“Aw, Shit” thought Starr as she looked down on her man. Bobby was a young, tall, caramel colored steelworker with a face as handsome as a movie star’s. Tonight, though, was drunk and had passed out on their California king sized bed. His drool dripped upon the pillow. His dick hung limply as a soggy dishrag. The TV across the room was still playing the fourth quarter of the Raiders game. They were losing, and as usual Bobby’s last words were “After the game, Babe I promise.”

She looked down at the fifth of Jemma Dean Brandy that they had shared. The blonde on the bottle smiled provocatively from the label. Her scant bikini barely covered her perky tits and tiny ass. Her emerald eyes sparkled as her blonde locks stood suspended in wind and time. Starr fumed. How many nights had this blonde bitch taken her man from her?

She stared at herself in the full length mirror on the closet door. Yes, she certainly wasn’t miss Jemma. Her afro puffs would never fall to her shoulders. Her chestnut eyes would never twinkle. Her large brown breasts would never fit behind a string bikini. Even if they did, there was no thong that her thick ass wouldn’t swallow. Hell, her shaved pussy probably stood out further than Jemma’s pale ass ever would.

Starr spread her legs and squeezed her tight slit open. The pink inside made it look like a hungry open mouth. Those lips were just as full and kissable as the ones on her face. Her round eyes sloped slightly down towards her chin giving her a natural “fuck me” glance. The blue eye shadow she wore only enhanced her seductiveness. Her nose stood proud and wide as the queens of ancient Kemet.

Her pussy was just as royal. Her fingers probed her smooth velvet box and searched for the familiar ridge. She found it, low and shallow in her tight hole. A thick sheet of wetness rained down into her thick thighs and nails.

She closed her eyes and pressed harder. Her mind and body swept into a lusty fog.

She laid on the bed and turned off the TV. She struggled to hold on to that delicious feeling. She spread herself again accidentally kicking Bobby in the thigh. He muttered incoherently and rolled over on his side still asleep.

“Fuck him” she thought. “It’s time to cum.”

Starr quickly rediscovered her special ridge. The wetness flowed as she continued to stroke it with a cum hither motion. Her pussy glowed with warmth as she inched her finger higher. Her left hand grabbed her breast as if programmed to do so. Her thumb rolled around the nipple flicking it freely.

Her finger reached higher pressing the soft slippery button under her clit. Her hips bucked forward as she placed her thumb on top of her sexy mound.

A whimper left her mouth as her finger traveled to more sensuous ground. A second digit turned the whimpers into moans. The come hither motion turned to sharp stabs as she dreamed of the way Bobby used to tear her apart.

Her tiny fingers paled against his hard thick manhood, but they would do tonight. The warm kisses he once spattered on her neck. The way his rough hands used to grab her ass for dear life– both were just a fond memory.

Starr’s fingers slowed. The left hand left her breast.

“GODAMNIT!” She cursed.

She shook Bobby to try and wake him. His eyes popped open crazily.

“Bitch, I’m tired.” he slurred.

He buried his head in her favorite silk pillow, grabbed what was left of the blanket, and fell asleep. His snores filled the bedroom.

Bobby sleeping was bad enough, but for Starr snoring was the ultimate turnoff. She grabbed the bottle of Jemma Dean and guzzled hard. Maybe she could drink enough to pass out her self- but had no luck. The bottle was now empty and his snores were still too loud.

Starr turned on the lamp on her nightstand. She walked towards the closet and realized that she was even sexier in the light. Her fine brown pillow ass curved a firm but feminine belly and those tits– huge natural globes that caught many an eye.

The door was slightly open revealing a red evening dress. It was the kind that showed off her curves in all the right ways. It beckoned to be worn, so she reached out and ripped it from the hanger. She pulled it over her body and fastened the zipper from behind. It was sexy- even sexier without the bra and panties she normally wore.

Starr giggled as her nipples stuck through the fabric. She grabbed the matching five inch heels from the closet floor and strapped them to her feet.

She took another glance in the mirror and confirmed it- The queen had graduated to a sexual goddess. A fading stream of juice still clung to her thighs. She scooped it with her fingers and dabbed a little behind each ear. She grabbed her small red clutch and headed for the bedroom door.

She passed by the small kitchen and sparse living room. It was a tiny apartment and in a bad neighborhood, but at least it was clean and modern. Starr shrugged as she left the unit. It was time to get satisfied.

Sully’s Tavern was a dark unassuming dive, one of many that littered the landscape of the small East Bay city. Donald sat at the bar alone sipping his fourth Stoli martini. His sales calls had all been busts and he was tired of rejection. Even the bartender had all but ignored him for the lure of late night medical soaps on a big screen TV. The liquor was helping, but didn’t quite turn off his day. He couldn’t even bring himself to loosen his tie.

Suddenly he heard the screech of tires in the outside lot. Donald turned toward the bar’s grimy entrance. The bang of a slamming car door followed. He turned back to his drink. Whatever was going on outside shouldn’t concern him. Donald wanted his world to be small as possible.

That all changed when Starr barreled inside.

He turned his head again. Yes, she sure was a looker, but with the day he was having…. forget it. He turned away. Better to keep drinking and sleep it off in the car. Somehow he didn’t think the bartender would mind.

Starr tried to get the barkeep’s attention, but the homely old hag was too glued to her stories to care.

“Excuse me, miss,” she called.

The bartender finally noticed her. “I would like a shot of Jemma Dean, if it’s not too much trouble.”

The bartender sighed and rolled her eyes as she grabbed the bottle from the bottom shelf. She poured the shot. Starr downed it and slammed the glass to the counter.

“Another,” she demanded. “This time make it a double. Then you can go back to your McDreamy show.”

The bartender sneered and served her in a highball glass.

Starr took a long pull and sized up Donald. She noticed his sandy brown hair, deep blue eyes and mismatched pants and blazer. Classic bachelor apparel. Sexiest of all was that he was desperately trying to sneak secret glances of her.

No, he wasn’t a dreamboat like her Bobby, but he’d do. She got up and sat down at the stool next to his.

“How long have you been here?” she asked.

“Who cares?” He replied.

“Is this your spot?”

“It is tonight.”

Donald drained the rest of his Martini. Starr turned to the bartender.

“Hey Missy” she growled. “My new friend is thirsty. Get him another martini, put it on my tab.”

The bartender handed Donald his drink. Starr grabbed her brandy and raised the glass. Donald raised his in kind.

“A toast to better days” she declared.

“To better days” agreed Donald.

The glasses clinked. His modest sip contrasted her gulp.

Both braced themselves as the liquor burnt their throats and walloped their heads. Starr processed Donald from head to toe and back.

“Yunno, you kind of look like that singer.” she mentioned

“Which one?” he asked.

“Does it matter? You’re fucking hot. That’s what matters”

Donald dared a full look at Starr. Naturally he noticed the pretty face, but most striking of all were the massive breasts she deliberately rested on the bar counter. He tried to play it off with a respectful glance back to her face, but it was no use. The hardened nipples called and his eyes answered.

Naturally Starr was well aware of what Donald’s intentions were. He was just one of many men and women that gravitated towards her bosom. Sometimes it bothered her, but certainly not tonight.

She took another suggestive swig. Donald turned his entire body completely towards hers. His red faced grinned from one ear to the other.

“Wow, you are something else” he declared

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She questioned

“Well… just look at you… I mean”


“Well, you got a gorgeous face”


“You have beautiful green eyes”

“They’re brown, but okay, what else?”

Donald steeled himself with another sip. He coughed and began to speak.

“You also have….Ummmm…. Fuck it. You have an amazing rack.”

He secretly barred his teeth bracing for the impact of another rebuke. Instead Starr grabbed his hand and placed it just above her left areola. She took a quick sip of her brandy.

“You know, sir, there is a lot more to me than just some tits and a pretty face” she said coyly.

“I bet there is,” replied Donald. “I’m sure you are a unique and complicated woman.”

Starr chuckled. “Is that the best you can do? You have your hand all over my titty and all you can talk about is how unique and complicated I am? Please.”

She removed his hand, left the stool, turned her back and bent over to the floor.

“Excuse me for a moment. I believe I dropped a quarter.”

Starr pretended to search for the imaginary coin. With five inch heels on her thick sexy ass was positioned mere inches from Donald’s waist. He took another sip. His brain told him to stay still, but the liquor compelled him.

He stood, grabbed Starr by the waist and pulled her against his pelvis. Starr felt the steel of Donald’s hard dick press against her ass crack. Donald crashed into her with slow, even thrusts.

“Keep going.” she cooed lustily.

Donald gasped. His thrusts grew harder.

Starr spun around. “You and I are leaving this place together. Right now.” she commanded.

“But what about our drinks?” asked Donald.

Starr silently drained the remaining brandy in her glass. She then snatched up Donald’s martini and finished it in a single gulp. She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him towards the door.

“Now we can go,” She declared.

“But what about the tab?” He asked.

“That’s why were leaving right now… Hurry up, that heifer’s show is about to end.”

They headed outside. The thrill of stolen booze was fresh and alive in their minds. Donald grabbed the keys to unlock his yellow Prius. Starr yanked him away.

“Fuck your car, you’re going home with me.”

She jerked him towards her blue Pontiac Firebird. She opened the door and all but pushed him into the passenger seat. Donald reached over and unlocked the driver side door as she came around the car.

She smiled and said “Well thank you kind sir.”

She then turned the key and roared the engine. She burnt rubber out of the parking lot before Donald even had a chance to put on his seat belt.

The front door unlocked as Donald and Starr entered the apartment. They were greeted by the echoes of Bobby’s snores.

“Is there someone else here?” asked Donald.

“No, that’s the TV.” replied Starr. “Now hush, you don’t want to wake the neighbors.”

She slipped into the bedroom and shut the door behind her.

She looked at Bobby who was passed out on his back. Snoring, motionless, dick limp and useless. She knew she had to shut him up to get the satisfaction she desperately craved, but how could she get it without waking him up?

With delicate hands, she slowly inched the drool-potted comforter out of his tight grasp and tossed it aside. She saw his muscular tatted chest pump up and down as the snoring grew louder.

Looking down at her love, a wave of guilt blew a slight breeze over her mind. She recapped the night, the drunken car ride, the stolen liquor, the possible kidnapping of a man she was about to seduce.

Worst was the betrayal of her finance. How could she ever look deep into his eyes again without him seeing it? Would the soothing liquor wash away the sins of the evening?

As Starr pondered this questions, she heard the sharp click of a deadbolt being turned in the living room.

Donald was about to leave. She lifted her dress and stuck a hand up to her thigh. Her pussy was still throbbing with a desperate warm wetness.

She made a decision.

Starr instinctively gave Bobby’s ribcage a sharp jab with her elbow. He replied with a startled snort and tightened his arms to his chest.

Starr held her breath.

Bobby’s eyes opened sharply. They scanned the room as if looking for an intruder. She stroked the side of his cheek with the back of her hand. He relaxed a little.

She stroked again. His eyes stilled. She kissed his forehead. His lids drooped, his neck dove deep into the pillow and once again Bobby returned to peaceful silent sleep.

Starr rushed back into the living room in time to see Donald walking out the front door. Just as he was shutting it behind him her powerful dark hands grabbed his gray sport coat collar and yanked him back inside.

Her red nails scratched his neck as she grabbed his throat and whispered in his ear “Where the Hell do you think you’re going?”

“Air…” he choked “I need air.”

Starr peered deep into his pale blue eyes and hovered mere inches from his face.

“So I put your hands on my titty, my pussy out on a silver platter and you’re going to tell me that you need air?” Starr grabbed his throat even tighter.

Starr led him towards the couch. Her faced curved into a sexy crazed smile. Donald’s lips moved to respond but lacked the wind to do so.

She interrupted “You sure don’t have much to say now, do you?”.

She pushed him on the forest green cushions while keeping her hand on his throat. Her right hand clawed his crotch, feeling his bulge begin to stir.

Starr massaged Donald’s groin. She was shocked not only by its growing girth, but also from the sheer heat it emitted. She wondered if he had a sauna in his pants.

The warmth made her strokes grow slower and more determined. As the size increased and Donald’s organ grew more defined she could now make out the head, shaft and balls with her slender fingers.

For the first few moments she dragged the edge of her long red nails against his struggling member.

Her pussy yawned and drooled down her leg. Her heart beat thundered as she kneaded his shaft smiling wickedly as it struggled to bust free from the prison of the tan corduroy slacks.

Starr’s daydream overtook her to the point that she forgot Donald couldn’t breath. A violent jerk from his neck reminded her. Starr gazed up and saw his pale face take on a slight shade of blue.

She moved her hand from his crotch to his mouth and whispered slowly into his ear.

“Listen cutey pie.” she began. “I’m going to be really nice and let you breath a little, but if you should try to run or wake up my neighbors then I will catch you and knock you over the head. You’ll wake up in a gutter unable to remember how you got there. Worst of all my fine, sexy pink panther will forever be something you only dream about. Now, can I trust you to behave yourself?”

Donald responded with a desperate nod.

“Good boy” she replied. “Cooperate and I’ll make this the best night of your life.”

She slowly relaxed the grip on his throat and slid her hand from his mouth.

Donald gasped and savored his returning breath. The air overflowed his yearning lungs until he coughed.

Starr grabbed his throat once again and cruely taunted, “Don’t…wake…. the neighbors.”

She slowly released the grip. Donald regained his composure. She lifted her hands from his face.

Starr stood erect. Her stance softened into sweetness. Her eyes did the same and almost magically changed from chestnut brown to light hazel. Her smile grew tight and inviting as an LA billboard star.

She knelt down before him in a saucy bunny dip giving him a second lingering stare at her ample rack. She tipped his chin up away from her with her fingers.

She slapped him firmly and nodded her finger in disapproval.

“No, you don’t deserve to see these.” She scolded. “You left”.

“Well, technically I didn’t” countered Donald. “I’m still here”.

“If I hadn’t crashed your escape you’d be out there walking down Smalley Ave in the dark, three miles away from your damn car. You’d risk that kind of misery rather than get a sure piece of ass?”

“It’s not that it’s just…”


“you came on kind of strong… it was a little scary.”

“How else is a woman supposed to get her needs met when men like you don’t even have the balls to strike up a conversation? I spend hours picking my clothes and getting my make up right, now I have to make the first move too? Well I’m gonna make sure it works because I am NOT going back to bed unsatisfied.”

Her face curled into an angry scowl as she marched into the bedroom. She walked out with the neck of the empty Jemma Dean bottle in her hand. She raised it over her head as she approached him in unsteady steps.

“You see this girl?” She asked.

Donald sat stunned with fear as he gazed on the pale hula girl.

“Watch your self or she will fuck up the side of your head.”

She placed the bottle on the ground turned her back to him and sat her thick ass firmly on his lap. She tossed her long braids from her neck to her shoulders. Then she reached behind her, snatched his hands and led them to her collarbone.

“Unzip me.”

Donald stroked the length of her back as his fingers found the gray zipper. He peeled it down and watched her back reveal itself. It was smooth with taut skin stretched over a round feminine frame.

Donald open the zipper to the last possible tooth. Starr turned towards him. the straps of her dress held the sexy fabric loosely over her massive mamaries and round belly. He tried to stretch his glances around the corners of the front. Maybe he could catch a glimpse of an areola.

Starr noticed him immediately just as she had at the bar. She placed her fingers under his chin and summoned his face to her bosom.

“Take it off.” she ordered.

Donald reached for the left strap. Starr slapped his knuckles.

“Not with your hands.”

She jerked her head towards him and made a biting motion. Donald bit down on the corner of her left dress strap.

He kissed her shoulders as he carefully lifted the tie with his teeth. Starr shifted her arm to allow the fabric to fall. Donald did the same with the second strap. Starr caught the front of the dress with her chin just before the garment could fall and finally reveal her full, puffy honeydew melon-sized breasts.

She drew him closer with a smoky glance.

“This move is yours.”

Donald was overwhelmed with lust and passion. As his breaths deepened his sexual instincts took over.

This was the hunt. Starr was a wounded gazelle in the path of a ravenous lion. There was no time to plan or second guess. It was time to think with his dick for a change.

Donald stood up from the couch with his slacks jutting from his thighs. His shoulders snapped back as he swept towards her. His right arm ambushed her waist. His left rushed the back of her neck.

He looked down on her hungrily as he cast his mouth towards her. His lips rained down one hundred kisses while his tongue tickled the tip of hers.

Her tongue asserted itself back as they darted frantically through each others mouth. Donald

pressed into her deeper until Starr had to dip her head back.

Her chin opened. The dress fell to her waist with only her ass keeping it completely off the floor. Donald immediately softened his kisses, placing her plump lips in between his.

She whispered a gasp as he sucked slightly. He quickly replaced one lip with the other, sucked, released, and shot a tongue deeply into her wet mouth.

She hated shopping for clothes. She always felt like nothing fit well—she had to look at a hundred things to find one. And she hated spending money on an expensive dress she would only wear once or twice a year. But she wanted a nice party dress, something she hadn’t bought for herself in a long time.

He was being patient, searching the racks, chasing down sizes while she waited in the dressing room, flattering her about the things she tried on. They were in the dress department of a department store—their third store that evening. It was a weeknight so the store was empty. There was only one store clerk covering three dressing rooms across two departments.

She had bought a pair of black high heels a couple of weeks ago and had brought them with her to find a dress that matched. She stood in the changing room with three dresses that might work. The leading candidate was a black silk dress—you might even call it the ‘little black dress’—it fit her well in the bust and didn’t flare too much off her ass. It was short…maybe too short…but it was cute.

She called out to him to come to the doorway to see it on and within seconds he appeared. She stepped out of the dressing room. “What do you think?” He starred at her in awe and finally replied, “That’s the dress, it fits great! Try it on with the shoes.” She stepped back into the dressing room, slipped on the high heels, and stepped back out. She could tell by the look on his face that he liked it. “Do you think it fits okay?” she asked, never convinced that a dress like this looked good on her.

“It fits great! And it looks great with those heels. You’re very hot!” he said with enthusiasm. She didn’t believe him, mostly because it was hard for her to believe it herself, but she did think it looked good.

“Let me try on the others,” she said. She tried on the next two dresses, calling him to the doorway for each, but he wanted the black dress. “Try on the black dress again—I really think that’s the one!”

