There we sat in the hot tub. Facing Joey, who was sitting on the stairs, I was very aware that we were both naked under the bubbles of water. To my left was Kristi, and opposite here was Pandora — both of them were wearing only their bikini tops.

Our game of truth-or-dare had changed now into something more. We were all well in our cups, as they say, and didn’t seem to be questioning where things were going. I was nervous though; this was only the 2nd ‘real’ party I’d been to, and here I was naked again — and loving it.

I’d just stood up, baring my breasts to a guy to keep up with my friends, having promised to do anything they did.

Joey sat there, trying even harder to not look like he was trying to see our nude forms under the surface of the water. I admit that I was trying to see his naked bits through the turbulent water.

Joey, at that point, smirked at me, and turned around, leaned out over the edge of the hot tub and grabbed his dropped bathing suit. We were treated to a view of his pale ass — it was so cute — and all started to giggle.

As he sat back down and started wiggling into his bathing suit again, Joey made a coughing noise and looked at us, “Well, I thought the game was now one copycat.”

We all realized he meant we should get our bathing suits back. Pandora immediately copied Joey’s actions, and I admit I enjoyed looking at her round bottom, and what was peeking out between her legs, as she stretched out to grab her bathing suit bottoms. She winked at Joey as she sat back down, and he giggled a bit. Kristi took a moment and did the same, and I saw Pandora’s eyes fix in place for a few moments. I envied Pandora her view.

Then they were all looking at me. And smiling. And I realized that I’d thrown my one-piece suit too hard when I’d copied them and it had fallen off the deck to the grass below.

“Would one of you mind getting me my suit or passing me a towel, please?” I hoped they’d refuse at the same time as dreading it.

They all looked at me. And smiled.

And I said, “Fine,” stood up my small breasts and lustfully-hardened nipples jutting forward. I walked across the few feet of the hot-tub toward Joey up the stairs he was sitting on. His eyes were locked on my breasts, his mouth slightly open, and he seemed to be holding his breath. And then I felt a leg from my righ.

I tripped over Pandora’s leg and fell right onto Joey. Thank you Kristi! I being in the water, it wasn’t a hard fall, but it did startle me. I ended up sitting on his lap with my breasts above the water line just a few inches from his face and his arms around me having reached out to catch me.

Kristi and Pandora were silent for a moment then started laughing as though this was the funniest thing in the world. I looked down, unable to meet Joey’s eyes — not only from embarrassment, but also because he was staring at my breasts. And I loved it.

We sat there for a few seconds ignoring the laughter until her looked up at me with a sheepish look on his face realizing he’d been caught. “Sorry, here.” He released me from his arms and let me stand up. I stood up, regretfully, having only just realized at I was feeling something hard developing under my ass. I stood up as gracefully as I could and walked up the stairs, not even realizing until he gasped, that my shaved nether regions had emerged right beside where he sat. I quickly mounted the stairs and walked across the deck to the railing. I heard, “She’s drunk, should we help her?” from Joey.

“No. She made an agreement and she’s sticking with it. And it’s not a big deal with just us here. She’s safe.” Gee, thanks Kristi.

“Yeah, and she’s so cute.” Gee, thanks Pandora.

I was glowing in their compliments, in the risk, the exposure, the daring. I walked away from them and down the stairs, not looking over my shoulder lest I change my mind. I reached the bottom, stepping carefully onto the cold and wet grass. I knew my suit had to be right below the edge of the deck and I found it soon enough. It was ice cold, having been wet when I tossed it into the night. I was going to put it on before going back upstairs, imagining how it would look against my chilled skin, goose bumps and hard nipples. Then I thought about how they already were drunk, presumed I was drunk, and anything stupid I did could be explained by alcohol if later held against me.

I walked up the stairs holding the suit. As I reached the top and turned toward them, I was greeted with three pair of eyes staring right at me. I knew my small breasts were perky and looked good, and hoped that my shaved pussy was a good looking one. It’s funny the insecurities that go through your mind when you’re only eighteen. Joey definitely didn’t care, drinking up the sight of my naked form, nearly six feet of only naked skin but for my red hair. I was glad that they expected my to be dripping from the water, and hoped it would cover for my, um, wetness for other reasons.

