The night with Jerome continued just as it had started. Once I showered, and he was finished uploading the degrading images of me onto my computer, he resumed humiliating and using me. He was no longer interested in capturing pictures or videos, but instead focused on seeing just how depraved I was willing to get to please him. He fucked me another three times, making sure to use all of my holes with his strong tool. The session took us all over my house; he had me in all kinds of unnatural positions, and was entirely geared towards only his pleasure and my complete submission. In fact, I only orgasmed once that night and it wasn’t until the very end when he was leaving, which was degrading and humiliating in its own right.

When he finally exhausted of me, I was once again drenched in cum and sweat. I felt weak and worn out, but I loved it. It was truly everything I was hoping for and much more. He left me to lie on the floor of my kitchen as he went to shower off. Upon his return I was still lying on the floor, but a quick command for me to stand got me up to my feet. Jerome wanted me to walk him out to his car which was parked on the street in front of my house. Thankfully it was very late, or early morning, so walking out into my neighborhood naked wasn’t going to be an issue. I followed him outside, watched as he entered his car without saying a word and then started it before rolling down his window to give me his final instructions of the night.

“I had fun fucking such a dirty slut tonight, so as repayment I am going to let you cum, but you have to kneel behind my car and get yourself off as I drive away.”

With that he rolled up his window, and I hurried to take my place behind his car. I didn’t care that I was outside in the middle of my street, all I wanted was the relief of a dammed up orgasm. Quickly I kneeled as instructed, and feverously began pleasuring myself. As I ravaged myself, Jerome began to pull away. Actually, the more accurate description was he peeled out in front of me. I was left to frig myself in a cloud of tire smoke, while also worrying about neighbors waking up to check on the noise. Fortunately I had been on edge all night and easily reached an earth shattering orgasm before even his tail lights faded away in the night.

Coming down from my high, I gathered myself and returned back inside. I took my third shower of the night before retiring, completely satisfied and worn out, to my bed where I passed out until the late afternoon of Saturday. Most of Saturday I spent in a state of recovery; my entire body ached from the marathon fuck session Jerome provided for me; I barely had the energy to feed myself as I spent my day in bed, naked and watching television.

Sunday was somewhat better as my body began to recover a little. I was able to get some things done around the house and actually took a trip to the supermarket to get some much needed groceries. The entire time Jerome, and the way he used me, wasn’t far from my mind. The mere thought of him, or the events from Friday had my pussy flooding with arousal; I only wished I knew how to get in touch with him to repeat the night again soon. He left without giving me any means of contact and without a clue if he intended on seeing me again. The thought of a stranger using me in such a degrading way and then never coming back was arousing on its own front, but I figured if anything I could try to find him at the bar again the following Friday.

Being used so thoroughly, I would have assumed that my fire of arousal would have been extinguished some, but instead it raged further from the events of the night. As I would replay the night over in my head on Sunday, the desire to be a dirty slut grew more and more. So it wasn’t a surprise to me when I laid out my clothes for work on Monday and had chosen my most risqué dress that I could get away with at work. Of course, I also decided against any underwear and added a pair of heels to top off the look. I wanted to be a naughty slut, and what better way to do so then to dress as provocatively as I could while I taught. Because of my pent up arousal and constant remembering of Friday’s events, I masturbate three times before finally exhausting myself and falling asleep.

It’s now Monday morning, and I am up early to get ready for my day of teaching. Looking to the dress I pick out to wear gets my pussy wet as I head to the shower to clean up. As I do, I think of how careful I will have to be in that dress not to expose myself to anyone, especially since I was going sans panties. It would also be a good idea to avoid the faculty as much as possible, to keep the gossip to a minimum. The shower feels great, and I fight the urge to pleasure myself once again to focus on saving it for a possible repeat this weekend.

Out of the shower, I do my hair and makeup before returning to my bedroom to put on the only piece of clothing other than shoes I was going to wear for the day. It is going to be hard not to touch myself every chance I get, and to keep my arousal from dripping down my legs. The challenge is the fun part, and will make for a more electric orgasm when the time comes. Slipping into my heels, I glance at myself in the mirror and I look less like a teacher, and more like women ready for a night on the town. I know I will love the looks and stares I get, and that they will only add yet more fuel to the fire.

I head out to school, which is a short five minute drive from my house, and arrive a little earlier than usual. The reason for this is an attempt to limit the amount of the faculty that sees me dressed the way I am, and to have a bit more time to set up for my day. It is an easy day, as I have planned to give my students a test covering the unit we just finished the week before, and a short introduction video of the next one. I won’t really have to do a whole lot, except walk around the room occasionally to keep the kids from cheating. Thankfully, that is a relief considering just how sexually aroused I am from just getting dressed and driving to school. Thoughts of Jerome’s thick, beautiful cock keep slipping into my head, and I have to continually fight my hand from sneaking under my dress. It’s hard to cut myself off from myself, but I know just how much better it will be to build up the arousal to be let out in one grand finale.

Once at school, my day begins to tick by. I have three classes, each taking a test, before I get to go to lunch and each of the three passes by slowly as I constantly think of all the dirty and depraved events from the past Friday as they test. In fact while my second period class is testing I remember the pictures my dark stranger took of me on my phone, and I can’t resist looking at them then and there. Retreated to my desk, I slyly pull out my cell phone and begin sorting through the gallery. They start out with me naked on my knees in the alley with his massive member lodged between my lips, before continuing on to the more humiliating and degrading ones. I have to quickly slip the back of my dress out from under me to keep my gushing gash from creating a noticeable wet spot.

I am startled back to my classroom when a student sneezes, and I realize just how daring I was being. Reluctantly, I put my phone away, adjust my dress, and do another walk around the room to check on the students. Period three goes the same as the first two, minus me taking time out to look through my phone again. Right before the end of class and moments before the bell is ready to ring and dismiss my class for lunch; I get a knock at my door. As my students are packing up their stuff, I go over to see who is at the door. Upon opening it I am surprised and shocked to be greeted with the white toothy smile of Jerome; talk about unexpected gifts.

As I move to allow him in, the bell rings and the students begin streaming out. Of course as they pass the tall muscular black man they curious looks as too who he is and what he is doing here, but most seem to just let the curiosity pass and focus on getting to lunch. He steps past me as the final student leaves, and begins to walk over to my desk without saying anything to me. I watch as he makes himself at home in my desk chair, and I take notice of how sexy he is dressed in slacks and a button down shirt. Now that he is sitting, and my classroom door is shut, he finally speaks.

“Strip and come over here.”

He gets right to it, and while I should say no considering I’m at my school working, I am already overly horny from my thoughts and looking at the pictures that I do just as he commands. I know I can’t resist his power over me, and he seems to know that as well. It is not a desire that I cannot avoid, nor do I want too. Quickly, I slip the shoulder straps of my dress off and wiggle it off to fall to my feet. Stepping out of the pile of dress I slowly walk towards him, now naked and in heels.

“Looks like the slut enjoys being naughty at school too. No panties or bra, and gets naked on command, you truly are just looking to get used.”

I say nothing, but continue approach him and once I reach where he is he signals with a finger that I kneel. Obeying the signal, I drop to my knees before him and watch as he opens his pants to pull out his magnificent cock.


It’s one word, but it is all I need. Eagerly, I attack his semi-flaccid member with my mouth. The thought that I am at school is no longer in my mind; I am only focused on service my dark master. He begins to grow harder and is soon fully erect which only spurs me on to continue my duty. With my hand holding the base, my mouth bobs up and down on the remainder in a frenzied pace. My behavior is similar to a starving person finally getting food, but in this case I am get thick, black, dick. Just as I am getting into a rhythm, he stands and pushes me away before speaking.

“That’s enough; come bend over this desk so I can fuck you.”

I obediently oblige his command and get into position bent over the student desk in the front row as he takes his place behind me. With a swift shove, his meaty tool parts my gushing lips and bottoms out inside me. Buried deep he leans in and asks me a question.

“When is your lunch break over?”

I respond, “In about twenty minutes, but I have an open period after so we have over an hour before my next class.”

“Perfect” he grunts as he pulls back before shoving himself back in. He continues his rhythmic motion of pulling out to just the tip and then shoving himself all the way back in for minutes. The force of his thrusts causes the edge of the desktop to dig into my thighs, but I pay no mind to that and only grunt pleasurably in response to his plunges. Suddenly he stops and pulls completely out of me, leaving my slit gaped open. Looking back over my shoulder I see he is looking around my desk for something. He finds a thick black permanent marker and returns to me with it in hand. Without saying a word, he reinserts himself into me and I moan deeply as a result.

I suddenly feel something wet drop in between my butt cheeks, and feel him use his thumb to rub it into my hole. Turning to look back at him, I see as he spits down, hitting me in the nearly the same spot and again rubbing it in with his thumb. He does this while completely embedded completely in my stretched cunt. I watch as he moves the marker towards my ass and feel it pressed against the pucker of my asshole. His spit helps it easily slide into place, resting almost completely in my rear. With the marker slipped in, he returns thrusting in and out of my quivering box.

Each stroke is harder than the previous, and he begins pulling my hips in to meet his own; which sends waves of pleasure throughout my body. Reaching up with one hand, he grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my head back as he leans over me to speak rhaspily into my ear.

“Does this slut love getting fucked roughly by my big thick black cock in her classroom?”

“Ugh, yes. I love how you, ugh, fuck me with your black cock.”

“You’ve become quite the black cock slut haven’t you?”

“Ah, yes I have, ugh. I love taking your, ungh, black cock anyway, anytime.”

“I bet you do, and I bet you are dying to have your slutty little ass filled with my fat black dick right now. Isn’t that right slut?”

“Oh yes.”

With his meat shoved all the way into my cunt, he growls into my ear his command.

“Let me hear you beg for it bitch. Tell me how much your asshole deserves my black cock.”

“Please fuck me in my ass with your thick, fat, black dick. I need it so badly; to be stretched out like a true black cock slut. My asshole needs to filled up by your big fucking rod; it always needs it. I will do anything you ask to have you fuck me in the ass like a true slut.”

