A pure fiction. None of this happened. Just the product of experience, an education and an active imagination. I hope that my creative writing teachers would be proud of the construction and detailed storytelling. I have a feeling that they would be less so about the actual subject and activities contained within the story.

Could it happen? Or something very much like it?

If the comments are positive, Kaylee might be back for more adventures.

Not Dreaming

Kaylee couldn’t believe it was all real, Him, the house, her car, the closet and the dresser in the master bedroom that was starting to fill with her new clothes. Just two months after graduating, in her dreams she couldn’t have imagined this happening for real.

The week after graduation, she had agreed to meet Him for dinner, just dinner he promised. He flew down, stayed the weekend in Atlanta and she took a chance. She arranged to go to Atlanta and stay with a friend who went to school there. She met Him in the lobby of his hotel. He did look just like his pictures, she was relieved to see. He was dressed up nice, and so was she, although her clothes weren’t as sexy as she knew he liked. She had tried to dress young and pretty, pink top, white skinny jeans, her highest shoes that went with her outfit. He liked how she looked, she could tell from his big, wide smile. Maybe it was the pink and white ribbons she tied into her hair. It didn’t matter, he was pleased, and that DID matter.

Dinner was great, the food and the place were really nice, but she loved how he paid attention to her, ordered for her, made her feel special and protected and safe. And the way he looked at her, a pleased, excited and hungry look all wrapped into one way of looking at her. Every time she saw that look, she smiled back at him.

They went for drinks after dinner. That had been harder, the first two places asked for ID. She shrugged, she wasn’t 21, so they moved on. He was patient, found a place that looked fun, and when he gave his ID, he slipped some folded money behind his license and said something to the doorman. She wasn’t asked for her ID. It turned out to be a club and bar. They drank some, they went up to the DJ club floor and he got her dancing. His hands seemed to be all over her in the packed club. He led her by the hand wherever they went. She was slim and petite next to his older, taller, muscular frame. He was much older but in great shape. She could feel his muscles when she ran her hands over his shoulders and chest.

She drank enough to be drunk, but not too much to be sloppy or sick. She had that big, wide, drunk-girl smile on her face as she pressed into him. Their first kiss had been in the club, before they danced. He kissed her often as they danced under the pulsing lights. She loved the way his hands felt on her hips, guiding her movements, pulling her tight into him. When she pressed into him, she could feel His hardness. She did that, made him hard. That turned her on, knowing He wanted her.

She felt both vulnerable and safe with Him on their first real date. Vulnerable because He knew way too much about her from all their chats. He knew she thought a lot about naughty things, that she was an online Dom’s plaything for a long time. He knew she was extremely attracted to older men, that she had a “daddy/babygirl” attraction thing. He knew she was submissive, and that online, she would do anything to please. He knew that she loved to suck cock, that she would worship her “Daddy’s” big, bull cock durimg some of their chats and that she liked to be young and innocent looking. He knew she liked the idea of being a Babygirl, that she had fantasies of being daddy’s naughty plaything, of being dressed up in sexy outfits and party heels. He knew that she wanted to dress up in schoolgirl outfits, pink miniskirts and tiny party dresses that showed everyone just how young and pretty she was. He knew she wanted to be told what to wear, what he wanted to see her dressed in and he believed her when she said she would wear anything if it pleased Him. He knew also she had dark thoughts, about being restrained, wearing His collar, wearing a leather minidress and spike heeled thigh high boots, or latex, being His slut and His whore. He knew she kept her pussy bare, that she didn’t have any tattoos, that she loved to dress up pretty and that dressing for Him made her feel so hot and wanting to play with herself and cum. It was exciting for her to know he knew so much. And so very scary to think he knew all of that and it was only their first date.

She felt so sexy and good, perfectly drunk, he smelled soooo good. She felt his hand move down from her nipple and he reached lower and rubbed her slit through her tight white skinny jeans. Her snug little pussy was already damp and tingling. She hugged her arms around him, kissed his lips with her shimmering, pink, glossed puckered lips the way she talked about in their chats, closed her eyes and let Him rub her pussy and she ground her hips to the beat, she tried to fuck his hand as the DJ’s beat shook her body and she felt so excited and terribly horny with His mouth kissing her neck and ear. She knew people could see them making out in the club, but she didn’t stop him. She would let him have whatever liberties he was willing to take with her.

They left the club a bit later, he took her hand and steadied her down the stairs as she stepped carefully in her pumps and helped her out to the street. The warm night air hit her senses and she felt a bit more sober, just a bit. He opened the cab door and helped her inside. He slid in next to her, and pulled her close and kissed her deep. He knew it was his decision to make, she would come back to his hotel if he told the cabbie to take them there. But he had a longer vision, a better plan for her seduction.

He told her to tell the cabbie the address of where she was staying. She looked on her phone, tried not to act disappointed, gave the address and then His lips were pressed to hers. He had sent her to the powder room before they left the club and she had freshened up her lip color and coat of gloss. Now he was kissing it off and taking it from her lips bit by bit just as he told her he would.

He fondled her firm tits in the back of the cab and her hands found their way to His bulge. She felt for it and then raked her nails over it. It was as big as He said it was. Big enough for a petite blonde nympho like Kaylee. They both knew she was secretly a little nympho, even though she was also just a sweet, pretty girl. It’s how they first met online. She stroked his cock through his pants as they kissed, unsure if she liked the idea of him taking her to her friend’s apartment. Part of her expected to be brought to his hotel and she had been ready to be brought back to his hotel and fucked like a teen slut. His. Teen. Slut. She had already thought about pulling the tip from her lips, jerking his cock fast as she urged him to cum on her and give her a facial and having him splash his seed all over her young face. She knew he would love that. Messing her pretty face with a load of His sticky, delicious cum. She didn’t really know if His cum was yummy. But she wanted to taste it and swallow it, for Him.

He looked at the cabbie’s GPS, indicating that the travel time was 17 minutes to the apartment. He turned his head and his mouth found her neck and ear, he kissed her sensitive earlobe and felt her get the chills from his kisses.

He quietly spoke in her ear, caressing her hair and telling her that it was time to be a good girl and to unzip his pants, take out his big, hard cock and thank him for dinner.

A gasp escaped her lips before she found herself saying “Yes Daddy.” and she trailed kisses down his neck as her hands worked to free his cock. Right here! In the cab? Not very romantic way to end their first date. She was a bit pissed, but also felt excited. He wants to see if I’m a dirty girl. She was a little pissed but also so turned on from all his touching and attention, she would slam her lips down on his meat and choke on it and swallow his cock in the cab if he wanted her to. He held her chin and told her to fix her lips first. It was dark, so she asked the cabbie to turn on the dome light and she held the compact mirror up and carefully reapplied color and glitter infused gloss to her lips as the cabbie and He watched. When she was satisfied, she said thanks, and the cabbie flipped off the light. I’m sure he would have preferred to keep the light on to see what she was about to do next.

She felt His hand on the back of her head and shifted her hips away from him and bent over to put her head in his lap. She quickly undid his belt, his zipper and button and pulled his underwear down. His cock stood up, and she licked it with the flat of her tongue as she felt his hand cup her firm ass and squeeze it. She couldn’t see Ray, the cabbie who was driving, but he must know by now that she was going to suck His cock in the back of Ray’s cab.

He held her head with one hand and He talked to her as she tried to show him everything she had ever learned about sucking a man’s cock. His voice tone was sexy as He talked to her. She felt like she had to show him everything she knew, that it was a test, a qualifying exam for another date, and she knew she desperately wanted to see him again. He stroked her hair and told her what felt good and she listened to his voice and his moans and took cues from that. He talked a bit to Ray, telling him when she slurped his nuts into her greedy mouth or pushed her mouth down so far that the cock head hit her tight throat. He told Ray that this was their first date. She listened to every word, she heard the pride in His voice as he talked about her. As she sucked hard on the tip, popping it in and out of her tightly pursed lips, He told Ray her age. That got a chuckle from Ray. She was both embarrassed and proud of it all. Being talked about as she sucked His bull cock was degrading, but His praise of her was intoxicating. His hand was between her legs, rubbing her clit and pushing through the skinny jeans had her humping his hand like a bitch in heat. She heard the words good girl and knew it to be true. She was. Being good for Him. She knew she was getting him close to cumming. She felt the tightened grip of his hand on her head. She wanted the reward, to hear him grunt, to feel him pulse and to cream in her greedy mouth. She planned to pool it in her mouth, show him the pool of sweet cum around her tongue and with a smile, swallow that first gift. Then the cab bounced as the driver went into the parking lot driveway. She knew they were at her friend’s house. He told Ray to keep the meter running as he stroked her hair and asked her if she enjoyed the date. She slipped his cock from her mouth and told Him that she had really enjoyed the date. He pulled her head up from his lap and kissed her lips and told her to put his cock away. She felt a knot in her stomach, she hadn’t gotten him to cum, she hadn’t fully pleased him. When he was zipped up, He got out of the cab, helped her exit the other door and walked her slowly to the apartment. He kissed her, telling her it was an amazing first date and that he wanted to see her tomorrow, for brunch. She beamed, excited at the prospect of being with him again in just a few hours. He handed her a hotel key and key folder that had the room number printed on it.

He told her to come to his room at 9:30 in the morning, to wear a nice brunch outfit with heels and that she should come hungry. She smiled, happy to know she would see him in the morning. She told him she was sorry, sorry she hadn’t made him cum in her mouth when they were in the cab. He smiled and told her he was going to make sure that the first time he came with her would be more special than pumping cum into her mouth in the back of the cab and that if she was a good girl for Him, she would taste His cum a lot.

She smiled and promised she would be a very good girl and that she wanted His reward. It made her feel a bit better about not getting him to cum.

That was just two months ago. She was daydreaming about how much things had progressed when He came out of the bathroom and saw her waiting for Him on the bed. She thought about the cute little sports car he had leased for her. The shopping trips to the mall and the naughty things to wear they bought for her online. She was still the same sweet girl as always but she didn’t wear cheap clothes from Target or Walmart anymore. All her shoes were now trendy and nearly every pair were platform style pumps, or strappy spike heel sandals or wedges that made her much taller and changed how she walked and stood.

He made her feel so special, so precious, so needed. And that made her ache to please Him more and make Him happy in every way she could.

She was doing just that now, wearing her slutty schoolgirl lingerie for him, toes, knees, elbows and hands on the bed, with her ass up high, pointing her pink, tight fuckhole right at the bathroom door and looking back at the door, waiting for Him. She loved the way He looked at her when she wore this outfit for Him. She could feel His eyes on her pink cunt and she left the little, white lipstick vibe in her ass for him to see. She put it in her ass when she got up to dress for Him. Her pink and white plaid skirt was ultra small and didn’t really do more than just adorn her hips and ass and move to and fro when he fucked her in this position or if she rode him. It wasn’t long enough to wear in public, although she had a red and black one that was a bit longer that she wore one time so far to shop at the Mall with Him. No panties this morning, although sometimes she wore a little white or pink g-string so he could pull it to the side before he slid his bull-cock into her tight slot. Her firm tits were barely covered by the knotted white top and she wore the 6″ Mary Jane style pink platform pumps that went best with this outfit. He had also bought her white and black versions of the same shoes, but they both liked the pink ones paired with the white thigh high stockings that had pink bows up the back.

He saw her and smiled. She was lovely, adorable and such a hottie when she wore naughty outfits like this. She was a vision, looking so fucking HOT in her schoolgirl lingerie, and equally hot in so many other things he bought for her to tease him by wearing.

He moved around the bed and pushed His growing cock into her mouth as he took hold of one of her pink ribboned pigtails and used the other hand to grab the little lipstick vibe and push it deeper into her snug ass. He always knew what to do to her to make her want him even more. She sucked greedily at His offering, worshipping His cock, hearing His voice tell her how adorable she looked. She could see herself in the mirror he put up that covered the closet doors and watched herself as He took control of her and gently fucked her mouth. She saw herself and felt like she was watching a hot porn movie at the same time she was getting her mouth fucked. She did look like one of the teen slut porn stars she had seen getting her mouth fucked. He had helped her look so hot with the things he bought for her and the way He treated her like his Babygirl and like an aspiring porn starlet. She didn’t want that! No cameras and lights and people watching, but she did love looking like this, feeling his desire, dressing and acting to please Him. His private teen slut was all she wanted to be.

He saw her watching the mirror and told her how hot she looked as she slurped his meat. The girl in the mirror looked hot with that cock in her mouth. “That’s my good little Kaylee slut” she heard him say. She was still coming to grips with the fact that the hot little slut tickling His balls with her pink nails was sweet and innocent Kaylee. That always made her pussy tingle, her transformation, His praise, His words of encouragement made her want to suck him more, and she did, taking Him deeper into her young, eager mouth and pushing Him to her throat. She could take all of it now. He had insisted that she learn how to relax her throat and sheath it all inside her warm mouth. She practiced for a month on toys and His cock till she could. He always gasped when she did it. When His cock slipped into her throat and she looked up at Him with big eyes. She couldn’t see her makeup, but she knew her pink shadowed eyes looked really pretty and matched her outfit.

She used the stud He had put in her tongue to caress His cock head after each deep thrust. She knew the silver ball felt good on His dick, but that much of the appeal of piercing her tongue for Him was just the symbolic aspect. Everyone she talked to saw the ball on the end of her tongue and that made them wonder what it would feel like to fuck her mouth the way He must be fucking her mouth. And the way He held her tight, and the way she was always dressed, she was definitely His little teen fucktoy and probably whatever else He wanted her to be.

She knew a lot about what He wanted and was learning more every day. She knew he loved her dressed like this, in sexy, slutty lingerie. She knew He liked her submissive to his cock, sucking him if he wished, or letting him face fuck her and use her glossy lips to draw his cum up from his balls. She knew he would move, pull his cock from her mouth, move around the bed, and fill her young pussy with that bull cock and finish by spewing his seed in her wet little cunt. She knew he would get her to cum, to clench her twitching, aching, exploding little slot around His big cock as He was buried deep inside her. He was good at getting her to cum for him, making it easier and easier by making her fantasies come true.

Their second date had been a lot like that. He saw her short white dress and the yellow 5″ pumps she bought the day before in Atlanta and now wore when she stood tall and knocked on his hotel room door. He opened the door, invited her inside, kissed her deeply and then pushed down on her shoulders and told her to finish what she started last night. She hadn’t expected to be asked to do that, the moment she stepped into the hotel room. But she didn’t say no.

He grew hard quickly and she never hesitated as she knelt on the hotel carpet and reached with her slim fingers to grab her prize.

He used her mouth as much as he let her give him head. She was totally sober, but was intoxicated by his gentle command of her. He led her to her knees and she willingly followed. He took his gym shorts down and she pushed her head forward and welcomed his half-hard cock into her mouth. He let her do some of the work, especially as she slurped his growing cock to hardness, but he also held the back of her head and fucked her mouth, treating her the way they often talked about online.

He got so hard, so quickly and she knew she did that to him, and then pulled out of her mouth and had her bend over, tugging her little white thong over her ass and down her thighs. She was moist, and he rubbed her pussy lips till she was juicy and wet, then pushed his meat into the opening. Oh God, she wasn’t ready for the reality of him sliding that big thing into her tight, warm little pussy. She felt it open her up as he slid into her a bit, and he got two inches into her on the first gentle thrust, then a bit more on the second push.

She heard herself apologize for bring so tight and he chuckled and told her she had a perfect little pussy and that made her smile and feel proud. Perfect. He called her Perfect.

She held steady for Him as he gently worked his cock deeper, opening her up, parting her juicy walls and spreading her wetness along her tunnel. He was firm but gentle as he took her for the first time and by the sixth thrust, he was hitting her cervix, filling her completely. His big, bull cock was deep inside her and she felt every little twitch and motion he made.

Showering and Rules:

It was their anniversary weekend and they had big plans. Not their actual anniversary, but some other commemoration — first meeting, first date, first sex, first something. It was hard to remember the exact reason they had picked. The reason was unimportant, the weekend away was important. Kids and dogs had found accommodations with family and to-do lists were temporarily forgotten. A conveniently placed holiday, meant that they all Thursday night, all day Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday until noon checkout. He arranged to get off a little early, picked her up and they went out to an early dinner. The hour or so drive to the hotel allowed dinner to settle and by the time they checked into their room, both were ready for the weekend to begin.

They’re room was a suite with kitchenette (so they wouldn’t need to go out if they didn’t want to), in-room party jacuzzi and a large king bed with a sturdy metal canopy. She had done all the packing, and as he brought in the luggage he noticed that there was food, toys, toiletries, clothes for her, but none for him. “Hey love, did you forget to pack a bag for me?” he asked.

“You won’t need any. You’re mine for the weekend. If we go out, you’ll wear what I give you. Now strip and start the shower. I’ll be there in a minute.” she responded.

He was nearly done washing, when she stepped into the shower. He wrapped her in his arms and they kissed for several minutes. “Wash me,” she commanded. He lather soap in his hands and began working his way down her body, while she held her hair up out of the way.. Too much time was spend on her breasts — starting with soaping and becoming heavy. With a quick slap to his balls, she said, “That’s a warning. I said wash me.” Once again, he started down her body. Lingering just long enough at her ass to push the limit for another slap. Knelling he wash each leg and foot in turn.

He started to stand, but she pushed him down and he stayed on his knees. Reaching out of the shower, she grabbed something he couldn’t see. “Start kissing my feet and don’t stop until I tell you. Now, put your hands behind your back,” she said. A plastic zip tie cuffed his hands together. With the shower pouring down, he was half drowned in his kisses. “Can you hear me?” she asked. Seeing his nod, she continued, “You are naked, bound and kissing my feet. You like being called my slave, toy or pet when we’re at home of a hour’s play. This weekend you really will be mine. Here are the rules. Note some of these rules are already in effect, you’ve broken them and will be punished, and some of these rules will be in effect for the next year. First, you’ll be bound all weekend. Second, you may not talk without permission. When you do speak, you must speak in the third person, referring to yourself as my slave, pet or toy, and you must refer to me as your mistress or queen or as ma’am. Third, you may not eat or drink without permission. Fourth, you may not piss or shit without permission. Fifth, you may not cum without permission and this rule stays in effect for the next year. Sixth, you must obey my commands. Seventh, you may not see me naked — not my breasts, not my ass, not my pussy. Nothing. This also applies to pictures of all women. As a corollary, if I want you naked, then you strip — no matter where, when or who is there. This rule also stays in effect the next year. This rule is also already in effect, so you’ll need to start the weekend with punishment. Also, since I’ll spend most of the weekend naked, you’ll spend most of the weekend blindfolded. You may stop kissing my feet long enough to ask questions. Do you have any questions?”

“I don’t have any questions,” he answered.

