Laura sauntered slowly towards the ladies’ room, taking stock of the men around the hotel. Some were employees, others guests; all were possible playthings. None particularly got the 30-year-old’s heart racing; one man even made her nervous by staring at her as she passed him in the hall. She determined that if the bartender were still at his post after she had touched up in the bathroom, she would take him on. Tossing her dirty blonde hair over one shoulder, Laura pushed into the room and stopped dead in her tracks.

She’d found her toy for the evening.

The woman was sitting on the counter of the restroom between two sinks. She wore a simple maid’s uniform, the skirt of which was hiked up to her stomach, revealing a garter belt attached to stockings, and no panties. Her pussy lay bare, but it was her ass that had a trail of some man’s cum spilling out of it. Laura looked up to her face. The woman’s eyes were closed, but her face was relaxed and she was smiling, her short, dark, reddish hair all mussed up against the mirror behind the sinks.

It wasn’t as improbable a sight in a hotel bathroom as one might think, especially at the hooker hotel- a uniquely sexy place to stay, and Laura’s favorite.

“My dear,” Laura said, crossing her arms. “We really need to get you cleaned up.” The maid had started at the sound of Laura’s voice, but relaxed quickly, even despite Laura’s intentionally imposing stance.

“Yes ma’am,” the maid said in a shy voice. She looked perhaps 19 or 20 years old, Laura noted, but her voice sounded somewhat younger. The older woman smiled frostily and stepped to the bathroom door, which she locked.

“Let’s get those clothes off.”

The maid obediently stood and unbuttoned her uniform, revealing that the garter belt and nylons were all that she was wearing aside from a pair of barely-high heels. She let the uniform slip to the floor.

“No,” Laura commanded, almost as though talking to a dog. She stepped forward and swatted the girl’s rear firmly, but not painfully. “Pick that up.”

“Yes ma’am.” The maid bent over and grabbed her uniform, flushing a little in the cheeks…all of them.

“Good girl,” Laura said. “Now the stockings and whatnot.” The young woman removed her stockings, high heels, and garter belt, holding them with her uniform. “Fold them and set them next to the sink.” She did.

Laura grasped the woman’s wrist and marched her to the back of the restroom, which offered a shower. She turned it on, let the temperature get warm, and gestured for the younger woman to step in, which she did.

The blonde then turned to her own clothing, stepping out of her high heels and removing first her suit jacket, folding it, and setting it down on a bench next to the shower. Next came her white button-down blouse—silk –and her pencil skirt and thin nylons. Each item was impeccably folded and set on top of the last, including Laura’s green lacy panties. The matching bra was set on top of the stack like a cake with a cherry on top. Laura stepped into the shower behind the young woman, who was standing where Laura had left her, like a good submissive.

“Let’s get you cleaned up, Laura said, reaching around the girl to take the removable shower head. She started with the girls hair, which must have been recently dyed—just a touch of pinkish-red flowed from it along with the shower water. Once her hair was thoroughly soaked, Laura guided her to turn around by the shoulder and began spraying her neck, arms, hands, and breasts…Laura allowed herself a momentary distraction to fondle one as she washed, playing with the nipple and smiling as it grew firm and solid under her ministrations. The maid moaned and Laura gently smacked her cheek. “Shhh,” she said.

Laura made her way down the girls legs and back up, turning her around again and positioning her like a doll, just bent over at the hips, palms against the front of the shower. Laura spread the girls cheeks and ran the spray up and down from her ass to her pussy and back again, washing away the jizz someone had left behind. When she was finished, Laura hooked her arms around the girl. The arm holding the shower head was lower, and Laura used her free hand to spread the maid’s pussy, exposing her clit to the spray of water. The maid cried out and Laura turned the spray away. “Ah-ah-ah,” Laura said. “No reward if you’re not good.” The older woman watched the younger intently and when she’d bit her lip, Laura returned to stimulating the girl’s engorged clit with the water.

The girl remained silent as Laura sprayed around her clit and then moved down, spraying the sensitive area between the clit and the pussy’s opening, then the opening itself, and then back up. Laura repeated this several times and heard the girl’s breathing get harder, but she remained silent. Smirking inwardly, Laura turned the ring on the shower head, and suddenly the “gentle rain” setting was gone in favor of a harder, more focused blast. Laura turned this blast to the girls clit and wiggled her hand, moving the target just enough to flick all around the clit. The maid gasped and took one hand to her mouth, which she bit to keep herself from crying out.

“Very good,” Laura smiled. “Time for another reward.” Laura moved the shower head down again, pausing briefly at the hole of the girl’s cunt. Laura moved to the girl’s side and switched the shower head into her other hand, then kept moving it around until it reached the girls ass.

Spreading the cheeks again, Laura allowed the spray to shoot directly into her ass, and she let a moan slip. Laura yanked the shower head away and spanked the girl, a bit harder this time. “No,” she said. “Bad girl.” Seeing the maid’s face shift into bliss, she spanked her again, eliciting another moan. Laura spanked her a third time and the girl managed to hold the sounds of her pleasure in.

Laura shifted the girl back and sat in front of her, legs spread, arm stretched to offer the maid the shower head. “I cum first,” she said simply. The maid hardly batted an eye before kneeling in front of the older woman and aiming the water spray at her new master’s clit while Laura held her lips open for easier access. Laura wiggled her hips and moaned. “Jiggle the spray,” she commanded, but the girl was clearly practiced at this and managed to arc the head around in a perfect circle around Laura’s clit, leaving the older woman moaning and struggling to hold still.

While still holding the water to her clit, the girl leaned forward, licking two fingers and slipping them inside Laura’s pussy. Pleasantly shocked, Laura bucked up slightly as the fingers curled and massaged her G-spot, all while her clit was being rubbed better than any tongue could manage. After only another minute or so of these ministrations, Laura came, hard, and the maid turned the spray away to let her recover.

Laura opened her eyes after a minute and saw the maid pleasuring herself with the shower head. “NO,” she commanded, snatching the shower head away. “Get on all fours,” Laura demanded. The girl obeyed, flushed by her water-based masturbation and by shame at having been naughty. Laura smacked her ass, just hard enough to sting, and the maid barely held back a moan. “No one will pleasure you but me,” Laura leaned forward to hiss in her ear, “and that includes you.”

Leaving her on all fours, Laura held the shower head under the girl and blindly moved the shower head up and down, knowing that she was occasionally hitting the clit and occasionally missing it completely—intentionally frustrating the young woman. After a few minutes of this she moved the shower head more slowly and watched the girls reaction until she had the clit, which she sprayed directly, jiggling the head just slightly.

It did not take much more for the girl to cum, which she did, violently, struggling to remain on all fours but leaning down and placing her head on the floor of the shower.

Laura reached up and turned the shower off as the girl began to shake off her orgasm. Standing, she grabbed a towel off of a nearby rack and began drying. “Dry yourself off,” she casually told the maid, which she did, slowly. When the girl made to move out of the shower and return to her clothes, Laura cleared her throat expectantly.

The girl whirled around, confused for a moment, then smiling as she gained clarity.

“Thank you, ma’am.”

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