It wasn’t even a week later when Romina dragged Nes into the bed she shared with Dev. “Come on,” she taunted him. “He’ll do anything I say.”

“Is that so?” Dev asked sleepily. He had just fucked Lucy a few hours ago and had been sleeping off his orgasm. She was gone and now the bed was moving with the weight of the two new bodies.

“Yes it is,” Romina said in her superior-status voice. “I have special needs and you can only fulfill some of them. Tonight, I need two men.”

“Why?” Dev asked. His cock was still soft, but he knew soon that Romina would reveal some new, secret kink she had to try before she was a married woman.

“Because I need two cocks, I need to be filled up.” It had become a common theme for Romina lately. She wanted to feel full. That was why she had actually used the coque di urgey. He could only imagine it was because she had been raped by the troll. He could only imagine what she wanted tonight.

“We both can’t fuck you at the same time,” he said, wondering how she expected to get both of them inside her pussy as the same time. It was wrong, her pussy was supposed to be for his pleasure only, but the idea of it made his cock stir.

“Yes you can,” she contradicted him. “I’ll take you in my cunt and Nes will have my ass.”

It was hardly an unusual request considering every other sex act she had asked for or performed since their time together in the tower. It was also just enough to stir him before Romina’s mouth closed over his cock. Her mouth was warm and wet, making him stiffen almost immediately. She sucked on him as hard as she could, she knew he loved that. He responded again, rolling his hips and groaning at the back of his throat.

“There,” she announced, “I knew you’d want to go along with my idea.”

“You’ve a slut,” he told her.

“I know,” she replied, hiking up the hem of her silk nightie she wore when the nights got particularly cold, exposing her wet and ready quim. She still hadn’t shaved her pubes down to the extent of Lucy and Delma, choosing instead to let her body show of it’s natural golden blonde curls. Dev didn’t care how she styled her hair. The full hair made her pussy soft and fuzzy, in high contrast to the nearly nude slits of Lucy and Delma that were slick and smooth. He liked both; but Romina keeping her pubes full made it easy to tell her apart from the other girls in the dark of night.

Their actions were almost second nature now and Romina easily mounted Dev’s erection. She kept her nightie on, so her breasts remained hidden behind the white silk. “Lay down and lay still,” she ordered him, pushing down on his shoulders so that she could raise up her ass, exposing the shapely double globes to Nes. He was already erect. It hadn’t taken much to excite him. Both Nes and Tof were eager and willing studs, ready to fuck any of the three women at a moment’s notice. They were uncomfortable actually penetrating Romina, especially if Dev was not watching them, but when she had come to Nes with her proposal, it was all he could do to stop himself from taking her right then and there.

“Use the salve,” she called to him over her shoulder, while tightening her cunt muscles on Dev’s cock. He shuddered slightly with her actions. “And hurry up, I need you.”

Nes worked quickly, covering the head of his cock with the sticky slick substance and then bending down to closely inspect Romina’s tiny entrance. The brown rosebud was tight as he pressed his finger against it, pushing in some of the lubricating salve. Romina inhaled sharply when he slipped his finger all the way in but did not discourage him at all. Nes liked his couplings to be rougher than the other two men, that was why she chose him to take her anal bud, but now for some reason he was being too tentative.

“Quit fooling around and put it in me,” she ordered him, that look of fierce determination on her face. “fuck me.”

He nodded. “Right,” he agreed, introducing his shaft’s head to the now slick anal entrance. He pushed forward and found she opened up easily, taking his cock into her dark depths with little effort or pain.

“Yes,” she moaned, shuddering slightly as he worked all the way inside her. It was tight, but not too tight for him. He had certainly had other asses that had been tighter. It was good, very good. He was startled slightly when he felt movement within Romina’s body. He realized a moment later it was Dev moving his cock in and out of her cunt. “Yes, yes,” she moaned. “Very good. Now fuck me, fuck me hard. I’m so full of cock…”

She seemed to be in an almost dreamlike state, her head was flopping around either in pain or pleasure to the motion of the men’s cock inside her body, but her body was perfectly still, balancing her weight on her hands and knees, allowing them both to fuck her at the same time. It was odd to Nes to feel another man’s cock inside the woman he was fucking, but that only added to the sensations that made then entire situation even more erotic. He wasn’t a boy-lover so he avoided catching Dev’s eyes, instead concentrating on watching his cock go in and out of Romina’s ass or admiring the curve of her hips. It wasn’t that he cared if other men wanted to fuck men, but he didn’t particularly find the idea exciting and looking at Dev while fucking his wife-to-be in the ass was an unsettling situation.

“Harder, faster,” Romina barked at the two of them. They redoubled their efforts; Dev thrusting upward trying to slam into her pussy and pleasure nub as hard as he could while Nes tightly gripped her hips and started working his cock in her like he was fucking a pussy instead of a woman’s ass. It didn’t seem to matter to her that he was practically beating her with his body, she seemed to enjoy every thrust, every pounded blow. Their legs were tangled together, there was barely enough room for their bodies to fit together and the exercise and closeness of their bodies caused them to sweat heavily, making every bit of skin slick. Pinned as she was between the two men, she couldn’t move. This only heightened her pleasure.

Although Nes considered himself an accomplished cocksman, it was he who came first, filling the empty void of Romina’s ass. This was enough to push Romina over the edge and she cried out in pleasure and pain and longing. Seeing Romina’s face in a mask of ecstasy, pleasure and pain combined because she was too full, was enough to get him to cum as well.

Nes pulled out of Romina’s ass when he was done, letting her pulsing brown rosebud slowly close up behind him. He discretely slipped away and the two betrothed lay in each others arms, Dev’s slowly softening cock still inside her body.

“That was wonderful,” she whispered in his ear. “We’ll need to do it again.”

He shuddered with anticipation at what his future wife would think of next.

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