Grabbing his hair, she forced him back on his knees and placed the top of her foot under his balls, lifting them slightly. “Part of rule 2, speak in the third person. You are my slave, pet or toy and I am you mistress or queen,” she said. Then she snapped her ankle up, to slap his balls with her foot. Continuing, “Now, do you have any questions?”

“Your slave does not have any questions, mistress,” he answered.

She let go of his hair and turned off the water. “Get us some towels,” were her next words.

“Yes, mistress,” and then he stood shakily and stepped out of the shower. With his hands zipped behind his back there was some difficulty getting the two towels, but at last he brought them to her.

“Kneel,” she said and began to dry herself off. As minutes pass, he started this shiver on the cold tile floor. When she was done, she started drying the now cold water off him. Done drying, she attached a collar, with leash, and then tied on a blindfold. Before placing the blindfold, she said, “Take a last look, you won’t see me naked again for a year.” And after it was placed, she laughed, “Now I won’t have to continually punish you. Only, since the shower started.”

She grabbed the leash and started towards out of the bathroom and he stood to follow. “Did I say you could stand?” she snapped.

“No mistress,” he responded and started following on his knees.


Half leading and half dragging, she pulled to the bed and had him lay in the middle of the bed, face up with his zip tied hands under him. Then she strapped ankle cuffs to him and secured them to the corners of the bed frame. Laying next to him, she pressed her naked body to his and they began to kiss for several minutes. “It’s nice to kiss without worry about where your hands are, pet. But we have more to talk about, so kissing will have wait.” she said. Then reach down, she began to stroke is very hard cock, stroking downward from the head, past the base until she was slightly pulling on his sack.

As she stroked, “When we play at home, I tie you up for a hour’s play and you mostly know what is going to happen. This weekend you’ll spend every minute tied and you’ll never know what is going to happen. So for we’ll have some safe words. If you say ‘yellow’, then I’ll slow. If you say ‘red’, then I’ll stop. However, if you use either word, then we’re done with bondage games forever after this weekend. Either you’re mine to do with as I please, or you’re not. Do you understand?”

“Ahhh, yes, mistress,” he tried to breath, but her attention to his cock made listening, much less speaking difficult.

“Good. Also, don’t forget — cumming without permission is punishable. Now, when we play at home it is just bondage. But bondage is just part of the acronym you’ve searched by — BDSM and the other acronym floating out there is D/S. Now the ‘D’ in BDSM is for discipline, ‘S’ is sadism, and ‘M” is masochism, I believe. And I think the D/S is for dominance and submission. Neither one of us is into pain for pain sake, but pain can be use to punish — to remind you of your submission and of my dominance. In other words, the ‘D’ in BDSM, discipline, has been missing. You get tied up and cum. To be honest, you usually do a good job of taking care of me first, but if you do displease me nothing really happens. Now, some pain is physical and some pain is not — I know you think you enjoy a little sexual humiliation, but we’ll see. Starting tonight, you’ll be disciplined for your indiscretions in the bedroom and elsewhere as I see fit. The first indiscretion you have to repent of is seeing me naked in the shower. You will start to beg to be punished for seeing me naked.”

During this long talk, she had continually stroked his cock and he was now nearly ready to release. Every time he tensed, she would back off or lighten her touch just enough to keep him on the edge. He began, “Ahhhhh… please mistress, please punish your slave. Please remind your slave that he shouldn’t see you naked. That his isn’t worthy to look at your perfect breasts. Please mistress, remind your slave his just your toy and doesn’t have permission to gaze on your ass. Ahhhhhh…”

He took a deep breath and before he could continue, she said, “very well, my pet.” Her hand left his cock and there was a rustling from side the bed as she pulled items from their toy bag. Then there was a sharp pain in his left, followed by his right, nipple as clothes pins clamped down. The he felt something brush over his cock.

“Do you know what that is, pet?”

“No, my queen.”

“It is that rope flogger you made. You said you didn’t think it would hurt too much. Shall we see? You will count and thank me after blow.”

“Yes, mistress,” his voice quivered. She had been right — he didn’t know what was going to happen and he was scared. She had never used clamps of any kind and their one play experience with the flogger had been very long ago and very light.

The first blow landed on, as they all would, on his crotch. This isn’t too bad he thought, and said, “One, mistress. Thank you.” The next 14 blows built and by the 15th, he wasn’t sure or rather he was sure that she could make the flogger hurt. Blows 15 through 25, were quite intense and he could barely keep count or remember to thank her. But he remember, if only to avoid more blows. The last 15 blows, decreased in intensity, though he could hardly tell.

“Forty strikes, pet, nearly done.” she cooed in his ear. Then reversing the flogger, she used the end of the flogger handle to knock the clothes pins off. He let out a stiffed scream.

“No talking without permission,” and still using the handle delivered as short rap to his already abused balls.

The Rest of the Night:

Starting to stroke him again, she said, “So far this has all been about you — your cock has gotten all the attention and all I’ve had is a few kisses. I am not sure that’s fair. We’re going to make some re-arrangements and you can do something to make up for my lack.” She almost laughed at some of that, but kept a mostly straight face. Releasing his feet, but keeping the straps on, she helped him roll over. Sitting on his ass, she strapped on wrist cuffs and then connected them to each other before cutting the zip ties. Bring out a roll of bondage tape, a nice toy for those without experience in ropes, she taped his ankles to his tights. Then she lay down in front of him with his head between her thighs. Tugging on the leash, she said, “We both enjoy the use of you make of your tongue. Normally, I enjoy hearing of the pleasure you take in these labors. But, I think for now lets focus on my pleasure.”

She was already quite wet — their naked bodies pressed against each other, the feel of of his cock in her hand, his labored breathing, his begging for her dominance, and even taking control by flogging him. His tongue lightly played over her lips. Then he settled down to business — slowly circling her clit before gradually speeding up. She began to shiver and convulse with gratification. Patting his head, she lay still.

Turning him, over she straddled him and began to ride his cock. Normally, his hands would be on her breasts, but they were bound behind his back. She cupped her own breasts and lightly squeezed her nipples. In their excitement, he thrust, came, and so did she. She slid off him and as she lay, whispered, “You came without permission. I think rather than beating, that you will not be allowed to cum tomorrow — midnight to midnight.”

Standing she said, “I could use a snack and drink before bed. Would you like something, pet?”

“Yes mistress, your pet would like to eat and drink.” She helped him off the bed, but did not release any of his bonds. She led him to the kitchenette and left him kneeling. After a moment, she placed something on the floor in front of him and pushed his face down to the bowls. She sat at the small table drinking hot chocolate, eating a few small cookies and watching her pet.

Afterward, she used the restroom and then asked, “Pet, do you need to relieve yourself?”

He answered, “yes, mistress.” She let him to the bathroom, carefully removed the bondage tape so that it could be reused, and helped him stand. She guided him to the toilet and, wrapping her arms around him, she grabbed his member to aim.

“You have permission, pet.” she breathed lightly in his ear. He struggled to relax enough to release — naked, with a naked woman pressed against him, that woman holding his member. He almost relaxed enough, but she would jiggle him. She knew this was just delaying things, but it was fun and he was her toy. After a little while, she was still enough for him to relax.

She let him to bed, tied his leash to the headboard of the bed and curling around him, she went to sleep. He wasn’t far behind her.

Part Six: Saturday Morning

Meryn usually slept late on Saturdays, but not this late. Part of it was probably the wine from the night before, and part of it was clearly her tossing and turning once in bed as she tried to make some sense of what had gone on at Natasha’s. She definitely was upset with herself for arranging to meet with Jeremy today, but it had been a spur of the moment, angry reaction to Natasha’s inexplicable viciousness towards him. Well, she would meet with him, be pleasant, but put an end to this thing as nicely as she could.

It was with a groan when she woke and realized it was already 10:15. She was supposed to meet him at eleven, and she didn’t like being late for anything. She rolled out of bed, quickly showered, dried her hair, deciding not to comb or brush it, but only to pull it back with a band. She quickly slipped on a sweatshirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers, and decided against any makeup. She wasn’t trying to impress anybody anyway, was she? Despite these best efforts it was ten after eleven before she left her apartment.

The coffee shop was only a block from her place and she secretly hoped that her now being fifteen minutes late may have led Jeremy to believe she wasn’t coming, and leave. These hopes were dashed when as soon as she entered the shop she saw him sitting by himself at a corner table.

Jeremy saw her at the same time, smiled broadly, and got up immediately to come over to greet her.

“I’m so glad you decided to come today, Miss Meryn.” He said as he led her back to the table.

“I said I was going to come didn’t I?” she answered sharply. As he pulled a chair out for her to sit, she spoke more mildly. “That wasn’t fair of me, Jeremy. Please forgive me for being late.”

“There’s never any need to apologize to me for anything, Miss Meryn.”

She glanced around anxiously. “Look Jeremy, we’re in a public place, just Meryn, please.”

“Of course…Meryn.”

At that point the waitress came over to take their order. Meryn ordered a yogurt with fresh strawberries and a café latte. The waitress looked to Jeremy, who looked down, and then tentatively at Meryn. In a perceptive flash she realized that he was actually waiting for her permission to have something.

“Jeremy, please get something. I don’t like to eat alone.”

Jeremy beamed again as he ordered a bear claw honey bun and a café latte.

Meryn decided to begin their conversation with a safe topic by asking him about himself. He told her he was a junior high school English teacher, hence his nice way with words she thought. As he described his job it was easy for her to see how much he loved it. After several minutes of detailing for her how he went about trying to get young teenagers to be as passionate about literature as he was, he sheepishly apologized for dominating the conversation, and asked Meryn about herself.

Meryn had no great desire to go into any great detail about her life, but after telling him about her job as an investment analyst, his apparent real interest spurred her to go on in greater depth about things at her job. She found him an attentive listener, and his occasional perceptive questions stimulated her to discuss things that she hardly ever talked about with anyone except at work. Usually there however, people were only interested in her facts, not her opinions, which she now voiced freely to this stranger who, surprisingly, seemed very interested.

After they ordered their second café lattes, and Jeremy his second bear claw, she began telling him about her personal interests, and family. She learned that, like herself, he only had his mother left. Unlike her, he was an only child, while she had two older sisters, both married and now living hours away. She enthused that she envied them their children, and how she loved being with her two nieces and nephew, but how she wasn’t ready for anything like that herself.

Meryn marveled to herself at how easy Jeremy was to talk to, and then even surprised herself even more by bringing up her recent problems with Rick. After going through the entire process leading up to the breakup, she really appreciated that Jeremy didn’t try to placate with empty platitudes, but only opined that this Rick must be one stupid idiot to have lost so much for so little.

After what she thought was about thirty minutes, Meryn realized it was already 12:30, and she hadn’t even brought up the reason for the meeting. She had to admit that she found Jeremy to be a very nice person, but she knew what he was looking for, and she also knew that she had no interest in being involved with it. So, taking a deep breath, she resolved to get this over with once and for all.

“Jeremy,” she started in a tone that indicated a change in their conversational direction, “About last night.”

“Meryn, please let me apologize for my behavior last night.”

Now she was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“Well I know you must have thought it was very rude of me to seem so unenthusiastic about wanting to serve you. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It’s just that at that moment last night I…” he fell silent.

“You have nothing to be sorry about, Jeremy. It was Natasha’s behavior that was atrocious.”

“Oh no. Miss Natasha had every right. I just wasn’t expecting it.” Again a flash of hurt across his face, this time quickly replaced by one of his special smiles. “But I really do want you to know, Meryn, that I would really like the opportunity to do things for you. It could be any type of thing you’re comfortable with. Not because of last night with Miss Natasha, but because I really want to. For you.”

God, this was going to be harder than she thought. She was really going to have to hurt him again, but he had left her no choice. She suddenly realized that she didn’t want to do it here in public. It just wouldn’t be fair or nice for him, but it had to be done soon. Today. She couldn’t let this drag on any longer. So she grabbed at the only solution readily available to her and said, “Jeremy, I’m not comfortable with this conversation here. My apartment is only a block away. Let’s finish it there.”

“Whatever you like, Meryn.”

He called for the check. When he went to pay for it, Meryn objected, insisting that they split it. “This isn’t a date you know.” she snorted.

“I understand that perfectly, Meryn. But please let me take care of this.”

It was only a breakfast bill. It wasn’t worth arguing about, so she let it go, and was rewarded again with one of his smiles.

As they entered the front door of her apartment, Meryn suddenly had a horrid thought, and she whirled around to face Jeremy as he closed the door.

“Don’t even THINK about taking off your clothes.” She snapped.

“No, of course not Miss Meryn.”

Back to the Miss stuff again, she thought. Oh well, this will be over soon so why bother. She turned around and walked into her livingroom, and instantly saw it with new eyes. Though not by nature a sloppy person, nothing like Natasha, since her breakup with Rick she had not had the energy or inclination to do any cleaning. And the thing of it was that she hadn’t even noticed. Now for the first time since then she had a ‘guest’ in the apartment, and she was horrified at what a mess it was. Papers and books were strewn all over the place, pillows and chairs were askew, several pairs of shoes were scattered around the floor that obviously hadn’t been swept or vacuumed in quite a while. She knew that the kitchen and bedroom were even worse, and forget about the bathroom. She was totally embarrassed, and this made her more angry and determined to say what she had to say to him, and get this over with.

“You have a very nice place here, Miss Meryn.” He said as she turned back to him.

“Yeah, well it suits me fine.” She retorted. More calmly, “Look Jeremy, you seem like a nice enough person, and I enjoyed our talk this morning very much, but you have to understand, I want you to see, that I don’t need any help around here.”

Jeremy didn’t immediately reply. Instead he slowly surveyed the livingroom, and Meryn couldn’t help but follow his gaze. When he finished and looked back to her, she couldn’t help herself. She burst out laughing, and wasn’t the least put off when he joined in.

When she was finally able to compose herself again, she continued more lightly, “Okay, I guess I didn’t mean what you actually see around here. And anyway,” she casually gestured toward the room, “this is all really just a temporary aberration.”

Jeremy nodded. “I would consider it a very special favor, Miss Meryn,if you allowed me to help you take care of this…aberration. Temporarily of course.”

Meryn was exasperated. What was she going to do with this guy? She slowly looked around the room, and then thought to herself, Why not? The place really was a mess. If this guy was so determined to try to clean it up for her, Why not? She’d let him have at it for a couple of hours, then tell him what an inadequate job he had done, and that this clearly wasn’t going to work out, and then get rid of him. At least then she would have an excuse, and it wouldn’t be so personal. She’d feel a little less guilty.

“Alright, alright Jeremy. If you’re so fired up to tidy up this place for me, you have my blessing.” He brightened visibly. “But I want you to fully understand, that despite appearances around here, I’m really quite finicky. So if your efforts don’t quite meet my expectations, then we have to agree that that will be that. Are we clear on that Jeremy?”

“Whatever you say Miss Meryn. Than you very much.”

“Good. Okay, it’s 1:15. I’ve got a bunch of errands to do this afternoon so I’ll leave you to your venture. I’ll be back around five. Knock yourself out.”

“I will Miss Meryn. Thank you again.”

Part Seven: Saturday Evening

In reality Meryn really didn’t have any errands to run, which did not brighten her disposition after she had left her apartment. She hadn’t shown Jeremy where any of the cleaning materials were. Let him figure that out. He was on his own. She wondered what she was going to do with her afternoon. She still had to do the final preparations and run through for her big presentation at work on Monday, but she had planned to do that on Sunday, and she just wasn’t up for it today. With nothing better to do, she went to a movie, and sat through an interminably long comedy that she hadn’t found funny, and this did nothing to improve her mood. On the way home she decided that she really didn’t feel like cooking, so she stopped off at the grocery store to pick up a few items including a microwave dinner for supper. She then geared herself up for her final confrontation with Jeremy, where she would thank him for his inadequate efforts, express sorrow that it hadn’t worked out, bid him goodbye, and that, thankfully, would be that.

When she opened the door to her apartment at 4:45, she was met with an incredibly mouth-watering smell coming from the kitchen. Following her nose there, she found Jeremy bent over the oven.

“Miss Meryn, I didn’t hear you come in.” He said when he saw her. “Please forgive me.”

“Jeremy. What are you doing?”

“Making dinner. I hope you don’t think it presumptuous.”

“But there was nothing in the place to make dinner with.”

“I know, so I took a quick run to the grocery to pick up some things. Please say you don’t mind.”

“No.” She mused. “It smells delicious.” And if he wanted to waste his time shopping and cooking, he couldn’t have had much time to clean. That would make it all the more easy to find fault and be done with this.

“It’s got about fifteen more minutes to go Miss Meryn. Why don’t you relax in the livingroom, and I’ll bring you a glass of wine.”

“No, no wine today please. I’ll just go freshen up a bit. Let me know when it’s ready.”

With that she walked into the livingroom and was met with her next surprise. Everything there was picked up and put in it’s proper place. She saw that the floors had been swept, the rugs vacuumed, and all the furniture dusted and polished. Entering her bedroom she found her bed made, several days worth of clothes previously piled on a chair had either been put away or put in the hamper. A massive accumulation of odds and ends on top of her dresser were now neatly stacked and organized, and as far as she could tell, all accounted for. A foray into her master bathroom found all of the tiles and porcelain of her tub, sink and toilet gleaming, and the jungle inside her medicine cabinet made civilized.

This was unbelievable. How had he been able to do all this, shop and make dinner in less than four hours. As she continued to try to comprehend, Jeremy approached her bedroom door to let her know that dinner was ready. Numb, she followed him to her diningroom, and saw that there was only one table setting. This, she decided, would not be.

“This is not Natasha’s place, Jeremy.” She turned to him quietly. “I told you earlier that I don’t like to eat alone.” an absurd statement in that she almost always did. “Please get yourself a place setting so we can eat together.”

“Sure Miss Meryn. Anything you say.”

After he had set up his place, he brought in platters of food, which he identified as veal rolantini, a broccoli with blue cheese casserole, and a spring mix salad with walnuts, craisons, dressed with a raspberry vinaigrette. He then carefully served her first before himself. All of it tasted every bit as good as it looked and smelled, and she took small amounts of seconds of each item, unusual for her. With her permission, Jeremy had much larger portions of seconds, and even thirds. As he cleared the table he began to apologize for not having the time to make a dessert, but he hoped she would like what he brought instead. He then brought out a strawberry-rhubarb pie from Grandma’s. When she asked how he had been able to get that for her, he replied that Grandma’s was on of his favorite places too, no great surprise there she thought unkindly, and he had driven out to get the pie for her this morning, hoping that he would have the opportunity to offer it to her.

This was all too much Meryn thought, enjoying her piece of her favorite pie, and watching Jeremy down two pieces. Later, as she sat in the livingroom while Jeremy finished cleaning up, she frantically strove to figure out how she was going to get out of all this. He had made it incredibly hard. There was no way she could say that he had done a lousy job. Anyone would see the lie in that. She decided to try to let him down as easily as possible, compliment him on what he had done, but explain that none of this was what she wanted.

