Kink does not even begin to describe this Halloween treat.

If oral sex or water-sports aren’t your thing, please be forewarned, there’s a lot of one and a bit of the other in this story. It’s also a bit tongue in cheek, so if you read on, I hope it brings a smile to your crotch. As usual, all characters in the story can vote.


I was excited. I was driving home from university and was looking forward to surprising my folks. They’d no idea I was coming and they certainly had no idea I had good news that I couldn’t wait to share. You see, I’d been accepted into law school.

As the older of two children by a year and a half, my parents raised me to succeed on my own terms. I’d chosen my undergraduate classes by myself and for graduate school, I’d chosen law. It was the profession I’d dreamed of since I was a little girl when I watched TV lawyers put away bad guys.

My parents thought it was a phase, but I stuck with it. Though they encouraged both my brother and I to pursue our dreams, I think they secretly hoped one or both of us would take over their lumber yard. Mom had inherited it from her own parents and that’s where she met Dad. He was a general contractor and bought all his supplies from the yard.

Politically and socially, they were liberal. Fiscally, they were conservative. Though I knew they were open with their sexuality (nudity and frank discussions about sex were acceptable practices at our house), as I was about to find out, they were also very kinky. And so I was about to find out, was I. It was to be the surprise of my life.

As I pulled into the driveway, I saw Mom’s car and Dad’s truck, but not my brother’s jeep. We live on the outskirts of town and often my father and brother would be out hunting or fishing. I thought that might be the case this afternoon, but knew Ben would be home for dinner. If there was one thing that big strapping kid loved to do it was eat. I guess he needed the calories to fuel his insatiable appetite for activity.

When I walked into the house, I didn’t hear anyone talking and there was no television or radio playing. I walked to the kitchen and looked out the window that overlooks our backyard patio and pool. It was then I saw something that made my jaw drop down to my collarbone. Mom and Dad were kissing. But that was not all.

They were in their bathing suit, which if you know my parents is itself unusual, as they are quite comfortable with nudity. But what was startling and surreal at the same time was what they were standing next to. By our patio bar and just in front of the diving board was a giant jack-o-lantern that looked to be made of orange and black crepe paper.

It had to be at least ten feet high and I knew right away, my father had built it. His hobby is building anything and everything that can be made from wood.

Then Mom undid the top to her two-piece and let it fall to the ground. Dad grinned, bent his head, and took one of her nipples into his mouth. Mom cradled his head in the crook of her arm and closed her eyes. Though Mom’s boobs are not as big as mine, god love her, they still point up and look to have a nice heft to them. I was just about to turn away and go up to my room, when Dad dropped his suit and Mom grasped his turgid cock in her hand. She pushed his head away from her breast and turned to walk up to the pumpkin’s face.

When she got up beside the giant orb, she pushed Dad right up to the mouth of the jack-o-lantern’s face and then walked around to the side opposite of where I was standing. I saw the big orange pumpkin move about for a minute like someone was inside of it. Then, the funniest thing happened. Dad stuck his hard cock right in the hole that served as the jack-o-lantern’s mouth. He reached up with both hands to hold on to the edifice’s lower eye lids and just stayed still for a minute.

After about 45 seconds, he started moving his cock in and out of the jack-o-lantern’s mouth. Then I got it. Mom was inside sucking his dick. OH MY GOD. Dad had built a Halloween glory hole and Mom was inside sucking him off. I laughed out loud.

Just then, a big hand covered my mouth and a strong arm wrapped itself around my waist. My brother had snuck in and came up behind me quiet as a mouse. I squirmed, but it was no use. He was way bigger than me and much too strong to get away from.

“What’s up big sis?”

He let me go and I pointed to the backyard where Dad was moving his cock in and out of the jack-o-lantern’s mouth faster and faster. I knew he was about to shoot his load.

“Mom’s inside the pumpkin. Did you ever see such a thing?” I asked.

“Not really,” he replied.

We both stopped talking as it became apparent Dad was shooting his goo into Mom’s mouth. When he slumped against the jack-o-lantern, we knew he was spent.

“Way cool,” Ben said.

“Yeah, no shit. Who’d a thunk, the ‘rents could be this kinky?”

“Oh, you’ve been away too long. Mom and Dad are way kinkier than this.”

“How do you know?”

“Just ask them about their club.”

“What club?” I demanded.

“Just ask them. I’m going to my room.”

“Ben…” I whined.

“Oh look. There’s Mom. God, she’s got great tits.”

I turned to look out back and saw Mom walk back around and up to Dad. She bent to one knee and took his softening dick into her mouth and sucked it clean. Then she stood back up and they both started walking toward the house. Dad was without his swim trunks and Mom was still topless.

Ben left the kitchen. I sat down at the table and waited.

“Surprise,” I said in a loud and cheery voice.

“Jesus H.,” Dad exclaimed, trying to stand behind Mom to hide his dick.

“Oh hi honey,” Mom said in a voice huskier than normal (she’d just been through a bout of tonsil tickling). “When did you get here?”

“About three minutes before the show started.”

“Oh. That. Well, we didn’t expect you and you know how we are about sex.”

“Yeah, Mom, I do. But being open about sex and being kinky are two different things. Where on earth did you get the idea to build a jack-o-lantern cum glory hole?”

“Oh, I like that,” Dad chuckled. “A cum glory hole.”

“No Dad. Not cum as in that stuff you just shot into Mom’s mouth. But cum, used as a preposition meaning a connecting word combing terms. And what’s this club Ben told me to ask you about?”

“Oh dear,” Mom said. “We really didn’t expect you to come home before Thanksgiving.”

“Well, I’m here and, oh yeah,” I remembered. “I got into law school.”

“Oh my god,” Dad exclaimed, as he pushed past Mom and picked me up in a giant bear hug.

“Dad, Dad, you’re naked. I can feel your dick against my knee.”

“Oh,” Dad said. “Sorry. I’m just so proud of you; I forgot I don’t have any clothes on.”

“You go girl, “Mom said, as she stepped forward and gave me a hug and a kiss.

“Mom, Jeez. I can smell Dad’s cum on your breath.”

“Now don’t go and get all uppity on me. I know you suck cock and I also remember you saying you liked the taste of cum.”

“Mom. Not in front of Dad.”

“Why not?” Dad offered. “I think you’re forgetting it was me who caught you blowing your boyfriend on prom night.”

“Oh, god Dad. I did forget. It’s just, I dunno,” I stuttered. “I came home to tell you guys my good news and the next thing I know, I’m watching you stick your cock in a giant pumpkin.”

We all broke up laughing.

“Honey,” Mom offered looking at me, “let’s have a celebratory drink and we can catch up on all your good news.”

“Fine, as long as Dad put’s that thing away before it goes off again,” I said pointing to his rapidly inflating cock.

“It’s all the talk about blowjobs and cum on your Mom’s breath, that’s got me this way,” he explained.

Mom giggled, handed Dad the apron hanging by the oven so he could cover up, and then turned to get some wine glasses down from the cupboard.

Dad went to the fridge and got an unopened bottle of pouilly fume’ and began to fuss with the cork. Mom got some crackers and sliced a pear for us to eat while we drank the wine.

After we toasted my good news we settled in to enjoy the wine and snacks. A minute passed before Mom spoke.

“How long are you planning on staying?”

“I don’t know; a few days, maybe a week.” I paused to think about my schedule. “I don’t have any papers due before the end of term and I can take the exams whenever I decide to go back. Why? What’s up?”

“Well, you see,” Dad hesitated.

“It’s like this,” Mom continued. “Your father and I are hosting a Halloween party and, as we hadn’t heard from you about your schedule, we figured you wouldn’t be home until Thanksgiving.”

“I can help,” I offered.

“It’s not that simple. You see,” Mom went on, “this is a special kind of party, an invitation only party and I doubt you’d find it to be very much fun.”

“Oh, come on now. I love your parties. Your friends are great and I’m sure I’ll fit right in.”

“Uh, don’t be too sure,” Ben’s voice added as he walked back into the kitchen. “Mom, cover up your boobs. I’ll get a boner if I have to sit here and look at those beauties too much longer.”

“Jeez, Ben. That’s Mom you’re talking to. Show a bit of respect.”

“Yeah, okay sis. Mom, please cover up your titties so I don’t cum all over Janine’s leg.”

“BEN! God, you can be so obnoxious,” I said, hoping to knock my brother down a notch or two.

“You think,” Mom added. “Now Ben, don’t tease your sister. She brought great news to this house today.”

Ben turned to look at me cocking his head in a questioning manner.

“I got accepted to law school.”

“Holy shit! That’s great,” he exclaimed picking me up from my chair and twirling me all around the kitchen. What’s with the men of this household having to pick me up all the time? Oh well, deep down inside, I really do like it.

“Ben. Put your sister down. We’ve got some issues to discuss,” Dad interjected.

Ben stopped spinning me around and put me back in my chair, standing over me with his hand on my shoulder.

“Have you told her about the club?”

“Uh,” Mom began. “We were just getting around to that.”

“Yeah, what’s this about a club? Does it have anything to do with Halloween?”

“Oh, does it ever.”

“Ben,” Mom said raising her voice in frustration. “Let me try to explain in my own way.”

“Oh no you don’t,” my brother interrupted. “You’ll just beat around the bush. Sis, it’s like this. Mom and Dad are part of a group that uses national holidays as excuses to have kinky sex using various thematic glory holes Dad creates.”

I just sat there not comprehending what Ben was saying.

“It’s true. They call their club “the hole in the wall gang”, after those outlaws back in wild west days.”

“The hole in the wall gang?”

“Yup. The hole’s where you put your mouth on one side or your gentitals on the other. It’s done anonymously so you don’t know whose pussy you’re eating or whose dick you’re sucking.”

I still hadn’t caught up with what Ben was saying. I think he was saying something about Mom and Dad hosting a party where people put their genitals up to the mouth of the pumpkin, and someone inside the pumpkin uses their mouth to get them off. I said out loud exactly what I had just thought.

“Exactly,” Ben acknowledged.

I looked first at Mom and then at Dad. They had this “I just got caught with my pants down playing doctor” kind of look on their faces.

“Dad. Is this true?” I knew Dad never lied.

“Mostly,” he said softly.


“Yup. I guess it is as true as true can be.”

Then it dawned on me.

“Ben. How do you know all this?”

Ben puffed up a bit and answered. “Cause me and Becky (that’s Ben’s girlfriend) got invited to the last party on Labor Day.”

“You let Becky suck anonymous dick?” I exclaimed.

“Well no. That party had the guys behind the miniature factory wall Dad built in honor of the holiday. The girls, Becky included, sat in a special seat Dad built while we all took turns going down on them.”

