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“Uhhh yeah take it boy, take daddy’s dick”

Adam Barton whined loudly as he was drilled into once again by Cain’s huge 10 inch cock.

“Yeah c’mon you know you love my dick don’t you, say it! Cain demanded.

“Ohhh fuck!”

“Say it!” Cain pushed into Adam even harder this time.

“Oh yeah! I love your dick Cain! Give it to me”

Cain grinned from ear to ear as he pulled his fat cock almost from Adam’s arse, leaving just the swollen head inside before aggressively thrusting all of his cock back in, right up until his bushy pubic hair starts to scratch against Adam’s young firm arse.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Adam whined again.

Barton had taken Cain quite a few times before but he could still not get used to the size. It wasn’t so much the 10 inches of length that bothered him too much although it was the biggest in the village, it was the girth. Thicker than a mans wrist, most conquests that Cain had couldn’t even wrap their hands around it let alone take even half of it into their mouths but Adam was different. Only minutes earlier Adam deepthroated Cain’s massive cock and now he was on his hands and knees, taking the huge throbbing member inside his tight hole. Sweat was beginning to pour off of both men, making Adam’s hole even slicker but just as they were hitting their stride the door bell rang. Cain grunted and mumbled something under his breathe but refused to pull out of the Barton boy he simply stopped thrusting, using the last one to bury his cock completely into the young mans arse.

“Who is it!” Cain shouted.

“It’s me!” the voice returned.

Cain’s slight frown was turned into a sly grin as he knew exactly who was knocking.

“Gimmie a sec!” Cain grunted.

He quickly slid his hard throbbing cock from Adam’s worn arsehole and peeled the tight condom from his member before walking round to stand in front of Adam.

“You know what to do” Cain demanded.

And indeed Adam did. Cain knew Adam wasn’t keen on sucking Cain’s dick after it had been in his arse so Cain always made sure to use a condom so he could easily slip from one hole to another and that’s just what he did, letting Adam’s mouth work it’s magic on his already lubricated cock. He was so distracted by Adam’s skills that he forgot about the man outside until he spoke up.

“Are you gonna let me in Cain or what?!” the voice outside shouted, snapping Cain from reality.

“Yer mate come on in, doors open!” Cain shouted.

Adam shot a look up toward Cain as he shouted toward the door. Adam didn’t want anyone to know about him, not like this.

“Don’t worry mate, I’ll make sure he won’t go mouthin’ off to no-one” Cain winked.

Adam trusted Cain and got back to work sucking on his engorged cock, slowly sliding up and down with his back to the door as it opened, allowing Jai to enter. Only half an hour ago he was wanking to the sight of his brother Nikhil rimming the hunky Andy Sugden and now there he was, amazed again at the sight before him. He had seen Cain naked many times and felt his cock hit the back of his throat but never had he seen Cain in action and he felt a slight tinge of jealousy rise inside him.

“Who’s this? You never mentioned someone else on the phone!” Jai exclaimed.

“Oh yer know Adam right? Barton’s lad. Great little cock sucker he is, but ya ain’t gonna say owt are ya Jai?”

Jai simply shook his head in response but because Adam has his back toward Jai he couldn’t see this, so Cain looked down and gave Adam a quick wink to reassure him, allowing the Barton boy to resume sucking Cain’s cock with enthusiasm.

“What ya waitin’ for Jai? Get naked and get over here.”

Jai hesitated for a moment. He never wanted to be in this situation but the longer he was stuck inside of it the more his liked it, as much as he hated to admit it Cain’s charm drew him in. Jai slowly peeled off his jacket followed by unbuttoning the buttons on his shirt, allowing his toned physique to become visible as he shrugged his shirt off before hesitating.