I may have added an extra sway to my step, trying to appear a bit more drunk; this was only to give me the excuse of falling against Joey again as I walked past him down the stairs. I let my hand clasp his wet shoulder to steady myself, and made sure to run my hip against his shoulder. His fingers traced along my calf in a way that sent shivers through my body. “See, I told you I can do anything you can do,” was my drunk statement as I stood there getting into my bathing suit again. I squirmed my way into it, and felt a bit of relief at being covered again, albeit only by a skin tight sheath of fabric without lining.

I sat down, a smug look on my face. I was greeted with a big smile on Joey’s face as he looked me in the eyes. “I wish I had a camera. But I know you’d never pose for photos.”

Pandora was quick to suggest we go inside to dry off and continue our games and party. Kristi responded with, “Sounds good — and do any of you want to smoke something my brothers gave me?”

The four of us exited the tub, and I took pleasure in noticing something pushing out Joey’s trunks. I was embarrassed when he caught me looking at him, but so was he, as he mumbled, “Sorry,” as though it was his fault and would offend me. It was cute has he turned away to try to hide it while wrapping himself in a towel.

We worked together to cover the hot tub, and Joey, Pandora, and I stood talking while Kristi went to get a joint from the Altoids tin her brothers had given her for Christmas. It was mostly Pandora and Joey talking, as I thought about what had transpired so far tonight and how fair I’d exceeded my boundaries. They teased me a bit about my walk across the deck, asking why I didn’t get dressed below. It was only in jest, and they agreed in the way only a drunk can agree, that I was right to put my suit on in the hot tub because it was how they did it. It was making sense to me to.

Kristi returned and over the next few minutes we passed around a joint. There was much coughing by Joey and I who had never smoked anything before, but by the end I realized that I was high and drunk for the first time in my life.

We went inside to the family room of the house, having gathered more drinks on the way. We were still in our suits and towels and I enjoyed watching Joey’s back move as he walked in front of me. I surprised myself by letting out a little growl when Pandora traced her fingers down my bare back to the top of the towel. The touch was so vibrant and I realized I desired more.

It was Pandora who suggested changing out of the wet clothes, and we all left our drinks to go change. Joey went to the downstairs bathroom to change, while we three girls went back up to Kristi’s room. I was surprised by Pandora pinching my bottom as we walked up the stairs, and streaked a few times as she did it. I loved her touching me.

In Kristi’s room, we all stripped, and toweled dry. Kristi asked, “Hey, do you want to stay over?” And we both confirmed that we would do so. Kristi offered Pandora some PJ’s to wear, but Pandora had brought her own, just in case everyone drank too much. I looked at Kristi as she pulled on some flannel pajama bottoms over her naked skin, and pulled on a cozy hoody over her naked torso. Her nipples poked through it enticingly, and I turned away to look at Pandora before anyone noticed my stare.

Pandora had pulled out and quickly finished pulling on some flannel pajama bottoms herself along with a matching top. They both said how cute the other’s outfits were, and I concurred. They both looked at me then, and Pandora started to ask why I wasn’t getting dressed.

I realized I hadn’t even thought about it, being distracted watching both of them dress. I looked around for my clothes at that point, and realized quickly they were nowhere to be seen. Kristi went, “Oh no, I must have gathered them up with my laundry on my last drink run…but anyway, it’s up to me to decide what you should wear.”

“But…” I wasn’t sure what to say, so I stopped and composed myself, “…please be nice.”

Pandora liked my ‘birthday suit’ and that set both of them giggling as I begged them drunkenly to be kind and not make me do that, as though it was an option. Kristi stopped giggling long enough to say, “Joey wouldn’t mind would he?”

Pandora laughed back, “Well, would any of us?” “Please, I’ll wear anything.” The fact that there were towels on the floor and bathing suits didn’t even come up. I wasn’t about to bring it up.

Kristi finally went over to her large walk-in closet and started looking through her clothes. I was fairly certain she wouldn’t make me go out naked, but I secretly hoped she’d return with a scarf and baseball cap or something. I loved this exposure so far tonight and longed for my embarrassment at the hands of my friends. And for Joey to see it. And to see Joey and talk to him and be with him more. I think I realized then how truly smitten I was.