“Oh my god. You guys are kidding, right? Or maybe I’m still asleep back at school and this is all a dream.”

“Nope,” Ben said. “Ain’t no dream. Here,” Ben said taking my hand and laying it on Mom’s boob. “Does that feel like a dream?”

“Holy shit. No wonder you didn’t want me coming to the party.”

“It’s not that we didn’t want you coming to the party,” Dad started to explain.

“It’s just,” Mom interrupted taking my hand away from her breast, “it’s just that we didn’t think you’d understand.”

“Oh right. You invite my younger brother to a giant pussy feast and you didn’t think I’d understand. Hell. I want to come. I love to have my pussy eatin’. Please, I’d love to snuggle up to the giant orange alien’s pumpkin head in the back yard and have a bunch of friends and relatives have a go at me.”

“Well sweetie,” Mom said, kind of squinting her eyes a bit like she was just about to deliver the news there was no Santa. “This party is for the guys. We trade off every other holiday.”

“You mean, you and Becks and Aunt Jean are all going to get face fucked on Halloween night and you thought to spare me the details?”

“Sort of,” Mom answered sheepishly.

“To hell you are. I’m in. I’m here to tell you once, and only once. I’m in. I’m first in line, and last in line, and I’ll be damned if you guys think you can out kink me.

Everyone just stared at me for a minute.

“I mean it. By now you all know I suck cock and though I’ve never come right out and had a discussion about it with Dad or Ben, Mom you know I like cum. Do you really think I’d pass up the chance to have my face stuffed all night long? To hell with that.”

Well that was that. I’d tossed my hat in the ring so to speak. What else could they do but acquiesce. There really was not much of a discussion after that.

After dinner, I asked Dad to take me out to the pumpkin so I could see what it was like.

“Uh, oh,” Ben said. “Dad’s going to get his second hummer of the day.”

I glared at Ben. “I just want to see what it’s like inside the pumpkin, dunderhead.”

“Hon, go outside and turn on all the lights so Janine can see what the party’s going to be like.”

Dad went out while I finished my wine.

“If you want to maybe, you know, give it a trial run, it’d be okay with me,” Mom said.

“You mean, blow Dad?”

“Well, yeah, I guess that’s what I mean,” Mom admitted.

“Cool,” Ben added. “Dad’ll love that.”

“Goddamn people. Who kidnapped my family and replaced them with these three perverts. I just want to see what it’s like inside. Maybe I’ll not like it. Maybe I’ll chicken out and go back to campus tomorrow. I just want to see what I’m getting myself into before I make my final decision.”

Right. Actually the thought of blowing Dad had crossed my mind a few times since he caught me sucking my boyfriend’s dick.

Neither he nor Mom really said much about it and some may say, deep down, maybe I wanted him to catch me. You know, wanted him to see his little baby girl was all grown up.

Yeah. Like he didn’t know what those colored bracelets we all wore in high school were about. The only ones I wore were the colors telling those in the know, I’d get naked and give oral, but no vaginal sex. Maybe I clued him in even before it was time for prom. Who knows?

I walked to the window just as the lights came on outside. The jack-o-lantern lit up in the most amazing, deep orange color, sort of like a new and full moon had landed in our back yard. It was really cool.

I walked out by the pool. Dad stood there beaming.

“Pretty cool, huh?” he asked.

“Way cool. Can I see inside?”

“Yeah, the door is over here.” Dad took my hand and led me to the side of the giant pumpkin.

Inside was even cooler than I thought it would be. There was room for three or four people to sit comfortably.

Dad had built a bench with a padded covering that was covered with a very soft cotton sheet. This is where I’d sit or kneel if I went through with my overly bravado laden decision. This is where an unknown person’s cock would poke through so I could service it with my mouth. Holy cow! Just the thought of a seemingly detached cock poking through the opening so I could suck it was making me wet.

Dad was explaining to me how he’d constructed the ribbing for the pumpkin out of balsa wood with glue and twine holding all the ribs together. As I watched him, I thought, even with something built for as kinky a purpose as this, Dad was still proud of his work. And I was proud of him. Oh, okay. I was proud of him and a bit turned on.

“Dad, if I wanted to give it a trial run, could you maybe go outside and help me out?”

“Wh…what. You mean put my thing through the hole?”

“Yeah Dad. That’s exactly what I mean.”

“But honey. You don’t have to do that. In fact, I’ll not participate on Halloween night so you don’t have to do me if you go through with staying here.”

“But Dad, if I’m in for a penny, I’m in for a pound. Besides, if Ben and Becky come to the party, there’s a good chance I might do him too.”

“Well, that’s true. And your Mom and Aunt Jean both were in line when Ben was servicing the women.”

“OMG. You mean Ben ate Mom’s pussy?”

“Probably. If not your Mom’s then Aunt Jeans for sure.”

“That’s too hot. Now I got to have a trial run. Go outside Dad. Go outside and stick that cock of yours through this hole so I can catch up with you guys and your kink.”

“You sure?”


“Okay. But I got to tell your Mom.”

“You don’t need her permission.”

“Oh. I’m not asking her for permission, I want her to watch.”

“Jesus H., as you are so fond of saying. You guys really are kinky.”

“Yeah, huh? Ain’t it cool?”

So here I was, sitting inside a giant jack-o-lantern, waiting for my dad to get my Mom so she could watch me suck him off. Wow. And I came home to tell them I had a surprise.

Oh well. Sometimes you think you’re going one way down the highway and then, just like that, a sign points to a national park you’d never seen and it’s detour, detour, detour. I couldn’t possibly describe this with any other term. It was a true detour on the highway I’d been traveling and the one I thought I was going take for the rest of my life.

“Hey hon,” Mom said opening the side panel and coming inside the pumpkin. “You sure you’re ready for all this?”

“God, Mom. I don’t even have to think about it. I’m jumping in with my eyes wide open.”

“And your mouth, don’t forget.”

“Yeah. And my mouth.”

There was a gentle tapping on the rib outside.

“Ready when you are,” I said through the pumpkin’s mouth.

I could see just enough to realize my Dad was unzipping his pants. He reached in and hauled out his cock. Damn, I thought. He’s got a beautiful cock. It looked like he shaved his pubes and his balls. Great! Just like I like it.

He pressed up against the opening and in flopped his dick. I looked at mom and she smiled a knowing smile.

“Nice, isn’t it?” she offered.

“It’s beautiful.”

I leaned forward and lifted it up for inspection. The only way I could describe it is that it’s meaty. It had such a nice girth. I couldn’t wait to feel it in my mouth.

I licked the head and wiggled my tongue into the pee slit. It had a slightly acrid taste and I realized Dad must have taken a pee when he went inside to get Mom. I didn’t mind. I thought it was fun and oddly, the word that came to my mind was scandalous.

Can you believe it? Here I was, inside a giant pumpkin, licking my father’s cock while my mother sat next to me watching. What a life. What a detour. What a scandal.

I heard my Dad moan and smiled at the thought he knew his daughter was about to suck him off, but, because the pumpkin hid me from sight, he could only feel it.

I took him fully into my mouth, feeling his tube fill with blood. It was exciting. Taboo, of course, and that was a big part of it. But the real thrill came from knowing it was okay with Mom. No, I think it was more than that. I think the frosting on the cake, so to speak, was due to the whole kinky, bizarre nature of the encounter.

I’d come home to surprise my family, but it turned out the surprise was on me. Oh, I’d known they were open, almost loose with their love and love life, but I had know idea how absolutely depraved they were. It was delicious.

Dad’s cock swelled more and started dripping pre-seminal fluid onto my tongue. I swooned. I knew I’d finish him off. I knew I’d swallow his load. Hell, as depraved as I felt I had a brief thought I might even let him pee in my mouth. Anything. Anything he wanted I’d let him do to show him I was just as depraved as he and Mom were. Oh, and I should probably include my brother in that little circle of debauchery. After all, it was he who gave Mom or Aunt Jean, or maybe both of them, head.

Dad swelled more. My mouth was stuffed. Now it was time to stop daydreaming about depravity and finish this act the only way it should be finished, with a drink of the stuff that helped get me into this world so many years ago.

I started to move my head in a twisting fashion as I moved back and forth along the length of his cock. I sucked. I licked. I used all my knowledge and experience of cock-sucking to make this great for Dad. I really wanted him to get off and get off in a grand way.

I thought back to that time he caught me blowing my boyfriend after the prom. I smiled wondering if he had thought about this moment as many times as I had. I wondered if it was as enjoyable for him as it was for me. Oh hell, who was I kidding? Dad’s a man. Of course he was enjoying it.

I began flicking my tongue on the underside of his cock as I moved back and forth. I knew he was getting close. I could feel it.

I guessed I’d been at it about ten minutes when I felt the tell-tale signs of his pending orgasm. His cock swelled more and then let go.

At first I didn’t realize he was coming. I just felt these warm jets of semen shooting to the back of my mouth. When I realized what was happening, I nearly fainted.

My eyes were closed. My nostrils flared. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked every drop from his balls. I wanted it all.

I don’t even remember if I was breathing. I just knew my mouth was filled with cum and it was warm and salty, not as thick as I thought it might be, but that’s probably because he’d just shot a load a few hours earlier.

When I sensed he was drained, I slowly withdrew my mouth along the length and kept the seal tight, so nothing could leak out. I’d not yet swallowed one bit of his semen. I had something I needed to do first.

When his dick slipped from my lips, it just hung there. I moved forward slightly and nuzzled its warm and sticky length all across my lips, nose, and eyes. Then I turned to look at my mother.

She just smiled a knowing, conspiratorial smile as I opened my mouth to show her how much stuff Dad had shot. Then I tilted my head back slightly and swallowed with my mouth open.

I gulped down all Dad’s goo. It was warm, runny, and slightly gelatinous. I felt it sliding down my esophagus on its way to my belly. I had to swallow twice more to get all of it on its way to its resting place. I licked my lips. Then I reached over and kissed Mom full on the mouth. I was definitely staying home for Halloween.


Later, after Mom and Dad went to bed, I went to Ben’s room.

He was lying on his bed with his eyes closed, talking on the phone. He had his hands in his shorts, stroking his cock. I figured he was talking to Becky. I jumped on the bed and straddled his waist.

“Holly shit, Janine. You scared the crap out of me.”

“Is that Becks?”

“Yup. Hang on.” He put the phone back to his ear. “Janine just came in. Want to say hi?”

“Of course she wants to say hi,” I said grabbing the phone from his hand.

“Hey Becks. How’s it going?”

I listened to her talk. God she could talk. Then, when she ran out of steam, I lay down beside Ben and held the phone where we both could hear.

“So, Becks,” I said. “Did you really let some anonymous guys in a miniature factory my dad built, eat your pussy?”

