Steph was idly looking over the eclectically decorated shelves, not really seeing any more, just waiting. She heard the door open behind her and turned to see a beautiful older woman emerging from the office. The woman’s longish brown hair was done up in a bun, starting to show just a little bit unkempt from the day, but looked leagues above her own crooked French braid. Greg recently had had Steph change to that style for her general day wear, and she hadn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.

“Stephanie?” The woman asked, raising her eyebrows a bit in question.

“Please, Steph.” Steph replied, dropping her gaze. It landed on the woman’s shoes. Open toed sandals, no hose. The honey color of her legs came from sun, apparently. She couldn’t imagine this woman wasting time in a tanning bed. She was pedicured with a opalescent polish, and her toes were well shaped. The woman curled her toes and Steph was instantly reminded of another cleft. Kneeling behind Greg this morning as he stood at the shaving mirror. Reaching forward to knead and spread his muscular buttocks, leaning forward and taking in his musk as she probed with her tongue.

“Yes, of course. Steph.” The woman replied, snapping her out of her reverie. “And you can call me Julia. Were you admiring something in particular on the cabinet?”

Steph had been looking at many things on the shelf. If she hadn’t known what type of therapist this was they might have seemed innocuous, a macrame doily with rather interesting knot work, a painting of a woman with her horse brandishing her crop a little too menacingly, a ivory and jade Chinese finger trap, a dried flower arrangement in what looked to be an antique enamel bed pan, an old cargo hook and pulley. Steph’s eyes settled on the safest choice, she thought.

“The mask there.” Steph said gesturing and a white plastic mask, decorated with sequins and feathers. “Is that from Mardi Gras?”

“Hmm.” Julia said, appraising Steph carefully. “No, it’s not. Can you tell me why you’ve come to see me, Steph.”

“I don’t…Didn’t Greg explain…”

“Yes, yes.” Julia interrupted. “I know what Greg is expecting from sending you to me. He’s my client. But you are my patient, and I’m curious about your expectations.”

“I’m here for Greg.” Steph said. “It’s what he wanted.”

“Of course.” Julia said, smiling, a twinkle in her eyes. “Please leave your garments and belongings there on the chair and come into my office.”

Julia turned and strode back through the door through which she arrived. Steph froze, staring after her for a moment before pulling her tank over her head. As her breasts popped free of the built in bra and she was in the tangled and exposed moment before she pulled it over her head, Julia popped back round the corner. Steph froze again, red flush glowing on her cheeks and chest.

“Oh, and put on the mask.” Julia said. “The adhesive vial should be right there. Just don’t get it near the eye holes. That would be…unfortunate.”

She disappeared again. Steph struggled out of her top and looked at the mask, cringing. Then she glanced at the door to the street. It wasn’t locked. Another patient, a delivery person, a lost tourist could wander in anytime. She tossed her tank on the chair and crossed to the cabinet. She picked up the mask and the brown glass bottle that was behind it. She unscrewed the top and it had a brush, like rubber cement. She painted the slimy, herbal smelling gel around the edge of the mask and pressed it to her face. She felt it grab and fuse right away. She tried to pull on it, to re-adjust slightly, it was lower on her left cheek, but it was stuck fast. She’d just have to live with it a little off side. She looked at herself in the mirrored back of the cabinet.

She wasn’t herself. The mask hid her, changed her, protected her, and standing there bare breasted, she didn’t feel exposed, but freed. She glanced down at her little shorts and boots and saw them as confining, constricting. She unbuttoned her shorts and wiggled out of them, pulling her heavy boots clumsily through the legs.

Bending and twisting about, her awareness rushed to the butt-plug Greg had her wear whenever she left the house alone. She had gotten used to the stretch, the fullness, and she learned to move gracefully so that it didn’t shift about too much. But she had gotten a little carried away and now it was at a bad angle, poking her somewhere she didn’t like. She reached back and pulled the thong aside and shifted and twisted the plug until it was seated better. Behind her, someone cleared her throat.

She spun, expecting Julia, but is was a slight blond woman in UPS gear holding a small package and her electronic clipboard.

“Delivery for Stephanie Weldon.” She said, smirking

“Ha.” Julia called from her office. “It’s for you, Steph. Sign for it, please.”

On shaky legs, Steph staggered over the the delivery woman and took the clip board. She whimpered a little under her breath as she signed. She handed back the clip board and accepted the package. The delivery woman leaned in to her ear, cupping her ass and tugging gently at the plug.