“Okay, I think you can have my cock in your ass, but first let me make an addition to you slut.”

With that, he pulls the marker lodged in my rear hole out and I begin to feel him using it to write on my lower back. It takes only a few seconds for him to complete writing it before he fills me in on what it says.

“There, now you are truly labeled. It says, ‘Anal slut for black cock’ in all caps. That way anyone who happens to see you like this will know what you truly are. Now suck my cock some more to get it ready for you dirty little ass.”

Quickly, I spin around to complete his order; getting my mouth on his cock almost instantly. It was coated with my arousal, and enjoyed knowing that he caused that and that he made me behave so slutty. As I sucked him, making sure to coat his member with enough saliva to help it force its way into my anal passage, I thought about the message he had written onto me. It was so dirty, yet so true. I truly was an anal slut, and especially for his black cock. For a woman who never had experienced either prior to meeting Jerome, I fell right into my role as if it was my nature. I truly believe I will do whatever he asks if I know it means I would be taking his wonderful black piece in some fashion afterwards.

Suddenly, he pulls himself away from my oral assault and orders me once again to bend over the desk. Hacking up a big wad, he spits it out onto my asshole before using the head of his girthy tool to rub it in some. Satisfied with the level of lubrication, he uses one hand to guide himself into my tight sphincter, while the other grabs a handful of my hair. While my saliva and his spit helps a little to allow his massive member slide in, I can still feel the pain of my hole being stretched open nearly beyond its limits.

He starts out slow by just slipping it in inch by inch. For that I am thankful because it allows me to get adjusted. Eventually, he gets himself buried to the hilt and he leans over to once again speak into my ear.

“You’ve got all of me in your slutty ass now cunt, time to fuck you so hard you will walk funny.”

He pulls out tell just the tip is resting inside my stretched rectum, before thrusting himself all the way back in with extreme force; enough to push me and the desk I am leaning over to move forward. I hold back from screaming out in both pleasure and pain, by biting into my forearm. Jerome continues his assault on my defenseless ass, picking up speed and force while gripping my hips for leverage. I just take his rough pounding, riding the waves of pleasure, but not daring to touch myself or think of climaxing without his permission. Though it wasn’t something that we had verbally spoken about, I can tell that when I am with him it is all about his pleasure first and then if he feels like it to allow me pleasure. I am just his to use as he sees fit.

Releasing my hips he reaches out for my arms and pulls them back behind me. Using one of his large hands he grips my two wrists together, securing my arms behind my back and using them almost like reigns on a horse to ride my ass harder. He has been fucking me feverishly for close to five minutes now, without any signs of letting up. The pain of my stretched open hole has now subsided to a dull ache as it becomes accepting of the thick intruder. Out of nowhere, Jerome slams himself completely in and stops to speak to me.

“Okay slut, you get a choice now; where do you want my cum? Do you want me to spray deep inside your nasty asshole so you can feel it squish around and slowly leak out the rest of the day, or do you want to swallow it like a dirty little cum dumpster considering this is your lunch break? Don’t worry though, which choice you make you will still get have to suck my dick clean afterwards since I know how much you enjoy that.”

The choice of course would be absurd if I was any other woman, but I wasn’t any other woman, especially after my experience with Jerome on Friday. So in fact this is a very difficult decision, but one I knew the answer to. I wanted both ways, but swallowing it would mean less chance of it leaking out while I was teaching.

“Ahhh, I want to taste your thick, heavy cum. Please let me swallow every drop of your juice. I am just a slutty cum dumpster who needs to take in cum.”

“Excellent choice whore, now get down on your knees and jerk my pole off into your filthy mouth.”

He rips his black pole from my ass, leaving me gapping, and I immediately drop to my knees in a spinning motion. I reach out once on my knees and grab a hold of his magnificent cock with both hands. It is warm, and sticky from the anal fuck he gave me, and it has the musky smell of ass coming from it. I don’t let that deter me at all, and begin to quickly pump fists over his shaft to retrieve my reward. My mouth is open like an eager bird waiting to be feed, and after a minute of frantic hand work I am delivered my dish. Erupting out of the bulbous head of his black rod are ropes of thick, creamy spunk; each aimed right at my waiting mouth and tongue. The first spew hits me right on the middle of tongue, followed shortly by two others all of which hit with decent force. The next volley of man nectar lacks the speed of the previous and hits my tongue, but just the front and drapes the remainder over my bottom lip. In an effort to correct the trajectory, I am his tool up some more. However, in doing so I over correct and the next two shots fire out and hit just above my upper lip and fall over into my mouth, while a surprise third launches onto my nose.

A final dribble falls out and lands on my chin, at which point I lick my lips and swallow what I manage to catch. The taste is strong and bitter, yet is still very much delectable. Releasing one of my hands grip from his meat stick, I use my finger to gather up the misfires on my chin and nose to meet up with the other shots in my mouth. Sucking my finger clean, I focus my greedy mouth on the prize cock in front of me. Focusing on the head first, I make quick work of the remaining cum oozing from it. Satisfied I have gotten all of the delicious cum available, I begin push more of his shaft into my mouth to clean it from the fuck session. I can certainly taste the unmistakable taste of anal sex on his cock, but again just like on Friday I am not put off by it; instead I am honored to clean my own trace of ass of his beautiful dick after such an amazing fuck.

Getting as much of his rod sucked clean, I pull my mouth off to spot clean with my tongue. I make sure to get underneath and the sides, coating his ebony tool with long strokes of my tongue, and gathering up any missed traces. As I do this, I remember that it is happening all inside of my classroom while my lunch break. Students and faculty are just on the other side of my door, in the hall, and all unknowing of what a slut I am being. My room is filled with the sounds of me licking and sucking to obediently clean my black master’s cock, but I dutifully continue until his member shining clean with my saliva. As I finish, he pulls his pants back up into place and tucking his softening tool away from view before speaking.

Copyright Oggbashan October 2012

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Lisa had made a pair of Harem trousers, or a Harem dress. I wasn’t quite sure which description was correct but whichever was right the garment looked great on Candice’s slightly pregnant body. I’ll call it a dress. I called it a lot of other names as well!

The material was a heavy black jersey with a silky feel. Candice’s feet protruded through the leg holes and if she didn’t pull the dress up around the waist the cloth between her legs dragged on the floor. Hitched up, the space between her spread legs made an arc of clothing that wiggled as she walked. The mass of material around her waist concealed her growing bump and hung down in flowing folds almost to her knees, if I could have seen her knees. The top was ruched elastic with several drawstrings, particularly at the waist and bust, and two wide shoulder straps.

One evening we were sitting side by side on the settee. Candice, wearing the harem dress, was watching a girly movie and I was bored, so bored that she noticed. In an advert break Candice spoke.

“George,” she said, “why don’t you strip for me?”

“OK,” I replied, “But why? You want to watch this.”

“I do,” Candice said, “But you don’t have to. I think you can enjoy yourself without distracting me too much. You like kissing my breasts, don’t you?”

“You know I do.”

Now Candice was pregnant her breasts were beginning to grow larger. I liked exploring the changes and sucking at them.

“Then strip for me, please?”

I stripped. As I did, Candice unfastened the waist drawstring, slid the shoulder straps of the dress off her arms, then unhooked and removed her bra. Once I was naked she leant forward and eased her feet inside the dress. She held the bodice well away from her breasts.

“Climb in.” She ordered.


“Climb in. There’s plenty of room for you in here.”

There was. I slid my body inside her dress. I kissed her.

“Put your feet through the leg holes.” Candice ordered.

I couldn’t. My feet were too large to get through. Candice leant forward, loosened something, fed one of my feet through, tightened again and repeated on the other foot. When she had finished I was kneeling in front of her with my bare feet protruding slightly.

“Down you go!”

Candice pushed my head between her breasts. I settled blissfully in her cleavage, not noticing that she had pulled the dress up behind me. My mouth opened to accept a large part of one breast. I felt Candice fit her bra over the dress and fasten it again. My head was clamped against her breast, my mouth gagged with soft perfumed flesh.

I stayed there for perhaps half an hour. I had no real idea of time passing because I was in complete darkness, my senses swamped by Candice’s flesh and perfume. I felt the bra being unfastened and removed. Candice pulled the dress slightly open. I blinked in the light. I was barely aware that the movie had finished.

“Time to descend, George.”

I knew exactly what she wanted. She lifted herself so that she was perched on the back of the settee. Her legs spread to welcome my face as I extended my tongue to lick her. As I entered her lower lips a leg crooked behind my head to pull me deeper. I licked, kissed, nibbled, and sucked as her body became warmer and warmer. I tried to bring up my fingers. They were stopped by a firm hand through the dress’s material.

Eventually she started shuddering. I knew that I had reached the point at which I should keep doing exactly what was arousing her. I hadn’t heard the television for some time. Either the movie had finished or her legs grasping my head had deafened me.

Suddenly my head was released. Candice’s legs pulled away and upwards. My mouth sought to follow her retreating pussy but her hand shoved my head back down. There was a flash of distant brightness as Candice’s feet left the dress and then blackness returned.

“What?” I started to say. Candice’s hand forced a fold of the dress into my mouth before pushing my head up into the bodice. The top of my head jammed against the end, my face swamped in the black material which contracted to form a hood I couldn’t escape. A band of material held my chin from returning downwards.

Candice swung my legs up on to the settee before slamming her body across mine. She pulled at the waist drawstring, trapping my lower arms. Another drawstring tightened just above my elbows. I thrashed my legs and feet as she tied more drawstrings. I arched my back but she sat on my stomach.

“Stop wriggling!” she ordered. “You’re helpless!”

I was. I couldn’t see. My hands, although free, were useless with my arms firmly held at my sides.

“Why?” I tried to ask. All that came out was a muffled grunt but Candice seemed to understand.

“Why not?” was the reply. “Lisa told me how to use this dress. I didn’t believe her but as you can feel, it works. Now…”

Candice unfastened the drawstring above my head. She turned the hem down, revealing my eyes. As I looked, her naked breasts descended to cradle my head between them. My mouth was firmly jammed full of material.

