Trees rushed past Calene as she ran through the forest. The elf was not running from anyone, or even to anywhere, she was just running. The wind kicked up her hair, making it dance inthe wind, and she spun around and dodged branches with a grace only an elf could muster. She let out a yell of exhilaration as she leapt into the air, launching off of a log, over a large stream. The woman hadn’t a care in the world, she had just finished her training into being a warrior, and all she had to do now was make her own bow.

The woman wanted to use some exotic wood for the spine of her bow, so she had a satchel with her that held a little food, and a dagger in her belt for hunting. In her bag was also the finest bowstring in her village, awarded to her for completing her training at the top of her class. Caleneslowed to a stop as she came to a river, kneeling down and taking a sip of it’s cold, refreshing water. the elf splashed a little in her face before standing and wading through the water to get to the other side before braking out into a run again.

It was almost an hour before the elf came to a stop again, noticing a steep-sloped pit in the middle of the forest. she took a few steps toward it before realizing that the edges could be brittle, and climbing a nearby tree; a branch hanging over the pit. The elvish woman tested the branch before stepping out onto it and looked down into the pit; a brilliant blue substance at the bottom. “It can’t be…” She whispered to herself. She had heard legends of the Melma Vivente, but she had never thought it was true. She suspected it was just told by the elders in her village to keep the young ones from straying to far. The elf rummaged through her bag and took out a small apple and dropped it down into the pit; the vibrant red of the fruit making it easy to see.

The apple hit the gel with a bloop being swallowed up without so much as a splash, simply disappearing. “Huh…” Calene muttered, turning to get off of her branch and climb down. The woman’s satchel caught on a twig as she turned. “Oh, shit.” She thought, the snag making her lose her balance. The elf fell down, towards the pit and, at the last second, grabbed a branch. “Oh thank the gods” she whispered, beginning to pull herself up when she heard a crack. “Fuck!” she shouted, the branch breaking as she fell fifteen feet into the pit. The gel slowed her fall, and thankfully it was not very deep, allowing her to stand up and wipe her face clean. “Eugh.” she muttered, the slime only up to her knees, but it left her completely covered.

Calene waded to the edge of the pit as quickly as she could, remembering the stories of the gel that would take women captive and feed off of them. The stories never specified how they fed, simply saying ‘their juices’ but the elf did not want to find out. The elf took a step and, without warning, the smooth stone bottom of the pit became extra slippery, causing her to fall into the blue slime again. “Fuck!” she said as she sat up feeling something grab her foot and drag her to the middle of the hole. “Let go! Please!” she pleaded.

Her shouts were of no use, the gel forming into tendrils around her. “No! Please! I can’t feed you!” she said, trying to wrench her foot away from its captor, fear beginning to flopw through the woman’s veins as she quickly realized that the elder’s stories were more than just tall tales, but true warnings of the forests’ dangers . There was no response as the gel moved to her, the tentacles ripping at her clothing, soon leaving her naked in the warm slime. “Hey! what are you- Oh!” She said, feeling the gel begin to rub against her cunt. “Stop that! Please!” she said, struggling against the thick gel that held her. The more she struggled, the tighter the tendrils gripped her. Soon, Calene felt herself being lifted up into the air a little, her naturally hairless cunt free to the open air. “Please! Let me go!” She shouted, the rubbery grip of the tentacles seemed to ignore her pleas, a large mound of the goo rubbing against her most private place, causing the elf to let out a reluctant moan, involuntarily rubbing back against the gel. “Stop it! Please!” she gasped, the mound of gel suddenly collapsing without a trace, leaving her slightly suspended in by the tendrils. The woman whimpered in fear as she noticed her pussy was wet, though by the residue of the gel or her own enjoyment was impossible to tell; but it was enough for the blue liquid to get started.

“Ahhh!” she yelped, a thin tentacle, which seemed to get thicker as it went towards the large pool, began to approach her before it rubbed at her clit. Calene bit her lip at the touches, holding out a moan as she could feel the blue goo touching her in just the right spots. The gel sensed this and the tendril touying with her clit moved down and began to rub against her pussy. “No! nonono!” the elf repeated. Rubbing against a mound of the stuff, or being pleased by one of the tendrils was one thing, but to actually have the strange substance inside of her!?

The gel paused, gently rubbing her tight hole before pushing inside. The elf was not a virgin, however the only men she had taken to her bed were elves, and this… thing was far larger, causing the woman to wince. “Ohh… Stop it! Please! Let me go!” she pleaded to non-existent ears.

The slime pushed in and out of her cunt, the texture was like nothing she had ever felt before. It had the thickness of mud, but seemed to glide into her as though it were lubricated and had the strength of rubber. The woman was quickly torn from her thoughts as the gel slowly gained speed and size, rubbing at every little spot inside of her, filling every little nook and cranny. “Ohhh….” she groaned, reflexively rolling her hips against the gel’s tendril with a moan, her tight slit beginning to ooze her juices which began to be absorbed by her captor. The elf began to moan, no longer able to hold the sound back, as another tendril moved in front of her face. Almost as soon as Calene noticed it, the tendril moved and pressed against her lips. “MMPH!” She shouted as the tentacle pushed inside.

The tendril in her mouth began to drip a watery substance, one that caused Calene to groan at its taste, her body heating up as the gel drugged her, making her more pliant so that it could feed from her more efficiently. She began to more actively rub against the tendril in her cunt, the living gel’s secretions causing her to go into a frenzy. “Ohhh…” she moaned, slowly being lowered into the gel; she could no longer see the tendrils holding her, but she could feel the slime wrapped tightly around her. The woman let out a sharp gasp as she felt a third tendril pressing against her ass, the tight ring of muscles clenching at the touch. “mmph!” she moaned around the tendril in her mouth. She had never had anyone back there!

Even without her permission, the appendage pressed against the warrior’s ass, spreading her virgin ring of muscles, causing the elf to let out a scream, her virgin ass spread open as the slime moved in and out of all three of her holes, slowly widening them, stretching out her cunt and ass as the tendril in her mouth pushed down into her throat. Calene’s cunt was dripping with her fluids which were gobbled up by the creature. “Mmm.. Oh,,, more…” she moaned around the tentacle in her mouth in her sex-addled haze, drinking liberally from the the tendril as she was penetrated in all of her holes; the slime gripping her body so, no matter how hard it fucked her, she would stay still. Calene felt like a whore, all three of her holes being fucked by the slime, stratched open and used for it’s pleasure all while it absorbed every drop of her cunt’s juices as quickl;y as she could make it. Every time the tendril in her cunt forced its way inside, the one in her recently virgin ass would pull away almost completely; leaving her with the constant feeling of being filled as the tendril in her mouth continued to drug her with the watery fluid, which simply caused her body to tingle with more and more pleasure. The tingling feeling soon became a sort of pressure as she grew closer and closer to climax. “Ohhh…” she groaned. None of the elves in the village had made her feel like this. “Ohhh” she moaned around the tentacle in her mouth even louder as she suddenly felt her cunt clamp down on the large intruder, her entire body shaking as it came. And came, and came; her plethora of juices flowing from her pussy, feeding the gel more with each passing second.

In response to her feeding the creature, she could feel the tentacles begin to throb in unison. “Mmm…” she moaned, riding out the last waves of her orgasm until she suddenly felt a warm, sticky, liquid fill her mouth, cunt, and ass. “MMPH!” she groaned, swallowing the stuff down as quickly as possible. It felt like she was drowning! The liquid dribbled from her mouth, a darker blue than the rest of the gel, and disappeared into the pool as the woman began to feel full on the meal that was the goo’s seed. “Mmm…” she moaned, the taste pleasing her as she swallowed every last drop before, without warning, the tendrils collapsed and she was free. The creature’s grip released from her body, making her feel empty and alone, covered from head to toe as she struggled to leave through the thick slime. The woman began her climb, but found the edges far too slippery to get out; coated with the same blue gel that covered her. After about ten minutes of trying, Calene felt a familiar tug on her leg. “Oh…” she said. “You’re not done, are you?” she continued with a moan, allowing the tendril to pull her back to the middle of the pool.

The cold wind made the inn whistle as though it were singing a song of loss as Mitar adjusted his new collar at the foot of the bed, sneering at the elf who, for the first time since being captured, was falling asleep on a bed that was her own, and without the threat that she could, and probably would, be raped when the sun rose. The elf lay on her back, her bare breasts only barely covered by the bed’s thin sheets, teasing the werewolf with promise of exposure.

The pair’s day had been filled with the woman spending money on things from collars and leashes, which the werewolf wore now, to simply one or two bags of things that Mitar had not gotten the chance to see, forced to sit outside the shop as the woman went shopping.

He had broken the first collar with his sharp claws, and that quickly got him a whack on the nose, a kick in the balls, and a new, bright pink, collar. It seemed that every time he lashed out, tried to get to what he saw as his proper place, the elf was one step ahead of him. Even now, as he slowly leaned up to try and reach the knife the elf stole stilling on the table, Frida adjusted her sleeping position, making it impossible for the beast to reach without waking her.

The next morning, the werewolf awoke with a jolt to his leash; not remembering falling asleep as he tried to stand and quickly fell to the floor. He looked up at the elf who smiled, naked, above him.

“Okay, mutt. Here’s how it is going to work. Each morning, I want you to wake me up one of two ways. If we had sex the night before, I want you to suck out every last drop of cum I let you give me.” She says. “If we did NOT have sex the previous night, I want you to gently wake me by eating me out. got it?”

Mitar gave a sneer. “They sound the same to me.” He says, beginning to stand, he was done with this woman trying to play Alpha, she had her fun. Now it was time for him to be back in his rightful place. At least, that is what the werewolf thought: The notion quickly being dashed as he received a slap on the nose from the elf.

“Bad dog.” She said with a smile. Frida quite enjoyed being in a position of power. “On the bed.” the elf commanded, nodding to where she had just spent the night. Mitar gave a sneer, which quickly earned him another slap on the snout before crawling onto the bed. “On your back, mutt.” she said; the beast’s face quickly becoming relaxed as he felt the elf’s weight shift the bed; expecting the woman to have her way with him. He wondered if she thought it was punishment, if she thought that her ‘raping’ him had the same effect as him raping her. The werewolf’s grin was suddenly ripped from his face as he felt rope around his footpaws. “What are you doing, bitch!?” He shouted, suddenly feeling a hand around his furred balls.

“Whatever I want, mutt. Arms up.” Frida said with a wicked smile as the werewolf hesitated before doing as she asked, his eyes on her full breasts as her hands left his balls and moved up to tie his wrists to the bed. “Much better.” She said with a smile, looking down at the furred, bound, creature. The elf moved back down the creature and gently began to rub his pouch. “Mmm… you see, mutt. This is the only good thing about you. Sure, you’re strong, but your bullheaded. You have a nice dick, and that’s all you are to me. Something to sate my lusts.” she says with a smile; the werewolf giving her a sneer as she coaxed his cock from his sheath.

“Oh, you like this? Being my walking, talking, dildo?” The elf asks with a smile, running her hand along the hot length. The werewolf shook his head no but let out a moan. “Oh. Poor thing. You probably think you’re going to get to cum tonight, don’t you? Sorry, mutt. Unless you are a good little dog, which I know you won’t be, you shouldn’t count on it” she said with a smile.

Frida moved herself so that her, now moist cunt, was rubbing along his tumescent shaft, pressing it against his furred, hard, abs. “Mm…” she moaned, staring deeply into the beast’s eyes as she rubbed against his shaft.

“You couldn’t hurt me if you tried. You’re just a little slut who needs cock more than she knows!” the werewolf sneered, letting out a gasp as the woman rubbed along his shaft, effectively using his long, hard, member to mastubate. The werewolf saw a wicked glint in the elf’s eye as she began to adjust herself; lining his thick cock up with her tight pussy. The beast let out a gasp as a drop of the woman’s juices rolled down his shaft before, suddenly, she climbed off of the bed.

“I can’t hurt you? I seem to remember having a knife to your throat not twenty four hour ago.” she sneered, rummaging around at the foot of the bed, outside of Mitar’s field of view. “I may not be able to punch you and leave a bruise. but I can definitely hurt you, mutt.” She growled, letting out a soft gasp. “And I can fuck you raw. Just like you did to me”

The werewolf gasped as the woman spoke. “W-what do you mean” He said, trying to get back on her ‘good’ side as he added, “Alpha”, which simply got a chuckle in response.

“Oh, it’s too late for brownie points, mutt.” Frida said, smiling as she looked down at herself, the fake glass cock jutting from her cunt; a bulb inside of her rubbing against her G-spot, similarly to the werewolf’s knot; a strap around her hips keeping the whole thing in place.

The elf stood up, causing the werewolf’s eyes to widen. “What is that!?” he shouted, struggling against his binds with a renewed vigor, his thrashing halting as the woman wrapped a strong hand around his balls. “It’s called a strap-on. It’s a little smaller than your cock; but it should give you a new perspective on raping helpless elves.” she said with a wicked smile, crawling up the beast’s furred body.

The werewolf watched in fear as the woman crawled up his torso, the glass dildo bobbing in front of her. “Open wide.” she said with a grin.

“Never you fucking bitch” He sneered through gritted teeth, causing Frida to stand and move to her clothes.

“Well then, I’ll just go get the innkeeper. He was looking at you like you used to look at me. I’m sure that a big orc wouldn’t care about your protests…” she said, causing the werewolf to let out a small whimper. Mitar had raped an orc woman before and knew from how loose she was just how large an orc would be. He was too helpless to be able to avoid anal rape, but he would much rather the large glass dildo than a cock the size of his bicep. “Okay! Please don’t get the innkeeper!” Mitar shouted.