“We’ll let this thing in your ass be our little secret.” She breathed, nibbling at her ear. “See you around, Ms. Weldon.”

The delivery woman left, and Steph sank into a chair, driving the plug up into her again. She wept a little and she unlaced her boots, and pulled them and her socks off and set them under the chair. Then she stood, skinned out of the thong and set that with her clothes as well. With another adjustment of her plug, she picked up the package and walked into Julia’s office.

The office was bare. Julia was seated in the corner in the sole chair, a massive, high backed, coffee colored leather beast of a chair with a large matching ottoman upon which she had laid files and papers. The heavy iron rings strategically placed on the legs and studded into the leather suggested it was a multi-purposed furnishing. Steph shuffled into the middle of the room and stopped.

“Ok, girl.” Julia said. “You shall kneel and present yourself there.”

Steph nodded and lowered herself to her knees, placing the unopened package in front of her. She spread her knees wide and crossed her ankles behind her. She crossed her wrists behind her neck and pulled her elbows back as far as she could, thrusting her breasts and her sex forward.

Julia rose catlike, stalking around examining Steph. She pulled her hair, moving her head into an upward gaze, cupping her breasts and pinching the nipples until they hardened, tugging at the rings hanging there, leaning over and sharply smacking her buttocks, reaching between her legs to feel the shape and wetness there. She raised her fingers to her nose and inhaled, then pushed them into Steph’s mouth.

Julia explored with her fingers, tracing the gum line, sliding under the tongue, then to the back of her mouth, stretching her jaw, pinching and pulling her tongue. She leaned down and licked the roof of Steph’s mouth, delicately with the tip of her tongue, then drew back.

“You smell of ass.” She smiled. “Greg, I assume. Get up please.”

Steph climbed to her feet, keeping her arms locked behind her neck, chest thrust out, knees turned out, eyes raised to the ceiling. Julia picked up the package and carried it out of Steph’s eye line. She heard Julia open a cabinet, the package being torn open, items shuffled about, the snap of a latex glove.

“Now dear,” Julia said, “Bend forward. Look at the floor.”

Steph bent at the waist, changing the angle of her knees thrusting her ass back to keep her balance and posture. Julia hands, dry and smooth in the latex reached under her breasts and attached weights to her nipple rings. Not too heavy, but definitely there. Then she walked around behind.

“Oh, you’re already encumbered.”

“Yes.” Steph said. “I’m required to, when I’m out of…”

“I believe I told you to leave your belongings in the other room.” She said, walking away. She began opening doors, looking for something.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you meant…”

“Ah, this’ll do.” Julia shut the cabinet and walked back behind Steph. “This’ll be easier if you think less. Now push that out for me. It’s in my way.”

“Oh, god. No, I , uh, god” Steph moaned and whined for a moment, weeping in shame, then screwed her eyes shut and relaxed and pushed. A trickle of piss ran down her right thigh and the plug slid out of her ass. She heard it thud into something and Julia carried it around and held it under her face. It was in a plastic disposable bedpan, shiny with lube and flecked with her filth.

“Now go place this with your belongings, and don’t straighten up.” Julia said. “You do not want those weights to touch your skin.”

Steph moaned and leaned forward gripping the back edge of the plug in her teeth, and carefully walked it out to the lobby. She dropped it on her pile of clothes, awkwardly turned about and shuffled back into the office.

Julia had been busy. Collected and efficient, but busy. There were shackles hanging by cable from the ceiling, a rolling rack of equipment, Steph could see a couple handles rising up over the back edge, a foreign electronic device Steph could not identify and a simple wooden stool. Steph couldn’t imagine where she kept everything. Julia beckoned her over. Steph whined under her breath and shuffled over.

“Now, girl.” Julia began, as she attached a shackle to Steph’s left wrist. “Tell me why you’re here. Not why Greg sent you here, why you’re here. What do you want from me?”

Julia finished buckling and locking the shackle, gave the cable a tug and it pulled up and away, stretching Steph’s arm up and to the left. Then she knelt down and attached a shackle to Steph’s left ankle.

“Well, um, Greg said you were gonna get inside my head. You were gonna change things in my brain. Change me.”

“Yes. To an extent.” Julia tugged on the cable and it pulled Steph’s left leg back and to the left. Steph quivered, balancing on her right leg, throwing her right arm out for balance. Julia grabbed her wrist and started attaching that shackle.