She stepped back into the dressing room and changed into the black dress. She slipped on the high heels and admired herself in the full length mirror. Just as she took another turn in front of the mirror, she heard a tap on the dressing room door. “It’s me, let me in,” he whispered.

She opened the door and he slipped into the dressing room. “What are you doing?!?” she asked, surprised by his intrusion. “I want to see the dress,” he said. “You can’t be in here!” she exclaimed. “Sure I can—there’s nobody out there. Let me see.”

There wasn’t much room between them, but she took a step back and he admired the dress. “That’s the dress. It looks great!” he said encouragingly.

“You don’t think it’s too short?” she asked, looking at herself in the mirror.

“Absolutely not—it’s perfect,” he replied. He stood behind her as they faced the mirror and suddenly slipped his hands around her waist. “It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.” And he leaned over and started to kiss her neck. For a few seconds she didn’t resist, but then pulled away. “What are doing?” she asked, knowing what he was doing…

“Kissing your neck,” he replied, and he started kissing it again. She didn’t resist but said, “Well, you shouldn’t do that in here.” This time he pressed his body directly against her back and she felt the bulge in his pants press against her ass. He had an erection!

He started to kiss the top of her back where the dress wasn’t completely zipped. She closed her eyes and for a minute enjoyed the light kisses on her skin. But again she pulled away saying, “We shouldn’t do this in here.” But as she spoke, he took the dress zipper and in one, smooth motion unzipped it completely, the back panels falling open to expose her back all the way to the top of her underwear. He knelt on the floor and started to kiss the center of her back, following her spine to the edge of her underwear.

Again she didn’t resist. She was aroused, excited by his touch, but more excited by the forbidden location…the potential of getting caught. She didn’t know how far to let him go, but she realized she wanting him right now in this dressing room.

He stood up, turned her and slipped the dress off her shoulders, helping her step out of it. He laid it on the bench built-in to the back wall of the dressing room, and then turned his attention to her panties, helping her step out of them.

Now she stood before him in nothing but a bra and black high heels. He knelt again, this time facing her and began to kiss her breasts and abdomen, moving to her pussy. He widened her stance and her labia parted to reveal her moistness. He began to kiss her hairless region, finally slipping his tongue between her labia and licking all the way from her opening to the top of her clit.

She was overwhelmed by the excitement she felt and powerless to stop him. She wanted to cum and she took his head in her hands and pulled his lips tighter against her region. He began to lick her clit. She shifted her weight from side to side trying to adjust the contact his mouth had with her. Suddenly he licked the perfect spot. “RIGHT…THERE…” she exclaimed. And he began the lick the tip of her erect clitoris.

It only took another minute before she climaxed, her body convulsing with each wave of her orgasm. She moaned, too loud for a dressing room, then reached down and pulled him to his feet. “I want you inside me,” she demanded and began to undo his belt and unzip his pants. His pants and underwear dropped to his ankles and he lifted her against the wall of the dressing room and slid his cock inside her wet vagina. He pressed her against the wall, holding her ass in his hands, moving back and forth inside her. She brought her legs into the air and wrapped them around him as he pressed her against the wall.

Suddenly from outside the dressing room door, the sales clerk asked, “Everything alright in there? Need me to bring you a different size?” He stopped moving inside her and they fell silent. He whispered in her ear, “Answer her.”

“No, um…I’m fine…um…just one more dress to try on. We’ll…I mean, I’ll be right out.”

“Okay, if you need anything just let me know.” They heard the attendant walk away and she whispered to him, “We’ve got go.” But the pleasure was too great to stop so she let him continue to fuck her.

Within a few more thrusts he exploded inside her, thrusting four or five final times before he eased her off his cock. They dressed and she left ahead of him to make sure it was clear for him to leave the dressing room. They paid for the dress and left the department store, giggling to each other as they walked down the mall.

The stores were open for another 30 minutes. They came to a lingerie store. He teasingly asked her, “Interested in some lingerie to go with your new dress?” And to his surprise she said, “Sure, but you can buy me something—I’m going to the cosmetic store to get my face soap before they close.”

“Any purchasing guidelines?” he asked as she started to walk away. “How about something with a crotch?!” she joked. “That’s no fun!” he replied, but she didn’t hear him as she walked down the mall.

He walked through the tables and racks of lingerie admiring the displays—he felt like a kid in candy store. He had just had an orgasm with her in the dressing room, but thinking about buying her some sexy lingerie made him hard again. There were too many choices, but he knew he better only buy one thing if there was any chance of getting her to wear it.

While he shopped, she went to her favorite cosmetics store to buy the face soap she liked. But she couldn’t help thinking about the sex they had just had in the dressing room—how the risk at getting caught had heightened the excitement, and how passionately he had fucked her. And now he was buying her lingerie…she wondered what he would buy and if it would be practical enough to wear with real clothes, or if it would be for the bedroom only. In the end she decided it didn’t matter…she felt sexy right now after their dressing room passion and she wanted to wear whatever lingerie he bought.

They met up at the mall exit and walked to the car. He was carrying a bag from the lingerie store. “What did you get me?” she asked. “I’ll show you later,” he taunted. Then he asked, “Want to get a beer?”

She agreed and they went to their favorite neighborhood bar on the way to their house. After they got their first beer, she couldn’t help but ask about the dressing room incident. “What made you come into the dressing room?” she asked without mentioning the sex they had.

“I couldn’t stand it anymore. I’d been watching you try on dresses all evening and that black dress was driving me crazy—you looked so hot in it!” he exclaimed. “We got a little carried away, didn’t we?”

“We got carried away alright! But I liked it. I didn’t realize until it was happening how the risk kind of turned me on. I don’t think I have a fetish for sex in public places, but just the spontaneousness of it and the unconventional place really excited me,” she explained.

“Are you aroused right now thinking about it?” he asked.

“Kind of….yeah I am. And knowing you were buying me lingerie was exciting too,” she replied. They finished their first beers and ordered another round.

What else would arouse you right now?” he asked.

“I don’t know…” She was reluctant to say.

“Come on, tell me. What would make you hot right now?” he pressed.

“Maybe you telling me what to do. Something wild and risky. “I don’t know…” Her answer trailed off, embarrassed to share he fantasies.

“So if I tell you to do something right now, you’ll do it?” he asked. She wasn’t sure how to answer, but she was aroused and wanted sex with him again—wanted to feel his mouth on her pussy—wanted to feel his thick cock deep inside her. The alcohol was letting down her inhibitions.

“Yes, I’ll do what you say,” she replied.

Over the table he handed her the bag from the lingerie store. She didn’t realize he had brought it in from the car. “Go to the restroom and put this on,” he requested.

“What is it?” she asked.

“You’ll see. Go on.”

She went to a stall in the restroom and took out the lingerie in the bag. It was black teddy with spaghetti straps and a snap crotch. It was actually very pretty despite the tight fitting lace cups for her breasts. She took off her clothes and her underwear and pulled the lace teddy over her head. It fit well and she felt very sexy in the lingerie. She put on her jeans and top, put her old underwear in the bag, and returned to the booth where he sat.

“Does it fit?” he asked.

“Yeah, it fits perfect.” she replied.

“Do you like it?” She had to admit she did. And she had to admit it made her feel very amorous. “Yes, I like it—it’s very sexy,” she said. Then she nodded to the table. “What are these for?” There were two full shot glasses sitting on the table.

“I thought we’d do a shot.” He pushed a shot glass towards her and pick up his. She picked up her glass and smelled the tequila. He counted “one, two, three” and they downed the shots. The liquor burned going down her throat and she chased it with her beer.

Within a few minutes, they were on their third beer and the tequila was having its effect. She had a good buzz and all she could think about was the sex they had in the dressing room and the sexy lingerie she was now wearing. She could tell her vagina was wet from excitement and she wondered if he was hard.

He announced “let’s go” and they paid the tab and left. Just a mile from their house, he detoured and pulled into a local park. He drove down the long road to a dimly lit parking lot. He backed into a parking spot in the far corner of the lot, out of the light cast by a distance street lamp and almost completely hidden by a huge oak tree.

“Let’s get in back,” he said, and they climbed into the back seat of their car. “I want to see the teddy I bought. Take off your clothes,” he commanded. She unbuttoned her shirt to reveal the black lace cupping her breasts—one nipple escaped out the top of the teddy. She lay back on the seat and he helped her off with her shoes and jeans. It was so crowded in the backseat that he knelt between her legs on the seat, and out of habit she wrapped them around his sides.

He hovered over her and she unbuttoned his shirt. He pulled it off over his head to reveal his chest, his tan muscular arms dimly lit by the distant light. She could smell his cologne and she began to run her fingers through his chest hairs and down his arms.

He leaned into her and began to kiss her neck, following the straps of the teddy down to her breasts. He began to fondle her breasts through the black lingerie and felt her erect nipples underneath the sheer cloth. The teddy’s spaghetti straps fell off her shoulders and the sheer fabric fell away from her breasts revealing her erect nipples. He began to suck them, lightly biting each nipple while drawing them into his mouth and flicking them with his tongue.

She began to unbuckle his belt saying, “Take off your jeans,” and in one motion he took off both his jeans and underwear, kicking his shoes off inside his pant legs. Without warning he unsnapped the crotch of her new lingerie and entered her with his hard cock. She wasn’t expecting him so soon and had to adjust her ass on the car seating, laying back further and raising her legs into the air.

He began to fuck her hard and fast and she knew he would climax within seconds. She was overwhelmed, her head buzzing from the alcohol, her pussy filled with his cock, her own breathing so fast she was unable to catch her breath.

Thrusting deeply, he exploded, his body shaking from the intense pleasure. Finally he withdrew, knelt on the floor of the backseat and began to search her pussy with his finger, finding her labia wet from her own moisture and his cum. He began to masturbate her clit and within seconds she was on the brink of orgasm. She contorted her hips and spread her legs. He found the exact spot and she commanded, “RIGHT…THERE!”

She climaxed—the waves of her orgasm pulsed through her pussy again and again. Her legs finally clamped around his fingers to stop the masturbation—it was too intense and she had to let it subside. “I want you inside me,” she moaned. But he hadn’t recovered from his orgasm, so with two fingers he entered her wet vagina and began to stroke her. He brought her legs into the air so he could penetrate her as far as his fingers would reach. But after a minute she said, “Stop. Come here.”

With a bit of gymnastics, they switched places—she knelt on the car floor while he laid down on the backseat. She began to suck his cock. He was semi-erect at first, but as she began to take him deep into her mouth, he became hard. Once he was erect, she straddled him and lowered herself onto his stiff shaft. In one long thrust he was deep inside her and she began to ride him up and down. He grabbed her breasts and began to massage, then sucked each nipple. She steadied her balance with her hands against his chest.

“You need to cum,” she demanded and pounded him harder—deep and fast. He focused on the task and within a few more strokes he climaxed, raising her in the air with his hips so her head grazed on the ceiling of the car. Finally she fell against his chest as his cock went limp inside her.

They were hot and sweaty and the air inside the car was still. The windows were steamed over. She told him she wanted to go home and clean up—after all he had cum inside her three times tonight! They dressed and he drove home. He ran her a hot bath, lit several candles and poured her a glass of wine. While she soaked, he took a shower in their other bathroom. When he came back to their bedroom fully expecting to go to bed, she had moved the candles to their bedside tables and lit several more. She lay on top of the bedspread completely naked.

“You owe me an orgasm,” she said at the same time she spread her legs to invite him in. “I want you to take charge…dominate me.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” he asked. She had never made this request before and he wondered if the alcohol was doing the talking. “Yes, I’ll do whatever you tell me.”

He admired her beautiful body, the candlelight flickering across her breasts and smooth legs. “Hold on a minute,” he told her, and went into their closet. He emerged with four of his neckties. He went to each corner of the bed and tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts. He tied her tight so she couldn’t get free, and he tied her legs as far apart as they would go. At one point she warned him he had tied a wrist too tight and he loosened it slightly.

When he was done tying her to the bed, he took off the t-shirt and shorts he had put on after his shower and stood nude next to her outstretched body on the bed. He began to run his fingers from her wrists, down her outstretched arms, across her breasts, down her stomach, and down her legs to her tied ankles. He brought his fingers back up her body and circled her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples, then finishing his excursion back to her hands. He repeated this several times, finally settling on her breasts where he began to massage her beautiful mounds of flesh pressed by gravity against her chest. He leaned over and began to suck her nipples, lightly at first, then taking as much breast into his mouth as would fit. He altered between French kissing her and sucking her nipples. Then he began to kiss her abdomen, descending to her pussy where he started to kiss her smooth, hairless region.

He climbed between her legs and started to French kiss her opening. With her legs tied wide apart, he had complete access to her labia, and began to kiss and lick passionately using his tongue to explore the folds of skin in search of her clit. He sucked her labia into his mouth, fondling the skin with his tongue, then slipped his tongue into her pussy as far as it would reach.

She twisted her hips under his mouth trying to position her clit in the right location, but she couldn’t move—she was defenseless to his onslaught of passion. Then he took his tongue and began to probe for her clit, licking her up and down and using his fingers to pull her labia apart to gain complete access. He covered her pussy with his mouth and began to suck her clit.

She went wild, trying to pull her legs into the air and free her hands, but she couldn’t move as he continued to lick her clit. He could tell he had found the exact spot to drive her mad and began to apply a consistent stroke with his tongue. Her head and shoulders rose off the bed and she announced, “I’M CUMMING!” After a final moment of stroking her clit, the first wave of orgasm exploded through her pussy and she started to moan loudly in unison with each pulse of the climax. “Ahh…ahh…ahh…ahh,” she cried out.

“Untie…my…legs…untie me,” she commanded, and he untied each leg, then her wrists. As he untied her last arm, she ordered him to make love to her. He mounted her, inserted his hard cock and carefully slid deep inside her wet pussy. She immediately brought her legs around his ass and repeatedly drew him deep inside. She loved the feeling of his thickness inside her after an orgasm and now wanted him to cum for the fourth time that night!

He held himself above her with his arms like a push-up as they thrust in unison. “Can you come again?” she asked. “I think so,” he panted, knowing he could. She leaned up and began to kiss him, slipping her tongue into his mouth and drawing his tongue into hers. Her passion heightened his excitement and within seconds he pulled away and cried out, “I’M CUMMING!”

His orgasm was fast and after only a few more thrusts he collapsed beside her, exhausted from the entire evening of passion. She was exhausted too. They had fucked in the store, in the backseat of their car, and now in bed. She was completely spent. She turned on her side and spooned against his body. He pulled a blanket over their shoulders and within minutes they were fast asleep.

1. Passed Out

This story is a true story of my first time sucking dick. I did change his name. All usual disclaimers apply. All sex is between 18 year olds.

My senior year of high school I partied a lot. I had great grades and was already accepted to my college of choice. I had some really close friends who liked to party too. We never got into anything other than booze and we were pretty responsible for drunk kids I guess (never drove around drunk or vandalized anything.) My best friend was Kyle. He was 6’2″ and really slim. Dark skinned Italian guy with a really smooth body. He wasn’t super dark; he just looked like he had a great tan year round. I hadn’t done anything gay and I really wasn’t gay for Kyle, I just respected his body. We spent so much time together people thought we were gay sometimes but we just got along well. We had the same interests, same dislikes, played the same sports, same advanced placement classes and honest to God, we even had the same birthday.

My parents went out of town a lot for long weekends and just before graduation they had taken a trip to TN or some shit so of course the party was planned. We had the beer and vodka, cards, dice and music. There were 9 of us at the party and we had been drinking for about 5 hours when everyone started passing out. I had an awesome alcohol tolerance and always out drank my friends, which was good for me this night. We had quit with the drinking games and were watching a movie when I looked up and realized everyone else had passed out. I was the only one still awake and I didn’t feel that drunk all of a sudden. I know I was wasted but I didn’t feel that drunk. Well, next to me on the sofa was Kyle passed out and holding a beer still. I grabbed the beer and set it on the table and he didn’t seem to notice.

I wondered what else I could get away with while he was passed out. I grabbed a blanket and threw it over our laps. He was sitting to my right and I put my hand on his left knee. I began to slide my hand up his leg very slowly while watching him and listening to his breathing. I reached his cock and still no change in his breathing. I started to rub it slowly through his jeans. Within minutes he was getting hard. I don’t know what came over me but I had to have more. I was so excited to be feeling my first hard cock I went crazy with lust. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and reached in. The heat inside his boxers was overwhelming. My fingers felt his pubes first and then bingo his almost fully hard cock. I wrapped my hand around it and was shocked. His dick was every bit as big as he had always said. I had just barely got my hand all the way around it and as I pulled it out of the hole in his boxers it was at least 8 inches long and cut. He hadn’t stirred through any of this. I began to slowly stroke his cock and some precum appeared at the head of his monster meat. Overcome with lust I just had to taste it.

I was pretty scared. I hadn’t done anything like this ever and what if he woke up. After weighing all the pros and cons I went down on my knees between his legs. I was under the blanket holding Kyle’s monster cock in front of my face. My tongue snaked out and gently licked up the pearl of precum…I lost all control and immediately put the whole mushroom tip in my mouth. I held just the head of his dick in my mouth and began to stroke the fiery hot shaft. I heard a groan from him and I immediately froze with my hand still around his dick and the mushroom tip in my mouth.

Then I heard his voice say “I don’t know who is under that blanket and I don’t care as long as they finish.” Those were the most inspirational words I have ever heard. I went to town. I didn’t know much about giving head but I was trying my hardest. I was giving one of the sloppiest blowjobs ever known to man. I was using my tongue to massage the crown on my way down and sucking with all my might on the way up. After about 3 or 4 minutes of this I felt his hand on the back of my head. He was pushing my head down on his big dick. The huge mushroom tip was at the back of my throat and my eyes began to water but I wanted every millimeter of his cock in my mouth. I swallowed and his cock entered my throat. It was amazing. I actually didn’t gag at all. He was holding my head all the way down on his dick and he started to thrust his hips into my face. I could actually feel his cock pulsating in my mouth. He loosened his grip every minute or so, so I could breathe but he knew I could deep throat it so he shoved it down my throat as soon as I got a breath every time.