“And the trousers mate c’mon”

Jai continued to undress, taking his trousers down from his slim legs as his bulge pressed against his boxers. He keeps them on as he walks over to Cain and hesitates once again as he looks down at Adam Barton still on his knees sucking Cain’s fat cock. He felt the twinge of jealously once again and this time decides to act on it, moving his head down toward Cain’s nipple and swirling his tongue around it before biting it hard. Cain growled. Jai grew to knew what Cain liked and smirked, knowing he was doing a good job already.

“mmmm time to get this really started.”

Cain removed himself from both men as they both took him in. Although not model attractive, Cain was still looking good, his body still muscular after years of manual work which was now covered in a thin lair of sweat. He reached a hand toward his cock and tugged on it slowly as he commanded the two men in front of him.

“Adam, get on yer hands an’ knee’s, Jai here’s gonna fuck ya” Cain smirked.

“What the hell Cain! I’m not here for him, this is between you and me!” Jai barked.

Adam simply let the remark glide by him as he got down on his hands and knees in front of Jai, ready for his cock to fill him after missing Cain’s.

“Oh I wouldn’t argue if I were you Jai, you don’t want ya little secret getting out do ya? Now, get behind this lad and fuck him”

Cain smirked as Jai silently cursed himself. Admittedly he has started to enjoy sex with Cain but hated the blackmail involved. Ever since Cain caught Jai cheating on Charity coincidently with Debbie’s lover Cameron one night whilst the girls were on a night out Cain has had Jai under his thumb. Jai continued to grumble as he slid off his boxers revealing his 6 inch cock. Jai’s pubic hair and balls were shaved, he didn’t like to be hairy as he positioned himself behind Adam and carefully spat onto his cock to lube it up before lining his cock up with Adam’s slightly worn hole as he looked up at Cain, a hint of anger in his eyes as he slipped his cock into Adam’s warm arse. Both men moaned as Jai gently started to thrust, any look of anger washing from his face turning into pleasure as he enjoyed Adam’s hole.

“How’s his cock Adam? You likin’ it?”

“Uhhh oh yeah it feels good” Adam groaned.

Cain smirked as he walked over to the pair, his cock bobbing heavily as he stepped behind Jai. Pressing closely to him he could feel his cock smear pre-cum all over Jai’s back as he reached around with his hand and forced two fingers into Jai’s mouth.

“Suck them.” Cain commanded.

Jai immediately replied. When the young business was horny enough he was practically anyone’s and would willingly do anything to get his rocks off, today being no exception. He sucked on Cain’s thick digits making them slick with his saliva before Cain pulled them out and without warning or hesitation pushed them into Jai’s tight hole. Jai moaned out loud as Cain continued to finger him. Cain knew he was an anal virgin and constantly liked to push him. He pulled his fingers from Jai’s ass and again forced his fingers into Jai’s mouth, shocking him into sucking his own arse juices from his own fingers.

“How’d you like that mate huh? Like the taste of yer own arse?”

Jai simply groaned as Cain removed his fingers and put them in his own mouth, groaning in delight tasting Jai’s juices.

“Tastes good mate, think I might have myself some more.”

Cain chuckled lowly to himself as he got down behind Jai as he fucked Adam and parted his ass cheeks, revealing Jai’s tight hole which opened and closed lightly with each thrust he gave to Adam. Jai’s crack was lightly dusted with soft black hair and Cain couldn’t help but drool at Jai’s dark hole as he leaned forward and took a long lick up the young business man’s arse, immediately sending a shiver up Jai’s spine making him shudder with pleasure as his mind flashes to his brother doing the exact same thing to Andy Sugden. Cain took another long kick up Jai’s arse crack before diving his tongue right into his hole, eating Jai out and sucking up his juices before allowing his tongue to prove deeper than Jai ever thought would be possible.

All three men stayed in their chain for a number of minutes before Cain lifted himself from Jai’s arse causing the younger man to groan in disappointment feeling Cain’s tongue removed from his backside. Next thing he knew Cain took a lick up his right ear, making Jai shudder again.

