erotic couplings

You needed some time off from work. Things have been going really bad for you lately. And you thought a little island rest and relaxation would help you and I agreed. It’s been three days since you’ve left and I miss you desperately. So I decided a couple days ago to meet you over the weekend to surprise you.

I’ve been thinking about this exact moment for the last few days. Knowing the warm waves were washing over your body while you were swimming and me almost feeling the sand hot next to your skin wishing selfishly I was the sand. All of this driving me crazy but I wanted everything to be perfect until I could really touch you. So I busied myself by running a hot bubble bath scented with gardenias, covering the bed with plenty of tropical flower petals. And topping it all off with 69 candles and chocolate covered strawberries and champagne for dessert.

As you enter the bungalow from swimming on a private beach somewhere near the resort, I look at you while my mind is filled with erotic thoughts.

As if to say “CUM 2 ME” without saying a word, I beckon you with my eyes. The room is dimly lit except for the candlelight but you see how much lust flows through my entire body for you, making me completely transparent.

With a big smile crossing both our faces, I look down and notice you are at full mast. Damn baby, I want you so badly I’m thinking. I’m sliding your shorts off as I grab your throbbing cock. As I do you move my hand away and tell me this is all for me and to lie back, so I obey. Even though this was supposed to be your surprise I know how much you like to please me and I’ll never deny you of that pleasure, partially because I know you love to do it and the rest because I love you.

I lay back and you run your hand up my leg, as I’m shuddering beneath your touch. You slide your hand up my inner thigh stopping to kiss both my knees. My heart is pounding knowing what ecstasy is about to follow. You taste my inner thigh as your finger enters my wet lips. Oh baby, I want to feel your hands all over me devouring my flesh, as you start licking up my inner thigh you probe my wetness. I’m running my fingers through your hair its tousled and damp making you look even sexier, as your tongue flicks my lips I shudder. My clit stiffens up as your tongue runs over it. As the breath comes back in my lungs I start to feel the first signs of orgasm.

Your mouth is so hot as you go deeper into me you feel my inner muscles tighten. I am so wanting to cum but am trying to hold back. You spread my lips so you can go deeper. OH GAWD is all I can muster, as you slide your tongue in and out of me deeper every time I gasp. I am getting closer to cumming with every stroke and every flick of your tongue. You look up at me as if to say are you ready? Yes baby, yes I’m ready.

You pull your head back and slide up my body with your tongue to my nipples. I grab your ass cheeks with both hands guiding you into my hot sweet wet spot. You try to hold yourself just as your cock parts my lips. Then you slowly slide it in to me deeply. I couldn’t help myself; I wanted you inside me so bad. I shoved my hips upwards and welcomed you in entirely. When you get all the way in you hold there for just a minute and grind your hips just a bit. You do this because you know that will make me cum hard and fast, just how I like it.

As I cum you look deep into my eyes. I feel you taking in my soul as you do. I kiss you deeply and tell you how you make me want more. You pull out of me and go back to licking my pussy ever so deeply OH BABY…your finger probes me deeper as you suck on my clit. You continue this for a while knowing all along I’ll come all over your face.

I’m beginning to cum again as your finger goes around to my ass. Mmmm…I say, “Do you want some of my sugarpot”? I want you to fill me with your passion and you run your tongue around my honey pot. I’m rubbing my clit as you slide your tongue deep into my ass.

Then you turn me over on to my belly and I know you’re going to make me cum again and so soon. With me still on my belly you pull my hips up to your cock. Oh gawd you’re driving me crazy. Give it to me baby!

First you slide your throbbing cock into my wet pussy deeply, letting your cock get all wet and slick. You place the head at my back door as I grab your hand and ease back into you. You go into me filling me deeply. I feel so tight as you get all the way inside me. I close my fingers tightly wrapped in yours and start to move with you going just a little deeper with each stroke of our bodies moving in unison.

As you get all of my orifices you give my ass a couple little slaps and we cum together. With this being just the beginning of my surprise for you, I take a moment just enjoying being with you. I’d missed you so much I just wanted to stay right there wrapped in your strong arms forever.

Vern…My love thanx again for the transference.


Licks & Kisses, Valli

He was constantly on my mind. I hated it, but reveled in it too. The secret affair we shared made it just that much more tantalizing. He’d come into my office and we’d pretend our relationship had not shifted into this sexual need. We’d act as we had at the beginning—before he’d left his number; before the fateful day when it all came to a head. It was a strange relationship. We still flirted, even in front of my coworkers. We’d come to the understanding that changing this part of our interchange would only cause people to ask questions neither one of us were prepared to answer. It was a strange relationship. Purely one-sided, I would sometimes think. He had his family life and he had me. Was he cheating on her with me or was he cheating on me with her? Who could say really?

