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“Oh, hey! Believe it or not, you’re our millionth customer to purchase this game!”

A cheery voice echoed through the spacious, though messy, room that could only belong to a girl in college.

“You’re not kidding?”

A second voice responded to the first, though this one was more out of curiosity than surprise.

The first voice spoke again, though out of annoyance, “Yea, that’s what the clerk said when I bought this. Really, I was only buying a gift for my cousin’s birthday since he said he really wanted this game.”

“You’re cousin? Isn’t that that Martin person that carries around that camera at those family reunions you brought me to? He’s funny!” The second voice laughed as it reminisced.

“Hailey… Please shut up, I know you think he’s cute an all, but PLEASE! Keep it in your pants.” The first voice was now visibly annoyed.

Hailey only laughed some more and took it in stride, “Oh come on, I obviously don’t think of him that way, he’s too young in the first place… But he is just so cute! Still is, how old is he anyways, Glasie?

Glasie rolled her eyes and honestly replied, “When you first saw him, I think he was eleven. Though I believe he is now sixteen. Still, he really wanted this game, but he said that his parents wouldn’t let him buy it as it is rated eighteen plus. Though he somehow managed to get them to let him have the game if someone bought it for him.”

Hailey took the said game and surveyed it with squinting eyes, “Let’s see here… So this game is called ‘Rebellions’… I wonder why? And because you were the millionth buyer, you got two copies of this game?”

Glasie shrugged, “Yea, I went up to the clerk with a copy of the game and that’s what he said. I went to that really popular electronics place so I guess there were a lot of people buying this game, it seems really popular too, this ‘Rebellions’ game. I’ve seen commercials and everything advertising this as the next big game in virtual reality. Also, because I was the millionth, I was given a free ‘Red Set’ VR player.” Glasie forced a smile at the end of her words. In all honesty, she really wanted a VR player, though she didn’t have nearly enough money to afford one, culinary school isn’t cheap after all.

Hailey frowned mockingly, “Awwww, you’re so lucky… Those VR sets are super expensive! The cheapest one doesn’t even go past eight hundred dollars. Yet you get one for free! THERE IS NO JUSTICE!!!” In her mock despair, Hailey slammed her hands down on Glasie’s shoulders.

Glasie laughed while pushing Hailey’s hands off, “Cut out the noise, you’ll scare the kids!”

“You still refer to these icky rat things as kids?”

“Hey! Sock and Kitty are not rats! They are cute and friendly ferrets!” Moped Glasie as she stroked her hand across her pet ferret, Sock, who happened to be dashing by.

Glasie loved cute animals, especially ferrets since she first saw them in a pet store when she was six. Ever since then, she pleaded and begged her parents for one, though it never came to her. And since she moved out, her first non-college splurge was on those two ferrets and various objects which one needed to take care of such an animal. Admittedly, it was an extremely stupid purchase, though Glasie never once regretted it and had come to love her pet ferrets quite a bit.

With the topic going off course even more, Hailey said, “Shouldn’t those rats be bad in your place? I mean, you’ve got tons of decorative glassware, wouldn’t they destroy them?”

Glasie picked up Kitty who was sniffing the bag which Glasie had carried the two copies of ‘Rebellions’ in and answered, “Nope! They only run on the floor and furniture, they, for some reason, are quite gentle around the glass. Maybe they know how much I love them and glass and play nice around the fragile glass?

Glasie also owned a collection of various glass objects. One would think that such a collection would be expensive to maintain and add to, but it was the opposite, as all the glassware she obtained was either donated or given to her, or she paid for it cheaply at various garage sales.

The two friends conversed some more about random topics until Hailey glanced at a nearby clock and suddenly looked rather frantic. “Ah! I should leave like right now. Almost twenty minutes for my job. Still, you have fun with your shiny VR system and game; I’ll come over some other time. See you at school!”

As Hailey grabbed her belongings and put on her coat to brush off the strangely cold spring, Glasie snuck behind her and held Kitty at head’s height in order to scare her good friend. Glasie found it immensely entertaining to scare Hailey with her pets, much to Hailey’s chagrin. Hailey looked behind and freaked out for several seconds at the sight of the ferret’s face at point blank range, panting heavily after. She, in good fun, menacingly pointed a finger at Glasie and left the door out of the apartment building.

“Good girl, Kitty. Ok then…” Silence then permeated the abnormally spacious apartment. The pitter-patter of the ferret’s feet as it traversed between the hard floor to the carpeted areas was quite relaxing to Glasie, almost like her beloved rainy days.

Unlike most people, Glasie adored rainy days; she didn’t even when for weeks straight did it rain.

Glasie grabbed a tube of wrapping paper in and proceeded to wrap Martin’s gift tightly. When she was satisfied, she moved herself to a couch and stared at the ‘Red Set’ VR system. All her life, Glasie had never played a single game. Sure she watched her friends and relatives play quite a few of them, and she was very interested in them as well, but she never wanted to actually play one. Her main excuse was that pushing buttons and moving analog sticks did nothing to improve upon a person’s skills. Yet ever since the invention of the VR system several years ago, the gaming industry traveled straight into a cyclone of strangeness.

Companies went broke and bailed out, while some made quite the profit. The introduction of a convenient and easy to use VR system proved quite unpredictable to the economy. Though eventually, and very recently, the markets became relatively quite. At least until the introduction of the game ‘Rebellions’.

Calling itself the most advanced VR game in existence, it undoubtedly turned many people’s heads. The developers, who belonged to a company named ‘SonataCraft’, let many testers and ordinary gamers play the game for a small, but enticing, while. And their reviews of the game were astonishingly positive. It was as if every VR game created so far could be flushed down the toilet in order to make way for ‘Rebellions’. It was the first working VRMMO. It had graphics that equaled reality, and a fighting system that couldn’t be improved on in any way. Thus those who paid attention were obviously interested in buying the game and flocked to the game stores to camp out and buy the first copies of the game.