“Greg wants me to lower your gag reflex a little. Maybe help you hold your breath a little longer. But again, that’s Greg. Why are you here?”

She tugged the cable and Steph’s right arm was pulled up and away and she was pulled forward off her leg, hanging suspended. The nipple weights swung wildly, one bouncing up into her stomach, stunning her with an electric shock. Steph screamed and thrashed out of control. The other bounced into her other breast and she was shocked again on the more delicate skin. Steph shrieked. And then it passed, Steph hung limp, too stunned to struggle. Julia sighed.

“I warned you. Those’ll reset in a minute, so be careful. Now, why are you here.” She lifted Steph’s right leg and attached the shackle.

“Sometimes Greg does stuff that feels bad, Really bad and I just can’t stand it, you know, he makes me feel dirty, walking me like a dog in the yard, washing his dishes with my hair, chaining me in the dumpster during his birthday party. It doesn’t feel any good, I feel shameful and wrong, but I almost cum. Every time. Almost. Can you do that? Can you make me cum from that?”

Steph felt something smooth and cold pressing up against her ass, and then it was in, and another prong slid up inside her cunt. Julia cinched the attached belt around Steph’s waist.

“Yes, I can.” Julia laughed. “Now this is going to hurt.”

The shock was sudden, sharp. Steph screamed as it coursed through her, sensations of fire, of ice, of a million bees shot through all her most sensitive nerve endings. Her muscles spasmed, in her buttocks, her thighs, her pelvic wall. Her bladder drained, and her screams faded to animal grunts and wails. And then it was over.

“Ok, girl.” Julia said, soft, seductive, mesmerizing. “There, there. It’s ok, girl. Now, we’re going to put Steph in a cage. A wire cage. Small, confining. You and I, girl, we are going to gag Steph, blindfold her, stuff her holes with electric prods and lock her in her little cage. You and me, girl, we are watching her as she struggles and moans. Do you see her, there?”


“Good.” Julia continued. “Look at how dirty she is, how debased, grinding her hips, just begging for it, presenting herself like a bitch in heat. See how she belongs there?”


“Yes. Now do you see that pit? It goes down and down, forever. It’s just wide enough for that filthy animals cage, isn’t it. Now, we attach a cable and we’ll lower Steph into that pit. And we’re sending Steph down, lower and lower, and it’s just you and me, girl, and this button to give her her shocks. And she’s down seven meters, eight, nine, ten. Now press the button.”

The girl pressed the button, and Steph flailed and screamed and jerked and wet, and the girl in the mask kind of felt it, far away.

“Yes.” Julia continued. “That’s good, girl. We’ll give that whorish pig, Steph exactly what she deserves, what she needs. You know she needs this. It’s her purpose, her release, to be used, to be tormented, to be degraded. Let’s lower her more. Another ten meters. Place her further beneath us. Do you feel her going down, lower and lower?”


“Good. And she’s down another seven, eight, nine, ten meters. Now push the button.”

Hanging stretched from her shackles Steph wailed, and shook. Her nipple weights bounced against her belly, her face and she spasmed and collapsed, spent. The girl in the mask didn’t feel anything. She waited to be told what to do next.

* * *

Steph came to suddenly, bent over the ottoman and looked down, mask gone, weights gone, prods gone, an achy jaw and the aftertastes of cunt and ass sitting heavy on her tongue. Julia’s lap lay just in front of her, inviting. She looked up and saw Julia was now wearing the mask, but looked composed, if perhaps a little flushed.

“And you’re back.” She said, removing the mask. “I think that was a very successful session, Steph. How do you feel?”

“Used.” She said. “Used well.”

“You were. You’re quite good at it. I’m going to unlock you now, and you can crawl back out to the lobby and get dressed.”

Julia leaned over and unlocked Steph’s wrists, then grabbed her braid and lifted her head, bringing their mouths together, and Steph tasted her own fluids on Julia’s tongue. After a moment, Julia pushed her away.

“Go.” She said, standing and smoothing her skirt. “I have another client waiting. We’ll see you next week.”

Steph nodded and pushed herself off the ottoman and crawled out the door. She could feel Julia watching her, she felt like her ass was stretched wide and spotlit, that Julia could see all the way up into her soul. She crawled out the door.