“Please don’t get the innkeeper… what?” Frida responded with a grin, stepping towards the bound creature, causing the werewolf to sigh, defeated.

“Please don’t get the innkeeper my Alpha.”

“There’s a good dog.” the elf said with a smile, climbing back on top of the werewolf, her glass didldo pressed against his maw. “Now open wide. Otherwise this will hurt.” the elf said with a smile.

“Otherwise what will-mmph!” The beast let out a yelp as the glass toy was shoved into his maw with little ceremony, forced into his mouth by the elf. “Not very nice, it is boy?” She growled, wishing that their position would let him have her fake cock forced down his throat as he had done to her so many times before. For now, however, the elf was content with watching him be forced to suck the toy against his will. “Mmm… this is quite a nice view, mutt… I can see why you enjoyed it so much.” she said with a grin, reaching back and gently rubbing the beast’s cock; causing him to squirm and let out a low moan around the woman’s dildo, the vibrations it caused making Frida gasp in pleasure.

“Oh, you like this, mutt? Hmm? sucking a big cock?” Frida teased, “Look at how hard your cock is.” she said with a smile, releasing the beast’s hard shaft and pulling the glass dildo from the dog’s mouth before looking down at it, the morning light that shone through the window hit the saliva that coated the toy, making it glisten.

“Ugh! Fucking bitch!” The werewolf spat at the elf, causing Frida to smile. The werewolf coughed as he intruder was now free from his mouth, unused to such a feeling.

“Oh, little mutt. You are going to pay for that comment.” Frida sneered, moving to the end of the bed with the spit-slicked dildo in her hand, almost as large as his own ten inch member. “You see, I was going to be nice. You know, stretch you out, maybe give you a rim job; but now? Oh… Now I’m going to fuck you like you fucked me. Fast, hard, and simply using you like a cocksleeve.” she ssaid with a smile, leaning down to kiss his member, even as her ‘cock’ pressed against his entrance.

“No! no Alpha! Please! Don’t do this!” Mitar begged, struggling against his ropes as the elf, slowly, pushed the thick toy into his virgin ass. “No! No I’m not gay! stop it!” He yelled, which earned his balls a slap by the elf

“This has nothing to do with being gay, Mutt.” She said. “It’s about ownership. I know a few elves who would love getting their asses pounded by their life partners.” she said with a smile as, inch by inch, she pushed her ‘cock’ into the wolf with brute force.

The werewolf howled as he could feel his ass split open by the intruder, a burning, stretching, sensation as he was fucked by his new Alpha, forced to submit. “Nngh… Please..” He sneered. “Stop this.”

“Why would I stop?” Frida said with a gasp. “Such a nice sight, to see the beast that fucked you raw get a taste of his own medicine.” She groaned as the bulb inside of her, attached to the toy, rubbed against her G-spot. “Ooohhh.. Fuck yes you little mutt.” the elf said with a groan, reaching up to fondle her tit with one hand, while caressing his thick cock with the other, her dainty hand being covered in pre-cum. “Oh, the little mutt likes it, doesn’t he?” She said with a grin.

“Nngh.” the werewolf huffed, as he suppressed a moan. “No! I don’t!” he gasped, feeling the woman’s glass toy press against his prostate, giving him a feeling he had never experienced before and it felt… good. The beast let out a gasp as he could feel the woman’s warm lips wrap around his hot, red, rod.

“Mmm… I don’t think you’ve ever tasted so good, dog.” Frida with with a smile, licking pre-cum from her lips as she leaned back. “You must be loving this.” she continued before pushing another inch of the glass toy into the beast, causing him to yelp.

Mitar sneered at the woman, looking up at the ceiling as the burning pain of his ass stretching started to subside, his muscles beginning to relax around the intruder. “Oh…” He said as the woman pushed another inch inside, rubbing against his prostate causing him to reluctantly moan.

“What’s was that?” Frida said with a grin. “You DO like it!” she said, surprised. “I was just teasing you before but… Mmm… You’re just a little butt slut aren’t you bitch?” she said, beginning to thrust into the furred beast, gliding smoothly in an out of his newly devirginized hole with a groan, each thrust in causing the bulb in her cunt to press against her G-spot, each thrust growing rougher as she spread his slick saliva around inside of his ass.

“Mmm.. Beg me to touch your cock, boy.” Frida moaned, gasping as her hips pressed against his furred ass, stopping and simply grinding against him, “Oh my… Taking all of me the first time… I couldn’t take all of you the first time when you fucked me… I guess that means you must love cock more than I do!” she said with a chuckle.

“P-please my Alpha!” Mitar groaned, finding himself rolling his furred hips against the woman’s ‘cock’ as he felt pre-cum almost pouring from his own shaft. “Please touch my cock… mmmm…” the werewolf moaned as he was fucked by the woman that used to be his slave. The glass toy pressed against his prostate like it was trying to squeeze every last drop from him.

Frida smiled at the whimpering mass of fur that had once been her master as reached out to grasp his cock. “You know, mutt. I used to think that this was the best part of you.” She said running her hand up and down his slick length. “But now? Now I know that the best part of you is your tight ass, mmm… Making my toy rub me in just all the right ways…” She groaned, looking down at the beast’s tight hole swallow her strapon like a true whore. “Oh, mutt. If only you could see what I’m seeing right now…” She moaned, beginning to pick up her pace as she leaned down and began to lap at his cock, swallowing down the mouthfulls of pre-cum the spewed forth. “so good..” she muttered before taking more of his cock into her mouth.

Mitar let out a howl of pleasure as the woman picked up her pace and swallowed his thick cock, melting to her will as she gave him more pleasure than he ever thought possible, the idea of feeling pleasure while being fucked like this had been a foreign concept. He rolled back against her hips instead of thrusting into her mouth which made the elf smile.

Frida pulled herself off of his cock, “Oh, the little butt slut likes being fucked better than a blowjob?” she asked, leaning back with a groan as the dildo pressed against her G-spot inside of her.

The werewolf gasped, unable to form any words as the elf looked down at him with a smile before moving back to his thick member. “Mmm… so good…” She gasped around the thick meat. The werewolf whimpered as the woman fucked him while sucking on his thick cock. He could feel himself right on the edge of orgasm, before Frida pulled her mouth off of his cock and stopped thrusting without warning, leaving the werewolf to whimper as the woman left him feeling like he was right on the cusp of orgasm, the beast’s cock twitching with need.

Frida smiled as she looked down at the pitiful creature, having gone from her abusive master to the slave she was fucking with a dildo so quickly, and said, “What did I say? you have to ask to cum, remember?” she said with a smile.

Mitar gave a small whimper, looking up at the elf and, slowly, began to rub his ass back against her dildo, unable to control himself enough to not feel the pleasure of her dildo rubbing against his prostate, “Oh… Please… Let me cum…” He groaned, his movements causing the elf to gasp as she approached her own orgasm.

“Mmm.. Not yet, mutt… Hold it back.. If you, mmm… cum before me… ahhh… I will give you what you gave.. mmm… me when I didn’t pleasure you… oh fuck…” she threatened, moaning as the beast’s self-fucking rubbed against her G-spot.

“Yes my Alpha…” the werewolf groaned as his cock dribbled more and more pre-cum into his soft fur, it took every ounce of willpower to not send himself over that edge. Instead, he clenched his ass to prevent her toy from moving inside of him and making him cum, but still allowing the part inside of her rub against her G-spot.

“mmm, good little mutt. Oh fuck.. Almost there… Mm…” the elf gasped as the toy brought her closer and closer to orgasm until finally, she could feel her cunt spasm around the glass bulb, her juices soaking the werewolf’s ass as she yelled out in pleasure; gasping as she came down from her orgasm. “Oh… Yes..” She moaned, pulling the toy from the bound wolf, who whimpered in response.

“Please, Alpha… May I please cum?” He whimpered, his thick cock straining in the cool air as he watched the elf remove the toy from herself with a wicked grin.

“Why would I do that, mutt?” Frida asked, placing the toy onto a towel

“I need to cum! Please! I’m so close!” the werewolf whined, thrusting his hips up into the air desperately, pulling against his rope binds.

“Now you know how I felt when you finished with me just before I went over that edge.”

“I’m so sorry! please! Tell me what I need to do to cum!” Mitar whined.

“Hmm.. I’ll tell you what. You tell me how that felt, and I’ll let you cum.” Frida said with a smile, moving back to the bed, her pert breasts bouncing as she steps towards the furred beast.

“I-It-You” the werewolf stuttered, unable to think straight for a moment before sputtering out, “It felt good.” He whimpered

“Not good enough. Explain to me how it felt good. What it felt like.” Frida responded with a smile, gently toying with the beast’s heavy balls.

“The… toy… it pressed inside me, pushing against what felt like the inside of my cock, I’ve never felt anything like it.” The werewolf said, if he didn’t have fur the beast would be blushing, “And it stretched me… I hated it at first but as I relaxed it felt… good” the werewolf said, groaning at the woman’s touches of his overly sensitive balls, her other hand beginning to dance along his shaft

“Good boy.” The elf said, moving from her fingers dancing along his hot, sensitive, flesh to a firm grip, beginning to move up and down his pre-cum and spit covered cock with her fingers.

“Oh, Alpha!” the wolf yelled out, struggling against the ropes that bound him to the bed, is hips moving up into the elf’s hand with need, his cock had never been so hard!

“Don’t forget mutt… You need to beg me to cum.” She said, beginning to quicken her pace along the hot, slick, flesh, which jumped and twitched in her hand. She enjoyed watching the werewolf act as her own little slave, she enjoyed the power she had over him as his cock twitched in her hand.

“Please Alpha! Let me cum. I’ve never needed to cum so badly!” He whines, bucking his hips up into the woman’s dainty hands, it felt like hours of torture, but in reality it was only a moment, before the elf finally said,

“Cum, mutt.” Frida smiled as she spoke, the hot shaft in her hand pulsing before, finally, the beast had his way; his white seed spraying from his cock, which Frida pointed straight at the beast’s face, causing him to cover his head in the powerful white seed, each spurt slightly weaker than the last.

“Oh, thank you!” Mitar groaned as he finally was allowed to cum, his balls clenching as he began to cover himself in the white seed, his dark fur having a damp, white, line from the top of his head down to the tip of his cock, a puddle forming as his orgasm subsided, his cum simply dribbling out of his shaft, leaving him an exhausted mess.

Frida smiled and lapped up a few drops from her hand with a smile “Mmm.. Good boy.” she said, as though he was a dog who had sat on command. “Now then. I’m going to go clean up, you stay right there and think about how wonderful your Alpha is for letting you cum.” she said with a smile, walking away from the bed, leaving the werewolf alone with just the sound of a shower to keep him company as he sat there, covered in his own seed.

“No! Wait! Let me go!” He yelled out, but Frida ignored the beast’s cries, causing him to struggle and pull against his binds, his struggles fruitless as his thick seed began to cool and dry to his fur. He was hers, she had all the cards right now, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Chapter 2: Through the Ivory Gate


Yes, it’s the second chapter. Finally. Although reading Chapter 1 isn’t really necessary except for some reoccurring character names, and some plot points, I hope the story is interesting enough for you to go back and read it anyways.

Comments and criticisms are always welcome.



For Mark, consciousness faded in and out. He vaguely remembered the mission and the ensuing battle: something about destroying a bank of siege engines and the Orcs that suddenly appeared. He had killed dozens but there were just too many. Eventually, most of his squad was dead and… the next thing he remembered was a group of elves looking over him, concerned, discussing something about a spell… then… nothing.

Mark blinked, and groaned, feeling dull pain all over his body. He was in a room. At the elven outpost, perhaps? He was parched; his throat felt as if he had swallowed all of the sand of the Bleak Lands. Slowly sitting up, Mark grabbed the cup of water sitting by his bed and emptied it in one gulp. Dropping the cup, he then picked up the pitcher, and drank deeply from that.

“Captain Raven!” a woman’s voice called out to him, “You’re finally awake!”

Lowering the pitcher, Mark blinked a few times to focus.

“Erilin,” Mark said to the elf standing in the doorway. She had just been assigned to his company by the elven colonel to fill up his forces only days before. “I’m so glad to see you.”

The elven woman smiled. “I’m glad that we were able to get to you in time. Our Goddess must have been watching over you.”

“How long have I been sleeping?”

“You’ve been unconscious for five days.”

“Five days? What… what happened?”

“You don’t remember?”

“Only bits and pieces,” Mark shook his head to clear it from the dull fog. “Did anyone else make it?”

“Only Wilson.”

“Shit,” Mark muttered under his breath. “Is he alright?”

“He has some cuts and bruises, and a concussion, but he should be alright with standard medical care.”

Mark examined himself. There was nary a scratch on him. “What happened to me? I feel… fuzzy. But otherwise fine. How was I out for five days?”

“You were in a terrible condition when we found you. We didn’t know if we could save you but Magus Keith made a huge scene and eventually convinced the wizards to try to heal you.”

Mark narrowed his eyes. “I’m glad they decided that my life was worth it.”

Erilin shook her head. “Please don’t misunderstand. It’s nothing against you. Healing is a complicated enough art as it is and there are no healers here with us, so to attempt to perform a healing with no specialist is incredibly dangerous. One wrong utterance by anyone could result in spectacularly messy deaths of everyone involved.”

“Well, did I really need it then?”

She nodded. “Your life signs were so weak, they didn’t know if they could heal you at all. If it wasn’t for Magus Keith, we would not be speaking right now.”

“I should go thank him, then,” Mark said as he stood up.

“I’ll take you to him,” she bowed. “I’ll wait for you outside.”

It was only then that Mark realized he was completely naked; a set of his clothes lay neatly folded on a nearby chair.