“Go to sleep,” she ordered. “There’s a soap episode I want to watch. You hate it. You can’t see it. You won’t hear it. You won’t disturb me, and when it’s finished I want some action. So sleep now.”

She pulled her bra down. Her soft breasts covered my ears. She was right. I couldn’t hear anything except her or my heartbeat.

If only I could think of a way to satisfy her as much as she does me, while I watch a film she doesn’t like. But every time I try, she brings me to a peak in minutes. I miss the film and end up with her grabbing the TV remote.

She stroked the top of my head. I couldn’t resist, gagged and enveloped by her harem dress.

When the soap episode is finished she’ll expect me to let her ride me while I do all the hard thrusting.

I’ll just relax and let Candice watch what she wants — again.

This story is the result of an online discussion. I met the woman whom I have called Yamina on the Literotica chat, and we enjoyed an evening of exchanging experiences. I was so fascinated by this one that I had to write it down. I spoke to Yamina again and she said I should send the story in. It is a real experience.

Yamina stepped into the hallway of her house. Pausing only to throw off her raincoat, she went upstairs to the bedroom she shared with her husband, Mark. She stood for a moment in front of the big mirror, and looked at herself. She saw a not-very tall brown girl, with, she thought, quite a pretty face, wearing jeans and a pullover. Closing her eyes, she undressed totally, then composed herself and looked again. She forced herself first to look at her breasts, small, neat and with big brown nipples. She allowed her gaze to drift downwards. Below her navel, in place of this morning’s thick dark thatch, was a thin line of pubic hair, tracing a path to where her sex lips now showed. Yes, she thought, the effect was as good as she had hoped. Mark was really going to like this! She glanced at her watch. Three-quarters of an hour to get to the restaurant.

She pulled her black minidress out of the wardrobe and laid it on the bed. A pair of black hold ups followed it. She pulled on the stockings, enjoying the sight of her newly visible sexlips framed by the black lacy tops. She paused for a second, slapped her thighs, then sighed philosophically. As a second-generation Pakistani, there were some parts of the genetic makeup she had not escaped. At least they were solid muscle, not just fat! She pulled the dress over her head, appreciated the sensation of it clinging to her body. As she straightened it out, she realised that she had made another decision. She was not going to put on knickers, not even a thong. Mark was really, really going to like this! She went into the bathroom, quickly brushed out her long, black lustrous hair, and refreshed her makeup.

Yamina ran down the stairs, and collected her raincoat. As she picked up her house key from the table by the door, she was unable to resist the temptation to take another look. She stood in front of the full-length mirror and raised the hem of her dress to show the newly depilated belly she had wanted. The beautician had called it a landing strip. Yamina giggled. The plane that landed there would have to have in-line skates! There was barely three or four hairs’ width, compared with her natural bush.

Mark was coming from one of his sites up near Oban, and would drive them both home afterwards. Yamina was pleased to take the tram into the centre; it would give her time to feel the cool evening air under her dress. She walked briskly to the stop, enjoying the sensation of being nearly exposed to all the unknowing passers-by. It made her feel sexy. She checked again the depth of Lycra that lay between her bare sex and the world. Just about a hands’ width…

On the tram she stood at first. It allowed her to pretend she was bracing herself against the swaying of the vehicle, whereas in fact, she was revelling in standing, legs apart, her sex slightly damp and feeling the breeze. Then she sat, at first closing her raincoat over her thighs and allowing the dress to ride up a little in secret. Then she opened the coat, straightened the dress and crossed her legs, so she could quietly squeeze her thighs, and her sex lips, together. She regretted that there were no other passengers to tease a little….

Mark and Yamina met at the restaurant called the Officers’ Mess. It had many advantages for them. It was just by a tram stop, it served good food and had tables separated into little booths. Mark kissed his wife. He was straight out of his car, still in his work suit and tie.

“Hello, gorgeous.” He grinned at her. “Your eyes are glowing. That usually means good things. Is there something I need to know?”

Yamina looked at her husband. Tall and blond, his suit fitted him well, and she felt a warm pride in her heart, as well as a tingle under her dress, to think that this was her man.

“If there is something, you will have to feed me properly to find out” she said “and I am not promising anything”

They went in to the restaurant, heading automatically for a booth on the higher level. They were so accustomed to the eating there; that they knew the table they wanted. The lighting here was more discreet, and there were rarely other clients. This evening they were on their own. The tables here were covered with a tartan cloth, which hung almost to the floor. Mark held out a chair for Yamina, while she removed her coat, and smiled in appreciation of the short black dress she wore.

“Leave the chair there a moment, Mark, please” she said, “and go and sit down”

Obediently he left the chair and took his place facing her across the table. Yamina looked around, and slid her dress up around her hips, showing him her naked and almost hairless sex. There was a sharp intake of breath from Mark.

“That is just sooooo beautiful” he said. “I knew you were up to something, but this is just fantastically sexy”

Yamina smiled demurely, sat down and straightened the dress.

“I’m glad you like it. I have been dying to show someone all the way here!”

“Do you want to see how hard you’ve made me, just by doing that?” Asked Mark

“Mmmmm… let me see. Yes I think I would! Is the waitress anywhere around?

“I can’t see her, why?”

Yamina lifted up the tablecloth, and disappeared under it. She was short enough to be able to squat under the table and she could feel her sex open as she did so. Mark felt her hands open his fly, and take out his solid erection. Suddenly he heard footsteps on the little stair leading to their booth. “Waitress!”, he hissed. He adjusted the tablecloth so that it hid anything that Yamina might do and tried to appear relaxed.

The waitress arrived, a tall young woman with a mass of golden-red curly hair down to her shoulders. Mark was pleased to note that, under her white regulation blouse, she was wearing a dark bra. In his experience, that pointed out that although she had to wear the uniform, she wanted to be noticed as a woman too. He smiled at her, trying to ignore the fingernails which were gently scratching his cock.

“We’ll have a bottle of Barolo. It will be the tagliatelli ai funghi for me, and the vegetarian lasagna for my wife. She will be back in a moment, there was something she wanted to do…. Downstairs”

He could feel Yamina’s warm breath on his penis now, and he struggled to control himself as her soft, full lips kissed his sex. The waitress wrote their order.

“Do you and your wife come here often?” she asked. Then she flushed slightly. “I mean, you ordered without even glancing at the menu!”

Was that what she had really meant, wondered Mark. Yamina had taken his full length into her warm mouth and was sucking him luxuriously. He was torn between the desire to have this stranger watch him come and the knowledge that she might create a scandal.

“You are new here…. Nancy?” he said, peering in the soft light to read her name badge. I see the manager has maintained the policy of employing attractive waitresses! The girl who used to serve us was also pretty, but even shorter than Yamina!”

His face registered a sudden shock as his wife bit him on the helmet of his sex. Clearly, the tablecloth did not prevent her from listening in. Nancy seemed not to have noticed.

“Yes, I just started two days ago. Is your wife Pakistani? She is very attractive, isn’t she? And I do like her dress!”

She turned to walk away, her order pad in her hand. As she reached the top of the little flight of stairs, Mark folded forward, as he flooded Yamina’s mouth with his sperm. He looked up, and saw that Nancy was still at the top of the stairs, looking towards him, before she turned again and went down.

Yamina emerged, smiling, her cheeks flushed.

“How was that, big boy?” She asked, “Did our waitress notice?”

“I’m really not sure either way, but I wouldn’t bet on her having missed what was going on”

Ten minutes later their dishes arrived and they ate. Mark could not help noticing though, that he could no longer see the dark bra under Nancy’s blouse when she served them, but was unsure whether it was his imagination.

They had eaten, and were finishing their wine when Nancy re-appeared, offering desserts. This time there could be no doubt, thought Mark, she had taken off her bra, and also opened a couple of buttons so they could see her breasts move. They ordered desserts. Nancy arrived with their choices and when she had gone, Mark said:

“Now my turn. Sit up close to the table. Yamina, I fancy a little extra dessert, if you are prepared to co-operate.”

Shivering slightly, Yamina moved in tight to the table and Mark squeezed himself under the cloth. She felt his hand slide her dress up her thighs and then his finger start to probe her sex. She rested her forearms on the table and tried to maintain an appearance of calm. She was lost in the sensations when she heard:

“Was everything all right? Can I do anything else for you two?”

Yamina breathed deeply and forced her voice to remain normal as she thanked the waitress. She splutteringly explained that Mark had gone to the loo. Mark was already kissing her sex and she was very wet, but Nancy showed every sign of wanting to chat. Yamina felt the presence of this other woman turning her on more and more.

Nancy was telling her about the job, but Yamina was only vaguely aware of that, as she felt Mark’s fingers explore her. Now he was slipping beyond her sex, towards her anus. She thought God; if he goes in there I shall come! She could feel him touching the ring, tapping it with a finger end. She leaned back in her chair, tried to listen to Nancy.

“Your husband is a very attractive man, isn’t he? You are such a good-looking couple. Have you been married long?”

“No. Just a few months and I am so happy.”

Yamina’s body was screaming out to come. Mark had got one finger in her ass, and was wiggling it, while another two were doing the same in her sex. She stretched back and put her arms behind her head.

“Are you ok?” Asked Nancy “you look a little strained”

“I’m fine,” said Yamina, trying to keep the wobble out of her voice as her orgasm started to build.

“You know, maybe I should clear these glasses” said Nancy, and reached across Yamina. As she did so, her blouse bellied open and Yamina saw the bare breasts of the waitress right in front of her face. Nancy smiled at Yamina:

“Do you like to see that?”

“Yes, they are beautiful”

“Would you like to touch?”

Instead of replying, Yamina buried her face in the breasts on offer, suckling the fat stiff nipples as she came, crushing Mark’s hand between her thighs.

“ I could tell you needed that” smiled Nancy, as Yamina recovered. Mark came out from under, barely embarrassed by the presence of Nancy. He smiled at her, taking in the fact that her breasts were still on show.

“Do you have a telephone where we can reach you?” Mark asked

“I’ll write it on the bill” laughed Nancy.