Even though the game had only been out for barely more than a week, more than several hundred thousand copies had been sold. And when three weeks passed, around a nine hundred thousand million copies had been sold. It was only recently that it reached one million copies sold, with Glasie apparently being the one-millionth buyer of this game. And even then, there were basically no negative comments to be had about the game. Of course there were those who insulted the game out of spite or those who were doing everything in their power to find fault in the game, but they were largely ignored.

Yet one colony of complaints originated around some of the game’s features. These complaints were the loudest and were what gravitated the entire anti-VR groups to keep going. It focused on two things, first was the nudity and sex, and the other was the pain. Though courts disallowed these complaints as ‘SonataCraft’ made it expressly clear that the game was eighteen plus and that such features existed. They made sure that every player was warned several times over by the features in order to stop too many misunderstandings. In the game’s manual, there were apparently a number of procedures one had to follow when playing the game, though few bothered to follow them.

Glasie lived in one of the largest populated cities of her country, and thus the biggest retail electronics store was finding it quite difficult to keep its shelves of ‘Rebellions’ stocked. Though Glasie had managed to persevere and acquire not one, but two copies of the game due to her position of being the one-millionth buyer.

As Glasie mulled the day over, she found herself somewhat aroused. Mainly due to the stress of being in such a crowded store, Glasie found herself wanting to remove the stress she acquired. Being one to hate being steady with one person at her young age, Glasie never held a steady boyfriend in her life, though she had been with several partners, of both persuasion, when it came to bed. She considered herself bi, though she also considered herself straight romantically.

Still, that wouldn’t stop Glasie from the occasional masturbation session to relieve herself. And because of those needs, she bought herself a small range of toys.

Moving to her bedroom, Glasie perused her collection of toys, while rubbing her somewhat damp snatch inside her panties, and procured two items. One was a ridged, purple vibrator; the other was twenty-two centimeter hard dildo.

Placing the two toys on her bed, Glasie proceeded to remove her clothes, first was her tank top and bra and second was her jeans and panties. She pushed and teased her endowed chest, which contained a healthy C cup set pair of tits. When it came to sex appeal, Glasie knew how to pull it off, though she rarely tried and thus looked rather plain to most people’s eyes.

Keeping one hand on her breasts, Glasie rolled and played with her hardening nipples. The other hand slowly snaked its way down to her pussy and tickled the tip of her clitoris. Shivering from the contact of her own fingers, Glasie moaned audibly and proceeded to stimulate herself to her first orgasm. Glasie was quite pleased with her ability to quickly come to a climax, and not a weak one, but generally an exceptionally powerful and pleasing climax.

Glasie pulled both of her nipples forward firmly and pleasurably. She rubbed circles around her areolas and squashed her bust together. She squeezed her tits tightly together, causing the nipples to rub against each other and cause the hot sensations to race towards her head. Glasie moved one of her hands back towards her pussy and proceeded to once again tease her clitoris. Though after several minutes of this attention, Glasie couldn’t resist placing two of her thicker fingers at the entrance of her pussy and slowly but surely push them in.

After several cute mewls, Glasie found herself not satisfied with being gentle, and without hesitation, she thrust her fingers in as deep as possible. That did it, as her moaned wildly at her impending orgasm. Waves of pleasure throbbed around her body and up towards her brain, frying what rationality she had for the time being.

Glasie, to stifle the noise, moaned face down into a pillow and continued to thrust her fingers in and out of her wet folds at a practically exponential rate. Yet why stop there?

Utilizing her free hand, Glasie grabbed the vibrator and moved it towards the back of her butt. Continuing her rampant, though slowed down, thrusting of her fingers, Glasie rubbed the vibrator between the cheeks of her butt, she also coated the toy with the juices from her snatch. With several deeps breaths, Glasie teased and prodded the tight entrance of her butt with the tip of her purple vibrator. She removed the hand at her nether folds and placed it on the dildo, which she would take advantage of soon, in preparation. And on the count of three, Glasie abruptly shoved the vibrating toy into her ass with great jubilation.

Immediately switching it onto a medium setting, Glasie found herself unable to stay quiet and let out a long, constant moan into the pillow. She thrust the vibrator in and out of her ass several times, savoring the exceptional sensation from the vibrations. Yet Glasie didn’t stop there, as she had one more toy to pleasure herself with.

Like with the vibrator, Glasie coated every centimeter of the dildo and inserted several centimeters of the toy into her pussy that was still enjoying the feeling of her fingers.

With a tight grip on both toys, Glasie forced herself into a fetal position on her bed and proceeded to thrust them both into her tight holes simultaneously. She could help but receive another rapturous orgasm from the delicious sensations. Her eyes widened and her mouth gaped open at the sudden wave of pleasure entering the depths of her clouded, erotic mind.

With the tumult of a crowd, Glasie climaxed twice more at the hands of her toys. Trying various positions that normally would have her sandwiched between two guys. She even pulled out the dildo on several occasions and lustfully tasted her own juices, savoring the sweet taste of her essence in her mouth.

Yet she eventually grew tired and found herself drifting off to a blissful sleep. Interrupting proceedings, Glasie removed the toys and wrapped them in a cloth and deposited them back into the drawer she kept them before succumbing to the allure of dreamland.


Two days passed, and since then, Glasie handed off the gift wrapped game to her cousin Martin’s vexed parents. Though they were appreciative of the thought of their niece giving their son a gift for his birthday, they admonished the fact that it was THAT gift in particular. Still, Martin was exceptionally happy, giving his cousin a rare hug.

Glasie enjoyed the cake and time with family that she rarely found time for. In reality, she had plenty of time to visit family, though she made many excuses in order to avoid overexposure to her family. Yet when she did visit, she enjoyed her time.

Two days had passed, and Glasie had yet to find herself touching the VR system in her apartment. Two days she had spent a majority of her time staring at the system and game, curious about them in general. Two days it took before Glasie finally felt motivated to actually plug in the VR system and try out the game.

