This was the second piece of work I ever wrote. As you can probably guess, this is about someone very special to me but as always thing is real life never work out how they are meant to. Heh. Anyway enjoy if you can. All the grammar and shit is as poor as it ever was and im not changing because this was how I found it.

All characters are assumed to be 18


Jake follows the flow of people outside of the exam hall with mixed emotions inside. It’s his final exam and he’s done. Finished. The summer approaches. A summer of loneliness and self hate, if last year was anything to go by. He’s still lost in his thoughts, sorting through his bag for his iPod, when he feels a hand slap him on the back. ‘We’re done! No more fucking geography for me!’

Jake turns and sees Scott smiling at him from underneath his blonde fringe. ‘That sounds good to me, just give me a sec.’ Jake returns to rummaging through his bag, ignoring Scott.

‘Jake… Are you ok? We’ve got the whole summer ahead. Cheer up.’ Jake shoulders his bag and they both walk out into the bright sun. ‘Yeah I know, I’m sorry. Just still thinking about Sadie.’

Scott sighs. He’s heard the story a thousand times before. Jake meets girl, he sticks by her side, gets so involved in her, and then ends up watching her get with a guy who will never treat her like he will. Different year, different girl, same story. The latest development in this story, is that he had snapped. He’d had enough. But now he wants her back on his life. ‘Hey cmon, you’ve still got us. We can do all kinds of shit over the summer if you want. Smile mate, she’s just another girl.’ Jake mutters to himself, ‘Yeah, but shes my girl.’ Then louder to Scott he turns and smiles. ‘Your right. Let’s just move fast and break things.’

‘Good man’ They continue to walk through town and reach the local McDonalds. ‘Hold up a sec Scott, I’m going to go get some coke. Give me 5.’

Scott sighs. ‘Fine I’ll just wait out here with the chavs shall I?’

‘Stop whining yeah? I know that your secretly a massive chav. I’ve seen the stupid fucking hats you buy, thinking I dont know. God.’ Scott breaks out into a grin. ‘Fuck you Jake.’ He watches Jake walk away and sighs to himself. If only he could figure out that there was more then life then a girl.

‘Scott?’ A girls voice calling out his name. He turns slowly and faces her.

‘Oh hey Sadie.’ Looking at her he remembers why Jake is so engrossed in her. You just look at her and you want to wrap your arms around her and protect her. So sweet. He quickly clears his head though. ‘Is Jake around?’ He motions towards McDonalds. ‘He’s just in there. He will be out in a minute if you want to talk to him.’

‘Can I ask you something Scott?’


‘Will Jake be ok seeing me?’

Scott smiles, it always made him smile to see a someone open up a little bit. He was good at that.’Of course he will Sadie. Just be nice to him yeah?’

She smiles back at him. ‘Thanks Scott, I will.’ On cue Jake walks out, coke in one hand. On seeing Sadie his eyes widen. ‘Oh hey, I wasn’t expecting to see you.’

‘I thought I’d surprise you.’ She looks nervously into his eyes, and he looks back, losing himself in her deep brown eyes. Scott coughs gently to bring them both down to earth. ‘Uh guys, can we get moving? Some of as homes to go to.’

‘Oh yeah. Course’ Jake stutters. I thought flashes across his mind. ‘Sadie, do you want to come back to mine?’

‘Yeah, I’d like that.’ She smiles at him. Scott glances between the two. Then he smiles. Guess someone’s going to be happy tonight. ‘Alright, I’m going to head off and leave you guys to it.’ He goes to walk away, gets a few meters and feels Jake grab his arm. ‘What do I do? Shit man, I’m scared.’

‘Would you man the hell up? She’s just a girl.’ Scott shakes himself free and looks at Jake and smiles. ‘Just be you. That what’s she likes.’

20 minutes later there back at Jakes place, both sat in Jakes ‘Den’. Sadie looks around the room. ‘From what I’ve heard from you Scott talking about the den, you guys make it sound like a whore pit. It’s actually quite nice.’

Jake smiles at her, ‘You know I hate whores.’

‘Agreed, so what do you want to do?’