When she answered in the affirmative, I sighed.

“Did Ben tell you we saw Mom blow Dad at the giant pumpkin earlier today?”

She giggled and said he had. She also said she wished she could have been there to try it out.

“On Dad?” I asked.

“On anyone,” she answered. “Your dad, Ben, the mailman. I don’t care. Isn’t that what being kinky is all about?”

“Sure is,” Ben agreed.

“Guess what guys?”

“What?” they said in unison.

“I blew Dad.”

“I knew it,” Ben exclaimed.

“That’s awesome,” Becky added.

“And Mom watched.”

“Holy fuck! You went from being a serious college student to a kinky little bitch, all in one afternoon.”

“Ben. What makes you think I’m not kinky when I’m away from home?”

“Yeah,” Becky added.

“I dunno. I guess I really hadn’t thought about it much.”

“Well, I am.”

“Okay. Then what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?”

“Blow Dad.”

“I mean besides blow Dad.”

“I dunno. I let my boyfriend stick a cucumber in my ass.”

“Whoa. That’s cool,” Ben said.

“I agree,” I heard Becky say.

“Alright, then. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done, lil’ brother?”

“I don’t really think it’s my place to say.”

“Becks. Is it something he did with you?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Go on Ben. I told you what I did. What was it? It’s only fair I know.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Come one. I know you ate Mom’s pussy or at least Aunt Jeans.”

“Yeah. So what? That’s not really kinky. And you blew Dad. So that kind of makes us even in the kinky department.”

“No it doesn’t. Come on Becks,” I pleaded. “Help me out. What could possibly be kinkier than having a cucumber shoved up your ass?”

“It’s okay Ben.” I could feel the tension Ben was feeling as he listened to Beck’s voice come over the phone. “Go ahead and tell her.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. Go ahead.”

“Go on Ben,” I prodded.

“Well, one day, we were taking a shower and I had to pee.”

“Oh god, Becks. You let him pee on you?”

“I didn’t let him,” Becky said.


“I asked him to.”

“On her boobs,” Ben said.

“Jesus H. And I though a cucumber in my ass was kinky.”

“It is kinky. Believe me, if I had a cucumber handy I’d stick it in my ass.”

We all laughed at Becky’s confession.

“Did you get any pee in your mouth?”

“No. Why?”

“When I started to blow Dad earlier, he tasted like he’d just taken a whiz. I had this bizarre thought that, if he wanted to, he could pee in my mouth.”

“Wow,” Becky said. “Now that’s hot. Babe,” she said to Ben, “you’ve got something new to look forward to.”

“You want me to pee in your mouth?”

“Sure do. Then I’m gonna pee in yours.”

All Ben could say was: “Cool.”

“Damn. I wish I was over there right now,” Becky lamented.

“Hey Becks. Do you guys do anal?”

“Of course. Do you?

“Occasionally. But I prefer it in my mouth. Even when I fuck,”

“When you fuck?”

“Yeah. When I fuck, I like the guy to finish in my mouth.”

“Why?” Ben asked.

“I dunno. I think it has to do with pregnancy. I’m not ready to settle down and I sure don’t want kids right now. Plus, I love the taste.”

“Yeah. Me too,” Becky agreed.

“Thank god,” Ben said.

I could hear Becky giggling over the phone. I too, was smiling.

“Hey, Janine.”

“Yes Beck’s.”

“Are you going to blow Ben on Halloween?”

“There’s a good chance I will.”

“Why don’t you do it now?”

“Now? You want me to blow my brother now?”

“Why not? Plus, I can get off while I watch you do it.”

“How are you going to watch me do it?”

“Ben can hook up the web-cam so I can watch.”

“You want me to suck your dick, Ben?”

“I guess.”

“I guess my ass,” I said.

“Ben,” Janine said in a very commanding voice, “you let your sister suck your dick, right this instant. I got to get off before I’ll be able to sleep.”

“Wow. I guess I know who wears the pants in your twosome.”

“Nah. She’s just playing. I wear the pants and she knows it.”

“Is that true Beck’s,” I asked.

“Yeah. At least I let him think it’s true.”

We both laughed while Ben made a face.

“Set it up little brother. I want your girlfriend to watch me, your very experienced and kinky older sister, give you a world-class blow-job. Now hurry, before I change my mind.”

Ben scrambled to set up the web-cam at just the right angle. But I made him change the setting.

“Why?” Ben askd.

“I want to be on my knees. I want to service my little brother’s dick on my knees like a very obedient little cum slut.”

“Goddam,” Becky said. “If you keep talking like that, I’m gonna come over there and let you eat my pussy.”

“In the mood I’m in, I probably would do it too. In fact, why don’t you come over early on Halloween and we can do each other.”

“Can I watch?” Ben asked.

“NO,” we both shouted and then we burst out giggling.

“Are you teasing me?” Becky asked.

“Beck’s. Have you ever eaten pussy before?”

“No. Have you?”

“No, but you know what they say. There’s always a first time.”

“Way cool,” Ben interjected. “Between you guys and Mom, I’m surrounded by kinky bitches.”

We all burst out laughing.

I started to get down on my knees.

“Wait a sec, Janine. I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?”

“I have to pee.”

“Oh no you don’t. You’re not gonna take a piss without me there to hold your dick.”

“Fuck,” I heard Becky exclaim. “I knew I should have come over tonight. You better take the phone with you so I can hear.”

“No prob, girlfriend. Now let’s get this fella’s pipe drained so I can suck another belly full of cum out his nads.”

“Jesus,” Ben exclaimed. “Where’d you learn to talk so dirty?”

“What, little brother? You have a problem with it?”

“Hell no! I love it. I just hope my boner will go down enough for me to pee, ’cause I really gotta go.”

In the bathroom, I set the phone on the back of the toilet. I had cranked the volume as high as it would go and instructed Becky to do the same with her phone.

Ben stood beside me while I fussed with the phone. He was squeezing his dick, trying to keep it from getting hard.

When I thought I had optimized the volume on the phone, I asked Becky if she could hear okay.

“Yeah It seems like you’re in an echo chamber.”

“That’s because,” Ben explained, “the entire bathroom is tile.”

I was tired of waiting. I yanked his shorts down and there it was. His beautiful, semi-hard dick just inches from my face. I kneeled beside him and pointed his dick at the bowl.

Nothing happened for a couple of minutes. I could tell he was trying hard to let go, but I think my holding his dick was too exciting for him.

“Should I not hold your dick?”

“Probably not. I’ll try to get started then you can grab on.”

“He always has this trouble at first,” Becky explained.

“Always. Just how many times have you done this with Ben?”

“A few. But I guarantee you we’re going to be doing it a lot more from now on.”

Just then, a small spurt of pee shot out the head of Ben’s dick.

“I think he’s starting,” I said for Becky’s benefit.

His little trickle turned into a full stream of pee and I grabbed his dick and pointed it to the center of the bowl where it could make the most noise.

“Oh fuck. That’s so cool,” Becky said. “I can hear the pee hitting the water. I think I’m gonna cum just listening to it.”

And pee Ben did.

His stream was strong and made a huge and continuous splashing sound as his pee continued to shoot into the bowl of water. I started squeezing my thighs together. Holy cow. This was really turning me on.

When his stream started to spurt and weaken, I told Becky I thought it was coming to an end.

“I know,” she said. “I can barely hear it now.”

Then it was over. I squeezed his dick and shook it a couple of times.

“Is he done?” Becky asked.

“Yup,” Ben answered.

I leaned over and licked the little drop that was oozing from his piss slit. Just then, he let squirt a little tiny burst of pee right on my lips.

“You shit,” I said. “You should have given me warning.”

“What’d he do?” Becky asked.

“He peed on my lips.”


“I thought,” Ben said, “after what you said about drinking Dad’s pee, you’d be okay with it.”

“Of course I’m okay with it. It’s just that if you’d told me, I would have let you shoot it in my mouth.”

“Oh god, girl, Becky said. “You really are as kinky as me. I love it. I can’t wait to eat your pussy.”

I giggled.

“Now hurry and go back to the camera so I can see you suck a load out of my boyfriend’s dick. Hurry. I’ve got to cum and cum soon.”

We went back to where Ben had positioned the camera and I once again assumed the subservient position of being on my knees. I waited.

Ben adjusted the camera and asked Becky if she could see and hear okay.

“Sure can,” she replied. Now hurry up and stuff that bitch’s face. God I love this. I think I’m going to swoon with anticipation.”

I already had.

Ben wiped his dick on my face a few times and I watched while it filled with blood and starting pointing more than hanging. I reached out and cupped his balls in my hand. God they were full.

“When was the last time you came?”

Ben thought for a minute. “Last night.”

“Uh, Janine. It doesn’t matter. He cums in buckets even if it has only been an hour since his last orgasm”

“Oh great. Dad already filled my belly once tonight. I hope there’s room.”

Ben lifted his rock hard cock up to my lips. I opened wide and moved my head forward as I felt my brother’s cock on my tongue for the first time in my life. We really are one kinky fucking family.

I’d like to tell you he lasted a long time, but the sexual tension of the last hour had him ready to burst as soon as I swirled my tongue under the head of his dick. I’d only taken him into my throat a couple of times when the dam burst.

Now there’s cum and there’s cum. There’s a lot of cum and there’s a little cum. Each guy’s dick shoots different amounts of cum depending on different circumstances.

Some guys shoot hard. Some guys pulse. Some guys cum is creamier and some guys cum is a bit watery. Ben was all of these guys rolled into one. And I thought he’d never stop.

Cum was shooting into my mouth so fast and in such volume I couldn’t swallow fast enough. And god did it taste good.

I coughed and cum ran out my nose and escaped the corners of my mouth. Still he came.

I thought I was swallowing a warm milkshake there was so much semen shooting from his dick. I coughed again and more cum went up and out my nose. But I was determined to stay with it.

Finally. Finally, I say, he started to shoot less often and with less volume. But it must have been at least fifteen or sixteen more spurts before he stopped completely. I was awash in cum.

I had to swallow over and over again just to clear the fluids from my mouth and from my nose. I was stunned.

“Damn little brother.”

“He comes a lot, doesn’t he?” I heard Becky ask.

I tried to talk but all I could do was clear my throat, over and over, until finally, I was able to catch my breath and speak.

“I’ve never, in a million fantasies, imagined I’d be at the mouth of a river of cum. Sweet, Mary, mother of god, that was the most intense thing I’ve ever experienced sexually.”

I looked into the camera so Becky could see my fuck ravaged face.

“Jesus,” I heard her exclaim. “I wish I was there so I could lick your face clean.”

“I can’t wait for Halloween day. Becks,” I pleaded, “you’ve got to come over early. We have so many things to do before the party.”