“Uh. Sure,” he said as he hurriedly grabbed his clothes to cover himself, bringing an amused smile to Erilin’s face.

When the elf closed the door behind her, Mark quickly threw on his uniform, and followed her outside.

“Sorry about that,” Mark said, as Erilin lead the way down the hallway.

“About what, Sir?”

“I didn’t know I was undressed.”

Erilin chuckle. “It’s alright, Sir. You’ve been here long enough to know that we’re not shy about our bodies. You would be too after a century or so.”

“Well, us humans don’t live for that long. I still have to keep my men in check sometimes at the river.”

“We have to bathe when we have the time and we don’t have the time to be split into two groups by sexes.”

“I know, but us humans generally don’t see more than one naked woman at once, let alone a group bathing each other.” Mark chuckled. “I swear, sometimes it seems like some of you do it intentionally.”

Erilin laughed. “Sometimes, yes. There aren’t that many women here. We drink and laugh with the men too, but just as men like to do their little exclusive things sometimes, so do us women. Most of the time it’s pretty innocent but I do know of at least two ladies who have been eyeing some of your men.”

Mark laughed as well. “I’ve been pretty clear to my men that they do not try anything with any elven women, though.”

“We’ve suspected as much. Your men seem to go out of their way to avoid us sometimes. May I ask why?”

“Mostly for group discipline. Also, if the war’s still going on, I need my men to stay attached to only those in their unit.”

“But now there are elves in your company as well, including females.”

Mark shrugged. “This is a rather new development. I’d still prefer them to not get involved when the fighting’s still going on.”

“Well, it now seems that the fighting is pretty much over…”

“What? When? How?” Mark stopped mid-stride.

“The Orcs started withdrawing their forces about three days ago. It seems they are headed in the direction of Fort Essence,” Erilin smiled.

“Huh. Got bored of a small town and moving on to bigger fish, are they?”

“It seems that way. The excavation team has taken this opportunity to wrap up their work at the dig site and should be ready to leave for Luminare soon.”

“That’s great news!”

Erilin stopped in front of a large set of doors. “Yes, that’s why I would like to take this opportunity to ask you on behalf of some of my friends that you… give your men a little more freedom.”

Mark raised an eyebrow.

“There will be a small celebration the night before your company leaves to escort the archeology team back to Luminare,” the elf said. “One night won’t hurt, right?”

“I’ll think about it,” he finally acquiesced.

“Thank you, Sir,” she grinned. “Magus Keith should be in here. He should be able to fill you in with anything that I have left out about the past five days.”

“Alright. Thanks, Erilin.”

Mark opened the large doors and was instantly greeted with the sight of a dozen elves in long robes gathered around a large, dirt covered, metal contraption that wasn’t here the last time he visited. It looked like a huge flat metal box but with large square holes along the side. One of the elves standing to a side wore a small ornate half-mask, indicating his nobility. He spoke quietly with another robed elf, seemingly unaware of Mark’s presence.

“Captain Raven! I’m so glad you’re alright,” One robed figure emerged from the crowd.

“Magus. It’s good to see you.” Mark said, shaking the man’s hand. “I just spoke with Erilin. She told me that I owe my life to you.”

Keith laughed. “Erilin exaggerates. All I did was some convincing.”

“Regardless, it was all thanks to you that I am still here today,” Mark bowed.

“Nonsense. Captain Raven, you’ve saved us so many times in combat, the least I could do is to repay the favor.”

Mark smiled, and then turned towards the object in the center of the room. “So what’s that over there?”

A huge grin appeared on Keith’s face. “Come! Let me show you!” he said as he lead Mark over to the object. “This is the most intact artifact of the Ancients that we have ever found.”

Mark took a closer look at the earth-filled object. It was roughly box shaped and seemed as big as a small carriage. Large holes circled the upper half of the box, while the bottom half seemed mostly solid, although there seemed to be a few cracks here and there. Although rust had covered most of the metallic surfaces, some parts still held specks of color.

“What exactly is this?”

“We’re not sure. From its appearance, I would guess that it was probably used as a container of sorts. We have found similar objects in the past but they were all in far worse condition. As strange as this may sound, this is the first evidence that we have found that these containers were perhaps originally painted.”

“How old do you think this… thing… is?”

“Over a hundred thousand years old, at least. This was here long before recorded elven history, and probably even before the Ancients.”

“Before the Ancients? There were other races before them?”

“It’s hotly debated topic but some of us believe so, yes.”

“Wow, that’s amazing,” Mark whistled. He looked around the room. “There seems to be more artifacts than the last time I was here. Did they find anything else interesting?”

“Yes!” Keith paused to think for a moment. “Well, yes, but most of them aren’t even here but are still waiting to be dug up. It appears that this area is rich with all sorts of artifacts; some may even be magical! We have only scratched the surface of this area. We will be returning to Luminare soon to present our findings to the Wizard Council, so that a much larger team of specialists can be sent here to study, along with more protection.”

“Is that why he’s here?” Mark asked, nodding his head towards the masked elf across the room.

“Yes, Duke Talos is here to observe the wrapping up of our excavation here. Would you like me to introduce you to him?”

“No thank you, it’s quite alright,” Mark smiled. “But does that mean we will be returning to Rancer as well?”

“Yes, as we will need to wait for the Council’s approval before we can return.”

“I see. Then when will we be able to leave?”

“I think within the week. Since the Orcs retreated, we have been able to go out to the dig site a lot more, so the wrapping up has been fast as well.”

“That’s excellent. Thank you, Magus.”

“You’re more than welcome. One more thing though: while the elves healed you, one of them found a spell embedded in your head. We took the precaution to remove it, as it seemed to be potentially dangerous.”

“Oh?” Mark looked at him with some alarm. “What was it?”

“We’re not sure, but it seemed to be some sort of orcish combat aggression spell; very similar to the type of spells that orcish battlemasters would construct… although they are generally constructed upon their own troops. It was extremely well hidden, and difficult to remove, which only added to our suspicion that it would be dangerous. Fortunately one of my elven colleagues, Celial Vern, is an expert in the field of enchantments, and was able to remove it after some…”

“By Aria’s light! Look at this!” An elf exclaimed from the other side of the metal artifact. Rushing to his side, the other wizards all began to talk excitedly.

Mark looked at the elves with an amused smile, then bowed to the Magus. “Thank you again, Magus. I should let you return to your work. I’ll go look for the rest of my company now. I’m sure they’ll be glad to know that we can return to Rancer soon.”

“Indeed. See you soon, Captain,” Keith smiled and bowed as well before hurriedly joining the other elves.

Mark gave the artifact one last glance before heading towards the barracks. He thought about what Erilin had said. His men had all performed admirably the last four months, through the harsh elven winter, so perhaps a reward would not be a bad idea after all…


“So it is settled then,” the man stood up from the table. “Thank you, Ambassador Fanelin.”

“No, thank you, your Majesty,” The drow bowed deeply, giving the young king a perfect view of her cleavage. “Queen Renia would be pleased.”

As the drow ambassador departed with her entourage, her hips swaying sensuously, Andrew finally breathed a sigh of relief. Dismissing the remaining ministers, he was finally alone. “Hey Chris, it seems that the drows know that House Norfald is up to something as well. They almost couldn’t agree to the border disarmament fast enough,” he said to no one in particular.

A shimmering shape appeared behind the king, slowly solidifying to reveal a masked man. “Of course, Andrew. If their intelligence is as good as we suspect, they should have known about this days ago,” he replied, his voice distorted by the mask that he wore, sounding hollow and metallic.

“But I didn’t expect us to come to an agreement this fast.”

“They are perhaps worried about the Mamet Empire as a whole,” Chris said, sitting down next to him. “Just because each House of the empire may act independently doesn’t mean that they’ve never fought together.”

“That hasn’t happened since my grandmother’s reign. Father was even younger than me at the time.”

“Well, I’m sure Queen Renia still remembers it. She has lived long enough to see it happen three times already. I’m sure she’d be wary of a fourth.”

“Perhaps we should talk to the Mamet ambassador about this. What was his name? Roger?”

“Rogen. Theodore Rogen. I doubt it’d help: he’d just say ‘each House acts of their own volition, unhindered by the Empire,’ or something along those lines.”

“Of course,” Andrew grunted. “And we haven’t received a new ambassador from Norfald yet?”

“No. We probably won’t get a new one until their internal power struggle settles down. Perhaps by the winter.”

“Ug. I hate dealing with Mamet.”

“You and me both, man. Anyways, we can figure that out later,” Chris waved his hands in dismissal. “I love having meetings with the drows though.”

“Let me guess. Her brilliant intellect just fascinates you, oh so much,” he shook his head slowly.

“Oh yeah, definitely that,” he nodded seriously before chuckling. “But seriously though: her clothes. I mean, I don’t really think it can be called clothes. I’ve seen women at the beach who wore more material than that.”

“To them, clothing is a sign of weakness. Anything…”

“I know, I know: ‘Anything more than what they are required to cover is an attempt to hide imperfection.’ And damn, she was pretty perfect.”

Andrew laughed. “Well, I think that being only able to look and not touch is a terrible proposition. I think I’ll just stick to humans and elves. At least touching them isn’t potentially dangerous.”

“I’ll take my chances. Not all of them are dangerous, and the ones that are have to consciously create the toxins anyways. Just don’t upset them, and you’ll be fine!”

“Whatever,” he shook his head with a grin, “it’s your funeral. Anyways, we should get going. I get to see Mari again today. I don’t want to be late.”

Immediately, Chris jumped up from the chair and led the way through the grand halls that lead to the royal gardens.

“When was the last time you saw her?” Chris asked.

“Last month, at the dinner at the Society. You were there…” Andrew paused. “Oh wait, that wasn’t you was it?”

Chris chuckled. “No, that was Jaraad.”

“Agh! Right! You two need to stop switching the schedules so much. Damn it, when Mark comes back, I’m going to have to get used to going back to the old schedule again,” he sighed. “On that note, shouldn’t he back soon? How long ago did he report from Crielere?”

“That was six days ago. He should be back any day now. The company, or what’s left of it, has been debriefed and disbanded, and the men are expected to report back to their original commanders within the month.”

“Great! We should go out for a couple of drinks when he’s back. I’ve been cooped up here for too long,” he nodded. “Hmm. Or maybe we can take a vacation early this year.”

As Andrew entertained the thought of a long relaxing trip to somewhere where he can get some peace and quiet, he stepped through the doors into another kind of tranquility. Unlike many gardens around the city, the royal gardens at the center of the palace contained completely natural flowers. No magic is used to enhance the appearance or to encourage the flowers to blossom, so every season brings about a different selection of blooms. Although not nearly as colorful as the enhanced gardens, Andrew took pride in the ever changing scenery and took a personal interest in its appearance. Amongst the finely manicured shrubs and trees, some daffodils have already started to bloom, adding colors to an otherwise monotonously green scenery.

At the center of the garden was a large pond with a large marble gazebo. It provided a gorgeous view of the gardens, so naturally it was a popular place for the various ministers to meet and have lunch. However, at this hour, it was already empty.

“We’re early, it seems,” Andrew said, looking around.

“A little. Mari is very punctual; I suppose it’s easy to be, with her talents.”

“I guess, though she’s told me the jump spell is very tiring, so she doesn’t use it much.”

“Oh? I thought she jumps here every time.”

“Well, she has Society responsibilities before this. I don’t think her father would be happy if she just left a half an hour early to come here.”

“The Lord Magus keeps a tight leash on her.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“He’s a control freak. That worries me, you know. Don’t get me wrong: Mari’s a nice girl and all, but do you think you’ll be able to have a future with her? I mean, especially with her father’s position at the Society, and his influence over her. Some of the nobles are already voicing their concerns with your relationship, but if the marriage becomes official…”

“I don’t know yet, and I’m not sure if I care,” Andrew shrugged. “Father and Lord Magus Izer arranged this for us, so I’m at least obligated to give it a try but no more than that. I don’t know what she thinks of all this: if she’s interested in me in that way, she’s not showing it very much. She keeps her thoughts about that to herself, mostly. As for the nobles,” he paused, “we’ll deal with them as it comes.”

“I suppose, but you’ve been with her for three years, almost four. Do you think she has any feelings towards you?”

“Maybe,” He shrugged. “You and Mark and Jaraad have known her for longer. You tell me.”

“She’s never told me and to my knowledge, Mark or Jaraad either. It’s not like we get to see her much more than you. And besides, we don’t talk about this with her,” Chris shrugged. “Do you have any feelings for her?”

“I don’t know!” He was getting a little frustrated. “Maybe?”

“Not ‘maybe’. You asked her to that event last year, didn’t you? That’s gotta be something.”

“Yeah, well, Magistrate Locke handed me the invitation personally, and I can’t exactly say no to the man.”

“I still can’t believe that you took her with you. I mean, I’ve never been to one of his ‘events’, but I’ve heard stories. I thought she’d be scandalized.”

“Well, I like that kind of thing, so if Mari wants to be with me, I have to know how she feels about it too.”

“That’s not an excuse! You could’ve just asked her if she likes being tied up!”

Andrew frowned. “Tying people up is only part of it. And besides, that’s rather blunt, isn’t it?”

“Compared with just taking her to that ‘event’? Sure, as blunt as the pointy end of a sword. I mean, while I don’t see why you and Mark are into that type of thing, I accept that about you. You’re my brothers. But Mari? She might not be so understanding. She could’ve freaked and… and… blown up the whole place or something,” he said, throwing up his hands.

“If she threw a fit about it, then I would’ve known we wouldn’t have worked out, right?”

“You quite literally like to play with fire, don’t you,” Chris shook his head. “Well, since she didn’t, you think there’s a chance that you two will work?”

Andrew shrugged. “Maybe. We’ll see. In any case, she doesn’t seem to be in any rush either.”