Pandora walked up behind me, still giggling, and wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled herself close. I liked the scratchy feeling of her fabric top against my bare back. She said, “I like the brave you.” I snuggled against her, forgetting my shyness, and luxuriated in the warmth and tactile sensations. She let go after a ten seconds or so, to my disappointment, and sat down on the bed to, “..watch the show.”

When Kristi emerged she had a corset and matching panties in her hands, which started me shrieking in a funny, fearful way again while both of them started laughing again. When she returned to her closet with more laughter, I let myself breath again, enjoying the feeling of standing here naked and so vulnerable and in someone else’s control. Kristi emerged next with a pair of stockings and a cut-off t-shirt than ended would have been well above my bell-button if I put it on; that was it. She handed them to me and revelled in my bulging eyes as I imagined myself walking downstairs and spending an evening with Joey wearing a t-shirt that barely covered my breasts and black stockings that would probably only go half-way up my thighs. I squirmed and pressed my legs together as I considered that visual.

Pandora laughed, “You’re so cruel, I love it.” Which set them both laughing again, and I joined in as Kristi took back the stockings and pulled a pair of light nylon running shorts out from behind her back. She handed them to me and said, “This is what I want you to wear tonight. It’s something someone might wear to sleep in, and Joey won’t know the difference. And it’s my decision, and this is a good time to push yourself.”

I looked down at the light-weight shorts I now held in one hand, and the t-shirt I held in the other. I shrugged, and said, “I’ll take it. Thank you for not making me go out there bare naked.” I said it with a slur and it came out implying that I would have done that if she’d insisted.

Pandora commented to Kristi as I pulled the clothes on, “I love this girl.”

We walked downstairs in our — well, they in their pajamas, and me in a pair of nylon running shorts with slits up each side to the waistline, and a small yellow t-shirt that came down just to half-way between my belly button and breasts. I was tingling in excitement and noticing every sensation as the fabric moved against my skin, as the wind touched the skin still bare. Joey waited for us in the living room, dressed in his full ensemble. He looked at us with a curious smile as we joined him and asked, “Um, I guess I should get going if you guys are ready for bed. You’re obviously staying, Pandora?” He seemed disappointed.

I blurted out, “No! Stayyyy, we decided we should all crash here and have a slumber party. You can stay, right?” I was shocked at my verbal brazenness, but pleased when he quickly agreed to remain. Later I realized that I was much more drunk than I thought.

We got setup around the coffee table. Kristi sat at one end on a cushy chair while Joey sat on the floor opposite the couch Pandora and I were on. I was self-conscious about the short t-shirt and shorts, but this was soon forgotten as the pot took hold more fully and blended with the alcohol we continued to consume.

Pandora brought things back to our earlier game, “So I think it was my turn I have my camera here, and I think that we should each take a nude picture of ourselves. And yes, I’ll go first. Are all of you brave enough to do that? Or will you all be taking off a piece of clothing?”

“Wait, something isn’t right. Fair, really. Joey, you’re wearing two much. I think he should have to be wearing two thing just like us. Now Joey, I’m ok if those two things are your socks, but I’ll let you decide.”

Joey considered what he’d miss, I presume, and quickly stood up and took off his socks, shirt, and jeans, which left him standing there in some patterned boxers and a thin white undershirt. He looked so cute and I remember wanting to just go look at him closely, explore with my hands, smell, taste….I was in a state where I wanted to experience.

Joey’s strip brought us back to laughing in a silly way and saying and laughing more at more silly thing.

Pandora got up, wandered toward the downstairs bathroom, and was gone a few minutes. The three of us were fairly quite except for small giggles we’d let out as we waited for her. She was gone a few minutes, but returned a bit red in the face and the query, “Who’s next?”

Kristi reached out, “So we have to be totally naked?”


Kristi then vanished, but returned quicker than Pandora did.

I was getting nervous, though, I suddenly realized, there were already several naked photos of me out there — there were on my phone and home computer. I decided that I trusted Pandora, and when Kristi returned, I reached out my hand, stood up and went in to the bathroom.