I was too drunk to be thinking about him cumming. I was just focusing on the task at hand and that task was servicing Kyle’s cock. I was surprised when I heard his voice again. I had forgotten there was a person attached this gorgeous piece of meat. He said, “I’m going to cum! If you don’t want it in your mouth, get off now.” I just stopped for a second. I hadn’t really planned this out and I didn’t know if I wanted him to cum in my mouth or not. That decision was made for me. Before I knew it my mouth filled with an incredibly salty bitter taste that had a chlorine-like taste as well. I knew Kyle was cumming my mouth. I felt disgusting for a second then I started to love it. Here was my best friend shooting thick rope after thick rope of cum in my mouth. I was just holding all that cum in my mouth and his dick in my hand when for the third time I heard his voice, “I don’t mind if you spit or whatever. I’m going to get up and crash somewhere and I’m going leave this blanket over you because I have a feeling I don’t want to know who just sucked me off.” He did just that. And I swallowed my first load ever. That night transformed me from a straight/bi-curious guy, to a full on cocksucking/cumswallowing slut.

The next day about noon when everyone was up I had asked those who had stayed to help me clean up. Kyle came walking out of one of the guest bedrooms and I said, “Help clean up you lazy bitch.” Kyle leaned in real close to my ear and whispered so only I could hear, “My dick was in your mouth, don’t you think that makes you….my bitch?”

I always appreciate comments/critiques and feel free to email me feedback.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, this is based on a real porn star. No, it is not a true story. Also, to the best of my knowledge, Caroline Pierce doesn’t even engage in incest. (Although, if you’re interested after reading this, she does do a couple of role playing mother-son jack off instructional videos) This should all be obvious, but I’m writing it here in case somebody reading this is retarded, or I get sued for libel or something. Anyways, enjoy.

To say that my mother and I had a strange relationship seems like a waste of time. Anyone who knew us would have assumed it would be a little strange at the very least. My name is Matt Pierce. My mother is Caroline Pierce – the porn star. You see? No matter what the circumstances, having a porn star for a mother is going to be strange. There’s just no helping it.

My mom had me when she was nineteen. I never met my dad because he didn’t stick around. So, in order to make ends meet, my mom started stripping. She did that for many years and slowly started doing porn flicks. She was always very open to me about what she did and never lied about it. She didn’t say “I’m going to the office,” and then secretly go shoot a porno or anything. I suppose I’m thankful for that. Better to know about it early instead of being surprised by it later in life.

I’m not ashamed of her either. She did what she had to do to get by. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, that doesn’t mean that I tell everyone what she does. I don’t want all of my friends jacking off to videos of my mom. When I was in high school, a few guys happened to find a video of her online. I got teased a lot, but didn’t let it get to me. I just ignored it and it soon became old news. Nobody seemed to care as much once they realized that I didn’t care either.

It’s no wonder that my mom does porn. My mom is an incredibly sexy woman. She has long, dark hair that she’s always dying colors. She’s really fond of adding a hint of purple to it. Her body is very curvy but she has a thin waist. Her breasts are b-cups, but they are perky and very well shaped. What really gets people going is her ass. My mom’s ass is huge! It is so thick and juicy. It’s not some fat ass covered in cellulite either. It’s nice and firm, like a couple of fucking basketballs stuffed into the back of her pants.

I’m being honest here – I tried to be a good son. I really did. But, I’ve been attracted to my mom since I hit puberty. Growing up, I would sneak glances at her legs and stare at her ass as she walked across the room; her big cheeks shifting back and forth, moving up and down up and down. I felt so perverted looking at my own mother like that. I knew it was so wrong to think of her that way, and I tried to push her out of my mind. That just made it worse.

Temptation was always present. I knew that I could see her naked anytime I wanted. All I needed was to do a quick Google search. I thought about it a lot. After everyone found out about her when I was in high school, I knew that all of my friends had looked her up. Everyone joked about seeing my mom getting fucked. Sometimes, just to be mean, guys would tell me all of the weird fetishes they had seen my mom do and ask me, “Have you seen that video? Your mom is crazy hot in it.” Sometimes I figured, if everyone else has seen it, why not take a look myself?

But, despite all of that, I actually hadn’t. All through high school, I never looked her up or watched any of her videos. It took extreme willpower not to do it. As a high school boy chock full of hormones, who was admittedly obsessed with his mother in a sexual way, it was challenging to say the least. Whenever I started to get turned on by my mom, which was often, I just masturbated quickly. I learned that, if I didn’t take care of it quickly, the temptation would grow considerably. There were many times that I nearly went through with it and looked up one of her videos, but I could never bring myself to actually do it.

When I was eighteen, I went to a college pretty far from home. College was great. If there was anything that could take my mind off of my mom, it was a fine mix of keggers and co-eds. And, that seemed to work very nicely. By the end of my first year at college, I hardly ever fantasized about my mom. I still had the occasional daydream, but I seemed to be getting over her. I thought that maybe it had all just been some phase. I was wrong.

The summer after freshman year, I came back home. Less than a week of living in the same house as my mom undid everything. I constantly fantasized about her again, and was back to jacking off three times a day. It seemed that having not seen her for so long and then coming back made her seem even hotter.

It was getting bad. I couldn’t wear gym shorts or sweat pants anymore because I was always hard. It was crazy to think that my mom was giving me a boner every day. She looked even better than before I left for school too. While I was gone, she had gotten a nose job and her face was even more gorgeous than before. The temptation was back with a vengeance.

I made it about halfway through June before I broke. It had been an incredibly hot day, and I decided to stay in for the night. I was watching a movie in the living room when my mom walked in wearing just a t-shirt and short shorts. I could see the very bottoms of her butt cheeks sticking out of her shorts. She didn’t care. It’s not like she thought I was looking or anything.

She sat down on the couch and watched the movie with me. She was leaning on the arm of the couch with her legs curled up underneath her. Her shorts were riding up and I could see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Or, if she was, it had to have been a very skimpy thong. I could see a lot of her thick right ass cheek and had to make a conscious effort not to reach out and grab a handful of it. I had an erection very quickly. I knew that I should probably just excuse myself for a quick minute and go jack off in the bathroom, but I couldn’t bring myself to get up. I kept stealing looks at her ass. I didn’t want to stop looking.

I didn’t even understand what was happening in the movie because I kept fantasizing about ripping off her shorts and shoving my face into her pussy right there on the couch. I began to wonder what my mom tasted like. I imagined my tongue working its way around her wet pussy lips as she screamed in ecstasy. Then I would take off my pants and stuff my hard dick deep in between her spread legs until I….

“Alright, Matt,” said my mom, startling me as she interrupting my fantasy. “I’m going to bed. Don’t stay up too late.”

“Oh. Alright. Good night,” I said. My mom got off the couch. Her shorts had worked up into her crack a little and I watched out the corner of my eye as she picked them out.

“Good night, Matt,” said my mom and walked out of the room. As I watched her walk away, I couldn’t help but rub my erection through my pants. I was incredibly turned on. I had sat through an entire movie while fantasizing about my mom and sneaking peaks at her ass. I was so worked up that I had to go straight to my room. Luckily, my room was on the opposite side of the house as my mom’s, so I never had to worry about her hearing me.

I closed the door and was about to take off my pants. But, I suddenly felt the desire to watch one of my mom’s videos. I had gone through this many times, but never when I was as worked up as I was that night. I was so horny and my mind was being overtaken with desire. I turned on my computer and opened up a web browser. I slowly typed in “Caroline Pierce” into Google. Then I stopped. I had gotten this far several times before, but I had never hit the search button. I stared at the computer screen, trying to talk myself out of it.

‘You’re going to regret it,’ I thought. ‘It’s not right. She’s your mother.’ But, on that particular night, there was a much louder voice in my head screaming, “Do it you motherfucker!” I listened to the voice and hit search. I then clicked on a link that started loading a video. My heart was racing. I could hear veins pulsing in my head, but the pulsing in my cock was louder. The video started playing. There was no storyline or anything. It just started out in some random nice house with some music playing. My mom walked into the room wearing only some sexy lingerie. Upon seeing her, I practically froze. This was really happening. I was going to watch my mom in a porno.

She started doing a sexy strip tease for the camera. The expression on her face was so foreign to me. She was looking into the camera with lust in her eyes, like she really wanted to fuck whoever was watching her; like she wanted to fuck me. Then she turned around and bent over. She was wearing a tiny thong that was being swallowed up by her big ass. I was completely lost in the video, unaware of anything else, but I think I may have started drooling a little.

She took her top off and exposed her perky tits. Then she slid her thong down, showing off her bare ass and pussy. My mom was completely naked, dancing on my computer screen. I wondered how many people had ever experienced what I was experiencing at that moment. As she continued to dance, I wondered why I had not done this sooner. I had never been so turned on in all my life.

Then my mom did something that I found irresistible. I later learned that this was sort of her signature move. She turned her ass towards the camera, spread her legs about shoulder width apart, and put her hands just under both of her huge ass cheeks towards the outside. Then she moved her hips to the side a little and gently jiggled one of her cheeks with a couple of fingers. My eyes were wide as I watched her jiggle her ass. Her ass was framed up so perfectly as her fingers sent little waves through her cheeks. And then I was suddenly cumming in my pants.

I had never premature ejaculated or cum in my own pants ever in my life. But, seeing my mom like that sent me over the edge. I had barely even touched myself since I left the living room. I didn’t even care that I had ruined my pants. I didn’t care about a lot of things at that moment, actually.

Usually after I cum I go right back to rational, clear-thinking Matt and can go do something else. Not this night. I kept watching the video. I had cum, but I was still so turned on. After a few minutes, I was hard again. I watched and stroked myself as some guy had his way with my mom. I saw him put her in all sorts of positions and plow into her pussy. My mom was moaning the whole time, begging for more, telling the guy to fuck her harder. Hearing my mom say things like that was a huge turn on. I came again while watching her take it doggy style. At the end of the video, my mom got on her knees and the guy shot a load all over her face.

When the video stopped, I sat at my desk for a little bit just thinking. I had always known that my mom was in porn. And, I knew what went along with that. I had often pictured what her videos would look like even. But, actually seeing one was something altogether different. I considered just stopping with this one video. But, my body was telling me that was no longer an option.

I clicked on another video. Then I clicked on another. Then another, and another, and another. I stayed up the whole night watching my mom having sex in every imaginable way. Most of her videos were in a niche market that concentrated on women with big asses. Men would literally worship her ass in these videos. My mom would shake it around seductively and then men would step in and begin fawning over it, shoving their faces into it, licking it and spanking it before they began fucking her pussy. There were some videos entirely devoted to my mom sitting on men’s faces, smothering them with her massive cheeks. I was insanely jealous of them.

For hours and hours I watched my mom take cocks deep in her mouth and pussy. She was a very aggressive cocksucker. She could deepthroat even the biggest of black cocks and would sometimes roll her eyes back when they filled her mouth. This was a huge turn on for me. Then she would ride them. I’ve never seen anyone ride a cock as well as my mom. She would climb on top of a guy and bounce on his cock, making loud clapping sounds that shook her ass in the most arousing way.

Around 3:00, I started to find her fetish videos. Earlier in her career, my mom did a whole lot of fetish stuff. She was dressed in latex outfits, tied-up, dominated, the whole nine yards. I saw her get penetrated by a fucking machine, fucked with a strap-on, give a guy a rimjob while another girl sucked his cock, and spanked hard until her ass turned red. I remember guys in high school saying they had seen her do some of this, but I thought they had just been teasing. I had never thought of my mom as the kind of person to be into that sort of thing.

The lesbian scenes came as a bit of a surprise too. I guess I should have expected it, but it still was a bit of a shock watching my mom eat another woman’s pussy. Mostly because she did it with a lot of energy. She really seemed to enjoy it.

Then came the biggest shock of all. I discovered a video titled “Caroline Pierce’s First Anal.” The video had only been posted two years ago, and was supposedly one of the only anal scenes she’s ever done, aside from taking the occasional finger and a butt plug once. I clicked on it and watched my mom taking a dick up her ass. The guy fucking her was really rough and she looked a little uncomfortable, but she made it through it and smiled as he came all over her. It is a very surreal experience watching your own mom get fucked in the ass.

After that video, I realized that it was 6:00 in the morning. I had cum so many times through that night that the floor around my desk chair was covered in used tissues. Completely exhausted, I passed out in my bed.

The guilt that I had been so worried about never came. In fact, I was more attracted to my mom than ever before, and I needed to experience her first hand. For the rest of the summer, I started paying much more attention to her. I kept an eye out for opportunities to see her naked or get close to her. While walking around her in the kitchen, I would sometimes “innocently” brush against her ass with my crotch. Every time she went into her room to change or took a shower in the bathroom, I would look to see if there was a crack in the door. I never saw anything though.

My desire for my mom was taking over my life. I watched porn videos of her nearly every day. I started going through her dirty laundry and jacking off with her used panties. I got a cheap thrill from rummaging through her things. One day, while she was out of the house, I found a vibrator in her nightstand. I was extremely horny and licked it, knowing that it had been inside of her. With her vibrator in my mouth, I jacked off into some panties in her dirty clothes hamper. Honestly, I did feel a bit guilty after that one. Even for a guy who wanted to fuck his own mom, that was a little perverted.

I noticed my mom’s mood start to change over the course of the summer. She was getting depressed because of her job. She was 38 and quickly becoming one of the older porn actresses. Every video she was in suddenly had the word “mature” or “MILF” in it. Like I said, she was open about her work to me, especially now that I was in college (It’s not like she went into detail about it or anything). She told me that it wasn’t that bad, but I could tell it was bothering her. In a lot of the scenes she did, she wasn’t even the main actress anymore. She would often have to share the screen with a younger actress. Some of them were even my age.

She had done a really hot scene where she played some up and coming porn star’s mother and they both fucked the same guy. She was so hot in it, but I could see that she was clearly upset about it at home. I wished there was something I could do to cheer her up. I had almost slipped up and told her that she was really sexy in that scene, but caught myself before I said it. Didn’t want her to know I had watched the video. Instead, I just told her that I thought she still looked young and pretty. She liked that, but she was still pretty down.

My mom started going out every weekend to bars. She would usually come home (the nights when she did come home) a little drunk around 2:00 at night and pass out. Once, she came home and went straight to her room. I quietly walked to her door and heard her using her vibrator. I stood outside her door and masturbated to the sound of her moaning inside her room. That was the closest I ever thought I would get to first-hand experience with her. That is, until mid-July.

It was another Saturday night and I was going to a party with some friends. My mom was going out to some club.

“Matt, I’m going out. Are you going to be staying all night at Jack’s?” said my mom.

“No, I’ll probably come home afterwards,” I said.

“Ok. I better not find out you’re drinking and driving though.” My mom wasn’t stupid. She knew I drank, but she was fine with it as long as I was safe.

“Mom, it’s only like six blocks away. I’m just going to walk. Are you going to be coming home tonight?” I asked, a little bold of me.

“Maybe,” my mom said mischievously.

“Maybe?” I said. “Who’s the guy?” My mom gasped playfully.

“First of all, that’s none of your business. And, second of all… I don’t know yet. Whoever I start grinding on I suppose.” My mom laughed. She had been more open about talking about this sort of thing now that I was a little older. Also, the drink she had downed earlier helped.

“Look at my mom the cougar,” I teased.

“Hey!” said my mom and hit me on the shoulder with her purse. “Keep it up and I’m going to start coming home with some of your friends.” I laughed as she walked out the door. “See you later, sweetie.” A little while after, I left for my party.

Jack’s parties were always the same. We would all hang out in his basement and set up a beer pong table. Somebody would inevitably put on some shitty music, and then everyone would commence getting obliterated. I usually didn’t get as drunk as everyone else because, strangely enough, I actually wanted to remember the party. However, on this particular night, I decided to get good and hammered.

All night, the image of my mom grinding up on some guy was stuck in my head. Eventually, I started imagining myself in the guy’s place. I imagined my mom’s fat butt pushing against my crotch as I worked my hands up the sides of her body until I was cupping her breasts. I tried to drink away the thoughts, but it didn’t work. Around 3:00, I left the party. I staggered home. Luckily, I didn’t pass any cops. In the state I was in, it would have been pretty obvious that I was wasted.

I shut the front door behind me and tripped over a pair of shoes. The house was completely dark. I let my eyes adjust to the darkness and went to my mom’s room to check if she was there. The door was wide open and her room was empty. Usually, if she wasn’t home by 2:00, that meant she wasn’t coming home. ‘God, she’s probably off fucking some lucky guy right now,’ I thought.

I started imagining my mom bent over some guy’s kitchen counter, and I was quickly hard. I started to walk to my room. I was going to put on one of my mom’s videos and masturbate. But, halfway down the hall, I had a better idea. I turned around and went back to my mom’s room. I turned on the light and walked in, shutting the door behind me (I always feel awkward masturbating with an open door).

I had gotten drunk to help get my mind off of my mom, but it seemed to have the opposite effect. I started going through her laundry hamper. I found a lacey black thong and brought it over to the bed. Then I took off my pants, got out my phone, and brought up one of my mom’s pornos. It was one of my favorites. My mom was down on all fours with oil spread all over her ass and a guy with a sizable cock was slamming into her. I slowly stroked my own cock as I watched, gently caressing my mom’s dirty panties.

Adam took a quick shower to clean out his worn out, devirginized, cum filled ass. He washed himself up slowly, his mind filled with guilt as he thought about “the mistake” he made. Adam knew that the ten minute thrill with Kyle would haunt him for the rest of his life.

“I can’t believe I just fucked this up.” Adam said to himself.

Adam thought about how he vowed celibacy until he met the right one. Corey was the right one for him, he just knew it. What bothered him the most was that he had hinted many times to Corey that he was going to make his birthday a night to remember. Here he was deep cleaning his hole of all the gardner’s cum.

“Why did it have to be the gardner? How low can this get?” Adam said.

But then Adam rethought his statement. There was something about Kyle that made him different from everyone else.

He thought about the guys at school he flirted with over the years and none of them compared to him, Kyle actually made him feel vulnerable and submissive. Adam was more of the one in charge as other past boyfriends had revealed to him.

Adam couldn’t believe he was thinking about this guy like this……

Kyle sat on his bed watching videos and looking at raunchy photos of his past tricks, Sam, Donnie, Keith, Derek, Martin, Tyrell, and Tyler. All of those boys were virgins desperate for sexual satisfaction and he knew he was the right one to fulfill that dream.