Using a small brush to apply the last of her deep maroon lipstick, Mai checked her work one last time before leaving the bathroom and preparing to head out for the evening. She went over in her head everything she thought she would need, re-verifying for the third time that she had the keys to her apartment and her emergency money safely tucked away in a hidden pocket of her small party purse. She and her two closest friends were making it a girls’ night out and going to a club they had never been to before.

In her living room she stood far back from the large oval mirror which hung at eye level on the wall next to the front door to see how she looked. She didn’t have a full-length mirror and so had to improvise as best she could. Her metallic cobalt blue sequined dress with its black accents hugged every curve of her body. Tight enough to show off her petite figure, she was only 5′ 4″, yet loose enough to move around in comfortably. It complemented her blunt cut, raven black hair falling down her partially exposed back.

The only offspring of a white father and Vietnamese mother, she had inherited the best of both genetic pools. Her hair, skin tone and elegant curves being the Asian portion while her green, rounded eyes and more angular face being the European portion. Where the two met, such as her high cheekbones and small chin, they combined to produce an exotic beauty.

Raised in what most people would have considered a conservative household, her parents had instilled in her the value of modesty which she had carried with her until she moved to New York a few years after graduating from college. Soon after starting her first real job after school she was befriended by Christine, or Chrissy as she preferred, and Tina who very quickly absolved her of the notion that she had to hide herself under non-descript, plain jane clothes. They took her on whirlwind shopping sprees stopping at the big stores such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman. They dove into the small, nook-and-cranny stores hidden away in SoHo, Chelsea and the lower east side where deals on designer clothes abounded. They showed her the luxury that awaited at spas and surprised her by treating her to having her hair done by one of the most prestigious hairstylists in the city.

The result was a woman coming into her own. She had grown more confident as the months passed, more poised, more citified yet still retained some of the habits and sensibilities she had grown up with. Now, as she examined herself in the mirror, she contemplated changing outfits. While the color and fit were perfect for her, the reflection of the sequins almost made it look like she had on a skin of small fish scales. Grimacing, she decided to go with it as she had to catch the subway a few blocks away if she were to meet her friends on time.

Looking down one last time she tugged at the hem of her dress, lowering it just a bit down her legs before pulling up on each of the black boots she had chosen. The boots had a suede-like nap to them and opened up like the top of a funnel just above her knees which allowed her leg freedom of movement while walking. They also had a decent-sized heel which provided her with a much needed boost in height and had added the benefit of making her legs appear longer.

In between the top of the boot and the bottom of her dress her legs were encased in black thigh-high stockings. She had decided against pantyhose since with dresses like this they left a line around her waist, no matter what brand she wore. Besides, she had quickly learned that men went wild at the sight of a bit of lace peeking out from under the hem of a dress or skirt. In her case the dress was long enough not to show anything while standing yet short enough that if she wanted to she could pull it up while sitting to provide a bit of eye candy.

The last thing she did was check her nails, the polish being almost the same shade as her lipstick, before grabbing her purse and Metro Card lying in the bowl by the door. She made sure the lock on the door handle was secured, then closed the door and lightly danced down the two flights of stairs to the street. Going downtown, she quickly walked the two blocks to the subway station and waited on the platform for the train to arrive.

She knew she was being watched by the few men and women who were also waiting for the train but she had grown used to the stares, another side-effect of living in a big city. She didn’t fidget, but leaned against a support column, giving her a bit of privacy from the eyes locked on her. The rumble of the approaching train quickly gave way to screeching brakes as the cars came to a halt in the station. She waited while a few people disembarked before finding an empty seat on the end of a row.

In only a few minutes the muffled voice of the conductor announced her stop, though she reconfirmed the location by looking at the name of the station laid out on the tile wall. Mingling with the crowd leaving the station she climbed the stairs to street level, feeling the cool air streaming down the steps. Though late spring, the nights still had a coolness to them which was just as well. She knew, like every New Yorker, the hot steamy days of summer would soon arrive and stay around like an uninvited guest for months to come.

Once above ground she headed west, across town, for two blocks. Rounding the corner of a building she saw the club on the opposite corner, its name being announced in an amber glow of neon. ‘Chuckles’ seemed an odd name for a club but then this one, like so many others, probably wouldn’t last long enough for it to become a household name. Clubs were constantly being opened and closed in the city and it almost became a game to those on the circuit to see which one would close the fastest.

“Mai! Mai!” she heard her name being yelled. Orienting on the shouts she saw Chrissy and Tina waving frantically to her from across the street. They were already in line waiting to get in and were holding her spot. The line didn’t seem to be that long so hopefully they could get in before midnight.

“You look awesome!” Chrissy yelled as Mai approached her two friends.

“Work it! Work it!” Tina teased as Mai’s boot heels fell in and out of the gaps between the cobblestones which made up the street, her hips moving back and forth in a larger arc than normal as she tried to keep her balance. She noticed that this had the effect of focusing every male eye on her and a smile crossed her full lips.

Chrissy gave her a big hug, as if they hadn’t seen each other for weeks when in reality it had only been a few hours since they left work. But then that was Chrissy. Bold, outgoing, brash, I-don’t-give-a-shit New York Chrissy. Woe be to the man who crossed her and woe to the man upon whom she lavished her affections. In both cases the guy would be lucky if he left with all body parts intact.

Tina, a bit more subdued, gave Mai a perfunctory hug about the shoulders. Tina was the yin to Chrissy’s yang. Mai wasn’t sure that she could have stood having two of Chrissy around and was thankful that Tina provided a bit of stability to the group preventing Chrissy’s usually rash decisions from getting them into more trouble than they already had. But if the two were yin and yang, where did that leave her?

“Look at those legs!” Chrissy squealed, running her hand up and down the opening between boot and skirt. “So soft and silky!” she announced to everyone in ear shot.

“And long!” Tina chimed in. “I didn’t know you had such long legs.”

Mai laughed, not sure how Tina could say such a thing when she had helped Mai pick out some of the shortest skirts Mai dared to wear.

“I gots what I gots,” Mai replied, extending one leg in front of her, providing a better view for all to see.

“Hey, how about giving me a better look at them legs!” she heard shouted from behind in the line.

Looking back she saw a guy several feet away with curly black hair, dark shirt and pants and a grin on his face, looking at her. Well, not her but pieces of her. His eyes darted from her outstretched leg, to her partially exposed ample breasts constrained by her dress, to her eyes.

Mai gave the stranger a gentle smile but didn’t reply and turned her back to him.

“Is that a yes?” she heard him ask.

“If her back is to you that can’t be a good sign,” Chrissy yelled at him, causing others in line to laugh at his expense.

What would Mai do without Chrissy? She was always there for her, always ready to stick up for her or shout down anyone who was considered a threat or simply not someone they wanted around. On more than one occasion Chrissy had forcefully intervened between Mai and unwanted advances by guys at clubs. It was almost like having a personal bodyguard.

Tina, while nowhere near as outgoing as Chrissy, had her moments. She seemed to pick and choose who she wanted to be with more care than Chrissy, whose approached seemed to be one of ‘the more the merrier’. Tina could vent just as well as Chrissy but she preferred to diffuse situations by completely flummoxing a guy with her razor sharp wit. Mai felt closer to Tina because of this but was glad she was friends with both.

Standing in line, taking baby steps forward when a few people were let into the club, Mai got a good look at what her compatriots were wearing. Chrissy’s naturally curly black hair bounced around as she struck up an animated conversation with a guy a few feet in front of them. Her satiny, off-white shirt took on the color of the clubs signature sign while her black, hip-hugging pants tried to cover up a not so delicate waist and thigh area. Her open-toed heels rounded out the ensemble, moving this way and that as Chrissy shifted her weight from foot to foot.

Tina, somewhat surprisingly, had on a more daring outfit. Her white top, secured behind the neck, criss-crossed her athletic breasts while exposing her flat stomach. Her back was likewise exposed, her short blonde hair only covering her neck, a small tongue of fabric riding low near her waist held her top against her body. Her black skirt seemed to be shorter than Mai’s dress, her bare, toned legs on display for all to see, supported on a pair of black, strappy heels secured about her ankles. She looked good in the outfit. Not too slutty, but certainly spicy enough to raise the pulse of any guy with a heartbeat.

Mai’s eyes lingered on Tina for a few moments before being prodded from behind. Waking up from her reflection she saw that the line had moved forward a few feet and she was holding things up. Apologizing to the person behind her she caught up to her friends who must have presumed she was following them.

After waiting another half hour in line the three were at the velvet ropes. Yes, this place had velvet ropes, as if this somehow indicated the quality of the establishment. Apparently, in an effort to get as many different types of people together in one place, there was no restriction on what one looked like to be able to get in. As a few people left the same number were let in.

It was just after ten before the three were allowed to enter. They looked around at the setting, only moderately impressed by the layout. Fortunately the music wasn’t too loud, yet, so they were able to talk without resorting to shouting. Making their way to the side they were able to find an unoccupied table with two stools but couldn’t find a third, unoccupied seat.

“What now?” asked Mai, the beat of the techno-like music reverberating off the walls around them.

“Why don’t you two stay here and I’ll get us drinks. Maybe something will open up in the meantime,” Chrissy replied. Taking their drink order Chrissy was soon lost in the crowd milling on and about the lower dance floor as she made her way to the bar.

Tina and Mai both looked over the crowd, making the occasional eye contact with guys who seemed to be interested but who never came over to talk to them. One guy did come up to Tina and tried to strike up a conversation but he seemed more interested in Mai the longer he stayed and finally Tina had enough and told him to leave.

“Loser,” Mai heard Tina say under her breath.

Chrissy returned a short time later with three drinks in her hands. She almost looked like a waitress as she held the drinks high and out of the way of the throngs of people. All three simultaneously took a drink and just as simultaneously laughed as they realized what they had done.

“To friends!” Chrissy shouted, holding her drink in her outstretched arm above the middle of the table.

“To friends!” Tina and Mai shouted in unison, clinking their glasses together before taking another drink.