“Huh… The ‘Red Set’ VR system is a top of the line product with various features that we will explain here… Blah blah blah. Hmmm, I plug this here and that there and this anywhere and I’m done. Oh joy!” Declared Glasie sarcastically.

A VR system is resembles a sort of closed visor helmet that one would find in a medieval movie or renaissance fair. A carbon-fiber frame covers the majority of the head to provide protection in case of something randomly falling on your head. It has a translucent visor that connects from both sides of the frame and covers every centimeter of your vision. Several small wires with pads attached to it dangled down, which connected to a user’s cheeks, those put the user into a sort of sleep before the user can actually delve into VR. Another set of smaller wires and pads attached to a person’s forehead, which apparently stimulated the brain’s amino acid levels or something that Glasie couldn’t understand. A panel on the underside of the helmet frame was found to be able to slide off to the side, which unveiled several intimidating looking needles that barely reached a width of several hairs. This was reported to be one of the more dangerous parts of the VR system, though it was needed to transmit various sensations of all types, be it temperature, movement, sight, tastes, smells, noises, emotions, and even pain and pleasure. Though it was harmless if one put on the helmet right, and there were sensors to tell a user if they had put on the helmet on right, and it would not activate until the user did.

Glasie prided herself on the fact that she was scared of very few things, at least in the mundane world. She began to be even more curious on what she would discover in a world created from virtual reality. Just what could she find and believe in the world of ‘Rebellions’.

Glasie inserted a power cell into the VR system. In order to run, a VR system needed a stable power source which could come from a power cell or an outlet, yet it was said that it be better if it had both sources. She plugged the VR system into an outlet of her bedroom. She noticed that a single power cell could last for twenty-four hours, which may not seem all that long, but was quite an exceptional amount of time due to the power needed to run a portable VR system.

Glasie perused the back of the box containing ‘Rebellions.’

[Enter and explore a frightening and exciting world that can only end when your imagination runs out!]

[Feel the full weight of the sensations you feel in everyday life in the world of Rebellions!]

[Choose from three sets of races and the sub races within those: The humans! The Elves! And the Beast Races!]

[Create a character of any race that resembles you and decide what to do from that point!]

[Form groups up to seven and guilds of infinite size in order to interact with the friends or your life and the ones you make in here!]

[Fight in exciting battles that can train your reflexes and wit to mysterious levels!]

[Formulate important strategies to combat other players or creatures that require guile, deceit, and deception!]

[Enjoy a class and leveling system that allows you to take advantage of any spell or weapon combination you wish!]

[Interact with the flora and fauna of seven different continents that base off of Earth's continents!]

[After all... There really is no telling what you can find in a world that is within your mind!]

“Really… They sure know how to entice you.” Admitted Glasie. She wanted even more to try out the game now that she read the basic description of the game.

Just how many different kinds of creatures could be in here? How many cute ones? Will there be any ferrets? Why is it called ‘Rebellions’? Just what in the world is it that attracts everyone to this game?

These questions raced through Glasie’s head, with it centered mainly on questions relating to the mystery of why is a virtual world so enticing. Still, one can’t find out without at least trying it out first.

Glasie placed the VR system on her head, taking two long minutes to find a comfortable position that was deemed safe by the system for use. She lay down on the bed, with the pillow under the carbon fiber frame helmet. To keep herself warm, Glasie placed a thin sheet on her body. Assuming the required position, Glasie kept her legs straight and her arms right next to her torso.

The visor had several lights flinging around, which Glasie controlled with her eyes. Technology nowadays allowed people to controls various actions with the movements of their eyes, though it was somewhat finicky and expensive. Still, Glasie opened the window that led to the ‘Rebellions’ game start up. With three blinks, Glasie soon found herself falling asleep, due to the pads on her cheeks, with her eyes drifting off towards darkness.

As she fell asleep, the panel slid off to the side and painlessly inserted the thin needles into her head, bypassing the skull and effectively situating into the parts of the brain each needle was responsible for.

And the game begins.


“Hello and welcome newcomer to ‘Rebellions’!”

An annoying mix of cheerfulness and monotone voice forced Glasie to open her eyes. She was standing up in a void of glittering blue, red, and green.

“My name is Aria, and I am computed moderator that will help you through the process of creating a character and delving into the game.”

Aria huh?

“But first, let me warn you about the game. All of the sensations that people feel in life are effectively translated into this reality. Basically, our warning is that you will feel the pleasant along with the very unpleasant sensations that we feel in everyday life, AKA pain.”

That doesn’t sound good.

“You will feel the pain you experience in combat or various mishaps and the sensation will be transferred to your brain. Though please understand that this pain is not real, as your body in real life will not be receiving any actual wounds, only the sensations. Also, for psychological safety reasons, the pain that transferred to your mind will be no where near as extreme if one encountered the injuries in this game in real life.”

Then I’ll have to be extra careful.

“We wanted to emphasize planning and caution. As people, who play games where there is no severe penalty, often find themselves throwing caution to the wind and going into a practically suicidal state to accomplish their goals in the game.”

I sure won’t.

“Also, prolonged exposure to any VR game, may give unwanted symptoms to a player that causes them to see certain things in the game in real life. Otherwise known as ‘Reality Break’. We encourage you to keep game sessions to less than seven hours. Though cannot force you to stop or keep going. ‘Reality Break’ should only occur in those who play the game almost 24/7.”

I can do that, as I still have school and work to go to.

“Now that the warnings are done with, let me now help you through the character creation process!”

Right, there were three sets of races…

“There are three sets of races: the Humans, the Elves, and the beast races. The Human races include the Humans obviously, the Dwarves, the Half Elves, and the Tieflings.”

Being a human seems rather boring, why play a game like this if you’re going to be what you already are?

“The Elven races include the High Elves, the Dark Elves or Drow, the Undine, and the Orcs or Barbarian Elves.”

Eh? Orcs are elves? Well, ok.

