***As some readers have commented, my stories can be more violent than might be expected. I don’t apologize for what gets me going, but I will give fair warning that if you don’t like rougher treatment, you may not want to read further.

Also, hopefully we can all agree that these stories are exactly that, stories. Fantasies are meant to push boundaries of reality and make life a bit more interesting. Thanks for reading.


The next time I awoke I knew I had been drugged. My faculties were intact but I was unable to move my limbs, but I could feel the rope digging into my skin.

Looking at my body from the distorted view I had, I could see that my tits, stomach and thighs were bound in lengths of rope in almost every direction. The rope separated and squeezed my ample breasts and one string went down between my legs. The friction I felt from the rope directly on my clit was constant and almost unbearable. The pain and pleasure mixed, making me feel close to orgasm. Though I couldn’t move my own body, the man in black from the day before, and my original captor were standing above me, watching.

My arms were tied behind me. I was on my knees. My neck was in a leather collar, attached to a strong metal frame. The collar made it impossible for me to turn my head as I would’ve liked, or to look down more than slightly.

The man in black’s cock was pressing hard against the front of his trousers. He was standing slightly forward to my captor, brandishing his riding crop. “Good morning, cum-slut,” he cajoled, congratulating me for waking up. He stood in front of me and slapped my hard, erect nipples.

Starting softly, he increased the intensity of the smacks, alternating between hitting me on my tit or my nipple, and increased the frequency. Alternating between my nipples and the softer flesh of my breasts, I screamed aloud each time he hit me. The crop felt hard and caused extreme pain when it hit my sensitive, erect nipples directly.

“Shut up, bitch,” he said, “In fact, I don’t want to hear anything from you.” Turning, he gestured to my captor, who passed him a thick leather strap with a big red ball in the middle. Approaching me, my captor fitted the strap around my head and forced the red ball into my mouth. Adjusting the strap, the ball gag was fitted into place making me unable to speak or make any noise other than indiscernible moans and grunts.

My captor reached forward at this time and pulled upward on the rope travelling between my legs. Unable to move my limbs or fight back I was unable to protect my body from his assault. Screaming behind the gag in my mouth as he pulled up on the rope, my pussy and clit ached from the increased friction each movement caused. Reaching lower, he pulled aside the rope and dipped two of his long, thick fingers into my pussy. My pussy was dripping wet.

The rope had made me so close to cumming that his fingers inside me and his thumb on my clit for mere seconds brought me straight to orgasm. Feeling my pussy tighten and hearing my moans against the gag the men each took turns telling me what a good whore I was.

“You’re such a fucking slut,” said the man in black as he slapped my tits again with the riding crop.

My captor agreed, telling me I was a filthy whore. He took his fingers out of my pussy and rubbed my juices over my asshole, preparing my ass to be taken yet again. I wanted to squirm away but my attempts to move faltered because of the drugs they’d fed me.

Next the two men stood before me and removed all of their clothes. Naked and erect they stood side by side and slapped my face on each side with their growing and hardening cocks. Standing before me they each repeatedly slapped their meat hard into my face.

The man previously in black slid his erection between my arm and my body, basically into my armpit. Pushing my arm harder against my body he thrust in and out of the tunnel he made for his cock.

“Yeah, you goddamn fucking whore, I’m going to fuck every inch of your hot little body.” As he spoke, I felt his cock get harder and harder. The other man walked behind me and knelt down, aligning the tip of his cock with my tight little asshole.

Rubbing the tip of his cock in my asscrack, my captor groaned. Pushing forward slowly, he pressed the fat tip of his cock into my ass. “That’s it, girl,” he gruffled moaned, “Your ass is so relaxed I could push all the way in like this,” and without mercy he pulled out and pushed back in, all the way. Violently and painfully, his entire hard dick pounded into my ass over and over while the man in black squeezed and pulled my nipples between his fingers and fucked my armpit.

The man in black unbuckled the strap holding my ball-gag in my mouth. It fell to the ground. “Please, Master, you’re hurting me. Please, stop,” I whined as soon as I had the chance, begging them to have mercy, hoping that my use of the word Master would get them to listen. Ignoring me completely, he continued to ram his dick harder and harder into my little asshole again and again.

“This is my ass now, bitch,” he grunted between slower thrusts into my ass. He began to alternate which holes he fucked, thrusting into my ass then pussy and back to my ass. In front of me, the man in black shoved his dick into my mouth.

My captor could no longer hold his orgasm back and thrust himself into my hot, wet pussy and filled me with a load of hot cum. When he pulled out, I felt the cum drip from within my pussy and down my pussy lips, torturing me. It was then that he reached back and grabbed a dildo even larger than the black one used on me the day before. This dildo was at least 10 inches long and almost as thick as two cocks. As soon as possible, he worked it slowly but ruthlessly into my pussy and fucked me like that until his dick hardened again.

The man in black was shoving his dick into my mouth faster and harder, slapping and hitting my cheek as he fucked the insides of my mouth. “Whose mouth is this, bitch?” he asked me. Unable to speak I looked up into his face. “Yeah, you fucking whore, we own you now.” He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up further, forcing his cock deep into my throat.

Ordering me to stick out my tongue, I did as I was told. He began to slap his dick onto my tongue. Then, unexpectedly he turned his body around and squatted down in front of me and sat on my mouth.

“Keep that tongue out, whore,” he commanded, “Lick my asshole like the worthless piece of shit you are.” He pushed his ass harder into my face, reaching around the back of my head and pulling it forward as far as the collar would allow, forcing me to lick his asshole. “Oh, yeah! Clean that ass, slut,” he whispered nastily. “You like how that tastes, cunt?” he asked.

Turning back to face me, he shoved his hard cock back into my mouth, and all the way down my throat. Cumming now, he shot his first stream of cum into my throat before pulling out and covering my face in long, thick ropes of white, sticky cum.

Hard again, my captor suggested they trade places. The man in black took over fucking my pussy with the enormous dildo and my captor stood before me. Pulling his dick up, he demanded I suck on his balls.

“Stick your tongue out and lick those nuts,” he commanded, “Now suck and lick them like the good little whore you are.” I lapped and licked his balls like he asked and sucked each one into my mouth, making a popping sound as I released them from my mouth. Loving it, he kept his balls in my face for some time.

The man in black suddenly removed the big dildo from my pussy and placed it at the entrance of my ass. Shocked and terrified, I screamed against his intentions. I knew my ass couldn’t take something so huge. My screams were muffled by my captor’s huge, hanging ball sack in my mouth.

As he pressed forward, I screamed around the balls, which my captor actually liked and which made the man in black push further. With great effort, the bulbous head of the dildo popped into my ass. The pain was incredible. Tears streamed down my face from the immense discomfort, pressure and pain I felt from this intrusion.

Not stopping, he pushed on, forcing the big dildo in and out of my ass, at least three or four inches deep. What was worse, was the man reached below me and began to lightly touch and tease my swollen clit, until I came, squirting cum all over the floor beneath me and covering his hand. The orgasm worked initially, but caused me to tighten my muscles, making the dildo feel even bigger inside my ass.

Needing to fuck me himself, he removed the giant dildo and replaced it with his only slightly smaller cock. Slamming in all the way, he fucked me raw until he came deep inside my asshole. Grunting and groaning as he came, he reached down again and rubbed my clit, pushing two fingers into my pussy, hitting my g-spot perfectly, making my pussy gush and leak cum over and over.

Hearing my juices and needing to cum, my captor pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot his hot load of load of jizz all over my face. Saying nothing, the men stood quickly, collected their clothes and left the room. I was forced to stay, bound and unable to move for hours before they returned. When my captor untied me, picked me up and carried me to the bed I didn’t struggle against him. He placed me on the bed, restrained my arms to the bedposts and left me. I soon passed out.

We had been married for some 16 years and were not exactly living ‘happily ever after’ and they say. Somewhere in those years we had had the standard two kids, both of whom were teenagers now, and while we had grown apart somewhat, we had kinda mutually agreed to stick it out and be parents until the youngest reached 18, then maybe if things hadn’t improved, we’d reassess and perhaps split the sheets. Seemed reasonable and the adult thing to do to me….but I wasn’t quite sure of my wife’s intentions.

I had been faithful…thought it was what I agreed to in the vows, and despite several open invitations over the years, I had hung in there with the fidelity thing. I had thought my wife, Susan, had done the same…that is until one day when she accidently left her laptop running in her home office…she is a real estate associate, and fairly busy….and I got a bit nosy. We both had computers, and both had passwords, and we never poked into our respective spouse’s information, but I had overheard a conversation one day when I was supposed to be out running….and it sounded a bit suspicious.. a bit too chatty and unprofessional. I knew she was talking to her boss, Roger Dalmouth, and some of it was business, but some was decidedly un-business, or monkey business….so I got a little suspicious, and when the opportunity presented itself, I snooped.

Sure enough, in flipping through her hotmail account, I found an interesting collection of what could only be described as notes for an afternoon tryst…..several in fact. Seems they could pick an empty house to ‘show’ one afternoon….independently…and both arrive there but their respective ‘client’ wouldn’t show, leaving them with an hour or so of nothing to do but fill the time doing something else…and they were careful not to muss up anything, but would always leave the house tidy … Of course the owner would be gone in order to allow the house to be seen…so there was little danger of discovery. This had been going on for months, much to my surprise and dismay…..but I didn’t let on. Things were going OK in our house, so I didn’t want to upset the apple cart yet…. Didn’t have anything other than these emails anyway..and didn’t have any way to print them out or get copies,…so it was just my word against hers if it ever came up.

Then Susan won some promotional sales trip for a week in Jamaica….and I thought maybe the trip would lessen the tension in the house if we just went down for some sun and sand.. At first I had some small hope that maybe things could turn around…that she might get a bit swept up into the romantic getaway thing and we could find some of the old sparks. Didn’t expect to recreate a lot, but the idea was there, initially…..but then a I overheard a portion of a “business” phone call that squelched that….something about ‘stringing him along with this trip so he won’t get suspicious…maybe even give him a little to keep him happy’. So with that understanding of the reason behind this trip, a thought began brewing in my head.

One of her incoming emails had indicated that Roger was promising things for the future when he and she were finally ‘free’ of the dullards they were stuck with. I figured that old Roger knew our plan of sticking together, and that he was safe for a few more years….getting the crème without buying the cow, so to speak….and that the affair would blow itself out by the time we all split the sheets….or maybe not. But he was safe. Susan apparently bought into the ‘wait until we’re free idea’ and was actually doing some planning…because I also found that she had purchased a couple of nice, expensive gifts for Roger…she had her own money….and had begun secreting a little money into a new account at another bank…..so she was plotting and planning to fly the coop probably sooner rather than later…and right into old Roger’s nest. Roger, by the way, was pretty much a racist…..wouldn’t hire anyone of color, or even Latino or Asian…..and since it was his own company, didn’t have to. I’d heard a couple of his catty remarks at office parties….so knew his opinion pretty clearly. He was a pure whitebread bigoted boy who felt superior and wasn’t shy about disclosing it.

So we went on this holiday…..Susan , who is quite nice looking, even at almost 40…..she works out in the gym, eats carefully, and is proud of her looks and figure. She also likes to dance…and gets into it, especially with rock’n roll, or “black” music, as she calls it.. She had said that she liked to kick it loose on these island trips…we had done a couple in years past…that it brought out the basic instincts in her…. And also that she liked flirting with the island fellows…letting them rub around and sniff around a bit, but knowing she wasn’t going to allow them any more. I think she also was something of a bigot….tease, but don’t please…..it kinda turned her on to tempt but not follow through. I think she got off on it, and in earlier years, we had had some intense sex because she was turned on and I benefited. She never would admit it, but I think it made her feel superior to tease and taunt, but then stroll off leaving the locals somewhat heated, but without anything more.

And this trip was no different…..I think she figured this was it for awhile, so she was going to really push it along out there…both for the locals, and also for me…none of whom were going to enjoy what she was showing but wasn’t sharing. After the first night, and my thinking that maybe things might swing around, only to get the old “I’m too tired” routine…I knew what her game was…and it pissed me off. She wasn’t ever too tired for old Roger, but her husband would just have to put up with it.

So I began hatching a little plot. I knew that the islands had some very fine rums that went down like honey, but that were seriously strong and lethal…. I spent one afternoon at our favorite watering hole/bar/dance joint talking with the bartender about the situation. Not fully…just told him my wife loved to come here and flirt and I thought that she would ‘really like to experience the islands in a complete way.’ He got it, and asked how I felt about that….and I told him that we had been married a long time, and that a little icing might not hurt the cake..might make it sweeter back home. He understood then, although he had no idea of my real motivation and intent.

I told him that I didn’t think she’d ever really make that giant step however, even drunk..because then she’d just get sick and ruin everything….and as the conversation rolled around a little bit, he asked me if I had ever heard of ‘roofies’….and I lied and said “No” and he described how they were colorless, tasteless and most effective in allowing things to happen that a recipient wouldn’t resist and also wouldn’t remember..at all. After we discussed these, me being ‘surprised and amazed’ at this wonder dust……I asked how to manage to get my wife to try this magic potion….she certainly wouldn’t just take a pill if I suggested it. He said: “No, mon….she would take it in a drink we made up called the Black Island Cherry, and she would never know it…in fact after a little while, she’d never know anything at all until the next day. Then no hangover, no memories of the night before, and no regrets, but all the fun you want to have with her.”

I asked him about the drink name, and he said it came from the fact that if a white woman decided to enjoy one of the local guys, for her first time, he would in fact be getting her ‘black cherry’….but that this was a bit of a secret between the men, and never told to the females. Great tasting, lethal, and laced with enough roofies to do a fine job on any female.

So I asked him that if this potential evening might be scheduled for Wednesday..this being Monday….if he might know a couple of local lads who would enjoy helping my wife fulfill her ‘fantasy’….and he said he did…Cecil and William….and pointed them out. They were fairly young, well built, dark-skinned local guys. And so we talked about it a little more and I told him I’d get back with him the next day…would ‘talk it over with my wife’ and see how it went. Of course I had no intention of saying a word to her…..she was getting enough with old Rodger on the side and enjoying it…and this one was going to be on me. I also knew that I would be filming everything that happened, from beginning to end, and would have a huge axe to hold over her head if I needed it in the future…my wife and a couple of black fellows rolling around in a bed in Jamaica. Powerful weapons for my arsenal….especially to threaten her with regarding old Roger. So the next day I told Bertram, the barman, it was a go….and we talked about the details.

We’d show up about 9, after an earlier dinner so it would digest well….and there was a good band..so she’d start off with two standard, but kinda weak, drinks…just to get her fuelled and dancing. Then, the third drink would be the Black Island Cherry. She’d be wound up by then and teasing and dancing with everyone……and about thirty or forty minutes into that third drink, which she’d probably slug down just for the liquid, it would start to take affect…and the evening would be a ‘go.’

Which is exactly how it went. We had a nice early dinner, and she even suggested another evening of ‘flirting with the locals’ as she called it…and I agreed…and we went. We arrived at about 9 PM and Bertram had managed to hold a table for us near the floor but back away from the spotlights…and it began. She singled out a nice looking black man and he obliged her with several good dances to the kettle drums …and then it just continued. It was a warm night and she was out on the floor for every set, getting a bit overheated and quickly drinking down the first two. She complained that she wasn’t getting anything from the drinks and Bertram himself came over and suggested she switch to one of their favorites down there named the Black Island Cherry, giving me a questioning look as he did. I gave a small nod, and the night was on. He brought back a cool, icy swirling concoction with a bright red cherry perched right in the top. She thought it looked fabulous, and the local men all watched a bit enviously as Bertram sat it down in front of Susan. He had held off delivering it a little, letting her get really thirsty, so she really dove into it quickly…and then was off for more flirting…. He said to me as she moved away. “Thirty or forty minutes mon” and I said “William and Cecil?” and he nodded back toward the bar, and said, “They ready, Mon” andthere they were….both breaking into smiles when I looked. I nodded toward them and everything was set.

After another twenty or twenty five minutes the band took a break. Susan came back to the table and sat down and quickly finished her ‘Cherry.” She was really thirsty, and the dancing had kept her alert, but after only about five or six more minutes she began looking a little drowsy. Her eyelids were drooping a bit, and she was beginning to slur her words…and I knew it was time to go before she keeled over at the table.

I said, “Hmm…looks like you might be just about ready to ride.” I wanted to see just how alert she was…whether she’d pick up on this or not…and she didn’t…..so I said, “OK, I think its time we got you up to the room and into bed.” And she murmured something about that last drink really hitting her…..and I said : “Yep, and you have no idea how much harder things are about to become.”

I went around and pulled her to her feet and we quietly exited off the floor and into the shadows along the path, and as promised, William and Cecil were suddenly there. I told Susan: “Alright, we have these two nice fellows to assist us tonight. Just hold on to their waists and they’ll help you up to the room and into bed.” And she mumbled something like ” that’s nice…” but I could tell that she was pretty gone. She hung on, though.

So I made the first of my planned comments, mainly more for me and the two fellows, but to also do a final test as to Susan’s alertness. I said: “Well these two fellows are going to give you a walk up to our room on your feet now, and then to thank them, you are going to give them a ride between your legs in the bed later. They’ll be coming along with us right now, so they can come in you in a while.” And she mumbled again something about being “helpful”….and I knew she was mine to do with as I chose. And I chose to enjoy the upcoming main feature, both in person and on my Super 8 video cam.

When we got to the room, which thankfully was on the ground floor, I quickly opened the door and we all went inside. William was behind Susan supporting her by holding her back against him and reaching around her front and cupping a breast in each of his large hands….and she was making no protest…just looking dreamy.