“Who wants a shot?” Chrissy asked. The night was young and she was starting early with the antics.

Tina waved her off but Mai accepted the offer. This time Chrissy flagged down a passing waitress and gave the order. Minutes later, as she was finishing her drink, the shots of vodka arrived and without hesitation inhaled the drink, giving the glass back to the waitress who hadn’t had time to leave the table.

Mai left her shot on the table, her first drink only half done, holding it for later.

“Come on! Let’s go!” shouted Chrissy at the two bumps on the log. Seeing that neither was moving she grabbed Tina’s hand and drug her to the dance floor, Tina nearly tripping as they stepped down the one step to the main level. Mai sat there, by herself, guarding their spot. She watched Chrissy set herself loose upon the nearest unsuspecting guy just off the dance floor, Tina shaking her head and sitting down in his vacated spot to talk to his partner.

“Excuse me,” she heard from next to her.

Looking to her side she saw what most women would have considered an average looking guy; there wasn’t much fancy about him. His wire-rimmed glasses gave him an educated look, his grey shirt hiding whatever body he had, his hair cropped short.

“I know you’ve probably heard this a million times,” he continued, “but I have to say it anyway. You are gorgeous!”

Mai laughed both because of the cheesy line and also because he seemed so sincere when he said it.

“My name’s Dave,” he said, extending a hand. “May I join you?”

Mai hesitated, a thin smile still on her lips as she sized him up. Deciding that he was harmless she took his hand and invited him to sit in Tina’s vacant seat.

“So Dave, what brings you here tonight?” she asked, knowing full well it was a stupid question but one that everyone always asked.

“Nothing in particular,” he answered. “Overpriced drinks, loud music, hot women. You know, the usual,” he said, giving her an exaggerated smile for effect.

Mai laughed again. This time because she enjoyed his honest joke.

“And you?” he inquired, not taking his eyes from hers.

“My friends brought me out here,” she said, trying to point out the bouncing Chrissy on the floor but giving up when she realized it didn’t make a bit of difference to him.

“So what do you do Dave?”

“I’m a photographer.”

“What kind?”


Mai stared at him, not sure if he was joking. The answer was not what she expected and she had to think for a moment before responding.

Dave broke out into a smile and a laugh before she could reply; he reassured her he didn’t work for the men’s magazine. He did, however, do still life’s and product photos.

Somewhat relieved at his answer, she volunteered that she worked in an ad agency. They compared notes but found they had never unknowingly worked on the same project.

As they talked Tina came back to the table, a quizzical look on her face as she saw someone occupying her seat and Mai having an apparently deep discussion with him.

“Tina, this is Dave. He’s a photographer,” Mai said, introducing the two.

Tina shook his hand and watched as Dave got up from his seat and with a flourish, offered her her seat back. Tina gave Mai a wide-eyed look as she took her seat, wondering what Mai had gotten herself into.

“Would you ladies like a drink? On me,” Dave offered.

Mai had finished her first drink, leaving her only with the shot of vodka which she drank, handing Dave the empty glass and telling him what she wanted. Tina took advantage of the offer and Dave left to get what was wanted.

“How did that happen?” Tina asked as soon as Dave turned his back, the music covering her voice from his ears.

“He told me I was gorgeous.”

Tina laughed. “You’re that easy, huh?”

“Oh yeah, I’m a sucker for a cute smile and a cheesy line.”

“What happened to that innocent girl from the sticks we knew?” Tina teased.

“The city beat her out of me,” Mai joked back. The two shared a laugh, Tina’s hand patting Mai’s crossed knee, before Dave came back with the drinks.

“Ladies,” Dave said, raising his glass to the two before taking a drink.

Mai watched him, her interest growing in this unusual man. He wasn’t like most other New York guys. He seemed genuine and totally at ease with himself. He even had a bit of manners which really scored points with her.

“Hey, look what I found!” the three heard and turning saw Chrissy dragging a husky, somewhat scruffy guy behind her. Almost plowing into Dave she introduced her stud for the night, Chris, and announced to everyone that they would have to find their own way home because she was leaving. Which she did, dragging Chris behind her and out the door.

“That was odd,” Dave remarked.

“No, that was Chrissy,” Tina informed him, giving a knowing look to Mai.

The three talked for a while, completely at ease with one another. They shared funny stories of growing up, their trials and tribulations of living in the Big Apple and anything else that came to mind.

Dave was working on his third drink of the night, Tina’s third and Mai’s fourth, when he looked Mai straight in the eyes and asked, “Would you let me take some pictures of you?”

Mai’s eyes widened at the proposal. She knew that both men and women considered her to be attractive but she had never considered posing for anyone. It just wasn’t her.

“Uh, I don’t think so,” she hesitantly replied.

“Why not? As I told you earlier, you’re gorgeous!” Dave prodded.

Mai wrinkled her nose, telling him, “It’s not me.”

“What do you mean it’s not you? Of course it’s you! Women would kill to be you. Why not let me?”

Mai hesitated. Whether it was the effect of the drinks or something more cerebral, for a moment she contemplated accepting his offer.

“She can come along if you want. For protection and all,” Dave said, pointing to Tina who was watching this verbal jousting match.

Mai looked at Tina, who had been caught mid-drink, her eyes looking over the glass. Tina’s eyes were wide as if asking Mai what she was going to do. Mai look back at Dave, anticipation written on his face, his perpetual smile glued into place.

She felt a hand on her knee and looking down saw it was Tina’s, a grin on her friends face as if encouraging Mai to accept.

“Ok,” Mai finally agreed and downed the remainder of her drink, giving herself some fortitude.

The three left and Dave hailed a cab which took them across then up the island. Dave sat in the front of the cab giving Mai and Tina the rear seat to themselves. The two friends whispered back and forth, trying to keep their voices down but occasionally letting loose with a giggle fit.

“Is this safe?” Mai asked Tina, a little doubt gnawing at her stomach.

“Of course,” Tina said, grabbing Mai’s knee and squeezing it. “You’re beautiful. Why not let him take some pictures of you?”

“What if he’s an axe murderer?” Mai jokingly asked.

“Well, I guess you’ll be a beautiful corpse,” Tina quipped. She reached behind Mai and pulled her friends head to her shoulder, cradling her for support. Tina played with the tips of Mai’s hair, brushing the silken strands under Mai’s nose, tickling her, trying to relieve some tension.

Mai liked this. She felt secure in Tina’s embrace and relaxed herself, trying to push the nervous feeling she had out of her system. Tina’s hand continued rubbing her knee, the warm, delicate touch a welcome change from the cool night air seeping into the cab.

“We’re here,” Dave announced as the cab pulled to the curb. He paid the fare and held the door for Mai and Tina before sending the cab on its way. The relative warmth of the cab gave way to the cool night air which snapped at their exposed skin. Dave walked up the stairs to the condo and waited for the two to catch up to him. Entering the foyer he escorted them to the elevator which they rode to the eighth floor before exiting into a short hallway with only three doors.

Walking to the door at the end of the hallway Dave unlocked it and allowed the two to enter first, his hand reaching inside to flick the lights on. They stood on the far side of what was his living room, to the right his open kitchen. The room had a high ceiling, light wooden floors and windows on the west side from which one could see Central Park a few blocks away. In addition to the furniture there were several black and white and a few color photos hanging on the walls.

“This place is wonderful!” Mai exclaimed, realizing how small and uninteresting her own place was.

“Thanks,” Dave said, “I try my best.”

Mai looked at Tina, her eyes now wide with excitement, a girlish smile on her face. She looked like she had won the lottery. Tina’s eyes roamed the room before looking at Mai, the wheels turning in her head.

“Well, come on you two. The camera awaits!” Dave shouted from down the hallway on the far side of the room. He waved at them to hurry them along which they did, their heads turning from side to side, taking in whatever they could see.

They followed Dave to the end of the hallway where he opened a door revealing a large, mostly barren room with heavy, black curtains partially covering the windows which were on two sides of the room. Dave closed the curtains one by one before walking over to Mai who, along with Tina, was still standing in the doorway. Taking her by the hand he escorted her to a stool which was positioned on the tongue of a large roll of grey paper whose rolled end was attached to the wall.

Dave turned on two lights, one on each side of Mai before turning them off and getting two smaller lights from a collection off to the side. He placed one light behind and below her while putting the other off to her left at about shoulder level and covering with a diffusing screen.

“You’re fine. Just relax,” Dave told her, sensing her nervousness. He pulled back the strands of hair which had fallen across her shoulders and let them fall behind her. He raised her chin with his hand and placed her hands on her crossed legs.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, giving her a wink before turning and grabbing a larger than normal looking camera from off a shelf.

“If you’d like to have a better view, you can sit in that chair,” Dave told Tina, pointing to a chair off to the side and out of the way. Tina quietly walked over and sat down, watching him intently. Mai looked to her friend for encouragement but couldn’t get her attention.

“I’m just going to do some test shots first,” Dave told Mai. “Now take a deep breath, hold it, then slowly exhale.”

Mai did as instructed and as she was exhaling heard the click of the camera. Dave checked his watch and waited. When the time was right he pulled a strip from the side of the camera, opened the back and pulled out an instant photo. Smiling, he walked over to Mai and showed this beautiful woman her first picture.

“Oh my god!” Mai cried, “I look so lost!”

Dave laughed at her comment and waved Tina over to see. When Tina saw the picture she too laughed. She grabbed Mai’s head and leaned her own head onto it, still laughing but offering support.

“Would you like some music?” Dave asked. “Maybe it would help you to relax.”

“Sure,” Mai said.

Dave produced an old, beaten up radio and tuned it to a classical station. Mai wrinkled her nose and he searched again. Finding a rock station Mai listened before shaking her head. Searching yet again Dave found a station which was playing club music. Mai signaled that that would be acceptable and the photo shoot resumed.

The music did help. Mai started relaxing and bounced a little in her seat to the beat of the music. Dave took a few more pictures, showing her the results each time before telling her that he was going to shoot the real thing.

Seeing that she was tensing up again he offered both Mai and Tina some wine even though they had had several drinks already that night. While he went to get the drinks Tina and Mai talked.