A small green light appeared in the air nearby, steadily pulsing like a heartbeat.

“That would be her,” Andrew smiled.

Chris nodded. “Have fun. I’ll be near,” he said as he pressed a region of his bracer, once again fading from view.

Over the span of a minute, the green light began to pulse faster, and grow larger, until it was roughly man sized. With one final flash, a girl dressed in a teal robe appeared in its place, holding a large weaved basket.

“Hi Mari,” Andrew greeted her from his chair.

Ignoring the greeting, the girl put down the basket, and hunched over, trying to catch her breath from what seemed like a long run. “Care…” she began. “Care to help?” She asked, nudging the basket in Andrew’s direction.

“Oh, sorry! Of course!” Andrew jumped up, and crossed the short distance between them to take the basket from her. It was unexpectedly heavy. Holding out his free hand, he offered it to her. To his surprise, she not only took it but also wrapped her arms around his neck.

They had never been very close, physically at least. Sure, they conversed just fine (in fact, famously so), but it had never progressed to anything more. Beyond the formalities of hand kissing, and on rare occasions, a dance, the most that they had ever done was to hold hands at that event, when she seemed to have been glued to him. Although she did not seemed to be disturbed by the scenes there, if she was interested, she hid it well. Needless to say, she had never hugged him like this. Unsure of what to do, Andrew simply stood there.

“Ah. Em,” he tried to find something to say, but the words just wouldn’t come to him.

“I’m tired,” she answered his unspoken question. “I crafted a lot of complicated spells today for an exam. Probably shouldn’t have jumped here,” she explained in between breaths, resting her head on his shoulder.

Andrew just nodded. He noted that her hair was a bright crimson today, which was perhaps the most normal color he had ever seen on her. In any case, it looked better than that lime green from last time. He also noted with some confusion as to why he had just noticed something so blatantly obvious (perhaps the novelty of the always changing hair color had worn off after the first dozen or so times he’s met her), or why he’s thinking about her hair color when she is now closer to him than she’s ever been before. He then realized his mind was racing. He tried to focus. It didn’t seem to work.

Slowly, her breathing calmed. After what seemed like minutes, Andrew felt her shift, as if she was nuzzling against his neck. “Em. Mari?”

Almost immediately, she straightened up and took a step back from him. Her hands did not leave his. “Thank you. I feel better now.”

“You’re welcome,” he smiled. His mind no longer raced. “Shall we eat?”

She nodded and helped him take out all the food that she had brought, most of which she had made herself. When Andrew bit into the first piece of dumpling, he moaned as his tongue caressed the soft, succulent fillings inside. “Oh spirits, why hadn’t I asked you to cook for me sooner? This tastes amazing!” he exclaimed as he stuffed another into his mouth.

“Of course it is! I studied under the Society’s best chiefs and we have the best chiefs in the world.”

“What? The Society doesn’t train chiefs,” Andrew frowned with his mouth full of food.

“Not directly, no; but since our potion specialists have to spend so much time in the kitchen creating potions, they relax and kill time by perfecting their culinary skills as they wait for their potions to finish brewing. You won’t find better chiefs anywhere else.”

“Well, I’m sure the headmaster of Ambrosia Culinary School would beg to differ.”

Mari rolled her eyes. “Oh please. Gerhardt Norn is a Society alum. I heard he wasn’t even particularly good at it either,” she scoffed.

Andrew finally paused from eating, raised an eyebrow, shrugged, then went back to stuffing his face. He really didn’t have enough brain power to think about the implications of that statement at the same time as what he should eat next.

“Slow down. You’re going to choke on something,” the redhead frowned. “Are you really this hungry?”

“Why wawent roring…”

“And don’t talk with your mouth full!”

He sighed and swallowed before speaking again. “I wasn’t during the meeting. I guess I forgot about it. But now that there’s such delicious food here, I realized that, yeah, I’m freaking famished.”

“Who were you meeting?” She asked, finally stabbing a dumpling with a fork for herself.

“Drows. About some border issues. Can’t say much about it.”

“Drows? Well that explains it. Men…” She shook her head, finally taking a bite of her own food.

“I wasn’t…” he paused, pursing his lips to contemplate the truthfulness of his statement, “entirely… distracted by her.”

“Right. Because you were entirely distracted by her tits.”

“I can’t help it if the only things she’s wearing were like basically 2 cloth straps and her heels!”

She blinked. “Wow. That’s… She looked that perfect, huh?”

Andrew shrugged offhandedly. “You could pull it off too, you know.”

Mari blushed, but quickly recovered, shooting him a frown. Andrew was too busy eating to notice any of that.

“So do you know when Mark’s coming back?” she changed the topic.

“Any day now, actually. He should…”

“Did you tell him to bring me anything back from… from wherever he went?” She cut in with a grin.

“Um. No, actually. It’s not safe for my brothers when other people, even you, to know where -”

“What do you mean?” She frowned.

“Well, last time when Jaraad got you that wand you instantly knew he went to Hek.”

“It’s not my fault he got me the Daedalus Wand. It’s illegal to sell it pretty much anywhere, except for Hek,” she protested.

“Well, the time before when Chris got you the necklace, you guessed right away he went to Mamet.”

“Every third bead on that was made of bear tooth, so I thought either Mamet or one of the Orc tribes; and I thought Mamet was more likely.”

“Well, the time before that with Chris -”

“Ok, I get it. I’m sorry. I’ll stop guessing?”

“No, that’s not the point,” Andrew frowned. “Look, up until last year, when I told you who they were, only my family knew. Any sort of information that may be linked to their identity, or location, or anything, is dangerous. I’m sorry, but their safety comes first.”

Mari sighed in resignation. “I understand.”

“But don’t be sad! You didn’t let me finish! Mark wrote that he’s bringing you something that he wants you to look at. A puzzle of sorts, from what I can gather. He said he’ll treat you to lunch one day.”

“Oh! Why didn’t you tell me sooner? You know I love puzzles! If I get to choose where we eat, then I’ll accept it as a suitable substitute for the gift.”

“I believe we have ourselves a deal,” Andrew grinned.


It was late morning when Mark finally reached one of Astrin’s eastern gates. He did not recognize the guard captain there… one promoted to the rank during his absence, no doubt. Regardless, the guards waved him through with only a cursory glance at his credentials. Within half an hour, he was sitting down at his favorite tavern.

Oh I’ve missed this! Mark thought as he chugged down the remaining ale. It feels so good to be back!

He looked around the tavern and smiled again, seeing some familiar faces but even more people that he had never seen before. That was the way of the Jita district, where shops open and close seemingly at the toss of the coin and whole buildings can be torn down and rebuilt in less than a month. Fortunately, The Citadel has been here for dozens of years and served well as a hangout for Mark and his brothers.

Soon, the barmaid brought him another mug. “This one’s on the house,” she said with a smile, nodding towards Citadel’s proprietor.

Mark grinned at the elderly woman, and raised his mug in thanks. Just as he set his ale down on the bar, he felt a presence behind him.

“It’s not even noon yet, and you’re hitting the booze already?” The man said.

“Hey Jaraad!” Mark jumped up and embraced his brother.

“Nice to have you back in one piece,” Jaraad grinned.

“Thanks. It’s good to be back home. Can’t wait to sleep in my own bed.”

Jaraad laughed again. “Yeah, I know the feeling! It’s those little things that makes you miss home the most.”

“How’s Andrew and Chris?”

“They’re good, but Andrew’s been pretty busy lately: something’s going on in Mamet. He hasn’t been seeing Mari as much as when you were here but that’s also because she’s busy all the time as well. Chris is Chris. During a big dinner last week, he somehow managed to dilute Andrew’s wine with large amounts of grape juice.”

“Uh…” Mark’s eyes went wide.

“Oh don’t worry, the guest had a separate drink, so he didn’t get any of that, but Andrew had to keep a straight face though the whole night.”

“Fuuuuuuuuck…” Mark half laughed half groaned, covering his face with his hands. “Andrew must’ve been pissed.”

“Why am I pissed, now?” Another voice asked from behind them.

“Probably something I did,” replied another.

Mark spun around and embraced the two newcomers. “Andrew! Chris! What are you guys doing here? Don’t you have… important meetings to attend to?”

“In a bit. Jaraad told me that you just got back, so I thought I’d drop by for a bit,” Andrew grinned, holding up the necklace that they use to communicate with. He wore a simple disguise of a wig and beard, which was enough to fool the people who have never gotten a good look at him up close. No longer in his regal clothes, instead, his appearance matched that of Jaraad, wearing a simple tunic and pants, looking like one of the merchants of the nearby Jita market. “So why am I pissed again?”

“I was telling him about the grape juice incident,” Jaraad chuckled.

“Oh yeah, that. That wasn’t even the worst thing he’s done while you were gone,” Andrew sighed. “Last month, he nailed all the chairs in the dining room to the floor, a little ways back from the table, so everyone had to sit at the edge of their chairs and lean forward when they ate. Thank the spirits it wasn’t a dinner with any dignitaries or the like. We did have to replace all the chairs and parts of the floor, though.”

“Well, that’s new,” Mark blinked, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey, it was so much harder for me!” Chris complained. “I was the one that had to nail twenty chairs down to the floor without anyone noticing.”

Mark laughed. “I don’t know why you go through all that trouble…”

“I’m just practicing my skills for legitimate uses.”

“Right. Because we all need to nail twenty chairs down without anyone noticing one day,” Jaraad rolled his eyes.

The proprietor of The Citadel saw Andrew walk in, and approached the group. She was old enough to be their grandmother but other than her graying hair, she radiated the energy of someone decades younger.

“Boys, it’s so good to see y’all again,” the older woman smiled.

“Hi Miss Nyx,” Andrew replied, echoed by the other three, and embraced her. “Sorry about not being able to come in lately, but ‘business’ has been -”

“Don’t you apologize, now. I know just how busy it can be. Your gran’ma was probably the busiest person I’ve ever known,” she patted the younger man’s shoulder. “But I am so glad to see you, again. Now come along, a corner table has just opened up. It’ll be more private for your conversation.”

“Thanks, Miss Nyx.”

After they had sat down, the maid brought over some drinks and food for all of them.

“So how was your trip?” Andrew asked.

“Eventful. Almost died at one point, but the dig team got what they were there for.”

“Woah, what?” A look of concern appeared on Andrew’s face.

“I’m ok! I’m still here, aren’t I?” Mark laughed. “Elven healing magic is pretty amazing, though.”

“Be careful, Mark. You’re always so reckless when you go on trips,” Jaraad said.

“Yeah, I would hate to have permanent twelve hour shifts,” Chris smiled.

“Thanks for your concern, Chris.”


The four chatted, catching up on the last four months that Mark had been away: The recalling of another ambassador from one of Mamet Empire’s many Houses (likely to be relocated to some salt mine somewhere for something that they, or someone in their family did); the arrival of the elven princess Allura (apparently here to build good relations between the Kingdoms, but thus far, has met with Andrew only once); the Society of Magic had another animal incident (resulting in the release of thousands of chinchillas into the streets of Astrin, although this time it was contained much quicker than Day of Ferrets incident two years ago); and many others. After a length of time that felt not nearly long enough, clock towers around the city began to ring, announcing Two o’clock.

“Well, we have to go. Got a meeting soon,” Andrew announced as he stood up. “Welcome back, Mark. See you tomorrow afternoon.”

“Yeah, get some rest. I’ll have Andrew’s schedule delivered to your place tonight,” Chris added, “but you don’t have to do anything other than your shift until next week.”

“That’s my cue too,” Jaraad said, getting up as well. “Gotta get ready for my shift. Nice to have you back, Mark. Get rested. We’ll catch up soon.”


After almost an hour of soaking in the large granite bath, Mark finally pulled himself out of the tub. The water was starting to get cold but he enjoyed it anyways, even after his hands got pruney. He dried and wrapped himself in a large towel, enjoying these little things that he had missed for so long.

Falling onto his bed, he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Mark dreamed.


It sounded like a bell. Or maybe a chime.

“Wake up,” a female voiced called out to him.


It was a little louder now. He looked around, still not seeing the source of the sound.

“You said you’ll find me.”


“Find… who?” he asked the voice.

“You promised.”


“Promised… what?”

“To find me again.”


He turned around. He thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

“So wake up. Find me like you promised.”


“Who are you? Are you…” he struggled to think of someone’s name, and found that he didn’t know anyone’s name.

He heard a soft laughter.


He turned around again, faster this time. He saw a streak of green flash by.

More laughter.


He turn around one more time, as fast as he could move.

He felt himself falling, but as he fell, he saw it… a wind chime?

“Oof!” Mark grunted as he landed on the floor next to his bed, the eighth toll of the clock tower still echoing through the streets.

The dream was fading already. He frowned. He could never remember any of his dreams. But this time, he did remember the last thing he saw. A wind chime. Just like the earrings Amanda wore.

“Amanda…” he mumbled to himself, “What have you been up to?”

The elven embassy was located on the north-western side of the elven district, across the district from Mark’s home. The neighborhood’s architecture has obvious elven influences, with elegant curves replacing the sharp corners and edges found on most other buildings found in Astrin. Elven dwellings in the kingdom of Mise have lasted through thousands of years of use and the elements had worn down the roughness of the original stones. The buildings in Astrin are not nearly as old but were built with the antiquated appearance to resemble their counterparts found in the elves’ homeland.

The embassy was nicknamed the White Keep, since it resembled a much smaller version of the keep of the Grand Castle in Luminaire. The distinctive alabaster spire rose towards the sky like a giant, elongated teardrop. A wall surrounded the building, patrolled by elven guards, shielding its inhabitants from prying eyes.