I said, as a final test, knowing she hated the word: ” Ah Susan…these two nice fellows are here to give you some real Jamaican hospitality tonight.. some big, thick black hard Jamaican cocks, and you are going to return that hospitality by giving them some tight, wet, pink American housewife pussy.” Both William and Cecil grinned widely, and Susan just swayed in William’s arms dreamily…no reaction at all. I knew what I said wasn’t registering even though she was still upright and sort of awake… so I said,:

“OK fellows, Let me get my camera rolling,” which I did, and then said: “I think it’s time you unwrapped this nice uptight package and took a look at everything that she’s been hiding out there on the dance floor.” And they did. Cecil moved around in front of Susan and unbuttoned her blouse slowly, while I moved over to get a good camera angle, and then slipped her blouse off. She made no protest, and then he unhooked her front hook bra and let her nice big tits swing gently free into the breeze…and slid the straps back off her shoulders. He knelt down in front of her as William again cupped her now naked breasts in his black hands, and unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt, which fell to her ankles. She was now wearing only a g-string, which he deftly slipped down over her hips and to the floor, exposing her full dark bush right at his eye level. He moved his face right into her and sniffed and said: Ummm this smells nice…bet it tastes good too, mon. I think I’m gonna like this ride she’ll be givin.”

And I said….”You will, and I’ll enjoy watching while you do. She’s all yours, so get her onto that bed, get her legs spread and have some fun. It’s been a long time in coming …oh, and would one or both of you try, when you’re about at that final point, to pump your load into her mouth. I want to both film and feel her throat when she swallows a big load from a black man….something I know she’d never do voluntarily…..so enjoy yourselves fellows….I’ll just be taking a few movies for later viewing.” And I thought, ‘and watching as two black men take turns on my prissy, uptight, bigoted wife’…what a rush, and what a thing to have in reserve for later…videos.

And they did. These fellows mounted her and rode her mercilessly, both alone and together, swapping between her mouth and her pussy, for at least an hour. I could see and hear her gagging as one or the other would drive his black cock down her throat with the other one steadily humping his big ramrod to its hilt in her pussy. I know she had never taken this much in either end, but she relaxed, or was stretched most likely, until she handled everything. And they were big…much more so than me. William was a good 9 inches and thick, but Cecil was bigger…almost a foot.. I was amazed she could take all that in, but by the end of the evening, he was burying his cock in her right to his balls. I recorded the slapping sound as they whacked off her pussy on each stroke.

Finally each of them unloaded… in turn…into her mouth. Her head was hanging backwards off the bed and William was fucking her throat when he came….He said, “Now, Mon…now”..and I got a good closeup as he pulled just out of her lips and started squirting his gism right into her mouth and onto her tongue. He held her head up and she had to swallow to avoid being choked by his load, and I filmed and held her throat as I saw it move convulsively ….and then Cecil replaced him and did almost the same thing…and I witnessed another huge squirting gob of creamy goo shoot into her mouth and Cecil closed her mouth and again she swallowed it all..and I got that on film as well…..perfect.

And it was finally over….I wasn’t about to make it a three party event..not after witnessing those two large cocks working Susan over…she had to be stretched beyond anything she had ever known, and I had exactly what I wanted….

The next morning we awoke, and she had a bit of a hangover and mumbled something about being kinda sore ‘down there’ but she didn’t pursue it, and I didn’t either. We had another day or two and I enjoyed them thoroughly….I don’t think we went back for more dancing…I think she had had enough, and she asked me once or twice why I looked so happy..and all I could say was that I had really enjoyed this trip…more than I had ever expected. I think she was thinking “good, it will keep you happy”…but she had no clue how happy that would be.

We returned home, me in a much better mood than I’d anticipated and Susan ready to get back into her little routine of house sales. I thought it was relatively fair that while she was out “showing a house” and meeting Rodger the Dodger as I’d come to think of him, I had time to do some film editing down to about 5 minutes of air time on a thumb drive, of which I made several.

I confronted her one evening after dinner about her affair with Rodger. She denied everything of course…but I told her it didn’t really matter. She and I were basically a finished item anyway and would proceed with separating soon….which was a shock to her I think…both that I knew about Rodger and didn’t care, and that I was moving out to start having some fun of my own. She acted quite insulted that I thought I could just leave whenever I felt like it and damn the consequences. That was until I laid out the master plan for the next three or four years.

I told her that since she found Rodger’s company so interesting, she could enjoy it whenever she wanted….made her a bit angry that I didn’t seem to care….and then I sprang the big one. I told her that about all she had been good for these past few years was a little sex, and she said if that was true, then I’d had my last bit of that. I said, “Well, maybe you might want to take a look at this little thumb drive before you make any definite decisions about our sex life. I may just want something you have to offer from time to time.”

She said: “Fat chance of you ever getting any anymore…” and I just smiled and handed her the thumb drive and said,: “Perhaps you ought to view this before being too sure..”

She plugged it into her laptop and I watched as she saw what was happening on the screen…and I thought she was going to faint before it was over…..good thing I didn’t just show her the whole raw footage….I think she would have. After the video finished, I reached over and pulled it out of her computer. She couldn’t talk….just sat there stunned. So I broke the ice and said: “Wonder how old Rodger would like to see this? I know you and he have all these great plans after you’ve managed to dump me and take a big chunk of my money, but I wonder how Mr Bigot would react to this little show!”

She just slowly moved her head from side to side, still unable to utter a sound, and I said:

“OK, here’s how it’s going to be for the next three years. You’ve never been too keen on two things I really enjoy…anal and blowjobs. So I think things are going to change in our sex life. I don’t need or want the intimacy of being face to face with you, but I still enjoy a good fuck….so until we’re done, and maybe even after, I’m going to enjoy both blowjobs and some good anal fucking out of you whenever I want. And I’m going to want it fairly often, to make up for these sorry last few years when you always managed to develop a headache, or were too busy or whatever excuse you made for turning me down. And if Rodger drops out of the picture, then remember that we have friends and neighbors and you have associates at work, all of whom or any of whom might just suddenly find a copy of this mysterious thumbdrive on their desk or in their mailbox…..so that’s how it’s going to be my sweet about to be my cocksucking wife. And it starts right now, honey… payback’s a bitch, isn’t it.”

She awoke slowly, yawning and blinking away the previous night’s fatigue. Funny, she thought, I don’t remember it. She giggled. I must have really been stoned. She tried to sit up, but she only managed to hurt her neck. “Whaa-?”

She looked around. This was definitely not her bed. Not only that, but she couldn’t move her arms. Or her legs she realized. “What the hell happened last night?!?” she asked herself. She craned her neck, looking for any sign of where she was.

Wherever she was, it was dark. The only light in the room was shining right in her eyes. She figured it must have been what woke her up. She tried moving her arms again. No dice. She was chained by her wrists to the bed frame, a very solid bed frame. Her legs were the same.

“Hello? Anybody? Help!” she yelled. Maybe I was really messed up last night and took up some perv on his offer she thought.

Suddenly she heard a cranking noise, like machinery, coming from under the bed. The sheet slid away revealing her body. Her first thought was yup, chained to the bed. Her second thought was an even scarier one: I’m Naked!! She had overlooked that at first because she was so used to it. She always slept in the nude when it was warm enough. Even in winter she would use extra covers and thick comforters so she could remain all natural as her roommate put it. But now, bound to a bed in a strange place, she was not as comfortable being in her birthday suit.

“Calm down,” she told herself, “you just have to talk to the guy who did this to you. I’m sure he’s a reasonable person. You just have to… convince him.” She knew for a fact that if something went wrong she was screwed. Her roommate was out of town, at her parents’ place, and college was out for the summer so no one would notice she’d gone missing. “I’ve got to get out of here” she stated.

“Hello?” she tried again, hoping to be heard. No answer. “Hello?!?”

The noise started again, like gears grinding. “No no no no…” she muttered, “what is it now?” something poked her. “AAHH!!” she screamed. Whatever it was, it was hot. And it wasn’t anywhere good. The warm object pressed harder against her unprotected hole, rubbing close to her clitoris. She gasped.

Words appeared on the ceiling above her. GOOD MORNING. YOU HAVE BEEN DRUGGED, There was a pause. TWICE. THE SECOND DRUG HAS GREATLY INCREASED YOUR AROUSAL AND SENSITIVITY. There was another pause. ENJOY.

With that the warm round object entered her completely. “Gyaaahh!” she gasped again. She was trying to figure out anything about her predicament, but the pleasure was too intense. She ground her body her body into the bed in a spasm of ecstasy. “Oh, please!” she tried to slide downward toward the machine. “Please!” the machine pulled out almost all the way, then thrust back in. the motion was gentle at first, but was picking up speed quickly enough. The warmth was almost more than she could handle.

She had broken up with her boyfriend right at the beginning of summer, only two weeks before, over an argument about her virginity. He had taken it while she was drunk, and most likely drugged in her opinion, and she was not very happy about it. She hadn’t had sex before, or since that day. Needless to say, she was not at all prepared for this level of sexual intensity.

The machine continued to pump in and out of her, poking the opening of her womb. It continued on relentlessly, making her pussy throb. The heat of the automated member was warming her entire body, spreading in waves outward from her pulsing vagina.

She screamed, finally reaching her climax. The intense pleasure made her convulse, still constricted by her bonds. The machine was heedless of her orgasm though and continued its assault on her femininity. She smiled as darkness closed in, leaving her mind free to wonder heedlessly.

She awoke suddenly. She still felt groggy, but otherwise she was fine. She did another check of her surroundings and was surprised to find herself blindfolded. She realized she wasn’t lying down either. Her arms were bound both behind her back and above her head. Her elbows were tied together too. The whole setup was making her bend forward at a weird angle. She recognized this position from a “sex life” magazine her roommate had been reading months ago. What was the position called? Um… strap-do? She pondered. There wasn’t much time for that, though, as she tried to figure out her situation again.

There was something seriously wrong with her tits. Her nipples felt swollen like Brent (her ex) had made them feel on their last date. That was worrying, considering he had been sucking them pretty hard. That was the same night he had drugged her, she remembered. And now here she was, drugged again. She wondered if he was to blame for this time too. Some sort of payback she guessed.

Her jaw ached pretty badly. She tried to open and close her mouth to lessen the pain only to find it was open and staying that way. She felt around the intrusion with her tongue. Whatever it was, it had holes in it so she could breathe, and it wasn’t coming out either. She tried to scream for help, but all that came out was a whooshing noise through the gag’s holes.

The sound from before came again, clanking and crunching. The strings holding her blindfold were drawn and the whole thing came off, brushing gently past her face as it was pulled.

The first thing she did with her newfound sight was figure out what was wrong with her boobs. A pair of clear cylinders hung from her nipples, each connected to a hose that led off somewhere she couldn’t see. She would have panicked, but what had happened before she had passed out had sucked the panic right out of her.

She spotted something else while staring at her now enlarged nipples: a bar, a regular metal bar. What was irregular, though, was that it was connected to a pair of cuffs; one on each end. The cuffs were also chained to the floor. She tried to edge as far away from it as possible with her arms tied the way they were. To her surprise she couldn’t move her legs, but what surprised her more was the fact that the cuffs were already occupied, by her own ankles in fact.

Now she felt the panic rising within her. She tried to look around for some sort of escape. She saw a pair of legs walk by, and then another. She looked up to the best of her ability. She was shocked to find herself in a public park. (Not the kind with children, mind you, but the kind with benches and paths and trees and couples enjoying their time together.)

She desperately tried to get any passer-by’s attention, shaking her head and attempting to scream through her gag. Four more people passed before she realized that a naked woman tied in a public place would draw attention no matter what. She looked around again. Wherever she was, she was surrounded by glass walls. No one could see her so she guessed that this box she was trapped in was either tinted, or made of one-way mirrors.

The dreaded noise came again. There was some sort of machine behind her. Something brushed against her clit again, but this time it wasn’t warm. Whatever it was, it was made of metal. It slid further forward, slipping deep into her wet pussy. There was a sudden change in width, and then it went back to its original girth. There was a hook! It had a hook thingy on it! She realized. It reversed direction and pulled out slightly, and stopped, but because of her position the hooked part was firmly pressed right against her g-spot. That can’t be good she thought. The hooked part was blunt, so it wasn’t going to cause any damage. Well, no permanent damage anyway.

Her vagina started to tingle. The object penetrating her didn’t move at all, it just stayed perfectly still while energy seemed to pulse out of it and through her in odd ways. Whatever it was doing, she really enjoyed it. She groaned. “Oh wow. Ooohh. Yes. YES!” she nearly screamed as the pulsing became stronger. Then it got too strong.

“Ouch!” she yelled as the machine sent stabbing feeling through her. “What is that?” she asked. There wasn’t an answer of course, but she wasn’t expecting one. The power was rising with every second, slowly leveling out as it got higher. She let out a little yelp with each jab. The feeling reminded her of the time her roommate tricked her with some shock-gum. “Electricity?!? You’re electrocuting my pussy?!? What the hell!” she figured her captors must be monitoring her. She might have been wrong, but she didn’t care, she just wanted to take it out on someone.

The whirring started again, signaling something was moving behind her. Another object ground forward, reaching the entrance of her anus. Her asshole tightened reflexively, making the probe’s progress more difficult. It continued to push on, sliding into her tight hole and causing her to scream with both pain and pleasure. “NO!” she tried to scream through her gag, “LEAVE MY ASS ALONE! PLEASE!” she paused, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. “Please?” she begged in her head.

The machine slipped further into her, heedless of her mental pleas. About two inches in it stopped. She wasn’t sure whether she should be elated that it stopped, or horrified that it was even there. The clanking started again before she could decide. The object invading her rectum, whatever it was, was expanding. It spread in all directions, widening her hole and exposing her bowels to the world. She screamed again, not sure why, and whimpered as it stopped.

There was another strange noise as her nipples began to be sucked on by the clear cylinders, giving her an excellent view of her sensitive teats expanding and lengthening to try to fill the vacuum. She moaned, temporarily forgetting her gaping butthole. With the suction involved she was actually surprised she wasn’t lactating. She figured it wouldn’t be long until her captors had enough milk to fill a jug.

Another sound interrupted her moans of pleasure. She couldn’t focus enough anymore between her nipples being sucked and her vagina being shocked, so she didn’t notice the rumbling as something moved behind her. She did notice the ball plopping into her asshole though. She screamed in surprise as another fell in behind the first. A third golf-ball sized intruder landed soon after, and a fourth. Last but not least, a plug like the ones used in old baths was pushed in and the spreader machine pulled out, leaving her with nothing but discomfort and a bit of pleasure behind.

From her angle she could actually see the bath plug’s chain dangling behind her. The whole situation no longer hurt, but the electricity from the dildo was now traveling to the balls in her ass as well, making her feel even more of a surge with every pulse.

The entire arrangement was almost becoming too much for her, but then the electro-dildo started to vibrate as well. She moaned as sparks of pleasure shot up her spine. Groaning more and more as the vibrator’s speed increased, electricity pulsing through her insides, balls in her ass pushing against the plug that kept them trapped. Her breath whistled through the holes in her gag as she rocked back and forth as far as she could in her strappado restraints, the plug’s chain swinging as well.

A pair of boys in their late teens walked over to her reflective prison, grinning at themselves in the mirror. One reached out to touch the glass, but his friend stopped him, pointing to something written on the glass. She could only see their feet though and the thought of being watched sent her over the edge.

She nearly ripped her bonds with her convulsions of ecstasy. She would never have reached an orgasm like this by herself. Her little dildo couldn’t even reach all the way into her. Here she was, bent over like a sex slave, her soaking pussy stuffed with an electrified vibrator, her asshole filled and plugged, her nipples sucked so hard they were beginning to turn purple. She was almost thankful to her captors for her monstrous orgasm as she fainted yet again.

Author’s note~~ read parts 1 and 2 for the back story.

~~Part 3~~

Roughly 2 hours after I had been tied to the toilet the door was opened and the light turned on. I was so excited that I started to gag again on the rubber cock, but by this time I had learned to turn off my gag reflex and control the gagging. It had taken me about a half hour to learn to do that. The saliva that had drooled out of my mouth throughout the last hour was so slimy, sliding down my oiled chest and between my legs.

I saw the white man come into the room alone and shut the door. He removed the headphones then undid the straps on the dildo and slowly pulled it out of my mouth. I was so happy to have the music stop playing so loudly in my ears and the black dildo out of my throat. I could see he was excited and I found out why.

He wrapped his hand around my hairless little teenage cock and I suddenly remembered the Viagra. I had been so concerned about the dildo gagging me and the loud music scaring me that I had forgotten about the pills that made my hairless cock rock hard and my head go a million miles an hour. I hadn’t forgotten the water though, and had to pee extremely bad. He slapped my cock back and forth hard a few times, then stood up facing me. He straddled my face and in one motion, pushed his 10 inch cock all the way down my throat.

There was nothing I could do as I was kneeling there tied and helpless. I wished I could pass out but I knew the speed they had forced down my throat wouldn’t let me do that on my own. He began to pump his cock in and out of my throat, sometimes pulling all the way out and smearing my sloppy drool on my face.

At times he would force his cock deep into my throat until my nose was buried in his crotch and I was gagging hard and drooling out the sides of my mouth. He would hold me down on his cock so I couldn’t breathe, keeping me there until I lost consciousness. I would wake to find him holding my limp head in both hands while roughly fucking my throat as I was unconscious. waking up with him violating my mouth and throat made me feel completely helpless and hysterically frightened, yet for some reason I was more sexually aroused tonight than I could remember ever being before.

Even with being scared, I couldn’t help thinking about what the old man had told me in the note on his front door a few weeks ago. He had said that he wanted to make me a sexual plaything, and he had said that I would do anything he wanted. I had agreed voluntarily to that so I suppose this was part of that fantasy and as scared as I was, the complete lack of control did turn me on in a very dirty way.

The white man had enjoyed my throat for ten minutes or so when the black man entered the room. He came up and knelt between the white man’s spread legs which gave him total access to my cock, which was so hard with the cock ring on it that it physically hurt.

As the white man continued to force feed me his cock, the black man smeared the drool from my chest down onto my cock, coating it with my bubbly saliva. He twisted and tugged on the butt plug, further loosening my asshole. I felt him pull the plug roughly out of my asshole and slam it back in, over and over, forcing my asshole very wide open as I felt baby oil trickle out of my ass and down my legs. when he was done, he rammed the plug back into my ass and told me I would have to work to hold it in now because my pathetic asshole was really loose. With that he stood up to admire his handiwork.