Kyle watched each boy, all of them different but the same in every way give themselves up for him like a total bitch. There moans and yells were all different but they all begged for the same thing. Someone to get them out of their comfort zone of being bored rich houseboys and turn them into something there parents would kill themselves if they’ve found out what they did on the side.

After watching his latest slut Derek being bred by him, he couldn’t help but to think of Adam. Adam wasn’t like Derek but he was just as sexy Adam was, maybe even a little bit more.

Kyle didn’t know why he was so caught up with this boy. After a few hours of contemplating he came up with his synopsis. Adam was the only one that had a boyfriend and the fact that he was the first one to steal the boys cherry before his boyfriend did excited him even more.

The thought of him breaking up the relationship with Corey and making Adam his new bitch only added a new challenge for him that he was willing to take. Kyle grinned at the thought of Corey finding out that his boyfriend wasn’t as innocent as he thought…

Adam finished his shower and dressed in one of his favorite outfits for the evening. He put on some cologne that Corey had bought for him, hoping it shielded any hint out Kyle’s scent that was still lingering on his skin.

When he heard the door bell ring he ran to it and was surprised to see Corey standing there with a huge vase full of flowers and two boxes. Corey looked fresh and clean, sexy as a GQ hunk.

“Corey! What’s all this?” Adam said in shock.

“Happy birthday baby. I hope you like it.” Corey said with a warm smile.

“Like it? Dude are you kidding? This is the nicest thing anyone’s ever given to me!” Adam said in excitement.

Adam grabbed the vase and said, “I’m gonna put these in my room, I’ll be back in a sec.”

Adam ran to his room and made a place on his nightstand of the flowers. That’s when he realized the scent of Kyle was still lingering in the room. Adam figured the plants would change the smell of the room by the time they came back from the club.

Adam walked back to the living room were Corey was sitting and sat down next to him. He glanced at the boxes and said, “So when can I open those?”

“Right now if you want to or after the club… whenever you want to. It your choice.” Corey said.

“I think we should do it at dinner, it’s much more romantic that way.” Adam said.

“Alright, we should head out the restaurant before it gets too late.” Corey said……

Kyle finished his shower and dressed in a thin black button up shirt with casual pants. It was odd that none of his tricks were available for the evening so he decided to go to the Club and pick up someone.

He usually went to some nearby club and messed around with a few older guys who were submissive, but tonight he really wanted to check out Club 21 where all the high priced, under 25, sluts get raunchy on the dance floor. He was hoping he run into Adam but figured he was getting his ass reamed out by his boyfriend… literally…….

Adam followed Corey out to his Midnight Blue H3 Hummer that his parents bought for him on his birthday.

They drove to a beautiful restaurant in downtown Hollywood apparently were celebrities of all types hide out.

Despite only seeing only a few celebs they had a wonderful dinner. Adam tried his best to forget all about Kyle, but the vision of his amazing Latin body kept entering his mind.

They made their way to Club 21 a club they had never went to before and wanted to try. The dance floor was packed full of guys and Lady Gaga’s beats flooded the room.

“It was definitely a gay club” Adam said to himself, and there were some sexy studs walking past him.

Adam asked Corey to buy him a drink since legally he wasn’t old enough. Corey had just turned 21 himself and was ready to try his first drink. They made their way over to the bar and bought their drinks and watched everyone in the club living it up like it was there last day on Earth. It brought a smile to Adam’s face and got him all excited, until….

He caught the view of Kyle standing there talking to some guy. Adam stared at Kyle watching him flirting with a guy that looked Adam’s age. Adam didn’t know why but he suddenly felt jealous.

“What’s wrong babe?” Corey asked.

Adam snapped out of his jealous stupor and focused on Corey.

“Oh, nothing…. just getting into all these guys on the floor, you wanna dance?” Adam asked.

“Yeah alright.” Corey said.

They got up and Adam pulled Corey closer to were Kyle and the boy was talking. They danced together all the while Adam taking quick glances at Kyle. Each time he did Kyle was doing some sexual gesture to the boy. At least Adam thought it was sexual. Licking his lips, pulling the boy closer to him and grinding up on him.

Adam felt the jealousy starting to take over. He had stop feeling this way towards Kyle, he really loved Corey, he contemplated on what to do to turn his fixation towards Kyle into something negative and then an idea hit him. He decided to interrupt Kyle’s little get together with the kid.

“Hey Corey, I see somebody I know over there… you want to meet him?” Adam said.

“Alright, what’s his name?”

“Kyle. I met him recently, he’s a nice guy, come lets go.” Adam said…….

Kyle was so focused trying to get in the slut boys pants that he didn’t even see Adam walking to him. The boy was just about to ask him if wanted to come by his house because his parents were out for the night when Adam said shouting over the music,

“Hey Kyle! I didn’t know you came to this club!”

Kyle looked at Adam standing there with a smile on his face with some tall football player looking guy standing behind him. The guy looked like a total douche to Kyle, completely not the type that Adam needed to be with.

“Hey there kid.” Kyle said. “This is my first time coming here. Just wanted to see what goes down here. Who’s the stud behind you?”

“This is my husband, Corey… Corey this Kyle.” Adam said.

“Husband?” Corey asked.

“Corey… it was a joke… and besides as long as we’ve been together we might as well be married.” Adam said sarcastically.

Kyle held out his hand and Corey shook his hand. “Even his hand shake was weak”, Kyle said to himself.

“Who’s your friend?” Adam said directing his attention the brunette kid.

“Ummm, nobody… he was just talking to me.” Kyle said.

The kid’s faced turned upside down and he says “Whatever,” and walks away.

Corey and Adam looked at each other kinda surprised at what they saw.

“What are two up to tonight?” Kyle said changing the subject off of him.

“Well it is my birthday, after we leave the club we were going back to my place to hangout for the rest of the night.” Adam said.

“Oh yeah that’s right it is your birthday. I almost forgot….” Kyle said lying.

“You’re welcomed to join us if you like to?” Adam said.

Corey’s head quickly turned to look at Adam, wondering if he was serious about what he just said.

“Ahh… Oh no… I couldn’t do that. This is your night together, you two go on and enjoy it.” Kyle said, really wanting to go.

“Are you sure? It would be nice to have a third party joining us for the night.” Adam said.

“Are you sure, YOU want that Adam?” Corey asked. “I thought you wanted it to be just us?”

“Yeah I’m cool with Kyle hanging with us for a while, are you cool with that Kyle?” Adam asked.

Kyle didn’t know what was happening at the moment but he was sure he would find out when they got back to his place.

“Alright, but only if it’s cool with you and Corey.” Kyle said.

“Well I want you to come and Corey’s fine with it.” Adam said.

Corey didn’t know what to say so he just went with the flow.

“Okay whatever you say.”

They walked back to their cars and Kyle followed them. All the while, Kyle thought about how much of a pushover Corey was. If a bitch had talked to him like that his ass wouldn’t hear the end of it. Kyle knew that Corey wasn’t good for Adam because a slut like that needed to be showed who the boss was.

Corey wanted to so badly to ask Adam why he really wanted this guy to come over so bad and this was his first time meeting the guy. Corey knew Adam wanted to lose his virginity from all the hints he gave him over the past week or so that’s why he was confused.

Adam knew exactly what he wanted to do. Keep Kyle over the house as long as he could, and basically make a scene. Adam figured in order to keep Kyle from going any further with what they did earlier, he would have to make him feel bad for what he did and throw his love for Corey all in his face.

Adam was so sure his plan was going to work that he made no second thoughts about it. He knew Corey had bought some really expensive gifts that would put Kyle to shame.

When they arrived at Adam’s place they all sat down on the couch. Adam turned on the fireplace and turned on the television. This was completely not what he had in mind for his 18th birthday but this was how its gonna be.

Adam went in his father’s Wine cabinet and pulled out three bottles and brought out some ice and glasses to celebrate with.

“Alright boys, we are getting drunk and we are gonna have fun!” Adam said happily sitting down the champagne on the coffee table.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” Kyle said. “You got any beer also?”

“My parents don’t drink beer all we have is the wine.” Adam said.

“That’s fine.” Kyle said.

The whole night they drank the champagne like it was going out of style, bringing more and more bottles of the cabinet.

Obviously Adam drunk the most and was getting trashed by the second. Kyle noticed Corey getting drunk also; there speech was noticeably slurring especially Adam.

Kyle had only taken three sips of his wine and watched Adam and Corey talk about nothing that interested him. This was when things started taking a turn.

Corey dropped his empty bottle and laid back on the couch, babbling to himself and Kyle was still drinking more but revealing things to Kyle that he never would have said. He even told Kyle the daydream he had about him when first came over.

At that point Corey had already passed out on the couch and Adam was sitting right next to running his fingers through his hair. Kyle was immediately turned on by Adam’s vulnerability and he was ready to take action right now….. In front of Corey.

Kyle stood up and sat next to Adam who looked at him with his sleepy drunken eyes and smiled at him.

“You know…. you’re the bessst fuck…. Oopppsss… Did I jussst sssay that out loud?” Adam said laughing to himself.

“Yeah you did, but Corey can’t hear you.” Kyle said.

“What I meant to sssay was…. you’re the bestesst friend I ever had…. Ever… I really mean it dude. The besstttesst fuckin’ friend I ever had.” Adam said still not realizing the words he said.

Kyle looked down to see Adam’s hand reaching over to his crotch, even though in Adam’s mind it was suppose to be touching his hand. Kyle grabbed Adam’s hand and pushed down on his semi hard dick. Adam closed his eyes and moaned.

“Wow that feelss good.” Adam said.

Kyle leaned over to his ear and whispered, “Do you want more?”

Adam didn’t even open his eyes but he responded with an “MmmHmmm.”

“Good, cause I’ve been thinking about that tight little ass all day. My dick wants to feel that ass again.” Kyle said in his ear.

His tongue reached out and started licking around his ear causing him to moan lightly. Kyle’s big thick lips wrapped around Adam’s ear lobe and sucked on it. Adam could feel his breaath on him making chills go up and down his spine.

After a few minutes of this Adam couldn’t take anymore.

“Mmmm… Kyle fuck me… take me right now.” he whined.

Kyle’s ears perked up hearing the magic words. Kyle looked at Corey who looked dead on the couch and decided to move his body up facing them so just in case he woke up hearing moans he would see everything happening in front of him.

“I’m so glad you invited me over her Adam.” Kyle said taking down his pants, then taking down Adams. “All I kept thinking about was when the next time I was going to get some more of this.” SLAP!

Adam jerked up from his sleep feeling the buzz of pain shoot through his ass. “Kyle what was that for?!”

“Sorry baby but I had to do it. This ass is just perfect…. Look how hard I am.” Kyle stood up and his dick was hard as a rock after his hand made contact with his ass.

Adam stared at his dick and smile drunk. “Bring it over to me so I can suck it.” he said.

“Alright.” Kyle said, and then glanced over to Corey who was sitting up still sleeping. Adam took hold of his cock and stuck it in his mouth. “MMmmm… so goooooddd… hahahaha!” Adam said flirtatiously.

“So good?…. This is perfect.” Kyle said keeping his eyes on Corey. Adam sucked his dick lightly and not good enough for Kyle.

“Suck it harder slut. Put some more spit on it or I’m gonna stick it up your ass just like this.” Kyle demanded.

“I am baby… give it back to me.” Adam whined again.

Kyle fed his dick back to Adam and Adam’s senses seemed to wake up and concentrate on Kyle.

Kyle fucked his mouth trying to cram every inch of his thick cock down the boy’s throat. Adam was trying his best to swallow him up but he was just too inexperienced.

“Come on boy swallow the whole thing. You can take it. I know you can.” Kyle said, trying to encourage him.

Adam lifted from the couch and angled his head well enough so his dick could slide right down. Adam’s throat was finally opening up without too much coughing like he was doing before.

“That’s it Adam… your taking all that big dick… I’m gonna train this mouth real good and make you my cocksucker. Is that what you want baby boy? You want me to own this mouth and this tight ass?” Kyle said.

All Adam could do was moan to Kyle’s questions. His mouth was so full that he couldn’t say anything. Kyle grabbed the boys head and fucked his mouth slow and deep just the way he liked serving it up to his tricks. Adam’s mouth was extremely wet and tight and felt like cumming in his mouth, but he didn’t want to yet.

Kyle pulled out of his mouth and got down on his knees. Adam’s eyes were still kind of droopy but he watched everything that was happening to him. He saw Kyle taking off the rest of his pants and boxers and then lifts Adam’s legs. Adam soon felt the lips and tongue of Kyle eating out his ass.

“Ohhh…. Sssshhhittt.” Adam said in his drunken ecstasy filled state. Kyle was happy to finally getting a taste of the boy’s warm sweet hole again. He grabbed his ass and squeezed it together on his tongue making it tighter.

“MMmmm…. Ohhh…. Kyle…. Your amazing!… My friend always told me you Latin dudes knew how to do it right!” Adam said watching Kyle’s eyes.

“MmmHmmm…. Your friend was right… and this ass is just perfect.” Kyle said then quickly diving back on his ass.

Adam rubbed his hands through Kyle’s hair and forced him to tongue him down deeper.

The whole room was filled with loud smacks and suck sounds from the very greedy and horny Kyle and light moans and yelps from Adam. Corey was completely unaware any of this was happening less then a foot away from him.

“God this is so good!… I want you to do this forever!” Adam said.

“Can’t do it forever… I gotta get in this ass first.” Kyle said.

“Yeah man fuck my ass again.” Adam said.

Kyle lifted Adams legs and spit on his ass. Then rubbed the head of his dick around Adam’s perfect tight hole. Adam spread his ass and Kyle had finally broken through the tight opening after a few tries.

Adam’s reaction was totally different from the first time, since that was less than a six hours ago when Kyle took it. The pain was still there but it wasn’t as intense, it was like his hole had grown accustomed to his dick already.

Adam’s moans were pretty loud, since he was still drunk, but Kyle could tell it was not fake. Kyle kept glancing back and forth between Adam and Corey who was still sleep during the whole thing. He couldn’t wait till he woke up and saw his lover like this.

He felt the boy’s ass grip on his dick and started to suck him off, throwing him off it a little. Usually he had to tell his tricks when to do that. This kid was a natural.

“Fuck yeah baby, squeeze that ass on this dick!” Kyle said unreasonably loud. “You like that boy! You like me fuckin’ that tight bitch ass? Huh motherfucker!?”

He glanced at Corey who stirred in the couch. That wasn’t enough to get him up. He tried a different tactic. He started pounding Adam’s ass hard making the sofa move and shake on the flooring. Corey was shaking from the vibrations and slowly he began to wake up. Like it was on cue, Adam began talking dirty to Kyle.

“That feels so good baby fuck me just like that! OHhh yeah!!! Rape me man!”

Corey’s mouth dropped witnessing the sight before him. He watched Kyle pumping deep and hard inside his man and there was nothing he could do about it. He was so drunk that he couldn’t even form the right reaction to this bad situation. Instead he just watched it all unfold until it ended.

Kyle smiled uncontrollably knowing that Corey was watching the whole thing. He thrusted deep inside of Adam and shot his load burring his seed. Now Adam really belonged to him and there was nothing Corey could do about it.

When Kyle finished, he pulled out and put his pants back on. Adam watched him with his sleepy drunken eyes and said, “Are you leaving?”

“Yup I gotta work tomorrow. Remember I gotta be here at 10 to finish the Garden?” Kyle said knowing that Adam wouldn’t remember anything that happened.

“UmmmHumm…. Alright…. Goodnight…. Thanks for stopping by… I love you.” Adam said then closing his eyes.

Corey heard those words and still couldn’t react to what he was hearing. Kyle leaned over and passionately kissed Adam.

“Bye babe, see ya bright and early.” Kyle said.

(Very Long Chapter Guys but I hope you enjoy the storyline)

To Be Continued…

1. Passed Out

This story is a true story of my first time sucking dick. I did change his name. All usual disclaimers apply. All sex is between 18 year olds.

My senior year of high school I partied a lot. I had great grades and was already accepted to my college of choice. I had some really close friends who liked to party too. We never got into anything other than booze and we were pretty responsible for drunk kids I guess (never drove around drunk or vandalized anything.) My best friend was Kyle. He was 6’2″ and really slim. Dark skinned Italian guy with a really smooth body. He wasn’t super dark; he just looked like he had a great tan year round. I hadn’t done anything gay and I really wasn’t gay for Kyle, I just respected his body. We spent so much time together people thought we were gay sometimes but we just got along well. We had the same interests, same dislikes, played the same sports, same advanced placement classes and honest to God, we even had the same birthday.

My parents went out of town a lot for long weekends and just before graduation they had taken a trip to TN or some shit so of course the party was planned. We had the beer and vodka, cards, dice and music. There were 9 of us at the party and we had been drinking for about 5 hours when everyone started passing out. I had an awesome alcohol tolerance and always out drank my friends, which was good for me this night. We had quit with the drinking games and were watching a movie when I looked up and realized everyone else had passed out. I was the only one still awake and I didn’t feel that drunk all of a sudden. I know I was wasted but I didn’t feel that drunk. Well, next to me on the sofa was Kyle passed out and holding a beer still. I grabbed the beer and set it on the table and he didn’t seem to notice.

I wondered what else I could get away with while he was passed out. I grabbed a blanket and threw it over our laps. He was sitting to my right and I put my hand on his left knee. I began to slide my hand up his leg very slowly while watching him and listening to his breathing. I reached his cock and still no change in his breathing. I started to rub it slowly through his jeans. Within minutes he was getting hard. I don’t know what came over me but I had to have more. I was so excited to be feeling my first hard cock I went crazy with lust. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and reached in. The heat inside his boxers was overwhelming. My fingers felt his pubes first and then bingo his almost fully hard cock. I wrapped my hand around it and was shocked. His dick was every bit as big as he had always said. I had just barely got my hand all the way around it and as I pulled it out of the hole in his boxers it was at least 8 inches long and cut. He hadn’t stirred through any of this. I began to slowly stroke his cock and some precum appeared at the head of his monster meat. Overcome with lust I just had to taste it.