There was an older gentleman sitting opposite her pile of clothes, well dressed, reading a magazine. She crawled past him, heard him shift his magazine, draw in his breath. She reached her clothes, and took the dirty plug, reached back and worked it up inside her, where it belonged.

“Wow.” he said. “You’re just filthy.”

Steph came.

It has been a few weeks since I met Tess for the first time, in those weeks we talked a lot about the things we like to do sexually. Besides that, Tess became a good friend of both me and Eric. I got a tip from her to buy a new toy, it got delivered yesterday and is now safely in my cabinet waiting for use. I’m planning on using my toy tonight because tomorrow Eric will leave on a business trip for a week. I stand up and head upstairs.

When I arrive in the bedroom I open my cabinet and take out the surgeon outfit. I spread the items out on the bed; the blue scrubs and the apron and from the stash of disposables I got from Tess I grab a new pair of white latex gloves, a face mask, a hair net and a pair of shoe covers. I also lay down some wrist and ankle cuffs with plenty of rope to tie Eric to the bed. I overlooked my preparations and couldn’t wait for Eric to come home.

“Honey, I’m home.”

I walk up to Eric and give him a kiss. Dinner is ready so we take a seat at the table and eat while we talk about our day and Eric’s upcoming business trip.

When dinner is finished I take off my wedding ring, the sing that Eric is no longer my husband but my slave. I see Eric liking his lips and the look in his eyes tell me that he is ready for a kinky night.

“Do the dishes and then wait upstairs in the study for me to call you.”

“Yes Mistress”

I make my way upstairs to the bedroom. I undress myself completely and put on the scrubs over my naked body, I feel the rough fabric on my skin and my nipples react to that. I tie on the apron and put the hair net on; I tie the mask over my nose and mouth and then pull it down so it dangles underneath my chin. I sit down on the edge of the bed to put on a pair of sport shoes which I cover with the shoe covers. I leave the gloves for later and walk to my cabinet; I grab the manual of my new toy and read it for I think the fifteenth time.

After a while I hear Eric coming up the stairs and he walks to the study; I decide to leave him wait there for a few minutes. After two minutes I stick my head out of the door and yell

“Next patient!”

Eric quickly comes to the bedroom and sees me in my surgeon outfit. I know he thinks I look hot in it and I feel good wearing it as well although I can’t exactly tell why.

“Thank you for volunteering to test our new treatment.”

Eric picks up his role immediately.

“No problem, anything for science and a cute nurse.”

I give him a polite smile.

“Please take off all your clothes and lay down on the bed for me.”

I admire Eric’s body as he strips for me. When he lies down on the bed I start tying him up in the spread eagle position.

“It’s for your own safety that we restrain you sir.”

When Eric is secured to the bed I reach for the box from my cabinet and show it to Eric.

“This is a tense unit; it provides electric shocks to your body. It is completely safe but can be a bit painful.”

I see Eric’s eyes widen as I explain this. I give him an evil smile before I pull up my face mask. I put on my gloves and get the sticky pads; I can place six of them on his body. The first two go on this stomach, then I place one on either thigh; from the last two one goes on this scrotum and one on his cock. The situation has already turned Eric on so the pad sticks nice to his hard cock. I connect the pads to the box using the wires and I turn on the unit. A big zero shows up at the display and from the manual I know that the intensity ranges from zero to ninety-nine. I give Eric an easy start and turn the unit to thirty before turning it on. The current comes in waves, it increases and decreases in about one second over and over again, and I hear Eric moan loudly. I see his muscles twitch and I see a painful grim on his face.

“Please take it easy nurse, this really hurts a lot.”

“You will have to hold on sir, it is all in the name of science and for a cute nurse.”

I have trouble holding back my laughter as I say this; luckily my mask makes it harder to read my face. I think Eric is being squeamish and I twist the knob quite a bit. The number on the display jumps to sixty-two and when the wave hits Eric he screams on the top of his lungs. I feel my excitement rise, my pussy gets wet just from his screams. All of a sudden I hear a word that makes my heart stop.

“Mercy, please, please mercy!”

I panic and it takes at least three seconds before I’m able to turn off the tense unit. Meanwhile Eric keeps screaming. When the unit is finally off I look at Eric; tears are rolling down his face. I quickly get to him to comfort him. I still see panic in his eyes but this time mixed with anger.

“God damn it Suzanna, I told you to take it easy; why did you do that?”

“I’m so sorry sweetheart.”

