The Legend…

Legend has it that long ago a coven of evil witches practicing dark magic made a deal with Satan himself. He gave them power to control men’s minds, and in return they would worship him for eternity. So Satan transformed the witches and gave them powers allowing them to mesmerize and enthrall men.

But as we all know Satan has a twisted sense of humor. So as Satan spawned these creatures he put a spell on them and caused them to crave the sexual fluids of the very men they sought to control. In fact, their craving for cum became so powerful that their survival depended on drinking the ejaculate of human males.

How ironic, these evil witches now had total domination over men, which is what they wanted. But now they also depended on men in order to survive. Naughty Satan, he’s such a jokester.

Much like conventional vampires need blood in order to survive, these creatures need the sexual juices of men to survive. So over the long years of their existence they learned various methods for extracting these precious juices from men.

Early on, they would just rip a man’s crotch out with jagged, razor-sharp teeth and then lap the semen from the gaping wound, like a dog would drink from a muddy ditch.

But they quickly learned that this method was highly inefficient and the quality of semen they got was less than desirable because it was contaminated with so much blood. Bloody semen was a problem for them, they wanted only pure male ejaculate… and lots of it.

With this in mind they developed methods which they still use today to maximize the quantity and quality of semen from their prey. The witches found that it was much easier to gain control of their victims if they took the shape of beautiful, sexually desirable, or extremely erotic females.

They also learned that if they used their mesmerizing powers and their intensely erotic bodies to keep a man sexually aroused and deep in a “pleasure trance” they could harvest him again and again by making him orgasm over and over. When a man was physically exhausted they would put him away for a couple of days to let his body recuperate and produce more semen.

Then after a few days when he was well fed and rested they would take him out again and repeat the process of harvesting him.

With their mind-powers the witches would capture and enslave a whole harem of men. The men would be kept alive for only one purpose… to supply the witches with the precious seminal fluid that they craved. Once a witch had her harem fully populated with male victims she would rotate them from day to day, milking some of them and resting the others. So she had a constant supply of men to satisfy her hunger.

By intensely stimulating the pleasure centers of a man’s brain with her hypnotic powers and her extremely sexual body the witch could cause him to orgasm multiple times and with such force as to drain every last drop of semen from his body. Crudely put, this is somewhat like a farmer milking his cows… apply stimulation and wait for the fluid to spurt forth.

The witches also discovered that the quality of semen harvested this way was much better. Keeping the men’s brains constantly stimulated with pleasure made them produce more semen which was much thicker and, to the witches tastes, much sweeter.

These pitiful victims would lose all will to resist and become addicted to the ecstasy. Completely unable to escape their pleasurable bonds, these men would become mindless slaves only existing to feel pleasure… and to be harvested over and over again for the rest of their lives!

So these evil witches, these creatures created by Satan, became to be known as The Witches Of Bliss…

Years Later In A Small Rural Town Somewhere In the Hills Of Appalachia…

So Jack, what has your big mouth gotten you into this time? You always have to be right don’t you? Your buddies told you it was a bad idea to go up to that house on the hill. Everyone in town knows any menfolk that go up there never come back… some stupid shit story about girls hypnotizing guys and sucking ‘em dry.

But you have to be Mr. Big-shot and show everyone you know better. So you’re just gonna walk right up there and have a look around, just have a little scouting party to see what’s really going on. Then maybe you’re buddies will have a bit more respect for you. Anyways, that’s the way it’s gonna turn out, right?… because they’re all full of crap!

What did your friends say about them girls? Said they hypnotize you and suck your dick till your brain turns to jelly. Bullshit! There ain’t no such thing and you’re gonna prove it!

But what about Bill Johnson, the plumber? He went up there last month to snake the pipes and he hasn’t been seen since. And there have been others too, but no one in town wants to speak about it because they’re all scared. Even old Sheriff Miller is scared to go up there, he said if Bill’s up there he’s on his own.

