duct tape

I scraped the key across the door a few times. I put my left hand on the door frame to try and steady myself as the world continued to spin around me. I pressed my forehead against the cool metal of the heavy door that was the last obstacle between me and my nice, comfortable bed.

I knew I shouldn’t have drunk that last shot. Or probably the last few. I know I got a little carried away, but it was my first real college party. I had to celebrate our school’s big win over… some other school that also played football, I guess. I don’t follow sports much, but I was out of my parents house, out of my home state, and away from my stodgy, academic high school life. I’d arrived, and it was time to celebrate.

I had a great time at the party. There had been guys everywhere for me to talk to. For the first time in my life, I felt like a popular kid. I hung out with guys, and I survived. Ok, considering the way my head is still swimming, I probably made more of an ass out of myself than anything, but at least I survived.

After a few deep breaths and concentrating on the feeling of the cold metal against my forehead, I finally felt confident enough to try opening my eyes again. There’s the key hole, right there above the door handle. I can do this. I slowly slide the key across the door. It teetered just on the edge of going in. Then, success! The key slipped into the door, and I quickly turned it and pulled the door open.

I stumbled into my dorm hallway and against my door. Luckily, I lived in the closest room to the outside door. I immediately knew I’d moved too quickly though, as I felt my stomach do a backflip.

Luckily, everything stayed down, but I couldn’t go to bed like this. I couldn’t have my bookworm of a roommate seeing my like this and maybe reporting me.

I stumbled down the hall toward the communal bathroom. I was trying to stay quiet, but I knew in my state, that it was hopeless. At least I’d stayed with the sports theme of the evening and worn sneakers and jeans. I don’t know if I would have been able to get all the way to the bathroom in heels and a skirt.

Just a couple more doors, then I pushed my way into the dark bathroom. I cursed the inconvenience as I ran my hands across the walls, looking for the light switch. Although, I’m not sure what I was expecting at… way past my bed time.

Finally, the lights came on, and I moved into the closest of the three shower stalls. I close the curtain on the outer vestibule and start stripping. I feel gross as I take my shoes off and put my socks on the floor of the bathroom. I’d never been in here without my sandals before. I guess it’ll be grosser in a moment when I take my socks off and put my bare feet on the floor, but mentally, there’s nothing grosser than wet socks. I quickly strip out of the rest of my clothes, careful to keep my filthy shoes and socks on one end of the bench, and the rest of my clothes on the other end. I notice the stain on the inside of my black thong. That one guy… Joe?… had been very sexy. I should have let him get further than kissing me at the party, but I just wasn’t quite ready for more yet.

I turn the water on as I step the rest of the way into the shower. The initial blast of cold water stuns me back into lucidness for a moment, and I remember to close the curtain between the shower and the outer area where my clothes are.

I lean against the far wall of the shower, enjoying the feel of the now warm water beating on my back and running down my legs. I know the shower walls are probably heinously filthy, but it feels too good to lean against the cinder block. I try to will the increasing nausea away as my world continues to spin. I really shouldn’t have taken those last few shots.

I don’t know how long I’ve been leaning against the wall when I suddenly jump. I think I must have been falling asleep. I back up into the water ready to actually clean myself off and get to bed.

Suddenly, I feel a hand come from behind me to shove some sort of wet cloth into my mouth. The hand is so big that it covers the lower half of my face. I can taste the overwhelming odor of feet, when I realize that my own filthy socks are being pushed into my mouth. I try to back away in revulsion, but I just run into an enormous body behind me, the hand still pressing my dirty socks into my mouth.

I feel his chin on my head. I’m 5’10, so this guy must be enormous. I know it’s a guy because simultaneously with feeling his chin, I feel something long and hard pressed against my ass and lower back.

In my drunken state, it doesn’t even occur to me why this guy might have his hard cock pushing at my ass. All I know is that I need to get my socks out of my mouth. Unfortunately, his huge hand over my face made spitting the socks out impossible, and his clearly extremely muscular body behind me was keeping me from getting away.

I smell the duct tape before I see it. The man uses his free hand to press the end into my right cheek. He then quickly pulls it across my face, moving his other hand out of the way just as the tape came across my mouth. I heard the loud rip of the tape quickly rolling off as he passed the whole roll of duct tape around my head 4 or 5 times. I can feel the tape in my hair around the back of my head, and I am dreading having to pull it out of there.

I reach up to pull the tape off of my face. I’m still solely focused on my mission of getting the socks out of my mouth. He chuckles, a deep alarming noise, as he grabs my hands and pulls them straight down to my side. He holds my arms down with his left arm as he uses his right to run the duct tape roll around my hips, firmly trapping my wrists at my side. It has probably been less than a minute since I first felt his hand on my face, and I am now completely helpless.