The white man stopped fucking my throat and backed up to stand by the black man and look me over. As they watched, they told me to go ahead and piss so I released my painfully full bladder and felt the piss splash up onto my chest and face. As I pissed all over myself, I saw the two men move in closer to me and begin to piss all over my body. As the white man pissed on me, he grabbed me by the hair and forced his cock into my throat while he was pissing. I felt like I might almost drown as this man’s semi hard cock buried itself in my throat while his piss trickled into my stomach.

When I was fully covered in piss, they took turns slapping my face and tugging harshly on my cock, telling me that I was their slave boy now and that this was just a small taste of what they had in store for me. The black man rubbed more of my saliva on my cock and began to stroke me. As his hand wrapped around my cock I felt a weird sense of pleasure, being in complete submission to these men did scare me a lot, but it turned me on in a perverse, dirty sort of way.

As the man jerked my cock roughly, I felt my orgasm growing. After a few minutes of being forcefully masturbated I began to cum. It felt wonderful to release my cum tied up and naked in front of these middle aged men. The black man caught my semen in his hand and brought it up to my face. He forced his fingers in my mouth causing me to feel and taste my own slimy hot cum as it coated the inside of my mouth and globs dripped down my raw throat.

The white man told me that he loved using boys like me, and that he was going to enjoy my teen body all he wanted. He said that it turned him on to be in total control of my naked and shaved eighteen year old body. With that, I saw the black man empty a small vial of fluid onto a washcloth which he put up to my face. I had to inhale the fumes, and within a few seconds, the room went gray and I passed out.

I woke to find myself on my stomach on a stool of some sort with my arms and legs spread and chained to the sides. I could still taste my cum in my mouth, and when I looked up I noticed I was facing a cinder block wall.

The wall was covered in pictures of me tied up and being used, both from last week and tonight. On either side of me were large flat-screen television sets. One was playing the video that had been recorded by the old man last week. I looked at the other TV and realized I had been recorded tonight as well, obviously by hidden camera. The volume was turned up loud and I could hear myself gagging loud and whimpering in the videos. I looked back at the pictures to see if I could see any faces. It was then that I saw the letter in the center of the wall.

“You have signed a legal contract to be our slave and not to question or complain about anything we do. This was originally going to be a one night thing but we saw you enjoying it so we tore off the blackmail at the top of the email you brought with you so it looks as if you signed a contract.

We have you on video following all the instructions in the contract perfectly and it looks as if you have been enjoying yourself. Every second of tonight has been recorded fully by several hidden cameras, and you seem to have been enjoying your submission. We bought all your pics and videos from that old man and we have decided that we are going to use you to make a lot more. If you do not do exactly as you are told, there is a mass email waiting to be sent to all your contacts from your email and facebook accounts with your signed slave contract and all the pictures and video of you that we have taken.

You will soon be writing a letter to your parents telling them that you have run away to Florida and that you will be in contact with them when you decide and that they should not come looking for you. We will mail it to a friend in Florida and he will mail it to your parents so they will really believe you have run away to Florida.

They will not come looking for you, you are 18 and an adult. No one cares about you and no one will go looking for you. We are going to use you for things you would never dream.

You are for sex now only.

You will suck cock every day, and you will almost always have something stretching your asshole wide. we are going to permanently remove all the hair from your neck down, and we are going to keep your cock ring on all the time. You will be taking two large Viagra every day from now on.

You will be loaned out to our very perverted friends to be used however they like, for as long as they like. You will meet other young slaves and do all sorts of things to each other. you will be forced to play with other 18 year old slaves. you will watch as a room full of older men tie up an eighteen year old girl and use her in ways you never thought possible knowing that they are only preparing for you. We are going to make you think only about sex and we are going to keep you full of whatever drugs we see fit. You are going to be our slave boy so get used to it.”

Reading this I was scared out of my mind, and yet for some reason I couldn’t wait for tonight to continue, and I felt my cock growing again.

to be continued…

Cameron couldn’t sleep. So much had happened in the last couple of days and waiting to hear from Elias was driving her mad. She had no excuse to stay up late as far as her parents were concerned, so she had gone to her bedroom to pace, read, pace, flip through magazines, and pace some more.

It was almost two-thirty in the morning.

Propped against her pillows, Cameron put her book on the nightstand and looked at her dimly-lit room. “Danvy? Are you here?”

A minute passed without a sound.

“Danvy, I saw you saunter into my bedroom hours ago. You’re either under my bed or in my closet. A few more seconds passed.

“I’m in the closet.”

Cameron looked over at the closed doors when she heard the muffled voice.

“Please do not take that in any way other than my actual location at this precise moment.”

When the doors didn’t open, Cameron stood and crossed to them and shoved one aside. “Are you going through my underwear?!”

“No, I’m not ‘going through’ anything. I specifically chose the ones on the top. Do you use Snuggles fabric softener,” Danvy said quickly before Cameron grabbed his arm and pulled him out from her clothes, “’cause I love that little bear.”

“Out!” She said, grabbing various bras and panties that seemed to have made their way into Danvy’s pockets. In the light he was able to study the hot pink pair in his hands. “Give me those!” Cameron said, shoving her recaptured undergarments into the laundry basket.

Danvy seemed nonplussed. He sauntered over to her chaise lounge and plopped down, grabbing a magazine.

“Seriously, how were you going to protect me by staying in there?” Cameron asked, shutting her closet and crossing the room.

“Watchful eye. No one can see in ’cause you still have those blankets on your windows, and were one of your parents to come a knockin’, I doubt they would be pleased to find a man in your room.” Danvy started studying a “who’s hot, who’s not” photo spread.

“Well, they’re asleep now. You can stay out here.” She went back to bed and fluffed her pillows before leaning back and grabbing her book.

Danvy eyed Cameron without moving his head in her direction. “You know, reading those will do you no good.”

Cameron’s eyes lifted to stare at Danvy. “Why not?”

“Because as wonderful as Anne Rice is… and don’t get me wrong, I love her stories, they are very entertaining… it’s all human imagination.” Danvy went back to his magazine.

“So vampires don’t have to avoid sunlight? They don’t need to drink blood? They don’t ever kill people? You know Louis even says he’s okay with crucifixes which seems to be the case with you guys.”

Danvy pursed his lips. “Okay, she’s right on those accounts.” When Cameron rolled her eyes, he quickly explained, “Rice’s vampires are monsters who hide from society and see people as food. Like cattle. They’re also undead and have weird supernatural powers like flying. And they dress funny.”

Cameron glanced at Danvy’s outfit. “Really? Done any pirating lately?”

“Hey, personal choice! You saw Bastian and Mahi… they dress like normal people. I’m eccentric.” He sighed and put the magazine down. “Look. Vampires are a thing of media. Some fantastical idea that romantic authors played upon to thrill a very bored group of readers hundreds of years ago. It was exiting. And, it evolved. I mean, for crying out loud, I have a pulse! I was born, not bitten, and my father’s heart beats as sure as mine. I am not a vampire!”

“No, you’re a dhamphir. Isn’t that what you called…” my baby? Cameron blanched. The whole idea of “my baby” was new to her. “That sounds awfully close to vampire. So what is Elias?”

“An immortal.”

“One that drinks blood and can’t go out in sunlight.”

“Yes. No. Look,” Danvy said, getting flustered, “by all means, call the immortals you’ve met ‘vampires’ if you wish. It’s the easiest term available to humans. Which is why their children are called dhamphir; those that have a ‘vampire’ father, ” he said, making quotation marks with his fingers.

Cameron became even more confused.

Danvy finally turned toward her, setting the magazine down. “There are real vampires out there… or, what you would consider vampires. But their foreheads don’t go all beastly and their teeth don’t morph into grotesque fangs. They’re… it’s really hard to explain. They’re more like a cross between your zombies and vampires myths. They are the walking dead. Demon-possessed immortals.”

“You do know that the vampires on ‘Buffy’ have demons inside them right?”

Danvy growled in frustration. “Okay, I’m going about this wrong. Let’s start over. At the beginning.” He took a breath and let it out, calming himself. “There are a very few number of immortals in the world in comparison to humans. These beings to not die. They do not fully live either, which is why they do not die. They do not reproduce red blood cells like animals that grow old. Like humans. So they must borrow… take… that life source from others. Animals work but only for a short time…”

Cameron pictured a long-haired Brad Pitt sucking on a bunch of rats in a sewer and scrunched her nose.

Danvy rolled his eyes and continued. “Animals do have certain DNA characteristics similar to man. As do plants. This is why the immortals can eat food. I think your mythological vampires only drink blood and can not eat, right?

“But in the end, humans are the best source. A few sips here or there will sustain an immortal. They need more when too much energy is exerted or they are wounded, or if they haven’t fed for a long time. Just like a human in need of a transplant; just more frequent. It’s not a bloodbath like your movies have displayed; no immortal would be so grotesque. Not one of our kind anyway. Killing someone isn’t necessary, but it will sustain an immortal for several weeks if they took enough blood to end a human’s life.”

Cameron absentmindedly touched the place where Elias had bitten her.

“Do you drink blood too?” Cameron asked, eyeing Danvy warily.

“I don’t need it to survive if that’s what you mean,” Danvy said, leaning back on the chaise. A toothpick materialized in his hand and he stuck it in his mouth before propping his hands behind his head. “When you grow up around this stuff it really does not seem as bad as you humans seem to think. Like breastfeeding. You don’t get all squirmy at the thought of a baby sucking liquid from its mother’s body. It’s a part of nature. Well, this is our nature.”

Cameron made a face.

Danvy grinned. “Look, human blood does nothing for me. I can produce my own blood cells thank you very much. But the blood of an immortal has healing powers and provides energy. Among other intense forms of energy I’m sure you’ve already experienced.

Cameron’s cheeks heated. “None. Of your. Business.”

Danvy chuckled. “Birds and the beasts, sweet cheeks. You didn’t end up a Blessed One without doing something naughty.”

“And how is that even possible?”

“Well, now, that’s opening a whole new can of worms.” Danvy turned to look at her, his characteristic smirk gone. “You sure you want to hear it? ‘Cause that path is something you would have been prepped for before…” he flourished his hand around, gesturing at her stomach.

Cameron sighed and marked her page before putting her book down on the blanket draped over her legs. “It’s like you said. I should have known whatever you are about to tell me before,” she repeated Danvy’s gesture, flinging her loosely-pointed finger around at her stomach, “this.”

Danvy grinned.

“I deserve to know.”

“And you want to hear it from me? Not some supped-up version from a bunch of girls in your Circle or a to-the-point lover’s whisper from Elias? ‘Cause I will give it to you plain and simple with no whipped cream and cherry on top.”

Cameron rolled her eyes. “Danvy.”

“Okay, just wanted to make sure you were all receptive to my intel.” Danvy leaned back, his hands going behind his hands once more. “How about we start with the fact that your child is the reason Elias isn’t a cold-blooded killer?”

Cameron’s eyes widened.


Kristie rolled over to face Daman, her eyes having adjusted to the darkness at some point during their little escapade. Her room was still very dark but what little light came from various electronic devices twinkled in Daman’s dark eyes.

“Why did we have to be quiet?” she asked in a whisper.

Daman stroked her sweat-soaked brow and answered quietly, “No reason, other than several others stationed outside have very good hearing. And I like to keep moments like this private.”

“Oh.” Kristie said.

She slapped him.

Scrambling out of her bed, Kristie stomped to the bathroom. “What the hell, Daman? When she turned to glare at him, she was surprised to see he was right behind her, his face stern and… Oh shit, was he aroused again?

She shoved him, barely making him move. “Are you… I mean… for fuck’s sake Daman, you ever heard of using a condom? Jesus fucking Chr-”

Daman’s hand clamped down over her mouth. “You should not say such words. You are a lady.”

Kristie’s teeth clamped down, biting him hard. When he released her she said, “Lady my ass! I have never, will never be some southern debutant. Ask my mother, she gave up on that years ago.”


“No! Daman, fuck! I’m a Les. Be. Un. I don’t have condoms! I don’t use birth control! You just fucking came inside me!”

Daman growled at her and she backed up to her sink. His eyes were predatory.

It was the shock of hearing that guttural noise coming from his chest that made her stop her tirade and taste blood in her mouth. Her eye widened and she glanced down at Daman’s hand which had no bite marks to show where she had bit him. It did however have a tell-tale smudge of blood on his palm.

Oh, fuck.

She turned to spit the remaining blood into her shower as she cranked the nozzle to start the flow of water. The move was deliberate and quick, her body turned awkwardly away from Daman so she didn’t just stick her ass in the air, presenting him with the few of her… no best not to even think it.

“Do you know how hard it is to become pregnant by me?” Daman said. “You are not dealing with normal circumstances, Kris.”

“I’ve met your children.” Kris said, turning to glare at him. She stood and advanced on him, saying, “I was surrounded by them on your campus. Don’t tell me I can’t get pregnant by you.” She shoved him again to no avail.

Daman simply arched an eyebrow. “So you know all there is to know about our reproductive abilities? Please. Enlighten me.”

Kristie sneered. “No, of course I don’t. Vampires are not supposed to have babies! But I’ve met Eric. And Jonas. And boy do they look just like their father.” She let her own growl come to the surface. “What happened to all that bullshit about telling you what I want, huh? Did I ask you to get me pregnant?”

Striking quickly, she did manage to hit him this time; twice actually, her other fist connecting as quickly as she could manage after the first. Despite a jerk of the head, Daman didn’t move; he simply stared at her, his gray eyes ablaze as she registered the resulting pain in her knuckles.

“Jesus!” She said, cupping her hands to her chest and doubling over. It was a fight within her to stay upright where she could see him. She doubted anyone could just hit a vampire and get away with it.

“Probably not, Daman said, eyes boring holes into her. “But I’m not your average vampire.”

“The fuck you aren’t. You bit me! Look! She tuned to look in the mirror and saw no marks where his teeth had sunk into her flesh. No bruises even. What the hell?

“My blood has healing powers when given to humans,” was all he said.

She looked at him in the mirror. He was tense, his skin tight over his muscles. And he was fully naked. Kristie only had time to realize she could see his reflection before her eyes automatically drifted south to his erection.

His… huge… erection.

“Oh, no,” she said, “You can take care of that yourself. I’m taking a shower.”

Daman smirked at her. “It’s too late. My blood is in your system.”

“Yeah, well, that’s not all that’s in my system.” Kristie knelt down and opened her cabinet, searching the various bottles and boxes underneath. She could already feel the tendrils of fog drifting to her brain from the ingested blood, but she refused to respond as she stood with a box that made Daman scowl.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” she said triumphantly, emptying the contents out and shaking them before attaching the nozzle. The whole time she waited for Daman to stop her but he simply watched – almost studiously. “I’m rinsing the rest of your little swimmers down the drain. I mean, really. Of all the times to ask me what I want during sex. Not getting injected with your ninja sperm is pretty high up there on my list. We need to establish that right now.”

As Kristie stepped into the shower, she could hear Daman’s voice from the other side of the curtain.

“So, the thought of having my child repulses you.”

“Don’t put words in my mouth. I didn’t even think that and you know it. I just don’t want to have kids. Maybe ever. Or if I do, it’ll be because I’ve settled down with the lady-love of my life in some mountain cabin or a beachside community OR a high-rise condo overlooking a HUGE city. Hell. I have no idea what I want. But it’s definitely not kids and not now- HEY!”

Daman had stepped in behind her and grabbed her hips when she tried to turn around. She really didn’t want him that close, especially now that her insides were on fire with a need she planned on taking care of before she was done washing. The haze was already starting too, but she was angry more than horny and that seemed to keep the pleasure-fog.

“Seriously, Daman,” she snapped, “no sexy time for you. You’ve pissed me off.”

“I promise not to have sex with you until you ask me,” he said, grabbing her shampoo and running his fingers through her short hair.

Kristie stood still, having finished everything down south that she could until she went and got on the day after pill. However you did that. She’d never looked into birth control before.

“Birth control is not allowed on campus,” Daman said quietly, answering her thoughts, his fingers having stopped the massage on her scalp.

Kristie tried to spin to face him but only managed to get soap in her eyes. “Ow, ow ow! What do you mean no birth control?” She was aggravated that she couldn’t glare at him without her eyes burning. “How do you expect people to not have babies if they don’t want-”

“No chemical substances are allowed in the form of medicine. No man-made pills or drugs.”

“No drugs?” When she got the soap out of her eyes she saw Daman’s sour face.

“No impure things enter your body while you are a student of our college.”

“So what do you guys do for fun? Don’t answer that.” Kristie spun back to the water jetting down on them. “And tuck that thing away. I told you no. Deal with it.”

Daman grabbed her shoulders and traded places with her. “Hey!” She said, her body leaving the hot spray. “My shower.”

Daman grabbed the soap and began washing his arms, torso and…

Kristie closed her eyes and turned away. Her legs involuntarily clamped together in an effort to hide the way his blood was really starting to arouse her. Really, it had been stupid to bite him that hard, especially when she had refused to do it when he asked. She reminded herself not to do it again.

“You will be required to do certain things on behalf of your school, Kris. It’s all part of the program you signed up for. You get all the perks but you have to be an ideal student.

“Okay, you better tell me now that being an ideal student has nothing to do with becoming your fuck-buddy because I will drop out right now if I’m required to give you pleasure as part of my scholarship.”

“Fuck-buddy?” Daman repeated the term, bemused.

Kristie scowled as a flash of heat pulsed through her nerves, hitting her in the most delicious of places. “What the hell is in your blood?”

“I told you. Healing properties. And if you are in good health, the cells go on to do… a little extra.” Daman looked down at her, knowing the torment her body was giving her.

Kristie scowled. “Out! Out of my shower.” She gave him a little shove. “Out of my bathroom, out of my house. It’s not sun-up yet so you have plenty of time to go wherever it is you go when the sky gets blue.”

No amount of pressure she put on Daman could budge him but he did turn and step out of the shower, grabbing her towel to dry off. At this point Kris just didn’t care. She needed him out of her sight before she begged him to stay.

And he knew it. He was taking his sweet fucking time.

Go away! she mentally shoved.

