Mrs. Swanson watches as her housekeeper instructs two candidates for the position of assistant housekeeper after the three young men and the three young ladies participated in the ceremonial first milking of Mrs. Morton’s son Carl.

“What do you think?” Mrs. Swanson asked her long time friend Sara Lee Morton.

The two ladies were sitting in the parlor watching the young women practicing their “milking skills” on the sun porch. The occasion was the celebration of Mrs. Morton’s son’s first “milking”. He was now officially a devotee of The Sisterhood and would spend his college days at Mrs. Swanson’s boarding house under her watchful eye.

Dr. and Mrs. Morton met at Mrs. Swanson’s over twenty years ago and their beliefs about controlling men’s sexual appetites had made for a very happy marriage for the Mortons so it was natural that Sara Lee and the doctor would want Mrs. Swanson to guide their son in the same way she had guided the doctor when he roomed with her.

“Carol seems a little flighty, don’t you think?” She replied. “She seemed to find the boy’s predicament funny!”

“Yes, but she’s all business now.” The women watched as Miss Bridgeway coached them in using the kneeling position to “milk” a man’s seminal system.

Benches were arranged on the sun porch so that the ladies would have a good view of the proceedings. “Isn’t it nice to see a young man on his elbows and knees with his ass in the air?” Sara Lee mused.

“It teaches them humility.” Mrs. Swanson replied.

“On Saturdays I make Roger scrub the kitchen floor by hand, naked and on his hands and knees. It reminds him that even though he’s chief of surgery at the hospital at home he’s my husband and my word is law!”

“You learned your lessons well, my dear.”

“You were a good teacher!”


It was no secret that as one of Mrs. Swanson’s first housekeepers Sara Lee Morton was an enthusiastic proponent of the life style advocated by Mrs. Swanson.

They sipped tea and listened in as Miss Bridgeway instructed the young women. Ruth Morton was Carl’s sister. Carol Conrad been recommended by the assistant dean of the medical school and LaToya Williams was a third year nursing student that was recommended by Professor Samuels and his wife. “Ladies, the first thing to keep in mind is that this is a very tender area and should be treated gently”.

“What do you think of Miss Williams?”

“What do you mean? She seems like a very serious young lady.”

“Yes, but it might be a bit strange.”

“Because she’s black?”

“Not at all!” Mrs. Swanson was taken aback, “Because she was recommended by a devotee and his wife!”

“Well, you know Sharon, she is a bit of a progressive.”

“She has already recruited LaToya as a member of her circle to keep an eye on Henry at the nursing school.”

“No wonder she exudes confidence.”

“An external massage of your young man’s genitals is absolutely required as a precursor to a thorough milking.” Miss Bridgeway continued. “In this position your young man has his head resting on the bench and his knees spread comfortably to expose his entire genital area. You should place a small bowl under his penis to collect his semen and as you can plainly see his testes which normally hang loosely beneath his penis are now nestled along side it about halfway from the perineum to the tip of his penis when flaccid. As his erection grows in volume and strength it will lengthen and gain in sensitivity. Be very careful not to provide excessive stimulation to the shaft and especially the head or knob of the penis or your subject will experience an embarrassing premature ejaculation. Isn’t that right, Tommy?”

Thomas Murphy was embarrassed to be singled out as an easy “cummer” replying simply, “Yes, ma’am.”

“It’s ok, Tommy.” Carla whispered, “I’ll be very gentle.” She massaged his balls and rubbed the small of his back with her free hand.

“Carla seems to have settled down, don’t you think?” Mrs. Morton observed.

“She does seem to be more serious now; maybe she was a little nervous earlier. Mrs. Swanson agreed.

Ruth pulled on Scott Brown’s testicles. “You’re getting ahead of me, Ruthie!”

“I had to Miss Bridgeway, Scottie’s balls were getting too tight and I had to slow him down.”

“Very well, Ruthie.” Miss Bridgeway continued, “She’s right, ladies! When a man’s testes draw up tight against his penis it’s a sure sign that he will not be able to last much longer. It is recommended that you gently pull on them until they are once again hanging freely.”

“How will I know that they are loose enough?” LaToya asked.

“If you can make a ring around them with your thumb and index finger they will be loose enough.” Miss Bridgeway explained.

The young men moaned in appreciation of the efforts of the young ladies and patiently awaited what each of them anticipated as the highlight of their week. Seldom were they all milked at one time so it was a special event for them.

“Can any of you tell me why we like to place the men in this position?” Miss Bridgeway asked.

“Oh, I can!!” Ruthie blurted. “With his head and shoulders on the bench like this it immobilizes his hips and prevents pelvic thrusting. We control his orgasm or even prevent it when extracting his semen.”

“That’s correct. Your mother has taught you well! Why would we want to prevent an orgasm?”

“It would be a punishment of last resort….to encourage good behavior.”

“Very good, Ruthie! Now ladies, let your young man’s testes tighten up. I want you to massage his anus gently, press firmly against it and rub his back. That’s right…very good! Encourage him to relax and let you enter his rectum with your thumb.” Mrs. Swanson and Mrs. Morton could see the young men’s chests begin to heave as their excitement grew.

“The girls are good learners.” Mrs. Morton observed.

“Yes they are!” Mrs. Swanson beamed.

“Now, grasp his penis with you free hand and as you gently massage his prostate gently stroke its full length.” Three healthy young men began to moan as the young women brought them to a simultaneous climax. Semen poured into the bowls beneath them. “Now find the top of his prostate and massage his seminal vesicles. Move slowly back to his prostate…the goal is to extract as much semen as possible.”

“What if he is getting soft?” Ruth asked.

“An erection isn’t necessary for a milking! As you gain in experience as a “milk maid” you’ll know when a man cannot produce any more semen. With practice you’ll become experts!”

The young men continued to moan; a sure sign of their appreciation until LaToya announced, “I think Mr. Klein is finished, Miss Bridgeway.”

“Let me see dear,” Miss Bridgeway said as she took her place. Her thumb slipped easily into Larry’s rectum. He raised his head as she coaxed another drop from his soft penis. “You’re not done yet, dear, see if you can get a little higher above his prostate and slowly work the fluid out.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Latoya answered, thankful for the coaching.

The young ladies continued their efforts until Miss Bridgeway was satisfied that every last drop of semen was extracted. “Thank-you ladies; very nicely done. Now help your young man off the bench. Be careful, he’s going to be unsteady. Now, what do you say gentlemen.”

Each of the young men thanked their respective “milk maid” and holding the hand that had just milked them kissed it and made sure that no semen remained.

“Now, ladies, get a warm wash cloth and be sure their genitals are nice and clean. I’ve got to report to Mrs. Swanson. “Gentlemen?”

“Yes, Miss Bridgeway?” They replied in unison.

“Tidy up before you return to your studies.”

“Yes, ma’am.” They replied in unison.

“So, just what do you think?” Mrs. Swanson asked her friend again.

“They’re both capable young women.” Mrs. Morton replied. “It’s going to be a tough decision.”

“I know,” Mrs. Swanson sighed.

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