Mark sat down on a bench, across the plaza in front of the embassy’s main gate, and waited. There were many people sitting around, on the grass and on benches. A flock of pigeons wandered around, their heads bobbing back and forth. Occasionally someone would throw some bread towards them and Mark laughed inwardly as he watched them scramble for the crumbs. There were several cafés located around the plaza, all full with people having their breakfast. Thinking about breakfast, Mark’s stomach growled, reminding him that he has yet to eat anything today.

Just as the bell tower announced eight thirty, the gates to the embassy opened and Captain Lena Banks walked out. Mark thought about catching up to her to talk, but quickly decided against it. She might slap him again. Another day, when we have more time to talk, Mark thought.

A few minutes later, the gates opened again, and several elven women walked out. Amongst them, a familiar looking elf girl, with two elven women by her side.

Her long blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail, although a few unruly strands hung along the side of her face. With the sleeve of her grey shirt, she wiped away the sweat on her forehead, her face glowing from the recent training. While her short green skirt only went down to mid thigh, tight black leggings and a pair of thin leather boots covered every inch of her toned legs. He imagined how they’d look without those leggings.

Amanda started walking west-wards, while the two elves followed her close behind. They were constantly alert, watching for any signs of danger.

Mark smiled, and walked towards her. It’s been four months. Would she recognize me? He thought.

Walking at a leisurely pace, she was probably exhausted after her training. At this speed, he would catch up to her in a block or two. Maybe I should surprise her… Although her guardians might not find that too humorous, he mused.

She stopped and turned around to say something to the two elves behind her. Mark couldn’t quite make out what she was saying at this distance but after a few seconds, as she was about to turn back and start walking again, she glanced in his direction. Their eyes met. Mark smiled at her. Amanda stared at him for a moment, her expressing quickly changing from confusion to surprise to happiness all within the span of a second. To the confusion of her guards, she began to quickly walk, and then run towards him.

“Mark!” She shouted as she leaped into his arms.

Mark almost lost his balance, twirling her around him. “Nice to see you too, Amanda,” he laughed. “I told you I would find you.”

The two elves caught up to her, with looks of concern on their faces. “My lady,” one said with a cough.

She reluctantly unhooked her arms from Mark’s neck and stepped back, blushing slightly. “Ah, this is Mark,” she said, gesturing with her arm. “He helped me obtain new escorts after the incident in Carrou forest. Mark, this is Linae and Ellisa. They are my guardians.”

The two elves bowed slightly. “So you are Mark! Our lady has said many good things about you,” Linae smiled. “Thank you for arranging the escorts for our lady, Mr…”

“Raven. Mark Raven.”

“Ah, thank you, Mr. Raven. We were quite surprised to see our lady arrive here with a group of Rancerian riders.”

“It was no problem. The Crielere outpost’s commander is an acquaintance of mine. He owed me a couple favors. And besides, I didn’t think it was safe for such a beautiful lady to be traveling alone.”

“That was very considerate of you. Oh, and when you see him, please give our thanks to your friend the hunter who helped our lady in the forest.”

Without missing a beat, Mark nodded. “Of course. He is a bit of a recluse, and hard to track down, but I will tell him when I see him again.”

Amanda held his hand and started walking, pulling him along. “Come on,” she said, looking at him with a smile.

Mark shrugged and followed her, while her two guards followed close behind.

“How did you know I was here?” she asked.

“I asked around at the barracks for Captain Banks, and they said she was training a particularly troublesome elven girl here at your embassy.”

“They did not say that! Lena… I mean Captain Banks loves me!”

“Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t,” Mark laughed. “Anyways, they said that she was training some elves here. Apparently other women decided to join you in training with her?”

“Yep! Mostly officials or their servants at the embassy, but occasionally, Ambassador Raelin’s wife joins us as well.”

“That’s great! I’m glad you have company.”

“Hey, are you busy today?”

Mark shook his head. “Not till four. Did you have plans?”

“Not anymore! Come, I need to go home to shower and change.”

Mark walked with her a ways from the embassy, towards a relatively fancy part of the elven quarts. They walked past rows of large, elegant, gated mansions. Amanda walked through the gates to one of them, a white house with burgundy windows. As they passed through the gates, Mark felt a tingle… a sudden change in the magic flows around him. Detection spells, he made a note to himself. Good security.

“That’s a beautiful mansion you have,” he complimented. “Such a large place in the city must have been expensive.”

Amanda smiled. “My father bought it for me a little before I came here,” she said as she opened the doors.

Inside, they were greeted by two elven women, who Amanda introduced as Ella and Vin.

The decor of the house was elegantly minimalistic, and followed the same color scheme as the outside. A large central stairway led to the second floor balcony, which then led to hallways and presumably, more rooms. To the right of the staircase was a large guest room. A few chairs and leather couches surrounded a stone table. A handful of paintings hung on the walls, as well as several small sculptures.

“This place is very nice,” Mark said.

“Thanks, but I don’t spend much time here. I’m usually out most of the day,” she led him to one of the white leather couches. “Wait for me down here, but feel free to look around downstairs. I’m going upstairs to take a shower”

Mark smiled. “Go ahead. I’ll wait for you.”

After she ran upstairs, Mark wandered the lower floor of the mansion while being followed by Ella.

“If you don’t mind me asking,” the elf said as they entered the kitchen, “what is it that you do?”

“I’m a merchant,” Mark said as he observed two cooks, both elven women, preparing some food.

“Is that so? What is it that you deal in?”

“Whatever is in season. My business partner does most of the negotiations; I just make sure the goods arrive at their destination.”

“I see. How’s business?”

“Very well. Demand, and market price for grain and iron have been steadily increasing for the past few years, so our business has been doing better and better. We have an arrangement with a handful of dwarfs and a group of farmers up north. It has been working out quite well.”

“I’m happy to hear that,” The elf smiled and nodded. “Feel free to wander the premises. I will inform you when the lady is ready for you.”

Mark wandered the house and its backyard, meeting two more elven servants: a maid, Celistra, and the gardener, Falalie. They seemed nice enough, but he noted that they always seemed to be watching him, cautious of the stranger in their house. Finished with this self-guided tour, Mark returned to the guest area and struck up a conversation with Linae and Ellisa, who despite her love of her own voice, revealed very little about themselves, or the household.

Almost an hour later, Amanda emerged from her room on the second floor. She wore a short violet sundress, white stockings, and white ankle length boots. Her wind chime earrings dangled from her ears, and a thin silver necklace hung an emerald charm between her bosom.

“Hi,” she smiled to him as she walked down the stairs.

“You look very pretty.”

“Thank you!” She beamed.

“Now that you’re all freshened up, what are we going to do?”

“Breakfast, of course! The training’s made me hungry.”

“Where to? There are some nice cafés near the embassy,” Mark suggested.

“No, I’ve already tried them. I want to go somewhere new. Come!”

“Lead the way, fearless leader,” Mark chuckled.

At the gates, Amanda turned to her two guardians, who looked on without expression.

“I’ll be going out with Mark until mid afternoon, so cancel my other appointments,” she said. “We will be fine just by ourselves, no need for you to come.”

The two frowned, but nodded. “If you wish, my Lady.”

Amanda smiled, and walked outside. Mark followed, giving a friendly nod to Ellisa and Linae, neither of whom responded.

“Are you sure this is ok?” he asked, walking by her side. “I don’t think they trust me enough to be going out with you alone.”

“But I do. It’s fine.”

He laughed. “Well, we’ve technically only known each other for about a day. I’m not sure if you can really trust me just yet. And besides,” he said, scratching his head, “embarrassingly enough, I don’t even know your full name!”

“I guess that’s true,” Amanda laughed as well. “My last name is Gefen, so now you know. As for how long we’ve known each other: Yes, it was only a day, but not just any day. After all that’s happened, I think I can trust you to take me to breakfast at least.”

Mark smiled. As they round the corner and out of sight of the mansion, Mark offered her his arm. “I don’t want them to get the wrong idea,” he explained, “or the right idea, for that matter.”

“Thanks,” she said, taking his offered arm. “In the last few months, I’ve thought about what I was going to do when I would see you, how to not make them too suspicious but when I really saw you today, I just kinda forgot everything.”

“I’ll try not to make it any worse, though I’m not sure if this outing is helping your case at all,” he chuckled.

She shrugged. “Well, since they already saw me tackle you, I don’t think this is going to be any worse. I thought I could use this time to spend some time alone to talk with you.”

“Oh? About what?”

“Like I promised you, my guardians don’t know any details about the night that we met. I’ve only told them that I was attacked, and a hunter rescued me, and took me to you.”

“I see. Thank you for keeping it a secret. Have they looked into how your attackers could have found you? You were in a part of the forest that’s not very frequented, so it’s unlikely that they just happened to stumble upon you.”

“Yes, but they didn’t find anything. No one should’ve known where I was. You know elves are good at keeping secrets.”

“I know, but maybe you were being followed, or maybe there was an informant amongst those who knew.”

“I don’t know. I don’t think I was being followed. And an informant… that’s impossible.”

He shrugged. “Nothing’s happened since you arrived in Astrin, right?”

“No,” she shook her head, “everything has been normal. My guardians have told me that I’m not being watched.”

“That’s good. I’ll make sure it stays that way today.”

“I know,” Amanda smiled at him, and leaned against him slightly. “I feel safe when I’m with you. Not that I don’t when I’m with my guardians, but…” she paused, “but I feel even more so when I’m with you.”

Mark smiled back and gave her arm a reassuring squeeze.

They walked in silence for a while, along the large brick-paved streets and small cobblestone roads, passing stores and restaurants, until they arrived at a small nondescript wooden building. The hostess, a woman with short black hair and tastefully tailored black dress, led them upstairs to the balcony, where they can overlook the street below.

“So how have you been?” Mark asked after they placed their orders. “Do you like Astrin?”

“Mmhmm!” she nodded. “I mean, I got used to the city pretty fast but at first, I wasn’t too sure: it was so different from home, everything was so foreign, and I don’t just mean the location. People in Luminare are so much more reserved, even in the market district. Here, though, people cheer; people yell… it just feels so alive. After about a month, I found myself loving it here.”

“That’s great,” Mark smiled. “I’m glad you like my city. If you have time at some point, I can show you all the interesting places if you like.”

“Oh I would love that! I’m usually busy all day, so I never get to really explore the city… not that Ellisa and Linae would let me anyways, even if I did.”

“I see,” he laughed. “They’re just looking out for you, you know. As much as I love Astrin, there are some parts of the city that should probably be avoided.”

“I know; but like I said, it’s not like I have time normally anyways. This is like the first time I’ve decided to take the day off in a month.”

“What do you usually do during the day?”

“During the week day, I train with Captain Banks in the morning. She says I’m doing very well, and I’m an excellent student,” she smiled proudly.

“Good to hear. Captain Banks is a very demanding instructor; few receive her praises,” Mark smiled. “I also noticed earlier that you called her ‘Lena’. Are you two on first name basis now?”

She nodded with a shy smile. “Yeah, but that’s only for when it’s just us two.”

“I’m proud of you. She rarely becomes friendly with her pupils. You must’ve worked very hard to earn that.”

“I don’t want to be helpless if I were ever attacked again,” she said thoughtfully at first, but then a conspiratorial smiled crept over her face. “I can’t always expect to be saved by a ‘hunter’.”

“Fair enough,” Mark laughed. “I can teach you a few things too. Lena can teach you to fight properly, like a soldier; but when you’re ambushed by who-knows-what assailants, you will have to fight dirty- Don’t give me that look. I’m serious. Do whatever it takes to win, because you don’t know if they will follow any rules of engagement. Those mages certainly weren’t going to.”

“I suppose. Well, I’d love to find more excuses to see you anyways,” she grinned. “By the way, it sounds like you knew her pretty well too.”

Mark shrugged. “Yeah. We saw each other briefly. It didn’t work out.”

“Oh. I’m sorry,” she reached across the table to take his hand.

“Don’t worry about it. It was for the best; and besides, if we had worked out, I might not have met you!” Mark smiled, and gave her hand a gentle pat. “Anyways, you were talking about what else you do during your day?”

“During the day, I take various lessons, depending on the day: violin, dance, sculpting, painting, and the like. Then, in the evening, I go to the Society for an hour to learn various combat magic from a sorceress, Miss Villa.”

“Oh? How is that going?”

“It’s ok, I guess. I’m doing well, but…”


“But… Miss Villa is also teaching two other students along with me. Two boys, probably barely in their teens, and they’re so… annoying! They’re constantly chattering with each other about something and laughing, or doing something stupid, and Miss Villa doesn’t care to do anything about it.”

“Ah, I know the type,” he leaned back in his chair and nodded. “Their parents are probably some big shots in the city and paid a lot of money to get them there. Most kids that are there to learn something go through the Society’s academy normally, not through tutors.”

“Well, I’m there so I can learn, not to play around.”

“Can you find another tutor?”

“I’m trying, but it’s hard. The Society says their instructors are all busy or something like that. I don’t suppose you would have some sort of a connection there, like you did with Captain Banks, would you?”

“I do know some people there that I can ask but honestly, they’re probably not high enough up the administrative totem pole.”

She shrugged. “Oh well. I’ll just keep asking them.”

“How about your weekends? What do you do?”

“This and that,” she shrugged. “Sometimes, I come out and wander and shop, and sometimes I stay home, to read if I find an interesting book, or practice my magic, or spar with my guardians. Nothing terribly interesting. But enough about me. How about you? How was your trip? I hope you protected my country well.”

“Of course! My men performed very well, and we did our jobs. And by the way, let me say that elven healing magic is amazing.”

A sudden look of alarm cross her face. “Healing magic? Who needed it?”

“Me,” Mark blinked. “Why?”

“Oh goddess! You need to be careful!”