“I’ll be there at five in the morning.”

We all laughed.

“In the meantime,” she added. “I’m exhausted. I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard masturbating before. I’m so weak I’ll probably sleep all day tomorrow.”

“Me too,” Ben said. “I’m spent.”

“So am I,” I agreed. “I’m off to never-never land. Don’t anybody dare wake me up until I’ve digested this ocean of cum I’ve just consumed.”

I heard Becky giggle softly and then the phone went dead.”

I looked up at Ben and extended my hand so he could help me to my feet.

When I was standing, I hugged him close.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked.

“What do you think? I loved it.”

“Me too,” I said.

“Just wait ’til Halloween.”

“Okay,” I said walking to the door. “Wake me when it gets here.”


The morning of Halloween broke beautifully. The sun was a warm glow in the late October sky. I got up, did my morning bathroom routine, took a very cold and invigorating shower to clear my head, threw on some old sweats, and walked down the hall to the kitchen.

There was a pot of coffee and the fixings for bagels and other light morning fare ready. I poured coffee and went out onto the patio to watch the day’s activities unfold.

I was thinking about the coming night’s festivities when my reverie was interrupted by the sound of the screen door sliding back and then closing again.

Ben came out and sat down beside me. He too had a cup of coffee and a plate of bagels stacked up. God, that kid can eat, I thought.

“Are you going to eat all those bagels?”

“Uh-huh. I need my energy for today and tonight. Do you want one?”

“No thanks. I’m keeping my belly empty for tonight’s feast.”

“Ha-ha. Better think about all that protein upsetting your stomach and coat it with something solid.”

“I’ll be hungry in a while. I don’t usually eat right away,” I said. “Maybe I’ll be ready in an hour or two.”

“Good. That’s when Beck’s is coming over. You can eat her pussy and I’ll watch.”

“Not on your life.”

“Why not? I thought you wanted to eat her pussy?”

“Maybe, but I’m not sure I want you watching.”

“Why not? She got to watch when you sucked me off.”

“Yeah. That’s true. I didn’t think of it that way. Okay,” I said. “You can watch.”

“Cool. Sis, you really are the best.”

“Yeah, right. I bet you say that to all your cumsluts.”

“And just who would they be?”

“Well for starters, there’s Becks, me and Mom.”

“Mom hasn’t blown me yet.”

“Yeah, but my guess is, if things keep going the way they are going now, it won’t be long ’til you tickle her tonsils and fill her belly up.”

“You got that right,” Ben said.

As if on cue, it was at that moment, we both heard the screen door open and close again.

“Hey kids. You’re up early. Can we join you?”

I turned around to see Mom and Dad coming up to the table with a plate of fruit and the pot of coffee. “Refills?” Dad asked.

“Sure thing Pops,” I said, holding out my cup while Dad refilled it.

“How’d you sleep?” Mom asked.

“Like a log,” I replied. “I can’t believe how peaceful it is out here. It’s not at all like my apartment at school.”

“Noisy huh?” Dad said.

“Yeah, very. There’s always something going on. I have to shut my windows tight if I want to do any serious studying.”

“What have you guys got planned for the day?” Ben asked.

“We’re going into town to pick up the costumes and all the refreshments and food for tonight.”

“Do you need help?” I asked.

“Nope,” Dad said. “Got it all under control. What are you guys doing?”

“Becky’s coming in about an hour. I thought we’d just hang out by the pool and rest up for tonight.”

“What about you Janine?”

“I’m not sure Mom. I think I’ll rest up, maybe hang out with Ben and Becky, and then take a nap. If tonight’s anything like the other night, I’ll need all my strength for the line that’s going to form at yonder pumpkin.”

Everyone laughed and kind of sat silently for a minute thinking about the activities to come.

“Well,” Dad said. “Time to scoot. We’ve got a lot of errands to run. See you at sundown. Oh yeah guys, we’ll bring your costumes back with the others.”

“You got us costumes?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t we?” Mom answered.

“I dunno. I just thought, if I was going to be inside the great pumpkin, I wouldn’t be needing a costume.”

“Well, don’t forget,” Mom said. “We’ll be serving cocktails between seven and eight. Got to loosen up a bit before the real fun starts.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

With that said, Mom and Dad got up and left for their errands. Ben and I just sat for a while, content to sip coffee and do nothing but relax.

“Can I see your boobs?”

“Ben! Jeez, of all the things to ask me out of the blue. What brought that on?”

“I dunno. I guess I just thought since you swallowed an ocean of my semen the other night, it’d be okay if I got to see them. Plus, you already saw my meat. It only seems fair.”

“Yeah. It’s fair all right, it’s just,” I paused. “It’s just that your simple request came out of nowhere. Do you really want to see them now?”

“Yup. And the request didn’t come out of nowhere. I’ve been thinking about it for the last two days. You look like you got a couple of cantaloupes in your blouse.”

“Ha-ha. Very funny. I bet Becky’s boobs are as big as mine.”

“Probably. But she’s not here right now, and I’ve got a real hankerin’ to see some boobs. Please, can you just lift up your shirt for two minutes?”

“Wow, baby bro. You sure are a horn dog in the morning.”

“I know. I haven’t even jacked off yet. I’m saving it for tonight.”

“Oh shit. No you don’t. When Becky get’s here, I’m going to make her suck your dick and empty those container sized nuts of yours. I’m not drowning again, not with all the other cum I’m going to eat tonight.”

“You’re not going to eat it all. There’s going to be other girls here, Becky included, that want some dick. What makes you think you’re going to get all the cum.”

“I got a plan. Don’t worry. I’ll share some with Becks if she wants. But, I guarantee, I’m going to get the lion’s share of the prize.”

“Okay. If you say so. Now, can I see your tits?”

I quickly raised my sweatshirt up and then just as quickly pulled it back down again.

“Oh, come on now sis. That’s not fair. You got to see me completely naked and, if I remember correctly, it was for at least twenty if not more minutes.”

“Okay whiner. Here you go,” I said as I pulled my shirt completely off and just sat there.

“Oh my god. Your boobs are awesome. Can I touch them?”

“Not now. The last thing I want is to have you near me with a hard-on.”

“Christ, Janine. I’m hard as a rock right now.”

“Save it for Becky.”

“Okay. Okay. But please,” Ben begged. “Just let me touch them for a minute.”

“All right. But just for a minute,” I said scooting over closer to him. “Here,” I said, pushing out my chest. “Have at ‘em.”

Ben leaned over and kissed my nipples, first one then the other. They immediately became erect. When he started sucking on one of them, I had to push his head away.

“Why’d you do that?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? I haven’t even finished my coffee yet. That turns me on and I don’t want to be walking around all day with a flood coming out of my pussy.”

Just then we heard a car pull into the driveway.

I started to reach for my sweatshirt but Ben stopped me.

“That’s Becks. I want her to see your boobs.”

“You sure?”

“Hell yeah, I’m sure. For goodness sake she watched you blow me the other night. I don’t think she’s going to be jealous. In fact,” Ben continued, “I think she’s going to get turned on, at least I hope so. I really want to watch you two do each other.”

“Your call, ‘lil brother.”

Just then we heard the patio door open and close.

“Oh my god,” Becky exclaimed. “Too cool. You’re almost naked.”

I turned around to see Becky walking towards us carrying an overnight bag. I puffed up my chest to make sure she knew I wasn’t going to be shy with her around.

“Christ,” she said. Those are beautiful. He babe,” she said, leaning over and kissing Ben on the mouth. “You’re not starting without me are you?”

“Nope,” Ben answered. “I just needed to see some boobs and I couldn’t wait for you to get here.”

“How about two more?” Becky asked, removing her top and taking her bra off.

Fuck, I thought. Her boobs were perfect globes. Though they were about the same size as mine, and they sat high on her chest. Her nipples and areolas were small, not dark and half-dollar sized like mine.

“Now I know what heaven’s going to be like some day,” Ben said as Becky sat down on the other side of him. She leaned in and rubbed her nipples across his arm.

“Take off your shirt Ben,” I said.


“It’s only fair you should be topless too.”

As Ben took off his shirt, I looked over at Becky.

She held my gaze and I knew right then, it wouldn’t be more than a few minutes when I’d bury my face in her cleavage. I was so horny, nothing, not an earthquake or tornado or satellite falling in our backyard, could possibly keep me from making love with my Brother’s girlfriend. I couldn’t wait to see her pussy.

“So, Becks,” I said. “Still want a taste of something new?”

She brought both hands up to cradle her boobs, pointed them at me, and ran her tongue around her lips.

“Can’t wait,” she answered.

“Hey! What about me?” Ben whined.

“Who are you?” I asked as I stood up and walked behind Becky.

I leaned down and crushed my breasts against her back, while I blew warm air into her ear. I reached around and cupped her breasts in my hand.

“Let’s go inside,” I whispered.

It wasn’t the first time I’d felt another girl’s boobs, but it was the first time I’d felt boobs knowing I was going to be feasting on them in just a few minutes. I was weak with desire.

We made our way inside, dropped off the plates and dishes into the kitchen sink, then walked down the hallway toward the bedrooms holding hands. Ben followed like a puppy dog.

I pulled her into Mom and Dad’s bedroom as they had a California King bed. I knew we were going to need a lot of room to maneuver during our love-making, especially if Ben was going to participate.

“Ben,” I said, as I sat in Mom’s favorite Queen Anne chair. “I’m Cleopatra, you’re the eunuch and you’ve been charged with bringing me the most beautiful slave in Egypt. Undress her and present her to me.”

Becky just looked at me and I could tell right then and there, she’d made the decision to be my slave. I’d never felt so powerful in any of my previous sexual encounters. My cunt was soaking wet.

Ben made a show of positioning her in front of me. When he had her just far enough away for me to see her and yet still be able to touch her, he kneeled and unsnapped her pants.

Ever so slowly he peeled them down over her hips. She was wearing a burgundy colored thong and I could see that it was wet through and through. This was turning out to be way better than I ever thought my first girl-girl experience would be.

After Ben finished removing her pants, Becky stood with her head bowed, getting into the role of the slave being offered as a sexual sacrifice. Her eyes were hooded and her breathing was shallow. Damn, I thought, role-playing is the ultimate fore-play.

I leaned forward, cupped my hand between her legs and pressed three fingers up, wedging the gusset of her thong into her pussy. She gasped.

I moved my fingers around, getting into the feel of her panty clad pussy. My hand was soaked with her juices.

I sat back, looked up into her eyes and nodded to Ben.

He pulled her thong down and off. Like me, Becky shaved all of her public hair. Her lips were full and there was a glistening trail of fluid running down the inside of her thigh where her soaked panties had rubbed as Ben pulled them off.