“And the beast races include the Wolfkin, the Catfolk, the Hawkmen, and the Changelings.”

Oooooh, those sound fun… But I don’t want fur or feathers. Eh, wait a second.

Glasie then spoke to the computed moderator, “Why can I only see myself as a female?”

The computed moderator answered the question effortlessly, “In order to keep serve populations and guild fluctuations and other such things to a minimum, we only allow one character to each player. They may delete the character at any time and start anew, though all their progress will be lost. Also, we only allow a player to be a character of their gender, so as to stop certain misunderstandings.”

That seems sensible, but that’s also stupid at the same time. Glasie made her opinion known, “I though we’re supposed to create the character we want? Why can’t I be male?”

Aria continued her emotionless voice, not once wavering in her words and said coldly, “Your request to play a character opposite of your gender is being processed to the game developers and moderators, please wait several seconds while you are given an answer.”

Glasie was confused, was playing a male character that much of a problem? While initially she was just curious, wondering why was it that you could only a play a character that is your gender, though after mulling it over for several minutes, she was increasingly attracted to the idea of playing a whole different persona who even was a different gender. It was not like her entire game experience rested on being one gender, though she realized that how she interacted with other players, be they male or female, their reactions towards her would differ depending on her gender.

Aria soon came back to life as her answer was given, “Your request to play a male has been processed and accepted.”

Glasie was surprised, though she was slightly happy at the response, “Really? So cool, I can kick some ass with my manly visage at night and be the beautiful and sexy female at night.” Satired Glasie.


“Hey Lars, I thought I saw a window pop up there for a second.”

“Huh? Well, I had my elbow on the board, so I guess I must of pressed something that made it go away. Probably nothing to worry about.”

“Righto then, back to work.”


“Now please chose a race, if you would like, I can show you what your character would look like as the various races.” Said the monotone Aria.

Hmmm, just what race should Glasie pick? Just out of curiosity, Glasie asked, “Can you show me as those beast races? I’m curious what they look like. The wolf one first.”

“Very well.” Aria waved her hand and the area besides her shimmered and a body soon appeared. Apparently, it was a model of what Glasie would look like if she were a male Wolfkin.

It looked nothing like werewolves of the movies and TV shows she had seen, and thankfully so as that particular genre Glasie had gotten sick of quite a while ago. The Wolfkin was wearing basic clothing: a long sleeved shirt and jeans, though Glasie assumed that was not the only clothes she could wear. Its features included: Wide eyes that seemed like one could stare in forever and never reach the end of the chasm, a body of greyed fur that covered the model’s entire body though it thinned down in certain areas like the chest and face, a shaggy tail which resembled an overgrown patch of weeds, and a thick snout which covered a row of vicious though docile teeth.

Glasie surveyed the rest of the beast races, perusing the various odd features. The Catfolk were just like the Wolfkin, though with cat features. The Hawkmen, which had majestic wings, and while they could not fly like birds, they could float and glide off of high places. And the changelings, which actually started out as humans, though they could grow certain features of various other animals, apparently this race congregated a bunch of other animals into one race.

Then Glasie requested to see the human races, though she ignored the human race itself. She first saw how she looked as a male dwarf. Expecting to see an exceptionally short and bearded stout man, she found herself surprised at what she saw. The dwarves were about forty centimeters shorter than the average male human. And while they did have a respectable set of facial hair, Glasie saw that it wasn’t as overgrown as they were in the movies. All in all, the dwarves looked like a rather physically fit version of a shorter human. Moving on the Half Elves, Glasie saw that compared to humans, they were thinner and more lithe, though apparently less so that the actual elves. And once she saw the Tieflings, which she had never heard of before, she found herself quite surprised, though in a good way. Seeing a human with demonic attributes was somewhat surprising, though she liked what she saw. Short horns, a wriggling tail, and colored skin was the main features of a Tiefling, though they also had menacing eyes and were about ten centimeters taller than the height of an average human.

Still, Glasie had yet to see the elves. Moving on to the elves, Glasie first saw the High Elves, and instantly fell in love. It was as if a normal human male underwent a complete overhaul, keeping their best features while adding on to that. The new model had a sort of beautiful feminine grace coupled with a male’s virility. Her character had longer than average set of red hair, along with flawless skin that was without a hint of tan but also without it being too pale, the elf model also was visibly taller than a normal human, about twenty to thirty centimeters taller. Still, if Glasie had to find fault, it was that the male elf model was without too many rugged and manly features, though she completely ignored that. If she had seen this model somewhere outside of this game, she would have instantly fell in love and try her best to go out with him. Glasie wanted nothing more than to choose this model as her character, completely ignoring the other elven races, and that she did.

“Yes! I definitely want to be a male High Elf!” Exclaimed Glasie to Aria.

As if the nonhuman entity suddenly gained emotions, Aria smiled and said flawlessly, “Alright then. Now this is exactly what you would look like if you were a male and a High Elf.”

I’m such a beautiful man…

“Now we proceed to the classes. In ‘Rebellions’, there are five base classes, the warrior, the rogue, the ranger, the mage, and the priest. Note that these are base classes and they will and should not define how you play the game. At any point you wish, you can switch from being a warrior to a mage. There are also numerous class archetypes subdivided in between the classes, such as a cross warrior and rogue Duelist class, or a cross priest warrior Paladin class, or even an ranger Sniper class. There are no restrictions as to what style you wish to play. Though take note that depending on which base class you choose will determine the level of some of your stats and the basic gear you start off with, so in the long run, what base class you choose will not be that important. Just choose what you wish to try out at first and if you are not satisfied, you may pick up any type of play style you wish.”

Hmmm, this is a toughie.

“Warriors are mainly the slow melee types, though they are not restricted to that and can be exceptionally fast and nimble on their feet. Rogues are generally a stealth type class, though they can be loud and as visible as they wish. Rangers are generally a ranged type class, though they can pick up melee weapons if they so wish. Mages are divided into fire, water, earth, and air mages, though they are not restricted to one type of magic. Priests are divided into light and dark magic, and like the mages, they are not restricted to one magic and can even utilize weapons like mages.”