A few minutes later, when she heard her bedroom door click shut, she peaked around the curtain to find herself alone in the bathroom. Carefully, Kristie tiptoed out of the shower and peaked around the bedroom, which was also empty. For good measure, she locked her door. No getting back in until she knew about it.

Scampering back to the shower, Kristie groaned as her fingers found her clit. It was swollen and ready for contact, and her pussy lips were just as tender. Her whole body was just begging for an orgasm and she shuttered a little at the first contact her fingers made.

Oh. Fuck. Yeah.

Whimpering, Kristie leaned back against the shower wall and slipped a finger inside her throbbing pussy, finding herself so slick and wet from the… foreplay… between her and Daman that she was sure it wouldn’t take long before she would come.


Damnit, he was getting aroused by her hitting him! It’s why she stopped; finally realizing that he was going to pounce on her if she continued to attack him. Feeling herself now, Kristie knew she had gotten aroused by it too, or at least by the reaction the vampire had.


She winced as her fingers brushed the bottom ridge of her sex; her poor tender flesh had been roughed up by that monster cock Daman possessed. Even if it were a regular size – she admitted she didn’t have a lot of knowledge about cock length – Kristie would have been ripped open from contact; her favorite stimulation was oral but she did a pretty good job with her own long, slender fingers. Her pussy was as tight as a virgin’s, probably, and just thinking about how that must have felt to Daman…

Kristie moaned as she slipped a second finger in, feeling her walls contract around her digits in a bid for pleasure. She was stretched from recent use, her fingers suddenly not as pleasurable as that big, thick, hard…

Oh, hell no. Was she masturbating to a cock?

Kristie swore under her breath and started to picture that Devin girl she had seen at the school. That thick brown hair and luscious swimmer’s thighs. Mmmm. Devin’s mouth was just torture for the lesbian mind, her upper lip thick and juicy on each side as if she’d had injections or something. But they were natural. Kissable. Suckable.

Kristie plunged her fingers into herself over and over, her other fingers circling her clit as she imagined Devin’s plump lips wrapped around her clit, her petite tongue flicking out, teasing Kristie to a fever pitch. Kris would run her fingers through that thick hair, pressing Devin’s mouth to her harder as she writhed and moaned.

Devin’s fingers would leave her just a moment, only to replace her feminine hands with a deliciously ribbed dildo that… dildo? What the… okay… a deliciously ribbed dildo that would slide up inside her hot pussy while Devin sucked at her bundle of nerves. In and out, in and out as Devin’s other hand reached up and tweaked a nipple, pinching and twisting wonderfully hard and painful.

The size of what was fucking Kristie in her fantasy thickened to a harder, more realistic feel. Her fingers worked at her walls feverishly as she imagined being fucked against the shower wall, her pussy filled with a hot, hard….

Kristie looked down at her nipples and gasped, seeing thick brown fingers tug at the tender pink tips. She was so full, so hot, her clit being teased mercilessly as she came; hot spasms of pleasure taking over her body as her pussy walls clamped down in triumph. Over and over she convulsed, her head thrown back and her mouth open in an “O” of ecstasy.

Just as she began to come down, Kristie’s eyes opened and looked up into Daman’s grinning face. She jerked, her body having nowhere to retreat as her arms lashed out to push Daman away. Her hands grabbed onto the show curtain and she slung herself under the water and to the tiles under the spray, putting the flow of water between her and…

No one.

Gasping, Kristie stared at her empty shower from a sprawling position over the faucet and under the shower-head. She flicked the curtain back and stared at her empty bathroom. She was panting, her heart was beating wildly, and… apparently she was insane.

How could she let herself picture Daman while she masturbated?! And… why was that the one thing that got her off?

What the Hell was that?


Melanie hadn’t been surprised that William had taken her somewhere other than home. She had had a thought just as they pulled onto a main road that arriving home after three days with a bleeding vampire probably wasn’t the best way to greet her parents. Instead, William had pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot and told her to stay put as he went in to purchase some things to get the bullet out of his shoulder.

She had sat there, a little frazzled and chilled, hoping no one really took a good look at her. Not that there was anyone there; most normal people would have been in bed a long time ago.

William had only been gone a few minutes before he returned and wrapped his jacket around her; he had only taken it to cover the blood soaking his shirt. He stashed the plastic sacks in the saddle bags on his Harley and cupped her cheek before straddling the seat and starting the engine.

After that, he took her to a motel.

The place was the kind she would never in her life expect to visit. The rooms stank of stale cigarette smoke and the walls were still covered in wood paneling. She didn’t even want to think about the state of the bed. Ew.

“We’re not staying here,” William said. “There’s just no way to walk into a nicer place without raising a few eyebrows.” He brought her over to the mirror and Melanie gasped.

She was covered in blood.

There were dark circles under her eyes, a bruise on her right cheek, and her hair was a mess of tangles and dried, dark blood. Her clothes were filthy, she knew that already, but they had taken even worse damage during the grand finale of her captivity.

Melanie’s hands went to her face and she started trembling all over again. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t her life. Nothing, not even her horrible time at Prom or the aftermath of school gossip and glares could compare to the state she was currently in or what she had just gone through.

William came up behind her then, murmuring softly that everything would be okay and it was all over. His arms wrapped around her shoulders and he cradled Melanie, his head lowering so that his cheek pressed against hers. He actually rocked her side to side on her feet as she attempted to calm herself down.

“This place is gross,” she said, sniffling and eyeing the filthy mirror.

William’s rumbling chuckle vibrated through her. “I concur. Let’s make swift business of my wound, get you cleaned up, and head for a nicer place.”

“I can’t go home yet. Not like this. Not even after I’m clean… I’m… I can’t let my parents see me like this.”

William eyed her reflection in the mirror and she returned his gaze, marveling that she could actually see his reflection at all. His lips quirked at her thoughts and he said, “We’ll go somewhere for the night. You can call them, let them know you’re safe. At least let them get a good night’s rest. I’ll take you back at sundown.”

Melanie nodded. “Let’s take a look at your shoulder.”

William’s arms left her then and he crossed to the scratch-and-dent table and chairs near the window. Digging through a bag he pulled out an artist’s exacto knife and some gauze, neosporin and bandages.

“I thought you healed fully,” Melanie said, eyeing the ointment in confusion.

“Those are for you… unless you want more of my blood to heal your scrapes and cuts.” When Melanie shook her head, he nodded and tore open the packaging, handing her the knife and taking the gauze out. Lots and lots of gauze. “This is to catch my blood. I don’t make a habit of dripping all over motel floors.”

Melanie winced and took the knife, looking at her hands in horror. She turned and went to the bathroom to wash off as William pulled his shirt up over his head. By the time she turned to come back into the room, he was sitting on the bed with one of the chairs pulled to face him.

She stared at his muscular back, eyes wide and mouth doing very, very dry. As she took more steps toward him, William reached out and pulled a bottle of water from another sack, twisting the cap and handing it to her with a slight smile on his lips.

Okay, that wasn’t exactly why her mouth was dry but Melanie did vaguely remember being a little dehydrated. She knew there was water being handed to her, but her focus was on William’s chest, something that seemed a little more important than the bottle he was holding out for her. Her eyes roamed his torso and landed on the barely-visible hole in his shoulder; that brought her out of her daydreaming.

Cheek flushing, Melanie took the water and muttered a thank you before gulping some down and setting the bottle on the table. She sat, a new purpose at hand, and stared down at the knife she was holding. How in sweet Jesus’ name was she going to do this?

“Just think of biology. Follow the hole through until you see metal.”

“But how do I get it out after that?”

“With these,” William said, pulling a new pair of pliers from one of the plastic sacks.

“Oh, God, Oh… God, William, I don’t think…”

“You have to. Otherwise I’ll have to do it myself.”

“Does it hurt?” Melanie asked, staring into the wound that was still oozing blood.

“Does a bullet lodged in my shoulder hurt?” William asked flatly.

Melanie looked at him, exasperated. “You’re a vampire. You don’t look like you’re in pain. I’ve never done this and you’re telling me to cut you open like a dead frog and pull out a piece of metal with those things.” She gestured to the pliers. “Don’t act as if I know what I’m doing because I don’t.” Her cheeks flushed, her anger at the person who shot William, tried to shoot her, boiling to the surface.

“Could I add to that list your making,” William said, “that the quicker you do this the easier it will be? Because it’s taking all of my concentration to stall the healing process.

Melanie’s eyes widened. “You can do that?”

“Only for a very short time.”

Melanie brought her hand up and aimed the knife at the wound, trying to figure out which way to cut. When she hesitated, William asked, “Would you like me to call Alicia to come take care of this?”

She stabbed him.

The knife hadn’t quite hit the mark because she had gritted her teeth and glanced at him as she did it, but a quick twist brought the new gash into contact with the hole in William’s skin. He grunted, biting his lips and staring over her shoulder as she worked.

Point proven, Melanie furrowed her brow trying to figure out what to do next. Before he could say anything else, she turned the knife and sliced up the same way then decided to cut across as well. Once that was finished, she glanced over at William who seemed to be zoning in on the ashtray.

“How did you find me?” she asked.

William kept his eyes forward, but didn’t hesitate too long before answering. “Daman Sokar and John Harvard. They call the two the fox and the hound. They track better than the others.”

“I didn’t see anyone from Sokar-” Melanie said, before William cut her off.

“Daman left once the location was confirmed. All of the Heads are irritated by this whole infiltration business and they are all keen to keep an eye on their chosen. It wasn’t his fight.

Melanie thought she had the wound open enough but she still couldn’t see the metal. She dug a little more. “So is he the fox?”

William grin-grimaced. “The hound. He has a higher ability with scent tracking. Harvard has a sharp mind for problem-solving and maneuvering; he’s the fox. Tricky bastard. That and he loves to lead any attack. It’s a game to him.”

“But his student was okay?”

“Well guarded. We found out in time before more were taken. It was just… the two of you.”

Melanie thought of Devin’s limp body being lifted by Gavin, blood forced into the girl’s mouth. She shivered. “Do you think Devin will be alright?”

“No idea. My focus was on you.”

Melanie glanced at him again, this time meeting William’s eyes. He glanced down at the wound and blanched before returning his focus to over her shoulder.

*** Cameron hung on Danvy’s every word; how the immortals found a new way of life by living as Von Muter had once lived, and how the schools were founded by those who followed a certain set of rules. The only difference was that Von Muter still kept to his vow of celibacy. Others had not.

“That was a big surprise, let me tell ya,” Danvy said, smirking. “Thousands of years and out of the blue a girl is pregnant with an immortal’s child. Caused quite the stir. Suddenly immortals were falling into line, behaving themselves for not only the chance to last a little longer in daylight, but to reproduce as some of them desired.

“They’re a bit covetous you see, of valuable possessions. And nothing says “I’m better than you” than presenting other immortals with your offspring, straight out of your very loins.”

Cameron blanched at the word “loins.” “Yeah, all that,” she said, “makes no sense.”

“Call it what you will, it works. You believe in God? Maybe He did some heavenly voodoo to make the immortals behave. Don’t believe in a higher power? Call it evolution or fate or personal center of balance. Whatever it is, it works. And it only works for males, by the way… female immortals cannot bear children. They use surrogates.”

Cameron stared at the cover of her novel. “First, God and Voodoo are two different things. Second, why have children in the first place? What’s the endgame?”

Danvy rubbed his ringers into hair, mussing his red dreadlocks. “Because again, immortals are not your mythical vampires. They live forever, yeah; but that still doesn’t mean they don’t want kids. And when that particular side effect of living this lifestyle spread to others, they amended their way of life.”

Danvy eyed her speculatively. “But this way of life, this ‘thou shalt not kill, steal or covet’ business, means the immortals that walk in the light – figuratively speaking – are more vulnerable to those who chose to remain in darkness. Mating with a human female, staying with her, almost always ended up in some catastrophe where the woman or the child, or both, died. Cause you see, the child of an immortal is quite the tasty morsel to the Dead Ones.”

“Dead Ones?” Cameron asked, wide-eyed.

“It’s extremely hard to kill an immortal, obviously, but they can die. They’re not immortal like a god; more, immortal in a sense that they don’t age or grow old. Their hearts can stop beating, and when that happens… well, I’d say run but you’d never get away.

“I said zombies earlier because it’s like the corpse of an immortal is reanimated. They look and act like the man or woman they once were but that’s where the resemblance ends. No compassion, no heartbeat… pure demonic possession. Reanimated dead. Just without the rotting part.

“They need more blood, cannot eat food, but living amongst humans like the vampires of myth is impossible. You’d know when one walked into a room. And that is why they search for half-breeds such as myself. Because for a moment, just a moment, they can feel alive again just by drinking our blood. They cannot consume immortal blood so we are the closest thing.”

Cameron exhaled and placed a hand on her stomach. “So Shacrow is like a big buffet? Why can you even operate as you do, working in the world…”

“Because there are not many of them. And they only come out at night. And they have no super ability other than being very hard to kill. They are as they were when they died, and when you are half immortal, half human, you’re pretty damn strong or quick or whatever you inherited from your parents.

“Par-rentssss, by the way,” Danvy said, interrupting himself. “You have just as much to do with your child’s ability as Elias.”

Cameron gaped. “How?”

“Breeding. Got that memo during the whole lottery day on campus, didn’tcha? Bloodlines. Your family tree must be fresh and ripe for the picking.” Davy wiggled his eyebrows. “Not only do you have completely fresh human DNA running through your veins, but you’re fertile, have no history of serious family illnesses beyond the norm, and you have specific talents.” He paused then said, “That, and the chosen girls tend to be pretty hot.”

When he saw Cameron’s face, Danvy hastily amended, “Oh don’t worry, sweet cheeks. I know your thoughts before they even filter through your brain. Years of ‘why me,’ ‘does he really love me,’ and ‘am I just a pretty brood mare?’ and you start to see a pattern. Every girl has that moment of self-pity without seeing the big picture.”

“And what exactly is the big picture?”

Cameron looked up and Danvy spun to face Elias, who was standing stone-faced in the doorway.

Danvy’s mind seemed to stall for a moment before his demeanor changed and he relaxed back on the chaise, saying, “That they have the chance to have a child as awesome as me.”

Cameron looked from Elias to Danvy, pretty sure that wasn’t what Danvy had planned to say. It did, however, seem to have the desired effect on Elias. Or at least she hoped it did.

Elias glanced at her, raising an eyebrow.

“I know what I signed up for,” Cameron said, making both males turn to her at the tone of resolution in her voice. “I agreed to go to Shacrow VanMeter College and keep its secrets in return for chances of a lifetime and,” she faltered a little, “my services.” She looked at her Anne Rice novel and thumbed the pages. “I guess I put my own spin on the situation.” She looked at Elias then, to read the expression on his face, but her eyes started to sting with tears the moment she saw him so she looked away.

“Whoa. No, it’s not like that-” Danvy started to say.

“Enough, Donovan.” Elias said, cutting him off.


“I just meant it’s obvious you felt something more for her, otherwise you wouldn’t have broken your cycle.”

“I said enough!”

Danvy stood. “She’s gotta know this stuff otherwise she’ll freak out.”

“Does she look freaked out?” Elias asked, gesturing to Cameron.

“Why should I freak out?” Cameron’s heart began to race.

“Well, yeah, now she kinda does.” Danvy admitted.

“Out!” Elias said quietly. “Take Bastian with you. You’re both on border patrol with the others.” When Danvy started to speak, Elias turned to stare at him.

“Going,” Danvy said quickly.

“And Danvy,” Elias said before Danvy was out the door, “thank you.”

Cameron heard the grateful tone in Elias’s voice so Danvy must have as well. The “Irish pirate” smiled at her and nodded to both of them before leaving the room. Elias closed the door and shook his head.

“You should be sleeping,” he said, turning to face her.

Cameron sighed tiredly. “I couldn’t. When I hadn’t heard from you…”

“I thank you for your concern, Cameron, but there really is no need to worry.”

Cameron inwardly baulked at the formal way Elias spoke to her. “Yeah, but Danvy said immortals could die.”

Elias eyed her. “Did he. And did he say how?”

Cameron’s brow furrowed. “Well, he sort of skipped that part. He just mentioned the Dead Ones and how they used to be immortal.” Among other things.

Elias’s shoulder slumped as if he were tired. “Danvy should have let your sisters in the Circle break it to you, but in one respect he was right. You should know these things and the sooner the better. You should have learned them before…” He glanced down.

Cameron followed his eyes to her stomach, thinking of the way Danvy had gestured to her stomach as well. She wanted to grin but wasn’t really in the mood; she had learned quite a lot tonight.

“So, you haven’t just had a lot of lovers in your hundreds of years as a va- as an immortal.” Cameron shook her head, thinking of each of her house guests that night. “And I’m guessing you have more children than Mahi, Bastian, and Danvy.”

There had only been a few times in Cameron’s life when she wished her brain wasn’t so clever; so logical in its problem-solving. Seeing the inevitable conclusion approach her, she told herself she knew she was getting into something the moment she agreed to attend the college. Hell, for all she knew they were a bunch of aliens and she was expected to carry their spawn.

Eyes widening, she glanced up at Elias and he gave a look that squashed that theory.

“You learn you can live in the human world,” she said. “Learn you can have children and set up a university for them. But it’s not just for dhamphirs, it’s for human females. Seven chosen each year, one for each house.” She stared at him, daring him to finish her thoughts for her.

“Chosen, being the key word.” Elias cut in. “And accepted openly by the girl and her family.”

“For what purpose?” Cameron wanted to hear Elias say it.

Elias turned to her and said nothing for a moment as he studied her thoughts. Finally, his face relaxed back into a stony mask. “We are at war. There are not many of us left. For hundreds of years Dead Ones picked us off one by one or turned us into one of their kind. Then there are the were-kind, once trusted companions, now an equal enemy whose population is breeding like rabbits. And there are hunters…”

He looked at her sharply when Cameron immediately thought of Buffy. His tone grew agitated as he said, “As much as I would like the idea of only one ‘slayer’ being a strong sixteen year old, the truth is that hunters have a strong guild of secret members stretching across the planet. Some live in cities, others reside in deserts or jungles, but all have a common purpose: to rid the world of our kind, alive or dead.”