I nodded at Becky, made a gesture for her to separate her legs and leaned forward again.

She spread her legs. I reached forward and cupped her pussy once again. This time, I was so turned on, it was I who almost swooned.

I brought my hand back to my mouth and licked my fingers clean of her pussy juices. I turned to Ben.

“Turn the slave around and bend her over,” I commanded.

Ben turned Becky around and bent her over at the waist.

“Spread her ass for me.”

Ben’s big hands grabbed her cheeks and spread her ass open presenting her puckered anus for my inspection.

I leaned forward and licked the ring then stuck my tongue inside. Becky’s knees buckled and she righted herself to keep from falling.

I smacked her on the ass.

“Don’t move unless I tell you to move.”

She nodded and bent over once again. Ben reached out and spread her cheeks even wider than before.

I ran my hand up and into her pussy lips, fingering her vagina with two fingers. I leaned in again, continuing to finger her and stuck my tongue back in her asshole, then I moved back to sit in my regal, queenly position.

“Eunuch, take the slave and put her on the bed for me. Make sure her legs are spread. I don’t want to have to work to get down to the business at hand. Do you understand?”

“Yes your majesty.”

Cool, I thought. Both Ben and Becky got right into the role playing. This was going to be great.

When Ben had laid Becky out on the bed, he spread her legs and lifted each leg until her knees were bent, displaying her pussy for me to gaze upon.

“Blindfold her,” I commanded.

Ben found one of Dad’s t-shirts and wrapped it around her head covering her eyes.

“Take off your clothes and wipe your dick across her mouth,” I said to Ben.

I could hear Becky take in a deep breath.

“Don’t move, slave,” I said in as stern a voice as I could muster. “Lie still.”

Becky froze.

Ben stripped off his trousers and kneeled on the bed. He bent over and wiped his cock all over Becky’s face.

“Lick his slit,” I told her.

She stuck out her tongue and ran it around the head of his dick. Ben stoked his cock and I could see pre-seminal fluid leak out the tip onto Becky’s tongue. This was great.

“Now come here and take this chair over to the side of the bed,” I told Ben. I stood up and walked over to the opposite side of the bed from where Ben was setting the chair.

“Now listen, and listen carefully. I’m going to enjoy this bitch and you’re going to watch. Got it?”

Ben nodded.

“You’re not to move unless I command you to move. You’re not to touch your dick, or any other part of your body. You’re to sit perfectly still unless I tell you differently. Do I make myself clear?”

Again, Ben nodded.

“Okay then. Sit back and enjoy the show.”

I took off the rest of my clothes and climbed onto the bed. Becky took in a deep breath in anticipation of what I was about to do to her.

I reached out and cupped her pussy again. Then, with my other hand, I cupped my own pussy.

Ben started breathing in a heavy but even breath. I could tell this was going to get to him sooner than later, so my timing had to be perfect.

I turned back to the bed and stuck a finger up inside Becky. When she opened her pussy wider, I repeated the process with my own pussy.

I stuck another finger inside her then again, put a second finger up inside my own snatch.

I started moving my fingers in and out of Becky’s and my own pussies. I wanted her to be gushing, ready to cum when I willed it and I wanted to cum at that same instant. But first, I needed to get to those boobs.

I pulled my hands free and laid over her, pressing our breasts together. I stuck my hands in her mouth and felt her licking all the juices off my fingers.

“Now slave,” I said, turning to look at Ben. “I’m going to feast at this offering. I want you to get behind me and put that beautiful cock in me.”

Ben started to say, “Are you…”

“Just do it! Don’t question my commands. You’ll do everything I tell you to do when I tell you to do it. Understand?”

Ben nodded. But his eyes were wide with excitement.

I couldn’t take time to enjoy the fact I was going to let my brother fuck me. This was role-playing that had turned real.

I was a queen and they were my slaves. I couldn’t allow the mood to change one iota or the fantasy would not play out the way I knew it should.

I sucked Becky’s nipple into my mouth and moved up to where I was in a kneeling position. I felt Ben climb onto the bed.

I squeezed Becky’s other breast hard and bit gently on the nipple I had in my mouth. My cunt was filling with juice like a bay fills at high tide.

Ben moved up behind me and rubbed his cock over my ass cheek.

“Stick it in now and just leave it there for a minute.”

He did and I was filled to overload with sensory input. This was all new to me but I had to stay in character.

I took Becky’s other nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. She moaned.

“Take your cock out of me slave. Take your cock out and put just a bit of the tip into my asshole.”

Ben didn’t move. It was like he didn’t understand what I was saying.

“Do it now.”

He withdrew and I don’t think I ever felt so empty. Then I felt him force a bit of the head inside my anus.

“Perfect, now take it out and come here and kneel by this slaves face.”

Ben took his cockhead out of my asshole and moved up beside me.

“Now feed her. Make her lick all my juices off your cock. When it’s clean, I want you to fuck her mouth. I’m going to be busy down here. And slave, don’t you dare cum until I let you cum.”

I slid down Becky’s body and put my face between her legs. Her cunt gave off the most intensely sexual aroma I’d ever experienced. I wondered if my own cunt smelled the same, so I stuck my fingers back inside my pussy lips and then brought them to my nose. I too, was soaking wet and my juices were pungent with sexual undertones.

I felt the bed start to move back and forth and knew Ben was fucking Becky’s mouth. It was time for me to get to work.

I spread Becky’s pussy lips, bent my face closer, stuck my tongue out and licked her clit’s hood. She instantly contorted her body in response to the touch of my tongue.

I smacked her on the pussy.

“Don’t you move until I tell you to move,” I said in a voice seething with challenge. “There’s time enough for you to enjoy this, but not just yet. Do you understand?”

I felt Becky nod and try to say something, but with Ben’s cock in her mouth, I heard little more than a guttural acknowledgement of my command.

I started licking her pussy up one side and down the other. I lifted her hips up and stuck my tongue back into her anus.

I circled her clit with my tongue over and over again until I felt her lips swell even bigger. I knew she was close so I inserted one, two and then three fingers, until I had four fingers in her cunt. Then I stuck my whole hand up inside of her and started sawing my fist back and forth, the knuckles of my hand rubbing up against what I thought would be her “sweet spot”.

“Now slave, feed her,” I told Ben.

I watched as he fisted his cock over and over, pointing the tip at her open mouth. I matched the rhythm of my own fisting of her cunt to the stoking of his cock. She pulled her knees up to her chest giving me an even better angle to fist her and then time seemed to slow down.

I watched as cum shot from the head of my brother’s cock, straight into Becky’s mouth. I pulled my hand out of her cunt just as she came. Her fluids shot out of her and drenched me.

Ben kept cumming and so did Becky. Her face was covered in his slime and I was covered in hers. And it was all happening in slow motion.

To my dying day, I don’t think I’ll ever forget one second of what happened. I saw Becky swallowing over and over as Ben shot ropes of cum into her mouth.

I felt her own squirting pussy juice, warm and slimy, flow down over my boobs, across my belly and dripping onto my own pussy. I put my mouth around her pussy and drank my fill.

When it was over, I summoned all my energy to stay in character.

“Now slave,” I said to Ben. “Move off the bed and go stand by the door.”

Ben looked at me through squinted eyes.

“Now,” I commanded. “Move it now.”

Ben got up and walked over to the door and turned back to face us. His cock was still hard and seminal fluids were stringing out from his piss slit. It was beautiful and I wanted to go over and clean him up but had a different task to attend to first.

I moved back up over Becky’s body and started licking Ben’s cum off of her face and neck.

I scraped some of her juices off my own chest and stomach and licked those off my fingers as well.

I was drinking at the fountain of sexual excess. I don’t think I could ever feel more debauched. This was the best the human body had to offer. This was the elixir of the gods.

But, as I started to return to reality, I remembered what tonight was going to bring. I thought, this then was a mere appetizer, a hint of more debauchery, a taste of things to come.

I removed the blindfold from Becky’s eyes. She blinked and looked up into my face. I leaned in and kissed her full on the mouth.

Still not wanting to break the spell, I pulled back and rolled off the bed. I reached out and grasped her hand. I pulled gently, indicating I wanted her to get up.


Becky stood up beside me. I led her over to my brother, still standing at his post by the door. Cool, he was staying in character. There was still a few minutes more before I was about to abandon this fantasy.

“Clean him up,” I said to Becky.

She kneeled and sucked his cock clean of his fluids. When she was finished, I pulled her back to her feet and kissed her on the mouth once again.

“Now, both of you. Come with me.”

I led them outside to the shower by our pool and hot tub.

I turned to Ben.

“Now slave. Clean her face.”

Ben started to reach for the shower handle.

“No. Not that way. Use that magnificent hose you carry with you everyday.”

Becky got it right away. She kneeled in front of Ben, lifted her face up, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

“Good girl,” I told her. “Now slave, hose her down.”

Ben got it.

He aimed his dick at her face and let loose with a torrent of pee. He sprayed her hair, her boobs and finally, he sprayed pee directly into her mouth. Becky never flinched.

I watched as the pee ran out of her mouth and down over her boobs and finally cascaded to the ground. It was too much to take. I had to end the fantasy immediately or I thought I’d die.

When Ben’s flow started to diminish, I knelt by Becky and put my face into the stream. I opened my mouth and let it fill. I looked directly into Becky’s eyes and swallowed. Then I kissed her.

Ben finished by spraying our faces as we kissed.

When it was over, Becky leaned into me for support. We caressed each other with a love I’d never felt for anyone before. She was my first girl. I was her first. I knew we now shared a bond that could never be broken.

Ben stepped closer and stoked each of our faces.

After a minute, I stood up, walked over to the pool and jumped in.

I swam laps until my arms hurt so much I thought I just might not make it back to the shallow end of the pool. But I did.

When I stepped out of the pool, I walked up to Ben and Becky. They’d showered and were drying each other off.

I stepped under the shower and washed away the chlorinated water from my hair. When I was finished, I stepped between them and let them dry me off.

“When do I get my turn?” I heard Becky whisper.

“Later. I’ve got to go lay down or I’ll die.”

“Me too,” Becky said. “I’m spent.”

So we each went to our respective bedrooms. When my head hit the pillow, I was out within seconds. I slept for three hours without even the thought of a dream.


The time for the big event had arrived.

Mom and Dad had purchased the exact same costume for each of us and then had them altered by Aunt Jean.

Both the men and the women were wearing the Guy Fawkes mask and black cape from the movie “V For Vendetta.”

Aunt Jean had cut the crotch out of the pants for both the men and the women. I didn’t know who anyone was except for Ben and Becky as we had all dressed together.