“Why don’t you just listen to me? And for fucks sake; untie me!”

I quickly untie a very agree Eric. I’m shocked from his reaction.

“You’re a worthless mistress, you have no idea what you are doing and you have certainly no idea how it feels!”

Eric gets up from the bed and walks away leaving me behind on the bed. Still in my surgeons outfit I collapse on the pillow and start to cry.

I cry for at least half an hour before I tear off my surgeon outfit. I feel angry; on Eric for walking away but mostly on myself for not seeing Eric’s limits. I decide to take a shower before going to bed.

When I’m in my bed I replay the night over and over in my head, I can’t figure out what went wrong. “Am I really such a bad mistress?” I try hard to think of an answer for that question but before I can think of one I fall asleep.

Eric’s alarm wakes me up in the morning, I know we have to talk about what happened that night but before I am awake enough to start that conversation I see Eric walking out of the bedroom and heading downstairs. I step out of the bed and put a bathrobe over my naked body. I go down the stairs and meet Eric in the kitchen, for a moment I don’t know what to say; Eric takes advantage of that moment of silence and starts.

“I am really sorry for what happed last night darling.”

“No, I should be the one who has to apologize, I’m a bad mistress.”

“Please don’t be that hard on yourself, I’ve been overreacting last night.”

Eric walks up to me and holds me tight in his arms. An intense hug later I step away and look Eric in the eyes. I notice however that he is not looking back, the reason I find within one second, my bathrobe has opened up. I smile, drop the robe on the ground and lay down on the kitchen table.

“Honey, I have to be at the airport in one hour.”

“Then you better start undressing.” Is my simple answer.

Eric doesn’t hesitate and within a few seconds I feel the tip of his hard cock pushing against my pussy. We fuck hard and rough on the kitchen table letting out our frustrations from last night. When we come simultaneously we both realize Eric is running late so with his cum still dripping out of my pussy I wave him goodbye; both of us with a smile on our faces.

The days that follow are boring, I really miss Eric. To cheer myself up I decide to go to the woman-only sex shop I regularly visit. I walk around in the shop, not looking for something specific, when the owner of the shop walks up to me. We have talked a few times and she is a really nice lady. She is in her mid forties but has an amazing figure with beautiful long blond hair.

“Hey Suzanna, how are you?”

“I’m good Ellen, how are you?”

“I’m good as well, thank you. Are you looking for something specific?”

“No, not really, I’m just looking around, killing time since my husband is on a business trip.”

“Well, if you have nothing to do tonight as well, you can come over here, we have a photo shoot for the new collection and I am one model short.”

I feel myself turning red when I hear the offer.

“I don’t know; I’ve never done such a thing before.”

“That’s no problem and I am sure you will do fine. Tess will be there as well, it will be a lot of fun and of course girls only.”

“Well… it sounds like a lot of fun and I don’t have anything to do tonight.”

“Ok then, be here at eight. You don’t have to bring anything; we will make sure it will be fun.”

I feel excited about the photo shoot. When I get home I fill up the bathtub; I get in it and look at my naked body in the water, everything looks and feels smooth, the only thing that needs some work done is my pussy. I reach for my razor and spend some quality time on removing all the hairs from my pussy. By the time I’m done I’m really sensitive and even a bit turned on. I put the razor back on the shelve and there I see my waterproof g-spot stimulator. All my toys are working overtime since Eric left but this one has somehow escaped.

“Let’s put you to work young man.”

I lay back down in the warm bath and start to tease my clit. It doesn’t take long before my body craves for more. I slowly push the g-spot stimulator in my pussy and it starts acting according to its name. My hands rub my breasts and my fingers softly pinch my nipples, I moan louder and louder until I reach an amazing orgasm. I feel tired and lay in the bath for about fifteen minutes before I get out. I dry myself thoroughly before heading to my wardrobe. I put on a simple black bra and matching panties. This I combine with a simple dress that I can easily take off since I think I have to change clothes a lot at the shoot.

I make myself some dinner and then it is time to head off to the shop.

I arrive at the shop and ring the doorbell. Within a few moments I see Ellen who opens the door for me.

“Hello, come in. follow me down stairs then I show you the dressing room.”

I follow Ellen to the basement and she leads me to a big dressing room where already three other girls are. One of them is Tess and the other two introduce themselves as Debbie and Christina. Debbie is a beautiful African woman; tall and slim with short black hair and small breasts. Christina is a white girl with the same built as Debbie but with bigger breasts. The four of us are the models for tonight and Ellen will make the photographs.

