Those last few minutes before we left my room at the B&B were moments of sheer comedy. Barry, the big rugby player with whom I had offered to share my room, had just put an end to my virginity after I had come out of the shower. The other seven of his team mates had arrived at the door ready to go off for their evening meal but at a most inconvenient moment. (See Part1) Barry had claimed he was asleep but was clearly in a state of disorderly undress and he looked suspiciously flushed as he dashed into the shower. It all begged plenty of awkward questions.

So they were all crowded in the little room and all I had on was a towel. But I felt so elated by what Barry had just done to me, I just did not feel in the least embarrassed. I had always loved rugby players and I felt I had just made love to a member of a team of what looked like fabulously strong and sexy guys. So I must admit I relished the necessity of having to remove the towel in order to get dressed; but I did it all very casually and pretended not to notice their keen interest in my big smooth bum. So I put my shirt on before my pants, turned my back as I bent down to put on my socks. I’m sorry! it was sheer provocation on my part as I knew they were watching me closely. Anyway I guess, from what it would have revealed, the reason for Barry’s unreadyness became very obvious!

He soon came out of the shower in a great flap and threw on his smart white shirt and tie without drying himself properly. I was acting cool and thoroughly enjoying the attention. All I had for evening wear was a tight sleeveless shirt and jeans.

“You are coming with us, aren’t you?” Colin asked me.

“Yes sure I hope so but I’m really sorry I don’t have anything smart like you’ve got. Is this shirt OK? I’ve got a sweater to put over it.”

“Yes, yes you’re just fine as you are. Don’t change anything!” This time it was as if all seven of them spoke at once.

“I’m Carl by the way if I forgot to introduce myself before.”

“Hi Carl good to meet you and well…” he turned to Barry who was standing by the door at the ready. “You’ve obviously already made your introductions” There was an explosion of laughter and Barry looked even more embarrassed and flustered.

As we made our way down the garden path to the waiting bus full of the remaining players you could hear chants of `Why are we waiting’ and there were a number of wolf whistles. I felt conscious of my condition as I approached the bus. It seemed they were all looking at me as we mounted the steps. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I could keep it in or if I would get an embarrassing damp patch in the seat of my jeans.

“I think Gary needs an eye test! Eh Gary?? Pair of specs wanted I reckon!!”

“OK wise guy, you were whistling as well and you’ve got glasses so what’s your excuse and anyway why were we waiting? Let me guess; it was Barry?”

“May I introduce Carl! He’s very kindly agreed to share a room with one of us as there are four double rooms and he was the only guest.” Colin was team captain and spoke with authority. There was much clapping then everyone seemed to want me to sit near me.

“You’d better stay up the front with us” said Colin as the bus started off. I was listening to the banter in the rows behind.

“Four double rooms eh! That sounds cosy!! Wow! so who’s sleeping with who?!”

“No; there are actually three twins, there’s only one double.” Colin corrected

“So what kept you Barry?” another guy piped up from further back. I did not hear any answer.

“Who are you sharing with, Carl?” Gary had moved into a seat behind us.

“I’m in a room with Barry actually” I said.

“I see, yes!” This was Daren, another big guy with a crew cut. “The plot thickens! I hope Barry was behaving himself… Don’t tell me it’s the double room!! Of course Barry’s very much a team player you know like he always tells us! Never tries to score on his own. Do you Barry?!”

“Look what the hell are you on about! I was just a bit late. I fell asleep right?!” Barry was obviously getting a bit irritated. Then somewhere behind a voice commented “Sleeping eh?!”

“Er..! I don’t think so” interrupted Colin. This was followed by a prolonged “Ooohhhhhh!!!” from everyone within earshot of the conversation.

A big black guy called Danny had come to sit opposite one row behind. He had a jovial manner about him. “Hey Carl, good to meet you! Sorry about these guys it’s the rugby lifestyle sort of thing you know. So tell me about yourself, you don’t exactly look like the rugby playing type…”

“Hey Carl!” Daren interrupted “Ask him why he was wolf whistling you!”

“OK I’ll tell you exactly” Danny replied confidently. “We had an old saying among the lads where I grew up: `A nice bit of wobble makes a wolf whistle’. So there you got it and no, I don’t need specs!”

“Yes but…!” Daren began hastily but then hesitated.

“I hope you’re not too embarrassed by all this” Colin whispered as he sat next to me. “It’s just that we are near the end of a two week tour and by this time they tend all to have one track minds.”

“It’s OK I’m enjoying it really” I said

“I guessed you might be” Colin replied with a slight smile.

“What I mean is perhaps he doesn’t like being wolf whistled on account on his wobbly bum. He might be insulted” Daren persisted

“Doesn’t look much like it!” Danny replied quietly, realising that my attention was back with them again. “So! Complete change of subject aye lads! What about tomorrow night?”

“I think we’re just about there so we’ll discuss that over the meal” Colin announced.

