Nearing the end of a sunny day in mid June somewhere west of Chicago on I-80. As the Ford Flex continued its long journey to Las Vegas she changed the radio from the fading FM channel they had been listening to, over to the music they brought with them. Selecting a sultry tune by Ali Farka Toure and Ry Cooder she shifted in her seat, closed her eyes and felt the sun pour through the window across her sexy body.

He looked over at his wife and considered himself lucky, as he does every day, that she chose him to spend her life with. Dressed in lightweight sundress she exuded sexiness. He enjoyed the long straight highway because he could afford to take his eyes off the road long enough to take in her beauty while driving.

As the song spun a backdrop of smoldering steamy nights related in rhythm, she began to move. First her head moving from side to side, eyes closed and fingers entwined in her hair. They were approaching a tractor trailer so he maneuvered the Flex alongside on the left of the big rig to share with the long haul trucker the sexy view he had been seeing for 18 years. Through the sunroof, he could see that the trucker turned to check out the “seat covers” in the Ford Flex that had been talked about on the CB for the past half an hour. About 10 miles back she had reached under her dress and exposed her lace thong to the driver they passed in the red Kenworth. About 30 miles back she had been leaning over the back seat to get a couple of drinks as they approached the Peterbuilt to pass. He hung the Flex back to allow the driver to look in his rearview and see the magnificent sight of her ass stuck up in the air as she reached for the ice cold water bottles. When she turned around she looked over to see the trucker giving her a wink and tipping his cowboy hat. She didn’t understand at first and then the realization caught up with her.

As she began to dance in her seat with the excitement of the anonymous stranger in the next vehicle watching she felt her skin flush with excitement. She moved forward in her seat and turned to catch her husband’s attention. It wasn’t hard to catch.

“Want to undo the snaps?” She looked over her shoulder as she asked. He immediately understood that his typically reserved wife was asking if he’d like to unsnap her bra while the trucker looked on.

He didn’t say a word as he reached over and felt her bra through the flimsy material of her dress. With a quick pinch the bra strap popped loose and she was able to put on a show for her attentive road neighbor. She seemed as if wiggling out of her bra while seated in a car at 70+ miles an hour were just part of her daily routine. Granted, a very sexy daily routine but it seemed well rehearsed none the less.

The trucker seemed to enjoy the show. He pulled out his chain wallet and with a practiced hand, slid a crisp single out of it, rolled it tightly and held it with his teeth like an extra long, green cigarette. This simply added to her enjoyment of the attention she was getting. She felt almost as sexy as everyone told her she was.

He figured this trucker had enough of a show and didn’t want it to get carried away with the two of them being chased across country. He pushed the accelerator to the floor and let the Flex pull away from the frustrated long haul driver. He’d have to find something else to spend his dollar on.

She was simply glowing from the attention and settled back in her seat with her iPhone to play a game.

“I think he wanted you.” He said.

“Ya think?” She retorted.

“I’m thinking you’ve been added to his spank bank.” He said through a wicked grin.

As the sun went down and the traffic fell away she decided to have another drink. Not water any longer, she had switched to her Diet Vernors and Crown Royal and was on her third. The whiskey added to her carefree state of mind as well as totally washing away her inhibitions.

The music was changed to a sexy hip hop tune and this rekindled her dancing. As she moved her hips she found his gaze shifting from the road to her once again for a few moments at a time. She decided to turn up the heat since the sun had dropped below the horizon. She slid her skirt up as he worked to pass another vehicle and was distracted from watching her. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of her lace thong and quickly slid them off. She wasn’t sure if he had noticed or not.

Once the other cars fell away she acted as if she were stretching and dropped her warm lace panties into his lap. He turned his head and smiled. Then he picked them up, held them to his nose and inhaled her sweet scent. He always enjoyed sniffing her intoxicating scent. She never really understood but found that she gets turned on by watching him breathe in her lusty fragrance.

She slowly raised her dress and spread her legs. She took his hand and moved it to her landing strip of brown hair. She felt his fingers slide up and down her moist lips. As her hips moved forward to press against his hand her nipples stiffened and poked against the material of her thin dress.

He moved his fingers up and down spreading her lips apart to let her clit show itself as it swelled. Her eyes closed as she slowly began to move her hips. Her hands cupped her breasts as she began to squirm against his fingers more forcefully.

He shifted in his seat to allow his hardening cock to get to a more comfortable position. She worked hard to move her hips in a way to fuck his fingers.

“Taste it.” She said.

He removed his hand from her hot wet pussy and licked her juices from his fingers.


“Now put them inside me.” She demanded’

He placed his hand back between her legs and felt that she was even wetter now. He straightened two of his fingers and pushed them slowly deep inside her. Her legs spread wide as she tipped back her seat to give him better access. Slowly he began to finger fuck her. Rubbing his fingertips across the mound of her G-Spot. She gasped in pleasure as she thrust her hips further to his probing fingers. Her nipples were rock hard and demanded attention of their own. It was amazing that this was all happening at 70 miles an hour with other cars and trucks capable of pulling alongside and watching. She was close to orgasm and decided not to try and hold out any longer. She squeezed her nipples and let the waves of pleasure crash over her. She pulled his hands away because she couldn’t take any more.

