emma stone

The following takes place a few weeks after the conclusion of “Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 11″

I woke up as the plane was about to land. It was about six hours ago that I boarded in Seattle to make the trip here to Nashville for the “surprise” birthday party that Taylor had set up. When she left a few weeks ago, she promised me that it would be the best weekend of my life and since she had never disappointed me before, I was very excited.

The plane touched down and we all started to unload from the plane. As soon as I stepped off, I turned my phone on and found a text message from my favorite blonde beauty.

“Hope you get to Nashville okay. I won’t be able to pick you up but I asked one of my closest friends to pick you. Hint…she likes to smoke too so you two can have some ‘fun’ when you meet. Love you.”

I smiled at the thought. The last time she brought a close friend to me, I had one of the greatest nights of my life with Lucy Hale, the owner of one of the tightest pussies I had ever experienced. I rushed through security and started looking for her, and hopefully my, new friend.

I looked around for a while and could not find her. After a few minutes of looking, I finally saw a little white sign with “Dan Wilson” written on it. I looked at the girl holding it and was instantly in love. Holding the sign was one of my favorite actresses, Emma Stone. She was looking around, hoping to find me while she looked sexy in a pair of jeans and a white hoodie. Once my eyes met those of the redheaded beauty, she flashed me a smile and approached me.

“Are you Dan?” she asked me.

“Yes. Are you Taylor’s close friend?”

“That would be me. I’m Emma.”

“I know very well who you are; you are one of my favorite actresses. And I’m not just saying that, I swear,” I said with a shaky voice.

“I can tell. You seem nervous,” she said as she grabbed my hand and walked me towards the exit of the airport.

Emma would occasionally look back at me and smile as we walked. Once we got to her car, I tossed my bags in the trunk and got in the passenger side. She again grabbed my hand before we started off to the hotel.

About halfway through the trip, Emma reached into her pocket and pulled out a fresh joint. She handed it to me and smiled.

“I know you know how to handle one of these. Light it up, I haven’t been high in a week,” she said as she handed me her little black lighter.

I lit the joint and took a deep inhale. Emma’s stuff was not nearly as strong as the stuff Taylor would bring but it still got the job done. We shared it until there was nothing left. By the time we reached the hotel room, we were both nice and baked.

The two of us casually made our way into the large hotel building and into the elevator. Taylor had booked a room on the floor below the penthouse suite. I had never been in such a fancy hotel before and was in awe as I walked down the hallway seeing expensive paintings and other fancy artwork spread throughout.

Once we got into the room, I sat down on the bed and was quickly joined by the beautiful woman.

“So what should we do now?” I asked.

Emma looked at her phone before looking back at me with a sad face.

“I have to be at the studio to film a commercial in an hour. I’ve only got about ten minutes to spend with you,” she said.

I looked at her with a slight grin and rested my hand on her lap.

“I know something we could do in less than ten minutes,” I said before gently pushing her down on the bed and pulling her jeans down over her hips.

I grabbed at her red panties and pulled them down as well; giving me an up close and personal look at her beautiful pussy with a thin patch of red hair above her clitoris. She spread her arms wide at her side and moaned as my tongue pressed against her pink nub.

“Oh yes, right there,” she whispered as I flicked at it.

She squirmed and cooed as I rapidly attacked her twenty-four year old pussy. Within seconds, she went from mildly wet to gushing buckets around me. Never before had I seen a woman’s cunt become so moist so quickly.

“Faster, faster!” she yelled in that sexy deep voice of hers.

Her breathing increased and her body struggled to remain in her control. She was rocking her head back and forth against the sheets as her ass lifted off of the bed. I shoved my tongue deep inside her panicking pussy and brushed my nose against her clit. I lifted her up by the ass and slowly got back on my feet. I had her hips bent until they were directly over her heaving chest. She looked up at me with her deep blue eyes and gave me the look of a woman close to exploding in orgasm.

I pulled my face away from her cunt and quickly slammed two fingers into her. I pounded her as hard as could with my hand while she begged for more.

“Fuck…I’m so close… harder…fucking harder!” she screamed.

Emma closed her eyes and screamed as her pussy finally released the cum that was building up. She opened her eyes wide and stared at me, groaning and squeaking while her body convulsed. I never slowed down the thrusts that my hand was giving her and, as a result, felt her juices being forced out. I watched as several streams of her sweet nectar slid up her pussy until it was soaked up by her hoodie.