“Liked that didn’t ya mate? Hmm?”

“Y-yeah, felt good.”

“Good, cause it got your arse ready good and proper ain’t it? Think it’s about time I broke you in y’know..seal the deal.”

Cain chuckled as he whispered his words into Jai’s ear. Jai was completely shocked and tried to move away but Cain held him firm.

“Cain I-I can’t do this I…”

“Shhh, yeah you can. Just concentrate on fucking my little friend here and I’ll do all the work. You’re gonna love my thick, hard cock up your tight little arse.”

Jai simply groaned at Cain’s words, he had to admit Cain knew how to have his way with him. Before he knew it Cain and gotten behind Jai again and was carefully lining up his throbbing thick weapon with Jai’s tight hole and as Jai thrust out of Adam’s hole he pierced his hot virgin ring with the head of Cain’s cock. Both men sighed as Jai stopped for a moment feeling immense pain but he remembered Cain’s words and started to give in to the sensation, thrusting his cock slowly back into Adam’s arse before pushing himself back slowly toward Cain, sinking his cock deeper into his dark tunnel.

“Ohhhhh fuck! It’s so fucking big Cain I don’t think I can do this!”

Jai didn’t attempt to wriggle away but instead pleaded with words.

“Quit yer whining Jai, I can feel ya arse get use to my cock already besides, I ain’t even halfway in yet.”

Cain let out a dirty chuckle as Jai gulped, this was gonna be a long evening…

To be Continued…

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Eve Jensen was on her knees. This was not unusual as she loved being fucked from behind in the “doggy” position.

But this was the compete opposite, she was kneeling in church. Praying that her latest sexual adventure would come to fruition.

Since being dumped by Carl King, Eve had set out to have sex with as many villagers as possible. Men and women.

Cain Dingle had been the first, and the easiest, Cain would fuck anyone with a pulse. Genni Walker, her first woman was next. A few drinks and Genni’s long period of sexual frustration, soon had her hand in Genni’s panties. Bob Hope, reluctant at first, soon succumbed at the mention of the words, blow and job. The fact that Genni had joined them in a threesome, was the icing on the cake. Now her biggest challenge to date, the village vicar, Ashley Thomas.

She had dressed to seduce. A clingy top, with just enough cleavage to entice, the bra, sheer to allow the nipples to stick out. The skirt, hardly a mini, but short enough to give a hint of her white panties when seated.

She had thought long and hard about Ashley, not only was he a vicar, but seemingly happily married to Laurel, with two kids in tow. But she loved a challenge and if she could bring this off, no one in the village was safe.

She heard the church door open, then close and Ashley’s footsteps echoing in the empty church.

“Oh, Eve, sorry I did not expect anyone to be in church, though you are more than welcome.” stuttered a surprised Ashley.

Eve got up from her knees and sat in the pew. Ashley walked down the aisle, a box of new hymn books in his arms.

“We don’t see you in here very often, weddings and funerals usually, is there a problem?” enquired Ashley.

Eve looked at the vicar, her big blue eyes filling with tears, she swallowed and said.

“My life’s a fucking mess, sorry Ashley, I forgot I was in church” said Eve apologetically. She continued, “I am 30, I live with my gran in a village, with hardly any eligible men. I have a dead end job, working for a little rich girl, who could on a whim, jet off to her mother in Canada, leaving me jobless, what a fuc…., sorry again, mess.” Eve started to sob as she finished her little outburst and looked imploringly at Ashley.

Being the compassionate man he was Ashley held out his arms to the distraught woman, who instantly was wrapped in them, her tears wetting the shoulder of his light blue shirt.

“Object one achieved” Eve said to herself as she continued to sob.

After a while, Eve composed herself and said “sorry about that, but I am so fed up with life, I am considering ending it once and for all.”

Ashley was shocked by this and said,” You must never say that, things are never that bad. we can work something out.”