“This is all rather impressive, Jeremy.” She said as he came into the livingroom after he was done.

“Thank you Miss Meryn. But I’m really sorry I didn’t have the time to get to everything.”

“What can you possibly mean?” She was clearly mystified. “The place is immaculate. It hasn’t been this clean since the day I moved in.”

“Oh there are a number of things I just didn’t have the time to get to. Mostly the laundry.”

“The laundry!!!” She exclaimed. The laundry. Her laundry. He was actually talking about doing her laundry. A job she hated, even in the best of times, and which she hadn’t done in almost a month. She wondered if he knew there was more to it than the overflowing hamper in the bathroom. She had three extra laundry bags full and stuffed in her closet.

“I couldn’t find a washer and dryer in the apartment, and I didn’t know where the local Laundromat is.” He went on.

The laundry. She had to put a stop to this right now. But how? He’d done everything and more than she had asked. She had to find some excuse, something that he wouldn’t or couldn’t do that would giver her an out. But what? He seemed to be able to do everything.

Looking at him as he ‘waddled’ over to bring her a cup of tea she had requested, an idea suddenly presented itself. She had to give him a task that he would surely fail at, and she suddenly knew what it was. The idea repulsed her, but she was desperate. She just had to get out of this situation, but it was important to her that he would feel that she had given him a chance, but he hadn’t succeeded. She saw no other way without outright rejecting him as Natasha had. That she couldn’t bring herself to do. Steeling herself, she quietly but firmly said.

“Jeremy, I want you to go into my bedroom and take your clothes off. Everything but your underpants.”

She could see that he was definitely surprised by this. An order was an order however, and he got up and went into the bedroom. After a few minutes she followed him in. Seeing him standing there undressed, she grimaced when she saw that he was again wearing those awful pink panties. This time Jeremy couldn’t help but notice her reaction, and as he dropped his head she realized that he had misinterpreted the reason. She started to apologize and explain, but stopped herself. This actually would suit her plan more. She was going to hate herself for doing this, but he had given her no choice.

She brusquely told him to follow her into her bathroom. When he had entered behind her, she pointed to an item on the floor and said “Step on the scale Jeremy.”

Jeremy hesitated for a moment, the first time he had done so for anything she had asked, but then he slowly stepped forward and on to the scale. Since she hadn’t ordered it, he did not look down. Meryn came over and did so instead.

“Two hundred and ninety seven pounds.” She reported. “Jeremy. You’re obese.”

Jeremy now looked down. “I know Miss Meryn. I’ve always been this way. I’ve just never been able to do anything about it.”

“Well, if you want to be able to…um…be allowed to come here, you’re going to have to do something about it. I don’t like fat men, Jeremy. But I’m going to give you a chance.” His head came up at this. “I’m going to give you one week to show me you can lose a significant amount of weight. For me Jeremy. Do you understand?

“Oh yes Miss Meryn. I’ll try my best, I promise.”

“I think you’re going to have to do a lot better than that.” Way better she thought. “And Jeremy, I’ll be the judge of what is a significant amount of weight.” This was just in case he was able to lose one or two pounds, which she thought unlikely anyway.

“I understand Miss Meryn, and I really want to thank you.”

God, he wasn’t making this easy.

“Okay Jeremy, you can step off the scale and get dressed now. One week from today we’ll weigh you again and see if this is going to work out. And Jeremy…”

“Yes Miss Meryn?”

She paused.

‘”I don’t want you wearing those stupid panties any more. I want you to wear your own underpants.” On a whim. “What do you wear anyway, boxers or briefs?”

“Which do you like better, Miss Meryn?”

She had never given it much thought, but decided she liked boxers better.

“Briefs.” She said. It would make his rolls of fat stand out more, and make it easier for him to see his failure.

“That’s what I wear Miss Meryn.” And they both smiled.

After Jeremy had dressed and was getting ready to leave, he turned to Meryn and asked. “Miss Meryn, I was wondering…”

Here it comes, she thought, the negotiations about how much she expected him to lose. No way she was going to give him a number like five or six pounds. He just might go all out and starve himself for a week to make it. Unlikely to succeed, but she wasn’t taking any chances.

“Yes Jeremy?”

“…if I could come back over tomorrow to finish everything up.”

She stopped, and then thought, why not. She might as well get some benefit out of this whole thing.

“Sure Jeremy. Why not. But I like to sleep late on Sundays. So why don’t you come over around noon.”

“Whatever you say, Miss Meryn.”

“And Jeremy…”

“Yes Miss Meryn?”

Another pause.

“The washer and drier are in the basement. I’ll give you the key tomorrow”

Part Eight: Sunday

Meryn woke up about ten o’clock the next morning, took a leisurely shower, got dressed, and made herself some bacon and eggs for breakfast. She did not make her bed or clean up the kitchen after herself. Might as well take some advantage of the situation for the short time it would last. She was not at all surprised when at exactly 12 noon her doorbell rang. What did catch her unawares however, as she opened the door to let Jeremy in, was that he was holding two large bags of groceries.

“Jeremy, what’s all this?”

“I thought I’d get things for dinner ahead of time this morning, Miss Meryn, so I wouldn’t have to rush out later.”

She really hadn’t thought about him making dinner again for her tonight, but last night’s had been so delicious she couldn’t put up much of an argument. Still…

“Jeremy, I can’t really let you be buying my groceries for me.” He looked crestfallen. “I want you to figure out exactly how much you spent last night and today and we’ll split it fifty-fifty. No arguments. Okay?”

“Whatever you say Miss Meryn.”

“What are you making?” Something fattening she hoped. “No, don’t tell me. Last night was so good. I think I’d like to be surprised again tonight.”

She then told him that she was going to her office for the afternoon to finish preparing for a very important project presentation she was making the next day at work. She would be home around five.

“And Jeremy, here is the key to the basement for the washer and dryer.” She said handing it to him. “The cleaning materials are on the shelves to the left.” She added this time.

“Great. Thank you Miss Meryn.”

With that she was off to the office. She had done most of the research for the project, and she would be the one doing most of the actual presentation of the data. Her co-worker, Michael, who had been assigned as team leader, would be making the introductions for each section, and providing concluding analysis, but it would be mostly from work she had done. Michael had joined the company after her, but was clearly more adept at working the system than she, and was recognized to be someone on the fast track within the company. If the presentation went well and the project was given the go-ahead as she felt it would be, all of the members of the team would benefit and be rewarded, but Michael more than others, certainly more than her. Well, she took great satisfaction in realizing that her work was good, but at times she wished that she would get more personal recognition for it. She just wasn’t very good at promoting herself.

Although she worked hard throughout the afternoon, her thoughts occasionally wandered to wondering what Jeremy was accomplishing in her apartment. On the way home she hesitated, then stopped to purchase an item she didn’t think she would need that night, but decided to get it just in case.

Upon arriving home at about ten to five she was met with a different, but equally delectable aroma. This time Jeremy greeted her at the door with his smile, informed her that dinner would be ready in about ten minutes, and asked if she would like him to bring her something to drink. She told him to save it for dinner, that she had a few things that she needed to do, and to let her know when dinner was ready.

Dying to discover what all Jeremy had been able to do that afternoon, she entered her bedroom. The first thing she noticed was a large collection of her delicates and undergarments neatly folded and stacked on her long cedar chest at the foot of her bed. She briefly wondered why he hadn’t put them away, but curiosity got the better of her as she marched over to her closet. Had he found the three full bags of laundry she had stuffed inside? Pulling open the folding double doors, she was taken quite aback. The laundry bags were gone. Her hanging clothes, which had been shoved haphazardly and in disarray along the rack, were now hung neatly, including a large number of those just laundered. And all of those that had needed it had apparently been ironed. The shelf above that had been a morass of scarves, hats, sweaters and sweatshirts all mixed together, was now organized with all the contents separated and folded.

What was most amazing to her however, was her shoes on the floor. If Meryn had one clothing vice, it was shoes. She owned over thirty pairs, and although she had several shoe racks on the floor of her closet, most of the shoes were strewn in a jumble, so that even she at times had trouble finding the right two together. Now they were all neatly assembled on the racks, in categories, starting with her high boots on one end, followed by low-cut boots, a number of pairs of high heels, a larger number of pumps, then her many flats, and finally a couple of pairs of running shoes and slippers at the other end. Looking closer, she realized that except for the running shoes and slippers, all of the shoes had obviously been shined. How had he done that? She didn’t have any shoe polish. He must have brought it with him, in several different colors.

She was brought out of her reverie when Jeremy came to her bedroom door to announce that dinner was ready. She noticed that, as had been the case the day before, he did not enter her bedroom uninvited when she was in it.

“I’m sorry I didn’t put those away for you, Miss Meryn.” He said to her indicating the clothes on her cedar chest. “I didn’t think you would like me going into your dresser without permission.”

Comprehension dawning, she gratefully acknowledged it. “That was very considerate of you Jeremy. I’ll put them away myself later. And take care of some things so that there won’t be a problem in the future.” What was she saying, she wondered. Oh well, she had given him a week after all, so the opportunity just may present itself in that time for him to straighten up her soon-to-be safe dresser drawers.

Meryn then allowed Jeremy to escort her to the diningroom, where she was pleased to note that the table had two place settings. After pulling her chair for her as she sat, she asked.

“What delicious surprise have you prepared for us tonight?”

“Well, I realized that I hadn’t asked what type of foods you like, Miss Meryn,” he started, “but I saw several fish cookbooks in your cabinet, so I made you a brook trout almondine. And a ratatouille for a vegetable.”

Very impressed, she allowed him to serve her a healthy portion of each, and after finishing that she allowed him to give her a generous second helping of both. She noticed that he only took a small piece of fish, and one spoonful of ratatouille, and no second portions at all. Maybe he was going to make a serious attempt at this, she thought. Not that it mattered, as she felt that there was no way he could continue this for an entire week. And she was going to be the final judge anyway. Still, she couldn’t help but be pleasantly touched that he was going to try.

During dinner, he asked her about her project and the presentation that she was giving the next day. She explained that it was an investment proposal and prospectus that she and her team had developed for long term implementation by the company. They were presenting it tomorrow to the CEO, the President of the company, and key members of the Board of Directors. If they were pleased with it and gave the go-ahead, which she thought they should, it would be a lucrative new venture for the company, and her team would be a major part of the development.

When Jeremy expressed further interest she began to outline the project to him in very general terms, but as he continued to ask very perceptive questions, she began to go into depth, and became excited and animated as she explained more and more of the minutiae.

Rather than starting to seem bored, as she would have anticipated of someone not familiar with her field, he apologized several times for asking her to explain things that he didn’t quite understand. She then came to the sudden realization that when her team practiced dry runs of presenting the proposal among themselves, they did so in the data speak that they were all well versed in. Although the people they would be speaking to tomorrow, her bosses, were more familiar with this type of information than Jeremy, they were still likely to often be confused by the technical jargon that filled the report. She then made a special effort to answer Jeremy’s questions in more plain English terms, and was pleased when he clearly seemed to understand. This had definitely been her most illuminating practice run. She would have to make sure to brief Michael about this tomorrow before they started, so that they would do the same with the bosses.

As the discussion had gone on quite a while, she allowed Jeremy to help her to a third serving of trout, he again not taking any himself. When she had finished, he told her that he had made her a special dessert. Although already very full, she didn’t have the heart to refuse him, and he brought out a home made strawberry-rhubarb tart. When she commented that there was only one, he replied that that was all he had time to make. She let this go at that, although she knew the real reason. She sampled the tart, and soon devoured it all, telling him truthfully that it put Grandma’s pie to shame.

After he had finished clearing the table and cleaning the dishes, Jeremy joined Meryn in the livingroom, where she had been sitting doing some very heavy thinking. He asked her if there was anything more she needed him to do. She paused for several seconds before answering, and then decided. She asked him what time he usually got off from work every day. He told her about four-thirty. She then took out the item she had purchased on her way home earlier and gave it to him.

“This is a key to my apartment Jeremy. If all goes well, I’ll probably be going out with the team for a few drinks to celebrate tomorrow evening, so I don’t think I’ll be home until about seven.”

Jeremy’s face beamed. “I’ll have dinner waiting for you Miss Meryn.”

“I was hoping you’d say that. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Whatever you say Miss Meryn.”

Part Nine: Monday

As she was driving home from work the next day, Meryn admitted to herself how tired she was. And frustrated and upset. The presentation had gone very well. As planned, Meryn had been the primary presenter, standing in her high heels at the podium for over three hours. What bothered her was that except for asking her for an occasional clarification of her data, all of the questions from the Board were directed to Michael, who had brilliantly utilized her advice to simplify his answers for them so that they clearly seemed to understand. At he end the proposal had been approved, and the project given the green light to proceed. While everyone on the team had been congratulated by the bosses, the most effusive praise had been directed to Michael. It really upset her that he appeared to be getting most of the credit for the research and analysis that had primarily been done by her. She had little doubt that after today Michael would be named project manager. While she would clearly be included as a valuable contributor, it depressed her that she seemed to be becoming viewed as little more than a data wonk, and not as leadership material.

Feigning a headache, she begged off from joining her team members for celebratory drinks after work. As she arrived home, she lamented the fact that she had had Jeremy return that evening. Oh well, she thought, at least she wouldn’t have to worry about making dinner, although she really wasn’t very hungry. She decided she would eat quickly, and then send Jeremy home.

Entering the apartment at 5:45, more than an hour before she was expected, she muttered a barely audible response to Jeremy’s greeting, and hurried directly to her bedroom. She couldn’t wait to change her clothes, and particularly take off the high heels that had been pinching her the entire day that she had been standing in them. She put on a tee shirt, a pair of cutoffs, and her slippers, and went back out to the livingroom and collapsed into her sofa, staring into space.

After a couple of minutes, Jeremy came in and offered her a cold glass of lemonade, which she silently accepted, barely acknowledging him. As he remained standing there by the sofa, she finally looked up at him.

“What Jeremy?” She said somewhat more sharply than she had intended. It was not his fault she felt as lousy as she did.

“I was just wondering Miss Meryn how your presentation went today.”

“Fine, I guess.” She answered in a resigned voice. When he continued standing there without speaking, she added. “Is there anything else?”

“Well, it just seems that you’re very tense and upset.”

“I’m just exhausted Jeremy. It was a very long day, and my feet are killing me from standing in those high heels all day.”

“If you’ll excuse me from offering Miss Meryn, but I think I might be able to do something that might help with both of those problems.”

“And what might that be?”

“Dinner is simmering and about thirty minutes from being done, so in the meantime I’d be very honored to give you a nice foot massage.”

A foot massageཀ She had never had a foot massage before. No one had ever offered to give her one. Her first inclination was to graciously refuse, but she was intrigued. And her feet really did ache.

“Um…okay Jeremy. That does sound interesting.”

Jeremy smiled his smile and quickly disappeared into her bedroom, returning seconds later with a bottle of her scented body lotion. He knelt down in front of her, took off her slippers, poured a generous amount of lotion onto his hands rubbing them together to warm it up, and then carefully picked up her right foot and began slowly and gently kneading it. He continued like this for several minutes, silently, before putting her first foot down, applying more lotion to his hands, rubbing them, and then picking up her left foot to begin the process anew.

Meryn did feel some tension begin to lessen as her feet began to feel much better. It was at this point that Jeremy broke the silence.

“So how did the presentation really go Miss Meryn?”

Why was he breaking the mood, she thought. She was just beginning to relax. Still, she realized, she did want to talk about it with somebody, and it was probably better to do so with someone who was not involved. As he continued massaging her feet, she began to tell him about the meeting, how well it went on the surface, but how she was bothered by how her role had been marginalized. Instead of offering a bland commiseration, Jeremy surprised her by asking questions about each of the team members, particularly Michael, and about each of the bosses, particularly the President, Mr Martin. She found herself going into great details about each of them, what she felt were their strengths and weaknesses, and her likes and dislikes about each of them.

After she had finished, Jeremy observed that it might be important for someone to ask Mr. Martin if he still had any questions and some of the ramifications of the data, that some of it might be confusing, particularly as much of the analysis how been presented through the biased filter of Michael, who was not as completely familiar with the material as she. Meryn sat back and considered this. She had noticed that Michael had glossed over several somewhat important issues during the meeting, and had even gotten several minor points wrong. At the time she didn’t think it was a major problem, but maybe Jeremy was right. It was crucially important that the Board, particularly Mr. Martin, had a full and complete understanding of the project for it to succeed. She decided that she would try to find a way tomorrow to speak to him, to make sure that all of his questions were answered.

Thinking that this whole conversation had only taken about five minutes, she was surprised to realize that it had been over a half an hour. Jeremy had continued alternately massaging her feet throughout, and they now felt wonderful. She, herself, felt completely relaxed, and suddenly very hungry. She mentioned the latter fact to him, and he grinned, put her slippers back on, and rushed to get dinner on the table.

After seating her at her place, and serving her a large portion of beef bourguignonne over wild rice, taking a very small amount for himself, they continued their conversation. Meryn now went into what she liked about her job, how excited she was about the project, and things she hoped she could accomplish in the future. Once again, Jeremy’s questions and observations helped her to look at things in different ways than she had before, and as she retired into the livingroom again, sipping her tea while he cleaned, she reflected how well and optimistic she now felt as compared to when she arrived home.

When Jeremy was finished in the kitchen, he came in to ask if there was anything more she needed him to do before he left. She answered no, but then added as he was leaving.

“You were right about your foot massage Jeremy. It was really very nice. I think I would really like it if I could have another one tomorrow night.”

“Absolutely Miss Meryn.” He beamed as he left. “Whatever you wish.”

Part Ten: The First Week

When she arrived home from work the next evening Meryn was in a much better mood. She had indeed found an opportunity at work to ask the President, Mr. Martin, if he had any questions or needed any further explanations about the prior day’s presentation. As it happened he did have several issues he wanted to discuss, and he was very pleased that she was able to clarify some areas of confusion that he had. She realized that he had had some misconceptions that could have posed problems in the future, and they both agreed that it was very good that they had discovered and taken care of these issues at this early stage. On his way home he made a point to stop at her desk to tell her how much he appreciated her bringing these things to his attention.

Jeremy greeted her at her front door and indicated that a tall glass of lemonade and her slippers were waiting for her in the livingroom. When she got there she also spied the bottle of body lotion, and as she sat down on the sofa he knelt in front of her, and with her permission removed her shoes and knee high stockings and began massaging the lotion onto her feet, one at a time.

Sipping her lemonade as he worked she told him about the events of that day with Mr. Martin, and he was very excited for her. She continued on about other things that had happened during the day, with Jeremy listening avidly, and before she knew it a half an hour had passed too quickly again. Jeremy finished his ministrations to her feet and then went on to serve her another lovely dinner.