During the cocktail party, people moved from one group to another forming and reforming little cliques every few minutes. Though I’m sure I recognized Mom and Dad’s voices, everyone looked so much alike. If I blinked, it seemed a different person was in front of me every few seconds.

At eight o’clock, Mom gathered everyone in front of the giant jack-o-lantern. Dad turned on the lights and there was much applause, oohing and ahhing.

I stood back from the crowd trying to guess who was who, but despite the obvious difference in size between the women and the men, I gave up trying to guess each person’s name. I’m sure however, I recognized one of my uncles and thought maybe Mom’s brother in law was there too. There were about 20 to 25 people all in all.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Dad’s voice rang out. “Tonight’s gathering of the hole-in-the-wall-gang, is about to commence it’s purpose for this most auspicious gathering.”

“A few of our fair damsels are going to sequester themselves inside “Jack” and attend to the business at hand, or more specifically, to the business at mouth.”

There was a roar of approval at Dad’s apt description.

“So please, fill your glasses as often as you like and line up as many times as you want and are able. When the last man is emptied for the last time, the festivities will be declared over. Until then, have a great time and enjoy.”

As the applause rang on, I found Becky and grabbed her hand leading her to the side of the pumpkin. I wanted to be inside so I could take control of the situation from the first moment a cock came through the jack-o-lantern’s mouth.

Once inside, I took off my mask, cape and clothes. I had a reason I wanted to be completely naked and I wanted Becky to do the same.

As she was disrobing, Mom came inside and saw that we were already preparing to service the men.

“Mom. Do you mind,” I said. “Could you and Aunt Jean keep the others out. I really want to do the whole group myself.”

Mom looked at me for a minute then turned to look at Becky.

“She’s going to be my maid-in-waiting,” I said, in response to Mom’s unspoken question about Becky.

“You sure?” mom asked.

I nodded in the affirmative.

“Okay. Have fun. I’ll get all the other ladies to act as fluffers for the men while they wait their turn.”

“Don’t let any of the men cum. I want it all,” I instructed Mom.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll make sure there are no accidents. Let me know if you need any help.

“Thanks Mom,” I said as she stepped back outside closing the door behind her.

“Are you really going to eat all that cum?” Becky asked.

“Every drop,” I answered, before taking a swig of my drink.

I’d brought in a couple cans of pineapple juice and a glass half full of rum. I figured, I’d need to wash the taste of semen from mouth from time to time and drinking the rum would help my jaw stay loose.

I’d only ever blown two guys in the same day once before; my Dad and Ben. When I’d awakened the next morning, my jaw was a bit sore. It wasn’t too bad, but that was after sucking only two dicks in a four hour period. To suck off a dozen cocks at least once, and I’m sure a few would go more than once, was a formidable challenge. But Becky was here to help me, and I intended to use her help in more ways than one.

“How can I help?” Becky asked, as if she was reading my mind.

“Remember earlier today when you asked me when you could do me?”


“Well, after I’ve sucked the first three or four cocks, I want you to lay down under me and eat my pussy until the end of the night or until I die, whichever comes first.”

“Oh fuck. You really are a lot kinkier then Ben or I ever thought you’d be.”

“Did you talk about me?”

“A few times. I asked Ben if he’d ever done you or fantasized about you before?”

“What he say?”

“He told me he’d tried a couple of times to catch you fucking your boyfriend, but never really got to. But, trying made him horny and he’d run to his room and jack off.”

“Wow. Really?’


“What about you? How come being kinky is so easy for you?”

“Promise not to tell?”

“Sure. I promise. But if you’d rather keep it…”

“No,” Becky interrupted. “I want you to know. Ben knows.”

“Okay. Shoot.”

“I fucked my dad.”

“Oh god. You’ve got to be kidding.”

“I’m not. It was shortly after I let Ben have my cherry, that I realized I loved sex. I masturbated constantly. I dreamt of fucking anyone and anything with a pulse.”

“I’m quite sure I understand,” I offered.

“Yeah, well one day , about three months after I’d started fucking Ben, I caught Dad jacking off. I couldn’t believe it. I was mesmerized.

Just as he was about to come, I walked straight into his bedroom, kneeled before him and let him finish in my mouth. I never even had time to think of it as incest. It was a cock, it was coming and I knew I wanted it in my mouth. It was only a few minutes later I realized I’d just swallowed my dad’s cum.”

“Fuck that’s hot. What’d he do?”

“He just looked at me while he reached down, lifted me up and took me to his bed. He ate my pussy for an hour and then, without ever saying a word, he mounted me and fucked me ’til the sun came up.”

“Is he here tonight?” I asked.

“He sure is. The only sex he’s had since my mother left us two years ago, is the sex we had that night.”

“You mean you’ve not been with him since?”


“Why not? From your story he seems quite the stud. I wish my boyfriend would fuck me all night.”

“I don’t know. I think it’s because Ben keeps me pretty well satisfied. Plus, with Dad’s work and my classes, we hardly see each other.”

“But you would?”

“Would what? Fuck him?”


“Oh yeah. In fact, I think my first double penetration is going to be with Dad and Ben.”

“You go girl. That’s too hot. Maybe you guys can do a three-way later tonight.”

“I doubt Ben will have the energy once you’ve finished him off a couple of times. Don’t forget, he’s already come twice today.”


“Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you. He fucked me ragged while you slept.”

“Jesus H. He’s a perpetual fuck machine.”

“You got that right.”

Just then there was a tapping at the outside of the jack-o-lantern. It was time to get this show on the road.

The first cock through was definitely not Ben’s or Dad’s. It was long and skinny. I had a feeling it belonged to Mom’s brother-in-law as he barely weighed 160 at 6’1″. But I was through with guessing and was ready to prove to myself I could take as much as was thrown at me (or in this case, as much as was shot my way).

I reached into a bag I’d put in the pumpkin earlier and took out a clean pint glass. Becky arched her eyebrows in a questioning gesture, but I put my finger to my lips and mouthed “wait”.

Right before I sunk my lips down and around the cock sticking through the glory hole, I wondered if Mom and Dad had told everyone I was home. I’d parked my car around the block so there’d be room for guests’ cars in our driveway, so there was a good chance no one but Dad and Ben knew. If not, my surprise later would be all the better.

This was my first skinny cock. To date, I’d sucked off my two boyfriends, a classmate in my sophomore math class, my Dad and Ben. They’d all been shorter but with much more girth. With this cock, I didn’t have to stretch my jaw so wide. It was the perfect first dick for the night.

Because it was so skinny, I was easily able to swallow it and get it past my epiglottis. I milked it with my throat sphincter and just let it stay in my mouth without much moving back and forth. Plus, I was able to breathe easily so there was no need to pull it out.

I began milking it with my throat, slowly expanding and contracting the muscles so I could vary the pressure on the tube and hoped that would be enough to cause it to ejaculate. But something was missing.

I thought about it for a minute until I realized I didn’t taste any pre-seminal fluid. I like the taste of pre-cum so I slowly slid his cock back out of my mouth until just the head was left resting on my tongue.

The first hint of his fluid hit my tongue and I became instantly wet. Then I had an insight as to the nature of human sexuality. You can be turned on by the mere taste or smell of sexual fluids. This must be a physical mechanism tied in part to humans need to procreate.

I took it out of my mouth for a minute to milk more fluids to the piss slit. When a big bubble of pre-cum appeared, I turned so Becky could watch and licked the fluids off the head. Then it dawned on me.

I wasn’t sucking this cock and I wasn’t going to suck any of the other cocks to bring them pleasure. I wasn’t doing it to bring my own self pleasure, though both I and the recipient of my oral skills would receive pleasure for sure, I was doing it to turn Becky on. I was doing it to prove to her how kinky I could be. If Mom would have been in the pumpkin instead of Becky, I would have been doing it for her. In other words, I was performing.

I was performing like I did the night Dad caught me blowing my prom date. I was performing like I’d done earlier in the week for Mom when I sucked Dad off. I was performing for Becky again, like I’d done while I sucked Ben’s dick and she watched on the webcam. Damn. I was a true exhibitionist. Somehow, this realization made me redouble my efforts. I really wanted old skinny dick to shoot like it’d never shot before. I wanted another river of cum.

My efforts paid off.

Within about three minutes, I felt the swelling that precedes ejaculation. I pulled back so just the head was in my mouth and stoked the cock for all I was worth. Boom. It worked.

My mouth was flooded with semen. So much so, that I reached for the glass and let some overflow my lips and run down inside the glass.

When it finished pulsing cum, I withdrew it from my mouth and milked the last few drops into the glass. I watched as it ran down the inside of the glass to mix with the first other bit. When his cock was completely milked of residue, I kissed it and pushed it back outside. Then I raised the glass to my lips and let the cum in my mouth run into the inside to mix with the rest that I’d milked.

“What are you doing?” Becky asked. “I thought you were going to eat it.”

“Just wait Becks. Just wait.”

Then I took the glass and put it between my legs, up against my crotch to keep the fluid warm. Another cock came poking through the hole. Damn, I thought. These fuckers are sure anxious to get blown.

I winked at Becky and went to work on the second dick of the night. This one didn’t take any time at all and within four or five minutes, it was shooting it’s stuff into my mouth.

When I’d drained it, I repeated the process with the glass that I’d used on the first cock. I spit all the semen into the glass and returned it to between my legs. When I was done, I pushed the limp dick back out into the night air.

Just then the door to the outside started to open so I hid the glass. Mom came in.

“Honey,” she said. Ben’s next and I want so bad to suck his dick. Please. Will you please let me do Ben? I’ve really wanted to ever since he ate my pussy. Please. I know you want to see if you can suck everyone off, but it would mean a lot to me.”

“You’re right Mom. I do want to suck every cock, but more important, I want to eat all the cum. If I let you suck his dick, can I finish him off when he’s ready to cum?”

“Really? You really want to eat his cum?”

“I do. Is that okay? I’m more interested in the cum than I am in how many dicks I suck.”

“Okay. Oh, pardon my manners. Becky, do you mind if I blow your boyfriend?” Mom asked turning to look at Becks.

Just then, Ben’s cock came poking through the glory hole.

“Go ahead,” Becky told Mom. “I’d be delighted to watch you suck your son’s dick. But please let Janine have the cum.”

“Oh thank you dears,” Mom said to us both while turning her head and kneeling next to me.

She leaned over and began to suck Ben right away. No preliminaries, no gentle ministrations, just a hungry cocksucker going to work like a starving hyena that just came upon a dead gazelle on the Serengeti plain.

I watched, curious to see if Mom’s technique was any different to either mine or what I thought would be Becky’s technique. But it wasn’t. It was like every other blow job I’d seen in porn a thousand times. It was base. It was carnal. It was beautiful.