With that Ashley led her into the vestry and made her a cup of tea, seemingly the British answer to all problems.

Eve sat on a small sofa in the vestry and much a he wished he could avert his eyes, they were drawn to the little flash of white at the junction of Eve’s thighs each time the young woman moved. He might be a man of god, but he was still a man. Eve began to unwind a little as she told her sad, well rehearsed story. Holding out her hand to be held, when she reached a poignant part.

“Lead me not into temptation.” Ashley thought to himself as his eyes left Eve’s and lowered onto those magnificent breasts, nipples rigid within the confines of her sheer bra.

Ashley enjoyed an active and somewhat unusual sex life with Laurel, but the sight of the beautiful creature before him fired his imagination as to what pleasures she could bestow.

Suddenly Eve began to sob again, throwing herself into Ashley’s arms. He comforted her, but when she raised her face, streaked with mascara that had run, eyes full of tears, he could not resist and placed his lips on hers.

She tasted so sweet, her tongue snaked into his mouth, seeking his.

“Sorry, I can’t do this,” said Ashley as he broke the kiss.

Eve, determined to not let the opportunity pass, pulled her top over her head and casting it aside said “Please Ashley, its been months, I need a release.”

Ashley gazed at the young girl opposite. Her bra barely hid her breasts, the nipples large and engorged strained against the fabric. She then placed her hands behind her and unclipped the bra, letting the garment slip from her, revealing the finest pair of breasts Ashley had ever seen.

“Sorry, Eve its not going to happen.” Ashley insisted.

But the determined girl reached over and stroked the bulge in the front of his slacks.

“This says it is.” said Eve, continuing to massage his ever growing erection.

She slipped to her knees before him. Seemingly powerless to stop her, he watched as she pulled down the zipper on his pants, her hand seeking his penis.

“Nice one vicar,” said Eve as she released him from his shorts.

“Eve, no please don’t” said Ashley , but with no conviction in his voice, his willpower almost extinguished, finally ran out as Eve lowered her head to his groin and took the head of his cock between her sweet lips and began to suck.

Ashley enjoyed oral sex as much as the next man, Laurel was good, but Eve was in another class. She worked her tongue around the head and licked up and down the length, before again taking him between her lips and deep into her mouth.

Removing him from her mouth, Eve took the engorged organ in her hand and began to rub the tip against her right nipple, all the time massaging him. Repeating on he left, Eve could feel Ashley was close to coming so she placed the cock between her breasts and pushing them together proceeded to give him the best tit fuck of his life.

He could hold out no longer as his ejaculated fluid splashed out of him and into the face and breasts of the adorable creature kneeling at his feet.

“I don’t know what to say.” said Ashley, “I don’t’ know what came over me.”

Eve laughed out loud as she said “Well vicar, I certainly know what came over me.” as she took a finger to he sticky fluid dripping down her breast and seductively licked it off.

“You won’t tell, will you,” said Ashley sheepishly.

“Our secret vicar, no one will ever know.” replied Eve as she re-fastened her bra.

“No more stupid talk from now on, promise” Ashley said as he zipped up his trousers and stood.

“No my faith in human nature has been restored, thank you vicar.”

With that Eve spun around, out of the vestry and the church, leaving a dazed vicar of St. Mary’s, Emmerdale, a confused, if contented man.

On her way back to her gran’s cottage, Eve reflected on the success of her plan, it had worked to perfection. No matter what a mans conviction or beliefs, a nice pair of breasts and a blow-job, usually worked.

Meanwhile over at the B & B guest house, Val and Amy were cleaning bedrooms.

“Is it true?” asked Amy, Val’s foster daughter.

“Is what true, pet,” said Val, her Geordie accent not quite as pronounced as Amy’s.

The young girl smiled and said, “well people in the village say you and Eric, have you know, done it in every room.”

“Done what exactly?”

“You know, screwed, banged, oh you know, fucked each other.”