“Healing magic isn’t used unless someone is about to die! It’s not something that we use for scratches and bruises, or even broken bones.”

“Hmm,” Mark thought for a moment, and shrugged. “Erilin only said that it was difficult to do because we didn’t have a healer…”

“What?! Stop. Stop. I don’t want to hear anymore,” She buried her face in her hands. “I don’t even know why you’re still alive at this point,” She shook her head. Without needing to look, she answered his questioning frown. “Healing without a healer is like… it’s like pulling a random drunk off the street to cut your hair, with a scythe, while riding a galloping horse,” She looked at him with half closed eyes. “A galloping, bucking, untamed horse. Now are you sure they haven’t misplaced or rearranged your internal organs?”

Mark rolled his eyes. “It’s not that bad. I’m fine!” He decided against telling her about the spell they removed from his head. “Better than fine. I’m awesome!” He gave her a silly, toothy grin.

“You’re just lucky,” Amanda fought against the smile that threatened to break through her frown. “The next time you need healing magic and there isn’t a healer around, get me to do it. At least I’ve just been trained, and practiced pretty recently. Those wizards that did you probably haven’t healed anyone for like a few centuries.”

“Well, hopefully there won’t be another time,” He smiled at her reassuringly. “I’m ok, Amanda. Alright?”

Finally smiling again, she nodded. “Ok. So what was your job in Mise?”

“Can’t say,” he smiled with a twinkle in his eye. “It’s a secret.”

“You have to tell me! I told you everything I did!” she pouted. “At least give me a hint?”

Mark laughed, “Alright, alright. Let just say your Society of Wizards is very happy now that we’ve done this.”

“They’re called the Council of Wizardry, you know.”

“Whatever,” he laughed again, but corrected himself. “The Council of Wizardry is very happy now that we’ve done this.”

“That’s good to know. Thank you.”

“The contract payout was thanks enough, I think.”

Amanda leaned across the small table and motioned for him to do the same.

“Mm?” Mark raised an eyebrow in amusement as he leaned towards her, face to face.

“Muah!” Amanda pecked him on the lips, a grin on her face. “And that’s thanks from me!”

“Mmm! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to this kind of reward, though.”

Leaning in, Amanda kissed him again, deeper this time. Her tongue darted into his mouth, licking, teasing. It took Mark a moment to realize what had happened before he began to kiss back. At one point, he felt the waitress arrive with the tea but he didn’t care. In fact, he wasn’t even hungry anymore.

“Um. Excuse me,” the waitress finally interrupted. She looked rather uncomfortable witnessing this very public display of affection.

Amanda finally pulled back and smiled shyly at the girl. “Sorry about that.”

Mark smiled with amusement as he watched the waitress quickly set the tea and pastry on their table, and almost run downstairs. “Maybe you should have toned down the heat on that kiss. She clearly thought we were some crazy pervs.”

“Not me. Just you.”

He raised an eyebrow. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You…” She leaned in closer to him again, her eyes full of mischief, “are a corrupter of innocence.”

“Maybe, but if that’s true, that would mean that you’re corrupt as well, and just as guilty as me.”

“Well, innocence is not so easily lost. It would take many more sessions with you for me to reach your level of depravity.”

A playful smile appeared on his face. “That can be arranged.”

Silence settled between them as they stared into each other, seemingly daring the other to make the first move. Finally, Mark spoke.

“You know, I’m not hungry anymore. How would you like to have breakfast in bed later?”

Fortunately, the trek to Mark’s house is fairly short. Even before the front door fully closed, he had already forced Amanda against the wall, his lips claiming hers. She responded with a moan as her mouth opened to accept him.

The pair groped each other and stumbled to the stairs when suddenly Mark picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Amanda shrieked in surprise, her arms and legs flailing about until he playfully spanked her.

Amanda gasped, “You hit me!”

“That’ll teach you to struggle.”

She struggled some more.

Mark laughed as he walked up the stairs, finally tossing her onto his bed.

With her elbows behind her for support, Amanda licked her lips unconsciously as she stared at her lover. Her heart pounded in her chest. Her breath quickened as Mark pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his toned torso. Her eyes trailed lower, past the leather belt, to the bulge in …

“Hey, my eyes are up here.”

“I… um…” Amanda blinked, her face turning a shade pink. When she looked up, she saw a mischievous grin on Mark’s face, which then turned into laughter. “Hey!” she laughed too.

“Relax! You seem so tense,” Mark pulled her up to him for a kiss. As their lips parted, Amanda nipped at Mark’s lower lip, drawing a wince from him. “I am relaxed,” she retorted.

Mark gave a small bemused laugh. He gently caressed her face, running a finger along her long pointed ear. Amanda’s eyes fluttered as she inhaled deeply, her body lightly trembling.

Moving downwards, he rested his hands on her shoulders, massaging the muscles around her neck until she finally exhaled, her shoulders slumped down. After taking several more deep breaths, the elf opened her eyes and smiled. “That… was really nice. Thank you.”

“You’re wel- Mmm!” Amanda reached up on her tip toes and planted a long kiss on Mark’s lips, quite effectively silencing him. At the same time, she slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders, letting it fall into a small pile at her feet.

As she pulled away, Mark drank in the sight of her body before him.

“Wow.” he breathed.

Clad in only her white boots and stockings, white sheer laced panties, and a matching laced corset, she grinned shyly. “I… ah… This is for you. I thought this would be a… nice surprise.” She looked to the side, avoiding eye contact, one hand playing with a length of lace on her stockings, the other self consciously tucking an imaginary stray strand of hair behind her ear.

It took a moment before Mark finally found the words to speak again. “You look… so amazing. I can’t believe you wore this for me!” He blinked a few times. Taking her hands with his, he kissed them. This seemed to have a calming effect on her as she looked back up to meet his gaze. “I can’t believe you bought this without giving your guardians a heart attack.”

Amanda giggled. “I had to attend a couple formal events here, so I used that as an excuse to go on a shopping spree for all sorts of fancy things. And under-things.”

“Hmm… clever girl. I think you deserve a reward.”

Mark stroked the side of the corset, then down to the panties, then he knelt between her legs as he ran his hands down the length of her stockings before finally taking off her boots. Pushing her back to a sitting position on the bed, he noted the damp spot between her legs as he kissed her laced covered sex. A quiet moan escaped from Amanda’s lips as she unconsciously spread her legs – just a little – to allow him better access.

“You… you’re teasing me,” she breathed heavily. Leaning on her elbows behind her, she tried to pull him up to her with one hand, but Mark would not have it. “Please, don’t tease me anymore.”

“Don’t worry,” he looked up from between her legs. “I won’t. Don’t move. Just lie back and enjoy this… reward from me.”

Kissing the sliver of visible skin under her corset, Mark slowly pulled off her panties and kissed each inch of her flesh as it was slowly revealed to him. Amanda whimpered in anticipation as he got closer and closer to her wetness; it was only the fear of Mark stopping that kept her from writhing with need.

Lily shook her head and stood from the sofa, pacing in front of her mother she twisted her hands together.

“You’re lying.” She stopped and turned to face Tayana. “You’re lying.”

“I’m not, your father was an Angel.”

“If he was descended from the One that is Good and True then that makes him a Eariea. An Eariea would never mate with a Demon.” Her eyes widened and she took a step closer. “Are you an Angel too?”

“No baby, I am Fallen.”

“Then explain to me why an Eariea would mate with a Demon?! And why you would keep it from me?! What am I?”

“I should have told you all of this before.” Tayana refused to look at her daughter. “You’re special Lilith, you are born of the two great families.”


Tayana finally looked into her daughters dark eyes and held out her hand, Lily crossed her arms and waited for her mother to continue. With a sigh Tayana held her hands in her lap and seemed to prepare herself for what she was going to say.

“Your father is the great grandson of the One that is Good and True, that’s why he could never be with us. My great grandfather is the Condemned One.”



“So my father was an Eariea and you’re a Saier.” Tayana nodded. “So what does that make me? I have Angel and Demon blood.”

“Lilith I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. It is written in the sanctuary that a child born of both families will bring peace between the Angel’s and the Fallen.”

Lily scoffed loudly. “What there’s a fucking prophecy now?! What I will help to unite Angel’s and Demon’s and bring peace to the world.”

“Lily please.” Tayana’s voice was desperate and she stood trying to take her daughters hands. Lily pushed her away and took a step towards the door.

“No, you disappear for a hundred years without a word. And now you come back with this bullshit story about my ancestors and expect me to up and leave my mate on your word. I love him mum and no story about a prophecy is going to make me leave him again.” She dropped her head and fought back tears. “I think you should go.”

“Lilith please you have to believe me.”

“Why should I? When have you ever given me reason to trust you? You have lied to me my whole life and now come here with some fucking fairy-tale about me being half pure and expect me to leave my mate and go with. And while we’re on the subject, if I am not supposed to be with Ryan who am I destined to be with? Oh yeah the man who fucking kidnapped me and raped me, kept me in a cell in gold chains so I was in constant pain and suddenly I’m meant to be madly in love with him?!” she slumped into a chair facing the sofa and held her head in her hands. “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?”

“I was trying to protect you, if an Angel knew what you were I don’t know what they would do.”

“Does Abdiel know?”

“He knows you are different,” Tayana’s voice was filled with sadness. “I don’t know how much he knows but he would never do anything to truly hurt you.”

“You have no idea what he has done to me,” Lily’s voice was quiet yet trembled with rage. “He has hurt me more than I can say and I will never be his.” She looked at her mother with something close to hatred in her eyes. “You need to get out.”


“GET OUT!” her voice rose to a scream and Tayana stood slowly.

“I’m sorry baby.”

Lily stayed in the chair until she heard the door shut then slid to the floor the tears falling from her dark eyes, she hugged her knees to her chest and curled in on herself. Ryan stood at the bottom of the stairs watching the despair of his mate, without a word he moved to sit next to her and pulled her onto his lap, she rested her head on his chest and her whole body shook as she tried to contain her sobs.

He held her through the night never asking her what her mother had said to her.


Lucy woke the next morning with her head pounding and her throat raw, she groaned as she turned onto her side and smiled. Aaron lay beside her his head cushioned on one arm still fully dressed. She reached out and gently stroked his face, as their skin touched it was as though an electric jolt went through her and she gasped.

Abdiel had been in her room. His magic strong he had overpowered her, he had filled her with his hate and focused it on Lily.

“Oh god Lily.”

“She’s fine.” Aaron had woken and now watched her. “She’s fine you didn’t hurt her.”

“I didn’t mean to do anything, it was Abdiel. He tricked me when we went to help Ryan, he must have done something to me when it was just me and him.” She looked at Aaron worry on her pretty face. “Is everyone ok?”

“They’re fine, Lily’s mom showed up. She helped you.”

“Magic was the one thing I had, if his is more powerful than mine then I can’t do anything to protect any of you.”

He sat up and pulled her to him, kissing her hair he shushed her gently. “Don’t worry about protecting us Elf just tell me that you’re ok.”

“I’m fine.” She looked up and saw a question in his dark eyes. “What?”

“You said something last night.”

“I did?”

“Yeah, you said the two men you had ever loved would never look twice at you. You were speaking about me and Ryan.” She blushed and pulled away. “Do you love me?”

“I wasn’t myself last night.”

“You sounded pretty sure of that part.” His face turned angry but he kept on.

“Maybe I thought I was at the time.”

“You’re telling me an Angel made you feel that.”

“I’m telling you that I probably wouldn’t have told you that way if I was myself.”

“So you do love me?”

She knelt facing him. “Yes, ok yes I do.”


“Have you embarrassed me enough or do you want to tell me that I snore as well?”

“Well for one you do snore and two I want to tell you that I love you too.” She sank back to the bed her eyes growing wide and a small smile curving her lips.

“Well good.”

He grinned and flipped her onto her back laying between her legs. “Good.” He kissed her and rolled his hips against her.

“And I don’t snore.” Her tone was sulky and he laughed, her dainty fingers quickly undid the buttons on his shirt and she pushed it off his shoulders along with his jacket, he ripped the dress from her body tearing the fabric and she gasped. “Hey I liked that dress.”

“I’ll buy you a new one.” He kissed her again and stripped her underwear away, he slid a hand between her body and cupped the mound of her smooth pussy, she bit her lip and pushed her hips up against him, he pushed a finger into her tight heat and she gripped the pillow beneath her head and arched her back. He moved his finger slowly inside her until her breath was short pants against his neck. He added a second finger and curled them upwards hitting the sweet spot inside her, she moaned and arched her back. Her eyes slid closed and she bit her lip muffling her whimpered moans, he leant his head down and sucked one small, pink nipple into his mouth, his warm tongue flicked over the sensitive skin and he bit gently. She cried out her voice husky and relaxed back against the bed , her eyes opened slowly and she smiled at him.

He kissed her and wriggled out of his suit trousers and tight boxers and lay back atop her, her long legs wrapped around his waist and he thrust into her. He groaned at her tight heat and planted his fists on the bed holding his weight on his muscled arms, he began to thrust his hips slowly gritting his teeth at the feeling of his long cock sliding in and out of her.

He went slow, the last time had been fast, hard and now he needed to feel her pleasure rise as he fucked her, he wanted to drive her crazy. She moaned at the feeling of him inside her, he pressed deep before pulling out until just the tip was inside her before slowly pushing back into her, her fingers dug back into the pillow beneath her head, tearing into the soft feathers and ripping the silk covers. He changed to move his hips in a circular motion and she gasped at the sharp hit of pleasure, he hooked one hand under her knee pulling her leg to rest on his shoulder allowing him to press deeper inside her. She arched her back and cried out softly, he leant down to kissed her neck sucking at the skin and marking her.