‘I was thinking about a film? You remember that time I told you to watch Scott Pilgrim and you said yeah, let’s do it together and we never did? Shall we watch that now?’

She smiles at him, ‘Yeah ok. It better be good though, you’ve bigged it up a lot over the past year.’

‘Oh, it is.’

As the film progresses from scene to scene so do they. They start sat close together. Next Sadie rests her head on his shoulder. In return he wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her close to her, just on instinct. It feels good to have her close to him. By the end of the film he has one of her slender hands gripped loosely in his. ‘So, what did you think?’ Jakes asks her.

‘I liked it.’ she replies softly to him. A million thoughts cross his mind. What the hell is he going to do? Sadie pushes more of her body against him. He can feel her shallow breath on him. He turns to face her, to look into those brown eyes, and kisses her. She doesn’t resist him, just wraps herself tighter around him. There next kiss is deeper, more passionate. They break apart briefly.

‘Dont stop.’ Sadie whispers quietly to him.

‘I wasn’t going to.’ They continue to kiss, their tongs entwined in each other. Jake can feel his cock growing in his jeans, and feels nervous. He had never done this before, and it felt so weird, yet so very good. He wraps her arms around her and lifts her into his lap, where she sits in his lap. Her cute breasts just below his eye level, encased in her blouse. He kisses her gently on the lips and holds her ass with both hands to hold her in place. Her arms are around his neck, helping her hold the position. Then one of her hands slips down his neck, over his chest before he grabs her wrist. ‘Sadie. Baby. We don’t have to do this if your not comfortable. I’m not like him.’

She softly sighs, ‘No, I want to do this. You’re being so gentle with me.’ Jake lets go of her hand and moves his hand to her crotch, and gently rubs the front of her shorts with his hand. ‘Wow Sadie, your really warm.’ In return she begins to thrust herself into Jake. She’s right on top of him now. Her long brown hair dangling in in his face, and her crotch pushed right up against his bulge.

‘Wow Jake, your really hard.’

Jake reaches out and kisses her once more hard on the mouth, before standing with her legs still wrapped around him for her support. ‘Cmon, let’s go to my room yeah?’ Sadie smiles at him, and he carries her quickly before gently dropping her on the bed. Jake strips off his t shirt before he joins her on the bed. They continue to kiss, their hands both urgently exploring each others body. Sadie’s hands feeling his smooth chest and the other holding his ass, trying to push his bulge against him. Jake’s hands feel her small breasts and her long legs. Both of their breathing quickens as they carry on.

Sadie breaths into his ear ‘I want to see it baby.’ Her hands play with the flies of his skinny jeans and he smiles at her. ‘You sure Sadie?’ He lies back on the bed on his back. ‘Go and get it then.’

Her hands work on the buttons of his jeans, and he helps her pull them down, with his boxers. A sudden rush of a apprehension hits him. What if she doesn’t like it? But it’s ok, Sadie gently wraps her hand around his cock, and starts to jerk him off slowly. She brings her head back up to his and they kiss as she slowly plays with him. He moves one of his hands down to her shorts and starts to undo the button. Sadie gently moans as her tight shorts are removed from her body, and thrown onto the floor. Her hand speeds up on his cock as his hands explore her black thong. They break apart there kiss briefly, and Jake quickly whispers ‘Let me help you?’ his hands grip her ass as he gently thumbs the back of her thong.

‘Do it Jake, please!’ she moans. Jake quickly strips of her thong, and cups her pussy gently. For a second a flash of panic crosses her mind. ‘Its ok Sadie, I’ll be gentle.’ He kisses her briefly before he starts. His first action is to gently touch her soft sensitive clit. She bucks gently at his touch and wraps both arms around his body. Next Jake starts to rub her clitoris with two fingers, slowly at first

then faster and faster. Sadie starts to breath harder and her nails slightly dig into his body.

Next he slips a finger into her and gets into a steady movement of softy moving up and down. All the while he still gently massages her clit. He looks at her face and smiles. Sadie’s eyes are closed and her mouth is open and she quietly whimpers.