7/6 8:00 A.M. You look good enough to eat

7/6 8:02 A.M. Sweet talker. LMAO. Flattery will get you everywhere

He was texting me from less than five feet away. He was being helped by one of my coworkers—a female. And though I loathe admitting, it I was having twinges of jealousy. He was flirting with her. It was stupid, I know. First off, and this is probably the most important reason, this man flirts like he breathes. I don’t think he could really help it even if he tried. Second, he wasn’t mine. Well, not in the whole sense of the word. I had to keep reminding myself of that. Why? I don’t know, considering the fact that he was married, so I knew he wasn’t mine. I finished up with the soldier I was helping and called “next”.

Hey, SGT Long, how you doing?” I asked him. We also acted as if there were no outside relationship when at work. As he answered, SGT Long set up his paperwork for me. My phone vibrated in my drawer. I opened it and lifted my phone slightly to see the message. It was from my soldier, still only five feet away. His back was to me, so I could not see his face.

7/6 8:15 A.M. Is that the motherfucker you went out with?

7/6 8:15 A.M. Yea.

7/6 8:15 A.M. O good. Now I don’t have to look for him.

7/6 8:16 A.M. Lookn 4 him 4 wat?

7/6 8:16 A.M. To hit him in his fucking face.

Well this was unexpected. But I couldn’t text more. Long was ready for me to process him. “So the other night was fun”, he said.

“Yeah, it was. Too bad we didn’t make it to the movie.”

“I don’t feel too bad about it. I thought the night ended better without the movie. Don’t you?”

The ending he spoke of was a hot and steamy romp in the backseat of his Lexus SUV. Really what as it with me and SUVs? Maybe it was the oysters he insisted I try at the restaurant? Maybe it was the wine? Maybe it was the sexually charged innuendos we swapped over the oysters and wine? Either way, sitting in his car waiting for the movie in such close confines made me curious to know if SGT Long was really long.

Thinking of that night again in the backseat with his fingers slowly stroking the juice from my pussy was making me wet again. My eyes glazed over and I licked my lips. SGT Long touched my wrist. I looked down at his fingers and my mind superimposed his fingers slick with my yoni’s juice onto the fingers he lightly touched my wrist with. “Come back to me. What you thinking about, girl?”

I shook myself, thankful that caramel colored girls don’t blush easily ad got back to his paperwork. I squirmed in a seat causing a friction from my jeans and rubbed my nether lips. “I was thinking of your fingers,” I whispered, refusing to look up. I hurried through the rest of his paperwork and got up to make his copies. Handing them back to him, our hands brushed each other in the exchange.

“We need to plan our next date.”

“Absolutely, but, um, can we make sure we see the movie first?”

He laughed and walked away, telling everyone ‘Bye’. I watched until he was completely out of sight. There was no one left to process, as my coworkers had called to them the remainder. I headed to my desk to check and send out some emails when my phone vibrated again.

7/6 9:00 A.M. I see how it is.

7/6 9:00 A.M. How wht is?

7/6 9:00 A.M. Didn’t even notice I left. Waiting for your boyfriend to come out to the parking lot.

7/6 9:01 A.M. Baby dnt do N E thing crazy. Besides how u gon explain a SSG hittin a SGT N the face?

He didn’t respond. I’ll admit I was worried. My soldier wouldn’t really hit that sergeant would he? And how would he explain it away? They didn’t know each other; had never spoken to each other to my knowledge. Was he really going to say I was jealous that he went out with my side-piece? Well, shit, I’d hoped not. I finished a few more emails, continually looking at my phone. I tried not to think about him and went on about my day. I was trying hard for this to just be like any other day.

At 11:20, my desk phone rang. It was almost lunch time. The incessant ringing catching me in the middle of texting a guy I’d nicknamed Don Juan. His real name was John and he was the only fuck buddy who’d managed to become a constant. I liked him—would even venture to say I loved him, but something kept us in that awkward limbo of fuck buddy and boyfriend/girlfriend status. I picked up the phone, stating my company and name.

“You like to make me jealous, don’t you?” I recognized the voice. It was my soldier.

“Why are you jealous?” I lowered my voice to make sure no one overheard the conversation.

“I don’t know. I shouldn’t be. I know.”

“You said no feelings, baby, no attachment.”

“I know what I said. But something about you drives me crazy.” I stayed quiet. The feelings were mutual, but I knew how to take a step back. I knew how to check myself in order to keep this just on the physical tip.

“What were you doing?”

“I was texting a friend. Besides that it’s lunch.”

“A guy friend?”

Shit. “Yes.” I answered slowly, carefully.

“Someone you used to fuck?”

And there is was. The answer was sure to piss him off, but he asked and so I answered. “Yes.” He hung up on me. Ridiculousness. I text him.

7/6 11:35 A.M. Did U really jst hang up on me?

7/6 11:36 A.M. Yes.