Elias’s expression softened. “Hundreds of years ago a summit was held with a handful of immortals who followed in Von Muter’s footsteps. It was clear our children had special abilities, abilities similar to our own, but with the added benefit of being able to walk in sunlight.

“This ability was also their downfall. They would sleep at night, having been up during the day, and Dead Ones would find them helpless in their sleep. Until that time immortals and Dead Ones avoided each other, only clashing when one stepped over a clearly drawn line. Once word spread of our offspring however, the war began.”

“So why not make more immortals to help you fight?” Cameron asked.

Elias looked at her, his expression softening. “That was tried at first. But to Make another… it’s a difficult process. Ritual is involved and things must be done a certain way to create another immortal. The newly created are weak in their first years of life. They do not just change in one night and wake up with amazing powers. Their bodies evolve slowly. They must learn their abilities just as you learn to play a sport.”

Cameron could guess the next statement.

“Dead Ones killed them easily, building their own numbers.” Elias said, confirming her thoughts. “At one point it was so bad that Dead Ones actually walked among the living. During the Black Death of 1348, what we then called the Great Pestilence, the look of some humans resembled our enemies, allowing them to walk into communities and pick off those who were untouched by illness. As you can imagine, this drove us even more toward war; we could not sit and let such a thing happen.”

“Oh, God,” Cameron said, thinking of pictures she had seen in school. “Do dead ones have boils or spots all over their skin?”

Elias shook his head. “No but their skin tone is altered without the ability to pump blood through their veins. No heartbeat means no oxygen keeping cells alive. But their skin actually clears and any blemishes they had before death fade in time; it’s a result of their possession. They are… too perfect. It is something your storytellers got right, but in reality the change is unnerving just as their presence.

“Imagine a wild lion walking into the room. You have seen them on your television; know things about them because your teacher or the media informs you of your nature. But looking at them and being in their presence is another thing all together. You would be very afraid and should be.

“Now imagine a dead lion walking into the room.”

Cameron shivered at the idea of such a thing, Elias’ words making her truly think about what was out there. “Danvy mentioned that,” she said, “That they were reanimated dead. Like zombies.”

Elias smiled sadly. “The theory is that we do not lose our souls when we are turned, just simply evolve. When we die, our souls leave our bodies but our immortal state allows demonic possession to reanimate the flesh and bones. The demon still has access to our minds however, which is why Dead Ones look and act as we once did, except that their hearts are cold.”

As interesting — and terrifying – as this all was, Cameron noticed that Elias had deftly steered the conversation away from the original topic. She didn’t voice it though, knowing that as soon as her thought filtered through her mind, Elias picked up on it. So, she waited.

And waited.

Finally, Elias spoke. “It took us years to undo the mess we created by Making more of our kind. By the time Dead Ones had dwindled in number, our numbers were down as well. War had taken its toll. Then Von Muter was changed and the first half-breed was born decades later. The child was unique at the time; only a few of us attempted to follow the rules set up for us, but it was difficult after decades of violence and seclusion. Her father was one who walked the new path.”

The expression on Elias’ face changed to something soft, his gaze distant. “Her name was Teresa. Her father did not know about her, having moved on in his travels without knowing such a thing was possible. It was fourteen years later when their paths crossed and he saw his own face reflected in hers. Being what he was, he tried to take her from her home against her will, wanting her for his own, to show the rest of us this great thing he had done.”

When Elias paused, Cameron quietly asked, “What happened?”

“She killed him.”

Cameron stared at Elias’s still form, understanding the kind of power that must have taken for a fourteen-year-old to accomplish such a thing; the power of a half-immortal. But if she had killed him…

Elias answered quietly. “She buried him.” He shook his head. “How was she to know? She had been abandoned by him before she was born and raised by humans. She had no idea that killing an immortal led to a darker version of himself. She didn’t even know what he was.

“It teaches us how actions and consequences are so tightly bound together. Had she thrown him over a nearby cliff, his body wouldn’t have recovered by morning and he would have burned in the sunlight. If she had severed his head, he would have been truly dead. Instead, she buried him.”

“So that story of vampires digging themselves out of the ground…” Cameron said, horrified.

“It’s not where the idea originated but all myths have a beginning in truth. He rose the following night and slaughtered the small village where Teresa lived, including the girl. Tasting her blood… it did not take long for word to spread of the power gained from the children of immortals.”

Cameron’s eyebrows drew together in confusion. “If she died the next night, how do you know this even happened? Where you there?”

Elias shook his head and sat back on her bed, his elbows propping him up. “Because the man was Drusilla’s brother Gaius. And he still exists.”


Melanie’s hands were covered in blood. Her fingers were tightly wrapped around the pliers as she eased the bullet toward her from William’s flesh. Her hands were a little shaky but other than that, the process hadn’t taken too long.

The problem was William’s concentration.

Cutting him open had created new blood flow issues and with each drop that left his body, it became harder and harder for him to focus. Which meant Melanie had two problems: he was healing as she worked, causing various stops in her progress to recut the muscle slowing her progress, and there was a new kind of tension in the room due to her close proximity to a hungry vampire.

It’s not like she could help the position she was in; Melanie had to sit directly in front of the bullet wound to dig into it. But there she was; bloody, her head bent forward as she peered into the hole in William’s flesh, and her neck exposed to him just inches from his face. Not to mention she was covered in human blood as well, which was drying in her hair. Yuck.

Melanie had only picked up on the tension William was feeling a few minutes earlier, when he had actually leaned a little toward her and inhaled.

“Did you just sniff me?”

“What?” William said, his eyes popping open.

Melanie glanced at him, eyebrows raised. “You just inhaled. Deeply. In my direction.”

William cleared his throat and winced. “You just hit a nerve and I inhaled. You’re digging around in my shoulder; I’m allowed to be tense.”

Melanie pursed her lips and had a hard time turning back to her task. It seemed to be time to get this over with. She yanked, the bullet coming free with a disgusting sucking sound.

“Got any gauze left?” She had scoffed at the amount he had purchased but there seemed to be only a few scraps left.

William pressed some half-used cloth to his wound now that the bullet was gone as Melanie studied the bullet under the lamp. “Why didn’t this go through? It’s in one piece, and the end is pointy.”

“My skin is just a little tougher than yours but my internal makeup is denser. How do you think I can run so fast?” William grinned crookedly.

“So fast your pants catch on fire?”

He smirked at her comment and glanced under the gauze. Melanie took the chance to peek at his hair, the glossy dark-blonde locks tied back from his neck that made her curious about what it looked like loose and falling around his head.

She mentally slapped herself out of it and put the pliers on the table. “I think I better take a shower.”

William nodded but didn’t look at her. Was he hiding something from her? Probably whatever reaction he had to her thoughts about his hair. Or his picturing her naked under the flow of water.

Oh, God. She was feeding him even more images!

Mortified, especially when she saw William’s shoulders shaking in silent laughter, Melanie grabbed a towel and stomped off to the bathroom. She made it to the door before her legs wobbled and she stumbled. Hands reaching for the doorway, she managed to catch herself before falling.

William was at her side in the next instant.


“I’m okay. I’m fine,” she said, shakily. To prove her point she began trembling as she attempted to stay upright. “God, you must think I’m such a wuss.”

William helped her to the toilet, closing the lid so she could sit.

Melanie stared at it. “No way in Hell I’m sitting on that thing,” she said weakly.

William looked around the bathroom and shook his head. “I know it’s not the cleanest place but Melanie, you’re covered in blood.” He grabbed one of the hand towels and covered the toilet seat, urging her to sit.

Embarrassed, Melanie watched as William started the shower. He turned it to the hottest possible temperature, scalding the tub and wiping down the sides. The room filled with steam.

Once he was satisfied, he adjusted the water and looked at her. “Okay so here’s the part where you have to choose.”

Melanie looked at him, puzzled. “Choose?”

“You’re dead on your feet. You haven’t had time to rest, and there’s a big clean bed waiting for you at a nicer hotel. But first you have to shower. Really, really shower.”

Melanie’s cheeks heated.

“Dried blood isn’t the easiest thing to remove from hair. Trust me,” he said, looking away, “I know.”

“Oh,” Melanie said. “So… choose what?”

“Option A, you take some of my blood to help you regain some lost strength.”

Melanie did her best not to make a face.

“Option B, you let me help you wash. Which, in a bathroom this size, means I shower with you.”

“Or Option C,” Melanie said, “You let me take care of this myself.”

William looked at the shower. “Do you really want to sit naked in this tub?” When Melanie grimaced, he said, “Because I’m not letting you collapse and hit your head while trying to stand and wash someone else’s blood out of your hair.”

Melanie sighed. She really was tired. And other than the two options William offered, she really couldn’t think of another way of getting clean. She just really, really wanted to sleep.

“Nice, cushy bed with the fluffiest of pillows. One hour from now you can sleep for twelve hours if you like.”

Melanie whimpered a little and wished for a fairy godmother who could just wave her magic wand and make that hour arrive now. Vampires existed, why couldn’t fairy godmothers?

“A or B, Melanie, the sooner you choose, the sooner your wish is granted.” William stood, offering her his hands.

She groaned in a whiney, I-don’t-wanna sort of way and let William pull her to her feet. “B, I guess. But no peaking!”

William scoffed mockingly. “I will be the perfect gentleman.”

And he was.

He helped Melanie strip down to her bra and panties in a manner that was straightforward — like a male nurse or something. Her cheeks burned. When it came time to take off the rest, William picked her up and sat her under the stream of water. Seconds later he was in the shower with her, fully clothed except for his shoes.

Melanie couldn’t help but peak to see this, but soon shut her eyes as the blood in her hair started running down her face and body. When she had seen he still had his shirt and pants on, she was both relieved and disappointed.

William really was playing the gentleman. Any other boy his age would have taken the chance to touch skin to skin.


“Caligula?” Cameron said, eyes widening. “Wasn’t he a Roman emperor?”

“Yes,” Elias answered.

Cameron baulked. “So… so that means Drusilla… at the college…”

“Is almost two thousand years old. Yes.”

There was no way to truly understand this. Cameron’s mind tried to wrap around the idea of living for so long; her eyes stared at her comforter, wondering what it must have been like. As her gaze slowly traveled up Elias’ body she met his eyes and quietly gasped.

How old was he?

“Older than Leif Ericsson.”

Cameron searched her mind for a Viking timeline. “Uh…”

“Mid eight-hundreds. We didn’t exactly put a lot of stock in numbers as far as dates were concerned but 842 was my birth year. Three days in to October.”

Cameron simply stared.

“If you do some quick math,” Elias said, trying to play off the dates, “that makes Drusilla eight centuries older than me.”

Nodding was all Cameron could accomplish. By the time she could talk, she stuttered, “So Drusilla is the oldest immortal at the school?”

Elias chuckled. “Not by a long shot.” His smile softened. “But I will leave that revelation unanswered. It will be fun to see how long it takes you to guess.”

“What, can’t I simply ask someone there?”

Elias’ smile faded for a moment. “Cameron, be careful who you speak to. Not everyone has the privilege of this knowledge.”

“Then why are you telling me?” Cameron couldn’t understand it; if she knew all this she would hardly tell someone as new to the game as herself.

“You carry my child,” Elias said simply. “We do not lie and we have spent hundreds of years perfecting this sit-”

Elias stopped. He must have felt the change in Cameron as her brain latched back on to the real reason they were having this conversation. She was once again reminded that her “situation” – she knew that was what he was about to say – was a common occurrence. Annually to be exact.

“Cameron, I-”

“No. It’s okay,” She said, all easiness gone from her tone. “You’ve had hundreds of years to perfect this situation. My. Situation. Because it’s school policy to get girls knocked up.”

Elias didn’t bother denying it or trying to make amends. “Please, do not speak so rudely of our child.”

“Our child? Our child? Damnit, Elias, I only found out yesterday that I was pregnant. And with an immortals baby that just happens to like blood and will be able to hear my thoughts and the thoughts of those around him. Not to mention this is something I apparently willingly agreed to without thinking, ‘hey, maybe they want me to attend this college to make super babies for their…” Her voice faded as she finally understood.

“You’re building a super army, aren’t you!”

Elias, again – aggravatingly – did not respond with any kind of reaction. “I told you, we are at war. Were it not for our way of life, we would have died hundreds of years ago and who knows what havoc the Dead Ones would have created on this planet.”

Tears began to sting Cameron’s eyes. “Go.”

Elias stood, stepping closer to her. As he reached out to touch her shoulder she jerked away.

“I need time to think without you listening in, okay? Just… go.”

“Fine.” He leaned forward and kissed the top of her head. “This was too much to put on you in one night, I know that. But I want you to know everything. I won’t hold back from you. You are the most important thing in my life right now.”

No, the most important thing is inside me, Cameron thought angrily. She couldn’t help that it slipped out, and immediately regretted the venom in the thought once it happened. Elias said nothing after that, and crossed to the door.

“I’ll see you tomorrow night,” she said as he left her room. Cameron spoke quietly but she hoped Elias heard her. She really did just need some time to process everything. It was too much.

She had only just graduated from high school two days ago and now she was pregnant and attending a college in the fall that listed a breeding program among its extracurricular activities. That was a lot to take in.


Melanie had no idea if she was clean. She could barely keep a straight thought in her head and the only thing keeping her from passing out was knowing William had lost enough blood to make him hungry. You don’t just pass out when leaning against a hungry vampire.

She knew he’d hear the thoughts the moment they passed through her head but she couldn’t help it. Her censor wasn’t working properly. And he seemed not to mind since he wasn’t really responding.

William was soaping up her hair for the third time. With his sense of smell he could tell she still had blood in her hair, and she was okay with not smelling too much like dinner.

Leaning against his chest, Melanie could feel William’s soaked jacket and shirt scrape her skin, the cloth heavy with water. She frowned, understanding now how William was trying to make her feel comfortable by making himself uncomfortable.

That finally got a chuckle. “I’ll be fine,” he said.

Still frowning, Melanie stood and turned, letting William brace her arms like an overprotective nurse. She looked up at him and shook her head, sighing as she raised her hands and slid them up his shoulders and around the bring the jacket down over his arms. He helped her the rest of the way, shrugging out of it.

William tossed the jacket to the floor and returned her as he had before, putting her under the spray. Melanie closed her eyes before the shampoo could sting them, and let the water beat down on her scalp. Thank God for hotel water supply; in her bathroom at home the water would have been cold for a while now.

“I think you will live, William said, studying her face and chucking her under the chin when she opened her eyes to look up at him. “As will I.” He turned the water off and stepped from the tub, holding his arms out for her and lifting when she couldn’t lift her legs to step over the ledge.

Her cheeks heated again. They were doing that a lot lately.

William picked her up and carried her over to the bed. He changed directions when he heard her thoughts of the state of the comforter and chose to stand her near the operation sight. He held her steady as he towel-dried her body, his eye contact purposely avoiding the areas most guys would want a peek at.

Melanie couldn’t help that the good Lord had blessed her with a rather large chest, no more than one who had the opposite problem, like Kristie. And standing in a wet bra and panties couldn’t be easy for William to simply avoid.

“Thinking about it doesn’t help, either,” William said from her knees; he was bending over and drying her legs and ankles, head down.

“Thanks for trying,” she said sheepishly.

When she was dry, William pulled over the remaining bag of items, which turned out to be clothing. Jogging pants and a plain pink t-shirt were placed on the chair she had used earlier, as well as a brush and comb set. William grabbed the exacto knife and popped all the tags off before turning to Melanie.

“Can you do this? Or should I…”

“I got it,” she said, taking the shirt. She pulled it over her head and paused to wonder how to take her bra off without putting on a show.

William grinned and closed his eyes.

Melanie stared at him, telling him mentally not to peak before reaching behind her and unhooking the clasp. The material of the bra clung to her so she had to peel it away from her skin before shrugging the rest of the way into the shirt. If William peeked, she didn’t know; he didn’t look like he did.

Legs unresponsive, William had to help her into the jogging pants but that was a little more tricky. She finally gave up.

“Look, you’re like, four hundred years old, so I’m sure you’ve seen your share of naked ladies, just… don’t act the age you look okay? I just can’t wear these panties now that they’re soaked.”

William didn’t say anything or even smile. He simply nodded and Melanie let him steady her as she eased her underwear down her legs. She stepped out and straightened, knowing the t-shirt barely covered her butt. Blushing again, she had to lean on William as he opened each leg of the pants for her to step through, then pulled them up for her.

There was no way to describe her relief now that that was over. Melanie slumped into the chair and let her body relax.

“I’m going to take my own shower now but I promise to be fast.”

Melanie nodded and reached for her towel. By the time she had dried her hair and combed through the dark curls, William emerged wearing nothing but his own towel around his waist.

Okay, she stared.


Before she caught herself and looked up to see William meeting her eyes. There she had asked him not to ogle her and she was doing it to him. She was so bad.


“Don’t be,” was all he said.

He pulled a pair of black jogging pants out for himself and a black tank, both of which he put on while Melanie was hiding her face in her hands, willing herself not to peak.

Sometime later she felt a nudge at her arm and realized she had fallen asleep. She looked up to see the room was spotless and the few things William intended to throw away were stuffed into the shopping bags.


Melanie nodded and watched William take the bags out. He was gone longer than she thought he would be, but when he returned, he had a receipt from the Motel.

He wouldn’t tire out so easily. This piece of ass was far too precious for him to only fuck once. Her hair felt like silk in between his fingers. Her head fit perfectly in the palm of his hand. Although he had cum a huge load all over her face and breasts, his cock stood strong. He released her hair and pet the top of her head. Her small hands still gripped the base of his cock. She tenderly fondled the shaft, kissing the head gently. A soft moan escaped her lips as she slowly played with him. She couldn’t help but be fascinated by his cock.

“Ahhh, ohhh, shit honey. Any more of that and I’m going to cum again.” She loved making men moan. There was something so sensual about the pure, raw noise of a rugged man, especially one like Roman. She couldn’t help but be turned on by the fact that he was a rapist. Although he had been incredibly cruel, she felt a certain passion that she had never felt before. Most men she had been with held themselves higher than her, expecting her to be instantly aroused by their hot bodies or high statuses. With Roman, it was different. Sure he hurt her, but she still felt an insecurity about him, as if he resorted to rape because he had no other choice.