“Amy, language please.”

“Sorry I didn’t know you were not yet in the 21st century.”

“Cheeky little mare,” replied Val, “oh and by the way, yes we have.”

“You get a lot of sex for your age, don’t you?” Amy said”

“Our age? You are asking for a slap.”

Val had just finished putting the final touches to the room, their last and collapsed on the bed.

“I am knackered.” said the older woman.

Amy lay behind her and asked quite casually, “have you ever wondered what its like, you know, with another woman?

“Well since you ask, I have often wondered, but never done anything about it. I see the young girls from the village, Katie, Eve, Leila and the rest and sometimes think what they look like naked, but I have never ever, had sex with another woman, have you?” said Val rather sheepishly.

“Only playing about with Victoria, nothing serious, but I would like to make love to you, I have fantasised about it for ages, just to see what its like. I masturbate at nights, thinking about you, please, can we? “

A shocked Val replied. “We can’t, I’m your mother, that’s incest.”

“Only my foster mother, that’s not wrong, I want you, now.”

With that Amy leaned over and kissed Val tenderly on the lips.

Val briefly returned the kiss, then turned her head away. Then lay down, her head propped up by her hand, as Amy climbed on top of her, her arms encircling Val’s neck.

As Amy gently eased Val’s face around to face hers, she bent into another kiss. This time Val responded and for the first time tasted her foster daughters tongue, rasping against hers.

Amy turned Val onto her back, holding both hands in hers and kissed Val’s face, lips and neck, her tongue flicking in and out like a serpents.

Val was wearing jeans and a pink sweater. Amy a pair of tiny shorts and a purple tee shirt.

Amy started to grind her crotch into Val’s as the two women continued to kiss passionately. Then Amy pulled Val into a sitting position and curled her legs around the waist of the older woman, as they continued to devour each other mouths.

Val slipped her hands inside Amy’s shirt and was surprised the girl was not wearing a bra. Her hands began to slowly massage the girls, small but firm breasts, the nipples hardening under her touch. Amy took her breasts in her hands and offered them to Val, who eagerly sucked on the erect nipples of another woman for the first time, she loved it.

They kissed again as Amy fondled Val’s larger breasts through her sweater and bra, before Val again attached her lips to Amy’s breasts and began to lick and kiss and nip gently on the sensitive buds

Amy still in control of the situation, eased Val onto her back and placed her hands over the plump breasts of her foster mother, all the while kissing her deeply.

Then pulling down the “V” in the neck of Val’s sweater, Amy began to kiss and lick into the deep valley between the breasts. Then licking up her throat and neck to again kiss the woman who had given her a home and so much love and affection.

Val then lifted the sweater over her head to reveal a white, not so sexy bra. Amy pulled down the top of the bra and exposed two very erect and quite large nipples. Val coyly place her hands over the nipples, but Amy was not to be denied and lifting Val’s hand, placed her lips around the aroused flesh. Val watched in wonder as the young girl performed amazing things with her mouth on her breasts. Things that sent spasms of delight coursing through her body.

As they kissed again, Amy’s taut young breast, with their hard nipples were now pressing into the flesh below Val’s bra, only serving to increase her pleasure.

As Amy moved her hands to caress Val’s jean clad backside, Val again took the other girls breast’s into her hands and gently caressed them.

As they kissed, Amy started to rub her crotch into Val’s, grinding together their most intimate parts, even though through the fabric, the sensation was electric and enhanced the passion of the kisses they continued to enjoy.

Now Val slipped her hand into Amy’s shorts and stroked the smooth skin of the girls backside, whilst Amy alternated between smothering her lips, nipples and belly with the most sensual of lips and tongue.

Amy then altered position to permit even more friction between them as the continued their quest for a mutual orgasm, which arrived quickly.