“Alright ladies, Debbie will do the make-up, I see Suzanna is the only one who needs some. The rest of you; get dressed and start having some fun.” Ellen walks towards the door of the studio while I take a seat and Debbie starts to do my make-up.

It takes twenty minutes for Debbie to apply the make-up and during my time in the chair I can see the other girls changing via the mirror. They look amazing, both naked and in their kinky outfits.

When the make-up is done, I walk to the three outfits that are hanging there for me. I take the one with ‘Suzanna 1′ on it first. It is a latex outfit and I am wondering how I can get it on. Christina offers to help me. I take off my dress but then realize that my bra has to come off too. I feel a bit shy with Christina in front of me wearing a body stocking with nothing underneath it. I get rid of my shyness and take off the bra. I but on a black latex one; which goes surprisingly easy. The black latex pants take a bit more effort and with the black and white corset I really need Christina’s help. To finish it off I put on some tight black latex gloves that reach up to half my upper arm and a pair of latex over the knee boots. I walk towards the studio and Ellen awaits me with a smile on her face.

“You look amazing darling. Now stand over there and give me a mean look.”

I walk towards a wooden wall and glance in the camera with a strict look. Ellen takes one picture after the other as I slowly show off my strict poses. It takes her only five minutes to get the perfect shot.

“That was great Suzanna; you can change into your next outfit.”

I return to the dressing room and on my way back I see Tess awaiting her turn. I give her a quick wink to show her I’m having a good time. Debbie is in the dressing room and helps me take off my clothes. It is quite a struggle to take off the tight latex and I feel Debbie’s hands all over my body. I give her a shy smile as she touches my breasts for the umpteenth time; it takes her only a second to find an excuse to touch my pussy through my panties. I don’t know what to think of it and I am glad I that I am able to put on the black leather skirt and corset myself. Also the black leather boots that reach over the knee are no problem for me to put on.

When I return to the studio I see Christina at work, she does an excellent job and she is only wearing a pink lingerie set. I would be way too shy to do that.

When it is my turn Ellen gives me a whip.

“This will make the picture more exciting.”

I hold the whip like a true dominatrix and I feel confident as Ellen takes the pictures. Again it doesn’t take long for her to get the perfect picture and I am sent on my way to change into the last outfit of the night.

When I’m back in the dressing room I see that Debbie already has my outfit laid out for me, I quickly undress from my leather outfit and when I’m down to my panties Debbie hands me a PVC top and a pair of panties. While I put on the top I see Debbie kneel in front of me and pull down my panties, I want to protest but it is already too late. I take the panties I from the outfit from her hands and quickly put them on. A pair of black pumps finishes of the outfit. I quickly make my way to the studio where it takes Ellen a lot longer to make the perfect shot. When she is finally done she walks up to me.

“You did a great job but there is one more thing. I have some accessories that need to be photographed and I need a model to wear them. I have a beautiful lingerie set for you that combines really well with the accessories. Would you please do that for me? The other girls are already in the outfit for the group picture.”

I wasn’t sure about the lingerie part but I decided to go for it since this was already a crazy night.

When I got back in the dressing room I was alone there. I found the lingerie on a table and quickly changed before anyone, and especially Debbie, saw me. It was a beautiful black lace bra with matching panties and garter belt. A pair of stocking attached to the belt and I used my black pumps from the previous shoot to finish everything of.

When I returned to Ellen I saw a big pile of stuff on a table next to her.

“These are the accessories I need photos of; most of them are for use on slaves but I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, I’m glad I can help you with that.”

“Great, the only thing is; I need pictures of them ‘in action’ so I am going to tie you up a bit.”

My heartbeat went up when I heard that, that was totally new for me and didn’t feel comfortable at all with that. While I was thinking about the idea Ellen had already four leather cuffs in her hand design to go around my wrists and ankles. It felt unnatural to say no now so I offered my wrists to Ellen and she tied the leather straps to them. When she also had tied the cuffs to my ankles she led me to the wooden wall and secured me with some chains to rings in the wall. I felt nervous and pulled on the chains a bit. Ellen smiled at me. All of a sudden she held a ball gag in front of my mouth. A bit hesitant I opened up. Ellen secured the ball gag and when I tried to talk it was reduced to a hum. All of a sudden I see the tree girls walking up to me from the back of the studio, they are wearing dark green latex catsuits and the look on their faces tell me that I’m in trouble. I panic, start to pull on the chains and scream in my ball gag, it doesn’t have any effect. Tess walks up to me and whispers in my ear:

“Stay calm; let us have our way with you. You will learn a lot from it.”