As she exhaled deeply she looked around the windows to see if anyone was close by. There was another truck about a quarter mile ahead.

“You’re not going to keep him locked up the whole trip are you?” She asked.

“You can get him out if you like.” He replied.

She unhooked her seatbelt and moved up to her knees on the seat. She bent over and opened his pants. His rock hard cock was straining against his boxers to get some attention. She pulled it loose and gave it a couple of long soft strokes.

“Mmmm. I think it missed me.” She said.

She bent over further and licked the pre-cum off the head of his cock.


She took it in her mouth and gently sucked the head. She began to bob her head as it moved deeper into her mouth. She worked his pants open wider so the zipper of his jeans wouldn’t spoil the ride. When she was in the right mood giving head was a huge turn on for her. She felt her dress move up her back as she sucked his cock. She realized that they would be coming up on the truck soon and her ass was in the air for all to see as her mouth was filled with a rock hard 8″ cock. This turned her on even more. She could feel her wet pussy hanging in the breeze as she sucked with more passion.

He was beginning to move his hips to match her movements. He reached a hand around to feel her ass while she gave him head. She began to stroke his shaft while licking the head like a lolli-pop. She stroked faster and could feel him tighten as he was getting ready to shoot his load in her mouth. She sucked his cock into her mouth and got ready to swallow his cream. His cock twitched and as the cum filled her mouth. She moaned with pleasure as she captured his load and swallowed. She stroked his cock and sucked hard to milk every drop of it. When she was sure he was done she sat up.

She looked up to see the trucker smiling down on her after seeing her cootch and ass sticking up while she finished off her man.

“What do you say we get off the highway and find a room for the night?” He asked.

“I’m thinking the same thing. I need a drink, and bed and your cock in my pussy. In that order.”

Molly slammed the door behind her, disgusted. Another Friday night wasted at the office.

She had called Richard for to cancel their date for the third week in a row. Sometimes she regretted putting her career ahead of her personal life, but too many people depended on her at work, and she depended on this job to pay for her Manhattan apartment, car, and other bills, which she could barely afford even with her executive salary.

It was way past dinnertime and she was hungry, and horny, and sleepy all at once. This would have been their third date and Molly was yearning for some intimacy. With Richard’s schedule at the hospital it might be another week or two before they could get together.

Molly went to the kitchen to see what she could find, which wasn’t much since she rarely had time to go shopping. A tossed salad would have been nice, but the lettuce was wilted, and had to be tossed. Nothing quick to prepare in the freezer either – she had taken her last frozen dinner into work today, which ironically she didn’t even have time to eat.

The only things left were a can of whipped cream and some cherries, which she was going to use to turn herself into a dessert for Richard. The whipped cream would keep, but the cherries were almost a week old already. Cherries sometimes gave Molly strange dreams, but a girl’s gotta eat, so she took them into the living room and plopped down on the sofa.

Molly turned on the TV and flipped through the channels three times before she found something interesting. She didn’t even know why she paid for cable anymore, not having watched anything this month.

9 1/2 weeks was on one of the movie channels. She had seen it before but it was one of her favorites. During a slow scene she got up and opened the bottle of wine that she had been saving for her date. She had to have sex tonight, even if it was with herself.

Although Molly was not in the same league as Kim Basinger, she identified with the character of Elizabeth. Before she made VP at the bank, her blonde hair was halfway down her back, but she had to shorten it to shoulder length to keep it manageable. As she watched, she twisted it between her fingers.

This is not to mean that she wasn’t attractive. Quite the contrary; men often stared at her in restaurants, which was frequently since she couldn’t remember when she had a home-cooked meal. Molly had a game she played with them – whenever she noticed someone ogling her out of the corner of her eye, she would turn towards him and look right back. In fact, that is how she met Richard – he was one of the very few that didn’t quickly glance away.

Molly also fancied herself an art lover, attending gallery openings and visiting museums. Well, before her schedule got so busy. She also had similar breasts, in size and shape.

After a few minutes of rubbing herself through her panties, Molly pulled them aside, then took them off because they were getting in the way. Molly was glad she wore a skirt today, so she could more convincingly play the role of Elizabeth masturbating to the slide show. She could have came right there, but she wanted to save it for the kitchen scene. That’s when Molly finished the last of the cherries, her eyes closed to pretend being blindfolded as she increased her pace.

The doorbell rang, then twice more. Molly awoke unsatisfied; the alcohol and sheer exhaustion had robbed her of her climax. She looked groggily at her watch, 11:03 – who could it be at this hour? She was almost to the door when she remembered what she had been doing, and ran back to kick her panties under the couch.

Molly was pleasantly surprised to see Richard staring back at her through the peephole. Even though Richard was ruggedly handsome with a great ass, Molly thought that his eyes were his best feature. She could spend hours watching them sparkle and dance, if only she could spare the time.