But you’re not scared are you Jack? You laughed at ‘em all. They’re all a bunch of panty-waisted girlie-men. There ain’t no such thing as hypno-dick-sucking-bitches and to prove it, you’re going to march right up to that house on the hill and knock on the front door. It’s about time somebody had some guts…

So you walk up the hill to the house and knock on the door. After about 30 second there’s no answer and you decide maybe it was a mistake to come here. It feels kinda creepy here, so you turn to leave. Then the door opens all of a sudden and there standing in the doorway is probably the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen. She’s smiling at you and wearing a flimsy little robe almost completely open in front.

She looks like she just stepped out of one of those porno movies you always rent. You can see her body through the sheer material of the robe she’s wearing and it’s the most amazingly perfect body for sex! That’s what immediately comes to your mind, sex! Fucking her would be so much pleasure…

She giggles like she just heard something really funny and says, “Hello Jack, I’m Felicia and I’ve been expecting you. Why don’t you come in? I have something you will definitely want to see.” As she finishes her sentence she opens her robe a bit more to let you gawk at her naked curves. Then she turns and walks into the house… and you follow like a little iron filing drawn to a magnet.

You wonder how the hell she knows your name, you’ve never met her before. There’s no way you would ever forget this girl, she’s so fucking hot.

“I know a lot about you Jack, your mind is open to me. I know you want to fuck me, don’t you? Well maybe today’s your lucky day.” Felicia turns and smiles at you again as the door closes behind you.

You get a momentary feeling of unease, as if something’s not right here. You glance around the room, there are a number of very beautiful girls here and each seems to be busy with her own man. You see one face that looks familiar, is that Bill Johnson? It is… he’s sitting completely naked on a sofa with his legs open and his arms hanging down by his sides. His hands are resting palms up on the sofa as if he has no use for them. Seated next to him is a gorgeous naked girl.

She’s got one hand holding the back of his head and she looks like she’s tonguing his ear. With the other hand she’s playing with his dick which is stiff, purple, and pointed straight at the ceiling. His eyes are glazed over like he’s drunk and he’s moaning as if he’s in the most exquisite pleasure he’s ever experienced.

Suddenly Bill’s back arches and his hips thrust upward into the air as if a jolt of electricity is going through his body. A solid jet of cum literally shoots skyward out of the end of his penis. Quick as lightening the girl seated next to him lowers her mouth over the stream of thick fluid and then down onto his dick as Bill continues to orgasm. His mouth is open in a silent scream of sheer ecstasy.

The girl continues slurping his dick and starts massaging and caressing his balls. Bill’s back stays arched, his glazed eyes are wide open and staring at the ceiling as his mouth slowly closes and forms a goofy, dreamy smile. Slowly he lowers his butt back down on to the sofa as the gorgeous naked girl lifts her mouth from his dick. Amazingly it’s still rigid as a pole and throbbing. She goes back to nibbling on his ear and playing with his boner… Bill starts to moan again.

Felicia brings your wandering gaze back to her, “Don’t worry Jack. Bill’s not in any pain, far from it. And he’s very happy to be here with us. Just as you will be.”

Felicia steps forward, closer to you and lets her robe drop to the floor. “Look at me Jack… look deeply. I am for you. I am everything you want in a woman. I can give you so much pleasure.” Her body is so inviting and you can’t help yourself, so you look. You stare.

She has the most sexually exciting body you’ve ever seen. The intensity of her seductive allure immobilizes you like a fly caught in a web. You get a warm wonderful feeling in your crotch, it feels so good to look at her.

Your eyes wander over her breasts, large and full. The curves of her body were meant to be caressed and fondled. Her delicious bald vulva makes your heart flutter as lust builds in the pit of your stomach. Her eyes are so hypnotic, piercing your mind and caressing the creases of your brain.

You have one overwhelming feeling… sexual desire. Your cock stiffens.

