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It was only a 10 minute ride back to David’s mom’s house, but it seemed like forever. I felt like he knew. He was in such a bad mood. My mouth was watering and my pussy was soaked thinking about what just went down between me and Marco. My heart was still racing. I felt so stupid, I didn’t even have a chance to ask him for his phone number. I was so sad that I couldn’t finish what was started. As soon as we got home I begged David to let me suck his dick. He became irritated and said that I sounded like a stupid slut. I went to the bathroom and sucked on my fingers for relief. I licked and sucked them pretending that my hand was Marco’s dick, then I changed in to pajamas and fell asleep.

The next day at work I couldn’t focus at all. I was in a fog. I just wanted some dick and couldn’t think of anything else. Linda was off so I had nobody to talk to except for James the 21 year old Asian kid that sometimes worked my shift. James was about my size and kind of cute, sometimes we flirted playfully. It was almost lunch time and all I could think of was Marco. I was so unproductive and horny. I asked James if he would drive me to in and out and I would buy. Maybe food would take my mind off of Marco.

We got in James’ little car and drove to in and out and on the way back I started day dreaming about giving Marco sloppy head. James had a little crush on me and paid constant attention to my every move, he noticed that I was distracted so he pulled over behind a vacant building a block away from in and out. He decided then to make his move on me. He asked if I was ok and I thanked him for asking. He kissed me and I kissed him back and we both undid our seatbelts. I figured I’d never see Marco again and this would be my only chance to explore my slutty side so I leaned down and took James’ dick out of his scrubs and started blowing him and imagining it was Marco. I made sure to make a sloppy mess, my mouth was making the nastiest sounds ever as I licked and sucked and kissed his dick. Even though it wasn’t Marco I was still satisfied. James started spasming and tapping me on the shoulder but I kept on sucking and swallowed the first load of my life!!! I felt like such a slut in a good way. Work was awkward after that lunch because you could tell that James had never had an experience like that and was developing feelings. I told him to keep quiet or I would never touch him again. I told him that I’m married and word can never get out.

That night I got home and David left shortly after for one of his Softball games…I offered him sex before he left because I felt bad that I sucked 2 other dicks that week. He turned it down…I called Linda and asked her for Marco’s number, thank god she had it. I called him right away. No answer…I called again…no answer…I cried a little bit before I got a hold of myself and decided to take a shower.

I turned on the hot water and took off my work scrubs and my panties, I stared at myself in the mirror and imagined Marco fucking me. I got on my hands and knees and reached down to my clit and masturbated for the first time in my life…just then my phone rang! It was Marco. I tried to sound as sexy as possible when I said hello. He made small talk and then I told him I was about to get in the shower. He asked me to send a pic so snapped a couple shots of me in the mirror and sent them to him, he called back and said he wished he was there to fuck me, I melted…

He asked if I was a slut for being married and trying to give him head and now calling him. I felt possessed and I told him I’m your slut. He told me sluts take it in the ass and if I never did that then I’m not a slut. I felt so dumb, I’ve never let anyone touch my ass like that.

He told me to send him a pic of me with my finger in my ass and I did. He never sent a message back so I called him, straight to voicemail…

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