Marshall Mathers, also known around the world as Eminem or Slim Shady, had just turned twenty-seven. His birthday had been exciting and filled with all the booze and drugs he could of ever dreamed of. Not that this was anything new for the young and upcoming celebrity.

With his mind racing thanks to coming down hard off a night of ecstasy and booze, he decided he needed to get away for just a little while. Where to was the only question. For some reason his mind fell back on his home town in 8 mile. The thought of going home made his stomach lurch in discomfort and yet for some strange reason there was a nagging in his mind to go. So he packed his bags and ordered a plane ticket out there without letting anyone know.

Eminem stepped off the plane and immediately got into his rental Mercedes. The bleached blonde man drove at a ridiculous speed all the way to his neighborhood. He slowed down to over look each run down house and he sighed heavily. It didn’t take long before he passed his own old home which was now vacant. He continued to drive until he was able to park a few blocks away. With it being five in the morning no one was out and the five block walk to his past home went smoothly with no one to spot him. Or so he thought.

As he broke into the house through the locked back door, he heard something. He froze and looked around but saw no one or anything to cause alarm.

“Probably a fuckin’ stray.” He mumbled.

Finally he managed to pick the lock and get inside. The electricity still worked to his surprise but he only turned on the kitchen light above the stove. He didn’t need people seeing lights inside the house and wondering what was going on.

Marshall explored his old home. He made his way to his old bedroom where he only turned on the closet light. He sat down on the old worn out single mattress. His muscled and tattooed arms rested limp in his lap. He sat for a moment before throwing the backpack off his back and onto the floor. He dove inside to extract a couple of pills of ecstasy. He grabbed two single shot shooters of vodka he got on the plane and chugged those down. He winced at the taste and the burning in his gut.

Laying on his back on the bed, his legs hung off. He waited for the pills to kick in. Less than forty minutes later his eyes were opening and his pupils had been enlarged. His body felt warm and he sat back up to remove the black T-shirt. He sat in nothing more than jeans and tight black boxer briefs. As soon as his shirt hit the floor, he heard something. Marshall froze and his muscles tensed.

“Who the fuck is it?” He yelled, leaning over to look out the bedroom door.

The footsteps continued so he stood.

“I said who the fuck are you!” He demanded again.

“Kati.” The feminine tone pronounced. It took Marshal back for he hadn’t expected to hear a woman’s soft and nurturing tone. His muscles unflexed, although his six pack abs remained hard and firm.

The woman who entered the room shocked Marshall. She was absolutely stunning. Her body was incredibly slender. Her eyes were a bright green and her hair naturally blonde. Her breasts were perky and protruded from a low cut and tight pink t-shirt. Her legs looked perfectly shaped and her crotch was hidden behind a short jean skirt. She was barefoot.

“Sorry. I saw you sneak in and I was just wondering what you were doing.” She explained. Her cheeks flushed pink.

“Oh. Uh, it’s all good. Care to join me?” Marshall inquired with a cocked brow. The drugs continued to swim in his veins. His mind was only in one place as he stared at the woman – sex.

“Yeah, I’d love to. You’re Marshall right? Eminem?” She asked as she sat down on the end of the bed.

“Yeah. Marshall works fine though.” He offered a sideways grin.

“Well it’s nice to meet you.” She said as she looked his body up and down. She couldn’t resist admiring the tattoos and the firm pecks and abs. She bit down into her lower lip just as she looked back up and they met eyes.

“You do pills?” Marshall asked.

Katie chuckled and nodded her head. Without another word he was grabbing two more pills of ecstasy from his bag and putting them in her hand.

“Enjoy.” He sneered.


The pills had kicked in finally and the two of them were feeling great. Their pupils large and their bodies warm, they laid together on the bed. Finally Kati got up slightly and rolled on top of him. Her lips pressed hard onto his, his tongue forced its way into her mouth. Their tongues moved together, sliding against one another and into each other’s mouths. Marhsall’s hand gripped one of her perky breasts causing Katie to moan in pleasure, eager for more.