They relaxed a while before Amy got up and popped the button on Val’s jeans and removed them. Val was wearing white panties and looked lovingly at her foster daughter as she took her leg and hoisted it up to her mouth and began to lick the sole of her foot, then take her toes into her mouth. All the while, Amy was using her other hand to slowly rub her fingers over Val’s now extremely wet panties.

Val placed her hand on top of Amy’, encouraging her to rub harder, which she did. Then Amy placed Val’s foot against her bare breast and Val managed to fit the nipple between her toes and massage.

Amy then took the elastic of Val’s panties and slowly peeled them over her thighs, down her legs and finally off. Val had a patch of darkish pubic hair, which Amy was surprised to see was very neatly trimmed. She then took the panties and holding them to her nose, sniffed the musky aroma emitting from them, before stuffing them into her mouth. In all her years of sexual activity, Val had never seen anything quite as erotic. She then placed them into Val’s mouth, so the older woman could taste herself.

Amy then placed her hand on Val’s belly and slowly moved her fingers into the patch of hair and then down into the folds of her outer lips, before slipping effortlessly into the wetness of her foster mothers pussy. Val thought she would explode with pleasure.

As Amy began to move her middle finger in and out of the increasingly wet slit, Val head back in the pillow, eyes tight shut, just kept repeating over and over again, “yes, yes, yes, oh god yes,” Amy smiled to herself and continued to finger fuck the other woman.

Amy’s ass was now pointing at Val and as the younger girl continued to pleasure her with first one ,then two and eventually four fingers. Val began to again stroke the soft flesh of Amy’s ass.

Amy knelt up and eased the shorts down. She was not wearing panties. Val gazed at the perfect round cheeks, with the cleft between and sank her lips into the warm inviting flesh. Although she had never been with woman, Val knew instinctively what to do and taking the girls hips, buried her tongue deep into Amy’s young, wet and oh so velvety pussy.

Amy clambered onto her knees and stuck her ass in the air, giving Val a better and deeper approach. Val slid her tongue along the soft folds up and into the soft puckered hole of her anus, which she lovingly licked with the tip of her tongue, before again enjoying the sweet taste of Amy.

Now almost bent double, Amy was experiencing the most intense satisfaction as Val continued to work her tongue inside her but had also inserted fingers, which quickly brought the girl to a mind blowing orgasm, which rocketed through her body.

Val eased Amy into an upright position , her back to Val, who had discarded her bra, her large breasts pressed into Amy’s back, while caressing her breasts and gently kissing her neck as the younger girls body recovered from her climax. They kissed, deep and hard with a passion neither had experienced before.

Amy finally removed her shorts and was naked for the first time. Val looked with wonder as her hand travelled down the perfect body before her and nestled in the warm moist flesh at the junction of Amy’s thighs. Amy spread her legs as Val continued to slowly rub her outer lips, before lowering her head and for the first time tasted another woman.

Although it was her first time, Val used a woman’s instinct to find the pleasure points inside Amy’s pussy. Seeking and finding the clitoral hood, she eased it aside and the tip of her tongue sent more shockwaves of pleasure racing through Amy. This increased as Val’s tongue was joined by fingers as Amy orgasmed for a third time. Val drinking in the juice emitting from her pussy and savouring the sweet nectar.

She then moved slowly up Amy’s body, her tongue and lips leaving a trail as she finally again found her foster daughters lips and they kissed long and hard.

Then Amy went down, savouring the musky smell, her lips on the pronounced ones of Val, her tongue probing inside Val’s velvety wetness. Val grabbed her head and held it firm, as if trying to get as much of Amy’s mouth and tongue inside her.

Amy continued to administer the utmost pleasure, while her lips were busy around Val’s pussy, her hands were kneading the flesh of her breasts, tweaking the large engorged nipples until Val cried out in sheer abandon as her orgasm hit her.

The two, lay a long time in each others arms. Neither regretted the events of that afternoon, in fact they each made a promise to repeat the experience, and soon.

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