He still kept up his torturous rhythm driving them both to the edge, making them crazy. Finally her blue eyes flew open burning with desire.

“Aaron please, let me cum.”

He groaned at the pleading tone of her voice but didn’t speed up. “You don’t cum until I tell you to.”

She whimpered at his authoritative command. “Please Aaron.”

“Not. Until. I. Say.” She bit her lip and threw her head back, her teeth sunk down until they broke the skin as she fought against the exquisite torture running through her body. “Please, please can I cum?”

“Not yet Elf, not until I say you can.”

He sped his thrusts up slightly, she bit back a scream and her eyes pleaded with him silently. He leant down until his lips were less than a centimetre from her ear and whispered breathily.

“Cum for me Luce, let me feel you.”

Her mouth fell open in a silent scream and the walls of her silken pussy gripped the length of his cock as wave after wave of pleasure gripped her body, he growled low in his throat and let go allowing his hot cum to jet into her. He still held his weight off her slightly but lowered himself to kiss her softly. She smiled sleepily and stoked his cheek.

“Wow, it’s never been like that before.”

He laughed softly. “Well you never told me you loved me before.”

She blushed and her eyes flashed at him. “Well you never mentioned that you feel the same.”

He kissed her again tasting her blood that was still on her lip. “How do you feel about spending the whole day in bed Elf?”

“Sounds perfect to me Follower.”


“You’re an Angel?”

Ryan looked at his mate, both still wore the clothed from the previous night and they were both exhausted. Lily shrugged in exasperation.

“I don’t know what I am. I don’t even know if she was telling the truth, she hasn’t exactly been reliable,” she ran her hands through her long hair and tugged on the ends. “I don’t know what to believe.”

They stood at opposite sides of the room staring at each other, Ryan wanted to take her in his arms, to help her understand but he couldn’t. What if she was an Angel? What if she wasn’t his mate? What if she was going to be taken away from him again? Lily watched the internal struggle of her mate and felt the grief fighting to burst from her chest, suddenly his face seemed to light up.

“Lucy.” She frowned and waited for him to continue. “When she first touched me she could see my true face, she must have seen yours as well.”

“So she’ll know what I am?”

“She’ll have a better idea than we do.” He held his hand out to her, she walked to him and he took her face gently in his hands, he kissed her then rested his forehead on hers, she held onto his wrists and swallowed.

“What happens if I am an Angel? What happens then?”

“Shh, nothing will change.”

Downstairs they knocked on the door of Lucy’s room. A muffled shout came from inside and after a few minutes they emerged. Lucy wore a long t-shirt and Aaron a pair of grey sweats. Lucy pulled Lily into a tight hug and leant down to whisper in her ear.

“I’m so sorry, I never wanted to do anything to hurt you.” Lily hugged back.

“You didn’t, I’m sorry I didn’t notice sooner I would have helped.”

They broke apart and Lucy looked to Ryan. “What’s happened? You guys look terrible.”

“Cheers kid,” Ryan couldn’t help but smile. “We need your help.”

“Sure what you need?”

“When you touch me you can see what I am, what do you see when you touch Lily.”

Lucy shrugged. “I see Lily, over the years I’ve built a wall that stops me seeing you truly, both of you. But I can try.”

“Please.” Lily’s voice was nervous and Lucy felt her own nerves rise.

“Course,” the four of them moved through to the living room, Lily and Lucy stood in the middle of the room while Ryan and his Follower looked on. Lucy took the Demon’s hands in her own and took a deep breath.

“This might feel weird.”

Lily nodded and waited in silence, Lucy breathed out a deep sigh and shut her eyes, her shoulders relaxed and her face become devoid of all emotion. When her eyes opened again they searched Lily’s face with a small frown creasing her forehead. The creature now stood in front of her was breath-taking. Her eyes were jet black pools in her unearthly face, her hair had grown, looking to reach to below her knees and changed to a pure white and lifted in an unfelt wind, her ears were tapered and her perfect teeth had elongated into curved fangs. She was naked, her skin shone with an otherworldly glow and was cool under Lucy’s fingers, the wings that had burst from her shoulder blades were glassy black feathers except from a single white one on the underside of her left wing.

Lucy dropped her hands a took a step back.

“What did you see?” Lily looked back desperately at Ryan.

“I’ve never seen anything like you before, you’re not a Demon, at least not fully.”

Lily sank into a chair her hand over her mouth, Ryan was by her side in a second pulling her close and kissing her hair. “Shh it’s ok baby we’ll do something.”

“What’s going on?” Aaron and Lucy looked at the two mates with confusion and worry on their faces.

“Maybe you should sit down.” They took a seat on the sofa opposite them and waited. “Lucifer found his mate in Lilith, before she was killed they had a child, anyone descended from that bloodline is Demon royalty known as the Saier. In the same way anyone descended from the One that is Good and True is known as an Eariea.”

“Two royal families.” Aaron spoke quietly and Ryan nodded.

“My mother,” Lily took over the story her voice shaking. “My mother is descended from Lucifer meaning I was named for my great-great grandmother.”

“Lilith?” Lucy now spoke trying to keep track of the story.

“Yes. My father is a Eariea, he’s Angel royalty making me…I don’t really know what that makes me. My mother came here yesterday to tell me and to tell me that Ryan is not my true mate, Abdiel is. And my mating with him will end the war between the Angel’s and the Fallen.”

Lucy’s mouth hung open and she worked on what to say. “What about Ryan though, Ryan surely you must be able to see what she is.”

“No, Demon’s cannot see their mate truly until after the Kundii, or mating ritual where we bond ourselves to each other for good. Until then I see her as you do.”

“Lily,” Aaron spoke up. “Does your mother know what Abdiel did to you?” Lily nodded. “Then how could she ask you to mate with him.”

“I don’t know. I didn’t even know if she was telling the truth until now.” She stood and stared around. “I need to go and speak to her.”

“I’ll go with you,” Ryan stood but she shrank away from his touch.

“No, stay here. I don’t know what she might say and I don’t want you getting hurt.” She didn’t wait for an answer before running from the room leaving them in an eerie silence behind her.


“Abi?” The Angel hung his head at the name and felt a deep sadness within him.

“I haven’t been called that since I was a child.” He turned and looked at the small girl stood in the doorway, her eyes were bright shining with unshed tears and her hands constantly bunched and relaxed into fists. “Why are you here Lilith?”

“I need you to tell me the truth. Putting aside everything that has happened, let’s pretend we’re kids and I need you to be my friend again for just a minute.” He nodded. “Did you know about my father?”


“So you know what I am?”


“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

“Your father told me not to.”

“You know him?” He nodded. “If you knew all of this then you knew that according to what is written that you should have been my mate.”


“Then why didn’t you tell me?!” Her voice rose to a shout and she took a step towards him. “Why didn’t you tell me? Before I came here, before I met Ryan, before all of this? Why didn’t you just tell me?”

He grabbed her upper arms and pulled her to him, she struggled for a minute fighting the urge inside her before she allowed him to embrace her, she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest enjoying the familiarity of him, his scent, his touch. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and kissed her hair breathing her in.

“I’m sorry Lily. I never wanted to hurt you.”

It was almost as though a piece fell into place in her mind and she pushed him back. “So when you brought me here, chained me and raped me, you didn’t want to hurt me?!” she ran her fingers through her hair her eyes turning wild. “What the fuck is wrong with everyone?! My whole life has been turned upside down and all of you are acting like nothing has changed. My own mother doesn’t give a shit about my happiness, she didn’t even tell me what I was until I was already bound to Ryan.”

“Bound? You two have completed the Kundii?”

“Not yet, but we will.” She took a step towards him and spoke with a sense of pride in her soft voice. “And next time you see me I will be carrying our child and then you will never have me.”

She turned walked from the room, he called after her but she didn’t even turn around. With desolate shout he slammed his fist into the wall, Lily heard his anguished cry and took a deep breath, pushing down the urge to go to him. She walked through the deserted streets of limbo, her bare feet making no sound on the stone, her head down and her mind seething.

Entering the mortal world again she sank to the grass and dropped her head into her hands.

“What do I do?” She spoke aloud, to who she did not know but it felt good to finally voice the question that had plagued her. One name remained at the forefront of her mind and she stood, her mind focused on nothing but her mate.


“What is a Kundii?” Lucy sat on the sofa beside Aaron, she leant against him and he absentmindedly stroked a lock of her red hair, Ryan sat in the armchair opposite twisting his hands in his lap, he smiled at the attempt to take his mind off worrying about Lily and leant back.

“It’s the Demon mating ritual. Mates do it to prove that they are not afraid of the death that comes after because they know they will be with together and once it is done, the pair can have a child.” Lucy’s eyes widened and she sat forward urging him to continue. “We are both in our true forms and we exchange blood, this binds us to one another completely, it not only changes us but the Angels can feel the change in us. They then hunt us down. After we are bound in the Kundii we can conceive a child, that really makes us stand out to the Angels.”

“Wait they would try and find you even if she was pregnant?”

“During pregnancy and for the first sixteen years of our child’s life we would live in Purgatory, we are safe there, once our child has grown and left however we cannot stay. Lily’s mom left before the sixteen years as without her mate with her she cannot be harmed by an Angel. If I were to leave Lily, permanently, she and our child would be safe. That’s what her father did to keep her and her mother safe. Or at least that’s what Tayana told her.”

“Poor Lily, I cant imagine what she’s going through.”

“She’s a strong kid, she’ll be fine.”

Lucy nodded, standing she bent and gently kissed Ryan’s cheek. “We’ll be right here if you need us.”

Ryan nodded and settled himself to wait for his mate. He did not have to wait long.

“Raim?” Her voice was quiet, worry tinging the edges. “Raim? Are you here?”

He stood from the chair and stared into her face pale with worry and wet with tears, her hair hung down her back in messy tangles and her clothes were torn and bloody. She was beautiful. Slowly she took a step towards him before she faltered.

“I didn’t think you would still be here.”

He held out hi hand and she walked into his arms without hesitation. “Where else would I be poppet?”

Navrin tip-toed (or did as best as he could with hooves) around the room in a desperate struggle not to awaken the five sleeping elf women upon the extravagant floor. Like the floor, they were covered in layers of sticky cum deposited about an hour earlier, and like them, his colossal cock had undergone a similar treatment. It dripped with juices and the cum he had squirted into each of the girl’s womb’s. The oddly sized cock swayed gently as he walked, his loincloth doing little to hide it anymore. He had almost made it to the door when he felt a small hand wrap around his shaft. It was Melanie, one of the Blood Elves who had led him to the village the day before. She appeared to be asleep, her eyes glued shut with the Draenei’s gooey seed. The ranger let go after giving his cock a few good strokes, and he quickly stepped outside and ducked behind a large bush for cover. Navrin wasn’t sure of what to do next, however his mind was quickly made up for him by three passing guards.

“Well well, what do we have here girls?” The one speaking seemed to be the leader, perhaps even the captain of the local guard. While the uniforms of all the other guards were plain, hers was lined with a pearl trim and with sparkling green emeralds which dotted the exquisite set of armor. However, her uniform still held many similarities to all other female guard uniforms. She was equipped with two big red boots and a set of light grieves. Under them was a pair of thigh-high leggings which were also red. In fact, just about every piece of armor was a tone of red. The gloves, the revealing breastplate, the visible thong beneath each scaled armor skirt, and even the hilt of their swords. The uniform made every guard look extravagant, but it also made them easy to spot and was not at all practical in the field of duty. Luckily enough for them most female guards were only called upon when the men were absent.

“We’ve been looking for you big blue. I dispatched all of the men to take care of you.”

“That sounds like a lot just for one man.”

“Well this village isn’t too big, and there isn’t much to do here besides so most were more than happy to go. Unfortunately that leaves me with a handful of volunteering ladies and out of practice guards to protect the place.”

“I don’t wish to bring trouble,” Navrin replied, fear creeping into him. This Blood Elf didn’t seem to be as friendly and hospitable as the rest he had encountered.

“You already have.”

“Well I don’t wish to bring anymore,” he replied, standing up.

He towered over them by about 3 feet, and a series of giggles and gasps assailed his ears as he stood. The lead guard remained silent while the other two red-headed guards ooh’d and ahh’d, however her pink tongue shot out to lick her plush lips.

“Take him to a holding cell.”

“Yes sir!” The daintiest of the bunch hollered, the side of her arm smacking against her forehead and her legs snapping to attention, causing her ample breasts to spill out a bit over her breastplate. She cast a spell on the Draenei which bound his arms together and took hold of his arm before leading him away. The other elf girl quickly fell into step on the other side of the blue giant, her arm reaching up to wander around his body.

Jilanne sighed, it was hard dealing with the female guard, and she growled as she heard her two newest recruits introducing themselves to her newly found prisoner even as they made their way to the holding cells.

Deciding to check on the building the Draenei had come out of, the captain of the guard’s eyes widened as she stepped inside. She could count five women strewn throughout the room. They were either completely nude or had parts of their brightly colored and no doubt expensive clothing ripped off, leaving holes around the chest or rear area. Bending over, she dipped two fingers into a puddle of goo upon the ground before bringing it to her lips and poking the substance with her tongue. Jilanne recognized the taste immediately, and quickly slurped the rest of the sticky white goop off her fingers, a smile adorning her face.

“Tastes better than most food,” she said, chuckling softly. Casting her eyes downward, she gazed upon a middle aged, yet still beautiful elf who would be mistaken for a mere teenager by any other race. The woman was lying in a pool of shallow cum, her tongue darting out to lap at it even as she slept.

“How deplorable of you. You haven’t even rolled around in the stuff,” she said, eyeing the rest of the woman’s body. “Wait a minute, I recognize that ring… Mother?!”