Then Mom started to face fuck Ben.

Now usually it’s the guy who ravages the girls face. But because the glory hole restricted Ben’s movement, Mom had to skull fuck him using her own movements. And skull fuck does not even come close to describing the way Mom used Ben’s fat cock to abuse her face and mouth. I almost came watching her and saw Becky was every bit as turned on as I was by Mom’s performance.

“Get ready Janine,” Becky said. “He’s going to shoot.”

“Okay Mom. My turn. Now go outside and watch his body language as I finish him off.”

Mom kept sucking. It was like she was in a trance. I pulled on her shoulder.

“Mom. Let me finish him off. Now go outside and watch as he shoots.”

Reluctantly, Mom got to her feet and looked back at Ben’s cock, twitching and bobbing through the glory hole. She sighed, wiped her mouth and exited the pumpkin.

I grabbed Ben’s cock in my hand and began fisting it for all I was worth. I bent my head closer to the cock-head and started licking it. I felt it swell.

I crammed the full length into my gullet and sucked. Ben came.

For the life of me I don’t know what this kid does to recharge, but this, the third orgasm of his day was no small effort on his part. It was a deluge of cum.

I sucked, licked and twirled my tongue and still he came. I jacked, squeezed and tickled the underside of his dick and the flow did not diminish. If he didn’t stop soon, I’d either have to swallow or…

As I turned to try to reach my glass, Becky grabbed it and handed it to me. She was just in time. I pulled my mouth off Ben’s fire hose dick while it continued to fire volley after volley into the glass. When he was finally finished shooting, I squeezed the remaining fluids out the end of his cock. As I pushed his dick back outside, I put the glass up to my lips and spit the cum I’d kept in his mouth into the glass. It was enough to double the volume. Becky and I burst out laughing.

From then on for the next six cocks, I repeated my ritual. Suck, jerk, milk and spit cum into my glass. That was how it went for the next hour.

Then, a new cock came through the glory hole. Becky grabbed my shoulder.

“That’s my Dad.”

“You sure?”

“Oh, yeah. That plum sized head of his battered my cunt enough for me to remember it for the rest of my life.”

I gestured for her to take my place.

“No. You do it. Just make sure he enjoys it. And Janine, save just a bit of his cum for me. Before you spit it all into the glass, let me put my tongue in your mouth. I haven’t tasted his cum since that night I caught him masturbating.

So I did just as she asked.

After he shot a copious amount of semen into my mouth, I spit all but a couple drops into my glass. Then I turned and kissed Becky with a full on tongue kiss. I never let go of her Dad’s cock either. When she’d tasted the residue in my mouth, I pushed her head down to where her Dad’s cock still stuck through the hole.

I watched her clean his dick with such reverence it almost made me cry. She truly worshiped his dick and wanted him to know whoever was inside the pumpkin was really glad he’d put his dick through the hole.

And that’s how it went.

I counted twelve dicks I’d sucked, including Ben’s, when the skinny dick showed up for its second go at my mouth.

As I started to suck the skinny dick for the second time, I stopped for a minute and told Becky it was her turn.

She came over to the side of the glory hole and waited for me to take the dick out of my mouth. I just grinned and pointed down to my cunt. She understood right away.

She had me scoot up to the edge of the bench so she could eat my cunt and that’s just what she did while I sucked off three more cocks after skinny dick came.

I think I sucked dick for two more hours after that before no one else stuck their cock through the hole. I had to have a couple shots of rum just to keep my jaw loosened. I drank a can of pineapple juice to keep my mouth from having all the residual cum I couldn’t spit in to the glass, coagulate.

Becky and I waited but nothing else happened so we started making out. I was fondling her breasts when the door opened and Ben came inside.

“Cool. Damn sis, don’t you get enough?”

“There is no such thing as enough on this most hallowed eve. I’m insatiable.”

Becky giggled and took her hand from out of my cunt. She licked her fingers clean.

“Get dressed. Everybody’s waiting outside to see who the mystery fellatrix is that’s serviced a block o’ cock tonight. Hey. I like that. A block o cock. Ben laughed at his own little joke.

Becky and I got dressed and went outside.

“Ladies. Gentlemen. Give me your attention please. I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the hole in the wall gang. Young lady, please watch while each of our guests reveals their identity.”

With that, Mom walked up behind each of the guys. She pulled off Ben’s mask. Ben bowed.

Then she pulled off the mask of the guy with the skinny dick. I was right. It was Mom’s brother in law.

Then I saw two uncles, three cousins, Becky’s father, Dad, my grandfather, holy cow, I’d blown my grandfather, and two of Mom’s cousins. I was close. I’d sucked off twelve guys in one night and some of them I’d sucked two and three times. Wow. I was impressed with myself.

“Now assembled ladies, please remove your masks so our special guest knows who kept all this cock happy for so many years.”

One by one the women removed their own masks. I saw Aunt Jean, another aunt, cousins, wives and various girlfriends of the assembled men. Becky took off her own mask and went to stand between Ben and her Father.

“Now, my honored guests, may I introduce you to the guest of honor. I can tell by all the flaccid dick hanging around, no pun intended, she did her job and did it well. Young lady, will you please remove your mask.”

With that introduction, I curtsied and removed my mask.

There were gasps and outcries. “Oh my god. It’s Janine.” And, “Oh look who it is,” and so on.

After the shock of revealing my identity was over everyone, started to applaud. But I raised my hand to quickly quiet the crowd.

“Friends,” I said. “I’d like to say a couple of things first.”

Everyone got quiet.

“First off, I didn’t yet finish my task.”

There were murmurs in the crowd but again, I held my hand up to stop the speculations as to what I meant.

“Also, before I finish my task, I’d like you all to give a round of applause to our hosts and to the talented carpenter who made this the absolute most memorable Halloween in history.”

Mom and Dad took a bow while we all applauded.

“And now, in honor of the great Japanese ritual of Gokkun, I’d like to finish the task I stayed home from school to achieve.”

There were blank stares as I prolonged the mystery of what I was talking about. Only Becky realized what I was saying.

Then, with a flourish of my cape, I took the semen filled glass from my waistband. It was still warm from my body heat and filled to nearly the top.

I raised the glass to the moon and then to the great pumpkin.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“Almost midnight,” my grandfather stated.

“Perfect,” I said as I brought the glass to my lips. I kept eye contact with Becky while I slowly tilted the glass and started to finish the job I’d been at for the past four hours.

Ounce after ounce of semen found its way from the glass to my mouth, and from my mouth to my belly. I swallowed for nearly three minutes straight until all the cum had been drained from the glass. I swear my actions caused me to go into a trance. I wasn’t even able to articulate what I’d just done. It would be later the next afternoon before the enormity of my gesture sunk in.

This is the story of how (I wish) the girl of my dreams and I got back together.

So let’s call her H for now, her favourite saying is that everyone is someone else’s weirdo and she is mine. She has gorgeous brown hair that is curly and about shoulder length but she prefers to straighten it. She has a cute face and although she hates her nose I wouldn’t change it, a classic body I always thought myself a big breast sort of guy until I saw her no more than maybe a B cup, perfectly in proportion.

And further down an almost flat stomach depending how much exercise she gets the tiniest little swell and further down to one of her best assets that she can’t take compliments on no matter how true they may be her hips a beautiful curve that fit so well with the rest of her body and her arse such a glorious sight not overly large but not flat either. Down her legs she isn’t one of these anorexic rakes she is just a healthy girl there is no flab here just healthy toned legs from walking to and from uni.

We had been together for over 2 years although almost half that had been spent with only a phone or webcam to stay in touch and then she moved for university we could still see each other it was just a little too far to make a day trip always so close yet so far away. It was decided to stick it out after all we had done it before from further away and for longer.

We managed to get together every other weekend but then in a period of about a month the stress of a parent with health problems, exams and trying to find the time to fit a few months of being away into 2 short weeks got to her something had to give and in this situation the first thing to go is a relationship.

The first few weeks hit hard realizing that I was without not just sex but the person that had been a best friend to me as well, we still talked even flirting like we used to until she realized what she was doing. To make matters worse I was also starting uni at this time not the ideal thing to have running around in a person’s head at that time that is for sure.

The work somehow got completed and all of a sudden the mid semester break was only a week away time to party let the hair down relax and then reset for the final push to the end of the year. H had still talked to me almost every day since ending things and it was starting to become obvious that my initial thoughts that she just needed a break from things were right. A plan was hatched that during the next week I would go to visit her and sleep on a spare mattress on the floor of her room, which although a far cry from previous visits spent naked and tangled in each other’s bodies was still a good place to start especially seeing as we would be hitting the town and getting drunk.

It was a Monday morning when I arrived to be greeted by H on the street where I had to park she ran up to me hugged me and kissed me on the cheek’ and told me she was happy that I had come to visit her. We took my bag and sleeping bag up to her room and made plans to go into town for a quick lunch and then a game of mini golf something we had planned to do so many times before but never got around to. I had tried to teach her to play the real thing before but she was much better just using a putter.

About halfway through the game she started to miss easy shots and asked me to show her how to improve, which was unusual considering this was one thing she didn’t like taking advice on, so I stepped in front of H to try and describe what she needed to do when she looked at me funny and told me to go behind her and reach around to show her because it gave her a better idea of what I meant. At this time a voice in my head went ‘You idiot she is flirting with you’ my dick had gone hard in my pants instantly at that thought, it had been over 2 months since we had last had sex and there had been no other girls.

H must have felt it when I moved behind her but rather than flinch away she pushed her gorgeous bum slightly back into me but gave no other indication that she new, H did love to tease me discreetly when she knew I was horny. I helped her swing the putter back and forward a few times then moved away and we continued our game at the end the gloating began after we added the scores she had beaten me by a shot, I already knew this I had stuffed up deliberately on the last hole to let her win, one of those little things that I did to make her feel good it was working. As we walked back to the car she put her arm around me there were no words exchanged but I had an idea how she was feeling.

On the way back to the college H lived at while she was here we realized we had used the whole afternoon and we were again hungry so in anticipation of filling ourselves with booze we chose some good unhealthy fast food to eat for tea and headed back to her room. When there we put a movie on and pulled out a bottle of spirits and 2 shot glasses and whenever certain things happened we had to drink we got through 1 movie and started another still playing drinking games we were getting to be rather tipsy at this stage and stopped to get ready to hit the pubs and clubs.

H excused herself went and showered while I shaved and applied her favorite cologne. When she came back to the room she only wore a towel and I excused myself not wanting to make her feel awkward while she changed and went and found a friend I knew that also lived there and played a few games of pool in the common room.