Katie pulled back to rip her shirt off of her head. She went forward again, kissing now on his neck and biting occasionally. Marhsall unclipped her bra and ran his hands up and down her smooth back. He tugged himself away to remove his clothing and Katie copied. The two of them were there on the bed, nude and eager for some fun. Katie’s breasts were still perky and her nipples hard and erect. Marshall leaned forward to suck on each one.

Pulling away again he grabbed Katie and forced her onto the ground. Turned on completely she sneered up at him flirtatiously. Immediately she flipped onto all fours. Her round ass shaking side to side, looking back teasingly and wanting him inside her. Marshall had no problem with this and smiled back. He quickly got on the ground, rubbing his erect six inch cock. He stroked himself up and down his shaft as his eyes remained fixed on her ass shaking side to side. Her tiny asshole overly inviting.

Marshall bit down into his lower lip. He lined his cock’s smooth head against her wet pussy lips. He rubbed his head up and down upon her lips, flicking it over her swollen clit. Katie moaned. She was already wet, wanting him deep inside of her.

“Please.” She moaned as his cock kept teasingly rubbing against her pussy. She needed him. Now.

This pleased Marshall quite a bit and he slid his cock’s head in between her lips. She moaned quietly at first feeling her soaked cunt being stretched open by his rock hard dick. Her eyes closed and her jaw dropped to breathe from her mouth as he slid completely inside of her. His hands went to her hips and Eminem did not take any time to begin thrusting. In and out his cock slid within her pussy. She moaned louder now, gasping for air as she rocked back and forth. She felt the wood floor scratching into her knees but the pain was well welcomed.

Marshall groaned too but unexpectedly pulled out. Katie looked back confused. Was he finished?

“Don’t worry baby. I gotcha.” He winked at her, slapping the palm of his hand down onto her ass cheek. It wobbled and she yelped in pain and pleasure, smiling and turning her head away. What ever he had up his sleeve, she was ready and wanting.

His fingers slid over her pussy, scooping up her juices and sliding them across her tight little asshole. Katie kept smiling, now more excited than before. She bit down into her lip and reminded herself to be patient. She moaned as he rubbed her pink cunt for more of her natural juices and then rubbed them onto her tiny back hole. Soon the tip of his index poked inside. She felt her asshole welcomingly stretch open and she moaned.

“Yeah?” He questioned with a sneer.

His finger slid in and out faster now and Katie groaned loudly. Her eyes shut lightly as she moaned, thrusting her own ass back into his finger. Marshall could tell just how thrilled she was and this caused his dick to become in pain with desire.

Sliding his finger out of her tiny back hole he positioned himself. He grabbed his cock and pushed it against her ass hole. He pressed hard until it popped inside. Katie’s eyes shut tight now in pain as her asshole was stretched wide open for his cock. She felt him sliding in slowly but she knew the slowness would not last and she was right. Soon Marshal’s hips were thrusting back and forth. Katie’s body rocked back and forth with his motions as her asshole became red and in pain from his cock sliding within it. Her back hole was tight and warm, clenching around his dick. Katie was whimpering at first but soon his fingers found her clit. He rubbed it fast and hard while thrusting into her asshole. He even inserted a finger into her pussy, rubbing against his own cock on the other side.

Katie was screaming now in pleasure. Marshal smiled as he rocked their bodies back and forth. He looked to his side to see his empty pill bottle. He grabbed it and shoved it into her pussy. Katie screamed. Her pussy and ass hole were now stretched wide open. He thrusted the pill bottle in and out of her just as fast as he was pounding her back hole. But he couldn’t last much longer. He felt himself growing weak in the knees. He bit down into his lip, slowing down slightly trying to keep himself from cumming.

“I want you to..” Katie pasued to moan “cum baby. Cum deep inside of..” Another moan and scream, “inside of me.”

Marshall nodded his head, breathing rougher now and groaning with her screams. He closed his eyes and quickened his pace up again. Her asshole still clenched around his cock as she shot his load inside of her. He dropped the pill bottle onto the floor and grabbed her hips with both hands. He felt her back onto him, gasping for air as he came. Katie remained still, letting him have his release. She glanced back at him with a flirtatious sneer.

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