As soon as she opened the door, Richard reached around her head and pulled them together. He breathed her scent in deeply. Molly hoped that she smelled better than she felt. Although she wasn’t as tired due to her nap, she did have a whole bottle of wine and hoped that Richard didn’t notice.

Richard then began softly kissing Molly’s neck, moving down towards her chest. It was fine with Molly if things progressed quickly, even though they had not been together before, but she secretly hoped that he would nibble her ear – maybe even slip his tongue in. Perhaps sensing Molly’s desires, Richard reversed course, working his way back up, then pulling on her earlobe with his tender lips. After a few encouraging moans from Molly, he worked his tongue inside, which instantly aroused her.

Molly grabbed Richard’s head with both hands and pressed their lips together. She was not usually the aggressor but she thrust her tongue between his lips, fucking his mouth. Molly tilted her head to the side so she could cover Richard’s lips with her own, then continued her assault for several minutes.

After Molly stopped to catch her breath, Richard asked her if she would like to drive down to Atlantic City. He too was frustrated that they had to miss their special night, and thought that they could still find plenty to do even at this late hour.

Molly quickly agreed, volunteering to drive despite still being a bit tipsy. She wanted to let loose tonight; besides, her convertible would get them there sooner than Richard’s luxury sedan.

It was a warm night so they put the top down. After navigating through the relatively light late-night city traffic Molly got on the New Jersey turnpike.

Richard mentioned going to a 24-hour sushi bar at one of the casinos, then playing some craps or blackjack, but Molly had only one thing on her mind, and he had given her a naughty thought.

“Go down on me,” she said with a wicked smile on her face.

Richard looked at Molly, not sure he had heard her right, with all the wind noise.


“Eat me out,” she yelled to be sure he got the message.

Richard glanced down at Molly’s lap and started to object. “I’m not sure it’s safe; I’m not sure it’s even possible.”

“C’mon, don’t be a pussy. Besides, you were the one who wanted sushi.”

Richard wanted sex as much as Molly, maybe even more. As a surgeon, his hours were long and unpredictable, and he often got called in for emergencies during the little free time he had.

“Hold the wheel,” Molly asked while on a straight stretch of the road. When she made the suggestion she remembered all of the movie scenes with oral sex in a car, and thought it would be hot. None of them had a woman in the driver’s seat, though. Maybe Richard was right, but she was too horny not to give it her best try.

After hiking up her skirt to her chest, Molly moved the seat to the rear and reclined the back a little. She then slid about halfway forward to provide better access. However, even after spreading her legs there would be no way for Richard to get his head between them. In desperation she had a stroke of genius. Molly grabbed her left ankle and lifted her leg over the wheel, resting it on the dashboard.

As Richard gave control back to Molly and tried to move into position, he kept hitting his head on the steering wheel. She tilted it up and out of the way to give him some more room. Even with all the gymnastics, Richard could barely reach Molly’s clit with the tip of his tongue.

Molly still had to concentrate on driving, but it had been so long since she had oral that she caught herself weaving slightly and made sure to pay at least some attention to what was going on outside the car.

“Fuck, Yeah!” Molly shouted into the night as the wind blew through her hair; her right hand on Richard’s head, steering with the left. Richard had one hand on Molly’s armrest and the other braced on the center console, arching his body over the shifter. They were playing a kinky and dangerous game of Twister, which heightened Molly’s excitement. She shoved his head down as far as it would go.

“Suck my clit, bitch.”

Richard tried to speak, but she couldn’t make out a word. Anyway, it didn’t matter since she was almost there.

A few more slurps and Molly began to come. She had to force herself to keep her eyes open and focused on the road. It was a strange thing to notice, but her spasms were timed perfectly with the center line. If only her orgasm would stretch on forever like the highway.

After she regained her composure, Richard returned to his seat and held the wheel again so she could adjust everything to where it was. Shifting herself backwards, Molly felt her juices and Richard’s spit on her legs.


“What’s wrong?”

“Shit! Shit! Shit! This is a lease, the seat is ruined. Fuck!”

Molly turned on the map light. As she looked down to survey the damage, she swerved towards the median and clipped two reflector posts before coming to a stop on the shoulder, her heart beating 90 miles an hour. The check engine warning began chiming. Molly turned the car off and the alarm wouldn’t stop. She turned to ask Richard what to do, but he was gone. She looked back at the dashboard and it was gone, too.

Molly suddenly jumped up. She wasn’t in her convertible, she was still on the couch. And that noise wasn’t the car, it was her doorbell. Molly looked at her watch – 11:03. Was it a coincidence… or a sign?

“Be right there,” she shouted, rushing to the door. Molly looked back at her leather sofa – not only did she have to hide her panties, but she had left a large puddle on the center cushion. That would be expensive to replace, but at least it wasn’t the car seat. She covered it with a throw pillow first, then decided to flip it over, in case her visitor was Richard and he wanted to come in.

It was indeed Richard. He wasn’t even inside the door before he began angling for a kiss. Putting a finger on his chin, Molly asked “Do you want to go for a drive?” as she reached for her keys.

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