She wanted to learn more about him. She felt crazy, especially as she ran her tongue down his shaft so she could get a taste of his large balls. Her lips brushed past his testicles, releasing a deep moan from her captor.

“Ohh, Allison.” He moaned. She withdrew immediately, her mouth agape.

“How do you know my name…?” She asked cautiously, afraid he would grow angry at her outburst. He realized this bothered her, running with the opportunity to control her even more.

“Ahaha, I have my ways. I was following you for quite a long time before I brought you here. I know everything about you, where you live, the names of your friends, everything. One wrong move from you and I can fuck you up more than you could imagine.” He smirked, running his hands through her hair. She began to shake in fear, realizing that he possessed her. She couldn’t do anything at this point to escape.

Her body started shaking. She had dealt with high anxiety ever since birth, but had managed to take control of it with medicine. ‘Medicine… I haven’t taken it since the night before I got here…’ Her eyes widened as she took in her surroundings. She was utterly trapped. Her stomach churned and panic took over. ‘My medicine is in the cabinet at home, not my purse. Shit shit shit why didn’t I keep it in my purse?!’

“Bitch what’s wrong? Why aren’t you sucking my dick, too scared?” He laughed. Her mind blocked out his words, her head throbbed under the pressure of her stress. Without warning, she screamed. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she nervously pulled at her hair.

“Allison! Allison what’s wrong?! Allison please tell me!” The sound of her name from his lips raised her anxiety to a whole new level. She tugged harder at her hair and wailed, hoping that someone would hear her, someone would save her.

“Whyyy why are you doing this to me? Why are you hurting mee? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?” She couldn’t breathe. Terror had swept through her entire body. ‘I’m trapped, I’m so trapped, he’s going to use me then kill me, what do I do? I have to escape, I have to be free.’

He reached down and picked her up, holding her in both of his arms like a father would for a child. He knew something was seriously wrong. She had not behaved like this the entire time she was with him. Had he put her into shock? He couldn’t help but feel sorry for the small creature, trembling in his arms as he ran up the basement stairs. There was a small loveseat in the living room, covered in cobwebs, dust, and dried fluids. Despite its appearance, he laid her down on the cushions, hoping it would calm her down a bit.

“Allison, listen to me. Something’s wrong and you know it. What do you need.”

“I-I need my Xanax. I don’t carry it with me. You bastard! You mother fucker you took me and I don’t even have what I need!! FUCK I’m going to die here, I’m going to die at the fucking hands of a rapist, FUCK!” She wept profusely. She curled into a ball and covered her face with her hands. An idea flickered in his head. The opportunity was presenting itself perfectly. As her face was covered, he secretly smirked at the idea churning in his brain. ‘I can drug the shit out of her and do anything I want… I’ll call one of my buddies and he can bring over his video camera and join the fun…’

“I’ll get you some medicine. Don’t worry about that.” Her eyes peeked through her hands as she heard him walk away. He retrieved two pairs of handcuffs and two old dish towels and walked back to the couch. “I’ll get you some medicine you’re never going to forget. Or maybe you will. I guess it depends on what I give you. We’ll just see how it goes.” He swiftly flipped her over onto her stomach and then straddled her ass. She felt his cock strain against his jeans as he locked her hands together with the cuffs. He gripped the front of her neck so her mouth opened involuntarily for breath and stuffed one of the towels in her mouth. He then tied the other tie around her mouth to keep the other towel in place.

She tried her hardest to keep calm, but since she was already panicked, she began to hyperventilate against the gag. She soon ran out of oxygen, her airways blocked by his hand, and passed out.

“Fucking finally,” He sighed. He remembered how tight her ass had been earlier. ‘Fuck why is my dick always so fucking hard. I have business at hand.’ The head of his dick rubbed uncomfortably against his jeans. It yearned for her, dribbling precum in anticipation. He began thrusting, slowly, into her tight ass. For the first time since her arrival, her body was completely relaxed. He ran his rough hands along her back and sides. It was as if her skin had never been touched, as if the the calluses on his fingers could easily tear it with the slightest pressure.

He wanted to savor her calmness while he could, not knowing if she would ever be this peaceful in his presence again. He slowly climbed off of her and sat next to her on the couch. He gently flipped her onto her back, hands still tied behind her, so that he could get a good look of her. She seemed to be out completely, probably due to stress and exhaustion, so he decided to remove her gag so he could get a good look at her beautiful face. Her lips, although removed of all makeup, were a deep red, plump from the gags and cock she was forced to endure. Dark, violet bruises were beginning to appear across her whole body. Roman felt a surge of power rush through his veins. Any man could fuck a girl, but not many could completely control one. Each mark was a stamp of his ownership. Never before had he felt such lust for a woman. She had fought him every step of the way, and deserved each mark he left.

He suddenly remembered his plan. He got up and retrieved a cell phone from a loose floorboard, hidden in case she felt the urge to escape. After dialing a few friends, he hid the phone back under the boards and made his way back to the couch. Her chest rose and fell gently, feeling an ease she would most likely not feel again. He sat next to her again, gently gripping her breasts with each hand. Her small nipples grew hard against his touch, just like his cock against his jeans. He leaned down and kissed her, plunging his tongue into her unresponsive mouth. She was small in comparison, his tongue easily filling up a good portion of her mouth. He moaned against her. His kiss became more passionate with each passing moment. He bit and suckled her lips and they grew plump against his. His hand traveled down to her pussy, surprised at the warmth that radiated from her clean shaven lips. He slowly slid his finger past her opening, savoring the warmth as she became moist for his touch. With one swift motion, he plunged one finger, then two into her hot pussy. Although aroused, she was incredibly tight around him, softly gripping his fingers as he slowly pumped her.

His lips pulled away from hers, moving his way to her neck and softly suckling without leaving a mark. With each kiss, she gently writhed under his touch. She was slowly waking up. Her eyes fluttered gently as his fingers increased speed. He flicked her tender clit with his thumb and slowly trailed his kisses down to her nipples. Her eyes were open, but she didn’t seem to know what was going on. She moaned softly against his touch. After sucking on each nipple, he slowly removed his fingers from her warmth and kissed down to her pussy. He spread her legs and lifted her by the ass so he could easily reach her with his mouth.

His eyes closed as he kissed her thighs and her ass, savoring the plump flesh that was presenting itself to him. Her moans grew gradually louder as she thrust her hips towards him. He grinned as he continued to tease her. He wanted to push her closer and closer to the edge as he slowly inched towards her wanting sex. His tongue teased her lips, sucking up her juices as it spread them apart and revealed her hot pussy.

“Do you want my tongue?” He asked, smirking as he teased her clit and awaited her response.

“Ahhh, sir, please sir,”

“Please sir what?” She closed her eyes and silently cursed him. Why did he have to do this? Why did it have to feel so good?

“Please sir,” She tried to get around the question, hoping that he would take her response as a plea for his tongue, rather than a plea to not have to answer him and embarrass herself.

“Well what is it? Do you want it or not?” He pulled away slightly, anxious for her submission to him. She knew it was wrong to want him, but he had set her up for failure. She needed his tongue. She needed relief from all the pain he had caused.

“Please sir, I need your tongue.”

Without hesitation, he plunged his tongue deep into her pussy, exploring her tight walls and savoring her warmth. Never before had she been this willing to take him in. She moaned loudly as he imagined her around his cock. He ravaged her pussy with his tongue, thrusting deeper and deeper and bringing her closer to orgasm. Every few minutes, he would pull out and suckle her clit, causing her to writhe against him. He could feel her growing tighter, coming closer to losing control completely.

“Ask to cum bitch.”

“Ohh please may I cum?”

“May I cum what?”

“May I please cum, master?” He chuckled at her submission to him. Just hours earlier she had spat at him, swearing she would never be his. Now look at her.

“I don’t think so.” He pulled away, leaving her panting and helpless.

“No no no please sir, please I need it please!! I’ll do anything, just please let me cum.”


“Yes sir, yes anything you want!!” He dropped her thighs and she landed on the couch with a thud. He pushed her off of the couch and propped his feet up, laying back and unzipping his pants so that his cock sprung freely from its restraints. Never before had his dick been so hard and big. Without instruction, she leapt for it from the floor, wrapping her lips around the head before he could get ahold of her hair and pull her away.

“Ah ah ah, did I tell you to suck it bitch?”

“N-No, but isn’t that what you want?”

“No. I want you to ride it. Sit on this dick and ride it with that little pussy of yours and take all the cum I have to give you. And if you’re lucky, maybe you will make yourself cum as well.”

She slowly eyed his cock, wondering if she could take it all in. Hands still tied behind her back, she picked herself up from the floor and wrapped her legs around him, her pussy hovering over the head of his cock. She smiled to herself and slowly lowered herself so that just the head was inside her. He couldn’t help but gape at the sight in front of him and the sensation she caused. She looked him right in the eyes as she slowly pulled away, teasing his cock with her dripping wet sex. Her hips slowly gyrated, her lips brushing up against the head.

“Oh baby I could explode.” He moaned, unable to take his eyes off of her hips. She lowered herself again, still rotating her hips. Just as a calm moan escaped his lips, she thrust herself completely onto his cock, both of them screaming in pleasure as she thrust and rotated against his massive erection. She thought about starting off slow, but she didn’t anticipate how good he would feel all the way inside of her. She threw her head back as she rode his cock. Her tits bounced freely and his mouth hung open. He had unleashed something inside of her that he hadn’t seen before. Her hair cascaded down her back and tickled his thighs as she thrust herself harder and harder into him. He knew he could cum at any moment, but wanted to wait until she came herself so she’d squeeze the hot load out of him.

Usually she took it a bit slower, but since he had brought her so close to the edge, she needed to get her fix as fast as possible. She felt herself flushing as a wave of pleasure started at her toes and made its way to her head. She could feel his hands gripping her ass, assuming he was also cumming, but she was at such a level of such ecstasy that everything was completely white. She gasped as wave after wave of pleasure came over her. His cock throbbed deep in her pussy, relinquishing every drop of cum that had built up over the past day. His head fell back and he dug his fingers into her hips, not wanting her to ever leave the position she was in.

She panted, rousing herself from her fit of pleasure. The world became visible once more, along with her captor. With her head back, facing the ceiling, her eyes looked down at his. Her lip curled and one eyebrow rose as she squeezed his cock gently. He flinched, salivating at the prize atop his cock. Despite the multiple bruises and cuts, she had an air of confidence and strength that he had not seen since her abduction. Her shoulders were straight and high, her breasts perked and full.

He pulled himself up, careful to hold her on his cock so he could bury himself in her tits. They sat facing each other as he ravaged her bosom. He pulled at her nipples with his teeth and sucked the flesh until it bruised. He worked up to her neck and sucked and bit until he drew blood, lapping up every drop she had to offer him. Even after cumming inside of her, he wanted more. He wanted to eat her up, to lick and nibble and kiss every inch of skin until she was all his. He grabbed the back of her head by the hair and forced her lips upon his. Without hesitation, she kissed back, sucking his tongue as he explored her warm mouth. His erection never died, but grew stronger inside of her. Kiss after kiss, she finally pulled away.

“What is it?” He panted, lunging forward to kiss more. She dodged him, looking him straight in the eyes.

“Roman, I think I love you.”

It was the day after and Hillary Weir was still wondering what had come over her. Why had she let William fuck her?

Yet, each time she asked herself that, she never came up with a good answer to that question. All she knew was that she had done it but she didn’t know why.

The answer to that question was the experimental drug that William had slipped into her drink. When the drug had a hold of her, it compelled her to do whatever anyone told her to do, but that drug had long since dissipated, and so all Hillary could do was sit there and wonder why she had done what she had done the night before.

The phone rang and Hillary went to answer it. It was William. “Hey,” he asked, “how’s it going?”

“Not bad,” Hillary answered noncommittally. She was still wondering why she had fucked this guy.

“I was just calling to see how you were doing after … you know … after last night.”

“Yeah,” the woman murmured. “After last night. You know, I don’t know what happened to me.”

“I know what you mean,” the man said. “It just kind of happened, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Look,” said William, “I was wondering if we could go out on another date.”

“I don’t know,” Hillary replied.

“Come on,” the man told her. “I’ve still got something to give you, something I wasn’t able to give you last night because … you know why.”

Hillary’s ears perked up at that. A gift? She was always up for a gift, and besides, this would be her chance to assert herself. This would be her chance to show William that she was in control. “What’d you have in mind,” she asked.

“How about a picnic lunch,” the man suggested.

That was different, but yeah, she thought, she could do that.

“Great,” he told her. “I’ll even make the lunch.”

Hillary was smiling as she hung up the phone. That was more like it, she thought. He was doing things for her. That was the way it was supposed to be.

William was smiling too as he hung up the phone. He picked up a bottle of water and he unscrewed the top, and then he dropped one of the pills inside. He gave the bottle a little shake as he watched the pill dissolve. That was easier than he’d thought it would be.

Hillary was feeling much better about herself as the two of them strolled around the park. William hadn’t even mentioned the events of the night before, not even once, and Hillary took that as a good sign. She didn’t want him to think that what had happened before would ever happen again. It was a one-time thing and it would not be repeated. She was going to make sure of that.

The two of them found a nice place to sit and William laid out a blanket for them to sit on. He opened the basket and took out the various foods he had brought and finally, he brought out a coke for himself and a bottle of water for his date.

This was more like it, Hillary thought as she twisted the top off the bottle of water. William was being a perfect gentleman, just as she expected him to be, and no one said anything about sex. She took a swig from the bottle of water. This was the way it was supposed to be.

“This is very nice,” she said. “I’m glad you suggested it.”

“Thanks,” the man said even as he brought more food out of the picnic basket.

She could be magnanimous, she figured. After all, he’d done it just right so a compliment was in order. Just one, and that was it. There was no need to give him more than he deserved, but just enough to keep him under her control.

“But you also said there was a gift,” the woman hinted. “What is it?”

William smiled. “Don’t you worry. You’ll get what’s coming to you soon enough, but let’s eat first.”

Hillary pouted as she dug into her cole slaw. That answer didn’t sit at all well with her, but it would have to do for now. Still, she knew she was going to get something and that was all she needed to know, and besides, the food was quite good.

The two of them lingered over lunch but still, it was over soon enough. Hillary finished the last of her water. “So,” she said, “I want to know what you have for me. What is it?”

William downed the rest of his coke. “You really want to know,” he asked and Hillary nodded eagerly. “Well all right then, first things first. I want you to show me your tits. Show me your tits. Show me your tits and let me see you play with them, too.”

The drug that Hillary had ingested had a firm hold on her mind. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she brought her hands up to her halter top and then her hands were caressing her breasts, and then moments later, she was easing her tits out of the top.

Why am I doing this, she wondered even as her hands fondled her tits and even as she held them out on display.

William licked his lips as he watched the helpless girl fondle her tits. He liked what he was seeing.

Hillary was mortified. They were right out in the open. There were children around. They might see her and yet she found it impossible to resist the urge to fondle her tits. Her fingers played with her nipples. She squeezed her nipples and then she pulled on them, only to let them go again.

Even though he knew why she was doing it, William still couldn’t believe that Hillary was doing what he had told her to do, but he wanted more. “Keep fondling your tits,” he told the girl, “and at the same time, I want to see you stick a hand down in your shorts and I want to see you rub your pussy.”

Hillary moaned even as one of her hands continued to fondle her tits but now there was an itch between her legs, an itch that just needed to be scratched. She didn’t want to scratch that itch but she knew she had to. She was sliding a hand down and then she was unbuttoning her shorts. She slid her hand inside her shorts and then inside her panties and then she pushed it lower still until her hand was between her legs and then she moaned with satisfaction as that hand scratched the itch between her legs.

She didn’t want to rub her pussy but she knew she had to. She knew she had to rub her pussy.

He might have felt sorry for her, William thought, if Hillary hadn’t been such a bitch. As it was, all he really wanted was to make her show him even more. “You can stop playing with your tits for now,” he told the girl, “because right now, I want to see your cunt. Show me your cunt.”

Hillary’s hands opened her shorts even more and then she was lifting her butt up and she was sliding her shorts past her hips. Moments later, she was doing the same thing as she pushed her panties past her hips and then she was sitting on the blanket and spreading her legs. Her fingers pawed her pussy and then she spread her lips as she showed William the pinkness within.

She couldn’t help herself. She just kept playing with herself even as she pushed her legs even wider.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you,” William told her.

“I want you to fuck me,” the woman responded.

“Oh man, I love to hear you say that. Say it again.”

“I want you to fuck me,” the woman responded on cue.

The man just chuckled as he sat there and watched the woman continue to play with herself. He was really going to enjoy this, he thought. “Keep playing with yourself while I undress,” he told the woman, “and keep telling me you want me to fuck you, too.”

Hillary’s hand continued to work itself against her pussy even as she watched the man start to take off his shirt. “I want you to fuck me,” she pleaded even as she was wondering why she was doing these things. She didn’t want to get fucked and yet, she felt compelled to beg for it.

She watched the man open his shorts and then she watched him take them off. She watched the man remove his underwear and expose his cock to her.

“Come here and suck on this,” the man told her.

Hillary pulled her hand from between her legs and then she was crawling forward. She wasn’t sure why she was doing this but she looked up at the man and then she looked down at his cock. She wrapped a hand around the man’s cock and then she lowered her mouth and she slipped that cock into her mouth.

“Yeah, you like that,” the man told Hillary even as he pushed her mouth down on his cock.

She did like it, Hillary realized. She had no idea why she hadn’t realized it before but she did like sucking on that cock. She wanted to make this boy cum and she didn’t care if he came in her mouth. All that mattered was that she continued sucking on that cock.

But then the man was pushing her off of his cock and the girl groaned. I want to suck his cock, she thought, and then a moment later she was asking herself why she had thought that.

“You can stop that now,” the man told her. “You suck a pretty good cock, but I got other plans for you. Lie down.”

Again the helpless Hillary complied with his order. She wasn’t sure why she did it but she just laid back and spread her legs for the man.