“That’s it Jack, look. It’s so pleasant to look isn’t it? Look deeper and deeper, good boy… so relaxing and pleasant. So calming. Your only desire now is to surrender to me and enjoy what I’m doing to you. It’s so pleasant, so irresistible. It feels so good to surrender.”

Yes Jack, she’s right, it does feel so good. Too good to resist. And so you relax and look deeper. You submit and let your arms hang motionless by your side. Your eyes are wide open and unblinking, staring at her transfixed. Your mouth slowly opens and you begin to drool like a brain dead zombie.

Time slows down for you. Each second now seems like a minute, each minute seems like an hour. You’re being pulled irresistibly into an intense state of sexual arousal, of sexual desire, of sexual pleasure. The pleasure is being prolonged by the hypnotic time shift Felicia has induced in you.

Felicia is now exerting her complete domination over you and you can’t stop her. The point of no return has been passed now Jack, there is no return for you. It doesn’t matter though, does it Jack? No, nothing matters now except the pleasure and Felicia.

Felicia steps closer and cups her luscious breasts for you. “I’ve done this to thousands of men Jack, none have been able to resist me. And now it’s your turn.”

Your cock is rigid and pounding. You never dreamed anything could feel so good. It’s as if a thousand years of sexual gratification were being compressed into each second of your existence. Your brain is being saturated with intense pleasure… concentrated, pure, overpowering.

Felicia smiles and reaches down, she loosens your pants and lets them drop to the floor. She pulls your underwear down to your thighs and you don’t resist. You couldn’t resist even if you wanted to. All you want to do now is surrender and sink deeper under Felicia’s spell. This is heaven, you’ve never known such complete happiness and satisfaction. Everything in Jack’s world is perfect. Everything in Jack’s world is just as it should be. This is how Jack wants to exist… forever.

Your cock is angled upward now Jack, it’s never been harder or fuller. The veins are stretched and engorged, the head is purplish in color and swollen to it’s capacity. It’s throbbing and bobbing, keeping time with your racing heartbeat. Your balls are tight and ache with a wonderful sensuality. Your cock slowly starts to ooze droplets of pre-cum as you descend into the most exquisite sexual ecstasy imaginable.

Felicia giggles and says, “I’m going to keep you like this Jack, I’m going to keep you like this for the rest of your life. I’m going to have every drop of cum your juicy body can make, and I’m going to feed on you until you’re an old man. After all, even old men can cum. They just have to be properly stimulated. You’ll see.”

She takes one finger and gently dips it into the pre-cum oozing from the head of your dick. You gasp with delight and your groin spasms involuntarily. Waves of pleasure travel down through the core of your cock and radiate through your crotch as her fingertip barely touches the head of your erect penis. That one grazing touch of Felicia’s fingertip just brought you more pleasure than any orgasm you ever had in your life.

“That’s just a small sample of what you’re going to experience here Jack. More times than you can count. You will live to be touched by me, you will ache for my kiss.” Felicia giggles again and you smile happily. Then she puts her cum-dipped fingertip to her tongue and an evil smile crosses her face. “You’re so sweet Jack, just the way I like my men. You are my man now Jack, aren’t you?”

Your smiling lips are able to form words one final time before the mind numbing pleasure completely shuts down your ability to speak.

“Yesss Felicia… I’m completely yours… This is my purpose for living now.”

Felicia giggles once again and says, “Very good Jack. You’re a fast learner.”

She takes your hand and leads you like a little child to the sofa where Bill is still sitting and moaning in pleasure. She sits you down next to Bill and takes her place next to you. Then she lightly places her fingers on your rock hard cock and slowly starts to caress it as she begins to nibble your ear lobe.

Your glazed eyes stare forward seeing nothing in particular. Your cares and worries evaporate along with every other thought in your mind except for one… the pleasure, the pleasure, the pleasure.

Then the moaning begins… except this time it’s coming from you Jack.

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