After about 30 minutes H sent me a text message telling me she was ready to go so I headed back to her room. When I walked in she had a pair of jeans on that I always loved to see her wearing with a pair of flat shoes, she never was much of a fan of heels, her top was a tight fitting button up that was open just enough for me to see that she was wearing her purple push up bra that she knew was my favorite and nestled in her cleavage was the necklace I had bought her for Christmas the year before. She had straightened her hair and her cheeks were slightly rosy like me she was still slightly tipsy the night was only beginning.

The nearest bar was only a 10 minute walk away and we ended up there at about 10pm a quickly started drinking again with a few shots of tequila and a couple of whatever the barman thought of. By this stage we were both pretty happy and I gave her a shock by asking her if she would like to dance for the first time since she had known me as I never did like to make a fool of myself.

H was happy and smiling and we were both trying to keep things under the premise of being ‘just friends’ but as we danced some more she moved closer and soon enough was right up against me. We were having fun doing silly moves with each other flirting with our bodies. The song changed and we went and got ourselves another drink to keep the buzz going.

We got to talking again about our families and studies and how we had really been as can only happen half drunk and face to face and after a while H decided she wanted to dance again this time she turned and started to lean back into me and grind her bum into my groin I was getting hard again and I knew then that tonight was going to end the way I had hoped.

We danced and drank until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning until we stumbled out of the pub covered in sweat and still a little drunk. H put her arm around my waist and leaned her head on my shoulder and we walked slowly and after a couple of minutes of walking back uphill and chatting I asked her if she had been getting much attention from other guys and if she had had sex with anyone since me.

She stopped and turned to me and said that a few guys had hit on her at bars but she hadn’t gone any further than one kiss with a guy that turned her off straight away. The look she gave me at this time was the only sign I needed so I leaned in and kissed her softly at first there was a moment where I thought things had gone horribly wrong but then she responded by parting her lips slightly and kissing me back after a few seconds I moved slightly away but she pulled me back in standing on her tippy toes to kiss me again this time there was a real passion in her kiss and our tongues met softly at first tip to tip and then gradually started a wrestle with each other and she started moaning into my mouth as I pressed all her buttons that I had learned to do so well.

I was squeezing her bum now with one hand and running my fingers through her hair with the other, turning her on even more and her left hand had gone to the front of my pants and was rubbing my growing erection. She broke the kiss and pulled me up down a walkway between 2 fences out of sight of the road we had been following back to her accommodation.

H kissed me again leaving a slight gap for her hand to work the button and zipper of my jeans open, she popped the button and forced the zip open and started to feel my 7 inch cock with only my underwear left covering it, she broke the kissed and moaned into my ear that she had missed me slowly nibbling my earlobe as she said it, then dropped to her knees my cock was throbbing desperate to be let out of my underwear as she let out a warm breath along its length before sucking on the head though the material.

She ever so gently placed her fingers through the elastic at the top her skin now on mine and wrapped her hand around my throbbing erection quite possibly the hardest it had ever been and pulled it out looking at it for a second before looking straight up into my eyes as she slid the entire length all the way into her mouth playing with my balls with one hand and running the other up under my shirt before gagging a little and pulling back up so that just the head was still in her wonderfully warm wet mouth her tongue dancing around flicking the underside of my cockhead.

She brought her hand down from inside my shirt and placed it around the bottom half of my shaft and started jerking me while still sucking the head and playing with my balls I was in another world the blowjob she was giving me was about to send me over the edge and sensing this she moved off her mouth off my cock and told me I wasn’t going to come from just a few minutes of pleasure and started to lick and suck my balls while very gently stroking my cock using her saliva from before as lubricant.

After a couple more minutes of this she looked up at me and said ‘this is only part of an apology’ before taking my cockhead back in her mouth and quickening the pace of her hand I felt the cum start to rise and told her I was about to come, which caused her to put in even more effort, I felt the first spurt fly out of my cock and into her mouth and she swallowed it down along with the rest of my cum that I released into her mouth and she kept licking and sucking on my cock till I was done and cleaned up.

Looking up at me with lust in her eyes H replaced my still hard cock in my pants licking her lips and grabbing a drink from a water bottle in her handbag cleaned her mouth out and kissed me once again, she didn’t need the water id have kissed her anyway.

We shared another long kiss this one softer remembering the feelings that we had for each other before she whispered to me that she needed me to take care of her so we set off back to her room stopping here and there on the way for a quick kiss and a grope the booze had almost worn off but need to feel each other’s naked bodies against each other certainly hadn’t.

We were barely in the room before starting to take each other’s clothes off she started with my shirt while I undid her jeans placing my hand inside them and over her covered vagina I could feel the moisture being soaked up by her panties but I removed my hand teasing her a little more all this time kissing her before moving the kisses over her face across her cheek and down to her jaw line kissing her tenderly along her jaw line.

Before moving next to just below her ear and she stifles a moan trying to keep quiet with other people sleeping in rooms to either side of hers I start to play with her earlobe while beginning to unbutton her top and then kissing down her neck to her collar bone as her shirt starts to come away I find the spot that she loves to have kissed, nibbled and licked and she lets out a low moan completely forgetting for a moment that the people in neighboring rooms might hear.

The last button on her shirt is now undone and as she turns to move her arms out of it I kiss up the other side of her collarbone and over her shoulder as I move behind her, she reaches back and opening my jeans again slips her hand inside to massage my growing erection her hand feels even better than before but it’s her turn for pleasure and I continue running my hands over her body continuing to tease her I lower her jeans to her knees.

Kissing my way down her back stopping at her shoulder blades before continuing to plant little wet kisses all around until I reach the top of her underpants these are nothing special designed for comfort with a little bit of lace running around the top of the elastic the only stand out feature but they give an idea of what hides beneath. Planting kisses here and there on her covered rear I move lower and down the backs of her legs with more kisses, licking and sucking.

She turns to face me as I am on my knees before her, I reach up and start to pull her panties down gently breathing on each bit of newly revealed flesh taking my time I lower her panties further waiting to catch sight of her pubic hair line until I realize that I am at the top of her pussy and it is completely bare of hair.

H moans to me that she wanted to do something new for me and had been waxed a few days beforehand, I smiled and removed her panties and the jeans that had ended up at her feet and pushed her back onto an office chair that she usual sat at her desk to do work on. I knelt in front of her and H opened her legs and kissing my way up the inside of each thigh, her hands are running through my hair trying to pull my mouth closer she is moaning with every contact of my lips to her thighs, I decide to end the teasing and give her what she has been waiting for and move my mouth over her pussy my warm breath sending shivers up her spine.

Moving in and making contact with my tongue flat I lick up first one side and then the other before finally settling my open mouth over her beautiful bare pussy and give a long slow lick from right at the bottom upwards stopping tantalizingly short of her clit before licking back down and lapping at the entry of her pussy she moans again as my hands are now cupping her rear as she lifts her hips high trying to give my mouth better access to her as I continue to lick and suck at her slowly moving up until my mouth is at her clit.

I release one hand from her gorgeous arse and apply some saliva to one finger and then as my lips cover her clit I gently push my finger up inside of her and begin to finger fuck her curving my finger slightly upwards searching for her g-spot and finding it as I give her clit a first flick with my tongue her hips buck upwards from the dual sensations a loud moan escapes her lips and she takes a hand from my head to hold over her mouth as if to remind herself.

I would have laughed at this but the hand still on my head pulled my mouth in tighter, so I started increasing my efforts working my mouth up and down and using sometimes my tongue and sometimes using a finger tip to tickle her anus never spending too much time on any one spot and with my finger constantly rubbing her g-spot I could sense that she was getting close, her hips were moving up and down trying to get my lips and tongue on every part of her pussy, at this point I went back to her clit and sucked it between my lips while flicking with my tongue her moans were constant now and there was no effort on her part to muffle them as her hands were on my head.

Her hips bucking up and down and her bum barely touching the seat with her back arched, her body started shaking as her orgasm raced up on her I kept my efforts on her clit and g-spot constant and started to tease her anus with another finger which pushed her over the edge into her first orgasm in months. She was cumming hard now and I removed my finger and placed it gently on her clit with no movement, and started lapping up all the sweet juices of her orgasm with my tongue, she held my head there not quite as tightly now as the waves of her orgasm began to subside her back still arching slightly every now and again.

Eventually she pulled me up from my knees I still half dressed with my jeans hanging open and my underwear barely covering the erection I had the whole time I was going down on her. Still sitting on her seat she leaned forward and pushed the 2 remaining pieces of clothing down my legs and off, lightly grasping and stroking my hard cock she once again took me into her mouth and began to make my cock wet with her saliva before pulling back and blowing cool air over it before shoving me back into her mouth the contrast from the cool air to her warm wet mouth feeling fantastic.

She bobs her head up and down a couple of times looking me in the eye as she does this before standing in front of me and while stroking my cock moans into my ear that she wants me to fuck her from behind while she bends over her desk. I realize at this stage she still has her hot purple bra on so I start to kiss her neck and down her chest reaching behind her to unclasp her bra, fumbling slightly having not done this for a while, she is kissing my neck now as I remove her bra from first one arm then the other, the bra still cupping her beautiful tits with her body against mine.

I moved back half a step and let her bra fall away quickly replacing it with my hands and kissing across her chest in random places wile gently rubbing and squeezing with my hands and then kissing down between her breasts and kissing all around first her left breast and then the right letting her nipples harden before finally licking and sucking on them.

H moaned and began to turn spreading her legs wide and keeping them straight bending at the waist to rest her elbows on the desk exposing her beautiful behind to me I give her right cheek a quick spank not hard enough to really hurt but hard enough to leave a handprint and bring a moan from H as she asks me to do it again so I give her another quick whack leaving another hand print this time on the other cheek she moans again this time reaching back between her legs to grab hold of my rock hard cock.

As H begins to guide my cock towards her soaking wet pussy lips I place one hand on her hips and the other on the small of her back both of us ready to let out the stress of a couple of months alone. I pause as I feel the moisture of her pussy against the head of my cock and move it around gathering her natural lubricant and teasing her with the thought of my entry.

She moans trying to push her hips back at me and force me inside but she soon realizes that I am holding her where she is and submits to me controlling this moment and instead lets herself go in the feeling of pleasure she is feeling from her most erotic place still tingling from the attention of my mouth earlier.

Just as she relaxes I begin to slowly move forward as my cock moves past the outer lips of her pussy and up to her sopping wet entrance one part of both of us just wanting me to thrust in hard and deep the other part wanting to build up to it and savor the feeling as each little bit of my cock moves further inside.

I choose the second option and I can feel the muscles of her vagina trying to pull me inside but I start off with just the head slowly working in and out of her slowly working in and out gradually adding more of my cock until there is only an inch left when I reach underneath her to gently rub her clit.

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