I was pretty scared. I hadn’t done anything like this ever and what if he woke up. After weighing all the pros and cons I went down on my knees between his legs. I was under the blanket holding Kyle’s monster cock in front of my face. My tongue snaked out and gently licked up the pearl of precum…I lost all control and immediately put the whole mushroom tip in my mouth. I held just the head of his dick in my mouth and began to stroke the fiery hot shaft. I heard a groan from him and I immediately froze with my hand still around his dick and the mushroom tip in my mouth.

Then I heard his voice say “I don’t know who is under that blanket and I don’t care as long as they finish.” Those were the most inspirational words I have ever heard. I went to town. I didn’t know much about giving head but I was trying my hardest. I was giving one of the sloppiest blowjobs ever known to man. I was using my tongue to massage the crown on my way down and sucking with all my might on the way up. After about 3 or 4 minutes of this I felt his hand on the back of my head. He was pushing my head down on his big dick. The huge mushroom tip was at the back of my throat and my eyes began to water but I wanted every millimeter of his cock in my mouth. I swallowed and his cock entered my throat. It was amazing. I actually didn’t gag at all. He was holding my head all the way down on his dick and he started to thrust his hips into my face. I could actually feel his cock pulsating in my mouth. He loosened his grip every minute or so, so I could breathe but he knew I could deep throat it so he shoved it down my throat as soon as I got a breath every time.

I was too drunk to be thinking about him cumming. I was just focusing on the task at hand and that task was servicing Kyle’s cock. I was surprised when I heard his voice again. I had forgotten there was a person attached this gorgeous piece of meat. He said, “I’m going to cum! If you don’t want it in your mouth, get off now.” I just stopped for a second. I hadn’t really planned this out and I didn’t know if I wanted him to cum in my mouth or not. That decision was made for me. Before I knew it my mouth filled with an incredibly salty bitter taste that had a chlorine-like taste as well. I knew Kyle was cumming my mouth. I felt disgusting for a second then I started to love it. Here was my best friend shooting thick rope after thick rope of cum in my mouth. I was just holding all that cum in my mouth and his dick in my hand when for the third time I heard his voice, “I don’t mind if you spit or whatever. I’m going to get up and crash somewhere and I’m going leave this blanket over you because I have a feeling I don’t want to know who just sucked me off.” He did just that. And I swallowed my first load ever. That night transformed me from a straight/bi-curious guy, to a full on cocksucking/cumswallowing slut.

The next day about noon when everyone was up I had asked those who had stayed to help me clean up. Kyle came walking out of one of the guest bedrooms and I said, “Help clean up you lazy bitch.” Kyle leaned in real close to my ear and whispered so only I could hear, “My dick was in your mouth, don’t you think that makes you….my bitch?”

I always appreciate comments/critiques and feel free to email me feedback.

Her cheeks were warm as she finished her fifth vodka and cherry coke. She was drunk enough stumble, but sober enough to make it to the door when the door bell rang. She smiled at her best friend and welcomed him in.

“Are you drunk?” He said, noticing her wobbly walk to the kitchen.

“Probably. I finished the rest of the vodka.”

“Mel, that was more than half a bottle. I’ll make you some coffee.”

She shrugged and smiled. “Dylan the party pooper.”

He smirked and scooped the coffee into the filter, then started the pot of coffee. Dylan sat down next to her at the kitchen table, “So what’s the occasion?”

“I’m not pregnant!”

“Of course you’re not,” he laughed, “you’ve never had sex.”

She stuck her tongue out, “Fuck you!”

He laughed, “Not on your team, remember?”

Mel rolled her eyes. Sometimes she forgot Dylan was gay. They flirted so often and everyone always asked if they were together. She pushed the idea out of her head, though. He was gay! Nothing could ever come of it. She was just drunk.

“I just needed to drink,” Mel admitted, “rough day.”

“What happened?”

“A few days ago I went out to a bar for Tiffany’s birthday. I met this guy, Alec. He was really nice and sweet and handsome. He kept buying me drinks and I kept taking them. He offered to drive me home after a while, and I said yes. We ended up fooling around and then having sex.”

Dylan’s eyes widened. “You lost your virginity to some guy you met in a bar?”

“I’m not proud of it. Anyway, I went out with him for lunch and it turns out the condom broke while we were doing it.”

“So when you said that you weren’t pregnant you weren’t kidding…” He put his arm around Mel and pulled her in close, “Thank God though.”

She smiled, “Yeah.”

The coffee pot stopped bubbling and they knew it was done. Dylan poured her a cup and they drank until the pot was empty.

“Right good that did.” Mel said, “Now I’ve gotta pee. Go meet me in my room, it’s cold down here.”

Dylan made his way down the hall and into his friend’s room. Posters of bands and movies covered the white walls. He sat down on the king sized bed, his favorite part of the room. It was one of those beds that reminded you of home and you could get comfortable in any place. He had slept over more than a few times. It was practically his second home.

Mel stumbled into the room and climbed into the bed. “That coffee did nothing except make me awake. Dylan,” she snuggled up to him and rested her head on his shoulder, “can we cuddle?”

Dylan laughed, “Sure. Do you want me to put in a movie before we get too comfortable?” Mel nodded and he got up from under her and put in the movie Moulin Rouge. It was their favorite movie to watch together. He went back to the bed and Mel took her spot back on his shoulder. He put is arm around her.

A while later the movie ended.

“I should probably go,” Dylan said, “Work at three later.”

Mel protested, “Can’t you stay the night? Pleaaase?”

Dylan shook his head, “I can’t tonight.”

Mel huffed, “Fine, I’ll walk you to the door.”

The two got up and Dylan shrugged his jacket on. “See ya.”

Mel hugged him and let the hug linger. “Thanks for the coffee.” She ended the hug and then kissed him.

It was completely accidental, but she was surprised when he didn’t pull away. She took this opportunity to deepen the kiss and pull herself closer in. There was something there after all. He kissed her back with a heat he hadn’t ever felt before. The stopped for air and she dragged him back to her room, “Dylan, spend the night. Please.” He couldn’t say no.

They hopped up on the bed, kissing, entangled in one another. Their bodied rubbing and pressing against the other. Clothes flying off.

Mel felt her friend’s hardness through his briefs. He was hard for her. She freed his dick from the fabric and gripped her hand around it. He exhaled at the feeling when her tongue and then mouth came in contact with it. She swirled her tongue and licked the head, cupping and massaging his balls simultaneously.

He pulled her up to his mouth and flipped her so he was on top. He took an erect nipple in is mouth and flicked his tongue over the bud. His hands wandered under her damp panties. He was new at this, but he sure did know what to do. His finger circled her clit and then penetrated her soaked cunt. She moaned and whined when the digit was removed. She felt her panties being removed.

She reached over the side of her bed and pulled out a condom.

“Want to?” she asked.

Dylan took the condom, “Yeah. I do.” He ripped open the packaging and rolled it on.

He positioned himself and lined himself up with her.

“Go ahead.” She coaxed. And he did.

He filled her up. He was overwhelmed by how she felt around him. He had fucked guys before, but this was different. It was hot and soft and tight. He moved in her. Back, forth. He looked at her. Her eyes were closed. Her hands, gripping on to the sheets below her. Her chest rising and falling. Light moans escaping her lips.

He was almost upset that his climax was coming so quickly.

“Dylan,” His name uttered from her mouth, “I’m going to–”

“Me too.” He put his lips to hers and increased his pace.

They came together.

Panting, covered in sweat, the fell asleep in each other’s arms.

His phone woke them. Recalling last night’s escapades had them both awkward and shy. He left her with a kiss on the cheek.

This was a one time thing. It couldn’t happen again. He was gay and that’s how it was.


This story is a sequel to Fool’s Envy, which I wrote a number of years ago. It works as a stand-alone, but if you want to know more about Terry’s history, you need to read that story first. Thanks to DawnJ for her suggestions and to all the people who took the time to share their thoughts about the original saga.

“James, I’d like you to meet Michael. He’s going to be our new rising star in charge of the production line.”

Michael paused a moment to take stock of James as he leaned in and the two clasped hands in a firm shake. He knew immediately that the man was definitely sure of himself, if nothing else.

“Good to meet you, Mike,” he said with a wide grin.

“Michael,” the older man corrected him.

“Sorry, Michael,” he replied a bit stiffly.

Well, I know he doesn’t like to be corrected, Michael thought. He better have his shit together, or he’s not going to enjoy this at all.

“So I’ll leave you two to get acquainted,” Andrew said. “Michael is already up to speed on the product specifications. Why don’t you introduce him to the team while tech support sets up his computer?”

“You’ve got it, boss,” James chirped. He turned to Michael, extending his hand toward the production floor. With a friendly nod, Michael slipped on his safety glasses and fell in along side him.

“You’re going to really like it here, Michael. We’ve got this place humming. It’s a tight crew, and the new equipment has made everything fall into place.”

“So I hear. Andrew speaks very highly of you and the rest of the workers.”

“Oh, we love the guy,” James said respectfully. “He built this place, and he’s the first one to jump in when anything needs to be taken care of. He’s definitely hands on. I know you’re going to want to put your stamp on things, but you’ll want to hear him out. He’s the kind of owner who knows his business from top to bottom, and everyone here understands he earned his success.”

“Absolutely,” Michael concurred. “I really wasn’t interested in moving out here and starting over until I talked to him. The guy knows how to pitch his product.”

They toured the plant, meeting many of the workers present, with James walking him through their procedures and the idiosyncrasies present in their production method. Michael was impressed, but played his cards close to the vest. He’d been through these introductions too many times to be loose with his opinions until he knew who he could trust to be discreet.

He was to be one of twelve people in charge of making the company work. His position was to oversee the largest portion of the workforce, but he had accepted a lower salary than he initially sought on the condition that if he could improve the procedures and save the company money, he would see a commensurate bump in pay and responsibility. Andrew really liked him, and Michael got the impression he was being groomed to eventually move up. He chose to leave his last job because the owners family wanted to control the business, even though they sorely lacked the qualifications or vision, but Andrew assured him that wouldn’t happen here, since he had no kids of his own.

It was a significant risk. Michael knew better than anyone that just because someone makes a promise, that doesn’t mean it won’t disappear the minute something better comes along. Still, Andrew was a great ambassador for his company, and Michael believed him when he said that the company was in more trouble than anyone knew, and he wanted someone with energy to have the kind of fire he used to feel to keep it growing. The only stipulation was that he couldn’t cut the work force.

Andrew was firm that his employees were more important to him than anything. Without children of his own, he involved himself in his employees’ lives, and treated them like family. The last thing he wanted was someone to come in and get rid of good people just to save a buck. Not only did he dislike the practice, but it was short-sighted. Most of his best employees were people who’d risen from within. It was a business strategy he believed in, and it had made him quite wealthy. As he neared retirement, he wanted that business ethic to be continued in his company so his legacy would live on.

Michael accompanied James to the lunchroom, where they talked about the inner-workings of the company. James was more than happy to share what he knew. Michael let him feel important, vowing to believe only what he could later verify. Gossip in a company that size was bound to be half-truths at best. Any time James strayed into more salacious aspects of what was happening behind the scenes, Michael politely steered him to safer territory. It wouldn’t be good for him to get a reputation as someone getting involved in people’s personal drama, assuming any of it was even true.

Suddenly he noticed a woman enter the room and walk to the counter, where she picked up a tray and shared a laugh with several women already waiting. She was blond, average height with an amazing figure and looked to be in her late twenties. She was quite beautiful, but what made the biggest impression were her sparkling light blue eyes. It was an amazing image that took Michael’s breath away.

Lucky at business, unlucky at love, he thought glumly, knowing he’d never have a chance with a woman like that.

“Hello?” he repeated. “Are you still with me?”

“I’m sorry,” Michael replied, unable to tear his eyes from the beautiful young woman. “Who is she?”

James’ eyes lit up as his expression changed to a particularly dark grin. “Oh, you mean Terry Davis?” Michael was powerless to do anything but nod, as the other man continued gleefully. “Yeah, she’s a special one.”

“What do you mean?” Michael asked, noticing a troubling implication.

“Oh, I’m not one to talk,” James said ironically, since that’s all he’d been doing for the last thirty minutes. “If you come out for drinks with us Friday you’ll probably get the chance to see for yourself.”

Michael’s interest was piqued, but he decided not to pursue any more information about her from James. The man seemed to have some kind of dirt he wanted to share, and Michael didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. He saw a ring on her finger, so assumed she was married, but chose to indulge the idea that she might be single and someone who’d be interested in a workaholic like him. Sadly, that was about as close to a relationship as he had achieved over the last few years.


“Terry Davis?” Missy repeated with a curious tilt of her head.

“Yes. Why is it that people keep acting weird when I ask about her?” Michael asked, clearly frustrated. After the third time he queried someone who then seemed to be party to an inside joke, he decided to ask his secretary. As someone who fancied himself good at reading people, Michael had an instant respect for her when they had been introduced. In the days that followed, he found that judgment well founded.

Not only was she very sharp, but she had her ear to ground when it came to watching what happened within the company. Unlike James, her interest was mostly professional and he could tell that she’d be an invaluable asset in helping him smoothly adapt to the culture of the organization. Still, it was taking a chance for him to ask, as he was risking his reputation as being a professional, brought in to be all business.

“Well, she’s a bit of an enigma,” she said mysteriously. “She’s a sweet woman who is very competent at her job. However, I don’t think there’s anyone here who has more rumors flying around about her. I can warn you that you should definitely not ask any male employees’ wives. She’s definitely persona non grata.”

“Really?” Michael mused, clearly bothered. “I keep hearing about how she’s good at her job, that she’s a nice person, and a loyal employee, but everyone seems to think poorly of her without any real explanation why.” He looked at Missy closely. “You don’t know anything for a fact, do you?”

She shrugged. “No. I don’t have a bad word to say about her. I just know that I keep hearing the same vague stories about her causing trouble with the guys in the company. I try not to put much stock in those things, but you know, where there’s smoke…”

“Yeah, yeah I know,” he responded. “But she’s not married?”

“She was, but she and her husband broke up a few years ago. She came to work here just after, trying to put her life back together. That’s all I really know. You should ask Janie. She works closely with her in advertising.”

“I don’t know. I’ve been here less than a week and I’m already going to get a reputation as a skirt chaser.” He looked at her sheepishly. “And a gutless one, considering the fact that I’m behaving like a teenager, asking everyone else about her. The next thing you know I’ll be asking you to pass her a note,” he moaned.

“What I need to do is stop worrying about a woman I haven’t even said hello to, and do my job instead.”


“Terry?” Janie said, her eyes rolling. “What do you want to know?”

Michael immediately regretted going back on his pledge to let the matter drop. “I don’t know,” he said noncommittally. “I’ve seen her around and she seems nice.”

“She’s wonderful,” Janie said defensively. “She’d be a lot better off if you guys would leave her alone.”

“Woah, I didn’t mean to offend. I was just asking.” He held up his hands, surprised at her biting response.

“So you haven’t heard the rumors?” she said accusingly. “That’s not what prompted your interest?”

“All right, we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot,” Michael defended himself. “I don’t know what’s being said, but I honestly just thought she seemed nice. I’m not in the habit of chatting up women wearing wedding rings, so I thought I’d ask someone who knew her. Missy said you’d be the person to go to.”

She studied him closely, trying to figure out the answer to some unspoken question. “Well, most of the time guys start asking me about her, it’s because they’ve heard thing and have a preconception about her. If you are honestly asking me about her, I’ll tell you that she’s one of my dearest friends. She was hurt badly by her husband, and never got over it; hence the wedding ring.”

Michael looked at her hopefully. “Do you think she might be inclined to let me take her out? You know, if she’s not seeing anyone.”

Janie sighed. “I don’t know what to tell you, Michael. You seem like a good guy, but she really doesn’t date much.”

“All right,” he said raising his hands in mock surrender. “It’s just that I don’t usually have much time for dating myself. To tell you the truth, she’s one of the most stunning women I’ve seen. It’s a bit intimidating. I thought maybe if I asked her friend I might get an idea of what to say to her.”

Janie’s expression softened. “What she needs is a good guy to help her move on. You seem like a nice person Michael. Andrew speaks very highly of you, and his word means everything to me.”

He blushed, hoping her praise meant he was going to get some much needed assistance.

She looked straight into his eyes. “Michael, she is my friend and I love her.” He beamed as he finally seemed to be catching a break.

“You should probably avoid getting involved.”


A week passed, but had done nothing to relieve the nagging feelings Michael was having about Terry. He tried to put her out of his mind by focusing on work or anything else that could occupy his time, but he kept coming back to her.

There’s something about that girl, he thought idly, watching the production floor from the second level. As if on cue, he saw her out of the corner of his eye walking out to speak with one of the bench technicians. He stared intently, trying to understand why he was so drawn to her. She was beautiful, but there were many attractive women at the company. There was a quiet confidence in the way she approached her job, but he knew that wasn’t it either.

For some reason that escaped his understanding, he felt drawn to her in a way that bordered on being inappropriate. None of his attempts to find out about her sated his need to know more. In the few times he had the chance to talk to her, he got the impression that she really was a kind, quiet person who seemed to put her job before her personal life. He could identify. Unfortunately, he hadn’t had the chance to speak to her when there weren’t others around, and had thought it unprofessional to instigate a meeting when she was busy working.

“I don’t care how it looks, I need to do something about this,” he said to no one in particular.

Walking toward the stairwell, he lost sight of her on the floor. He hurried his pace, hoping to catch her before she went back to her office. He turned the corner and headed down the stairs quickly, only to see her turn the corner coming up the stairs, just ahead. His pace slowed, and they exchanged a nod and a smile, then passed without a word. He cursed himself for being such a coward. Stopping, he steadied his resolve and turned.

“Terry?” he called out, his voice sounding far too loud in the echo chamber of the stairwell.

She stopped and turned, a pleasant smile on her face. “Hey Michael,” she said, walking back toward him. How are you settling in?”

“Everything’s going great,” he replied, his thoughts as far as possible from work. He leaned against the railing and studied her face. If anything, she was even more attractive up close. He felt his burst of courage failing as he looked into her eyes. He briefly considered stammering an excuse so he could walk away without embarrassing himself, but decided it was time to stop behaving like an awkward teenager.