He pulls me back into his body again. I feel his cock harder than ever against my ass. His pubic hair scratching my ass and his chest hair rubbing on my back. His breath is hot against my ear as he whispers, “I was really looking forward to getting my cock sucked tonight. I really don’t want to hear your whining though, so it looks like you’ll have to satisfy me in other ways.”

He grinds his hips into my ass as he speaks. The base of his cock slips between my cheeks, the tip still pressed against my lower back, and the gravity of my situation finally occurs to me.

I leap away from him, intent to get away. I’m shocked when he suddenly lets me go, and I lurch forward. My face slams into the cinder block wall that I found so comforting a moment ago, and I fall to the shower floor.

He chuckles again. I turn to finally get a look at him, but all I see is his foot descending onto my face. He steps on my eyes, turning my face into the shower floor. The shower is still running, and I am having trouble breathing with the gag in my mouth and the water all around me.

“Roll onto your belly, girl.”

I ignore him, still trying to force my way up. Then I feel him start to put pressure on the foot on my face. I’m sure the tiled floor is leaving an imprint in my face, and I feel like my head is about to cave in.

“That’s just a taste. On your belly.”

I feel his foot ease off my face as I roll onto my belly. I taste feet and feel the cotton of my socks rubbing over my tongue. My nose scrapes on the grout between two tiles as I struggle to breathe.

Terror takes over as I realize that this is actually going to happen. I’m about to be raped in my own shower. I feel my lower body relax as I involuntarily start peeing. Between the liquor and the fear, I can’t help pissing myself. Unfortunately, the drama of the moment is lost as the still running shower immediately washes the evidence down the drain.

I hear him chuckle again as he reaches down and pulls my hips up. My hands are still taped to my sides, so my face and chest remain pressed into the floor as my knees pull forward and hold my ass up in the air.

I whimper as I feel him start to run my bar of soap over my ass. I’m terrified of what he’ll do if I keep fighting, so I just stay still as he continues soaping up my ass. He kneads my cheeks between his fingers as he mutters to himself about my tight, young ass. I try to ignore it as I focus all of my attention on the tickling of the tile grout on the tip of my nose. Hopefully, he’ll finish soon, and I can forget that this ever happened.

I am brought crashing back to reality when he suddenly jams a finger into my anus. He’s essentially told me that he’s going to rape me, but it’s still a shock to feel him actually enter me. It hadn’t even occurred to me why he was soaping up my ass until he started fingering me there.

I’ve never had anything in my ass before. It’s really never even occurred to me to try it. I have a toy that I occasionally masturbate with, but I have never even let a guy put his fingers in my pussy. I’ve definitely never had sex before and never even contemplated anal.

I bite down on the socks in my mouth. The odor of feet is still revolting, but having something to bite down on is a welcome distraction as he starts to finger fuck my ass. He adds a second finger as he fingers me for what feels like an eternity.

I feel his beard between my legs as he bends down. More stubble than a beard, I think, as I feel him scraping between my thighs. I jump a little as I feel his tongue slide into my pussy. I probably wouldn’t hate the feeling if I knew the guy, but right now all I can think about is his slimy, disgusting tongue inside me. I’m concentrating on the taste of feet in my mouth again, trying to avoid thinking about the horror going on behind me.

He pulls his fingers out of my ass. Oh god, I know what’s coming. Just to make sure, he grabs my hair and pulls my face back. He jams his fingers into my nose. “You like that, don’t you, girl? You’d better, because it’s time for the main event.”

Thankfully, his fingers mostly smell like soap. I’m going to have to change soap brands after this, but at least his fingers are relatively clean.

The incessant water suddenly stops hitting me. I can still hear the shower running, but he is now kneeling behind me and stopping the flow. His cock is so big that I can actually feel the weight of it as he rests it on my ass. I’m so slippery from the soap that he slips right between my cheeks and presses up against my anus.

I thought I had accepted this, but the feel of his actual cock on the verge of raping me was too much. I couldn’t handle the thought that this monster was going to enter my ass, where I’d never even put my own fingers. I scream and scoot away as best as I can with my hands still taped to my sides and my chest on the floor. I’m very aware that my nipples are hard for some reason as I feel them scrape across the tiled floor. Unfortunately, I only make it a few inches before the top of my head hits the shower wall. Why are these showers so small?

He chuckles again. That maniacal, evil noise. Then, my world explodes in pain as he delivers the hardest spanking that I have ever felt. His hand slams into me over and over again. All I can feel is pain as he beats my ass and my head repeatedly slams forward into the wall from the force of the impact.

I’m dazed and barely holding on to consciousness when he suddenly stops the spanking. Immediately after stopping, he grabs my hips so hard I’m worried that they’re going to break, and he slams his cock into me. In a way, I’m happy for the savage beating he’s given me because I’m so out of it that it feels like I’m watching some other person get fucked.