So we went into this big room with a long bar counter and one long table set out for a meal. Obviously they had hired the room off this hotel.

“We had all booked to stay here but there was a last minute hitch” explained Colin “That’s why we had to go looking for B&Bs. What are you drinking?” I said I would join them with a beer: “You can have a sherry or a glass of wine if you like.” he offered with an impish smile.

“So as you were about to tell me before we got rudely interrupted by Daren here.” It was Danny who seemed keen to first to engage me in conversation.

“Yea, I’m going round doing these questionnaire surveys so that’s why I’m staying in B&Bs”

“So do you get to make up the questions?” this came from a big ginger haired guy called Brian, one of many who were now gathered round.

“Of course he doesn’t you prat!” returned Danny. “It’s market research you know soap powders, washing machines, that sort of thing”

“Not quite actually, I interview technical people more about industry processes. It’s related to ordering and transportation”.

“Wrong line there! You should be selling something more sexy than that. You want to get into fashions you’re the type who could do modelling and that stuff”

They had downed the first pint of beer already while I had only taken a couple of sips. Danny was determined to regain the initiative.

“Carl is an educated lad Brian. He’s a bit more up-market than that sort of thing. Research comes before sales, you see”

“Aren’t you warm in here? You’d better take that sweater off. Don’t worry we won’t let you get cold!” so I took off my sweater and crossed the room to the door to hang it up. As I walked back I sensed they were all watching. Brian ran his hand over my bare arm. “You really are quite a dandy! Wow no wonder Barry fancied you!”

This made me feel so good. Barry must have unlocked suppressed feelings in me but all this attention and touching was making me tingle with excitement. Most of them had taken their jackets off but they were all in smart white shirts and ties. This made them even more sexy and some had rolled their sleeves up revealing strong muscular arms

“What I’d like to know is how can you wobble your ass so well, I just can’t seem to do it” said Gary walking around trying to imitate me amid much laughter.

“The thing is yours is smaller and much firmer. Yours is full of muscle man! just like the rest of us! Believe me I’m a structural engineer” boasted Danny. The beer was making him bolder now. “Carl’s bum is nice and big but it’s fairly soft you see” he said as he and the others put their hands on my ass and squeezed. “What causes the wobbling is lack of superstructure. That’s what gives things rigidity you see. All it needs is something big and firm and it wouldn’t be able to wobble any more”!

Danny had a way of keeping a straight face which just made everyone laugh all the more. I got the impression too that what Barry had done to me back at the B&B was now a very open secret.

“I don’t know if I ought to tell this one but there was this guy from the Mariners team who we’re playing tomorrow. It was Gus, he’s one hell of a forward player as we all know! Well there was this young guy, a bit like Carl here except that he kept pestering them to give him a trial on the pitch. I mean he was a really nice lad but had not got the build for rugby.”

“Yea I’ve heard this one Brian and it’s not supposed to be common knowledge!” interrupted Danny.

“What the hell anyway it’s a fucking good story. You see they eventually let this guy, I think he was called Nicky, play in a seven-a-side practice game. It was quite late in the evening and the light was a bit poor, fortunately in a way!… Perhaps on second thoughts it might be a bit embarrassing for Carl here”

“Oh for fucks sake get on with it Brian!!” Gary shouted. This made lots more guys gather round.

“Hey Carl! come here; look me in the eyes. Go on!!..” Then turning to the others Gary went on; “Look you can see the excitement in his eyes, there are watering in the corners!” All this made it quite impossible for me to conceal the way I felt, not that I really wanted to!

“OK well you see ..er.. this lad had the ball passed to him and he made a dash for the try line, right? Well of course he didn’t stand a chance as Gus was heading straight for him. Well you see, when he tackled him somehow his pants came right down as well. And apparently, …well this is what I heard… he had the most fucking lovely ass you could ever imagine, beautiful smooth rounded buns and one hell of a sexy cleft. So Gus just fucked him on the spot as Nicky lay crouched over the ball. He said it was like consolidating his victory. Then I think about three other guys did him right here in the middle of the pitch before they were called to order.”

“You are making us all feel fucking randy Brian!” Gary remarked. “But wasn’t there any trouble afterwards. I mean they just about forced him by the sound of things”

“Gus said it was a couple of months back and everyone knew the lad was asking for it. Yea I suppose it was a bit risky, but apparently afterwards in the shower he went wild and started sucking everyone’s cocks and while bending over to do so got his bum even more fucked by the rest of them.”

Someone started banging the bar counter to get attention. “OK lads we’ll be sitting down shortly so order any more drinks now. There’ll be wine at the table” announced Colin with his customary authority.

Then it all happened so quickly; I had just been over to the toilets before taking a seat when I suddenly became aware of Gary coming towards me and looking very determined. I thought he was just going to the toilets himself but he came straight at me grabbing my arm and steering me firmly back where I had come from. I had no chance of escape even if I wanted to; my puny bare arm was firmly in the clasp of his big strong hand.