“Well?” Tina inquired.

“Well what?”

“What do you think?”

“About what?” Mai asked.

“About Dave.” About the photos. About everything!” Tina said.

“Oh. It’s interesting but I’m still nervous. And what about Dave?”

“Haven’t you noticed his cute butt?” Tina chuckled.

“No, I have not noticed his cute butt. I’m too busy trying to relax and have my picture taken,” Mai told her, her voice somewhat perturbed.

“Well I have,” Tina told her, “and it looks like you hooked a good one.” She gave Mai that knowing smile.

“I,” Mai said, emphasizing the ‘I’, “didn’t hook anyone. He came up to me, remember?”

“Whatever,” Tina huffed. “Just relax. He’s right you know.”

“He’s right what?”

“You are gorgeous.”

“Tina!” Mai cried, playfully smacking her friend.

“What? I’m just saying. As a woman I can appreciate other women. It doesn’t have to mean anything.”

“Get over there and sit down,” Mai jokingly said, pointing to the chair. “And be quiet!”

Tina gave a quick kiss to Mai’s cheek, holding her position afterwards and whispering in her ear, “You are gorgeous whether you want to admit it or not.” She left Mai sitting there alone, her mouth open, unsure how to respond.

Dave returned with three glasses and a bottle of chilled white wine. The drink had a semi-dry feeling accented with a touch of sweetness. Mai drank half her glass before taking a breath while Tina serenely sipped hers, watching Dave prepare his equipment.

“Feeling better?” Dave asked as he refilled Mai’s glass.

“A little.”

“Don’t be nervous. There’s no pain involved.”

“That’s what you think,” Mai retorted.

Dave laughed at her comment and took another sip of his drink before getting behind the camera and preparing his shot. He shot six frames from different angles before changing the lens and repeating the procedure. All the while he gave directions to Mai on how to sit, how to hold her head, the way to hold her hands. He even used the glass of wine she held in her hand, telling her to pretend she was trying to sell the wine. She complied as best she could, unsure of how the final product would be.

The photo shoot continued for some time, both on and off the stool. Throughout this time Mai, along with Tina, continued drinking the wine, the first bottle emptied and Dave appearing with a second. Mai felt herself growing warm both from the lights and the wine, her body becoming more relaxed, more receptive to Daves’ directives.

At some point Dave had her pull the straps of her dress down, the graceful curves and golden skin of her shoulders presenting an unbroken line. It felt like her breasts would come loose but she didn’t let that stop her from looking into the camera and giving a fake kiss.

Without an invitation, Tina walked into the frame and stood beside Mai, her left hand on Mai’s left arm, her right hand hooked over Mai’s left shoulder. The two stood there waiting as Dave took his shots. Tina softly kissed Mai’s shoulder and looked into the green eyes of her friend.

“Ladies,” Dave interrupted. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Mai looked at Tina, those warm eyes looking back, searching for an answer.

“I.. I,,” Mai stuttered, “I’m not sure I can do this.”

“It’s ok,” Tina encouraged her quietly. “You’re with me. Everything is fine.”

Whether because of the alcohol in her system, the gentle breeze blowing across her from a fan Dave had set up or because it was Tina, Mai acquiesced. Tina again kissed her shoulder and gave another peck on the cheek.

Mai felt a warmth spreading over her, unsure as to why she should feel this way but enjoying it. She noticeably relaxed, feeling Tina’s warm hands on her arm and body, her touch soft yet firm.

Dave stopped giving directions and let the two do what they wanted though he could tell it was Tina doing the guiding. He watched as Tina kissed Mai’s neck, her shoulder, her hand, and her fingers. He saw Mai react to the womanly touches of her friend, enjoying the bodily sensations she was feeling.

It wasn’t long before Tina had exposed Mai’s voluptuous, curvy breasts, another pleasant product of mixed-race parents, their honeyed skin tinged with a sheen which the lights caught. Tina leaned in in profile to Mai’s breasts, her tongue extended, trying to touch a nipple. Dave snapped several shots of this, his arousal growing at this unexpected development.

Finding the erect nub Tina flicked it with just the tip of her tongue. Mai inhaled at the touch, her chest rising as she did before settling back down. Her eyes were closed, her sense of touch pulling her higher. Her hands were at her side, her fingers curling and uncurling at Tina’s touch.

Tina turned her head and placed her entire mouth on Mai’s breast, taking in not only the nipple but the surrounding flesh as well. Her warm tongue, loosened by the drinks she had consumed danced over Mai’s skin, rubbing hard against the erect nipple, Mai responding with another inhalation. Mai grasped Tina behind the head, holding her friends mouth on her heaving bosom, her fingers intertwined in Tina’s blonde locks.

Dave continued to shoot pictures, not intruding in the scene unfolding before him. He quietly moved his camera to different positions, doing his best to keep as much light on the two attached bodies as he could.

Tina pulled Mai’s dress down until it fell to the floor, revealing to both herself and Dave the wonders of Mai’s body. The golden skin had its own glow, the lights upon it merely enhancing what already existed. Tina’s left hand moved downward, tracing a path across Mais stomach, around her belly button, to the slight mound hidden below a pair of black panties.

“Uhhh,” Mai shuddered, reacting to the touch upon her.

Tina stood upright before Mai and unhooked her top from behind her neck and pulled it over her head, giving Mai her first look at her friend’s nude form. Tina’s breasts were much smaller than Mai’s, more circular, and pinker. Mai reached out and gently cupped one in her hand, feeling the firmness beneath her fingers, her thumb touching the tip.

Tina closed in on Mai and whispered in her ear, “Do you like it?”

“Yes,” Mai whispered, her hand still playing with its new found toy.

“I want you,” Tina whispered. “I want to taste you. I want to feel you.”

Mai swallowed hard, her mind on overload with thoughts and feelings she never had before. She loved the feeling of Tina in her hand, the difference between her own breasts and Tina’s distinct. She could feel the heat radiating off their two bodies, Tina’s smell strong before her. Tina’s fingers lightly ran up and down Mai’s back, almost to the point of tickling but thrilling nonetheless.

Without a thought Mai kissed Tina, their tongues dancing in each others mouths, their bodies pressed together in an embrace. The softness of Tina’s mouth and skin was the complete opposite of every guy Mai had kissed. When kissing a man his touch was usually firm, sometimes overpowering but with Tina it was gentler, yet somehow more stimulating.

Mai stepped out of her dress and tossed it to the side with her foot. The two knelt as one until they were on the floor, Mai rolling on her back, her legs opening wide, inviting Tina to partake of the exposed feast.

Lying on her belly, Tina placed her face right before Mai’s wet pussy, only the thin fabric of Mai’s panties preventing her from getting at her goal. Reaching into the band about Mai’s slender waist, Tina pulled on the material, Mai raising her hips to help, and pulled them completely off, tossing them on top of the dress.

Now, with Mai’s womanhood before her, Tina didn’t hesitate to taste the nectar seeping from her friend. Her tongue lapped up every bit, working around, on and in Mai’s pussy. She placed her mouth over the opening and inserted her tongue as deep as it would go, her left shoulder and arm wrapped around Mai’s thigh, keeping her leg elevated while her other hand reached for Mai’s breast. The silky smoothness of Mai’s stocking-clad leg occasionally rubbing against her face contrasted with the more rough texture of the lace band around the thigh but Tina loved everything she felt.

Dave watched, not making a sound, his camera occasionally being used to record the scene in front of him. He was entranced by the actions going on before him as two friends, now lovers, committed themselves to one another.

In and out Tina’s tongue went from between Mai’s pussy lips. Tina occasionally took a lip in her mouth and gently sucked on it before continuing her tasting of Mai. Her hand tweaked Mai’s nipple, sometimes hard, sometimes softly, driving Mai’s excitement higher and higher.

Mai’s breathing became labored, her back arched, head back, as her friend ate her, all of her. She felt the velvet tongue dance over her most intimate area unconcerned it was a woman and not a man who was arousing such desire in her. She held Tina’s head down, pulling her mouth more firmly into her aching sex, wanting more of Tina, the sounds of delightful ecstasy coming from her opened mouth.

Every so often, Tina would look over the top of Mai’s leg at Dave, who was sitting in the chair now closer to the action, watching the two. Her eyes locked with his, drawing him in. She enjoyed being watched as she sucked her friend. She wanted more but contented herself, for now, with Mai.

Mai placed her boot heels on Tina’s back, her knees bent and legs spread even wider. With her own hands she played with her breasts and tried to lean forward enough to suck on her own nipples but could not. Frustrated, she pulled on herself, trying to bring herself more fulfillment as her friend worked a finger into her.

Seeing what she wanted Dave quietly walked over to Mai’s prone body and, without a word, knelt beside her and began to suck on a breast.

“Aaaahhhh!” Mai squealed at his touch. She held Dave’s head to her, finding a small bit of relief from her near orgasmic state. Her breaths came hard and sharp, her body twitching as Tina’s finger worked its way ever deeper, probing every spot of her insides. She felt herself being driven into a frenzy as two people, one man, one woman, touched her in ways she hadn’t known before.

Dave looked at Mai, her full colored lips open for air, her eyes half closed as she let herself experience new heights of pleasure. Her eyes looked back, asking for him to give her something. He caressed the side of her face, feeling the exquisite skin beneath his fingers, holding her as she pressed back into his touch. She lifted her head to kiss the palm of his hand, then took a finger in her mouth, sucking gently on it, her tongue dancing in unison to Tina’s own actions.

Dave was unsure if he should honor her unspoken request. He withdrew his finger and kissed her, her mouth sucking him, her arms holding him to her.

“Guhhh!” she gasped as she released him, Tina having found a particularly sensitive spot. Mai still held Dave close, her arms straining to pull him closer, using him to bear down as Tina’s tongue pressed harder onto her clitoris, the moment of release near at hand.

With one last twist Tina’s finger dug deep into Mai, her tongue furiously stroking Mai’s spot, wanting to have all of her. Mai screamed as the sharp waves of her orgasm crashed over her body, her arms locking Dave in a death embrace, her mouth thrown open for air, her legs straining to stay open with every stroke of Tina’s tongue.