Why not just be a basic class? Glasie had an idea of what she wanted to do. She knew she wanted to do some sort of melee fighting, and she knew she did not want to be slow or stealthy. Still, considering Aria’s words, Glasie figured she could immediately change how she wanted to fight from the get-go.

With a decision in mind, Glasie made her choice, “I would like to start off as a rogue class… Though I definitely won’t be stealthy.”

“Very well, you will begin as a High Elf rogue. There are now only two steps left, choosing your base stats and your name.”

Base stats?

“Their are numerous stats which depict a character’s style over the course of playing this game. The warrior stats are strength and endurance, which affect your melee ability and stamina. The rogue stats are agility and endurance, which affect your stamina and how nimble you are. The archer stats are perception and agility, which affect your senses and how nimble you are. The mage stats are perception and focus, which affect your overall power in magic and your sense towards magic and other things. The priest stats are focus and strength, which affect your ability to cast various spells and your power regarding spells. The final stat, which does not fall into any one category, is luck, which I’m sure you can guess what it does. Like with the classes, please not that what you choose here will and should not force you to play one way in the long run, though it will give you a decent boost in the early levels depending on where you put your stats. Also, the only stat that will not change over time is luck, though it can be affected by equipping various lucky objects.

Right when she was told, Glasie immediately understood and knew what she wanted to do. It was as if the soul of a veteran game player had infected her body. Glasie’s logic was that if a certain stat could not be increased from this point on, in this case it would be luck, why not put all of the given points into luck?

Glasie was given ten points to put in any stat she wished and she made that choice to put them all in luck.

Aria showed no concern as to where Glasie put them in, only reacting when she was finished and repetitiously continued her monotone voice, “Now for the final step, please choose a name for your character. We request that the players keep their name simple and do not add various numbers, symbols, or foreign characters of any type. Please make your name easy to read and say aloud so that players will not have any difficulty saying your name out loud. Also, unlike most MMOs, there may be more than one player with the same name, mainly because there are other ways to tell people apart than by just name.”

“A name? I honestly don’t know.” Glasie was at a roadblock. Being one to have never played a videogame before, she never paid much thought in naming fictional characters. Her first though went to various elven names from various fiction stories and movies, though she didn’t particularly care for any of those. Then Glasie decided to name her character with a word that describes a part of her identity. Her first though went to her ferrets, though she didn’t want to name her male elf ferret, sock, or kitty, as they were too nonsensical. Then as if the points she put in luck immediately went into effect, a certain word popped in her head and resonated with her entire being. It was a simple word; one that many people used in everyday life though hardly paid much attention to it as a name. And this word as a name felt quite ingenious to Glasie. It used part of her name and was the name of the various objects in her apartments that she loved, namely her glassware. Her name would be “Glass”. Thinking about it some more, Glasie noticed that the normal clear and pristine color of glass windows was comparable to the complexion of her character’s skin, pristinely beautiful. Glass, just like her elf’s skin, could be blemished and covered in dirt and dust, but it could always be cleaned to the pure condition it once was.

“I want to name my character… Glass.” It was a simple word, yet it was now a name of a character’s identity. As of now, in this game, Glass enters the world and to his life.

Aria then took a cheery tone, “Alright then! Your ‘Rebellions’ character will be a male High Elf rogue named Glass with all of his points put into luck. Congratulations on completing the character creation process and please enjoy the world of ‘Rebellions’.

The large expanse Glasie had been standing in for some time, designing her character, suddenly shimmered into various lights, and as if a blanket was slowly being pulled over a person’s eyes, the world suddenly was revealed to Glass. The first thing Glass noticed was that he was no longer female, instead, he was now in possession in a male body of that High Elf that he so adored. The red hair Glass owned outside of this world and now in this world flowed like strands of fresh silk, and as soft as silk as well.

Glass was also wearing a set of leather padding that covered vital areas of Glass’ body, though certain spots were left uncovered so as to increase mobility. Glass also had a short sword fastened to his belt with a simple iron dagger fastened next to his sword. He felt around his body to discover he no longer had breasts. He almost felt compelled to fondle a certain other area located at the groin, though he resisted that urge. He lightly touched his elongated ears, which seemed unusually receptive to noises. His facial features seemed more defined, and all in all, he seemed infinitely more masculine than he did outside of this game.

“Holy hell… This is amazing. This really is a completely different world, VR is so amazing!” Glass lit up like a bonfire and bounced around giddy with excitement.

Glass then admired the environment he was placed in. In this particular area, there was a small hamlet situated behind him that was apparently located on top of a high cliff. Facing the hamlet was a foreboding forest filled with various species of pine trees, some of which seemed even taller than a redwood or thicker than a sequoia. Some of the branches of the trees arched down and touched the ground, as if inviting someone to climb on and travel along the tree’s branches. The needles of the trees held every hue of green imaginable, with the trunk and bark taking on a thick chestnut color. Scraggly clouds were placed in seemingly random positions in the sky, though it was a relatively clear day. A bright yellow sun was located some ways near the horizon, signaling that dusk was approaching. The hamlet in question took on an appearance similar to a classic though slightly rich medieval town. Various townspeople went about their tasks, none of which seemed human to Glass. Perhaps they were also computed characters like Aria?

Glass seemed to remember reading something in the game manual about the computer characters, also known as NPCs, and the players themselves being so alike, that one couldn’t even tell them apart unless they looked very closely. Still, there was certain ways people could tell if a person was an NPC or not, though Glass didn’t pay attention to them.

Glass took a single step forward. His male body seemed just as natural to him as his female body outside of this game. Even so, it took some getting used to when controlling this body, which annoyed Glass.

Still, that was part of the fun when exploring a completely new world generated from the imaginative minds of people. Glass knew that he could never hope to create something as expansive and creative as this.