I roughly pulled my hand out of her and watched as her hips slammed onto the bed. She slowly shifted around the bed, randomly moaning for several seconds. Once her mind was fully cleared, she slowly sat up and stared at me with a huge smile on her face.

“Now I see why Taylor loves you so much. That was fantastic,” she said, still breathing heavily.

“Maybe we can do this again sometime?” I asked her as I wiped my hand off on the sheets.

“Of course…I’d be an idiot to say no,” she said as she stood up, her legs mildly shaking. “If your hand is that good, I can’t imagine how your big man would feel.”

Emma ran into the bathroom to wipe herself off. She came out and pulled her panties and pants back on before heading to the door. She turned around and motioned me over to her. I walked over to her and, before I could say anything, she grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me in for a deep kiss. We kissed for several seconds before she let me go.

“My pussy tastes good,” she said, licking her lips.

I gave her a quick smack on the ass before she exited the room and went on with her day. Even though I had a huge party planned for tomorrow, the only thing that was on my mind was Emma Stone and how badly I wanted to fuck her now.

After the brief yet intense session with Emma, along with the cross-country flight, I was exhausted and needed a nap. I lay down on the bed, which had a strong smell of her scent, and quickly fell asleep.

Several hours later, I woke up to a heavy knocking at the door. I sluggishly made my way to the door, hoping that Taylor had finally arrived. I rubbed my eyes and opened the door. I got a huge surprise when my eyes focused long enough to see straight.

“Remember me?” asked Demi Lovato as she stood in the doorway wearing a very short pink mini-skirt and a tight black tanktop.

“How could I not?” I responded, remembering our brief encounter several months ago.

It was back at Taylor’s concert during the weekend in which I met Carrie Underwood. I was sitting in the dressing room, waiting for the girls, masturbating and smoking some of Taylor’s prime stuff when Demi walked in. Without missing a step, she instantly dropped to her knees and gave me a fantastic blowjob before I ejaculated all over her face. She smoked some of the weed and left. A ten minute encounter at the most, but I definitely remembered it.

“So what are you doing here?” I asked her as she walked in the room.

“Taylor sent me. She wanted me to tell you that she would not see you until the big party tomorrow,” she explained. “She remembered that we had a brief meeting and thought that it would be a good idea to catch up.” She sat down on the bed and reached into her purse, pulling out a small bowl that resembled the one she smoked out of when we first met. “I can tell by your eyes that you’re plenty baked, so don’t mind me while I get that way too.”

I sat down on the chair near the bed and watched the lovely young brunette smoke away. She kept her legs spread wide, so I could easily see up her short skirt. I could also easily see that she did not like to wear underwear. I got a prime view of her clean shaven pussy which got my eight inch rod back to full attention.

“So, who’ve you been fucking in here?” she asked. “I can smell pussy all over this bed.”

“Technically I didn’t fuck anyone,” I explained. “I licked and fingered Emma Stone but she had to leave before I could go any farther.”

“Have you…you know, gone solo…since then?” she asked as she took her final hit from the pipe.

“Nope,” I said as I looked down at the large tent forming in my pants.

“Poor baby, it must be begging for some attention,” she said as she stood up and walked towards me.

“I think it does,” I responded as she pulled her skirt down to her ankles, stepped out of it and sat on my lap, facing me.

“I think I know a way to fix that,” she said as she pulled my shorts down enough to let my cock spring out. “I forgot how big and meaty your dick is.”

Demi leaned forward and kissed me, lifting herself off of my lap and positioning my cock under her. She broke the kiss and smiled at me before slowly lowering herself down on me. My cock easily slid into her moist cunt and within seconds, was fully inside of her. She closed her eyes and smiled as she felt her vaginal walls stretch around my thick member.

While she slowly bounced up and down on me, I grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled it off of her tanned body. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face into her b-cup chest. I licked the outline of her breasts as she started moving faster. I moved over and started to gently nibble on her nipple, causing her to squeal in excitement. I went back and forth between both of her breasts, biting and sucking on each rock hard pink bud.

After a few minutes, I pulled my face off of her and leaned back in the chair. She grasped onto my shoulders and lifted herself up higher, almost letting my cock slip out. She made sure that every bit of my cock rubbed against her pussy lips with each motion.

Demi eventually got up off of my cock and spun around before sitting back down on it. I lightly slapped her ass as she resumed riding me.

“Harder!” she screamed. “Slap me harder!”

I lifted my hand up high and smacked her shapely ass as hard as I could. I left distinct red hand prints across each cheek as I repeatedly smacked her harder and harder. Finally she grabbed my hand from behind her and whispered, “that’s good enough, my ass is really sore.”