Wave after wave coursed over her, igniting still more screams and squeals, her long nails digging through Dave’s shirt and into the skin of his back. She leaned her head forward and bit down on his shirt, trying in vain to outlast the excruciating fervor rippling through her.

Mai finally gave in and let her legs go limp, her knees falling apart as wide as they could go, her arms merely resting on Dave’s back, as Tina continued breaching her with finger and tongue. She continued to be assaulted by an intensity of emotions so strong she had no choice but to submit. Over and over Tina took her measure while Mai’s cries of delirium echoed in the room, her voice growing hoarse, her breath almost uncontrolled.

Slowly, bit by bit, the flame inside Mai began to die. Tina recognized this and raised her head, using the back of her hand to clean the sides of her mouth which Mai’s juices had coated. Her breathing was heavy from exertion but under control because of her regular attendance at a gym. She sat back on her knees, looking at her spent friend sprawled on the floor of the studio, her arms still wrapped around Dave but with no strength left in them.

Tina listened to Mai’s breathing and watched as her flat midriff rose and fell in rapid succession. Reaching out she ran a finger up the inside of Mai’s thigh and was rewarded by the quick closing of those sublime legs. Placing her hands on Mai’s knees Tina gently spread those legs and ran each hand up the inside of Mai’s thighs, relishing the sleek feeling of a woman’s leg behind stockings, ones much different than her own.

Realizing that Mai was spent, Dave carefully lifted himself from her body, giving her a kiss before sitting on his heels and noticing Tina’s position. He looked at her exposed breasts, his aroused state evident, his lust growing as he watched her trace her hands up and down Mai’s legs. Dave looked at those legs and the delicate body to which they were attached lying on his floor. He saw that he was correct in his initial comment; Mai was gorgeous.

“That was interesting,” Dave quietly said to Tina.

Without a word Tina leaned down to lay a kiss on Mai’s furry mound before standing up and walking over to Dave. Kneeling in front of him she asked, “Do you want her?”

“What?” Dave asked, reacting to the question.

“Do you want her? She’s available,” Tina answered, her eyes darting to Mai who seemed to be asleep.

Dave looked at the prone figure within arms reach of him. The idea of being able to take, without any effort, such a stunning example of womanhood was tempting. He knew there were those in the industry who had taken advantage of such sights but he wasn’t one of them.

“I can’t” he replied, almost sheepishly, looking away from Mai and back to Tina.

“Then you can have me in her stead.”

Dave’s eyes wandered over Tina’s figure, her small, creamy breasts inviting, her body toned from exercise. Reaching out with one arm he encircled Tina’s waist and pulled her close while simultaneously removing his glasses with his other hand and tossing them far to the side. As one they met, Dave tasting Mai on Tina, her tongue warm and inviting.

Without giving him a chance, Tina reached down with a hand and shoved it inside his pants, her hand feeling his erect member and the wet spot from his precum on his underwear. Without removing her lips from his she undid his pants and pulled both pieces of clothes down to free his straining cock. She stopped kissing him and fell to all fours, her head dipping to take him in her mouth.

Tasting a large drop of precum on her tongue she swallowed it, its flavor mixing with Mai’s taste still in her mouth. Using only her mouth Tina rocked back and forth on her hands and knees, Dave’s cock floating free between her lips, her tongue rubbing its underside.

Dave laid his hands on her waist and tried to match her motions. He held her tight, making sure she couldn’t leave him. His hips found the rhythm and he fucked her face, pushing as deep as he could into her throat before backing out a bit and going in again.

Tina pulled herself back from Dave’s grip and let him slip from her mouth. Standing up she reached under her skirt and pulled off her black thong underwear. Tossing them in the corner she knelt again but this time pushed Dave backwards onto the floor. Ignoring the fact that his pants weren’t completely off she sank onto his erect shaft, her arms pinning his shoulders to the floor.

“Fuck me Dave,” she growled, her blue eyes ablaze with lust.

Grasping her waist Dave shoved himself deep into her drenched pussy. Tina sank down, allowing him to go even deeper into her before raising herself up a few inches before sinking back down. Again and again she did this, pushing Dave seemingly deeper into her every time. She didn’t care to wait for him, she wanted him now.

Dave pulled her close enough that he could suck on a breast as it hung before him, her pert orb an alluring stimulation in his mouth. His tongue swirled and flicked her pink nipple, her heart racing at his touch. Harder she slammed herself onto him, her pussy taking him in but not wanting him to leave.

Dave’s hips again found the rhythm and added to her motions. He thrust as hard as he could as she fell on him, his crotch soaked in her juices, the smell of their bodies mingling in the air at the floor. He held tight to her breast, trying to set her loose in an orgasmic frenzy. He felt the walls of her pussy sucking him, trying to drain him of his seed, wanting him to release his stream.

Grunting and moaning, they worked their way towards a climax. Tina’s breath labored harder and harder, Dave’s lower back becoming sore from the pounding she was giving him. This was a contest of wills, who could make the other cum first, who could last the longest. This wasn’t about making love, this was pure, unadulterated, animalistic sex.

Tina sat up, forcing Dave to relinquish his mouth from its hold on her breast, then finding his mouth with hers. She wanted him in her mouth, to taste a man after she had a woman. She rotated her hips to bring herself into greater contact with his shaft, the greater sensations driving her towards her inexorable explosion.

“Uhhhhh!” Dave groaned as he reached orgasm, his cock pulsing with each explosive shot as he coated Tina’s walls. He came again and again, her pussy draining him of every ounce of semen he had. He grimaced at the raw power of Tina as she continued to fuck him, a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy threatening to send him into unconsciousness.

“Oh fuck!” Tina screamed as she found her mark. Incredibly her pace quickened, Dave’s dick being rubbed raw by the unrelenting friction of her pussy. Her clitoris furiously scraped itself on him sending shock after shock of sexual excitement through her. Panting and moaning, incomprehensible utterings emanating from behind her clenched teeth, she rode him like this was their last night together.

Mercifully, she soon tired, having given her all to him, her encounter with Mai merely a warm-up for the main event. She slumped onto his chest then rolled off, his semi-erect dick falling free with ease. She rolled over to Mai and laid her arm across her friend’s chest, snuggling close, laying her face on the nearest shoulder.

Dave lay there, panting equally hard, his dick slowly flagging until it fell limp, small drops of semen flowing down his already soaked crotch. He didn’t move for some time, allowing his heart a chance to slow down before he stood up and gingerly pulled his pants up. Walking like someone who had ridden a horse too long he turned off the fan and stand lights, leaving only the overhead lights on. Finding his way to a hall closet he pulled out two blankets and returning to his studio gently laid them across the two women. Looking back one last time he turned out the lights but left the door open, a small nightlight in the hallway providing the bare minimum glow needed for guidance.

Dave quickly cleaned up before flopping into bed, completely exhausted and spent. He awoke during the night, no, scratch that, early morning as his clock read 3:38, to find Tina spooned in front of him while Mai was in front of her. He didn’t remember them getting into bed with him but fortunately his bed was big enough to accommodate all three of them. He got up to relieve himself, laying his arm across Tina when he returned, his hand falling on Mai’s midriff, and pulled them tight to him. He kissed Tina’s neck, her glossy blonde hair light on his nose.

The three slept like that until mid-morning, oblivious to the outside world. It was Tina who stirred first. She looked behind her and saw Dave asleep at her back, his arm still slung over her. To her front was Mai, now nude as she had helped her friend remove her boots and stockings before climbing into bed. Tina was likewise naked figuring she might as well be comfortable.

She sat up on her arm and looked at the sleeping beauty in front of her, running her hand across a hip and down a leg as far as she could reach. Mai’s skin was so different from hers that she couldn’t help but touch her. Softly she stroked Mai’s lustrous hair, running her fingers through it again and again.

Mai stirred, awoken by the Tina’s touch and for a brief moment was unsure where she was. Turning her head she saw the welcome face of her friend and rolled over, throwing her arm over Tina and pulling her tight, her face buried in the folds of the sheets.

“It’s ok,” Tina whispered into Mai’s ear, consoling her. Laying a gentle kiss on Mai’s head Tina lay across her, holding her as best she could. They stayed in this position for several minutes, no sound being uttered between the two.

Mai finally disengaged and looked into Tina’s eyes. She looked for answers about the previous night but all Tina could give her was a smile. Confusion and uncertainty raced through Mai’s thoughts. This was nothing like anything she had experienced before and she didn’t know how to react.

“Why don’t you go take care of business and get a shower. I’ll be along in a few minutes,” Tina whispered to her. Mai hesitated but without a word found her way to the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

After watching Mai do as she was told Tina rolled over and nudged Dave who was still sound asleep. It took a few progressively harder shoves but he finally woke up.

“Hello, sleepy head,” Tina joked, enjoying the look of exhaustion that was on his face.

“Hey,” Dave meekly said before his face fell back onto the pillow. He reached out with his hand and groping about finally found Tina’s hip. Curling his fingers he indicated he wanted her closer which she obliged.

“Do you still want her?” Tina asked.

“Mho?” Dave replied, his face still buried.

“Mho? Whooo,” Tina teased him, “is Mai. She’s taking a shower right now.”

The gears in Dave’s head whirled. He remembered Mai, that Asian beauty he had been enthralled with last night. He also remembered what Tina had done to her, what Tina had done to him.

“Are you sure?” Dave asked, lifting his head so he could speak more clearly.

“There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there,” Tina coyly replied. “Why don’t you give me a few minutes then come join us.”

“Are you always this insatiable?” Dave inquired. “Especially this early in the morning?”

Tina laughed. “Early? Take a look at the clock.”

Dave swiveled his head and squinting his eyes to compensate for his lack of glasses saw that it read 11:03.

“Well,” he mumbled, “technically it isn’t past noon which still makes it morning.”

“But it isn’t early. And no, I’m not always like this. Only when I want something.” Tina gave him a smile, a twinkle in her eye.