“How are you enjoying the job so far?”

He smiled, wishing he could say exactly how much he liked it at the moment. “It’s been a bit of a challenge, but I like it. This is a great company, and I’m really enjoying the team I’m working with. Plus Andrew is a great guy to work for.”

“He is, isn’t he? I’ll tell you, I came here without much to offer, but he took a chance on me. He hired me personally, and made sure I felt welcome.”

Michael nodded, then realized in a panic that he had nowhere for the conversation to go. Their meeting had happened so unexpectedly that he hadn’t thought beyond saying her name. He searched for something to say to keep the moment from ending.

“I was wondering,” he said, cringing on the inside. “If you’d like to have dinner after work some time.” Her expression turned a bit dark, and she looked at him hesitantly.

“Well,” she began, her eyes starting to avoid him.

Michael knew that if he couldn’t get her to agree now, it would make the subject that much more difficult to bring up again later. Hurriedly he cut her off.

“You know, I’m new here and haven’t had the chance to check out the local restaurants. You could take pity on me and tell me where I could get a decent meal. Then it would only be fair for me to return the kindness and buy you dinner.”

She studied him for a second, still appearing to be doubtful about the prospect. There was something about the way she looked at him that pushed Michael to not take no for an answer. He still couldn’t identify it, but his gut was screaming at him not to let the chance pass.

“Come on, give the new guy a break,” he said with his most winning smile.

“Well, all right,” she consented. “I’m free tomorrow night if you want.”

It wasn’t the enthusiastic response he’d hoped for, but a yes was a yes. Michael felt his smile grow, unable to restrain it. She suggested a restaurant, and he suggested a time, giving them both a couple of hours to get home and change before dinner. She resumed her errand, while he went to his office and closed the door, hoping Missy didn’t hear his squeal of delight.


Michael arrived at the restaurant just before seven. He went in and was seated, asking for a cold beer while he waited. His mind raced as he ticked off possible topics for discussion, anxious to avoid his stumbling in the stair well. His clumsiness almost cost him the opportunity to secure this date with Terry, he wasn’t about to let it happen again.

Just as the waitress brought him a second beer, he saw her walk into the room. His breath caught in his throat at the sight. She was wearing an elegant purple evening dress. It had a plunging neckline, was made of silk, and came down to just below her knees. Her figure was even more stunning than he thought. He assumed she tried to hide it as much as possible at work by dressing conservatively; probably to avoid unwanted attention. Michael had to force himself not to stare at her cleavage, which was drawing glances from all over the restaurant. Instead he studied her face, impressed by the way understated makeup accentuated her natural beauty. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail, swaying with grace as she walked.

“Wow…just wow,” he said, unable to find the words to describe her impact on him.

“Thank you,” she responded, with just a hint of a blush. “This is nice. I’m glad you asked.”

Michael realized that she was still standing while he remained sitting, so abruptly rose, moving to her side of the table and holding her chair.

“Thank you again,” she said with a chuckle. “So have you been waiting long? I’m sorry, it took forever to get out of the house. I’m a little out of practice.”

“No, not at all. I just had a quick drink and you walked in. To be honest, I’m glad you’re late.” He waited while she gave him a curious stare. “If I’d been standing when you walked in like that, I’m afraid my knees would have given out.” She laughed heartily, the sound warming his heart.

They spent dinner talking about his life before coming to work for Andrew, her time at the company, and a little bit about what was happening with the business. Michael didn’t want to disclose too much about his future hopes, and was very careful about asking her questions involving her past. From what he’d learned, she had been through a lot, and left it to her to talk about if she felt comfortable.

Dinner ended and Michael walked her to the car. “I had a wonderful time, Terry.”

“I did too, Michael. It was…unexpected.”

He leaned in to kiss her cheek, then sensing no reluctance, moved to her lips. She leaned her head back, accepting his advance. Within seconds she was returning his kiss passionately. His hands moved to her back, then one slid to her neck, caressing her soft skin where the dress parted. His lips nibbled at hers, causing the kissing to intensify. His tongue ran across her lips, then in between, encouraging her to respond. Michael felt her hands on his sides as she almost lost herself in the moment.

“Wait,” she stopped, pulling away from him suddenly. “I…I just can’t. I’m sorry Michael, I just can’t.”

Hurriedly she dug her keys out of her purse with shaking hands and let herself into the car.

“Terry,” he pleaded, “I’m sorry.”

He stood helpless, unable to process what had happened as she quickly shut the door and shot him a fleeting, unhappy glance before pulling away, leaving him standing alone and utterly confused.


Michael impatiently waited by the railing, watching the front entrance. He was so intent on watching for her that he didn’t notice as James walked up to him.

“What’s up big man?” he asked jovially.

Just what I needed, Michael thought in annoyance. “Hey James, how are you?”

“Good. I haven’t seen you this week.”

“I’ve been in meetings non-stop. There’s a lot to catch up on, plus they’ve been pushing me for my initial suggestions to improve our production capacity.”

“That sounds daunting. Hey, why didn’t you come out with us last Friday? It’s practically an institution.”

“I was going to, but still don’t have everything set up in the townhouse. I never realized I had this much crap.”

“Well, you should have been there. Terry made an appearance,” he said with a chuckle.

“Really?” Michael answered, trying to not to sound too interested.

“Yeah, she doesn’t make it out all the time, but when she does it’s definitely a good time.”

Michael turned and studied the younger man. He momentarily allowed his guard to drop due to his frustration. “Exactly what does that mean?”

James shrugged. “I’m not one to tell tall tales. Let’s just say that the girl likes to party. It’s never boring with her around.”

“We’re talking about the same Terry?” he said, frustrated. “The girl is a walking advertisement for mixed messages.”

“Oh, you just have to know the right way to talk to her. Come out Friday and if she shows up, you’ll see.”

“I’ll think about it,” Michael answered, troubled. What the hell is he suggesting? he thought, getting angry. That the girl who freaked out over a good night kiss is some kind of barfly? There is no possible way.

He was about to walk back to his office when he saw Terry walk in. She stepped through the door and immediately looked toward his office, where their eyes locked. Michael straightened up, ready to run down to talk to her, but she shook her head in an obvious warning not to bother. She turned away and hurried toward her section of the building, leaving Michael to wonder if he was losing his mind.


“What is with you,” Missy said. “You’ve been a bear all day long.”

“I’m tired of everyone around here being satisfied with the way things are. I’m trying to make it better and feel like nobody is interested in cooperating.”

“Are you talking about work, or her,” she said intuitively.

Michael gave her a warning look, then went back to his reports.

“I talked to Janie. She said she warned you to stay away. Let me guess, you didn’t listen?”

“Missy,” he said irritated. “Let’s pretend for a moment I don’t mind you prying into my personal life. Is there something that I should be aware of that nobody wants to tell me?”

“Nothing that I know for a fact,” she replied. “Just that for whatever reason, she doesn’t get close to anyone. I assume you found out the hard way that was the truth?”

“All right,” he barked. “Forget what I said about me not minding. I think it’s time for you to get back to your work.”

“Look Michael, what’s the rush? If you like her, why don’t you let it happen naturally?”

That’s an excellent question, he thought to himself. Why can’t I just let it take some time?

“I’ve always had a knack for reading people,” he fumed. “Maybe I’m just annoyed because I can’t figure out what the deal is with her. No matter what I do, I can’t get her out of my head. Then on top of everything, I keep hearing these rumors about her that seem impossible. I haven’t felt this out of the loop since high school.”

Missy empathized with him, but was sure nothing she could say would be welcome. She let him go back into his office, then picked up the phone.

“Hey Janie,” she said cheerfully. “Do you have a second to talk? I’ll buy you a cup of coffee in the break room?”

“Sure, I’ve got a minute now. I’ll meet you down there,” her friend answered.

Missy hurried from her desk with a quick backward glance at Michael’s door. She hadn’t known him long, but instantly liked her blunt, plain-spoken boss. His interest in Terry seemed to be genuine, as was his frustration at whatever had been going on between them. She knew she needed to be careful about not stepping on anyone’s toes, but thought she might be able to grease the wheels a bit.

“Hey stranger,” she said, almost running into Janie at the door to the break room. “How goes it?”

Her friend gave her a suspicious stare. “Doing some recon for your boss, are you?”

Missy laughed at her insightful jab. “Guilty as charged.”

They grabbed two cups and sat in a corner where they wouldn’t be disturbed.

“Janie, do you know what’s going on with Terry? I don’t really know her, but Michael seems like he’s smitten.”

“You know I tried to warn him off,” she answered. “I love Terry, but she’s way too screwed up to see anyone right now. She isn’t talking today, which I assume means that their date went badly.”

Missy looked surprised. “Date?”

“You didn’t know?” Seeing her friend shake her head, Janie continued. “Yeah, they went out last night. Terry was talking about it before work ended yesterday. She seemed like she was looking forward to it, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she sabotaged it.”

“Well, whatever happened, Michael’s been in a mood all day. I’ve been thinking about finding a reason to come to your side of the building to hide there.” They shared a chuckle, then Missy became serious. “Janie, you know I don’t pay attention to all the gossip around here about her, but I don’t want Michael to get hurt. He’s a really good guy. Is there any truth to it?”

Janie looked at her friend sadly. “Quite a bit.”


It had been a week and a half since the failed date. After several unsuccessful attempts to speak with Terry, Michael chose to throw himself into his work. In the quiet moments when he allowed his mind to wander, he would relive the kiss outside the restaurant. The feel of her body against his, of her lips, her eyes…

Damn it, he scolded himself. What is it about her and those eyes? What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just let it go, at least for now?

He was lost in the confusing jumble when James walked up to him. “Man, somebody isn’t a happy camper.”

Michael didn’t have the resolve to verbally spar with his self-assured underling. Instead he just shrugged, and looked back to the floor, wondering if there was anything that needed his attention to give him an excuse to leave.

“You didn’t make it out again Friday,” James scolded him. “You know I’m going to stay on you until you have a beer with us. Besides, I’ve seen the way you look at Terry. You’ll get a whole new perspective if you come by.”

He sighed, too depressed to attempt to decipher the hints. “Was she there last week?”

“No,” James admitted. “Like I said, she’s not there every time, but when she is, we have a blast! Come on, it’ll do you good to get out. This moping is bad for moral. You’re going to make people wonder if the company is going under.”

“All right,” Michael surrendered. “I’ll definitely stop by this Friday. Where and when?”

James wore a triumphant smile. “You won’t be sorry.”


Friday afternoon, Michael prepared to leave work and head home for a shower. He informed Missy he was leaving a little early and that he was going out with the guys. Her reaction was troubling, as she subtly tried to convince him that he wasn’t going to have a good time.

“Those guys get way out of control,” she warned. “I just don’t think that’s your scene.”

He regarded her suspiciously. “Is there something you’re trying to tell me?”

“Look Michael, I’m worried you’re going to get hurt. Whatever is going on is something I know you’re not going to approve of. If you want to go out, why don’t you come with Janie and me? We’re doubling with our husbands for dinner and a movie.”

“I appreciate the concern, but I can take care of myself. To be honest, I think it’s time I checked out this ‘wild party’ I keep hearing about. Better to know the truth, right?” he said, not actually believing his own platitudes.

She watched him go, hoping that Janie’s concerns were unfounded.


Michael walked into the small bar around nine. He had planned to be there much earlier, but got held up on his way out of work, then again at home. Then he had to get dinner. He wondered if he was just unconsciously stalling. Suspicions aside, a night of drinking with the guys really wasn’t his scene. The thought of spending the night on a bar stool next to a drunken James bragging endlessly was enough to make him want to turn and leave. But he couldn’t get the claims about Terry showing up out of his mind. Was she really that wild, or was it nothing but male bravado run amuck?

“Hey,” came a cheer from his right. “There’s our boss-man,” James said to a group of seven guys made up of men from the floor and a few from middle-management. They rose and welcomed him, ordering a beer while they chatted.

James leaned in close so no one could hear. He spoke in a sing-song tone that reminded Michael of someone giving a treat to their pet. “Guess who’s here?”

“Terry?” he asked, far more enthusiastically than he intended.

“Yup, and she’s already half in the bag. Trust me my friend; you’re going to get a show tonight.”

Michael was disturbed at the suggestion that she might be taken advantage of.

James saw his expression and held up his hands. “No, no…nothing like that. It’s just that when she drinks, she really lets her hair down. She’s liable to do anything. It’s always quite a show. She comes here every few weeks to blow off steam, and is an entirely different person. Then by Monday, she’s back to normal. Hell, she’ll barely talk to anyone who was here. Trust me, if you have the hots for her, you’ll want to be here.”

Michael excused himself to go to the bathroom, and used the time to think. Could the beautiful woman he felt so strongly for really act the way James was implying? Exactly how far was he talking about? He wasn’t a prude, but was quickly getting the impression that Missy had been right. This was more than he wanted to know. Again the thoughts intruded on him that he had completely misread her, which almost never happened to him.

Maybe I should just go, before I see something I’m going to regret, he reasoned. It was no use. He had to know what the truth was, and if it was time to cut his losses and forget the mysterious young woman.

He walked out of the bathroom and immediately noticed Terry talking to the guys at the bar. Nonchalantly, he walked to the corner of the room, where he found an empty table to sit at that provided him a clear view of them. It felt awkward to be spying, but she had refused to talk to him since the night at the restaurant, and he wasn’t sure she’d welcome his presence. Also, if things went in a way he wasn’t comfortable with, he wanted to be able to leave with his dignity.

James walked up to an obviously inebriated Terry, and took her hand. He nodded toward the dance floor, but she shook her head and resisted. He leaned in with a stern expression and said something to her, and she responded by immediately setting down her drink and following him with her head down. Michael watched as he danced the rest of the up-tempo song with his hands roaming all over her body. As soon as it ended, the DJ started a slow song, and James pulled her close, moving her arms around his neck, then letting his hands slide down her back to settle on her ass.

He wasn’t subtle as he squeezed and massaged her as they swayed, his head settling into the nape of her neck. He slowly dragged his lips across her skin, then left soft kisses. Michael could see that he wasn’t lying. Terry was obviously responding to his advances. Sadly he wondered if he’d have to watch the girl he so badly wanted to be with go home with the guy he had the least personal respect for within the company.

The dance continued, with James becoming even more aggressive. One hand rose between them and settled on the side of her breast, his thumb strumming her nipple through her dress. She again tried to object, but he answered her with an expression that clearly didn’t leave room for debate. Michael watched in shock as she returned her hands to his neck, using her arms to block everyone’s view but making no effort interfere with his actions.

The song ended and he assumed she’d go back to the bar with James for a drink. Instead he was surprised to see Marty, a forty year-old man from human resources step up to take his place. James held Terry’s hand over her head and spun her into the older man’s arms, and she meekly accepted the handoff and allowed herself to be pulled in close.

Marty wasted little time with formalities, holding her head steady with one hand while devouring the exposed areas of her neck and chest. His other hand moved to ass, as he tried to remember to sway to the beat to at least give the appearance of dancing. Michael noticed that neither man had bothered trying to kiss her, instead immediately manhandling her like a piece of meat. It was beyond his understanding.

“So do you like the show so far?” James said beaming. “She’s quite the hot number, don’t you think?”

“I don’t understand,” Michael responded. “Why is she acting like that. She’s never given any indication…” he stopped as he realized he almost revealed their ill-fated date to the man who’d just gotten to second base with her in the middle of a crowded room.

“It’s all in how you talk to her. Terry likes getting a bit drunk, then being told what to do. She gets off on it. It’s weird because she’s not like that at work at all. She won’t even date anyone who comes here, but once she’s had a couple drinks, all bets are off.” He didn’t even attempt to disguise his disdain for her.

“How far does this go,” Michael asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

James expression turned malevolent. “We’ll have to see, now won’t we? Would you like a turn? I can promise you she’ll be up for it.”

“No,” Michael said, trying to conceal his disappointment. “This is definitely not my scene. I’m just going to finish my beer and head home. It’s been a long week.”

“Are you sure? I’ve got some ideas about what I’d like to do tonight. You never know with her, but I’ll bet something really interesting is going to happen.”

“I’m sure. The wild party thing just isn’t for me. I had enough of it when I was younger.”

James appeared to be disappointed. “Well, suit yourself. She really is something once she gets going.”

He wandered back to the bar to watch the song end. While they had been talking, Marty had managed to also slide his hand to the side of her breast, as he had been stroking her hip, slowly pulling the dress up, then letting it fall. Michael wanted to leave so badly he couldn’t stand it, but found himself frozen to the spot, unable to comprehend his indecisiveness.

The couple returned to the bar where they had a drink, then another would-be suitor took her to the dance floor. Luckily there were a dozen couples out there, or the scene would have been even more conspicuous. By the time the fourth partner took over, Terry was showing signs of arousal so obvious, they were readily apparent even across the room where Michael sat. Her eyes were glassy, and she seemed content to melt into her dance partners’ arms, allowing him to take any liberties he liked.

As the song was playing, James walked over to the DJ and slipped him a twenty, pointing out toward Terry and her current partner. The man smiled and high-fived him. The song ended, and the DJ killed his brighter lights, settling for strobe ones using colors and lasers, leaving the dance floor much darker. The next song that came on had a grinding beat, and was obviously something to enhance Terry’s current mood.

James spun her into his arms, sliding his hands down her body on the sides until they reached her lower legs, then he brought them back up. He sensuously slid his fingertips over her knees, then to her thighs, until they disappeared under her sun dress. His hands were busy caressing her out of sight, as the dress rode up dangerously high numerous times. He spun her again so she was facing the bar, her back to him, then slowly dragged his hand up the front of her thigh, pulling her dress with them. It reached high enough to expose her panties to anyone watching from the bar, along with his hand, which was currently settled over her sex moving in a rough, circular motion.

He urged her head to the side as he aggressively kissed and bit her neck, moving both hands back over the dress and up to her breasts. He stroked them without attempting to be coy, grinding his groin against her from behind. James spun her toward him and picked her up, forcing her to wrap her legs around his waist. His hands disappeared under her dress again, now stroking her toned buttocks while his mouth searched out her breasts over her top.

Michael looked around to see if anyone from the bar was going to object to the lewd display, but found that the male bartenders were as fascinated as the rest of James’ group. The waitresses avoided the scene, choosing to ignore the spectacle.