“Sorry,” I responded as I grasped onto her hips and slowly took control of the fucking.

“I wasn’t complaining,” she said as she looked over her shoulder at me and smiled before closing her eyes and groaning.

Demi spun back around and faced me before grabbing my head and pulling me in for another kiss. While our lips were locked, I grabbed under her thighs and lifted her up until I was standing completely vertical. She wrapped her legs around my ass, never breaking the kiss and still bucking against me. I walked over until her back was flat against the door.

I fucked her harder, slamming her bare ass against the door and causing more noises of pure joy from the twenty year old singer. The sounds of her ass slapping against the door were music to my ears. But not as good of music as what I heard next.

Demi finally broke the kiss and let one hand go from behind my head. She pushed her head back against the door and arched her back until her chest was pressed heavily against mine. She ran her free hand into her hair and grabbed a ball of it before opening her eyes wide and screaming at the top of her lungs, “I’m cumming!”

I could feel the walls of her vagina convulsing and tugging at my cock as her orgasm took over. She locked her eyes on mine and made a very sexy face. She wrinkled her nose while her mouth was slightly open, letting out small moans of pleasure between each of her hard breaths. After a few seconds, her body fully relaxed and I was in full control. She was worn out from her orgasm.

I fucked Demi for about another minute before she asked if she could use her mouth to finish me off. I gently released her from against the door and let her slide down to her knees. She instantly took my soaking wet, throbbing cock into her mouth and sucked it just like she did months ago…hard and fast. I knew it would be only a few seconds before I would cum and give her another tasty treat…and then a knock came to the door.

Demi looked over at the door before looking up at me. She released my cock from her mouth and told me to answer the door. She started sucking me hard again as I opened the door.

“Hi baby!” said Carrie Underwood.

I said nothing as the joy of seeing Carrie again pushed me over the edge and, without warning, my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks and I filled Demi’s mouth with my warm sticky cum. She started choking and had to pull out, spitting a large glob on the floor before receiving every remaining shots on her beautiful face.

“A little warning next time Dan,” Demi said, getting Carrie’s attention.

The blonde peeked behind the door in time to see the last big shot of cum land under Demi’s eye. Carrie looked at me and smiled.

“I see that you two got to know each other a little more,” she said before sliding into the room and closing the door. “Let me help you out Demi.”

Carrie dropped to her knees and started slowly licking my cum off of Demi’s face. I stood in amazement watching her sensually clean the woman that I had just finished fucking. I had been in love with Carrie almost as much as I was with Taylor and it was so great to see her again, even if she was not now licking Demi’s tongue clean.

After swallowing every last bit of cum off of the younger girl’s face, Carrie looked down on the floor and saw the glob that Demi had spit up. She smiled at the girl before bending down and cleaning it off of the carpet. While she was bent over, I gave her tight ass a nice firm slap which caused her to giggle.

Once she was finished, the girls both stood up. Carrie gave me a kiss on the cheek while Demi got dressed.

“Long time, no see,” I told Carrie.

“I know. I’ve missed you so much,” she said, kissing me again.

“So, I’m guessing you are here for the party tomorrow,” I said as she nodded. “How about a little pre-party fun?”

“Sorry baby, I promised Taylor that I wouldn’t do anything with you until tomorrow…which Demi promised as well,” she said, giving the younger girl a fake angry look.

“Sorry,” she responded as she pulled her skirt back over her hips. “You got to fuck him before, I only got to blow him. I needed to know what the fuss was about.”

“It’s okay, we didn’t think you would be able to hold back anyway. Once you have a taste, you need to finish the whole meal.” She turned back to me, still smiling. “I just stopped by to say hi…and I got a nice little treat as well. I’ll leave you two alone and don’t forget, Taylor will be picking you up early in the morning for the party. Don’t use all your semen on Demi, the rest of us would like some too!”

Carrie kissed me and Demi both on the lips before leaving the room. I could not explain how excited I was for tomorrow.

“Well, I think I should get going,” Demi said as she ran a wet towel over her face to clean any residue of cum left over. “Taylor isn’t going to be happy that we fucked once, I don’t want to push my boundaries.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek. “See ya tomorrow stud.”

Demi flashed her ass at me one last time before leaving the hotel room. I sat down on the bed and flopped down. Between Demi, Emma and the flight…I needed a long rest before tomorrow, or as Taylor put it, “the best day of my life”. I smoked what was left in the bowl that Demi brought and passed out, ready for the big day.

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