Dave pondered. One night with Tina seemed like it would be enough but now, to have the chance to be with Mai, that was something he could get up for.

“Ok,” Dave said. “But go easy on her. I don’t want to traumatize her for life.”

Tina laughed again. “You should have seen her before Chrissy and I got to her. A veritable vestal virgin.”

“You mean there are two like you?” Dave asked.

“Oh no, I’m the mild one. You should see Chrissy when she gets going.”

Dave groaned, not wanting to contemplate how much worse, in a good way, Chrissy could be.

Tina patted him on the back and hopped out of bed. Opening the door to the bathroom she gave the confined steam a moment to escape before entering. Dave listened as the shower door was pulled back and then a discussion ensued. No shouting, just talking.

He couldn’t hear what was being said due to the echoes of the room and the sound of the shower running so he made his way to the door and concentrated on their voices.

“It’s ok Mai. Nothing bad happened. It was me,” he heard Tina reassuring her friend.

“But I didn’t know how to react. It was so strange,” Mai protested.

“Oh Mai, what are we going to do with you,” he heard Tina say, sounding like a mother consoling her child.

“Did you enjoy yourself?”


“Then that’s all that matters. Sometimes you just have go with the flow.”

“But I have boundaries,” Mai retorted.

“We all do but only you can set them. You have know what those boundaries are before you go too far.”

Dave decided that if he was going to join them that now would be the best time. Looking in he saw two bodies in close proximity behind the pebbled glass of the shower door. Opening the door he saw Tina standing there holding Mai, Mai’s head resting on her shoulder. Slipping in behind the two, with just enough room to spare, Dave stood, not saying a word.

Mai looked up when she heard the door close and stared at Dave. She didn’t say a word to him but her eyes were a jumble of hurt, confusion and possibly more. Despite this she still looked stunning. Her hair, thoroughly soaked, streamed down her back, tendrils clinging to the sides of her face. Her lips still retained the lipstick from the previous night making her even more delectable and inviting.

Tina turned her head towards Dave before carefully maneuvering Mai to stand between them in the cramped space. Mai was now sandwiched between Dave and Tina, her hands unsure where to be, her eyes downcast.

Wrapping his arms around her Dave pulled Mai close, her arms folded in front of her, her slender fingers laying on his chest. His hands traveled over her back and under her matted hair, the feeling of her skin under his touch bringing back the desire he had felt for her last night. He let a hand drift further south until it reached her splendidly rounded and firm ass.

“Mai,” Dave spoke above the sound of the water gushing from the shower before stopping, unsure what to say or how to continue.

Looking up into his eyes Mai didn’t say a word but instead closed her eyes and wrapped her arms about him, her head tucked on his chest. Dave’s heart pounded harder within him, his arousal growing at her touch. He adjusted his stance so it wasn’t sticking into her and laid his cheek on her head.

Tina had watched the two from under the shower head and now closed in behind Mai and reached up to cup Mai’s breasts, her own breasts pressed into Mai’s back. She held her friend like this, her hands unmoving, feeling Mai’s heartbeat increase its speed.

For several minutes they stood there before Dave moved and asked Tina to leave them alone. Rinsing herself under the water Tina left the shower and grabbing a towel made her way out of the bathroom.

Now that they were alone Dave began his exploration of Mai’s incomparable form. His hands roamed far and wide, the warm stream of water allowing his hands to glide almost effortlessly across her every curve. He kissed her shoulder, then her neck and finally, holding her chin up, her lips with their enticing color.

She didn’t resist and let herself be taken away as his probing, darting tongue drew her in. Her hands ran through his hair, her body pressed against his feeling his firm manhood between them. She pushed him to the back wall of the shower, his hands spreading her asscheeks wide and letting the jets of water tickle her virgin hole.

Mai stood on her toes at this erotic thrill, her mouth leaving his as she panted to control herself. The water trickled into and out of her as Dave spread her wider, his fingers at the edge of her opening. She forced herself open time and again as her sensitive nerves convulsed at this wonderful delight.

Unable to resist any longer, Mai took a step back from Dave’s embrace and, bending at the waist took him in his mouth while simultaneously placing her hands where his had been and spread herself. Her fingers pulled apart her resisting sphincter until she shoved her index fingers into the gap and held herself open, the water flowing like a waterfall down her back and into her.

Dave braced himself as Mai’s tongue roughly lapped its way around his shaft. Her head bobbed about as she took him with a passion borne of the previous night’s dalliance. Around and around her tongue swept, its warm surface not missing an inch of his dick in her mouth. She pulled on him with her lips, trying to draw him out, excited as the euphoria built within her.

Dave watched her sucking him, fascinated by the sounds she made audible above the spray of the shower. How he wished he had allowed himself to honor her request from last night, to have known the joy he was experiencing now. Though Tina had satisfied him last night he knew he wanted Mai now, to take her with complete abandon as she offered herself to him without reservation.

Pushing her gently away from him he heard her grumble as she could no longer have him in her mouth. He pulled her upright and towards him as he bent his knees, his legs forcing hers apart. Grabbing her ass he lifted her on her toes before dropping her on his erect shaft, her hands clawing at his chest for support.

Though an awkward position Dave thrust himself into her several times, driving her up until she almost lost her balance before letting her down. Her tight pussy was on fire, the electricity between the two intense and unrelenting.

Moaning at his powerful assault Mai could do nothing more than lean on Dave, her claws once again digging into his skin, this time drawing tiny drops of blood from his shoulder. Each thrust of his went deeper into her soul, her body awash with exultation as a man took her as he wished. None of the few lovers she had before came close to matching what she felt now. On the verge of loosing control she threw herself onto him, Dave almost losing his balance, her mouth eagerly searching for his, her remaining lipstick smearing across his mouth.

“Ooohhh!” Mai wailed. Her voice rose in pitch as each penetration of Dave’s cock into her brought her that much closer to an explosive release. She had reached her tipping point beyond which lay the realm of utter abandon to her carnal desires.

One final thrust by Dave and she let loose a loud cry as her body was racked with an orgasm unlike any she had previously experienced. Every time Dave drove into her she cried out, unable to control herself, not wanting to control herself.

“Aaaahhh!” Dave shouted as his turn came, his lust driven higher by the sounds of a woman in the throes of passion. Again and again his body let loose a stream destined for the hidden reaches of Mai’s body, his cock swelling to its full size, filling Mai to her limits. Together the two used one another to bring themselves to new heights of abandon, their bodies moving in perfect harmony.

AS Dave grew tired from his exertion he felt himself loosing his erection and he held Mai close until he was free from her, their chests heaving from exhaustion. Mai felt him leave her and with a shuddering sigh, sat down on the floor of the shower, letting the now cooling water coat her. The stream toyed with her, cleaned her, refreshed her. She wanted to lay down but forced herself to stay awake long enough to do an acceptable job of soaping up her body before rinsing one last time.

Dave watched as Mai ran her hands over her body, her hair falling across her back or hanging loose as she scrubbed her legs and arms. He marveled at what he considered a perfect body, everything in proportion, her lithe limbs gracefully animated.

Helping her he soaped her back, smiling as she looked over her shoulder at him, appreciative for the assistance. Stepping out of the shower she grabbed the remaining towel from the rack and roughly dried her hair before wrapping the towel about her and went to find Tina.

Dave felt the little bit of warmth leaving the water and had what was probably his fastest shower ever. In just over a minute he had cleaned and rinsed himself but as he went to leave realized there were no more towels nearby.

“Fuck,” he muttered to himself. Debating what to do, he finally called out for help.

Tina strolled in, as calm as could be, her towel still wrapped her body. Looking at Dave as he leaned out of the shower she removed her towel in one smooth motion and handed it to him, her arm outstretched.

Dave laughed at the moxie she showed and used the damp material to dry himself. When he looked up, Tina was gone, having vanished as quickly as she arrived. Shaking his head he finished drying and walked out into the living room, towel around his waist. Not seeing either Tina or Mai he looked around and saw that Mai’s boots were laying by the sofa, her stockings thrown over the back. He also saw that Tina’s skirt was nearby, her shoes in a pile next to Mai’s boots.

Not sure where the two had gone to, he went to his bedroom and stopped in the doorway at the sight which he beheld. Lying on the bed on her stomach was Mai, her one leg bent at the knee and extended into the air, her dainty toes curled. Mai’s head was on a pillow, her face turned towards him, her eyes closed. On the opposite side of her was Tina who was rubbing Mai’s back. Dave saw that in fact Tina was applying his body lotion to Mai.

Dave admired Mai’s nude form stretched out on his bed with the practiced eye of a photographer. The delicate arch of her back mingled with the smooth curve of her buttocks which in turn trailed to the flowing lines of her legs. Her hair, still damp, was pulled to the side and out of the way.

Tina looked at him as he stood there, a kittenish smile on her face. Slowly her hands ran up and down Mai’s back, the lotion being worked deep into her skin. Mai seemed oblivious to everything except Tina’s handywork, her leg lolling in slow motion.

Placing an index finger against her lips, Tina signaled for Dave to be quiet, then motioned for him to stand next to the bed. Doing as he was told Dave quietly padded over to the side of the bed and stood there watching Tina continue her massage. She looked at him with a now rapacious grin and for show ran her tongue across her lips.

Dave smiled at Tina and leaned down to give her a kiss, his hands on the edge of bed, supporting his weight. Mai, who had opened her eyes at his movement, reached out with a hand and grabbed hold of his towel. With a firm jerk she loosened the towel and let it fall to the floor, his body exposed to her once again. Reaching out she boldly cupped his balls and massaged them in her hand, occasionally scratching their underside with her nails.

Dave was taken aback by this and stood still, luxuriating in the wonderful motion of his balls in Mai’s hand. Tina, still working her way down Mai’s thighs, leaned over Mai’s body and kissed Dave’s nipple, giving it just a little nibble for effect before finding his mouth, her arms on his shoulders for support.

Dave stood unmoving, the two women pleasuring him as a single woman could not. He felt himself growing hard as Mai worked on his genitals, her hand finding its way higher onto his shaft and stroking him in a most pleasing manner.

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