as his hands grip my body tight. My skin flushes in the candlelight; I arch my back and plead for more. The rip of the lace panties almost makes me cum. He quickly discards them and plunges his fingers into my wet pussy. I see spots and dizziness washes over me, so tremendous does his fingers feel inside me, his thumb rubbing my clit. “Please.” I beg “Please fuck me!” as I grind down onto his hand. The quickness of his movements takes my breath away. He is deep inside me thrusting without kindness. His grip on my thighs is excruciating but it is driving me closer and closer to the edge.

“Cum for me baby!” he demands of me. “Look at me, look me in the eyes when I make you cum.” and I do as he tells me. My eyes are dark with obsession and longing. I feel the pleasure build and flood through me with his every plunge until I explode. He slams his hand over my mouth to stifle my cry so his roommate doesn’t hear. He whispers my name softly over and over. He delights in feeling my pussy squeeze around his cock, my cum pouring out of me.

Rolling over on top of him, I guide his cock inside me and rotate my hips the way he hungers for so greatly. I know the tides have turned a bit and I smile down at him. He seizes my waist and I bite my lip to keep from crying out. Grinding and twisting my hips pushing his cock all the way up in my pussy, abusing my cervix. I am on top of him, my knees by his sides. His cock grinds on my g-spot with perfection. A flooding orgasm rocks through me unexpectedly and I collapse on his chest.

“My sweet little slut cums so hard doesn’t she?” he asks me. I nod “Tell me!” he demands.

“I cum so hard for you, I’m yours, I cum for you! Only for you!” I sigh.

“Turn around.” he says. I get on all fours exposing my dripping pussy and ass to him. His tongue runs along my pussy with one long stoke and flicks my swollen clit.

“Yes.” I moan and say his name over and over. He rubs his hard cock over my soaked pussy, teasing it along my ass. I tense and arch my back anticipating.

“Tell me.” he insists. I know what he commands; this taboo act between the two of us.

“That’s just your ass, simply for you, only you fuck my ass. You can fuck my ass anytime you want to, only you!” He smiles behind me, groans; he takes a deep breath and plunges into my ass. I take all of it clutching at the blankets with my hands, so great is the ache as well as the satisfaction. My head swims with the feeling of him inside me. He moves faster, harder, gripping my hips ruthlessly. He explodes inside my ass growling and seizing me, panting my name. Exhausted from his night of multiple partners, he collapses on top of me. I am dizzy and my body hums from pleasure and pain. Rolling over he gathers me up in his arms. We lay facing each other, breathing slowly, lips barely touching, soft whispers and moans. Reluctantly I try to pull away but he holds me tight.

“Stay.” he tells me. I always do as he tells me. He tucks a blanket around me, and I rest my head on his shoulder. He whispers my name as I fall asleep.

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