The same pattern repeated itself the next two days as well. Jeremy would have a cold drink waiting for her, and would settle down on his knees massaging her feet as she would unwind by discussing her day’s events with him. This always lasted at least thirty minutes, after which she always felt thoroughly refreshed and relaxed, and they would then proceed onto dinner.

On both of the days Meryn was able to tell him how Mr. Martin had initiated further discussions with her, and how he seemed very interested in her opinions.

On Friday he called her into his office and explained that he had been invited to an all day conference the next day, Saturday, and he wondered at this late date whether she would be available to attend it with him. He’d had already asked Michael, earlier in the week to go with him, but he now felt that two heads to advise him were better than one.

Meryn immediately agreed to go. She was so delighted and excited by this turn of events that she readily accepted an invitation from several of her co-workers to join them after work for some TGIF drinks. Driving home later she admitted to herself that she couldn’t wait to tell Jeremy the good news. It was at that point that she realized that she hadn’t called him to let him know that she was going to be so late.

That had really been quite thoughtless of her she knew. She wondered anxiously if he would be upset with her. This appeared to be a very real possibility when he did not greet her at the door as he had been doing all week. Rushing to the kitchen she found him furiously working over the stove.

“Miss Meryn, I’m so sorry.” He said when he saw her. “I think I overcooked dinner. Please forgive me. If we eat it right away maybe it will still be alright.”

Seeing his consternation Meryn reluctantly decided to forego her nightly foot massage which she had come so quickly to look forward to. As Jeremy seated her at the table she realized that he had deflected all the blame for the lateness of the dinner onto himself . As he served her her portion of poached salmon over sauteed spinach, she decided she would apologize to him later. She then excitedly told him about her invitation to the seminar the next day.

She was somewhat deflated by his reaction to this news. While he expressed happiness about it, he seemed somewhat reserved. When she tried to engage him in further conversation he appeared to withdraw even more. Maybe he really was upset with her, she thought, but after watching him for several more minutes as he busied himself clearing the table, she realized that he wasn’t angry, but instead very nervous and tense. And she suddenly felt she knew the reason why. She had almost forgotten with all that had taken place over the week. Tomorrow was his weigh-in and, she sadly reflected, this was all going to be over.

Meryn now believed she understood how much this all meant to Jeremy. As she reflected back, she had to admit to herself that the experience had been very different, and far more enjoyable than she could have imagined. She had come to like Jeremy quite a bit, and far more than from the benefit of his meticulous attention to her domestic chores. She realized that it was his obvious interest in listening to her, and his perceptive discussions with her that she valued the most. She began to toy with the idea of telling him tomorrow that the two to three pounds she now felt it was likely he lost, judging from the minuscule amounts he had been eating the past week, would be enough for him to continue this a while longer. She reluctantly rejected the idea however. It wouldn’t be fair. It would just make it that much harder for them both when it inevitably had to end in another week or two. It was best to get this over with tomorrow.

Still, she mused as she was sipping her tea in the livingroom as Jeremy was finishing cleaning up the kitchen, he had done everything she could have asked of him in the past week, usually without her ever needing or thinking to ask. She found herself wanting to do something for him, to give him some token to express her appreciation, but she could think of nothing that seemed appropriate. As she thought back to all of the events of the past week, an idea did begin to occur to her, and the more she considered it the more right it seemed. It wouldn’t be enough, she thought, but she sincerely believed it would at least be something he would like.

When Jeremy finally came out to ask if there was anything she would like him to do before he left for the night, she told him that she would probably be eating on and off at the conference tomorrow, so not to make dinner for her then. She didn’t tell him the real reason. She didn’t feel it would be right. It would be like he was preparing his own last meal. She told him she would probably be home around six.

“There is one last thing you can do for me tonight, Jeremy.” She continued as she noted the disappointment on his face. “I think I would really like my foot massage that we postponed earlier.”

Jeremy graced her with his first real smile of the evening.

“Sure Miss Meryn. Right away.” And he disappeared into her bedroom, returning several seconds later with her lotion. Falling to his knees, he slipped off her shoes and socks, and silently began applying himself devotedly to the care of her feet.

After several minutes, Meryn was ready to test her theory.

“You like feet ,don’t you Jeremy.”

A slight pause, then a quiet, “Yes Miss Meryn.”

“Do you like my feet?”

“You have the most gorgeous feet.”

She was very pleased. She had always thought she had nice feet. Now for the acid test.

“Would you like to kiss my feet, Jeremy?”

He stopped completely. Then in a voice barely above a whisper. “Oh God yes, Miss Meryn.”

She smiled broadly. She had been right.

“You have my permission.” She said softly. “Kiss my feet, Jeremy.”

Jeremy remained absolutely motionless for several seconds, as if the enormity of her offer had overwhelmed him. He then began to raise her right foot that he had been holding, and bent forward to meet it halfway. He gently placed his lips on the top of her foot, let them linger there for several moments, and then carefully put her foot down. He then lifted her left foot , also meeting it halfway, kissing it in the same way in the same place. He then gently put that foot down, and remained kneeling with his head bowed.

“Is that all you feel my feet deserve?”

He looked up at her immediately.

“Oh no, Miss Meryn. Not at all. It’s just that I didn’t think…I mean…that you wouldn’t want…”

“Kiss my feet like you think they deserve, Jeremy”

He smiled again and nodded. He carefully picked up her right foot again and bent forward to kiss it softly on the top. He then slowly kissed down the top of her foot to the base of her toes and then across. He then deliberately, gently, almost reverently, kissed the tops, tips and bottoms of each of her toes. He proceeded across the ball of her foot, along the side, up into the arch, and then around the bottom, the sides and the back of her heel. He progressed around both sides of her ankle, returning to the top of her foot for one final lingering kiss.

Placing her right foot down, he gently picked up her left foot and began the same sequence. While he had been completely silent before, he now began to softly speak as he proceeded, just loud enough for Meryn to hear.

“Thank you for this wonderful gift Miss Meryn.” He murmured as he progressed across her toes. As he worked across the bottom of her foot. “Thank you for allowing me to be of some use to you this past week. It’s an experience I will always cherish.” Finally, as he came up around her heel and ankle. “Most of all, I want to thank you so very much for giving me a chance to prove my worthiness to you.” As he finished on the top of her foot where he had begun. “Even if I don’t meet your expectations tomorrow, it was an opportunity I will always greatly treasure.” One last kiss, and he put her foot back down.

Meryn had been thoroughly enjoying the homage that Jeremy had been paying. But as he had gone on like this, she began to feel empty. All she could offer was what she felt was a very inadequate, quiet, “Thank you Jeremy. That was very special.”

As he left for the evening, Meryn began to feel a very deep sense of loss. Tomorrow had to be the end of this, she insisted to herself. For both of their sakes.

Part Eleven: Judgement Day

At the conference the next day Meryn found her mind wandering frequently to worrying about how Jeremy was going to react to the evening’s events. She found the conference stimulating, and was able to focus enough to answer any questions, and discuss the issues raised with her boss, Mr. Martin. She noted with satisfaction that he referred to her as often as he did with Michael. When the conference ended at four however, she was pleased that after thanking them for attending, Mr. Martin indicated that he had to leave right away. She really didn’t want to have to socialize today. She wanted to get home before Jeremy arrived.

She was thus very surprised when, upon arriving home, she found Jeremy in her bedroom folding a last batch of her laundry, and putting it into her now neatly arranged dresser drawers.

“Jeremy. What are you doing here now?” She asked, perhaps a little too harshly. “I told you I didn’t need you to make dinner for me tonight.”

He looked up and smiled, but this time it did not include his eyes. “I’m sorry Miss Meryn. As you ordered I didn’t make dinner. But I felt I needed to come over today to get some things done for you. Make sure the place was spic and span.”

For the last time, she thought he left unsaid. Meryn sat down on her bed. This was all too much. She needed to get this over with as soon as possible. But she wanted to let him down as easily as she could.

“Jeremy,” she started quietly, “I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you’ve done this week. It has been a far different, and much nicer experience than I could have ever believed. But I just don’t think it can continue.”

His eyes were cast down. She was making a mess of this she thought.

“We did make a bargain though.” She sighed. “So let’s see how it goes.” She stood up and looked away. “Do what you have to do.” She said barely audibly. “I’ll meet you in the bathroom.”

Jeremy joined her there a minute later. She couldn’t suppress a ghost of a smile when she saw him wearing a pair of white briefs. He didn’t look anywhere near as ridiculously fat in them as she had supposed he would, and she was secretly happy about that.

Without a word, he took a deep breath and stepped forward onto the scale. Again he refused to look down, and Meryn saw that his eyes were closed. She also realized that he was trembling.

My God, what am I doing to this man, she thought despairingly. She had to end this now, once and for all. Bending forward, she peered down at the scale. Her eyes widened. “Two hundred and seventy eight.” was all she could say.

Two hundred and seventy eight. She looked again. Nineteen pounds. She was thunderstruck. Jeremy had lost nineteen pounds. In one week. She had never heard of anyone losing that much weight in one week. But he had done it. For her. Oh, he was getting something out of it for himself as well she knew. He was proving his worthiness to her he had said. Because she had asked. He had done it for her. She was staggered by what this all meant.

Her attention was drawn back to Jeremy as she heard him speaking.

“I’m so sorry Miss Meryn. I tried my best. I really did. But I’ve never been able to do this no matter how hard I try. I’m so sorry I failed you.” He was trembling more violently.

Meryn put her hand on one of his forearms and gripped it tightly.

“Jeremy.” She said urgently. “You lost nineteen pounds in one week. That’s incredible.” She wanted desperately to reassure him. “I’m so very proud of you.” The trembling diminished slightly as he opened his eyes and looked at her, disbelieving.

“But Jeremy,” she continued as she guided him off the scale and back into the bedroom holding his arm the entire way, “you have to continue to lose weight. Oh, I can’t expect you to lose this much weight every week. That would be unhealthy, and I don’t want that. Ever. But I want you to continue to lose. For me. And I know now that you can and will.” She added one more time. “For me.”

Jeremy’s face went from disbelieving to a look of wonderment as he considered the implications of all that she had just said. His smile now definitely included his eyes. As Meryn let go of his arm, and indicated that he should dress, she suddenly realized that she was famished. In truth, she had not eaten anything during the day at the conference. She had been too nervous about this evening. She decided that she was going to make them both some dinner. When he started to protest, she insisted.

“No Jeremy. I want to do this. I know you’re probably not going to eat much, but it will be my small contribution to help celebrate your achievement.” He said no more. Meryn was the boss after all. And maybe now, he fervently hoped, for a good while longer.

Leaving him to get dressed, Meryn went into the kitchen to see what she could whip up in a hurry. She decided on Spanish omelets, as they were easy, quick, and she knew she could make good ones. As predicted, Jeremy ate only a small portion, but declared so sincerely that it was the best omelet he had ever eaten, that she almost believed him.

While he cleaned up, which he had insisted upon, Meryn sat in the livingroom and contemplated everything that had happened that evening, and what all she had gotten herself into. She felt strangely content. She certainly didn’t know where this was all going to go, but Jeremy had earned the right to continue on a while longer. And she was content, indeed happy now, to see it through. Oh, it would probably end at some point, maybe sooner rather than later. It was still all so strange. But she decided now to let it play itself out. He had proven to her that he deserved that.

As he came in to ask if there was anything more she needed from him tonight, she smiled. “I think you owe me one of your wonderful foot massages Jeremy.” This time he worked on her feet for over an hour, as they talked first about the conference that day, and her hopes and aspirations for her project. They moved seamlessly on to other topics, laughing and sharing confidences, and getting to know each other better, now, as she reasoned, there was a good reason for them to do so.

After she felt that she was as relaxed and comfortable as she could ever be, Meryn suggested that she would find it very nice if Jeremy wanted to repeat his special foot adoration of the night before. He was ecstatically happy to comply. As he ever so slowly and gently performed his worship of her feet, he began thanking her again for the opportunity she had given him to serve her. He thanked her for the faith she had shown in him. And he promised he would always do everything he could do to never let her down. She never let on that she had had very little faith in him. It didn’t matter now, and she didn’t want to ruin a moment she was thoroughly enjoying. She would let nothing bring her down tonight.

When his homage was finished Meryn told him there was one last thing she needed him to do before she retired for the evening.

“Anything Miss Meryn.” He replied.

“I want you to go to the linen closet and get out some sheets and a blanket,” she told him, “and put them on the couch in the livingroom. I’d like you to sleep over tonight.”

Jeremy’s eyes widened as he rushed to obey.

“And Jeremy,” she said to him after he had fixed up his bed on the couch, and she was entering her bedroom for the night, “Tomorrow I’d like you to go to your place, and bring back some clothes, and whatever else you need. I think I’d like you to stay over a couple of more nights as well.”

Jeremy’s smile lit up the room. “Whatever you wish, Miss Meryn. Whatever you want.”

Part Twelve: The First Month

The next morning Meryn woke up at about 8:30, much earlier than she usually did on a Sunday, but there were new circumstances in her home to which she found herself unexpectedly excited. She got up and put on a long robe over her nightgown and cautiously peered out into the livingroom. The couch was empty, and there were no sheets or blankets. Had Jeremy decided to forget the whole thing and leave? After all this, that would be a major disappointment. She then heard noise in the kitchen.

“Good morning Miss Meryn.” A fully dressed and smiling Jeremy greeted her as she entered the kitchen. “I didn’t know when you might be getting up, but I have a breakfast of blueberry pancakes all set to make for you whenever you’re ready to eat.”

Meryn decided to take a quick shower while he made the pancakes, which he served her when she returned. She noticed that he had taken none, and when she asked he replied that he never ate breakfast. She wondered if that was always the case, or just in the last week. She decided not to press the matter as he joined her for coffee.

Later that day he did go to his apartment and brought back a couple of days worth of clothes and other necessary items. Several days quickly became every day, and a routine began to develop. He continued to be diligent and meticulous in performing all the household chores, always making sure that Meryn never had to lift a finger at home unless she insisted. He always woke up before her, stripped the couch, then showered in the bathroom off the second bedroom that had been converted into a computer room. He then prepared and served her breakfast, joining her for coffee only.

As he had to be at school before she had to be in her office, he left before her, but was always home first in the evening. He would begin to prepare dinner, and then greet her at the door when she arrived home. The first order of business was then to bring her a large cold drink in the living room, and proceed onto her daily foot massage.

This had rapidly become Meryn’s favorite part of the day. While she had to admit that the foot massages in themselves were heavenly, she came to value her conversations with him during them even more. She usually began by discussing her day at work, and was continually amazed at how he always seemed to lead her to have a fresh and different outlook at things. He was anything but an expert in her type of work, but he seemed to have an intuitive sense in how to put information together, and his observations, which she began to actively solicit, helped her immensely at work in putting her best foot forward.

His dinners continued to be exceptional, even after she suggested that they begin to have simpler fare as she was afraid that the gourmet type meals he had been preparing might begin to bankrupt them. She continued to insist that they split all household expenses fifty-fifty, although she paid her entire rent, and made sure that he not give up his apartment. His portions at dinner remained very small, and at the end of the second week he had lost another eight pounds, and an additional seven by the end of the third. While he was very disappointed with the decreasing amounts he was losing each week, she reassured him that she was very pleased with his progress, and thirty four pounds lost in three weeks was tremendous.

At he end of each night, after Jeremy had finished his evening chores, during which Meryn would watch TV, read a book, or talk to friends on the phone, she made a daily ritual of his adoration of her feet. She began to call this his evening devotional. Before going to bed she would summon him, and he would kneel before her and begin his veneration. This was her second most favorite time of the day, and she came to believe that she enjoyed having her feet kissed almost as much as he enjoyed kissing them. During this time he would always find new and creative words through which to express his devotion, as his lips traversed the length and breath of her feet. He would first thank her for permitting him to so worship her. He would then offer his profound gratitude for having been given the opportunity to serve her that day. He would always end by humbly begging her to be allowed to continue to serve her again the next day. As she would say goodnight she would always respond to him in the affirmative. She would not yet allow herself to contemplate the time in the future when she would eventually have to say no. That was not for now. As Jeremy would leave to go to bed on the couch, and she nestled under her own covers, she invariably went to sleep with a smile.

Meryn hadn’t talked to Natasha for over two weeks after that first night when she had met Jeremy, but she ran into her one day at work. Natasha voiced her concern that Meryn had been avoiding her, and apologized to her once again for trying to foist a loser like Jeremy on her. Meryn replied that on the contrary, things had, and were going very nicely with Jeremy, and she thanked Natasha for making the introduction. Natasha immediately became very interested, and began pumping Meryn for information, but Meryn remained very sparing in her details. For some reason she just didn’t want to go into depth about the developing relationship, especially with Natasha. When Natasha continued to press, Meryn finally suggested that they meet the following day for lunch.

“Meri, you have to tell me what’s going on.” Natasha insisted as their lunch was served to them at a café near to the office the next day. “It’s only fair. After all, I supplied him for you.”

Meryn was actually enjoying having Natasha beg her for information for a change. “It’s just like you said Tash. Jeremy is absolutely fantastic when it comes to housework. He doesn’t allow me to do a thing.” She then went on to describe many of the domestic duties that he performed so admirably.

“I’m not interested in your laundry, Meri. You know that.” Natasha snorted after listening to this litany for a while. “I want to know what’s really going on”

Meryn had no desire to tell Natasha about Jeremy’s nightly devotional. Somehow that was just too personal. Still, she did think it reasonable to offer, “He does give me the most wonderful foot massages every day.”

“Finally something worthwhile.” Natasha muttered under her breath.

“And, of course, as you know, he’s the most fabulous cook.”

This brought Natasha up short. “No, I didn’t know that.” She admitted. “I never had him cook for me. Of course it wouldn’t come as a great surprise to anyone that Jeremy has a way with food.”

Before Meryn could reply to this snide remark, Natasha went on. “That’s one area where Scott is still woefully deficient. He’s still a terrible cook, and he pays dearly for that , let me tell you. Still I’d be careful if I were you Meri. You don’t want the whale harpooning you with too many great meals or you might start packing it on just like him.

Meryn had been annoyed with Natasha’s original remark, and now she was really upset. She started to retort about all the weight Jeremy had lost, but then held back as a better idea occurred to her. She would let Natasha discover that for herself, and it would give Jeremy an opportunity to outshine Scott in something.

“As you can see Tash, I’m not very comfortable talking about all this.” She began. “Why don’t you and Scott come over to my place for dinner on Saturday, and you can see for yourself what’s going on.”

Natasha thought that was a great idea, and they finished their lunch by agreeing to meet at Meryn’s place on Saturday night.