He put her back down, straddling his leg as he ground against her sex. With a start, Michael realized that the song had already changed twice without him noticing, although the beat remained almost the same. These songs were for one purpose; seduction.

James continued to force her against his leg as his hand stroked her breast. He looked over her shoulder at the rest of the group at the bar and gave them a quick nod of his head. Michael watched as they all got up and took their drinks into the small game room. As soon as Marty returned and nodded, James spun Terry away from him again, taking her by the hand and leading her off the dance floor. After watching them walk through the doorway, Michael followed, unsure why he was drawn to the scene, but unable to walk away.

There were two men from work standing shoulder to shoulder at the doorway, blocking the small room from the view of the rest of the bar. Michael tapped one on the shoulder and indicated he’d take the man’s place so he could go in. With a smile, the man gladly accepted the offer.

The room was just large enough for a pool table, an area for two dart boards, and space to walk around each. James had Terry sitting on edge of the table, still grinding against her as he nibbled her ears, neck and shoulders. His eyes widened at the sight of Michael, then narrowed again as his hands worked in front of him. He was kneading her breasts, keeping her close to an orgasm but not allowing her to finish. He released one hand and let it wander to her shoulder, where it slowly slid the strap of her dress off, then returned to caressing her while he repeated the action with the other hand.

Her dress slid lower, exposing her bra, before falling to her waist. James lowered his mouth, kissing her exposed flesh while reaching around and quickly unsnapping the clasp. His fingers dragged the straps with them as the moved forward, her bra coming off completely in front of all nine men. Terry’s head rolled back in ecstasy as his lips fastened around her exposed nipple, both his hands sliding up the inside of her thighs. She made an audible moan above the din of the music when they reached their goal, and James said something in her ear.

She shook her head no, and he simply moved one hand to her chin to force her to look at him, then repeated himself, his other hand never ceasing it’s movements out of sight. Her head drooped forward in submission as she used her hands to lift herself slightly off the table. James moved both hands back to her lap, and made a quick downward motion, triumphantly raising one hand with her panties twirling around his outstretched finger.

He stopped making any effort to simulate seduction, instead putting a hand in the middle of her chest and firmly pushing her back until her upper body was lying on the table, her eyes staring at the light above. He grabbed her legs one at a time and hefted them over his shoulders, completely exposing her and reached down to free himself. He rubbed his erection up and down her lips making her moan even louder, then thrust forward, sliding inside her until their hips met.

The table creaked as he thrust faster and harder, pushing her toward the previously anticipated orgasm. When it hit, he had to cover her mouth with his hand to prevent her from screaming. Michael watched miserably as her body arched off the table in an explosion of physical release. Having given her what she craved, he wrapped both his arms around her thighs and lifted slightly, allowing himself to hammer her mercilessly until his own climax approached. He dropped her legs and pulled her body up his as he came inside her.

(Second part to A First For Everyone)


The light shone blazingly bright and hot through the front window of the house, pouring sunshine over my face. I opened my eyes and realized I had a massive headache and hangover. I looked around the room and saw that I wasn’t at home, and in an instant I pieced together what had occurred last night. Could it have really happened? I wondered. Could I have lost my virginity to my friend’s mother? It felt like a dream, a blur almost. But I could remember the main parts, and none of it seemed real.

I convinced myself I must have dreamt it. It wouldn’t have been the first time I’ve dreamed vividly about sex. I stirred on the couch and felt my dick rub against my pants, it felt raw. It was no dream…it happened. I wasn’t a virgin anymore. And I’d fucked my friend’s mother, a woman I’d known since I was a child–of course now I was eighteen. I’d just turned eighteen last month.

I sat up and looked out the window. Yes, Lorry’s car was parked outside. My stomach churned, I’m not sure if it was in excitement or fear, but it churned and I felt sick. I’d clearly taken advantage of her, what if she was upset? I tried thinking back to what occurred. I’d walked her over to the couch and began to fondle her legs. She’d given me a blowjob, then I’d talked her into sex, which she’d given me after a few halfhearted refusals–I’d fucked her up the ass too. The memory of fucking her up the ass flashed in my mind and I was sure she hadn’t wanted it, but I’d sodomized her anyway, taking advantage of her vulnerable position of being bent over and sloppy drunk before me.

I really was another person last night.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t remember exactly how it’d felt. The story I’d told to you in the first chapter was my reconstruction of events. I’ll never be able to account for every detail of my special first day with Lorry. It happened very fast and was over too quick. It really was like a dream, and nothing more.

I’d lost my virginity in one drunken hour. I’d received my first blowjob, my first pussy—and asshole–all in one night. My first everything happened and I couldn’t remember it well enough to savor it. Why did it have to be so sloppy my first time around? But it must have been good; my dick felt like it’d been through a lot.

How could I have been so aggressive with Lorry? That was what shocked me. She’d always been so nice to me. I can’t remember how many times she’d given me rides or lied to my parents about something bad I’d done with her son Joe. She’d bought so much food for me over the years when I did things with Joe, it wasn’t funny. I owed her the greatest respect, and I’d betrayed her. I’d pounced the moment she’d shown her vulnerable side, and did it without a second thought.

What I’d done, what had happened last night; it wasn’t like me; I was so shy normally. It was the damned tequila that gave me the courage and lust to walk her to the couch and begin rubbing her nylon encased legs. I greedily used her body like a sex toy without her full consent. But there’d been parts she enjoyed, and that made me feel better.

I remembered how close we’d come to getting caught, Bob had walked in minutes after I’d taken his girlfriend on their couch. Thinking about it a bit more, fucking that grumpy man’s girlfriend excited me. Bob was a big guy. Much older than me, he would have messed me up if he’d caught me, maybe shot me. He had quite a large collection of guns.

If only he knew his girlfriend was such a slut when she was drunk. I knew Bob never liked me. He was a real conservative guy; a proud member of the local tea party. He might have been a little racist. I don’t think he cared for Mexican’s much, and I’m Mexican-American. Yes, he’d be pissed if he found out I’d ravished his girlfriend’s asshole without permission.

Bob was an uncomfortable man to be around. When he spoke to me, his questions were always sarcastic and direct, and I felt he was always trying to catch me up in a lie. He liked to roll his eyes a lot, and looked at everything with a pessimistic point of view. He really thought he was above everyone else, especially if you didn’t share his conservative politics or you weren’t older than him. He was also very jealous of Lorry, and demanding of her. When he called out for her she came running.

Lorry wouldn’t tell Bob, or her son, Joe, one of my best friends. I did feel sort of bad, like I’d betrayed Joe in some way, but I’d had sex, and that was a bigger deal. My dick began to harden as I laid there on the couch going over what memories I had from the previous evening. Lorry had been pretty easy, being as drunk as she was. She let me do what I wanted with her. Not really giving me resistance at all, except for when I shoved my cock in her butt.

How could she have been so easy? I never thought her the type to cheat on Bob. They’d been together for as long as I could remember and seemed to really love each other. He had children from a prior marriage that lived with their mother, and had Joe, who lived with them.

She was slightly plump, but it showed just over her pussy in a small pouch, nothing severe, most of her fat went to her backside. Her butt was fleshy and large. I’m sure it had changed over the years and loosened up, so that it jiggled at the slightest provocation. Her voice was grizzled from years of smoking. Her face wasn’t horrendous to look at. When she smiled she brightened up, and it was her green eyes that gave her any sparkle. She was naturally a brunette, but over the years had begun to die her hair a reddish auburn. A slight scattering of freckles dotted her nose and cheekbones.

She wasn’t the prettiest girl in the room, but she acted like it.

Physically, what made her attractive, and an object of desire, were the short miniskirts and thin dresses she seemed to always wear. She was fascinated, I think, by nylons, because she always wore them. I’d known her for years, since I was thirteen, (though everything in this story happened when I was eighteen) and she wore nylons on all but the hottest days .

I’d never had a crush on Lorry; well not a big one; she was my friend’s mom for God’s sake, and a friend’s parent was impossible–off the list, off the market, off anything. But I will admit eyeing her pantyhose clad legs from time to time over the years—okay, every chance I could. I used to want so badly to look up her skirt or dress everytime I went to Joe’s house. Her skirts rode high on her, and always gave the promise of a shot of panties, or thick milky upper thigh.

It seemed she owned every color of nylon leggings available. Once and a while I’d strike gold as I entered the living room and she’d be sitting just right and my eyes could shoot up into the darkened area under her skirt. It was nothing spectacular, but I’d run off to the bathroom and jack off with her pantyhose legs in mind. I wanted only to touch her legs, as if they were some forbidden fruit, off limits to me because of her status as a friend’s parent, and more so a grown adult twice my age with a live in boyfriend.

As we got older, one of our friends, Pedro, used to say he would fuck the shit out of her. We’d gotten a good laugh from it, and my friend Joe had wanted to fight him over it. Yes, she was overweight, and her body had seen better years, but her legs remained absurdly toned and well-shaped. And her eyes could always capture you in their intensity and amiability. She had a way of making you feel comfortable around her.

But her legs were extraordinary things to admire, like a beautiful painting or sunset. I think that’s why she showed them off daily in her skirts. Of course pantyhose can hide a lot, but they did her magnificent justice, a classy older lady look. She knew she looked good in her skirts, and because of her pantyhose and short skirts, she exuded a powerful form of sexiness in the simplest thing she did, like the crossing of her legs in a slow, deliberate manner, or the twirl of her hair around a finger, or the way she held eye contact with you when speaking. She loved to wear name brand fashion, and Bob never hesitated to shower her with lavish jewelry and clothing.

Her nose was a bit too round, her lips slightly thin with the beginnings of smoke wrinkles. She wore too much mascara, and her cheeks were always rosy. She always had the smell of cigarettes and perfume. But like I said, there was something about her.

I heard the door open in the hallway of the single story house and my heart began to race.

Who could it be? Bob with one of his guns ready to shoot me for forcefully fucking his girlfriend in the ass, or Joe, angry with me for stuffing my cock in his mother’s sweet mouth? Or even worse, would it be Lorry? What would I say to her? What would she say to me?

I pretended to sleep and lay my head down, while ever so slightly peeking out to the hall.

It was Lorry. She’d just showered, I could tell by her wet hair, and she was wearing glasses, round ones. She was dressed in sweats and a loose but short t-shirt.

As she stood there, I saw how feminine she looked. How she stared at me expressionless, contemplating me in deep silenced thought. Then she tucked her lips into a thin line and continued on her way.

She looked attractive standing right there. I don’t know if it was because I knew I’d laid over her last night and put my dick in her wet, wet, older pussy, or because she looked so unsure about something, worried almost.

I heard her open the cupboards in the kitchen where she’d gone, and start up the coffee machine. I didn’t know what to do. But I felt I needed to see her before my friend Joe, or Bob came around. I needed to get it over with. Apologize if I needed to, and leave, hoping to never make eye contact with her again for the rest of my life. I really did feel awful about last night, about how rough I’d been.

So with my heart at about my knees, I stood up. My head hurt, and I was thirsty. I walked over to the kitchen doorway and leaned against the jamb. I could smell the scent of soap or shampoo lingering in the air from her shower.

She was sitting at the counter, facing away from me. Just being so close to her tightened my chest up. I couldn’t believe what had occurred between us a few hours before. I saw the back of her shirt was wet from her hair. Her panties caught my eye as it stuck up on either side of her sweatpants waistband where her shirt rode high. It was a silky blue color and it shone foil like under the kitchen light. It was lacy around the top and I traced its visible line down her sweatpants. The lines of her panties were quite visible under the tight sweat material, and I noticed how small her panties were. It wasn’t a thong, not by the outline, but one side was riding up her ass more than the other. I had the urge to just reach out and stroke the material with the tips of my fingers.

The sight of her panties gave me a secret pleasure. Knowing that I’d fucked this woman and that I’d seen more of her than just her accidently exposed panties excited me. I’d had my hands up this woman’s skirt, my dick had been lodged inside of her body, and I’d spurted out my semen up her ass, injecting it deep inside her bowels while she begged me to stop.

“Good morning.” I said, my voice sounding rough from the hangover. It shattered the silence of the room, and my words visibly struck her body.

She turned and looked at me. Her eyes cutting me open in one quick glance. She wasn’t the unsure woman I’d just seen in the hallway anymore. She measured me and dismissed me all in one turn of the eyes.

“Want some coffee? I’m hung over.” She said, her tone so matter of fact, as if nothing had ever occurred between us.

I poured myself a cup.

“I’m hung over too. I had too much tequila last night.” I said.

“I know. I talked to Joe this morning and saw the empty bottles.”

“He’s up?”

“Been up. He left an hour or two ago, they called him into work. I told him to leave you on the couch till you woke up yourself.”

I felt better knowing I wouldn’t have to see Joe.

“Is Bob here?”

“Yes. He’s passed out though. I had to practically carry him home last night. He’s not the lightest man in the world. He won’t be up for a few hours.” Her eyes looked me over and I knew she wanted to say more, but held back. There was so much hidden in those soft green eyes.

There was a moment of strained silence and I used this awkward time to sip on the coffee. I could feel the air thicken up. My stomach turned in anticipation. I looked to the living room, to the couch where I’d sodomized Lorry.

“I was pretty wasted last night.” She said in a tone of finality, as if these words explained how she’d been able to sleep with her son’s friend and cheat on her boyfriend. She looked me in the eyes to see if I could understand her, then her face flushed bright red and she looked away as fast as possible, embarrassed.

Her eyes weren’t looking at me, but on a spot on the counter before her. She put a hand up over her cheek to try and hide her redness. Her breasts were pushing tight against her shirt, she wasn’t wearing a bra and they sagged down, her nipples showing themselves to me.

“Do you remember what happened last night?” She asked. “It was kind of a blur for me.”

The words didn’t seem real, the moment didn’t. I had nothing rehearsed, and she’d caught me off guard. Should I lie? No, I couldn’t. She needed to know that I remembered. I wanted her to always know that I knew she’d let her lips wrap themselves over my cock. I wanted her to know that I’d taken her while she was drunk, and she’d given herself up, slut like, to a man twenty years younger than her. But how could I say it nicely?

“Yeah, I’m sorry if I offended you in any way. I was drunk.” I couldn’t look at her. I was sorry, not for fucking her sloppy wet pussy, but for fucking her in the ass when she didn’t want it.

“I really don’t remember much, but bits and pieces. I’m normally…not like that. I have a question for you. What do you remember?” Her eyes were pleading with me to say “nothing”, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it. I had to let her know she’d been a bad woman last night. I wanted to see her reaction.

“We kind of…had sex.”

She nodded. She looked beautiful sitting there.

“Look, I’m so, so, sorry. I don’t know what got into me. It never should have happened. You’re not gonna go run and tell your mom are you? Or your friends—”

“No. Nobody.”

“You won’t brag about it? Promise you won’t.”

“I won’t.”

She smiled and held the cup to her lips. She looked as if the world had just ended for her, and I felt a little hurt by her reaction.

“God, if Bob were to find out…I don’t cheat on him, you know. I love him.” She said. “I want you to be honest with me about something. I’m a little embarrassed about saying this, or asking this–” She covered her eyes.


“Did you fuck me in the ass?” Her words were a whisper and her voice cracked. She looked as if she were going to cry.

“For a little bit.”

Silently, like the falling of snow, tears began to fall down her face. She put her hands over her nose and mouth and cried. I didn’t know what to say, or how to react. I wanted to hug her and run away at the same time. A slow minute passed while she cried about being fucked in her ass by me.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think you would cry about it. I apologize, Lorry.” I finally said.

“No, it was me that let it happen. I just…feel so dirty about it. My ass is really sore, and when I woke up, I felt it instantly, I knew something wasn’t right–and then, like a flash, I began to remember sitting next to you on the couch last night. I remember your hands on my legs. I remember sitting in the back yard smoking a cigarette, and that’s it. I don’t even remember driving home. It’s just…to be told by your son’s friend that he fucked you in the ass, that you cheated on your boyfriend who you love…it’s just too much for me.” Her eyes were red and beginning to swell, and she dabbed at them with her shirt.

“Well, I’m sorry again. I’ll never mention it.”

“Okay, good. I think that’s best. Maybe you shouldn’t come over anymore either. Nothing against you, but I can’t see you around here, not with Bob…not in front of Bob. I could never be in the same room as you two—ever. You understand, right? We should never see each other again. You’re a good kid with a big future and I wish you the best in life.”

She stopped crying and sipped her coffee, looking me fiercely in the face. Was it anger I saw in those green gems? Yes, she hated me. I stood up to leave. I was disappointed I’d never get to see her again, but I’d always have the broken memories from the best drunken night of my life.

“Wait. Finish your coffee first. I don’t want to be too rude about kicking you out.”

“Are you sure, Lorry? I can go now. I don’t want to upset you anymore.”

“Sit.” I did. We sat in silence again. It was a spring Saturday morning and I could hear some crazy neighbor starting his lawnmower in the distance at seven in the morning.

“I want you to know, what happened last night; what I let you do to me. Guys have wanted to stick it in my butt since I was in high school, but I never let them, never anyone. Not even Bob gets to put it there. I hate alcohol.” She wouldn’t look at me. Why did she want me there still? So she could explain herself to me? I was torturing her just sitting beside her. I wanted to admit to her that I’d taken it without her consent, maybe she would feel better, but I didn’t say a word.

Something about this aroused me.

She forced a laugh, a fake one that caught me off guard, and then sighed. “Did you enjoy it at least? My ass is really sore. I knew right away I’d been fucked there because it was so wet down there when I woke up. Your sperm was in there all night.” Her bluntness shocked me. She seemed so comfortable talking about it now. I saw in her face that her attitude had shifted somehow. She really wanted to talk it over. Maybe this was her way of getting over it.

“I lost my virginity to you.”

She coughed on the coffee she was drinking and set her cup down.

“You’re a virgin?”

“I was one.”

“So last night was your first time? Geez, as much as I want you to forget this night…you never will.”

“I won’t forget what happened, but to tell you the truth, I don’t remember it very well. But it was nice, it was even my first time having oral sex.”

She squinted at me, not understanding. “What? I umm, sucked your dick too?”


“Who started it?”