At least he’s given up on my ass. It’s a sign of how desperate my situation is that I’m vaguely grateful that he’s in my pussy now. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m horrified that he’s taken my virginity, but at least he didn’t get his monstrous cock into my ass.

It feels like an eternity, but is probably only a few minutes when I start to become aware of the burning in my ass from him finger fucking me there again. I was so dazed, that I didn’t even notice his fingers re-enter my ass, but I can definitely feel them now.

He is taking long, deep strokes as he fucks me. He pulls almost all the way out. Then he pushes in so deep that I can feel his big, heavy balls bouncing off of my clit. His demonic fingers never stop working my anus as he fucks me. I stare at my spot on the cinder block wall and bite the socks in my mouth, trying to concentrate on anything but what he is doing to me.

I’m elated to hear the bathroom door opening. Someone’s going to catch him and save me!

He quickly slams all the way deep into me. He continues grinding into me as his hands wrap around my throat. He doesn’t say anything, but the message is clear. I keep my silence as we both listen to the mystery woman outside empty her bladder into a toilet. The sound of our shower covers up whatever noise he makes as he fucks me. I can feel his pubes rubbing into my ass as he grinds into me. I desperately want to cry out as much as I can with the gag in, but I’m terrified of the meaty paws now using my throat as leverage while he fucks me.

I can hear her washing her hands when I hear, “Hey Sam, is that you in there?”

I’m elated. It’s my room mate. She’ll be suspicious and get help.

I can’t breathe as the hands squeeze my windpipe shut. He doesn’t even break his rhythm as he keeps grinding into me.


My attacker calls back in a loud whisper, “No, it’s not Sam. I’m just feeling a little sick and needed a shower.” The whisper barely carries above the noise, but it must mask his gender enough for my stupid, stupid room mate not to question him further.

“Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt you, I just haven’t seen my room mate yet. Good night.”

My room mate hangs out for another moment. I’m starting to panic without air, but my attacker neither releases his grip, nor stops grinding into me. My heart sinks as I hear the door open, and we’re alone once again.

Oxygen floods my lungs as the hands move back to my shoulders, then slide down my back to grip my hips. I feel his cock pull all the way out. I bite down hard on my socks as I feel his tip at my anus. It really had been too much to hope that he’d given up on that. He unceremoniously slams into my ass. I scream into the gag, but hardly any noise comes out. He’s fingered me so much and filled me with so much soap, that his cock slides right in.

I sob into the floor as he fucks my ass. He doesn’t say anything, but his rhythm is much faster now. He is just holding onto my hips and fucking me as fast as he can. I hope almost getting caught inspires him to finish.

His hands move back up my back. One settles between my shoulder blades, the other rests on the back of my head. He is pushing my into the floor so hard it hurts. My knees have collapsed, and he’s now fucking me directly on the shower floor. I can feel the shower drain rubbing on my right thigh. I would be grossed out, but I have bigger problems now. I can still smell the duct tape and my own feet. The cotton of my socks rubs across my tongue as I bite down on them. His sweat drips on my back as he slams his cock into my ass over and over again.

I don’t know how long it’s been, but I can feel a change in his pace. He is starting to take shorter, quicker strokes. Leaving himself buried in me for longer. For some reason, it occurs to me that he’s not wearing a condom. I’m terrified of catching something, but at this point, I just want this to end. At least I don’t have to worry about pregnancy with him in my ass. Besides, there’s not a whole lot I can do about it.

Finally, I feel him push all the way into me. He is so deep, that I can feel his balls contracting against my pussy. I can feel him throbbing inside me for several seconds before he just goes still. He slaps my ass a few times before slowly pulling out of me.

I just lie there. Trying to concentrate on anything but the revolting feel of my rapist’s cum sliding back out of me. I pay attention to the taste of my feet, the feel of the tiles under my body, the water falling on my shoulders, the ache of my ass where he beat me earlier. Somehow though, all I can feel is my rapists cum sliding back out of my ass, trickling down the outside of my pussy, and running between my thighs.

I have no idea how long I’ve been alone, sobbing on the floor, but I realize that I haven’t heard from him in a while. I twist my head to look around, but he is nowhere to be seen. I’m alone, tied up on the shower floor.

I struggle a little and my hands immediately pull away from my sides. The moisture from the shower must have weakened the tape, and I just never noticed. I scramble to my feet as I pull the tape off my head and finally spit out the revolting socks.

I slam the water off and run out to grab my clothes. Shit, the asshole took my clothes. There’s nothing left but my shoes and purse. I don’t even care at this point. It’s still the middle of the night. I just grab my shoes and purse and run naked and dripping wet back to my room.

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