Part Thirteen: The Dinner

Meryn was disappointed in Jeremy’s unenthusiastic reaction when she told him about the dinner plans for Saturday. She wondered, with an unexpected pang of jealousy, whether he was still distraught over Natasha’s rejection of him, and she now worried whether this get together would reopen a wound. Maybe he was just concerned about another in the flesh comparison with Scott. Well, that was in large part what this dinner was all about, to show off Jeremy in his new and improving light, and in circumstances where he had a clear advantage over Scott.

Despite his obvious misgivings, Jeremy poured himself into the effort of ensuring that everything was perfect for the event. By Saturday the apartment was even more spotless than usual, and he spent the entire afternoon working on the dinner. He was so busy with last minute preparations that when the doorbell rang it was Meryn who went to answer it for him.

As soon as the front door was closed behind Natasha and Scott as she welcomed them in, Scott dropped to his knees, kissed her shoes, and thanked her for allowing him to accompany his mistress for the evening. She had not expected this, and rather clumsily asked him to get up. Natasha snapped her fingers and he immediately arose.

Meryn couldn’t help but regard Natasha. Her friend was dressed in a mid knee length black leather skirt, which covered knee high stiletto heeled black leather boots. She wore a bright red blouse with a studded black leather vest. The effect, as intended, was stunning. She’s really playing the game to the hilt, Meryn mused as she hugged her in greeting.

Walking Natasha into the livingroom she did not initially notice that Scott did not accompany them, but remained in the foyer. After bidding Natasha to sit, and offering her an already poured glass of wine, she was about to comment on this, when Scott reappeared. She noted with distaste that he was once again wearing only his pair of pink panties. He hurried over, fell to his knees, and bent forward on his elbows at the side of Natasha’s feet.

“So where are you hiding Jeremy, Meri?” Natasha asked, paying no attention to the prostrate Scott. “Slaving away in the kitchen for us I trust.”

Before Meryn could reply, Jeremy appeared. To her complete dismay, he was clad only in his white briefs. He strode over, knelt before Natasha, kissed her boots, and proclaimed. “It is my very great honor to be allowed to assist Miss Meryn in entertaining you tonight Miss Natasha.”

“And I’m sure it will be very entertaining indeed.” Natasha responded, eyeing him with a smirk. “My, my. Meryn must be working you very hard Jeremy. I do believe you have lost some weight.”

“Thirty nine pounds.” Meryn blurted out proudly in spite of her annoyance, the most recent five pound loss having been noted earlier that day.

“Well done Meri.” Natasha crooned. “Now he’s just sloppy fat, instead of disgustingly obese.”

Meryn was incensed. How dare Natasha. She was about to issue an angry rebuke when Jeremy spoke up. “Miss Meryn is very conscientious in assuring that I strive to become as healthy as possible.”

“As well she should.” Natasha answered. “An owner should make sure that her property is well maintained. Sometimes it’s just so much harder to do than others, though. That’s why I so greatly applaud her for her accomplishment here.”

Her accomplishment. Meryn almost choked. She was going to set Natasha straight right now.

“I think even greater congratulations will be due Miss Meryn when you finish your meal tonight.” Jeremy rushed forth again, before turning toward Meryn. “And Miss Meryn, dinner is now ready, so with your leave, may I escort you and Miss Natasha into the diningroom?”

Meryn bit down on her anger, and silently thanked Jeremy for diffusing it so effectively. She really didn’t want to ruin the evening. Accepting Jeremy’s hand to help her up after he had risen, she heard a snap of fingers again, and saw Scott scramble to his feet to assist Natasha.

Proceeding into the diningroom, Natasha expressed surprise when she noted that there were four table settings. Meryn was going to have no more of this.

“I like to have Jeremy eat with me.” She answered evenly. “So I thought it would be best if we all ate together tonight.” She was ready for an argument.

“Anything you say Meri.” Natasha responded pleasantly. “I’m just a guest here tonight. This is your house. Of course you make the rules.”

After seating the two ladies at the table, Jeremy was ready to present his feast. It began with a personally cut medley of fresh strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, melon, blueberries and raspberries drizzled with cognac. This was followed by a freshly made wild mushroom soup, then a spinach salad topped with Gorgonzola, chopped walnuts, fresh apple chunks, mixed with a balsamic vinaigrette with Italian herbs. Finally the piece-de-resistance, a made from scratch paella brimming with chunks of lobster, whole prawns, clams, chicken, and sausage.

Throughout the meal the two slaves were constantly jumping up from their seats to serve their ladies each course, and seconds when desired. In between they were able to sit down and have a portion of each themselves. Scott made it a point to not take any more than the very small amounts that Jeremy allowed himself, and if he was disappointed in the meager servings, it certainly was more than he had anticipated being allowed to have. Other than their service, the slaves were ignored, as Natasha somewhat dominated the conversation with Meryn, mostly discussing events at work, and mutual friends and acquaintances.

The dinner was culminated with what had definitely now become Meryn’s favorite dessert, Jeremy’s homemade strawberry-rhubarb tart. When these were finished, Jeremy not having one himself, Natasha finally saw fit to exclaim.

“Meri, this was the most unbelievable meal I have ever had. Every part of it was fabulous. You did a fantastic job.”

Not this time vowed Meryn.

“Oh come on Tash. You know Jeremy made everything tonight.”

“Of course I know that you used Jeremy to help you prepare this extravaganza, but just like any other kitchen utensil he’s just a tool, another piece of equipment for you to use. You’re the one responsible for creating this wonderful evening, and to you goes all the credit.”

Meryn again felt her hackles rising, but before she could refute this ridiculous claim, Natasha went on. “And I really should send Scott over to you for lessons. He’s still such a disaster in the kitchen.”

At least there was that, Meryn thought, remaining silent. Natasha, in a backhanded way, had finally acknowledged Jeremy’s superiority over Scott in something. It was not enough however.

“Meri, I need to talk to you about something else as well.” Natasha continued. “While the slaves clean up, why don’t we retire to the livingroom.”

Once there, and seated across from each other, Natasha leaned forward and began almost breathlessly. “Meri, come on. You’ve been holding out on me long enough. You’ve got to tell me more about you and Jeremy.”

Meryn didn’t quite understand the sudden change in Natasha’s tone and demeanor, but she welcomed it. It was more like the old Tash, before any of these Mistress-slave games. It might give her a chance now to do what she had been trying to do all evening, extol Jeremy’s virtues.

“Okay Tash. You’re right.” She offered hopefully. “Tell me what you’d like to know.”

Natasha grinned conspiratorially like a young school girl. “The sex, Meri. The sex. Isn’t it as fantastic as I said?”

Of all the questions Natasha could have asked, this one was totally unexpected. As the relationship between Meryn and Jeremy had been evolving over the past month, sex had never been part of her equation. She had never even considered it, and she struggled now to find a way to explain this to Natasha.

“Sex. God no, Tash. Not at all. I mean it’s only been two months since Rick. I mean…I couldn’t…not Jeremy.” She stammered.

‘Oh Meri, you’ve got it all wrong again.” Natasha shot back. “I don’t mean intercourse. I told you before, you don’t fuck your slave. You use him. As a sex toy. His hands, his fingers, his lips, his tongue, any way and any where, and as often as you want.” She paused for emphasis. “But never his prick. That would make him something he’s not.”

Meryn didn’t know what to say.

“And Jeremy is very good at it, Meri, you can believe me.”

This jolted Meryn out of her silence.

“You…and Jeremy?” She had never thought.

“Of course.” Natasha replied. “Why do you think I kept him around as long as I did. In a lot of ways he was almost as good as Scott. As long as I kept my eyes closed.”

Meryn was now truly speechless.

“And speaking of pricks, Meri.” Natasha continued. “Have you put Jeremy in a cock cage yet?”

“What? No. Never. I mean, why on earth would I ever want to do anything like that?”

“To keep him from masturbating of course.” Natasha went on urgently. “Lord, Meri, here you are, denying yourself all this time, and he’s probably out there whacking off twenty times a day. It’s not right Meri. It’s just not right.”

Their conversation was interrupted at the point when Scott and Jeremy reentered the livingroom, bringing in after dinner drinks for them. After Scott gave Natasha hers, he went down on all fours in front of her, and as Meryn watched with disgust, Natasha nonchalantly put her booted feet up onto his back and began sipping her drink.

For some reason that she couldn’t really understand, this angered Meryn, but before she could express it in any way Jeremy presented himself in exactly the same way on all fours in front of her. She was outraged. She stared at his back in astonishment as he knelt there waiting. Reluctantly, she decided that she didn’t want to embarrass or risk any further denigration of him by Natasha, so she slowly placed her own feet onto his back, slouched in her chair, and sat there seething.

Receiving only terse replies to her further attempts at conversation, Natasha realized that Meryn was really angry. And she was sure that she knew the reason why.

“Well Meri, this has been an absolutely wonderful evening, but Scott has got a long night ahead of him,” she flashed Meryn a knowing smile, “so I think we really must be going.” With that she took her feet of Scott’s back and snapped her fingers. He immediately scrambled to his feet, and hurried from the room toward the foyer.

“And Meri, I really believe you should consider very strongly what we discussed earlier.”

Meryn took her own legs off Jeremy and sat forward. “As always it’s been a very educational night with you Tash.” She said flatly. “I can assure you that I am going to think long and hard about what I learned tonight.” With that, she got up, and studiously ignoring the still kneeling Jeremy, she took Natasha by the arm, and escorted her toward the front door.

When the two arrived in the foyer the already dressed Scott dropped to his knees, kissed Meryn”s shoes, and thanked her once again for his inclusion. Meryn didn’t even bother to answer, and at another snap of Natasha’s fingers, he stood up. As Natasha leaned forward to kiss Meryn on the cheek, she whispered one more time. “You’ve really got to do something about this Meri.”

“I will Tash. Believe me I will.” She replied as she opened the front door. She couldn’t get them out fast enough.

Part Sixteen: Confession

Once again, Jeremy was less than enthused about getting together with Natasha and Scott.

“You know Miss Natasha is going to want me to undress when we’re there.” He said.

Meryn frowned. “You’re probably right. And you know I don’t like that. Still,” she mused, “we will be her guests, and it is her place.”

“House rules?” He asked.

“House rules.” She agreed.

As that Saturday marked three months since they first met, Meryn suggested that they go out for dinner before going to Natasha’s. They went to a very nice restaurant and had a delightful time. While Jeremy only had a salad plate for dinner, his wine selection and his suggestions for Meryn’s various courses were impeccable, and they both were in an excellent mood when they arrived at Natasha’s place.

They were met at the door by a pink-panty clad Scott, who immediately dropped to his knees to kiss Meryn’s shoes in greeting. He then rose and, as expected, indicated to Jeremy that he should disrobe. He then guided Meryn into the livingroom where Natasha was waiting. She hugged Meryn warmly, and they both sat, Meryn on the love seat, and Natasha on the sofa with Scott on his knees and elbows, head down at her feet. A moment later Jeremy entered wearing only his white briefs, knelt before Natasha, kissed her feet in greeting, and then crawled over to assume the same position at Meryn’s feet.

“Well Tash, we’re here.” To Meryn’s surprise, Natasha was not dressed to the nines, as she had been for their previous get togethers. This night she was wearing a loose fitting sweat suit, as if she was planning to work out.

“I’m so glad you came Meri. I think this will be very important for you both.” She replied.

“So what is it that you feel is so necessary to show us?”

“Ah, you want to dive right in. Excellent. But it’s not just to show you Meri. I told you that you need to be involved as well.” Meryn wasn’t so sure about that. “But a little explanation first.”

Natasha paused and took a breath. “As you know, I’ve totally embraced this lifestyle, and I realize that you have, maybe, only come to enjoy certain aspects of it. And that’s fine. This lifestyle is a big tent, and I don’t think anyone takes part in all of it. But there are certain principles that must be adhered to, to make it work.” She paused again. “One of the most crucial ones” she continued, “is that a slave must always be completely subservient and totally obedient, and his owner must find ways to ensure that this is always the case.”

Meryn began to stir uneasily.

“Now I, personally, am not into whips and chains.”

Thank God, Meryn muttered under her breath.

“Not that there is anything wrong with that for those who are. But it is vitally important that this dynamic be maintained, and that discipline be imposed to ensure it. And Meri, believe me, slaves desire, they crave this discipline. Some more than others. For some it’s part of the sexual fabric of their psyche. But all of them have an intense need to have our will imposed on them, and to know that there are definite consequences for any failures to meet their obligations.”

Meryn, her face neutral, remained silent.

“Each of us, Meri, has to find a way to do this, and I’ve developed a method that suits me very well. And knowing you, I think it would be perfect for you as well.’ Natasha looked at her expectantly.

“I’m listening.” Meryn replied evenly.

Natasha continued. “Once a week, on Saturday nights, I’ve instituted a ritual I call Confession. Scott crawls before me on his knees, and confesses all of his sins against me over the past week. And I keep a tally. For inadvertent accidents, one whack. For simple mistakes, three whacks. For minor infractions, five whacks, and for what I deem major transgressions, ten whacks.

Despite an ominous foreboding, Meryn couldn’t help herself. “What in heaven is a whack?”

Natasha smiled. “After any confession, of course, comes Penance. And believe me, it’s anything but heaven for Scott.” With that she reached down under the corner table and pulled out a previously unseen paddle tennis paddle. It was all wood, a quarter inch thick, with a twelve inch diameter round head. “And this is what I administer Penance with, once the tally is complete.’

Meryn stared at the paddle, not fully believing.

“Now you may wonder why Scott would ever confess all of his sins, particularly the major ones, knowing what it will bring.” She took Meryn’s frown to be interest in her query. “Well, there is no problem at all with that. You see, Scott never has any idea what I do and don’t know. So after he completes his confession, if there’s any sin I know he’s neglected to mention, we add ten whacks if it’s minor, and twenty five if I deem it major. I think you can see why Scott always tries extremely hard to be very complete and forthcoming in his accounting.”

Meryn remained warily silent.

“But enough of explanations. I think it’s finally time for a demonstration.” With that, Natasha snapped her fingers, and Scott immediately crawled in front of her, and knelt upright from his prostrate position. He then thanked Natasha for allowing him to confess his sins, and for providing correction so that he would be able to serve her better. She coldly told him to proceed, and he began to list a number of transgressions, most of them dealing with his inadequacy with food preparation, a few with some minor cleaning mistakes. Natasha gave all of these either ones or threes, and before long he was up to fourteen whacks. Scott paused for a moment, and then admitted that he had been unable to completely remove a stain from one of her panties when hand washing them. Natasha gave this a ten, and Scott fell silent.

“Well Scott, is there anything else you wish to confess to me?” He shook his head no. “Twenty four then. I must say you are getting better every week.” She paused. “But wasn’t my dry cleaning supposed to be ready on Wednesday, and I don’t believe you picked it up until Thursday. Is that correct?”

Scott’s face blanched as he nodded yes.

Natasha turned to Meryn. “Well then Meri, what do you think I should do? I think we need to involve you some. What do you think? Is this a minor or a major sin?”

Meryn had no desire to get involved. But she had agreed to come over, so she would play the game, at least up to a point.

“I guess it would depend.” She started. “Did you need any of those clothes on Wednesday?”

“I don’t think that really matters. But no, I didn’t.”

“Then I would consider it minor.”

Natasha laughed. “Ah, you’re too good hearted Meri. I would have definitely given it twenty five. But I asked for your opinion, so a ten it will be, and I’m sure Scott will thank you profusely for that later.” She turned her attention back to Scott. “So that brings you to thirty four. But before your Penance is administered, I think we should have Jeremy offer his Confession.

“I don’t think so.” Meryn protested. “We weren’t prepared for any of this Tash.”

“Oh come on Meri. You’ve owned him for three months now. I’m sure Jeremy has committed any number of sins in that time.”

Before Meryn could argue further, Jeremy had crawled in front of he, and knelt up. “Miss Meryn, please allow me the opportunity to account for my many failures in your service.”

She looked at him long and hard. Okay, she thought, if he wants to play the game too, she’d let him. She had forced him to come after all. She nodded assent.

“Excellent.” Natasha chortled.

Jeremy began to confess his alleged transgressions, with Natasha keeping a verbal tally. Failure to shine a pair of her shoes until a day after she wore them. She didn’t even know he reshined her shoes every time she wore them, and they certainly didn’t need it. Failure to dust her desk in the computer room when he had cleaned last week. With her work papers strewn all over her desk it would have been a disaster if he had moved them. Failure for several days to fix the broken medicine cabinet door in her bathroom. Which she had broken, and it had take two days to find the special replacement part. Failure to discover that she didn’t like asparagus before making them for her. A culinary sin? How ridiculous could he get after all the fantastic meals he had made for her.

Natasha gleefully kept the count, and before Meryn could catch her breath, Jeremy was already up to fifteen.

“And two weeks ago Miss Meryn, I didn’t have enough time to handwash all your panties, so I put some of them in the machine.”

“That’s definitely a ten.” Natasha pronounced gravely.

Meryn was aghast. Handwash my panties. She never asked him to do that. And she didn’t want to believe that he really did. He had to be making half of this stuff up. Why? A dark suspicion crept into her mind. Natasha had said that they wanted punishment. Did Jeremy crave this? She shuddered.

“Is there anything else you have to confess to Miss Meryn, Jeremy?”

Jeremy looked up at her with anxiety. “One last thing Miss Meryn. This past week I bought some new clothes for myself without you.”

“I’m afraid that has to be another ten.”

“Now wait a minute Tash.” Meryn was not going to put up with this. “He did that for me. So I wouldn’t have to pay my half. To save me money. He can’t be faulted for that.”

“Dishonesty in a slave can never be tolerated Meri, no matter what the reason. For that I wish I could give him a twenty five, but since he did admit it, we’ll keep it a ten.” She turned her attention back to Jeremy. “I believe that adds up to thirty five whacks for you Jeremy, and thirty four for you, Scott. I think it’s time to commence Penance.

Meryn was livid, not least because Natasha seemed particularly pleased that Jeremy had ended up with more that Scott. Well, that wasn’t going to matter, she thought, as any whacks Jeremy might receive from her were going to be the merest of taps.

“And I think that since this is the first time for you two, Meri, I should show you the way.” Natasha continued. “On Jeremy.”

“Oh no, Natasha.” She responded hotly. “That’s not right. I can’t let you do that.”

Natasha laughed. “Meri, Meri. As I said before. I know you too well. You’re too good hearted. And this is too important. Penance must be administered correctly for it to be effective. If, after watching me with Jeremy, you still find yourself too kind with Scott, well I can deal with that later. But you have to learn the right way for this to be done.”

Meryn fully intended to put her foot down this time, and she looked down at Jeremy to reassure him. But as she did, he silently mouthed the words “House rules” to her, and this brought her up short. Was she going to allow herself to be trapped by her own proclaimed conditions? Even worse, did Jeremy want her to be? She stared intently at him, but he just looked straight ahead. Finally she sat back, defeated, and mumbled okay.