Out of the corner of his eye, Glass saw a person running. This person resembled one of the human races, apparently a Half Elf, he was running along one of the large tree branches until he reached a low spot, which he jumped off and dashed off in the same direction.

That was without a doubt another player. After observing the Half Elf that just raced through Glass’ eyes, he instantly became more aware of the other players in the area. Several groups of them were animatedly talking next to buildings in the town. Some were walking or running in various directions. One was even eating some food on a rooftop of one of the hamlet’s buildings. Yet two players caught Glass’ eyes.

Two players, one that looked like a Tiefling and the other, which had to be a Human, were currently engage in a duel. Several players crowded around the duel, spectating and making diverse range of comments. While Glass couldn’t hear the quieter words, he could assuredly hear the more outspoken players who were shouting out words of encouragement or insults. Glass soon lost interest in the duel when it ended, as it only took several strokes of the Tiefling’s sword to end the Human player’s existence.

Glass remembered in the manual that when a player died, they would resurrect at the nearest town and would receive a penalty that would eliminate all or a portion of the player’s progress towards their next level. It apparently wasn’t a serious penalty, though enough to stop players from being too reckless.

Yet Glass soon noticed several stares directed towards him, though he had no idea why.

In this day and age, the line between males and females when it came to gaming was largely diminished, though there was still a noticeable male aura of dominance in games, when it came to VR games, that dominance had completely vanished. And thus in the various players in the area, there was roughly an equal amount of male and female characters.

Glass wasn’t sure why people were staring at a new player like him. It was as if a prominent celebrity suddenly found himself surrounded by fans or paparazzi.

One thing he did notice that most of the attention he was getting was coming from the female players. If he looked over in the direction of one of these female players, they would immediately shy away or turn a shade of red. Perhaps they felt somewhat sick or hot?

Still, Glass felt somewhat uncomfortable among the numerous stares in his way, so he set forth to explore more of this place. He moved towards the direction of the hamlet, more specifically, the edge of the cliff the town was situated on. He strolled through the quaint village, meandering about in no particular set path. He found himself greatly enjoying the sights the town had to offer.

The streets were paved with simple cobblestone that allowed easy access for carriages or other wheeled implements to easily access the streets. There were lampposts on every corner and every several meters on the longer streets that would illuminate the streets at night. Various plants were growing around the area, with most of them being lovely and delicate morning glory that draped over the walls of most buildings. Thistle plants grew on some of the grassy areas along with several other types of dazzling flowers accentuating the harmonious beauty of the village. The atmosphere of the place in general was quite pristine, as if no sorts of corruption could penetrate the area.

Even as Glass walked along the streets, he managed to turn female’s heads, many of which tried to hide their pointing fingers and stares. He looked in the direction of one of these females, apparently a Dark Elf player, who blushed and moved her gaze away. Glass had no idea what her problem was, but he ignored her.

Eventually, he came to the cliff the town was situated on top of, only to find his breath taken away. He stopped in front of a fence designed to keep players from accidentally falling off, though if one wanted to, they could jump off, or if they were a Hawkman, they could glide off of the cliff. Still, what Glass saw completely destroyed what expectations he had of this world, or more accurately, it completely halted his mind, forcing him to gasp and stagger at the sheer beauty of the sight.

What he saw from the cliff was a magnificent city bathed in the golden sun. It was squished in between two cliffs, both of which had towns, one of which Glass was currently in. Glass couldn’t see the end of the cliffs, though he assumed the city stopped at one point. It was as if the famous Hanging Gardens morphed into an entire city. Staggeringly pretty greenery adorned almost every building’s rooftops, many of which even had full trees. On one side of the city held an inspiring temple that resembled a mix of a mosque and a church. Several colossal statues stood guard at the entrance of the temple, both with giant stone weapons. Off in the distance, he could see one Hawkman making the jump and glide into the city, eventually landing on one of the many gardenesque rooftops.

Glass wanted nothing more but to enter that city, but how? He couldn’t glide like a Hawkman. His eyes eventually traveled to a gondola that without doubt had the function of taking players down form the cliff villages into the city. Perhaps that was the only way non-winged players could enter the city. No matter, that was the only viable option Glass saw.

He trotted off towards the gondola with a bounce in his step, clearly enjoying himself. There was a small line for the gondola, thankfully it wasn’t terribly long or else it probably would have taken quite a while for Glass to enter the city. Taking a spot in the line, Glass waited patiently.

Once again, several female gazes turned towards him, for reasons Glass couldn’t fathom.

Unbeknownst to Glass, a single female player got in line behind him with the sole purpose of following the handsome High Elf player. The reason why all these female players were staring at Glass was the same reason that one girl was getting in line, all because they have never seen such a handsome player. They figured he was some sort of model that perfectly conjoined feminine grace and masculine virility. And because a player’s character was supposed to be closely modeled after the players themselves, all of the female players figured they stumbled upon perfect specimen of a man. Still, they had no idea of knowing that Glass was actually a female in real life as there had never been a single player in this game that played a character opposite of their gender.

Glass was completely oblivious to the numerous female players’ piercing gazes. He had no idea that he was so handsome to the numerous girls and women of this game. While he previously greatly admired his character’s body when he was female, he could not fathom that the reason behind all these stares was for that reason. In fact, Glass felt somewhat perturbed, the constant staring made him fairly uncomfortable.

Eventually the line came up to him. Glass found himself standing in front of a human character, most likely an NPC, asking for the fare to the gondola.

Wait, fare? What fare? I’ve got no money…

Indeed, one obviously should pay a fare when it came to public transportation, and apparently with game money that was called cogs. The coins resembled miniature ornate cogwheels, hence the slang name for the money. On the main menu, which any player can pop up at any time, there was a banking type system in which players can deposit their cogs and withdraw whenever needed. Basically, say you had one hundred cogs in a bag, you pressed the deposit button and the bag of cogs disappeared. And then if you wanted around fifty cogs back to pay for something, you would put in the amount you wanted and press withdraw and a cloth bag would appear in your hand with the amount of cogs you wanted. Because of this annoying process, many players carried around a bag or two of cogs on their person, though they were susceptible to pickpocketing, which was actually allowed in the game.