Well, fuck that shit, I thought. I didn’t respond and went to lunch. He didn’t text me and I didn’t text him for the remainder of my shift. As I was getting in my car to head home at the end of the day, his ringtone played.

7/6 4:35 P.M. Want some company tomorrow morning?

Complete randomness, but the thought intrigued me—the thought of him in my bed without having to hide and without the restrictions and confines of a car. Oh, it was a very intriguing thought.

7/6 4:37 P.M. How?

7/6 4:37 P.M. Let me worry about that. It’d be early. 0500.

7/6 4:38 P.M. K

7/6 4:38 P.M. Text me your address.

And I did. I was excited. This was crazy. I wondered if he would actually show up. I hoped he would. My pussy was already clenching and unclenching in anticipation. This would be a long night. That night, I cleaned my house—specifically my room. I changed my sheets to some very soft, dark cocoa brown sheets and matching reversible comforter. I loved pillows and my bed had tons of them—about six in total—not including the decorative throw pillows. I changed out the aromatic wax in my Scentsy to something more sensual. And lastly, before I went to bed for the evening, I took a long, hot shower.

I lathered and coated my wet nakedness with body wash that smelled of toasted brown sugar and almonds. The smell was like aromatherapy, carried in steam from water. It relaxed me. And as I relaxed, the languid and deliberate my movements became. My hands roamed my body of their own accord, following the sensations they created. From my neck, I washed my shoulders, following the natural line they made to end at my arms. Back up to slide down either side of my armpits to my breasts. The warm water was teasing my nipples, coaxing them to a full upright position. I ran my thumbs over the ripened buds—once, twice, three times. Each time, the sensation made me exhale. One hand left my hard nipples and glided down my belly, ever so slowly to end at my freshly shaved pussy.

I lifted one leg and propped it on the side of the tub, giving myself full access to my inner lips. My head lolled backwards as I continued to massage my hardened clit. I flicked a finger through the slickness and almost went weak in the knees. “Ohhhhh…” I moaned. Another flick and my toes were vibrating. I spread my pussy lips, dipping a finger into the wetness there, caressing the hills and valleys of my second mouth. Wanting to savor the feeling, I slowed my fingers manipulation of the spots I knew so well. I imagined my soldier’s tongue in my pussy. I imagined his tongue swirling around the contours of my yoni, while his fingers pinched my clit.

I sighed his name and continued my sinuous fondling. I slid another finger into my honey pot, enjoying the full feeling it produced. I understood what men meant when they constantly said I was tight, I could feel it. And when I worked my kegel muscles, I relished in the tightness with which I could squeeze my own fingers and the pressure it caused on the walls of my pussy. I worked my fingers in and out of my yoni, controlling the steady crescendo I was building. But I wanted more. Not stopping, I reached out and took hold of the purple dildo I leave in my shower. Usually I only used it when I knew I was going to have anal penetration. It was larger, maybe eight inches long and about three inches wide. It stretched my chocolate hole well. I coated it in soapy body wash and positioned it at the entrance to my ass, working it in. There was a brief moment of pain and then a warm delicious tingling sensation emanated from my yoni.

I pulled the dildo out a couple of inches and immediately felt the loss of its firth in my ass. I pushed it back in, repeating the action. My breathing quickened. The sensations overpowered me. I’ve never been able to hold back an orgasm when it comes to ass-play and this day was no exception. I leaned over, putting my back in direct contact with the spray from the showerhead. I assaulted my ass much as a man would but with less pain and more pleasure. I knew the rhythm needed, my own pain tolerance and what would please me most. Every time I thrust, I understood fully the meaning of the phrase “delicious pain”.

I was moaning louder now. The fingers on my left hand taking control of pleasuring my yoni. Spreading my nether lips wide and crooking my fingers upward, I pushed on my G-spot. My right hand was still working the plastic purple prick in and out of my ass hole. I was nearing the peak of the cliff, trying to push myself over. I twisted my hand and inserted another finger, arching them again into that “come here” gesture to stroke the valley of my spot. At the same time, I pushed the cock deeper inside my chocolate hole and came in a shuddering release. There was no warning. There was no slow build up staring at my toes and traveling upwards till my brain exploded in pyrotechnics. My pussy throbbed and the orgasm kicked down the door with no civilities. My heart raced; my breathing was ragged, ripped from my lungs as I gasped for breath with a face full of water.

In riding my orgasmic delirium, I had lifted my face towards the showerhead, screaming my pleasure to ceiling. My legs shook as I stood up, slipping my purple cock out of my ass and washing it adeptly. I placed it back in its designated spot. I built up lather with my loofah. I rewashed my swollen pussy, hard nipples and the beaten up tender flesh around my ass. I was good and sore and my ass was nicely stretched. I didn’t know if my soldier would be willing to try anal, but I was certainly wide open, clean and ready if he did.

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