Responding to a finger snap, Scott scurried into the den, and returned with what looked like a miniature vaulting horse. It came to groin high, and had two handles in the front. Scott had Jeremy take off his briefs, and then positioned him bent over the horse, his hands gripping the handles in front. His highest body part now was his invitingly exposed rump, which was facing the chair where Meryn slumped.

Natasha stepped forward with the paddle, and began issuing instructions. “I’m now going to administer your just Penance Jeremy. You are to count aloud each stroke followed by a thank you to me. The handles in front are for your convenience. Do not even think to try to cover your ass with your hands. Any such attempt will add ten more whacks for the first offence, and twenty five for any following. When I have completed your Penance, you will climb off the horse, kiss my feet and thank me again for providing your correction. You then will crawl over to your owner and humbly beg her for her forgiveness for your sins.”

With that she delivered his first whack, sounding a loud crack that made Meryn jump. “One. Thank you Miss Natasha.” Another. “Two. Thank you Miss Natasha.” And another. “Three. Thank you Miss Natasha”. She struck random spots on both cheeks, sometimes hitting the same spot twice in a row, but making sure that no spot was missed. She also varied the rhythm, at times stringing four or five smacks in rapid succession, and other times pausing thirty seconds or more, so Jeremy could never be sure when the next blow was coming. By ten whacks his entire behind was a bright red, by twenty it looked like it was on fire, and his voice began to be strained. By twenty five his voice began to crack. By thirty his count was punctuated by quiet sobs.

Meryn sat with her jaw clenched as tightly as her fists. She was unable to look away. She was numb with frustration, anger, and another, deeper emotion she couldn’t identify. Why was he allowing this to happen? She knew it wasn’t a game to him, and he obviously was in real pain. Why didn’t he put a stop to it? Why didn’t she?

The last five whacks were delivered in a slow, excruciating manner. Each produced an anguished grunt before the sobbing count and thank you. After the last stroke Jeremy peeled himself off the horse, briefly kissed Natasha’s feet, and in a barely audible voice thanked her one last time. He then crawled on all fours to a rigid Meryn, bent his head down to the floor, and began passionately kissing her feet, while in a tearful voice begged for her forgiveness. As if paralyzed, Meryn let this continue for about thirty seconds before she whispered. “Enough Jeremy.” To her horror, when Jeremy knelt up, he had a raging erection.

“Meri, it’s time for Scott’s Penance. Please.”

Meryn looked up and saw Scott already bent over the horse. She had initially planned to refuse to administer it, but her anger was now such that she stood up and took the offered paddle from Natasha. There was no way she would allow Scott to suffer less than Jeremy.

She stepped forward and delivered the first blow, a resounding smack that was no less hard than any Natasha had dealt. She delivered two more equally hard, paused, seemed satisfied with her effort, and then, unlike Natasha, proceeded with a steady rhythm, alternating cheeks, and didn’t pause again until she reached twenty. Scott’s butt was now beet red, but she was bothered that there was no change in his voice. She gave him two rapid, harder strokes, but his count remained firm, and his thank you vibrant. She looked closer, and was startled to see that he was erect. The bastard was enjoying this, she fumed. She had to do something about that. Enraged, she swung harder, this time producing a satisfying yelp, which was repeated with her next stroke as well. She then proceeded with four more in rapid succession, each one harder that the last, each producing a progressively more strangled cry before a now hoarsely muttered count. She looked again and was very pleased to see that his erection was now gone. She struck two even more vicious blows, which were both greeted with an agonized wail, before a whimpered count. Not enough, she thought, and swung twice more as hard as she could. The first produced an actual scream and no following count. The second landed with a sickening thud and no verbal response, but his right hand flew off the handle and arced back to protect his behind. Catching himself, he slowly let it fall to his side, where it hung limply. Was Natasha going to give him another ten for that indiscretion, Meryn wondered. No matter, she thought when none was forthcoming. She would make sure these final two were ones he would never forget.

As she stepped forward, gathering her strength for this final onslaught, she felt Natasha’s hand grip her wrist. “Give me the paddle Meri.” She said quietly. “Let me give him the last two… Please.” Meryn turned sharply toward Natasha, and was about to snarl a no, but Natasha repeated. “Please.” Meryn looked at Scott, and saw his whole body was shaking, and she noticed that her own breathing was ragged. She took a deep breath, nodded slowly, and handed the paddle to Natasha, who took it, stepped over to Scott, and delivered two light taps. She murmured to him, and he struggled off the horse, hobbled on his knees to the still standing Meryn, kissed her feet, and sobbing, muttered something incoherent, then he turned toward Natasha, and collapsed onto his belly, his chest heaving, his face resting on her feet, with his arms wrapped around them.

“Well Meri, you certainly took me by surprise tonight. I never thought you would take to this quite as enthusiastically as you did.” Natasha looked down at Scott, snapped her fingers, and he painfully pulled himself up to his knees and elbows. “You have to realize though” she continued, “that there is a very fine line between punishment and injury, and you almost crossed it tonight. I hope it’s something you learned.” She paused. “For Jeremy’s sake.”

Meryn, her face a mask, stared back at her. “I need to go home now Natasha.” was all she could say.

“I think that would be best.” Natasha replied.

Without another word Meryn walked toward the front door, with Jeremy, still naked, hurrying after. Without waiting for him to dress, she walked out. Less than a minute later, a hastily dressed Jeremy followed.

Part Seventeen: Penance

Meryn was already seated in the passenger seat of the car when Jeremy arrived to get into the driver’s side. There was no acknowledgment as she stared ahead in silence. Driving home, Jeremy had to shift his position frequently to try to ease his discomfort. He would be feeling like this for several days he realized, but he knew it was going to be far worse for Scott. He had been very glad when Miss Natasha had stopped Miss Meryn at the end. He had already started to rise to do so himself, which would have broken all the rules. But he would have done it, and not just for Scott’s sake.

He had never imagined Miss Meryn like he had seen her tonight, and he still found it hard to believe. She certainly seemed to have been entranced with producing such pain, and he tried to understand what that would mean. He wasn’t a masochist, and never desired pain, and he doubted he could take anything like tonight again from any one else. But he knew in his heart that he could never leave Miss Meryn of his own volition. If she wanted, if she needed this from him, he sadly concluded that he would accept it from her, willingly. He knew he would always give her anything she wished from him, to be allowed to remain with her.

When he parked the car in front of the apartment, Meryn got out without waiting for him to come around to open her door. Without her key however, she was forced to wait at the front door. When he opened it, she walked in past him. After he had closed the door behind him, without turning around she simply said “Follow me” and walked briskly into her bedroom.

As he entered, she sat down on the side of her bed, looked up at him, and said “Undress.” He quickly rushed to obey, stripping down to his briefs when she added “Everything”. After he complied she told him to come stand before her, but face away.

She stared at his still darkly reddened behind. There were several areas that were already purpling, and would become major bruises. She briefly wondered what Scott looked like, but immediately dismissed that thought. With both hands she began to gently stroke each cheek of his buttocks. She continued this in silence for several tense minutes while Jeremy wondered anxiously what she had in store for him.

“So Jeremy, did you enjoy yourself this evening?” She asked evenly.

Or was it suppressed excitement he wondered. He thought he knew what answer she desired, and he always strove to give her what she wanted, what she needed. But he knew he could not, would not ever lie to her, no matter what the consequences. “No Miss Meryn. I didn’t.”


“24/Seven”, Part III

My name is toilet. I had become the ultimate toilet, engineered by Seven of Nine to be the perfect living waste receptacle. This is the story of how we changed the world…

* * * * *

Diary of a toilet

Year 2

“Expanding the experiment”

* * * * *

By my second year as Seven’s toilet, Janeway was clearly impressed with the experiment. Many women had taken to the idea of using me as a toilet (Janeway, herself, had been using Kes in such a way even longer than Seven had been using me).

With all the women who had gotten addicted to feeding me their shit who had, at best, limited access to me, it was only a matter of time before they found other victims. The meeker, more submissive members of the crew – male and female – began to find themselves at the mercy of these dominant women. Within a few months there were already nearly a dozen other human toilets amongst the crew.

Seeing this, the Captain asked Seven to present the results of her experiment with me. Seven did so with meticulous detail. I was healthy and fit, having a highly nutritious and complete diet. The Doctor was even impressed with my improved health, saying that my levels of antioxidants had risen and free radicals had fallen. He said at this rate I could live to be 150 years old!

I had also ceased to be a drain on the ship. I no longer wore clothes or consumed any food or drink from the ship’s stores. I no longer had my own quarters, having moved in with Seven long ago. This had freed up almost all the resources I would have consumed from the ship.

Janeway was impressed and had made up her mind. Seven was to expand the model to the rest of the ship, as she had proposed! The most critical and productive crewmembers would each be assigned a toilet slave. Crewmembers could sign up for such duty or, if they were deemed to be an unproductive crewmember and a net drain on the ship, they would be drafted!

The toilet slaves received the same gene therapies as I did, and the “feeders” had genetically-engineered probiotics introduced to their digestive system that would mimic the nutrition-creating nanite programming inside Seven herself.

Over the next couple years, the plan was rolled out and by the time we returned to the Alpha Quadrant, fully half the crew had become toilet slaves for the other half. Seven’s model had clearly proven itself – our ship was 47% more efficient than before (though she was disappointed the improvement wasn’t larger). There could be no argument, her plan worked. Even in the areas that could not be measured empirically, things had improved on the ship. Counselor Inya said that her survey of the crew showed that general happiness amongst the crew was much higher now than when the ship had first arrived in the Delta Quadrant, despite all of our trials and tribulations we’ve endured in our long journey home. Even those that resisted becoming toilets initially had eventually accepted their new position and, indeed, found it comforting and freeing as I did.

* * * * *

Diary of a toilet

Year 3

“Ambassadors of perversion”

* * * * *

When we arrived home, the question of what to do about our ship’s unusual practices in regards to Starfleet. It would be a culture shock – on both sides. We had spent so long in isolation, in our own parallel reality where sexual liberation and toilet slavery had become accepted and even expected. People openly discussed their sex lives and used their toilets in public.

Janeway recognized that Starfleet would not understand our culture, but, like Seven, she believed it was a better way. So she ordered everyone to hide their lifestyles, at least at first. Even with our cover-up, some evidence came out about the practices on Janeway’s Voyager. These were frowned upon and Janeway was reprimanded for not stopping them. The evidence, though, was hushed up and covered up for fear of public revulsion.

But Janeway knew the crew would be reassigned as the USS Voyager had long ago passed the term of its initial mission. She knew the people in her crew would end up being dispersed far and wide throughout the fleet across scores of starbases and starships. So she told them all to hide their new lifestyles publically, but to watch their fellows for those who might be susceptible to perversion, those who seemed most likely to be receptive, then introduce them to our practices. With each new Starfleet member brought into the fold, our lifestyle would become a movement and, finally, a social revolution that would span the entire Federation.

Janeway herself became an Admiral and joined Starfleet Command at the center of the fleet in San Francisco. There she was immensely influential, slowly drawing in the highest-ranking officials in Starfleet into our world. Chakotay got a ship of his own. Tuvok took a position teaching the next generation of Starfleet at Starfleet Academy (our lifestyle spread especially rapidly in that famous hotbed of sexual activity).

What none of us remembered, what none of us realized would make this plan work so well, were the S-Space particles that had begun our own sexual revolution so long ago. We didn’t realize that the particles never went away. In fact, they increased in number the longer we were in contact with each other over our seven years on Voyager. Later scientific surveys discovered that each of us were deeply imbued with high concentrations of S-Space particles, radiating them constantly. This, of course, increased the sexual urges and reduced the inhibitions of anyone we spend time with – the more time we spent with them, the greater the effect. And the effect was permanent and cumulative. It would not decay between exposures and was cumulative. Even the USS Voyager, itself, was literally drenched in the particles and the next crew to serve aboard her soon found themselves overcome by raging sexual hormones and crumbling inhibitions.

The S-Space particles and their peculiar radioactive effect on people’s minds and libidos spread throughout the Federation, dropping inhibitions, increasing sexual desire and spreading perversion and sexual deviance like wildfire (with guidance and assistance from Voyager’s former crewmembers).

* * * * *

Diary of a toilet

Year 20

“A new era”

* * * * *

20 years later, with the aid of the spread of S-Space particles and our covert campaign, the lifestyle that Starfleet had initially condemned had become standard procedure aboard all Federation ships. Seven of Nine helped lead the new “efficient” toilet servitude restructuring. She personally implemented the first formal implementation of Starfleet’s “sentient waste reclamation” directive when she became the first officer aboard the USS De Sade under Captain Seth’la (the first Klingon Captain in the Federation).

Captain Seth’la was eager to use the model, having personally volunteered to captain the newly built De Sade – the first Federation starship to be constructed without a single toilet on board! Seth’la was a very aggressive, highly ambitious Klingon she-male (she-males, sex changes and sexual dimorphism had all become fully acceptable and common in the Federation several years before). Seven and I served under her for a long time and made some of the greatest personal connections of our lives. I have included a listing here of the crew compliment for posterity:

USS De Sade

Senior Crew

* Captain Seth’la: Klingon she-male. First Klingon captain in the Federation. Very aggressive and ambitious. Known to be a strict, sometimes cruel Captain, but she was loved and respected by her crew.

* First Officer Seven of Nine: My Mistress, my owner, my feeder. Ex-Borg human female. Augmented by some remaining Borg implants and especially the Borg nanites coursing through her body. A cold and eminently efficient scientist, engineer and creator of the “sentient waste reclamation” model.

* Security Chief Torg: a massive, hostile Klingon from the non-reformed school of Klingons. He was clearly racist and held a low opinion of all other races. He was a serial rapist, a borderline psychopath and barely controllable. But he was also the Captain’s twin brother…

* Doctor Portia: a tall, busty shape-shifting redhead with a perverted, dominant streak – always willing and able to push the boundaries of experimenting with human sexuality through medicine.

* Head Nurse Bolinto Cuk: a thin, meek fully Betazed male who was completely infatuated with our Chief Engineer, Jay’d, who he as engaged to marry before their assignment to the De Sade.

* Chief Engineer Jay’d: a buxom Orion female who made the most of her kind’s pheromonal control over men – usually to get Torg and her submissive Betazed boyfriend, Cuk to do dirty, nasty things with each other while she watched or joined in. Cuk is especially tormented by the rape because, being a Betazed, he is unable to block out Torg’s strong, primal feelings of lust, rage and explosive orgasms while he is being raped by the violent Klingon. He feels both his own humiliation and pain and his rapist’s pleasure.

* Helmsman Mie-see and Navigator Sie-see: young, petite female Bilineans. All Bilineans are born in pairs of identical twins with a deep, life-long mental and physical rapport. Whatever one of them felt, the other would as well. This almost always led to a lifelong close sexual relationship between the twins and made for very stimulating threesomes with people from other species.

* Counselor Inya: our own Deltan female counselor from Voyager reunited with us on the De Sade. A natural-born submissive, her Deltan nature of being a highly sexual touch-empath made it entirely impossible for her to resist the carnal pleasures surrounding her, no matter how hard she tried. Starfleet’s prejudicial regulation disallowing sexual contact between Deltans and non-Deltans had long ago been repealed, but Inya tried to control herself for fear of losing herself entirely to sexual ecstasy, falling into an endless pit of hedonism.

* Yeoman Zwadeh: a half-Vulcan, half-Romulan female that served as Captain Seth’la’s personal sex slave. Zwadeh was a rebellious woman, who hated Klingons (as much as Seth’la hated Romulans – some prejudices never die) and, in particular, hated the Captain. But the Captain had won her as a “spoil of war” during a Klingon victory in the Great Klingon-Romulan Wars of the 2390′s.

The De Sade was launched on her maiden voyage in the year 2400, at the dawn of the 25th century and a new, more sexually free, more debauched era for the Federation…

But, these voyages are tales for another time. But it is safe to say that this new era gave a whole new meeting to the phrase “Captain’s Log”…

* * * * *

Diary of a toilet

Year 100

“A century of servitude”

* * * * *

Today is the 100th anniversary of my rebirth as a toilet. I live as does Seven. Her nanites have prolonged her life and mine – in fact, the nanites are so adept at repairing any damage faster than the rate of aging that the two of us look the same as when we began this journey together a century ago.

Of our old crewmates, a few yet live, but we don’t stay in contact anymore. Our crew is legendary, though, seen as the forefathers of the new social order.

I am still Seven’s toilet. I have always been so and will continue to always be so for as long as we both shall live. I have never known the touch of a man and have no desire to. I do not think of myself as a woman. Or as a human. I am a toilet. I have not had the taste of real food in a hundred years and I find the prospect disgusting. The thought of chewing the food and drink I see the feeders imbibe makes me almost physically ill. I honestly don’t know how they can eat that stuff. The taste and texture of shit is so warm and rich and… comfortable. I don’t understand how people can drink cold alcohol when a nice, hot, salty piss is so incredibly thirst-quenching and fills your body with warmth.

* * * * *

“Toilet wisdom”

* * * * *

In celebration of my 100th year of toilet servitude, I published a pamphlet on the wisdom I’ve accumulated during my century of eating shit. It is a handbook for new toilets and has become a galaxy-wide best seller and is given to every new toilet by their feeders. It is considered “the shit-eaters bible”, a praise I humbly, reluctantly accept.

In my pamphlet, entitled “100 Years of Servitude: Wisdom of a Toilet”, I discuss ways in which new toilets often make simple, foolish mistakes that can be embarrassing for both them and their owners. Some excerpts are below:

How Can I Eat This?!

Different species have different general trends, but in general, it’s best to remember there are multiple factors involved in consuming the waste of another:


Smell is a factor in the eating experience, but the smell largely comes from the sulfuric gasses that are a byproduct of the digestive process in some species (some alien species actually have quite sweet-smelling gas!). These smells can be extremely offensive, but it’s important to remember that the actual taste of the stool has nothing to do with the smell! Separate the two and it will aid you greatly.


In general, the taste is usually less intense than you expect. Again, depending on the species, most feces is water, undigested food material and byproducts of the digestive process. This tends to dilute tastes. Of all the four factors I’m listing here, taste is actually the easiest to overcome. If a person was presented with shit to eat separate from the smell and psychological factors, they would likely not find it offense at all.

Psychological Revulsion:

Shit-eating is a taboo in almost all cultures. People have been raised to find it anything from unclean to repulsive. This is one of the most difficult to overcome. Usually when first-time shit-eaters gag and vomit, it’s because of their own psychological resistance to the act. But once this threshold has been passed, once the mind has accepted the act, these psychosomatic reactions disappear quickly.