I’d seen these self-shot photographs, and I quickly stripped down to the clothes I was born in. I decided to just get things over with, stood with my legs apart and back to the mirror over the bathroom counter. I pointed the camera over my shoulder and took a photo, reasoning that all anyone would see was a redhead, her naked back and ass and upper legs. I quickly dressed in my borrowed nightwear and went out and handed the camera to Joey.

He seemed nervous, but took the camera, walking toward the bathroom. He was back fairly quickly, his face red, and handed the camera to Pandora. “I have the same camera,” said Kristi, rising and returning shortly with a cable to which she connected the camera to the tv.

“Wait, we’re going to view them up there on that huge screen?” Pandora was smiling, “I like that idea. The little screen won’t do the photos justice, I’m sure. I can’t wait to see them.”

A few remote controls and button presses later, We were all squished on the couch and stairing at the tv as Pandora moved through photos she already had on the camera. They were photos of people at school, some flowers, and her family. Then She was up on the screen, totally nude, obviously, but covering her breasts, well the nipples at least, and between her legs with her arms and hands. “Wait, you’re covering yourself,” I said, as thought she’d breached a serious rule.

“Nobody said you couldn’t cover yourself, “she started snickering,” I can’t wait to see your photo now, Susan.”

Joey spoke up, “Neither can I,” blushed and looked down, moving a small pillow over his lap for some reason. “I mean to see all the photos.”

Kristi his the next key and her picture came up. She had crouched on the edge of the cabinet, and wrapped her arms around her knees while taking the photo. It was, again, obvious she was nude, but you could, really, only see the curve of her ass from the side.

Pandora said, “Hey, I never noticed the mirror on the other wall in there. Look,you can see the other side of you in the background.” We all looked, and sure enough, the mirror showed Kristi’s other side, baring more of the side of her breast since that was the side of the hand holding the camera. I started to realize that I’d shown more than I expected.

They flicked back to Pandora’s shot and sure enough, her curvy tush was visible in the mirror reflected in main mirror’s reflection. We all laughed, but mine was a bit more nervous as I wondered what I may have actually recorded. It seemed to take forever as they moved forward again past Kristi’s photo to the one of me.

I felt myself sinking into the couch as the floor dropped out from under my stomach. The picture had worked out as I expected, except for the fact that the reflection from the 2nd mirror clearly showed my face, my tongue between my teeth and parted lips, my breasts, and from my mid thighs up — and yes, my pussy was clearly visible. I was red, and mortified, and hid my hands in my face. This also covered for the shivers of pleasure running through me as I realized Joey was staring at me on the screen.

“Wow,” was Joey’s contribution at first. Then Kristi started giggling. And Pandora said, “That’s one for the wall.”

They teased me for a few minutes, the girls I mean, as the photo stayed up on the screen. When I finally looked up and at the people around me, I saw the Kristi smiling at me in a coy way, Pandora looking between me and the screen, and Joey looking at the screen as though he was trying to memorize it.

Then they pushed the button and Joey’s naked body had replaced mine and the large T.V. His self-portrait was more artistically posed that mine. He’d started out standing as I had, and had twisted back at the waist to look at the mirror above the sink as he took the image. He also had the problem I had in that the front of him was reflected clearly.

It was my turn to look, his to be nervous. His cock, something I’d never really looked at in this way before — the big screen — was a nice size to my inexperienced eyes. It hung down ten centimetres or so, and looked a bit purple and swollen. His testicles hung down behind it reminding me of pink Kiwis. I looked back and forth between his cock and ass in the picture, and up at his red face on the screen. “Wow,” was what I said without thinking.

“You look good buddy,” Pandora said with a punch to his shoulder, and Kristi agreed with a murmer.

“Um, thanks. I’m really embarrassed right now. Sorry.” Joey seemed to think we might be upset.

Kristi responded, “Don’t be silly. You, Susan, we all look fantastic. Pandora, can you email me those pictures later? Send them to all of us.”




Pandora’s was the last response, and you know which ones belonged to Joey and I.

“Can we all at least promise to show any of them to anyone?” Quick agreement was the answer to my drunken plea, and I followed with, “OK, I trust you all.” I was blushing, wondering if agreeing was wrong, but excited at the prospect of Joey looking at that photo of me.

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