Jilanne’s eyes bulged and she shrunk back in disgust. “I can understand cheating on father with those Troll ambassadors, but a member of the Alliance?” She shook her head and made her way to the biggest building in the village. Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider would have to be notified of this incident.

Those two idiots better be doing their jobs, she thought, feet stomping into the dirt as she walked. Yes… they might be a little flirtatious but what elf isn’t? They were brave and courageous enough to volunteer for the job of protecting this village, so I’m sure they are responsible enough to take care of that lascivious Draenei.


“By the Sun, this is simply amazing,” Sathiel cried. She was bent over a weapons rack as her ‘prisoner’ drilled her from behind, his large blue hands holding her petite arms behind her back.

“Plug me with that fat Draenei cock! C-come on, you can do better than that!”

To be honest Navrin was tired and a little light headed, but his hips hammered into the mewling elf regardless, tail wagging as the other guard sucked and cradled his fruit-like balls within her salivating mouth from underneath him.

“This is certainly better than jail,” he remarked, his eyes locked on the quivering pussy of the girl he was fucking and his own cock which was ravaging it.

“Well you’d better fuck me harder or I’ll lock you up like Jilanne told us to! You hear that? Throw you right in j-AAAAAAAAHH! Oh! Ungh, Light, you’re amazing!”

The Draenei had cut the multiloquent Blood Elf off mid-sentence with two mind shattering thrusts into her peachy asshole by his cock-tentacles. They were not as big as his actual cock, and they were also more of a purple color, but they did their job nicely as evidence by the shrieking guard he was pummeling. With eyes still locked on the holes he was ramming his three poles into he could make out the other guard whose name he had also forgotten. She was still working away at his hanging blue sac, her pink tongue snaking its away around him and cradling his balls like a fragile package.

“I cannot take this much more,” he said through gritted teeth.

“That’s f-fine. I couldn’t take much more 10 minutes ago.” The pillaged elf had a look of bliss on her face as her head hung down and drool escaped past her lips.

“Well if that’s the case…” Navrin let the flood gates come down, causing wave after wave of hot gooey jizz to spurt out of his cock and into the redheaded guard his shafts were lodged into. The fluid gushed out like a roaring river, coating the girl’s insides and filling her to the brim.

I really need a break from this. How do Blood Elves do this all the time? The hulking ‘space goat’ slid his cocks out of the quaking elf girl and rested them atop her firm but thoroughly wrecked ass, his Draeneic seed still spilling out of the holes in his shafts and pooling on her rump.

“Aww, I didn’t get any of my favorite drink,” pouted his other ‘captor’. Reaching up she took hold of Navrin’s cock and moved it so that it was in front of her face, eyes shining with admiration. “Oh well, at least I still have you, huh big guy?” Leaning forward she gave the dark blue cock head a loud and very wet lick. Much to her surprise and delight, the dregs of the Draenei’s near-empty sac heaved up a small shot glass worth of cum which splattered across her pale face and into her red hair and emerald eyes.

“Oh goody,” she giggled, clapping ecstatically and catching the cum around her mouth with her tongue.

“I don’t know how you enjoy stuffing that disgusting ooze down your gullet, Sareyn.”

“Me and every other elf girl, Sathiel. You’re the only Blood Elf I know who doesn’t enjoy a good glass of cum. Besides, YOU’RE the one with an ass AND pussy full of cum right here, not me. Better to ingest the stuff than to risk having half-breed babies with some Draenei.”

“Is that even possible?” Sathiel lifted her head up to look at her friend, hair in a tangled mess.

“I dunno, but I once knew a High Elf girl who had a kid who was part Gnome and part High Elf.”

“That sounds kind of cute.”

“It wasn’t,” Sareyn replied stone faced.

“Oh. Well I hope you don’t get me pregnant blueberry boy,” Sathiel laughed. “Hey! Where’d he go?”


“I assume you already have this beast detained, yes captain?”

“Of course milady, everything is under control. I simply thought that you would like to know of this disgusting occurrence.” Jilanne’s gut was in knots. She should have gotten someone else to lock up the Draenei.

“True. This is a rather unusual case.” Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider made her way outside and motioned for Jilanne to follow. “I will need to interrogate the over-sized goat.”

Jilanne obediently followed, vowing to murder the two guards if they had let anything happen to their prisoner.

“So your mother was one of the victims, hm?”

“Well…” Jilanne was cut off mid-sentence as a guard rushed towards her. It was Zaetana, the best and most skilled of the guards of Fairbreeze Village. In tow was Navrin, magic cuffs restraining his hands.

“What are you doing with that beast, Zaetana? Where is Sathiel and Sareyn?” Jilanne was worried.

“I don’t know where those two incompetent half-wits are, but I caught this thing trying to escape.” Zaetana shifted uneasily, as if it pained her to stand upright. “He pounded me pretty good but I managed to subdue him. Figured I should take him directly to you since those two boneheads obviously can’t keep him under control.”

“Good work, I wanted to interrogate him anyway. Why don’t you go check on those two guards you spoke of, me and Jilanne can take it from here,” the Magistrix said.

Jilanne frowned as she watched the experienced guard turn and leave. She was walking a little funny. The Draenei must have done a number on her, and Zaetana was pretty strong in her own right. Perhaps he was more dangerous than she was previously led to believe.

“I will speak with the prisoner alone. Wait out here Jilanne, I will signal you if I need your help.”

“But he’s dangerous! What if he breaks free?” Jilanne did not trust the beast one little bit.

“You seem to forget that I am well versed in the field of the arcane. I can handle him.” Jilanne shifted uncomfortably at the Magistrix’s retort before reluctantly giving in.

“Of course. I’ll wait outside then.”

Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider stepped into her home, the Draenei captive following close behind her. His eyes were transfixed upon her rear, and the woman’s attire accented her curves nicely. The elf wore a baby blue corset which seemed to struggle to contain the two mounds of cleavage upon her chest and an extremely form-fitting white miniskirt which extended just 2 inches below the taut cheeks of her ass.

“Here we are. This room has a ward on it which protects it from prying ears,” Magistrix Dawnstrider said, catching Navrin off guard and almost causing him to bump into her.

They both sat down across from each other, the Draenei barely fitting into the couch-chair he was sitting on.

“Let us begin.” The Magistrix flashed her prisoner an unnervingly toothy grin.

“First question. Why did you come here? Do you have a death warrant? Are you trying to ruin the social stability of this village by impregnating the sluts who inhabit it?”

Navrin swallowed, perhaps he shouldn’t have followed those two rangers back here, even if they did give good head.

“I only came to admire the scenery. I am an adventurer, and I don’t wish harm upon you or anyone else.”

“Just a peaceful adventurer,huh? I think it’s more likely that your a spy, and I find it very hard to believe that you’re just an adventurer who stumbled across a field of flowers which he found easy to pollinate.”

“It’s the truth. There is nothing I can say to back up my claim, but neither do you have evidence which says that I am a spy. I have nothing more to say as there is nothing more to be said.”

The Magistrix smirked and stood up, her long legs carrying her over to a nearby window.

“Do you enjoy fucking Blood Elves?” She leaned against the window sill, skirt riding up her ass and exposing a tantalizing amount of skin.

“Yes,” he replied nervously, unsure of whether or not it was a trick question.

“So do most,” said Dawnstrider. “I have a proposition for you, blueberry. You see, I no longer have a husband, and the Troll ambassadors won’t be here for another two weeks. Because of this my options for cock are limited, however you can fix that. Make me cum, and I will allow you to go unharmed.

“Sounds good. I’ll be out of here in no time at all.”

“Don’t count on it, big guy.” Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider sauntered over to the Draenei, muttering something which freed the man of his magic hand cuffs. “I don’t think we’ll be needing these anymore,” she said, undressing herself until the only thing she wore was a tiny red thong with the symbol of the Horde on it. “Oh and that to.” Her hand reached out and tore off the giant’s loincloth, revealing the favorite thing of every girl in Eversong; cock.

“It’s absolutely elephantine,” she marveled, quickly dropping to her knees and giving it a lick. “This is going to be fun, I can feel it already.” Landra giggled happily before getting to work, her pink tongue lapping at the blue shaft like a lollipop, coating it in spit until it was dripping with saliva.

“I’m not one for foreplay, hope ya don’t mind.”

She gave him a wink before taking the head of the ‘elephantine’ cock into her mouth. Her lips stretched around it and her eyes squinted in defiance of the colossal cock. “You can’t shake me, I’ll have you down my throat even if I pass out,” she thought, forcing her head downwards. She took inch after inch of fat Draenei cock into her mouth, slowly but surely, the Magistrix was determined to take it all.

“Let me help you with that.” Navrin’s two miniature cock tentacles appeared out from under his bushy cantaloupe-esque sac and wrapped themselves around the girl’s long pointed ears, surprising her. However they surprised her even more when they began to force her head down on their owner’s fat shaft. Soon the girl had her lips wrapped halfway around the blue dick in her mouth. The tentacles pushed her down at a steady pace, her lips tight as they passed over every bump and vein of Navrin’s cock. It wasn’t long before she had the whole thing jammed down her gullet and a face full of pubic hair. He held her there even as she struggled, her eyes watering and chest heaving, just enjoying the feeling of his cock down this gorgeous Blood Elf’s throat. However a quick punch to his side made him loosen his grip and allowed the girl to fall back, gasping for breath. Magistrix Dawnstrider gasped for breath, mouth wide open and the perfect target for Navrin. His cock erupted, firing multiple shots of cum onto her pretty face which was already smeared by watered down mascara. The elf swallowed all of the jizz which landed in her mouth even as she continued to pant and gasp for air.

“Good job, Landra,” she said after finally catching her breath. “You swallowed that elephant cock whole.” The wacky Blood Elf looked up at Navrin, one eye closed due to cum. “Looks like I painted it too! Now its blue AND red.” Navrin’s cock was covered with smudges of red lipstick mixed with saliva and sperm.

“I made you cum, now it’s time for you to return the favor.” The Magistrix laid back on the satin covered ground, cum stained mouth stretched into a toothy smile while her hands made themselves useful on her tits and pussy.

The Draenei smirked, his mammoth cock dripping saliva and cum. “You won’t be able to walk, much less stand by the time I’m done pounding you senseless.”

“Well come on then, I haven’t got all day.”

Navrin grabbed the girl by the hips and flipped her over, causing her to gasp in surprise. Moving the string of her thong to the side, he used his long pole to grind her against his shaft, teasing her wet pussy in an almost painfully pleasurable manner. Landra let off little husky moans, her delicate hands still fondling her tits and twisting the pink buds of her nipples.

“I told you I wasn’t into foreplay, blueberry. Now stuff me”

The man was more than happy to oblige. Pulling his hips back and pressing the fat head of his cock against her folds, he swiftly speared the elf on his manhood. Magistrix Dawnstrider screamed a curse, her body rocking violently forward, the Draenei’s powerful hands keeping her in the air with her feet off of the cold ground. Navrin’s grip on her tightened as he ground his hips against her while simultaneously pushing her back against his dick. He made sure every inch of him was inside her before slowly pulling out. Her pink cunt was visibly stretched already, and it dripped as if salivating in it’s hunger for cock.

“Do you like it rough?” He looked at her, enjoying the sight of her wiggling read-end, her flayed hair and the sweat which already coated her.

“What? Don’t all girls?.” Landra Dawnstrider had a serious look on her face. She had a cuteness to her which betrayed her intelligence.

“I’LL take that as a yes.” Navrin speared her on his shaft once again, grinding his balls against her before quickly pulling out and repeating the process. Each violent thrust sent the girl bouncing forwards, her hair flying and her sizable breasts rocking dramatically. The normally calm woman was soon driven into a frenzy, obscenities of all kinds flowing out of her mouth mixed in with some very loud moans and shrieks.

“Ungh! You kn-Oooh, I really love cock. MMmnn, but I think I like yours the best.” Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider paused, biting her lip and moaning as Navrin gave her a multitude of jarring thrusts before continuing. “H-hell, you’re even better than that Dwarf ambassador down the road at the North Sanctum!”

This scene continued on for awhile, and though the room was protected from the ears of nosy individuals, it was not protected from prying eyes. Sathiel and Sareyn stood on tip toes, gazing into the window, practically drooling with desire and jealousy. Their eyes were locked on the Magistrix who was being pummeled by their prior prisoner. They watched her blissful face, they watched the Draenei’s enormous meat disappear in and out of the Blood Elf, and they watched the tentacles of his cock penetrate her asshole without warning or regard for the pain it might cause.

Landra’s eyes bulged and her body tightened as she shrieked like a banshee, the tentacles in her ass catching her off guard completely. She loved a good rump reaming, but the unexpected intrusion made her sear body sear in pain. Fortunately for her though, she liked it rough, and even more fortunate for her was the fact that Navrin soon charged all three of his pillaging shafts with a light dosage of electricity which only served to send tingles of pleasure throughout her entire body. His shaman powers surged through him, and to an extent, her, increasing his speed and power. The elf’s entire body shook. Her legs, held off the ground by his hands, her head, her breasts, her hair, even the cheeks of her ass shook under the pressure of his ravaging cocks.

“Just…a few.. more… THRUSTS! OH, yes!” The Blood Elf Magistrix’s eyes rolled up and she let out a wail of pent of pleasure, her body quaking and erupting all around the Draenei’s monstrous shafts, creaming them until he finally joined in, his grapefruit-balls sending torrent after torrent of cum into the quivering woman. He filled her up, drenching the deepest bowels of her ass and the heat of her womb. Navrin fell back when he was done, his hands unraveling themselves from Landra’s waist and letting her fall. They both lay where they fell for a good minute, both panting and dripping cum, Navrin from his three enormous meat poles, and Landra from both of her devastated holes.

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