It is important to accept the submission to your owner. If you balk at being used in such a way, if you feel humiliated (and don’t desire the humiliation) and used (and, again, don’t wish to be used), it’s going to be much more difficult for you to perform the act. Again, this is purely psychological. If you have been chosen as a toilet, one of the best things you can do to ease your experience is to accept your new position. Submit to your master or mistress and accept their gift into you and be thankful for the nourishment they are providing you. Submit in this way and you will thrive as a toilet and please your owner.

How To Eat Any Kind of Shit


Use your tongue to lick around the shit, pulling it down the rectum to you and loosen their sphincter. Try not to break it since you will get a small part but the rest will recede back through the sphincter and your owner will be uncomfortable and rightfully angry at you. Once it starts to come, use suction to help it along: wrap your lips around the turd and slide your mouth forward on it until your lips make a tight seal with your owner’s anus. Suck firmly and consistently, not in fits and starts or you may lose it. Constipated turds can have very large radii, so if your owner is prone to constipation, practice opening wide and stretching your mouth when not in use. Learn to relax your jaw muscles and stretch out your lips. Even learn to temporarily dislocate your jaw, if necessary (it’s easier and less painful than it sounds). NOTE: it is bad form and completely inappropriate for a toilet to suggest a change of diet to their owner. The toilet exists for the comfort and convenience of the owner, not the reverse. Constipation can be a difficult situation for new toilets and a lot of work to handle – but once the load finally slides out, your owner will sigh and moan in relief and all your hard work will be rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment, pride and a good deed well done.


Don’t try to swallow it as it comes or else you will never catch a good breath. Control your instinct to swallow and breath normally while letting it fill your mouth. Feel around with your tongue to break up any more solid chunks. Then, when your mouth is full enough, take a big gulp and empty it quickly. This way you will not panic, you can breathe most of the time and there is less chance it will shoot out of your nose.

Long Turds:

These can be very hard for a novice to deal with. The instinct is to bite off smaller pieces and chew. But these often come way too fast for that and you may choke or back up your owner, and they will not be pleased. The best thing to do is “deep throat” it. Adjust your angle so that your throat is wide open and the shit has a relatively straight path from their rectum, through your mouth and down your gullet into your stomach. Make sure to take a deep breath before doing this as you will have to hold your breath while it slides down. Also, stick out your tongue as far as it will go to avoid any obstruction at the back of the mouth. Stick the tongue into the anus and lay it wide and flat. Undulate it to help keep the shit moving down your throat. Use your throat muscles to keep it going – you don’t want it to get stuck! With luck, the shit will have exited their ass within 10-30 seconds and it should take you only another 30-45 seconds to take it all down your gullet and into your stomach and your work is all done except for the cleanup. Expert toilets can do this in 30-45 seconds, though others have developed alternative methods such as “circular breathing” (alternately opening and closing the esophagus and windpipe to breath while deep-throating the shit) or simply learning to hold your breath for minutes at a time. Some species of toilet are fortunate enough to be able to hold their breath for nearly half an hour – some need not breathe at all! Whatever your method, if you can swallow a foot-long turd straight down your throat without breaking it up or slowing down the speed of your owner’s defecation, you will be very pleased with how impressed they are and they will brag about you to their friends! Well done!

Wide Loads:

These can be scary and intimidating. I’ve eaten some shits with diameters the size of softballs or greater (usually from heavily constipated people, as mentioned above). In these cases, you cannot possibly take it straight down your throat like Long Turds. You must, in this case, bite of manageable pieces and swallow them quickly. Do not bother chewing, just swallow it as there is much more and it will keep coming. Under no circumstances should you allow the shit to back up into your owner – that is a terrible faux pas. Instead, let your cheeks bulge out with shit, even if it makes you look like a chipmunk. Trust me, your owner will be much happier seeing you look like a chipmunk than have you choke on their shit, then vomit up their asshole. And you will have just made more work for yourself, since you will have to swallow your vomit from their ass and re-swallow any shit you regurgitated. (Note: in some cases, certain sadistic owners intentionally try to choke their toilets with their shit to induce a “barf enema”. If this is the case, then allow them to do so as they are your owner and you are nothing but their toilet and should and must cater to their desires and obey).

Clean Up:

Shits come in all shapes and sizes, all colors, smells and consistencies. But a good, thorough clean is a necessity, regardless of how messy the poop was. Many novice toilets make the mistake of starting the cleaning on the outside, at the anus (or, worse, *only* doing the outside!). Rather, insert your tongue as deeply as you can and work your way back out. Move the tongue around the inside of their rectal walls, feeling for balls of shit or smears. If your tongue is long enough, be sure to reach all the way to the end of the rectum where it joins with the intestines. If need be, apply gentle suction to get out any stubborn or large chunks that you feel with your tongue. Continue your tongue work around the rectum, being sure to get all sides and work your way down. (If your owner has a penis, he or she may enjoy having you massage his or her prostate with your tongue while they jerk off). Be sure to curl your tongue behind the sphincter to get any shit pieces that may be stuck behind it (this is another common novice oversight). Also be sure to retract your tongue and swallow any shit and clean the tongue any time you have any appreciable amount of shit on it during the cleaning. If you wait until your tongue is completely coated, the sphincter will just scrape most of it off as you retract your tongue and you will have wasted both your own hard work and your owner’s time. This is especially true of pieces of undigested food such as corn and peanuts. When you encounter these, you must work them free, place them in the center of your tongue and curl up the end to keep it from sliding off as you pull it out of the sphincter and anus.

Part 3. Scott

Their honeymoon was a magical time that they would always cherish. Meryn and Jeremy spent two weeks at a private beachfront villa in St. Marten which had been arranged by Scott through one of his business associates. While they certainly had enjoyed the sun, surf and sights together, they had spent the better part of their time with Jeremy’s face planted between her thighs, or with Meryn’s legs wrapped around his groin. There was even some time with her lips and tongue encircling and enveloping her prick.

But the real world, and their life within it, awaited them on their return home. Their home. Meryn was immersed at work in preparing the second phase of her investment project, after the spectacular success of the first. There was speculation and rumors floating around the company that if the second phase went as well as the first, she would be in line for a Vice Presidency, becoming the youngest ever in the history of the company. She tried her best to put these rumors out of her mind. There was still far too much time, hard work, effort and results to be attained before she could be thinking of anything like that.

For his part, Jeremy was having success in his career as well. He had been appointed Vice Chairman of the English Department in his school district for the coming year, and as the current chairman was planning to retire in another year, he certainly appeared to be the heir apparent for that position.

Their lives were thus kept very busy by their work responsibilities. He continued to be primarily responsible for all the domestic duties, but she helped out as much as she could, with nary a peep of protest any more from him. They settled into a comfortable but hectic routine. Her weekly hour-long total body massages, usually reserved for Friday nights, became more frequent as he sensed her heightened tension from the increasing stresses of her job. They thoroughly enjoyed the time they were able to make and spend with each other, but after several months Meryn realized that their social life had become almost non existent. They were able to go out for an occasional dinner and movie, but they hadn’t been able to do very much with friends.

In reality, as a couple, they didn’t really have any close friends. Meryn talked to Natasha frequently on the phone, and they got together several times a month for lunch. Now that he felt free to tell her, she knew that Jeremy and Scott also did things together. She thought it strange that she and Natasha, and Jeremy and Scott should be each other’s closest friend, but the four of them had nothing to do with each other as couples. Maybe not so strange, she admitted to herself. She had been primarily responsible for that. But things had changed, hadn’t they? She and Jeremy were married now, and secure in their, albeit, unusual relationship. She shouldn’t feel threatened any more by how Natasha and Scott might interact between themselves in private.

Unfortunately, she had to acknowledge, she still barely knew Scott. He rarely visited their home, and when he did, it was usually when she was at work, as Jeremy always got home before her to begin to prepare dinner and start his chores. One time she had left work early and found him there with Jeremy. He had quickly said “Hello Miss Meryn”, eyes cast down, and then hurriedly said that he had to get home to his Mistress, and left. She had come to the conclusion that Scott didn’t like her. She broached this to Jeremy one night during her evening foot massage.

“I don’t think that’s true at all.” He told her.

“Then what is it?” She queried. “He never talks to me. He hardly ever looks at me. He didn’t even dance with me at our wedding. As your Best Man.”

Jeremy was silent for a few moments.

“I think he’s afraid of you.”

She shuddered. “Because of … that night?”

He chuckled. “No, no. Not at all. Although I’m sure he doesn’t have the fondest memory of it. He certainly would never hold that against you. He knows that that’s part of the life he’s accepted. And even desires.”

Meryn couldn’t quite bring herself to believe that, but forged ahead.

“So what is he afraid of then. I saw him at the wedding with other people. He was friendly, engaging. You say he has a great sense of humor. How come I never experience any of that with him?”

Jeremy paused again before answering. Considering. He finally offered.

“In the outside world, Scott is a tremendously successful businessman and entrepreneur, and he can interact with most people on that level. But in what he considers his real life, he’s a slave. And you’re a Mistress. Not his Mistress, but a Mistress nonetheless. And he doesn’t know how to approach you. How you would respond. If you would think him presumptuous, or even worse, for even daring to take up a moment of your time.”

“Oh Jeremy, that’s just silly.”

He stopped his kneading of her feet.

“No.” He said quietly. “It’s not. Not for us.”

She couldn’t help but notice the reference to ‘us’. Kindred spirits indeed.

“So what can I do then?”

He began massaging her feet again.

“I don’t know. Natasha and he are much deeper psychologically into this lifestyle than we are, so he has a lot farther to come than I did.”

“And you still have a long way to go.” She said lightly.

“I know.” He acknowledged.

So, apparently, did she. Meryn sat silently for several minutes, thinking and contemplating while Jeremy continued with his care of her feet. Finally…

“Jeremy. I want you to do something for me.”

“Your wish is always my command.”

In their case this was quite literally true.

“I’ve been having trouble fully integrating my home computer program with the new system at work, and my IT people there haven’t been able to work out the kinks.” In reality this wasn’t true. They had told her that they could fix it but they would have to come over to work on her home computer, and she hadn’t had them do so yet. “Since it’s his area of expertise, I’d like you to ask Scott to come over on Saturday to see if he could help me with it.”

“I’ll ask him.” Jeremy said warily.

“And when he’s here, I’m going to send you on an errand out of the house. I want to have a talk with Scott. Alone.”

Jeremy nodded slowly.

“I think that would be best. And good.” Then he added. “You know he’s going to have to ask Natasha for permission.”

‘”I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.” She answered.

And it wasn’t. She called Natasha the next day, explaining the computer problem, and requesting Scott’s services. After expounding at length about what dolts the IT people were at their company, Natasha assured her that Scott would be there promptly at whatever time she wanted him on

Saturday, and that he would fix her problem if he knew what was good for him.

On Saturday, Scott arrived at the apartment precisely at 11:00 AM as requested. Jeremy met him at the door, and they went together into the computer room so that Scott could begin his work. After about fifteen minutes Meryn called to Jeremy from the living room that she wanted him to go out to the store for her. He promptly left, and Scott, remained behind, working.

Several minutes later Meryn entered the computer room. She observed him silently from behind, his back straight, appearing confident and comfortable, his fingers dancing over the keyboard as he watched the monitor, with windows popping up and out at his direction at a dizzying pace. This was a different person than the one to whom she had been exposed. This was the person she wanted to get to know, and this was the real reason she had him brought here. It was time to get on with it.

“Hello Scott.” She began.

He jerked, and rapidly swivelled in his chair to face her, appearing flustered as if he didn’t know whether to stand up, kneel down, or stay where he was. She tried to make it easy by indicating he should stay put, as she pulled over a chair and sat down a few feet away from him. He settled for directing his eyes to the floor.

“Good morning Miss Meryn.” He answered in a low voice.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help with my computer problem.”

“It’s my honor and duty, Miss Meryn.” He replied, eyes still cast down.

“Yes, well, I still greatly appreciate it.” She paused. “But I want to be totally honest with you Scott. I didn’t really need your help with the computer. I had another reason I wanted you to come over today.”

He now raised his eyes slowly to look at her, tentatively.

“I started to suspect that.”

“Why so?”

A ghost of a smile creased the corners of his lips.

“I could see that even a ‘dolt’ of an IT person could have handled this easily. I should be finished in a couple of minutes, so I don’t understand why you had to go out of your way to have me do it.”

“Okay then. Let me tell you the real reason I wanted to have you over today. I wanted to have a chance to talk to you.”

He didn’t respond for several moments. Then…

“Why Miss Meryn?”

“Because you’re Jeremy’s closest friend, and I don’t know you at all. And I’d like to. But you seem to try to avoid me at every opportunity.” She had to know for sure. “Is it because of that one … ah … encounter we had last year?”

“No Miss Meryn. Please believe me. Not at all.” He now offered a slightly larger smile. “Although I must admit you wield a mean paddle.”

She grimaced, and he lost his smile quickly. He looked at her uncertain, as if he was struggling to make a decision. She sat expectantly. Finally he took a deep breath and continued.

“I learned later on from Jeremy that that is not part of your makeup, and how much you dislike that type of thing.” He began slowly. “I think it may have been unfair of my Mistress to have put you in that position. Now I’m far more concerned that you were upset and guilty about it, and I beg you not to be. It IS a part of my makeup.” He shrugged. “I may not enjoy certain aspects of it very much. But it is who I am, and what I’ve accepted.”

She nodded. “I can’t pretend that I understand that part of you Scott.” She admitted. “I still have difficulty understanding many things about Jeremy. But I know from him that there is far, far more to you than that. And I’d like to get to know THAT person a lot better. And maybe even become friends. As my husband has the privilege of being.”

He looked baffled, and even a little embarrassed.

“I don’t know if that’s possible Miss Meryn.”

“Why not? Look, everything begins with a first step. Let’s start with something simple. I’d like you to stop calling me Miss. Just call me …”

She paused and considered for a moment, then decided. “… Meryn.”

“I don’t think my Mistress would approve.”

“Now I know you were here last year when Natasha declared that in my house I make the rules. So I say again. Please, just call me Meryn. You know,” she went on, ” other than my mother, Jeremy is the only person I like calling me that. But I really think I would like you to do so as well.”

Scott was looking at her as if he really didn’t know what to say.

“And if there are times,” she continued, “when you feel … circumstances make it necessary for you to be more … formal … then just call me Miss Meri. What do you say?”

He answered with a tentative smile. “That you make the rules here … Meryn.”

“Good. That’s settled. Now how do we get Natasha to buy into all this, so that the four of us can be friends together outside of our private lives?”

Scott lost his smile again in a hurry. “That, I’m afraid ,isn’t going to happen.”

“Again I ask, why not? I know Natasha well. She’s a fun loving person and my dearest friend. Why wouldn’t she want the type of relationship with all of us where we could all just be friends. At least some of the time. And maybe she can get to know a little better, herself, the person I’m talking to now.”

“Because she’s never shown the slightest interest in getting to know that person,” he responded rapidly, “or in having anything more than the relationship that we have.”

“Wouldn’t you like it?”

“That has no importance at all.”

“You can’t really mean that Scott.”

“But I do.” He answered firmly. “With my Mistress I had only one choice to make, and once I made it, no more were allowed. It’s do what’s demanded, and receive only what’s given. And I accept that totally, to be able to keep what I have.” He stopped for a moment. “Oh, I guess in a physical way I could still choose differently. But mentally there is no longer any other choice for me.”

“But wouldn’t you like more?”

Scott looked down at the floor, and then back up at her, a wistful expression on his face.

“What you and Jeremy have is so very special,” he said softly. “To have something even distantly approaching it requires two people who want it. I don’t believe there is any reason to believe that that will ever happen with us.”

Meryn suddenly understood so much more. She wondered whether Natasha had any idea. She wanted to say so much more, but didn’t know how. Instead …

“Scott,” she began “I would like to ask your permission to talk to Natasha about some of the issues we’ve discussed today. I promise you that I will hold everything that WE’VE talked about in the strictest confidence.”

He smiled, but his eyes held a sadness.

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for that consideration, or tell you how much it means to me that you offer it.” He bit his lip. “I truly wish I could extend that same courtesy to you.”

Now it was Meryn’s turn to feel a certain sadness.

“I understand.” She assured him, not really sure that she did. “I would still very much like to have your permission though. May I? Please.”

His smile widened a little bit, and his eyes seemed a little less sad.

“Yes … Of course … Meryn.”

Part 4. Natasha

Meryn knew that Natasha was going to be a far more difficult challenge, even though she knew her so much better and considered her a very close friend. There seemed to be two Natashas these days. There was the Natasha she had known for years, whom she still talked to all the time on the phone, and frequently got together with for lunch, laughing and joking, sharing confidences, and generally being very comfortable with. Then there was Natasha, the Domme, who seemed to revel in the power and thrill of totally controlling and manipulating another human being. Owning him in all but the legal sense. This Natasha had introduced her to Jeremy, and had at least begun to show her how to meet the needs that Jeremy had. The fact that Natasha had done this, not out of any consideration or thought for Jeremy, but because she felt that Meryn would also come to relish the lifestyle, was almost beside the point. Meryn and Jeremy had grown into their own unique relationship, and met each others wants and needs in their own way. She would always be grateful to Natasha for being the spark.

But it was this second Natasha that she had been avoiding for well over a year, and whom she feared she was going to have to deal with now. She felt that it had now become even more important to her than just hoping that she and Jeremy could develop a comfortable friendship, outside the context of their private lives, with Natasha and Scott. In the short time she had come to know him better, she could sense that Scott, even if he was unable to consciously acknowledge it, had a desire to be more for Natasha. Whether Natasha, the Domme, had any desire to have more from him was the question that needed to be explored.

Having anticipated that she would want to talk to Natasha soon after her manufactured meeting with Scott, Meryn had arranged to have lunch with her the following Monday. Concerned that sensitive topics might be discussed, and emotions might flare, she had asked for a back corner booth, away from where most of the other customers would be sitting.

“So Meri.” Natasha said as she sat down in the booth with a smile that seemed more like a smirk. “I understand that you want to be friends with my slave.”

Meryn sighed. She had somewhat expected this. Scott had forewarned her.

“I guess he told you about our little talk.”

“Of course he did.” She said sternly. “Scott has no rights of privacy or to have secrets from me.” Her tone now softened. “But you do, Meri. He was far more circumspect than I liked, which he paid for in Penance that night I can tell you. But after I assured myself that you were just trying to get to know him better, God knows why, out of respect for you I didn’t delve any more deeply.” She shrugged. “You have a right to your confidences. Even if they ARE with my slave.”

“I suppose I should thank you for that.” Meryn replied, regretfully aware that her actions had already caused Scott some increased pain.