Still, in this case, Glass had no idea what cogs were or that he needed them to pay for the gondola fare.

The again asked for money with a tone that resembled a grumble and forced happiness at the same time, “Th’ fare is ten cogs, pay and you can go down in th’ gondola. No hagglin’.”

Glass rubbed his head before talking out loud unintentionally, “Ah damn… I don’t have any money.”

Fortunately, a savior was found in the female player that was behind Glass, “Here you go! Ten cogs for the fare.” The girl said as she passed a bag that must have contained ten cogs.

Glass nodded his head thankfully and passed it on to the fare taker. The NPC counted out the cogs just like an actual person would do and placed the money in a box nearby before pointing a thumb behind him at the arriving gondola. The person who gave Glass the cogs gave ten more to the fare taker and followed Glass into the gondola. For some reason, there were no more people in line to take the gondola and that made Glass and the generous female player the only occupants of the slowly moving cabin.

Glass made his gratitude known to the female player, “Ah, thank you very much for that money. As you can probably see, I’m brand new to this game.”

The female player was a fellow elf, though a member of the Undine race. The undines were apparently what you could call the aquatic race, like the Hawkmen are the flying race. This particular undine had skin with a pinkish blue hue, she had fin like ears, glossy hands and lips, a well proportioned body, and all in all… Quite a pretty person. Glass had no idea whether this person was just as attractive in real life as in this game, though he decided there was no point in judging people by their looks in a VR game.

The undine girl spoke with a rosy voice, “Really, it’s no problem! You looked like a new player so I just wanted to help out. May I ask your name? I’m Blossom.”

That is quite a flowery name that really seems to suit her, that was what Glass though before he replied amiably, “My name is Glass. So, how long have you played this?”

Blossom seemed somewhat excited as blood rushed to her head, for reasons unknown to Glass. She was talking to probably the most handsome and beautiful male player she had seen yet. If she could, and she did, Blossom would attach every positive adjective to Glass possible. With vigor, Blossom answered the question put to her, “Well, ‘Rebellions’ has been out for roughly a month… So I’d saaaaay, about three weeks now? Though due to certain… Complications, I’ve been unable to play the game seriously until several days ago and I haven’t spoken to many people so far. That’s why I am, um… Somewhat excited to be talking with a brand new player that has yet to play very much. Even so, I’m not terribly experienced in this game yet, I haven’t done many of the serious events and boss fights. I’ve only trained against normal creatures and players.”

And that was the truth. Blossom had already fought a variety of creatures, and several bosses. She had even fought a couple players with the wins mostly in her favor.

Glass, upon looking up the available public information about Blossom on his screen, noticed several things. The first was that she was level nine, she was a base mage class, and she apparently loved strawberries. When you know a player’s name, you can look up their public information they set to public. Which among the possible bits of public information are a player’s level, their class archetype, their base stats, their money, their guild or group affiliation, and various bits of personal information. Glass had yet to set his public information so it was all set as the default private information.

Glass found himself continuing the conversation, “Well, I literally just started playing this game like thirty minutes ago, and I’ve yet to fight anything. It’s… I really can’t fathom how majestic the places are here.”

Blossom prodded Glass for more information mainly because every new player’s public information started out as private, “So what’s your class? What do you do outside of the game? Do you like strawberries?”

“Rogue, though I don’t want to be stealthy… I’m in college. And yes, though I prefer raspberries.” Glass found himself matching the quick pace of Blossom, who seemed enthusiastic when talking to him.

Blossom blessed her luck, she just met an extremely pretty and handsome player and she was becoming his friend, maybe they can even group up together? Just as she was about to ask, fortune turned her way.

Glass wasn’t sure why Blossom was so flustered, perhaps she was tired? Still, he was thankful to have found such a nice person, especially in a type of game where you can keep your anonymity and still resort to merciless bullying or hate like in real life. He wasn’t well versed in the type of language used by the players but he still asked politely, “If it’s at all possible, would you mind showing me around the place?”

Score! Blossom praised various deities in her mind from Yahweh to the almighty Odin. “W-Well, how about I add you to my friends list and we group up? It’ll be easier to keep track of one another if we do that.” Blossom counted the seconds that went by until Glass replied.

Which he did, and quite eagerly at that, “Yea, sure! Though I don’t know how to do that yet. I guess I pull up the menu?”

What Glass was talking about was the main menu that any player can pull up in front of their face mentally. It will only show up on the player’s screen and no other player will see it. It gave a list of options: a log out button, a vague map, guild/group button, friends list, player database for looking at a player’s public information, and an inventory because it would be impossible to carry everything one would need comfortably.

Just as Glass was about to go to the friends list, a notice showed up asking if he wanted to become friends with Blossom, which he accepted before he even noticed.

Blossom smiled amicably, her moist lips revealing a set of crystal white teeth. “Super, alright, now let me send a group invite. Groups let people see where their party members are at all times and we share items and money more easily if we weren’t in one. Also, a group is permanent until it is disbanded, though I hope we won’t have to do that soon.”

Glass immediately accepted the group invite just like the friend request. Once he did, he noticed that a cartoonish face that resembled Blossom appeared on the vague map in the main menu.

They continued to talk about various things until the gondola reached its end, landing in a seemingly normal part of the city. Though Glass could still see that breath taking sights still, it obviously seemed rather lackluster when compared to the view from the cliff, but that was to be as expected.

Before the two walked five meters away from the gondola, an event happened.

A small group of people, who were obviously players, walked up to Blossom and Glass. A Changeling, who must have been the leader of the group, walked up to Blossom and began a conversation, “What’s up, Blossom? Been a while since I’ve seen you. Seriously, come around here some more so I can talk to you.”