I don’t know what Tess meant with that last sentence but before I can think it through I see Christina walking towards me with a flogger in her hands. I feel the panic coming up again but when she hits my stomach very gently I calm down a bit. She slowly starts increasing the strength of her flogging but it never gets really painful. When Christina is done she gives me a kiss on the cheek before she steps away. Now it’s Debbie’s turn; she immediately starts kissing and licking the ball in my mouth and my lips who surround it. I feel something cold against my chest and when I look down I see a pair of scissors ready to cut open my bra. It takes Debbie only a few seconds to completely cut away my bra and leave my breasts exposed. After three more cuts my panties are also gone. This is not what I want, I feel embarrassed and all of a sudden the shy Suzanna from the past is back. I break down and start to cry. That Debbie bitch leans in and starts whispering in my ear.

“Please don’t cry; you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Let me play with you, I promise I won’t hurt you.”

Debbie’s words calm me down. I stop crying and I feel her latex covered body sliding down until her mouth reaches my left nipple. Debbie starts to suck my nipple and one of her hands slide down to my pussy. Her touch is amazing; I’ve never been touched by a girl this way. My nipples turn hard and my pussy gets wet, I feel Debbie going further down and as her lips touch my pussy I surrender. I close my eyes and push out my pelvis. Debbie takes full advantage and starts licking my pussy immediately. It feels different than a guy, not better or worse but different. Her loft lips and tongue touch all the right places. I feel the tension in my pussy building and it does not take long for it to explode. My first orgasm with a woman I will always remember. I scream and shake violently while the juices squirt from my pussy. It seems to take ages for the orgasm to fade out but it is still too short. Debbie stands up with her face covered in my juices but she doesn’t seem to mind it. A lick over the ball in my mouth an d my lips finish her part of the night.

Now it is Tess’s turn. The thing she holds in her hands terrifies me. It’s a Tense unit like I’ve used on Eric.

“Please no, don’t do it.” I mumble in the gag.

“Calm down, keep breathing. It will be a challenge but you will love it.”

Tess does not have sticky pads for on my skin but instead she has two clamps that go on my nipples. I moan when the tight clamps are attached to my nipples. There are three pairs of wires coming from the box, two pairs go to my nipples but the other pair is still a mystery for me. I feel something against my pussy and when I look down I panic. Tess is about to push a big glass plug with metal strips up my pussy, from this plug the last pair of wires run to the box. I pull on the chains and scream in my ball gag. Tess does not do anything to comfort me; instead she reaches for the box. I break; I calm down and decide that I have to deal with whatever she does to me.

I breathe slowly and accept my faith; all of a sudden I feel a soft tingling in my pussy and on my nipples. I see Tess is twisting the knob slowly. The tingling comes in waves and it feels good to be honest. If feel Tess has turned up the voltage, now the tingling has turned to pinpricks. It still feels nice and a soft moan escapes from underneath my ball gag.

Debbie and Christina are walking towards me, they are still wearing their green catsuits and Debbie is holding a vibrator in her hand. They both stand very close against me and start to lick and kiss my face, ball gag and breasts. I again feel the voltage increasing to a level where the pinpricks start to hurt. Luckily the two girls do their best to distract me. When the voltage increase again another moan escapes my lips, this time not one of pleasure but one of pain. The girls keep licking and kissing and Debbie turns on the vibrator and starts to stimulate my clit. It feels good over the still increasing pain from the electricity. My nipples and pussy are now on fire, the moaning in the ball gag has turned into screams of pain. The two girls try to please me as best as they can and I feel an orgasm building. When I cum, my pussy explodes, both the pain and the pleasure reach a climax. I scream out loud in my ball gag and pull firmly on the restrains. When the orgasm fades away I notice that the electricity has been turned off. Debbie and Christina untie me and remove my ball gag. I fall into their arms and Tess joins us to complete the group hug. It was an amazing experience and I am very glad the girls did this. From the corner of my eye I see Ellen putting something away before she looks at me. I walk over to her and thank her as well for this amazing evening.

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