Jake moves his tongue into her mouth and softly kisses her, which she returns right back at him. Her body thrusts into him at his touch. She brings her mouth close to his ear and whispers into it. ‘Stop Jake, I want to pleasure you to.’ Jake kisses her on the lips and softly pulls his hand away from her pussy. She smiles at him and returns the kiss before sliding down his body. Jake watches her take hold of his shaft, gently working his cock. Next she slides it inside her mouth. He lets out an involuntary moan of pleasure.

It felt so good to see her head moving up and down, but it felt even better on him. By natural instinct, from some deep part within he gently thrust up into her mouth. Sadie lets out a surprised noise, as an extra inch gets pushed into her mouth.

‘Oh shit, sorry baby’ he stutters out. Sadie takes her mouth out from his cock, but tugs hard on his cock. ‘No it’s ok, I like that. Do it some more.’ Shes opens her mouth again and begins to suck once more. He takes a deep breath and gently places a hand on Sadie’s head. She doesn’t resist his touch, and he holds her head in place, restricting her movements. Next Jake begins to thrust up into her mouth. He sees her eyes widen and then close as she submits herself to him. He groans on each push into her mouth, and pushes a little bit deeper into her each time. His rhythm picks up speed and pace, but he let’s go of her head, to give her the option of escape. Sadie holds firm for another minute before pulling up.

‘Sadie… That was something special. Thankyou.’

‘Thats ok, I mean you did all the work really’

Jake smiles at her as she still toys with his cock. ‘Let me thankyou for that.’ He pulls her back up to hold her body, and cups one of her breasts gently. A flash of concern crosses Sadie’s face.

‘Jake I….’

He hushes by kissing her lips, and then he speaks. ‘Im not like that Sadie, this is all I need. I’m not like him.’ he softly kisses her forehead before speaking again. ‘Let me just finish what I started.’

The worried look sticks to her face until she feels his soft gentle hands touching her wetness. Next she feels him gently touch her, like he did before. Rubbing her clit with two fingers, softly he fingers her, slowly speeding up as her breathing quickens. It doesn’t take long, and soon Sadie his moaning, so very close to the end. She closes her eyes and lets the feelings overwhelm her. Jake feels her grasp his cock with one of her hands as she begins to jerk him off hard.

His breathing joins her, and soon Sadie moans out, ‘Jake, I’m so close. Please don’t stop.’ Jake grunts as he feels himself loosing control of his body. He presses his mouth against hers and they enjoy a long passionate kiss as they both cum.

Sadie lets out a high pitched whimper as she cums, while Jakes is much lower, the heavy breathing still present. They both hold the position for a few moments before they break apart.

‘Wow.. That was something else Sadie. Thank you.’ She smiles at him, and they wrap their arms around each others bodies. ‘Oh Jake… Im all hot.’

Jake smiles at Sadie. ‘Cmon, let’s go have a shower.’ He kisses her softly on the lips before standing.

He picks her up, one hand underneath her legs, the other holding her back in place. Sadie wraps her arms around his neck, and he carries her away.


Half an hour later they lie on Jakes bed once more, still completely naked, wrapped together just talking. Sadie’s phone vibrates and she grabs it from Jakes bedside table. ‘Shit it’s my mum. I guess I’ve got to go soon.’

Sadie answers the phone, and she was right, her mum needs to pick her up. She ends the call and stands up, before stopping down to pick up her clothes. She is surprised as she feels Jakes hand grab her wrist. ‘Hey, I got you out of those clothes. It’s only right I put you back in them.’

Sadie lies back on the bed, and Jake slides her thong back along her slender legs. ‘Wait. Let me do you too.’ Sadie jumps up, grabbing his black boxers from the floor helping him into them.

They stand opposite each other, both helping each other dress. It felt good for Jake to do this, like he was doing something right. As soon as they are both dressed, Jake pulls her close and hugs her. ‘Hey, don’t make this a one off. I want to be with you yeah?’ Sadie breaks apart briefly and looks into his grey eyes, filled with something she hadn’t quite seen before. Maybe it was love.

‘Its ok. It won’t. I’m yours.’

Jake kisses her on the lips, and their tongues entwine once more. They break apart and he takes her hand. ‘Cmon. Let’s go.’ He guides her outside into the sun. Together.

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