That was all the invitation that William needed as he moved in on top of her and then he was pressing his cock up against her cunt. “Oh yeah,” he groaned even as he buried his cock in Hillary’s cunt, “this is what you need.”

This must be wrong, Hillary told herself. They were out in the open and there were children around and yet, as soon as William told her that his cock was what she needed, she couldn’t think of a single reason why this was wrong because she really did need his cock.

William couldn’t think of a reason why it was wrong either and besides, he was too busy fucking that tight, little cunt to worry about what Hillary thought.

Hillary was groaning as the man continued to fuck her. He was going to cum, she realized. He was going to cum in her cunt and there was nothing she could do to stop him. She wasn’t even sure she wanted to stop him. She loved it when he fucked her pussy, only … only … she was worried. If he kept this up, then he might get her pregnant and she didn’t want that.

And still, she couldn’t stop herself. She wanted that cock. She wanted it so bad.

And then, just when she thought there wouldn’t be any reprieve for her hot, little pussy, she felt the man take his cock out of her cunt. Oh thank goodness, she thought, at least someone here has some sense.

“Get up on your hands and knees,” the man ordered her and that was when Hillary realized that this was only a momentary reprieve.

There was no way she could resist the order she had been given. She climbed up onto her hands and knees and then she waited for the cock that was sure to come. She didn’t have long to wait and then soon, there were those hands on her ass and there was that cock on her pussy. She moaned as she felt that cock push its way inside her and then she moaned again just because it felt so good.

She couldn’t be wanting this, she kept telling herself. She couldn’t be wanting it, and yet, she was. She wanted to feel that cock in her pussy. She wanted it and she didn’t care if that cock did cum inside her. She didn’t care if that cock did make her pregnant. All she wanted was that cock in her pussy.

“Yeah, you like this,” the man told her, and Hillary did like it. She liked it a lot.

“But I got something else that you’re really going to enjoy.”

Before Hillary could ask what it was, she felt the man pulling his cock out of her pussy but that cock didn’t go far. She felt the man pulling his cock up between her cheeks and then she felt him pressing his cock against her little, tiny hole.

“You’re really going to enjoy this,” the man told her even as he pressed his cock against her tight, little hole.

Hillary groaned as she felt William pushing his cock against her butt. She had never wanted a man to touch her there, but somehow, she knew the man was right. She knew she really was going to enjoy this.

Hillary groaned as she felt just the head of that big cock push against her and then enter her ass. Even with only that much of that cock inside her, it already felt so big, and even with only that much inside her, she knew she was going to like it.

Hillary groaned as she felt even more of that cock push its way between her cheeks.

“Yeah, you like this,” William told her and as soon as she heard him say it, that’s when Hillary knew. She really did like getting fucked in the ass.

William pushed a bit more of his cock into Hillary’s ass and the girl groaned. He was so big. He was so fucking big. She felt his hands as they held her hips and then he was pulling his cock back only to plunge his cock inside her ass yet again.

Hillary moaned as she took that cock inside her butt. It was so fucking big. She couldn’t believe that she was liking it. She wasn’t even sure why she liked it. She was sure she would have never liked it before.

She moaned again as that cock moved inside her again. It felt so good. The cock pulled back and then it moved even deeper inside her. She loved that cock. She wanted that cock.

“Yeah, you love this,” the man told her, and even as he said it, she realized that she loved it even more.

She felt the man’s hands as they squeezed her ass and then he was pulling his cock and pushing it in. Pulling it back and pushing it in. Pulling it back. Pushing it in.

Hillary groaned as she felt that cock enter her again. She was going to cum. She moaned again. She was going to cum and she knew the man was going to cum, too. The man was going to cum in her ass.

The girl moaned again and then she felt the man push himself inside her. His hands gripped her butt and then she heard the man grunt. She heard the man groan and then he groaned again.

He was cumming inside her, she realized. He was cumming in her butt. It was so gross.

“You like this, don’t you,” the man prompted her. “You like it when I cum in your butt.”

The woman groaned. She could feel the man’s cock pulse as it pushed even more of his cum inside her butt, and amazingly, she did like it. She liked it when a man came in her butt. She loved it. She loved it when a man came in her butt.

William groaned again as his cock continued to pulse. He’d fucked her in the pussy and he’d fucked her in the ass, and somehow he knew he was just getting started.

My feet hurt and I’m exhausted. I’m even more pissed. Let me explain. I’ve been walking for the past two hours in the middle of nowhere because I was so stupid and forgot to top off my gas for my car. I remembered seeing the sign, “Last gas station for hours. Stop Now!” I shrugged it off. I just wanted to drive and keep driving. I had a half tank and didn’t think much of it. I had missed my flight and it was the last for the weekend because of a serious cold front headed my way bringing snowstorms. It was a 10 hour drive so I rented a car and drove.

It was 2AM and I had been walking for over an hour now. There was a full moon out. The sky was so clear and everything was brighter than any night I could remember. Maybe because i was in the dark for so long but it didn’t matter. I was going to lose my job over this. I had one simple job and that was to just close out a deal across the state. I remember my boss specifically telling me that he would fire me if this went bad. It was that serious. The meeting was supposed to be in 48 hours so there was still hope for me to get there on time. That’s when i saw the headlights peek over the distant hill.

As the car got close enough to me that i was pretty sure that the driver could see me, i stepped off to the shoulder and started waving my arms hoping that he would stop and give me a lift. I was so happy when I realized he was slowing down. As the truck slowed down to a complete stop the driver’s window slid down.

“It looks like you could use a lift, Missy” The man from the truck shouted out at me over the roaring engine.

“That would be amazing, my I ran out of gas down the road. I’ve been walking for hours.”

“Climb on in, I can help you out.” he shouted back.

As I rounded the truck and got to the passenger door, I realized that it was a tow truck. I opened the door and jumped in slamming the door behind me.

“Oh my goodness, you’re a lifesaver!”

“No problem at all Missy, Let’s go pick up your car and get you back to the station for a fill up so you can be on your way.” he said.

“I would much appreciate that. How much is this going to be?”

“Oh nothing at all.” he replied. “I don’t mind helping.”

“Well, thanks again mister.” i gushed at him. “I really do appreciate this.”

There was an awkward pause for about a minute. He would occasionally glance over at me and smile, which made it worse.

“So, got business out here in the middle of nowhere?” he said breaking the silence.

“Oh, not today… I was dressed up for a client of mine that would have been picking me up at the airport. But I missed that flight.” I said to him embarrassed of the stupidity of the situation I was in. I was in a white blouse and black skirt with stockings. The stockings were ruined because I had been walking down the road barefoot. I was planned poorly only packing heels for the trip.

“Oh, that’s a bummer.” he said.

“Don’t worry about it. I just need to get on my way as soon as possible.”

The rest of the ride was pretty quiet. It was only about a 15 minute ride to my car. I stayed inside the tow truck while he hitched up my rental. It didn’t take but two minutes. As he entered the truck he handed me a paper cup filled with some sort of sports drink.

“Here you go Missy. I’m sure you must be thirsty. I totally forgot about the cooler in the back.”

Without saying a word I take the cup out of his hand and drink it all. It definitely tasted a bit funny but I didn’t care. It hit the spot.

“Thanks for that, I really needed that.” I said to him happily.

Not too long after he started driving off my limbs started to tingle and feel heavy. At first I thought I was just tired but the sensation rapidly got worse and soon I was just a motionless body slouched in my seat. That’s when I felt his hand on my thigh. He moved it up my skirt and pressed his fingers against my pussy. I tried to scream and lash out, but nothing happened. I was just frozen there, not able to make a peep.

“Don’t worry little Missy. I’m going to take good care of you.” he said with one hand on the wheel, and the other exploring under my skirt. My heart was pounding at this point. I had a mixture of emotions flowing through me. I was mostly terrified.

“You’ll be fine, you’re just temporarily paralyzed.” he said and gently patted my pussy like he was trying to console me.

At this point he takes off my seat belt and lays me down and makes my head rest on his lap. Switching hands on the wheel I hear him digging in the side door compartment. He grunts and moans, “Damnit where is it…” he says under his breath. He digs around for a few seconds more and finds what he was looking for. He quickly switches hands with the object and is back to steering with his left hand. He then uses it. Hr gently drags the cold metal across my skin and under my blouse. I can feel it catch on to the fabric. They were scissors. I could tell by the sound it made as he spent a moment going down my body cutting off my blouse, bra, and skirt. I felt the cool air draft across my body. I was nearly completely naked in a matter of seconds. I felt him tug at the shredded clothing, pulling them out from underneath me. I heard them soon be discarded on the floorboard. I could tell that he liked what he saw. His penis was now swelling under my head, rising against my cheek. His hand quickly found my firm C breasts. He started out by cupping each of my fleshy mounds. My nipples pressed into the palms of his kneading hands. His groping then turned into him gently punching each nipple, giving them a tug.

“Very nice…” he moaned out. “I’m going to get paid well for you.”

The inside of the truck started to light up. We were approaching the gas station. It illuminated the entire area during the night. We started slowing down, taking a right going down a dirt road. It quickly began to get dark again.

“We’re almost there.” He said.


The truck slowed down and the man rolled his window down. As it came to a stop, he leaned out the window and I could hear the beeping of a keypad. We were going into a secure area. Rolling up his window we entered.

The tires rumbled as we drove over the gravel driveway towards our destination. The driver announces his arrival by honking his horn before getting out and leaving me inside the cab of the truck on my back and fully exposed. The paralysis doesn’t seem to be wearing off any time soon. I desperately want to sit up and gather what was left of my clothes and disappear into the darkness. But I couldn’t.

The driver has been gone for several minutes. My mind wanders of what could happen to me. The pitch black darkness and silence doesn’t help me as I’m afraid of the dark.

The silence is broken by footsteps approaching the vehicle. They get louder and louder until my door swings open. The cool night breeze sweeps over me spreading goose bumps all over my body. I cut my eyes in their direction. But with my paralysis all I can see in my peripheral is the back of the bench seat and the roof of the car. There wasn’t a word spoken. But I can tell there were two people standing at the doorway. I can hear them breathing. Before speaking, the unknown man lets out a sigh. “She’s cold. Get the girl inside.”

I feel a hand on each of my ankle then there was a pull. My long brunette hair drags again the seat. He lets my ankles go and my legs flop down and out of the truck causing my ankles to slam out against the floor of the truck. Throbbing pain shoots up my legs. I can’t do anything but tear up and raise my rate of breathing.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” the second man yells. “You will receive no payment if those injuries bruise up. Hurry and get her inside you idiot!”

“Y-yes sir.” he stammered back.

I am quickly scooped up and tossed over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. My vision is blurred from the tears in my eyes. I couldn’t see anything anyways. My head was bouncing around like crazy.

We entered the mysterious house. The sound of their footsteps echoed through the long hallway I was being carried in. The house must be massive.

“Take her into the next room on the left.” the homeowner said.

Within a few seconds I was set down on upon a very soft and warm platform. There was bright lamps overhead. They were so very warm. It felt so good against my bare and cold body. I was so tired that I wanted to just lie there and fall asleep. I wished I could fall asleep and wake up and this all be a dream. The moment was brief. I felt his rough hands on my right thigh. He dug his fingers under my stocking and quickly it was peeled off my body. Then the left one was taken off. All I had left was my panties. I laid there in fear, praying he would leave those on. But my prayers were not answered. He put his hands on my hips, hooked his fingers under the thin fabric and slowly pulled them off my body. My heart pounded as I lied there fully exposed, and so very vulnerable. In my mind I was kicking and screaming. But in reality, I was hopeless and unable to do a thing. He straightened my body on the platform. He placed my hands at my side palms down. He then straightened my legs. I heard him gather up the last of my clothing and his footsteps faded out of the room.

As soon as the steps grew faint I heard more from down the hallway. It sounded like a group of people this time. They entered my room and stood beside me. I heard a loud thud and a slosh of water at their feet. What I heard next was what sounded like dripping cloth from a bucket. That’s exactly what it was. I felt three warm and moist cloths at different parts of my body. One person was washing my feet. The person was being very thorough and washing in between my toes. Another person was wiping me gently on my face and working down my neck and breasts. The third washed my thighs and worked down to my knees. It didn’t take long before my pussy started to be cleaned. These people were not being sexual with their work at all. I felt like I was a cripple receiving a sponge bath. Within minutes I was flipped and my backside was cleaned.

They however, didn’t stop with just the cleaning. One of the cleaning crew spread my cheeks wide and moments later I felt something being pressed against my asshole. It didn’t slip in as easily as they hoped. They lifted the object away and I felt cold lube being squirted on my crack. It began to cascade down and across my hole and down to my pussy where there quickly stopped it with a rag. I felt the object pressed into my ass again and this time it slipped in with ease pain free. It went in several inches. Its tapered shape allowed my ass to firmly hold it in place. Just as quickly as my ass accepted the phallus in my ass, I felt myself being pumped full of warm liquid. I was filled and filled until they allowed my body to push it out. I heard a gush of water start to fill a second bucket below. They repeated this several times until they knew my ass was completely cleaned out.

They removed the douche and filled my ass again with a much larger, longer plug. This one hurt a little but the pin didn’t last long. They rolled me over and Spread my legs exposing my pussy to them. I felt some pretty hot stuff being applied to my bush. Quickly one of them applied pressure to it. I knew what was coming next. I would stiffen up and brace myself for the pain if I could. In one swift motion, a large patch of my bush was ripped off of me. The pain was terrible. I have never once even shaved down there before and now it’s being ripped from me. This happened five or six more times and my pussy was now bald and red from irritation. They all gathered up their supplies and left.

Same as before, I heard someone approaching my room after they left. This time just one. This person spoke.

“Hello my name is Carol and I’m here to assess you this morning. Looking at your ID your name is Megan Smith and you’re 23 years old.” she said as if she were a doctor.

I was shocked to hear a woman’s voice.

“This will only take a couple minutes.”

I heard he pull open a tape measure. The cold metal was draped across my body as she took a measurement of my height. She let it wind up and i heard her pencil tapping on a clipboard as she wrote down the measurements. She measured the width of my must, waist, and hips.

“Very nice, 34-26-38… One of our best yet.”

She continued to scribble more notes down on her clipboard. I couldn’t help but think about her comment. What does she mean by one of our best yet? Are there others I thought.

“Well I have just one more thing to check” she said while reaching down into her back.

I heard her snap on some gloves and I heard the same lube container from earlier snap open. She lube up something and slid it into my pussy. She cranked on a knob and my pussy began to stretch open. She grabbed a flashlight and peered into my gaping pussy.

“My oh my… You’re a virgin?” she said with a chuckle.

She slide the device out of my and quickly started writing down her findings on the clipboard. I was so embarrassed. And my face probably showed it. She set her clipboard down and bent over to her bag again. I heard her pop off some plastic lids and dispose of them into the trash.

“You’re going to feel a slight sting, nothing to worry about.”

With that being said I felt a prick on my arm. I hated getting shots. A few seconds later my vision started tunneling. Then, complete darkness as I passed out.


My eyes open to a fairly dark room. I turn my head towards a lighted outline of a door. “Had I been dreaming all this time?” I think to myself as I sit up in the bed. I immediately realize that the room I was in was not my own. Sitting on my butt I also remember that the rather large anal plug is still inserted snug up my rear. I’ll leave it there for now as it isn’t an immediate threat. I also realize that there is a tight collar wrapped around my neck that was uncomfortably tight. I spend a moment examining it in the darkness trying to take it off or loosen it at least. No luck. I began to panic. Throwing the blanket to the side I jump off the bed and began looking for a light switch. At this moment I realize that I’m still completely naked and that there was a burning pain where my pubic hair once was. Reaching my hand down to my sensitive bare skin, I realize that there was a bandage taped to me. I applied pressure to it with my hand and it increased my pain. “What the fuck?” I quietly breathed out.

I continued my search for switch or light source. Stumbling my way to the distance outlined door I find the switch. I flip the light on. To my surprise it’s very nicely decorated and fully furnished with a queen sized bed, dresser, night stand, etc. At the other end are two doors. One is already open. Walking over to it I peeked in and turned the light on. It’s a full bathroom. Walking in I see myself in the mirror. My eyes immediately target the bandage over my bald pussy. Peeling it off I discover that it was a tattoo. It was an image of what looked like a cattle brand with the letter “R”. My mind was a total mess. What the fuck is going on.

I resume my panicked state and begin looking for an exit. First I looked for window. There was none. I checked the mysterious closed door. It was locked. Next, I rushed over to the dresser with three drawers in hopes of finding some clothing. I pull open the top drawer and find that the whole thing is filled with all sorts of panties, and they’re all my size. All of them are very skimpy and slutty. Definitely not the kind I would normally wear. Examining the drawer I find a pair that I thought were the least slutty. They were a pair of white cotton very low cut boy short panties. They hardly covered up a thing. It was like wearing a strip of duct tape. It however, was better than an alternative of the assortment of thongs, g-strings, and other various panties made of practically see through materials.

Opening the second drawer was full of tops. More clothes that I wouldn’t want to wear. Nothing covered up my breasts fully. And if it did, it was sheer and see-through. There were some corsets too that would push up my breasts and nicely outline underneath them. I pushed them to the side. The only thing that I could find acceptable in the drawer was a white baby doll. Its material was somewhat see through but you could easily see my puffy areolas. There was a white ribbon bow in the center and more sheer material even more see though draped below the outlines of my breasts that stopped well above my belly button. I felt so silly wearing it, but it was all I had.

The third drawer was full of stocking. They ranged from fishnets to just plain stocking. I recognized patterns that matched materials from the previous drawers. Obviously they were all sets. I didn’t realize it until now but I had been choosing everything from a matching set. I searched for the white stockings. They were a pair of thigh high stockings that went to my mid thigh. They were a thicker material till about the ankles and from there on it was the same matching thin material as the material that covered my breasts. I slid them on. They actually felt pretty nice. I was aware of how nicely they accented my curvy ass.