“It was kind of us both. You were wearing a skirt, and, well, I just couldn’t help myself. For years I’ve wanted to just feel your legs up. Last night, I finally did it; I put my hand up your skirt, and you let me.” I couldn’t believe what I was saying, but it made her smile.

“So you like my skirts? I always knew Joe’s friends were trying to look up my skirt every chance they could. Horny kids.” She stood up and went into the living room, down the hall, and returned. “Well, would it hurt for me to see it?”


“You know, don’t be shy, young man. You weren’t shy last night.” Her eyes went down to my crotch. “I haven’t seen another man’s cock other than Bob’s in a few years. Can I have a look? Don’t worry, nothings gonna happen. I’m not drunk this time. I just wanna see it. See the dick that took my anal virginity. Bob won’t come, I promise.”

I hesitated. What if Bob woke up? Or Joe returned. But thinking this excited me again. It was so risky, and she was asking to see it…yes she was a whore.

So, taking in a deep breath, I pulled my basketball shorts down, then my boxers. The cold air of the house hit my cock, and I could feel her eyes on it. I was embarrassed. Her eyes were opened wide, her lips just parted so that I could see her teeth and her tongue working under the tips of them, wagging back and forth.

“It’s bigger than I thought it’d be. I’ve been around the block once or twice, and you have a nice one.” I was sitting beside her on the counter, and her hand went out as if to touch it, but stopped in midair. “May I? I said I wouldn’t touch it, but it’s so smooth looking. You don’t have any grey hairs either, but you need a trim it looks.”

“Go ahead. I don’t remember much from last night, I forgot what it feels like to have someone touch it.”

She smiled. “Aww. You’re so cute.”

Her hand landed on it, her fingertips at first. She had long fake nails, colored purple, and I felt their touch as she ever so slightly ran her fingertips over me.

“It’s…very nice. Oh, it’s getting hard. How big will it get now?” Her eyes seemed to grow right along with me.

My cock expanded, moving by itself and slowly rising skywards like a balloon being inflated. It reached its pinnacle and every vein I had bulged out around the shaft. The head was shiny and still a little red from last night. She wasn’t touching it anymore, but watching it and sipping her. I wanted her to touch it again, it ached, and I badly needed her touch. But she was content watching it pulse with my heart beat.

I grabbed it myself, I had too, it hurt so much. I gave it a jacking, then let it sit.

“Putting on a show for me? I like it.” She watched my lonely cock, and we sat in silence, my dick the center of her world. “It just looks strong. No wonder I sucked you up last night. I haven’t seen a dick get that hard in years.”

“You don’t remember sucking it?” I asked.

“No, but I wish I did. I love to give head to men. That’s why Bob loves me. I suck him off twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed, if he can get it up. He doesn’t always get it up.”

“You love sucking cock?”

“I shouldn’t have told you that. Yes I do. There’s nothing like a rock hard cock in your mouth…”She looked at me, “Not that you would know anything about that. But for a woman…damn, it’s appetizing. My mouth is watering looking at your cock right now. I want to lick it—but no, I can’t. I won’t cheat on Bob.”

I touched my dick again and stroked it a few times to ease the tension I felt there. This was too much for me. She was talking way too much, and I very much wanted to jam my penis into her mouth.

She looked at me, holding my gaze for a second. “I wonder if I blew you good last night, I was drunk, sloppy drunk.”

“I want you to suck it. Please, one last time.”

“You’re bold. Right in my own kitchen, in Bob’s kitchen, you want me to get on my knees and suck your cock, is that what you’re saying?” She licked her lips slowly.

Right then she was the sexiest woman alive. The most beautiful older woman I’d set eyes on. Sexual lust poured from her every movement, the sweep of her eyes lashes, the tilt of her chin, the way she held her coffee cup, all of it oozed a sexual energy that I never knew existed. She was so damn sexy, and she knew I wanted her; she knew it and used it against me. Thank God I lost my virginity to her.

“Yes. Get on your knees and suck this cock.”

She smiled, giggling. “Oh, you’re bad. Well, I can’t. I don’t cheat.”

“Just do it, please. It hurts almost.”

She reached for it and took it in her hand, holding it like a toy, for her it was a toy. Her tiny fingers wrapped it and moved up, then down, squeezing very hard, so that it hurt. “Jesus, it’s hard. What a beautiful cock you own. You’re going to make a lot of girls happy with this thing. If I were twenty years younger, boy, I’d be sucking your cock daily, just like I do for Bob. I wish he had a cock like this, I really do.”

I couldn’t help myself and I reached out to her waist, and to her exposed panties. I let my finger rest on the stitching and pushed in to her hip bone. My fingers followed it back around her waist, consuming all of the lace and soft shiny blue material, to her back. She watched me touching her.

“You like that? You can’t be touching me like that you know. I’m not your girlfriend. I’m your friend’s mother, and I have a man my own age. He’s sleeping in the other room. He wouldn’t like it very much if he knew what you were doing.”

I gently came to a stop, letting my fingers rest on the silky fabric.

“He wouldn’t like it, but I do.” I was dying with lust for her. “Will you suck my dick?”

“I have a boyfriend. I can’t. I’ve known you since you were a kid. I used to cheer for you at your little league games. I can’t, it’s…not right.”

“You sucked it last night. You took it deep in your throat, remember? Remember choking on it? Remember getting fucked by the dick you’re holding? I fucked you so hard, right in the living room, right over the couch. I pulled your short, skimpy skirt up and fucked you.” I ran my fingers over her panties once more.

“I don’t remember it. Look, I’ll jack you off, but I won’t suck it. It’s not fair to Bob.”

I touched her breast, her left one. I took it in my hand and squeezed, feeling the nipple in the palm of my hand.

She took me by the wrist and pushed me away, then proceeded to jack my raging hard on up and down. She watched me the entire time, not looking at my dick. “I shouldn’t be doing this to you. I feel so bad about it, but this cock you have is just too big and hard. This is wrong.”

Her hands were like another pussy almost, she twisted and turned and squeezed and massaged. Until a small drop of pre cum escaped my hole. She took it and rubbed it over my head, it became slippery instantly. She grabbed hold of the very base of my cock and with her thumb and middle and forefinger milked a long stroke upwards producing another clear drop at the head of my penis. She then touched the drop and scooped it upwards, a string rose with it from my cock to her finger.

“You have a wonderful cock, young man.” Without taking her eyes from me, she put the finger into her mouth, licking the wet, and clear cum off in one swipe of her crafty tongue.

“Mmm. Dick. Yummy, yummy cock. You have a flavor all your own. I’m so used to Bob. Oh, poor Bob, sleeping peacefully in the other room while I’m playing with a younger man’s hard cock in his kitchen.”

Yes, you are, because you’re a slut, I thought.

“Suck it. I won’t ever ask you again.”

“Oh, yes you will. I know men. Once you get it, you want more. Your cock is just so hard. Come here.” She stood from the stool and pulled me by my cock. She led me out of the kitchen and into the laundry room. Her fatty butt wiggled when she walked and I placed a hand on her cheek, before she slapped it off.

“I’m going to suck your dick now. I’m dripping wet, you know. I need this cock of yours in my mouth. Don’t you get any ideas, I have a man, and I’m twice your age. This can’t be happening again. I just can’t pass up such a hard dick.”

Then she dropped on her knees and her tongue left her mouth, touching the tip of my head in a fast flick. Then another flick, and another. I barely felt the touch, like a wet steamy breeze passing over my cock’s head. I watched as she swirled her tongue over my shiny head, her lips just open, her eyes closed. “God, it’s so fucking hard.” She said between licks.

The laundry room was clean and white, and I leaned back against the dryer. I could see outside into the backyard, it was a beautiful morning. I looked down before me and saw my friend’s mom licking my erection in masterful paint strokes. Her hair was still wet and I placed my hand on her head, not guiding her, but just feeling her movements as she worked on me. Each lick sent shivers down my shaft and up into my stomach. Her tongue was like a small probe exploring this new cock she’d discovered.

How could I have gone so many years without oral sex? It was such an erotic high, standing back with your cock out and having a woman knelt down before you, pleasuring your swollen genitals with her mouth. Her tongue could do so many things, invoke so many feelings and touches. Lorry was in her own world right then, and so was I, but we were together all the same.

My dick was still pulsing with my heart beat and she stopped licking it and touched some of the veins around the shaft with her finger, tracing them around me.

“I love your cock so much, you don’t even know it.” Then she winked at me and her lips kissed the sides of it. Pressing into me, oh they we so soft against my shaft. Such subtle wet kisses floated over my penis, each one was tender, and unique. Listening to the sound of her kisses on my penis was like music to my soul.

Every now and then she would reach up and squeeze my hard penis, especially at the base, she loved to squeeze me there I noticed. Her squeezes would test the strength of my dick, and how much I could endure. Then she would jack it up, slowly, slowly up, then down. As she jacked it off in that manner, she watched my dick intently smiling to herself in secret pleasure, and I knew it wasn’t me she liked, but my cock and only my cock.

It was truly love making with her lips and tongue–and she still hadn’t put it inside her mouth. She latched onto the side of my penis with her lips and sucked, then slid up and down the length of me, sucking, slurping, and drooling over my cock. My head went back, I moaned. Her suction pulled at my skin as she slid her mouth against me.

This was the definition of pleasure.

I felt myself rising to a climax under her magical tongue. I wanted her to stick it inside of her mouth, but watching her slobber over it, and lick it like a delicious ice cream was too much. She had her lips of the side of it and her tongue dancing along the side when she pulled her head away and held my cock tight, right before I was going to shoot it out.

“What’s this? Already? You are inexperienced. Look at how fast it took you.”

I still had unloaded. “How do you know?”

“I know penis’s better than you do.”

She looked around for a towel and picked it up, then stopped and smiled slyly at me. “You want me to drink it? I want to, I love drinking cum, but…Bob, it’s bad I’m doing this already.”

She put the towel at the end of my penis and jacked my cock up and down and I came. A large shot of white sperm flowed from me and she continued to milk it out onto the towel. When she thought it was done she let go of my dick. I’d poured out quite a bit on the towel and she stuck one finger in the cum and put it to her mouth. Her eyes widened. Then she put the towel to her face and stuck her tongue out, swirling it around the white goo and bringing it back to her mouth and lips. She sucked most of my cum off the towel and drank it up, licking her lips. “It tasted good, that’s why I did it.”

She stood up. I was sad it was over.

“Turn around.”


“Turn around.” She grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me to the wall. “You don’t listen very well, do you? Don’t turn around until I say, or I won’t suck that cock of yours, ever.”

Did she just say ever? I thought she never wanted to see me again? I began to get excited.

I heard her rustling around. The dryer was cold against my cock. It took a few tortuous minutes, but it passed and she told me to look. She’d changed into one of her dresses folded neatly on a wooden table. It was a loose silver dress made of thin cotton, and she’d put on some black pantyhose with solid black dots over the legs. The thin material of the dress caught on her bare breasts, and her nipples were erect. It was a very short dress.

“No heels. Sorry.” She said. “Haven’t you always wanted to look up my skirt?”

Shyness crept over me, and I checked her face to see if she was playing with me. She had on a smirk, but it was all seriousness.

I knelt down, my cock in the way of everything, and put my head near her ankles. I looked up the velvety black pantyhose with solid black polka dots, and past her thick, shapely thighs. Her butt hung out away from the back of her thighs and I saw, in a thicker, darker material, the sky blue panties she’d had on earlier. The panties rode up her ass cheeks, but her butt was covered in black thicker nylon than the rest of her legs. Near my face I saw her feet covered in the material.

I can’t explain my actions, but I was suddenly compelled to kiss her ankle. My lips pressed onto the shiny, cold, and slightly rough fabric, and I gave her a kiss. The kiss was soft, and I enjoyed the feel of the nylon against my lips. I felt her warm supple skin just below the material.

I was surprised by how it felt, so…different, and new to me. Of course, back then everything was new to me, but touching her pantyhose with my lips gave me a pleasure that aroused me to new heights. These were the legs that I’d stared at for so many long years, and used to masturbate to, imagining their feel under my exploring touch. It was everything I imagined and better still.

I wanted to lick her legs now, touch this special see through fabric with my tongue. I looked up at her one more time and she was watching me, a smile on her face. What was she thinking, I wondered?

My tongue came out and tasted her soft calve. The material scratched my tongue, and I felt her warmth below the thin cool nylon. It was stretched tight over her, unbelievably tight, and my hands found themselves running up her legs and down them. I fondled her knee caps, and the muscular backs of her calves, gripping her toned sections, then to her thighs. Her thighs were strong and fleshy at the same time. I fondled her with impatient hands. With my tongue, I licked upwards, as I’d always wanted to do to her.

It burned almost, as my tongue traveled over the dry, black material. I opened my mouth when I was at her thigh and sucked in, taking in her flesh and pantyhose at once. Once her pantyhose had become soaked with my saliva, it took on a different feel, a warmer one.

My fantasies were coming true—this time with her consent and knowledge, and it was so much better than taking advantage of her.

“What are you doing, young man?”

“What I’ve always wanted to do to you.” I nibbled at her soft inner thigh, taking in bits of her flesh with each suck and kiss, pushing her fabric around with my hardened tongue. My fingers dug into her flesh, rubbing the material over and over. It was better than her bare skin, I thought. It was more sexual to have this barrier between us.

“You’ve wanted to lick my legs?” She giggled.

“Every day.”

“You’ve really never been with a girl, have you?”

“No, only you.”

“Good. Well, then, enjoy these legs, because you’ll never have them again.”

“You’ve never wanted to…or have you ever wanted me to touch you like this?” It was a dumb question that made her laugh.

“No. Never. You were always too young and immature to even fantasize about. All you boys were. But…I’ll admit, I liked seeing your eyes down at my legs from time to time. Maybe once, only once, I’ve wondered, how hard are their cocks getting watching me. It’d get me so wet thinking of it, of imagining your hard cocks inside of your pants, knowing I was the reason. Once, I remember we were watching a movie, and your friend, Pedro, he kept staring at my legs, the entire time, trying to be secret. So I pulled my skirt up a little, just a little, giving him some more thigh…oh, how I became wet. I think I saw his bulge in his pants. I went straight to Bob, and sucked him for hours that night, the entire time thinking how I’d gotten Pedro so hard. I felt so bad doing that. Afterwards, I promised never to play around like that again with you boys. But I did enjoy you staring at my legs and breasts all those years.” She looked at me, out of her trance. “Don’t you tell anyone about this.”

“I won’t. When you suck Bob next time…will you think of me?”

“You’re naughty boy.” She said, a wicked grin on her face. “Yes, maybe. When he’s fucking me, I’ll imagine it’s your hard young cock inside of me. He has a thick cock, but it just doesn’t get so solid as yours does. There is nothing like a young man’s penis when he’s fully turned on…nothing.”

“Have I ever made you wet? Like Pedro?”

“No, not you. You must understand I don’t cheat on Bob, and I would never fuck an underage boy. This isn’t me normally. You don’t think I’m, like, a hoe for this, do you?”


“I know your birthday was last month—thank god, or last night may have been rape; but, no, nothing specific with you, till now, of course. I like your touch, it’s so innocent. You don’t know a lot. Explore me now. This is your one chance-well, second, but it’s different being sober, I think.”

The entire time we spoke, my hands were exploring her legs, massaging her muscles. I was on my knees now while she leaned against the dryer. She placed a hand on my head and ran her fingers through my hair as I caressed her body. I made sure to touch every part of her, not one inch of her lower body hadn’t been rubbed and squeezed and tested by my fingers and palms.

Her skirt hung loose on her ass, and I saw where it caught each butt cheek, and caught her thick line of panties. I pulled her skirt up and saw where the pantyhose changed from see through, to a darkened version. A dark, thick stitch ran up the middle of her pantyhose where her butt was.

I put my face on her butt, rubbing my cheek and lips over the nylon, into the soft flesh and against her blue tiny panties underneath. Her panties really were too small for her; they seemed ready to rip at the slightest movement.

I inhaled, and her scent attacked my nose. Instinctively I knew it was her sex, it was a strong secret smell, feminine and raw, hot and ready.

I licked over her plump ass, my hands and mouth working hard to savor the feel of her nylon encased backside. She opened her legs.

“Here. Kiss me here. You’ve had enough of my ass, you bad boy.”

I took her invitation, her hands guiding my head a bit more forcefully than I’d expected. Her warmth is what I remember most about her pussy. I took a good look at the stitching of the nylon there, and I could tell it was already sopping wet, her panties were discolored darker too—she was leaking all over herself. I remembered how wet she’d been last night, and this further aroused me.

I pressed my face between her legs. My lips touching the scratchy hot fabric, her mound of sex moved with my lips, and as I stuck my tongue out, she moaned and pressed my head into her. I felt her pussy lips through her panty hose. They moved underneath the pantyhose, loose like and throbbing. I licked at each puffy lip, and in the middle and she gasped and pulled my hair.

“Oh, you naughty, naughty boy, you shouldn’t be doing this to me.” Her voice sounded heavier, husky with want. She was occupied with only me and it drove me crazy, further tightening the feeling in my cock. I felt my penis was about to burst from pressure.

She began to grind herself over my kissing lips, pushing her pussy into my face, smashing it against me and rubbing on my outstretched tongue. I knew she was getting off, because she moaned and held me tight. My hands meanwhile were on her backside, happily squeezing away at her excess flesh, bouncing each cheek up and down, back and forth.

As she rubbed her swollen pussy on me, I opened my mouth and bit down, gently enough with my lips over my teeth, and I managed to grab just a little of her. With her pussy in my mouth I flicked at it with my tongue, rubbing until it burned me and I released. As I did this, her clit began to protrude more and more, flaring thick under her nylons, a hard little nub that I could push on with my tongue.

Her skirt was over my head, and I was in darkness between her legs. Her pussy lips were soft and movable, but under the softness was a hard bone that she pushed out and kept fiercely rubbing on my lips and chin and nose, it hurt just a bit.

“Mmm. Kiss it for me.” She pleaded. “Ohh. That’s it honey, right there…mmm.”

I did so, trying my best to French kiss her nylon covered pussy, taking in her rough pantyhose and soft pillow like lips in one embrace of my mouth. I wanted to rip open her pantyhose and taste her bare pussy. Her thighs squeezed my head and I reveled in their touch.

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