Blossom, who was clearly annoyed, rolled her eyes and blandly said, “Look, Demonz (the player’s name), you’re obviously too douchey and sad to attract many women, and the same goes for me. Please die in a fiery plane crash. I’m currently busy at the moment if you haven’t noticed.”

Demonz turned his oversized cranium towards Glass and did his best to look menacing, “Really? This is a bloody level one noob (online slang for new player). You’re really going to waste your time carting around this weaksauce?”

How very eloquent.

On a side note, Glass, with Blossom’s help on the gondola, had set his public information to show his levels and class archetype, which was currently set as a rogue and level one.

Glass wasn’t sure how to take this Demonz fellow’s words, as this was his first time conversing with a type like this in a game. While he had a suitable repertoire of insults and comebacks when he was Glasie, this was an entirely new situation. Still, he improvised, “Hey, leave her alone, she obviously doesn’t like your behavior. And this ‘noob’ here can obviously tell the difference between us, and it’s not in your favor you tanned Guido.” Demonz here reminded Glass of the people whom he found extremely annoying, basically the type of people who applied fake tans and still went out with their ‘bros’ to go to the beach for some tanning.

Demonz look perplexed, “I’m sorry, what did you just call me?”

“My bad, apparently my comeback was too cultured and refined for your insecure and miniscule brains.” Glass deliberately used large words to confuse the less than educated player.

Completely ignoring Glass, Demonz turned back to Blossom, “Still, despite this little annoyance. Come join my guild and we can have some serious fun then, if not, then stay out of Archangel’s territory, namely, this city.” He then looked down on Glass, “And we better not see you around here, you’re definitely on my shit list. I won’t go easy on you even if you’re a level one.”

Then like some wannabe gang, Demonz led his posse into the city.

“That was… Unpleasant.” Glass commented.

“Yea, sorry about that. Still, thanks for sticking up for me. He’s been on my butt every single time I enter this city, which I need to in order to sell stuff and trade for supplies. Still, if we can’t enjoy the city because of him and his guild, then let’s go and enter the wilderness and fight your first enemies!”

While Glass was slightly depressed at the fact that he wouldn’t be able to tour the city with people like Demonz were around, it didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy the other places and scenery. Besides, he could always come back here and explore another time. “Alright then, I’ll follow you since I don’t know where I’m going.”

“If you check your map, you should see seven continents, right? Well each of them are based off of the continents of Earth, thus we are now in Atarea, the continent based off of North America. And this city, Sandy Oasis, is literally an urban oasis surrounded by a large forest with some mountains. This forest is where we’ll fight some low level enemies for you start off with.”

Glass obediently listened to Blossom’s explanation of the basic geography of the current area, he was quite interested.

The two walked a straight line out of town, following a pathway that went along the edge of the cliff so as to avoid any of Demonz’s friends. The gondolas were one of two ways to enter the city, excluding gliding in if you’re a Hawkman, with the other way heading out the main entrance of the city. The main entrance poked out through the cliffs, which had an archway overhead where travelers could walk across from one cliff to the other. They kept a steady pace as they made their way to the edge of the pine forest with unusually large trees.

Soon, Glass’ first NPC enemy was in sight, a basic wolf.

“Alright, wolves are pretty easy enemies to fight, just make sure they don’t pounce on you and push you to the ground, if that happens, I’ll intervene. Though I bet it won’t!” Cautioned Blossom as Glass pulled out his shortsword.

It was strange, as it was the first time Glass had ever held a weapon in his life. Even back outside of VR, as Glasie, he never held an object with a threatening intention. It was quite exciting, he felt himself getting that anxious feeling telling himself to not embarrass himself in front of Blossom.

!!!The wolf howled and sped off towards Glass with the intent to attack its prey. It jumped for his neck with its fangs outstretched. Glass just barely managed to dodge, falling to the ground as he did before picking himself back up again. The wolf inched closer and Glass slashed his sword several times when the wolf got too close. He imitated what he saw in the movies and crouched down low, patiently waiting for the wolf to get close. Sure there were probably easier ways to fight, but this is what Glass came up with at the spot.

By a random bit of misfortune, Glass tripped over a rock as he was pacing around. He expected the wolf to attack then, but unexpectedly, right when he hit the ground, another a second wolf jumped right over him, aiming for the Glass that was still standing before he tripped.

“Shit that was lucky…” Indeed it was, a second wolf was about to attack him but he tripped and managed to dodge the unknown attack.

Before the wolf could turn around, Glass stabbed the creature in the stomach with his shortsword, instantly ending the NPC enemy’s life. The first wolf jumped up and attacked by pushing Glass to the ground, but his sword was in a position where the force of the wolf pushed itself onto the tip of the sword, ending the second NPC enemy’s existence.

“Ooooh! That was cool! You were pretty lucky there.” Cooed Blossom as she clapped her hands as if congratulating an opera performance.

“Yea, I didn’t expect that second wolf. Still, I fought my first two enemies and won! Sweet.” Glass cocked his head to the side, “Eh? I gained a level?”

“Yea, a player always gains a level after killing its first enemy. Though you slew two this time, so you’re already on your way to level three.” Informed Blossom, she knew quite a bit about this game.

“So what do I get in leveling up?”

“Well, depending on what stats you were focusing on, you gain an increase to your base stats, check to see which ones increased. If you were doing a lot of melee fighting, carrying around heavy stuff like certain armors, or if perform lots of demanding priest spells, you get strength. If you were running around and doing lots of exhausting stuff, you gain endurance. Depending on your dodging and movements and reflexes, you get agility. If you focus on your senses and do allot of aiming for ranged attacks, you get perception. If you work a lot with spells, casting and what not, you get focus. Luck is the only unchangeable stat except if you equip luck boosting items.” Blossom continued to speak with the fervor of a monk’s sermon, “Also, depending on what skills you create, they will get slightly more powerful. I don’t really know how to explain all the technical details, but say that if you were in a large battle, your level won’t matter that much when compared to a one on one fight.”

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