I walked back to the mirror in the bathroom to examine myself. I looked like a Victoria’s Secret mannequin that I always saw when I passed by that store in the mall. Something that I knew I would never wear. I was so uncomfortable wearing the clothing. I never wore anything like this and if just felt so weird. I rushed back to the dresser. I just wanted to get out of this. If someone was going to see me I’d rather be naked than be caught in this seductive attire. As I made it halfway across the floor I heard someone at the main door. There was a sound of someone inserting keys into the knob to unlock the door and enter. I froze for a second then my instincts were to jump into bed and cover up my body, and so I did.

The door swung open. A tall man in a business suit entered the room holding a tray of food. He saw that I was awake.

“Good morning, I’ve brought you some breakfast.” he said in a way that a father would address a daughter early in the morning.

I immediately recognized the man’s voice. He was the home owner from last night.

“What the fuck are you doing holding me hostage like this?” I replied in a very distraught manner. They were the first words that I’ve said since before getting drugged and paralyzed.

“No need for the temper.” he cooed. “That is no way a lady should be acting.”

“Fuck you whoever you are! You need to let me go right now. I am a hostage here.” I shouted back.

He set the tray of food down and reached under his jacket and produced a remote and held it up purposely to show it off. He pressed a button and a loud beep came from my collar. Moments later there was an extremely painful wave of electricity flowing through my body. It lasted for about a second but it felt like minutes.

“You are to never use such language again. That was on the lowest setting. If I have to I’ll give you the highest the next time. Consider this your warning. Now first things first, eat your breakfast.” He said more sternly while setting down the tray of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and a glass of milk.

Honestly, I was starving. I hadn’t eaten a thing since the previous afternoon before my abduction. I wanted to resist his offer but I was too hungry and fearful of what the highest setting of that taser around my neck might feel like. I quickly ate the food down and was hesitant to drink the milk.

“Don’t worry, it’s not drugged.” he said. “I would never drug you.”

“Like I’d believe you.” I said sarcastically.

“Not another word out of you. You’re starting to anger me.” he said in a darker tone. “Drink your milk, now.”

I drank the milk and set the glass down on the tray. He sat on the bedside with me.

“Remove the covers. I want to see how your marking is looking.”

I knew what he meant, the tattoo. I pulled the covers up tightly to resist, not wanting to reveal what I was wearing or to reveal myself to him for that matter. He held the remote up. I quickly heard a beep. I braced myself for the pending shock. But there wasn’t any.

“That was just a reminder of who’s in charge here. From now on there won’t be any warnings. Do you understand?”

“Please, don’t.” was all I could say.

I heard the beep again, and then an even more powerful shock of electricity ran through me. I’ve never been tasered before but I would imagine that it would feel like this. He gave me a moment to recover from the shock.

“Remove the blanket.”

I slowly pushed the blanket down to my thighs, revealing my body to him in his lingerie.

“You naughty little girl you. You were snooping through your room.” he said while checking out my body. “We will address that later.”

He leaned in towards my, reaching out to my bandage covering the tattoo. I flinched at his sudden advancement by covering my breasts and closing my thighs tighter, turning away from him.

“My patience with you is growing real thin girl. If this collar isn’t working I can find something that will make you listen and obey.”

I quickly repositioned myself and allowed him to get close again.

“If you do anything like that, or even make a peep again and you’ll be sorry. Do you understand?”

I nodded.


He carefully peeled off the bandage and medical tape.

“That’s going to heal just fine.” he said rolling up the bandage and putting it on the tray beside us.

“Stand up.” he ordered.

Letting out a loud sigh, I throw my feet over the bed and stand up. Facing him, I cross my arms to hide my breasts from him. He gave me a stern glance and cleared his throat. I quickly put my hands at my side. I could feel his eyes piercing me. He was obviously looking at me as a piece of meat.

“Turn around.”

I did a quick spin. I stopped to face him again.

“Let me be more direct. Face the other way.”

I turned and faced the door. It was scary not knowing what he had planned. Not being able to watch him. I heard him stand up. I could feel his presence behind me. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. He gently placed his hands on my hips causing my body to tense. He pulled me closer to him causing my ass to stop against his crotch. I started to tear up as his hands left my hips and went to my breasts. His hands cupped my breasts. He began roughly squeezing them. They fit perfectly in his strong hands. He gave my nipples a pinch and rolled them between his thumb and index finger before giving each a tug.

“Everything is going to be just fine.” he reassured.

That didn’t make me feel any better. Still standing behind me he slid his right hand down to my virgin pussy. I nearly jumped out of my skin and started to sob. He continued and started to rub my pussy. His fingers were going up and down my slit. He would pause occasionally at my clit and apply pressure while swirling his finger in a circular pattern. Just as it was starting to feel good, he stopped and moved his hand further down to discover that the plug was still in my ass. He pushed on it a couple of times causing it to move in my ass.

“You’re not going to regret leaving that in place.” he said in between kisses on my neck.

Moments later he ordered me to get back on the bed. Already in a daze from being violated I obeyed and sat on the edge of the bed. He loosened his tie and took off his coat, laying it neatly across the other side of the bed. Standing in front of me he spoke.

“Unzip me and pull my cock out.” he ordered.

I froze. I couldn’t do it. I began to shake in fear knowing he’d be upset.

“I can’t” I cried out.

“I’m sorry. Did I hear something? I’m going to pretend that I didn’t just hear you speak. Do as you’re told or you’re going to be punished.”

“I-I… I can’t” I said as I started to cry even more.

He didn’t say a word back. He just stormed off to the back of the room, to the locked door. I heard him fumble around with a set of keys that was from his pocket. He opened the door and disappeared inside. He came back out with a small black bag and dumped the contents on the bed beside me.

“Give me your hand.” He said.

I extended my right arm halfway to him. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer. He quickly secured a leather wristband with a metal loop on it.

“Now the other.” He quickly said while holding another strap.

This time I extended it closer to him. He quickly added the leather band around my other wrist. He kneeled down below me and started to do the same to my ankles. Examining what was on my wrists. It appeared that they required a key to remove. He disappeared back into the closet. This time he came out huffing carrying a padded sawhorse with various cable attachments around the legs. Walking back over to be he grabs my arm tightly and yanks me off the bed and forced me over the sawhorse.

“Do not fucking move.” he ordered.

He walked around to each leg of the sawhorse connecting all of my limbs to the legs. There was a strap around the middle that he fastened around my midsection to secure me completely.

“God damnit.” he said under his breath as he stormed back into the closet.

Reappearing into the room he tossed some other gear onto the bed beside me. He approached me with a pair of scissors.

“Forgot to undress you before putting you up here.” he said while cutting off my clothes for a second time. “Don’t worry. You’ll be getting more.”

He started by cutting off the top, then cut off the panties. He stood behind me and just stared at my ass. What a sight it must have been. The way i was bound had my thighs riding down the side with my ass pointed out directly on the edge. My now bald pussy was on display and the flat base of the large anal plug still lodged in me. His hands quickly found my rear and began to fondle my cheeks giving each cheek a gently squeeze. He firmly grabbed each with both hands and spread them wide. He kneeled in the process and his mouth cupped my pussy giving it a quick taste. I felt his tongue briefly penetrating me. I let out a brief yell of disapproval.

“I’m going to add that to your punishment as well.” he scolded while quickly standing up.

He returned to the bed and came back to me. First he added a hair band to my long and now out of control hair. He then tried to insert a gag into my mouth. I briefly refused to open my mouth but he grabbed me at the jaw and squeezed hard enough to make my mouth open allowing him to insert the very wide “O” ring gag.

Going back to the bed i see him pick up a wooden paddle. I begin to protest incoherently through the gag. He walks behind me and swats my ass sending out a loud crack throughout the house. I start to scream as my eyes tear up from the pain.

“That was for making noise while bound. You never do that do you understand?”

I immediately stop screaming and nod. The only sounds coming from me are the audible breathing coming from the gag.

“That’s much better” he said twirling the paddle. “You have three more to receive as punishment from disobeying me earlier. If you make even one sound during those three, you will receive an additional smack. Understood?”

I nod.

“Okay then. Let us begin.” he said while approaching my rear again.

He brought his arm back and threw it forward connecting the hard wood to my ass. He made sure to count out each smack as he went through all three. Every smack he did landed right onto the plug in my ass making it drive into me. After each smack i was biting down harder and harder onto the gag. Tears were now dripping off my face onto the floor. I thought it was going to be impossible but i didn’t make a sound.

“That’s very good. I’m proud of you.” he praised while gently rubbing the bright red skin on my ass. “I think you’re going to be more obedient from now on. Trust me. I can do worse than this.”

He left the paddle on the curve of my back. He knew that I couldn’t buck it off. I’m pretty sure he left it there as a constant reminder to behave. The bed creaked as he sat down. The sound of his shoes falling and hitting the hard floors echoed through the room. Then what I feared most happened. I heard him undo his belt and his zipper. I wanted to scream and get the hell out of there. But all I could do was quietly sob to myself and wait for him to do as he pleases. His pants crumpled up at his feet. He took his time undoing his button up shirt. I heard that get tossed to the floor too. I was shocked to see that his penis was already erect and creating a tent in his briefs. He looped his fingers under the elastic band of his underwear and peeled them off. I just about gasped at the size of his cock. Sure he was a very tall man but the size he was packing even looked large for him. It was maybe 10 inches long. I tensed up when he approached my awaiting and easily mountable backside.

He stood behind me for what seemed like forever. He just stared at me. My body was all his just waiting for him to use me as his fuck toy. I just closed my eyes and hoping it would be quick. That’s when I felt the plug in my ass start to move. He was pulling it out of me. It was a strange feeling. The large bulbous center that kept it lodged in my ass started to stretch my ass hole as he slowly pulled it from me. Just as it was getting ready to get past the hump and finally slide out, he paused. He left my ass to be stretched to the plugs maximum girth for a few seconds then let it slip free. He tossed the toy aside and grabbed my ass cheeks again, spreading them wide. I could feel my ass staying wide open. He didn’t say a word. I could hear him breathing heavily as his grip of my ass was released.

He went back to the bed to grab the lube. He stroked himself for a few seconds after squirting some in the palm of his hand. His cock was throbbing noticeably when he removed his hand from his cock. Using the same hand, I felt two of his fingers penetrate my ass, then three. He let out a light chuckle when I involuntarily clamped my ass tighter around his probing hand. He pulled out his fingers and moved in closer. I could feel the warmth of his larger member against my crack. Guiding it with his hand he slides his cock up and down the crack of my ass. He started at the top of my ass and slid it all the way down to my virgin pussy. He did this a few times then on the last swipe, he stopped at my pussy. He started to rub it back and forth. It made a sopping wet noise. It got louder the faster he went before he stopped and used his cock to slap my clit a few times.

“Feels good don’t it?” he asked.

I just lay there shamefully while crying.

The teasing of his large cock on my pussy stopped and i felt the paddle get removed from my lower back.

“When i ask you something you’re supposed to answer. You know that.” he said.

I sensed him drawing back the paddle. I tensed up and felt a painful smack on my ass.

“Lets try a different question.” he said. “Did THAT fucking feel good?”

I shook my head no.

“Good. You know how to answer.” he said while he started teasing my pussy again with the tip of his cock. “Does THIS feel good?” he said in a very condescending tone.

I shook my head yes.

“Good girl.” he said while giving my red ass a gently pat.

“Now… I’m going to fuck you in the ass now. You’re not going to have a problem with that. Are you?

Out of fear, I shook my head no.

“Terrific.” he said.

Pleased with his change of my attitude, he rested the paddle back on my back. I felt his cock drag up my crack again and he pushed his thighs against my ass causing his cock to grind against my gaping hole. Back and forth he went with his cock.

“You ready for my cock?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Are you sure?” he quickly added.

I nodded.

“Excellent.” he said.

He grabbed the base of his long cock and aimed it right for my gaping hole. I tensed as I felt his large member first make contact with my gaping ass. I clenched my ass in defense, but it didn’t help. He gently pushed increasing the pressure and he slipped in. He pushed deeper and deeper until the full ten inches were in. I could feel his warmth as my ass engulfed his cock. He began to slip out slowly until the tip of his cock was visible and he dived in deep again.

“Oh my god. You feel amazing Megan.” he moaned while spreading my cheeks to get a better view.

His cock assaulted my ass at a slow pace for a few minutes. He started slowly increasing the pace, faster and faster. He pulled himself all the way out briefly. A loud pop filled the room as the head of his cock quickly left my ass like a cork. I jumped a little when I felt him squirt a quick blast of lube into my gaping ass. It was shockingly cold. He then slid his cock back in and increased his pace some more. There was a noticeable drop in friction. That’s when he leaned over me. Still keeping his pace in my ass, he briefly teased my nipples with his right hand then moved it down to my pussy. He rubbed my clit briefly and removed his hand only to quickly suck them into his mouth. He quickly found my pussy again with his moist fingers. This time he was less gentle. He vigorously rubbed my clit as he pounded his cock into my ass. That’s when the all too familiar feeling struck me. The same feeling i get when i masturbate alone. I don’t know what came over me but i was approaching an orgasm and fast. I tried to think of other things like work. But it didn’t help. The combination of his cock filling me deeply, his balls slapping into my pussy, and his rough, but slippery fingers going to town was sending me over the edge. I was now at the point of no return. I began panting heavily through the open gag while trying not to scream as his fingers were still rubbing my now extremely sensitive clit. My legs and body started to tremble. My pussy was starting to clamp down as wave after wave went through me. And to my horror, the orgasm was causing my ass to clamp down onto his cock. He noticed immediately. He quickly stopped what he was doing. He left his cock seep in my ass to enjoy the sensation of my virgin asshole giving his dick a warm, tight massage.

“You naughty, naughty girl you…” he said in a teasing manner. “Did you just have an orgasm?”

I started to blush bright red in embarrassment. I nodded yes in reply.

“Did I do that to you?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Did it feel good?” he asked while slipping his dick out of my ass.

I nodded. My embarrassment was now too much to bear.

“Wouldn’t it be fair for you to return the favor and make me orgasm?” he asked.

I paused for a moment. Thinking about the paddle and how I didn’t want him to use it on me again. I nodded.

“Now that’s what I like to hear. You’re learning so fast.” he praised. “Now here’s the deal. I’m going to detach you now. There will be no funny business. If you do anything stupid I’m going to shock you so much you’ll go limp. Then I’ll strap you to this horse again and paddle you till you bleed. Do you understand?”

I quickly nodded.

With a flip of a switch on the sawhorse, all four clips to the bands around my wrists and ankles cape undone. He helped me up. My body was so stiff and my ass was so very sore. He took my hand and led me to the bed. He sat down and undid the gag around my head.

“You’re now allowed to speak but only when speak to you. And whenever you respond to me you will finish each response with ‘Master Rob,’ do you understand?” he said.

I nodded to him.

He held up his hand to his ear and shot a look at me.

“Yes, Master Rob.” I replied.

“Good.” he said. “Now… tell my how you plan for me to achieve orgasm, Meg.”

“I can jerk you off” I replied.

He stared at me for a moment.

“…Master Rob.” I added.

“Very good.” he replied. “What else?”

“I, I don’t know… Master Rob.” I nervously replied.

“Well let’s start off with the hand job and I’ll see how I feel from there.” he said.

He then had me sit in the middle of the bed. He leaned back and rested his head on a pillow while putting a leg on each side of me. His cock was still rock hard from a couple of minutes ago. His foreskin puckered up to a tip. His swollen head was outlined through the thin skin. His cock just throbbed and awaited my touch. “You may begin” he impatiently ordered. I extended a shaky hand to his cock. This was going to be the first I’ve ever touched a cock. I’ve never even seen one before other than in a few clips of porn that I’ve seen on the internet out of curiosity. I grabbed the base of his cock. It was very warm and soft. I could feel his heartbeat through it. It was also a lot bigger up close. It made my hand look so tiny in comparison.

I slowly stroked down his shaft. I was completely captivated by the sight of his foreskin peeling down and revealing his light pink head. Letting my hand go back up, his foreskin quickly snapped shut. I did this a few more times. I noticed that his erection was getting even harder. I was no longer nervous but in a trance. I kept my hand going up and down. I didn’t realize it but Master Rob hand noticed my reaction to his cock.

“Give it a taste.” he said to me.

Knowing that was an order and not a suggestion I let go of his cock and adjusted myself to be able to lean closer. After getting into a more comfortable position, I pulled his foreskin back down and lowered my head down closer. I stuck out my tongue and licked the bottom of his head like a lollipop. I kept jerking him off and occasionally licking him for a couple more minutes.

“Put it in your mouth.” he interrupted again.

I stuck out my tongue and made contact with the tip of his cock again. This time I took the whole head into my mouth. My lips wrapped around the shaft sealing the head off in my mouth. I could tell he was enjoying this. I could feel his cock pulsate when I would run my tongue along the underside of his head. I cut my eyes up to him only to discover he had been recording me with his cell phone. I could feel my face heat up from embarrassment. I wanted to stop what I was doing right away but I knew I had to continue. I didn’t want another paddling.

I took a little more into my mouth and let my tongue press his head into the roof of my mouth. I applied suction and let it pop out of my mouth. I jerked his foreskin back up, put my mouth around it, and pulled down on his shaft allowing his head to be revealed in my mouth from within his foreskin. I would take him deeper and deeper into my mouth each time. His cock was throbbing so much it was bouncing within my lips.

“I’m cumming!” he said. “Keep all my cum in your mouth.” He quickly added.

I kept my lips wrapped tight around his shaft as I prepared for my mouth to be filled.

“Keep using your tongue.” he said with his voice shaky.

I kept his head pressed to the roof of my mouth with my tongue and slid my tongue back and forth creating more and more pressure as I sucked.. I felt his cock start to pulsate, then my mouth started to be filled. Stream after stream of his salty cub filled my mouth. It was becoming alarmingly hard to keep all his semen and his swollen and pulsating head in my mouth. I let very little pass through my lips causing a small amount to cascade down his shaft. I was able to keep most all of it in my mouth. He praised me several times throughout his orgasm.

“Keep holding it.” he said as he slowly pulled his softening cock from my mouth. He then sat up to get a better angle with his camera.

“Open wide and keep it all on your tongue” he ordered.

I did as I was told displaying all of his cum on my tongue for him.

“Good girl.” he said while caressing my face with a hand. “Now swallow.”

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