“No. Not at all Meri.” Natasha laughed. “I must admit, however, that I find your idea amusing. I can’t imagine how you would find it in any way worthy of your time and effort.”

“Why so Tash?” Meryn responded. “You and I are very good friends, and so are Jeremy and Scott. Why is it surprising that I would like to have that friendship shared between all of us, outside of what we do when we’re alone with our men?”

“Why would you think that I would want anything like that with my slave. Look Meri, I realize that you’re not as heavy into this as I am, and that you allow Jeremy to be something more than your possession. I can accept that, and interact with him as your husband on that level. But I have no interest in having Scott be anything more than he is. One who exists in my world only to cater to my every want and desire. With no thought to his own. Whose sole purpose is to see to my comfort and pleasure. Why would I want anything more?”

“What if he wants more?”

“That has absolutely no relevance.” She snorted. “I’ve told you before that really doesn’t matter. He’s free to leave any time he wants. That he doesn’t tells me everything I need to know. And allows me to amuse myself by constantly trying to push him beyond what he may think are his limits. What more could he possibly have to offer me than that?”

“A lot more than you think,” Meryn responded hotly. “From the little I’ve already gotten to know of him, and what Jeremy has experienced as well. God, Tash.” She went on. “This is a man who lives with you, who works himself to the bone for you, and who cares for you very much.” This last brought a startled glance from Natasha. “And all you experience of him is a sniveling toady groveling at your feet, when you could have so much more.”

“A SLAVE who lives with me. Not a man.” She shot back. “And I like him as a sniveling toady. I want him as a sniveling toady. That’s all he is, and I’m sure that’s all he wants to be.” She concluded, but somewhat less convincingly.

Meryn was too upset to say anything more, and they both sat there silently for several minutes, Meryn with her fists gripped tightly, and Natasha with a speculative look on her face. Finally Natasha broke the impasse.

“I guess it does get a little boring at times, having to always be in character, even if the character is someone I want to be. And I really don’t get out as much as I deserve. Maybe I should get to know this other Scott you seem to like, a little better. It may give me something new and different to exploit.”

Meryn could only roll her eyes.

‘Okay Meri. I’ll make a deal with you. As you would like, we’ll get together as couples, do ‘friends’ things together, and see what our … men … have to offer.”

“And the deal?” Meryn asked suspiciously.

“Well, as my slave and I are going to be frolicking together with you and Jeremy in the vanilla world, I think it’s only fair that you two join us for some fun and games in my world.”

“Oh no Tash. I don’t think that’s such a good idea at all.”

Natasha laughed. “Come on Meri. I’m trusting you when you assure me that my slave is not going to be too corrupted by my loosening the leash a little bit. In return you’ve got to trust me that nothing bad is going to happen if we have some fun tightening the leash on both of them later. It’s not going to be like the last time. That was when you were new to all of this, and I thought I had to teach you some things. Maybe I went a little overboard with you there. But you’ve found your level now. What you want and are comfortable with, and how you want to live. There’s no problem with that. But it’ll be good for you to gently stretch your limits in a fun, controlled way. And I think Jeremy will appreciate it too. It won’t stretch Scott or me very much, but I think I’ll enjoy playing with you two. And I think you’ll find it fun as well.”

Part 6. The Plan

Over the next six months the two couples did get together a number of times, including another three day weekend of ‘Fun and Games’ at the lake. For that one, the two Mistresses jointly created a scenario of a two day Slave Olympics, with their slaves facing off in five different events of competitive subservience on each of the days. Both of the slaves had their individual triumphs. Jeremy’s signature one came in the pedicure contest, which was judged on speed of completion combined with accuracy of application. The final championship, however, was won by Scott. He did this in dramatic fashion by winning the last event of the two days. The Dommes had created an obstacle course in the back yard through which the slaves, their hands bound above and in front of their heads, raced on their bellies through the course to retrieve a pair of their owner’s panties at one end of the course, returning with it in their teeth through the course again to place it at their owner’s feet at the other end. Natasha was absolutely delighted with her ultimate victory. Meryn, and she believed Jeremy as well, was not upset with the loss, suspecting that it would save Scott some pain in Penance down the line. Instead, as a reward to her slave, Natasha announced that when they retired to their room for the evening she planned on releasing him from the plastic cage in which he was usually, for some play time.

Because of their hectic work schedules, particularly Meryn’s, all of their other get togethers were of what Natasha called the vanilla variety. They went out to dinners, concerts, shows, even bike riding in the park, and they generally all had an excellent and enjoyable time together. As she got to know him better, Meryn found that Scott was quite a raconteur, but more importantly, as Jeremy had indicated, he was really a nice, funny and endearing person, of whom she had genuinely become very fond, and now considered a dear friend.

The only discordant notes during these times together, were the seemingly random episodes of humiliation and cruelty Natasha would occasionally inflict upon him. It was as if, despite the good time they would be having, she always wanted him to be aware of who and what he was. This never appeared to bother Scott. Indeed, Meryn would often observe him gazing intently at Natasha when she was talking and not paying attention to him. At first, Meryn thought that he did this because it was not something he would be allowed to do in private. She soon came to realize however, with a certainty she couldn’t explain, that he was a man besotted, and not just with the lifestyle. She wondered if Natasha knew, and if she did, whether she even cared. Meryn resolved that the next time she got together alone with her she would discreetly feel her out about it. She would make every effort to do so in a way that wouldn’t compromise Scott, and possibly give Natasha as she would put it, something new to exploit.

She was presented with such an opportunity a week later, when, on a Saturday morning, Natasha had called and invited her over to her place for lunch. Scott had been given permission to attend to some business at his company for the day, and Saturday was Jeremy’s major household cleaning and laundry day, and she would just be in the way, so Meryn jumped at the invitation.

“So Meri, I understand congratulations are in order.” Natasha said as they sat down to the lunch that Scott had prepared and set up for them before he left for work, and which he would clean up when he returned. Such was the life of a slave. “Record profits for the quarter. Your project is keeping the entire company afloat.”

This latter statement wasn’t precisely true of course, but the second phase of her project was already doing better than the tremendous success of the first, as the hefty bonus she had just received amply reflected.

“Thanks Tash. I appreciate that. My group has done very well so far. But I think my success pales to that of Scott’s.” As she had come to know him better, and they had talked shop at times, she had come to find out just how spectacularly successful his software company was. She had estimated that he and it were worth well into the eight figures. “You must be very proud of him.”

“What he does outside of the lifestyle is of very little interest to me, except to how it might add to my comfort.” Natasha replied.

“Well, you’ve got to admit he’s quite an accomplished and successful person. And a heck of a nice guy to boot.” Meryn prodded.

“Yes, I’ve noticed you’ve become somewhat enamored of him. I’ll be happy to lend him to you for a day if you’d like to have some private fun with he and Jeremy.”

“Oh come on Tash. You know that’s not what I mean. I’ve come to consider Scott a very close friend.”

“That’s what I was afraid of when we started all this.”

“You can’t possibly mean that.”

“Of course I do.” Natasha retorted. “Look Meri, I’ll grant you that you’ve caused me to see a different and sometimes more interesting Scott from the one whom I generally experience. All that has really done, though, is give me the added excitement of knowing that besides being a hunk, he is a very accomplished and successful person whom the vast majority of people might desire to be, but at the end of the day, all HE truly desires in his life is to kneel before ME and place himself in my hands. Like a lump of clay to be made into anything I wish and want. That, more than the service and pleasure he provides me every day, is what gives me my greatest thrill. That I can mold him, twist him, push his limits in ways he couldn’t ever imagine, with no thought of how he might feel about it, as long as it provides me with enjoyment and entertainment. I have no interest in him in any other way. Certainly not as a friend. I’m sure he doesn’t want that either. Not that it matters. That’s not what he’s in this for.”

She paused for a moment.

“But you are a friend Meri, and very important to me. If you need him as something more, as a friend if you want, I will of course allow it. For you.”

“Are you so sure about all of this, Tash?” Meryn asked, not fully believing.

“Why shouldn’t I be? Scott has given his existence to me to do with what I will. He has no other purpose to me but to use him as I wish. And I do push his limits, believe me.”

“How so?” Meryn was almost forced to ask.

“Ah, Meri. You’ve never shown any interest before in knowing the degree to which I’ve developed my dominance. I’ve respected that because I know you’re happy and satisfied with your level. And I’ve enjoyed playing with you and Jeremy at the fringes of the lifestyle where you live, because you’re my closest friend. But if you really want to know, I’d be very happy. It would be exciting and fun sharing ideas and experiences with someone else, someone I’m close to and trust. Particularly now.”

“Why so?”

Natasha was silent for several long moments, then plunged ahead, eyes glittering.

“I’ve been contemplating taking Scott, and myself, to an entirely new level. Expanding both of our boundaries way beyond where we’ve been. I’ve been hinting about it to him for a while now, and I can see he’s terrified at the prospect, which makes it all the more delectable. And I’ve now finally decided the time has come.”

“What are you talking about Tash?” Meryn asked, a feeling of dread filling her.

“You know that I have Scott satisfy and pleasure me in every way I demand.” Natasha rushed on. “And he does, and it’s been grand. But I miss fucking, Meri. It’s been over two years. A Domme shouldn’t deny herself that long.”

“So why would Scott be terrified of that? I would think it would be something he would greatly look forward to.”

“Please.” Natasha sneered. “How many times do I have to tell you. You don’t fuck your slave. I’m going to have to find someone else for that particular pleasure.”

Meryn was appalled.

“But that’s going to devastate Scott if he finds out.”

“Of course he’s going to find out.” Natasha laughed. “He’s going to be kneeling right there by my bedside, watching me in all my glory, as I’m pleasured in a way that he will never be able to provide. That’s what’s going to make it so much more special.”

Meryn stood up abruptly.

“Natasha ཀ That’s monstrous ཀ … Don’t do it ཀ … Natasha, I mean it ཀ … that will destroy him ཀ”

“Oh, I have no doubt it will be excruciating for him, but that’s what makes it so exciting. For both of us. It will further fill that inner need he has, and I know deep down he’ll love every minute of it. Knowing, finally, that he is my slave in every imaginable way.”

“HE WON’T.” Meryn cried. “I’m absolutely sure he won’t love that.”

“How can you be so sure?” Natasha snorted.


Natasha flinched.

“Natasha. Don’t do this.” Meryn continued, almost pleading. “If you do, then yes, maybe Scott will stay on as your slave, but only as that. You’ll lose him, and everything else he has to offer. Forever. And he has so much more he wants to give, to be for you. And you’re going to throw it all away. Don’t do it Natasha. I’m begging you.”

Meryn sat back down, stone faced.

“If you do, Scott won’t be the only person you lose.”

They stared at each other silently for over a minute. Finally, quietly, Natasha responded.

“I think you’re all wrong about this, Meri. About all of it. I really do.”

More silence.

“But because I respect you so much, I will consider what you’ve said.” A truly evil thought then entered her mind. And she let it develop and simmer in deathly quiet before proceeding.

“If you truly want me to consider changing my plans, you have to do something for me.”

“What Tash?” Meryn replied with equal degrees of wary relief and suspicion.

Natasha smiled benignly.

“I’d like you to lend Jeremy to me for an evening. Next Saturday would be about right.”

“You can’t be serious ཀ”

Natasha’s smile turned into a grin. “But I am. If you want me to consider your plea for Scott, you’ll lend me your slave.” She laughed. “I’m not going to abuse him, Meri. If I know Jeremy, he’s going to enjoy what I’m going to ask of him.”

“And just what might that be?” Meryn demanded.

“No, Meri. That’s going to have to be my little secret. To make this work out the way I want it, you’re going to have to trust me. If you really

care about Scott’s presumed well being so much, you just have your slave

report to me next Saturday evening, and tell him to do whatever I ask of him. You do have that much control over him, don’t you?”

Meryn bristled. Every instinct in her body screamed for her to say no. Her first and most important priority was the care of her own. Jeremy. But she had come to care very much for Scott, and she knew that Natasha’s plan would damage him irreparably. And she knew that Jeremy, given the choice, would do anything he could to help his friend. Finally, she didn’t really think that Natasha would ever betray her. Would jeopardize everything they had together. She worked up a deep breath, sighed, and then stared at Natasha as she said.

“Okay Natasha. We’ll do it your way. Jeremy will be here next Saturday. This better not be a mistake. On either of our parts.”

“Great Meri. This will work out just fine. I really believe both slaves are going to enjoy what I have planned.”

She grinned wickedly as she then thought to herself: And I’m going to find out if you’re right, Meri, while you’re going to learn what it means to be a true Domme.

Part 7. The Breaking Point

For the next several days Natasha struggled with her decision to proceed with her plan. Her conversation with Meryn had strongly affected her. She valued Meryn’s friendship greatly. She had been quite happy that Meryn had engineered the friendship that had developed between the couples, even in the vanilla world. Indeed, as Meryn had predicted, she found that she enjoyed the different Scott she encountered there, and had come to immensely appreciate the fascinating aspects of him she had discovered. They helped make her relationship with him in her private domain even more intense, and led her to realize how much more from him she wanted.

She was also glad that Meryn had agreed to venture more into her world, even if it was just below the surface from where Meryn normally lived. Even though Natasha wasn’t challenged by these forays, she found that she was more comfortable doing things with Meryn. She was becoming increasingly annoyed, and occasionally even a little intimidated by some of the more serious lifestyle Dommes with whom she had come to know and associate. All too often many of them became far too competitive about their dominance. This was not an issue with Meryn. There was never any question with her of who between them was more dominant. Despite this, Meryn never seemed to need to prove anything to anyone, and Natasha respected her all the more for that. She also realized that she greatly wished for Meryn’s respect in return.

But Natasha had become obsessed with finding out if Meryn was right in what she had said. By mid week she was sure of her decision to proceed, and once made, she was filled with an almost giddy excitement and euphoria for the rest of the week. She informed Scott that Saturday would be a most special evening, as she would be entertaining a male guest, and she expected his preparation and participation to be perfect.

As he sensed her nervous anticipation, Scott realized that this was the event that his Mistress had been hinting about for some time, and of which he had been living in dread. He accepted, and had even chosen his role in her life. He was forever grateful however that Meryn and Jeremy had created the opportunity for her to see him in a different light. He had long wished for her to discover how much more he had to offer her. Not the successful entrepreneur, but the real person within him. And she had appeared to enjoy and appreciate that person. He was also thankful that he was able, at times, to experience a different Natasha as well, a caring, carefree, happy-go-lucky, vibrant young woman. The fact that she was not ONLY the stern taskmistress, who kept him firmly underfoot, a place he did long to be as long as it was under her foot, served to entrance him all the more.

But this was all threatened to be rendered meaningless by the action his Mistress was planning. He understood that stretching his limits and expanding his boundaries was part of the dynamic that fueled their relationship, and made it continually enticing for her. He just didn’t know if this was a boundary he could traverse safely without breaking. Early on in their relationship, he would have felt that his Mistress had every right to do what she was now apparently planning. Since that time however, she had come to mean so much more to him. And, he hazarded a desperate hope, he also might be so to her. While he believed that she still had that right, he felt that if she proceeded with her plan, something vital and important inside him would be crushed. Perhaps forever. He would remain her slave, but that would be all he would, or could ever be. Maybe that was all she would ever want of him. And it would be all he would ever be able to give.

As he awoke early Saturday morning, he arose from the palette on which he always slept at the foot of his owner’s bed. . He quietly left the bedroom so as not to rouse her, showered and shaved in the extra bathroom, put on a fresh pair of panties, and then proceeded to prepare her breakfast. Checking the clock until the precise time that he was instructed, he reentered the bedroom, fell to his knees, and began to gently kiss her feet, which was the prescribed way to wake her every morning.

After several minutes, Natasha roused, stretched, and tapped him on the top of his head with her free foot to signal that he should stop his homage.

“What a glorious morning. This is the day I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I’m so excited.”

Scott’s only response was a wave of anxiety that surged through his stomach. He scrambled to place slippers on her feet as she sat up on the side of the bed, then helped her into her robe, before she entered the Mistress bathroom.

During breakfast he stood attentively to the back and side of her, rushing forward to refresh her coffee, refill her juice glass, or see to any other need she required. When she finished, he quickly cleaned up, grabbed a hurried bite to eat as he did so, and then spent the rest of the morning making the place spotless and ready for the evening’s activities, while she read the morning papers and lounged.

Just before noon Natasha announced that she wanted to go shopping. After they both had dressed, and he had opened the back door of the car for her, he got into the driver’s seat. She ordered him to take her to an upscale lingerie store, commenting that she wanted some new special items for the evening. En route she was unusually engaging in her conversation, but his nerves on this day made it difficult for him to do more that answer ‘Yes Mistress. No Mistress’ in response. Occasionally he was able to produce a witticism that made her laugh, but this did little to ease his tension.

Once at the lingerie store, after much deliberation, often asking his advice and using it for her final selection, she chose an elegant black silk negligee with matching panties and robe. She had him, rather than the saleslady, help her try on several selections of open toed slippers before she decided on a pair. She then led the way to the Full-Body section where she picked out a pair of frilly chiffon panties for him.

When they went to the cashier, the young salesgirl suggested to Natasha that she might have made a mistake. The chiffon panties were extra-large, while the rest of her purchases were more appropriately small. Natasha laughed, told her that there was no mistake, and looked pointedly at Scott. The salesgirl blushed, tittered, and then smiled knowingly at Scott as he paid the bill.

Natasha decided she wanted to shop in several more stores in the area, making a number of stops and purchases along the way, with Scott in tow behind, carrying all her packages and her pocketbook. Lunch was next on her agenda, and they went to one of her favorite lunch restaurants, where she ordered a soup and quiche for herself , and a small garden salad for him. Her mood continued to be buoyant, and she ‘encouraged’ him to regale her with several of his many droll stories, to keep her entertained.

When they finally arrived home in the late afternoon, she announced that she had to begin preparations for her special evening. She instructed him to change into his new chiffon panties, and then draw a hot bubble bath for her, and then await her in the bathroom. She arrived several minutes after it was filled, dressed only in her bathrobe and slippers, which he helped remove before she slipped in the warm, scented water. She luxuriated in it as he knelt by the side, chatting away about how wonderful her day had been thus far, and how much more so it would be that night.

After about fifteen minutes, she had him shampoo and rinse her hair, then cleanse her entire body with her loofa. He then assisted her out of the bath, toweled her dry, slipped on her slippers, helped wrap a towel around her hair and a larger one around her body before they went into the bedroom. She unwrapped the body towel and lay down prone on the bed, and allowed him to give her a body massage with her favorite lavender-scented lotion. When she finally indicated that he was finished with this, he asked her if she wanted him to prepare dinner for her. She replied that she was too excited to eat, and that ‘they’ would dine after. She then bade him to give her a manicure and pedicure, using the magenta colored nail polish she had purchased earlier in the day.

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