“I can’t wait to give you what you fucking need!!” I felt quite intimidated as he pushed me into a cubicle and told me to bend over the seat. He seemed quite aggressive and I really had no choice or time to think. Immediately he went for the buckle on my jeans then I felt cool air on my ass as he pulled my pants down. “Wow that’s the hottest fucking ass I’ve ever seen!! Stay where you are!” He got some liquid soap from the basins. The next thing I felt was when he put his hand between my buttocks and started working it into my ass hole with his fingers.

It may seem strange but I felt flattered. I had gone out of my way to encourage Barry but here was Gary, he was going to give it me whether I liked it or not. The only thing I was afraid of was that if I appeared too cooperative it might put him off. But when I looked around he was looking so wild; he had already taken his pants off. His stiff pink cock was sticking up almost vertical and he was shaking with excitement. His penis was about the same length Barry’s but not quite so thick. He took hold of it so it pointed straight at me, then when he thrust it between my buttocks and against my hole it just glided up inside me so easily. It was barely more than an hour since Barry had fucked me in the B&B so I was still dilated and sticky as all the sexy talk had relaxed my sphincter and it felt as if some cum had been oozing out around my cherry. He was mad at me and rammed his rod in and out of my bottom. He was going harder and harder and you hear the sound as he pumped my bum hole and his balls slapped against my buttocks. I had to hang on to the toilet cistern to steady myself as he thrust deeper into my rectum.

“You fucking sexy bitch; you fucking dandy fucking ass Ahh! Aaahhhhh!!!” At last I felt him spurt his hot spunk up my bum. He seemed to shoot loads into me and it was such a gorgeous feeling. I just wanted more and more of these guys. I loved the feeling of having my bottom inseminated with their virile fuck fluids.

“Good for you Gary! Thought I’d come and join you”

“Yea help yourself Danny, he’s in for a fill up; I guess he needs a bit of that superstructure of yours in there!”

Gary had left the cubicle door open so Danny had been watching me getting it.

“Hey Carl may I present myself?” he said coming alongside me showing me his superb cock. Wow this was the real thing! Barry’s was fucking nice but I just had to gobble in this rigid rock-hard ram-rod! I couldn’t get it all in my mouth, it was far too big! Danny had some set of tools there! They were, shall we say, like ‘industrial models!’ His massive balls alone showed how much he really meant business!

I was already mad with excitement as he stroked my buttocks and I wanted him like crazy. Soon my sucking must have been getting to him. “Hang on man you’re getting near the ‘On Button there’” he said pulling back a bit.

I turned to him and smiled. He looked marvellous. He had stripped off completely nude now and I just couldn’t believe that this huge muscle bound body was about to take control of me. But wow! that’s what he did!! Gary stayed to watch the action.

“It’s not just a firm pole but with all that wobbling you’ll need some deep lubrication and I’ve got just the equipment! OK Carl just relax your ass, this is probably a bit bigger than what you’re used to.” Danny spoke with a soothing voice. “All you’ve got to do is bend down and let it happen boy. I’ll be doing all the hard work!” His cock was massive but really beautiful beyond words. It was huge big thick and long. This was a real fuck pole and I felt so privileged that he was about to put it up my bottom.

The pressure was quite intense but I wanted him so much and I could feel my sphincter yielding to the sheer force of this huge rigid penis as he pushed relentlessly into me. Then I felt quite a sharp pain as he finally started to gain entry. There was this wonderful feeling as he drove his huge member deep into my rectum. I felt this strong man was taking command of me from deep inside. Slowly he started to work my bum by driving his cock in at different angles then quickening the pace. I felt myself going crazy inside, it was madly exciting, Danny had such restraint as well as power.

“Are you ready cos you’re gonna get it! Oh fuck here goes!”

He started ramming me furiously and I couldn’t steady myself, he was too strong. I collapsed over the toilet as he let fly with his fuck pole somewhere so deep in my bottom it felt he was fucking my whole body. Then somehow he had got me on my back on the toilet seat as he propelled my gland into multiple orgasms with his rock hard prick. He was making my limp cock ooze cum over my belly button as his huge penis squeezed everything out from inside me. He was in complete control. Then suddenly he started jacking. It was even better this time! It felt like I was getting waves of hot spunky cum spurting up my bum and delivered with the force of a power hose. These were tidal waves of Danny’s hot fuck fluids filling up my rectum. It wasn’t just lubrication, it felt like a complete fill up!

Then it was all over! Danny withdrew his lovely long shining cock dripping from my freshly fucked ass. They both went over to the basins and washed their dicks. For some reason, I realise now they were all waiting for us, but no one else came in. I remained for a few moments still with my pants down around my ankles like I was expecting someone else.

“Better pull your pants up Carl. We’re going back in” It was almost as if there was a hint of reproach in Gary’s voice. It made me feel a bit of a slut but I didn’t care I knew they liked fucking me and I was beginning to realise the others wanted me too.

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