We come together, and the earth folds in on itself. The landscape around me shifts and changes with the tidal flow of our lovemaking. Slow and determined, we remain locked at the hip with maximum penetration hitting all angles. The motion is slow, smooth and unconscious, my mind is no where near the physical intimacy we are engaged in. My thoughts skip and skyrocket, bouncing between memory and madness. From the clouds I see the land, then my attention torn downward again.

We shift along parallel threads of space to a younger world in a darker time. Black clouds fill red skies. Between being lost in our eyes, the lake has shaped into a small stream. Life grows more abundant here, despite the dire surroundings. Her hair becomes green grass and is entwined by mighty roots of oak trees. Leaves fall, to mulch into earthy sod, out of which more growth springs.

Caressing her breast, moving up a small hill, a rocky outcropping leaks out a spring of the purest water. A vagina of the earth, the orifice is a source and provider of life here. Healthy and safe, this grove is perhaps the last sane respite on the planet.

Darkness surrounds and encroaches upon this patch of thriving green life. One, alone. stands up against advancing hordes, convincing them of the folly of their actions. Many hear her clearly, and heed her warnings, turning away to return to a simple life. Others join with sickly kin, never content with what little force they do possess, they strive to take all they can, not because of need, just because they can.

Abusing the father and neglecting the mother often works well for purposes of war. Especially if manufactured by a monster of purest greed whose very humanity is consumed by a desire for power. A dark figure watching from a high vantage point, his will is enacted through throngs of mindless followers. We are held tightly together through the mad mistress of history, lock and key in union. She turns the wheels of time and I turn with her.

A titanic clash ensues between my precious defender and the forces of aggressive conquest. Calling all the power of light, life and goodness to her side, she is unable to stop the minds bent towards destruction. Trees fall and burn, blotting the sky with inky smoke. As the light begins to fade, her powers follow the same path of decadence. A tear falls from her eye onto my cheek, never was pure virtue expressed so true.

Soon, with no small amount of toil, the battle for life is lost. The world is torn. Sool is raped, burned and banished into a burnt crevice of earth made by the new world order. She experiences complete, utter hopelessness as despair consumes every fleeting chance for hope past the shadows. Naked, vulnerable to the visions, she begins to shudder and cry, a defeated spirit. Burning emotions leave her scorched and empty, she rises from the ashes, reborn.

Rain water trickles in and restores her vitality. Dark times come and pass. The shine of life forms a protective shell against the ravages of time. Evil undermines itself as the universe maintains balance. Streams and crevices become small pools. Seeds that escaped the inferno and survive the frost take root to begin growing. My own seed, the essence of matter at the root of existence, begins to form an undeniable presence.

Trees grow and house birds, squirrels and no small amount of bugs and fungus. Healthy rot, not scorched carbon, begins to coat the ground. She puts her essence into the trees, into the birds and the bees. Through endless giving she feels alive again, but still not whole. The monsters took everything but her core life force. We begin to vibrate in unison, our subtle energies coming to the forefront. Shattering the historical montage, I awake from the dreams into a fantasy, on the brink of release while inside water nymph Sool.

Rushing into the present, entwined atop our grassy knoll, our shape the transverse slice of a deep bowl, we pass over the peak of pleasure. My senses tingle when her back arches, heaving for air with short shallow breaths. Her breasts, lovely thick mammaries caress my chest, they spread apart and cover me in sweat.

I am in so deep, I can feel the walls of her cunt grasp at my throbbing rod. My head rests in the nook between her neck and shoulder as we gyrate. I bite down on her thick earthy neck tendons. Without warning, or explosive surprise, we find a place of calm where our tensions dissipate.

A audible sigh emits from us as we collapse back to the ground.

The land, her ward once again, flourishes and grows. The earth regenerates as evil loses hold. Seasons fly by in the blink of an eye and all the while dark powers fall ever more distant. Yet still, an undeniable presence remains…

To dwell on it would be to tread the lines of sanity. The power could be mine. The world, entirely, comes under my imagined domain. Remove any chance, remain always certain. Shifting from shades of monochrome grey to a very firm division between black and white. Instead of following my path, take each and every desirable fork as it appears.

I begin to feel it. The raw potential coursing through my veins, as if it had always been there. It begins to enter my chest and taint my feelings for Sool. She could be beneath me. Power unlimited could be mine. Enacting control over that which cannot be so controlled. If I know how she thinks, she will still fall. Just so long as we never find a safe pool, she will never be free of me! Remaining ageless while I grow old and wither!

How marvelous it would be to spend the rest of my life with her.

As all milk does sour, my insides curdle with selfishness. She tastes my mental betrayal. With infinite forgiveness she says,

“You are corruptible, that is the nature of being human. You are also safe, I have read your soul since you sung to me. You will not forsake that which you hold dear for personal gain. This is a reason I choose you, out of hundreds if not thousands to deliver me away from the depths.

I choose you because you will help me. ”

We cuddle in a post-coital embrace. Our breathing becomes one breath and slows. Our bodies emit a combined heat, and are neither warm nor cold.

Completely spent, for the first time in my life, things are entirely clear. My path, my past, where I’ve gone and why. My future, my fate, is only what I make for myself. Every choice is mine to make, every opportunity is mine to take.

And I have already chosen.

A tiny spark makes a path of light from the rear of my neck and through my stomach to reach out and combine with Sool. This unearthly apparition is seen by senses that I did not know that I possessed. I begin to see through things, and gain awareness of my surroundings, not perception, but awareness. I see the wind and smell the trees. I am the waves caused by my breeze.

As I become a part of her, Sool is now a part of me.

September 2018
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